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Kathryn Le Veque - 2020
    Meet Markus de Wolfe, Patrick “Atty” de Wolfe’s son… and he is every inch his father’s boy. The grandsons of William de Wolfe all bear the Mark of de Wolfe - a tattoo of the de Wolfe crest somewhere upon their body. It's a badge of honor, of courage, and most of all - of family. The Pack sticks together. Markus de Wolfe has the blood of the Normans and the Vikings flowing through him. Big, muscular, handsome, and proud, he is a fine tribute to his father and grandfather. As an elite knight for the de Wolfe domain, Markus is called upon to help defend an allied castle. The Scots have overrun the place, killing the lord, and the de Wolfe army moves in to protect it. Markus takes command, appointing himself the personal protect of the lady of the castle and her two small children. The problem begins. Lady Evantha Hemada de Sauque has known the de Wolfe family for most of her adult life, ever since she married her much-older husband. She has known Markus, too, but not well. Not until he takes command of Trastamara Castle. Then, a fiery passion is born of a passionate young knight and a repressed older woman, one that threatens to tear apart the House of de Wolfe. Will Atty be at odds with his beloved firstborn? The House of de Wolfe has a history of marrying forbidden women… and Markus is no exception, but this time, will it cost the House of de Wolfe everything? WolfeHeart is the beginning of the new generation of de Wolfe cubs!

The School Mistress

Tess Thompson - 2020
    Her widowed mother and baby sister are depending upon her for their survival back home in Boston. And the self-appointed mayor of the rugged mountain community is counting on Miss Cooper to prove herself a fitful teacher for the young and old alike. Lord Alexander Barnes is determined to bring a bit of English civility to the wild terrain of Emerson Pass. Using his own resources, the widower and father of five builds a schoolhouse and recruits a young teacher from the east to provide an education for both the adults and the children in his rapidly growing mining town. But when the lovely, and much younger than anticipated, Miss Cooper arrives to town, Lord Barnes finds himself providing more than just employment when the boarding house proves to be an unsafe accommodation for the school mistress. As Miss Cooper takes a room in the Barnes' home, the five Barnes children are delighted. They are sure Miss Cooper is the perfect woman for their lonely father. But when a friend of the Englishman turns up dead, the hope for progress in the untamed town seems immediately lost. Can Miss Cooper and Lord Barnes bring change to the closed-minded locals? And will their endeavor open their hearts to something more? The first installment of USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson's historical romance series brings a touch of whimsy and an extra dash of mystery to Edwardian romance. Readers will fall in love with the courageous Miss Cooper and swoon for the magnanimous English Lord as they struggle to save their exciting new world at the turn of the 20th Century.

The Making of a Highlander

Elisa Braden - 2020
    All it takes is a spark of Highland magic."Make me a lady, and I'll make ye a Highlander." –Mad Annie Tulloch, Scottish lass"Challenge accepted." –John Huxley, English gentlemanNo lady can tempt him more than the next shoreEveryone wants handsome adventurer John Huxley to settle down—family, friends, London society. Everyone except John. He's evaded too many scheming title huntresses to trust in happily-ever-after. Now, a vow made to a dying friend has him locked in a land dispute with a stubborn Scot who offers one way out: Win the Highland Games. John likes a challenge, but this one's impossible. Still, with training from the Scot's stepdaughter, victory might be within reach. He only has to teach the fiery, foul-mouthed, breeches-wearing lass how to land a lord. It seems "impossible" is just getting started.She's no lady—she's Mad Annie TullochEveryone calls her Mad Annie. True, her best friend is a ghost. And yes, her greatest talents involve cooking for giants and taunting ridiculously handsome Englishmen. But she's not mad—she's desperate. To save her friend, Annie must marry a lord. The trouble is, no lord will look twice at a hoyden like her. This calls for "Lady Lessons," and she knows just the uptight Englishman to provide them.When did a simple bargain become a battle of desire?Amidst cursed castles, caber tossing, and questionable chaperones, John and Annie's wildfire attraction threatens to send their plans up in flames. And when Annie's family is targeted by a dangerous enemy, John is tempted to stay, to fight, and to win the greatest prize of all: A fiery lass's tender, loyal heart.

The Theory of Earls

Kathleen Ayers - 2020
    Stockings. Piano.” Three words, uttered by the beautifully rakish Lord Welles, leave Margaret Lainscott speechless. His improper request, that she play the piano for him in her…underthings is as shocking as it is titillating. Margaret should never have asked his help in reintroducing her to Lord Carstairs. But his friend meets all of Margaret’s criteria for a husband; passably attractive, of below-average intelligence, and possessed of an obsessive outdoor hobby which will leave her free to pursue her own life.Welles is one of London’s most committed bachelors, known for his notorious dealings with women and his part ownership of one of London’s pleasure clubs. He’s long admired Miss Lainscott’s unrestrained passion at the piano; a passion he suspects is not reserved only for her music. Welles is certain Miss Lainscott will not entertain his improper request despite the attraction burning between them.A young lady such as Miss Lainscott would never ruin herself willingly.And Welles? Nothing would make him compromise his heart…Until a duet with a passionate pianist changes his mind.The Theory of Earls is a steamy, sexy regency romance with a guaranteed happily ever after and the first in a new series, The Beautiful Barringtons.

A Desperate Bride For A Gloomy Sheriff

Evelyn Boyett - 2020
    Despite her disappointment, she decides to make the best of the situation. That’s what she’s been taught to do.Sully always wanted to be a sheriff. When the old sheriff in Deep Well retired, he ran for sheriff and was elected by a landslide. Despite his bravery, he feels gloomy and insecure.He was in love once but, he wasn’t brave enough to tell her. After she married someone else, he had to find a mail order bride to alleviate the wound.But then he discovers that once he starts having real feelings for Geneva, the exact same issues are coming up. Will he be brave enough to tell her and risk having her break his heart? If he doesn't, they’ll never be able to have the deep and truly loving relationship that they both long for.

Silver-Tongued Devil

Lorelei James - 2020
    This standalone historical romance is a prequel to the McKay family saga.The West doesn’t get much wilder than Silas McKay. He’s earned his cowboy reputation not just as a rancher, but as a brawling card sharp who’s short on cash but long on charm. And just as soon as he claps eyes on the pretty new schoolteacher? Well, Dinah Thompson is about to discover what courtin’s like McKay-style—sweet, hot and passionate.Luckily, Dinah’s got the sass and sense to stand up to Silas’s shenanigans. She relocated to rural Wyoming to teach and become a self-reliant woman, not to spend her nights dreaming about that blue-eyed rogue and his ranchwork honed-body. But Silas McKay’s powerful appeal and tempting promises convince Dinah to recklessly go all in with him.When Silas’s long-standing rivalry with Zeke West puts Dinah, Silas and his twin brother Jonas in danger, each one is forced to make difficult decisions about taking a chance to build their legacy . . . and a love that transcends time.

Cocky Earl

Annabelle Anders - 2020
    The British are stuffy, and arrogant, and think far too highly of themselves. Particularly, the ones who referred to themselves as Lords.Julian Wellstone, the Earl of Westerley, never walked away from a bet but should have known his luck would someday run out. He should have known a time would come when the gambling tables would turn against him.Which is exactly what happened when he played “one more hand” and lost the game of a lifetime to American Whiskey King, Mr. Daniel Jackson. Jules has no choice but to honor the bet and court the man’s daughter—a chit who managed to get under his skin from the moment he met her. But honor is everything.Until love deals him a new hand. And once the lines are blurred, all bets are off. Will he fold and walk away, or will he ante up his heart and risk everything for the love of a lifetime?

The Scot's Betrayal

Keira Montclair - 2020
     A lass in desperate need. Will destiny be on their side in Scotland’s War of Independence? Destiny sent the famous warrior Alexander Grant three grandsons on the same day, at the same time. Or so the story goes. Alasdair Grant, one of the three, struggles to believe he has any special purpose. The future has never seemed bleaker for Scotland—or for Alasdair’s own family. And yet, he cannot help but wonder if fate has reached for him at last when his grandsire sends him to MacLintock Castle to help Emmalin MacLintock, the very lass who has possessed his thoughts. Emmalin would have been laird of her castle had she not been forced to marry a controlling English baron. Her heart longs for a different life, a life in which she leads her people and a handsome, strong Highlander stands by her side. A Highlander like Alasdair Grant. When the baron dies unexpectedly, Emmalin is relieved, but that feeling quickly fades when an English garrison shows up to storm her castle. Worse, there’s evidence someone in her life might be in league with them. Alasdair and one of his cousins arrive in Emmalin’s hour of need, giving Emmalin a glimpse of what life might be like with him by her side. If Alasdair can open his wounded heart to Emmalin, it will bring him one step closer to his destiny, but he’ll need to have faith in himself—and in Scotland—to do so.

Pursued by the Rake

Mary Lancaster - 2020
    And the news is already out.The ladies flee the scene to fight as best they can for their lost reputations. And to confront the man who tricked them. If her reputation is false, is his? Hazel is ruined. With no money, no near family, and the stagecoach to her old governess’s home vanishing into the distance, she is forced to accept the help of the one man she never wished to set eyes on again.To Hazel, the handsome and respected diplomat, Sir Joseph Sayle, is an infamous rake who took advantage of the princess she served. She hates his arrogance as much as his inexplicable effect on her senses. Under normal circumstances, she would never have dreamed of setting foot in his curricle, least of all when he was, by his own admission, “not entirely sober” after a night’s carousing.However, the journey in his relaxed company is unexpectedly fun, and when they reach their destination and are threatened by a parcel of eccentric children with a pistol, he enters the adventure with enthusiasm.It seems Sir Joe is much more than the man Hazel thought him. Amusing, kind, and passionate, he and his elegant pursuit provide exciting distractions to her woes. But flirting with him is a dangerous game, and by the time they face the trickster responsible for her ruin, her heart is already lost.

The Rescued Bride's Savior

Amelia Rose - 2020
    She’s desperate to escape hers. When the stagecoach delivers his wife-to-be, will he win her wounded heart? Mathew Jenkins feels isolated on his remote, rural ranch. Though he longs for a family, women in mining country are scarcer than gold nuggets. So he’s delighted by the dapper response to his mail-order bride ad from a comely Virginian lady.Jenny Phillips’ good name was ruined by her father’s stupidity. Forced into hiding with her ma, she’s desperate to put her pa’s stained reputation behind. But when her domineering uncle tries to sell her to the highest bidder, she flees by answering a lonely Montana man’s classified…Upon meeting the Virginia rose, Mathew falls hard and offers to help her get settled. And though Jenny finds herself attracted to the kindhearted cattle farmer, she fears a marriage amid deadly conflict between miners and natives could spoil their chance at happiness.Can the couple survive a bumpy trail to love and begin a new life together?The Rescued Brides Savior is the first book in the charming Bear Creek Brides historical western romance series. If you like sweet relationships, frontier tensions, and action-packed pages, then you’ll adore Amelia Rose’s engaging tale. Buy The Rescued Brides Savior to ride up to the altar today!

To Heal an Earl

Alexa Aston - 2020
    Both wronged by their families . . . two souls alone in the world . . . Instead of making her come-out during the upcoming London Season, Lady Charlotte Nott finds herself tossed from her home after her father’s untimely death by a vengeful half-brother. Penniless, she makes her way in a world new to her, first serving as a companion and then governess to the three children of Lord Crampton. When the earl dies moments after hiring her, Charlotte takes on the running of Gray Manor’s household and estate until the children’s new guardian arrives.Guilt weighs heavily on Major Danforth Grayson, having lost too many men under his command over the years. When he receives word of the death of the brother who wronged him, Gray returns home, bitter with the hand life has dealt him. He intends to hire competent people to manage the estate and care for his nephew and nieces and retreat to a solitary life in London—until he meets the inimitable Miss Nott.Charlotte is drawn to Gray but knows she is no longer of his world. When he suddenly becomes the new Lord Crampton, she knows it’s time to leave her charges behind—for what woman would care to watch the man she loves wed another and start a family as she suffers in silence? Yet Charlotte knows Gray is a broken man and her leaving might shatter him forever. Can Charlotte walk away from a flawed man who desperately needs her, or will she leave before she loses her own soul?Find the answer in bestselling author Alexa Aston’s first book of Soldiers and Soulmates, To Heal an Earl.Each book in Soldiers and Soulmates is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.Series Order:Book #1: To Heal an EarlBook #2: To Tame a RogueBook #3: To Trust a Duke

The Highlander's Demand

Mary Wine - 2020
    When his half-brother is killed, he must seek vengeance or face the rage of his clansmen. Beyond spilling blood, fate offers him another solution. Taking the daughter of his enemy will appease his angry men, but it leaves him struggling to find peace over making a hostage of a woman. What sort of man settles his disputes with a helpless woman? Rhedyn Lindsey has been raised to shoulder her duty. For her kin and clan, she will make the best of a future that will be decided based on alliances. But she never expects it to come in the form of being taken as a hostage.In an instant, her life is turned inside out. Perhaps for the best, though, for the alternative would have been to see her father's blood spilled. Now she’s at the mercy of a man who has every reason to hate her. Regardless of what fate throws her way, she won’t crumble. She’ll stand up to Buchanan Mackenzie. Just because she’s a woman, doesn’t mean she lacks courage.Will Buchanan Mackenzie give in to the demands of his men who seek revenge for the death of his half-brother, or will he rely on the wisdom his beloved father taught him, and take his time in deciding what will happen to his beautiful captive—Rhedyn Lindsey—a woman who has captured his attention, respect, and quite possibly his heart?

The Earl in Winter

Kathryn Le Veque - 2020
    In the village of Calvine, north of Tay Forest, along a road that leads straight into Inverness, the only tavern in town is packed to the rafters with travelers. Eight months after the disastrous defeat at Culloden, the people haven't recovered, nor has the land, and it's a bad winter. When James de Lohr, Earl of Worcester, shows up looking for clues to his brother's fate on the Culloden Moor, he gets more than he bargained for.On a night when angels walk the earth, James comes face to face with a unique young woman... and the truth about his relationship with his brother. Love isn't always shown in the most obvious way.Nor is falling in love always conventional.A blustery innkeeper, his sensitive daughter, and a cast of unique characters passing through the careworn tavern will become the setting for a tale that is as sweet and poignant as the very spirit of the holidays.If you'd like to read the story of James' brother, Johnathan de Lohr, please read The Earl of Christmas Past by Kerrigan Byrne.Other novellas related to this tale: Fiona and the Three Wise Highlanders by Jennifer Ashley One Knight's Stand by Tanya Anne Crosby The Legend of a Rogue by Darcy Burke The Highlander Who Stole Christmas by Eliza Knight

Gentleman Jim

Mimi Matthews - 2020
    Raised alongside her on her father’s estate, Nicholas is the rumored son of notorious highwayman Gentleman Jim. When Fred frames him for theft, Nicholas escapes into the night, vowing to find his legendary sire. But Nicholas never returns. A decade later, he’s long been presumed dead.He wouldn’t forgive…After years spent on the continent, John Beresford, Viscount St. Clare has finally come home to England. Tall, blond, and dangerous, he’s on a mission to restore his family’s honor. If he can mete out a bit of revenge along the way, so much the better. But he hasn’t reckoned for Maggie Honeywell. She’s bold and beautiful—and entirely convinced he’s someone else. As danger closes in, St. Clare is torn between love and vengeance. Will he sacrifice one to gain the other? Or with a little luck—and a lot of daring—will he find a way to have them both?

Workhouse Girl and The Veiled Lady: Victorian Romance

Dolly Price - 2020
    It also swallows her voice.Who could ever love a mute and broken girl like Olivia? Franklin Slater wants nothing more, but society slays his advances and Olivia is forced to flee once again.It seems that even the prayers of the voiceless fall on deaf ears.Is there no voice to speak up for this hidden heroine of the dark, Victorian streets?Can Franklin muster courage to find the woman he once desired and forsake his fears and family? And does the mysterious veiled lady he meets hold secrets that will lead him back to the heart of his one true love?If you love historical Victorian sagas that celebrate the resilience of the human heart in the face of insurmountable challenges you will love the deep and moving story of the Workhouse Girl and The Veiled Lady.

The Lyon's Lady Love

Alexa Aston - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves. Can an earl put aside the ghosts of the past and accept a future with his scandal-plagued wife? On the night of her come-out, Lady Emma Spencer learns her father has bilked numerous peers. Not only is she humiliated, but her father flees England, leaving Emma penniless and homeless. She finds work as a companion, and years later, she winds up with a fortune. All she lacks now is the children she so desperately desires. That means finding a husband—and she turns to The Black Widow of Whitehall, Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon, who pairs women touched by scandal with men in desperate need of money.Upon his father's death, Marcus becomes the Earl of Rutherford and finds he's bankrupt, thanks to his father losing the family fortune to poor investments and gambling. Though Marcus had wanted to wed for love, he turns to an infamous matchmaker, who arranges a marriage for him. Lady Emma Spencer is everything he dreamed of in a woman, and Marcus gallantly refuses to discuss her past, telling Emma he is her future.But secrets have a way of coming out, and Marcus learns he's married to the one woman he never would have chosen.Can Marcus put aside the ghosts of the past and accept a future with his wife?Find the answer in bestselling author Alexa Aston's The Lyon's Lady Love, a part of the new Dragonblade Publishing's The Lyon's Den series.

Mr. Gardiner and the Governess

Sally Britton - 2020
    As the new governess to the duke's family, Alice Sharpe must learn to control her impulsiveness. Employment in the duke’s household is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and could mean living in comfort the rest of her days. Unfortunately, her first encounter with the duke's houseguest, a handsome gentleman obsessed with insects, proves she may not be ready for the austere role of governess. Rupert Gardiner has one goal: to have his work in entomology and botany published by the Royal Society. He is fortunate that the Duke of Montfort, believes in him and enlists Rupert to make a record of all the flora on the castle grounds. But Miss Sharpe’s spontaneity and continual appearance during his work is an annoying distraction. At least, that’s what he tells himself.While Alice struggles to adapt to her new role, constantly striving to go unnoticed while still being herself, she cannot help but admire Rupert’s intelligence and focus. The more often they fall in together, the more her admiration deepens. But could a gentleman such as he ever fall in love with the governess?As the first stand-alone novel in a new series by author Sally Britton, this story begins the Clairvoir Castle romances. This is a light-hearted series set in the Regency period.

Fall of the Lyon

Chasity Bowlin - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves. Faced with the devastating and impending loss of her stepfather and the all too real threat of unscrupulous relatives who would have her inheritance at any cost, Miss Margaret Upshaw flees to London. Her stepfather has tasked her to make her way to the Lyon’s Den to seek the assistance of Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon, the most scandalous matchmaker in all of London. Her matches aren’t made in the ballrooms of Mayfair, but over the faro tables and a notorious betting book in the gaming hell she rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove.Leander Thurston-Hunter, Viscount Amberley, or Leo as he prefers, is a man with a very particular problem that can only be solved with money. And as a nobleman, there’s only one way to get a lot of cash and get it quickly—you have to marry it. When Mrs. Dove-Lyon informs him that she’s made the perfect match for him, he’s not exactly thrilled, but certainly willing to do his duty to preserve his family’s standing. But then he meets Meg Upshaw. Beautiful, vulnerable, terribly alone… and she makes him question for the first time whether a marriage born out of duty and necessity has to be an unhappy one.But there’s one terrible catch… Meg’s family, the relatives who would have her fortune by any means, are the very ones responsible for the brutal events that nearly ended his life and left him permanently scarred. But that isn’t the only secret they’re keeping, and those secrets are worth dying for and worth killing for. Leo and his new bride find themselves in danger of far more than simply falling inconveniently in love. Even in the Lyon’s Den, the stakes have never been higher.


Adele Clee - 2020
    It’s why he joined the Gentlemen of the Order, why he solves crimes committed against the vulnerable and needy. To his friends he’s known as Dauntless—a fearless fighter, a man with steely determination. And yet his strength is tested when he forms an infatuation for his new client.When a catalogue of strange events leaves Evangeline Dunn fearing for her life, she has no option but to seek professional help. Given the choice of four agents, she’s drawn to the enigmatic Mr. Ashwood. The gentleman commands respect, seems as competent as he is handsome. Who better to help her catch a thief, a blackmailer and find her wastrel brother? He’s the perfect solution to her problems. All she need do is overcome her inconvenient attraction.In an adventure that takes them from the lavish ballrooms of the ton to the dark depths of the rookeries, Noah and Eva must work together to unravel the mystery. Will their powerful attraction hinder the investigation? Will the suspenseful twists and turns send them racing into each other’s arms?

The Duchess of Chocolate

Sydney Jane Baily - 2020
    One taste is all it takes to be captivated…The Duke of Pelham desires a brand-new confection to win the Season’s loveliest lady. Naturally, he turns to London’s premiere chocolatier for assistance.Amity has never had a customer quite like the duke. In status, he’s far above ordinary men, yet he is one of the friendliest, funniest, and most engaging males she has ever met.As the duke enters the scrumptious world of confectionery, he discovers the chocolatier is as delightful—and tempting—as her creations. While Amity designs the perfect proposal chocolate, her heart begins to wish the duke could be her very own mouthwatering reward.Join Amity and her duke on a chocolate-filled romance in the heart of Mayfair, where nobility often acts in a less-than noble fashion. Will the upper-echelon of society sour their happiness and keep them from the sweetest of endings?Engaging characters, attention to period detail, and heartfelt romance—you’ll find it all in the stories by USA Today bestselling author of historical romance, Sydney Jane Baily.

The Viscount's Sinful Bargain

Kate Archer - 2020
    A sweet regency romance. Read for Free in Kindle Unlimited! Lord Hampton cursed his luck. Six dukes were in league together to force their sons to marry, and one of them was his own father. The old men had drawn up a formal pact, with severe consequences to their heirs included. Edwin is determined to devise a way out of it; he has no intention of marrying any time soon. He’s also desperate to get his name off the ton’s lips. Mamas are circling like hunters round a wounded stag, and every pert little miss is fanning herself.Cassandra Knightsbridge, only daughter of Viscount Trebly, has not had a very usual upbringing. She rides like the devil, leaving her groom far behind...if she bothered to take a groom at all. More alarming, there would be few gentlemen who could best her with a fowling piece. Of course, she knows those particular habits will not find approval in a London drawing room and ought not be mentioned. That is, until a condescending lord provokes her.Might not a tale of a girl who shoots turn society’s attention away from the dukes’ pact? The whispers wind their way through drawing rooms, and the talk about Miss Knightsbridge blooms. Edwin’s love for the lady blooms too, but now he’s made it impossible to win her.

Romancing the Wilderness

Dorothy Wiley - 2020
    The set includes Wilderness Trail of Love, New Frontier of Love, and Whispering Hills of Love, more than 900 pages of heroes, suspense, and tender romance. Set in 1797, these frontier stories seamlessly blend breathtaking action with family, friendship, and laughter. Wilderness Trail of Love — Dreaming of building a better life, Stephen and Jane set out across the American frontier in search of a place to call home. But as they bravely plunge through the unexplored formidable wilderness, will their love be as strong as their courage? A robust blend of adventure and action, heartache and humor, with romance and passion, this riveting tale breaches the walls of time, bringing readers to a young America, where romance and danger are as powerful as the wilderness.New Frontier of Love — A pulse-pounding page-turner set on America's romantic frontier! Captain Sam Wyllie lost too much in the Revolutionary War, and he's determined to safeguard his heart. When he meets widowed Catherine Adams, Sam commits himself to protecting her from the dangers of frontier life—but can he protect himself from the dangers of love? The Revolutionary War left Sam battle-hardened. His courageous but cold heart defies danger—and love. His only fear is love. He is determined to make a fresh start with his brothers, not Catherine, in the far West, the new state of Kentucky. But drawn to Sam's keen intelligence, harsh masculinity, and rugged warrior façade, Catherine decides the west holds a chance for real love.Whispering Hills of Love — After years of pain, Kelly leaves her remote home in the Virginia mountains for the Kentucky wilderness. But as she confronts the uncertainties of the frontier, she finds her feelings for handsome sheriff William growing stronger and more complicated. William keeps his attraction to Kelly hidden, to give her time to heal and to become the strong woman he knows she can be. As the brave sheriff of Boonesborough, on the very edge of the wilderness, William knows how to challenge difficulties head-on. But Kelly’s heart-rending problems mount with frightening speed as harrowing forces confront her. William seeks to protect Kelly from further trauma, but he also helps her learn to find strength from within. To do that, she must confront the hardest person to be honest with—herself.

A Governess Should Never... Tempt a Prizefighter

Emily Windsor - 2020
    Yet, with no other suitable candidates, could this yellow-clad, bespectacled female who seemed to think him a witless dolt with calloused knuckles and no books, teach his daughter the ways of a lady?The Lady and the Prizefighter.One should never judge a man by his well-defined muscles or a lady by her yellow-silk slippers, for beneath both façades, lay yearning hearts, shared dreams and a taste for adventure.With tavern excursions, scandalous kisses in midnight carriages, whifflers, nobblers and dressing as a nefarious footpad on the prowl, the vocation of governess has never been so exciting…A fun, heart-warming Regency romance, this is the first book in a companion series to the Games of Gentlemen.This tale contains sensual scenes.The Governess Chronicles1 – A Governess Should Never… Tempt a PrizefighterGames of Gentlemen1 – The Duke of Diamonds – OUT NOW2 - The Rake of Hearts3 - The Earl of Spades4 - The Prince of Clubs

Her Highland Captain: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Beasts Of The Highlands Book 9)

Alisa Adams - 2020

No Dukes Need Apply (The Impossible Balfours Book 4)

Gemma Blackwood - 2020
    But the Duke of Caversham is far from her idea of the perfect husband.Malcolm Locke is everything Selina hates about powerful men – reckless, arrogant, and all too aware of his own chiselled jaw. Which makes it all the more important that Selina’s candidate beats his in the upcoming election. Someone needs to teach the duke to behave.The first lesson? Kissing a woman until her knees go weak isn’t enough to make her give up her ideals.Everyone knows that Malcolm is in dire need of a respectable duchess, an heir, and an end to his rivalry with Selina. But why is he so determined to pursue the one woman who’ll never have him?Selina’s not sure she wants to know the answer. Her wounded heart is more than she can risk. But she’ll happily take on the duke in the political arena, if a war is what he wants.There’s only one possible outcome. Defeat for one. Victory for the other.Unless there’s a sweet surrender in store for them both…This is the fourth book in the series The Impossible Balfours. You do not have to read the other books to enjoy this one, but there are some connections between the books which will reward readers of the whole series.

Duke of Knight

Elizabeth Johns - 2020
    Enjoy the extraordinary tale of four Knight brothers, and one little sister in the Gentlemen of Knights.Can a sharp-tongued governess become indispensable to a duke?Rowley Knight, Duke of Knighton, is too busy being a duke to bother with such nonsense as love. With three heirs, he is in no hurry whatsoever to succumb to the lures of the leg-shackles. He is content managing his siblings and estates, and avoiding Society whenever possible. If he can only find someone to manage his young sister, life can go back to its proper order.Emma Lancaster’s father gambled away her family’s fortune leaving her hopes for a respectable marriage shattered. Destitute and near desperate, she accepts a position as a governess to a young lady at the recommendation of her godmother. Little does she know that her charge is the brother of the man she despises. Can she humble herself to become his employee? Or will her temper get the best of her—and him?

Betrothed to the Beast

Elina Emerald - 2020
    Watch as each one loses their hardened hearts to three formidable women. The books can be read as a stand alone or a complete series but recommended to read in order.Highland Chieftain Beiste MacGregor is a ruthlessly ambitious warrior with the viciousness of a beast. He has little interest in women beyond the bedchamber. On order of the Red King he reluctantly travels with his men to the Lowlands to formalize a Betrothal to a woman from clan Dunbar. He is not prepared for the troublesome but striking clan healer he meets on the way, who not only infuriates him but stirs something deep within his soul.Amelia Dunbar is a clan healer and the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Dunbar. When she is not serving as a Companion to her half sister, she is tirelessly attending to the sick in her clan. Amelia has plans to find her mother's people in the Highlands and is about to embark on her journey when she is waylaid by the arrival of fearsome warriors. One warrior they call ‘the Beast’, rouses her ire and sets her heart racing at the same time.Warning: Brawny alpha males ahead and occasional historical inaccuracies. Not suitable for those under the age of 18. Contains some mature content.

Highlander's Burned Heart

Alisa Adams - 2020
    But she is the only one who can salvage his soul. Fiona Malloch feels completely lost. Only weeks after her forced marriage, the husband she hated dies of old age, and before she can feel relief, another man tries to prey on her! Fiona decides to risk everything and run away, seeking refuge in the nearby Ormond Castle, home of the infamous Laird Bhaltair Douglas.The young Laird has never been the same after the tragic loss of his brother in a fire. The scars on his body remind him daily of the tragedy and his failure to save his own blood. A failure that has alienated him from his family and spread rumors that the once-powerful clan is now weak.When the young lass arrives and asks for shelter, Bhaltair knows that helping her will mean war with the enemy clan she escaped from. They have been waiting for an opportunity, and Fiona has given them the perfect one.Her untamed character brings them into collision, but in an unexpected turn of events, Bhaltair decides to protect her. While staying in Douglas lands, Fiona seems to be the only one who is not afraid to defy the Laird and finds a way to penetrate his soul’s defenses. Bhaltair’s heart begins to heal, and he rediscovers emotions he thought he would never feel again.But by keeping Fiona, Bhaltair is losing the trust of his clan, and with his enemies at the doorstep, it seems that the girl who can save him is about to destroy his clan…

The Reluctant Duke's Dilemma

Trisha Messmer - 2020
    She longed to be free. Pressured by forces beyond their control, will they give in to forbidden desire?England, 1823. After establishing a successful practice in America, Dr. Harry Radcliffe swore he wouldn’t set foot on British soil again. But when he’s named the Duke of Ashton after his callous brother’s sudden death, he begrudgingly returns to the pretentious world he detests. And his pledge to his dying mother to find a wife is thrown into chaos when he meets his stunning sister-in-law.Margaret Radcliffe finally escaped her abusive marriage. Yet her late husband’s final cruel act left her penniless, with her only option to remarry... the one thing she vowed she’d never do again. But the new duke’s startlingly familiar features awaken yearnings she thought long-forgotten, dangling the heartbreaking whisper of a passion impossible to fulfill.Although convinced the accusations that she murdered her husband are only salacious gossip, Harry's real torment comes when he wishes for a union that would make them outcasts. But even when they finally submit to their simmering attraction, Margaret’s dream of happily-ever-after may be derailed by society’s schemes.Can a scandalous affair turn into a lifetime of love?The Reluctant Duke's Dilemma is the suspenseful first book in The Hope Clinic Regency romance series. If you like swoon-worthy heroes, uplifting humor, and heroines beating the odds, then you’ll adore Trisha Messmer’s tale of tortured hearts.

The Ice Duchess

Tracy Sumner - 2020
    But a scandalous Christmas wager fashioned by Georgiana’s childhood obsession changes everything.The demanding duke needs a bride...Dexter Munro, mere days from becoming the Duke of Markham, made a promise to his dying father to find a wife by the Twelfth Night. Except the only woman he’s ever desired has vowed never to marry again. Not even to become his duchess.Georgiana and Dex share a sizzling attraction and a wicked past…but is their scorching passion enough to melt the Ice Countess’ heart?If you adore sexy Dukes, feisty Duchesses, and a steamy second-chance romance set in the magnificent Regency era, The Ice Duchess is the historical for you!*This book was previously published in the A Scandalous Christmas anthology.*

A Duke to Elude

Wendy May Andrews - 2020
    He’s tasked with uncovering the truth.When nefarious schemes threaten her reputation, he finds his heart on the line with it.Lady Rosabel, eldest daughter of the Earl of Sherton, has no interest in being a Duchess, despite countless proposals from eligible nobility. Secretly, she is waiting for a love match—preferably with someone who carries no title. Bel’s third Season is predictably disappointing until the mysterious Duke of Wexford arrives and has her questioning her plans to refuse any suitor with his status.James Allingham, the 6th Duke of Wexford, seems to have inherited the role as advisor to the ailing King along with the dukedom. Investigating Lord Prescott’s schemes is tricky enough without the interference of Lady Rosabel. She is beautiful and intelligent, but Wexford has no time for courting.Wexford needs to uncover everything about Prescott’s plans to destabilize the colonies. When Lady Rosabel is implicated in the schemes, James fights his suspicions of—and his attraction to—the beautiful young woman as he presses on to find the truth.


Jayne Castel - 2020
    A sweeping, epic tale of second chances and forbidden love in Medieval Scotland—from the author of the Amazon best-selling Brides of Skye series.Gavin MacNichol once broke Annella Fraser’s heart. After he ended their affair to wed her elder sister, Ella fled her home and took the veil. Eighteen years later, she’s shocked to find herself face-to-face with the man she’s never forgotten, or forgiven.Recently widowed, Gavin has lived with regret all these years. He wed for duty, not for love. But when he escorts Sister Ella of Kilbride home to visit her ailing mother, he realizes that the passion he once felt for Ella still burns—hotter than ever.Yet Ella is forbidden. She’s sworn her life to the Cluniac order, and is determined to resist the emotional response Gavin’s nearness provokes in her. It’s only when Ella falls foul of the tyrant who controls the fate of her beloved abbey that Gavin and Ella’s lives become entwined once more. But, this time, their fate is one that neither can run from.Unforgotten is Book #1 in The Sisters of Kilbride series set in 14th Century Isle of Skye, Scotland. Readers who enjoy Diana Gabaldon, Cecelia Mecca, and Donna Fletcher will love this heart-felt Scottish Medieval Historical Romance.

Highlander Heroes Collection: Books 1-3

Rebecca Ruger - 2020
    To this end, he abducts the daughter of his enemy, hoping to force a marriage and reclaim what is rightfully his. He has no idea that the stubborn lass will turn his world upside-down, and that he will be the one held captive.Half-English Tess Munro has no plans to shame her father and people by wedding MacGregor the Murderer. Despite her tremendous fear and a regrettable liking of his kisses, she staunchly refuses to wed him. She tries often to escape, both Conall and the hateful people of Inesfree, who leave no question about their absolute distrust and dislike of the Munro prisoner.Soon, Conall’s reasons for stealing Tess grow more distant, and Tess’s desire to flee begins to fade, but a threat greater than their own pride will challenge the very fragile existence of their growing desire for each other.Conall MacGregor has conquered many enemies, but can he win the heart of one stubborn lass? The Memory of Her Kiss Anice Lindsay is a novice at Jardine abbey, whose true calling seems to be getting into trouble. Gregor Kincaid, known as The Fist of Scotland, is a fierce warrior and noble companion to William Wallace.Gravely wounded and separated from his army, Gregor stumbles upon the exquisite Anice, locked outside of the nunnery in the midst of one of her regular punishments. His decision to save her has more to do with her beguiling blue eyes than his need of assistance.Anice is only too happy to escape the discontent of Jardine. When the braw chief of the Kincaids rescues her and then promptly collapses from his wounds, she doesn’t think twice about secreting and nursing him until his army comes to collect him.En route to Stonehaven, the Kincaid fortress by the sea, Gregor struggles mightily against his growing desire for Anice while she innocently and happily surrenders to his kisses. Once safely arrived at Stonehaven, Anice learns the reason behind his resistance: he is betrothed to a woman of an enemy highland family, and the wedding must take place to put an end to years of violence.Highland intrigue blooms in the background of the great war for Scottish freedom. Setting aside his feelings for Anice in favor of peace in the Highlands, can Gregor live with his choice to put Anice out of his reach, out of his arms, and out of his heart? The Shadow of Her Smile Ada Moncriefe cannot stand by while her betrothed cruelly executes prisoners. She makes a daring plan to free the Scots warriors in the dungeon, only asking that the brave leader take her with him when they escape. Things go horribly wrong, and Ada pays a dear price for her sacrifice. Broken and scarred afterward, she lives a ghost-like existence, having no idea what her future holds.Jamie MacKenna is haunted by the fact that he was prevented from returning to save his men-at-arms and the lass who’d freed them. With greater fervor, he thrusts himself into the war for Scottish freedom alongside the valiant warrior, William Wallace.More than a year later, he stumbles upon Ada Moncriefe in the Scottish Highlands. His guilt induces him to offer her marriage, and despite the tormenting passion that rages between them, he vows never to love her. Soon though, Ada begins to yearn for something more with her hardened warrior husband.As the sun sets on William Wallace’s fight for Scottish independence, Ada and Jamie must both learn to forgive and to open themselves to love.

Tinker's Belle & the Widow's Baby (Frontier Brides and Babies Book 1)

Terri Grace - 2020

The Lost Lass of Sheffield

Rosie Swan - 2020
    The world outside for an orphan teen on dark Victorian streets is not a kind one.Bradford Pikes has loved Amy since their first childhood games together, but now his sweetheart has disappeared and his love remains unspoken. He knows the dark London streets swallow innocent girls like Amy leaving them bereft of not only family but of hope.Will he find her in time? Save Amy from the forces arrayed against their love? Or will the Sheffield lass be lost forever?The Lost Lass of Sheffield is the debut Victorian romance by Rosie Swan. If you love historical Victorian sagas that celebrate the resilience of the human heart in the face of insurmountable challenges you will love the deep and moving tale of The Lost Lass of Sheffield.

The Road Through Rushbury

Martha Keyes - 2020
    She'll have to fight him for it.Georgiana Paige is on the shelf after eight full Seasons in London and not a single offer of marriage. When the opportunity to act as companion to her spinster aunt presents itself, she jumps at the chance to escape the Marriage Mart and embark on a new adventure. Upon her eventful arrival in the tiny Yorkshire village, though, she finds herself confronted with a man who both piques her interest and provokes her pride.A lowly country vicar, Samuel Derrick would do anything to keep his coarse but idyllic parish the way it is. When change arrives there in the form of multiple new tenants straight from London, he vows to fight against their meddling. He is unprepared, though, for Georgiana Paige and the way she forces herself into the inner workings of the parish. His past experience tells him to keep the woman at arm's length, but his heart—and her determination to stay involved—won't allow for it.As the village fights against the industrialization and poverty sweeping the North, Samuel and Georgiana find themselves working to pull the village together, even as those around them seemed determined to pull it apart. But how can two people who have lived such disparate lives bring anything together when they are fighting against their own desires for change and love?The Road through Rushbury is a stand-alone sweet regency romance novel.Book One: The Road Through Rushbury by Martha KeyesBook Two: (Coming soon) The Last Eligible Bachelor by Ashtyn NewboldBook Three: (Coming soon) A Forgiving Heart by Kasey StocktonBook Four: (Coming soon) A Well-Trained Lady by Jess HeilemanBook Five: (Coming soon) from Deborah M. HathawayBook Six: (Coming soon) A Haunting at Havenwood from Sally BrittonBook Seven: (Coming soon) His Disinclined Bride from Jennie Goutet

Highland Conquest

Heather McCollum - 2020
    In order to finally bring peace to his clan, he will wed the young female chief of their greatest enemy. Only problem: capturing her and forcing her back to Sinclair castle doesn’t exactly make her want to say yes. Ella Sutherland may be clever, passionate, and shockingly beautiful, but what she isn’t is willing.Every attempt Cain makes to woo her seems to backfire on him. A gift? The kitten practically claws his eyes out. A competitive game of chess? Even when he wins, he loses. It seems the only time the two ever see eye to eye is when they’re heating up Cain’s bed. Still, the only thing Ella truly wants is the one thing he cannot offer her: freedom.But when Cain discovers she’s been harboring a secret—one that could threaten both clans’ very existence—he’ll have to decide between peace for the Sinclairs or the woman who’s captured his heart.

Loved by the Lyon

Collette Cameron - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.It’s amazing how quickly a marriage of convenience can become so very complicated...Kingston Barclay cannot inherit the dukedom soon enough. With siblings to support and a nearly bankrupt estate, an opportune marriage is his last hope. But his best-laid plans are upended when he discovers his best friend’s lovely sister sneaking around the Lyon’s Den. His immediate attraction to her would make her a most inconvenient bride, given his circumstances. Convincing his heart of that, however, is another matter entirely...The last thing Vanessa Becket needs is another man in her life. Between her conniving stepbrother, a parade of fortune hunters, and the investigator who failed to reclaim her stolen jewels, she’s had enough. But when she finds herself in a notorious gaming hell, she discovers something far more valuable than missing gems. A temporary arranged marriage to Kingston could solve all her problems. If she manages to not fall for him in the process, that is... It was supposed to be a simple arrangement. But given their histories—and the secrets Kingston is keeping—the road to happily ever after will surely be anything but simple.

A Bride for the Prizefighter

Alice Coldbreath - 2020
    Not only that, he is on his way to rescue her from the collapse of their school under a mountain of debts.A wild journey across country later, Mina finds herself thrown at the feet of the brutish William Nye, prize-fighter and owner of a disreputable inn, The Merry Harlot. Respectable Mina is appalled to find herself obliged to wed this surly stranger!Forced to draw on reserves of inner strength she never knew she possessed, Mina uncovers perilous secrets and bravely carves herself a new life at the side of this man, as she proves herself a more than worthy partner for the prize-fighter.

Highlander's Game Of Shadows: A Steamy Scottish Medieval Historical Romance

Ann Marie Scott - 2020

Wyoming Legacy Boxed Set: Volumes 8-11

Lacy Williams - 2020
    Love made them a family. Read books eight through eleven in this compelling family saga that Publisher's Weekly called “…pure sweetness in a very readable package, perfect for those who like their romance gentle, G-rated, and family-style.” and ”…smart, gentle, and uplifting…” CATCHING THE COWGIRL Breanna White is a cowgirl to the bone. Adam Cartwright is the wealthy son of a Philadelphia businessman who doesn’t want the society marriage his parents expect. He wants Breanna, whose independent spirit captivated him from the first moment they met. But Breanna has family secrets in Philadelphia that could change the way that Adam feels about her… THE COWBOY’S HONOR Seb White never planned to leave the cowboy life behind or become a famous author of dime store novels. But when the girl he loved broke his heart without an explanation, he couldn’t bear to stay on the family ranch. When Seb runs into Emma on a home-bound train, everything she’s tried to keep hidden threatens to come to light... WINNING THE SCHOOLMARM After a disastrous first year of teaching, Cecilia’s career hinges on whether she can keep her personal life out of the schoolroom. Too bad her heart is stuck on a stubborn cowboy with a secret past… THE WRANGLER’S READY-MADE FAMILY One cowboy gets more than he can handle when he offers a marriage of convenience to Susie and her little ones. One family will brave the wilderness of Wyoming to fight for their livelihoods… and for love. The Wyoming Legacy series includes these books: 1. The Homesteader’s Sweetheart 2. Roping the Wrangler 3. Return of the Cowboy Doctor 4. The Wrangler’s Inconvenient Wife 5. A Cowboy for Christmas 6. Her Convenient Cowboy 7. Her Cowboy Deputy 8. Catching the Cowgirl 9. The Cowboy’s Honor 10. Winning the Schoolmarm 11. The Wrangler’s Ready-Made Family Read all the novels by USA Today bestselling author Lacy Williams: Wild Wyoming Hearts series 1. Marrying Miss Marshal 2. Counterfeit Cowboy 3. Cowboy Pride 4. Courted by a Cowboy Looking Back, Texas series 1. 10 Dates 2. Next Door Santa 3. Always a Bridesmaid 4. Love Lessons The Sawyer Creek series 1. Soldier Under the Mistletoe (Snowbound) 2. The Nanny’s Christmas Wish (Snowbound) 3. The Rancher’s Unexpected Gift (Snowbound) 4. Someone Old (Jilted) 5. Someone New (Jilted) 6. Someone Borrowed (Jilted) 7. The Bull Rider (Homecoming) 8. The Brother (Homecoming) 9. The Prodigal (Homecoming) Cowboy Fairytale series 1. Once Upon a Cowboy 2. Cowboy Charming 3. The Toad Prince 4. The Beastly Princess 5. The Lost Princess 6. Kissing Kelsey 7. Courting Carrie 8. Stealing Sarah 9. Keeping Kayla 10. Melting Megan Heart of Oklahoma series 1. Kissed by a Cowboy 1 & 2 2. Love Letters from Cowboy 3. Mistletoe Cowboy 4. Cowgirl for Keeps 5. Jingle Bell Cowgirl 6. Heart of a Cowgirl 7. 3 Days with a Cowboy 8. Prodigal Cowgirl

Lady Ruthless

Scarlett Scott - 2020
    She will do anything in her power to destroy him. When rumors swirl that the Earl of Sinclair requires a wealthy bride to rescue himself from dire financial straits, she seizes the opportunity to ruin him at last.Justin "Sin" Vaughn, Earl of Sinclair, needs to marry an heiress, and he needs to marry one now. But the sudden, anonymous publication of salacious memoirs rumored to be his obliterates his chances. With polite society convinced he is a murderer, he has only one choice: find the person behind his supposed memoirs and get his revenge.Callie never expected Lord Sinclair to discover she wrote Confessions of a Sinful Earl. Or to abduct her and demand restitution in the form of her own hand in marriage. She definitely did not expect to find him so difficult to resist...Sin is about to teach the beautiful, perfidious Lady Callie a lesson in ruthlessness. One scorching-hot kiss at a time.

Kiss the Wallflower: Books 1-3

Tamara Gill - 2020
    Now, no longer needed as a duchess' companion, Louise has procured employment in York. But on her last night in London, her reputation is shattered when the drunk and disorderly Marquess mistakes Louise's room for his lover's. Luke, the Marquess Graham is determined to never torment himself again by daring to love. Stumbling into Miss Louise Grant’s room destroys his days of bachelorhood when he is pressured into marrying her. However, the cold and distant Marquess knows they'll never have a happy marriage; his new and fetching wife will never crack the protective barrier around his heart. Trying to make the best of a bad marriage Louise attempts to break through the icy visage of the Marquess. But when misfortune strikes and Luke reverts to his cold, distant former self, Louise is not willing to give up on the possibility of love. After all, ice will melt when surrounded by warmth. A Kiss at Mistletoe Lady Mary Dalton fills her time with anything she pleases–and she pleases to do as she likes. With no interest in a husband, Lady Mary is perfectly content to remain in Derbyshire for the rest of her days. However, Mary's parents have other ideas. For the Christmas festivities at Bran Manor, Mary's brother brings home the Duke of Carlton, an infamous man known for his many improprieties, as well as for his distaste in matrimony. Despite his rakish ways, Mary is drawn to him in the most vexing and exasperating way. But when Mary stumbles into the Duke of Carlton's arms one snowy eve, an undeniable attraction is set into motion. Suddenly, marriage no longer seems so horrific–for either of them. A Kiss in Spring A broken carriage wheel at the base of the Scottish highlands is the last thing Sophie Grant needs on her trip to Scotland. Determined to make the most of her stay in the quaint village of Moy, she discovers some delightful attractions, including the Laird Mackintosh, who lives nearby. Upon an invitation to the Laird's home, Sophie is thrust into a world of decadence, privilege, and wealth–everything she never had. Laird Mackintosh is tempting and beguiling with his scandalously hot kisses. However, Sophie knows he's hiding something–something that could change everything. Brice Mackintosh is torn between his family’s expectations, and his newfound feelings for Sophie. What started out as a game, a distraction before he fills his obligations is turning into more. But when the truth surfaces, Brice worries that he may lose the only woman he's ever loved.

The Lady of the Lighthouse

Abby Ayles - 2020
    He wishes to bring truth to light. But there is love waiting for them by the Lighthouse and it is about to set them free... Diana Douglass, daughter of the Earl of Winthrop, is desperate to escape the grim future others planned for her. After she is forced to marry her father’s loathsome partner she is left with no other choice but to flee, unaware of the shadows that haunt her every step... Oliver Evans, son of the Duke of Meriwood, has built a life as a lighthouse keeper. The peace of the sea has allowed him to pursue his passion for writing, and has shunned the attention of those who wish to harm him. When Diana starts working as a maid to his establishment, he finds her attention to be the most pleasurable distraction. Now, with both their identities in danger and uncertain of what the future holds, Oliver and Diana must find a way to unfold their complicated feelings if they wish to win a chance at happiness. But secrets never stay buried for long and they will both have to face their greatest fears when their past comes back to haunt them... Diana will once again find herself facing a loveless future filled with misery and Oliver will face a huge dilemma: abandon Diana to her fate or leave his sanctuary and face his own demons in order to save her…

The Duke of Diamonds

Emily Windsor - 2020
    Fire ignites from a spark...Miss Evelyn Pearce possesses naught but a frail young sister and an ebony-black cat. Left destitute by her baronet father's spendthrift ways, fate and talent hand her the opportunity to seek escape from the dangerous alleys of London town.The cold Duke of Diamonds holds the key, and all Evelyn must do is resist his not-so-cold kiss... A dance of flaming desire...A passion forged on secrets can never be satisfied, but as guises fall and plots unravel, will the duke's controlled façade shatter to reveal his searching heart within?Regency romance with warmth and wit. This book contains sensual scenes.From the bestselling author of Amazon No.1 Regency Romance, Let Sleeping Dukes Lie, comes a new series...1 - The Duke of Diamonds - Out now! 2 - The Rake of Hearts - Out soon3 - The Earl of Spades - Out soon4 - The Prince of Clubs - Out soon

The Love of a Libertine

Jess Michaels - 2020
    But in exchange for his help, Morgan must agree to take on responsibility and try to get his life together by taking on the job of Man of Affairs for a friend.The last thing Lizzie Margolis wants is some rogue coming onto her brother's staff. She's had enough of rakes after being ruined by one years before. But the more she gets to know Morgan, the more drawn to him she becomes. The more she begins to question what is in her own heart and how to manage her growing desire.But as the two begin to navigate a future, Morgan's rears its ugly head. If they fight for what they could have, will they win? Or will all that stands between them become an insurmountable wall?Length: 71,000 wordsHeat Level: Move over Persephone and Hades.

Returning For Her Happy Ending

Carol Colyer - 2020
    However, when tragedy strikes once again and she is to suffer the passing of her Indian mother, something calls her back to her original roots. Upon her arrival in town, though, she feels confused and isolated, and she has to deal with everyone's biased behavior. In an unexpected twist of fate, she bumps into her young love, Michael, who hires her as a cook without having the slightest suspicion about who she really is. Will she find the strength to reveal the truth about her origins to Michael? Will she be able to adapt to her new lifestyle and convince everyone to find common ground with the Indians?Michael Peterson has always thought of himself as a lone wolf since the loss of his beloved one. Βeing convinced that his loved one's death is Indians' fault, he has vowed to seek revenge ever since. The moment his eyes meet Kalani's, though, he feels an electric connection between them and gets overcome by the memories of a long lost love. She is an intriguing, mysterious girl who he can't quite figure out, especially when he notices how she is willing to give Indians the benefit of the doubt. Will he figure out her real identity? Can he get past his own prejudice to finally reach happiness?Although fate meant for them to find each other again, secrets from the past come back to haunt and tie them together in ways they had never imagined. Will Michael and Kalani be able to get past their differences and reignite the fire of their lost love? Will they be able to face the townspeople that are not ready to let their old ways die and embrace the new?"Returning For Her Happy Ending" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

The Maid's Christmas Wish

Annie Shields - 2020

The Earl Returns

Lillian Marek - 2020
    Can he stay alive? After three years as an involuntary seaman in the Royal Navy, the Earl of Merton returns to an England roiled by unrest. The end of the war has brought economic hardship and unemployment. Merton starts a shipyard, bringing employment to his neighbors but embarrassment to his family. They want him to marry suitably and settle down to a normal aristocratic life. He is not interested...until he meets Miranda Rokeby.Miranda is the daughter of a Boston shipowner visiting her English relatives. She has an American disdain for useless aristocrats...until she meets Merton.Together, they may be able to overcome the opposition of their families, but they have another problem. Someone is trying to kill the Earl of Merton.

Highlander’s Royal Blood: A Steamy Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Highlands’ Formidable Warriors)

Ann Marie Scott - 2020

A Stolen Kiss

M.A. Nichols - 2020
    A forced engagement. Can it become something more?Lily Kingsley accepts that she is destined to be a spinster—but not until she gets her first kiss. And she knows the perfect gentleman to enlist. Unfortunately, she kisses the wrong one and ends up in the arms of an overbearing and exceptionally frustrating merchant.When busybodies catch them in their illicit embrace, an engagement is the only solution, but Lily doesn’t want a fiancé who’s only doing his duty. And she certainly doesn’t want a gentleman far too used to getting his own way. She simply must make him see how ill-suited they are.But why is the fellow so determined to see their engagement through?Jack Hatcher hates surprises, but when a beguiling lady mistakes him for someone else and launches herself into his arms, he discovers not all surprises are bad. Marriage was not in Jack’s plans, but Lily stirs something inside him he never expected to feel.But with his fiancé desperate to break with him and a new enemy working to woo Lily away, Jack discovers force of will won’t keep her by his side. Can he find a way to win her heart before it’s lost forever? The Victorian Love series is a spin-off series that follows the children of the heroes and heroines of the Regency Love Series. Each book in both series is a standalone sweet historical romance and can be read in any order.

The Trader and the Rescued Bride

Indiana Wake - 2020
    When she sees an advert for a Mail Order Bride, she knows this is her one chance to escape.FREE with Kindle Unlimited.David Richardson is a successful trader, suddenly he realizes how lonely life has become. When he advertises for a bride, Lily’s reply pulls to him. When he meets the timid but pretty woman, he knows he must help her. Her honesty and need to escape are apparent. David takes her as his bride, but will they ever find love?Lily makes friends and learns that a wealthy landowner is stopping her husband from trading with the local Indian tribe. Can she help her husband out? Can she repay him for saving her?As trouble stirs in Hope Ridge, she realizes she wants more from her marriage than safety, is love possible for someone like her?Find out in The Trader and the Rescued Bride a sweet mail order bride romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

The Heart of an Earl

K.J. Jackson - 2020
    Ripped from her family years ago by a pirate captain, Lady Julianna knows a thing or two about surviving. But she’s grasping at the last threads of staying alive after the captain dies and leaves her at the mercy of the pirate crew. She hides his death—as the second the crew of the Red Dragon discovers the captain is dead, survival will be the least of her worries. But the ruse can only work for so long. Just when her hope is nearly lost, their ship is attacked and she spies a way out. A way out in the form of one tall, strong sailor that just may be her salvation—or her biggest mistake. A long lost earl determined to stay adrift. Desmond Phillips gave up any hope of living a normal life years ago when his wife and unborn baby died. Losing himself among the crew of a privateering ship, all in England gave him up for dead—just as he and his shattered heart preferred it. Two lost souls meet. In the midst of a battle at sea, a sprite of a woman drops onto Des, begging for his help. He saves her and inherits the duty to bring her home safely. As the journey to deliver Lady Julianna home to England unfolds, these two lost souls find unlikely kindred spirits in each other, and the cold, broken shards of Des’s heart begin to heal. But the curse of an ancient box haunts their every move—their very lives. If they manage to break the curse of the Box of Draupnir, they may just be rewarded with an undying love. Note: The novels in the Box of Draupnir series by K.J. Jackson are each stand-alone stories and can be read individually in any order. These historical romances are set in the Regency and Victorian eras, and do not shy away from scenes with steamy heat, occasional naughty language, and moments that might possibly make you squirm.

Fearless Brides For Unsuspected Ranchers Box Set

Evelyn Boyett - 2020
    Soon after she arrives, Abby discovers that she is now the owner of her father’s large ranch, and she needs to make a decision whether she wants to keep the legacy that is now hers.When the sabotage becomes personal to someone she loves, Abby needs to make a decision that will affect not only her future but those around her. Can Abby and Mac learn how to work together to make the ranch successful while learning how to trust each other and allow love in their hearts?#2 War And Romance In Squaw ValleyBig changes are coming to Squaw Valley, Nevada. Luke Kesler runs a successful horse ranch there and whether he and his neighbors like it or not, the government has approved for the railroad to cut through their land on its way to California.Plans to stop the caravan of railroad workers before the work can be started. The engineer of the plans, Jake Crowley arrives before anyone else, invited to stay with William Granger and his niece, Helen.When Luke realizes Jake will be staying with the lovely Helen, his good friend since childhood and the secret love of his heart, he realizes the railroad isn’t the only thing that is about to change in his life.If he doesn’t tell Helen how he feels soon, he could lose her to the myriad of men about to parade into town.#3 Love And Intrigue In Red CreekWhen Macie Walker’s beloved father is murdered in the sleepy town of Red Creek, New Mexico, her world is shattered. As she and her poor, suffering mother struggle to keep their cattle ranch afloat, she finds both her resolve and her faith in God sorely tested.Jess Ryder still carries the death of his parents with him like a ghost, following him closely no matter how far he roams or how many wrongs he tries to right. The more evil he sees in the world, the more estranged he becomes with the world around him and with God above. Pretty soon, he won’t believe in anything at all, least of all the sheriff's badge he’s long ago tossed aside.When Jess receives a pleading letter from a small village’s minister, however, his sense of duty is piqued and he dons the badge for one more ride. What he finds in Red Creek is far more complicated than he would ever have expected, and not only because something about the town’s murders doesn’t sit right.Macie Walker is stubborn. She doesn’t know when to say when and she certainly doesn’t mind his instructions. The problem is, she might also be exactly what Jess needs if they can manage to solve the Red Creek murders and come out on the other side.Each book features a standalone, clean western historical romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

In Bed with the Earl

Christi Caldwell - 2020
    Not even in the sewers of London. That’s precisely where she finds happily self-sufficient scavenger Malcom North, lost heir to the Earl of Maxwell. Now that Verity’s made him front-page news, what will he make of her?Kidnapped as a child, with no memories of his well-heeled past, Malcom prefers the grimy spoils of the culverts to the gilded riches of society. Damn the feisty beauty who exposed the contented tosher to a parade of fortune-hunting matchmakers. How to keep them at bay? Verity must pretend to be his wife. She owes him.The intimacy of this necessary arrangement—Verity and Malcom thrust together in close quarters—soon sparks an irresistible heat. But when the charade ends, the danger begins. Will love be enough to protect them from a treacherous plot devised to ruin them?

Mail Order Bride And The Gift of Children (A Western Historical Romance Book) (Evergreen Frontier)

Florence Linnington - 2020

The Lyon's Laird

Hildie McQueen - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.After being caught in the most embarrassing of situations that leaves her with a permanent limp, Evangeline Prescott's reputation is beyond repair, and so her mother takes it upon herself to approach the Widow of Whitehall in an attempt to find her a suitable husband.In London for a short season, Scottish Laird Camren MacLean accepts an intriguing invitation to a prestigious gambling den where he loses a high stakes card game. The price of his loss is for him to marry a stranger within a week. A beautiful socialite, a handsome Laird, and a game of chance. Can anyone win?

Deception and Desire

Aubrey Wynne - 2020
    Her talents lie in numbers and a keen business mind, not in the art of flirtation. When she becomes the object of a cruel wager during her come-out in London, she vows to put off the penniless noblemen vying for her sizeable dowry. But her season is cut short after her mother discovers the subterfuge, and Fenella retreats to Scotland.Lachlan MacNaughton has neither the temperament nor the patience to be the next MacNaughton chief, preferring to knock heads together rather than placate bickering clansmen. He readily accepts a reprieve to help with the family’s textile mill in Glasgow. A sizzling chance encounter in the rain introduces him to the new female bookkeeper. His grandfather may want him back in the Highlands, but his heart has been lost in the Lowlands.The attraction between Fenella and Lachlan sparks a passion not even two rebellious souls can deny. But an innocent deception tests their newfound love and threatens the freedom they both crave. A MacNaughton Castle RomanceBook 1 – Deception and DesireBook 2 - An Allusive LoveBook 3 - A Bonny Pretender

Seven Brides of South Dakota Series 1-3 (Seven Brides of South Dakota Box Set Book 1)

Kari Trumbo - 2020
    Plus A Ruby Glows, the prequel, as a bonus! Prequel A Ruby Glows Ruby’s heart froze as she threw her dead husband over the cliff. When Beau walks into her life, one glance has her running from her past. He couldn’t want someone like her. It should be easy to avoid his quiet charm. If he can convince her she’s a prize, not prey, he might have a chance. Beau’s captivated when Ruby scrambles from him whenever he gets too close. Her sweetness is an allure he can’t fight. Can Beau convince Ruby she is beloved? Book 1 Dreams in Deadwood He has a vice as bad as her father. Jennie Arnsby wants nothing more than to turn around and go home. Her family is on their way to Deadwood, SD, when Aiden finds his way to their small wagon train. His teasing and banter leave her wanting to toss him out the back and in the dust. When they are separated outside the city, she is left wondering if she’ll ever see him again. Aiden Bradly wants to find his gold and return home. Nothing more. He can’t afford to get tangled with a woman. He’s doing just that until he meets the feisty Jennie. She gets him thinking about his past and forgiveness, but what’s more important, his past or his new future? Aiden will either redeem his past or claim a treasure greater than he could ever imagine, but he must choose one. Book 2 Kisses in Keystone Hattie Arnsby’s been a slave to men and whiskey for the last year. She’s drowned herself in drink to avoid her life at the Red Garter Saloon in Keystone, SD. When a handsome deputy finds her after a year of searching, she finally sees a sliver of hope. Hugh Bradley is deputized to find Hattie and bring her home, but her captors aren’t ready to set her free. He must help her be rid of the drink and the binds of the brothel. But when Hattie’s handed temptation, will she run back to her past or embrace the love growing between them? Book 3 Love in Lead He found her at her worst, can she love him at his? Eva Arnsby can’t stay indoors, her need to draw the woodland creatures around her home near Lead, South Dakota gets her in a heap of trouble. And none more troublesome than a shadowy stranger who steals her notebook and her spirit. Ranger, Captain George Roth, is suspicious when he finds a small woman in man’s trousers sneaking around in the woods. Determined to discover the woman’s secrets, he takes on an assignment, ready to investigate her under the guise of a harmless town dandy. A chameleon in a suit, Mr. George Roth is asking too many questions, and wearing too many masks. Despite Eva’s reluctance, they work together, and soon, she sees parts of George she can’t resist. Shouldn’t she follow her heart? But when the mask slips, and Eva realizes George isn’t who she thinks he is, the damage to her heart may never be mended. One lie will break them apart, and George must convince her that the man she fell for in Lead is the same man who loved her in the woods. Save now when you buy this set. Scroll up to get your copy! Other Books by Kari Trumbo: Brothers of Belle Fourche Teach Me to Love What the Heart Holds Deep Longing of the Soul Seven Brides of South Dakota Dreams in Deadwood

What the Hart Wants

Emily Royal - 2020
    One lesson in love. Fraser MacGregor, thirteenth Duke Molineux, seizes the opportunity to use the title he unexpectedly inherited, to further his whisky business. He leaves his Highland home and heads for London where he’s accosted by a feisty lass, who smashes a vase over his head.Delilah Hart should be relishing her first London season. But she’d rather be a writer than a bland society wife. Her secret occupation of writing anonymous, inflammatory articles about the notorious Molineux family, is the first step to realizing her dream.But when the new duke makes her an offer she can’t refuse—to learn about her cause for social justice in exchange for five lessons in the art of pleasure—she begins to question her beliefs and desires. Before long, Delilah realizes that her heart, as well as her career, is at stake.

Fair as a Star

Mimi Matthews - 2020
    Betrothed to the wealthy Sir Henry Rivenhall, she has no reason to be unhappy—or so people keep reminding her. But Beryl’s life isn’t as perfect as everyone believes. A Longstanding Love… As village curate, Mark Rivenhall is known for his compassionate understanding. When his older brother’s intended needs a shoulder to lean on, Mark’s more than willing to provide one. There’s no danger of losing his heart. He already lost that to Beryl a long time ago.During an idyllic Victorian summer, friends and family gather in anticipation of Beryl and Sir Henry’s wedding. But in her darkest moment, it’s Mark who comes to Beryl’s aid. Can he help her without revealing his feelings—or betraying his brother?

His Heart's Whisperer

Aurora Hanson - 2020
    Luckily for her, her best friend steps in with the perfect solution that will guarantee her financial security. Before even Lizzie realizes it, she becomes a mail-order bride, traveling off to Texas to meet her husband-to-be. Just when she thinks she's finally found some hope, Lizzie discovers that her fiancé is expecting a well-accomplished lady, which she is certainly not. Torn between lies, she finds herself trapped in a painful dilemma...Will she go against her own values for a chance at love?Upon his father's death, Charles Johnson inherited a small ranch and made it the largest in all of Spring Branch. When his brother announces he is expecting his first child, it is a wake up call for Charles that it's high time he found a wife too. Charles is no ignorant to women trying to trap him because of his money and status and he has no choice but to employ a marriage agency. While he never expected to actually fall for his bride-to-be, the minute he meets Lizzie, he is captivated. When secrets come to light, will he manage to trust her and succumb to this unprecedented feeling?Moving to Spring Branch was supposed to solve all of Lizzie's problems instead of creating new ones. In the middle of a web of lies and confusion, she and Charles will have to learn to accept their untameable feelings. Together they must decide if love is worth the trouble... Can the two of them overcome their differences and let their romance flourish, no matter what the cost?"His Heart's Whisperer" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Into the Lyon's Den

Jade Lee - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves. Intrigue makes for strange bedfellows... Elliott, Lord Byrn, often found himself in strange places, but none is more bizarre than the infamous Lyon’s Den gaming house in a tony part of London. The gambling doesn’t surprise him, nor the salacious things rumored to happen in the upstairs rooms. What shocks him is a slip of a girl jeweler/fence who bargains with him over a missing brooch. He needs her to refashion the thing before anyone else realizes it is missing and she drives a hard bargain. Harder than he can imagine... Amber Gohar lives her days in the gray world of a gambling hell, but she dreams of escaping into the vibrant world of the ton. When the opportunity arises for her to spend just one night at a society ball, she grabs it with both hands, never expecting that she would also be taking hold of a man who set her heart on fire. But once she realizes what she’s done, she won’t let go. She can’t. Happily ever after doesn’t come easily, or for free, in the world of The Lyon's Den. How these two unlikely bedfellows discover their best bargain will set both the ton, and The Lyon’s Den, on fire.

Highland Warlord

Amy Jarecki - 2020
    But his plans go wildly astray when Lady Ailish Maxwell’s brother is captured by her traitorous uncle. James has every intention of finding the lad, but when Her Ladyship announces she’s joining the quest, he’s not about to let her go, no matter how beautiful her crystal eyes, or convincing her silver tongue.And Ailish will not sit idle while her brother, the true heir to the Maxwell dynasty, is taken deeper into the enemy’s lair. After putting forth every ounce of reasoning she can muster, Sir James agrees to allow her to pose as his wife. But what she doesn’t count on is falling in love with the braw Highlander. And as they ride farther into enemy lands, they cannot ignore the intensity of the passion simmering between them—though it could very well ruin everything they have worked so hard to preserve.

Winning Her Guarded Heart

Amelia Rose - 2020
    Despite all his success, all he’s looking for is a safe haven for him and his sister.He finds the perfect opportunity when an old miner offers him an irresistible deal – a new life in an old town, with a beautiful bride to match. For the man they call Lucifer, it’s an offer that’s heaven-sent.Rachel Maxwell’s world is flipped upside down when she finds out that both she and her family’s homestead have been sold to a mysterious stranger. Headstrong and willful, she won’t surrender herself and her home without a fight.Despite the salacious rumors about Salis, Rachel discovers the kind and generous soul behind the stern persona and the devilish nickname. Soon she becomes drawn to this soft-hearted gentleman and his sweet teenage sister.But the people of Bear Creek are wary of the ambitious outsider who wants to make big changes to their small town.And the things that past Salis was running away from is quickly catching up to him, bringing danger and perils along with it.Will Salis ever find the peace and happiness he craves? Can Rachel and Salis find a way to be together despite the obstacles from his old life and their new one?Winning Her Guarded Heart is the twelfth book in the Bear Creek Brides historical western romance series. Be captivated by this riveting tale of blossoming love and new beginnings.

Lady Edith's Lonely Heart

Audrey Harrison - 2020
    He keeps to the fringes of society because of family constraints. Will the written word be enough to bring two lost souls together?Lady Edith Longdon is an heiress, in danger of being classed a spinster, and disillusioned with the fops, dandies, and fortune hunters surrounding her in society. Deciding it’s time to take her future into her own hands, she devises a foolproof way of finding someone she can love. She's convinced nothing could go wrong… Lord Ralph Pensby, overwhelmed by a sense of obligation, and with no one he can turn to, is adrift from those around him… Two people drawn together, both on a journey which will affect them in ways they could never have foreseen. Secret correspondence, mistrust and confusion, not to mention cads of the highest order, make this novel a fast-paced, heart-warming story, with appealing characters and a strong sense of time and place. Perfect for lovers of all things Regency!

A Secret Surrender

Darcy Burke - 2020
    Can a dauntless Bow Street Runner, a devastated viscount, and a disillusioned Society miss unravel their secrets?A survivor of the mean streets of London's East End, Selina Blackwell has learned to be a chameleon, and in her current iteration as a fortune-teller, she's able to provide a Season for her sister. Only, Madame Sybila can't be a chaperone, so Selina takes on another identity as the proper Lady Gresham. But when a Bow Street Runner takes too much of an interest in her business, it seems the crimes of her past will finally come to light.Determined to prove that Madame Sybila is a fraud bent on fleecing London's elite, Harry Sheffield enlists the help of the alluring Lady Gresham in exchange for introducing her to Society's best. With his busy career and aspirations for the future, Harry has no time for marriage, but an affair is just right—until he discovers the lady's disarming secret. Whatever his feelings for her, he can't ignore who she is and who she's been. And when she holds the key to the one case he couldn't solve, he must choose justice or love.

Highlander's Captive

Mariah Stone - 2020
    He keeps her heart captive.While chaperoning a high school trip to the Scottish Highlands, Amy MacDougall descends into Inverlochy Castle dungeon. Deep in the crumbling ruins, she touches a magical rock and travels through time to 1307.Infiltrating the castle, Highlander Craig Cambel imprisons Amy. A MacDougall, she’s his clan’s sworn enemy. But when he’s forced to marry the fierce beauty, he surrenders to desire. Amy needs to return to the twenty-first century, but her feelings for Craig are growing stronger every day. Will the pull of centuries divide them, or can destiny bind them across the ages?It's the year 1307, and she's the enemy.

The Highlander's Angel

Caroline Lee - 2020
    Three prime suspects. One sinister plot to destroy a fledgling kingdom... Meet the Queen's Angels!When Robert the Bruce's queen formed the Angels, an elite group of spies masquerading as her ladies in waiting, she probably didn't imagine they'd be called on to save her life. But that's what happens when Queen Elizabeth is entertaining the Fraser delegation.Luckily, her lady Courtney is deadly with a bow and recognizes the assassin. Court's history with the band of thieves and murderers who raised her means she has a very different skill set than most women in the queen's retinue, and she's not afraid to employ it. But she is used to working alone, and the idea of being saddled with an unwanted partner—particularly when that man is gorgeous, dangerous, and a suspect—is galling.Ross Fraser, the queen's longtime bodyguard, can't believe one of his kinsmen could be involved in this dastardly plot. He'll do everything in his power to prove his clan is innocent of treason, even if it means partnering with a testy and deadly thief-turned-spy... One who holds his heart in her hands after that single night they spent together years ago.Ross must choose between his loyalty to his laird and his loyalty to his heart, as Court's "family" proves she doesn't even understand what loyalty is. When metal hits meat, can this unlikely duo learn to trust each other, or will the plot to bring down the Scottish monarchy succeed?

The Way to His Lonely Heart

Aurora Hanson - 2020
    When Hank Collins enters her life with an appealing business proposal, she realizes that she has never truly known home outside of her town’s limits. Being rather skeptical, at first, she declines the offer but when her family is in great need of money, she sees no other choice but to take it. Surrounded by people she does not trust and being away from her family, how will she handle the challenges coming ahead? Could a relationship that started as a professional one, be developed into something deeper and more meaningful?Hank Collins has been down on his luck facing tragedy after tragedy, and now, his family legacy is nearly in shambles. Hank will meet Lauren under very peculiar circumstances, but he is soon to realize that she and her amazing cooking skills are all that he needs. When Lauren joins the ranch, her cooking fills the souls of Hank and his men, while it gives him strength and inspiration for even greater things. How far is he willing to go in order to claim his happiness with Lauren? When a misunderstanding nearly destroys their connection, will he manage to prove his feelings and true intentions to her?Their paths entwine more than either of them expected, but the struggles of running a ranch might just tear them apart. When success comes knocking, will they make the decision their heart truly desires or will they suppress their feelings driven by selfishness? ?s their love meant to last or will it be demolished at the first sign of trouble and disagreement?

Never Doubt a Duke

Maggi Andersen - 2020
    Stir in an explosive, passionate attraction. Sparks fly! Welcome to book one in this exciting new series by Maggi Andersen! Read for Free in Kindle Unlimited!Lady Nellie Dountry, and Charles, His Grace, Duke of Shewsbury have had their hearts broken in the past. Neither is prepared to chance love again. When they are compelled to marry because of an agreement made long ago by their fathers, they are both determined to resist falling in love. Convinced that it’s mere desire which draws them together, both are surprised by their jealousy.Nellie finds Charles irresistibly attractive, but other women do too. They circle like sharks. Aware that Charles’s former fiancée, who had broken his heart some years ago, is now a widow and on the hunt for a lover, Nellie struggles to trust him while she fears she is falling in love with him.Charles was more than pleased with his choice of bride, but he wishes she wasn’t so difficult to understand. One minute she’s hot for him, the next as remote from him as a chalet in the Alps. Why he wants to get close surprises him; he planned for his marriage to be little more than one of polite indifference. But Nellie is so dashed beguiling!

The Lyon Sleeps Tonight

Elizabeth Ellen Carter - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.Love is just a whim away…Free-spirited Opal Jones and straight-laced Peter Ravenshaw are childhood friends growing up in India, away from the structured mores of English society. But all good things must come to an end. The friends are sent to England and go their separate ways.Years pass but not Opal's love for Peter. Opal is determined to get her man, but she will need the help of Lady Dove-Lyon, the most notorious matchmaker in London.The Lyon’s Den will host a most unusual game: He who can stay awake the longest, wins the hand of the fair Miss Opal Jones. Peter is horrified that his beautiful, headstrong friend would give herself away on a game of chance, not realizing that Opal already holds all the cards.

Salvation for the Wounded Hearts

Lorelei Brogan - 2020
    Her road ahead is forever changed, though, when her beloved husband is killed in a disastrous robbery. As if that wasn’t enough, she will soon have to face another horrible truth: the fact that he was living a double life as a vicious criminal. Grappling with loneliness, as well as the upbringing of her disabled son, she feels completely desolated. Under the pressure of everyone treating her as an outcast, Clara will have to make a bold decision: travel west to become a mail order bride. Will leaving for the unknown help her escape misery? Andrew never got over the terrible loss of his dearest wife. Spiraling into despair over the last three years, he leads a sheltered life in a ranch in Texas, along with his only son. When his best friend realizes that Andrew has completely given up on himself and his child, he is determined to take matters into his own hands: behind his back, he answers a Mail Order bride ad for a widow with an only son. Will Andrew reject this secretly taken initiative or will he seize this opportunity and finally leave the sorrowful events behind? With Clara’s arrival in Texas, they will quickly realise they share something common: their hearts are both shattered in million pieces. Will they be able to work through their critical differences and let their trauma go? Or will they never manage to get away from their wounded past? "Salvation for the Wounded Hearts" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Highlander's Christmas

Mariah Stone - 2020
    She’s the noblewoman he abandoned nine years ago. Can forgiveness give them a second chance at love this Christmas?The Scottish Highlands, 1308. Infamous mercenary Hamish Dunn betrayed a powerful clan and is now pursued by killers almost as ruthless as himself. Deep in the snowy wilderness, a Highland faerie convinces Hamish to travel to the Border Lands for one last job.Deidre Maxwell has a dangerous secret. She’s not the widow she claims but a disowned noblewoman with an illegitimate daughter. After being cast aside by Hamish, the man she loved, she’ll never let herself be hurt again. And she’ll keep her daughter, Maeve, safe from the pain of rejection whatever the cost.When Hamish visits the warden of the West English March, he finds more than a job. The lass he never stopped loving is now the family’s wet nurse and has a daughter. Hamish wants to protect them both, though he has been hired to murder Deidre's father. Deidre strives to keep him from learning of his child, but she can’t resist the dark Scot’s draw. Can the magic of Christmas and a child’s love heal the wounds of the past and finally give this improbable pair a happy ending?Highlander’s Christmas is a historical romance novella set in medieval Scotland and connected to the enthralling Called by a Highlander time travel romance series. If you like reunion romances, secret babies, and dark alpha heroes, then you’ll swoon over Mariah Stone’s tale of forbidden love.Previously published in the 12 Days of Christmas in a Highlander's Arms collection

Duke of Daring

Tammy Andresen - 2020
    He needs to protect his secret gaming hell from a group of debutantes who've stumbled upon his covert business. The problem... Miss Minerva Chase is not the average lady. From the moment his compatriots assign Daring to keep watch over the fiery redhead, she begins stirring trouble. Not only is her tongue sharper than any sword he's faced, but her lips are achingly soft while she tosses barb after barb in his direction. He'd like to throttle her, or kiss her, or perhaps protect the very spirit that drives him mad.Minnie knows a pompous, arrogant, infuriating man when she meets one, and she will not be intimidated. So what if he's a duke with a secret? She won't bend, not even when she realizes that he pushes her away, because he's been hurt before; a hurt she's experienced herself. And she will not give in to his will, even when his kiss lights her body to flame. But when he needs her help... well, that's a little more difficult for a girl to refuse.The problem is that once she's seen his softer side, she's in jeopardy of succumbing to the Duke of Daring. When it comes to love, is she brave enough to give away her heart?

A Baron Worth Loving

Bridget Barton - 2020
    The moment she meets her brother's childhood friend at the ball, the romantic feelings that she had for him start to revive. However, Nora can hardly imagine that the very handsome gentleman would fall in love with her after years of friendship. As if this were not enough, the same night, Gerard witnesses an embarrassing misunderstanding that makes an earthshaking change in Nora's life. Will she cover up a scandal that might destroy her reputation? Will she manage to win Gerard's heart, or her only wish to be loved will remain unfulfilled?Lord Gerard Colbourne is a kind and refined Baron. Since his father's death one year ago, he has been responsible for controlling their poor estates and being a guard of his mother and sister. Following his mother's advice to find a bride, Gerard attends a ball that will remain indelibly printed on his mind forever. Much to his surprise, he finds himself into a scheme of a ruse relationship to save his good friend's younger sister. How far will Gerard go to rescue her? Will he protect Nora only for the sake of friendship, or will he realize that in her eyes, he has found more than what he bargained for?Over the course of their plan, a deep and tender affection is growing between Nora and Gerard. However, a series of unexpected events will lead to a social war between families, and another misunderstanding that threatens to keep them apart. What will Nora and Gerard sacrifice for their love? Will they endure all the obstacles that emerge, or will they be condemned to live in pain forever?

Winds Of Fate (Fated Hearts #1)

Lucia Omonobi - 2020
    Too late Leah realizes the scheme is filled with lies and injustice. Beaten, bruised and without hope, Leah is prepared to die... but fate has other plans.Andrew...All he wanted was freedom. So willingly, Andrew Code trades slavery for exile to the new town. As his team uncovers the lies and deceit of the new town, Andrew remains determined to carve out a life worth living for himself.In an untamed forest filled with ex-convicts, starving residents, schemers, and murderers, will love and hope conquer all?

The Earl of Christmas Past

Kerrigan Byrne - 2020
    She takes refuge at a centuries-old inn where the only available room is haunted by the ghost of a warrior who fell at Culloden Moor.One who refuses to give up his side of the bed.Johnathan de Lohr awakens to find a siren bathing in the chamber of sorrows that keeps his restless spirit imprisoned. Though he’s the ghost, John knows that the captivating woman will be the one to haunt him.Unless they can figure out a way to set his tormented soul free.Please note: This novella is also connected to The Victorian Rebels SeriesPreviously published in the anthology, A Very Highland Christmas.

A Christmas Worth Remembering

Abby Ayles - 2020
    But the inquisitive Marquess will soon discover that his task is not an easy one…Ana Parker is content with her position as a lady’s maid, but she has always felt a little out of place. An orphan raised by an earl’s housekeeper, but also the best friend of her lady, Violet, she seems to be hovering between two worlds with no hope of belonging anywhere.As the investigation for the lost heiress brings Lewis and Ana close, they will find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, until the truth is revealed and they believe they can finally be together.But their adventure is hardly over, as there’s an enemy disguised as a friend standing between them and they're happily ever after…

Her Accidental Highlander Husband

Allison B. Hanson - 2020
    She has only one safe place to go—the MacKinlay clan in Scotland, where her sister is the laird’s wife. War Chief Cameron MacKinlay has vowed never to marry after witnessing his widowed mother’s grief. He has his lands and his clan, and that’s enough for a good life. When one day a sprite of a lass comes running out of the forest with hounds nipping at her heels and an English bounty hunter not far behind, he feels compelled to save her by claiming the disheveled duchess is his wife. But he certainly didn’t intend to marry her for real!And now he’ll do anything to protect her...

A Fiery Bride For A Protective Rancher

Evelyn Boyett - 2020
    She’s not afraid to buck the norm. She loves working on the farm, riding horses, and enjoying entertainment most women aren’t meant to partake in. She longs for independence and joy, but deeply fears that she’ll never acquire either. She grew up on a struggling farm with her family. For years, she’s been urged to find a husband. However, she fears being forced to change who she is because of men like Henry. William lost his wife three years ago. Since her death, William has been raising his twin daughters with only the help of his brother. He’s closed himself off from the world completely, fearing that being close with others will lead to nothing but heartbreak. Christine is stubborn and determined to fight for her freedom, but she's going to need help, someone who will stand with her against the proposed wedding to someone she despises. Can she find the courage to protect her family, tell the man she loves how she really feels, and save their home? Or will her fear keep her trapped for the rest of her life? If you like fast-paced clean romance and action-packed stories, you won't be able to put down this addictive Novel by Evelyn Boyett. "A Fiery Bride For A Protective Rancher" is a stand-alone Western Historical Romance Novel of approximately 500 pages.

A Lady's Forever Love

Bridget Barton - 2020
    Against society, she takes on the child of her deceased poor friend, and she is determined that she will never marry a man who wouldn't approve of her. When her childhood friend returns home from war, Margaret has no doubt that he is the fairytale prince she has always been waiting for. Little does she know that her father would rather die than see his daughter married to the gamekeeper's son. To make matters worse, she becomes betrothed to a man who craves nothing but her generous dowry. Will Margaret escape the grim future her father has planned for her? Will she find meaning in her life again by Nigel's side?Captain Nigel Bateson comes back to Cornwell to discover that his secret crush is engaged to a hateful man, raising a child of mysterious origins. Unable to bury his growing feelings for her and defying all odds, he wishes to marry her at the earliest opportunity. But this is going to be an uphill struggle, as he first has to help her run away from her detestable fiance and prove to her father that he is a respectable man despite his class. Will Nigel rescue the affectionate woman who stole his heart years ago? Or will he have to witness her marry a man that will make her life a living hell?Even though Margaret and Nigel come from different worlds, their love can overcome the obstacles that tend to keep them apart. But her evil husband-to-be will never accept his defeat, and he is determined to do whatever it takes to make her suffer. Will the two of them find a way to overcome the obstacles that threaten to take away the happiness they deserve? In the end, will their love survive a violent storm and bring sunshine to their hearts?

The Earl Behind the Mask

Abby Ayles - 2020
    When her beloved father announces it’s time she found a suitor, she manages to make a deal with him before meeting her intended, Daniel Eaton, the Earl of Elbrook. But there is so much about Daniel that Rose doesn’t understand… Known to the world only as ‘’the Specter’’, Daniel protects his identity behind a mask which allows him to perform in Rose’s theater every night. But as Daniel will soon find out, there are things his mask cannot protect him from, especially when Rose can see right through him so easily. As Rose and Daniel reach the point of no return, secrets and mysterious threats take the theater by storm, and Daniel’s mask will soon have to fall. Can Rose and Daniel compromise their happiness in order to solve the mystery and stop the panic from spreading and destroying everything in their lives? *If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “The Earl Behind the Mask” ! Buy “The Earl Behind the Mask” and unlock the exciting story of Daniel and Rose today! Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

Lords of Scandal: Boxed Set One

Tammy Andresen - 2020
    He needs to protect his secret gaming hell from a group of debutantes who’ve stumbled upon his covert business. The problem… Miss Minerva Chase is not the average lady. From the moment his compatriots assign Daring to keep watch over the fiery redhead, she begins stirring trouble. Not only is her tongue sharper than any sword he’s faced but her lips are achingly soft while she tosses barb after barb in his direction. He’d like to throttle her, or kiss her, or perhaps protect the very spirit that drives him mad.Marquess of MaliceHe’s known as the Marquess of Malice…can one little lady warm his dark heart?Malice, as his friends and fellow gaming hell owners call him, doesn’t have room in his life for love. He’ll take a quiet bride, make an heir, and ship her off to the country. He’s picked the perfect little mouse for the job. The problem? When Malice asks her to marry him, Lady Cordelia refuses. Has she no sense? Any debutante would be happy to catch a marquess. But then again, he’s broken inside. Perhaps Cordelia is the most sensible woman of them all…Earl of Exile:He’s too dangerous and she’s too haunted…Lady Diana Chase has no intention of marrying any man, especially not the large Scot with a deep brogue and penchant for meddling in her business. And when he steps too far and puts his lips on hers…well that’s perfectly dreadful. Or perfectly wonderful…she hasn’t made up her mind. Perhaps Diana will need another kiss to decide…

Caught in the Storm of a Duke’s Heart

Abby Ayles - 2020
    He didn’t wish to live any longer, until she gave him a reason to…Judith Brewen’s bid to find her life’s true meaning has her embarking on a journey to Northern England. But there is a storm gathering and her plans will be forcefully cut short…Stranded in a dark forest with only her maid for company, Judith happens upon a gloomy estate and seeks shelter from its mysterious owner, a man used to living in the shadows.Stephen Dunham, the Duke of Sawbrook, wastes away as life passes him by. A horrible accident left him broken, despite the fact that no physical injuries remained. Now his health is declining and he has lost all hope and will to live.As Judith starts breathing life into the husk that was Dunham estate and its gloom slowly dissipates before Stephen’s eyes, he starts hoping for a future again.But can he really condemn this lovely lady that has been a ray of sunshine in his darkness into misery, watching his life fade a little more each day…?*If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Caught in the Storm of a Duke’s Heart”!

A Very Highland Christmas

Jennifer Ashley - 2020
    In the village of Calvine, north of Tay Forest, along a road that leads straight into Inverness, the only tavern in town is packed to the rafters with travelers.Eight months after the disastrous defeat at Culloden, the people haven’t recovered, nor has the land, and it’s a bad winter. But inside the tavern known as Balthazar’s Inn, the magic that is Christmas is about to happen.A blustery innkeeper, his sensitive daughter, and a cast of unique characters passing through the careworn tavern will bring you six captivating stories of reflection, joy, and enthrallment that is the very spirit of the holiday season.Welcome to an enchanting limited-edition collection you won’t soon forget!The Knight of Christmas Future by Kathryn Le Veque - When James de Lohr heads into the wilds of Scotland to discover what happened to his brother at the Battle of Culloden, his stay at Balthazar’s Tavern has an unexpected twist. On a night when angels walk the earth, James comes face to face with his very own guardian angel.Fiona and the Three Wise Highlanders by Jennifer Ashley - Fiona McDonald is overjoyed to see Stuart Cameron alive and well after his imprisonment by the English, but her worries are not over. Stuart Cameron owes his safety to a pair of smugglers who have come to collect on their debt, and Stuart will need her help to win himself free.One Knight’s Stand by Tanya Anne Crosby - Lady Elizabeth Easton finds herself suffering a terrible case of wedding nerves. She feigns illness, stopping to recover at a highland inn where she signs in as the “MacKinnon's bride.” Presumed dead at Culloden, Callum MacKinnon stops at the inn, intending to clean up before his return as the prodigal son. Imagine his surprise to find his “bride to be” has already procured them a room.The Earl of Christmas Past by Kerrigan Bryne - A solstice blizzard drives Victorian photographer Vanessa Latimer to a crowded Highland Inn where the only available room is haunted by the ghost of a fallen warrior unwilling to give up his side of the bed.Highland Hearts by Darcy Burke - When Tavish Crawford learns treasure hunter Elspeth Marshall is on the trail of his family’s missing legacy, he swears to prevent her at any cost. As nefarious forces threaten them both, he realizes he must not only protect the mystical sword, but the woman who has stolen his heart.The Highlander Who Nearly Stole Christmas by Eliza Knight - For eight months, Thane Menzies has patiently waited to enact his revenge against the Campbells, and finally, he can’t resist the opportunity that’s presented itself: stealing their most precious treasure for his own—Lady Sarah.From our families to yours, we wish you the very best of the holiday season!

The King's Commander

Cecelia Mecca - 2020
    I’m to go to Murwood End, the land of the Voyagers, to retrieve the king’s secret son. With the heir dead, it’s our only hope for saving our kingdom from those who would destroy us. But complications arise from the start. No one knows when the king’s son will return from his latest mission, or at least no one will say. And his closest friend—a woman, a Garra—seems to loathe me on sight. A further complication: I’m completely captivated by her. In Meria, Garra practice their healing arts in secret, but there’s nothing covert about this bold, beautiful woman. In the beginning, I tell myself I’m only pursuing Aedre Lorenson for her connection to the king’s son, but I know it for a lie. She has awakened something in me, and I’m torn between doing my duty as the king’s commander and following my heart.

Masked Intentions

Diana Bold - 2020
    However, by night, he is a masked avenger named Prometheus, rescuing unfortunate children from lives of prostitution. Horribly burned as a child, he loves the anonymity of his mask.Vanessa Bourke, the famous actress, is fascinated by both Adrian Strathmore, who throws flowers at her feet but remains in the shadows, and Prometheus, the masked man who shows up in her flat in the middle of the night with a small boy he’s saved. When she discovers they are one and the same, she begs him to unmask himself, to no avail. He is willing to lose her forever rather than trust her to love him despite his scars. Frustrated, she blackmails Adrian into marrying her, ruining his trust.Will he ever believe she’s come to love the man behind the mask?

The Marchioness Who Tempted Fate

Hanna Hamilton - 2020
    The day she finds herself at the mercy of a peculiar Marquess, she realizes that trying to steal from a nobleman, was a very bad idea.When Percival Dandridge, Marquess of Northbury, apprehends a suspiciously feminine thief in his house, he decides to offer her a position in his kitchen. He never intended to fall in love with her.But when an attempt against his life is made, all clues point to her.Realizing she is being framed, she becomes a ghost, working to prove her innocence. A dagger, an old gold pouch, and a diligent constable are all she has to solve this mystery and uncover a string of old ones…

Healing the Rancher's Cold Heart

Ava Winters - 2020
    A Love as unique and unexpected as theirs. How long will they need to realize that true beauty lies within?Sarah Langley is a kind-hearted beautiful woman that would do anything to protect her family and save their small farm. Even though she recently lost her beloved mother, Sarah insists on smiling and believing that better days will come. Despite her innocent character, as a new mail order bride she will soon find out that good people can do bad things. Like her new husband. Will she silence the echoes of his past and trust him?Christopher Norris is a distant, wounded rancher. He wishes to live secluded and he made sure he had enough money to do that. Even though people fear and respect him, he never turns his back on anyone in need. Especially now that he needs to act upon his greatest and most feared desire, to create a truly loving family. Will he ever realize that there is an honest and loving person in the world, and he is married to her?When the truth about Christopher’s past comes to light, he will have to open up to her. Sarah will have to face the ultimate test and trust her heart. How can Sarah and Christopher set everything aside and let their love grow?"Healing the Rancher’s Cold Heart" is a stand-alone Western Historical Romance Novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Christmas Baby to Heal his Heart: Amish Romance

Sarah Miller - 2020
    Neither Katie nor Levi were eager to wed a stranger but they agree. While Katie still hoped to find true love, Levi wants to avoid love at all costs. Katie's attempts to woo her husband fall flat, but the man is colder than winter snow. She is certain her life with Levi will be long and lonely and that she will never have the baby she so desires. Levi is fond of Katie but the scars of the past are huge walls he will never cross. A Christmas emergency drops a newborn baby boy in Levi ad Katie's home. The little boy opens both Katie and Levi's hearts. bringing them closer than they ever believed possible. Levi can feel this sweet angel healing the scars he has battled so hard to avoid. Soon, they must give the baby back to his true parents? Will the loss destroy their marriage forever or will their faith make them strong enough to weather all the storms life may toss at them? (the above is from Amazon's "About this Book")

A Duke's Desire

G.L. Snodgrass - 2020
    The man risked his life to save her. What woman wouldn’t fall in love. From London’s lowest rung. A penniless Miss Ann Parker is perfectly aware that women such as herself are never admitted to his world. That won’t stop her from dreaming. The Duke of Bedford had one simple rule. Never allow the weak to be mistreated. He and his friends may live lives of privilege. But with that comes responsibility. However, that does not include matrimony. Especially not to the less than brilliant ninnies his mother is constantly pushing on him. In order to forestall his mother’s efforts, the Duke needs someone to make her second guess her plans. If he can convince her he is thinking of marrying a commoner, perhaps she will decide that it is better that he not marry than betray their class. In need of a pretend heiress to work the deception. The Duke turns to his maid, Ann Parker, for her help. A woman from the wrong side of life, yet a woman of intelligence, natural grace, and charm. With help and a little luck, she may be able to help him avoid a disastrous marriage. Like Cinderella, Ann is exposed to a magical world. His world. But every moment is a reminder that it is a man and a world she cannot have.

Haunted By A Highland Curse: A Steamy Scottish Medieval Historical Romance

Emilia C. Dunbar - 2020

Lord Lucifer

Jade Lee - 2020
    Three ladies attended for fun but find something far greater in the shadows of the pleasure garden. Welcome to the fabulous new series Lords of the Masquerade by USA Today Bestselling Author Jade Lee. Read for Free in Kindle Unlimited! LORD LUCIFER Twelve years ago, Lucas failed to protect the love of his life from being forced into an arranged marriage. The day she wed another man, he left England to join the fight against Napoleon. Now he’s back with scars on his body and soul. He’s happy hidden from the peerage as he helps his men reintegrate back into society. Then he discovers the woman he still loves is in terrible danger. LADY DIANA Diana is not the same obedient girl who wed a man three times her age. She’s grown up and found a strength she didn’t have before. Now the one man she can’t forget is back and talking about things that can’t be true. Then her husband is murdered, the estate is in jeopardy, and every finger points at her. ALL OR NOTHING No one will help her except Lucas who defies constables, thieves, and his own family to save her. But when she begs him to do more than stand guard, he decides on a dangerous ploy. He risks everything to save more than her life. He dances with the devil to win her heart.

The Lowly Maiden's Loyalty

Rosie Swan - 2020
    How could she ever have known the tragedy that was about strike with such unforgiving force?Meeting the farmhand, Lawrence Trent, a man robbed of his childhood by the misdeeds of a renegade father seemed at first a doorway to happiness. Instead it was one leading to desperation and deprivations that overshadowed even the brightness of their love for one another.What strength will be required to survive the obstacles set along the course of their lives? What gifts from heaven can steer them to safety?Can the beautiful Barbara Coomb finally lay to rest the ghosts that taunt her present and haunt her future? Will Lawrence break free from the chains that not only held his childhood but now hold his heart?In this Victorian Romance historical romance author, Rosie Swan, carries readers through a lifetime saga of a child who became a woman worthy of the deepest love and admiration a man could give.

Enchanted by Her Rebellious Spirit

Carol Colyer - 2020
    One eventful night will determine her whole life when her father will make a disastrous mistake driven by his sorrow. Thrust into a marriage of convenience, Elvira finds herself saying yes before the groom is even properly introduced. Will she manage to escape her unfair fate? Escaping the trap her closest people have set for her may prove to be much more challenging than she expected... Ethan Riken is a lonely but hard-working rancher, hiding a dark secret that has stigmatized him deeply. Adamant about his privacy and not eager to open his heart to anyone, the last thing he wants is some damsel in distress. Now he is tangled in a bizarre story, with no way out. How will his emotions for Elvira affect his life, when his only chance to open his heart and overcome his past stands right in front of him? Elvira and Ethan have failed to communicate their needs and backgrounds and their distance seems unbridgeable. Both of them have created a distorted image of one another that can only lead to disappointment. Caught in a web of secrets and lies, can they come to terms with their unlikely wedding? Hostile forces scheme against their happiness… but will they eventually make it? "Enchanted by Her Rebellious Spirit" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

An Endless Love to Remember

Lorelei Brogan - 2020
    In an hopeful attempt to escape her miserable reality, she secretly gets engaged to her childhood friend. To her misfortune, when he decides to join the Civil War, Vickie will start fighting her own lonely battle. Having not heard from him for two years, she assumes the worst has happened. To her surprise, he comes back, but not the same ma... Which dreadful event made him change his avowal of love for her?Sam Madsen had been a joyful and outgoing man before joining the war. The atrocities he saw on the battlefield, though, turned him into an entirely different person. He is now suffering from a memory loss and barely remembers Vickie or his deep feelings for her. While being extremely confused, trying to recall any possible detail of his past, his father sneakily announces his ambitious plan: his intention to marry his son to Vicki's older sister, Jess. How will Sam deal with this unforeseen request?While Vickie is trying to discover the real reason behind Sam's apparent betrayal, Jess starts finding the idea of becoming his wife appealing. Will Vickie manage to prevent this unwanted arranged marriage? Or will she end up accepting her harsh fate?"An Endless Love to Remember" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Maid in the West

Josephine Blake - 2020
    in someone else's life?Fed up with being despised for her unfortunate parentage, impulsive hotel maid, Elise Miller, runs away from home. She regrets her decision the moment she’s on the train, but when she is mistaken in the next town for a mail-order bride, she trades in her identity for a chance in a better life.Kindly but stern hotelier, Daniel West, is appalled when his mother announces that she is ‘bringing’ him a bride to help manage his growing business, and he’s even more appalled when he meets Elise. The girl is awkward, uncouth, and manages to interfere in nearly everything she puts her hand to. Worse yet, she seems determined to stay, is making friends—and as they grow closer, it’s becoming harder and harder to turn her away.It seems inevitable that the two will give into their budding feelings for one another, but when Daniel’s real fiancé turns up, will the trust between Daniel and Elise be shattered for good?Maid in the West is the first story in the Brides of Adoration series. Each story is clean and sweet, with zero cliff hangers and a lovely Happily Ever After that is sure to make you smile!

A Love Stronger Than Death

Terri Grace - 2020
    How could a loving God allow her to be widowed at such a young age? And how can true love ever cross her tragic path again? Resigned to remain a widow for the rest of her life, she has no idea what blessings the Lord is about to bring her way. The question is will she recognize them through her grief? Pastor Luke Albright is no stranger to pain. Typhoid stole his loving wife, but he knows that God has a plan to bring him through to brighter days. When he meets Molly White-Marsden of the Cozy Bridal Agency, a glimmer of hope begins to shine in Luke’s darkness, but he has no idea the lengths he is about to ride, and the challenges he’ll face to find honest love once again. A Love Stronger Than Death is the first book in the Widows of Wellness Creek series by bestselling historical romance author, Terri Grace. If you love faith-filled tales of the West, overcoming stories of resilient love, and characters that embody the pioneering spirit that celebrates the best of our humanity, you will be swept away with A Love Stronger Than Death. READ IT TODAY!

Hopes and Brides: Regency and Mail Order Bride Historical Romance Collection

Joyce Alec - 2020
     ************ Miss Ophelia Grey Must Fake a Courtship to Save a Man She Has Never Met. Miss Ophelia Grey is thoroughly relieved when Lord Marchmont decides their courtship should come to an end. However, she is utterly astonished when, within a few days, he is back at her side and begging for a second chance. Lord Peter Marchmont does not think that Miss Grey is the right match for him. Waking up to discover a note stating he must court Miss Grey otherwise his brother Edward will be ruined, Peter realizes he has no choice. Struggling to find answers, Peter eventually tells Miss Grey the truth and discovers that she might be the help he has been looking for. Together, Ophelia and Peter look for clues that will protect Edward and allow them to bring their courtship to a close. However, they soon begin to find that their hearts are changing and that perhaps, they might not wish for their courtship to come to an end after all. Read The Aristocrat’s Charade and many more in this historical box set. ************ This clean and wholesome box set features the following books: Promise of the Earl An Earl’s Wager Alice’s Arranged Marriage Entangled with the Viscount The Aristocrat’s Charade Bewildered Earl The Viscount’s Heart An Earl’s Love Unexpected Earl Westward for Love Broken Betrothal The Bride’s Heart Etta’s Secret Jessie’s Regret This is a sweet historical romance collection with Regency-era romances, set in London, and mail-order bride romances, which take place in the American West. If you’re looking for a variety of romance stories, this romance collection will help you discover that love comes in all shapes and sizes. Enjoy reading about forbidden love, arranged marriages, friends to lovers, cozy mysteries, and much more.