Rifts Conversion Book 2: Pantheons of the Megaverse

C.J. Carella - 1994
    You may think you know all about Zeus, Odin, and Gilgamesh and the other gods of myth and legend, but you'd be wrong! Mythological gods done Rifts style! Dimension spanning beings of inhuman nature and power, impostors, cyborgs, bio-wizards, the Atlas robot, the Gilgamesh clones, The Olympian Club, alien intelligences, interdimensional mercenaries, vampires, devouring monsters, gods of light, gods of darkness, demigods and supernatural fiends - all with a distinctly Rifts flavor.


Kevin Siembieda - 1993
    A decadent, violent and deadly world ruled by demonic creatures and evil clergy who control powerful kingdoms of monsters and enslave humans. Inhuman destroyers who command the crawling towers and life force cauldrons to do their bidding. One of countless alien worlds linked to Rifts Earth by the many dimensional gateways of the ley lines.

Lilac Bride

Shanna Hatfield - 2021
    . .Katherine Kelly has been dreaming of her wedding since she was old enough to cut pictures out of magazines and glue them into her bridal binder. When Kaden, the handsome cowboy who holds her heart, proposes on a snowy Christmas Eve, she couldn’t envision anything more perfect or romantic. The spring date is set, all the nuptial details have been meticulously arranged, and she only has six weeks to go before the big day. Then, in a blink, her carefully formed plans begin to rapidly unravel. A freak snowstorm, rampaging rodents, and a lost wedding gown are only the beginning of the troubles they face.Cowboy entrepreneur Kaden Ford still can’t quite believe Katherine Kelly agreed to marry him. She’s beautiful, elegant, intelligent, and the woman who fills his heart with joy. He doesn’t care if they get married in a cathedral or a cabin in the woods. All he wants is to spend his life loving Kat. But when faced with one overwhelming challenge after another, will love be enough to hold them together?Find out in this sweet, charming, small-town romance full of laughter, love, and scheming octogenarian matchmakers.

The Wellington and Napoleon Quartet: Young Bloods, The Generals, Fire and Sword, Fields of Death

Simon Scarrow - 2015
     Arthur, Duke of Wellington, and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte were adversaries on an epic scale. Across Europe and beyond, the armies of Great Britain and France clashed, from the Iberian Peninsula to India, from Austerlitz to the final confrontation at Waterloo. What drove the two clever, ambitious, determined men who masterminded these military campaigns? How did the underdog from Corsica develop the strategic military skills and the political cunning that gave him power over swathes of Europe? And how did Wellington, born to be a leader, hone his talents and drive an army to victory after victory?From an outstanding historian and novelist come four epic novels, now available in one volume for the first time, which tell the full story of both these men, from their very early days till the momentous battle at Waterloo which decided the future of Europe.INCLUDES MAPS

Rifts Ultimate Edition

David MartinFreddie E. Williams II - 2005
    There will be more world information, tips on how to use the time-line and World Books, rewrites on O.C.C.s, and in some cases, expansions of and more details on O.C.C.s such as the Headhunter, Mercenaries, the Techno-Wizard and Shifter, as well as a few new O.C.C.s. Our goal is to make Rifts® more exciting and compelling than ever, while at the same time making the rules better organized, clearer and easier to use. The wonder and infinite possibilities of Rifts® all brought to pulse-pounding life like never before. Of course, there will be a few fun changes and additions, but nothing so dramatic as to make the 40+ available sourcebooks obsolete. Approximately 30 unique Occupational and Racial Character Classes, including Cyber-Knights, cyborgs, Glitter Boys, Psi-Stalkers, Dog Boys (mutant humanoid dogs), Juicers, Crazies, Techno-Wizards, Ley Line Walkers, Mystics, Shifters, Elemental Fusionists, Mind Melters, and many others. Supernatural and magical creatures, like dragons, available as player characters, others are horrifying menaces from the Rifts. Bionics and cybernetics offer a vast range of mechanical augmentation, meanwhile chemical enhancement (Juicers) and brain implants (Crazies) can turn a human into a superman, though with tragic results. Psychic powers are the source of the Burster, Mind Melter and Mystics abilities. Strange forms of magic are at the command of characters like the Ley Line Walker, Shifter, Elemental Fusionist, Rifter and Techno-Wizard (who combine magic and technology). Super-technology with Mega-DamageTM body armor, energy weapons, rail guns, power armor, and human augmentation. The Coalition States. Humankind's salvation, or its own worst nightmare? Character sheets. Color end sheets by John Zeleznik. New artwork and color pages throughout. Written and created by Kevin Siembieda.

Heroes Unlimited

Alex Marciniszyn - 1994
    Trade Paperback. Book Condition: Good. The cover does show some normal wear. Fraying on lamenation along edges of front and back cover.

DC Adventures Hero's Handbook: Super-Hero Roleplaying in the DC Universe

Steve Kenson - 2010
    This handbook provides everything you need for hours of adventure in the DC Universe, including all the rules of the game, an overview of the original comic-book setting, and details on major heroes and villains, complete with game information.

Legend of the Five Rings RPG

Shawn Carman - 2010
    Bushido’s staunch and unyielding code of conduct binds samurai to duty, strengthening their character and defining their choices. While some samurai serve the greater good, others use the strictures of Bushido to manipulate the lower ranks and advance their own power.Eight Great Clans form the heart of Rokugan’s culture. Each is defined by its own principles, values, and agendas. Each sees the Code of Bushido in its own way. Each seeks to serve the Emperor with its own unique talents. Take up the soul of your ancestors — the samurai’s daisho — and fight for the glory and honor of your family and Clan. Now is the time for heroes, in a world where Honor is a force more powerful than Steel.The Fourth Edition of L5R is the ultimate edition of the award-winning role-playing game. Inside this tome, you will find:• A game unlike any you’ve played elsewhere. Honor and service are valued more than magic swords taken from wandering ogres. Prepare for the glorious life of the samurai!• A unique Character Sheet. Legend of the Five Rings rules have never been more easy to learn and to play. No more need to flip through pages of rules while fighting your enemies!• A toolbox approach to role-playing in Rokugan. Fourth Edition encourages gamemasters of Legend of the Five Rings to customize their game, adding or removing from their campaigns as they see fit, customizing the game to fit their story lines and players.• A broad history of the Emerald Empire and the beliefs of all the Great Clans, with play options not only the major clans but also for outlying groups such as Imperials, Minor Clans, and the infamous Spider Clan.Draw your blade and join the fight for Rokugan.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bonus Bestiary

Jason Bulmahn - 2009
    These creatures won't be making an appearance in the Pathfinder RPG for at least a year and will thus only be available in this book for a long while. Showcasing the new rules and flexibility of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this collection of creatures draws from more than 30 years of gaming history and includes:- Deadly beasts and familiar allies, such as allips, caryatid columns, faerie dragons, huecuvas, shadow mastiffs, and more!- New rules for monstrous companions, arcane creations, sinister traps, variant creatures, and other options for use with both 3.5 and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.- Explanations of never-before-seen rules being included in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.- A preview listing of nearly every monster to be included in the upcoming Pathfinder Bestiary.- Reimaginings of some of the most iconic creatures in gaming, vibrantly illustrated by some of the best artists in fantasy.- Add a taste of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to your campaign today with this official manual of Pathfinder monstrosities!This 16-page supplement was initially made available for Free RPG Day on June 20, 2009.Cover art by Tyler Walpole

Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy

Justin Achilli - 2000
    Is it the power of summoned demons? An application of the Blood's mystic properties? The will of spirits? Or is it something else altogether? Only those who master its dark secrets can know.Hidden Lore RevealedBlood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy provides the answers to long-asked questions about this most powerful of Kindred Disciplines and explores a gamut of new possibilities. Included in the book are new paths and rituals as well as details on the lesser known but similar arcane practices. What is it about Thaumaturgy that has allowed the Tremere to ascend to prominence in the modern nights? This book examines the answer.Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy includes: A complete look at Thaumaturgy, from its dark origins to its modern practice; A wealth of new paths and rituals; Other path and ritual systems like Necromancy and Koldunic Sorcery

Out of the Pit (Fighting Fantasy)

Marc Gascoigne - 1985
    Two hundred and fifty of these loathsome creatures from the wild and dangerous worlds of Fighting Fantasy are collected here - some are old adversaries, many you have yet to meet - each of them described in minute detail. An indispensable guide for Fighting Fantasy adventurers!Full monster statistics250 illustrations8 full pages in colourMapsTables and charts

Sunshine Season

Nora Roberts - 2021
    But after her father suddenly passed away, leaving none of his fortune behind, Eden forced herself to grow up and become practical. Step one was accepting a job at Camp Liberty, a summer camp for girls. Even a year after her world fell apart, Eden is still grappling with her new responsibilities—especially keeping the campers out of their neighbor’s apple orchard. Chase Elliot is overbearing, and very strict about trespassers. Eden is more than happy to stay out of his way, but soon she finds Chase bumping into her every chance he gets. Eden’s past relationship proved to be a sham, so she constantly brushes Chase off, but sometimes temptation is too hard to resist!The Best MistakeEx-model Zoe Fleming is now a hardworking single mom—and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She does need a tenant to help with the household expenses, and when she enlists for one, comfirmed bachelor J. Cooper McKinnon signs the lease. Handsome as he is, Zoe is too busy for romance, and even if she wasn’t, Coop is not the type of man she had in mind: a sports reporter who admits he doesn’t understand kids. Coop wasn’t planning on settling down anyway, and he certainly didn’t sign up to be a father, but the more time he spends getting to know Zoe and her son, Keenan, the more he can picture their future as a family. If only he can convince Zoe he’s finally ready to commit…

The Looters

Harold Robbins - 2007
    Money and ego have turned the quest for art into a deadly business in which the superrich battle to possess the rarest and most beautiful objets d'art on Earth.  Sammu-ramat: Queen of Babylon. The first warrior queen in history, called by some the Whore of Babylon. Her golden death mask left a legacy of lust and violence to those who fought to possess it.  Madison Dupre: curator for the billion-dollar Piedmont collection. She fights for her career, her freedom--and her life--after she acquires the fifty-five-million-dollar golden mask of the long dead Babylonian queen.  Coby Lewis: an ex-Navy SEAL, who uses his frogman training to dive for sunken treasure. Madison knows she can't trust him… but she also can't resist him.  Abdul ibn Hussein: His father died protecting the golden mask from thieves. Abdul said that the mask was stolen when the Baghdad museum was looted as American troops entered the city. He also claims that Navy SEALs worked with Iraqis to loot the museum.  New York, London, Zurich, and Malaga are the venues as the heat is turned on Madison--and she goes on the run to clear her name and save her life.

Jesse's Starship

Saxon Andrew - 2013
    Jesse Rollins’ family disappeared in the desert during a family camping trip. Jesse was ten years old when the event took place and they were never seen again. Jesse turned sixteen and ran away from the orphanage the state put him in after the disappearance and returned to the place they disappeared. He decided that if it happened once; it could happen again. He had no idea he would cause the world to be thrown into a world war with the Military Leaders in the United States, China, and Russia planning to overthrow the governments of the planet's three most powerful nations. He also had no idea he was right. Excerpt from; Jesse’s Starship Suddenly a bright spotlight lit up the night and the two aliens were frozen for an instant. They heard a voice said over a loud speaker, “You will stay where you are and raise your arms above your head.” The Apache swooped down the rise toward the two Neman with its machine guns targeted on them. One of them raised his arm and pointed it at the fast approaching helicopter. The Apache exploded and pieces rained down into the depression. The other Neman fired a beam at Gresam’s dead body as the first pressed his wrist unit extending the force field around their ship to cover them. They sprinted toward the open port as two Raptors came roaring in. The pilots were circling and saw the Apache’s destruction; the lead pilot contacted his commander, “The Apache has been hit and destroyed. We’re arming missiles and going in.” Two of the four Raptors roared in and locked their sights on the place in the depression where the two beings had disappeared. They toggled two hellfire missiles and fired them as they topped the rise. One of the Neman yelled, “Remove the hostiles!” Two bright white beams shot out of the ship’s hull and hit the two Raptors exploding them in midair as they passed overhead. The second pair of Raptors roared in a moment behind the first two and launched their missiles just before they were hit by white beams and destroyed. The wreckage of the four Raptors was scattered for a mile as the debris rained down on the desert at high speed. The wreckage that hit the force field surrounding the spaceship was vaporized. This review is from: Dahlia's Deception (The Annihilation Series) (Kindle Edition) I have all of Saxons books at least I hope so; adventure of the highest level await all who venture into his books. I have everyone in my family hooked on the series from The young teens to the old timer that's me at 73 thanks For the ride keep it up PLEASE. Visit us at on face book at www.facebook.com/SaxonAndrewsUniverse or our website at www.annihilationseries.com. You may contact us directly at saxonandrew@msn.com

The Book of Maladies Boxset (Books 1-3): An epic fantasy boxed set

D.K. Holmberg - 2020