Quarantine Love

Mel Dau - 2020
    After all, she prefers the peace of her solidarity. She’s a nerd and would much rather spend her quarantine time reading a great book or playing video games.Oren Breland is a jack of all trades and an entrepreneur at its finest; the one thing he knows how to do is make some money. You want to know what’s not on his skill list? Interacting with women! After one relationship that ended badly, he’s sworn off love entirely. But you know what they say.... when you make plans, God laughs.After a heated exchange over toilet paper, Oren and Knansie have left horrible tastes in each other’s mouths. Having to fight fire with fire, neither one of them expect their spark to turn into something romantic but it does and it’s all the way lit!After the quarantine is over and everyone goes back to their normal lives, will Oren and Knansie still feel that fire for each other? Or is their flame going to fizzle forever?

America: A Narrative History

David E. Shi - 2016
    The leading narrative history that students love to read, now made more relevant and accessible.

Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional [With Online Access Code and DVD]

Donald P. Kauchak - 2001
    Three themes central to teaching today-- professionalism, diversity, and decision-making-- are woven through the text to give students deeper understanding of the teaching profession and to better prepare them for that profession. Two questions frame the text, "Do I want to be a teacher?" and "What kind of teacher do I want to become?." Case studies at the beginnings of chapters provide a frame of reference for understanding chapter content while numerous teaching vignettes throughout the chapters provide vivid examples that increase reader understanding and interest.

Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories

Jay Withgott - 2011
    Jay Withgott and new co-author Matt Laposata present the latest coverage of environmental science and introduce new FAQ sections to address common student misconceptions. Note: This is the standalone book if you want the book/access card order the ISBN below: 0321752546 / 9780321752543 Essential Environment: The Science behind the Stories Plus MasteringEnvironmentalScience with eText -- Access Card Package Package consists of: 0321752902 / 9780321752901 Essential Environment: The Science behind the Stories 0321754077 / 9780321754073 MasteringEnvironmentalScience with Pearson eText -- Valuepack Access Card -- Essential Environment: The Science behind the Stories (ME component) "

Staffing Organizations

Herbert G. Heneman III - 1994
    This work contains components of the model, which include staffing models and strategy, staffing support systems (legal compliance, planning, job analysis and rewards), core staffing systems (recruitment, selection, employment), and staffing system and retention management.

Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College

Sally P. Springer - 2005
    From building a college list, to understanding standardized tests, to obtaining financial aid, to crafting personal statements, to making a final decision, this book guides you every step of the way with clear, sensible advice and practical tips. This new fourth edition has been completely updated to reflect the latest changes in college admissions. including new developments in standardized testing, applications, financial aid and more. Questionnaires, interactive forms, checklists, and other tools help you stay focused and organized throughout the process.. With the answers you need and a down-to-earth perspective, this book provides an invaluable resource for stressed-out students and parents everywhere. Applying to college can be competitive and complex. Admission Matters offers real-world expert advice for all students, whether you're aiming an Ivy or the state school close to home. It also includes much needed guidance for students with special circumstances, including students with disabilities, international students, and transfer students. In addition, athletes, artists and performers, and homeschoolers will find valuable guidance as they plan for and apply to college. Understand how the admissions process works and what you can and cannot control Learn how to build a strong list of good-fit colleges Craft a strong application package with a compelling personal statement Get expert advice on early admissions, financial aid, standardized testing, and much more Make a final decision that is the right one for you Whether you think you've got applying to college under control or don't even know where to begin, Admission Matters is your expert guide throughout the college admissions process.

Managerial Economics: A Problem Solving Approach

Luke M. Froeb - 2007
    Froeb/McCann's MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS: A PROBLEM SOLVING APPROACH, 2E covers traditional material using a problem-based pedagogy built around common business mistakes. Models are used sparingly, and then only to the extent that they help students figure out why mistakes are made, and how to fix them. This edition's succinct, fast-paced presentation and challenging, interactive applications place students in the role of a decision maker who has to identify mistakes that reduce profits, and propose solutions to bring profits back up. The lively book provides an excellent ongoing reference for students pursuing business careers. New chapters and updates highlight mistakes that precipitated the financial crisis. With MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS, 2E your students are taught to use economics to not only identify profitable decisions, but also how to implement them within an organization.

Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies

Charles R. Goeldner - 1984
    Anyone involved in the work or study of today's tourism industry must consider all these factors together and their effect on it.This updated and revised Eleventh Edition of Tourism presents a comprehensive introduction to travel and tourism, while continuing the tested approach of successful previous editions. New and revised coverage, integrating the latest developments in the tourism industry, includes:Profiles of such industry leaders as J. W. Marriott, Jr, of Marriott International, Inc., James Rasulo of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Francesco Frangialli, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization Lively and fun "Global Insights" look at emerging areas of importance in tourism Demographic trends, such as how the many new travelers from BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) recreate and seek culture New information on transportation options, including high-speed rail and river cruises New consideration of the use of the Internet, particularly Web 2.0 (podcasting, social networks, and blogs), in tourism research, marketing, and promotion Updates on passport, visa, and governmental policies Expanded treatment of crisis management Moving easily between theory and practice, Tourism, Eleventh Edition offers an unparalleled discussion of recreational travel today, and is suitable both as a lively learning tool for students and a reliable go-to reference for tourism professionals.

Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System

Leiyu Shi - 2004
    Health System, This Condensed Distillation Of The Important Topics Covered In Delivering Health Care In America Is The Perfect Resource For Courses In Health Policy, Allied Health, Health Administration And More. It Clarifies The Complexities Of Health Care Organization And Finance And Presents A Solid Overview Of How The Various Components Fit Together. The Second Edition Of Essentials Of The US Health Care System Has Been Updated To Include New Data, Charts, Tables And Accompanying Information Throughout The Book. Use As A Stand-Alone Text, Or A Supplement In Various Courses. New Content Includes: Medicare, Medicaid And SCHIP. Ongoing Evolution In U.S. Health Care As A Result Of Corporatization And Globalization. The Role Of Hospitalists. Updated Content On Parts C And D Of Medicare. Including Information On High-Deductible Health Plans/Health Savings Accounts As An Insurance Option. Updated Content On Primary Care And Community Oriented Health Care Development Current Development On Hospital Extensions To The Community. Current Development On Nano Technology. Current Health Policy Issues. Current Discussion On Healthcare Reforms, Including Future Challenges Posed By The Increased Need For Long-Term Care. New Third Edition Now Available!

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

@SororityProblem - 2011
    #congrats' - Twitter User'DO NOT READ THIS BOOK, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME' - Your ParentsFrom the author of the popular Twitter feed @SororityProblem comes a new novel about hard-partying 21st century girl Alexa Black and the epic disaster that ensues when her mother forces her to clean up her act and join a prim-and-proper sorority. Alexa tries to land in this strange new world on her feet, but from suffering an embarrassing accident while trying to make a love connection at a Britney Spears concert to being wrongly arrested for public indecency at a Chili's, she soon realizes that nothing can make her fall on her face faster than her own good intentions.

Love (Try) Angle

Manali Desai - 2021
    She befriends the charming Viren, who helps her find her footing in Mumbai. Though she is slowly adjusting to her new life, what Ayesha is most excited about is pursuing B.A. (Hons.) Political Science from a reputed college. Things don’t go as smoothly as she had thought though. Because Abhi, her senior, seems hell-bent on making her life on the campus difficult from day one. Just when things seem settled, Viren joins the college as an Ad-Hoc lecturer. Is there more to Ayesha’s friendship with Viren, and her frenemity with Abhi? It seems there’s a love triangle blooming around the corner or will it be a Love (Try) Angle? Because Ayesha is not sure if it’s love at all.

Mathematics In The Modern World: Readings From Scientific American

Morris Kline - 1968

Teachers, Schools, and Society

Myra Pollack Sadker - 1991
    It provides in-depth commentary on educational history, philosophy, and governance, while giving special attention to current critical topics such as the changing federal role in educational finance.

Essentials of Physical Anthropology

Clark Spencer Larsen - 2009
    Essentials of Physical Anthropology, Third Edition, is rich with stunning and photorealistic art, thoughtful pedagogy, innovative media, and up-to-date, student-centered content that illuminate physical anthropology's most important themes.

Rapture (A Been So Long Prequel)

Adrienne Thompson - 2013
    Learn how the drama all began in this prequel to the wildly popular novel, Been So Long.Mona-Lisa followed her boyfriend, Corey, to college with dreams of building a stable future with him and leaving her troubled past behind, but a chance meeting with a handsome stranger threatens to derail their relationship and send her right down a path she has tried to avoid.