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How to Keep House While Drowning: A Gentle Approach to Cleaning and Organizing

K.C. Davis
    Presented in 31 daily thoughts, this compassionate guide will help you begin to get free of the shame and anxiety you feel over home care.Inside you will learn:· How to shift your perspective of care tasks from moral to functional· How to stop negative self-talk and shame around care tasks· How to give yourself permission to rest, even when things aren’t finished· How to motivate yourself to care for your space

The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook

Kim Krans

The Madness of Grief: A Memoir of Love and Loss

Richard Coles
    But since his partner the Reverend David Coles died in December, much about death has taken Coles by surprise. David's death at the age of 42 was unexpected - he never recovered from an operation for internal bleeding.Now the man that so often assists others to examine life's moral questions has found himself in the need of help. He is looking to others for guidance to steer him through grief. The flock is leading the shepherd. Much about grief has surprised Coles: the volume of 'sadmin' you have to do when someone dies, how much harder it is travelling for work alone, the pain of typing a text message to one's partner, then realising you are alone.The Reverend Richard Coles' account of life after grief will resonate with the many thousands of his followers and listeners.

Great Thinkers: Simple Tools from 60 Great Thinkers to Improve Your Life Today

The School of Life

Dear NHS: 100 Stories to Say Thank You

Adam Kay
    Contributors include Joanna Lumley, Naomie Harris, Kate Tempest, Lee Child, Tanni Grey Thomson, Bill Bryson, Trevor McDonald, Jack Whitehall, Michael Palin, Stanley Tucci and many, many more.All profits from this book will go to NHS Charities Together to fund vital research and projects and the Lullaby Trust which supports parents bereaved of babies and young children.The NHS is our single greatest achievement as a country. No matter who you are, no matter what your health needs are and no matter how much money you have, the NHS is there for you. In 'DEAR NHS', 100 inspirational people come together to share their stories of how the National Health Service has been there for them and changed their lives in the process. By turns deeply moving, hilarious, hopeful and impassioned, these stories together become a love letter to the NHS and the 1.4 million people who go above and beyond the call of duty every single day - selflessly, generously, putting others before themselves, never more so than now.They are all heroes, and this book is our way of saying thank you.This audiobook features readings by: Mary Beard, Bill Bryson, Lee Child, Richard Coles, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Mark Haddon, Naomie Harris, Si King, Joanna Lumley, Alexander McCall Smith, Trevor McDonald, Michael Palin, Kate Tempest, Stanley Tucci, K.T. Tunstall, Jack Whitehall, Jacqueline Wilson, Benjamin Zephaniah and many more.A minimum of £1.61 from the sale of each book will be paid to NHS Charities Together and £0.08 will be paid to the Lullaby Trust.RUNNING TIME ⇒ 5hrs.©2020 Orion Publishing Group (P)2020 Orion Publishing Group

You'd Be Paranoid Too if Everyone Was Out to Get You: A Collection of Personal Stories and Insights

Awsten Knight
    Whether or not you know that is beside the point, what you need to know is that he speaks the truth about some very important things. Since his band has rocketed to success he has been around the world and back again, and he has brought back some very keen observations and insights that will be incredibly beneficial to your life. If you want an honest take on how things really work, as seen through the eyes of an early twenty-something musician with impeccable taste in sunglasses and a forever color changing mop adorning his top, look no further, this book is for you.You'd Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out to Get You) differs from other musician's autobiographies in that Awsten Knight has decided to take his fans along for the ride with him on this one. Having the unique ability to speak to people on a real level is one of the things that sets Awsten apart from other frontmen-and in his debut book, Awsten has woven personal tales of life and love in with a barrage of real unanswered questions. Dealing with toxic people, learning to love yourself, and waging war on an evil monopolistic mega-corporation are merely a few of the topics you will delve into when you look inside this young visionary's mind beyond the thoughts that usually make up 280 characters.

Love for Imperfect Things / The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

Haemin Sunim
     The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: The world moves fast, but that doesn't mean we have to. In this timely guide to mindfulness, Haemin Sunim, a Buddhist monk born in Korea and educated in the United States, offers advice on everything from handling setbacks to dealing with rest and relationships, in a beautiful book combining his teachings with calming full-colour illustrations. Haemin Sunim's simple messages - which he first wrote when he responded to requests for advice on social media - speak directly to the anxieties that have become part of modern life and remind us of the strength and joy that come from slowing down.

On the Shortness of Life

    They have transformed the way we see ourselves—and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. They have enlightened, outraged, provoked and comforted. They have enriched lives—and destroyed them.Now, Penguin brings you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization, and helped make us who we are. Penguin's Great Ideas series features twelve groundbreaking works by some of history's most prodigious thinkers, and each volume is beautifully packaged with a unique type-drive design that highlights the bookmaker's art. Offering great literature in great packages at great prices, this series is ideal for those readers who want to explore and savor the Great Ideas that have shaped the world.

Fuck Yeah, Video Games: The Life and Extra Lives of a Professional Nerd

Daniel Hardcastle
    Told through encounters with the most remarkable – and the most mind-boggling – games of the last thirty-odd years, Fuck Yeah, Video Games is also a love letter to the greatest hobby in the world.From God of War to Tomb Raider, Pokémon to The Sims, Daniel relives each game with countless in-jokes, obscure references and his signature wit, as well as intricate, original illustrations by Rebecca Maughan. Alongside this march of merriment are chapters dedicated to the hardware behind the games: a veritable history of Sony, Nintendo, Sega and Atari consoles.Joyous, absurd, personal and at times sweary, Daniel's memoir is a celebration of the sheer brilliance of video games.

A Temporary Gift: Reflections on Love, Loss, and Healing

Asmaa Hussein
    As Kassem returned home to his family, an Egyptian army sniper shot and killed him, leaving a woman widowed and a child fatherless. A Temporary Gift is a record of journal entries written by Kassem's widow, Asmaa Hussein, during the two years following his departure from this world. This book is about re-learning how to live in the face of immense trauma. It is a reminder that beyond the pain and darkness of loss there is still the potential of light in patience and constancy.

Blood in the Garden: The Flagrant History of the 1990s New York Knicks

Chris Herring
    Since 2001, they’ve spent more money, lost more games, and won fewer playoff series than any other NBA team. But during the preceding era, the Big Apple had a club it was madly in love with—one that earned respect not only by winning, but through brute force. The Knicks were always looking for fights, often at the encouragement of Pat Riley. They fought opposing players. They fought each other. Hell, they even occasionally fought their own coaches. The NBA didn’t take kindly to their fighting spirit. Within two years, league officials moved to alter several rules to stop New York from turning its basketball games into bloody mudwrestling matches. Nevertheless, as the 1990s progressed, the Knicks endeared themselves to millions of fans; not for how much they won, but for their colorful cast of characters and their hardworking mentality. Now, through his original reporting and interviews with more than two hundred people, author Chris Herring delves into the origin, evolution, and eventual demise of the iconic club. He takes us inside the locker room, executive boardrooms, and onto the court for the key moments that lifted the club to new heights, and the ones that threatened to send everything crashing down in spectacular fashion. Blood in the Garden is a portrait filled with eye-opening details that have never been shared before, revealing the full story of the franchise in the midst of the NBA’s golden era. And rest assured, no punches will be pulled. Which is just how those rough-and-tumble Knicks would like it.

Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?: A Memoir

Séamas O'Reilly
    After the untimely death of his mother, five-year old Seamas and his ten (TEN!) siblings were left to the care of their loving but understandably beleaguered father. In this thoroughly delightful memoir, we follow Seamas and the rest of his rowdy clan as they learn to cook, clean, do the laundry, and struggle (often hilariously) to keep the household running smoothly and turn into adults in the absence of the woman who had held them together. Along the way, we see Seamas through various adventures: There's the time the family's windows were blown out by an IRA bomb; the time a priest blessed their thirteen-seater caravan before they took off for a holiday on which they narrowly escaped death; the time Seamas worked as a guide in a leprechaun museum during the recession; and of course, the time he inadvertently found himself on ketamine while serving drinks to the President of Ireland. Through it all, the lovable, ginger-haired Seamas regales us with his combination of wit, absurdity, and tenderness, creating a charming and unforgettable portrait of an oddly gigantic family's search for some semblance of normalcy.

Los hombres de Putin: Cómo el KGB se apoderó de Rusia y se enfrentó a occidente (PENINSULA)

Catherine Belton
    The sponsorship of extremist politics in Europe. War in Ukraine. In recent years, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has waged a concerted campaign to expand its influence and undermine Western institutions. But how and why did all this come about, and who has orchestrated it?In Putin’s People, the investigative journalist and former Moscow correspondent Catherine Belton reveals the untold story of how Vladimir Putin and the small group of KGB men surrounding him rose to power and looted their country. Delving deep into the workings of Putin’s Kremlin, Belton accesses key inside players to reveal how Putin replaced the freewheeling tycoons of the Yeltsin era with a new generation of loyal oligarchs, who in turn subverted Russia’s economy and legal system and extended the Kremlin's reach into the United States and Europe. The result is a chilling and revelatory exposé of the KGB’s revanche―a story that begins in the murk of the Soviet collapse, when networks of operatives were able to siphon billions of dollars out of state enterprises and move their spoils into the West. Putin and his allies subsequently completed the agenda, reasserting Russian power while taking control of the economy for themselves, suppressing independent voices, and launching covert influence operations abroad.Ranging from Moscow and London to Switzerland and Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach―and assembling a colorful cast of characters to match―Putin’s People is the definitive account of how hopes for the new Russia went astray, with stark consequences for its inhabitants and, increasingly, the world.


Michaela Coel
    With insight and wit, it lays bare her journey to reclaiming her creativity and power, inviting readers to reflect on theirs.Advocating for ‘misfits’ everywhere, this timely, necessary book is a rousing and bold case against fitting in.

Misfits: A Personal Manifesto – by the creator of 'I May Destroy You'

Michaela Coel
    With insight and wit, it lays bare her journey to reclaiming her creativity and power, inviting readers to reflect on theirs.Advocating for ‘misfits’ everywhere, this timely, necessary book is a rousing and bold case against fitting in.

The History of Joseph Smith by His Mother

Lucy Mack Smith
    It was originally titled Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith, the Prophet, and His Progenitors for Many Generations and was published by Orson Pratt in Liverpool in 1853.Shortly following the death of Joseph Smith in 1844, and into 1845, Lucy Mack Smith dictated her recollections and family story to Nauvoo schoolteacher Martha Jane Coray. Coray worked with her husband to compile these books of notes and other sources into a manuscript, which was then copied.

You’ve Got To Laugh: Stories from a Life Lived to the Full

Alison Hammond
    . .' Alison Hammond loves to laugh. And the nation laughs with her. Her sunny personality and zest for life have brought joy to millions and made her one of the UK's best-loved television presenters. Known for her hilarious and unforgettable interviews with Hollywood A-listers, Alison is also responsible for countless classic moments of broadcasting gold - from getting stuck on a caravan door to delivering Christmas cash dressed as an elf. But who is Alison Hammond really, and how did she become the personality we know and love? Shaped by the influence of her incredible mum, Alison went from small roles on television shows as a youngster to that life-changing appearance on Big Brother, before landing her dream job on This Morning. And through it all, she found the joy in every day, the positives in any situation. You've Got to Laugh gives a never-before-seen insight into Alison's life: her loves, her losses - with a side order of gossip. As well as being a hugely entertaining and uplifting read, Alison's story will inspire you to grab life with both hands and make the most of every single moment. 'Interviewer extraordinaire, reigning queen of the huns, and an out-and-out national treasure' Bustle

Cute as an Axolotl: Discovering the World's Most Adorable Animals

Jess Keating
    Cute is for feathery-gilled axolotls (pronounced: ax-uh-LOT-ulz), shy pygmy hippos, poisonous blue dragons, and armored pangolins. All of these animals are cute, but they've also adapted remarkable ways to survive in their unique environments.

Unmasked: My Life Solving America's Cold Cases

Paul Holes
    I order another bourbon, neat. This is the drink that will flip the switch. I don’t even know how I got here, to this place, to this point. Something is happening to me lately. I’m drinking too much. My sheets are soaking wet when I wake up from nightmares of decaying corpses. I order another drink and swig it, trying to forget about the latest case I can’t shake.Crime-solving for me is more complex than the challenge of the hunt, or the process of piecing together a scientific puzzle. The thought of good people suffering drives me, for better or worse, to the point of obsession.People always ask how I am able to detach from the horrors of my work. Part of it is an innate capacity to compartmentalize; the rest is experience and exposure, and I’ve had plenty of both. But I had always taken pride in the fact that I can keep my feelings locked up to get the job done. It’s only been recently that it feels like all that suppressed darkness is beginning to seep out.When I look back at my long career, there is a lot I am proud of. I have caught some of the most notorious killers of the twenty-first century and brought justice and closure for their victims and families. I want to tell you about a lifetime solving these cold cases, from Laci Peterson to Jaycee Dugard to the Pittsburg homicides to, yes, my twenty-year-long hunt for the Golden State Killer.But a deeper question eats at me as I ask myself, at what cost? I have sacrificed relationships, joy—even fatherhood—because the pursuit of evil always came first. Did I make the right choice? It’s something I grapple with every day. Yet as I stand in the spot where a young girl took her last breath, as I look into the eyes of her family, I know that, for me, there has never been a choice. “I don’t know if I can solve your case,” I whisper. “But I promise I will do my best.”It is a promise I know I can keep.“Paul Holes takes you on a fascinating and sometimes disturbing journey inside the mind of someone who hunts monsters for a living—and in order to live. And his insights on Michelle McNamara—whose loss I still feel every day—are incredible.”—Patton Oswalt"Paul Holes is a natural criminal profiler with a talent for describing how the process works. In his book, Unmasked, he marches the reader into the real world of criminal behavior and blends his forensic expertise with his unfiltered personal life experiences as he tackles both cold cases and modern crimes. This is a book you will not be able to put down.”—Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess, author of A Killer by Design and co-author of Sexual Homicide

Nuclear Folly: A New History of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Serhii Plokhy
    The consequences of a misplaced step during the Cuban Missile Crisis could not have been more grave. Ash and cinder, famine and fallout; nuclear war between the two most-powerful nations on Earth.In Nuclear Folly, award-winning historian Serhii Plokhy tells the riveting story of those weeks, tracing the tortuous decision-making and calculated brinkmanship of John F. Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro, and of their advisors and commanders on the ground. More often than not, Plokhy argues, the Americans and Soviets simply misread each other, operating under mutual distrust, second-guesses and false information. Despite all of this, nuclear disaster was avoided thanks to one very human reason: fear.Drawing on the impressive array of primary sources, including the recently declassified KGB files, Plokhy masterfully illustrates the drama of those tense days. Authoritative, fast-paced and unforgettable, this is the definitive new account of the Cold War's most perilous moment.

When Breath Becomes Air / Being Mortal / Where Does It Hurt?

Paul Kalanithi
    Description:- When Breath Becomes Air At the age of thirty-six, on the verge of completing a decade’s training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. One day he was a doctor treating the dying, the next he was a patient struggling to live. When Breath Becomes Air chronicles Kalanithi’s transformation from a medical student asking what makes a virtuous and meaningful life into a neurosurgeon working in the core of human identity – the brain – and finally into a patient and a new father. Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End For most of human history, death was a common, ever-present possibility. It didn't matter whether you were five or fifty - every day was a roll of the dice. But now, as medical advances push the boundaries of survival further each year, we have become increasingly detached from the reality of being mortal. So here is a book about the modern experience of mortality - about what it's like to get old and die, how medicine has changed this and how it hasn't, where our ideas about death have gone wrong. With his trademark mix of perceptiveness and sensitivity, Atul Gawande outlines a story that crosses the globe, as he examines his experiences as a surgeon and those of his patients and family, and learns to accept the limits of what he can do. Where Does it Hurt?: What the Junior Doctor did next He's into his second year of medicine, but this time Max is out of the wards and onto the streets, working for the Phoenix Outreach Project.Fuelled by tea and more enthusiasm than experience, he attempts to locate and treat a wide and colourful range of patients that somehow his first year on the wards didn't prepare him for . . . from Molly the 80-year-old drugs mule and God in a Tesco car park, to middle-class mums addicted to appearances and pain killers in equal measure.

Transform Your Habits

James Clear
    - The science of how your brain processes habits. - The common mistakes most people make (and how to avoid them). - How to overcome a lack of motivation and willpower. - How to develop a stronger identity and believe in yourself. - How to make time for new habits (even when your life gets crazy). - How to design your environment to make success easier. - How to make big changes in your life without overwhelming yourself. - How to get back on track when you get off course with your goals. - And most importantly, how to put these ideas into practice in real life.

Dave Ramsey Starter Set Includes The Total Money Makeover Revised 3rd Edition (Hardcover), The Total Money Makeover Workbook, Financial Peace Personal Finance Software, Dumping Debt Dvd, And Cash Flow Planning Dvd

Dave Ramsey

The American Story: The Beginnings

David Barton

The Will to Keep Winning

    Through his play, and through his approach to life, Daigo changes the way people think about the game, and inspires even his enemies to new heights. This is what separates a mere winner from an all-time great."—Seth Killian, Lead Game Designer at Riot Games"Daigo and I started an international journey to showcase Street Fighter competition in 1998. Today, he is the Grand Master of fighting games and true inspiration to players worldwide.”—Alex Valle, CaliPower, Mr. Street Fighter“It’s almost impossible to overstate the significance of The Beast for the practice and culture of gaming; as Bruce Lee was for the Martial Arts, so Daigo Umehara is for Fighting Games.”—Prof. Chris Goto-Jones, Professor of Comparative Philosophy & Political Thought, Leiden University"I’m a professional fighting gamer. I was first crowned World Champion at seventeen in 1998, and I was recognized as “the most successful player in major tournaments of Street Fighter” by Guinness World Records in August 2010.This is my chance to tell you how I became World Champion and share insights as only a multiple time World Champion can. What does it take to win? Why do so many eventually lose their edge? Let me share with you the professional skills necessary to become World Champion and keep winning. These skills will certainly help you to advance, in both the world of eSports and beyond."—Daigo "The Beast" UmeharaIn Daigo “The Beast” Umehara’s first book, the most successful Street Fighter player in history reveals the secrets of becoming-and remaining-a world champion.Daigo’s story of passion and perseverance offers seasoned pros and non-gamers alike an intensely personal view into the world of competitive video gaming, or eSports, starting from years before the term existed.Follow Daigo on his road to pro, beginning with his childhood love of games, his search for communi-ty in the arcades, and his first international victory at age 17 in the 1998 Street Fighter Alpha 3 World Championships against American champion Alex Valle.Get an insider’s account of “EVO Moment #37: The Beast Is Unleashed,” the most famous comeback in fighting game history, against long-time rival Justin Wong in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.Hear the real story behind Daigo’s mysterious disappearance from the fighting game scene and detour into the mahjong world, his personal low point, and his triumphant return from retirement in the 2009 EVO Street Fighter IV Grand Finals.Be Like Ryu: Learn from Daigo’s mix of stoic dedication, love for the game, and practice practice practice, as the Japanese master describes how to stay on top while constantly evolving, avoiding complacency, and seeking out new challenges.About the AuthorDAIGO "The Beast" UMEHARA(born 1981, Aomori Prefecture, Japan) was the first Japanese professional gamer, and is listed in Guinness Book as “the most successful player in major tournaments of Street Fighter (Capcom, 1987) at national and international level.” He became World Champion in Street Fighter Alpha 3 in 1998, signed a sponsorship contract with Mad Catz in April 2010 and with Red Bull in May 2016. He is also a Twitch's Global Ambassador.

A Brief History of Modern India (2019-2020 Edition) by Spectrum Books

Spectrum Books Pvt.Ltd.
    The political and socio-economic developments that have influenced the growth of modern India have been dealt with in independent chapters.

Uncontrolled Spread: Why Covid-19 Crushed Us and How We Can Defeat the Next Pandemic

Scott Gottlieb
    --Wall Street Journal"Informative and well paced."--The Guardian"An intense ride through the pandemic with chilling details of what really happened. It is also sprinkled with notes of true wisdom that may help all of us better prepare for the future."--Sanjay Gupta, MD, chief medical correspondent, CNNPhysician and former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb asks: Has America's COVID-19 catastrophe taught us anything?In Uncontrolled Spread, he shows how the coronavirus and its variants were able to trounce America's pandemic preparations, and he outlines the steps that must be taken to protect against the next outbreak. As the pandemic unfolded, Gottlieb was in regular contact with all the key players in Congress, the Trump administration, and the drug and diagnostic industries. He provides an inside account of how level after level of American government crumbled as the COVID-19 crisis advanced.A system-wide failure across government institutions left the nation blind to the threat, and unable to mount an effective response. We'd prepared for the wrong virus. We failed to identify the contagion early enough and became overly reliant on costly and sometimes divisive tactics that couldn't fully slow the spread. We never considered asymptomatic transmission and we assumed people would follow public health guidance. Key bureaucracies like the CDC were hidebound and outmatched. Weak political leadership aggravated these woes. We didn't view a public health disaster as a threat to our national security.Many of the woes sprung from the CDC, which has very little real-time reporting capability to inform us of Covid's twists and turns or assess our defenses. The agency lacked an operational capacity and mindset to mobilize the kind of national response that was needed. To guard against future pandemic risks, we must remake the CDC and properly equip it to better confront crises. We must also get our intelligence services more engaged in the global public health mission, to gather information and uncover emerging risks before they hit our shores so we can head them off. For this role, our clandestine agencies have tools and capabilities that the CDC lacks.Uncontrolled Spread argues we must fix our systems and prepare for a deadlier coronavirus variant, a flu pandemic, or whatever else nature -- or those wishing us harm -- may threaten us with. Gottlieb outlines policies and investments that are essential to prepare the United States and the world for future threats.

How God Sees Me

Bill Johnson
    His work on earth is not complete without us.” In this featured excerpt from The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind, Bill Johnson defines every believer’s role in God’s master plan—all of us are essential and unique.

Supernova in the East IV

Dan Carlin

Medical Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths

Steven Novella
    Our lives are full of medical myths, half-truths, and misconceptions - pieces of information so ingrained in our culture that we assume they must be true. Despite the proliferation of "Doctor Google," medical myths are all around us. How do you determine the accuracy of medical information that you find online, in books or magazines, or passed to you by friends or family? Using faulty information to treat a medical condition can be at best ineffective and at worst, deadly. Dr. Novella has built his career educating patients, the public, students, and professionals about the highest standards in medical science and practice. He believes in challenging your beliefs and putting everything you think you know to the test. These 24 revealing lectures are an empowering learning experience that will give you evidence-based guidelines for good health, will enhance your ability to be better informed about common medical myths, and will strengthen your skills at assessing the scientific truth behind medical information and advice - whether you're having an important conversation with your doctor or taking a trip down the medicine aisle of your local pharmacy. Learn where to find good information about health topics and how to spot an unreliable source. Dr. Novella will guide you.

The Call of the Man-Eater

Kenneth Anderson
    In this book the jungle scenario is crowded with a hyena, a jackal, a bear, a barking deer and a few snakes which the hunter-writer tamed and kept as pets around him.Kenneth Anderson (1910-74) hailed from a Scottish family settled in India for six generations. His love for the denizens of Indian jungle led him to big game hunting and eventually to writing real-life adventure stories. His books are hailed as classics of jungle lore.

The Feels The Moon & My Soul

Sara Sheehan
    Covering topics of self-love, self-accountability, love, heartbreak and more. Each page you flip is a different story. Some you may find yourself in and some you may sympathize with the pain the writer endured. It’s a collection of poems, journal entires, quotes, and free thoughts. Take a ride, one with many emotions, and discover how beautiful it is to love and let go.


Daisaku Ikeda
    Unlocking The Mysteries Of Birth And Death Unlocking The Mysteries Of Birth And Death Helps Us Confront The Fundamental Questions Of Human Existence:Why Are We Born? Can We Avoid Sickness And Suffering In Life? What Happens To Us After We Die?

The Rise of the Pinoy: 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos

Mike Grogan
    In this book, Mike shares the 7 POWERFUL LESSONS of SUCCESS that he learned from interviewing 21 WORLD-CLASS FILIPINOS.ANNA MELOTO WILK (President - Human Nature), NOEY LOPEZ (CEO - Starbucks Philippines), FRANCIS KONG (Best-Selling Author), ANTON DIAZ (Founder - Our Awesome Planet), JOSH MAHINAY (Founder - Bag 943) MARK RUIZ (Founder - Hapinoy), BORIS JOAQUIN (CEO - Salt and Light), GINGER ARBOLEDA (Founder - Manila Workshops), ISSA CUEVAS (Director - Gawad Kalinga), LLOYD LUNA (Motivational Speaker), REY BUFI (Founder - The Storytelling Project), BENJIE ABAD (Founder - Karinderia ni Mang Urot) DAVID BONIFACIO (Executive - CBTL Holdings), KRIE REYES LOPEZ (Founder - Messy Bessy), REBECCA BUSTAMANTE (President - Asia CEO Forum), VINCE GOLANGCO (Founder - When in Manila), MARV DE LEON (Founder - Freelance Blend), STEVE BENITEZ (CEO - Bo’s Coffee), POCHOLO GONZALES (CEO – Creative Voices), MARIANNE MENCIAS (Best-Selling Author), TONY MELOTO (Founder - Gawad Kalinga) This book will give you the inspiration, motivation and activation you need to create significant positive change in your life. This is what you have been waiting for. Kick-start your success journey today. Let this book show you way.

Financial Peace University And Total Money Makeover Complete 2009 Home Study Kit By Dave Ramsey W/ Dvds Cds Books

Dave Ramsey

Out of the Sun: On Race and Storytelling

Esi Edugyan
    History is a construction. What happens when we begin to consider stories at the margins, when we grant them a centrality? How does that complicate our certainties about who we are, as individuals, as nations, as human beings?

Death In The Long Grass

Peter Hathaway. Capstick
    With humor, grace, and supreme tension, Capstick takes the reader on safari, eloquently stating his case for blood sport while portraying the intensity of the hunt.

The Vow of the Ikeda Kayo-Kai: Encouragement for Young Women

Daisaku Ikeda

When I Was Her Daughter: A Memoir

Leslie Ferguson
    Someone is trying to kill her.Leslie and her little brother must confront the stark reality of living with their mother’s raging psychosis. When her mother demands the impossible, Leslie attempts to control the chaos. Her obedience results in terrifying consequences, and her rebellion angers her mother, who writes rambling manifestos and forces her children to live on the run to evade the Russian spies she believes are after them. Her mother’s ultimate goal is to protect her children from capture even if it means she must kill them herself.Eventually, the police remove Leslie and her brother from their mother’s custody. Freedom from violence and neglect offers the young girl a glimmer of hope, but alienating, oppressive foster homes cause her to plummet into despair. All seems lost . . . until a teacher intervenes and risks everything to bring Leslie to safety and show her the redemptive power of trust and patience, proving unconditional love is possible even without the bond of blood.When I Was Her Daughter is a raw, honest account of one girl’s journey through madness, loss, and a broken child welfare system, where only the lucky and most resilient survive.

The Healthy Writer: Reduce your pain, improve your health, and build a writing career for the long term

Joanna Penn
    Writing is not a physically healthy job, but if you want a long-term writing career, then you need to look after your body.I've been through my own pain journey over the last six years. I used to get crippling migraines that sent me to a dark room, and back pain so bad that I couldn't sleep, as well as stress levels so high that I wasn't able to breathe normally.Now, my back pain, migraines and RSI have almost gone completely, and I manage my writing life in a far healthier way than ever before. I share my personal journey and insights with you in this book.My co-author is Dr Euan Lawson, who shares his insights into how we can reduce pain, improve health and build a writing career for the long term.The book covers:Introduction and survey results from 1200 writersWhy writing is great for your health>>> Part 1: The Unhealthy Writer Stress, anxiety, burnoutBack, neck and shoulder painWriter's cramp and Repetitive Strain InjuryA personal journey to a pain-free backWriting with chronic painSedentary life and inactivitySleep problems/ insomniaEye strain, headaches, and migraineA personal story of headaches and migraineLoneliness and isolationWeight gain or weight lossJoanna's Letter to SugarDigestive issues and IBSA personal journey through IBS with FODMAPMood and mental healthWriting with depressionAlcohol, coffee, drugs and other substances>>> Part 2: The Healthy Writer Build resilienceImprove your workspaceFind a communityStart movingSort out your dietSort out your sleepDevelop healthy habitsHow to use dictation for healthier writing lifeLessons learned about writing from walking a double ultra-marathonBreathing, mindfulness, and meditationYoga and writingLongevity: writing for the long-termIt's time to be a healthy writer!

We Need To Talk About The British Empire

Afua Hirsch
    through the stories of people who lived through it....

Designed to Last: Our Journey of Building an Intentional Home, Growing in Faith, and Finding Joy in the In-Between

Ashley PetroneAshley Petrone
    Grow faithfully. Create something beautiful that will last!Over half a million readers have joined the journey of Instagram sensations Ashley and Dino Petrone. Through their popular online community Arrows and Bow, Ashley and Dino share their adventures, mishaps, and joys of building a life together using an unexpected element: design. Now, in their much-anticipated debut book, Ashley and Dino invite readers into their home and relationship through their trademark honest and hilarious storytelling. They share both never-before-revealed and fan-favorite stories, includinggetting engaged after only three weeks!why they chose to wait until their wedding nightmoving into an RV with three kids (and they're still speaking to each other!)the unexpected, painful circumstances that led them to find deeper hopeturning Ashley's creative hobby into a thriving business . . . and so. much. more!Ashley and Dino are the first to say they don't have all the answers, but they welcome you to join them as they share the struggles and successes that come from intentionally staying committed to God and each other. Because when you build with faith, creativity, and love as the foundation . . . you build something designed to last. Includes exclusive photos and bonus DIY decorating tips!

Meditations On Moloch

Scott Alexander

"You'll Like it Here.": The Story of Donald Vitkus-Belchertown Patient #3394

Ed Orzechowski
    He is 27 days old. Six years later as "Patient #3394," he is committed to Belchertown State School, where he is labeled a "moron" with an I.Q. of 41. Like hundreds of other institutions across the country, Belchertown is a de-humanizing environment of barred windows, locked doors, and brutal regimentation."I never want us to return to those days," Donald says. You'll Like It Here is packed with gritty, realistic detail, some of it darkly hilarious. Belchertown State School is the evil institution incarnate, itself a character, a brooding presence over the whole story. It is Donald's triumph that he is able to survive Belchertown. A powerful, poignant account. -Dave Kassel, Director of Communications of COFAR, advocates for the developmentally disabled

The Moth

The Moth Radio Hour
    Fifty true stories told on The Moth Radio Hour.

You Have Not Yet Been Defeated

Alaa Abd El-Fattah
    A fiercely independent thinker who fuses politics and technology in powerful prose, an activist whose ideas represent a global generation which has only known struggle against a failing system, a public intellectual with the rare courage to offer personal, painful honesty, Alaa's written voice came to symbolize much of what was fresh, inspiring and revolutionary about the uprisings that have defined the last decade. Collected here for the first time in English are a selection of his essays, social media posts and interviews from 2011 until the present. He has spent the majority of those years in prison, where many of these pieces were written. Together, they present not only a unique account from the frontline of a decade of global upheaval, but a catalogue of ideas about other futures those upheavals could yet reveal. From theories on technology and history to profound reflections on the meaning of prison, You Have Not Yet Been Defeated is a book about the importance of ideas, whatever their cost.

Educated / Education of an Idealist

Tara Westover
    She hadn't been registered for a birth certificate. She had no school records because she'd never set foot in a classroom, and no medical records because her father didn't believe in hospitals. The Education of an Idealist: The Education of an Idealist combines powerful storytelling, vividly drawn characters and deep political insight. It traces Power's journey from childhood growing up in a pub in Ireland to war correspondent to presidential Cabinet official. In 2005, her critiques of US foreign policy caught the eye of newly elected Senator Barack Obama, who invited her to work with him on Capitol Hill and then on his presidential campaign.

Beaten Black And Blue: Being A Black Cop In An America Under Siege

Brandon Tatum
    Countless citizens believe all police are racists.In this era of civil unrest and political divide, how do Black cops—or any cops—maintain the motivation and commitment to do their job? Former Tucson police officer—Brandon Tatum,shares his story and the stories of other police officers in the pages of his new book, Beaten Black and Blue.Read why they joined the force, what it’s really like on the streets, and how they continue to fight the good fight.Forget what you think you know and learn the truth!

Voices in the Dark: My Life as a Medium

Leslie Flint

Living in the Father's Love

Lisa Brenninkmeyer
    A DVD which includes the opening and closing talks for the study, accompanies this short course. Living in the Father's Love is perfect for the season of Advent or Lent, as a summer study, or as an introduction to the twenty-two session Walking with Purpose courses.

The Enzyme Factor

Hiromi Shinya
    Hiromi Shinya presents his research supporting the idea of a miracle enzyme out of which all enzymes the body needs are produced. He suggests cancer and other diseases occur when this key enzyme is depleted and cannot properly do its job.

The Ricky Gervais Guide to... Earth

Ricky Gervais

Les humbles ne craignent pas l'eau: Un voyage infiltré

Matthieu Aikins
    He is one of millions of refugees who leave their homes that year.Matthieu Aikins, a journalist living in Kabul, decides to follow his friend. In order to do so, he must leave his own passport and identity behind to go underground on the refugee trail with Omar. Their odyssey across land and sea from Afghanistan to Europe brings them face to face with the people at heart of the migration crisis: smugglers, cops, activists, and the men, women and children fleeing war in search of a better life. As setbacks and dangers mount for the two friends, Matthieu is also drawn into the escape plans of Omar's entire family, including Maryam, the matriarch who has fought ferociously for her children's survival.Harrowing yet hopeful, this exceptional work brings into sharp focus one of the most contentious issues of our times. The Naked Don't Fear the Water is a tale of love and friendship across borders, and an inquiry into our shared journey in a divided world.

Beautiful Ashes

Shelly Edwards Jorgensen
    There she finds a peace she’s never thought possible.When Shelly eventually meets the man she will marry, she thinks her life will finally be everything she’s ever dreamed of, but the lingering wounds of her past—and new, devastating medical complications—shake her faith. After all she’s endured, can she rise from the ashes and trust God once more?

Boy in a China Shop: Life, Clay and Everything

Keith Brymer Jones
    Front man in an almost famous band. Judge on The Great Pottery Throwdown. How did all that happen?By accident mostly. But I always say we make our own luck. What if an art teacher hadn't given me a lump of clay? What if the band had been really successful? What if I hadn't taken a photograph of a bowl to the buyer at Heals in London? What if she'd hated it? Or hadn't seen it... What if I hadn't agreed to dress up as Adele to make a crazy YouTube video? Every chapter of my book is based around an object (usually a pot) that's been significant in my life. It's just at trigger to let me go off in a lot of different directions and tell a few stories. A lot of stories. Dyslexia. The art teacher who changed my life. My Mother. My Father. A life-changing job interview with a man who lay under his car throughout. That video.Sifting through half-forgotten memories, trying to pick out the golden nuggets from the stuff that is definitely dross has been a curious, and at times hilarious, sometimes sad, but definitely enlightening process. So here it is - my pottery life with some very loud music and some pretty good dancing. And a lot of throwing, fettling and firing. Oh ...and a good dose of anxiety.

Lennon Legend: An Illustrated Life Of John Lennon

Jim Henke
    A rich tapestry of his life and the music that made him famous, this innovative, interactive book features removable facsimilies of hand-written lyrics, drawings and unseen photographs, documents and letters as well as a CD containing more than ninety minutes of interviews recorded with Lennon before his death. Written by James Henke of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, it is the first complete picture of John Lennon, from his early days at art school to the height of Beatlemania to IMAGINE, to be authorised by his widow, Yoko Ono Lennon. John Lennon's importance as a musucian and an icon have grown since his death. No fan will be able to do without this extraordinary book.

God is Bigger than your Biggest Problem

Bo Sánchez

Introduction to investing in index funds and ETFs: A practical guide for investors in Europe

Mário Nzualo

Nobody Panic: How to be a functioning adult without screaming

Tessa Coates
    From the creators of the critically acclaimed podcast comes a series of How To guides for everything from job interviews to leaving a WhatsApp group, from understanding the oven to dealing with your best friend's new (astoundingly dull) partner. There's also a poem about taxes. Comedians and professional panickers Tessa Coates and Stevie Martin are here to help you learn from their many, many mistakes, and remind you that when it comes to life, we're all in this together - so nobody panic.Praise for the podcast:'Hilarious and brilliant' - Grazia'Witty, smart and oh-so-relatable' - Evening Standard'Jaunty' - The Times

Supernova in the East VI

Dan Carlin

Bullets and Blood (The Secret History of Hollywood)

Adam Roche

Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes | Summary & Study Guide


The Bible Timeline Chart New Verison

Jeff Cavins
    It arranges the key people, places, and events of Sacred Scripture in chronological order, so that you can get the "big picture" of the Bible. This chart is the cornerstone of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Program. The Bible Timeline Chart: Divides the Bible into twelve time periods that act like chapters in salvation history. Focuses on fourteen narrative books that tell the story of Scripture from beginning to end. Ties all of Scripture together by following God's "family plan" from Adam and Eve to Christ and the Church. Makes it easy to remember by color-coding each of the time periods ... and much more!

Pazhya Kanakku (Tamil)

S. Viswanathan
    This is a collection of his memories with famous and notable people and incidents.

Do Every Thing Wrong!: XXXTentacion Against the World

Jarett Kobek
    20 years of life.27,000 tweets.171 pages of sympathy for the devil.

Entrevista con la historia

Oariana Falllaci
    Text in Spanish.

Dear Woman

Michael E. Reid
    This is a book of quotes, letters, short stories, and poems written to provide education, motivation, encouragement, and a little tough love to women of all ages. Dear Woman is a journey through womanhood that visits some of the deepest and darkest corners of women's lives, with hopes of shedding a little light and love. This book is written from the perspective of a man who wants nothing more than for you to be the best woman possible, regardless of circumstance. It is one man's gift to the world, with hopes that no matter how the world may treat a woman, you should not stop being a woman in it.

Florence Nightingale

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
     Growing up in an upper-class family, it was expected that Florence would find a husband and live a life of luxury—but that kind of life wasn’t for her. Her calling was caring for the sick and the poor, so she followed her passion with her whole heart and trained to be a nurse. When war broke out, Florence traveled to nurse wounded soldiers but found that the hospitals were so dirty that they were making people ill! This experience inspired her to lead a healthcare revolution, and she became the mother of modern nursing, introducing care practices still followed today. This inspiring book features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the social reformer’s life.Little People, BIG DREAMS is a best-selling series of books and educational games that explore the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. This empowering series offers inspiring messages to children of all ages, in a range of formats. The board books are told in simple sentences, perfect for reading aloud to babies and toddlers. The hardcover versions present expanded stories for beginning readers. Boxed gift sets allow you to collect a selection of the books by theme. Paper dolls, learning cards, matching games, and other fun learning tools provide even more ways to make the lives of these role models accessible to children.

Finite Mathematics: With Applications

Frank S. Budnick

The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read

Louise Glazebrook
    a canine-human Esther Perel' The ObserverWouldn't you love to know what your dog was thinking?The truth is that your dog is communicating with you all the time but, unless you know the signs, you aren't picking up on what your dog wants you to know. Louise Glazebrook is a dog behaviourist, trainer and television presenter who specialises in teaching people how to understand and connect with their dogs. In The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read, Louise tackles everything from bringing the right dog home, understanding body language and breed behaviour, responding to common behavioural issues, to the toys and games that you and your dog will both love.Most dog trainers focus on the dog, but Louise focuses on you, the owner, giving you the skills and confidence to interpret your dog's needs and behaviour and build a better, happier relationship for life.

Did I Say That Out Loud?: Notes on the Chuff of Life

Fi Glover
    Their book promises to take mid-life by its elasticated waist and give it a brisk going over with a stiff brush. At a time of constant uncertainty, what we all need is the wisdom and experience of two women who haven't got a clue what's happening either.

Sleep Tight: Cozy Ways to Wind Down, Fall Asleep, and Dream Happy; Bedtime Tricks (That Really Work!) for Kids

Tzivia Gover

And Miles To Go: The Biography Of A Great Arabian Horse, Witez II

Linell Nash Smith
    This is his story--a gallant one--told with irrepressible sentiment.

Stool Withholding: What To Do When Your Child Won't Poo!

Sophia J. Ferguson
    It is often triggered by an episode of painful constipation. The child then becomes so terrified of experiencing this pain again that they hold on to their poo for days, even weeks, at a time. Just to add to the misery, stool withholding often causes children to soil their underwear.This bewildering problem can sometimes feel like a form of daily torture, not just for the child but for the whole family. Unless you've experienced this with your own child, it's difficult to imagine just how distressing it can be.After reading this, parents will have a straightforward plan of action, with lots of tips and strategies to try at home. The book also contains useful information about the laxative Movicol, with guidance on appropriate doses.The advice given is backed up by research, as well as the experiences of the author and other parents who have had to deal with this issue.Aimed primarily at parents, this guide should also be essential reading for health professionals, teachers and anyone else who works with, or cares for children.Stool withholding is still a widely misunderstood issue. If awareness and understanding of this subject is increased, many families could be spared this distressing problem.USA/Canada Edition Also Available: "Stool Withholding: What To Do When Your Child Won't Poop!" (with guidance on MiraLAX/RestoraLAX dosage)

Tired and Tested: The Wild Ride into Parenthood

Sophie McCartney
    What happens when you realise adult life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?When you’ve grown up thinking your twenties are all about working hard, playing hard and definitely trying to not get pregnant, life comes at you fast when you go from hump to bump…Comedian, mum and vlogger, Sophie McCartney, shares her journey through the hurty-thirties – when you thought you’d have a high-flying career, three holidays a year and a designer handbag, but have ended up with two kids, a deep fear of what lies at the bottom of the ball-pit in soft play, and a post-breastfeeding gap in your cleavage the size of a Christmas ham.With laugh out loud humour and honesty, Sophie shows how whether you’ve had a day full of whining or a night full of wine, there’s joy to be had in the perfectly imperfect lives we lead.

A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games

Bitmap Books
    Despite initial similarities to Western games, Japan’s output began diverging in dramatic ways, inspired by its own culture and art, producing a style of game that’s often wildly different from its Western counterpart. From Dragon Quest to Final Fantasy, from Megami Tensei to Pokémon, A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games explores the expansive history of Japanese role-playing games, beginning on 8-bit microcomputers, and following them all the way up to the heavy hitters of the modern era.Created in collaboration with author Kurt Kalata, A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games is an ambitious project that aims to cover the entire history of Japanese role-playing games from 1982 to 2020. As well as reviews of over 600 games, covering a wide range of sub-genres, including strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem, Rogue-likes such as Mystery Dungeon, and first-person dungeon crawlers like Etrian Odyssey, it includes articles on the genre, its music and art. Overall, the book weighs in at over 370,000 words and contains contributions from a wide selection of fans and journalists, combining to create the ultimate coffee table book on Japanese role-playing games.A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games is 652 pages in length (our largest book to date) and comes in hardback as standard. The cover features a specially created piece of artwork by Stephanie Sybydlo, which is finished with special pantone inks and metallic silver foil details. Each divider within the book also features a specially created ‘overworld map’ by the guys at Army of Trolls. As with all our books, we use thread-sewn binding for extra durability and print lithographically on high-quality paper to showcase the gorgeous visuals as they deserve.Let the adventure commence!

Odd Boy Out

Gyles Brandreth
    It is a story about the ordinary things - family life, happiness, ambition, and love, but it is also about adventures - meeting princes and presidents, visiting Death Row in America, exploring the sex clubs of Copenhagen. It is a story of a boy blessed with wit and what he got up to and the people he met growing up in the most wonderful city in all the world in those extraordinary years after the Second World War. For Odd Boy Out is about more than Gyles and his exploits: it is also a kaleidoscopic portrait of Britain from the 1950s onwards, featuring a cast drawn from politics, the media, swinging London, stage and screen, from Laurence Olivier to Twiggy.By turns hilarious and moving, and chock full of unforgettable stories, Odd Boy Out is the unexpected and candid autobiography of one of the country's most unlikely personalities. Yet at root it is a powerful and passionate exploration of childhood - how our heritage, our parents and our upbringing make us who we are. ___________________ 'Staggeringly brilliant, funny and touching, I loved it' Joanna Lumley

Going To Disneyland: A Guide For Kids & Kids at Heart

Shannon Willis Laskey
    Enjoy info on the park's attractions, characters, entertainment, restaurants and shops. Discover little-known hot tips and fascinating fun facts, and learn about Disney Legends and how Walt Disney created this magical place!

The Map (One Year Adventure Novel)

Daniel Schwabauer
    As you discover more about the world of your novel, you'll learn principles of storytelling that could take years to uncover through traditional writing programs.


Michael Lewis

Aphorisms for Thirsty Fish (The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin Book 1)

Wu Hsin
    It produces an involuntary reversion to one's essence, a clear seeing that there is no place that one can call the center or a reference point here. There is nothing substantial that would allow one to declare ‘This is where I begin, this is what I really am.’ It is the recognition that what one is is nothing perceivable. Solving Yourself is unique in that it is structured in the format of daily contemplatives. The Yuben or Compendium of the Master’s Aphorisms can act as a stimulant; they are not so much about what Wu Hsin says but about what they evoke and how we respond. What makes this work of Wu Hsin such a rare find is that the articulation of his experience pre-dates, by many hundreds of years, the expressions of the great Channa (Ch’an) masters of the T’ang Dynasty, often considered to be the apogee of Chinese thought.(from

Nutrition for women

Raymond Peat

Princess A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia

Jean Sausan
    Sasson. Windsor-Brooke Books,2001


Nikki Gemmell
    Decades later she has written a deeply personal, profoundly intimate reflection on love and female creativity, and what happens when the two collide in a man's world.Dissolve is a conversation. A conversation with the young women of Gemmell's teenage daughter's generation, and of course with men.'Reading this memoir is like therapy for the soul' ArtsHub'one of the most enriching, yet debilitating reads I've experienced... tremendous, moving writing' Jessie Tu, Women's Agenda'Nikki Gemmell wrote this book for me, and I suspect there will be many women who feel the same way... Each page is imbued with startling self-awareness and profound wisdom... Vulnerable, honest and raw' Better Reading

The Ultimate Brian Tracy Library

Brian Tracy
    Since releasing his first classic program, the original live version of The Phoenix Seminar - now known as the Psychology of Achievement - in the early 1980’s, Brian went on to publish over 50 audio programs and dozens of video titles. Many of those titles are among the top sellers of all time in the extensive Nightingale-Conant library. And now, in this amazing collection of audio ideas in sound, you’ll be exposed to that classic wisdom and see first hand what made Brian such a beloved author of ours.In this all-encompassing audio library, which contains some of the most popular segments from Brian Tracy’s many Nightingale-Conant programs, you’ll hear Brian’s thoughts on nearly every important personal development topic imaginable - from setting goals, to creative thinking, to succeeding in your career, to developing highly satisfying personal and professional relationships.Here, in this one program, you have all you need to make that same decision Brian did when he was a young man, and become successful in any area of your life.©2017 Brian Tracy (P)2017 Nightingale-Conant

Notes From The Grooming Table: An All Breed Grooming Guide For The Professional Pet Stylist

Melissa Verplank

How to Sell a Massacre

Peter Charley
    The result of an audacious three-year infiltration of the US National Rifle Association, the documentary revealed how One Nation solicited donations of up to $20 million from the NRA, promising in return to use the balance of power to soften gun laws in Australia. Masterminded by veteran Australian journalist Peter Charley, the elaborate sting saw Australian businessman Rodger Muller go undercover as the head of a fake Australian pro-gun advocacy group. But the tactics used by Charley to expose both One Nation and the NRA drew criticism from some.Now in his book How to Sell a Massacre, Peter Charley gives an inside account of the sting, drawing on more than 40 years' reporting to explore how journalism has changed and to make sense of why -- in a post-truth environment -- he felt it necessary to set a trap to catch the truth. Charley draws on previously unreleased transcripts of covertly recorded meetings between the NRA and One Nation to give graphic details of the undercover operation. At the same time, he reflects on a long and distinguished career and how the role and methods of journalism have had to change and adapt in a post-truth world.Set during the period of Donald Trump's rise to power and the US's worst mass shootings, including Las Vegas and Orlando, How to Sell a Massacre reads like a pacey spy thriller with a deadly truth at its heart: that an Australian political party would seek foreign money in a bid to seize power and destroy the gun laws that keep Australians safe.

Expect to Win

Monte Holm
    They plan to succeed. They expect to win! In the engaging style of a master teacher and storyteller, Monte Holm shares powerful and practical life lessons with his insightful and entertaining stories and anecdotes. Written from the perspective of a proven leader and financial expert, Expect to Win explains why you should never leave your life and future to chance. Monte has accomplished the inconceivable. He knows what it takes to go from being a young boy sleeping on a concrete floor of the family farmhouse to sitting on a supersonic Concord airliner bound for Paris. He went from having nothing to virtually anything his heart desired. In this compelling and updated book, Monte teaches you how to use the six components of the Success Pipeline to reverse engineer your life and to unlock your incredible potential to achieve your dreams and goals. He also teaches you how to implement the same strategies, concepts, and techniques that transformed him into the international entrepreneur and multimillionaire he is today. Expect to Winis a user's manual and the perfect guide for experienced professionals, everyday workers, young adults, and leaders at all levels to navigate the uncertain waters of today's competitive and complex world. Most people's dreams die long before they do. Do not let that happen to you. Don't stay off course one more day. Let Monte Holm teach you what it means to have faith, vision, goals, desire, discipline, and self-respect. Let him teach you what it means to see it, to believe it, and to achieve it. Let him teach you what it means to expect to win!

In Isolation: Dispatches from Occupied Donbas

Stanislav Aseyev
    For the first time, an inside account shows the toll on real human lives and civic freedoms that citizens continue to suffer in Russia's hybrid war on its territory.

Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets

Steven Barrett
    Author Barrett adds to the fun of finding them by turning the search into six scavenger hunts, complete with clues, hints, and points to be scored. You'll find more than 200 new Mickey sightings in this edition over 1,000 hidden Mickeys in all. Fun for all ages!

Shagged, Married Annoyed

Chris and Rosie Ramsay

Kids Cook Dinner: 23 Healthy, Budget-Friendly Meals from the Best-Selling Cooking Class Series

Deanna F. Cook
    The recipes feature a range of kid favorites, including Popcorn Chicken, Easy Cheesy Quesadillas, Pasta with Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzarella, Black Beans & Rice, Pizza, Meatballs with Creamy Sauce, Super Sliders, and Supper Salad have been specially selected for their budget-friendliness (averaging $2 a serving) and use of easy-to-find pantry staples, as well as their nutritional value. With instructions on basic cooking skills, like chopping vegetables and stir frying, grocery shopping, and kitchen safety,  Kids Cook Dinner offers aspiring chefs ages 8 to 12 everything they need to know to successfully--and proudly-- put a healthy, homecooked meal on the table that the whole family will love.

Now Is The Knowing

Ajahn Sumedho
    These talks consider the way we relate to the Three Refuges, using the basic meditation on Mindfulness of Breathing and reaching for Nibbana, the goal.Available as a free ebook in various formats from the Forest Sangha website:

Ultimate GD&T Pocket Guide: Based on ASME Y14.5-2009 (Based on ASME Y14.5-2009)

Alex Krulikowski
    The new ASME Y14.5-2009 version has all the topics from the 1994 pocket guide, plus 50% more content. The 2009 GD&T pocket guide is now spiral bound so it lays flat. It has several new organizational features, like index tabs, a topical index, and a glossary. We've also added references to clauses within the standard and cross-references to other pages within the pocket guide that contain application examples or other related information. The Ultimate GD&T Pocket Guide is a handy reference tool in one convenient pocket-sized package. Carry it with you on the job and have a resource to all your GD&T questions at your fingertips. This product is a valuable tool for: designers; product, manufacturing, and quality engineers; CMM operators; checkers; quality personnel; engineers; students; and anyone else who uses GD&T on the job.

You Simply Can't Spoil a Newborn: The essential guide to nurturing your baby in the first three months

Dorothy Waide
    The first three months of a newborn baby's life new parents have a unique opportunity to lay a solid and loving foundation that will last a lifetime. This book reveals Dorothy Waide’s nurturing approach in calming the most unsettled baby and teaching them to self-settle and resettle, as well as advice on how to solve common feeding issues and manage time, relationships and emotional demands in the weeks following birth. As Dorothy says, "Spoiling doesn’t come into it — it is impossible to shower your baby with too much love!"

the homefront

Martin Sheen
    Narrated by Martin Sheen, from Audible.

Pink Balloons: The Story of a Young AIDS Sufferer

Beverley McGregor

Dressage with Kyra: The Kyra Kyrklund Training Method

Kyra Kyrklund
    Kyra Kyrklund, one of the world's most talented dressage riders, explains the unique system of training that has brought her repeated success.

Discovering Our Dignity

Lisa Brenninkmeyer
    Ancient wisdom, sage advice, sorrowful failures and woundedness... In Discovering our Dignity, we learn that women of the Old and New Testament were sometimes as flawed and broken as we can be. Yet, the power of God worked in their lives. Through their stories recorded in Scripture, they reach out to touch our "present" in a tender, honest and loving way -woman to woman.