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The Woodcutter

R.O. Lane - 2021

Old Dogs

Ron Schwab - 2021
    Tending to the Lucky Five Ranch with Thor, Jack's 12-year-old dog, at their side was now a more appealing way to spend their remaining years than the decades of close calls they experienced.But a mysterious rider approaching the Lucky Five will change everything for Jack and Rudy, and their peaceful lives will be uprooted by the revelation of a long-kept secret that prompts one last quest for the "old dogs."Adventure abounds in Ron Schwab's latest Western novel that will leave you laughing, crying, and in suspense until the very end.

The Divide: Book Three of the Joe Beck Series

C.J. Petit - 2021

Okefenokee Rifles

R.O. Lane - 2021

The Photographer

C.J. Petit - 2021

The Saloon Lawyer

C.J. Petit - 2021
    Jim simply handed him a telegram then left the bigger office.After he closed the door, Morgan ignored his client and opened the envelope. The message was from the Kerr County sheriff.Sheriff J.R. Brown reported that Morgan’s older brother had been killed by one of the working girls in his saloon. Despite many witnesses to the shooting, the sheriff had yet to apprehend her.Morgan excused himself, then left the client to tell his clerk that he’d be going to Kerrville in the morning. When he arrived, he’d give them a lesson on the true meaning of justice.

Reunion (Joe Beck Book 2)

C.J. Petit - 2021

The Wrangling of the Wreath (Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers #10)

Liz Isaacson - 2021

The Blessing of Babies (Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers #8)

Liz Isaacson - 2021

The Comanche Kid

James Robert Daniels - 2021

The Blood Hounds: Western Box Set (Books 1 - 3)

Ron Schwab - 2021
    What Brady discovers puts his own life at risk, and he knows he can’t return home, so he heads for the hills to lie low while he plots his next move. Enter “the blood hounds,” Trace and Darby Crockett, former Pinkerton detectives, who are hired not only to investigate the disappearance of Brady Yates but also the murder of a local lawman. Are the two events related?

Snapp vs. Snapp: A Blood Hounds Novel (The Blood Hounds Book 4)

Ron Schwab - 2021

The Hunt For Piper Oberg

Duane Boehm - 2021


Greta Rose West - 2021
    He doesn’t have time for a woman, and he doesn’t trust them, not since his real mama left when he was a boy. But when Everlea Donovan falls into his life—literally—he can’t stop fantasizing about her.Wanting herBut Everlea’s hiding something, always looking over her shoulder, ready to run at any moment. She can’t risk putting Jack and his family in danger, but she’s never wanted anything—anyone—the way she wants him.When she starts feeling at home at Cade Ranch with its wide open meadows and breathtaking mountain views, she begins to let down her guard—to both her heart and her safety—and that’s just asking for trouble…The first book in the Cade Ranch series, BURNED is a steamy romance about learning to trust and letting love guide you home…

Love for a Brave Bride (Diamond Springs Orphanage Book 1)

Indiana Wake - 2021

Daisy Creek Brides: Books 1-4

Amelia Rose - 2021
    dive headfirst into the small town with an enormous heart.Daisy Creek is a small and simple town… but for four determined women, it’s the backdrop for romance and adventure.Follow Jill, Mary, Daphne, and Eloise as they fight for love in four captivating stories of passion.A glimmer of hope lights Jill’s path to Daisy Creek, where she meets widower and deputy Bill Paulson, and their love blossoms instantly.But sometimes reality is hell-bent on testing even the strongest bond, and their love is soon put to the ultimate test.Mary longs for a fresh start, but she’s soon met with the devastating news that sends all her plans into turmoil.Pastor John is a shining light in the darkness -- and a surprising twist in Mary’s story. A love story is about to unfurl… but it isn’t the one she expected, and she will have to deal with far more heartache before she can find happiness.Daphne’s hopes of a happy marriage are short-lived, and her husband-to-be skips town with another woman.Her runaway-groom’s brother, Parker, is Daphne’s rock, and she’s immediately drawn to him as he fights to track down his older brother.But Daphne’s heart is full... When he succeeds, which brother will she choose?Eloisa arrives in Daisy Creek looking for a simpler life. Responding to an ad placed by a small-town banker, she’s determined to follow her heart.But Eloisa soon learns that David might not be the charming and principled man she imagined. Will he ever change his ways, or is she about to make the biggest mistake of her life?In Daisy Creek Brides: Books 1-4, you’ll find four captivating stories of love, heartbreak, and determination. Follow these strong brides as they seek happiness in small-town life, and immerse yourself in the whispers of romance rippling through Daisy Creek.Lose yourself in passion, tragedy, and inspirational romance: click “Add to Cart” right now.

Cowboy Billionaires At Havenview Ranch

Hanna Hart - 2021
    Second chances, single dads, blinds dates, and ChristmasMiracles will keep you awake and smiling throughout this whole series! My Cowboy’s Second Chance SurpriseCowboy billionaire, Nash Haven, can deal with the actual storm, buthandling his ex-girlfriend’s secret will be much harder.He didn’t know that his neighbor was the one that got away. Singlemother, Sophia, was equally clueless. She had no idea that her ex-boyfriend owned a billion-dollar ranch.They’re both surprised, and also still heartbroken. Will Sophia’s babysecret tear them apart or bring them closer?My Cowboy Best Friend BodyguardAdeline Prince needed a bodyguard before moving to Dallas, Texas. Shedidn’t think that her new hire would be her ex-boyfriend who broke herheart.Hayes Haven didn’t know who had posted the job when he applied.Adeline had her concerns but hiring him was the right thing to do.Would she be able to protect her heart while letting Hayes guard herlife?My Cowboy Single Dad Blind DateCowboy billionaire Trent Sheldon is a heartbroken single dad, but ablind date with Grace Payne gives him hope.Trent was abandoned by his ex-wife and Grace had to go through anunexpected divorce in the past. The two of them have had terriblepasts, but they’re perfect for each other.The only problem is Trent’s secrets. Will they come in the way of theirsecond chance at love?My Cowboy Best Man BachelorViolet Kirschner is in a terrible place trying to pick between herchildhood crush and her family.Holden Hayes is the best man at her brother’s wedding, and she can’tkeep her hands off him. Holden is known to be a heartbreaker butthat’s not entirely true. He’s madly in love with her too, but herbrother’s overprotective nature could be the end of them. Can the twoof them keep their relationship hidden from the entire town?My Cowboy Bad Boy BossCowboy billionaire, Gage Haven had everything until it was all takenaway from him. His wife was killed in a tragedy and his son was leftmotherless.Gage hired a nanny thinking that will make his life easier. Well, it did,but it also made it more complicated. Lorde is an excellent nanny, butshe’s also his ex-girlfriend.Can the two of them keep their past aside and work as a team? Or isthis the beginning of another end?My Cowboy’s Secret BabyCowboy billionaire Wilder Haven ran into his ex from ten years ago andhis world turned upside down.Jade Harlow moved back to town to care for her mother. She neverexpected Wilder to step in and help her. It didn’t take long for them toforget them enmity and start falling in love again. Wilder even grewcloser to her daughter, not knowing that she was his own. Could heever forgive her for keeping this secret from him?My Cowboy Christmas MiracleJade didn’t want her first husband showing up after the death of herrecent ex-husband. A Christmas miracle didn’t save his life, but itbrought Finn back into the picture.Jade wasn’t sure why he’d returned but all Finn wanted to do was righthis wrongs and watch over Jade and her kids.A second chance was in the cards this Christmas season, but it wasn’tabout to come by so easily. Will the two of them realize that life is tooshort to hold a grudge?

Westward Courage

A.T. Butler - 2021
     Caroline Harper has everything she could want--wealth, position, the attention of an eligible bachelor. When her brother’s news destroys all of that, Caroline must decide what kind of life she wants to create for herself. As the Harpers make their way along the grueling thousands of miles of Oregon Trail, Caroline discovers strength, poise and potential she didn’t realize she possessed. Strength that perhaps was not in a spoiled city girl at all. But will it be enough to survive and bring Caroline and her brother all the way to Oregon?


Michael Punke - 2021
    Colonel Henry Carrington arrives in Wyoming's Powder River Valley to lead the US Army in defending the opening of a new road for gold miners and settlers. Carrington intends to build a fort in the middle of critical hunting grounds, the home of the Lakota. Red Cloud, one of the Lakota's most respected chiefs, and Crazy Horse, a young but visionary warrior, understand full well the implications of this invasion. For the Lakota, the stakes are their home, their culture, their lives.As fall bleeds into winter, Crazy Horse leads a small war party that confronts Colonel Carrington's soldiers with near constant attacks. Red Cloud, meanwhile, seeks to build the tribal alliances that he knows will be necessary to defeat the soldiers. Colonel Carrington seeks to hold together a US Army beset with internal discord. Carrington's officers are skeptical of their commander's strategy, none more so than Lieutenant George Washington Grummond, who longs to fight a foe he dismisses as inferior in all ways. The rank-and-file soldiers, meanwhile, are still divided by the residue of civil war, and tempted to desertion by the nearby goldfields.Throughout this taut saga--based on real people and events--Michael Punke brings the same immersive, vivid storytelling and historical insight that made his breakthrough debut so memorable. As Ridgeline builds to its epic conclusion, it grapples with essential questions of conquest and justice that still echo today.

The Sheriff 3 (Sheriff Duke)

M.R. Forbes - 2021

A Mother for Rosie

Emma Ashwood - 2021

Go West, Young Man: A Riveting Western Novel of the American Frontier

William W. Johnstone - 2021
    Two brave, pioneering families will head West and confront hardships and triumph, in this spellbinding saga from the legendary bestselling authors… Missouri, 1860. Rumors of war between the North and South are spreading across the land. In rural Green County, many of the farmers are already choosing sides. But not John Zachary. His loyalties lie with his family first—and his heart is telling him to go west. Hoping to build a new life in the fertile valleys of Oregon, he convinces his best friend, Emmett Braxton, to pack up their families and join him on a wagon train across the Oregon Trail. The journey will be long and hard. The physical hardships and grueling mental challenges will bring out the best in some—and the worst in others. But with the guidance of an experienced wagon master and scout, they are determined to reach their destiny, no matter how high the cost . . . Twenty-seven wagons. Twenty-seven different hopes and dreams. This sprawling epic novel from a master storyteller captures the beauty and danger of the American West—and the pioneer spirit of those who tamed it . . .

An Education in Love: Historical Western Romance (Wedding Bells for the Widows Book 3)

Rosalee Adams - 2021

Their Journey to Love: 15 Book Box Set of Sweet, Clean, Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance

Montana Ross - 2021

The Fur Trapper's Resourceful Bride: Historical Western Romance (Wedding Bells for the Widows Book 4)

Rosalee Adams - 2021

To Charm a Scarred Cowboy (Brides of Bethany Springs Book 1)

Charlotte Dearing - 2021
    The gruff cowboy is a man of honor. He’s never hesitated to risk his life and his scars bear the proof. The old wounds frighten most folks. His scarred face certainly scared off a fiancée a few years back.Since then, he’s resolved to lead a solitary life. He spends his days tending his family’s vast herds of longhorns. It’s just him, his animals, and the rugged Texas range. Life’s a tad lonesome but there’s no one to judge him.When his path crosses a woman on a runaway horse, Daniel forgets to hide his scars. The girl is in grave danger. His quick thinking saves Molly Collins, and the chance meeting draws Daniel out of seclusion.Molly is unlike any girl he’s met. Headstrong. Impossible. Aggravatingly beautiful. To his surprise, Molly leads a quiet life with no intention of marriage. Instead, Molly vows to fulfill a promise.She has no use for romance. But when Daniel learns of the danger that threatens Molly’s safety, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe. Even if it risks his stubborn heart.

This New Country: A Western Double

Harlan Hague - 2021

The Ranger

A.W. Hart - 2021
    His father was black, his mother a full-blood member of the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas. He remembers neither of them. Both disappeared soon after Concho’s birth and his Kickapoo grandmother raised him on the tribal reservation just outside Eagle Pass, Texas.Often bullied as a youth for his differences, Concho soon grew into the promise of his big hands and wide shoulders. Hatred of him remained in some; fear joined that emotion in others. Concho learned to walk a solitary path, which first took him away to college and then to Afghanistan as an Army Ranger.Now, a group of Neo-Nazi terrorists have taken over a mall in Eagle Pass. One hostage is the woman Concho loves. The only path Concho can see is straight ahead and through.

The Teacher Who Saved Christmas: A Historical Western Romance Book

Aurora Hanson - 2021
    Her desire to give the children the same love she once received as an orphan shines through her work as a teacher. In an instant though, her life turns upside down when a seemingly simple school trip turns into a harrowing ordeal on Christmas Day. The moment one of the children disappears, she is forced to rely on the sheriff for help as her desperate search begins...If only she knew this encounter would also make her heart flutter for the first time…Virgil Cooper is excited about the prospect of retiring from his role as sheriff, eager to put a life of violence and hardship behind him. Even though love has never been on the cards for him, he doesn’t want to be alone any longer. Yet when the mayor asks him to go on one last mission in search of a lost child, he finds it impossible to refuse. Little does he know he is about to cross paths with the most beautiful and kind woman he has ever known...When the chance comes, will Coop be brave enough to follow his heart and voice his feelings?A perfect Christmas seems to be falling apart, but Delia and Coop are determined to untangle the mystery together. The puzzle pieces will slowly start to fall into place, revealing the truth about the child and maybe even about themselves. Will they be able to find the missing boy? At the end of the day, could they also find true love along the way?"The Teacher Who Saved Christmas" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Rancher To The Rescue

Barb Han - 2021
    Suddenly responsible for an infant, she finds herself in the crosshairs of a kidnapper intent on taking the baby back--and leaving no witnesses. Texas Rancher Adam Firebrand has no idea how or why his name came up in association with a kidnapping, but he'll stop at nothing to keep a baby girl and her guardian angel safe.USA TODAY Bestselling Author Barb Han guarantees danger lurking around every corner, hearts on the line, and romantic suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Join her Firebrand family in Lone Star Pass, Texas as they break through deep-rooted family feuds and find their way to love.

The Iron Horse

James Reasoner - 2021
    Hired to find out who is stirring up the Sioux and sabotaging the Kansas Pacific line as it builds westward, Faraday sends tough young agent Daniel Britten to the railhead, where he finds himself embroiled with surveyors, track layers, buffalo hunters, and a pair of beautiful young women. But there’s a killer stalking the railhead as well, and not only the fate of the railroad but also Britten’s very life depends on him uncovering the truth.An epic Western adventure full of historical sweep and gun-blazing action.

A Western Lottery to Find his Bride

Lydia Olson - 2021
    How can actions speak louder than words when both dwell in their troubles?Charlotte is an unfortunate woman that has no luck in her life. She and her little sister found themselves in a situation where the only way out is by getting married through a lottery. Will she get lucky for the first time in her tough life?Ray never wanted to sign up for a lottery and get himself a wife. He prefers staying alone and thinking about the ways he could have saved his family. Meeting Charlotte though, his conscious and mysterious bride, makes his heart beat faster than ever. It's time to let go of his vow of silence and commit his life to hers. How can he though when fear is keeping him rooted?Charlotte and Ray are two tortured souls that finally meet each other because of a simple twist of fate. Struggling with their own past, they try to overcome not only their traumas but also the competitors that threaten their happiness. How will they finally be together and safe from their rivals?

Belle and the Blacksmith: Historical Western Romance (Wedding Bells for the Widows Book 2)

Rosalee Adams - 2021

Unexpected Love For The Unwelcome Widow: A Clean Western Historical Romance Novel

Ember Pierce - 2021

Hope Eternal Ranch Romance: Three Sweet Contemporary Western Romances

Elana Johnson - 2021
    You'll get HOPEFUL COWBOY, OVERPROTECTIVE COWBOY, and RUGGED COWBOY, all of which feature a cowboy looking for a second chance at life, love, and happiness. These redemptive romances will have you swooning, sighing, and remembering that everyone deserves a second chance to make things right.Hopeful Cowboy: He's struggling to step into his new role as a single dad. She's trying to keep her ranch operational and her heart intact. Can Nate and Ginger build forever out of heartache?Overprotective Cowboy: Can Ted and Emma face their pasts so they can truly be ready to step into the future together? Or will everything between them fall apart once the truth comes out?Rugged Cowboy: He's a cowboy mechanic with two kids and an ex-wife on the run. She connects better to horses than humans. Can Dallas and Jess find their way to each other at Hope Eternal Ranch?Almost 600 reviews on the individual books!From Hopeful Cowboy, Book 1:★★★★★ "Once again, Elana Johnson delivers a spellbinding story full of hope." ~BradTL3, Amazon reviewer★★★★★ "Fantastic book: Elana Johnson starts this series with a very heartwarming story about a participant in a residential reentry program. The plot has enough intrigue and twists to hold your interest and makes one wonder how the characters would work things out in the end. The growth shown in the main characters with trust issues was definitely worth reading." ~Sandy, Amazon reviewer★★★★★ "Simply a great read! I loved this book! I felt as though I was right there on the ranch with them." ~Lynne, Amazon reviewer

Down The Long Trail: A Western Adventure

C. Wayne Winkle - 2021
    Laura Taylor, whose husband Rye is making his way home from the war, stands at her kitchen window. A vision of returning warriors fills her sight. In the distance, a lone soldier in blue. Is that Rye coming home? She has little time to wonder because a family friend, Willie, rides up with news that men are coming to burn the Taylors out. Laura and Rye planned for such an event, and she gets her entire family plus Willie ready to travel. Their journey is filled with hazards, both natural and man-made. Laura eventually finds herself the leader of a small wagon train of travelers heading west for Santa Fe. They hire a drunken former scout who claims to know the route and the Indians along the way. Laura doesn’t trust him.

A Mama for Aimee (Mail Order Brides of Shadow Gulch)

Susannah Calloway - 2021

A Wild Bride For The Wealthy Rancher: A Clean Western Historical Romance Novel

Daphne Barnes - 2021

Silver Dollar Duke

Sally Britton - 2021
    Will high stakes and high emotions lead to heartbreak?Evan Rounsevell, second son to the Marquess of Rothwell, is running as far from his family and responsibilities as he can. His fascination with cowboys takes him from English shores to the Arizona desert, but the days of showdowns are over, and Tombstone, Arizona, is a respectable town. With no funds left, and no desire to call on his affluent family for rescue, Evan seeks a position as a cowboy at a ranch on its last leg. Daniella Bolton’s fiancé left when the drought of 1893 crippled the KB ranch, but that’s just fine by her. She doesn’t need a man to help her save her family’s land. Especially not an Englishman who looks down on her style of living, like Evan does. She loves her life on the ranch, and no outsider could ever understand what it means to be loyal to the land and her family’s way of life. Being a cowboy is harder than Evan thought, but as he works to earn his place on the ranch, his heart opens up to the beauty of the desert… as well as that of Dannie Bolton. Watching Evan fight for the ranch she loves makes Dannie realize that not all men are afraid of hard work and troubled times, and loving Evan might be just the salve her wounded heart needs. But when Evan’s family summons him home right when Dannie needs him most, the feelings of betrayal from her former fiancé’s flight return tenfold. Does Evan dare risk his tenuous relationship with Dannie to fulfil his family responsibilities? Or will leaving Arizona be the worst mistake of his life?

A Deal With Love: A Historical Western Romance Book

Ellen Knightley - 2021
    Despite this, she is more passionate about painting and wants to make the most of her time before settling down. So when her father tries to force her into an arranged marriage with the town's most infamous bachelor, she refuses to go along with it. Desperate to escape a grim future, she approaches her childhood rival with a most unusual proposal... one that will put her heart to the test. When unexpected feelings towards him start rising to the surface, will she manage to stick to her plan, or is her predetermined fate truly inevitable?James Clark cannot step out into town without being chased by mothers hoping to marry off their daughters. Yet tying his happiness to another person is not in his plans. So when his father informs him that he will be cut off if he doesn't get married soon, James finds himself in a tight spot. At that moment, his childhood arch-enemy, Rose, comes to him with a peculiar plan that could solve both of their problems... a pretend courtship. Only he never imagined that feigning affection for her would come so naturally, and before long the line between pretense and truth becomes blurred. Will he manage to make Rose see that she is the one who truly owns his heart?A fabricated relationship appears to Rose and James as an easy solution for their troubles. What neither of them realized was that the heart often has a plan of its own... For all that, when fate brings another shocking twist, Rose must decide whether her loyalty lies with her family or with her heart. In the end, will Rose and James break the barriers that are keeping them apart, or was their love only ever meant to be a facade?"A Deal With Love" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Their Unlikely Marriage of Convenience: A Western Historical Romance Book

Ava Winters - 2021

To the River's End: A Novel of the American Frontier

William W. Johnstone - 2021
    This is an unforgettable journey into the untamed American frontier. Where nature is cruel, violence lurks behind every tree, and where only the strongest of the strong survive. This is a story of America. TO THE RIVER’S END Luke Ransom was just eighteen years old when he answered an ad in a St. Louis newspaper that would change his life forever. The American Fur Company needed one-hundred enterprising men to travel up the Missouri River—the longest in North America—all the way to its source. They would hunt and trap furs for one, two, or three years. Along the way, they would face unimaginable hardships: grueling weather, wild animals, hunger, exhaustion, and hostile attacks by the Blackfeet and Arikara. Luke Ransom was one of the brave men chosen for the job—and one of the few to survive . . . Five years later, Luke is a seasoned trapper and hunter, a master of his trade. The year is 1833, and the American Fur Company is sending him to the now-famous Rendezvous at Green River. For Luke, it may be his last job for the company. After facing death countless times, he is ready to strike out on his own. But when he encounters a fellow trapper under attack by Indians, his life takes an unexpected turn. A new friendship is forged in blood. And a dangerous new journey begins...

When Two Souls Defy Destiny: A Historical Western Romance Book

Aurora Hanson - 2021
    As Melinda is saying her final goodbyes to her beloved sister, a brilliant yet risky idea presents itself. Melinda will take her place on the train instead, allowing her sister to stay in town and have a chance with her love. By the time their ruse is discovered, Melinda will be walking down the aisle with her future husband…What could possibly go wrong with such a perfect plan?Reginald Dawson started out in life with nothing and built a fortune from the goldfields in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Now, with a large hotel and success within his grasp, he is on the brink of having it all. When he posts an ad looking for a wife, he only has one thing in mind: to find someone sweet and genteel to be his companion and partner in life. With a lady of refinement at his side, even his tainted past could be overlooked, right?The problem is, lies have a way of being exposed...Both Melinda and Reginald have their fair share of secrets and neither is what the other expected. Melinda’s daring new husband seems to have a sinister secret in his past and Reginald’s perfect wife turns out to be a feisty suffragette. With danger looming and past mistakes catching up to them, can they even dare to imagine a chance at true love?"When Two Souls Defy Destiny" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

The Sheriff's Headstrong Bride: Historical Western Romance (Wedding Bells for the Widows Book 1)

Rosalee Adams - 2021

Christmas in Dodge City: Historical Western Romance

Callie Gardner - 2021

A Bride for a Loan (Mail Order Brides of Miles Gulch)

Susannah Calloway - 2021

Cowboys Bleed Red (Westward Saga Western) (A Western Adventure Fiction)

Frank Wheeler - 2021

The Miracle of Love

Montana Ross - 2021

A Hero to Her Rescue: A Historical Western Romance Book

Ellen Knightley - 2021
    Hiding under the assumed name Sadie, she lives with the fear that her brother's killer will come after her too. Since the main suspect is her own cousin, her worry and anguish are well-founded. Being on the run for five years and constantly looking over her shoulder, her exquisite lace-making skills will bring her to Quest Junction. There, she will meet a gruff but handsome sheriff, who will quickly capture her heart in spite of his surly attitude. At long last, could Daisy have finally found a place to call home and someone to make her feel safe and loved again?Carrying the heavy burden of a past mistake, Mackenzie Lewis has made it his business to be the perfect sheriff. The townsfolk of Quest Junction ignore his brusque demeanor, knowing that he would do anything to keep them safe. Comfortable in his solitude, he has no room for a woman in his life, until Sadie arrives in town and changes everything. From the moment their eyes meet he can tell she's hiding something, and yet he finds himself intensely drawn to her. As time goes by, his affection and a powerful need to protect her keep growing, leaving no doubt that he is falling for her. After his own life is put at risk, will he still be able to let his guard down and open up his heart?While Sadie and Mac grow closer, awful truths from her tragic past are about to come to light. When her cousin suddenly arrives in town, the mystery surrounding her brother's death begins to unravel, and Sadie is placed in terrible peril. Will the brave Sheriff manage to save the woman he loves and bring justice for her brother? Will she find in his eyes an answer to her prayers or will outside forces threaten both their lives and their chance at happiness?"A Hero to Her Rescue" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

The Cowboy's Bride Bet (Small Town Cowboys Book 5)

Holly Rayner - 2021

Kiss of the Texas Maverick

Charlotte Dearing - 2021

The Clocksmith of Her Dreams: A Historical Western Romance Book

Ellen Knightley - 2021
    When her parents try to marry her to a man who is far from her idea of a perfect match, Milly is horrified. In a fit of despair and with her protests falling on deaf ears, she decides to run away. Doleman's Hills becomes not only her refuge but the place where she stumbles upon a handsome stranger who helps her build a new life. As she gets to know him, she is surprised to realize he might be exactly who she has been longing for all along. While Milly starts making steps towards a rose-colored future though, danger may be lurking around the corner. Will she find the courage to stand up both for herself and her newfound love?Oliver Townsend might be a great scientist but more than anything he enjoys being the town's clocksmith. He prefers fixing watches and small gadgets rather than running experiments with his uncle at the copper mine. His uneventful life is about to take a sudden turn when he spots a beautiful young woman looking lost at the train station. He is immediately captivated by Milly's enquiring mind and gentle nature and in no time he starts courting her. Yet before long things begin to go very wrong for Oliver. His uncle goes missing and his budding romance with Milly is jeopardized by an unexpected arrival in town. With his uncle's life and his own heart at risk, will Oliver overcome the challenges ahead before it's too late?With complicated secrets and life-threatening truths coming to light, Milly and Oliver's relationship may be over before it even starts. Daunted by the danger surrounding them, will they be able to find their way out of this perilous maze at each other's side? Will their blossoming love withstand the pressures of so many forces pulling them apart?"The Clocksmith of Her Dreams" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Faith & Family Christmas Collection (20 Book Box Set)

Emma Ashwood - 2021

Memories and Motherhood

Emma Ashwood - 2021

Rescued by his Healing Touch

Carol Colyer - 2021
    Eager to take control of her life and determined not to get married, she finds a job as a housekeeper at a farm. Her tenacity, along with her stunning beauty, soon sparks the interest of her dashing employer. Yet, can she get past her prejudice against men and allow her very feelings to bloom?Some wounds are just too deep to heal...Ethan Tucker runs his family’s dairy farm, bearing this great responsibility with pride and efficiency. When his housekeeper suddenly quits, throwing everything into chaos, he can’t quite believe that an unyielding woman will come to his rescue and fill the emptiness in his soul. However, when he finds out that his father has been arranging his marriage out of financial interest behind his back, his world collapses. Will Ethan fulfill his duty or rebel against his rational self and follow his unprecedented emotions?He can’t ignore the stirring in his heart any longer…The world is full of unexpected events and while Angeline and Ethan try to come to terms with their unspoken feelings, more hardships will lead them to disarray. Will their love be strong enough to save the farm and their life’s efforts? Or will they eventually bury their sentiments along with the chance to salvage everything?

Unexpected Love On The Wagon Train: A Clean Western Historical Romance Novel

Evelyn Boyett - 2021

A Place to Call Home

Jae - 2021
    What started out as a marriage of convenience between a woman living as a man and a former prostitute slowly grew into love. But now that they have arrived in Oregon City, the real adventure is just beginning. Winter is approaching, and they need to claim a piece of land and build a cabin, all while trying to establish their new roles as life partners and parents. Will they find a place to call home and, more importantly, a way to grow as a couple? “A Place to Call Home” is a lesbian historical romance short story that continues Jae’s award-winning Oregon series. It picks up directly after the end of Backwards to Oregon.

Sudden Love On The Wagon Train: A Clean Western Historical Romance Novel

Evelyn Boyett - 2021

Painted with the Colors of Love

Carol Colyer - 2021
    Her life is thrown into turmoil therefore when her parents present her with a surprise betrothal to a man she hasn't even met. Without a second thought, she refuses to abide by it, protesting that she will never marry a man she does not love. Then, out of nowhere, a mysterious stranger shows up in town, confusing her feelings and challenging her convictions. Joseph always appears to be in the right place at the right time and Cassie finds herself intensely intrigued by him. Will Cassie set aside her doubts and take a chance on the unknown with Joseph? Can she escape the fate that her parents have arranged for her?Michael Joseph hasn't had much luck with meeting a loving wife to spend his life with so far. When his parents reveal that he is promised to a girl from his past, he sees his chance to have his happily ever after. Having no intention of marrying someone who may only want him for his money though, he decides to set out to win this woman's heart as a stranger. Yet when he arrives in Texas, he discovers that approaching Cassie will be a little more complicated than he expected. Will he be able to break down her walls and gain her trust? Or will Michael lose his chance at true love?Michael and Cassie slowly start to form a precious bond, but shadowy forces are not willing to let them find happiness. When Michael's life is put in danger, Cassie will need to make a decision that could decide the rest of her life... Will they overcome the danger and stand by each other's side forever?

A Scout for Skyler (Mail-Order Mama, #16)

Heather Blanton - 2021
    On his death bed, he announces he’s sending her off to become the mail-order bride of an army captain. His dying wish is that she make the man a good wife, be happy…and wear a dress once in a while.A recent widower, Captain Skyler Corbett is an arrogant Scotsman who believes women should have babies not opinions. Regardless, the last thing he needs is a wife. His daughter is coming of age, however, and friends argue she needs a woman’s influence.When the headstrong, unrefined and unexpected Priscilla Jones shows up, Corbett is not inclined to marry her. Ever. Priscilla agrees, firing back that the snooty Captain Corbett is no prize, either.It seems this arranged marriage is destined for the ash heap. Embers, though, do have a sneaky way of catching fire…

Blood, Guts, and Glory: Smoke Jensen: American Legend

William W. Johnstone - 2021
    Two of the wildest tales of frontier vengeance from William Johnstone's classic bestselling saga. This is how Smoke Jensen became a legend.REVENGE OF THE MOUNTAIN MANThey came in the dead of night like a pack of wolves. They invaded Smoke Jensen's ranch. They destroyed Smoke Jensen's dream. Then they finished the job by putting three bullets in Smoke Jensen's wife. By the time Smoke arrived on the scene, it was too late to save her. Now he lives for revenge. Ruthless, righteous, merciless revenge...VENGEANCE OF THE MOUNTAIN MANWith his darkest days behind him, Smoke Jensen hopes to return to a normal life. Unfortunately, he can't escape his past. A vicious young gunfighter named Sundance holds an all-consuming grudge against the mountain man. He's got backup from Mexico, bullets to spare, and bloodlust in his eyes. Tonight, the past is coming for Smoke Jensen. With a vengeance...

A Ranch Full of Love

Aurora Hanson - 2021
    When her best friend, Opal, returns to her hometown, she seizes this unique opportunity to join her, although she doesn’t know what to expect. While trying to adjust to her new reality in Oklahoma, she gets tangled up in her feelings for Opal’s handsome older brother, who seems rather distant and arrogant. Can Delphine break down his walls and find the stability and love she has been looking for all her life in his arms?Liam Jackson’s future seems impossible to handle ever since his business partner’s deception. When he discovers that his estranged father has passed and left him the family ranch, he accepts it with a heavy heart, desperate to save his business. Upon his arrival, a disheartening surprise awaits him, making him question his decision. Nevertheless, his unexpected interaction with a beautiful and tender woman helps him overcome the pain in his heart, giving him a reason to stay. Will he manage to let go of the past to build a future with the woman who sees beyond his mask?Both Delphine and Liam are unprepared and heartbroken when they start feeling strong, new emotions for one another. Together, they must choose what truly matters in their lives. Can Delphine be the blessing that Liam is searching for, and Liam be the knight in shining armor that she needs? With friends and rivals on their heels, can they find the everlasting love they have craved for, for so long?

An Unforeseen Love for the Stubborn Cowboy

Ava Winters - 2021
    They never seem to get along but their hearts always pound faster when they lock eyes. How will they let themselves love each other?Oregon Trail, 1860s.Ellie is a gentle young woman who must take care of her deaf younger brother after the sudden death of their parents. To avoid poverty and her unfortunate debts, she escapes on a wagon train on the Oregon Trail. Meeting Mark, the loner but witty guide of the party, causes her heart to pound faster. How can she cure his wounds and fears and show him that true love means when he’s just so detached?Mark is an excellent scout and a trail guide who has suffered the loss of love. He should stay focused and get the job done but when he sees Ellie in danger, he instinctively saves her. After that, they always seem to bump into each other, and they never stop bickering. How can he let his heart show him the way when he’s just too stubborn to love again?Life on the trail is challenging and filled with pain, poverty and loss. When Ellie is discovered to own money and her brother is in peril, party members will threaten them. How will Mark save the woman that stole his heart when the two always hit walls instead of breaking them down?

Mail Order Bride's Baby And Her Idealistic Lumberjack (A Western Historical Romance Book) (Evergreen Frontier)

Florence Linnington - 2021

True Love's Surprise

Aurora Hanson - 2021
    Her refusal to marry certainly hasn't done her any favors, but having her life controlled by a man is something she simply wants no part of. So when her father tries to force her into an arranged marriage, she's left with no choice but to flee to her Aunt's farmhouse in Wyoming. There, in an unexpected turn of events, her powerful connection with a kind rancher tempts her to reconsider her harsh preconceptions about love and marriage. Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, will her growing attraction to him be strong enough to overcome such deep-seated fears?Humiliated and heartbroken after his fiancé leaves him at the altar, Joseph Smyth refuses to fall victim to his emotions again. Swearing off romance once and for all, but still needing a wife to help him run his ranch, he seeks out a mail-order bride. When Joseph meets the town's charming new teacher, however, it feels like a ray of light has appeared in the darkness of his life. As he gets to know her better, his cynical attitude toward love begins to thaw. Before too long though, forgotten obligations come knocking on his door when his betrothed arrives. With his sense of responsibility weighing heavily on his shoulders, will Joseph be forced to sacrifice his second chance at true love and happiness?Life in Wyoming brings Charlotte and Joseph closer than they would have ever expected to be, and undeniable feelings grow between them. Joseph is torn between duty and true love, while Charlotte worries that he may prove to be just another man who will let her down. Yet, when the line that separates right from wrong becomes blurred, will they decide to follow their reason or their hearts? Will they find a way out of the tangled web they've found themselves in?"True Love's Surprise" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Born to Love: Book Four of The O'Connors

Jax Burrows - 2021
    He failed as a dad. Can their passion for helping others kindle an eternal flame?Northern England. Josie O’Connor is through being the midwife and never the mother. Except the thirty-year-old’s exacting requirements of looks, intellect, and personality means she’s busy delivering delight to other families while only loneliness awaits her at home. And any chance of Christmas cheer seems all but lost when she’s rescued from a blizzard by a grumpy doctor.Obstetrician Charles Atkins never dreamed he’d lose his family to a monied businessman. Armed with a bottle of whiskey to drown his sorrows, he heads north to his cottage only to stumble across a marooned woman in dire need of shelter. Now forced to put his painful introspection on hold, he’s surprised when his broken heart unexpectedly warms to his capable guest.As Josie returns to work, she’s amazed to discover the dashing OB has joined her maternity unit and wonders if there’s more to their attraction than a holiday fling. And Charles’s ongoing struggle to reconnect with his estranged daughter makes him wary of risking a complicated new commitment.Can they leave their doubts behind them and agree they’re a perfect match?Born to Love is the moving fourth book in the O’Connors contemporary medical romance series. If you like intriguing characters, emotional twists, and authentic bonds, you’ll adore Jax Burrows’s uplifting tale.

The Widow's Last Hope

Bella Brown - 2021

The Way to Healing: A historical Christian romance (The Waymaker series Book 1)

Malory Ford - 2021
    After their first meeting, Edith “Edie” Carmichael would have been content to never lay eyes on Lucas Brown again.She thinks he’s no more than the grumpy owner of Pine Creek’s lumber company, and he thinks she’s a know-it-all lady doctor intent on putting folks in their place.The two must quickly form a truce when suspicious accidents and theft at the sawmill threaten both his livelihood and the lives of his men, but can Lucas ever learn to trust a woman after a lifetime of being abandoned by them? Can Edie be content running the clinic in the hometown she thinks she’s outgrown, or will her dreams prove more powerful than her growing feelings? And when the world around them goes up in flames, will Edie and Lucas make it out alive?

A Heart Filled With Joy

Indiana Wake - 2021
    His neighbors have been a great help with his daughter Charlotte, but he can’t work and take care of her properly.The town matchmaker Emma Hilton has the perfect woman to help Bradley with his baby girl.Nanny Shannon Howell loves taking care of children, but she’d also like to find a husband. She’s eager to travel west in hopes of finding a family to call her own. Shannon is happy to help Bradley with baby Charlotte. Unfortunately, Shannon’s former employer is having problems letting her go.Will the man that traveled across the country drag her back to the east?Has Shannon found the place where she can be her true self with Bradley and Charlotte in Lubbock, Texas?Find out in the first book in a brand new series from Bestselling Mail Order Bride Authors Indiana Wake & Belle Fiffer

A Bride for McKenzie

Cheryl Wright - 2021
    He’s doing just fine without one. After seeing the happiness of his friend who sent for a mail order bride, McKenzie decides to send for one himself. After all, it would enhance his standing in the community to be married. When his bride steps off the stagecoach, McKenzie realizes he’s made a huge mistake.Verity LeFebvre is left in a desperate situation after her wealthy father dies suddenly and her uncle inherits everything. Unless she wants to live in poverty, her only other choice is to become a mail order bride.Can Verity keep her heart safe from her sheriff husband who doesn’t seem overly interested in her? And will McKenzie realize how much he loves his wife when danger follows her?Author's Promise: This is a heartwarming historical novella with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers. It is a clean and wholesome story with nothing more than hugs, kisses, and holding hands.**Each book in The Sheriff's Mail Order Bride series are stand alone, and have no relationship to the other books.

Unexpected Love For The Lonesome Sheriff: A Clean Western Historical Romance Novel

Ember Pierce - 2021

A Bluestocking for Brad (Mail-Order Mama, #4)

Angela Lain - 2021
    Mrs. Turner, owner of an orphanage and a mail order bride agency, sent her to wed a widowed rancher with three young children. But nothing was as she had been promised.Bradley Malone was alone. He might own a prosperous ranch, have three children, a sister who cared for them, a good friend who only wanted the best for him, and numerous employees who liked and respected him, but he was alone. Since the death of his wife he thought of little else.The arrival of a mail-order bride and a mother for his children, was not his idea, and not something he had required.Everyone else thought it was a wonderful idea. How was he ever going to deal with it?

An Unexpected Bride for the Lonely Cowboy: A Western Historical Romance Book

Ava Winters - 2021

The Rancher's Gutsy Bride (Mail Order Brides of Bluff's Pike)

Susannah Calloway - 2021

Chasing Love on the Run: A Historical Western Romance Book

Aurora Hanson - 2021
    He is a dreadful man, with a terrible reputation and old enough to be her father. Being resourceful, bright, and unwilling to succumb to a life of despair, Sarah decides that the only way out for her is to run away from home...Stepping bravely into an unknown future, she has no idea whether it holds peace or more danger...Aaron Wilder has overcome many sticky situations in his life, but this time around he is in dire straits. He broke a cardinal rule and befriended his crooked boss's pregnant wife. She has begged Aaron to help her escape, knowing that if she bears a girl her husband will surely kill her. Aware of the risk and against his better judgment, Aaron agrees...Can he manage to smuggle them both out of New York City without anyone knowing?The fates align when both Sarah and Aaron find themselves in a sleepy little fishing village off the Oregon coast. Sparks fly between them as they try to settle in and before long their attraction is impossible to deny. Have they truly escaped their pasts though? Caught in a turmoil of intrigue, gun battles in the streets, and a love that can never be, can they dare hope for a happy ending?"Chasing Love on the Run" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Escaping Her Fiancé’s Rumors (Mail Order Brides of Missouri)

Susannah Calloway - 2021

A Heart Full of Flowers: A Historical Western Romance Book

Aurora Hanson - 2021
    Worn down by people's hostility and struggling to keep the family ranch going, she desperately hopes for things to get better. All of a sudden, a lifeline arrives in the most unexpected way when odd jobs around the ranch start to get mysteriously finished. Poking around, she is surprised to find that her secret helper is Logan, the local deputy. Katie doesn't know if she can trust him, but she deeply appreciates his help. Will she get past her suspicions and let him get close? Will she let down her guard and trust him with her heart?Logan Bolman has been keeping secrets for the last year that would change things for a lot of people, including Katie. As the deputy sheriff, his life is devoted to keeping everyone safe though, no matter the cost... Seeing the awful way Katie is treated by everyone makes him determined to do something nice for her. Yet as he continues to help her around the ranch he realizes that what he feels is bigger than mere compassion. Before long, he finds himself looking forward to every moment they spend together. When people from his past put Katie in jeopardy, will he manage to protect the woman he is falling for while staying loyal to his duty?What started as a small act of kindness will soon blossom into a special bond. As they grow more familiar, Katie and Logan find themselves magnetically attracted to each other. When faced with terrible danger though, will they be ready to trust each other beyond all doubt? Will the powerful light of their love dissipate the lurking threats that are set on breaking them apart?"A Heart Full of Flowers" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Flight Of The Hawk: The River

W. Michael Gear - 2021
    MICHAEL GEAR TURNS HIS MASTER’S HAND TO THE FRONTIER WEST.1812 Missouri Fur Trade – An intimate of the Burr conspiracy, the condemned and hounded John Tylor signs on as boatman with Manuel Lisa’s expedition. But the river is now contested as the British, Spanish, and other fur companies prepare to break Lisa’s hold. As the expedition battles its way up the violent river, Fenway McKeever lurks in Tylor’s shadow. Not only is the half-mad McKeever paid to kill Tylor, but he’s convinced himself that by destroying Lisa’s expedition, he can sell his services to the highest bidder.“No one reads a Gear novel without being transformed in beautiful ways.” – Richard S. Wheeler

Finding Love & Hope on the Frontier: 18 Book Bundle

Susannah Calloway - 2021

A Mail Order Answer to the Sheriff’s Prayer

Rita Wethers - 2021
    Struggling to make ends meet, she decides to alleviate some of the burden of her father’s shoulders and reply to a mail order bride from out of state. While corresponding with this man, she decides to take the leap of fate and change her life.Joel Slayton is the celebrated sheriff of Keysville, Utah. A widower living with his sister, Joel can almost boast to have completely rid his town of crime, since he has focused all his life and energy on that. At the encouragement of his sister, he will start corresponding with a woman named Elisa and patiently awaits her to arrive and become his future wife.When an accident changes the course of his life, Elisa will meet a man she did not expect to find. Can they work through the hardships and the unprecedented horrors this newfound fate has brought them? And how can they reconstruct the past if the promise of their future together is in danger?Find out in this gripping tale of Western Romance, where love will have to dig deep to unearth the power of faith.

Her Unexpected Soulmate: A Historical Western Romance Book

Elaine Shields - 2021

The Struggling Rancher’s Unwanted Bride: A Clean Western Historical Romance Novel

Evelyn Boyett - 2021

Yancey's Ride

C. Wayne Winkle - 2021
    He’s been successful thus far in putting his wild years and the death of his wife behind him. Then he gets news of his granddaughter losing cattle to rustlers. So, in the beginning of a winter that promises to be extra cold, Yancey quits his good winter job on the ranch and sets off for New Mexico to help Cassie, his granddaughter. The old ways come back to Yancey, including the feeling that someone’s following him. That someone is Laredo Dodson, a bounty hunter. Armed with an old wanted dodger, Dodson tries to catch up to Yancey and capture him. Unless Yancey objects, then he’ll kill him. Along the way, Yancey meets up with Nathaniel Landrum, Nate, a young man who doesn’t seem to know much about living in the wild. He’s also running away from something. As they travel, Yancey teaches him things like building a fire that will at least keep him alive. He also finds out Nate is running away from a failed relationship. As they travel, they help out an older man, Brother Alphonse, who invites them to spend the night at the compound where he lives. There, they meet Father Josiah and learn this is not a place they want to stay. As they leave, Yancey sees Walter Graves, a gunfighter. Dodson continues to follow Yancey. And gets into a bit of trouble along the way.

Protecting An Eastern Bride: A Clean Western Historical Novel

Felicity Wells - 2021

The Bride For A Single Father (Mail Order Bride Western Romance) (Frontier Women)

Florence Linnington - 2021

The Cowboy’s Unexpected Christmas Gift: A Western Historical Romance Book

Lydia Olson - 2021

Vow of the Texas Cowboy

Charlotte Dearing - 2021

A Frontier Bride for the Tormented Rancher

Lydia Olson - 2021
    How will they unite their hearts amidst all the horrors of the California Trail?California Trail 1863Irene is a sweet young woman who has been devoid of family love. When she hears of her step-father’s scheme, she escapes with her younger brother. They both hope that what lies ahead of the California Trail is a promise of the life they never had. However, the trail carries pain, loss, death and not everything is what it seems especially when she meets Austin. How can she let go of her fear of abandonment and trust him with her heart when he’s hiding the truth?Austin is an emotionally guarded rancher who hasn´t recovered from his family´s loss yet. On the verge of losing his only remaining connection to his wife and son, Austin will have to strike an unlikely deal. He is assigned to return Irene to her father, or he will lose his beloved land. But this task will prove more difficult than he had thought. How can he bring Irene back when his growing feelings for her get in the way? This long journey hides foes in plain sight. Irene and Austin should confront not only those but also illness, famine and wild animals. Will they make it through and find happiness in each other arm’s before their time together ends?

An Angel for Adam (Mail-Order Mama, #1)

Teresa Ives Lilly - 2021
    Angelica Cartwright decides to take a walk when she noticed a figure in the snow. Little Lanie Turner has fallen in the snow and is rescued by Angelica. Lanie is sure Angelica is the angel she's been praying for, but her father Adam still has to realize he needs an angel too.

His Unexpected Twist of Fate: A Historical Western Romance Book

Ellen Knightley - 2021
    All her dreams were cruelly shattered, leaving her struggling through her grief. In time, she accepts there's more life still to live and decides to set off to be a mail-order-bride. Little does she know though that her new beginning out West may prove to be her greatest challenge yet. Finding herself facing hostile relatives and unexpected intrigue, her only glimmer of hope lies in the eyes of her betrothed. She immediately feels an undeniable connection to this kind-hearted man. Despite the unforeseen obstacles standing in her way, could this be her one chance to reclaim the happiness that was stolen from her in the past?Nick Sloane is on a mission to save his family's ranch after learning how fragile life can be in the most heartbreaking way. He is still carrying deep scars from the loss of a loved one when Sheila enters his world, and he knows at once that nothing will ever be the same again. From the moment he sets eyes on her, something about her shy laughter makes him want to take a leap of faith and open his heart again. Yet what Nick doesn't realize is that his meddling family has other plans for him that could undermine the future he's now longing for. How far will he be willing to go to stand up to them in order to follow the true calling of his heart?As the blossoming romance between Sheila and Nick grows, so does his family's desperation to tear them apart. With the scheming against their love threatening to destroy everything, Sheila resolves to do anything for the man she loves. Could this mean walking away from the promising future she and Nick are dreaming of and breaking both their hearts? Will Nick and Sheila get their happily ever after, or will outside forces ruin their precious chance at happiness?"His Unexpected Twist of Fate" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Three Brides on a Journey to the West: A Western Historical Romance Book Collection

Ava Winters - 2021

Two Hearts, Lost and Found: A Historical Western Romance Book

Aurora Hanson - 2021
    Responding to an ad for a mail-order bride, she heads out West to be with the man she hopes will be her break in the clouds. Yet a twist of fate is about to test her heart in the most unexpected way. Meeting her fiancé's brother brings back strong memories of a time long gone, and Maryanne finds herself trapped in a painful dilemma...Could the happiness she's been longing for be tied to a past she has so desperately been running from?With his mother mourning his father and his brother finding his way through heartbreak, Josie Johnson has had to step up to take care of their ranch. Conscious of his family's past troubles and misfortunes, he is determined to be vigilant with both his business and his heart. Everything is about to change though when his brother's fiancé enters their lives. Maryanne might present his brother's last hope for happiness, yet Josie cannot shut his eyes to his undeniable attraction towards her. Will he be able to resist his emotions when he realizes that their pasts are more entwined than he could ever have imagined?Fate meant for Maryanne and Josie to find each other again under the most impossible of circumstances. Caught between revelations about a painful past and an increasingly uncertain future, they must decide if they are willing to spend the rest of their lives wondering "what if?" But in the end, will the choice even be theirs to make?"Two Hearts, Lost and Found" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Two Detached Hearts Coming Together: A Western Historical Romance Book

Ava Winters - 2021

The Lost Heiress Of The Ruby Valley: A Clean Western Historical Romance Novel

Felicity Wells - 2021

An Unannounced Bride to Change his Fate: A Western Historical Romance Book

Ava Winters - 2021

Christian's Promise (Grooms of Crooked Creek Book 2)

Susannah Calloway - 2021