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Cora's Pride

Peggy L. Henderson - 2016
    Betrayed more than once by men she thought she could trust, she’s learned to rely only on herself. As the oldest of four siblings, she feels responsible for leading her family safely on the Oregon Trail for a new start. Nathaniel Wilder is no stranger to the hardships and dangers of the wilderness. Raised with his brothers by a trapper in the remote mountains, he left behind the mistakes he’s made in the past. He’s been called reckless and irresponsible, but won’t hesitate to help someone in need. A foolhardy mishap puts Nathaniel in the direct path of a stubborn, yet beautiful woman with fire in her eyes. Despite her refusal of help, he is determined to prove she can depend on him. When her pride puts her and her family in peril, Cora accepts that she can’t do it on her own. If misgivings can turn to trust, or even love, both Cora and Nathaniel could come out stronger in the end. ***Content Warning: This book contains mild language, mild violence, kissing, and physical initmacy with minimal description. Heat Level: 2-3 (on a scale of 1-5), PG/PG13.

The Red Lion

Kathryn Le Veque - 2016
    - Sir Jamison Munro is a Highland warrior known as The Red Lion. Big and burly, with a crown of vibrant red hair, as the son of the chief of Clan Munro, Jamison's path in life was more unconventional than those of his clansmen. Fostering in England and France, Jamison learned the ways of his adversaries before returning home to take his place at his father's side. But his father is a progressive thinker, knowing that in order to survive, his clan must become allies with the English. He knows that isolation will only bring destruction to his clan. Willem Munro has traveled the world, much like his son, and has made friends along the way. When his English friends to the south call upon him to help in their battle with the Welsh, Willem sends his only son. Now, Jamison finds himself living with the English again as they do battle against the Welsh. Although highly trained in English tactics, and having many English friends, he cannot give himself over 100% to their ways. He sympathizes with the Welsh even as he plans battles against them. Outwardly supporting the English, he is nonetheless torn. When the call goes out to defend Four Crosses Castle against a Welsh attack, Jamison rides to the siege and finds himself caught up in a nasty battle. With the gatehouse breached, he charges in to defend the occupants only to be attacked by one occupant in particular. What he first believes to be a small and slender knight, he soon finds out differently. He is met with ferocity by a skilled lady warrior. Lady Havilland de Llion is the daughter of the lord of Four Crosses Castle. Part-Welsh, her family is nonetheless loyal to the English. When she sees the big Scotsman, she assumes he is siding with the Welsh and goes after him with a vengeance. Even upon discovering his loyalties, she doesn't believe him and their fight goes on long after the battle itself is finished. By the end of their fight, she is exhausted. By the end of their fight, Jamison is in love. Politics, battles, loyalties, and roaring passions play out in a story of high emotion and high adventure. To the big Scots knight know as The Red Lion, nearly everything in his life has come at a price, but in the battle for Havilland's affections, there is no price too high that he will not pay.

Sensing Danger

Wendy Vella - 2016
    To Honor and Protect is their creed, but the current Duke of Raven doesn’t make their task easy.Arrogant and aloof, James, Duke of Raven, is determined to forge his own path and to hell with folk tales that his ancestors created. But when the breathtaking Eden Sinclair saves his life by risking her own, their past resurfaces, and with it comes the uncomfortable realization that they are linked by more than history.Eden is forced to see the man behind the cool, haughty façade when she must use her special abilities to keep him safe. His suspicion of her soon turns into something else, something far more dangerous. Eden is torn between duty and self-protection. Does she have the strength to fight fate, in order to protect her own heart?BOOKS IN THE SINCLAIR & RAVEN SERIESSensing DangerSeeing DangerTouched By DangerScent of DangerVision Of DangerTempting DangerSeductive DangerGuarding Danger

Queen of Lost Stars: Dragonblade/House of St. Hever

Kathryn Le Veque - 2016
    - Madelayne Gray d'Ebreux is the queen of all that is lost. Her child, her husband... everything. Or, so she thinks. The same battle that killed her husband resulted in the serious injury of her husband's commander, Sir Kaspian St. Hever. As Kaspian lays badly wounded, Madelayne is asked to tend the man in a most unconventional and intimate way. Instead of using her milk to nurse her child, who was born dead, she nurses a man who is forbidden solid foods because of a belly wound. And so, a unusual and sometimes erotic relationship develops between Madelayne and her patient. Kaspian is tended by a woman who offers him her breasts as way of sustaining his life. At first, he looks at the situation as a necessity but he soon comes to crave it. He struggles to keep his feelings from the widowed woman but it becomes increasingly difficult. For a man who has known little compassion or kindness in his life, Madelayne comes to represent everything he has been missing. She soon becomes to represent everything he wants, and he wants her. Join Madelayne and Kaspian on their journey through life, loss, lust, and passion in this adventure - packed and unconventional Medieval Romance. Can Madelayne finally change her stars with Kaspian's help?

The Dark Knight's Captive Bride

Natasha Wild - 2016
    and the keeper of his heart.Richard de Claiborne, the dark earl of Dunsmore, serves King Edward Plantagenet well. Sworn to obey his king's every order, he nevertheless chafes at the command he wed the daughter of his enemy — a man who slew his father in cold blood. But King Edward wants peace in his lands, and he will stop at nothing to get it. If he has to order his most powerful Marcher lord to marry a Welsh princess, he considers it a small price to pay.Princess Gwenllian is a political pawn. When she's forced to marry the evil Black Hawk de Claiborne, she quakes at his fierceness and brutality. But she does her duty to her father and her people, knowing she will never surrender to her enemy. In the halls of Black Hawk's great keep, Gwen glimpses a man who can be tender and passionate — and who teaches her about breathtaking sensuality and a desire so great it threatens every vow she ever made to keep her heart locked tight.As war once more looms between Wales and England, Gwen realizes a terrible truth: she's in love with the enemy. When long-buried secrets threaten to destroy her fragile happiness, she must make a terrible choice-or watch the man she loves sacrifice his life to save hers...

Vienna Waltz

Mary Lancaster - 2016
    But Lizzie is determined not to remain dependent upon her aunt and uncle for long. After witnessing a daring theft, she recruits the unusual thief to carry out her plan – which should hurt no one except her father’s heir, the vile Russian cousin she’s dubbed Ivan the Terrible.However, Lizzie’s simple scheme is soon complicated by a wounded Austrian spy, a formidable English matron, a masked Russian rakehell from the Emperor’s masquerade ball, and a mysterious villain selling information that could ruin the Congress before it properly begins. And then there’s Cousin Minerva’s romantic difficulties, and Cousin James’ gambling debts to sort out.While Vienna dances, Lizzie tries to solve everyone’s problems, and ends by falling disastrously and dangerously in love.

The Fall of Lord Drayson

Rachael Anderson - 2016
    They have no money, no relations they can turn to for help, and nowhere to go. How dare the earl break the promise his father had made to the Beresfords without so much as a twinge of conscience? Fate plays her hand when Lucy discovers the earl unconscious and injured in the middle of the road. When he awakens with no recollection of who he is, Lucy seizes the opportunity to teach the earl a much-needed lesson in humility and tells him that he is nothing more than a mere servant. Her servant, in fact. And thus begins the charming tale of a pompous lord and an impetuous young woman, caught together in a web so tangled that it begs the question: Will they ever get out?

When a Laird Loves a Lady

Julie Johnstone - 2016
    A longing to forget compels him. Fate may send them into each other’s arms, but only love can mend their hearts. An Outlander Raised by a tyrannical father, Marion de Lacy yearns for the comfort of belonging to a loving family. So when her father announces her betrothal to an evil knight in exchange for his help to overthrow the king, she concocts a desperate scheme to avoid the marriage: feigning her own death and then fleeing England. But when her plan goes terribly awry and she’s captured by the knight, not even her careful preparations could ready her for the Scottish barbarian who rescues her and then informs her that he’s to marry her by edict of her king. Certain her father will defy the king’s orders and wed her to the knight if she refuses the Highlander’s hand, Marion agrees to marry the strangely compelling but obstinate laird of the MacLeod clan. A Highlander After the death of his beloved wife, Iain MacLeod has no desire to marry ever again. Yet when he finds himself obliged to do so to secure the freedom of his childhood friend and king, he reluctantly travels across England to collect his unwanted bride, expecting to find a cold Englishwoman. Instead, he discovers a fiery, bold beauty who is fiercely loyal, protective of those she loves, and defies him at every turn, challenging his certainty that his heart is dead. Ensnared Following a hasty marriage and perilous journey to Scotland, Marion harbors no illusions that her new husband loves her. Still, her heart cannot resist the noble, brave warrior, and she cannot suppress the hope that she has finally found where she belongs. However, the harder she tries to fit in with the clan and gain Iain’s love, the farther away her dreams drift. Iain is more than willing to give his respect to his courageous wife—her kisses and caresses even ignite his blood and demand his passion—but he refuses to give up his heart. That is, until enemies near and far threaten to take Marion from him. Now the demons that haunt him can only be conquered by surrendering body and soul to Marion, if only it’s not too late…

To Capture a Duke's Heart

Jennifer McNare - 2016
    And with one treacherous act… Gabriel Ashcroft, the sixth Duke of Ainsworth and the eldest of the three brothers infamously dubbed "The Ashcroft Angels" by their throng of female admirers, had long been considered one of London’s most eligible bachelors, much to his never-ending consternation. As such, he’d spent years eschewing the pursuits of the ton’s marriage-minded debutantes and eluding their countless attempts to lure him to the altar. Thus, no one was more surprised than him when he found himself utterly entranced by an innocent young beauty on the verge of her debut, one who affected him as no other woman had before. But when the Earl of Beckford’s eighteen-year-old daughter mysteriously turned up in his bed one morning, he realized that the young lady who'd garnered his interest wasn’t nearly as innocent as she appeared. When Lady Penelope Houghton awoke in the Duke of Ainsworth’s bed, she hadn’t the slightest notion as to how she'd gotten there. Unfortunately, however, the man lying next to her, the sinfully handsome lord who’d captivated her with his beguiling charm and mesmerizing smile, was now convinced that she was nothing more than a duplicitous schemer who’d set out to trap him into marriage. Honor-bound to marry the conniving vixen, Gabriel vowed to keep his new bride at arm’s length; but much to his annoyance he soon discovered that some things are easier said than done. Determined to earn her husband’s trust and break through the invisible barrier that he’d erected between them, Penny would risk her heart time and again to prove her innocence as well as her love to the man she adored. But would it be enough…

Her Baseborn Bridegroom

Alice Coldbreath - 2016
    Brought up to believe she will 'never make old bones' she lives a quiet and lonely existence, hiding away her excessive freckles and red hair from a world that believes her to be hideously misshapen and ugly. Until one day her uncle arranges a marriage of convenience for her, a marriage in name only with a young puppet groom... but Sir Roland does not show up. In his place turns up his base-born brother Mason Vawdrey. And dark, forceful Mason is no-one's puppet. Things are about to get interesting at Cadwallader Castle. And Linnet is about to discover that maybe a golden leopardess does not need to change her glorious spots.This is a full length novel of over 80,000 words set in a medieval style landscape in the fictional kingdom of Karadok. Please do not purchase if you are offended by strong language and or sex scenes.This is a new release of an edition previously published by Alice Coldbreath.

When Henry Met Millie

D. Camille - 2016
     When Henry Met Millie is a conscious romantic tale of a love that withstands the tests of time. You met this couple in first book of The Black Land Series - The Lion. Now here is their story as a tribute to the sweet, uncomplicated, beautiful black love that once was... Henry Patterson left Mississippi in 1967 to find his life, his wife and his freedom in Detroit. Henry is a handsome, six-foot three inch, gentleman on a mission until he is detoured by a pretty woman with a wicked smile. Millie Gaines is a Nursing student with her future all mapped out. The only distraction she allowed was baseball until a tall, aloof country boy steals her heart without effort. Their lives together span decades of love, tragedy, life and hope.

The Lady's Protector

Emma Prince - 2016
     Her Protector… Ansel Sutherland is charged with a mission from King Robert the Bruce to protect the illegitimate son of a powerful English Earl. Though Ansel bristles at aiding an Englishman, the nature of the war for Scottish independence is changing, and he is honor-bound to serve as a bodyguard. He arrives in England to fulfill his assignment, only to meet the beautiful but secretive Lady Isolda, who refuses to tell him where his ward is. When a mysterious attacker threatens Isolda’s life, Ansel realizes he is the only thing standing between her and deadly peril. His Lady… Lady Isolda harbors dark secrets—secrets she refuses to reveal to the rugged Highland rogue who arrives at her castle demanding answers. But Ansel’s dark eyes cut through all her defenses, threatening to undo her resolve. To protect her past, she cannot submit to the white-hot desire that burns between them. As the threat to her life spirals out of control, she has no choice but to trust Ansel to whisk her to safety deep in the heart of the Highlands…


Rachel Wesson - 2016
    But after suffering at the hands of her greedy Uncle, she is forced to take the only way out she can ... marry a stranger out west. Daniel Sullivan is in need of a wife if he wants the bank to lend him money for his new business. Too bad the only girl he's interested in - one he met during a train robbery - is already taken. Katie is determined to honour her promise to marry her fiancé despite losing her heart to Daniel.

The King's Executioner

Donna Fletcher - 2016
    Blyth, Anin’s mother, has given her husband four fine sons and King Talon hopes Anin will do the same for him. Unfortunately, Anin’s mother wants no part of the agreement. She intends for her daughter to pick a husband of her own choosing as the women of her tribe do. She sends Anin away and no amount of threats or persuasion will make Blyth confess her daughter’s whereabouts and so King Talon sends the one man he knows who can force the woman to speak and to bring Anin to him—his executioner. Paine is feared by all, and rightfully so. He has the power to bring great suffering and with one swing of his double-sided axe a swift death. He has been sent to collect the future Queen and deliver her to King Talon. An easy mission and one he wants to see finished quickly, but from the moment he meets Anin he knows that will prove a challenge. Anin has no choice but to go with the executioner and wed the High King, though she would prefer not to, especially after she meets the executioner. He brings things alive in her that she has been forced to keep hidden and as her secrets begin to surface so do her feelings for the executioner. The couple faces insurmountable challenges on their journey to Pictland and even more when they finally stand before the King.

Phoebe's Promise

Kay P. Dawson - 2016
    Dawson Love's a Gamble Series also on sale for limited time *A SWEET, CLEAN ROMANCE NOVELLA* In order to keep a promise she made to her dying mother, Phoebe sets off with her younger sister to head across the country on a wagon train bound for Oregon. Dressed as a boy, all she has to do is find the captain of the outfit and convince him to take them along. When Colton sees the young boy in front of him, he knows instantly it’s a woman - and he has no choice but to take them along. Their wagon is packed and ready to go. The weeks ahead will bring many challenges, heartbreak and hardships. Does Phoebe have the strength to get them safely to Oregon? And, can she learn to trust Colton to help when it’s needed?

Word of Honor

Alexa Aston - 2016
    At its heart are Geoffrey and Merryn, who will find lasting love in Word of Honor. This pair plays a part in each book of the series—sometimes small, sometimes large—as new couples come together to find passion and true love. Each romance focuses on honor and the code of chivalry that bound knights of this era. 1351 A.D. – Betrothed from a young age, Merryn Mantel and Geoffrey de Montfort are that rare couple—a love match. They spend five long years apart when Geoffrey leaves England to fight against the French. Geoffrey returns after the English victory at Poitiers, and he and Merryn wed. They spend one blissful night consummating their love, looking forward to a promising future together. Yet Geoffrey vanishes the next day. Merryn is left lonely and confused as she clings to the hope that one day her husband will come back to her. Geoffrey finally returns almost seven years later. This new Geoffrey is a stranger to Merryn. He refuses to reveal where he has been and why he stayed away from the woman he loved. Will her husband’s silence create a rift too large to heal, or can Geoffrey and Merryn recapture the love they once shared? Join Geoffrey and Merryn as they fight for the love both have held in their hearts despite their years apart.

Elise's Journey

Karla Gracey - 2016
    Tragically widowed and with a young son to look out for, she finds herself beholden to her husband's family and their grip is chafing. Having come from Scotland, she knows the mountains and the fresh air will be a tonic for her and her son, Bailey, but will the wilds of Montana be far enough away for her to be free of the Mitchell's clutches? Tom Greening loves his land, loves his cattle, and loves the single life. But, when his housekeeper decides to take matters into her own hands to find him a bride he finds himself intrigued, and even begins to think he might just be the marrying kind after all. But Tom has a secret, and it has haunted him for too long. Will it ruin everything and take from him the family he never knew he wanted?

The Town: The Lady Who Sinned

Greenwriter - 2016
    But something in her lies makes McKenzie Haverston desperate for the truth…When Belinda shows up in McKenzie’s home asking for protection in return for important information on a case he’s working on, he rejects her. But when he learns where she had been banished after her great scandal five years ago, he finds himself striking a deal with the woman—he protects her, she gives him answers. The question now is: how true is her tale?She was once considered the fairest of them all, but one scandal later, she has become the most reviled. And she is also being hunted. If Belinda wants to stay alive, she has to start trusting McKenzie Haverston, a task she finds to be surprisingly easy to do. However, as the truth of the past begins to resurface, and the secrets of her scandal is revealed, Belinda is confronted by her own demons, causing her to doubt her own reality.

The de Russe Complete Collection: Includes Bonus Content: The Iron Knight

Kathryn Le Veque - 2016
    They dominate England in the fifteenth century in battle as well as in love. One de Russe knight is a friend of Joan of Arc, while another de Russe lord changes the course of history for Richard III. Find out how these men shape the world around them. This limited edition collection contains:The Dark One: Dark Knight - England's fiercest knight falls for the wife of an enemy in the greatest de Russe adventure yet.The White Lord of Wellesbourne - The best friend of The Dark Knight makes the ultimate sacrifice for a de Russe in battle.Lord of War: Black Angel - The right hand of the Black Prince finds himself with an unexpected wife.Beast - Seven great bloodlines converge in the greatest knight England has ever seen.The Falls of Erith - A great mercenary whose bloodlines flow into the House of de Russe as an ancestor of BEAST.BONUS MATERIAL: Enjoy an excerpt from Kathryn's August 2016 release, THE IRON KNIGHT. Lucien de Russe is a warrior known as The Iron Knight. When Life defeats him, can love revive him?

The Fearless Highlander

Amy Jarecki - 2016
    Aye, this braw warrior has endured horrors that should have seen him dead, though now it appears it’s the bloody flux that will send him to Satan’s fire. Optimistic, competent, and captivating, Charlotte Hill takes pity on a fevered prisoner sprawled atop a cot in the fort’s surgery. When finally the Highlander opens his eyes, he seizes her heart with a pained stare. Truly, this is no commoner—but in 1692, a warrior loyal to the Jacobite cause and the daughter of a government colonel may as well be worlds apart. After his escape, Hugh snatches a chance to woo the lass, until disaster strikes. While war and lust for vengeance force Charlotte further from Hugh’s arms, the couple’s romance seems aimlessly adrift on the open sea. Before they sail too far apart, can the tender love of an English lady coax a determined Highlander from his path of revenge?

The Definitive William de Wolfe Collection

Kathryn Le Veque - 2016
    knight, a man known to friend and foe alike as The Wolfe of the Borders.... William de Wolfe is a man of strength, ethics, and character. The youngest son of the Earl of Wolverhampton, William has made a name and fortune for himself in the wilds of the England/Scotland border. As the captain of the guard for the Earl of Teviot, one of the more powerful earls in northern England, William has distinguished himself in battle. In love, he falls for his beautiful Jordan and like all wolves, he mates for life. The World of The Wolfe is a vast and complex universe with battles, lust, betrayal, death, and politics, but most of all, of friendship and love. In this never-before collection of it's kind, you can find all of William's books in one collection. This collection is for a limited time only! The Wolfe: Read the saga that started it all. A wounded English knight meets a Scottish lass by chance, and this encounter changes the course of both of their lives forever. Serpent: The Wolfe's daughter, a lady knight in her own right, marries a Welsh prince and finds herself fighting against England... and her father. Scorpion: A godson of The Wolfe, an assassin knight known as the Scorpion, shares a forbidden love with another man's wife. The Thunder Lord: William de Wolfe plays a role in the first book in the Lords of Thunder series. Gallus de Shera, known as The Thunder Lord, is swept up in he battle between Simon de Montfort and Henry III. A complex tale of passion and politics.

The Renegade Wife

Caroline Warfield - 2016
    When he discovers that the squatters in his house include sick and injured children, he lets them stay.Meggy Campeau is harboring a secret, but she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her children safe. It doesn’t take long for Rand to see why Meggy is on the run; it takes longer for him to trust. Now she’s gone again. And time is running out for him to save them all.

Sacrifice and Reward

Robin Deeter - 2016
    By this time, most of the Kiowa bands have been pushed west by the Lakota, who are on the move southward from the Great Lakes region. These invaders from the north want the game-rich, lush pasture lands of the territory for themselves. However, one small Kiowa band is determined to remain in their early homelands in the region of what will be one day known as eastern South Dakota. These two enemy tribes are brought face-to-face through the vision of a young Kiowa medicine man. Sky Dancer, a beautiful, Kiowa widow, and proud Lakota warrior, Dark Horse, are forced to marry in order to create an alliance between their peoples. Right from the beginning they clash in a test of wills, loathing each other on sight, making a happy marriage seem out of the question. Will the sacrifice that is asked of them save their tribes? Can these two enemies overcome their initial hatred to find love in unlikely place or will distrust keep them from the reward they both crave?

Triple Christmas Blessings

Liberty Gaines - 2016
    Faithful woman. A lonely child. And a God who answers! Five years ago, on Christmas Eve, Collin Watson lost his two-year-old son when his ex-wife, who was a junkie, took the boy and disappeared. He despairs of ever finding his son but never stops praying for the boy to be safe wherever he is. This year he is praying for a Christmas miracle. Mabel Green is an Elementary School teacher and she doesn’t know why she is drawn to the seven year old boy who just joined her class at the beginning of the year. She is single and longs to find a man who will love her deeply, and she prays that this Christmas she won’t be alone. Taylor Brown has known a lot of pain in his short life and his only respite comes from his teacher, who cares about him, ensuring that he eats at least one good meal a day. He longs to find a good family who will take him in so he can have a wonderful Christmas this year. Three yearning hearts brought together by the magic and love of Christmas.

The Town: The Lady Who Stayed

Greenwriter - 2016
    She has no title attached to her name and she most definitely has none but one friend. But she is filthy rich. After her father's sudden death he left her his entire fortune, raising questions and doubt among the entire Town. And with her only friend, Cressida, leaving the Town to go after her dreams, Mary is left behind with no one to turn to. In a society where status and wealth are given more import than character and capabilities, Mary finds herself desperate and even more alone as things get a tad difficult to deal with. Someone is after her wealth and the only solution is to find herself a husband, one who can give her his name as security. And she has to do it FAST.

Salt Hendon Collection: A Georgian Historical Romance Boxed Set

Lucinda Brant - 2016
    These books have sold nearly half a million copies and averaged over 4.4 stars from thousands of combined bookseller ratings and reviews worldwide. For this comprehensive edition we listened to reader requests; the original prologue to Salt Bride has been reinstated and the first edition cover art has been added. Also included is a 20,000-word bonus novella, Salt Angel, a new extended version of Fairy Christmas (previously published in A Timeless Romance Anthology: Silver Bells Collection) featuring well-loved characters from the Salt books. The Salt Hendon Collection is a great introduction to Lucinda Brant's unique storytelling and her richly romantic 18th century world. Awards for these books 2015 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree (Salt Bride) 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Medalist (Salt Redux) 2011 Australian Romance Readers Awards Finalist (Salt Bride) Reviews A love story that fans of historical romance will relish, guiding the reader though the maze of misunderstandings without ever giving the game away — Fiona Ingram: 5 STARS Readers’ FavoriteDare I admit… I enjoyed Salt Bride more than many of Georgette Heyer’s own beloved works and that is high praise indeed — Courtney Webb: Stiletto StorytimeAs the plot develops and darkens to a place where you start to squirm you realize that the imagery is spectacular — SWurman: 5 STAR Top Pick Night Owl ReviewsThe style of writing veers comfortably away from the sort of 'contrived speak' that flags—and trips up—modern writers — Lady A~:Ye Bath Corner Review Book Details Series: Salt HendonClassification: Parental Guidance Recommended (mild sensuality)Length: 260,000 words (about 1040 standard pages)Edition: First editionStyle: Classic romance, similar to Regency noir Connecting Books Many readers enjoy Lucinda Brant's books as part of a wider series since her characters inhabit the same meticulously-researched 18th Century world with people and events cross-referenced throughout. Should you wish to read each series in chronological order, here is the sequence:Roxton Family Saga 1740s NOBLE SATYR (Renard and Antonia) 1760s MIDNIGHT MARRIAGE (Julian and Deb) 1770s AUTUMN DUCHESS (Antonia and Jonathon) 1770s DAIR DEVIL (Dair and Rory) 1770s PROUD MARY (Mary and Christopher) In progress 1780s SATYR’S SON (Henri-Antoine and Lisa) In progressETERNALLY YOURS: Roxton Letters Volume One (A Companion to the Roxton Family Saga Books 1–3)FOREVER REMAIN: Roxton Letters Volume Two (A Companion to the Roxton Family Saga Books 4–6) In progressAlec Halsey Mystery SeriesSpring 1763 DEADLY ENGAGEMENT (Country house murder and mayhem)Autumn 1763 DEADLY AFFAIR (A poisoned vicar and the mysterious Miranda)Winter 1763 DEADLY PERIL (Bloody intrigue abroad)Summer 1764 DEADLY KIN (Evil lurks in Edinburgh) In

Murdoch's Bride

Caroline Clemmons - 2016
    Sweetwater Springs doesn’t have a hotel, so passengers are parceled out to townsfolk’s homes. No one wants anything to do with complaining Aunt Edith. That also leaves Charity and their newly widowed friend Amelia nowhere to stay until the tracks are repaired. A new blizzard is headed their way, so what are they to do? Logan Murdoch and his brother came to Sweetwater Springs to restock before the next storm arrives. Against his better judgment, Logan lets the sheriff convince him to take three so-called innocent women to Murdoch Ranch. Other than their housekeeper-cook, a woman hasn’t set foot in the Murdoch home in the twenty years since his mother abandoned them. He doesn’t expect his father to welcome these unwanted visitors. Both Charity and Logan are surprised at the events that unfold. How could this have happened?

To Steal a Heart

K.C. Bateman - 2016
    Under cover of night, the tightrope-walking thief puts her skills to good use—until her aerial stunt is foiled when her target appears in the window and, with consummate poise, helps Marianne off the wire and into his lair. The tremors that run through her body are not just from fear; there’s an unwanted frisson of desire there, too. But is it because of her elegant, wickedly handsome host . . . or his proposition? Nicolas Valette has had plans for his graceful trespasser since he witnessed her unique skills at the Cirque Olympique. Sinuous as a cat, Marianne is perfect for his next mission, but she refuses his generous offer for fear of disobeying her family’s tormenter. When their mutual enemy auctions off her virginity to the highest bidder, Nicolas leaps at the chance to purchase her cooperation. Keeping her will be like trying to tame a wild animal, but what’s life without a little risk? Besides, Nicolas and Marianne both want the same thing: revenge—and, perhaps, something else that’s equally delicious. Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

The Rogue

Monica McCarty - 2016
    Even so, when Isabel “Izzie” Stewart meets the vaunted knight, she’s glad he’s her cousin’s soon-to-be betrothed and not hers. He takes himself far too seriously, to her mind, and seems to be acting out the role of the “perfect” knight. In her experience, men who are too good to be true usually are. But when Izzie starts to wonder whether her first impressions might have been wrong, she discovers a complex, compelling man who is far from perfect and more seductive than she ever imagined.

Let It Shine

Alyssa Cole - 2016
    This version features the original story, as well as a bonus short story, No Valley Low.***Sofronia Wallis knows that proper Black women don’t court trouble by upending the status quo, but it’s 1961 and the Civil Rights movement is in full swing. Sofie’s spent half her life being prim, proper, and reserved—as if that could bring her mother back—but the nonviolent protests happening across the South bring out her inner agitator.Ivan Friedman has devoted his life to boxing, loving the finesse of a well-delivered punch and the penance of receiving one. His family escaped from Europe before the horrors of WWII, and Ivan decides to help fight injustice in their new country, even if it goes against all his instincts as a fighter.When Ivan and Sofie meet, they realize that their pasts are intertwined and—with the sparks that fly between them—perhaps their futures will be too. With everything in their society lined up against them, will Sofie and Ivan be able to beat the odds? Or will their chance at love be destroyed by the tumultuous times they live in?

The Road to Winterhill

Gloria Gay - 2016
    George’s Cathedral, the clergyman’s voice rang out unnaturally loud: “Do you, Richard Branston, Earl of Berrington, take this woman, Belinda Presleigh, of Hunsley Manor, as your lawful wedded wife, to love and honor until death do you part?”The few wedding guests crowding around them waited for Berrington’s response which was long in coming. Belinda saw their smirks and heard their muffled laughter. She felt the sting of tears in her eyes at the long pause and realized she could not undo what she had done. The awful deed had come to roost in her heart. She wished he would say no. She’d rather be jilted than that awful hesitation in which everyone looked at each other, some with smirks of “I told you so.”Finally, Lord Berrington’s voice rang out—loud, impatient and clear: “I do.”Society shuns Belinda Presley when her mother’s scheme results in a forced offer of marriage from Richard Branston, the Earl of Berrington, the man she loves in secret.Warm conversations during the day and passionate nights of love at night on their three-days’ journey give Belinda the only happiness she has ever known. Yet on arriving at Winterhill, Belinda feels the family’s animosity, as the earl, unaware of the danger she leaves her in and still resentful, returns to London.Her only friend, Lord Wilbur, and solitary walks, are her solace, but Belinda’s enemies’ hatred soon place her in extreme peril.


I.D. Johnson - 2016
     Meg never dreamt she would find herself aboard Titanic, dressed in the borrowed clothes of her lady-in-waiting, hiding from her family, running from her haunting past. Now that she finally has the opportunity to escape it all, she realizes the man she has been engaged to for three years is also aboard the ship. Due to their long distanced relationship, Meg is able to continue her charade, but if Charlie discovers her true identity, she will end up breaking his heart all over again. And the more time Meg spends with Charlie, the more she realizes she's made a terrible mistake; she never should have ran away from him to begin with. Will she find a way to reveal her true identity without destroying their relationship, or will Meg's last chance at true love end up in the abyss? "A captivating love story you'll want to read again and again...." Emma, Beta Reader "Meg and Charlie's love story is one for the ages. If you loved James Cameron's movie, you'll love this book even more...." Liz, Beta Reader

Thorpe's Mail-Order Bride

Cynthia Woolf - 2016
    Lena flees, deciding to become a mail-order bride, where at least she’s the one doing the choosing. Her future husband, John Thorpe, has requested a woman of good moral character which Lena considers herself to be. The problem is her mother is the most celebrated madam in all New Orleans. What will happen if he discovers her secret?

Innkeeper: The Gift of Hospitality

Jean L. Kuhnke - 2016
    Convinced by her sisters and a jealous classmate at school that she was less than adequate to become a wife, she decided at a young age that she would never marry. Without the guidance of a loving mother, she relied on her father and a caring housekeeper to help her move from a tree climbing girl to a young woman. When she realized that a single woman deserved a clean home and good food, she began a completely different education; one that led her to realize that she enjoyed taking care of her father and the few renters they welcomed into their home. Just as her business was getting started, her father died leaving her with many different obstacles to overcome; her own sisters and pastor being the most vocal. With the help of friends and a sympathetic solicitor, Adah moved forward with her dream. Befriending a lonely old man, she was reacquainted with his son whom she admired in school before he graduated and went away to college. No matter how hard she tried, there was always someone to push her back down just as she was making headway.

Stay With Me

Reina Torres - 2016
    His old life was calling him back. A chance meeting would put them on a new path - together. Hayden Samuels worked hard to make something of himself. Unable to follow in his father’s footsteps he found work that gave him a purpose and joy. Now he has to return and tell his father that he wants to live his life on his own terms, even if that strains their relationship to the breaking point. But when the stage rolls into town he comes face to face with a young woman that makes him think twice about leaving. Edythe Devon had worked for her father for years and now she wants a life of her own. Taking a chance by moving to the town of Sweetwater Springs, Montana, she arrives just in time to meet a young man who makes her dream of more than just ‘getting by’ on her own. But there are those who would keep the two apart and a family emergency might just divide them for good. Is there enough between them to bring them back together before it’s too late? This sweet Western romance, set in the time after Debra Holland’s book, Beneath Montana’s Sky, and before the Brides of the West series, includes a number of friendly faces from Sweetwater Springs and will introduce you to new friends as well. Click the 'Buy Now With 1-Click" button to read "Stay With Me"

Belong to Me

Kit Morgan - 2016
    They moved to America as young boys and helped tame the Wild West with not only their fists, but impeccable manners! In all that time, they kept hearing bits and pieces of a tale their mother told them. Over the years however, not to mention the loss of their mother, they lost most of the story and could only remember one major detail. A crocodile. Oh, and their third cousin the earl of course, who later became a duke, and whose duchy eventually fell to Duncan – but that’s another tale. This tale is something else entirely …Anthony Sayer had toiled for the East India Company for many years and after the death of his father was more than happy to return to England once and for all. Unfortunately, the Company had other ideas for Anthony, ones he wasn’t too thrilled to take on. Little did he know he’d be taking on so much more.Isabelle Bainbridge – better known as Isabelle Painbridge (or Hurricane Isabelle, depending on which circles one ran in) had given up any hopes of marriage. At twenty-six she was considered “on the shelf” by most of the ton and began to despair of ever finding a husband. Enter one Anthony Sayer. He was handsome, an earl and, better yet, available! But when a diary is delivered to her, its secrets turn Isabelle’s life upside down. Wishing to escape the horrible truths of the diary, she heads for India hoping to escape the scandal that will surely follow should anyone learn the book’s secrets. Unfortunately she runs into something else while abroad. Namely, one Anthony Sayer. And he isn’t exactly glad to see her. After all, Anthony has secrets of his own ...Enjoy this clean and wholesome romance full of fun, adventure, and a few critters to boot!

Sean's Secret Heart

Danni Roan - 2016
    All he has to do now is study hard and pass his exams .Life in the big city has taken its toll and his spirit longs for the wide open spaces of the prairie. Barring any distractions, he’ll be home free. For three years the young mountain man has done his best to live up to everyone’s expectations, so when a slim young woman in a hideous yellow bonnet steps through his door seeking help he doesn’t have the heart to turn her away. Virginia Freeman finds herself once more lost and alone in the big city. Dismissed from two jobs, with respectable families, due to malicious lies she turns to the last person she can still call friend. But as her simple plea for help turns into a scandalous situation, circumstances take Ginny and Sean down a path neither one expects to end well.

Widow's Song (Civil War Mail Order Brides #3)

Terri Grace - 2016
    They suggest that she marry a local lumberjack named Milton, and although Abigail finds herself favoring the idea, her children are horrified by it and refuse to go.Over time, she is faced with a decision between staying in Charleston and doing what little she can to protect her children, or taking the path she believes God has prepared for her, and leaving her children in His hands.Can she, like Abraham, place her children on the altar, and will the love of a simple lumberjack ease the loneliness of life without her Jake?

A Magical Highland Solstice

Mary Morgan - 2016
    Yet, when he comes upon a bewildered lass traveling alone, he finds his heart will no longer listen to his mind. In the end, Cormac risks everything to claim the love of a woman not of his time.Eve Brannigan loves helping others and baking. After winning a contest, she is stunned to learn that the Clan Murray has requested her assistance to cater to their guests during the holiday season. When a lost path in Scotland leads her to a handsome but gruff Highlander, Eve fights the temptation to allow love to enter her heart for the first time. Can the Fae and the magic of the Yule season bring together two souls who have forsaken love? Or will tragedies from the past separate the lovers forever?

The Rogue's Wager

Christi Caldwell - 2016
    He knows he must someday do right by the Somerset line, but he’s in no hurry to give up his carefree existence.Helena Banbury is a bookkeeper in a gentleman’s gambling club, adept at analyzing numbers and accounts but helpless for lack of influence. She’s never belonged among the nobility on the gaming hell floors, but neither does she feel completely herself among the men who run the Hell and Sin Club, despite the fact that they are family. The once-illiterate girl from the streets wants more than the gilded walls her protective cage can offer.When Robert mistakenly enters her chambers one night, Helena is forced out of her predictable life and thrust into the glittering world of Society. Will the charms of the marquess prove more perilous than any danger she ever knew on the streets?

Ransomed Jewels

Laura Landon - 2016
    But even those who are holding her brother ransom can’t force her to do the impossible—hand over a necklace she doesn’t have.Major Samuel Bennett believes the newly widowed Lady Claire Huntingdon is a traitor. He intends to get the necklace he’s convinced she has, before sending her to the gallows. But when he meets the captivating widow, he discovers that nothing is as it seems.Claire knows she can’t trust anyone, but she isn’t given a choice when Major Bennett arrives, demanding she give him the necklace. And it isn’t until she’s forced to put her life in his hands that she realizes it isn’t only her life she’s in danger of losing—but her heart as well.

Believing In Dreams

Cathryn Chandler - 2016
    Ian’s sure she’s perfect for him and is determined to win her. But as danger quietly moves closer, can he also keep her safe?Spirited and outspoken Maggie O’Hearn is deserted by her family and left to fend for herself in the young and rowdy town of San Francisco.She finds work in one of the grand houses springing up on a fashionable hill overlooking the sparkling bay. But the house residents have secrets. Secrets that can be fatal when Maggie becomes their target.Ian Dolan is following his dream and building a new life out west when Maggie walks into it. She’s perfect for him, but reluctant to give in to her heart. He soon becomes her protector, as well as her suitor, when a deadly menace moves steadily closer and Maggie doesn’t seem to know it. As her attraction for the tall, courageous man grows, even Maggie’s spunk and Ian’s strong arms may not be enough to keep her safe. Believing in Dreams is the first book in the Circle of Friends Series. It is a stand-alone novella of romance and suspense set in 1850 San Francisco. Come meet Maggie, Ian and all the unusual, bold and engaging people around them, who band together and form an unbreakable Circle of Friends.Readers Note: This novella does have some spice and heat.

Magic in the Stars

Patricia Rice - 2016
    As the Malcolm family librarian, she dutifully creates zodiac charts for her often eccentric and mysterious relations—until the day she realizes a dire conjunction of planets spells a fatal threat in a distant branch of the family. Lord Theophilus Ives, heir presumptive to the Marquess of Ashford, Earl of Ives and Wystan, is a dedicated astronomer who has perfected a telescope capable of seeing beyond Saturn’s moons. Living in an all-male family that distrusts the women who regularly abandon them, Theo is undaunted by the tumult of his life—until the day the luscious Lady Azenor arrives to warn them that the marquess is in danger. Can Aster, the Prophetess of Doom, convince a laughing disbeliever of peril? And what are the chances she can escape the fate her stars predict if she lingers too long in Lord Theo’s enthralling company? ~~~~~~~~~~~ "From this masterful storyteller comes the first book in the Unexpected Magic series. Rice packs her tale with whimsy humor and mayhem, along with a delightful female astrologer and an absentminded astronomer, who are often on a collision course--for love. Throw in some lovable canines and felines and Rice takes her readers on an amorous adventure in this magical tale." -- Joan Hammond, RT Book Reviews 4 1/2 top pick

Tamed by the Virginian

Isabella Laase - 2016
    Facing a long prison sentence, she decides to play along with a mysterious woman who claims to be able to offer her an alternative to jail. According to this seemingly powerful stranger, Jory must spend four years in the past, learning the lessons she was never taught in her own life, and then she will be free to return to the present day with a clean slate. Though she agrees to the woman’s offer, Jory does not truly believe such a thing could be possible, and thus it comes as a shock when she awakens in Virginia in the year 1785. Alone and utterly unable to fend for herself in a world so different from her own, she is relieved to be taken in by frontiersman Nial McKay and his brother. She soon discovers, however, that life on a farm is hard work and disobedience, disrespect, or failure to carry her own weight will earn her a sound spanking on her bare bottom. Nial is determined to keep his relationship with Jory chaste and proper, but as time passes he is forced to admit that he is falling in love with the beautiful, spirited girl. Can he bring himself to claim her as his woman rather than his ward, or will his hesitance cause him to lose her forever? And when her four years is up, will Jory be forced to leave everything she has grown to love behind in the past? Publisher’s Note: Tamed by the Virginian includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

God's Eye

Susan Fanetti - 2016
    She doesn't expect that she will ever even know true companionship, let alone love. People say she was born with the mark of Odin, but Brenna feels it as a curse rather than a blessing. Those who would tell her she is favored by the Allfather are too afraid to look on her; she is apart from her people. Yet she has learned the power of her difference, and turned it to her advantage. She is a shieldmaiden, with a legendary reputation for her valor as well as for her godly gift. Vali is a giant among his people, well-liked and respected. He is of the Úlfhéðnar, a berserker, one of Odin's own elite warriors, and one of the fiercest and bravest warriors to wield an axe or spear. He is the Storm-Wolf; his strength and ferocity are his gifts from the Allfather. Fortune threw the two warriors together when they were but children. Fate brings them together again as warriors when two jarls ally for a raid into Estland. Again and again, Vali seeks Brenna out. He sees her; he sees the woman behind the whispers. More than that, he will not look away. Vali has not forgotten the debt he owes Brenna from their very first meeting, and in seeking his opportunity to repay her, he finds a lonely, beautiful woman whose quiet strength captures his heart. But the sagas do not sing of warriors who live quiet lives, or of love that does not know trial and tribulation. Favored by the gods they may be, but that does not protect Brenna and Vali from the simple and devastating hardships of their lives. Their reputations cannot help them. It is their love that must become their legend.

Wagon Trail Bride

Ruth Ann Nordin - 2016
    Now as they make their way to Omaha, Nebraska for a new life, he wonders if she might ever come to return his feelings.When Amanda married Richard Larson, it wasn’t for love. It was because he was rescuing her from a painful situation. When they married, they agreed to a marriage of convenience. She didn’t realize he secretly loved her until after the vows were exchanged. Now she doesn’t know how to act around him. And worse, a young man from her past is the one leading the wagon train to Omaha, and he has plans for them to run off to start a new life elsewhere.

Mail Order Bride: Brides and Orphans (Western Brides Sweet Romance Book 6)

Emily Woods - 2016
     A sweet western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods Follow the stories of three courageous women who travel West to find love. When orphaned children are mixed in, their love stories get more complex…and so much more beautiful. Will they embrace the extra love and start a truly loving family? Brides and Orphans is a clean western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods. If you like clean, historical fiction about women who risk everything for love as mail order brides, you will love the Western Brides Sweet Romance series from Emily Woods. Download Brides and Orphans and get lost in a sweet western romance today. Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Love at the Marsh (Orchard Rest Historical Southern Fiction Series, Book 3)

Hope Denney - 2016
    When a summons to Richmond threatens their newfound happiness, Somerset finds, despite her commitment to live in the present, the dark mysteries of the past are never far behind. At the Marsh, Myra Marshall is determined to forget Century Grove and relish the privileged life her family can provide. When a tragedy makes her question her place in the family, Myra finds herself undecided on matters of the heart as well. Joseph and Ivy Forrest are living the life they always hoped for at Orchard Rest plantation. When things begin to go awry, it's clear someone in the Grove is set on revenge, and everyone wonders if they can emerge unscathed from the maelstrom. Book #4 coming in 2017.

Sutherland's Secret

Sharon Cullen - 2016
    Terror reigns in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden. As British troops obliterate the last traces of the Jacobite cause, Brice Sutherland, the Earl of Dornach, risks everything to arrange a covert escape route to Canada for his fellow Scots. But when he encounters a dying Englishwoman, hauntingly beautiful though scarred by manacles and unable to speak, Brice’s true courage is put to the test. Nothing but ruin could result from helping her, or worse: falling in love. The pampered daughter of a marquess, Eleanor Hirst was the talk of the London season when she wed the Earl of Glendale. Little did she know that his posting as an officer in Scotland would be their undoing. Now her husband is dead and Eleanor is a fugitive in a hostile country. Desperate for help, she throws herself on the mercy of Brice Sutherland, a handsome Scottish warrior who should be her enemy. Instead, he cares for her tenderly, reviving her shattered spirit—and awakening urges unlike any she’s ever known.

The Redemption of Rachel

Danni Roan - 2016
    Living far from any real civilization for so long he’s almost forgotten the pain humans can inflict on their own kind. At least until he comes face to face with a fallen woman in a dark alley. No longer wanted by society's lowest establishments Dusty Ray is left for dead in a cold dark back street in Casper Wyoming, and knows she has come to the end of the line. It will only be a matter of time before it’s all over and she welcomes the relief of death, as she huddles for warmth among the refuse and detritus of a growing town. When two strong hands suddenly grasp and lift her from her mire she tries to resist, but is too weak to fight back as the old man carries her off for his own. Seeking only to save a forgotten soul, can Deeks uncover the girl who was once called Rachel or will she always retreat behind the granite wall that blocks her off from the rest of the world?

The Beauty of St. Kilda

Nicola Italia - 2016
    Having lost her mother in childbirth and her father right before her marriage, she has no choice but to seek a position as a governess. She reaches out to her husband’s family solicitor, Quinn Westbourne, hoping that he may be able to help her. Quinn takes one look at the young and beautiful Emily and decides that a job as a governess will not do. He writes instead to the father-in-law she's never met, and when Leopold Clairmont offers her a place in his home, Quinn agrees to escort Emily to his isolated refuge in St. Kilda. But he did not anticipate how challenging it would be to keep his distance from the grieving widow when all he wants to do is take her in his arms and console her. The two forge a friendship on their journey, and Emily begins to wonder if she could find solace and a live a comfortable life as a widow in her new home. The tiny island of Hirta in the remote cluster of islands known as St. Kilda off the Scottish coast is wild and beautiful, her father-in-law is warm and welcoming, and her sister-in-law offers her much-needed female companionship, but the island is also full of secrets. When Emily learns things about her husband that he never revealed, she wonders if she ever really knew him at all. Torn between her devotion to her departed husband and her growing feelings for Quinn, Emily must decide whether her heart belongs to the living or the dead and find the courage to act before it's too late.

A Terrible Beauty (Season of the Furies #1)

Stephanie Patterson - 2016
    Five years ago she ruled the ballrooms of fashionable society as Lady Arabella Winslow, The Incomparable Araby, a singular beauty who rent hearts and hopes at will. Facing her past means facing the man who betrayed her – the man she loved who in exchange for her heart, ruthlessly stripped away her pride and her dignity for the sake of revenge.Michael Lassiter is handsome, wealthy, powerful and a natural rogue. Still, Araby captivates him like no other woman until her thoughtless words devastate his younger brother and destroy his future. In his anger, Michael sets in motion a chain of events that will alter all of their lives and five years later force him into a confrontation with a young woman who continues to haunt him, who he has never been able to forget, nor forgive.

An Affair in Winter

Jess Michaels - 2016
    There she meets a tempting stranger who sweeps her into a night of unforgettable passion. Grayson Danford never expected a night with the irresistible Mrs. Wilde, but she was a welcome distraction from the unpleasant duty of breaking up his brother’s impending nuptials. He’s shocked when he discovers his passionate lover is none other than the sister of his brother's intended. Now Rosalinde and Gray will butt heads, even as their simmering desire for each other threatens to boil over. Who will win? And who might lose it all?

Mail Order Brides: Sometimes Love is only an Advertisement Away

Janice ThompsonJulie Pollitt - 2016
    Nine authors came together bringing you everything from full length to short story, from springtime to Christmas. Settle back and enjoy a simpler time when men and women met through letters.

Only For His Lady

Christi Caldwell - 2016
    It now features a prologue and epilogue! It is an approximately 30,000 word novella. A curse. A sword. And the thief who stole her heart. The Rayne family is trapped in a rut of bad luck. And now, it's up to Lady Theodosia Rayne to steal back the Theodosia sword, a gladius that was pilfered by the rival, loathed Renshaw family. Hopefully, recovering the stolen sword will break the cycle and reverse her family's fate. Damian Renshaw, the Duke of Devlin, is feared by all--all, that is, except Lady Theodosia, the brazen spitfire who enters his home and wrestles an ancient relic from his wall. Intrigued by the vivacious woman, Devlin has no intentions of relinquishing the sword to her. As Theodosia and Damian battle for ownership, passion ignites. Now, they are torn between their age-old feud and the fire that burns between them. Can two forbidden lovers find a way to make amends before their families' war tears them apart?

The Highlander's Challenge

Madeline Martin - 2016
    Marrying Aidan MacAllister is the perfect opportunity for her to get close enough to exact her revenge, except that the more she gets to know him, the harder it is to go through with her plan and the more she is drawn to the man she is supposed to hate.When passion and vengeance collide, can enemies become lovers, or are they destined to lose everything?

Bounty Hunter's Woman

Eugenia Riley - 2016
    . . But never did he dream he’d have to track down and capture his own bride! Raised motherless, beautiful feisty Kate Maloney hates the proud, disdainful father who abandoned her upbringing to a series of failed governesses and strict boarding schools. When Kate’s rancher father reaches his wit’s end and sends her to live with a brutal schoolmistress in East Texas, Kate retaliates by burning down the boarding school. Languishing away in jail, Kate has no idea her father is at home plotting her comeuppance . . . Ready to leave the harsh trail and settle down, handsome bounty hunter Charlie Durango never dreamed his most dangerous quarry would be his own future bride! When Charlie agrees to an arranged marriage with Jeb Maloney’s lovely daughter, he is stunned when his willful fiancée rejects him, sight unseen, and rides off into the treacherous Texas Hill Country on the eve of the Comanche moon. Charlie gives chase, only to be rewarded when Kate shoots him through the shoulder and steals his horse--all before she even realizes he is the man her father chose! Theirs becomes a battle of wills hot enough to ignite the Texas prairie. But the smoldering attraction between Charlie and Kate proves stronger than them both. The headstrong lovers blaze a trail of passion and pride as they head for a reckoning as fierce and shattering as the searing love that binds them. Bounty Hunter's Woman is a fun and sexy Western Historical Romance of approximately 104,000 words. Author Eugenia Riley is the renowned, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary and time-travel romances, including the classics A Tryst in Time and Bushwhacked Bride. She has numerous romances available in Kindle.

Borderland Brides/The Healer/The Thief

Allison Butler - 2016
    Including exaggerating her healing skills, and setting off alone to rescue her step-brother from a band of raiding Scots.Living under a curse that has haunted the Closeburn Clan for years, Laird William Kirkpatrick, will do anything to save his sole surviving brother. He may not believe in curses, but his clan does, and the growing number of graves seems to support their side.Having banished all healers from the clan for trickery, he has no choice but to allow an Englishwoman, claiming to be a skilled healer, into his home and into the room of his wounded brother.Enemies by birth and circumstance, they can only succeed together. But blood runs deep, and tensions high. What matters the desires of a heart? The Thief From Allison Butler, bestselling author of The Healer, comes a sexy Scottish romance about a man in search of a bride, a woman in search of a home and an inconvenient attraction that can’t be denied.To fulfil his father’s dying wish, Border laird Lachlan Elliot must marry and sire a legitimate heir, cementing his family’s name in the tumultuous borderlands. But his marriage will be one of convenience.Lachlan has no time for the pain and betrayal of love, and his land and position must always come first. So even when the spirited thief he catches stealing his horse turns out to be breathtaking – and appropriate – he vows to marry her, bed her, but never love her.Kenzie never wanted an arranged marriage, but to be forced to wed the domineering laird who catches her thieving from his lands is even worse. Feisty, strong-willed and determined to make her own way, Kenzie may have no choice but to agree to the marriage, but she will never give up her independence. Lachlan may own her body, but he will never own her heart.

The Devil May Care (Brotherhood of Sinners #1)

Lara Archer - 2016
    For Sebastian, the mission is a nightmare, a replay of his failure to save Sarah, but with a woman whose unfamiliar innocence threatens to slip past all the barriers of his cynical soul.Together, they must lure Sarah’s murderers into the open, distinguish loyal agents from traitors, and struggle to trust one another. The slightest misstep may mean Rachel’s death, so Sebastian must help her play her courtesan role convincingly, and that means awakening her long-buried sensuality—a process which threatens both their professional detachment and their surprisingly vulnerable hearts.

You're the Rogue That I Want

Samantha Holt - 2016
     Never. But when Miss Hannah St. John strides into his life demanding—yes, demanding—he help her, he’s certain she’s more challenge than even he can handle. Hannah is determined to transport an artifact from France—one that will change everything—even if it means working with a lawless man like Red. Nothing is more important than preserving history. Nothing. Not even the touch of a smuggler who inconceivably makes her stomach twist. When it becomes clear the irritating bluestocking will do anything for this blasted artifact and needs saving from herself, the earl-turned-smuggler steps in. Carting a cursed stone across the country with a know-it-all woman is not Red’s idea of fun, particularly when their journey runs far from smoothly…so why does he find himself enjoying her company just a little too much? You're the Rogue that I Want is book 1 in the Rogues of Redmere series. It can be read as a standalone story and has a HEA. It includes some steamy content.

Solitary Horseman

Deborah Camp - 2016
    Love Takes Courage.He’s known her his whole life, but he never really knew her until she revived in him emotions he thought had died on the Civil War battle fields.The Civil War is over, but the battles continue. Callum Latimer returned from the war to a life he didn’t want and with inner battle scars he can’t heal. Banner Payne clutched desperately to the remaining shreds of the life she’d known, but she is losing her grip. Brought together by bad luck and cruel twists of fate, Callum and Banner forge a partnership they hope will keep them afloat even as neighboring Texas ranchers go under and their land is snapped up by opportunists. Fate smiles on them and Callum and Banner find the missing pieces of themselves in each other. Healing begins as their hearts are awakened. Now they must remain strong in their determination to forge a more peaceful existence and not be poisoned by the bitterness of a country still divided.

Bride and Prejudice (Mail Order Brides of Hickory Stick #8)

Patricia PacJac Carroll - 2016
    Escape. She couldn't let Sebastian find her. Ever. With a last look at New Orleans, she clutched the letter in her hand and prayed she was running to a better man. Dr. Blake Morgan wrestled with his past, the hold whiskey held over him, and loneliness. He needed a wife. A good woman would save him.

Highland Yearning

Dawn Ireland - 2016
    Bloody hell, what had possessed his twin brother to propose to one of the she-devils? And what is Caden to do with the Sutherland beauty who appears, as if by magic, in his library? The defiant intruder is the enemy, but she is unlike any woman he’s ever known, and her tantalizing curves and wide green eyes could tempt a monk. He must devise a way to stop the wedding. But can he stop the desire that makes him long to make Ariel Sutherland his own? Ariel’s life had never gone the way she’d hoped, but ending up in eighteenth century Scotland was a stretch, even for her. If not for her dog, Scruffy, she might have thought she’d walked into a romantic daydream. Especially since the object of her desire appears to be entirely too virile. But can she find her way back to her time, before her too-handsome Highlander makes her believe that love can conquer in any century?

A Laird's Promise

Aileen Adams - 2016
    He promised, after she completed her task, she’d be free. He didn’t promise her that he wouldn’t capture her heart before he released her. For Sarah, captive of the Highland laird, that these promises are kept is paramount. Phillip never expected to fall in love with the woman who was supposed to save his brother’s life. He also never expected to break a promise. But some promises are hard to keep, especially when he finds out the secrets she’s keeping.

Twelve Nights as His Mistress

Elisa Braden - 2016
    even if it requires a most scandalous seduction.Wooing may not be his strong suit...Admittedly, when it comes to courtship, the Marquess of Wallingham's strategy has been a few roses short of a bouquet. Charles Bainbridge has spent two long years wooing the woman he loves, waiting patiently until he is half mad. Now, at a winter hunting party, he has one last chance to persuade her they are meant to be. And this time, he won't let meaningless doubts, his meddling mother, or a few mishaps and mangled bonnets stand in his way.And passion may not be hers...Safe and comfortable inside her tidy, carefully ordered existence, Julia Willoughby has never known longing like this. Others see Charles as the quiet, manageable sort. Julia sees the truth: This dragon's son has a fire of his own. Enough to sear her with a touch, a glance, a kiss. For the sake of his happiness, she refuses to bind him in a childless union. Her heart, however, isn't so easily convinced, for it wants Charles rather madly.But a marquess must do what a marquess must do...Outraged at the thought of losing her to a dusty country squire, Charles makes a final offer: Spend twelve nights in his bed, and if she can still deny they are perfect for each other, he will let her go. But not before thoroughly tempting the lovely, stubborn Julia to trade sensible predictability for the sweet chaos of true love.

Maids with Blades: The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Boxed Set

Glynnis Campbell - 2016
     Originally written under the pen name Sarah McKerrigan Revised by the author in 2012 R-rated for sensual passages More Historical Romances by Glynnis CampbellThe Warrior Maids of RivenlochTHE SHIPWRECK (a novella)LADY DANGERCAPTIVE HEARTKNIGHT'S PRIZEThe Knights of de Ware THE HANDFASTING (a novella)MY CHAMPIONMY WARRIORMY HEROMedieval OutlawsDANGER'S KISSPASSION'S EXILEScottish LassesTHE OUTCAST (a novella)MacFARLAND'S LASSMacADAM'S LASSMacKENZIE'S LASSCalifornia LegendsNATIVE GOLDNATIVE WOLFAbout Glynnis CampbellGlynnis Campbell is a USA Today bestselling author of swashbuckling action-adventure historical romances set in Scotland, England, and the American West, with over a dozen books published in six languages. She has won awards in the Orange Rose, Hearts through History, and Book Buyers Best contests and was a double finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA Awards. Her books appear in several multi-author boxed sets with such esteemed talents as Bella Andre, Marie Force, Tanya Anne Crosby, Lauren Royal, Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight, and Claire Delacroix. Writing from her California home, she loves playing medieval matchmaker and transporting readers to a place where the bold heroes have endearing flaws, the women are stronger than they look, the land is lush and untamed, and chivalry is alive and well!From Glynnis...I love writing "stories to keep you up all night"!Keep in touch...Visit me at glynnis.netFriend me at me at with me at

The Highlander's Stronghold

Bess McBride - 2016
    With a concentration in Colonial American studies, she knows almost nothing about Scottish history and the sixteenth century island stronghold of the Morrison clan. That changes though when she discovers a medieval dagger embedded in the rubble at the base of a tower house on the island. As the dagger pulls her back in time, she awakens in the arms of a suspicious Highland laird who thinks she is a spy—for the English or for their enemies, the MacLeods. Ann believes that getting the dagger back from its owner, John Morrison, is her way back to the twenty-first century. So does the laird. And he has no intention of letting Ann leave the stronghold...or him. Searching for a Highlander series Book 1 - The Highlander's Stronghold (November 2016) Book 2 - The Highlander's Keep (coming soon) Book 3 - The Highlander's Home (coming soon)

Garden of Shadows

Meara Platt - 2016
    Lodore’s Church in the quiet village of Borrowdale.Julia doesn’t believe in faeries or magic or dreams coming true, but odd things have been happening at the vicarage lately that cannot be explained. Her orphaned cousin, Charlie, believes in mythical creatures and claims that faeries now inhabit the vicarage’s bluebell garden. The boy also claims the faerie king, Cadeyrn, has promised to make him a prince in his kingdom and teach crippled Charlie to walk again if he will cross into the Fae realm.As the faerie king’s influence on the boy grows stronger, another threat emerges from the boy’s uncle—Douglas Hawke, the Earl of Eastbourne, who has come to wrench him from Julia’s guardianship. Julia is determined to fight both men, but as she and the boy begin to fall under the spell of the faerie king, Julia realizes that only her love for Douglas can save them.But is Douglas capable of loving her, even at the cost of his own life?

Upon A Midnight Dream

Kathryn Le Veque - 2016
    But for a lonely knight returning from the Crusades and a grieving lady with no hope for her future, a miracle will change both their lives forever. Meet Sir Rennington of Ashbourne and Lady Holly St. Maur, and discover the beauty of their Christmas miracle for yourself in this romantic tale.

'Twas the Night Before Scandal

Christi Caldwell - 2016
    Her mother has altogether different plans—plans that include a match between Carol and Lord Gregory Renshaw. Despite his wealth and power, Carol has no interest in marrying a pompous man who goes out of his way to ignore her. Now, with their families coming together for the Christmastide season it’s her mother’s last-ditch effort to get them together. And Carol plans to avoid Gregory at all costs. Lord Gregory Renshaw has no intentions of falling prey to his mother's schemes to marry him off to a proper debutante she’s picked out. Over the years, he has carefully sidestepped all endeavors to be matched with any of the grasping ladies. But a sudden Christmastide Scandal has the potential show Carol and Gregory that they’ve spent years running from the one thing they’ve always needed. "A Kiss From a Rogue" by Eva Devon Bah and a hum bug: Sebatian Rutherford, the new Earl of Gray, has no desire to settle down. Ever. The only thing he dislikes more than the idea of taking over his recently inherited earldom, and all it’s responsibilities, is Christmas. So, when he agrees to an arranged marriage to the former earl’s daughter, he plans on a quick wedding and a quicker return to his adventures abroad. Surely, even a hint of Christmas cheer won’t need to be shared? But when his clever new wife, Lady Marabelle begins to thaw his heart, he finds that not only is family a joy, but Christmas may be the best season to lose one’s heart. Deck the Halls: Lady Marabelle loves Christmas. She loves everything about it. So, when she faces her first Christmas since the death of her beloved father, married to a man she’s never met, she decides to make sure that the Christmas hating new Earl must be taught the spirit of the season. But with each day toward Christmas that comes her way, she begins to find that perhaps a marriage of convenience can be a marriage of the heart and a veritable Christmas miracle.

Courting Carrie in Wonderland

Carla Kelly - 2016
    Spanish American War Veteran Sergeant Major Ramsay Stiles also isn't looking for love, busy with his own complicated affairs. But as the magic of Yellowstone starts making its way into their hearts, both begin to see love move up their priority list.

My Heart To Keep (The McPhee Clan Book 0)

Jillian Hart - 2016
    Sarah Combs loves being the town schoolteacher, but she's always dreamed of getting married and finding her own happily-ever-after. When Lucas McMillian rides into town to save the day, he wins her heart. Finally, after a lifetime of Mr. Wrongs here is her one true Mr. Right—except for one little problem. He's looking for a convenient marriage and a mother for his adorable daughter—love isn't part of the deal.

Holly and Hopeful Hearts: A Bluestocking Belles Collection

Bluestocking Belles - 2016
    Eight assorted heroes and heroines set out with their pocketbooks firmly clutched and hearts in protective custody. Or are they? The Bluestocking Belles are proud to present eight never before published novellas centered on the Duchess of Haverford's ball. Her favorite cause is also one dear to the hearts of the Bluestocking Belles, women's education. 25% of all proceeds will be donated to the Malala Fund. A Suitable Husband, by Jude Knight As the Duchess of Haverford’s companion, Cedrica Grenford is not treated as a poor relation and is encouraged to mingle with Her Grace’s guests. Perhaps among the gentlemen gathered for the duchess’s house party, she will find a suitable husband? Valuing Vanessa, by Susana Ellis Facing a dim future as a spinster under her mother’s thumb, Vanessa Sedgely makes a practical decision to attach an amiable gentleman who will not try to rule her life. A Kiss for Charity, by Sherry Ewing Young widow Grace, Lady de Courtenay, has no idea how a close encounter with a rake at a masquerade ball would make her yearn for love again. Artemis, by Jessica Cale Actress Charlotte Halfpenny is in trouble. Pregnant, abandoned by her lover, and out of a job, Charlotte faces eviction two weeks before Christmas. When the reclusive Earl of Somerton makes her an outrageous offer, she has no choice but to accept. Could he be the man of her dreams, or is the nightmare just beginning? The Bluestocking and the Barbarian, by Jude Knight James must marry to please his grandfather, the duke, and to win social acceptance for himself and his father’s other foreign-born children. But only Lady Sophia Belvoir makes his heart sing, and to win her he must invite himself to spend Christmas at the home of his father’s greatest enemy. Christmas Kisses, by Nicole Zoltack Louisa Wycliff, Dowager Countess of Exeter wants only for her darling daughter, Anna, to find a man she can love and marry. Appallingly, Anna has her sights on a scoundrel of a duke who chases after every skirt he sees. Anna truly thinks the dashing duke cares for her, but her mother has her doubts. An Open Heart, by Caroline Warfield Esther Baumann longs for a loving husband who will help her create a home where they will teach their children to value the traditions of their people, but she wants a man who is also open to new ideas and happy to make friends outside their narrow circle. Is it so unreasonable to ask for toe curling passion as well? Dashing Through the Snow, by Amy Rose Bennett Headstrong bluestocking, Miss Kate Woodville, never thought her Christmas would be spent racing across England with a viscount hell-bent on vengeance. She certainly never expected to find love...

Duke's Club Boxed Set: Books 4-6

Eva Devon - 2016
    After the death of her dearest and only sister, Allegra swears she will never suffer the same fate. So, when her parents insist she marry the man of their choosing, there is only one thing for Allegra to do. Run. But when she runs, she meets the Duke of Roth, a singular man who sees her unique and vital spirit. Now that her heart is awakened to the most dangerous longings for love, how will she resist the temptation to break her vow? Nicholas Andrew Edward Forth, Duke of Roth, values family above everything else. Despite his wild reputation, having lost both of his parents when he was a child, his most secret wish is to have a family again. When he meets a young lady in disguise, Nicholas quickly realizes that she is unlike any woman he's ever met and is also the only woman for him. But when he discovers how quickly she has abandoned her own family, he doubts whether she is the exceptional woman he believed her to be. Now, that he knows the truth about Allegra's past, will his own sense of honor destroy his only chance at happiness? Duke Ever After (Dukes Club Book 5) The Duke of Aston has always been the talk of the ton. Wild, passionate, and eccentric, women fall at his feet and gentlemen won't dare to meet him on the dueling ground. But the duke has a secret. A secret that could destroy his family. While the world sees him as a prince of the realm, he knows that in truth, he’s worthless. So, when Lady Rosamund enters his life demanding he teach her the artful ways of seduction, he's happy to oblige until he realizes she is the best woman he has ever known and therefore a woman he can never have. Lady Rosamund, only sibling of the Duke of Blackburn, is lonely. Raised in the remote glens of the Western Highlands, Rosamund has lived a sheltered life. When she meets the wild duke she's read about, the passion that sparks between them in undeniable. Adventurous spirit that the duke is, Rosamund knows he’s the man for her. But as she grows closer to the duke, opening her heart to him, his own heart closes. Can she teach this tortured duke that he is worthy of love or will his past drive them apart forever? Not Quite a Duke (Dukes' Club Book 6) Deadly with a rapier and one of the most notorious rakes London has ever known, Lord Charles, twin brother of the Duke of Hunt, is hiding a dark secret. Wine, women, and song can't drown his pain but when he wins Barrow House in a night of gambling, he finds that he's also won an entanglement with the owner's niece, Lady Patience. Prickly, forthright, and clad in black from head to toe, she's the opposite of every thing he's ever desired in a woman and yet, Lord Charles is inexplicably drawn to her. When he discovers she has a secret just as serious and scandalous as his own, he knows marriage into his powerful family is the only thing that can rescue her. But can a rake take a chance at marriage and risk losing his heart? Lady Patience has no wish to be rescued but nor is she willing to give up her double life as the extremely successful author P. Auden. When her secret identity is exposed, she has no one to turn to but the rake who won her family house in a card game. But Lord Charles is all that she dislikes in a man. A womanizer and a gambler, she should abhor him. Only Lord Charles is not as simple as he seems. With each day she discovers the hidden depths and pain under his witty, cold exterior.

Almost As Much (The Cherished Memories Series Book 3)

Linda Ellen - 2016
    It’s now 1955... Vic and Louise Matthews are living his Bold Venture and raising their family. Together with Louise’s son Tommy and their own two boys, along with Louise’s mother, Lilly, they have settled into a comfortable life. With Vic working seven days a week to make his dream a success, they have realized Almost as Much happiness as they had hoped for, but Louise unexpectedly finds herself becoming frustrated and dissatisfied. As problems between them grow, each one steadfastly searches for answers. Finally, in desperation, Louise makes a decision that sets in motion an event that will change the dynamic of their lives forever. Follow this hard-working couple as they weather accidents, robberies, and misunderstandings – as well as joys, triumphs, and answered prayers. Will that magnificent love that began on a dark rainy night in 1937 truly prevail? And will the event that Louise longs for become a reality? Heartfelt, delightful, riveting, and at times comical, Almost as Much is an inspirational tale awash in historical references, while thoroughly portraying the reality of a family striving to live the American dream in Louisville in the 1950’s.

An Earl's Guide to Catch a Lady, A Lady's Guide to Kiss a Rake, A Gentleman's Guide to Save a Lady Bundle: Misadventures of the Heart

Tanya Wilde - 2016
    Was he a peasant? A gunman? Perhaps a duke? Or was he just a figment of her imagination? Evelyn wasn’t about to lurk around and find out. But she will soon learn the mysterious stranger was a force much larger than fate to be reckoned with and he has set his sight firmly on her. MATTHEW LANGDON HAS DREAMS OF ENTIRELY A DIFFERENT NATURE… And they all include reckless, unpredictable, and completely dangerous to his hardened heart, Evelyn Tremaine. While he might have decided long ago never to get caught up with any woman ever again, he is enchanted by this remarkable lady and her fiery imagination. The only thing is she is mad as a March hare. Winning the exquisite lady’s love will be a trial, but Matthew has a will of iron and he would stop at nothing, fair means or foul, until he had her complete surrender. SHE IS PLAYING A DANGEROUS GAME… When Lady Josephine accepts a wager to lure a kiss from the most scandalous and depraved rake in England, she thought it an easy enough task. But one glimpse at the man in question and she foresees her reputation going up in glorious flames. It will not stop her from winning the wager, however, not even the vexing Marquis of St. Aldwyn, who is determined to stay firmly planted in her path to victory. HE IS NOT PLAYING ANY MORE GAMES… The Fifth Marquis of St. Aldwyn, Damien Grenville, has come to the conclusion that he has lost his mind. Why else would he be drawn to the reckless Lady Josephine? And when he begins to realize she is up to no good, will he do everything in his power to ensure her reputation remains intact or will he decide to seduce her himself? But danger lurks in the shadows and when Lady Josephine is taken, Damien will stop at nothing to get her back. HE WAS EVERYTHING SHE’D SWORN TO AVOID Lady Belle Middleton has never followed the dictates of society. She designs scandalous gowns, refuses to marry, wears inappropriate undergarments and answers to no one, most certainly not the dashing and irksome Earl of Westfield. But Belle hides a dark, perilous secret that can utterly destroy her. The stakes have never been higher and betrayal has never cut deeper and when she comes face to face with her past, who better to protect her than one boorish earl eager to expose every inch of her… SHE WAS EVERYTHING HE’D EVER WANTED Simon Tremaine has quite possibly fallen in love. There was only one problem, she believed him a complete bore. How better to show the insufferable tempting woman than to seduce her? But when a treacherous secret comes to light, friendships are tested and boundaries are drawn. An enemy lurks in the shadows and as desire grows between them, Simon must find a way to keep the threat from separating them forever or risk losing his heart’s only desire.

Kat's Law

Samantha St. Claire - 2016
    He was a lawman who had turned in his badge after failing to protect the innocent. Two unmistakable callings. One unmistakable love. READERS' FAVORITE FIVE STAR REVIEW Idaho Territory-1888 She was a doctor seeking justice for her town. He was a lawman who had turned in his badge after failing to protect the innocent. Idaho Territory-1888 DREAMS OF AN EDUCATED WOMAN Kat Meriwether left her hometown of Snowberry in Idaho Territory as a tomboy with a saucy reputation as a fighter of bullies, but she returns as an educated woman polished by four years in Boston. Throughout those years she's kept her mind on her studies, avoiding romantic entanglements that might hinder her from achieving her goals. NIGHTMARES OF AN EX-TEXAS RANGER Jonathan Winthrop, is a haunted man, running from his own tormented past. Snowberry offers him a chance to start over, but lawless men are changing the once peaceful town, and innocents will die without a defender. LOVE CAN ALTER THEM ALL Young medical school graduate, Dr. Kat Meriwether, doesn't like what she finds upon returning home, but she also finds a good man whose sense of justice is as strong as hers. Together they would find not only their unmistakable callings, but an undeniable love.

Mail Order Bride: A Bride for the Widowed Rancher with a Baby Girl

Emily Woods - 2016
    On the way to her betrothed, she gets stuck in Alanreed, Texas where she soon learns God may have other plans for her.James Granger is also the victim of tragedy and is now stuck raising his baby daughter all alone. He never hoped to love again . . . until a beautiful stranger gets stranded at his ranch.When Roxie and James get thrown together, both of their lives get turned upside down in a way they never expected. When Roxie’s best friend steps in to save the day, they both learn that God can make a happy ending even when things seem impossible.This book is a clean, western, historical, romance short story. It is a complete story, but it is also part of the Texas Brides and Babies series. Be sure to read them all - in any order!Specially priced at only $0.99Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Lords of Ireland

Kathryn Le Veque - 2016
    Knight... Fletcher... Caldwell... Cates... Markland. Welcome to the LORDS OF IRELAND MULTI-GENRE ROMANCE collection! Six of the top names in Historical Romance have come together to bring you these great and passionate tales from Ireland. Where soft winds blow and the green grass of Eire breeds epic heroes and fiery women, you will find tales to sate your passion and warm your heart. This collection includes: Black Sword by Kathryn Le Veque - In this unconventional love story, an Irish rebel and the sister of his English enemy find passion in the midst of a great uprising. My Lady of Deception by Christi Caldwell - A daughter of a traitor falls for her father's prisoner. When the carefully crafted lies she’s built between them begin to crumble, the lady realizes she will do anything to prove her love and loyalty to her father's prisoner - even it means at the expense of her own life. A Knight's Victory by Eliza Knight - Sir Michael Devereux has fallen for Lady Elena. When sinister ambitions of people in their midst threatens their safety, Michael and Elena will have to make a choice that could mean life or death and has them asking - does love really conquer all? The Irish Devil by Donna Fletcher - Eric of Shanekill is promised a bride and and chooses Faith, a shunned daughter of a mighty lord. Can a beauty tame the Irish devil or will he lead her into sin? Dark Irish Knight by Anna Markland - A fast paced adventure filled with intrigue and a poignant romance that blossoms between this unlikely pair. And what would an Irish tale be without a touch of the paranormal? Lily Fair by Kimberly Cates - In an Ireland divided between druid mystics and the faith of St. Patrick, Niall of the Seven Betrayals must make a choice - kill the innocent maid who trusts herself to his protection or betray his king and have all hope of regaining his honor snatched away—along with his life. Enjoy these six passionate stories for a limited time!

Healing of the Heart

Loree Lough - 2016
    Upon her notorious gangster father's death, the now-wealthy Ruby, hiding under her mother's maiden name, set out to right her father's wrongs. Ruby is determined to spend every penny of the inherited "blood money" on those who paid the price for her father's crimes. Sheriff Rex Truett doesn't trust Ruby and doesn't care who knows it. The keeper of Fairplay's law and order makes it his business to find out why a stranger--especially a beautiful, spoiled, rich, female stranger--would set up businesses, donate to schools, hire workmen to rebuild houses, and provide access to the best medical care. But when a typhoid epidemic sweeps through the city, he is forced to reconsider. Will Rex blame Ruby for her father's sins? Or will he accept the possibility that she is trying to create--and feel--the peace her father stole?

Claiming Her

Kris Kennedy - 2016
    Irish warrior Aodh is coming home with an army.Defying the queen of England, he leads his men on an outrageous mission to recover the windswept Irish castle he sees as his birthright. He’s lived a lifetime of battles on land and sea, crushing the opposition wherever he goes.But he’s about the meet his match in one beautiful woman who vows never to surrender to this dark-haired avenging warrior.Coldly confident and absolutely certain he’ll succeed, he’s blindsided byKatarina’s steely will. Aroused by her fiery spirit. Stunned to find the dormant fires of his ice-cold heart being stoked by this defiant slip of a woman.Their battles of will–and the bedroom–fuel a passion that leaves them both scorched and stunned, forcing them to rethink every lesson ever learned about loyalty and love.But time is running out, and armies are marching. Can Aodh win her heart in time? Or will the fire that fuels her defiance destroy everything he’s ever fought for?

Why the Earl is After the Girl

Tabetha Waite - 2016
    A stolen inheritance. Can love conquer mistrust? Athena Hawthorne never imagined that she would lose everything she'd ever had. But after the death of her father, his prosperous jewelry store is sold off to pay his supposed debts. Athena, now destitute, embarks on a mission to discover the truth, but circumstances force her to accept an offer from a handsome stranger to work as a governess. She's determined to clear her father's name, but a certain earl is making matters far more difficult than necessary. And she can't be in danger of losing her heart to a member of the aristocracy... Orion Ashcroft, the Earl of Rockford, is convinced that Athena is a grasping thief who stole a priceless family heirloom, the rare sapphire known as the Couleur Magnifique. When he offers her the position of governess to his sister's children, he only intends to catch her in some nefarious scheme and get back the sapphire—his grandmother's dying wish. But he soon discovers that keeping his distance—and his sanity—around the beautiful Athena isn't as easy as he'd planned. It certainly doesn't help that his sister and his best friend plead her innocence at every frustrating turn. Soon he's struggling between honoring his promise and his growing attraction to Athena. But there's danger closer than either expect. Even a masquerade can't hide Athena from the curiosity of the ton forever...and there's a threat hiding among the highest members of society...

Unkissable Knight

Anna Markland - 2016
    She must marry to survive. Dervenn's scarred face bears testimony to his sacrifice, but the haughty Victorine cannot overlook the fact he is a Breton, not a Norman.As Yuletide celebrations progress, it might take the scheming of an unlikely matchmaker like William the Conqueror to make her see Dervenn is the man she needs.Originally published in the Under the Kissing Bough anthology

Highland Archer

Hildie McQueen - 2016
     When a rival clan attacks and Ariana McLeod's world is turned upside down. That she's fallen in love with the handsome archer, Valent, is a complication and a blessing at once.

The Doctor's Daughter: The Choice

Belle Blackburn - 2016
    In this sequel to The Doctor's Daughter: Journey to Justice, Kate's father-in-law locks horns with Andrew Johnson, military governor of occupied Nashville, and he turns their world upside-down. Murder, deception and a missing Union soldier change their lives forever. Kate has made bad choices before. Can she make the right one this time?

Gentlemen Always Play Fair

Cheryl Bolen - 2016
     Unaware of the tales of Lord Stacks' wickedness, Freddie Lambeth comes to live with her guardian, and through his caring blossoms from a plain, shabbily dressed girl to a lovely young woman. Freddie and Lord Stacks come to need each other as his flowers need sunshine, but Stacks cannot allow himself to love her. His own wickedness has destroyed any chance for happiness. HIGHLANDER IN HER BED by Allie Mackay Tour guide Mara MacDougall stops at a London antique shop-and spots perhaps the handsomest bed ever. Then she bumps into the handsomest man ever. Soon Mara can't forget the irresistible-if haughty-Highlander. Not even when she learns that she's inherited a Scottish castle. Spectral Sir Alexander Douglas has hated the Clan MacDougall since he was a medieval knight and they tricked him into a curse-the curse of forever haunting the bed (the very one that Mara now owns) that was once intended for his would-be bride. But Mara makes him feel what no other MacDougall has-a passion that he never knew he'd missed. MY HIGHLAND LORD by Tarah Scott London Heiress kidnapped by the Marquess of Ashlund, read the headlines. Yet no one tried to save her. British spy Phoebe Wallington searches for answers to exonerate her father of treason. Her quest veers off course when she's kidnapped by suspected traitor Kiernan MacGregor, the Marquess of Ashlund. But someone wants him dead…and Phoebe stands in the killer's way. The only way to save her reputation and protect Kiernan is to marry him. MY LADY THE SPY by Barbara Devlin Can the mind forget what the eyes have seen? L’araignee, The Spider, is England’s most notorious spy--and Lady Rebecca Wentworth’s alter ego. After her partner in espionage is killed in the line of duty, Rebecca returns to London, only to discover a traitor has compromised the war effort from the highest levels of the vaunted Counterintelligence Corps. To lure the villain into the open, Rebecca embarks on a new mission, acting as prey for a dangerous enemy. But it is the handsome former Navy captain tasked with her safety that presents the greatest threat, when she falls in love. THE WICKED LADY by Brenda Jernigan The Thief When Trevor Claremont was blind-sided by a pickpocket on the docks beside his clipper ship, he tracked down the culprit--only to face a feisty, emerald-eyed beauty who stirred his hungriest desires. Seeing a solution to his pressing problem of finding a bride to please his dying grandmother, he offered her a deal: marriage to him...or prison, never imaging that this little cut-purse would also steal his heart. The Sea Captain Kristen Johnstone realized she’d been outfoxed by this handsome Englishman and reluctantly agreed to a marriage in name only. Soon, she traded rags for resplendent gowns, black alleys for drawing rooms, and fury for fiery passion in the arms of her new husband. But when the scandalous secrets of her past came to light, she would risk everything, including her heart to save a love more precious than gold.

A Warrior's Heart

Amanda McIntyre - 2016
    Now, faced with the unknown they must rely on each other to survive. A new teacher, Sarah Reynold’s sets out to meet her father in the untamed territory of 1837 Georgia, where she is to become a teacher for children of the white settlers. While her father claims all is peaceful between the settlers and the Cherokee, there is much left unsaid. When she is saved from certain death by White Eagle, a bold Cherokee warrior opposed to his tribesmen renegade attack, he, too, is injured. As he fights to survive, they are thrust into the turmoil of the forced emigration of his people. Thrown together by circumstances not of their own making, Sarah and White Eagle overcome betrayal and tragedy to find a love strong enough to bring nations together.

The Last Offer

Chasity Bowlin - 2016
    But having moved from paragon to pariah, Olivia realizes that there is no reason for her to continue abiding by society’s mandates. In fact, she decides to embrace her scandalous nature and do the very thing she’s been accused of… take a lover. The man she’s chosen is one she’s secretly loved for years, but she’ll need to employ the aid of an unlikely ally to carry it off. Lord Burke, Viscount Holland, has loved Olivia for years. He even offered for her once, only to be summarily dismissed by her older brother, his oldest friend. With his pride still stinging, Burke is confronted with the horrible truth that Olivia had never rejected him at all. Her brother never told her of Burke’s interest in her. But if he tells her now, she’ll take it for pity and reject him out of hand. The only way to make her his wife is to first accept her offer to be his mistress. But not everyone wishes to see the couple achieve a happy ending. Some will do whatever it takes to keep them apart. Can true love prevail or will pride and greed conspire to keep them apart forever? ***This is a novella (not a novel) of approximately 30,000 words, which is half the length of a typical novel. It is however a complete story with no cliffhangers. It's a perfect read for when you don't have a lot of time to invest.***

Highland Deception

Lori Ann Bailey - 2016
    Maggie and Lachlan must fight their growing attraction, battling suspicion and intrigue as religious and political turmoil threaten to tear their clans apart.He has sworn he will never marry.Lachlan Cameron is honor bound to see a wounded lass to safety, although he has well learned women are deceivers, and this lovely maid harbors a wealth of secrets. But Maggie's free spirit and charms enthrall him while he works to discover if she is innocent…or a spy scheming with his enemies to destroy his clan.She has sworn she will never fall in love.Maggie Murray fled her home to avoid a political marriage to an abusive man. Salvation comes when the Cameron laird, unaware of her identity, protects her as she escapes. His kindness slowly warms her, and she’s tempted to confess her real name. But his strong sense of honor would force him to return her to her father…and torment at the hands of her scorned betrothed.


Sherri Beth Johnson - 2016
    Adeline came rushing out of the house and called frantically for me to come inside. I quickly left my laundry, rushed inside and followed her to the large bedroom downstairs where Mr. Kenrick lay. My footsteps slowed as I realized he must have passed. But upon entering the room, I saw a handsome young man sitting on the side of the bed, holding the older man’s hand in his and weeping. My heart ached at the sight, but as I heard Mr. Kenrick speak in a soft and fading voice, I realized his time had not yet come. Jorik Kenrick nodded for his wife to go ahead and speak as he took her hand in his, willing her the last of his strength. “Jorik and I have prayed for a year now, and we feel this is the best way and God’s will. Keane, you are our grandson and rightful heir to Kenrick Farms, but it is only by marrying Georgiana that you will inherit it. You might be our blood heir, but this young woman and her father’s blood, sweat, and tears are in this land and house. They have taken care of us when none of our family dared come help us. You two will marry and both own equal parts of the land and house,” Ms. Adeline said firmly. I gasped in utter shock. My knees nearly gave out beneath me as Father clasped my hand in his to keep me from speaking just yet. I looked over to see Keane’s face red in anger. This must be a devastating blow to him, I thought silently. My father looked down at me with a thoughtful look, but I shook my head no, I didn’t want to marry this man.

The Discerning Gentleman's Guide

Virginia Heath - 2016
    He's narrowed his search to five worthy "Potentials"…until the arrival of his aunt's companion unravels his carefully laid plans. Having fought for everything she has, Amelia Mansfield is incensed by Bennett's wife-selection methods. But as she's forced to spend time in his company, she begins to see another side to Bennett—and that man is infinitely more tantalizing and enticing…

Robbed (Bonanza Brides Find Prairie Love #2)

Kat Carson - 2016
    At a young age, she had seen her pa's impassive, pale and lifeless body that left a gaping hole in her heart. For days, she mourned and lingered back at it. Until she thought about who she was and what she wanted to be, she decided not to be defined by the norms of her society. She was going to define herself. And so, her journey started. Who influenced and inspired her to go acting bandit and fearlessly rob the carriage alone? Will she succeed in her plans and not get caught? What happened that ends her up into marrying someone she didn't know? Join Annabel's exciting and thrilling adventures, as she plans and executes her crazy ideas into action! You will get to know Uncle Jack, her Ma's younger brother who had always been a constant fixture in her life. Linda, a petite woman with a smiling face who's one of the few people in town who actually liked her and whom her Uncle married. And Wade Wilson, the man with a very blond, beautiful head, she met on the coach, who happened to be the heir of the railroad baron, Hayden Wilson. ....“a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”.... While this book is part of a romance series, it can definitely be read as a standalone book.Kat Carson: #1 Best Seller in Historical #1 Best Seller in Religious #1 Best Seller in Religion & Spirituality ALWAYS FREE on Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime Kat Carson’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American mail order bride historical Western book romance series are enjoyment for all ages from Teen & Young Adult to a more mature audience.

Mail Order Brides and Mothers-in-Law Boxed Set

Emily Woods - 2016
    When they arrive, they soon encounter an obstacle they never expected – their future mother-in-law. Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes, not so much. In the end, their future mothers-in-law will play a big roll, for better or worse, in finding true love. Buy the Brides and Mothers-in-Law Boxed Set and get lost in three inspirational western romances today! Included Stories: Emily and the Overbearing Mother-in-Law - Emily heads West looking for love and adventure as a mail order bride. When she arrives, everything seems perfect until she meets her new mother-in-law who is intent on ruining the new relationship. When an apparent tragedy forces Emily and her new mother-in-law together, things begin to change. Can Emily and Minnie overcome their differences to save the man they both love? Sylvia and the Sympathetic Mother-in-Law - Sylvia heads West looking for love and a new life. When she arrives with a secret handicap, Ambrose is put off and the new relationship seems destined to fail. With help form her would-be mother-in-law, Sylvia strives to overcome her handicap and win Ambrose’s heart. Can they overcome their rocky start and find love? Edith and the Vengeful Mother-in-Law - Edith has lived a life of luxury but dreams of a life of adventure. When she finds the man of her dreams as a mail order bride, it looks like she is going to get everything she always dreamed of. But when she faces the wrath of her would-be mother-in-law, she just might lose everything. Can she turn a protective mother into a loving mother-in-law and find true love? Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Laced By Love

Linda Carroll-Bradd - 2016
    The day after the troupe arrives in tiny Morgan’s Crossing, the manager takes all the money and leaves town. By opening a dressmaker shop, Cinnia hopes to make the home she’s always wanted, but Nola, the older sister who has made the decisions for the orphaned sisters, disagrees. Leather worker Nicolai Andrusha is living in hiding as Nic Andrews until the patent on his family’s tanning process is approved. Although he’s under a mandate to keep a low profile, he’s intrigued by the red-haired performer. Controversy arises when miners claim they paid the manager for private appointments with the female performers. Will Nicolai defy his family obligation to help the stranded beauty who has caught his eye?

The Ravished Rose

Suzanne Quill - 2016
    Instead, she is brutally attacked, forcing her to flee London and abandon her hopes for the future. Allan Ridgefield, Earl of Ridgecrest, no longer has a need for love, having had his heart crushed two days before his wedding when his childhood sweetheart fell from her horse and died. Ten years later, he desperately seeks a marriage of convenience in order to meet the terms of his father’s will and retain his estates and title.

A Miracle For Christmas

Terri Grace - 2016
    Tom’s son, Brian, was one of the children taken; he was only one-year-old. He has mourned for two years and is ready to move on so he advertises for a Mail Order Bride through a Bridal Agency. Beata Watson is escaping the kind of dreary life her parents live as soap factory workers and registers with a Bridal Agency as a Mail Order Bride. She begins correspondence with Tom Landon and after four months, she travels to Crow’s Point, North Dakota. On route, the train is attacked by Indians. They are repelled, but in the aftermath a parcel is thrust into Beata’s hands, one that she carries nervously to her waiting husband-to-be. This unexpected gift turns out to be the miracle they have both been longing and praying for. Another winning tale from #1 Bestselling Western Romance author Terri Grace.>> Download This Book Today <<

Julia and the Devil

Sahara Kelly - 2016
    His reputation is sinking faster than his finances and if he wants to stay out of the Fleet, there’s only one option – marriage. None of the Ton will have him – he must look elsewhere. Wealthy widow Mistress Julia Willoughby isn’t entranced by the idea of being a dissolute rake’s financial salvation, however she has her own reasons for needing a husband. Passion isn’t one of them…but life, learns Julia, is full of surprises…

Mistletoe and the Marquess

Wendy Vella - 2016
    Determined to have one last night of freedom before marrying a man she detests; Jemma attends a Christmas Masquerade Ball. When a handsome highwayman awakens something inside her, with stolen kisses and whispered promises, she flees, vowing to forget about the man who touched her soul. From the moment the Marquess of Harrington sees the Grecian Goddess enter the ball, he wants her. Harry is not usually one for irrational impulses - indeed his life does not allow for that - but this woman makes him lose all reason. Her touch ignites a fire inside him, and her kisses sear his soul. When she runs from him he is determined to find her and finally unmask the woman who has captured his heart.

Highland Rogues

Tarah Scott - 2016
    Both need him… neither wants him. Groomed for a life amongst the English aristocracy, Lord Erroll Rushton is unexpectedly thrust back into his father’s Scottish world when the Englishwoman he compromises refuses to marry him. No gentleman breaks into a lady’s bedchamber...but then, no lady sleeps with a pistol under her pillow. Miss Eve Crenshaw will marry for love or won’t marry at all. When London’s most notorious rakehell breaks into Eve’s bedroom in the dead of night and compromises her beyond repair, she plans a daring elopement that shocks even the earl. Blurb, reviews snippets – Claimed Talbot expects to find a hostile woman in the Scottish heiress Edward commands him to marry. Instead, he discovers a Highland beauty worthy of a man’s respect...and love. Talbot will do anything to win her acceptance—except the one thing she demands: betray his king and embrace his Scottish heritage. My Highland Lord London Heiress kidnapped by the Marquess of Ashlund, read the headlines. Yet no one tried to save her. Phoebe Wallington was seven years old when a mass assassination attempt rocked Regency England. Her father was the only accused traitor to elude capture. Now as a grown woman and a British spy, she is no closer to learning what really happened that day. Phoebe's quest for the truth takes a sudden turn when she's kidnapped by suspected traitor Kiernan MacGregor, the Marquess of Ashlund. However, Kiernan may not live long enough to stand trial. Someone wants him dead…and Phoebe stands in the killer's way. The only way to save her reputation and protect Kiernan is to marry him. Lord Grayson's Bride Nicholas Spencer, Earl of Grayson, won’t make the same mistake twice and let Josephine Knightly go. She loves him. He felt it in their one kiss before he left, and in the single kiss she allowed since his return. But she’s doing everything in her power to sabotage the marriage even before it’s begun. Nicholas doesn’t care. If Hell is where he must live to have her, then she must stand by his side in the fire. Lord Ruthven's Bride Love is always sweetest the first time around… A harmless attraction leads to a friendship that forces Lady Annabelle to choose between the two men who love her. One saved her from a killer. The other is her future husband. James Waterson, newly titled Viscount Ruthven, is hunting a killer. When Lady Annabelle steps into the killer’s sights, James will do everything in his power to protect her. Even if that means letting her go.

Hearts Ablaze: Western Historical Collection

Kathleen Ball - 2016
    Eight sizzling tales of the Old West to set your heart ablaze... From the wild Pacific forests to the lonesome plains, on wagon trains and at frontier outposts, fall in love with lumberjacks and soldiers, trailblazers and trick riders, courageous warriors and rugged cowboys… In Whispered Love, bestselling author Kathleen Ball takes you to the wild Pacific Northwest, a land bristling with handsome, well-muscled lumberjacks. Foreman Samuel Pearse has only one rule; no women allowed. Until he finds one asleep in his bathtub—Pat Clarke, the company cook. With her secret revealed and her virtue at stake, Pat turns to the only man who can help her…the one man who sets fire to her heart. In Kate's Outlaw, award-winning author E.E. Burke spins a suspenseful yarn about a half-breed desperado who abducts—and then rescues—a railroad heiress. On the run from danger, with enemies on both sides, Jake and Kate seek solace in each other’s arms…and ignite a love as powerful as it is forbidden. The Officer and the Bostoner, from USA Today bestselling author Rose Gordon, follows the adventures of a well-to-do lady traveling cross-country to meet her intended. Instead, she finds herself stranded at a military fort and forced into an unwanted marriage. Can a hot-blooded officer spark love in his wife’s cold heart? Fools Rush from USA Today bestselling author Ciara Knight. A young woman, desperate for independence from all men, embarks on a crazy cross-country wagon train adventure disguised as a man. Instead of finding her independence, a bounty hunter captures her under the guise of horse thieving, a crime punishable by hanging. Will a man she’s lied to for months save her, or will he surrender her to a monster with a badge? Ridin' For a Fall by Kirsten Lynn immerses you in a fiery tale of forever love. When circumstances force best friends and Wild West Show performers, Lena Boden and Kyle Allaway to marry and return to Wyoming, they must stand together against internal doubts and external forces seeking their destruction—or risk a fall that will knock them out of the saddle for good. A Warrior's Heart, by bestselling author Amanda McIntyre, brings to life the passionate story of a bold Cherokee warrior and the brave white woman he rescues from certain death. Thrown together by circumstances not of their own making, they overcome betrayal and tragedy to find a love strong enough to bring nations together. The Rancher, by bestselling author Hildie McQueen, transports readers to 1870s Montana Territory and into a sensual encounter between an injured rancher and a woman running for her life.