Multinational Business Finance

David K. Eiteman - 1973
    Because the job of a manager is to make financial decisions that increase firm value, the authors have embedded real-world mini-cases throughout to apply chapter concepts to the types of situations managers of multinational firms face.

Google AdWords for Beginners: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to PPC Advertising

Corey Rabazinski - 2015
    Google's AdWords platform enables you to create pay-per-click advertisements that appear as 'sponsored links' when someone searches for content related to your product or service. You bid for the position to place your ad, and you only pay when someone clicks. It's that simple. If used correctly, AdWords can garner higher targeted traffic, which in turn will increase your conversion rates and profits. So, AdWords will definitely help your business, but you have no idea how to utilize them. What should you do? Take a couple of hours to read this book. Google AdWords for Beginners is designed to teach you the fundamentals of AdWords, how it works, why it works, and the proven techniques that you can use to make it work for you and your business. Additionally, this book details an eight-step blueprint that has consistently delivered positive results for companies. Upon completion, you'll be armed with the knowledge to launch profitable campaigns or drastically improve an existing one.

Financial Markets and Institutions (Prentice Hall Series in Finance) (Addison-Wesley Series in Finance)

Frederic S. Mishkin - 1994
    A unifying framework uses a few core principles to organize readers' thinking then examines the models as real-world scenarios from a practitioner's perspective. By analyzing these applications, readers develop the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to respond to challenging situations in their future careers. Introduction: Why Study Financial Markets and Institutions?; Overview of the Financial System. Fundamentals of Financial Markets: What Do Interest Rates Mean and What Is Their Role in Valuation?; Why Do Interest Rates Change?; How Do Risk and Term Structure Affect Interest Rates?; Are Financial Markets Efficient? Central Banking and the Conduct of Monetary Policy: Structure of Central Banks and the Federal Reserve System; Conduct of Monetary Policy: Tools, Goals, Strategy, and Tactics. Financial Markets: The Money Markets; The Bond Market; The Stock Market; The Mortgage Markets; The Foreign Exchange Market; The International Financial System. Fundamentals of Financial Institutions: Why Do Financial Institutions Exist?; What Should Be Done About Conflicts of Interest? A Central Issue in Business Ethics. The Financial Institutions Industry: Banking and the Management of Financial Institutions; Commercial Banking Industry: Structure and Competition; Savings Associations and Credit Unions; Banking Regulation; The Mutual Fund Industry; Insurance Companies and Pension Funds; Investment Banks, Security Brokers and Dealers, and Venture Capital Firms. The Management of Financial Institutions: Risk Management in Financial Institutions; Hedging with Financial Derivatives. On the Web: Finance Companies. For all readers interested in financial markets and institutions.

Ayyappante Kavithakal Sampoornam

A. Ayyappan - 2011
    Ayyappante Kavithakal Sampoornam takes us through the poems which filled Malayali hearts with intense passion. Pallu, the last poem written by Ayyappan has also been included in the collection. Studies about Ayyappan's poems by various people, including T.P. Rajeevan, M.K. Harikumar, Balachandran Chullikkad, Guru Nithyachaithanyayathi, D Vinayachandran, V.R. Sudheesh, Sachidanandan, Kalpetta Narayanan and E.V. Ramakrishnan have been included in this book. Interviews with Ayyappan by P.K. Parakkadavu, Shibu Joseph, Unnikrishnan Sreekandapuram and others are also there. Foreword by Sebastian.

Health and Physical Education Class 11 (E): Educational Book

V.K. Sharma
    Saraswati Health and Physical Education Class - 11

Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets

John C. Hull - 2001
    Packed with numerical examples and accounts of real-life situations, this text effectively guides readers through the material while helping them prepare their skills and knowledge for the workplace.The seventh edition addresses and analyzes the impact of the current financial crisis.

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Frank K. Reilly - 1979
    Mixing investment instruments and capital markets with the theoretical detail on evaluating investments and opportunities to satisfy risk-return objectives along with how investment practice and theory is influenced by globalization. The material is intended to be rigorous and empirical yet not overly quantitative. Reilly/Brown provides the best foundation, used extensively by professionals, organizations, and schools across the country. A great source for those with both a theoretical and practical need for investment expertise.

New Era Of Management

Richard L. Daft
    In response to the dynamic environment of management, Richard Daft has written a text integrating the newest management thinking with a solid foundation in the essentials of management.

Author Unleashed: Advanced Publishing and Marketing Strategies for Indie Authors

Robert J. Ryan - 2019
    They want more. But no matter what they do, those sales remain elusive. Worse, the publishing environment is getting harder every year, crushing their dreams day by day.But somehow, some authors succeed. How do they do it? Is there a secret? Is it blind luck? Do they all have teams of ghostwriters behind them churning out novels while one person claims the glory?It’s none of those things. It’s a combination of hard work and correct knowledge.This book gives you that knowledge. You’ll learn things like: How professional marketers write blurbs How to decode Amazon webpages for clues to buyer behavior Why great books sink into oblivion and ordinary books sell How to go beyond accepted practice and find best practice This book gives you the knowledge to sell, and to sell at a high scale. Much of it will surprise you, even if you’re a veteran of indie publishing.You’ll never look at publishing the same way again. Are you ready to unleash your author career?

Making It in the Art World: New Approaches to Galleries, Shows, and Raising Money

Brainard Carey - 2011
    Whether you re a beginner, a student, or a career artist looking to be in the best museum shows, this book provides ways of advancing your plans on any level. Making It in the Art World is an invaluable resource for artists at every stage, offering readers a plethora of strategies and helpful tips to plan and execute a successful artistic career. Topics include how to evaluate your own work, how to submit art, how to present work to the public, how to avoid distractions in the studio, and much more.

Leadership: Tidbits and Treasures

Chris Brady - 2008
    Here is a book that will stimulate your thinking and help you to be successful in your work, your study, and in your every day living. Our prayer is that it will also educated the reader in the areas of history, politics, economics and the culture war that is currently upon us. the articles and illustrtions from great thinkers and doers throughout history outlined on these pages, will, if studied and applied to your life, help develop your inner qualities, and that is where your real wealth is.

Google Adwords - An Introduction: The Ultimate Guide To The Many Opportunities for the Pay Per Click Professional: For Your Business & For Your Career!

James Lynch - 2015
    Whether you aspire to become a Search Engine Marketing PPC Professional or just want to learn more about Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising to use it in your own business. PPC advertising can drive some really great - really targeted traffic to practically any website AND you can do it fairly inexpensively if you learn how to do it right. Google AdWords is most certainly the best place to start, as practically every other pay per click platform has in some form or another modeled its foundation around the basic AdWords type PPC concepts. What this book is about: Google AdWords - An Introduction, is a guide for you to run through and see if you think that Google AdWords is something you want to learn more about… This book is for you if: You would like to see at a very high level, how you can use PPC / Google AdWords to drive highly targeted traffic to ANY website. or You're thinking about maybe becoming a Certified Google AdWords Professional and taking on clients of your own, and running their pay-per-click campaigns for them and GET PAID. or You may be thinking about working directly for a business or advertising agency and running PPC campaigns for them as a Search Engine Marketing – PPC Professional. Becoming a Certified Google AdWords Professional opens many, many doors in the world of online marketing. I'll show you how to become Google Certified and get on the fast track to becoming a Search Engine Marketing - PPC Professional that is in extremely high demand in the digital marketing space today. This book may also be for you if: You find yourself at a crossroads and: 1 - You’re stuck in a dead-end job: customer service, sales or otherwise and you’re wanting to improve your job status, career choices and your PAY. 2 - You’re thinking about becoming an AdWords Certified Consultant serving your own clients as a consultant or at an agency. 3 - You’re an entrepreneur, coach or business owner and you want to learn more about paid media buying to market yourself and your business online. This book is intended to help you to get a high level vision and overview of the Google AdWords & Pay Per Click Advertising. Whatever your current situation, this book will give you a taste of what it’s like inside the world of Pay Per Click Advertising. After reading through once or twice… YOU WILL KNOW IF PPC is right for you at this point and time in your business/career/life. What this book is NOT about. This book is not about the latest and greatest tips and tricks for using Google AdWords… I do offer extensive AdWords PPC training through my web site: - Both free and paid training can be found there. I just want to be 100% transparent with you and let you know that this book is not going to make you a PPC expert in one read. It's simply an introduction to the industry, either for the business owner / entrepreneur wanting to drive more traffic to his offerings or for someone thinking about becoming a Pay Per Click Professional as a career. Take a look inside at the table of contents before you order to see all that's covered... I guarantee you will find some great takeaways... gold nuggets and bonuses within. So please: Read, Relax and Enjoy!

The Crypto Trader: How anyone can make money trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Glen Goodman - 2019
    He taught himself how to trade everything from shares to Bitcoin and made enough money to realise his dream and quit his day job while still in his 30s.In The Crypto Trader, Glen will show you exactly how he made huge profits trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more, so that you can do it too - without risking your shirt.Glen publicly called the top of the market in December 2017 and took his profits before the crash. But there are still tons of trading opportunities out there and Glen continues to trade crypto successfully.Inside you'll see his multi-hundred-percent gains on a raft of cryptocurrencies and learn how he builds his profits and holds onto them. Glen reveals all his trading strategies, the proven methods and rules that make him one of the most followed traders in the world on social media. (He is also frequently interviewed by the BBC, Forbes and LBC, and is a contributing expert on cryptocurrency at the London School of Economics.)It took Glen years of study and trial and error to become a consistent money maker. He learnt his trading lessons the hard way - so you don't have to. With The Crypto Trader by your side, you'll learn how to grab opportunities, make money - and keep it.

Fast Track Photographer, Revised and Expanded Edition: Leverage Your Unique Strengths for a More Successful Photography Business

Dane Sanders - 2010
    But in this empowering guide, acclaimed photographer and speaker Dane Sanders reveals that the key to success is to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start focusing on your most powerful resource: you. Discover how to: ·        Use your unique skills and talents to carve out a niche all your own. ·        Avoid the mistakes most photographers make.·        Choose a business style that fits the way you want to spend your time—and live your life. Fast Track Photographer is not just another how-to book—it’s an entirely fresh way of thinking about your business, whether you’re just starting out, or an industry veteran wondering why all your hard work isn’t working. If you want to build a competition-proof creative business in the twenty-first century, it’s time to throw out the old rulebook and get on the fast track! Includes free access to Dane’s popular self-assessment test (a $20 value) to jumpstart your journey!"I can't think of a better way for anyone to start their professional photo career than to read Fast Track Photographer."—Scott Bourne, publisher and host of  "As much about finding out who you are as it is about how to become a truly great photographer. Highly recommended!”—Amit Gupta, founder of“This book is worth its weight in gold.”—Gary Fong, photographer, author, and creator of the Lightsphere“The best resource for today’s photographer—BAR NONE!”—Scott Sheppard, host of “Inside Digital Photography”

My Mute Girlfriend

Himanshu Rai - 2018
    I had losther smile, her friendship, her voice…But still, somewhere in my heart, I believed her to bemy girlfriend. My mute girlfriend.”Rohan is a telecom professional posted in Meerut and misses hisgirlfriend from college days, who had stopped interacting with him,without giving any reason. Although she had always stood by his sideand her eyes reflected immense love, but she remained his mutegirlfriend.The book opens with an SMS from Vaidehi to Rohan, after five longyears. But before he could reply, his mobile gets damaged and hewanders in his memories to narrate a story. About how his girlfriendbecame his mute girlfriend after the first year of their engineeringcollege.My Mute Girlfriend is a true romance story of how Rohan unravels theanswers to why Vaidehi was mute for so long, and how their life is aboutto change. But little do they know that the worst is yet to come.