Screw Work, Let's Play: How to Do What You Love and Get Paid for It

John Williams - 2010
    With the right guidance, it's now possible for anyone to make a living from doing the things they love.Written by a career maverick who escaped corporate life, "Screw Work Let's Play" is your blueprint to create a work-life full of fun, freedom and creativity; something more like play than work.Packed full of stories from people who turned their passion into their living - or even a million pound business - you'll discover""10 secrets to transform your working life, starting "today."Discover life-changing ideas and practical plans including:- How to win your first "playcheque" - without quitting your current job- How to beat the doubts and internal blocks that hold you back- How you can play and get rich - even in a recessionWhether you want to start a business, create an ideal job, write a book, or change the world, there's no need to suffer unfulfilling work any more.Ready to play?"Unlock exclusive extras at"Join the Play Revolution

The Gamification Revolution: How Leaders Leverage Game Mechanics to Crush the Competition

Gabe Zichermann - 2013
    The book illustrates the importance and inevitability of gamification and walks readers through the process of using game mechanics and concepts to motivate staff, engage customers, and ignite business growth in ways previously impossible.Gabe Zichermann is CEO of Gamification Co and Dopamine and is considered one of the world's foremost experts on using game thinking and game mechanics to engage customers and employees. Joselin Linder coauthored the acclaimed Game-Based Marketing with Gabe Zichermann. Her work has appeared on NPR's "This American Life," AOL, and

The Unified Modeling Language User Guide

Grady Booch - 1998
    Starting with a conceptual model of the UML, the book progressively applies the UML to a series of increasingly complex modeling problems across a variety of application domains. This example-driven approach helps readers quickly understand and apply the UML. For more advanced developers, the book includes a learning track focused on applying the UML to advanced modeling problems. With The Unified Modeling Language User Guide, readers will: *understand what the UML is, what it is not, and why it is relevant to the development of software-intensive systems *master the vocabulary, rules, and idioms of the UML in order to speak the language effectively *learn how to apply the UML to a number of common modeling problems *see illustrations of the UMLs use interspersed with use cases for specific UML features *gain insight into the UML from the original creators of the UML

Coach to Coach: An Empowering Story about How to Be a Great Leader

Martin Rooney - 2020
    Most likely, some were good, others not so good. Maybe one or two were great. One thing is undeniable: Coaches can influence your life in ways that can be negative or positive. A coach can either build you up or tear you down. The world needs better coaches in all walks of life--if you're a parent, a teacher, a co-worker, or a leader, you are also a coach. Which kind of coach do you want to be? Coach to Coach helps you answer this question and shares the secrets to bringing out the best in a person, both on and off the field.For more than twenty years, author Martin Rooney hascoached professional sport stars, Olympic champions, and business leaders to high levels of performance, analyzing thousands of real-life examples of what works and what doesn't. Reading like a simple parable, this engaging book gives you an easy-to-use yet highly effective formula for becoming a better coach for your teams, in your business, and in your personal life. Packed with valuable insights and expert advice, this appealing book helps you:Learn how to be a great leader by being a great coach Create positive lives for your children and the people you work with Inspire and motivate the people around you Turn your natural skills and talents into your own unique coaching style Use proven, time-tested coaching strategies to get results Coach to Coach: An Empowering Story About How to Be a Great Leader is an ideal book for coaches, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, educators, parents, and anyone wanting to bring out the best in those around them.

101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner

Jason Fitzgerald - 2012
    This isn't just another running book.101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner boils down the best training advice from the worlds of coaching and science to give you actionable strategies to become stronger, faster, and more resilient.It's divided into five main sections:- Workouts, Races, and Performance (like why you need randomness and heavy weights)- Running Gear (what's essential - and what's crap)- The Runner's Diet (small tweaks you can make today to get more from your food)- Recovery and Injury Prevention (how fast could you be if you rarely or never got hurt?)- Motivation and Random Training Tips (how most runners run longer in their races - and more)And that's just a glimpse of all 100+ lessons you'll learn (in less than 2 minutes each).Written by Jason Fitzgreald, a 2:39 marathoner and the creator of, 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner is a practical, actionable guide to helping you reach your running goals. If you want to run a fast 5k, finish your first marathon, or just lose weight and stay in shape - this book is for you.You don't need the most expensive running gear or better genetics. You need simple training tweaks that give you "small wins" to keep you motivated.That's exactly what this book delivers.

The Customer Success Professional's Handbook: How to Thrive in One of the World's Fastest Growing Careers—While Driving Growth For Your Company

Ashvin Vaidyanathan - 2020
    As the subscription model has spread from the cloud and SaaS to more sectors of the economy, that pivotal role will only grow in importance. That’s because if you want to compete and thrive in this new environment, you need to put the customer at the center of your strategy. You need to recognize you’re no longer selling just a product. You’re selling an outcome. Customer Success Managers (CSM) are committed to capturing and delivering those outcomes by listening to their customers, understanding their needs, and adapting products and services to drive success. Although several existing resources address the customer success imperative, there is no authoritative instruction manual for the CSM profession—until now. The Customer Success Professional’s Handbook is the definitive reference book for CSMs and similar roles in the field. This practical, first-of-its-kind manual fills a significant gap in professional customer success literature, providing the knowledge every CSM needs to succeed—from the practitioner level all the way to senior leadership. The authors—acknowledged experts in building, training, and managing Customer Success teams—offer real-world guidance and practical advice for aspiring and experienced CSMs alike. The handbook is written by practioners for practioners. An indispensable resource for front-line Customer Success Managers, this much-needed book: Demonstrates how to build, implement, and manage a Customer Success team Helps new CSMs develop their skills and proficiency to be more employable and grow in their careers Provides clear guidance for managers on how to hire a stellar CSM Presents practical tactics needed to drive revenue growth during renewal, expansion, and customer advocacy opportunities Explains proven methods and strategies for mentoring CSMs throughout their careers Offers valuable insights from Gainsight, the Customer Success Company, and the broader customer success community with more than a dozen of the industry’s most respected leaders contributing their perspectives  Currently, with over 70,000 open positions, Customer Success Manager in one of the fastest-growing jobs in the world. The Customer Success Professional’s Handbook: How to Thrive in One of the World's Fastest Growing Careers—While Driving Growth For Your Company will prove to be your go-to manual throughout every stage of your CSM career.

The Burnout Fix: Overcome Overwhelm, Beat Busy, and Sustain Success in the New World of Work

Jacinta M. Jiménez - 2021
    Jacinta M. Jiménez shows you how to harness science-backed resilience strategies to survive, and thrive, in today’s “always on, always connected” world—where a reported 60% of employees report being stressed out all or most of the time at work.Packed with compelling, real-world stories from years of coaching and the latest research in positive, social, and motivational psychology, The Burnout Fix shows how neglecting to nurture your personal pulse can undermine all your efforts at working harder and “smarter.” You’ll learn how integrate healthy personal “PULSE” practices into all aspects of your life, from pacing for performance and leveraging leisure time to securing a support system and evaluating how to regain control of your time and priorities.Whether you are an individual who wishes to build out a set of lasting resilience capabilities, a leader dedicated to keeping your team or organization engaged and flourishing, The Burnout Fix will reshape the way you think about success while giving you—and your people—the tools and strategies you need to thrive.

How to Be Good at Performance Appraisals: Simple, Effective, Done Right

Dick Grote - 2011
    One of a manager's toughest--and most important--responsibilities is to evaluate an employee's performance, providing honest feedback and clarifying what they've done well and where they need to improve. In How to Be Good at Performance Appraisals, Dick Grote provides a concise, hands-on guide to succeeding at every step of the performance appraisal process--no matter what performance management system your organization uses. Through step-by-step instructions, examples, do-and-don't bullet lists, sample dialogues, and suggested scripts, he shows you how to handle every appraisal activity from setting goals and defining job responsibilities to evaluating performance quality and discussing the performance evaluation face-to-face. Based on decades of experience guiding managers through their biggest challenges, Grote helps answer the questions he hears most often: -How do I set goals effectively? How many goals should someone set?-How do I evaluate a person's behaviors? Which counts more, behaviors or results? -How do I determine the right performance appraisal rating? How do I explain my rating to a skeptical employee?-How do I tell someone she's not meeting my expectations? How do I deliver bad news? Grote also explains how to tackle other thorny performance management tasks, including determining compensation and terminating poor performers. In accessible and useful language, How to Be Good at Performance Appraisals will help you handle performance appraisals confidently and successfully, no matter the size or culture of your organization. It's the one book you need to excel at this daunting yet critical task.

Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Maintainable, High-Performing Web Application User Interfaces Using the React JavaScript Library

Kirupa Chinnathambi - 2016

The Youtube Formula: How Anyone Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue

Derral Eves - 2021
    In The YouTube Formula: How Anyone Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue, the owner of the largest YouTube how-to channel provides the secrets to getting the results that every YouTube creator and strategist wants. Eves will reveal what readers can't get anywhere else: the inner workings of the YouTube algorithm that's responsible for determining success on the platform, and how creators can use it to their advantage.Full of actionable advice and concrete strategies, this book teaches readers how to:Launch a channel Create life-changing content Drive rapid view and subscriber growth Build a brand and increase engagement Improve searchability Monetize content and audience Replete with case studies and information from successful YouTube creators, The YouTube Formula is perfect for any creator, entrepreneur, social media strategist, and brand manager who hopes to see real commercial results from their work on the platform.

Hundred Percenters: Challenge Your Employees to Give It Their All, and They'll Give You Even More

Mark Murphy - 2009
    Managers will learn to recognize their leadership style and understand how they, too, can become Hundred Percenters." Laura Christiansen, Vice President Human Resources, VTech Communications, Inc."Heavily-researched and loaded with tools and examples, this book shows you how to challenge your employees to achieve the kind of extraordinary results and innovations that every CEO dreams about. Every leader needs to read this book!"Ned Fitch, CEO, Kalahari Tea"Murphy finds that most workplaces are brimming with untapped talent. Only it's suppressed by goal-setting that discourages big ideas and leaders who focus on happiness rather than greatness.""Training Magazine"We've all heard the saying that a happy employee is a motivated employee. But what if that's not true?Leadership IQ CEO Mark Murphy says the "happy employee" philosophy doesn't work. A study of more than 500,000 leaders and employees shows that despite the billions of dollars organizations spend to satisfy and engage workers, 72% of employees admit they're still not giving their best effort at work. Rather, it's leaders who focus on making their people great--not happy--who inspire Hundred Percenter performance.If you talk to the employees behind today's great innovations, you're unlikely to hear, "I was inspired by a boss who coddles me." Instead you'd probably hear, "My boss challenges me and pushes me past my limits." Most workplaces are brimming with untapped talent-- only it's suppressed by leaders who fail to connect with and challenge employees to unleash their true potential.Here are just a few of the big ideas in "Hundred Percenters" The harder the goals you set, the better your employees will perform You should never use a Compliment Sandwich to deliver feedback Talented Terrors--people with great skills and a bad attitude--can destroy your company culture Before you can start motivating Hundred Percenters, you have to stop demotivating them You should never ask your employees if they're "satisfied"This groundbreaking book debunks management fads that don't apply to today's workplace and provides the facts, theories, and direction you need to become a 100% Leader. Apply Murphy's leadership lessons and you'll see innovation, productivity, and profits soar, while employee turnover rates plummet. "Hundred Percenters" will bring out the best in your workforce.

Self Confidence: The Remarkable Truth of Why a Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

Paul McGee - 2010
    Not only does the book deal with confidence in business, romance, social situations, and all areas of life, it explodes common myths, including why 'over-confidence' and 'under-confidence' are both harmful. Loaded with practical tips on bouncing back from a setback and feeling confident in challenging situations, this inspiring, upbeat book will help fill you with life's X factor.Full of practical tips on feeling confident during job interviews, presentations, networking, and social gatheringsWritten by Paul McGee, bestselling author of "S.U.M.O. (Shut Up, Move On)" and "S.U.M.O. Your Relationships"With this indispensable guide, you'll not only learn how to feel confident, but turn confidence into meaningful life-changing action.

The Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference

Terence Parr - 2012
    Whether it's a data format like JSON, a network protocol like SMTP, a server configuration file for Apache, a PostScript/PDF file, or a simple spreadsheet macro language--ANTLR v4 and this book will demystify the process. ANTLR v4 has been rewritten from scratch to make it easier than ever to build parsers and the language applications built on top. This completely rewritten new edition of the bestselling Definitive ANTLR Reference shows you how to take advantage of these new features. Build your own languages with ANTLR v4, using ANTLR's new advanced parsing technology. In this book, you'll learn how ANTLR automatically builds a data structure representing the input (parse tree) and generates code that can walk the tree (visitor). You can use that combination to implement data readers, language interpreters, and translators. You'll start by learning how to identify grammar patterns in language reference manuals and then slowly start building increasingly complex grammars. Next, you'll build applications based upon those grammars by walking the automatically generated parse trees. Then you'll tackle some nasty language problems by parsing files containing more than one language (such as XML, Java, and Javadoc). You'll also see how to take absolute control over parsing by embedding Java actions into the grammar. You'll learn directly from well-known parsing expert Terence Parr, the ANTLR creator and project lead. You'll master ANTLR grammar construction and learn how to build language tools using the built-in parse tree visitor mechanism. The book teaches using real-world examples and shows you how to use ANTLR to build such things as a data file reader, a JSON to XML translator, an R parser, and a Java class->interface extractor. This book is your ticket to becoming a parsing guru!What You Need: ANTLR 4.0 and above. Java development tools. Ant build system optional (needed for building ANTLR from source)

Manual of Style for Technical Publications

Microsoft Corporation - 1995
    A guide for creating manuals, online help, and Web publications showing correct grammar, punctuation, and common misspellings of computer topics and terms.

The NFT Handbook: How to Create, Sell and Buy Non-Fungible Tokens

Matt Fortnow - 2021
    Learn exactly what NFTs are, how they evolved, and why they have value.We'll delve into the different types and aspects of NFTs and discuss the different NFT marketplaces and the pros and cons of each.Create Your Own NFTs Step by step instructions on all aspects of NFT creation, including what types of content to use, where to source content, adding artistic design, writing the NFT's description, adding optional unlockable content and setting an optional ongoing royalty.Mint Your NFTs You'll learn the process of how to get your NFTs on the blockchain.Sell Your NFTs We'll go through the whole process including creating a collection, and the different options such as setting a price or starting an auction.Buy NFTs What you'll need to bid on and purchase NFTs, and how to avoid getting scammed. You'll also get a primer on blockchain, particularly the Ethereum cryptocurrency and "gas" fees. You'll also be shown step by step how to create, secure and fund your own cryptocurrency wallet, where you'll store your NFTs and cryptocurrency. Whether you're experienced with the blockchain and crypto or a complete noob (beginner), The NFT Handbook will guide you in the process of creating, minting, selling and buying NFTs.