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Will Fain, U. S. Marshal

R.O. Lane - 2016
    S. Marshal sent into West Texas by President U. S. Grant. He comes to West Texas with six of the finest thoroughbred horses to build a life and build up a horse ranch in San Angelo, Texas, which becomes his base of operations. Fain seeks to establish law and order at a time when the U.S. Cavalry is in constant battle with Comanches and Kiowas. Soldiers desert regularly and often become criminals themselves. People without a conscience, murderers, robbers, rapists, counterfeiters, card sharps are all over West Texas. Fain seeks to bring to justice the worst of the worst criminals. Fain and his deputy, a former Buffalo Soldier named Isum Wood, have encounters with cattle rustlers, buffalo hunters, card sharps and a host other criminals. Will finds that horse racing is the favorite pastime of westerners, so be races his thoroughbreds against the finest quarterhorses in the West. While these criminals inhabit Fain's work world, he finds great joy by marrying a widow with two children, who give purpose to his life and bring him the greatest love he's ever known.

Forty-Four Caliber Justice

Donald L. Robertson - 2016
     In this compelling adventure, Clay Barlow's idyllic way-of-life, in the Texas Hill Country, is shattered when he returns home to find his family savagely murdered. Clay must find the strength to grow beyond his seventeen years. After burying his loved ones, his search for justice takes him to the Rio Bravo and into Mexico. On his quest, he’ll face death, find love, and strive to conquer his youth and inexperience. Will he live long enough to learn? Is he prepared to take a life? Did his retired, deputy sheriff father teach him enough to survive against experienced killers? Ride with Clay Barlow. Experience his fears, his failures, and his successes, as he seeks to bring the killers of his family to justice, and become a man, along the way. Forty-Four Caliber Justice is a fast-paced, guns-blazing, white-knuckle Western you will find impossible to put down.

Medicine Wheel

Ron Schwab - 2016
    A murder trial would normally be of little interest to Thad Locke, who escaped the "family disease" of law wrangling, but two women--one the accused murderess, the other a member of her defense team--have intertwined themselves with both Thad and his lawyering family.Will Kirsten Cavelle be the first woman sent to the gallows in the state of Kansas? As some members of the community seek to take the law into their own hands, will she even live to see the end of the trial? As the trial unfolds, secrets from the past are revealed, lives are changed forever, and a little known piece of land grows to have resonance far beyond its size.Set amongst the Kansas Flint Hills and the growing city of Manhattan in the 1880s, Medicine Wheel further explores the stories of the Locke family, first introduced in the author's novel, Last Will.

Three Rivers Ranch Romance Box Set, #4-6

Liz Isaacson - 2016
    And a bonus novella -- Sixth Street Love Affair! Fifth Generation Cowboy: A Three Rivers Ranch Romance (Book 4): Tom Lovell has watched his friends find their true happiness on Three Rivers Ranch, but everywhere he looks, he only sees friends. Rose Reyes has been bringing her daughter out to the ranch for equine therapy for months, but it doesn't seem to be working. Her challenges with Mari are just as frustrating as ever. Could Tom be exactly what Rose needs? Can he remove his friendship blinders and find love with someone who's been right in front of him all this time? BONUS: Sixth Street Love Affair: A Three Rivers Ranch Romance Novella: After losing his wife a few years back, Garth Ahlstrom thinks he's ready for a second chance at love. But Juliette Thompson has a secret that could destroy their budding relationship. Can they find the strength, patience, and faith to make things work? The Seventh Sergeant: A Three Rivers Ranch Romance (Book 5): Life has finally started to settle down for Sergeant Reese Sanders after his devastating injury overseas. Discharged from the Army and now with a good job at Courage Reins, he’s finally found happiness—until a horrific fall puts him right back where he was years ago: Injured and depressed. Carly Watters, Reese's new veteran care coordinator, dislikes small towns almost as much as she loathes cowboys. But she finds herself faced with both when she gets assigned to Reese's case. Do they have the humility and faith to make their relationship more than professional? Eight Second Ride: A Three Rivers Ranch Romance (Book 6): Ethan Greene loves his work at Three Rivers Ranch, but he can't seem to find the right woman to settle down with. When sassy yet vulnerable Brynn Bowman shows up at the ranch to recruit him back to the rodeo circuit, he takes a different approach with the barrel racing champion. His patience and newfound faith pay off when a friendship--and more--starts with Brynn. But she wants out of the rodeo circuit right when Ethan wants to rejoin. Can they find the path God wants them to take and still stay together?

Three Rivers Ranch Romance Box Set: Second Chance Ranch, Third Time's the Charm, Fourth and Long

Liz Isaacson - 2016
     Second Chance Ranch: A Three Rivers Ranch Romance (Book 1): After his deployment, injured and discharged Major Squire Ackerman returns to Three Rivers Ranch, wanting to forgive Kelly for ignoring him a decade ago. He’d like to provide the stable life she needs, but with old wounds opening and a ranch on the brink of financial collapse, will Squire and Kelly have the patience and faith to make their second chance possible? Third Time's the Charm: A Three Rivers Ranch Romance (Book 2): First Lieutenant Peter Marshall has a truckload of debt and no way to provide for a family, but Chelsea helps him see past all the obstacles, all the scars. With so many unknowns, can Pete and Chelsea develop the love, acceptance, and faith needed to find their happily ever after? Fourth and Long: A Three Rivers Ranch Romance (Book 3): Commander Brett Murphy goes to Three Rivers Ranch to find some rest and relaxation with his Army buddies. Having his ex-wife show up with a seven-year-old she claims is his son is anything but the R&R he craves. Kate needs to make amends, and Brett needs to find forgiveness, but are they too late to find their happily ever after?

SISTER'S KEEPER: Fifty-Fifth in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 55)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    His hunt takes him to the town of Halesburg, Texas. While there, he receives an urgent message from United States Marshal Frank Reedy, informing him that he is needed in Woodward, Texas, as fast as his horses can carry him. Jess heads straight for Woodward, knowing that is the town where he set up the sister no one knows he has. There are two rich men feuding with one another and the town officials are up for sale to the highest bidder. Things in town go downhill fast. But when Jess finds out his sister, Beth, has been shot, the feud between the two men is the least of their worries. Jess is fueled with rage by the thought that the only family he has left might be taken away from him. He goes on the warpath and everyone soon learns that his way of settling scores is a whole lot different and a whole lot deadlier. Anyone or anything that stands in his way, quickly learns that they must pay a hefty price.

Echo Canyon Brides Box Set: Books 10 - 11: Historical Cowboy Western Mail Order Bride Bundle

Linda Bridey - 2016
     How will Sofia Carter choose between two handsome men? Ranch foreman, Travis Desmond and army captain, Zeb Rawlins compete for her affections. Which man will win in a game of love played during a dangerous time in Echo? Book 11: Montana Ricochet. When Daisy Newton comes to marry Corporal Cade Hadley, has she found the man of her dreams? Evan and company desperately search for the serial killer. Could Corey March be involved or is he as innocent as he claims?

Lone Wolf (A Jess Williams Western #54)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    After running down a ruthless killer by the name of Dorr Munn, Jess finds himself in the town of Howell, Texas, where he meets a man by the name of Champ Kiel. Kiel makes the mistake of challenging Jess and against his nature, Jess spares Kiel. Four men rob the bank in Howell, killing the bank manager and a teller. During their escape, they trample an old woman to death. A large personal bounty is placed on the men’s heads and Jess finds himself forced to team up with Kiel on the hunt for them. Their hunt takes them on a long and dangerous trek across a large part of Texas and Jess finds help from the most unexpected partner he’s ever worked with…Shadow.

Cowboys of Chance Creek Vol 0-2

Cora Seton - 2016
    Including: The Cowboy Inherits a Bride: When a big city chef and a hometown country boy go toe to toe to win an inheritance, the competition gets smoking hot. The Cowboy's E-Mail Order Bride: When Ethan Cruz's friends set him up with an e-mail order bride, what's a cowboy to do but play along? The Cowboy Wins a Bride: Jamie Lassiter's wanted his best friend's sister as long as he can remember, but before he can make his move, she announces her intention to leave Chance Creek--and never come back. Now he's made a desperate bet--if he can't convince her to stay with him, he'll pay for her whole trip. Can he change her mind in time?

WILDCAT: Forty-Eighth in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 48)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
     He finds himself in a shootout with Willie McIntyre in the town of Sheridan. He finally kills McIntyre after he took a young woman hostage in Dregs Saloon. The woman, Chastity, is a prostitute who works there and she hires Jess to hunt down and kill an outlaw by the name Vilmer Pritchard, who murdered and butchered her younger sister Rachael. She warns him that Pritchard rides with a bunch of thugs led by a man they call Reverend. Jess goes on the hunt for Pritchard and ends up running into a woman bounty hunter by the name of Wildcat. She’s good with a gun, tough as nails and seems to be on a mission to bring down as many of Reverend’s men as she can by herself. The farther south Jess rides into New Mexico, the more he learns about the Reverend, and what he discovers, he doesn’t like. Events seem to push Jess and Wildcat together and the more he learns about Wildcat, the more he likes her.

GOLD FEVER: Fifty-Third in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 53)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    Now, the town has become dilapidated and only a handful of miners pan for gold in the creek that is drying up from a long drought. Jess arrives in Cripple Creek, where he meets a woman by the name of Lucille Deveroux. He stays in town and while there, the miners begin finding gold again as the creek rises to previous levels caused by two separate and strange events. The gold rush is on again and it brings new miners and new wealth to Cripple Creek, but it also brings drifters, outlaws and thieves. The town has no law and Jess seems to be putting out fires left and right. Miners are being robbed, killed and some even suspiciously vanish. Jess tries to enforce some order in the town, even though he refuses to take the town marshal’s job when offered to him. Tempers flare and the problems grow. Jess wonders if he alone can bring order back to the town.

Echo Canyon Brides Box Set: Books 7 - 9: Historical Cowboy Western Mail Order Bride Bundle

Linda Bridey - 2016
    When womanizer, Sal Terranova, meets Lulu Johansson, he’s captivated by the beautiful, exciting brunette. Their romance is fiery and consuming, but can the joy of the Christmas season see them through? Book 8: Montana Orphan. Nick Terranova and Maura, both broken in their own ways, embark on a romance, but just when happiness is on the horizon for them, obstacles arise that test their faith. Will they overcome them or succumb to despair and disappointment? Book 9: Montana Surprise. Gino Terranova hopes for a future with Carrie Sheehan—but when she springs surprises on him, can he forgive her so they can be happy together? Carrie must regain Gino’s trust—can she do it or is all hope lost?

DEVIL'S DUE: Fifty-First in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 51)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    Bellamy has eluded him for a long time, but he knows Jess in on his tail. Bellamy sets up an ambush for him and shoots Jess off his horse, but seconds before Bellamy finishes him, he kills Bellamy. Left for dead on the trail, Dr. Phil Johnston and his daughter, Willow, come across him on the ground, unconscious and barely breathing. Willow knows a lot about Jess and his reputation. They load him and Bellamy into their wagon and take him to the town of Cooper, where Willow nurses him back to health. While there recuperating, a slick-looking man comes to town in search of Jess. He intends on killing him as a revenge killing, but the bank in Cooper gets robbed by some thugs who belonged to Bellamy’s gang. During the robbery, Willow gets shot along with the marshal in town. Jess leaves Cooper the next day after the robbery in search of the two men who robbed the bank. The gunslinger who vowed to kill him, Abel Winburne, volunteers to ride with Jess in search of the robbers. Then, the marshal, who was wounded in the robbery, agrees to let the two hired guns that Jess threatened to kill when they were beating up a young boy in the middle of the street join the posse. Jess finds himself leading a posse made up of two hired guns that don’t like him, a wounded marshal and a gunslinger who has promised to kill him when the robbers are caught and the money is returned. The ride is long, frustrating and seeming hopeless as they chase the robbers halfway across the state of Texas. As the pursuit continues, he worries if he’ll get shot by the robbers or one of the men involved in the posse.

Cowboy Seasons Series: Four Book Boxed Set

Kathleen Ball - 2016
    No woman alive would deny the Doc was as handsome a specimen as the sleek, hard-bodies horses he rescued. And that included Summer Fitzgerald, the voluptuous, honey-haired young woman who applied for the job, and was stunned to find her three charges ranged from 12 to 18 - charming, immature, irresponsible, and capable of winning a piece of her shattered heart. With his stubble, his six-pack and his tousled hair, she thought Holden was sexy as hell. But she'd sworn off men after being implicated by her former boyfriend in a hideous murder that had badly wounded her - and her reputation. He had sworn off women because his lousy judgment had endangered his family. The fact was: he found Summer totally irresistible, and more vulnerable than vicious -- despite the warnings: "She's real good with that innocent act, but don't let her fool you.... She'll end up behind bars soon enough. ".... Would the past catch up with both of them? Who killed the bar owner - and why? What was the real reason Holden had moved? How would the Doc and the nanny deal with their passionate attraction, crippling rumors of savage scandals, and shocking, long buried secrets? Will brother be pitted against brother? When does true love exact a price too great to pay? And - when is a life-threatening risk worth taking? Saddle up for one of today's most tempestuous romances - laced with a dazzling double mystery, and surrounded by more hunky cowboys than you can wave a lasso at.... ________________________________________ Autumn's Hope Pregnant and alone, Autumn Lavin moves to the small town of Carlston, Montana intending to open a vegetarian restaurant, determined that she doesn’t need a man in her life. Hunky, Cattleman, Jonas Barnes is instantly at odds with Autumn, he has a much needed contract to supply the restaurant with beef. Jonas is an injured Army Veteran with too many scars, inside and out, to ever truly open his heart. Autumn’s love wraps around him but he is afraid that once she sees how damaged he really is she’ll turn away. Winter's Embrace Ten years ago Winter’s heart was broken beyond repair by Stone McCoy. Now she is a travel agent ready to lead an Alaskan Cruise and to her surprise Stone McCoy is on her tour. A long ago phone call shattered her trust and her self-confidence. She never planned to see Stone again. While at college, Stone McCoy woke up, after a fraternity party, to find a girl in his bed. Weeks later she told him she’s pregnant. Calling Winter to break things off was the worst night of his life. Now he’s hoping for a second chance at happiness. The chemistry is electrifying but old issues lead these two on a merry chase. Can they put old hurts aside and begin again? Join Rancher Stone McCoy and Winter James as they try to find happiness from Alaska to Texas and finally on his Montana Ranch. Spring's Delight The last thing cowboy Colt O'Malley needs is another busybody intent on curing him of his grief. Deeply bitter, Colt finds it almost impossible honoring his brother's last act of kindness. Spring Reed grew up in the foster care system and when she finally ages out, she relies on her protector and friend, Billy Jack to help them make a life together. To her horror, Billy becomes an abusive bully. Her rescuer arrives in the form of a coffee drinking, hard studying, college student, Caleb O'Malley. With a promise of a new job, he buys her a bus ticket from Texas to his family ranch in Montana with the plan to meet her there in a week. Unfortunately, no one met her. When Old Ed tries to drop Spring off at the O'Malley ranch, Colt tells him to take her back.

The Mail-Order Bride Carries a Gun

Wanda Ann Thomas - 2016
    The books follow the untamed Haven brothers, the spirited brides they marry, and the struggle to find love and joy amid the rugged wilds of the West. ELLA HUNTER never thought she’d be a mail-order bride. But when she sees a photo in the Marriage Gazette of the man she believes killed her brother, Ella agrees to marry the Civil War soldier turned cowboy. Prepared to confront a cold-hearted killer then return home, she finds all her expectations dashed when her intended husband appears to be a good man. Ella’s loyalties are torn between honoring the memories of her family and her undeniable attraction to Ty Haven. TY HAVEN needs a wife. The ranch he runs in the wilds of Wyoming Territory could use a woman’s influence. Frankly, so could he. So when Ella arrives like a gift tied up in a cornflower-blue hair ribbon, more intelligent, practical, and, yes, beautiful, than he could have imagined, he hopes she will give him and the West a chance. Turns out, he doesn’t just need a wife. He needs Ella. But she has a secret, and it might destroy their marriage almost before it’s begun. Can the unforgivable be forgiven? What will the cowboy ranchman do when he learns why…THE MAIL-ORDER BRIDE CARRIES A GUN?

HADES: Forty-Ninth in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 49)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    Finding no law in town, he hauls the body to the town of Avery to make a claim for the bounty on Leyden’s head. While there, he discovers that the next man he’s hunting, Lowe Rogan, is hanging around a town everyone calls Hades. They claim that the town rose up from the depths of hell and is rife with demons and witches. Jess doesn’t believe any of it. He finds the town and discovers that it has been taken over by the Roper brothers and their gang of cold-blooded killers, including Low Rogan. Jess tracks Rogan from Hades to the town of Chilton, where he ends up killing him and another man by the name of Arron Carmichael. The law in Chilton, along with all the townsfolk, are terrified of the Roper brothers and their men. They believe that the town of Hades is cursed. Jess demands that the town marshal pay him his bounty on Rogan and he does so reluctantly. Roper’s men take revenge on the town of Chilton by hanging the town marshal, leaving Jess feeling responsible for it. He vows to remove every cold-blooded killer from Hades and save the town, but he’s up against some of the worst killers in the west. Then, the brother of Arron Carmichael, Jason, shows up in Chilton to kill Jess as a revenge killing. But surprisingly, Jason teams up with Jess to rid Hades of the Roper brothers and their ruthless gang of killers. Jess quickly finds out that Carmichael is suffering from bad memories of the Civil War and worries that Carmichael might just get him killed. The battle begins, lead starts flying and men start dying. Jess hopes that he’s still standing when it’s over, but he finds the job of saving what’s left of Hades a much more difficult task. At the same time, he wonders if Carmichael is helping only to find the perfect time to kill him for killing his brother Arron.

No One's Bride

Nerys Leigh - 2016
    The last thing she wants, however, is a husband.When her plan to trick the postmaster of the small Californian town of Green Hill Creek into paying her way across the country goes awry, her guilty conscience compels her to stay and find a way to repay him the cost of the train ticket. The trouble is, she's completely unprepared for the effect of Adam Emerson's kindness, charm, wit, and ridiculously blue eyes.As her dream of a new life in San Francisco begins to falter and her past catches up with her, can Amy hold onto the one thing she never thought she'd want, but now can't bear to lose?This uplifting Christian romance will transport you to a time of courageous women searching for a better life and the strong men dedicated to winning their hearts. Buy now and lose yourself in this heartwarming love story.

FOOL'S GOLD: Fiftieth in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 50)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    He was about to give up on Hanlon and move on to the next man on his hunt list when he finally finds Hanlon and another wanted man in Wickerville, Texas. Ed Treadwell, a wealthy man who owns the Gold Palace Saloon in Wickerville, offers him a job as his personal guard. Jess turns the offer down and friction begins between the two. Jess starts finding out that things aren’t quite the way they appear in Wickerville, but he has no proof of any wrongdoing. He starts asking questions and that leads him to the town of Sundown and George Rustenburg. Rustenburg is a wealthy business owner in Sundown and when Jess visits the town, he finds out that one of the men on his hunt list, Watt Gainsforth, is working for Rustenburg as a guard at his gambling establishment. Jess kills Gainsforth and has to travel to the county sheriff’s office in Butterfield, Texas, because the marshal of Sundown refuses to pay the bounty on Gainsforth. Jess is quickly making both Treadwell and Rustenburg nervous for some unknown reason that piques his interest even more. The more questions he asks and the more he delves into the business dealings of the two wealthy men, the more trouble he seems to find himself in. As he rides back and forth between several towns, he seems to find trouble in every corner and he has the distinct feeling that all the while, someone is trailing him.

Recipe for Christmas

Kit Morgan - 2016
    Imagine Lucius’s surprise when Eldon shows up in Cutter’s Creek! But even though Eldon’s bank account makes it appear he has everything a man could want, his brother has something far more precious. A wife. Can Eldon find the same happiness? After all, the pickings in Cutter’s Creek aren’t just slim, they’re practically non-existent! Agatha Shrewsbury has lived with the Bridger family for five long grueling years. More a slave than a member of the family, she finally reaches the breaking point. Will she ever know happiness? Or only toil and ridicule at the hands of her “keepers”? A lonely man, a desperate woman, one Christmas festival, a mean-spirited family, and one … well, you’ll find out. Mix them together and you have a Recipe for Christmas! Enjoy this clean and wholesome, sweet historical, holiday romance!

The Highwayman

Craig Johnson - 2016
    The problem? They're coming from Bobby Womack, a legendary Arapaho patrolman who met a fiery death in the canyon almost a half-century ago. With an investigation that spans this world and the next, Sheriff Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear take on a case that pits them against a legend: The Highwayman.

SHANE: Fifty-Seventh in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 57)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    He finds him and puts him down, but he has to take the corpse to the next town to turn it in for the bounty. Things take a strange turn when two desperate bounty hunters steal Blackstone’s body at night and take it to Fannin, Colorado, to put in a claim for the bounty, but Jess arrives before they can collect it. The two bounty hunters, down on their luck, inform Jess they know where two brutal killers with a high bounty on their heads are holed up, but they won’t tell him their whereabouts unless he agrees to let them go with him on the hunt. Jess finally agrees and the three of them leave Fannin to hunt for the killers when Shadow suddenly shows up. The trip gets interesting along the way and eventually, Jess meets a wanted gunslinger and gambler who needs to clear his name. Jess leaves the two bounty hunters behind and rides with this man on the hunt for the brothers who can clear his name. Along the way, they discover that they have something in common. They both have a lot of men who want to see them dead and under a dirt blanket, but neither is ready to meet their maker yet, especially Jess.

Cora's Pride

Peggy L. Henderson - 2016
    Betrayed more than once by men she thought she could trust, she’s learned to rely only on herself. As the oldest of four siblings, she feels responsible for leading her family safely on the Oregon Trail for a new start. Nathaniel Wilder is no stranger to the hardships and dangers of the wilderness. Raised with his brothers by a trapper in the remote mountains, he left behind the mistakes he’s made in the past. He’s been called reckless and irresponsible, but won’t hesitate to help someone in need. A foolhardy mishap puts Nathaniel in the direct path of a stubborn, yet beautiful woman with fire in her eyes. Despite her refusal of help, he is determined to prove she can depend on him. When her pride puts her and her family in peril, Cora accepts that she can’t do it on her own. If misgivings can turn to trust, or even love, both Cora and Nathaniel could come out stronger in the end. ***Content Warning: This book contains mild language, mild violence, kissing, and physical initmacy with minimal description. Heat Level: 2-3 (on a scale of 1-5), PG/PG13.

War Wounds

Wyatt Cochrane - 2016
    Until that day, he would use all of his considerable fighting skills and risk everything he owned to keep her safe. He owed her. War Wounds is the first book in Wyatt Cochrane’s, Marshall Family classic western series. If you like stories of strong men and women struggling together to conquer evil men and survive the blasts of Mother Nature, you’ll love this fast-paced action adventure series set in the old west.Buy now or read for free in Kindle Unlimited to enjoy this fresh new voice in westerns—today!

Devlin's Ride

Carson McCloud - 2016
    A quiet spot to settle down. He's found the perfect place on the edge of Eastern Oregon's high desert. At the base of the rolling Ochoco Mountains there's a canyon with a steady spring called the Clearwater. Clearwater offers rich grazing for Nate's herd and room to grow. But perfection comes at a cost. Nate isn't the only one who has plans for the Clearwater. Rhett Baron and his crew of gunhands will stop at nothing to take the spring. Nate may have gotten to the water first, but can he keep it? In the tradition of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey comes Devlin's Ride by Carson McCloud.

Will Tanner: U.S. Deputy Marshal

William W. Johnstone - 2016
    Maybe it was fate that brought him to the Morning Glory Saloon on the border of Indian Territory--or just plain bad luck--because no sooner does he sit down than three rough-looking characters walk into the bar with vengeance in their eyes, guns at their sides…and fingers on their triggers. The trio's target is the famous U.S. Deputy Marshal Dove who arrested one of their kin--and who's sitting in the bar near Will Tanner. Seeing that Dove is facing losing odds, Will Tanner makes a decision that changes his life forever. He draws, takes aim, and saves the deputy's life. Tanner has himself a new job, a badge, and enough grit to make him a legend on the American frontier.

THE KID: Fifty-Second in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 52)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    His travels eventually take him to the town of Hamburg, Texas, where he runs into an impetuous young kid by the name of Junior. The kid is seventeen and fancies himself as a seasoned gunslinger. He is pushed along by his two friends to challenge Jess to a gunfight. Jess tries his best to ignore the kid, but before he rides out of Hamburg, Junior forces his hand. In an unusual move and against his own survival instincts, Jess purposely wounds Junior, hoping it might teach the kid a lesson. He rides out of Hamburg on the hunt for a killer and bank robber by the name of Edmond Musk. He finds himself engaged in a gun battle with Musk and his partner when Junior suddenly shows up in the middle of it. Jess allows Junior to ride with him long enough to get him safely back to Hamburg where his intentions are to leave him there, but Junior refuses to part ways. Jess find himself having to teach Junior right from wrong so he might be able to survive to see his eighteenth birthday, but Junior’s reckless attitude and temper keep getting in the way, making Jess’s job of hunting the worst of men more difficult than ever.

No Way Up

Mary Connealy - 2016
    Badly injured, Chance demands that his will be read and its conditions be enforced immediately. Without anyone else to serve as a witness, Heath is pressed into reading the will. If Justin, Sadie, and Cole Boden don't live and work at home for the entire year, the ranch will go to their low-down cousin Mike. Then Heath discovers the avalanche was a murder attempt, and more danger might follow. Deeply involved with the family, Heath's desire to protect Sadie goes far beyond friendship. The danger keeps them close together, and their feelings grow until being apart is the last thing on their minds.

MEDICINE MAN: Fifty-Sixth in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 56)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    She is protecting her lover, Kip Jude, who is a violent rapist of young girls. Maggie discovers that he has been deceiving her for years and she ends up killing him before Jess does. Jess turns the body in to the law in the next town and is surprised when Maggie shows up and asks him to escort her to Colorado in search of her sister. Along the way, they run into a medicine man called Red Moon sitting in the middle of the trail, supposedly waiting for Jess to show up. He informs Jess that he was sent to him by the spirits to escort him to his birthplace at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, so he can fulfill his destiny that has been told to him by his spirits in a vision. After agreeing to escort the medicine man, they begin a strange journey to Colorado. Jess becomes frustrated along the way and vows to drop them both off somewhere and let them continue on their own. But many unexpected and unexplained things happen along the way that make Jess believe that the medicine man truly did have a vision. They finish their journey and reach Red Moon’s birthplace by the side of a beautiful lake that now has a fishing camp nearby. They have to wait there for the exact right time that the medicine man must pass on to the spirit world.

West Of The War

L.J. Martin - 2016
    Captured and paroled, only if he'll head west of the war, he rides the river into the wilds of the new territory of Montana where savages and grizzlies await. He discovers new friends and old enemies...and a woman formerly forbidden to him. Action adventure at it's best from the author of Nemesis, Mr. Pettigrew, the Montana Series, and many more acclaimed westerns and historicals.

Stranger on a Black Stallion (Clay Brentwood Book 1)

Jared McVay - 2016
    It wasn’t bad enough that they burned his ranch to the ground and stole his horses and cattle, but they also took it upon themselves to rape and then murder his pregnant wife...and for that they had to die.

OLD GUNS: Forty-Seventh in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns (A Jess Williams Western Book 47)

Robert J. Thomas - 2016
    Now, he’s back to the business of hunting down the worst of killers for the bounty on their head. His first hunt is for Craig Lancaster, which takes him into the middle of New Mexico Territory and a town called San Pedro. He then stops in a town called Haystack, where he meets a retired lawman by the name of Jake Hayden. Hayden tells him about how he’s on his way to help an old friend in need. It seems his old friend’s daughter has been kidnapped by one of the outlaws he had sent to prison years ago. Hayden talks Jess into joining him on his journey. Jess finds himself helping Hayden and two other old retired lawmen, the youngest of which is pushing sixty. The men they go after are dangerous killers and Jess finds himself being slowed down by one man that can’t see, one that can’t hear and another who can’t remember things. He begins to wonder if he’ll ever rescue the daughter before one of the men he’s riding with gets him killed.

Long Road To Abilene

Robert Vaughan - 2016
    After surviving the bloody battle of Franklin and the hell of a Yankee prison camp, Cade McCall comes home to the woman he loves only to find that she, believing him dead, has married his brother. With nothing left to keep him in Tennessee, Cade journeys to New Orleans where an encounter with a beautiful woman leads to being shanghaied for an unexpected adventure at sea. Returning to Texas, he signs on to drive a herd of cattle to Abilene, where he is drawn into a classic showdown of good versus evil, and a surprising reunion with an old enemy.

Deal with the Devil

Ron Schwab - 2016
    In his quest to find a young woman abducted by the Comanche, Josh must confront the horrors of his past, as well as pull off the diplomatic high-wire act of negotiating with the Comanche and their great war chief, Quanah Parker.Set amidst the Texas-Indian wars, high-octane action, adventure, and intrigue abound in Deal with the Devil, the first book of The Law Wranglers series.

Love on the Range: A Christian Western Romance

Rebecca Nightsong - 2016
    A tough cowboy. Romance in cowboy country.When a crisis cripples the ranch, stern cowboy Jett Maddox is suddenly promoted to foreman. Just in time for the fall cattle drive. No sweat. Except for the new spitfire cook who is way too soft for wild country. City-girl Marlee Donovan knows failure. She’s already on her second career, and her family is sure she’ll fail again. But plucky Marlee packs up her chef’s knives and heads west for a cook’s job on a ranch anyway. She’s ready to prove herself. As Marlee struggles with the hardships of life in the west, Jett finds himself falling for her. And Marlee is drawn to the unexpected soft side of the gruff cowboy.But when tragedy at the ranch escalates, a difficult decision must be made…and Marlee’s stubborn streak could cost her everything. Love on the Range is a prequel to the Looking Glass Lake series of contemporary Christian romance. If you like sweet and clean love stories with quirky characters that get you laughing, then you’ll love Rebecca Nightsong’s world of imperfect people who dare to put their faith and love in action. If you like books by Janet Tronstad, Brenda Minton, and Lucy McConnell, then you'll love this touching story and its quaint little town. Saddle up and start this sweet adventure love story today!

The Texas Women of Spirit Trilogy

Angela C. Castillo - 2016
    Clean, Christian fiction set in 1890's Texas. Book 1: The River Girl's Song Zillia Bright never dreamed she’d be orphaned at sixteen and left to care for her baby brother and Papa’s farm. With only a mule and a hundred year old shotgun , she must fight to protect what’s hers. Countless dangers lurk on the Bastrop, Texas riverside. Zillia must rely on the help of her best friends, Soonie and Wylder, to hold her world together. With Zillia’s struggles come unexpected miracles, and proof that God might just listen to the prayers of a river girl. Book 2: The Comanche Girl's Prayer It's 1890. Called by God, nineteen-year-old Soonie Eckhart travels to an illegal Comanche and Kiowa settlement in North Texas to become a teacher for the children in hiding. Despite her Comanche roots, she finds many in the group, including a volatile young man named Lone Warrior, refuse to accept her. After a chance encounter in the hills with a band of dangerous men, Soonie must draw on the deepest parts of her faith and courage to survive. Book 3: The Saloon Girl's Journey Weary of the saloon girl life—and tired of being slapped around—Darla North decides to start over and let her new-found faith lead her. A friend sends her to Downs House, a place for ‘unfortunate women.’ Darla is offered a home—if she can behave herself. Old habits are hard to break, but Darla is desperate to prove to everyone that she's changed, especially Ethan Downs, the owner's sensitive and sweet son. But when Darla's past threatens to catch up with her, she must decide to face the truth . . . or run away again.

The Strong One

Vivi Holt - 2016
    In an attempt to find peace with their neighbors, the Apsáalooke chief has promised her hand to a soldier at Fort Smith, and Sarah’s determined not to be traded or bartered like an ornament. She strikes out on her own, leaving behind everyone and everything she has ever known. However, a woman travelling alone in 1866 Montana territory can fall prey to unscrupulous men. Sarah must confront her fears and draw on an inner strength she didn’t know she had, as well as a new-found hope in God, if she is to survive. Bill Hanover is a tired and lonely cowboy. After four long years fighting in the War Between the States, he returns to his family ranch in Montana only to discover it’s no longer his home. He heads south to Cutter’s Creek, where he encounters a beautiful woman whose feisty spirit takes his breath away. But she’s hiding a secret, and her past is about to catch up with her. Bill turns to God for help and guidance, and encounters a new kind of love. Set in beautiful, wild, and untamed nineteenth century Montana, this novella will take you on a journey back in time to the perilous life of a pioneer on the western frontier.Please note: Bill and Sarah's story continues in "Of Peaks and Prairies", now selling on Amazon.

Because of a Dog: A Western Novella

Donald L. Robertson - 2016
    Mostly those kind of folks ain’t worth knowing." Nolan Parker rides into Mustang City looking for grazing land of his own. With money in his pocket, he’s in town to buy a ranch.Then he saves a boy's dog from a killer. Now he finds himself embroiled in the beginnings of a range war, battling the hired gunmen of a ruthless rancher. He must make a decision. Stay and fight, or cut and run. Because of a Dog, is a drama of honor, love, hate, and death—a stirring tale of the old west that will keep you engrossed to the very end.

Christmas Hope and Redemption

Indiana Wake - 2016
    When Grace and Hopes pa dies he asks them to write to two men he has picked out of the paper, and that they must promise to marry them soon. So the sisters part and become mail order brides. Grace ends up on a ranch with Dempsey, a handsome man but somehow there is a wall between them. Maybe it is her grief but she does not know. One night they hear a cry in the storm and find Rose and baby Violet almost frozen in the rain. Rose is a young widow with a troubled past. She was on her way to an orphanage when she took the wrong road. Believing that everyone has abandoned her even God she was ready to give in. Maybe God had plans for her all along. Grant Hawkins works on the ranch and he is taken by baby rose and her ma, but can he break down the barriers of Rose’s past or will it destroy them both? Hope had been married to a miner just like her pa, and just like him he is dying. He makes her promise that she will live life to the full and find love. After his death Hope goes to her sisters house and falls in love with Dempsey’s cousin, only his past is making things difficult. When he lies to her she runs out into a storm and becomes lost. Will he find her in time? Can she forgive him? With Christmas fast approaching is there hope for these three couples. Will they find the faith they need to reclaim their happiness? This is a sweet and clean western romance and is suitable for all ages.

To Keep A Promise (Buckskin Chronicles Book 1)

B.N. Rundell - 2016
    A fast-paced story of sacrifice, duty to honor, and Yankee ingenuity and well worth the time." - Amazon ReviewerThe power of a promise made and a promise kept is realized when Jeremiah Thompsett comes of age and accepts the responsibility of fulfilling his mentor's long-held dream. Raised by an escaped slave in the midst of the Arapaho nation in the Wind River mountains, he now must track down the slave catchers that killed his adopted father and stole their cache. The Vengeance Quest takes him and his companions through the mountains and across the nation to fulfill the promise of freeing the family of slaves held dear to his mentor and adopted father.Accompanied by Broken Shield and Laughing Waters, his Arapaho friend and his sister, the trek through the mountains and to Fort Union is fraught with hazard and ambush. It is here he is joined by Scratch, the crusty mountain man who joins him on his journey downriver and across country to find Ezekiel's family and to seek to free them.

The Shepherd's Heart Series: A Boxed Set Book Bundle Collection Volumes 1-4

Lynnette Bonner - 2016
     This set includes all four books in The Shepherd's Heart series! 1. Rocky Mountain Oasis: Brooke Baker, sold as a mail-order bride, looks to her future with dread but firm resolve. If she survived Uncle Jackson, she can survive anyone. When Sky Jordan hears that his nefarious cousin has sent for a mail-order bride, he knows he has to prevent the marriage. No woman deserves to be left to that fate. Still, he’s as surprised as anyone to find himself standing next to her before the minister. Brooke’s new husband turns out to be kinder than any man has ever been. But then the unthinkable happens and she holds the key that might save innocent lives but destroy Sky all in one fell swoop. It’s a choice too unbearable to contemplate…but a choice that must be made. 2. High Desert Haven: When her husband dies in a mysterious riding accident, Nicki Trent is left with a toddler and a rundown ranch. Determined to bring her ranch back from the brink of death, Nicki hires handsome Jason Jordan to help. But when William, her neighbor, starts pressing for her hand in marriage, the bank calls in a loan she didn’t even know about, bullets start flying, and a burlap dummy with a knife in its chest shows up on her doorstep, Nicki wonders if this ranch is worth all the trouble. To make matters worse, terrible things keep happening to her neighbors. When her friend’s homestead is burned to the ground and William lays the blame at Jason’s feet, Nicki wonders how well she knows her new hand…and her own heart. 3. Fair Valley Refuge: Victoria Snyder, adopted when she was only days old, pastes on a smile for her mama’s wedding day, but inside she’s all atremble. Lawman Rocky Jordan is back home. And this time he’s got a bullet hole in his shoulder and enough audacity to come calling. Since tragedy seems to strike those she cares for with uncanny frequency, she wants nothing to do with a man who could be killed in the line of duty like her father. But when an orphan-train arrives at the Salem depot, Victoria is irresistibly drawn toward the three remaining “unlovable” children…and stunned by a proposal that will change all of their lives forever. Can she risk her heart, and her future happiness, on someone she might lose at a moment’s notice? 4. Spring Meadow Sanctuary: Heart pounding in shock, Sharyah Jordan gapes at the outlaw staring down the barrel of his gun at her. Cascade Bennett shattered her dreams only last summer, and now he plans to kidnap her and haul her into the wilderness with a bunch of outlaws…for her own protection? She’d rather be locked in her classroom for a whole week with Brandon McBride and his arsenal of tricks, and that was saying something. Cade Bennett’s heart nearly drops to his toes when he sees Sharyah standing by the desk. Sharyah Jordan was not supposed to be here. Blast if he didn’t hate complications, and Sharyah with her alluring brown eyes and silky blond hair was a walking, talking personification of complication. Now was probably not the time to tell her he’d made a huge mistake last summer…. Other historical Christian romance novels by bestselling author, Lynnette Bonner! The Wyldhaven Series – Christian Historical W

Winter Rage

John Legg - 2016
    Leander Melton thought could lead his pack of greenhorn would-be trappers into the mountains. And deep in Blackfoot territory, Squire must teach the youths to face the ways of survival, the rage of the Blackfeet, the cunning of a traitor — and what it means to be a mountain man.

Cowboy Justice Association Novel Box Set: Books 4 - 6

Olivia Jaymes - 2016
    Fishing – alone - on a serene and sunny afternoon is one of his favorite things to do. So is coming home to a place that isn’t littered with cosmetics, clothes, and panties. Jazz Oliver wants to be a star. Down and out and deep in debt, she’s desperate for money and a big break. It’s the only reason she’s allowed herself to be signed up as a contestant on a reality show in some backwater town in Montana. From their first meeting, the attraction simmers between the sheriff and the Hollywood starlet. But when casual, naughty fun turns into something more, Griffin is stumped as to what to do. Having spent most of his adult life keeping women at arm’s length, he doesn’t know how to get one to stay. He needs to find a way to convince her – and himself – that he’s finally ready to share everything. Even the remote control. Cowboy Cool:Sheriff Reed Mitchell is a workaholic on a forced vacation. He just has one quick stop on the way. He promised Logan Wright he’d check on Kaylee Blue who has been receiving creepy emails from a stalker. Kaylee thinks Ava and Logan are worried over nothing. As the writer of erotic romance, she gets strange mail every now and then. But nothing goes as planned… Kaylee’s stalker raises the stakes and Reed is forced to put his vacation on hold. Despite Kaylee’s protests that she can handle things on her own, she’s relieved Reed is determined to protect her. But living together is rapidly turning into something else. Something real. Reed hasn’t cared about a blessed thing in the last fifteen years except work and he’s not planning to change. Will he be able to turn and leave this woman when it’s time to go? Imperfect Justice:Born into a prominent ranching family and brought up in a disciplined household, Sheriff Jared Monroe has high standards of how to live his life and he doesn’t hesitate to hold the people around him to the same accountability. Misty Foster is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Her mother slept her way through the men in town and everyone thinks Misty has followed in her mother’s footsteps. If they knew the truth they’d be more than shocked. One blustery, snowy night Jared and Misty do something completely uncharacteristic—they throw caution to the wind and fan the flames of their passion. Now there’s a third person to consider. An innocent baby is on the way and when Jared finds out, he instantly steps forward to do the right thing. Unfortunately, Misty doesn’t agree with his future plans. What’s a no nonsense sheriff to do now that he’s met his match?

Out of The Wild

Mark Rashid - 2016
    About a worn out cowboy and a wild mustang

Sun River Brides Box Set

Karla Gracey - 2016
    Come along for the ride to meet feisty Boston city girls who know what they want, and rugged Montana men who just need to be loved. It's 1900, and things are changing fast in sleepy Sun River. As the town begins to expand, its inhabitants are getting restless, looking for love and adventure. A Bride for Carlton Why would an accomplished governess respond to an advertisement in the Matrimonial Times? Myra Gilbert had never considered such a thing, but something has awoken within her and she is determined to take her chance on love. Carlton Green claimed his lands, and now has the deeds in his grasp. But something is missing in his life. Will his quest to find love fill that hole, or is there something from his past that could change everything and leave him with nothing? A Bride for Mackenzie Annie Cahill has had a tough life, forced to leave home and work from an early age to support her sick Mama and younger siblings. Always the one everybody else could rely on she decides to finally reach out to take something for herself. But will she find the courage to see it through? A Bride for Ethan Maggie Smith left her home and family behind her to forge a successful career. But she is beginning to wonder if it truly was worth all the sacrifices she has made. But her desire for a family and loving partner may be a challenge to far. Has she already had everything she dreamed of, and foolishly pushed it away? A Bride for Thomas Catherine Parker has been brought up in the lap of luxury, and has always expected she would someday make an expedient marriage, but when her Papa insists she marry a man she knows he despises she has no choice. But will she find the love and companionship she craves, or is she merely trading one kind of hell for another? Can she trust a stranger to care more for her than her own father? A Bride for Matthew Emily Wilkins has led a glamorous life, part of a famous Circus family she has her own Act and a loving family. But a dramatic accident in the Ring means she has to face up to the fact that she never felt she fitted in. With her faithful donkey Claude she sets out for Montana to heal and find herself, but she gets much more than she ever bargained for. A Bride for Daniel Alice Springham has worked as a maid in a top Boston hotel since she was a girl. But she is feeling restless. Not knowing what she wants she answers and advertisement in the Matrimonials that made her smile. She has no idea if it is love she is missing, or if she even wants to wed. Will she ever learn what it is she truly wants? A Bride for William Madelaine Crane has led a life of privilege, but her comfortable life has been ripped apart by scandal. Can she overcome the gossip and forge her way to a life of fulfilment and love despite their censure? A Bride for Aaron Frederica Milton has been struggling to find her place in the world since the tragic deaths of her parents. Her Aunt is making her life a misery, though she knows her kindly Uncle loves her - but it is time for her to take her destiny into her own hands. Our feisty heroine places an advertisement for a husband, but will she finally find what she truly longs for? A Bride for Gideon Alberta Freemont, the daughter of a prominent Boston politician knows all about the need to marry well and that love isn't always a consideration.

The Love and Loss of Joshua James

Danni Roan - 2016
    Entering his twilight years Joshua’s mind is drawn back to the love and loss that has molded him, making the Broken J a place of peace for so many. The poignant tale of one man's journey and struggle to start a new in a wild land at a time when life was uncertain at best will touch your heart as Joshua shares his story of faith, hope, love, and family.

In Hot Water

Terry Odell - 2016
    series off into a new world of adventures filled with mystery and suspense. The Triple-D Ranch novels are set against the backdrop of a Colorado cattle ranch, where cowboys find love and danger while they're working the range. He needs a cook, she needs a place to hide… Derek Cooper has left the violent life of an Army Ranger and a covert ops agent for Blackthorne, Inc. in favor of the more peaceful life of a cowboy, running the family cattle ranch in the Colorado mountains. However, when he rescues a stranded motorist, he has no idea this blonde pixie is going to bring violence to his doorstep—or work her way into his heart. Unable to resist helping her discover why she's in danger ends up with him unable to resist her … period. When they discover a potential bioterrorism plot, they'll have to put their attraction on hold while they search for a way to prevent it. Sabrina Barton believes in second chances, and she's running a vocational culinary school to prove it. But when her brother dies in a mysterious hit-and-run, and she's beset by an unsettling series of accidents, she can't believe in coincidences. She goes in search of the one man her brother told her to seek if she ever needed help. Trouble is, the letter with that advice was delivered at her brother's funeral, more than ten years after he wrote it. Will cattle rancher Derek Cooper be able to help her? And will she be able to resist this handsome cowboy who seems to be no stranger to violence?

Silver Heels

Katie Wyatt - 2016
    She arrived at the orphanage when she was a baby. The nuns were the only family that she knew. Her mother had died giving birth, and all she knew of her father was his name, Richard Anderson. Sometimes she would ask the nuns for more information, but they would tighten their lips and look away, telling Mary that a young girl should not ask too many questions. Mary was sure that they knew more than they were telling, but they were deaf to the pleas.Mary knew that she was lucky to have been raised here, but sometimes she yearned to have a family of her own. She fears of becoming a spinster someday stuck up in the orphanage all her life, not having a family of her own. Afraid of the thought, Mary took a leap of faith and answered the ad she read on the newspaper, looking for a mail order bride. What happened six years ago that made Mary hate guns and anything related to violence? Thomas tries to outrun his past, but the sour truth keeps hunting him. What is the reason why he is hardly to forgive himself? Who is Silver Heels, and why was he so important in their lives? Come on now and hang out with the wonderful folks in Atlanta where Mary had known life in the orphanage. Get to know Sister Grace & Sister Rose, the Christian nuns who always look after them. Trixie Sheldon, the kind and friendly store owner who never fails to give Mary candies and goodies for the children. Thomas Smith, the sheriff who tries to run from the dark history of the past. And don’t forget to get to know the brave and fearless horse! ....“a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”.... While this book is part of a romance series, it can definitely be read as a standalone book.Katie Wyatt: #1 Best Seller in New Release Romance #1 Best Seller in 90 Minute Short Reads #1 Best Seller in Frontier & Pioneer Western Fiction #1 Best Seller in Western & Frontier Christian Romance #1 Best Seller in Christian Westerns #1 Best Seller in Historical #1 Best Seller in Collections & Anthologies #1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult #1 Best Seller in Religion & Spirituality #1 Best Seller in Children's Christian Books ALWAYS FREE on Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime Katie Wyatt’s Clean and Wholesome novel American mail order bride historical Western book romance series are enjoyment for all ages from Teen & Young Adult to a more mature audience.

Landry's Back in Town

Margery Scott - 2016
    The residents of Rocky Ridge, Colorado aren’t the forgive-and-forget type, so all he wants now is to be left alone. As a young child, Olivia Harding learned the hard way that approval only came from doing for others. Now, since she has no family of her own to love and care for, she spends her days at the town orphanage help to look after the children there. When Landry rescues Olivia from a dangerous situation, she sees a man who is lonely, a man who is hurt, a man who needs her whether he realizes it or not. As their feelings for each other grow, he starts to believe they might have a future together. Until trouble comes back to town …

Hell in the Nations: The Further Adventures of Hayden Tilden (Hayden Tilden Westerns Book 2)

J. Lee Butts - 2016
    Until Hayden Tilden caught up with him.Smilin’ Jack Paine is one face from the past that Hayden would rather forget, but the man’s sinister grin is permanently etched in his memory, along with the chilling thoughts of Paine’s unspeakable crimes. There seems to be no other way to put that demon to rest than to tell the whole story—from the day Hayden first heard the man’s name to the day he finally wiped the grin off Paine’s face for good.Praise for Lawdog: The Life and Times of Haydon Tilden“Lawdog should assume its rightful place beside other Western classics.” —Peter Brandvold, author of Once Hell Freezes Over“Lawdog has it all. I couldn’t put it down.” —Jack Ballas, author of West of the RiverAbout the Author:J. Lee Butts is the author of 22 published books and numerous magazine articles and short works. His book Brotherhood of Blood was runner-up for the Western Writers of America Spur Award in 2005. He’s worn many hats over the years (teacher, administrator, pool manager, IBM supervisor, and western author), and he and his late wife lived everywhere from Los Angeles to Dallas. Currently he’s hanging those hats back in White Hall, Arkansas.


Elaine Manders - 2016
     Carianne Barlow never expected to leave her Philadelphia townhouse and travel to the wild-west, but when she inherits a fortune, conditions are attached. She must carry out her grandmother’s vision of a western culture center anchored by a library to rival those of the east. Such an undertaking requires political support, and no one is more influential than Rhyan Cason, a handsome rancher with the reputation of hardened businessman and rabble rousing lobbyist with a preference for the ladies. Carianne gets on the westbound train with no thought of the treacherous world awaiting her in the little prairie town near Rhyan’s sprawling ranch. When Rhyan asks her to catalog his library, Carianne jumps at the chance without considering the ramifications. She rejects any romantic notions. Rhyan is known to be a heart-breaker, and he is an atheist, which doesn’t set well with her Christian beliefs. But they are thrown together when events take a dangerous turn, and menacing undercurrents run through the town. Then Carianne learns too late Rhyan is pursued by a sinister enemy determined to destroy everything he cares for, including her. As they get closer to exposing the adversary, they realize he—or she—wants them both dead.

Phoebe's Promise

Kay P. Dawson - 2016
    Dawson Love's a Gamble Series also on sale for limited time *A SWEET, CLEAN ROMANCE NOVELLA* In order to keep a promise she made to her dying mother, Phoebe sets off with her younger sister to head across the country on a wagon train bound for Oregon. Dressed as a boy, all she has to do is find the captain of the outfit and convince him to take them along. When Colton sees the young boy in front of him, he knows instantly it’s a woman - and he has no choice but to take them along. Their wagon is packed and ready to go. The weeks ahead will bring many challenges, heartbreak and hardships. Does Phoebe have the strength to get them safely to Oregon? And, can she learn to trust Colton to help when it’s needed?

Rainbow Mountain Brides 10 Book Boxset

Terri Grace - 2016
    Their happiness is interrupted when Seth travels west in search of his fortune. His obsession almost leads him to lose all that is precious. Seth’s legacy continues when the 7 pieces of his torn treasure map find their way into the hands of 7 more colorful brides and their pioneer husbands. RUBY'S RACE Ruby Murphy is a young orphan who is used cruelly by her aunt and cousins. When one of her cousins attempts to molest her and she defends herself, she is kicked out into the street and left to fend for herself. Homeless and unable to find employment, she turns in desperation to The Western Matrimonial Agency and answers a complete stranger’s advertisement for a bride. CORAL'S CRY Despite all her friends’ warnings, Coral is determined to marry Richard. Then, when he leaves her at the altar for his secret lover, Coral is unable to face people’s looks and disdain. The chance to move west and marry Thomas Winters seems the perfect escape route. AMBER'S ESCAPE Amber is highly amused at the sight of the ridiculous Lord Richard Clarington The Third, Earl of Suffolk, but she is horrified when she discovers that her father and stepmother intend to marry her off to him. When she refuses, her parents confine her to her rooms, but she and her maid, Felicia, plot her means of escape: Amber will become a Mail Order Bride. JADE'S JOURNEY Forced to sell her family home, Jade Fern finds her ancestor’s papers, including a piece of a map. Jade decides to go to Rainbow Mountain. Meanwhile, Julius Neil discovers deeds to the same land. A spirited rivalry springs up between them, but Sheriff Augustus Gordon has a scheme to bring them togther. SAPPHIRE'S SURPRISE The determined Sapphire Alexander is a successful nurse and midwife at San Francisco’s prestigious Central Memorial Hospital, but she is plagued by the attentions of Dr. Michael “Itchy Fingers” Spinks. Her repeated rebuffs only anger him, and he eventually has her fired because she won’t give in to him. Forced to travel west and terrible accident leads to love. AMETHYST'S SECRET Amethyst Mayfield is the daughter of an archeologist whose travels lead him to the Amazon forest - he never returns. Amongst the artifacts that he leaves is a fragment of parchment promising rich returns from the Montana hills. Amethyst, fascinated and keen to continue her father’s legacy, devises a way to move to Montana as a Mail Order Bride. VIOLET'S VICTORY Violet Wakefield faces the impossible dilemma of providing the necessary fees for her sick mother’s urgent medical care. She is led to respond to the pleas of a lonely logger from Rainbow Mountain, willing to pay a handsome dowry for a suitable Christian bride. She reluctantly leaves her mother to join Martin Allen, who pays for her mother’s medical care 7 COLORS OF LOVE Each of our brides has found love in Montana, but all are unaware that a storm is brewing. Creeping from the past comes a greedy hand ready to grasp the hidden treasure, but first the seven brides must be lured where their bounty can be stolen. Watch and wonder as the thrilling finale of the Rainbow Mountain Brides gallops to its conclusion.

Ten In Texas

A.H. Holt - 2016
    He becomes friends with Dan, a deputy-sheriff, a beautiful woman and a young boy. He begins to make solid plans for the future that include an old cowboy named Pete and the professor. Will decides his idea of wandering down to Old Mexico can wait maybe forever.

The Cowgirl Takes Her Man (Bitterpill, Texas 78020 series: Book 1)

Barbara Catlin - 2016
    On top of that, fans glory in her sweet yet sensual stories that are praised for their "cleaner than usual" language--and old-fashioned values galore.     ...So if you've loved the past writings of 'The 3Ms'--Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, Ava Miles--but find that you're clamoring for something fresh, fun and exciting, turn to the books penned by award-winning author Barbara Catlin. Fall in love with the captivating heroes and heroines, with all the endearing characters, of tiny Bitterpill, Texas 78020! THE COWGIRL TAKES HER MAN:  Could she live with Cam . . . but without his love?Struggling to operate her ranch, Terra Lee Bradford realizes the full extent of the Glory B's dire financial straits. Cameron Stoner's neighboring ranch, on the other hand, is thriving. Yet he's overwhelmed with problems trying to tame his three motherless children--not to mention his libido.. . . Concocted as an instant solution to everyone's woes, their marriage of convenience soon turns into a lusty battle of wills. He'll be damned if he'll give her his heart, and she refuses to settle for less!

Sean's Secret Heart

Danni Roan - 2016
    All he has to do now is study hard and pass his exams .Life in the big city has taken its toll and his spirit longs for the wide open spaces of the prairie. Barring any distractions, he’ll be home free. For three years the young mountain man has done his best to live up to everyone’s expectations, so when a slim young woman in a hideous yellow bonnet steps through his door seeking help he doesn’t have the heart to turn her away. Virginia Freeman finds herself once more lost and alone in the big city. Dismissed from two jobs, with respectable families, due to malicious lies she turns to the last person she can still call friend. But as her simple plea for help turns into a scandalous situation, circumstances take Ginny and Sean down a path neither one expects to end well.

Mail Order Mystery

Robin Deeter - 2016
    An unusual letter from a man out west, who wants to marry a woman with ranching expertise, could solve all of Leigh’s problems. Hoping to find a better life, Leigh embarks on a journey to Chance City, Oklahoma.Fired for breaking Pinkerton rules, former detective, Cyrus Decker, just wants to live a quiet life as a cattle rancher. The problem is that he knows nothing about ranching—and his bank account shows it. Dogged by Chance City’s sheriff to join his staff, and plagued by money woes, Cy desperately needs help to turn their ranch around. He hopes that Leigh is the answer to his prayers.Brought together by necessity, will Leigh and Cy find love or will their attempt to find lasting happiness meet with disaster? Join the Chance City adventure as its citizens battle opposing forces and mayhem in their searches for love and a brighter future.

Mail Order Bride: Texas Brides and Babies

Emily Woods - 2016
    Along the way, they will find unexpected babies, kidnappings, and even love. If you’re a fan of clean western romance, you will love this collection of four stories. This collection of story of sweet western romance stories includes the complete Texas Brides series plus the first book in the Wyoming Brides and Babies series. Included Stories: A Bride for the Widowed Rancher with a Baby Girl - After tragedy strikes Roxie’s family in New York, she is forced to go West as a mail order bride. On the way to her betrothed, she gets stuck in Alanreed, Texas where she soon learns God may have other plans for her. Rescuing Little Rena - Faced with extreme adversity, Augusta and Lee will have to quickly learn to trust each other…and the Lord…if they hope to survive and ultimately start a happy family. A Bride for the Wandering Missionary - He is searching to share God’s word. She’s been living among the Comanche. Together, they can share the Love of God and just might find love themselves. A Bride for the Wealthy Rancher with a Baby - Libby travels all the way to Wyoming to find love and start a family as a mail order bride. When she arrives, things don’t work out as planned, but she is determined to find love and start a new family.

Ranch Hand For Auction: A Western Romance Novella

Kimberly Krey - 2016
    But now her life is in limbo. Stay in Colorado with a man who won’t commit, or call it quits and move back to her home state. Her answer comes in the form of Jake Billings, a woman-courting, dimple-sporting cowboy her father bids on at the county fair. The auctioned ranch hand is meant to help Meg process grapes on her father’s land, but along the way he steals her heart. Can Meg trust this sudden shift in direction, or will she be drawn back to the man she left behind?


Rachel Wesson - 2016
    But after suffering at the hands of her greedy Uncle, she is forced to take the only way out she can ... marry a stranger out west. Daniel Sullivan is in need of a wife if he wants the bank to lend him money for his new business. Too bad the only girl he's interested in - one he met during a train robbery - is already taken. Katie is determined to honour her promise to marry her fiancé despite losing her heart to Daniel.

Mail Order Brides for A Town Called Hope 2 Book Special Edition: The Scarred and Rejected Bride & The Crippled Bride and the Orphaned Baby

Indiana Wake - 2016
    Hope Springs is filled with rough and ready men. Can a family of damaged women bring true Hope to this desperate town?A carriage accident killed Lily’s parents and left her and her sisters disfigured or disabled. Now they are to be thrown from their home and their hopes of becoming mail order brides were dashed when the men turned them down because of their disabilities.Book 1 – The Scarred and Rejected Bride Lily knows this calls for desperate measures so she writes to one last man and does not mention her scars. Kit McFarlan wants a wife to control his three rowdy children. Lily will do. That is until he sees her scars. The wedding is off, but Lily and her sisters are a feisty bunch and Kit did not bargain for what comes next. Will Lily get her man or will the sisters be left out in the old? Book 2 – The Crippled Bride and the Orphaned Baby Maye was crippled in the carriage accident that killed her parents. How can she ever find love? What man could love a woman who is not even whole?A new man in town is struggling with his brother’s baby. The child’s parents were killed but Craig needs to work if he is to feed baby Constantine. How can he work and look after a baby? A chance meeting tells him he needs a bride and he asks Maye to marry him.“That was the most unromantic proposal ever,” Maye said but still she accepts.As Maye falls for the handsome cowboy she wonders how she can go on. Is this all there is to life?Danger and heartache threaten to tear the couple apart. Can they survive and find love?The books are sweet, clean, historical, western, romances.

Western Fiction 10 Pack: 10 Full Length Classic Westerns

Robert VaughanFrank Roderus - 2016
    Glory Dust by Robert Vaughan - Blood Trail by John Legg - Crossed Arrows by Terry Grosz - Deadman's Lament by Linell Jeppsen - El Lazo by L.J. Martin - The Fugitive by Chet Cunningham - The Derby Man by Gary McCarthy - The Outcast Brigade by Douglas Hirt - Bowen & Baile by Frank Roderus - Gun Men by Michael Newton

Hard Justice (The Rocky Mountain Lawmen Book 5)

John Legg - 2016
    And he’s a deputy city marshal in Wichita. When a band of cutthroats torture and kill and elderly couple, Coppersmith turns in his badge and becomes a bounty hunter. Following Brady Rutledge and his gang, Coppersmith ends up in Blanca, Colorado. Wounded and framed for a murder he did not commit, he proves his innocence, and decides it’s time to pin on a star again — and end Rutledge’s murderous reign.

Montana Rose

Deann Smallwood - 2016
    There’s no doubt in her mind that if given another chance, she can make a success of homesteading. She will not fail this time. People scoff, saying ranching is too much of a job for a lone woman to undertake. But Rose is no ordinary woman. She may be petite, stylish, and beautiful, but she is also strong and driven. Every aspect of ranching brings joy to her heart. Then why is she here in Wise River, Montana, taking orders from a mean-spirited school board and attempting something she has no clue how to do? Teaching? Jesse Rivers carries his own baggage on his wide shoulders. He’s been called home by a dying stepmother to take over the Rocking R Ranch and the care of a belligerent and wounded brother. A rugged, lanky cowboy, Jesse is also demanding, surly, and afraid to love. No, he can’t love. What if he has buried inside him the same volatile anger as his father, resulting in brutality by strong fists or a whip? Then Jesse meets Rose. Strong willed, outspoken, determined, and oh-so-desirable.

Spider Rain: An Emmett Love Western

John Locke - 2016
     PRELIMINARY COMMENTS: “The excruciatingly long wait for Spider Rain is finally over, and it doesn’t disappoint! Poor Emmett appears to be the only sane person in Dodge, and that makes for lots of laughs. Of course, precocious little Scarlett—my favorite character—outdoes herself, yet again.” “Of all the books John Locke writes, the westerns are my favorites. Spider Rain—announced a year ago—is here at last. I was mildly annoyed the author wrote and published two other books while writing this one, but he says the westerns are a labor of love, and maybe what makes them so special is the extra time he puts into writing them. Spider Rain will give you at least one smile per page. It’s Locke at his best.” “John has confided this might be his last western. I sincerely hope that’s not the case, because reading these books is like spending quality time with your favorite friends and family. Spider Rain is funny and sad and hopeful and crazy and good-hearted and I loved every minute of it.”

Mail Order Bride: Brides and Orphans (Western Brides Sweet Romance Book 6)

Emily Woods - 2016
     A sweet western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods Follow the stories of three courageous women who travel West to find love. When orphaned children are mixed in, their love stories get more complex…and so much more beautiful. Will they embrace the extra love and start a truly loving family? Brides and Orphans is a clean western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods. If you like clean, historical fiction about women who risk everything for love as mail order brides, you will love the Western Brides Sweet Romance series from Emily Woods. Download Brides and Orphans and get lost in a sweet western romance today. Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Nugget Nate: The Holiday Adventures

George H. McVey Sr. - 2016
    Each story features Nugget Nate Ryder in a situation around the Holidays. The stories are 1. Nugget Nate and the Thanksgiving Rescue Nate and family return to Nate's childhood home to help a widow with three small children. When a landlords agent threatens to evict the widow right before Thanksgiving Nate, Penny and young Nathan come to her rescue. 2. Nugget Nate and the Christmas Dolly. Nugget Nate's 4 year old sister see's her first store bought doll and decides to ask Santa for one. Knowing his parents can't afford to buy her one Nate devises a plan to see his sisters dream come true. 3. Nugget Nate and the Christmas Calling. One Christmas eve Nugget Nate gets a mysterious request for help and meets a legendary character who needs Nate's unique brand of help. 4. Nugget Nate and the Santa Rescue Nugget Nate is grieving the loss of his wife on top of a mountain. He promised his son's family he'd spend the holidays with them but due to a hunting accident it doesn't look possible. A legendary character may hold the key to getting him home in time for Christmas. 5. Bonus story: Nugget Nate and Jenny's Jack-a-lope 100 year old Jenny Gentry tales her family the story of how she was given a stuffed Jack-a-lope by the Legendary Mountain Man, Nugget Nate. Is the story true or just a tall tale? Five tales that feature Nugget Nate Ryder the Legendary Mountain Man of the West.

Mail Order Brides: Brides for Brothers Boxed Set

Emily Woods - 2016
    They quickly learn, however, that things aren’t quite as they seem. Can they overcome the unexpected and find love? A sweet western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods! Follow the stories of four women who seek to find love on a ranch with brothers who are all looking for something different. Along the way, they will face mistaken identity, deception, and even an unexpected baby. Can they overcome the obstacles and find love? Brides for Brothers is a clean western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods. If you like clean, historical fiction about women who risk everything for love as mail order brides, you will love the Western Brides Sweet Romance series from Emily Woods. Buy Brides for Brothers get lost in this sweet western romance today! Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Footprints In The Snow (Wyoming Christmas Book 1)

Vivian Sinclair - 2016
     After his longtime girlfriend marries another man, Tom Gorman, owner of a large ranch in southeastern Wyoming, thinks there will never be a happy ending for him. To avoid people’s knowing stares and nosy questions, he rarely comes to town and then only briefly. Working on his ranch and taking care of his two siblings becomes his life. As a favor to an old friend, he invites a young widow with her two little boys to stay at his ranch. Lottie Donovan grew up as an orphan raised in foster care, and she has been alone for most of her life. Now at thirty years of age, she is alone again after her husband Wyatt, a police officer, is killed during a bank robbery. She struggles to take care of her two boys from her income as a schoolteacher. When her house sells faster than she expected, she has no place to live. Tom Gorman offers her temporary shelter at his ranch and Lottie wants to pay him back by transforming his house into a home and making his family happy. The approaching Christmas celebration is a great opportunity to bring his family together. If only she could ignore the attraction she has felt for Tom ever since they were in high school when Tom was the high school quarterback. Lottie was secretly in love with him then, while Tom had eyes only for his beautiful girlfriend Faith Parker. Will the magic of Christmas bring together these two lonely people who are so much in need of true love?

The One Legged Bride and the Injured Sheriff (Mail Order Brides for A Town Called Hope #5)

Indiana Wake - 2016
    The woman sat in his jail cell tried to kill his sister-in-law. Now her father is determined to set her free. John doesn’t have time for love... not until he sees the beautiful Francesca.The minute he sets eyes on the beautiful woman he knows she is something special but when he finds out about her courage he is hopelessly in love.Francesca is not looking for love, maybe a husband to care for her two children and to keep a room over their heads... but not love. Still she is drawn to the handsome sheriff who walks her home from work each night. Finding a man who does not see her as crippled, or as a burden because of her children is refreshing, and she wonders if it will go further. Life in Hope Springs is turning out to be just the new start she needed until the past comes back to haunt this town.When bullets fly, lives are destroyed, and things will never be the same again. Can a one-legged bride survive and find her happiness?Find out in this sweet and wholesome historical western romance.This book is part of the bestselling and much-loved series Mail Order Brides for a Town Called Hope. Each book can be read alone and in any order:Book 1 & 2 are available in a special edition setA Town Called Hope 2 Book Special EditionBook 3: The Plump Scarred Bride for the Shy Brother Book 4: The Crippled & Beaten Bride Save by his Love

Curl Up With A Cowboy: An Anthology of Modern Cowboy Romances

Liz Isaacson - 2016
    Lights, Cowboy, Action by Cindi Madsen: Kaia Bardot is determined to move out from under her famous father’s shadow and prove she deserves her own director title, but when her lead actor needs cowboy lessons, she hires the cowboy who owns the ranch to help. Grady Langston wants nothing to do with the movie, but despite being opposites, there’s definitely a spark between him and Kaia. But how do a Hollywood director and small town cowboy manage a real life happy ending? Southern Kicks by Cassie Mae: Daisha’s determined to be the good country wife after a sudden passing of her father-in-law leaves her with a ranch to manage with her husband. Every day Austin’s worried he’s letting his wife down by taking her away from all the things she’s loved. When nothing on the new ranch goes quite right, the newly married couple struggles to remember all that they’ve promised each other. But with the help of a temperamental horse, fabulous shoes, and a pile of manure… anything’s possible. Holden's Heart by Kelli Ann Morgan: Olivia Blake arrives at Silver Springs ready to escape a failed relationship and an unwanted admirer, so when an innocent kiss puts those around her in jeopardy, she must decide what’s more dangerous--face the threat alone or take another chance on love. Kane doesn’t want to see his homestead turned into a retreat destination for romance reading fangirls, so he devises a plan to get rid of the city-slicking novelist coming to tour, but after one glimpse at love’s possibilities, he must decide if his pride is worth losing the woman who’s opened his heart. Ranch Hand for Auction by Kimberly Krey: Meg has left her Montana home, earned her bachelor’s degree, and lived out her dream of selling her art. But now her life is in limbo. Stay in Colorado with a man who won’t commit, or call it quits and move back to her home state. Her answer comes in the form of Jake Billings, a woman-courting, dimple-sporting cowboy her father bids on at the county fair. The auctioned ranch hand is meant to help Meg process grapes on her father’s land, but along the way he steals her heart. Can Meg trust this sudden shift in direction, or will she be drawn back to the man she left behind? Cupcakes and Cowboys by Lindzee Armstrong: Cassidy wants two things—to make her cupcake shop a success, and to forget that her fiancé who traded her for the lights of Hollywood. When Jase—best friend of her ex and A-list actor—shows up at the ranch to research an upcoming role, forgetting is the last thing she can do. Can Jase convince her he’s really a country boy at heart? Chasing Kisses by Jolene Betty Perry: With graduate school starting in the fall, Chelsea Noble is finally spending some much needed relaxing time on her dad’s ranch. She can’t wait to see her good friend, Bradley, and maybe finally get a shot at his older brother, Clayton. But when Clayton isn’t quite as great as she remembered, and Bradley’s more grown up than she realized…Chelsea’s relaxing summer is suddenly much more interesting than she bargained for. Sixth Street Love Affair by Liz Isaacson: After losing his wife a few years back, Garth Ahlstrom thinks he's ready for a second chance at love. But Juliette Thompson has a secret that could destroy their budding relationship. Can they find the strength, patience, and faith to make things work?

Come Love A Cowboy

Kathleen Ball - 2016
    To her dismay, Luke Kelly arrives at her ranch a much different and broken man. Can Meg ever forgive his callous treatment of her and help Luke become the man he used to be?Grant Me The Moon by Caroline ClemmonsAll Tory Fraser intended was to show her high school history club students a local archeology dig. How could she know the excursion would involve a murder?Three for The Win by Keta DiabloHollis should have known better than to fall for a bone-melting man like Stede. He’s gone now and Eli is left to pick up the broken pieces of her life.Border Affair by Hebby RomanWhen his partners’ daughter is kidnapped in México, a self-made millionaire must confront his feelings about their affair and the future of their relationship.Leaving Necessity by Margo Bond CollinsMac has one week to convince his ex-girlfriend Clara not to sell his oil company. In this high-pressure reunion, can they strike love again?The Shape of Destiny by Julie A. D’ArcyA young male shape shifter. A beautiful female ranch owner. Can love be born in a web of deceit?Bad Boy, Big Heart by Andrea Downing She’s a New Yorker escaping her parents. He’s a Wyoming cowboy supporting his dad. One summer, two young people—three months to find love.Desert Heat by Patti Sherry-CrewsA single mother struggling to keep her guest ranch puts her own desires on hold. When a handsome and persistent fireman sets his sights on her, she must decide how much she’s willing to give.

The Greatest Ramrod Under the Sun: It Ain't Easy

Alan Mehrer - 2016
    But when the rancher can’t hire men, can’t get cattle to market, doesn’t know who his enemy is, can’t graze where he wants to, lets others use his land, is running low on funds and that is just a few of the obstacles, then any reasonable man would pass that by. Cy Castling apparently was not a reasonable man. He took on the job, ignoring what he didn’t have at his disposal, and looking at what he had. He soon learned he was short on facilities and long on enemies. Still, he was persistent in making his boss successful, hoping for a big reward at the end of the trail.


Em Petrova - 2016
     After a TV network approaches the six Calhoun family members about doing a rodeo reality show, they jump on the opportunity for even more income needed to keep their ranch in the family. But now that Buck’s knee-deep in film crews, he wishes like hell he could un-sign his name from that contract. Having his personal business aired is no damn fun, and America doesn’t know his fiancée broke things off with him. Channing loved Buck the moment she spotted him on top of his powerful horse. But she’s had enough of his cool, emotionless personality and she wants out. Only she signed up for this reality series, and she needs that cold hard cash to keep her brother out of the hands of the thugs he owes for gambling debts. For Buck and Channing, pretending all is well is difficult. Keeping their hands off each other is impossible, and throwing the film crews off their horny scent is a challenge that’s becoming fun. Channing is starting to view Buck in a brand new light. And he sees her true colors when she finds a way to help the whole Calhoun family. Maybe she really will get that wedding ring and his last name.


C.M. Curtis - 2016
    The Arizona desert is a vast inferno, infested with murderous bandits from both sides of the border, rustlers, robbers and outlaws of every kind. But when the Apaches escape the reservation and go on a bloody, killing rampage, the army calls on one of their former officers to come back as a scout. They ask Dave Macklin to help them track down the renegades and subdue them. Macklin reluctantly agrees, but he soon finds out it’s a decision he may not live to regret.

To Love a Texas Ranger

Linda Broday - 2016
    A Cowboy. An Outlaw. Men of LegendThe Texas RangerGravely injured on the trail of a notorious criminal, Texas Ranger Sam Legend boards a train bound for his family ranch to recuperate...only to find himself locked in battle to save a desperate woman on the run. Determined to rescue the beautiful Sierra, Sam recruits an unlikely ally. But can he trust the mysterious gunslinger to fight at his side?Sam is shocked to discover his new ally is not only an outlaw, but his half-brother. Torn between loyalty to his job and love of his family, Sam goes reeling straight into Sierra's arms. Yet just as the walls around his battered heart begin to crumble, Sierra is stolen away. Sam will risk anything to save her-his life, his badge, his very soul-knowing that some bonds are stronger than the law...and some legends were born to be told.Praise for Forever His Texas Bride "Broday's Westerns always captivate." -RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars"One of the best historical western authors." -Fresh Fiction"Poignant, dramatic and packed with action and mystery." -Addicted to Romance

Mail Order Molly (A Brides of Beckham Novel)

Amelia C. Adams - 2016
    She decides to send away for more information, knowing her heart will never be at peace unless she gives this a chance.Noel Williams has his hands full running the theater that was left to him by his grandmother. He doesn't have time for romance, and would rather do away with the whole process altogether. In this humorous quick read set in Kirsten Osbourne's world of Beckham, can an adventurous girl and a distracted businessman find what they've been seeking in each other?

Crippled Mail Order Bride Walks Down The Aisle For The Very First Time (Valentine Brides #3)

Terri Grace - 2016
    Despair grips her. All looks impossible until she meets an elderly stranger named Molly White who insists she has an answer for Kitty’s plight. The answer will take all the courage Kitty can muster and more, and will carry her further than she ever thought possible. And with her, a message for the Western frontier town called Salvation – one that will change countless lives forever. The Valentine Brides collection is a celebration of the miracle of love and faith, set in the rugged romance of the old West. Interview With The Author What kind of stories do you enjoy writing? My favorites are Clean Romance short stories, especially Mail Order Bride. I love writing historical Western romance novellas and short stories. I also write a cozy mystery or two. They are such fun! Your books often contain an element of faith as well as clean romance and love. Is that important to you as a writer? Yes, my faith is important to me, and as an author clean Christian western romance is my heart passion. I love being able to tell a story, be it an American mail order brides series, a Mail Order bride and babies tale, or a historical western romance novella, and at the same time bring a positive message of hope, faith and love to uplift readers. Are all of your stories Clean reads? Yes, every story I write is clean and wholesome, and I find that language and sex free Mail Order Bride books are just as good as those that include such things. I don't think that offensive elements are necessary to tell a great story, and I always ensure that I write great Christian Western romance free of anything that might compromise my readers in any way. The main thing for me is always the story, and the characters. A great plot is what makes a story worth reading. Where do your brides and their stories come from? Mail Order Brides of the west, east or sometimes even foreign brides jump into my imagination every day, each telling their own special story! I have mail order brides of Texas, New York, even Liverpool, England. So many places, so many tales to tell. I get an idea for a book or a series and when I begin to write the stories often take on a life all of their own. Just like my readers, I am often on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting to find out what will happen next! I even have a few Mail Order Husbands cooking. :) What would you like to say to your readers? Just two short words. Thank you! I think many authors take their readers for granted, but without you there would be no stories. A story only really comes alive in the hand of a reader. My readers are the reason I write, the reason I can tell my tales. Without them, well, there would be no story to tell. Every email I receive, every review that is left - every one of them means so much to me. Why should a new reader pick up one of your books? If you enjoy clean Christian Western romance and mail order bride romance free from smutty themes; if you love great romantic stories full of surprises; if you love delightful characters and happy endings, any Terri Grace book will be thoroughly enjoyable for you. Is your Historical Western Romance Kindle Unlimited eligible? As I mentioned just now, my readers are the most important thing in the world to me.

Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch

Jacquie Rogers - 2016
    Once she's adopted by a donkey and then a pickle-eating mule, she sets out to collect a bounty on the town's swindler.She's got brass The owlhoot leads her on a dangerous chase. Can Honey persevere despite a wise-cracking ghost who manages to disappear when she needs him, and a handsome U.S. deputy marshal who doesn't seem at all put off that she's so scrawny? Don't miss this rollicking ride into the Old West--get your copy of Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch today! Other books by Jacquie RogersWestern Historical Romance Hearts of Owyhee series * Much Ado About Madams * Much Ado About Marshals * Much Ado About Miners * Much Ado About Mavericks * Much Ado About Mustangs and connected to Hearts of Owyhee * Mercy: Bride of Idaho * Mail Order Tangle (with Caroline Clemmons)Single titles * Sleight of Heart More to be reissued this year!Traditional Western Muleskinners series (to be reissued) Stand Proud (Wolf Creek, book 11)Fantasy Western * Have Wand Will Travel * Willow, Wish For Me You can find all my books on my Amazon author page or on my website.

Bullets at Sunset

Alan David - 2016
     He rides into Bowie County to take over the ranch, hoping to leave his grim past behind him and find some sort of future for himself. But Jory soon discovers that taking over his uncle's path is no easy assignment. Land grabbing greed has overwhelmed the local ranchers, and Bowie County is rife with trouble. Jory's arrival brings things to a head and in no time at all, he finds himself up against Ben Sharkey – an expansionist rancher who is used to getting what he wants. But while the townsfolk lay the blame for recent troubles on Sharkey’s doorstep, Jory has suspicions about deeper undercurrents to the range war that threatens to erupt. Jory must get to the bottom of the mess amidst a quickly growing body count and in the face of mounting mortal perils. If Jory proves quick on the draw, he stands to find himself a sizeable homestead and a beautiful wife. But who amongst his friends can he depend upon? Will he end up losing everything that he holds dear? Bullets at Sunset is a classic western thriller – a captivating tale of gunslingers and cattle rustlers, of taciturn heroes and ruthless outlaws. Praise for Alan David ‘A classic of the genre’ - Tom Casey, bestselling author of Trade Off Alan David is a prolific writer of over 500 novels in a wide range of genres, from classic westerns, to historical thrillers. His other western novels include Fight or Die, Gun Hell, Gun Wages and Draw or Die.

The Plump Scarred Bride & the Shy Brother (Mail Order Brides for A Town Called Hope #3)

Indiana Wake - 2016
    But how can she marry? How could she ever let a man see her scars when she cannot bear to see them herself? Is that why the only man she is interested in is the only man who has not sent her a letter?When a handsome stranger starts to walk out with Hattie, will it be the love she has always wanted or is trouble just around the corner?This is a sweet and clean western historical romance by #No1 Bestselling authors Indiana Wake & Belle Fiffer

Where No Man Rules (The Poudre Canyon Saga Book 1)

Dave P. Fisher - 2016
    In a sudden flash of rage, witnessed only by his brother, Andre, Jean had plunged his knife into the heart of wealthy fur merchant Maurice LeSueur’s son. Together, the young trappers flee westward ahead of the hangman and the wrath of Maurice LeSueur, a controller for the powerful Northwest Fur Company. As the brothers make their way along the wilderness waterways they learn that LeSueur has engaged two murderous river pirates, Joseph Quesnel and his partner Carcajou, to hunt them. Quesnel, who harbors his own hatred for Jean Pelletier, manipulates LeSueur and his money for his own dark purposes. Jean knows the race has become even more desperate and makes the decision to escape into the American West, a decision that establishes the pattern for the men they will become. Making their way into the Rocky Mountains of 1824, the brothers meld into the world of free trappers and Indians, becoming one with them. Years pass and thoughts of Canada and the LeSueurs become faded memories until the day Jean's past comes back and threatens the new life he has so carefully built.Note: Formerly titled "Where Free Men Gather", published by Bottom of the Hill Publishing. The rewritten and enhanced novel is now published by Double Diamond Books under the title "Where No Man Rules".

A New Breed

Edd Voss - 2016
    If it hadn’t been for the stranger in buckskins, the Jakes family would have been in serious trouble. Little did they know, the storm was just the beginning of their struggles. They'd come to Colorado to raise a new breed of horse. Along the trail they would follow were new friends, old enemies, and the land. At times it was hard to tell which ones were the most dangerous. It would take all of their fortitude and the help of kind-hearted strangers to keep the dream alive.

Blue Water Woman (The Nations Book 7)

Ken Farmer - 2016
    Miller, former Deputy US Marshal turned bounty hunter—she doesn't backwater to any man. Fiona Mae and her partner, Deputy US Marshal Brushy Bill Roberts are on a suspense filled encounter peppered with old west Indian mysticism, shapeshifters, Spanish gold, and outlaws on the scout in Blue Water Woman. In a country and lifestyle normally reserved for men, Fiona Miller is a special breed of woman. She's rattlesnake fast, an expert shot…with either hand…can ride anything with hair on it and doesn't tolerate injustice or rudeness anywhere or from anyone. Who is she after now? Who is the Blue Water Woman?

Solitary Horseman

Deborah Camp - 2016
    Love Takes Courage.He’s known her his whole life, but he never really knew her until she revived in him emotions he thought had died on the Civil War battle fields.The Civil War is over, but the battles continue. Callum Latimer returned from the war to a life he didn’t want and with inner battle scars he can’t heal. Banner Payne clutched desperately to the remaining shreds of the life she’d known, but she is losing her grip. Brought together by bad luck and cruel twists of fate, Callum and Banner forge a partnership they hope will keep them afloat even as neighboring Texas ranchers go under and their land is snapped up by opportunists. Fate smiles on them and Callum and Banner find the missing pieces of themselves in each other. Healing begins as their hearts are awakened. Now they must remain strong in their determination to forge a more peaceful existence and not be poisoned by the bitterness of a country still divided.

Return to Ruby's Ranch

Rhonda Frankhouser - 2016
    Before she can begin to live her own life, she has to answer the questions that have haunted her for the two decades since her father dragged her away from the only true home she had ever known. What really happened to her beloved mother? And what drove her poor Granny Rube insane?When Ruby returns to the ranch, her chance at true happiness comes in the form of a handsome cowboy named Billy MacCallister—who has loved her since they were kids. Will the truth about her mother come between them? In the end, Ruby finds all of her answers with the shocking death of someone dear, and a surreal family reunion that will give the reader unrelenting hope for happy endings.

No Strings Attached

Amanda McIntyre - 2016
    Alone after five years, she sees her friends marry and start families and decides she, too, wants a family... just not in the conventional way Serving overseas left Clay Saunders with no leg, PTSD, survivor guilt, and more pity than he wants. Recuperating at the Last Hope ranch at the insistence of his old friends, the Kinnison brothers, he is asked to take part in a charity bachelor auction by the little town's fiery, redheaded music teacher. What Clay doesn't expect is the hope of a normal life that sparks inside of him at her unusual request... She wants a baby. NO RULES. NO COMMITMENT. NO STRINGS ATTACHED.Syneca Featherstone (Illustrator)Kristina Cook (Editor)

Maiden’s Escape - Accused & Afflicted Mail Order Bride Snatched From Certain Death By Her Smitten Western Savior ( ... Ashes Inspirational Romance Vol.II #1)

Terri Grace - 2016
     In a short while, she will hang for her crimes. It is only when the successful Western rancher, Daniel Bradway, steps in, determined to discover the truth and save Virginia's life that tables begin to turn. But will he be able to clear poor Virginia’s name before it’s too late, and even if he does, can Virginia ever be a whole and happy woman again? Abuse and accusations, faithful friendships and fiendish fraternities, east and west meet in love forged through the raging fires of adversity - a fire that becomes the hearth for a happy ending that will warm you for weeks to come. The Beauty For Ashes Inspirational Romance Collection Vol.II are stirring stories of despairing Mail Order Brides pulled from the ashes by loving Western husbands. ------- Interview With The Author What kind of stories do you enjoy writing? My favorites are Clean Romance short stories, especially Mail Order Bride. I love writing historical Western romance novellas and short stories. I also write a cozy mystery or two. They are such fun! Your books often contain an element of faith as well as clean romance and love. Is that important to you as a writer? Yes, my faith is important to me, and as an author clean Christian western romance is my heart passion. I love being able to tell a story, be it an American mail order brides series, a Mail Order bride and babies tale, or a historical western romance novella, and at the same time bring a positive message of hope, faith and love to uplift readers. Are all of your stories Clean reads? Yes, every story I write is clean and wholesome, and I find that language and sex free Mail Order Bride books are just as good as those that include such things. I don't think that offensive elements are necessary to tell a great story, and I always ensure that I write great Christian Western romance free of anything that might compromise my readers in any way. The main thing for me is always the story, and the characters. A great plot is what makes a story worth reading. Where do your brides and their stories come from? Mail Order Brides of the west, east or sometimes even foreign brides jump into my imagination every day, each telling their own special story! I have mail order brides of Texas, New York, even Liverpool, England. So many places, so many tales to tell. I get an idea for a book or a series and when I begin to write the stories often take on a life all of their own. Just like my readers, I am often on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting to find out what will happen next! I even have a few Mail Order Husbands cooking. :) What would you like to say to your readers? Just two short words. Thank you! I think many authors take their readers for granted, but without you there would be no stories. A story only really comes alive in the hand of a reader. My readers are the reason I write, the reason I can tell my tales. Without them, well, there would be no story to tell. Every email I receive, every review that is left - every one of them means so much to me. Why should a new reader pick up one of your books? If you enjoy clean Christian Western romance and mail order bride romance free from smutty themes; if you love great romantic stories full of surprises; if you love delightful characters a

Mail Order Brides for the Reed Brothers Boxed Set

Ellie Haywood - 2016
    Finn, the well-meaning prankster brother plays matchmaker for each of his older brothers, and he receives a surprise himself in the last book! Join along with the brothers as they each step into their new destiny, each walking out their times of trial and joy and their need to trust God. BOOK 1 - Jane: A Bride for Cowboy Beau In this first book of the series, find out what happens as Finn decides it’s high time his eldest brother, Beau, gets married. Without Beau’s knowledge he has ordered a bride, Jane Barlow. She arrives at the Reed ranch and is introduced to Beau. Angered and flustered, he refuses to take Jane as his bride. His father and brothers insist he give her a trial period of six weeks. Will Jane have to be sent back home at the end of the trial? Come along on their journey and find out what transpires! BOOK 2 - Leila: A Bride for Cowboy Carter In this second book of the series, Finn is at it again! But this time he orders not one potential bride for his unsuspecting brother, but three! (He has a very special reason, of course.) All three girls meet each other on the train and discover they are each to be a bride to Carter Reed. Carter insists all three will be sent back home after he finally agrees to a trial period, but of course as fate will have it, he'll choose one. What causes him to make his choice? And what is to become of the other two potential brides? BOOK 3 - Mary: A Bride for Cowboy Nick In this third book of the series, of course Finn plays matchmaker again. He is now concerned about his brother Nick and his little niece. He feels it's about time little Sarah has a mother, and Nick, a new wife. Is Finn treading on dangerous ground this time? When the mail order bride arrives, Nick will have absolutely nothing to do with her, and is quite angry. But she has won little Sarah's heart. How will this all be resolved? BOOK 4: Eva: A Bride for Cowboy Finn This is the last book of the series, and now, of course, it’s Finn’s turn to get a bride! I won’t spoil the surprise, but Finn’s bride is from far, far away! Find out all about why Eva arrives and what God’s plan is for the two of them…despite the circumstance! BONUS BOOK: Rosie & Her Unsuspected Surprise Rosie is frustrated with her life working at one of the largest hotels in town, where she cleans rooms, but also cares for a few children there-a job which she detests. It’s not that she dislikes children, she just doesn’t know how to handle them. A friend suggests she become a mail order bride to set her life in a new direction. After arriving to Nebraska, and much to her dismay, she finds out that the man she is to marry failed to mention that he runs an unlicensed orphanage. Appalled, she runs back to the train station to head home, but happens to overhear a conversation that stops her dead in her tracks. Not knowing what else to do, she changes her mind and has the driver bring her back to the man and his orphans. Find out the reason why…

Starting Fresh

Jean L. Kuhnke - 2016
    She heard it often enough while growing up. Agreeing to become partners with her best friend, David while handsome, could not talk to girls without stumbling over himself. David was like a brother to Meredith, they loved each other, just not in a spousal way. To get their hopes for a homestead started, Meredith applied for a job with David's great aunt in Sioux Falls. When she returned from the interview, she found her father and only living relative had died during the night. Thankful for the job offer from Aunt Eunice, now that she no longer had a home or family, she buried her father and moved to South Dakota. While she settled into her new job which included living with Aunt Eunice in her amazing manson, David found his tongue and started socializing with everyone he was unable to talk to when in school. Having to hear about it from her dear friend Jane, Meredith was happy for him until she found that he was spending all her money on his new found freedom. At about the same time, she received a forwarded letter for her father from what turned out to be his secret life in Minnesota, which explained why they had to sell their big beautiful house when her mother died and move into something you could barely call a shack. All the men in Meredith's life had turned her against men in general. All except Kellan, her personal maids husband. He treated Bronwen with such respect and love that she had to start rethinking her views on men. That is, until he started getting too friendly. Learning that Bronwen was his sister, Meredith began to look at him differently.

Broken Trails

Bonnie R. Paulson - 2016
    Can love bring enough healing to carry them through? Nathan Rourke lost almost everything he holds dear. What he still has, he’ll do anything to keep. His Montana ranch is not just a place, it’s his home and what’s left of his family. He’s holding his own, making it work. But then high-school sweetheart Emma reappears … and suddenly this cowboy’s life is as rough as a ride on an untamed bronc. Emma Benson left high school without a word to Nate, rather than admit she was too ill to go on. Now she’s desperate to prove that she’s more than the disease that keeps her dependent on her family and friends. And she craves just one more chance at love. Nate embodies the promise of a life free from the confines of her small world. But will loving her mean he must give up his own freedom? No matter which path they choose, this young couple will be battling the odds.

The Lonesome Gun

A.A. Glynn - 2016
     This mysterious newcomer is the spitting image of Luke Strang – a man Clemmins and his cronies drove to his death many years ago. Rod is in fact the son of the late Luke Strang, who has returned to Arizona to claim his inheritance. But he soon realises that big trouble is brewing here in the desert-edge ranges. Claybury and Gillman are crooks hiring gunmen from all over the country, and are preparing to incite a full out range-war. But Strang has seen too many innocents murdered to simply stand back and watch justice be undone. He decides he will do whatever he can to save the fate of the Star and Bar ranch. But up against wild and vicious gunhands, does Strang stand a chance? As a lone man with a lonesome gun, he’ll need more than just luck on his side... Set during the gun slinging days of the west, The Lonesome Gun is a rip-roaring western adventure that could stand alongside the likes of Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour. Praise for A A Glynn ‘A classic story of adventure and courage in the Old West.' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off. Anthony Arthur Glynn was born in Manchester in 1929, and had a disrupted wartime childhood, including enduring the Luftwaffe’s blitzing of the city in 1940 and 1941. Drawn to art and writing from an early age, be quickly became interested in all kinds of books and devoured popular fiction. He started work as a textile designer in Manchester at sixteen and studied the subject at Manchester Regional College of Art in the evenings. After two years’ National Service in the army, he became a reporter on a weekly newspaper in Cheshire during his early twenties. Since retiring, he frequently visits the US, researching authentic backgrounds for new Western novels. His other western adventures include, Sixgun Showdown, Guns Across Red River and The Lonesome Gun.

Mail Order Bride: A Bride for the Widowed Pastor with Twin Babies (Two is Better Than One Book 1)

Emily Woods - 2016
    until her fiance dies in an accident. With no prospects and desperate to start a new life, Janie turns to Montana to start a new live as a Mail Order Bride.Dan is pastor who lost the love his life and is left to care for twin babies and a church congregation. With no hope of balancing everything by himself, Dan seeks out a mail order bride to help him find balance, if not love.When heart-broken Dan and Janie are thrown together, it's almost too much for both of them to handle. In the end the love of God and two little babies give Dan and Janie a second chance at True Love.This book is a sweet, clean, western, historical, romance short story. It is a complete story, but it is also part of the Two is Better Than One series. Be sure to read them all - in any order!Specially priced at only $0.99Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

The Crippled and Beaten Bride Saved by His Love (Mail Order Brides for A Town Called Hope #4)

Indiana Wake - 2016
    Each day she has more offers of marriage but none of them are sincere. After all, who could love a woman who only has one good arm? What sort of wife would she make in this remote town where hard work is a way of life? Then there is Tyler, the man who makes her heart beat faster. He is a handsome horse breeder who has never sent her a letter, not that it matters, what good would she be to him?Brenda is a beautiful and fiery woman who has set her heart on Tyler. Is all lost for Nana? Should she forget her heart and marry someone else?Danger, courage, and love will be needed if Nana is to survive in a Town Called Hope and find the man who is the right husband for her. Ride along with her and see if her faith and spirit can conquer all.This is a sweet, clean and wholesome, historical romance.

The Women of Crooked Creek (Emma/Hattie/Briley/Clara): A Western Story Collection

M.K. McClintock - 2016
    Casey Latimer is a wounded soldier in search of a new home and a new beginning. When Casey, battered and bruised, quite literally falls at Emma's feet, she is duty-bound to help him. What happens next is something Emma never expected."Hattie of Crooked Creek"Married three months before the war and now a widow, Harriett McBride can either give up and sell her ranch or fight for the life she and her husband came west to build. With the help of a friend and a stranger, she must stop the one who threatens all she holds dear. When Hattie is faced with an unexpected choice, will she bury her heart on the battlefield forever or find a way to love again?"Briley of Crooked Creek"Far from home and with no family left, Briley Donaghue answers an advertisement from a rancher seeking a wife in Montana Territory. She arrives in Crooked Creek to find an empty cabin, a letter from her fiancé, and too many unanswered questions. Alone and uncertain, Briley forges a new life in an unfamiliar land."Clara of Crooked Creek"No longer willing to allow society's opinion to influence her life, Clara Stowe sought a change, and what better place than the frontier. With her young daughter by her side, she embarks on an unexpected undertaking to the Montana Territory. With grit and determination, they arrive in Crooked Creek to shape the life Clara had always dreamed of and honor the memory of the one they lost.The war is over between the North and the South, but the battles at home are just beginning. If you love stories of bravery and courage with unforgettable women and the men they love, you'll enjoy The Women of Crooked Creek. MK McClintock delivers another extraordinary western series with more to come.

Sweet Montana Bride Series

Kimberly Krey - 2016
    Now she must leave her friends and familyto enter a protection program on Emerson Ranch. A group ofgood-looking cowboys awaits her, but Reese has her eye onBlake Emerson, the one man too busy with the ranch togive her a chance.Blake Emerson has no time to go lookin’ for love. He’s gota ranch to run, positions to fill, and an ache in his heartfrom love gone wrong. So when he agrees to harbor a witnessto help on the ranch, Blake assumes his first two problems aresolved. But he never dreamed his new guest would be awoman. One he was destined to lose his heart to.With sparks burning hot and danger around the bend, onequestion lingers in his mind: Has he only added to his listof troubles, or has Blake just found the woman of his dreams?Jade’s Cowboy Crush:Single mother, Jade Miller, has just witnessed a murder. Now, set to testify against the cold-blooded killer, Jade must be placed under protection. While she is grateful to the kind folks who’ve offered to take in her and her son, Jade is surprised to find the man escorting them from L.A. to Montana is Gavin Emerson. A womanizing, far-too-attractive-for-his-own-good, rebel cowboy. Jade assures Gavin that she has sworn off men until her son is grown, but all too soon she finds herself fighting back feelings for the man who’s agreed to care for them.Gavin wants nothing to do with ranch life. Not since the ugly fallout he had with his father over eight years ago. But when he agrees to come back, harboring Jade and her son for a time, Gavin falls in love with life on the land once again. Above that, he finds his heart has been captured by his lovely house guest, Jade Miller.After reservations on both parts, the two are finally ready to open up and give their new-found love a try. Only they aren’t in the clear just yet, and as a dark and deadly threat falls upon them, Gavin finds that his bad-boy past may have led the danger right to their door.Cassie’s Cowboy Crave:Twenty-four-year-old Cassie Lovell has a great job, good friends, and an apartment with a killer view. That is, until life is turned upside down. Without the chance to say goodbye, Cassie is forced into a witness protection program on Emerson Ranch. Just when she fears life is doomed, Cassie meets Shane Emerson, the stunningly handsome cowboy who’ll be posing as her newlywed groom.Shane Emerson is determined not to fall for the woman he’s agreed to harbor. Especially since the whole thing was his family’s way of trying to get him hitched. So why is it when he takes Cassie into his home, Shane wants nothing more than to turn their make-believe marriage into more than just a sham?In a moment of weakness, Shane steals a kiss.In return, Cassie steals his heart.Yet before they confess their undying love,a hidden danger threatens to tear them apart.

The Spirit: Tara's Story (Family of Fire Book 11)

Lola Grace Stevens - 2016
    Now, as a widowed mother of three, she runs her late husband’s ranch and cares for her children and neighbors as best she can. Everything changes when a stranger arrives and tells her she is someone that she doesn't even remember.Grayson Barnes has known pain. He is a husband without a wife and a father without children, but his resolve to reunite the Moore family is intact. When he arrives at the Rosen Ranch, he is sure Tara is the last missing sister and must convince her to come with him to Montana.There is an obvious spark between them, but neither is willing to admit it. Tara isn't ready to have her heart broken again, and Grayson is determined to keep things professional. That changes when they arrive in Viking and find themselves facing a man who is bent on revenge on two of Tara’s brothers. Can they face this threat together? Or will they both live with broken hearts for the rest of their lives?

The Road to Garrett

Suzie O'Connell - 2016
    Getting pregnant at eighteen by a man twice her age wasn't part of it. Shifting directions at the unexpected fork in the road, she moves across Wyoming to secure a future for her son from the wealthy rancher who fathered him. But a gift of five hundred acres unwillingly given isn't the boon it seems. Annemarie knows nothing about ranching, and this barren tract of land is just a stone's throw from a man and his family who hate her and everything she represents.   With six older brothers ahead of him in line for his family's ranch, Gabriel Collins knew from a young age that he'd have to find his own way in the world. Now he's a master electrician with a successful business. Something is missing, however, and when Ms. Garrett calls in desperate need of his expertise, he finds out exactly what. The indomitable young mother, her adorable little boy, and their struggle to turn Garrett Ranch from a money pit into a profitable operation might just be the family and the cause he didn't know he was searching for.

Mountain Devil / Blackfoot Massacre

David Robbins - 2016
    Indian legends held that deep in secluded valleys lurked bizarre creatures bent on destroying man. Although Indians shunned such places, courageous settlers like Nathaniel King had no time for such tales, and they willingly braved these forbidden areas. But when Nate led a hunting expedition into a valley where one of these monsters was said to live, several of his fellow hunters were viciously slain. And before long Nate himself became the prey of a beast that might have come out of his worst nightmare. Blackfoot MassacreLife in the savage Rockies was not easy on Nathaniel King and other courageous mountain men who dared to settle there. For every day, wild animals, treacherous Indians, or brutal elements threatened their very existence. With all these dangers, Nate never expected any trouble from a missionary bent on converting the hostile tribesmen. But when the Reverend John Burke was trapped in perilous Blackfoot territory, Nate had to save the man—or he’d bear the brand of a coward until the day he died.ABOUT THE AUTHOR David L. Robbins was born on Independence Day 1950. He has written more than three hundred books under his own name and many pen names, among them: David Thompson, Jake McMasters, Jon Sharpe, Don Pendleton, Franklin W. Dixon, Ralph Compton, Dean L. McElwain, J.D. Cameron and John Killdeer. Robbins was raised in Pennsylvania. When he was seventeen he enlisted in the United States Air Force and eventually rose to the rank of sergeant. After his honorable discharge he attended college and went into broadcasting, working as an announcer and engineer (and later as a program director) at various radio stations. Later still he entered law enforcement and then took to writing full-time. At one time or another Robbins has lived in Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Montana, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. He spent a year and a half in Europe, traveling through France, Italy, Greece and Germany. He lived for more than a year in Turkey. Today he is best known for two current long-running series – Wilderness, the generational saga of a Mountain Man and his Shoshone wife – and Endworld is a science fiction series under his own name started in 1986. Among his many other books, Piccadilly Publishing is pleased to be reissuing ebook editions of Wilderness, Davy Crockett and, of course, White Apache. Check us out at

Signed, Sealed, & Delighted

Crystal L. Barnes - 2016
    However, she neglected to mention that to her pa. Determined to fulfill his dying wish, despite her well-informed fears, Sarah marries Joseph Matthews but only after a few signed and sealed promises. One in particular—he can kiss any dreams of sharing a room with her goodbye. Joe has never had any luck with women, and marriage doesn’t seem prone to change that. Sarah might be a handsome filly and his only ticket to inheriting the ranch promised him, but she’s pricklier than a barrel cactus and more temperamental than a Texas tornado. Keeping his distance from her should be easy. Only it isn’t. The beautiful woman attracts trouble and constantly requires saving, putting her well within arms’ reach. Will signed promises seal their fate to a loveless marriage, or can Sarah move past her fears to find a love worth delighting in? (Originally released as "Let's Make a Deal", Signed, Sealed, & Delighted is more than double the length and packed with more fun, faith, and friction than before.)

The Range Detectives

William W. Johnstone - 2016
    The Good Die Young. The Bad Die Younger.From the bestselling masters of western fiction comes two tough frontier detectives who solve the bloodiest crimes with bravado, brains, and bullets blazing . . .HOMICIDE ON THE RANGEA killer is on the loose in the Arizona Territory. One by one, Tonto Basin ranchers are being murdered for their livestock--and the Cattle Raisers Association has hired two range detectives to catch the culprit. From the looks of them, Stovepipe Stewart and Wilbur Coleman are just another pair of high plains drifters. But with their razor-sharp detective skills and rare talent for trouble, they're the last remaining hope for one young cowboy who's been arrested for the murders. Stovepipe and Wilbur believe the boy is innocent. In short order the trail of clues leads to a secret canyon hideout, and the duo find themselves in the middle of an all-out range war--with the dirtiest gang of cutthroats, thieves, and outlaws the West has ever known . . .There's just one mystery left to solve: How will they get out of this alive?