Kitty's Deputy

Tonya VanWinkle - 2018
    On her own for the first time, will she find the place where she belongs? Being a bounty hunter was all Milo thought he could ever be. Baggage from his past keeps him from the one thing his heart desires; a family. Will Kitty and Milo find common ground? Will the law bring them together or will their pasts and fears keep them apart?

Mail Order Brides: Brides for Brothers Boxed Set

Emily Woods - 2016
    They quickly learn, however, that things aren’t quite as they seem. Can they overcome the unexpected and find love? A sweet western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods! Follow the stories of four women who seek to find love on a ranch with brothers who are all looking for something different. Along the way, they will face mistaken identity, deception, and even an unexpected baby. Can they overcome the obstacles and find love? Brides for Brothers is a clean western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods. If you like clean, historical fiction about women who risk everything for love as mail order brides, you will love the Western Brides Sweet Romance series from Emily Woods. Buy Brides for Brothers get lost in this sweet western romance today! Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

The Grateful Bride's Passion

Rowan Gracemill - 2020
    She has a pretty face and a sweet, grateful heart, and she's a wonder with small children. But when she nearly loses her nanny position at Pendleton Hall over a false accusation, she is sentenced to the laundry, where the endless, backbreaking work promises her no future. What were these false accusations? Can she prove her innocence?A fellow servant introduces Cassie to The Matrimonial Times. Cassie jumps at the idea of finding a husband and home of her own as a mail-order bride. Soon she is writing to Jake Everly, a Nebraska rancher, intrigued by his large extended family and small town lifestyle. Did she overreact, or did she make the right decision?When Jake proposes marriage, Cassie gratefully accepts. But while she waits for him to send the funds for her trip West, a tragic accident leaves her forever physically and emotionally scarred. What was the accident? Will Jake still want her as his wife after what happened to her?While Cassie is traveling to Nebraska, she meets a man named Zach Wright. He is going to Nebraska too, with his little nephew Samuel. When Cassie offers to help him with the toddler, Zach gratefully accepts, and watches in awe as the child instantly takes to her. Is this enough to make Zach fall in love with Cassie?Zach is prepared for life as a minister and carpenter in Nebraska, but he needs someone to help him care for his adopted little boy. Cassie longs for a family and a home, but wonders if anyone can love her now. What will happen with the arrangement between Jake and Cassie? Are love and happiness meant for Cassie, Zach, Jake, and Samuel?

Tinker's Belle & the Widow's Baby (Frontier Brides and Babies Book 1)

Terri Grace - 2020

The Coffin Maker

Christine Sterling - 2018
    Living under the overprotective and overbearing nature of her mother, Charlotte Daniels, made it easy to keep her distance from the townsfolk of Silverpines apart from a few close acquaintances. However, when Tess finds a man sleeping in her deceased father’s studio, it sets in motion a series of events that she is not prepared for. The town needs assistance burying the bodies from the aftermath of the double-earthquakes and the new stranger challenges Tess to assist her community. As she steps in to help, she realizes that there are many secrets her mother has been keeping from her, including the mystery of how her father died. Dawson Elliot was in Silverpines for one reason only: to find the man who murdered his wife and unborn child. Helping a small community get back on its feet wasn’t in his plans. But the weather had other ideas, so he decides to put some long-retired carpentry skills to use, building coffins to bury the dead. Working side by side with Tess will he find healing and love again? As Tess uncovers the secrets of her past, what will happen when she finds out the biggest secret of all? What is the secret Dawson is hiding? With every coffin he builds can he heal his heart and possibly open it to love again?

Orphaned, Betrayed & Cherished by Her Foreign Artist (Orphan Brides of Thornward #1)

Faye Sonja - 2016
    Men fight, gamble to earn money, and treat women as if they were property. But this sort of treatment is all Zelda has ever known.What happens when Zelda discovers that the man she has been sold to is a gambler, a sweet-talker, and that he is no better than the men she knew from the brothel?Zelda has a past that almost broke her.Growing up as an orphan on the streets, all she knows are two things: POVERTY and STRUGGLE!Forced to work in a brothel under the New Orleans gambling den manager Gus, Zelda has almost lost all hope of freedom.When all things seemed so hopeless, one day something good happened- she was set FREE. Well... things are not quite as simple as they seem.Charles seems kind, romantic, and gentle. But Zelda is not used to being treated well. She doesn't trust Charles, and vows to escape...Can Zelda learn to accept love? To believe that Charles could really find her beautiful?What will happen when Charles discovers the truth about Zelda's past? "Take the journey with Zelda and Charles as they begin to scratch surface, and with God's help, find love together..."

Fiona's Fresh Start: A Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book (Ladies of Celeste's House 1)

George H. McVey - 2018
    Now, with some domestic skills and education under her belt, she is ready to leave Creede, Colorado for a fresh start. When she is given the chance to go to Sanctuary, Montana to open a library for the town, she jumps on it with arms wide open. Before she leaves she is challenged to open her heart to the possibility of love and marriage in her new town. Agreeing to be open she leaves never dreaming any man would want a former soiled dove. Jake Lockwood made a vow eight years ago after his second attempt to marry a mail-order-bride ended in failure. He was done seeking a bride. He’d wait for destiny to bring the right woman to him. When he meets the lovely yet broken Fiona Chauncey he knows she’s meant for him. But when his brother seems to object and a bride from his past arrives to force him to wed it looks like his dreams may once again crash around him. Can a woman with a secret past and a rancher with melding outsiders really get an honest chance at love and marriage? Will Jake listen to those around him and loose Fiona? Can Fiona trust that Jake is a man of his word and that his love is true? She isn’t sure she can. All she knows is this is supposed to be Fiona’s Fresh Start.

The Widow's Christmas Wish (Mail Order Bride Christmas in the Country Book 1)

Emma Morgan - 2018
    And so she joins a wagon caravan, leaving behind the cold streets of Virginia to forge a new life as a mail order bride in California. The trail is long and dangerous, but with the help of Mr. Jackson, the caravan’s scout, they make their way through the western wilds. However, when her baby girl falls ill, Beth fears that once again she will lose someone she loves. Suddenly, Jackson becomes more than a scout. He is Beth’s only hope—and he has also made his way into her heart. A heart that is promised to another. But love will find us, wherever we are, and Christmas is a time for wishes to come true.

A Match for Collette

Lynn Donovan - 2021
    How can she fulfill this desire for a husband except to ask for the new matchmaker’s help? When her life is threatened, she learns the depth of the baker’s feelings for her.William Sandoval is a successful baker who could provide well for a wife, but protocol prevents him from fraternizing with the only females he encounters, his customers. Learning that Marianne Gordon is willing to help the local business owners with matchmaking gives him hope for finding a wife. To his surprise, the match Marianne identifies for him has been the very customer who had stirred his heart all along.Will these two find a way to get what they both want? Can love overpower doubts and confusion?

Western Fate: A Miners to Millionaires Story (Copper Kings Book 6)

Janelle Daniels - 2020

Finding a Family at Christmas

Emma Ashwood - 2019
     Rose couldn’t wait to meet her husband, only she didn’t realize that he had never wanted a wife. Tired of playing servant to her father, Rose Johnson decides to become a bride. She had been corresponding with William Dunn for the past six months and couldn’t wait to join him in Hope Creek to become his wife and mother to his twins. When she steps off the train in the strange frontier town, Rose realizes William Dunn isn’t who he proclaimed himself to be. Arriving on William’s ranch, Rose realizes the lies have been far flung.  In a hopeless situation, the only light in Rose’s life is the twins. She soon falls in love with them, knowing that she couldn’t leave no matter what the circumstances. When she happens upon an injured man late one winter’s night, her instinct is to cry out for help. But something in the stranger’s eyes settled her and she takes to caring for him in his time of need instead. Only a week before Christmas, Rose doesn’t have the heart to turn him out in the cold. Besides, time with him warms her heart. Who is the stranger in the barn? Which way will Rose turn? Does she follow her heart? Can she leave the children she has grown to love? Will Christmas become a magical moment for Rose?

The Irish Orphan Bride (Mail Order Brides of Missouri)

Susannah Calloway - 2020

Hanna The Helper (Twin Creek's Rain Ranch Romance Book 1)

Katie Wyatt - 2020

The Pastor's Replacement Bride

George H. McVey Sr. - 2016
    He slips his own letter into the packet before it is mailed out to the churches in Richmond, Philadelphia and Chicago seeking his own bride. When the stage arrives with the brides Joshua finds his didn’t make the trip. However, his heart has chosen another, his intended’s best friend. Can he help her overcome her guilt at stealing her friend's beau, or are they destined for heartache? Can he truly prove he loves her and make her The Pastor’s Replacement Bride? In Chicago, Hattie Long is about to end her indentured service as a cook's helper in one of the upscale brothels in Chi town. The gangster who owns the brothel informs her that when her service is up he will take her under his wing and show her how to please his customers and make her his star attraction. At the advice of her pastor's daughter with the same name as her tells her about a group of women going west to become mail order brides including herself. They arrange for her to join them. But on the day of departure Hattie’s friend is struck down with scarlet fever. When the brides arrive in Sanctuary her friend’s beau, Pastor Joshua Bryce, decides to court her to escape a forced marriage by the deacons. Soon trouble follows and Hattie has to escape her past. Can she finally find her happily ever after as the Pastor’s Replacement Bride?

Boulder Brides Box Set

Natalie Dean - 2018
     18 heartwarming mail-order bride stories that are full of fun, romance, adventure, and thought-provoking inspiration, AND stay true to the time period of the 1860’s and 70’s. Featured Series: Boulder Brides The Teacher’s Bride, Book 1 A strong-willed young bride attempts to make her way into a reluctant teacher’s heart. When she sees he’s not interested, she questions whether she should stay in Boulder, or make her way further west on the next wagon train out. Will he have a change of heart once he finds out she’s leaving? The Independent Bride, Book 2 Hannah's got a fierce independent streak, but that doesn't mean she's immune to love. She thinks Jeremy, a wealthy rancher, is everything she wants in a man... until she meets the brother of her best friend; a young and carefree missionary carpenter who has decided to settle in Boulder. Who will be charming enough to win Hannah’s heart? The wealthy rancher or the down to earth missionary carpenter? The Perfect Bride, Book 3 Though Lucy is a New York girl, she’s far from prim and proper. When she agrees to marry the son of a wealthy cattle rancher out west, her parents convince her she needs to become a more refined lady to win his heart. Zack’s friends tell him that ladies from New York prefer to marry proper men and if he wants to win her heart he needs to become a gentleman. How long can the two of them keep these charades up? And will they still feel the same about each other once their true passions are revealed? The Indian’s Bride, Book 4 Elsa’s fed up with a medical career that’s going nowhere, and no marriage prospects on the horizon. When the Women’s Society gets a letter from a missionary correspondence out west looking for a bride for an indigenous man, she surprisingly jumps at the opportunity. Elsa’s become inspired by a sense of missionary duty – and the chance to marry a Native man. BUT…challenges arise daily as Elsa tries desperately to understand her prospective Ute mate. She wants to get to know the community and it’s needs, but he has other ideas in mind. Will a bad mining accident help them realize they have more in common than they thought? The Civil War Bride, Book 5 Bethany journeyed out West to get away from the war-torn South. Now she faces more danger than she ever thought possible… When Bethany steps off the stagecoach in Boulder, instead of getting married right away, she decides to help out at an orphanage. Good thing she made other arrangements…now she’s got two handsome cowboy suitors visiting her at the shelter. Jason and Max. Not only is Bethany’s heart filled with compassion for the Ute babies in her care, she’s also falling head over hills in love with one of the cowboys. Will Bethany find the courage she needs to face the danger that lies ahead? And will she have a change of heart about fighting when it comes to protecting the ones she loves? Also included in this Mail Order Bride Compilation are the following short stories by Natalie Dean and Grace Weston: &lt