Connect: The Secret LinkedIn Playbook To Generate Leads, Build Relationships, And Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Josh Turner - 2015
    We go to networking events, meet associates for coffee, or maybe even email prospective clients, but it’s never quite enough. The challenge that faces us, and the problem with these activities, is that they don’t scale. The number of people you need to need to meet in order to advance your business, build your influence, and fill the top of your sales funnel is simply too many to handle. This book contains the solution. In Connect, Josh Turner lays out a step-by-step process to meet and connect with the people that matter to your business at scale. The techniques contained in these pages will teach you to use new tools and marketing channels to build relationships without being confined by time.

Taming Tigers: Do things you never thought you could

Jim Lawless - 2008
    It is the thing that snarls at us when we think about making a change in our lives and stops us developing and achieving our potential. In Taming Tigers Jim Lawless shares his proven and inspirational training programme to help you achieve your dreams by taming the Tigers in your life.Now for the first time, you can learn how to use these highly practical rules to overcome your fears and do things you never thought you could - in both your professional and private life.1.Act boldly today - time is limited2.Re-write your rulebook - challenge it hourly3.Head in the direction of where you want to arrive, every day4.It's all in the mind5.The tools for Taming Tigers are all around you6.There is no safety in numbers7.Do something scary everyday8.Understand and control your time to create change9.Create disciplines - do the basics brilliantly10.Never, never give up!Read case studies from people who have changed their lives by following the rules, and hear about Jim's experience of grabbing his own Tiger by the tail, as he went from a thirty-six-year-old overweight non-riding consultant, to a fully-fledged jockey and UK freediving record holder in 12 months - proof that Taming Tigers works!

Lean Six SIGMA for Dummies

John A. Morgan - 2010
    Lean Six Sigma is the result of the combination of the two best-known improvement methods: Six Sigma (making work better, of higher quality) and Lean (making work faster, more efficient). Lean Six Sigma For Dummies outlines they key concepts in plain English, and shows you how to use the right tools, in the right place, and in the right way, not just in improvement and design projects, but also in your day-to-day activities. It shows you how to ensure the key principles and concepts of Lean Six Sigma become a natural part of how you do things so you can get the best out of your business and accomplish your goals better, faster and cheaper. About the author John Morgan has been a Director of Catalyst Consulting, Europe's leading provider of lean Six Sigma solutions for 10 years. Martin Brenig-Jones is also a Director at Catalyst Consulting. He is an expert in Quality and Change Management and has worked in the field for 16 years.

Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity

Stacey Hall - 2001
    In fact, these techniques seem both outdated and labor-intensive when compared to the Strategic Synchronicity process, which requires just five minutes of planning each day.Strategic Synchronicity is based on nine principles that are not new but are often neglected in today's business world. Among them are the ideas that businesses don't need to search for customers if they are "on purpose"; that collaboration, not competition, is required; and that businesses create their own "clients from hell".

Like She Owns the Place: Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence and Ignite Your Inner Magic

Cara Alwill Leyba - 2018
    The truth is that confidence isn't about living up to anyone's expectations--it's about affirming, every day, that you're an effing boss. It's not the result of being skinny, making a six figure salary, finding your dream partner, or drinking a green juice every day. It requires patience, dedication, forgiveness, bravery, and an incredible amount of self-compassion.You've probably read that "confidence is a choice," and while that's true, it's more accurate to say that confidence is a series of repeated choices to accept yourself. To choose pride over insecurity. And to fearlessly show up in the world as the truest expression of yourself.It took me a long time to overcome all the BS. It took me a longer time to develop a rock-solid sense of inner-peace and become intimate with my intuition. To achieve real confidence that lasted longer than a sugar rush.My goal with this book is to share with you how I have arrived here, how I've helped my clients arrive here, and hopefully save you years of pain, shame, and uncertainty. Because, girl, I know how rocky this road can be. I'm going to show you how to block out all the noise around you, and how to free yourself from the opinions and judgment of others. I'm going to teach you how to trust your gut, reclaim your life, and rock what you've got.I'm going to show you how to own the place.

The Elephant Catchers: Key Lessons for Breakthrough Growth

Subroto Bagchi - 2013
    Those who hunt Rabbits are rarely able to rope in Elephants. Many organizations, even those that may have a brilliant start, falter in their attempts to achieve transformational growth in their later phases. In The Elephant Catchers, Subroto Bagchi distils his years of on-the-ground learning to explore why this happens and what such organizations and their people must do to climb to the next level and beyond. Through a combination of engaging anecdotes from his experiences as co-founder and subsequently Chairman of Mindtree Ltd and insightful stories from our everyday world, Bagchi demonstrates a crucial point: Organizations with real ambition to get to the top need to embrace the idea of scale and then ensure that it systematically pervades every aspect of its functioning. In doing this, he leads you to evaluate: Is your organization's infrastructure designed to evolve and ultimately mimic the simultaneity of a living organism? Are you constantly nurturing and renewing your brand identity or letting it stagnate and decay? Does your sales force have as many hunters as it has farmers or is it dominated by a grizzly who just waits for the salmon to land in its mouth? In a fiercely competitive environment, are you really stepping 'out of the box' and learning from unusual sources? Are leaders in your organization truly building capacity or merely solving problems?Practical advice on real issues, from how to deal with consultants to the question of succession, words of caution on strategy traps and M&A's and invaluable insights into a whole range of growth-related issues - The Elephant Catchers has it all. Engaging, wise and thoroughly accessible, this book is a must-read for everyone in every organization seeking breakout success.

Coaching for Improved Work Performance

Ferdinand F. Fournies - 1978
    Such recent new trends as flextime, telecommting, 360-degree feedback, the flattening of hierarchies, and the increased use of temps and contract workers present tough new challenges for supervisors in every field. This timely, completely revised and updated edition of Ferdinand Fournies's classic management coaching bible shows you proven ways to get workers to perform at the highest level while eliminating the self-destructive kinds of behaviors that have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. In this book, you'll be taught specific face-to-face interventions you can use to enhance performance in every kind of workplace situation--from sales to creative brainstorming. There are also interventions uniquely suited to resolving problems ranging from low productivity to absenteeism to conflicts between individuals. You'll learn precisely what to say and do so that each person you supervise will want to give you his or her best work--even when that person was previously thought to be a problem employee. Packed with brand-new case studies from Fournies's latest research into the dynamics of the modern workplace, this classic guide takes all the guesswork out of becoming the kind of inspired, hands-on manager that every company today is looking for!

Ice Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation (MLM & Network Marketing Book 1)

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter - 2013
     How? By learning how to effectively introduce your business into a social conversation with an easy, rejection-free sequence of just a few words. Prospects want what you have to offer, but they are afraid of someone selling them. However, prospects love to buy and join. So why not use socially acceptable word sequences that compel any prospect to literally beg you for a presentation? This book contains several effective formulas with many examples of each formula that you can use or modify. Once we know how the formulas work, we can create unlimited Ice Breakers on-demand to use and pass on to our downline. Your distributors will no longer be afraid of prospecting; instead, they will love prospecting. It is much more fun when we are in control. Distributors want to work hard, but just don't know what to say. Their opening random remarks ruin their chances and they suffer bad experiences. That experience trains them to avoid prospecting. But with trained words and phrases, everything changes. Quick and positive results. Prospecting is fun again. Enjoy learning how to prospect negative people, positive people, relatives, co-workers, strangers, leads, cold prospects ... anyone, by using fun Ice Breakers that even the prospects enjoy. Spend the entire week giving presentations, instead of spending the entire week looking for someone to talk to. And never again will you have to hear one of your distributors complain, "I just don't have anyone to talk to." Ice Breakers are the best way to energize your MLM and network marketing business. Order your copy now!

Four Thousand Days: My Journey From Prison To Business Success

Duane Jackson - 2015
    After being arrested in the US in possession of 6,500 ecstasy tablets he served time in prison on both sides of the Atlantic.On his release he started a business with the help of the Prince's Trust. A business that he grew and sold four thousand days after his release from prison, making him a millionaire many times overRead his entertaining and inspiring story and realise that, no matter what your background, you too can chart your own course from adversity to success.

From Poop To Gold: The Marketing Magic of Harmon Brothers

Chris Jones - 2018
    You've laughed along with millions of others. And you've learned new euphemisms for poop, which can come in handy if you're ever apparated back to junior high. But who creates all these ads? Glad you asked. It's Harmon Brothers. Author Chris Jones pulls back the curtain and reveals the behind-the-scenesmagic including their innovative business model, one of the biggest secrets behind their success. With awards from AdAge, Unruly, ADWEEK, and a WEBBY for Best Writing, Harmon Brothers, and their revolutionary model, transform poop into gold, and can do the same for you and your company.

How not to Plan: 66 ways to screw it up

APG Ltd - 2018
    And thanks to Les Binet and Sarah Carter at Adam&eveDDB we now have just that. The original inspiration for the book was a set of articles that they wrote for Admap over 6 years. In these they set out to bust a lot of myths and nonsense that swirl around marketing and communications by using evidence-based approaches and interesting examples to make their points. We’ve been working with them to turn this treasure chest of wisdom into a practical guide. We’ve called it How Not To Plan in reference to its myth busting antecedents and in homage to an old but much loved set of essays published back in 1979 in an APG book called ’How to Plan Advertising’. The How Not to Plan of 2018 is a manageably sized handbook which leaves room for your scribbles and notes and can be read as a guide or used as a constant helpful reference point. It’s loosely based on the Planning Cycle and is grouped into themes that are important at different stages in the process, covering everything from how to set objectives, the 4 Ps, research and analysis, to briefing, creative work and media and effectiveness At the end of each chapter you’ll find a simple 2-minute check list for how to do it better, a short case study showing how it’s done brilliantly, a space for your notes and further reading for the intellectually gifted…

Let Go: Expanded Edition: How to Transform Moments of Panic into a Life of Profits and Purpose

Pat Flynn - 2017
     With eight new chapters, Flynn shares with readers the wisdom he’s learned during the years since he was let go from his architecture job during the height of the U.S. economic downturn. As told in the first edition of Let Go, Flynn used that set back to forge his own path and has gone on to become one of today's most beloved thought leaders in the areas of Internet business, online marketing, and lifestyle entrepreneurialism. Building upon the first edition of Let Go, this expanded edition continues Pat’s story with a comprehensive exploration of the act and art of “letting go” as an integral part of the growth we all seek as humans, as told through the lens of an eight-year online business journey—with its highs and lows to learn from and apply to your own journey. Let Go gives you a view into your potential future—to feel inspired about what’s possible, and also understand some of the struggles and challenges that might arise as you build your own business and create the life you want to live. You’ll discover how Pat was challenged by and learned to let go of the desire to say yes to everything, let go of the limiting belief that he could control all facets of his business, let go of the reluctance to embrace change, and so much more. If you share Pat's impulse to pursue your own path, but may not know what to let go or how to let go in order to achieve that, then you'll find value within the pages of Let Go. After all, we all must confront the same risky idea if we are to unlock our true potential: letting go.

Radical Careering: 100 Truths to Jumpstart Your Job, Your Career, and Your Life

Sally Hogshead - 2005
    Advertising and entrepreneurial rockstar Sally Hogshead reveals 100 Radical Truths for closing the gap between your current reality and your utmost potential, including: # 15: Aspire to be the dumbest person in the room # 31: You can be comfortable, or outstanding, but not both # 67: Mistakes are tuition # 96: Expressing your truest self is the ultimate competitive advantage # 100: Make your memoirs worth reading With groundbreaking research and startling new ideas for success, Radical Careering will become the indispensable owner’s manual to your future. Get ready to turbocharge your career with smarter goals, higher market value, and killer results. "Radical Careering is a jolt to the old way of thinking about careers; a handbook of new thinking that will help you survive, strive and thrive in the radically new world of work." --Jeff Taylor, founder and Chief Monster, “An innovative how-to-manual for anyone wanting to be more successful and satisfied in their career.” --Andy Spade, CEO and co-founder, Kate Spade “Take inventory of your strengths, identify your passions, then do everything in your power to carve your career toward them. Only then will you, and everyone else, see the best of you. Want to know how? Read this book.” -- Marcus Buckingham, author of The One Thing You Need to Know, and Now, Discover Your Strengths “Hogshead’s powerful strategies will teach you how to drive your own success, by having the fearlessness, daily courage, and curiosity to jump in the deep end and swim with real purpose.” --Lee Ann Daly, Executive VP of Marketing, ESPN “This book is so genius. It’s amazing to read on the page what I’ve always believed to be true. The ideas in this book will save your ass again and again. Drive is a radical careerist’s best friend.” --Liz Phair

Amazon Selling Blueprint - How to Find and Launch Your First Private-Label Product on Amazon in 90 Days or Less

Scott Voelker - 2015
    I'll gladly show you the exact steps I took to choose and launch my first private-label product. I generated over $118,000 in less than 6 months and have since increased my success almost 3-fold. In this book I'll explain in simple, easy-to-understand language: - How to find product ideas right before your eyes — if you know what to look for. - My secret 10 x 10 x 1 formula that can bring you $100 a day ($36,500/yr.) in pure profit. - The 5 phases of choosing & selling a product that is successful. - My personal recommendations for locating manufacturers and vendors that are easy to work with. - How "bootstrapping" can eventually turn you into a 6-figure earner. - Sneaky little tips I've learned that will save you time and help with supplier price negotiations. - My 2 favorite ways to launch your new product with unbelievable results. - 2 vital elements that significantly impact your rankings. (It's not your title and your search terms!) - My perfected 6-step plan for maintaining a steady flow of sales indefinitely. - The 9 pitfalls you must overcome to be successful. - The real-life case study of one Amazing Seller member who turned an initial $500 investment into $1,000 profit in about 60 days. BONUS: You'll get access to a special FREE online course I've created to help you take action and launch your first private-label product on Amazon. Ready to create your first profitable private-label product to sell on Amazon? Download this Kindle book now and let's get started!

The Art of Closing the Sale: The Key to Making More Money Faster in the World of Professional Selling

Brian Tracy - 2007
    Then he discovered a technique that worked. Business boomed. Tracy broke every sales record in his company and increased his income twenty-fold.Since that breakthrough many years ago, Tracy has meticulously studied and collected the best of the best in sales-closing techniques. Now, in The Art of Closing the Sale, he shares this wealth of knowledge that has already helped more than one million people maximize their sales results.No matter how eloquent or passionate a salesperson you may be, no matter how friendly your smile or likable your personality, if you can't close the sale, your efforts yield nothing.The Art of Closing the Sale teaches the learnable skills that anyone can use to transform the sales process into a consistent win. This book is an absolute must-read for every sales professional seeking to boost their career and create a future of success.