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Mose Cabot

R.O. Lane - 2020
    Along the way, he runs into a lost little boy named Gabriel Allsop. Together they strike out and file a mining claim in Montana Gulch. They work for three years at their mining claim before settling on a homestead in the Bitterroot Valley, where they build a horse ranch. This is a touching story about two boys who grow to manhood in the wilds of Montana in the early days when fortunes were made and lost in a heartbeat. It's a novel you'd expect from no other author but R. O. Lane.

Ruble Perkins: The Youngest Marshal

R.O. Lane - 2020
    He links up with Jonas Millett, and the two of them seek jobs as Deputy U.S. Marshals for the Western District of Arkansas. Neither has any experience in law enforcement, but they accept one assignment after another to capture outlaws in Indian Territory. It's the story of two young men in the early days before Judge Isaac Parker arrived to bring law and order to Indian Territory. Another novel of the Old West by R. O. Lane.

Ronan O'Higgins

R.O. Lane - 2020
    He and his fellow marshal, Clive Sutton, take on the gang and start arresting them. O'Higgins narrowly escapes death. The Irish marshal meets an Irish woman with a son, and they make a life together. It's the romantic story of Irish-Americans who live on the western frontier in the wildest frontier territory of them all. Another classic western with a touch of romance from R.O. Lane

The Iron Wolfe

C.J. Petit - 2020
    When he was twelve, he was bigger than any fully grown man in Brainerd. His defense against the constant taunts was to retreat into a shell which marked him as a dimwitted giant.He’d been working as a blacksmith for six years when he found himself without a job and decided to leave Minnesota for the far West. Maybe in Montana Territory he would be more readily accepted as just a man and not a monster.But it wasn’t until he met another freakishly sized person that his life dramatically changed ways that he could never have anticipated.

Letter for Gene

C.J. Petit - 2020
    He and the rest of the 85th Illinois would soon be mustered out and he’d return home to Peoria.After he entered his tent, he found a thick envelope from his mother sitting on his cot. When he unfolded the pages, another envelope fell to the ground. He picked it up and noticed the heavy hand that had written the address. It hadn’t been sent to him with the army but was forwarded by his mother.After reading his mother’s letter, he stared at the sealed envelope and thought about tossing it into the fire rather than reading it. It had been written by his father. The same man who had abandoned his family more than ten years ago leaving an eleven-year-old Gene as the man of the house.He spent a few minutes in contemplation before opening the letter and was stunned when he read that his hated father had the audacity to ask for his help. And to give him that help, he had to travel hundreds of miles to Colorado.Most men might have not bothered to even consider granting such a request, but Gene wasn’t most men. The man who had deserted his family was still his father.

Grip Taylor

C.J. Petit - 2020
    The dean informed him that his father had been murdered in a hideous fashion in St. Louis.When Grip left Ann Arbor, he wasn’t returning to seek vengeance on those who had killed his father. He was going to return and dismantle every bit of his father’s business empire and when he left the city far behind, the only place where anyone could read the name of Lawrence Preston Taylor would be on his gravestone.

Doctor Rose and the Outlaw

R.O. Lane - 2020
    She sets up her medical practice there. One night she's called out to help a gang of outlaws that have been shot to pieces while trying to rustle cattle. One of the outlaws is a young man that she develops feelings for, but he's in and out of her life for months on end. The outlaw attempts to change his life and go straight. It's a challenge that Rose encourages. It's the tale of two people who grow to care deeply for each other, and when Rose is kidnapped, the outlaw, now her husband, rides out to save her. Another novel of the Old West from the pen of R. O. Lane.

The Nothing Man

C.J. Petit - 2020

Rhody Jones

C.J. Petit - 2020
    He’d been dismissed by the captain after the ship had barely survived the incredible battering from a powerful hurricane. He could have signed on to another ship returning to New England, but he wanted to try something different. He wanted to make a land voyage across the Southwestern United States to California and then maybe take a ship out of San Francisco. It would be another five years before he started that long ride to California, but he never made it out of Texas when he crossed over a shallow hill and witnessed the aftermath of a Comanche raid on a small ranch.

The Salvation of Eli Ussher: A Western Frontier Saga (Ussher Family Book 1)

Sam Scott - 2020


J.S. Anthony - 2020
    She was to wait for Ellis Gray and the wagon train he was leading. Charlotte understood that her father was paying Ellis Gray to see her to Fort Randall where she would meet her uncle and go to live out in the desert with a new husband. That she didn’t want a new husband didn’t matter. They were going to hang you, her father said. She knew this was true.Charlotte joined the wagon train at the back where they meant for her to stay. She made molasses bread in her tin oven at night and passed it out to the small hands that reached for it. She befriended Ada, the wild-haired barefoot girl too young for the burdens placed on her, and Fiona, whose husband Charlotte knew just by looking at his hard face.Then members of the tribes appeared along the ridge, a line of them sitting astride their horses, wrapped in blankets, looking old and sad. Charlotte’s fate was sealed when Ellis rode out to meet them.Because one of them was neither old or sad.

Bethan's Choice: Book Five of the Evans Family Saga

C.J. Petit - 2020
    After she’s heard all of the details, she left the big house and returned to her small house where she began to pack. She was frustrated at being unable to apply the skills that she’d been learning from her father since she was just a young girl., knowing that if she’d been born male, she would have been sworn in as a deputy marshal within a year. All that everyone seemed to expect her to do with her life was to marry and have children and she was determined to prove that she could match any of the deputy marshals that worked for her father. Her uncles and brother wouldn’t leave until tomorrow, and by the time they arrived in Canon City, she’d be waiting for them and follow them to the counterfeiters’ location. Bethan may have been expecting just to watch the takedown of a small counterfeiting operation, but within a day, her entire future would make a dramatic and deadly shift that would take her across Colorado where she would face dangers she could never have anticipated.

The Blood Hounds

Ron Schwab - 2020
    And it’s a cold trail. That’s why the boss man called for the blood hounds. You’re looking for somebody who’s been considered dead since April of 1867.” Fifteen years after the disappearance of Miranda Wheaton, Pinkerton agents Trace Crockett and Darby Maguire must leave no stone unturned while evading Kansas twisters, surviving Dodge City gunfights, and embarking on a treacherous journey to "No Man's Land," as the two "blood hounds" try to pick up the scent of the missing young woman. Full of adventure, suspense, and romance, bestselling author Ron Schwab's latest Western novel, The Blood Hounds, is sure to deliver a storytelling experience readers won't soon forget!

Humbling Her Cowboy

Natalie Dean - 2020
    She’s got a jaded view towards rich people like him. But when he offers to help her out, she may not be able to refuse… The McLintoc Millers aren’t quite like their cousins to the north. Solomon, the second oldest of the six sons, had never really thought of why. As the main heir of the Texas ranching empire, Solomon is focused on the family business. Growing, gaining and improving… that’s what it’s always been about. But… all of that comes screeching to a halt when he runs into a vandal defacing his family’s property. A beautiful vandal. Frenchie hasn’t had the easiest life. On the run since she was seventeen, she went from lower class right to impoverished and hasn’t really been able to get back up since. She’s seen the worst of the world, the darkness that lurks in so many people, and what happens when dollar bills are worth more than a person’s life. When she meets a man who has it all, she’s sure she already has him pegged. But then, little by little, he begins to contradict all the rules she learned for survival. Is he playing the long con, or is it possible that someone like him would even care about someone like her… Author’s Note: Miller Brothers of Texas is a spin-off series of my best-selling series Brothers of Miller Ranch. Fans have liked the Miller brothers so much I decided we couldn’t give them up just yet! This new series is all about their cousins in Texas who own a Texan ranching empire. This series will take you on a journey with six handsome brothers who end up helping their father realize there’s more to ranching than just a profit. Each book is 60,000 sweet words long! Download a Miller Brothers of Texas novel today and come on this sweet cowboy journey with me! Also, download the novella length Miller Brothers of Texas Prologue for FREE! Visit to find out how. More of Natalie’s Well-Loved Contemporary Westerns! Brothers of Miller Ranch Series Her Second Chance Cowboy, Book One Saving Her Cowboy, Book Two Her Rival Cowboy, Book Three Her Fake Fiance Cowboy Protector, Book Four Taming Her Cowboy Billionaire, Book Five

Cowgirl Fallin' for the Single Dad

Natalie Dean - 2020
    He’s a doctor with a painful past.Headstrong cowgirl Charity Miller is the eldest of five children in a million-dollar ranching family. She had dreams, once… before a betrayal left her heartbroken. Now she’s convinced herself she doesn’t need anything other than taking care of the ranch and her siblings.Until she meets the new doctor in town.Alejandro Lumis has been told he has everything. Looks, money, a prestigious position in a hectic medical practice in San Diego. But after his wife passed away, he feels like he has nothing, barely alive other than when he’s with the light of his life, his ten-year-old daughter. So when he’s given the opportunity to take over a small-town medical practice in New Mexico, he leaps at the chance.Is this the new start he needs?When Charity and Alejandro meet, they both try to deny their attraction. Can they face the past head-on and help each other through the pain? Or will fear stop them from another chance at love…

The Crocketts': Western Saga Two

Robert Vaughan - 2020

Hopeful Cowboy

Elana Johnson - 2020
    Dealing with grief over his brother's death and continued guilt for his role in the embezzlement scheme that landed him in jail, Nate has one more problem. He's never been a father and has no idea how to take care of Connor.Make that two problems: He's released, but only to the care of Hope Eternal Ranch, a work-parole ranch run by the beautiful and smart Ginger Talbot. He's never been a cowboy, and he's got no room in his life for a woman.Ginger has dealt with plenty of men like Nate, even if the sparks between them don't just come from his background. She's not falling for a handsome face and a nice pair of biceps again. After all, most prisoners have plenty of time to work out.But there's something different about Nate that calls to her softer side, if only she'd let him in. If only she knew how to let anyone in... But Ginger is jaded for good reason, and she's not going to risk losing Hope Eternal Ranch—or her heart—again.Can Ginger and Nate find their happily-ever-after, keep up their duties on the ranch, and build a family? Or will the risk be too great for them both?


Ed Brubaker - 2020
    But will Max be able to do the same when pursued by bank robbers, Nazi spies, and enemies from his past?One part thriller, one part meditation on a life of violence, PULP is unlike anything award-winning BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS have ever done before. This celebration of pulp fiction set in a world on the brink is another must-have hardcover from one of comics' most acclaimed teams.

The Fixer

C. Wayne Winkle - 2020
    But when Wiley Kingston stole his appaloosa, shot his old dog, and tried to kill him, he soon found he didn’t have a choice. After he killed Wiley, his father Ben sent men to kill Frank. They cornered him in the mountains; too bad for them.

Cowboy Creed

Rhonda Lee Carver - 2020
    For Mindy and Creed the flame remains.Newly divorced and empty nester, Mindy Sage, decided that her hometown might be the perfect place to reinvent herself, or at least find the wild and carefree girl she used to be before she moved away.She’s craving small town comfort, but the problem is, in Cooper’s Hawk, everyone knows everyone. Secrets can feel as tall and wide as the Montana mountains that backdrop the friendly, picturesque town where she’d left her heart in the hands of a handsome cowboy nineteen years ago.Search and Rescue team member, Creed Hawke, understood more than anyone what saving a life meant, but who would save him from the one woman he’d never gotten over? He’d moved on—or at least he thought he had until those old emotions come tumbling back with the vengeance of a forest fire. He’s reminded of how much he’d loved Mindy, wanted her, swore to marry her. Why couldn’t he forget her? Resist her? Deny her his heart?Because he’d fallen for her at ten and never came back up for air.How can he forgive her for stealing his daughter from him? Is love stronger than the mistakes they’ve made? Or are they doomed before they find forever?

Sun Over The Mountains

Duane Boehm - 2020

A Desperate Bride For A Gloomy Sheriff

Evelyn Boyett - 2020
    Despite her disappointment, she decides to make the best of the situation. That’s what she’s been taught to do.Sully always wanted to be a sheriff. When the old sheriff in Deep Well retired, he ran for sheriff and was elected by a landslide. Despite his bravery, he feels gloomy and insecure.He was in love once but, he wasn’t brave enough to tell her. After she married someone else, he had to find a mail order bride to alleviate the wound.But then he discovers that once he starts having real feelings for Geneva, the exact same issues are coming up. Will he be brave enough to tell her and risk having her break his heart? If he doesn't, they’ll never be able to have the deep and truly loving relationship that they both long for.

Montana Westward Brides Box Set #1-4

Amelia Rose - 2020
    Desperate for her marriage to Dr. Sam Slater to finally bring her the good fortune she longs for, Lucy’s fears are confirmed when a tragic death clouds her journey to meet him. Just one look at the dashing doctor’s face, and Lucy knew their marriage was the right choice. But Lucy is devastated when their first picnic together ends with the discovery of Sam’s shepherd’s dead body. Her luck turns from bad to worse when she starts receiving anonymous threats: someone is trying to force them from the land. But who? Will Lucy’s love for Sam be enough to get them through the storm, or is she really destined for a life of misfortune and tragedy?◆◆◆Martha Walters has left the brothel behind her, but a new marriage seems to be her only way out. Desperate to find a suitable husband, Matha meets an older man: a handsome cattle rancher 10 years her senior.Gray Jenkins is certain he’s too old to attract a wife, but the gentle farmer tries his luck with a mail-order bride. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine someone as beautiful and charming as Martha would be interested in him.Martha falls head over heels for the wisecracking farmer, but she has a secret. The new life growing inside her and a dark enemy from her past threaten their one shot at happiness. Can Martha and Gray triumph over Martha’s past and the menace that follows her? Will they finally get their chance at true love?◆◆◆With his poor literacy and lack of formal education, ranch hand Eddie Murtaugh believes he’s destined for a life of loneliness. But when his friend helps him attract the attention of a mail-order bride, his luck begins to change.Fiona Wilkins is eager to leave her life in high society behind her and embark on an adventure on the frontier. She secretly replies to Eddie’s listing, but her father has other plans for her: she is to be auctioned off to a man she detests. Desperate to escape her parents and a future of certain unhappiness, Fiona escapes to Montana during the night.But her carriage is hijacked, and Eddie’s anxiety turns to dread when he hears that the woman of his dreams has been taken hostage. Can Eddie and Fiona escape fate’s plans for them and secure a life of love and happiness together? Only time will tell.◆◆◆Sheriff Josh Ryder is lonely, and longs for nothing more than someone to come home to after a long day. He has no shortage of replies to his listing for a mail-order bride, but can he really trust that it’s him that they want, or do they simply dream of being married to a notorious man of the law? There’s one beauty he can’t resist though: Emily Middleton.Her high society dreams shattered by her father’s bankruptcy, Emily looks for love in the West, and when she finally meets the sheriff, she’s certain she can get her life back on track. But Emily wants more than he can give her, and despite his charm and rugged good looks, she’s worried that her fresh start might not be the future she dreamed of. Is marriage truly on the cards for this fiery couple? Can they see past their forceful personalities to find the love between them?◆◆◆Four brides on four inspirational quests towards a future of freedom and love. But can they outwit their pasts? Is true love really within their grasp?In Montana Westward Brides: Book 1-4, you’ll find four captivating tales of love, danger, and destiny. Lose yourself in the lives of four passionate heroines as they each embark on the journey of a lifetime.To immerse yourself in four gripping tales of love and ambition, click “Buy Now” to see where your passions lead you.

Lou Prophet: The Complete Series, Volume 1

Peter Brandvold - 2020
    Lou Prophet's life as a bounty hunter has taught him one rule: You don't stop riding till the job is finished. Prophet is repeatedly caught in bloody crossfires and he is determined to show the outlaws that justice doesn’t always wear a badge. Join the bounty hunter as he searches for a gorgeous showgirl, chases down a brutal gang, protects his partner at all costs, escorts a Russian noblewoman on an Arizona trail and captures stage-robbers! “A storyteller who knows the West.”—Bill Brooks Lou Prophet: The Complete Series, Volume 1 includes – The Devil and Lou Prophet, Riding With the Devil's Mistress, The Devil Gets His Due, Staring Down the Devil, and The Devil's Lair.

Wade Garrison The Last Ride

Richard Greene - 2020

The Crockett's: Western Saga 1

Robert Vaughan - 2020
    During the Civil War, they sought justice outside of the law, paying back every Yankee raid with one of their own. No man could stop them… no woman could resist them… and no Yankee stood a chance when Win and Joe Coulter rode into town. After their parents are murdered by a band of marauding Yankees, Win and Joe Coulter join William Quantrill and his gang of bloodthirsty raiders to seek revenge on the attackers. Someone’s about to mess with the Crocketts, and that means someone’s about to be messed with back. Win and Joe don’t like getting shot at, especially by varmints who don’t have skill enough to kill them. The Crocketts: Western Saga 1 includes: Trail of Vengeance, Slaughter in Texas, Law of the Rope and The Town That Wouldn't Die.

Silver-Tongued Devil

Lorelei James - 2020
    This standalone historical romance is a prequel to the McKay family saga.The West doesn’t get much wilder than Silas McKay. He’s earned his cowboy reputation not just as a rancher, but as a brawling card sharp who’s short on cash but long on charm. And just as soon as he claps eyes on the pretty new schoolteacher? Well, Dinah Thompson is about to discover what courtin’s like McKay-style—sweet, hot and passionate.Luckily, Dinah’s got the sass and sense to stand up to Silas’s shenanigans. She relocated to rural Wyoming to teach and become a self-reliant woman, not to spend her nights dreaming about that blue-eyed rogue and his ranchwork honed-body. But Silas McKay’s powerful appeal and tempting promises convince Dinah to recklessly go all in with him.When Silas’s long-standing rivalry with Zeke West puts Dinah, Silas and his twin brother Jonas in danger, each one is forced to make difficult decisions about taking a chance to build their legacy . . . and a love that transcends time.

Ever Caring (Family Promises Book 1)

Carolyne Aarsen - 2020
     She gave up her baby. Can these troubled souls find true love beneath their secrets? Attorney Zach Truscott is ready for a fresh start with his grief-stricken daughter. After the widower and his eight-year-old move to a new town, he hopes creating a commemorative photo album will help ease the girl’s suffering. But when she makes fast friends with the scrapbook shop owner who is helping her with the album, Zach is stunned to find himself attracted to the kind woman. Renee Albertson is guilt-ridden over the accident that crippled her mother and forced her to give up her newborn for adoption. Desperate to sell everything to finance her mom’s experimental treatment, Renee’s torn when a handsome dad and his melancholy daughter come to her store for help. And as the grieving pair find their way into her heart, she wonders if she’ll ever have the family of her dreams. As the attraction between them deepens, Zach is wary of revealing his less-than-perfect marriage that lies behind the idyllic photos. And Renee fears that divulging her tragic secret will destroy any hope for a future with Zach. Can Renee and Zach let go of their obstacles and create a beautiful new life together? Ever Caring is the first book in the Family Promises sweet romance series. If you like heartwarming stories, struggling heroes, and journeys of self-healing, then you’ll love Carolyne Aarsen’s romantic saga.

Scarred Mail-Order Bride and the Widower

Amelia Rose - 2020
    Desperate for a brighter future, she responds to a mail order bride ad, and soon the Deputy of Daisy Creek is her shimmer of light in the darkness.Deputy Bill Paulson knows grief too. When his wife died in childbirth, he thought he would never find happiness again. Encouraged by his sister, Bill finally begins his search for a wife: he knows his children need a mother, and Jill’s letters are a beacon of hope.Jill finally makes the journey to Daisy Creek to meet the deputy. With her anxiety about her scars and Bill’s grief about his wife, their union is a gamble for both of them, and they’re surprised by their instant connection.But no matter how strong a bond, sometimes reality is hell-bent on testing it, and events soon show that the pair’s trials aren’t over. With a crisis that triggers each of their worst fears, the couple is thrown into turmoil.But they have one thing they didn’t have before: each other. Could it be that this is enough to get them through?Scarred Mail Order Bride and the Widower is a heart wrenching story of two lost souls determined to find love and correct the course of their future.

Lou Prophet: The Complete Western Series, Volume 2

Peter Brandvold - 2020
    Lou Prophet’s pretty pistol-packing partner, Louisa Bonaventure also known as the Vengeance Queen, has his back—and dare he say it, part of his heart. Louisa Bonaventure’s family was slaughtered by the Three of a Kind Gang. Now, Louisa wants vengeance and bounty hunter Lou Prophet will stop at nothing to make sure she gets it. The two bounty hunters find themselves in endless amounts of trouble. From escaping death in Helldorado, escorting a killer to be hanged, riding the brutal Mexican frontier chasing outlaws, to hunting the seven nightriders – Lou Prophet prays that these pursuits end with him on the right end of a smoking pistol... "Takes off like a shot, never giving the reader a chance to set the book down." — Douglas Hirt Lou Prophet: The Complete Series, Volume 2 includes – The Graves at Seven Devils, Helldorado, The Devil's Winchester, The Devil's Laughter and The Devil's Ambush.

Seven Sons Ranch: Three Sweet Contemporary Western Romances (Seven Sons Ranch in Three Rivers Boxed Set Book 1)

Liz Isaacson - 2020

Spurr Morgan: A Western Double

Peter Brandvold - 2020
    Spurr has his sights set on Clell Stanhope‚ the notorious leader of a gang called the Vultures. Not only has Clell lured every last tin star into his bloody trap‚ but he's littered his trail with dozens of innocents. Spurr thinks he may be the last man standing -- until a half-breed by the name of Yakima Henry offers his services.Spurr Morgan: A Western Double includes – The Last Lawman and The Old Wolves.

Rogue Lawman: The Complete Series, Volume 1

Peter Brandvold - 2020
    Known as the Rogue Lawman, he serves his own brand of justice by carving his way through the West, leaving fallen criminals in his wake…When "Three Fingers" Ned Meade kills his ten-year-old son, which results in his wife's suicide, Gideon Hawk, once a lawman of principle, embarks on a mission of vengeance against Meade--one that will make him a wanted man. Rogue Lawman: The Complete Series, Volume 1 includes: Rogue Lawman; Deadly Prey; Cold Corpse, Hot Trail; Bullets over Bedlam and Border Snakes. “Action-packed…for fans of traditional westerns.”—Booklist

Pioneer Dream

Ramona Flightner - 2020
    Instead, he is convinced only hard work, dedication to family, and self-sacrifice will bring contentment. When he meets Aileen O’Keefe on the steamboat trip from Saint Louis to Fort Benton, Montana Territory, his world is turned upside down as quickly as she nearly tumbles into the Missouri River. After spending only a few moments in her company, he knows his life will never be the same. Although warned to guard his heart, he is drawn to Aileen, enthralled by her joy and the future he envisions with her. Aileen O’Keefe knows she is not the sort of woman to captivate handsome Kevin O’Rourke. Charmed by his attentiveness, she is unable to hide her mutual attraction to him, although she knows it is disastrous. For Aileen has a secret. One that will forever separate them. Due to a bargain made by her aunt, their time on the steamboat must be all they can ever share. Upon arriving in Fort Benton, Kevin discovers that ghosts can return from the dead, love can endure years of hardship, and that his hope for a future with the woman he loves is worth every sacrifice. Aileen must adjust to the rough frontier town as she reconciles herself to the betrayal of one who she had trusted. She must learn to believe in herself so that she can have the confidence to have faith in Kevin’s love. Can Kevin convince Aileen to trust in the strength of their love or will Aileen turn to another for the fulfillment of her dreams? Discover the O’Rourke Family Montana Saga set in the frontier town of Fort, Benton, Montana Territory! Follow as each sibling forgives childhood heartbreak, discovers love, and finds their happily ever after! The O’Rourke Family Montana Saga Pioneer Dream Pioneer Desire –Coming April 2020 Pioneer Yearning –Coming May 2020 Pioneer Longing—Coming Soon! Pioneer Bliss—Coming Soon!

Best Friend's Sister At The Cowboy Billionaire Ranch

Hanna Hart - 2020
    That is until Penny showed up in Pine Springs. His best friend’s sister captivates him more than he’d thought possible and she’s definitely off limits.And to make her even more intriguing, Penny is hiding something…Penny’s painful past has followed her to Pine Springs. Her ex-husband has moved back into town. He wants her back, but there’s a problem, she only has eyes for Blake. Penny is now stuck between her hurtful past and her forbidden future.Blake wants the only thing she cant give him. More children. And Penny wants something that could be even harder to get - Her brother’s acceptance. Their love is forbidden and ridden with secrets, but could destiny assist them in their happily ever after?

Trouble on the Western Plains: A Western Adventure (A Nathan Gage Novel Book 1)

C. Wayne Winkle - 2020

Impressing Her Billionaire Cowboy Boss

April Murdock - 2020
    The son his mother is counting on. The one who has to do it all. But he’s a rancher at heart. A cowboy. Spending his days in a corporate office isn’t for him. In fact, the thought that most every day from now on will be spent indoors is depressing.Annie Shipley has worked hard for her credentials. She knows how a ranch should be run – because of her education and her experience. Getting a job at Bolton Farms is the break she hopes will point her career in the upward direction she’s dreamed about for years.When she makes a bold and unsolicited suggestion that brings laughter from the strong male personalities in the board room, she’s sure she’ll be fired. Walking out of the room and away from the decidedly handsome CEO, she wants to melt into the floor. Easy come, easy go.But just as she’s putting the embarrassment behind her, Annie gets a proposal she never expected. As Chad drops the opportunity of a lifetime into her lap, he crosses his fingers she’ll accept. He needs someone like her, in more ways than one.Managing the team to make the changes she’d proposed is going to be a huge challenge. Fully qualified to run the project to bring it through to success is one thing. Being equipped to work hand in hand, day in and day out, with her boss is another. It’s inappropriate for her heart to race when her boss is near no matter how drop dead gorgeous he is. Isn’t it?Getting his ranch on track is what Chad’s working toward. Is it selfish for him to depend on Annie to help him get there? Is there too much going on in their careers to allow them to notice they’re falling in love?

The Sheriff 2 (Sheriff Duke)

M.R. Forbes - 2020

The Christmas Journey

Emma Ashwood - 2020
    With her eighteenth birthday looming it was only a matter of time before she was turned out to find her own way. Violet wasn’t afraid of starting a life on her own, but she was afraid of leaving Anne behind, the seven-year-old girl who had become like a sister to her.Mark Hearn wants a wife. He is looking for someone with whom to share his life, someone with whom he can find true love. He didn’t imagine that the Matrimonial Times held the answer, but he soon realizes that Violet is the woman of his dreams. When she arrives in Snow Falls with two children, Mark doubts if he can trust a liar to share his life and his ranch.Violet is grateful that Mark believes her lie that Anne is her sister but knows asking him to take in the foundling discovered during her journey would be asking too much. How can she be happy about finding the man of her dreams when that means sending the baby to an orphanage, to the same life from which she had just helped Anne escape? It seemed that Christmas wouldn't be filled with cheer after all.Will Mark open his heart to more than just Violet? Will Violet find her miracle this Christmas? Find out now in this sweet mail order bride romance. Be swept into an unforgettable journey of unexpected challenges and be thrilled to find out that love can conquer all.

Escape to Exile

B.N. Rundell - 2020
    One man from prominent social standing, the other with a life of practical experience, are soon joined in life building adventures.That journey would be fraught with danger, excitement, and adventure as they face bounty hunters, renegade Shawnee and Delaware Indians, and river pirates. The odds are stacked against the two young men that were lacking in worldly wisdom when it came to life on the frontier. But that reservoir of experience would soon be overflowing with first-hand involvement in happenings that even young dreamers could never imagine.

Rancho Diablo Western Series Omnibus

Mel Odom - 2020
    Now Sam is putting down roots with his wife and daughter, and no amount of evil can stand in the way.Secure in their out-of-the-way stronghold, the proprietors of the criminal enterprises never planned on a man like Sam Blaylock—a man who would face the Devil himself to balance the scales. Sam never backed down from a bad situation.Rancho Diablo Western Series: Omnibus includes – Shooter's Cross, Hell On Wheels, The Hold Up, The Matamoros Bull, The Armadillo's Hole Saloon and Shooter York.

The Rancher takes his Convenient Bride: a Sweet Marriage of Convenience Western Romance

Shanae Johnson - 2020
    He’s got just 90 days to break ground, construct, and open the elite forces training camp he and his men have been planning since they left the military. The problem is his camp, which is on the grounds of the Purple Heart Ranch, needs access to the adjoining creek for their training exercises. Luckily, the stunning female rancher who owns that piece of land is willing to make a deal. Cattle rancher Brenda Vance is shedding ranch hands who can’t stand working for a woman. But she’s also bleeding money as she modernizes her property. To cover the debt of the technological advances, she agrees to sell the creek to Keaton. But the only way to cut through the red tape and transfer the land quickly enough to meet his 90 day deadline is to get married. Their iron-clad prenup protects her assets, but what will protect her heart? As Keaton and his unit of Army Rangers work the land with no problem taking orders from a woman, Brenda has dangerous dreams of this marriage lasting longer than the red tape requires. Dating isn’t on Keaton’s to do list, but a woman like Brenda makes him want to move love to the top of his priorities. Will these two stick to the deal and go their separate ways once the camp is up and running? Or will they change their plans and make this marriage of convenience last?


Glynn Stewart - 2020
    He has grown up on the ranch of his mother’s new husband, nursing the skills of a cowboy and the anger of a betrayed child.When one of the demigod-like Spehari walks into his bar, Teer gives in to a pointless moment of anger—opening fire on one of the rulers of the Unity!Sentenced to hang for his crime, Teer’s life hangs by the slimmest of threads: the mercy and secrets of the very immortal he tried to kill…

Remembering the Cowboy

Mandi Blake - 2020
    She just can’t remember what it is.Camille Vanderbilt is headed back home to Wyoming with one goal: find her old best friend and give him a piece of her mind for ghosting her six years ago. She won’t let anyone stand in her way… until a deer runs into the road and causes her to wreck and forget almost everything. Noah Harding lives a simple life as a firefighter and rancher until Camille crashes back into his life. When a call at the fire station sends him to save his old best friend’s life, he thinks he might get a second chance until her influential stepdad gives a reminder that his old threats still stand. When Camille runs into Noah in town, she knows he’s important to her, but her memories are still fuzzy. Noah is hesitant to get close to her when it means having to sacrifice everything to be with her. She thinks it’s a new beginning, but he knows it shouldn’t have ever ended. When the threats are carried out, who will be left hurting at Blackwater Ranch?Remembering the Cowboy is the first book in the Christian Blackwater Ranch series.

Cowboy Billionaires At Brookside Ranch

Hanna Hart - 2020
    The Brookside Ranch brothers get their HEAs against all odds. Second chances, fake marriages, secret babies, country stars, blind dates, next-door neighbors... This series has got it all!A Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend’s SecretA secret could tear apart a cowboy billionaire from his old best friend.Rachel Piers is a complete wreck after being cheated on by her ex, so she seeks the comfort at her best friend’s ranch in Wyoming.The only problem? Her best friend is also her ex-fiancée’s brother.Family secrets, past traumas, and their complicated friendship might come in the way of them getting their happily ever after.A Blind Date With Her Cowboy Billionaire BossThe last thing this cowboy billionaire and his nanny wanted… was love.Shelby Peters took the job so she could cope with the loss of her own child. Falling in love with a single dad while taking care of his two children was not part of the plan. Sparks fly when a mutual friend sets them up on a blind date and they realize just how good they might be together. But will secrets come in the way of them building something together?A Cowboy Billionaire Country Star Fake MarriageCountry superstar Phoenix Brooks is a bad boy with a billion dollars. He moved his entire life to a ranch once a scandal erupted, and he knew that a girl like Miranda could help him fix things. Miranda’s life was in shambles and she desperately needed the money that Phoenix could pay her. It was a match made in heaven… or not..A Cowboy Billionaire Secret BabyCowboy billionaire Bennett Brooks finds his ex-girlfriend and a secret when he returns home to Texas. He was only visiting to attend his best friend’s wedding. Nothing more, nothing less. But his heart skipped a beat when he saw the girl he hadn’t met in years – June Harman. She was a single mom and the timing was bad. But her secret was way worse than the timing. What would happen once Bennett found out that June’s little girl was, in fact, his daughter.A Nanny For The Cowboy BillionairePaige Ramsay shouldn’t have accepted the job as a live-in nanny. She’s ready to get married and start a family but her heart is now set on her new boss. It’s impossible for her to not fall for Jett Brooks, a cowboy billionaire with an adorable little son. The only problem is that he lost his wife in a tragic accident and isn’t ready to open up his heart yet. Should Paige keep her feelings to herself or risk having her heart broken?A Next Door Neighbor For The Cowboy BillionaireCowboy billionaire, Jaxson Brooks, never expected his next door neighbor to be his adopted son’s mother. Madelyn Woodward gave him up after she was diagnosed with a serious illness. Jaxson struggles with running his billion-dollar ranch while raising his son, and he never expected his drop-dead gorgeous neighbor to be a perfect babysitter. He started falling for her hard and fast but the mountain of secrets might just destroy everything first.

Return to Willow Falls (Matt Bannister Western Book 7)

Ken Pratt - 2020
    MARSHAL MATT BANNISTER COMES FACE TO FACE WITH HIS PAINFUL PAST.U.S. Marshal Matt Bannister’s bitter side comes out when his father, Floyd Bannister, comes to town unexpectedly. He wants nothing to do with his father and makes his thoughts known. Floyd, though heartbroken, agrees to leave Matt alone.Matt is dealing with the murder of two Chinese immigrants and the brutal scourging of a third. When he finds the men responsible, and makes an arrest, he is faced with a turning tide as those who dislike him twist the truth and turn the mining community against him with destructive consequences.Tiffany Foster, who Matt brought back from Prairieville, tells her friend Gabriel Smith, that Matt is his real father. Gabriel confronts his parents and then runs away to Branson to confront Matt. Matt is caught off guard but learns a great lesson, that he and his father have more in common than he realized… Sometimes, you must have the chimney swept clean of its past fires before you can start a new flame confidently…

Billionaire Cowboy's Runaway Bride

Hope Moore - 2020
    He’s a confirmed bachelor, she’s a runaway bride who needs his help.After confirmed bachelor, Cole Tanner catches the garter at his friend’s wedding he finds a dazed and confused runaway bride limping along the back roads of his hometown of True Love, Texas and stops to help.Tulip Jones obviously can’t say no to public marriage proposals—this is her second time to be a runaway bride! She needs help in more ways than one—can Cole teach her how to become a confirmed bachelorette and learn to say no?They’re a perfect match until love gets in the way!The billionaire bachelors of True Love, Texas are about to meet their matches...

The Rescued Bride's Savior

Amelia Rose - 2020
    She’s desperate to escape hers. When the stagecoach delivers his wife-to-be, will he win her wounded heart? Mathew Jenkins feels isolated on his remote, rural ranch. Though he longs for a family, women in mining country are scarcer than gold nuggets. So he’s delighted by the dapper response to his mail-order bride ad from a comely Virginian lady.Jenny Phillips’ good name was ruined by her father’s stupidity. Forced into hiding with her ma, she’s desperate to put her pa’s stained reputation behind. But when her domineering uncle tries to sell her to the highest bidder, she flees by answering a lonely Montana man’s classified…Upon meeting the Virginia rose, Mathew falls hard and offers to help her get settled. And though Jenny finds herself attracted to the kindhearted cattle farmer, she fears a marriage amid deadly conflict between miners and natives could spoil their chance at happiness.Can the couple survive a bumpy trail to love and begin a new life together?The Rescued Brides Savior is the first book in the charming Bear Creek Brides historical western romance series. If you like sweet relationships, frontier tensions, and action-packed pages, then you’ll adore Amelia Rose’s engaging tale. Buy The Rescued Brides Savior to ride up to the altar today!

The Marked Orphan Bride and a Baby for the Brave Sheriff (Love Against the Odds Book 1)

Indiana Wake - 2020

The Indian Bride and the One-Legged Hero (Love Against the Odds Book 3)

Indiana Wake - 2020

Bear Creek Brides #1-4

Amelia Rose - 2020
    Jenny Philips needs to escape her domineering uncle who’s trying to sell her to the highest bidder.A mail-order bride ad brings these two tortured souls together. Upon meeting the Virginia rose, Mathew falls hard and offers to help her get settled.Although Jenny finds herself attracted to the kindhearted cattle farmer, she fears that a marriage amid deadly conflict between miners and natives could spoil their chance at happiness.Can the couple survive a bumpy trail to love and begin a new life together?Sheriff Jacob Benning dreams of only one thing: being a father. After placing a mail-order bride ad, an accident ruins his handwriting and with it, a chance to meet an educated lady.He believes his dream of fatherhood is over.But Rosa Casey, a woman battling anxiety and low self-esteem, finds the sheriff’s bad handwriting charming. For the first time in her life, she swallows her fears, packs her bags, and takes a leap into the unknown.In the small Montana town, Jacob and Rosa begin to build a life. But dangers of the frontier lure at every corner, threatening to destroy a relationship that has just started to blossom.Will Jacob and Rosa survive the dusty dangers to live happily ever after?Dan Mavis, a schoolteacher in the small town of Bear Creek, Montana, believes the only way he’ll finally marry is if he mail-orders a wife. His elegant female colleague, Phoebe James, strongly disagrees.After having her heart broken one too many times, Phoebe finds herself falling for a handsome educator, a man strikingly different from those who’ve previously courted her.Just as Dan starts noticing the beautiful assistant and things start heating up between them, Dan’s advertisement reaches a woman keen to take up his offer.Dan’s mail-order bride shows up at the worst moment, ready to break the starry-eyed couple apart.Will this dramatic interruption ruin Dan and Phoebe’s best chance for a happily-ever-after?When Edward James settled in Bear Creek to manage the mines, he didn’t plan on falling in love. Since the moment he met Morning Sun, his world has been turned upside down and he wants nothing more than to worship the Sioux beauty and be a devoted husband.But the call of the tribe is strong.Morning Sun loves Edward with all her heart, but her loyalty lies with her tribe.Can she really ask Edward to give up his life to live with the Sioux? Does Edward love her enough to leave behind the life he built?As doubts and fears plague the couple’s minds, the US military plans to banish the Sioux to a reservation, taking Morning Sun away from Edward forever.If they run away together, they can save their love, but what will become of the tribe?Can their love survive the harshest of tests?In Bear Creek Brides: Books 1-4, you’ll find four exhilarating stories of how one brave act of venturing into the unknown can change your destiny.

The Sheriff

M.R. Forbes - 2020
    Some call him lawman. Some call him madman. Some call him vigilante. Some call him killer. Some call him legend. They all call him Sheriff...This is his story.

Mail Order Sarah

Charlotte Dearing - 2020
    In a single reckless moment, Noah goes from a gruff loner to a protective father of six.The rugged cowboy has things figured out. Mostly. The only thing missing is a mama for his boys. What he needs is a sturdy woman who can provide big, hearty meals and offer the boys a kind word or two. They haven’t ever known a mother’s gentle care.A mail-order wife of convenience, one who can cook, would suit him and the boys just fine.Sarah Becker never imagined she had a sister in Texas.Orphaned at eight, Sarah was adopted by a kindly couple. They treated her well, but always made their feelings clear; Sarah was not their kin.When Sarah learns of a long-lost sister, her world is upended. She yearns for more than her work in a fancy candy shop. While she has plenty of admirers, she longs to find the sister she’s never met.She spends all her savings to travel from California to Boston, hoping to somehow find her sister. Only to learn that Abigail has gone to Texas.There is only one way to afford costly passage to Texas.And for that, she must become a mail-order bride.

The Cowboy and His Runaway

Kaci Rose - 2020
    The sexy cowboy who'd found me hiding in his barn. A series of disastrous events led me to...him. He and his family took me in, protected me, and gave me the life I always wanted. But at what cost?BlazeI didn't expect to find the beautiful blonde in my barn that morning. Or the intense rage I'd feel after seeing her bruises. At that moment she became mine. Mine to take care of. Mine to spoil. Mine to protect from anyone who intended her harm. Anyone.Come meet the small town of Rock Springs Texas with a family that has your back, a town that knows your business, and men who love with everything they have.There is plenty of horses, nights under the stars, sweet tea, and a few road trips!Get ready for some HOT Texas Nights!Warning:This is a cowboy romance with a sexy cowboy and a strong woman who have a lot of heat! This sexy full-length romance. Complete with a happy ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!This book may have some trigger points centering around abuse and what makes these characters strong and protective and justice is always served!Readers 18+, please.

The Widow and the One-Armed Miner (Love Against the Odds Book 2)

Indiana Wake - 2020

Mike Stone: Texas Ranger

Patrick Lindsay - 2020
    He meets a beautiful girl, then finds out they have jointly inherited a property near Austin.Surprising obstacles stand in Stone’s way as he settles into his new life in a new land.

Under Colorado Skies

Milan Watson - 2020
    Under Colorado Skies includes the first 3 books in the Colorado Crazy Series. Although each book can be read alone, read them in sequence for a better reader experience. Sunsets in Colorado Lewis fled from her country roots, but now she’s back. If it’s up to the handsome cowboy, she won’t ever leave again. Enjoy a whirlwind romance as Lewis deals with the demons of her past. Whispers in Colorado Jasmine is a New York designer, but being back in White Horse Creek brings back all the memories she wants to forget. Will this ice queen drop her armor of frost long enough to let in the handsome vet? Midnights in Colorado Lisa is bold and vivacious. Sam is a straight-laced traditional cowboy. What happens when they fall in love? Can this hairdresser steal her cowboy’s heart and keep it?The Colorado Crazy series are ranch romances guaranteed to tease your senses and make you dream of cowboys again.

Romancing the Wilderness

Dorothy Wiley - 2020
    The set includes Wilderness Trail of Love, New Frontier of Love, and Whispering Hills of Love, more than 900 pages of heroes, suspense, and tender romance. Set in 1797, these frontier stories seamlessly blend breathtaking action with family, friendship, and laughter. Wilderness Trail of Love — Dreaming of building a better life, Stephen and Jane set out across the American frontier in search of a place to call home. But as they bravely plunge through the unexplored formidable wilderness, will their love be as strong as their courage? A robust blend of adventure and action, heartache and humor, with romance and passion, this riveting tale breaches the walls of time, bringing readers to a young America, where romance and danger are as powerful as the wilderness.New Frontier of Love — A pulse-pounding page-turner set on America's romantic frontier! Captain Sam Wyllie lost too much in the Revolutionary War, and he's determined to safeguard his heart. When he meets widowed Catherine Adams, Sam commits himself to protecting her from the dangers of frontier life—but can he protect himself from the dangers of love? The Revolutionary War left Sam battle-hardened. His courageous but cold heart defies danger—and love. His only fear is love. He is determined to make a fresh start with his brothers, not Catherine, in the far West, the new state of Kentucky. But drawn to Sam's keen intelligence, harsh masculinity, and rugged warrior façade, Catherine decides the west holds a chance for real love.Whispering Hills of Love — After years of pain, Kelly leaves her remote home in the Virginia mountains for the Kentucky wilderness. But as she confronts the uncertainties of the frontier, she finds her feelings for handsome sheriff William growing stronger and more complicated. William keeps his attraction to Kelly hidden, to give her time to heal and to become the strong woman he knows she can be. As the brave sheriff of Boonesborough, on the very edge of the wilderness, William knows how to challenge difficulties head-on. But Kelly’s heart-rending problems mount with frightening speed as harrowing forces confront her. William seeks to protect Kelly from further trauma, but he also helps her learn to find strength from within. To do that, she must confront the hardest person to be honest with—herself.

Heart of a Cowboy

Debra Clopton - 2020
    Now, Kurt’s bought a ranch and is determined to expand it so his brothers will have a legacy that has nothing to do with the legacy of their past. Finding a wife is not on his to-do list.But he wasn’t counting on sassy Mandy Brown coming to town with her undeniable charm and determination to go for her rodeo dreams.Now he’s got her on his mind and if the Mule Hollow matchmakers have their way he’ll soon have her on his heart.

Mail Order Abigail

Charlotte Dearing - 2020
     Next, she’s duped into boarding a Texas-bound ship. When she arrives in Texas, she discovers Mr. Walker has been hoodwinked, as well. The tall, handsome rancher is furious when he discovers the deception, and vows to send Abigail home as soon as the next ship sets sail. Abigail is certain that she doesn’t belong in Texas. Boston has always been home. But as the weeks pass, Mr. Walker’s anger softens. He makes a startling confession – he’s read her letters a hundred times, or more. His lingering gaze, his gentle banter and slow tender smile play upon her heart. She resists the gruff cowboy’s charms. Barely. But how can she not love his nephew, an orphaned infant? As the day of departure looms, the small, motherless baby might unravel the last of her fragile defenses. Abigail dares to hope… that home is where the heart is.

Mail Order Ruth

Charlotte Dearing - 2020
    Worse, her fiancé is a rogue and probably a thief. With nothing more than her wits, she must fend for herself and the baby.Her only hope lies with Gideon, a gruff but charming cowboy. The tall, gallant Texan offers Ruth safety, a haven for her and the baby.Gideon set out to find his stolen money. Instead he finds a mail order bride, two ragged orphans and a basket of striped kittens.Gideon’s looking for a thief. The crook’s missing, but Gideon meets his fiancée, a lovely blue-eyed beauty. Ruth’s sassy and plenty exasperating. She cares for a tiny baby, and the two stir a protective instinct inside him. Before he knows it, he’s got more trouble than he can shake a stick at.Ruth says she knows nothing about the stolen money. But is the girl as innocent as she claims?

The Second Sight Bride

Emma Ashwood - 2020

Blood on the Lance: Crow Killer Series - Book 5

Alfred Dennis - 2020

Mail Order Bride - Selene (A Bride for the Lonely Soldier Book 2)

Indiana Wake - 2020

U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson - A Bit Of Crooked Law: Tales of the Old West Book 91

Paul L. Thompson - 2020

Trigger Finger: A Western Adventure

Mike Mackessy - 2020
    After witnessing his men executed by Yankee Blue Coats Captain Ash sets out for revenge. The trail leads him to Texas. There he runs afoul of a ruthless gang. Left for dead, buried up to his neck, abandoned, a squad of Texas Rangers find him. The Gang's leader Rio leaves Ash with a memento. He shoots off his right-hand trigger finger. After months spent in the east recovering, he resumes the hunt. In his right-hand holster, he now carries a sawed off 12-gage shotgun. Ash rides with the Rangers and guides for the US Cavalry on a disastrous mission against Comanche Indians. Branded a hot-head Ash begins bounty hunting. No matter what meets him he faces it and overpowers it. Ash extends understanding to those he deems worthy. However, he is still flesh and blood. Ash suffers through bullet and knife wounds, attacks on his name and reputation, and usually comes out ahead. The one constant is he never gives up.

Cross her Heart

Jo Noelle - 2020
    The last thing she wants is to fall in love with a cowboy. Oops!Ida Turner was supposed to pass along her father’s directions to the trail boss. Instead, she packs her wagon with silk dresses and joins the cattle drive up the Chisholm Trail from Windward, Texas, to the railhead in Kansas. Contrary to what she thought would be a grand adventure, the trail is fraught with dangers, threatening her life.Robert Conley only learned about the change of plans for the cattle drive two days before they were to leave. Now, half his crew is new, he’ll be on the trail for months instead of weeks, and the beautiful, infuriating woman who is an albatross around his neck doesn’t know she’s riding with an outlaw—and he has to keep it that way.How can Ida overcome Robert’s secretiveness and earn his respect and trust? Will Robert risk opening his heart and his past to gain Ida’s love?

Grayson: A Beckett Brothers Novel Book 5: The Beckett Brothers

Susan Fisher-Davis - 2020

Draw Straight: A Western Sextet

Louis L'Amour - 2020
    A faction has moved in and run roughshod over the town and the ranches, including the G Bar.In “McQueen of the Tumbling K,” ranch foreman Ward McQueen looks out for his boss, Ruth Kermitt. When Jim Yount shows up at the Tumbling K looking to buy cattle to stock worthless land he won in a poker game, McQueen can’t help but question his true intentions.In “Four Card Draw,” Allen Ring wins the Red Rock Ranch in a poker game, but he soon finds that he has stepped into a hotbed of fear and danger; several years back, Sam Hazlitt was killed on the Red Rock, and his record book—which could discredit many of the ranchers—went missing.In “Mistakes Can Kill You,” Johnny O’Day had accounted for six dead men by the time he turned seventeen. Close to death from pneumonia, he’s taken in by the Redlins. O’Day pays the family back by staying on and working, but now he must decide whether to leave or risk his life to save their biological son, Sam.In “Showdown on the Tumbling T,” after two years in Mexico, Wat Bell runs into his cousin, whom he considers his best friend, only to learn he’s been blamed for the death of their uncle. Although his cousin offers to help, a series of events makes Bell suspect something much more sinister is going on.

Mail Order Susanna

Charlotte Dearing - 2020
    A vulnerable mail-order bride, traveling alone.Beau Bailey is tasked with protecting travelers on an east Texas train route. A famed Texas Ranger, Beau tangles with plenty of rough outlaws.His scars come from years of collaring hardened criminals.When he meets Susanna, a lovely, elegant young woman traveling alone, she stirs his protective instincts. She’s a mail-order bride going to Sweet Willow, a town he knows well. Beau’s gut tells him there’s a problem waiting for her.Susanna is on her way to marry a man who Beau believes is dead...

Buzzard's Bluff

William W. Johnstone - 2020
    WILDER THAN EVER. Welcome to the Lost Coyote Saloon. Saddle up to the bar and order a whiskey. Play a few hands of poker. But don’t make any trouble. The new owner is savage. Ben Savage. Once a Texas Ranger, he’s always cocked and ready for some fool to come looking for payback . . . EAT, DRINK, AND BE WARY When Ben Savage receives a telegram informing him that an old friend died—and left him his saloon—he’s not sure what to think. Western saloons are as wild as it gets, full of rowdy ranchers and cocky cowboys, high-stakes gamblers and low-life drifters, hard liquor and easy women. Then there’s the occasional outlaw gang. But when Savage travels to Buzzard’s Bluff, Texas, to check out his inheritance, he meets the saloon’s lovely manager, Rachel Baskin, and has a change of heart. As an experienced lawman, he figures he can run a decent establishment. Keep things friendly, peaceful, and orderly. There’s just one problem: a rival saloon owner wants Savage out of the way so he can control all the vice in town. And some of his men are bound to turn up in his saloon—thirsty for whiskey . . . and killing . . . Live Free. Read Hard.

North of Laramie

William W. Johnstone - 2020
    A New Legend in the Making. The bestselling Johnstones kick off their blazing new western series with a real bang—a fatal, fateful shootout that sends a man named Buck Trammel on the ride of his life . . .   WHEN WYATT EARP TELLS YOU TO RUN, YOU RUN.   Once upon a time in the Old West, Buck Trammel was a Pinkerton agent with a promising future. But after a tragic incident in a case gone wrong, he struck out for the wide-open spaces of Wichita, Kansas. Working as a bouncer at The Gilded Lily Saloon, he hopes to stay out of trouble. But soon enough, his gun skills are put to the test. The Bowman gang shows up, turning a friendly card game with a Wyoming cattleman into a killer-takes-all shooting match. Buck saves the cattleman’s life, but at the cost of Bowman’s two sons. That’s when Deputy Wyatt Earp arrives. He warns Buck that he’d better get out of town, pronto, and take the cattle baron with him. The rest is history—if he lives long enough to tell it . . .   This is the story of Buck Trammel. Hunted by outlaws. Fighting for justice. Marked for death. This is how legends are born . . .   Live Free. Read Hard.


Christine Sterling - 2020
    A man with dreams as big as the Nebraska sky. The event that brings them both together. The rest of the really incredible blurb will go here!

Tinker's Belle & the Widow's Baby (Frontier Brides and Babies Book 1)

Terri Grace - 2020

Rescuing the Bride

Susannah Calloway - 2020
    They’re struggling to scrape out a living on the cruel, unforgiving streets of 19th century Boston, and Lina can’t find a job. The only way she can support her family is to find a rich husband somewhere – and the East is chronically low on men. Her only choice is to head out West on a train in order to marry a man she’s never met.Hotah, a Lakota warrior, still grieves the death of his beloved wife. His mother Wichapi tells him that he needs to take another bride – especially for his baby daughter’s sake. But Hotah can’t comprehend the thought. How could anyone replace his treasured Mina?When a train robbery unexpectedly brings Lina and Hotah together, they’re confronted by feelings they didn’t expect. And despite the fact that their love seems doomed to failure, every passing day sees it growing stronger…

Copper Creek Mail Order Brides: Boxed Set

Charlotte Dearing - 2020
    Instead, he finds a jilted mail order bride, two ragged orphans and a basket of striped kittens.The thief abandoned his fiancée, a lovely blue-eyed beauty who steals Gideon’s breath at first glance. Ruth’s sassy and plenty exasperating. She’s taken in a newborn orphan girl and cares for the baby with grit and devotion. Gideon yearns to shelter both Ruth and the sweet baby. He can’t make sense of the protective instincts, turning his tidy thoughts all topsy turvy. Before long, he’s got more trouble than he can shake a stick at.Ruth claims to know nothing about the stolen money. But is she innocent or is she the real thief?Mail Order RebeccaAdam Barstow just wants to be left alone to mend his ways. The good Lord has other plans…As Adam works to turn over a new leaf, two orphans appear on his doorstep. They escaped a cruel orphanage. Adam can hardly turn them away and vows to keep them for a short spell, just until he finds them a decent home.But a few short weeks later a mail-order bride arrives. Rebecca is kind and gentle and believes Adam sent for her to help care for the children. He didn’t. Adam would dearly like to know who wrote Rebecca. Until he learns the truth, he’ll shelter his newfound, precious family.Mail Order HollyA Christmas Bride for the Texas Cowboy.Holly Ross travels to Texas a few weeks before Christmas as a mail order bride. She’s tasked with returning a stack of letters to a certain cowboy. His mail order bride has jilted him.Holly peeks at the letters as she journeys to Texas. She knows she shouldn’t snoop but can’t resist learning more about the cowboy, Jacob Barstow.When she arrives, her husband to-be isn’t waiting. Instead, she comes face to face with Jacob Barstow, the charming and protective cowboy whose letters she secretly read. Jacob will help Holly, but only if she accepts a marriage of convenience by Christmas Eve.

Partners: A Texas Ranger Western Adventure (Lieutenant Cord of the Texas Rangers Book 1)

Mike Mackessy - 2020

The Christmas Wish

Shanna Hatfield - 2020
    After an almost five-year absence, he dreads returning to the small eastern Oregon town of Hardman where he grew up. He’d dreamed of raising a family there, and loving his sweetheart until they were both old and gray. But with her gone, the only thing the town can offer him is painful memories.Now that his family needs him, Percy must face the ghosts that continue to haunt him, and make the hard choice of letting go of his past or giving up on his future.Will his return the place he once loved give shattered hearts a chance to heal and make a special Christmas wish come true?Full of small-town characters, sweet romance, Christmas cheer, and second chances, The Christmas Wish offers a heartfelt holiday read sprinkled with humor and hope.

Oregon Dreams: 10-Book Box Set of Sweet, Clean, Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance

Montana Ross - 2020

Mail Order Millie

Cheryl Wright - 2020
    Against her better judgement she has no other option than to become a mail-order bride.Daniel Carson finally succumbs to the pressure and orders a mail-order bride. On the surface, she appears to be everything he needs, and he is smitten, but what is she hiding?Can these two resolve their differences and make their marriage of convenience work? And what will happen when he discovers her secret?Author's Promise: This is a heartwarming historical novella with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers. It is a clean and wholesome story with nothing more than hugs, kisses, and holding hands.

Mail Order Bride - Sarah (A Bride for the Lonely Soldier Book 1)

Indiana Wake - 2020

Mail Order Bride - Aiyana (A Bride for the Lonely Soldier Book 3)

Indiana Wake - 2020

Mallow Plains A Baby for Christmas: 8 Book Mail Order Bride Box Set

Indiana Wake - 2020

Mail Order Bride - Kim (A Bride for the Lonely Soldier Book 4)

Indiana Wake - 2020

Fighting for Love

Emma Ashwood - 2020

Country Love

Milan Watson - 2020
    Start your journey with this boxed set containing the first three titles in the series.Finding ForeverFord Caldwell wasn’t looking for love, just a good deal on his beef. When Kelly Peyton steps onto his ranch, she’s not what he expected. He’s a rancher, she’s a city-girl – will a kiss seal this deal?Harvesting HopeDusty Caldwell is planning on building a dude ranch, he didn’t plan on an old flame showing up to manage the project. Can they piece back what was broken long ago, or is time to finally move on?Brewing LoveDrake Caldwell has always been a ladies man. Love ‘em and leave ‘em are words he live by. When Maggie Grayson shows up on the ranch as Betty’s guest, it’s hard to move on from a night he can’t forget.Fall in love alongside the Caldwells as you learn more about this charming small town and it’s residents. In Saddleback Ridge Stetsons are a way of life and not just a fashion statement. Cowboys, romance and small-town charm guaranteed.

The Brides of Twin Valley Falls: Mail Order Bride 5-Book Box Set

Maddie Walker - 2020

The Watchman: Preventing the Apocalypse One Bullet at a Time

Arthur Bradley - 2020
    Loved it!"★★★ A clever mash of X-files, Tombstone, and Dresden Files! ★★★In 1885, President Grover Cleveland commissioned a special group of agents to investigate paranormal activities plaguing the nation. Unwilling to accept failure, he granted each the authority to operate outside the law. His directive was simple. No rules. No excuses. Just get it done.Remy Kincaid and his cynical steed, Fable, head to the town of Wharton, Texas, to investigate the disappearance of several young children. As clues lead them from a decrepit old house to an abandoned silver mine, they soon learn that an ancient evil is trying to release itself upon the world.★★★ If you enjoyed The Survivalist Series, you'll love The Watchman! ★★★

Tailor's Robe & the Prisoner's Baby (Frontier Brides and Babies Book 2)

Terri Grace - 2020

The Trader and the Rescued Bride

Indiana Wake - 2020
    When she sees an advert for a Mail Order Bride, she knows this is her one chance to escape.FREE with Kindle Unlimited.David Richardson is a successful trader, suddenly he realizes how lonely life has become. When he advertises for a bride, Lily’s reply pulls to him. When he meets the timid but pretty woman, he knows he must help her. Her honesty and need to escape are apparent. David takes her as his bride, but will they ever find love?Lily makes friends and learns that a wealthy landowner is stopping her husband from trading with the local Indian tribe. Can she help her husband out? Can she repay him for saving her?As trouble stirs in Hope Ridge, she realizes she wants more from her marriage than safety, is love possible for someone like her?Find out in The Trader and the Rescued Bride a sweet mail order bride romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

Returning For Her Happy Ending

Carol Colyer - 2020
    However, when tragedy strikes once again and she is to suffer the passing of her Indian mother, something calls her back to her original roots. Upon her arrival in town, though, she feels confused and isolated, and she has to deal with everyone's biased behavior. In an unexpected twist of fate, she bumps into her young love, Michael, who hires her as a cook without having the slightest suspicion about who she really is. Will she find the strength to reveal the truth about her origins to Michael? Will she be able to adapt to her new lifestyle and convince everyone to find common ground with the Indians?Michael Peterson has always thought of himself as a lone wolf since the loss of his beloved one. Βeing convinced that his loved one's death is Indians' fault, he has vowed to seek revenge ever since. The moment his eyes meet Kalani's, though, he feels an electric connection between them and gets overcome by the memories of a long lost love. She is an intriguing, mysterious girl who he can't quite figure out, especially when he notices how she is willing to give Indians the benefit of the doubt. Will he figure out her real identity? Can he get past his own prejudice to finally reach happiness?Although fate meant for them to find each other again, secrets from the past come back to haunt and tie them together in ways they had never imagined. Will Michael and Kalani be able to get past their differences and reignite the fire of their lost love? Will they be able to face the townspeople that are not ready to let their old ways die and embrace the new?"Returning For Her Happy Ending" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Tracy: Mail Order Bride (The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City Book 7)

Indiana Wake - 2020

Black Hills Song

Kari Trumbo - 2020
    His aunt offers a way out, but is the cost too high? Her dying wish is to give them The Grand Opera House of Rapid City, but there’s one catch. All three brothers must wed first. When he chooses to marry the costume designer out of necessity, will a marriage of convenience ruin the crescendo building between them?Beloved DuetSam Wagner is the forgotten son. He will do whatever he must to take ownership of the Opera House, including send for a mail order bride. When his first plan falls flat, he seeks the hand of the woman who helped him along the way. Except, she’d rather have nothing to do with him or his hand. As time runs short, can he convince her he isn’t the man she believes him to be?Grand FinaleCaleb Wagner flees his home and his family to escape the pressure of finding a wife. He’s certain if he leaves, his aunt will relent and give his brothers their desires. While away, he meets an opera star in hiding. She convinces him to bring her back to Keystone, the perfect place to escape. Will she be the final piece the family needs or will Caleb’s delay mean silence for them all?If wives aren’t found before time runs out three brothers will lose their birthright. Don’t miss this sweet, historical romance with perfect pacing and a final curtain you won’t want to miss.

Winning Her Guarded Heart

Amelia Rose - 2020
    Despite all his success, all he’s looking for is a safe haven for him and his sister.He finds the perfect opportunity when an old miner offers him an irresistible deal – a new life in an old town, with a beautiful bride to match. For the man they call Lucifer, it’s an offer that’s heaven-sent.Rachel Maxwell’s world is flipped upside down when she finds out that both she and her family’s homestead have been sold to a mysterious stranger. Headstrong and willful, she won’t surrender herself and her home without a fight.Despite the salacious rumors about Salis, Rachel discovers the kind and generous soul behind the stern persona and the devilish nickname. Soon she becomes drawn to this soft-hearted gentleman and his sweet teenage sister.But the people of Bear Creek are wary of the ambitious outsider who wants to make big changes to their small town.And the things that past Salis was running away from is quickly catching up to him, bringing danger and perils along with it.Will Salis ever find the peace and happiness he craves? Can Rachel and Salis find a way to be together despite the obstacles from his old life and their new one?Winning Her Guarded Heart is the twelfth book in the Bear Creek Brides historical western romance series. Be captivated by this riveting tale of blossoming love and new beginnings.

The Trapped Bride and the Brave Farmer

Indiana Wake - 2020
    It is not her way to disagree, but when she is matched with Beau Merton, she realizes that she wants a life of her own. That she wants a man who is honest and principled. Is that too much to ask?Beau, the son of the richest family in Hope Ridge, is spoiled and entitled. Jennifer is shocked when Beau asks a farmer to help destroy the local Indian’s. She is more shocked when the farmer, Gordon Stanton, turns him down. No one stands up to the Mertons!Jennifer seeks out Gordon to thank him. He has planted a seed of discontent. Can she let it grow into her freedom, and if she does, will she ever find love?Find out in The Trapped Bride and the Brave Farmer a sweet mail order bride romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

Her Montana Christmas Cowboy: Clean & Wholesome Christmas Cowboy Romance (Big Sky Christmas Book 1)

Jenna Hendricks - 2020

Mail Order Bride: Montana Brides and Babies (Western Brides Sweet Romance Book 2)

Emily Woods - 2020
    They get more than they bargained for when babies are unexpectedly thrown into the mix. Christmas Baby Miracle - When Christina and Walter realize a marriage of convenience isn't going to make either of them happy, all seems lost . . . until a Christmas miracle creates a happy family of three. A #1 Best Selling Historical Fiction Short Story. A Bride & A Baby for the New Year - Paul and Isabelle must find a way to form a family to take care of a baby that neither one of them ever planned to have. Only the will of God can create a happy family for the New Year. A #1 Best Selling Western Short Story. Valentine’s Baby - If Rachel and Max are going to live happily ever after, Rachel will have to teach him how to love again. With a little Valentine’s Day magic, they just might find true love. A #1 Best Selling Historical Fiction Short Story. A Bride for the Banker - Against the odds, Margie and Theo fall in love but when a man from Theo's past returns to cause problems, things get sticky. Their only hope is Margie's troubled brother who doesn't even want to be there. This boxed set is a collection of clean western / historical romance stories. Each one is a complete story. Be sure to read them all - in any order! Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

A Reluctant Bride For A Heartbroken Rancher

Evelyn Boyett - 2020
    But her life wasn’t bad and at least she has her sisters. They aren’t blood but they’re family. When they lose their lodgings, Mercy isn’t sure what to do. When she loses her job immediately after, she knows she’s going to have to come up with a plan — and quick. She never thought she’d become a mail order bride but desperate times call for desperate measures.Cap McKenney has to get married. It’s the only chance he has to save their family ranch. Problem is, the woman he wants to marry, spurned him and marrying anyone else is unthinkable. Cap’s in a tight spot. The only choice he has is to find a nice mail order bride, get married, save the ranch, and spend the rest of his life nursing a broken heart.So Mercy and Cap get married, having no other choice except to join their lives together. But all is not well in paradise and neither of them is sure if their fragile union is going to survive.Then a band of outlaws rustles almost all their cattle. With the danger of losing the ranch hanging over them, Mercy and Cap will need to work together and summon all their courage because they are going to do something that no one has ever done. They’re going to get their cattle back.Will they, and their precarious new feelings for each other, survive taking on a band of dangerous outlaws? Or will they both lose everything they hold dear?