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Supervision in the Hospitality Industry by Jack E. Miller


Fallen Angel: The Making and Unmaking of Rajat Gupta

Sandipan Deb - 2013
    Why did this happen? Based on extensive research, including transcripts of FBI-wiretap conversations, Fallen Angel is an insightful account of a remarkable man and the extraordinary events surrounding him: this is the real story of Rajat Gupta, an orphaned immigrant from India who managed to reach dizzying heights in the US corporate sector. Although the verdict is out, the mystery remains: several jury members were in tears after delivering the verdict, and nearly everyone who has known Gupta believes he is innocent so what really happened? With its almost thriller-like cast of real-life characters, Fallen Angel is a page-turner that explores the complex layers of this human drama.

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Ann Gravells - 2008
    This includes further education, adult and community learning, work-based learning, the forces and offender learning and skills. It is easy to read with plenty of practical activities and examples throughout and the content is fully linked to the Teacher Training Standards. Please note: This book has since been updated to reflect the new title of the qualification: The Award in Education and Training.The qualification unit content contained in the appendices has since changed, and some legislation mentioned in the book has been updated.

Pmp Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations: 1000+ Pmp Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions

Christopher Scordo - 2009
    So why aren't students laser-focused on taking practice exams before attempting the real thing? Reflects the current PMP exam format and the PMBOK(r) Guide - Fifth Edition! The practice tests in this book are designed to help students adjust to the pace, subject matter, and difficulty of the real Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. Geared towards anyone preparing for the exam, all tests include clear solutions to help you understand core concepts. If you plan on passing the PMP exam, it's time to test your knowledge. It's time for PMP Exam Prep - Questions, Answers, & Explanations. Now packed with Over 1,000 realistic PMP sample questions to help you pass the exam on your FIRST try. In this book: 1000+ detailed PMP exam practice questions including 18 condensed PMP mock exams that can be completed in one hour; 11 Targeted PMBOK Knowledge Area tests, and detailed solution sets for all PMP questions which include clear explanations and wording, PMBOK Knowledge Area and page references, and reasoning based on the PMBOK Guide - Fifth Edition. Includes FREE PMP exam formula reference sheet! ** For PMP exams AFTER March 2018 **

The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion

Ron Herbst - 1990
    Alphabetically arranged entries define and describe-- Fruits and vegetables, both well-known and exotic varieties Meat cuts and preparation methods Fish, shellfish, and ways to cook and serve them Breads, pastas, and other grain-based foods Cooking tools and techniques Reliable ways to preserve and store foods Herbs, spices, and their many uses . . . and much more Miniature glossaries are interspersed throughout the text. For instance, following the entry for apple, an "Apple Glossary" provides descriptions and recommended uses of 28 different varieties. A generous array of sidebar features throughout the book offers quick tips on food purchases, as well as " Fast Facts " and advice on preparation, serving, and dining. For example, immediately following the "al dente" entry in reference to cooking pasta, readers will find this sidebar: Fast Facts Al Dente An obvious line flowing through the thickest part of the pasta means it's not done Lingering heat will continue to cook the pasta for a short time after it's removed from the hot cooking water More than 6,700 entries are supplemented with a general introduction, hundreds of illustrations, and pithy quotations about food and dining from chefs and gourmets. The new deluxe hardcover binding with dust jacket includes a ribbon place marker and golden-tipped page edges.

Not Everyone Gets A Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials

Bruce Tulgan - 2015

New Era Of Management

Richard L. Daft
    In response to the dynamic environment of management, Richard Daft has written a text integrating the newest management thinking with a solid foundation in the essentials of management.

How To Be Smart With Your Money

Duncan Bannatyne - 2009
    No matter what our financial or family situation, we each get 24 hours a day. In the practical and straightforward style to which his Dragon's Den contestants are accustomed, Duncan Bannatyne explains how we can make the most of our time to get the most from our lives, and not just our working day. What do you really want to do with your life? This book will help you identify the goals and aspirations that really matter to you so that you can make them happen. It will give you the confidence to make your ambitions a reality and teach you how to focus on the things that count. In a series of short chapters, illustrated with examples from his extraordinary career in business, Duncan will show you how to make quicker, better decisions and how to make things happen - fast. Duncan knows more about what can be achieved in a day, a year and a lifetime than most and in this book he shares how you can achieve your ideal work/life balance.

Competence at Work: Models for Superior Performance

Lyle M. Spencer - 1993
    Includes generic job models for entrepreneurs, technical professionals, salespeople, service workers and corporate managers. Defines JCA and describes in detail how to conduct JCA studies. Suggests future directions and uses for competency research.

ASVAB For Dummies

Jennifer Lawler - 2003
    Anyone eligible for military service can take the ASVAB, so you can also use the ASVAB for other purposes, such as finding out what you're good at, in case you want to attend vocational school or college. In addition, you can also use the test to help you better understand your skills, for when you enter the job market. And the best thing is, it absolutely free. And while the ASVAB may not be rocket science, it can be very tricky and you don't want to tackle it without some help. With this book as your guide, you'll quickly gain the knowledge and confidence you need to pass the ASVAB with flying colors. Written by a professional test-prep coach and a retired military man, it arms you with:A comprehensive review of all test subjects Practice problems to sharpen your skills Three complete sample tests Guidance on which tests are important to your military career Study techniques that will give you a competitive edged Tips on how to compute yours scores Information on the scores required for specific military jobs ASVAB For Dummies provides in-depth coverage of all ten ASVAB subsets. You get clear easy-to-understand reviews of all the basic concepts, formulas, and skills you need to answer every type of question in every subset. And you get dozens of mini-tests and practice problems that help you understand what areas you're strong in and which ones still need work. In not time, you'll:Pump up your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills and ace the verbal subsets Bone up on arithmetic procedures and mathematics concepts--and wrack up the points Get into gear with basic mechanical, auto shop, and electronics knowledge and cruise through the tests Quickly review basic science principles and score like a rocket scientists! ASVAB For Dummies is your complete tactical guide to improving your scores--on the double.

The Diary of a West Point Cadet: A Graduate's Captivating and Hilarious Stories that Teach Vital Leadership Lessons from the US Military Academy

Preston Pysh - 2010
    Many leadership books can be boring. Instead of reading another repetitive book about 100 leadership essentials by a corporate CEO, search no more for the perfect leadership book. In "The Diary of a West Point Cadet," by Captain Preston Pysh, the author teaches essential West Point leadership through the most fun and unique reading of any book in its class. If you are an aspiring cadet, a small-group leader, or even an emerging leader in corporate America, this book is for you. Each intriguing firsthand account of Preston's most memorable stories from attending West Point will capture your interest and imagination. At the conclusion of each gripping story, Preston efficiently summarizes how the experience taught him lessons about leadership, which later prepared him to be a combat commander. If you like twists and turns while reading and learning, you are in for a treat. Prepare to be glued to your seat and the text as you experience unforgettable stories and lessons from "The Point."

A View From The Top

Zig Ziglar - 2002
    However, he has discovered that "being successful" is only part of life's challenge. Success is very often a short-lived high. People arrive at the goal line in life, look into the end zone and discover that it contains many of the things that money will buy, but it contains very little of what money won't buy. Zig believes that yes, success is worth it, but it is not enough. The next step is to move from success into significance. In A View from the Top Zig will teach you: to bring in spiritual dimention in all areas of your life the power of giving others a hand up, not just a hand out to make radical changes with minute steps to develop a wall of gratitude to combine your mission and your vision A View from the Top will help you achieve success and significance, so when you reach the top you'll find the view simply magnificent.

Startup Lessons Learned: Season One 2008 - 2009

Eric Ries

It Starts with One: Changing Individuals Changes Organizations

J. Stewart Black - 2002
    Unfortunately, change is extraordinarily difficult, and most attempts to initiate and sustain it fail. In It Starts with One, J. Stewart Black and Hal B Gregersen identify the core problem: changing individuals and the "mental maps" inside their heads must happen before you can change the organization. Just as actual maps guide people's footsteps, mental maps guide daily behavior. Successful strategic change for the organization is all about changing individual mental maps and behaviors first, because they are the organization.To change organizations, you must break through your own brain barrier -- and help those around you do the same. One step at a time, It Starts with One shows how to do that: how to create new destinations, and new, more inspiring effective paths to sustainable change. Black and Gregersen systematically identify the brain barriers that stand in your way: failure to see, failure to move, and failure to finish. Drawing on their extensive experience consulting with world-class organizations, they offer integrated tools, strategies, and solutions for overcoming each of these obstacles. This edition offers even more effective tools, more guidance on leading change in globalizing environments, and more insight into changing your own mental maps...liberating yourself to transform your entire organization.Seventy percent of organizations that seek strategic change fail. Organizations can't change because individuals don't change. Individuals don't change because powerful mental maps stand in their way. This book offers a powerful, start-to-finish strategy for helping people redraw their mental maps -- and unleash their power to deliver superior, sustained strategic change. Thoroughly updated with new techniques, case studies, and examples, this book offers even more valuable insights for today's leaders and managers.

The 24-Carrot Manager

Adrian Gostick - 2002
    Providing strategies and solutions for the managers of today, this book offers answers for improving employee commitment and profitability by strategically acknowledging employee effort. How is it done? The deceptively simply answer: with carrots.

ServSafe Coursebook [with Answer Sheet]

National Restaurant Association - 2001
    It is the ideal solution for the academic setting, multiple-day training, or individuals in need of more extensive food safety training. Food safety has never been more important to the restaurant industry and its customers. Based on the "2013""FDA Food Code, " the "ServSafe Coursebook" focuses on the preventative measures to keep food safe. The content in the "ServSafe Coursebook" goes beyond the principles found in the "ServSafe""Manager Book" and adds greater depth and breadth of food safety practices by featuring expanded sections on food defense, high-risk populations, active managerial control, and crisis management. Food safety topics are presented in a user-friendly, practical way with more real-world case studies and stories to help readers understand the day-to-day importance of food safety. Developed by the industry, for the industry, ServSafe(R) is a proven way to minimize risk and maximize protection for foodservice owners, employees, and customers. Recognized as the industry standard, ServSafe offers a complete suite of printed and online products and is the most important ingredient to food safety training and certification success. The "ServSafe Coursebook" is available packaged with MyServSafeLab(TM). MyServSafeLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program that truly engages students in learning. It helps students better prepare for class, quizzes, and exams-resulting in better performance in the course-and provides educators a dynamic set of tools for gauging individual and class progress. The "ServSafe Coursebook" 6th Edition is available packaged in a number of ways to suit your specific needs. ISBN: 0133883507 is a package containing the book and the answer sheet for the pencil/paper version of the ServSafe Food Protection Manager exam" ServSafe Coursebook with Answer Sheet 6th Edition " Also available: Stand-alone book: "ServSafe Coursebook "6th Edition ISBN: 0133883604A package containing the book, the answer sheet for the pencil/paper version of the ServSafe Food Protection Manager exam, AND MyServSafeLab with Pearson eText Access Card: " ServSafe Coursebook with Answer Sheet, Revised Plus NEW MyServSafeLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package, "6/e ISBN: 0133962733A package containing the book and online exam voucher: "ServSafe Coursebook with Online Exam Voucher 6th Edition "ISBN: 0133883515A package containing the book, online exam voucher, AND MyServSafeLab with Pearson eText Access Card: "ServSafe Coursebook with Online Exam Voucher, Revised Plus NEW MyServSafeLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package, 6/e "ISBN: 0133962725Students, if interested in purchasing this title with MyServSafeLab, ask your instructor for the correct package ISBN. MyServSafeLab is not a self-paced technology and should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information.