The Pirates of Panama or, The Buccaneers of America; a True Account of the Famous Adventures and Daring Deeds of Sir Henry Morgan and Other Notorious Freebooters of the Spanish Main

Alexandre Olivier Exquemelin - 1681
    It immediately became very popular and this first handhistory of the Buccaneers of America was soon translated into theprincipal European languages. The first English edition was printed in1684.Of the author, John Esquemeling, very little is known although it isgenerally conceded that he was in all probability a Fleming orHollander, a quite natural supposition as his first works were writtenin the Dutch language. He came to the island of Tortuga, theheadquarters of the Buccaneers, in 1666 in the employ of the French WestIndia Company. Several years later this same company, owing tounsuccessful business arrangements, recalled their representatives toFrance and gave their officers orders to sell the company's land and allits servants. Esquemeling then a servant of the company was sold to astern master by whom he was treated with great cruelty. Owing to hardwork, poor food and exposure he became dangerously ill, and his masterseeing his weak condition and fearing to lose the money Esquemeling hadcost him resold him to a surgeon. This new master treated him kindly sothat Esquemeling's health was speedily restored, and after one year'sservice he was set at liberty upon a promise to pay his benefactor, thesurgeon, 100 pieces of eight at such a time as he found himself infunds.Once more a free man he determined to join the pirates and was receivedinto their society and remained with them until 1672. Esquemeling servedthe Buccaneers in the capacity of barber-surgeon, and was present at alltheir exploits. Little did he suspect that his first hand observationswould some day be cherished as the only authentic and true history ofthe Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main.From time to time new editions of this work have been published, but inmany cases much new material, not always authentic, has been added andthe result has been to mar the original narrative as set forth byEsquemeling. In arranging this edition, the original English text onlyhas been used, and but few changes made by cutting out the long andtedious description of plant and animal life of the West Indies of whichEsquemeling had only a smattering of truth. But, the history of CaptainMorgan and his fellow buccaneers is here printed almost identical withthe original English translation, and we believe it is the first timethis history has been published in a suitable form for the juvenilereader with no loss of interest to the adult.The world wide attention at this time in the Isthmus of Panama and thegreat canal connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean lends to thisnarrative an additional stimulus. Here are set forth the deeds of daringof the wild freebooters in crossing the isthmus to attack the cities,Puerto Bellow and Panama. The sacking and burning of these placesaccompanied by pillage, fire, and treasure seeking both on land and onsea form exciting reading. _The Buccaneers and Marooners of America_well deserves a place on the book shelf with those old world-widefavorites _Robinson Crusoe_ and the _Swiss Family Robinson_.

Blood-Curdling Box

Terry Deary - 2008
    It contains 20 books, including 'Rotten Romans', 'Terrible Tudors' and 'Awesome Egyptians'.

The Arts Good Study Guide

Ellie Chambers - 1997

Insurgent Cuba: Race, Nation, and Revolution, 1868-1898

Ada Ferrer - 1999
    This book tells the story of the thirty-year unfolding and undoing of that movement. Ada Ferrer examines the participation of black and mulatto Cubans in nationalist insurgency from 1868, when a slaveholder began the revolution by freeing his slaves, until the intervention of racially segregated American forces in 1898. In so doing, she uncovers the struggles over the boundaries of citizenship and nationality that their participation brought to the fore, and she shows that even as black participation helped sustain the movement ideologically and militarily, it simultaneously prompted accusations of race war and fed the forces of counterinsurgency.Carefully examining the tensions between racism and antiracism contained within Cuban nationalism, Ferrer paints a dynamic portrait of a movement built upon the coexistence of an ideology of racial fraternity and the persistence of presumptions of hierarchy.

The Beautiful Tree: Indigenous Indian Education in the Eighteenth Century

Dharampal - 1983
    Convinced about the urgent need for an objective understanding about India’s past, before the onslaught of colonial rule, he decided to embark on an exploration of British-Indian archival material, based on documents emanating from commissioned surveys of the East India Company, lodged in various depositories spread over the British Isles. His pioneering historical research, conducted intensively over a decade, led to the publication of works that have since become classics in the field of Indian studies. This major work entitled "The Beautiful Tree" provides evidence from extensive early British administrators’ reports of the widespread prevalence of educational institutions in the Bengal and Madras Presidencies as well as in the Punjab, teaching a sophisticated curriculum, with daily school attendance by about 30% of children aged 6–15, where those belonging to communities who were classed as Shudras or even lower constituted a good number of students, and in some areas, for instance in Kerala, where Muslim girls were quite well represented.

The Decoration of Houses

Edith Wharton - 2007
    Written in collaboration with celebrated American architect Ogden Codman, Jr., Wharton's first book is a comprehensive look at the history and character of turn-of-the-century interior design, moving from historical traditions to the distinctive styles of contemporary taste. Published in association with the Mount Press, this beautiful hardcover facsimile is carefully reproduced from the first edition published in 1897 and includes all 56 original plates-illustrating furniture, moldings, and interior styles of the 19th-century-and features décollage edges as well as a new introduction from renowned scholar Richard Guy Wilson. The Mount is a magnificent estate Edith Wharton designed and built in 1902 as a writer's retreat in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts.

The Grammar of Ornament

Owen Jones - 1856
    First published in 1856, The Grammar of Ornament remains a design classic. Its inspiration came from the pioneering architect and designer Owen Jones. His observations of decorative art on his extensive travels in Europe and the Near East were employed to improve the poor quality of Western design. His goal was to change the Victorian habit of mixing elements from a wide variety of sources and applying this mix indiscriminately to buildings, graphic design, and products. His resulting study is a comprehensive analysis of a remarkable collection of styles of ornamental design -- from Ancient Egypt and Greece to Imperial China and Renaissance Italy. With its sumptuous illustrations, its detailed survey of individual cultures, and its manifesto of "General Principles," it offered guidance to the designers of the future. In this new edition the designs are further illuminated by Iain Zaczek's perceptive commentaries. Hugely influential since its first publication, The Grammar of Ornament inspired great figures such as William Morris and Frank Lloyd Wright. Contemporary designers, entertained by the archaic charm of Jones's descriptions, are struck by the book's enduring relevance and its soundness regarding the essential principles of good design.

Robin Williams Design Workshop

Robin P. Williams - 2000
    Included are lessons on how to work with colour, photos, and clip art. Focusing on specific projects, it is for courses in Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, and Web Graphics.

The Theft of History

Jack Goody - 2002
    Goody also examines the consequent 'theft' by the West of the achievements of other cultures in the invention of (notably) democracy, capitalism, individualism, and love. The Theft of History discusses a number of theorists in detail, including Marx, Weber and Norbert Elias, and engages with critical admiration western historians like Fernand Braudel, Moses Finlay and Perry Anderson. Major questions of method are raised, and Goody proposes a new comparative methodology for cross-cultural analysis, one that gives a much more sophisticated basis for assessing divergent historical outcomes, and replaces outmoded simple differences between East and West. The Theft of History will be read by an unusually wide audience of historians, anthropologists and social theorists.

Prostitution and Victorian Society: Women, Class, and the State

Judith R. Walkowitz - 1980
    Prostitution and Victorian Society makes a major contribution to women's history, working-class history, and the social history of medicine and politics. It demonstrates how feminists and others mobilized over sexual questions, how public discourse on prostitution redefined sexuality in the late nineteenth century, and how the state helped to recast definitions of social deviance.

Our Parliament

Subhash C. Kashyap - 1999
    It seeks to briefly narrate the story of how our Parliament came to its present form, what it is, what it does, why it is needed, how it is constituted and how it functions. In fact, it covers the entire gamut of facts pertaining to the Indian Parliament. The concluding chapter is a resume of the working of Parliament during the last half-a-century and more.

China: Its History and Culture

W. Scott Morton - 1980
    This will set a new standard for short general histories of China. "" Michael Gasster, professor emeritus of history at Rutgers University"Newly updated and revised, China: Its History and Culture, Fourth Edition, incorporates the crucial social and economic changes that have taken place in China over the last decade. Through rich detail and engaging illustrations, the book traces China s history from Neolithic times to the present day."

AA100 The Arts Past and Present - Reputations (Book 1)

Elaine Moohan - 2008

Anglo Saxon Britain

Grant Allen - 1884
    You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

That's the Joint!: The Hip-Hop Studies Reader

Murray Forman - 2003
    Spanning nearly 25 years of scholarship, criticism, and journalism, this unprecedented anthology showcases the evolution and continuing influence of one of the most creative and contested elements of global popular culture since its advent in the late 1970s. That's the Joint presents the most important hip-hop scholarship in one comprehensive volume, addressing hip-hop as both a musical and a cultural practice. Think of it as "Hip-Hop 101."