Criminal Law

Joel Samaha - 2007
    With a balanced blend of case excerpts and author commentary, Samaha guides you as you hone your critical thinking and legal analysis skills. You'll see the principles, defenses, and elements of crime at work as you progress through the book-and you'll learn about the general principles of criminal liability and its defenses, as well as the elements of crimes against persons property, society, and crimes against the state. Featuring the latest topics and court cases, as well as many study tools to help you do well in this course, Samaha's CRIMINAL LAW is a text you will want to keep as a valuable reference even after you graduate and begin your career in the criminal justice field of your choosing.

Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century

Frank J. Schmalleger - 1991
    The strengths of the book rest in the application of theoretical perspectives to current real world activities related to criminal justice issues. New technology and cases are also incorporated, bringing the book and reader together in current issues. CJ Ethics & Professionalism Boxes stress the importance of ethical behavior for the criminal justice professional. New Juvenile Justice chart details the flow of events in the juvenile justice system. An added CD provides additional and in-depth coverage of important issues and background material found in book. Also includes full opinions of important U.S. Supreme Court cases covered in the chapters. Criminal justice professionals.

The Color of Justice: Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America

Samuel E. Walker - 1995
    The authors synthesize the best and the most recent research on patterns of criminal behavior and victimization, police practices, court processing and sentencing, the death penalty, and correctional programs, giving students the facts and theoretical foundation they need to make their own informed decisions about discrimination in the system. Uniquely unbiased, THE COLOR OF JUSTICE makes every effort to incorporate discussion of all major race groups found in the United States.

Ethics in Information Technology

George W. Reynolds - 2002
    This book offers an excellent foundation in ethical decision-making for current and future business managers and IT professionals.

Ethics and the Conduct of Business

John R. Boatright - 2006
    Aimed at undergraduate/MBA-level courses in business ethics in the departments of philosophy or business, this comprehensive text provides a balanced and up-to-date treatment of some of the most prominent issues of business ethics.

Choosing the Good: Christian Ethics in a Complex World

Dennis P. Hollinger - 2002
    Provides a discussion of the foundations and methods in ethics and ways to apply a Christian worldview to a secular culture.

Admission Assessment Exam Review

HESI - 2012
    Plus, it helps you identify areas of weakness so you can focus your study time. Sample problems and step-by-step examples with explanations in the math and physics sections show you how to work through each problem so you understand the steps it takes to complete the equation. Practice tests with answer keys for each topic - located in the appendices for quick access - help you assess your understanding of each topic and familiarize you with the types of questions you're likely to encounter on the actual exam. HESI Hints boxes offer valuable test-taking tips, as well as rationales, suggestions, examples, and reminders for specific topics.End-of-chapter review questions help you gauge your understanding of chapter content.A full-color layout and more illustrations in the life science chapters visually reinforce key concepts for better understanding.Expanded and updated content in each chapter ensures you're studying the most current content.Basic algebra review in the math section offers additional review and practice.Color-coded chapters help you quickly find specific topic sections.Helpful organizational features in each chapter include an introduction, key terms, chapter outline, and a bulleted chapter summary to help you focus your study.A glossary at the end of the text offers quick access to key terms and their definitions.

Dimensions of Human Behavior: Person and Environment

Elizabeth D. Hutchison - 1999
    This volume provides an integrated micro/macro perspective on human behaviour, insights into human behaviour from biological, psychological and spiritual perspectives, and an examination of various human environments, from families to social movements and institutions.

Sources of the Western Tradition: From the Renaissance to the Present

Marvin Perry - 1981
    Author Marvin Perry's accessible writing style and flexible approach make this abridged version of WESTERN CIVILIZATION: IDEAS, POLITICS AND SOCIETY an engaging text for instructors and students of the Western Civilization survey course. The most significant addition for the Seventh Edition is the insertion in every chapter of a primary source that illuminates the narrative.

The Theater Experience

Edwin Wilson - 1976
    By addressing the importance of the audience, Wilson brings the art of performance to life for students who may have little experience with the medium.

Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Political Issues

George McKenna - 1978
    Presents clashing views on political issues which are provided in a debate-style format designed to develop critical thinking skills in a student.

Spectacular Things Happen Along the Way: Lessons from an Urban Classroom

Brian D. Schultz - 2008
    This is an aspiring story of one teacher who resisted the pressures of 'teaching to the test' and created a curriculum based on his students' needs, wants, and desires.

Exploring Ethics: An Introductory Anthology

Steven M. Cahn - 2008
    Steven M. Cahn brings together a rich, balanced, and wide-ranging collection of forty classic and contemporary readings. Most importantly, he has carefully edited the articles so that they will be exceptionally clear and understandable to undergraduate students. The selections are organized into three parts, providing instructors with flexibility in designing and teaching a variety of ethics courses. The first part, Challenges to Morality, considers the overly simple assumptions that beginning students may bring to moral issues. The second part, Moral Theories, provides selections from the most influential ethical theories of the past along with commentary by contemporary thinkers. The third part, Moral Problems, offers opposing perspectives on nine controversial issues: abortion, euthanasia, world hunger, terrorism, pornography, affirmative action, animal rights, the environment, and capital punishment. Exploring Ethics features selections from Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Kant, Mill, Nietzsche, Thomas Nagel, James Rachels, John Rawls, Tom Regan, Peter Singer, Susan Wolf, and many others. Each reading is preceded by a detailed introduction and followed by study questions that encourage students to think philosophically. Ideal for courses in introduction to ethics or contemporary moral problems, this unique anthology can be used independently or as a companion to a single-authored text. An Instructor's Manual and Companion Website accompany the text. The instructor's materials include a testbank, key terms with definitions, reading summaries, and PowerPoint lectur

The Elements of Moral Philosophy

James Rachels - 2003
    To illustrate the various theories, and to reveal their implications, important current issues such as abortion, euthanasia, the treatment of nonhuman animals, racial discrimination, and nuclear weapons are discussed in depth.

The Official Guide to the GRE General Test

Educational Testing Service - 2016
    It's packed with everything you need to do your best on the test--and move toward your graduate or business school degree.Only ETS can show you exactly what to expect on the test, tell you precisely how the test is scored, and give you hundreds of authentic test questions for practice! That makes this guide your most reliable and accurate source for everything you need to know about the GRE revised General Test.No other guide to the GRE General Test gives you all this: - Four complete, real tests--two in the book and two on CD-ROM - Hundreds of authentic test questions--so you can study with the real thing - In-depth descriptions of the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures plus valuable tips for answering each question type- Quantitative Reasoning problem-solving steps and strategies to help you get your best score - Detailed overview of the two types of Analytical Writing essay tasks including scored sample responses and actual raters' comments Everything you need to know about the test, straight from the test makers!