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The Rise of the Iliri: Books 1-3

Auryn Hadley - 2016
    In an exotic and dangerous post-apocalyptic world, a nation of terrorists under the thumb of an evil Emperor sets out to systematically destroy every race but their own. And they’re just about to succeed. Author Auryn Hadley deftly blends heart-stopping epic adventure with the age-old struggle between good and evil, hatred and love—all through the lens of an intriguing female lead, the likes of which the fantasy genre hasn’t yet seen. BLOODLUST, Book 1Private Salryc Luxx is iliri, a species bred by humans long ago for protection...and entertainment. Enslaved until being conscripted into the army for biting a military officer, Sal's only goal is to fight her way into the Black Blades, an elite army unit. The Blades instantly recognize her as the perfection of exactly what she was designed to be: an unequaled killing machine, yet irresistible to every man. Each of the Black Blades will die to protect her. Some of them will submit to the bloodlust that overtakes her in battle and can be quenched only by roughly passionate mating. Eventually, all of them will submit to her command. After months of training, she becomes the most lethal member of the unit. It will take much longer for them to teach her who she is: their destiny. INSTINCTUAL, Book 2Now that Sal has won her place in the Black Blades, she's struggling to find answers about how to fit in with her new family. That's a challenging assignment; it's an all-male family of seven of the fiercest warriors in existence, all of them iliri with superpowers kept secret from humans. Sal's Black Blade commander and lover, Blaec, does his best to guide her, with the full understanding that she will eclipse him and that he must prepare her to do so. His best advice: "Listen to your instincts more and everything will work out. Our entire culture can be summed up pretty easily. We do what is natural."For the matriarchal iliri, what is natural is that Sal is the undisputed leader of her pack. She makes everyone better; she especially makes everyone fight better. DEFIANCE, Book 3A kind deed on the part of Sal and her partner Cyno, helping what they take to be a wounded animal, leads to the discovery of their true nature, to strengthening and re-energizing their pack, and to a surprising alliancethat offers hope for the future. The wounded animal, they learn, is a grauor wolf, a species of ferocious warriors with language and traits nearly identical to iliri. When two of them ask to join her pack, Sal recruits them as Black Blades and the iliri are no longer the only dog in the fight for iliri freedom.As the defiance of an entire species rises up in her, she really has no choice—she’ll just have to change the world.

Night of the Demented Symbiots: The Dragonlings' Haunted Halloween 2

S.E. Smith - 2016
    As the night of the festival draws closer, the Dragonlings, Roam, and Alice discover a threat to the newest members of their families; the Queen of the Demented Symbiots plans to send her minions to capture the new babies and take them to the land of Halloween where she lives.With their parents busy organizing for the huge festival for the people of Valdier in the underground cavern, the babies are left with no choice but to prepare for the ultimate battle – to save Morah, Leo, and Hope from the Queen of the Demented Symbiots! Join in a holiday adventure that you won’t forget as the little ones use their special skills to protect their friends and family in… The Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween 2: Night of the Demented Symbiots!

Star Force: Origin Series Box Set (97-100)

Aer-ki Jyr - 2016
     Follow a core group of characters known as the Trailblazers as they use alien technology and knowledge discovered in Antarctic ruins to obtain limited immortality and lead Humanity out into the galaxy, encountering, befriending, and fighting hundreds of alien races all the while desperately trying to prepare Earth for the unbeatable threat at the core of the Milky Way that is destined to return and reclaim their lost colony…and their former Human slaves. Episodes in this set: SF97-Rajamal SF98-Shiva SF99-Kaalo SF100-Intransigent

The Distance

Jeremy Robinson - 2016
    August Morrison faces it after rising from the depths of a dark matter research facility in Arizona. His co-workers. His daughter. All of them: dust. Friends and colleagues around the world don't answer their phones. The city of Phoenix burns. He is alone. As a world without mankind starts to crumble, August fights not just for survival, but for his very sanity.On the other side of the country, Poe McDowell watches her parents crumble into dust just moments after being shoved inside a coffin-like device that spares her from the same fate. She emerges to find not just her mother and father, but also her neighbors--her entire town's human population--reduced to grit. Unlike August, she's not entirely alone, but the life growing in her belly isn't much company.Then, hope. A drunken and desperate August broadcasts over the ham radio network and connects with his fellow survivor, Poe, alone and pregnant in a snow blanketed New Hampshire. Determined to reach her, August sets out on a cross country trek. But the world is not as empty as it seems. Lights in the sky reveal that they are not alone. The human race's demise was not natural--and the architects are searching for survivors....AT THE END.Jeremy Robinson, whose stories have been compared to Michael Crichton, James Rollins and Stephen King, is the international bestselling master of stories featuring mind-bending imagination, terrifying monsters and high-octane action. With The Distance, he is joined by his wife, Hilaree Robinson, whose passionate writing and characters make this novel a truly unique and exciting experience that will leave readers both enthralled and moved.

Welcome to the Occupied States of America

Peter Cawdron - 2016
    Seven years after the invasion, over a hundred million Americans have been displaced by the war, with millions more dead. Ash has spent seven years learning to walk again, and she’ll be damned if she’s going to lie down for anyone, human or otherwise.

Star Force: Origin Series Box Set #89-92

Aer-ki Jyr - 2016
     Follow a core group of characters known as the Trailblazers as they use alien technology and knowledge discovered in Antarctic ruins to obtain limited immortality and lead Humanity out into the galaxy, encountering, befriending, and fighting hundreds of alien races all the while desperately trying to prepare Earth for the unbeatable threat at the core of the Milky Way that is destined to return and reclaim their lost colony…and their former Human slaves. Episodes in this box set: SF89-Resolution SF90-Collaboration SF91-Reclamation SF92-Mantle

Star Force: Origin Box Set #93-96

Aer-ki Jyr - 2016
     Follow a core group of characters known as the Trailblazers as they use alien technology and knowledge discovered in Antarctic ruins to obtain limited immortality and lead Humanity out into the galaxy, encountering, befriending, and fighting hundreds of alien races all the while desperately trying to prepare Earth for the unbeatable threat at the core of the Milky Way that is destined to return and reclaim their lost colony…and their former Human slaves. Episodes in this box set: SF93-Crusade SF94-Paladin SF95-Capitulation SF96-Leonidas

Prelude to Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts

Lyn Gala - 2016
    Ye Ondry wants to earn status, and he is curious about this new human. Liam has just arrived on the planet and he’s trying to figure out these aliens who supposedly have good metals to trade. Neither of them suspects that a chance trade and a few pots knocked off a table could lead their lives and their fates to intertwine. Note:This free story is a prequel to the story of Ondry and Liam that details how they met. As such, it's not a romance.

Pleiadian Prophecy 2020: The New Golden Age

James Carwin - 2016
    James Carwin serves as a medium who delivers messages from his Pleiadian spirit guide, Deltavash. This compilation of channeled writings features astounding information told from an extraterrestrial perspective. Learn about the true history of Earth, extraterrestrials, the nature of good and evil, ascension into the 4th dimension, world predictions and the future of humanity as we approach a transformative window of opportunity leading up to the year 2020 that can forever change our world and affect the entire universe.

Chasing Shadows

Tom DeLonge - 2016
     Written by award-winning creator Tom DeLonge and academic AJ Hartley in a powerful collaboration with top government advisors that keep the truth on course in this historical thriller.For those who know that something is going on…The witnesses are legion, scattered across the world and dotted through history, people who looked up and saw something impossible lighting up the night sky. What those objects were, where they came from, and who—or what—might be inside them is the subject of fierce debate and equally fierce mockery, so that most who glimpsed them came to wish they hadn’t.Most, but not everyone.  Among those who know what they’ve seen, and—like the toll of a bell that can’t be unrung—are forever changed by it, are a pilot, an heiress, a journalist, and a prisoner of war.  From the waning days of the 20th century’s final great war to the fraught fields of Afghanistan to the otherworldly secrets hidden amid Nevada’s dusty neverlands—the truth that is out there will propel each of them into a labyrinth of otherworldly technology and the competing aims of those who might seek to prevent—or harness—these beings of unfathomable power.  Because, as it turns out, we are not the only ones who can invent and build…and destroy.  Featuring actual events and other truths drawn from sources within the military and intelligence community, Tom DeLonge and A.J. Hartley offer a tale at once terrifying, fantastical, and perhaps all too real. Though it is, of course, a work of…  fiction?

Star Force: Lost Destiny

Aer-ki Jyr - 2016
    Their father was murdered, leaving them sitting in their spaceship waiting for his return. They remember almost nothing from before that time, when two Calavari who were business associates of their father took them in and told them they could never be seen outside their full body armor. They've honored their father's dying wish, living and working on the Calavari's farm while exploring the barren wastelands looking for bits of technological salvage from the time before the great cataclysm. They don't know they're Human, just that they're different and they can't show their skin in pubic. The two siblings have lived almost their entire lives in their self-styled body armor and dream of leaving the farm and doing something that mattered...but there's nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Then one day that all changes and Esna is set forth on a rollercoaster ride of a life she could never have expected once the word 'Human' is once again spoken on the planet...only its a word of rage and fear, with the local aliens trying to kill whoever it is applied to, though they've never seen one before. Regardless, the word is tagged to her and she must run...with a little help. -------------- Excerpt from 'Lost Destiny': “Donovan!” he called out, running towards him with plodding footsteps as his nose picked up the scent of burnt flesh even before he saw the hole in the chest plate of the full body armor the man wore. Whatever race he was his blood flowed a sickly red, a fact that he’d prefer to not have known as he leaned over and gripped the man’s shoulders, prying him up into a sitting position. “What happened?” A shaking hand rose up to the neck of his armor, fumbling for the latch that Yammar finally helped him with. The helmet cracked opened with a hiss and the Calavari helped him pull it off, revealing the pale skin beneath that had alarmingly become even more so, now nearly white. “Gladers,” he said, wincing horribly as he half bent over. “Jumped me from behind. I got two of them, but the third…” “Where’s the latch for the chest piece?” Yammar asked, pulling back the cloak that covered most of the hard plates as he looked, but the man took a death grip on his lower arm and locked eyes with him. “My children. In the ship. You have to…please. I’m all they’ve got. They’re dead without you.” “Where’s the latch?” he repeated, searching around with his other three hands and finally finding something that looked promising. He pressed and turned the small button, being rewarded with another hiss as a crack formed along the side beneath the man’s left arm, but suddenly that arm went straight to Yammar’s giant head and gripped it tightly, forcing him to look into the dying man’s eyes. “Promise me. Promise me…” he said, wincing again. “I don’t know anything about your race,” Yammar said, feeling helpless. “Good…” the man spat in a cough but no blood came out of his mouth, though it was continuing to pour out of his chest and seep down over his waistband plates in spurts every time he jerked in pain. “Good. Don’t ask questions…just…make sure they wear armor…in public. Promise me.” “I promise.

The Commander

C.J. Williams - 2016
    He wanted to live quietly and let old scars heal. But then a spaceship landed. The lone occupant, a guy named Sam, gave Luke the keys and said it was up to him to stop a massive alien invasion that was on the way. Luke wanted to believe it was a hoax. The problem was, Sam had the proof.

Darkside Blues

Anna Carven - 2016
    Once you feel its allure, you won’t be able to resist. Zyara al Sirian has devoted most of her adult life to the art of healing. As the First Division’s medic, she’s seen more than her fair share of war wounds and trauma. And ever since the Kordolians arrived on Earth, she’s had her hands full tending to a motley group of survivors. She hasn’t had a break in longer than she can remember. A break? What’s that again? After much persuasion, she finally agrees to take some well-deserved time off to explore the city with Sera, Arin, Jia, and their Kordolian mates. You need to relax. It’ll be fun, you’ll see. Darkside comes alive at night. When she crosses paths with a mysterious, charming Human called Kainan, she realizes there’s more to this lawless place than meets the eye. The Federation holds no sway here. Beneath Darkside’s glittering facade, Humans rule hidden empires from the shadows through secrecy and violence. Zyara gets a taste of their world when Human conflict spills out onto the street. She can’t help but intervene. It’s what she was trained to do. Her actions save a life. In return, Kainan says he will give her anything she desires. Oh dear. What’s a Kordolian to do? Warning: This book is a science-fiction alien romance. It contains swearing, violence, sensual sex scenes and silver aliens. It's definitely recommended for readers aged 18 and over. Darkside Blues is a novella set in the Dark Planet Warriors universe. It will make more sense if you've read the other books first, although that's probably not absolutely essential.


M.K. Eidem - 2016
    When a shuttle crashes on one of their planets the search and rescue mission turned into something much more complicated.Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Wharton had agreed to guide a group that had wanted an adventure on her mountain. They got more than they bargained for when they were all abducted by a group of aliens called the Ganglians. Badly beaten and barely alive Mac finds herself in the arms of the largest male she’s ever seen. She should fear him, should be fighting to get away from him, but there was something about the massive male that called to her.A traitor threatens the Empire… Someone wants Nikhil dead…. The Zaludians want Mackenzie back… And then there was the secret she is keeping…. Would it be the one thing that finally brought down the Kaliszian Empire? Or would it be the first step in its rebirth?


Wendy Higgins - 2016
     *** Amber Tate believes the worst thing she'll suffer in life is dealing with the unrequited love she feels for her brother's best friend, Rylen Fite. She also believes war is something unfortunate that happens places far, far away from her rural Nevada town. She's wrong on both counts. When an unknown organization meticulously bombs major cities in the United States and across the globe, a trickle-down effect spreads to remaining towns at an alarming speed-everything from food and water sources to technology and communications are compromised. Without leadership, the nation is split between paralysis and panic, but Amber isn't one to hide or watch helplessly. She's determined to put her nursing skills to use, despite the danger, even if it means working alongside the man she can never have.

Starship Mine

Peter Cawdron - 2016
    He’s also the first person to make contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence seeking to understand our world, and that makes him the most important person on the planet.

Son of Justice

Steven L. Hawk - 2016
    There's no question, he has what it takes to be a professional soldier.There's just one problem. His father is General Grant Justice, the most famous man in the galaxy and leader of a new governmental alliance that unites four alien races. When it comes time to enlist, the younger Justice has to make a choice. Rely on his last name and claim an automatic commission as an officer? Or enter basic training as a lowly private and earn his way to the top?For Eli, the decision is an easy one. He changes his name and enlists as an anonymous recruit.Unfortunately, not all of life's choices have such clear-cut answers. An alien-led rebellion is brewing in the ranks of the army he has just joined, and Eli is forced to choose sides. His actions will determine the fate of his father, the alliance, and the entire human race.


Siobhan Davis - 2016
    Now, she’s the center of his universe, and he’ll do everything in his power to protect her.But Griselda’s evil plans cast a dark shadow over their love, threatening the future he so desperately craves. With separation looming, Ax is preparing to sacrifice everything for the girl he loves. It’s a high-stakes gamble, and he needs to stay ahead of the game if he's to outsmart his conniving mother.Sadie has been his savior.Now it’s his turn to save her.★☆ This book was previously titled The Heir and the Human ★☆

Dark Planet Warriors: Escape

Anna Carven - 2016
    For some reason, he’s keeping everything very low-key, to the extent that we’re trying to sneak in to Kythia. Something’s up, and he’s not telling me anything. Every time I try to get answers, he distracts me with his stupid sexiness. Stupid sexy, silver, stubborn, insistent alien. Why can’t he just keep his damn hands to himself? And why do I suck at resisting his advances? There’s something he’s not telling me. He’s up to something shady, and I don’t like it. I guess I have no choice but to stick with him for now, because half of Kythia is out to get me, and who better to have by your side than the most lethal soldier in the Kordolian military? We’ll just have to work on his communication skills, a little, that’s all. Tarak Kythia is a dangerous place for a Human, but I must go there. The safest place in the universe for Abbey right now is by my side, so she comes with me. She will not enjoy the trip, but I aim to keep it brief. Besides, I cannot keep my hands off her. She mystifies and perplexes me, and yet I find myself addicted to her warmth, her scent, and her sweet taste. She does not know the extent of the danger facing us. The High Council want my head. They may send assassins after us. The barren wastelands of the Vaal, where we must go, are cold and harsh and completely disconnected from civilization. But I must find the tortured Prince, and drag him back to reality. There are plans I wish to put in place to ensure the survival of our race, and he, just like my precious Human, is an integral part of them. We may be returning to Earth sooner than she thinks. Dark Planet Warriors is a 3-book serial. Each book is an episode of Abbey and Tarak's story, just like a TV series. Books in series: Book one: Invasion Book two: Taken Book three: Escape Due to violence, swearing and steamy sex scenes, these books are recommended for readers aged 18 years and over.

Alien Paladin's Woman

Vi Voxley - 2016
     Tieran, the Commander of the Palian paladins, has never been allowed to have anything of his own, other than the blade in his hands and the honor he serves with. But a feisty, curvy, and utterly impossible human woman is about to change all that. He never thought that he'd desire something or someone as much as he needs her and nothing will take her from him. Even if he has to slay the most feared enemy ever known for her. Audrey Price has seen a lot of hard work and cold times as a governor of ice planet mining colonies. She never expected to be in the middle of the greatest hunt in the galaxy, though. One moment, she was protecting her miners from an alien threat, and the next moment, she's tied to said threat, with only one man capable of keeping her and the rest of the universe in one piece. The sexy, infuriating paladin who makes her core pulse as hard as he makes her want to wring his neck. Coming to grips with the fact that she's the key to tracking down one of the most mysterious and horrible races known is no easy feat, but that's nothing compared to dealing with the fact that she might be falling for the paladin. And when all eyes are on them, including a pair that can see through space and leave havoc in its path, Audrey and Tieran are in the fight of their life. Not only for their own safety, but for that of the galaxy as a whole. Alien Paladin's Woman is a full standalone scifi Alien-Human Military Suspense romance novel. It can and should be read as a standalone. Guaranteed HEA and no cheating.

Demons Don't Dream

Hannah Walker - 2016
    Caris Dealyn wants nothing more than to get this assignment done so he can continue searching for his missing Avanti friends. But first, he needs to solve the mystery surrounding the last ambassador’s disappearance, while navigating the Demon court with all its whisperings of plots and betrayals. It's not such a bad job, if he could keep his attention on work and not on the prince who seems to distract him just by being near.Prince Dasalin Kan’erkit is busy running the kingdom in his father's absence, but not so busy he doesn’t notice the new Ambassador. Caris gets under his skin like no one else before, which is quite a feat considering Dasa’s demonically tough scales.The attraction between them is undeniable, and when events throw them together, sparks fly. They can't get enough of each other. But there are forces at work that wish to keep them apart. In a fight for their survival, the two must figure out which demonic faction is behind the plot and protect not only themselves, but the people they have both vowed to serve.

Brion Brides: Books 1-4

Vi Voxley - 2016
     Do you love your men hard, possessive and willing to do anything for their fated? Then these Brion warriors are exactly who you need. This anthology includes two full novels (100 k and 70 k) and two novellas from the bestselling Brion Brides series, in suggested reading order. Each book has a happily ever after ending, no cheating and can and should be read as a standalone! The boxed set includes: Alien General's Bride Thrust into intrigue, war and hunted by enemies hiding behind veils, Diego must prove himself not only to his new bride, but to the galaxy at large. It is no easy feat, but he is, after all, undefeated... Alien General's Chosen Faren will have her, the right way, even if it kills him and everyone around him. Nothing could stop the Monster of Briolina. Alien Warrior's Mate When death lurks behind every stone and in the hands of every enemy they encounter, can Darien and Deliya find their love, or will death claim them first? Alien Warrior's Wife Will Narath and Urenya realize what fate has in store for them at the right time, or will war tear them apart before they can ever really taste happiness?

Sarazen's Claim

Isabel Wroth - 2016
    This book is PART OF A SERIES. Not a HEA and not a Cliffhanger...somewhere in between. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One hundred and fifty years ago the most powerful countries of Earth built and launched five ships. Ships meant to carry what remained of humanity out into the space beyond their known galaxy to find a new home. As a third generation botanist, it never occurred to Clary Starborn that she might some day be in charge of anything other than her little lab. That changed the day their ship was attacked by an alien species straight out of myth. ----------As commander of the Sarazen armada, Tarek had seen some poor excuses for spacefaring vessels. The one currently being attacked by the Na'ah was to date, the worst. So primitive in its design, Commander Tarek was fascinated it had even survived the harsh vacuum of space. Or the time it had taken to launch it. The species was unfamiliar to him, but initial scans suggested the beings within here somewhat intelligent. Though the ship was outside Sarazen territory, it was his duty to eradicate the Na'ah wherever he encountered them. He had not anticipated that by his actions, the course of his life would be forever changed. By a soft, delicate being who studied flowers and trees. One scent, one touch, was all it took to be Claimed.

Alien Morsels

Sadie Carter - 2016
    Will Dex ever want her again? Or is their sex life completely dried up? Mila and KoranTackling her new job of human ambassador to Zerconia, Mila knows she has a lot of hurdles in her path. Nerves threaten to get the better of her, but she knows her big, gruff Alpha mate will always have her back. No matter what sort of threats come their way. Willa and DaracLife on Zerconia is much easier, simpler, yet Willa misses the action of her old life. It doesn’t help that she feels like he’s pulling away and right before their mating ceremony. What is he hiding? Please note: To fully enjoy this book, it is best read as part of the series. This novella leads on to Alien Mine

The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil

David Wilcock - 2016
    With his latest book, The Ascension Mysteries, David will take readers on a surprising and enthralling journey through the history of the universe, exploring the great Cosmic Battle surrounding our own Ascension. David Wilcock’s previous New York Times bestsellers, The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key, used cutting-edge alternative science to reveal oft-hidden truths about our universe. In The Ascension Mysteries, David takes us on a gripping personal journey that describes the secret cosmic battle between positive and negative happening every day, hidden in both the traumas of our own lives and the world’s headlines.   Through his contact with a positive higher intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon, groundbreaking scientific information, and data from high-ranking government whistle-blowers, David reveals that the earth is now on the front lines of a battle that has been raging between positive and negative extraterrestrials for hundreds of thousands of years. The Ascension Mysteries explores the towering personal obstacles David overcame to unlock the great secrets of our universe and looks ahead to what this battle means for each of us personally. By unifying ancient texts from a variety of religions with scientific data and insider testimony, David presents a stunning conclusion—that Earth is on the verge of a massive cosmic event that will transform matter, energy, consciousness, and biological life as we now know it and will utterly defeat the great villains of our time.

More Encounters with Star People: Urban American Indians Tells Their Stories

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke - 2016
    One intriguing difference between the two groups: there were more cases of physical evidence presented to back up the testimony of urban American Indians. As with her first book, this volume not only recounts their encounters, but the recounting itself becomes part of the story. A professor emeritus at Montana State University, the author reveals herself as part UFO investigator, part journalist, part therapist, and part friend. The result is a work of great authenticity.

Uoria Mates II Complete Series

Ruth Anne Scott - 2016
    10 Book Best Selling Alien Romance Series $23.90 ONLY $9.99 Book 1: The Alien's MISSION Book 2: The Alien's PROMISE Book 3: The Alien's SURPRISE Book 4: The Alien's LOVE Book 5: The Alien's GUEST Book 6: The Alien's REVELATION Book 7: The Alien's SUITOR Book 8: The Alien's BOND Book 9: The Alien's TRUTH Book 10: The Alien's LIBERATOR This book contains mature themes and language, only suitable for adults over the age of 18!

Assessing Survival

Viola Grace - 2016
    The Splice take the humans they capture and use them for parts. Sending bots in place of humans didn’t work, but taking the wounded and turning them into cyborgs has enabled Earth to push the Splice away from Earth. The combination of metal and man is turning the tide in a war that no one could have imagined.Adaptation Base is where the wounded are recycled into enhanced warriors, and when a terrorist action takes out the administration, the newest cyborgs will have to take things into their own hands.When Stitch comes to, her position as an assessment officer is still valid, but her new location on the front lines means a lot of adjustment. The men she had designed from the wounds out are now her team, and finding the one who had flirted his way into her heart—after all this time—leaves her vulnerable to his mechanical advantage.

Uncommon Life

T.S. Paul - 2016
    From her command chair on board Freedom Station She rules the space above her planet. But it wasn't always like this. She once wanted a different life, a life more simple. It was all ripped away from her and she had to chose another. Read how Athena Lee's older sister fought battles that captured the hearts and minds of an entire planet.


Laurie Roma - 2016
    Due to the strength of her ability, she has excelled as a liaison officer despite dealing with constant emotional overload. Her situation makes it impossible to have a relationship, and she’s been forced to give up the dream of having a family to call her own. Or so she believed… Attending the grand opening of Alpha Station: X21 near the planet Xenthian was D’Aire Ambassador Orion D’Sil’s last assignment before returning home. Tired from a life of duty, Orion never thought he would find the keeper of his heart on the edge of Alliance controlled space. Morgan owns him, heart, body and soul, but can he convince her to give up everything she ever known to live with him in his world?An Erotic Romance Novella.

Testing Pandora

Kaia Sønderby - 2016
    But when humans have a brief fad of natural birth, disabled children start reappearing. They're quickly termed "Pandoras," the value of their very lives brought into question, and laws are put into place to prevent their births from happening ever again. Xandri Corelel is one of these Pandoras, a young autistic woman scorned by her family and fighting to eke out a living on the streets of Wraith. Then she meets Chui Shan Fung, captain of the first contact and refugee ship Carpathia. Captain Chui has been watching her, and knows about the talent for understanding alien species that Xandri has cultivated. She wants Xandri as part of her crew--but first, Xandri must pass a test to see if she'll even fit in. Wary but hopeful, Xandri joins the Carpathia at Psittaca, a newly-discovered planet peopled by parrot-like sapients. Learning to understand this new species is the easy part compared to trusting her new crew mates. As Xandri continues her diplomatic efforts with the Psittacans, it becomes apparent that the Carpathia's crew aren't the only ones to have discovered the planet, but these other visitors don't have good intentions. In order to protect this beautiful new world, Xandri must find it in herself to overcome years of abuse and neglect, and trust in her new crew.

Slices of Life

Ruby Dixon - 2016
    When Cashol must go hunting to feed the tribe, they're separated for the first time since resonance. Not a problem, except the baby's ready to be born and there's a storm brewing... Book 7.2: Ice Ice BabiesIt's hard being a new mom on a barren, wintry planet. How about a mom... times two? Nora has to find a way to juggle babies, her mate, and friendships while catching the occasional nap. Can she get her groove back? Book 8.5: CalmOne morning, gentle Maylak wakes up and feels a sense of oncoming dread. As the tribe's healer, it is her job to ensure that everyone is safe, happy, and healthy... and they are. So what can be threatening her people? Book 9.5: AftershocksOn the day the world shook, everything changed for the barbarian tribe. This short story goes back to the event and gives additional insight. How do Rukh and Harlow fare through the disaster? How does the chief handle the destruction of everything he's ever known?---To get the most reading pleasure from this sought-after series -- start at the beginning of the series . . .The Ice Planet Barbarians series:Book 01.0 - Ice Planet BarbariansBook 01.5 - Ice Planet Honeymoon (Vektal & Georgie)Book 02.0 - Barbarian AlienBook 02.5 - Ice Planet Honeymoon (Raahosh & Liz)Book 03.0 - Barbarian LoverBook 03.5 - Ice Planet Honeymoon (Aehako & Kira)Book 04.0 - Barbarian MineBook 04.5 - Ice Planet Honeymoon (Rukh & Harlow)Book 05.0 - Ice Planet HolidayBook 06.0 - Barbarian's PrizeBook 07.0 - Barbarian's MateBook 07.1 - Having the Barbarian's BabyBook 07.2 - Ice Ice BabiesBook 08.0 - Barbarian's TouchBook 08.5 - CalmBook 09.0 - Barbarian's TamingBook 09.5 - AftershocksBook 10.0 - Barbarian's HeartBook 11.0 - Barbarian's HopeBook 12.0 - Barbarian's ChoiceBook 13.0 - Barbarian's RedemptionBook 14.0 - Barbarian's LadyBook 15.0 - Barbarian's RescueBook 16.0 - Barbarian's TeaseBook 16.5 - The Barbarian Before ChristmasBook 17.0 - Barbarian's BelovedBook 17.1 - A Gift for DrenolBook 17.5 - Barbarian's ValentineBook 18.0 - Barbarian's SeductionBook 19.0 - Barbarian's TreasureBook 20.0 - Barbarian's Bride--Series Notes:>> Books 1 and 2 were originally released as 6-part serials:"Ice Planet Barbarians" [Parts 1.1 - 1.6]"Barbarian Alien" [Parts 2.1 - 2.6]>> Compilations of shorter stories:"Ice Planet Honeymoon" (Books #1.5, 2.5, 3.5 & 4.5)"Slices of Life" (Books #7,1, 7.2, 8.5 & 9.5) ENJOY!!

We Are Not Prey

Taki Drake - 2016
    This science fiction adventure blends magic and technology with the adventures of Ruth, a normal human, pushed into extraordinary situations. Ruth’s transformation takes her from Earth to worlds and situations of which she never dreamed.


Susan Hayes - 2016
    A recently freed harem slave, she is finally traveling the galaxy and visiting the places she could only dream of while she was the property of a Tarin warlord. On her own for the first time, she is finally free to pursue her art and to discover who she is and what she wants out of life. Helios brothers Rhen and Sabar Torven are merchants with a knack for finding new markets. The twins came to Alliance Station X21 with hopes of expanding their business, but once they meet Laesa, their plans change. Deals come and go, but a female like Laesa comes along once in a lifetime, and they’re not leaving the station without her at their side. Can Rhen and Sabar help Laesa find the closure she needs to move on with her life, or will she let the scars of her past deny her the happiness they know she deserves?A 3013 Novella.


Kali Argent - 2016
    With the discovery of a new planet, a new race, and the relocation of Alpha Station: X21, her dream is finally within reach. The last thing she needs is distractions, but the universe has a sense of humor, and complications arrive in the form of two Krytos males intent on claiming her as their mate.One night with the beautiful and passionate commander won’t be enough for Krytos brothers Axton and Zade Tavish. Choosing X21 as the home for their sanctuary, Asylum, had nothing to do with location, and everything to do with Olivia. The closer they try to get to the female, however, the more determined she seems to pull away, proving it will take more than charm and persistence to win her heart.When their tenuous relationship reaches its tipping point, Olivia is left with an impossible decision—to sacrifice love in the name of duty, or risk everything for a chance at forever. A 3013 Novella.


Siobhan Davis - 2016
    Exclusively available to subscribers.


Sadie Carter - 2016
    She doesn't know the rules, she only has herself to rely on, and the last thing she wants is to repeat the mistakes of the past. When she volunteers for a mission, it brings her in close quarters with sexy, grumpy, bossy Rye Sanchez. The man she cannot stop dreaming about. Rye doesn’t trust Elika. She’s a witch. She has a sharp tongue. And he’s pretty certain she’s hiding something. He shouldn't want her, and yet he can't stop thinking about touching her, tasting her, loving her…. What happens when a snarky witch and a bossy, Alpha male finally give in to their desire for each other…fireworks! Author's note: This book is linked to my Zerconian Warrior series, but you shouldn't have to read the other series to enjoy. There is no cliffhanger.

Alien Prince's Bride

Vi Voxley - 2016
     Violet is a calaya, one of the most beautiful and most sought after prizes of the Atreens. And that is exactly what she has been raised to be - a bauble to be claimed. But Violet doesn't want to just be a mantelpiece for a great warrior who wins her hand in a galactic gladiator tournament - she wants to make her own choices. Or so she discovers when her heart and destiny clash and she can only choose one to follow. With the charming and feared Raider Prince on one hand and a roguish guard on the other, her choices are going to be hard to make. Areon is a man of many secrets and many faces. Driven by revenge, he seeks to win the hand of the only woman who has ever held his heart and broken it, by winning hers in the grand tournament for him to do as he pleases. But old wounds only cover burning emotions and even a man who can't be stopped by anything, not even by blind luck, must admit defeat in front of his own heart. When it becomes painfully evident that he is not the only one seeking to claim his princess, the gloves have got to come off. So which will it be? Will heart or destiny conquer? Is victory more important than love? And who is this mysterious Raider Prince? Find out in this standalone scifi alien romance novel with a guaranteed HEA!

Girl on the Moon

Jack McDonald Burnett - 2016
    And when Earth’s new acquaintances become new neighbors, humanity might not be done with the moon yet — and it might not be done with Earth. Fortunately for humankind, it has Conn Garrow.They said Conn wasn’t qualified for astronaut training. To prove herself, all she’ll have to do is outwit alien races, escape from prison, run a huge business, survive assassination attempts, engineer impossible rescues — and walk on the moon. Never tell Conn there’s something she can't do.

Truth-Proof: The Truth That Leaves No Proof

Paul Sinclair - 2016
    He has been investigating strange phenomena in the area since 2002. The coastal area around Bridlington has a deep history of folklore, strange sightings and mysterious disappearances and Paul is in the middle of it all. Published in 2016, Paul's first book entitled Truth-Proof, is a collection of first-hand accounts and recollections of local UFO activity, missing people, alien big cats, missing aircraft and other anomalous phenomena. Paul is the most thorough investigator, who is not content with hearsay or rumours. He studies and researches his subjects to the minutest detail, looking for documented evidence that backs up everything in Truth-Proof. If the evidence is not available - he looks further and deeper until it is found. For Truth-Proof, Paul has interviewed witnesses to events far stranger than anything reported worldwide. Some are recent, some historical, but they are always fascinating. Paul is well known locally for his work and has made many friends who rely on his credibility and confidentiality. Truth-Proof is his first published work, which show-cases his efforts to collate the strange truths that surround him every day... ...from the 'intelligent' lightforms that are seen by many, both on land and out to sea, to the mysterious disappearances of ordinary men around the cliff-tops of nearby Flamborough and Bempton. His fascination with the mysterious activities surrounding nearby Air Force bases is included in Truth-Proof, together with reports of tragedies out to sea which leave the reader wanting to know more... Truth-Proof also contains reports of strange creatures seen locally, including small humanoid beings stalking farmland, giant cats on the Yorkshire Wolds and even werewolves ! Paul Sinclair not only presents this amazing collection of accounts in a logical, yet down-to-earth way, he provides his own theories in an attempt to understand them... Truth-Proof - containing evidence of The Truth that Leaves No Proof on the North East Yorkshire coast.

Sector 64 Omnibus 1

Dean M. Cole - 2016
    If you like action-packed, page-turning novels, then you'll love the electrifying action in this apocalyptic thriller. Grab the Box Set Today and Save 20% Book One: Ambush Independence Day meets The X-Files when Air Force fighter pilots Jake Giard and Sandra Fitzpatrick join a decades-old global conspiracy to integrate humanity into a galactic government. But when a galactic civil war spills onto our shores, plunging the planet into an otherworldly post-apocalyptic hell, can Jake and Sandy save humanity from extinction? Book Two: Retribution Air Force Fighter Pilots Jake Giard and Sandra Fitzpatrick saved the world … twice!But That Was Yesterday.Following the apocalyptic events of Ambush, Jake must board and somehow control the advanced alien fleet of huge ships before they start falling into the Atlantic.Yesterday, Captain Sandra Fitzpatrick learned she’s pregnant. Then she helped save the world. Now, she must keep her condition a secret (even from Jake, the father to be). The remnants of humanity need Sandy and her cobbled together band of warriors to somehow master the alien technology.If Jake and Sandy prevail, and if Earth’s ravaged militaries can unite, can they adapt now outdated tactics to the limitless battlefield of space?And when dark galactic forces once again amass in our skies, can humanity make a stand? Grab your copy and start reading today.

Brocke: Meeting The Parents

Vi Voxley - 2016
    But meeting the parents of said warlord would make anyone take a step back... Rocked by the events of their chase for the Condor and the subsequent victory, Cora thinks life should be all sunshine and butterflies after it. But she's neglected to consider one thing. While she's captured the heart of her husband Brocke, the Guardian, then the hearts of his parents are a whole different matter... Nadar Brenger and Mara James might just be the scariest in-laws a woman could expect to have. And it's time for her to meet them. With only a few short months spent together, Brocke already knows that Cora is his mate for life. He feels it as surely as he feels the weight of his swords in his hands. Yet introducing her to his parents, one of them being the Chieftain of the Corgan race, well... Even a fierce warlord is allowed a little bit of trepidation, right? When Nadar Brenger meets him with a challenge, Brocke knows that his life is nowhere near changing. His only hope is that it'll continue changing with his mate by his side. Brocke: Meeting the Parents is a short story happening after the events of Brocke: Alien Warlord's Conquest. It is best read after the novel. Expect Corgan brutality, heat and the ever-present touch of fate when reading this juicy short!

The Last Voyage

T.S. Snow - 2016
    She's far from it.Together, they’re Earth's last hope... they just don’t know it yet.Sinbad sh'en Singh had everything. A thriving smuggling career, his hologram on wanted posters on eleven planets, and plenty of women. Then she walked into his life.Andrea Talltrees, member of a backwards cult not believing in space travel or anything else invented after the Twentieth Century.She wants him to find her husband, a fugitive accused of being an Albegensian spy, the planet currently at war with Earth.He doesn’t want anything to do with an Earther, but a massive culture clash and a heavy dose of instant attraction get in the way, sending good sense flying out the viewport.They'll brave some very unsavory characters, maybe even prevent a second interplanetary war...if they can stop arguing.


Jane Hinchey - 2016
     Sierra Walker has been missing for 30 years. Her family thought she was dead, only when Sierra turns up, she hasn’t aged a day. But Earth has changed drastically. Biological warfare has decimated the planet. Her home town of Redmeadows exists under a bio dome, and to survive in Redmeadows, you must be micro-chipped. No chip? Then it’s off to quarantine for you. And no-one has returned from quarantine. Ever. Running from the law, fighting her forbidden attraction to Alrik, the tall, dark and handsome alien who rescued her, unsure of where her brothers’ loyalties lay, and mourning the death of her mother, can Sierra also keep the secret she’s been desperately trying to hide? The one that could be her salvation, or her doom. Aussie author, Jane Hinchey, brings you Returned, the first in the Acarnania Warriors series of alien warrior romance. It’s a sci-fi, dystopian romantic suspense that features gripping supernatural drama, surprising twists, dynamic characters, and heart-pounding romance. Contains hot romance and sizzling sex scenes, suitable for 18+ only. Read Returned today to satisfy your craving for a fast-paced paranormal tale.

Man of War

M.R. Forbes - 2016
    Their weapons were unstoppable, their defenses unbreakable. Our technology was inferior, our militaries overwhelmed. Only one starship escaped before civilization fell. Earth was lost. It was never forgotten. Fifty-two years have passed. A message from home has been received. The time to fight for what is ours has come. Welcome to the rebellion.

My Alien Warrior

Vi Voxley - 2016
     Alina Reyes is finally getting off Terra. After years of working her hands to the bone, the curvy scientist has gotten her first intergalactic assignment. With stars in her eyes, she's hoping to make a difference where she never could before. But no sooner than when she gets off the ship does it become obvious that science will not be all she will have to deal with on her mission. Caden is a Skaoi warrior who only desires to fight for what's right. A mate is the last thing on his mind, yet when he meets Alina, something stirs in him. It takes no more than one look to know that she belongs to him. No Skaoi has ever taken a mate outside of their race, and Caden's choice is blasphemous at its purest form. But a man knows when he is right and the universe is wrong. Even with his whole race against him and danger threatening from those closest to him, Caden knows that Alina must be his. Now there's only the small problem of making her see that. And surviving long enough to enjoy it. My Alien Warrior is a full scifi novel with a happy ending, plenty of steam, bloody battles and alien-human intrigue. It is a standalone and has been co-written by two of the hottest scifi romance authors, Vi Voxley and Juno Wells.

The Dragon's Christmas Wish

Georgette St. Clair - 2016
    If only there weren’t two dragon shifter species battling over the fate of her little world. And if only one of them wasn’t seven feet of pure silver-skinned sexiness, who apparently thinks she’s his “heart-mate”. When you add in some misbehaving alien elves, a malfunctioning Santa-bot, and the mysterious disappearance of Liza’s best friend – untangling this mess will take a Christmas miracle.

The Door

Lizzy Ford - 2016
    Nothing can be worse than serving probation under the supervision of a bitter, elderly woman, known as the Caretaker, running a bed and breakfast in the middle of the Arizona desert.Then the strangers begin arriving. They appear every night at sundown at the end of the driveway and vanish early in the morning, armed men and women who don’t quite look or act normal and never travel in vehicles, despite the property being twenty miles from town. Where they come from baffles Gianna, as does the single rule the Caretaker gives her. The front door must remain unlocked and the house accessible to the dangerous visitors no matter how unusual or frightening they are. When one of them arrives wounded, Gianna helps save him and unknowingly makes a powerful friend, one from a very faraway place. In fact, from another world entirely, the world that starts at the end of the driveway. Before she can learn more, Gianna is left alone with the strangers and must choose whether she’ll take over the Caretaker’s role as hostess or return to New York and risk jail time for violating her probation. Frustrated with her life, Gianna locks the front door instead. Her world will never be the same.


Kathy Dinisi - 2016
    Unbeknownst to her, life as she knew it would quickly change with the arrival of the unidentified ships floating in the air.What are they? Who are they? What do they want?Will she get answers to her questions before time runs out?

Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report

S.D. Perry - 2016
    Although all attempts to harness the beast’s abilities have ended in appalling bloodshed, the acquisition of the Xenomorph remains a priority. As such, Weyland-Yutani has granted you access to their detailed files on the alien in the hope that you will be able to help capture and subjugate one of these fascinating yet deadly creatures.This exclusive in-world book utilizes specially commissioned illustrations and thirty-five years of Alien movie concept art and film stills to create a deeply engrossing reading experience that explores the nature of the Xenomorph in unparalleled detail. Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report contains extensive information on the characters, locations, vehicles, and weapons from the movies, along with an in-depth breakdown of the Xenomorph’s life cycle, to give readers the most comprehensive look at one of movie history's greatest monsters.Covering all aspects of this hugely popular franchise’s thirty-five-year history, Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report is the ultimate book for fans.Aliens TM & © 2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

All I want for Christmas is my Alien

Sadie Carter - 2016
    But sleepless nights and dirty nappies pale in comparison to the challenge of getting her mate to notice her. Or to take her seriously in her new role as Empress of Zerconia. When her friends come up with the idea of bringing Christmas to Zerconia, Zoey sees her chance to prove to Dex that she can be a mom and an Empress and a mate. Because what she really wants for Christmas is her alien. Author note: No cliffhanger, and can be read on its own but its probably more enjoyable if you've read the other books in the series.

Hunter Bond

Carysa Locke - 2016
    Every parent's worst fear. Even if that parent is one of the most dangerous killers in the galaxy. Sanah and Dem always knew any child they had would be special. As the offspring of an empath and a psychically gifted Hunter and Killer, three-year-old Tamari is one-of-a-kind. When a mysterious illness threatens her life, Sanah and Dem would do anything to help her. Even if it tears their marriage apart. Note: This short story in the telepathic space pirates' universe takes place roughly three years after the events in Pirate Bound.

Calamity: Being an Account of Calamity Jane and Her Gunslinging Green Man

J.D. Jordan - 2016
    Highly recommended.”—Peter David, New York Times Best-selling Author “J. D. Jordan's Calamity is a satisfyingly gritty, intense and entertaining novel that deserves the attention of speculative fiction readers . . . It's something different, because it offers a fascinating glimpse into the early life of Calamity Jane. It's quite an extraordinary sci-fi Western romp.”— I’m sure you’ve heard of Calamity Jane, but this is not a novel about Calamity Jane.  At least not the Jane you may have read about. Calamity Jane is part of the legends of the Wild West, but long before she scouted with Custer or “Wild Bill” Hickok, she was a fifteen-year-old girl with a fiery temper.Violence and tragedy turn young Jane’s world upside down and soon she finds herself riding with an alien gunslinger—the Green Man—through a landscape of revenge and betrayal.Along the way, she learns how to shoot a six-gun and how to stand on her own, even when surrounded by Lakota warriors, and be respected. From space ships to guns that can shoot the wings off a butterfly a mile away, young Jane realizes that the universe is far bigger than the Wild West and that she can trust no one in it to save her but herself.When the villainous Grays meddling in the wars between the Indians and the government stand in the way of the Green Man making his way home, Jane finds her desire for revenge may be less than her loyalty for the longrider. And in that realization, she becomes the hero the Wild West has long remembered.So, forget what you know of how the West was won.  Forget the Indian Wars and Custer’s Last Stand.  Instead, learn the truth of what happened when a young girl met a longrider she called the Green Man . . .

Scion of Conquered Earth

Michael J. Allen - 2016
    Fighters bombard the ruins. Monsters hunt the wastes – some humans serving the Welorin in order to indulge their petty cruelties. The last free survivors struggle against starvation and capture. It’s a world where friendship costs too dearly and heroics verge on suicide.One young man simply can’t resist either. Welorin torture machines ravage his world, filling it with literal nightmares. Cannibalistic aerobics instructors hunt him and snatcher teams dog his every step. Alaric attempts one rescue after another, hoping someone might possess keys to unlock memories stolen by the initial assault.An aborted rescue lands him in a three way fight between Welorin forces and interstellar raiders. He takes cover in the pirates’ ship, coercing its AI, Cassii, into helping him. Success comes with unexpected consequence as Cassii abandons her crew, his friends and Earth’s solar system.Cassii refuses to return to Earth, decrying her former captain’s despoiling of the ship’s weapons and armor. Alaric leverages goods stolen from Earth by Cassii’s former crew into a bid at privateering. Surrounded by tech he barely understands and exotic life forms, he’s easy prey for the Protectorate’s mercenary population.Escort Captain Manc Shepherd and the sultry pirate Tyne Ren – Manc’s onetime partner – manipulate, exploit and seduce him across the stars. Alaric’s perilous heroics complicate their tug-of-war, endangering both and Alaric’s ship – their intended prize.Alaric must decide who he is, what he holds dear and how far he’ll go to protect both. He must choose who to trust: his mentor, his temptress or his smitten ship’s AI. The right choice could save worlds. The wrong one could throw him into a desperate battle to save thousands from his betrayer at the cost of his truest friend.

Amazons (Book 1): Nadine's Bible (Alien Monologues' Series)

T. Lindsey-Billingsley - 2016
     These characters will open our world and minds to the metaphysical, magical, and esoteric unknowns of the Universes. This epic will detail humanity's beginnings and its presumed end- coming in the very near future. The story of the Amazons is both an adventure, and spiritual awakening. Prepare to be enlightened. All open minds will surely be blown away! ~Hidden Underground Cities ~Time Travel & Space Travel ~Esoteric Knowledge ~Spirit Energy & Greater Beings ~Extra-Terrestrials and Alien Encounters ~Understanding Vibrations and Frequencies ~Human Life on Mars & Venus ~Goddess Worship ~Secret Societies & many more mysteries NOTE FROM THIS AUTHOR This time traveling, space opera, has controversial religious overtones, and powerful feministic viewpoints. Some may find certain aspects upsetting or disturbing. The fictional characters and factions herein, are used in such a way as to educate and enlighten readers about the basic knowledge expressed in Ancient Astronaut Theorem. This book is not intended to read as a novel, and there is very little dialogue within. The knowledge used to create this story, stems from major religions, Greek mythology, and modern scientific research. The sources of knowledge applied comes from the Holy Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Enuma Elish, Gilgamesh Epics, and elements of mythology, legends, and modern-day conspiracy theories. Please proceed into this journey with an open-mind. Nothing is ever quite what it seems, in this book, nor in real-life. Continue to read each subsequent book, to get closer to the truth, and the knowledge this author desires to share. The journey of the Amazons, and our main protagonist, are being used as a tool for learning. The author considers this book to be nonfiction, and if you are like-minded, you will too. The Journey Continues... Book Two: Nadine's Memorandums Book Three: Camille's Epoch (2037) "Every 30,000 Earth years or so their traveling planet, known as Nibiru, enters your solar system. Initially, they visited this planet to take what they required to sustain their planet in the form of rare and precious metals… primarily gold. These Great Beings never intended to inhabit Qi as their permanent home, but rather to obtain all needed resources in order to replenish their own world. Until…they encountered a problem in the endeavor. Qi, was inhabited by those mammoth beast gods. These behemoths inhabited every corner of Qi. For the Great Ones from another world, these reptilian monsters needed to be terminated by any means, so that they may proceed with their mining agenda. The monsters were cold-blooded, cruel, strong, territorial, and unintelligent. They were worthless in the eyes of the Great Ones that have very little tolerance for roadblocks to their missions. There was only one way to rid Qi of these disruptive monsters without completely and entirely destroying the planet. The Great Ones from another world brought fire and brimstone from the skies with the power of their flying technology. They took four interplanetary ships, each a third of the size of Earth’s moon, and stationed them on the four corners of Qi.

Empire in Crisis

Dietmar Arthur Wehr - 2016
    But the Empire is getting old and creaky. Its government is riddled with corruption and is choking on red tape. The Space Force is bloated with the incompetent who have risen to high rank due to nepotism and patronage. The Emperor has been assassinated and the Empire is surrounded by alien races that are becoming more hostile and more powerful as time goes on. When an exploration fleet in the rift between sections of the spiral arm are attacked by an unknown race, the dead Emperor’s clone-son, now on the throne, recognizes that the Empire is standing at the edge of an abyss and must find a way to not only win this new war against the alien aggressors but also overcome the inertia of the arrogant Space Force officers who are more ready to overthrow their Emperor than fight the war. Fans of military SF action will find it in this book. Excerpt: “Ah, not so fast, Ren. We’ve just picked up five, I repeat, five unidentified ships heading this way at point eight cee. If they maintain this speed, they’ll get here in about thirteen minutes. Here’s the interesting thing. They’re coming from the same direction as your longitudinal signal. I think it’s highly likely that they came out of that same wormhole just a short while before you found it. Standby while we try to make contact with the rest of the squadron.” Logan stepped closer to Montoya’s Command Chair. When Montoya turned his head in Logan’s direction, Logan leaned over and said, “If they came out of this wormhole, there may be more of them emerging at any moment. I recommend we pull back to extreme detection range.” Montoya nodded. “See to it immediately, SubCommander.” Logan went over to the Helm Station and told the Helm Officer what he wanted done. Detection of ships using warp drive was limited to a range of just under 11 light minutes or 200 million kilometers. At Bird of Prey’s maximum speed of 4.4 times the speed of light, travelling that distance would take just 2.5 minutes. The trick was to stay in contact with the relay ship by longitudinal wave transmission. That wasn’t a problem for Logan’s ship since they knew exactly where to point their transmitter, but the relay ship had to be kept updated via data transmission as to what Bird of Prey was doing so that it could adjust its transmitter to compensate. Logan checked the chronometer for elapsed time since the relay ship had begun detecting the bogeys. Almost four minutes had gone by. He wondered about the bogey’s speed. If they were capable of faster speeds, why not do so? Could it be that their detection range was shorter than the squadron’s light cruisers’? His thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Black Eagle’s commander. “Oh Christ! Ren, those five bogeys have just boosted to four point six cee! They’ll be here within ninety seconds! We haven’t been able to make contact with any other ship yet! I’m taking us to Battle Stations, Ren! Stand by!” “XO, bring us to Battle Stations too.” Montoya’s voice had been calm. Logan wondered if his CO’s stomach was churning just as much as his own was right now. Logan put his Command helmet back on and used the virtual controls to sound the Battle Stations alarm. “We’re at Battle Stations, Comma—“ Logan’s sentence was cut off by Magnasson’s voice.


Nicole Krizek - 2016
     No one can say when the end is near. It can come from a plague, warfare, or a natural disaster. For the people of Siril, the end of their world came from space. The massive solar flare that collided with their planet wasn’t something they could prepare for, or prevent. Millions perished instantly, and those that survived looked to the stars in steel-eyed defiance. Karincin’s life has been dominated by familial expectations, duty, and celibacy. He attended all of the correct schools, won the worthy awards, and leads a cutting-edge team at the Department of Space. His life is going exactly as planned, until he’s assigned a mate. Aevum is nothing like he expected. She’s free-spirited, passionate, and doesn’t adhere to Karincin’s pre-arranged life. She challenges everything he’s been taught to believe, and awakens suppressed desires he didn’t know he had. He was never prepared for such an irrational craving as lust. After his planet is ravaged by natural disaster, Karincin is selected as one of 12 scouts to be sent into space to discover the looming peril to his people. It is a great honor, and one the Sirilian people desperately need him to perform. But it will make him choose between his life’s work and his own awakened heart. What awaits him in the void of space? And if he goes, would he ever return to the woman he loves?

Uoria Mates III Complete Series

Ruth Anne Scott - 2016
    The huge ensemble of lovable characters from the previous series are back along with new ones! It is the night before Rey and the group of humans and warriors will return to the settlement to free the Mikana, and just days before the others will climb aboard the shuttles headed for Earth so that they can celebrate Samira and Ty's long-awaited wedding. Everyone is coming down from the adrenaline of the last few days and trying to decide what they should do. With so much still left to be done on Uoria and so many questions still left unanswered, the couples must decide where they are most needed, and how they are going to move forward from here. As decisions are made and commitments are tested, they all continue to confront their unraveling view of Uoria and the secrets that are still waiting to be told… As you read the ‘Uoria Mates’ series, you’ll travel throughout an outer space world, where complex intrigues, highly charged emotions, as well as heated and conflicting desires, will unfold as wars are fought, and as hearts and bodies merge in an explosion of dramatic events with unforeseeable consequences that will touch and change the lives of many. Book 1 - The Alien's Voyage Book 2 - The Alien's Conflict Book 3 - The Alien's Past Book 4 - The Alien's Mate Book 5 - The Alien's Mystery Book 6 - The Alien's Encounter Book 7 - The Alien's Finding Book 8 - The Alien's Suffering Book 9 - The Alien's Wings Book 10 - The Alien's War This book contains mature themes and language, only suitable for adults over the age of 18!

Dark Planet Warriors: The Complete Serial

Anna Carven - 2016
    Kordolians, by the looks of things. What the hell do they want with this floating rust bucket? What are they even doing here? In the grand scheme of things, Earth is a total backwater, and the Solar System is the galactic equivalent of Hicksville. That's why aliens rarely bother to come to this corner of the universe. And Kordolians are usually too busy conquering the important parts of the nine galaxies to bother with us. But it looks as if their battle cruiser is broken. Probably shot up in a firefight. They're going to use every means necessary to fix it, even if it means putting Fortuna Tau on lockdown. I just hope they don't decide to enslave us and ship us off to some remote alien planet. Come to think of it, I've never seen a Kordolian up close before. They're huge, with strange silver skin and pointed ears. They have freaky nano-armor. And they're packing a serious arsenal. Our human technology has no chance against their weapons. When I encounter their General, I find him insufferable. Arrogant. Domineering. He won't tell me anything. I guess that's what happens when your race is kicking ass across the nine galaxies. You get pigheaded. So why do I keep running into him? Why is he looking at me funny? And what's with this weird feeling I get when he's around? I really hope these guys fix their ship and go away soon, because I get the feeling they could be major trouble. Tarak Sucked into a wormhole during a fierce skirmish with an enemy ship. Spat out near a human mining station in a remote corner of the nine galaxies. Stuck with weak humans who operate with inferior metals and technology. This mission couldn't get any worse. We need to fix our craft before the wormhole collapses. We need to hunt the cursed Xargek monsters that have infiltrated this human rust-bucket. And these infernal headaches of mine are getting worse. I don't really care about these humans. Their existence makes no sense to me. All I care about is killing Xargek and getting back to my home planet, Kythia. This situation is tiresome. The light of the star humans call the Sun burns my eyes. I crave Kythia's darkness. So why has this crazy human female captured my attention? She's messy, awkward and she babbles nonsense half the time. These humans are crazy. I don't understand them at all. Especially this female. Why do I keep coming back to her? I need to leave this place before I go insane Warning: This book contains swearing, violence and steamy sex scenes. It's recommended for readers aged 18 and over.

Pirate Nemesis

Carysa Locke - 2016
    All roads lead her to the one place she can’t return: home.

Killers. Thieves. Pirates. Family. Mercy has spent her life evading the Pirate Queen who attempted to murder her as a child. Now, living as a smuggler with the outlawed Talent of telepathy, she keeps her head down, takes jobs that keep her moving, and searches for answers about her mother’s disappearance fifteen years ago. But living outside the law has consequences. 
Tricked and captured, Mercy must choose between two rival factions: the terrorists who will do anything to exploit her gifts for themselves, and the pirates she’s been eluding since childhood. 

Her only ally is the most dangerous killer of them all, and trusting him may be her final mistake.
Star Wars meets Firefly in this space fantasy series readers compare to Ilona Andrews and Nalini Singh.

The Arrival

Adair Hart - 2016
    By the Seceltor Empire’s laws, he will have to go to a breeding camp, or directly into slavery. Neither choice appeals to him. All this changes with the arrival of a space-and-time-traveling being known as Evaran at the space station turned rest stop that Jake lives on.To make things complicated, Greecho, the slaver who abducted Jake as a kid, has arrived at the station. He and his crew, along with his twenty-two-year-old human pet, Kathy, are about to go on a slave run to Earth.Evaran has decided to interfere and free Jake and Kathy. That decision will lead him to Earth, where he will need to deal with the consequences.

Alien Mate Index: Volume One

Evangeline Anderson - 2016
    Zoe McKinley has a boring life, an awful job, and a boss that throws staplers at her head. What could be worse? How about being abducted by Aliens? Protected... Grav N’gol is many things. Murderer…ex-con…Alien half-breed… And a Protector. More than just a bodyguard, a Protector chooses a female to ward for life and swears an oath to die for her if necessary. Enter Leah Roth. The luscious little Earth female is supposed to be just a quick surveillance gig for Grav. He’ll check on her and report back that she’s okay—it should be easy. Only she’s not ok... Descended... Unswerving Loyalty, Unquestioning Devotion, Unremitting Obedience. This is the vow of the Imperial Guard for his mistress, the Goddess-Empress. Nobody said anything about Love. Severed... Rylee Hale is having a hard time. As a new business owner just starting out on her own, she’s struggling to attract new clients to her paralegal business. Then she attracts two that are way more than she can handle... Two muscular Alien Males whose bond needs to be Severed buy Rylee from the Alien Mate Index. Adventure, Sex, Angst and Hot Menage Action ensues

The Scarab Moons

Thomas A. Wright - 2016
    This is the story of Benjamin Jamison's first mission — the one that would start it all, the one that would culminate five years later with his discharge, his selection to work for a general who ran slightly different ops than what the rest of the Corp was tasked with, and the people he served with along the way. There’s nothing like getting thrown in the fire on the first day and becoming a legend by the end of the week.


Vi Voxley - 2016
     Mara James is angry as hell. Not only is the Union trying to make enemies out of one of the most dangerous warrior races in the galaxy, but somehow she's come face to face with their fiercest warlord. And he couldn't be any hotter. Having suffered through the humiliation of a failed mission with the Flora and the Brion menace, Mara and the rest of the Terran Union fighter pilots are hungry to prove themselves. But for Mara, that chance comes in the form of something completely unexpected - Nadar Brengen. The rebel Corgan warlord who won't take no for an answer when he sees something he wants. And this time, it's her. Considering that everyone in the galaxy seems to be against it, that seems to be a whole new mission waiting to fail. Not only must they deal with the spark of passion between them, but the stubbornness of the Corgan ruler, willing to risk everything for ancient rites and rules. Unless Nadar can change his whole race's opinion - the fierce and unyielding Corgans, who are rumored to cut up other races for spare parts and laugh while they do so. Unless he can fight, bleed and win for not only Mara, but the future of his people and the land they consider holy. Unless he changes fate. Unless they change it. But when a woman makes both your hearts beat like hell in your chest, anything's possible, right? Nadar: Alien Warlord's Conquest is the first in a series of scifi romance novels, following the Corgan warriors and the human women that love them. The book contains plenty of love, lust, violence and epic battles, so if that's what you're after, you've found the right book! These books can be read as standalones, there are no cliffhangers and each book contains a guaranteed HEA!

Saving Grindrod

Thomas A. Wright - 2016
    Daniel Westford needed a place where he could become invisible far away from his native Oregon and he found it in Grindrod amongst the farms, cattle and timber. For six years he stayed under the radar, working hard to build a life while keeping everyone at arm’s length, including his lover, Border Patrol officer Layla Stormcloud. It was one their weekends together, a clear night with a million stars and everything was right with the world. Crickets sang and a shooting star flew across the heavens. It’s just as well they only watched it and didn’t make a wish because this shooting star changed course and plummeted to the earth. The revelations awaiting them at the crash site will change everything. Heavily guarded secrets of both the man and the universe will be compromised and Daniel’s determination to keep his distance from everyone and everything in his life will be tested. He has the ability to save the town from destruction, but doing so will expose the secret he’s worked so hard to keep, and compromise a relationship that means much more to him than he is willing to admit.

The Roar

A.M. White - 2016
    It enslaved those it could reach. I was one of those taken, used, and marked as property. Hope is a luxury I don't allow anymore. The Roar will harvest us down to nothing. The Roar will always want more. Always." Alex was enslaved by an underground civilization that controls the Roars. Little does she know that people have found a way to survive outside the walls of her compound. Someone out there is interested in finding her. Alex's journey to freedom is plagued by twists and turns. The new world is cruel. Alex must learn to live in a time when anyone can be an enemy. With a little help from new friends she may be more valuable than anyone could have imagined. Alex may be able to change everything. The human race depends on it.

Sideris Gate: The Paradisi Chronicles

Cheri Lasota - 2016
    A new galaxy awaits. And time is running out. The last ship to leave Earth is in lockdown and controlled by the corrupt Challenge Command. Chief Solomon Reach and his Reacher crew hatch an insane plan to take back the ship. First order of business: survive. Second order of business: launch the ship and make it to Sideris Gate, the wormhole that will deliver them to the planet New Eden in the Andromeda galaxy. If only it were that easy. If Solomon fails in his mission, Challenge Command will leave three thousand of his crew to die on an apocalyptic Earth. The Paradisi Chronicles Universe In the last decades of the twenty-first century, ten families seeking to escape an increasingly devastated Earth focus their power and wealth on constructing spaceships that will allow a select few to leave Earth and colonize the world they call New Eden. Here, on their new home in the Paradisi System, these Founding Families hope to avoid the environmental and political disasters that were destroying Earth. But they find that the world they claim for their own is already inhabited, and the Ddaerans, although human in their appearance, possess abilities that the Founders and their descendants find both intriguing and frightening… _____________________________________________________ About The Paradisi Chronicles is an open-source multi-author scifi universe set in a fictional planetary system in the Andromeda galaxy. Built by seven founding members of the group, Paradisi Chronicles has grown by leaps and bounds as more and more authors continue to explore 200 years of history spanning the flight from an apocalyptic Earth to the settling and expansion of the Paradisi System. _____________________________________________________*This book includes the novella Paradisi Escape


Orrin Jason Bradford - 2016
    Now, on the brink of a new age, the human race leaps forward into the evolutionary void and changes the course of human history forever.For young Bobbie Cagle, the normal difficulties of growing up are overshadowed by his unique condition. Bobbie's inability to communicate normally is misdiagnosed for years as autism, and masks the great part in history he is destined to play. His unique ability to create beautiful works of art is just the tip of the iceberg. Coveted by those who would use him for their own purpose, Bobbie, and his mother flee their home out of desperation and fear. In the course of their escape, the truth behind Bobbie's gift and the effects it may have on the planet begin to the reveal themselves, as the future of the humanity hangs in the balance.

Darkest Days

Catherine Vale - 2016
    Now invaded by giant spider-like creatures, it’ll take more than blind faith to survive the new world from within the dark, underground tunnels. To even stand a chance of surviving, Celia will have to bite down her pride and partner with the one man that sends chills down her spine…and not in that sexy kind of way. There’s no doubt about it - Dylan Hawke, and his egotistical, cocky arrogance outright infuriates her. In all fairness, Dylan never signed up for the job, yet somehow the responsibility of commanding this rag-tag bunch of guys has fallen on his shoulders. The beautifully chiseled soldier is used to fighting side by side with the greatest of military, not dealing with the ‘civvie’s’, as he likes to call them. And then there’s this curvy sniper woman that he is forced to deal with. She’s always in his face, always challenging his authority. He’ll have to do something about her before she gets out of control, and causes more trouble for him. Except the sassy brunette with the heart-shaped mouth fires him up in more ways than one, and if Dylan isn’t careful it just may be him that loses all control. Note To Readers: This is a sci-fi romance including a sassy heroine, an alpha-male, and some crazy 8-legged alien creatures intent on ruining it all. The Time After series does not include shifters, however it is a paranormal romance story. This is the first story in the TIME AFTER series. Enjoy!

Earthfall (Black Sand Book 1)

Joshua Guess - 2016
    Every year they send a lone pilot on the near-suicidal Home Run, a scouting mission back to Earth directly into the heart of enemy territory. One of forty pilots engineered for the rigors of long-term space travel, Mars Cori has been training his entire life for the chance to see Earth with his own eyes. What he finds there could change the course of human civilization. The trick? Staying alive to watch it happen.

Safe in Your Fire

Darien Cox - 2016
    When asked to locate and interview an off-the-grid former child star for a magazine feature, novice journalist Rudy Sansone thinks he’s getting yet another demeaning assignment from his boss. But finding ‘Baby James’ Waterman proves to be a personal and professional challenge, as the elusive, hostile, and surprisingly sexy James is nothing that Rudy expected. But Rudy’s scrappy motivation to get the story at all costs plunges him into the mountain community of Singing Bear Village, where he senses strange and frightening secrets simmering beneath the surface. But what’s simmering between Rudy and his reluctant interview subject is something more carnal and heated, and his desire to be consumed by it clouds his judgement when warning bells urge him to flee the village and never look back.


Saul W. Tanpepper - 2016
    Then came the Swarm. They destroyed our colonies, ravaged our fleet, and decimated Earth cities. They stole our sense of sovereignty. It wasn't all they took. There were thirty-six of us to start, misfits all. This is the story of our abduction, our fight to survive despite impossible odds, and the emergence of an unlikely hero who would one day lead us all home. Part "Lord of the Flies," part "Ender's Game," "Ascendance" journals the taking of a group of young social outcasts, including a troubled teenager on the brink of manhood, by a mysterious alien race during the First Swarm War. It is the inaugural title in "The Interstellar Life of Pigeon," a planned trilogy based on the world of Nick Webb's popular space opera, "Legacy Fleet." Book One: Ascendance: It's the height of summer in the year 2575, when the attack commences in the outer reaches of the solar system. The massive battleships of the Integrated Defense Force with their fleets of swift and agile fighters are immediately on the defensive, struggling to protect Humanity's home against the invaders. But there is little they can do in the face of such superior firepower. The aliens make quick work of the IDF shield. They soon reach Earth. And cities begin to fall. Stranded in the Utah high country are a hundred young participants of a government-mandated youth leadership camp. The interspecies war brings terror to their lives, raining death and destruction upon them, sundering their world and shattering all hope of rescue. Abandoned and isolated, physically and psychologically traumatized, the remaining survivors must put aside past animosities and band together to survive the attack and hopefully make it back home again... if there is even a home to go to. But first, they must make it through the night. And there is every indication their nightmare has only just begun.

All of Me, A Prophecy Series Short Story

Lea Kirk - 2016
    Now, he can't get the petite, honey-blonde woman out of his mind. But, April's pregnant with her deceased boyfriend's child, and there doesn't seem to be room in her life for another man. April will never forget the man she lost in the invasion, her first love, Dave. Yet, when the chips are down, Garrison is there for her and her baby. The emotions stirring in her heart for the former Army colonel war with her feelings for Dave. Can she let go of the past and embrace her future before it's too late?

Xandrian Stone Book 4: The Academy Part 3

Christian Alex Breitenstein - 2016
    Xandrian Stone and his fellow cadets have finished basic training, the first half a year is over. After the Ceremony of Recognition the best 60 cadets will embark on the round-trip across the Eden System to learn, get first-hand experience and also be tested if they can put their more or less theoretical knowledge into practical use. After that and advanced training there will be the proving mission where the best of the academy will get the opportunity to demonstrate that they can function as a crew and accomplish a simple mission...

The Complete Alien's Bride

Yamila Abraham - 2016
    Hundreds of pages of spicy Alien Sci-Fi Romance, including: Alien's Bride: The full three-part story of Maritza, who was transported 2,000 years into the future to be the bride of the malevolent alien warlord who conquered Earth! Alien's Bride Lisette: Timid enslaved scientist Lisette is drawn to her master Prax-Denay, but he's from an alien subrace considered too loathsome to breed with humans. She's instead pressured to marry his superior, the cruel aristocrat Jorenkis. The sweetest and most tender story of the series! Bride Games: Ex-soldier Lenora, and willful slave-women like her, is sent to the Bride Games. If they win they will be granted their freedom. If they lose they must accept a marriage to an alien nobleman. Alien's Bride Selena: A sci-fi ménage romance! Selena finds the courage to make her alien masters notice her--right when two generals have been promised a human bride. Selena must give herself to not one, but two alien husbands! Alien's Bride Meredith: Meredith helped some of her fellow settlers escape from their alien overlords. Now the alien who is taking her as his bride demands she helps him capture them! "The characters are fascinating and the plot is very different. There's nicely written sex scenes and it's clear that there's more hot sex to come." -Night Owl Reviews, Alien's Bride Book OneAll the gorgeously painted covers are included. Get the entire sexy sci-fi romance series in this bargain bundle!

Moon Is Calling

K.D. Jones - 2016
    Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. M/FCassandra Adira Knight...Born from the light and forged in the fires of hell to be a warrior.A young woman who had no knowledge of her past, thrust into a world she never knew existed.Powers buried deep inside her are triggered and she discovers the truth about herself.Will she accept what fate has called her to or will she turn her back on her destiny?She will have to make a decision... 7even Circles is here and the moon is calling.

The Arathian Series Bundle

Nicole Krizek - 2016
    Strong and intelligent, these warriors will stop at nothing to save their race from extinction. Included in the bundle: Alien Savior, Alien Rescue and Alien Incursion. Alien Savior is the story of Kor and Ty, a mated pair that come across a rare Earther female being auctioned as a slave. Unable to deny her exotic beauty, and a chance to test her DNA, they buy her. What the males don’t expect is the intense lust they feel for the small female and the protective urges that tell them to keep her safe at all costs. Alien Rescue features Rexvan, the Arathian Ambassador to the Galactic Alliance. Now onboard the Adastra with Kor, Ty, and Lacy, they discover another human female that makes Rex yearn for a life beyond what he’s known. Will giving in to this temptation spell disaster, or be his salvation? Doctor Maggie Walsh is a top surgeon on Earth. As an academic, she never found a man worth her time. Suddenly she’s faced with a fatal diagnosis which brings her face to face with a darkly handsome man, who claims he can cure her disease. But in return, he wants her to live in space…forever. Alien Incursion is the story of Lukas, Jayda, and Deian. Princess Jayda has fought hard to become a respected member of the Arathian Defense. She has everything she always wanted, except for the one thing she didn’t realize she needed: a mate to share her life with. She suddenly finds herself next to two males that ignite passion within her that goes far beyond her royal duties. Deian doesn’t care that he’s built a promiscuous reputation over the years, but now he’s been bewitched by a Princess who makes him want to forsake all others. But will this devotion be challenged by the arrival of another male… or strengthened? Lukas Ferguson, former Army Specialist turned Air Marshall, has his life changed forever when the plane he’s protecting is suddenly drawn into space by alien slavers. Once he’s safe aboard the Adastra, how is he supposed to feel rescued if he can never return to his home-world? More importantly, when he’s surrounded by Arathians who are openly bi-sexual, how is he going to continue to hide the secret part of himself that yearns for the company of other men? Warning: The Arathian Series books contain scenes of: erotic sex, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, and heterosexuality between consensual (and eager) adults. M/M, M/F, M/M/F

Norlanian Brides Volume One

R.E. Butler - 2016
    If you already own these books, please do not purchase this book. *** The Gigolo's Bride When Ashleigh Turner receives a necklace as a gift from a secret admirer, she has no idea who sent it. When another delivery shows up at her home, instead of finding out who sent her the necklace, she finds herself transported onto an alien spaceship as it speeds her away from earth to become a bride. Will she ever get home, or will she find home in the arms of the alien that chose her? *** Paoli's Bride When Paoli, a recently freed slave, sees Kate, an abducted human, in the government-owned brothel, he knows that she’s the one female in the whole universe for him. He sacrifices everything to pay off her debt and set her free. Will Kate ever put aside her hope of going back to Earth someday and embrace Paoli, or will she always want to go home? *** Warrick's Bride Sloan Atarn has known for years that, like most Norlanian females, she’ll never be able to have children or get married. When she wakes up in the mountains with the sexy Warrick telling her that he’s risking everything to make her his forever, she knows the right thing to do is to leave and let him live his life without her. If she can only walk away from the only man she’s ever loved. *** Dex's Bride When an alien male saves escaped slave Bella's life, she knows her only chance to get away is to leave him fighting for his life, but she can’t walk away, even if it might mean that she spends the rest of her days as a slave. Will Dex let her go or is saving him the biggest mistake she’ll ever make?

No Place Like Home

Julie E. Czerneda - 2016
    Walkers like Drewe are trained to use a custom-grown body to explore each new world. If she and her crechemates find the one where the Umlari first evolved, it will be the greatest discovery of their time. Or will it? For a terrible secret binds their lives together, and learning the truth may mean the end of all. First published in Forbidden Planets ed by Marvin Kaye (SFBC), this stunning science fiction novella received Honorable Mention in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF.

Phoenix Rising

Bethany Shaw - 2016
    He takes his warship to the planet Earth to rescue the human race. When he meets Addison Montgomery, he is inspired by her tenacity, and maybe just a little bit smitten with the gorgeous human. The last thing he needs is a distraction, but fate has other things in mind.Stranded in a remote location during an alien invasion was the last thing Addison Montgomery expected when she ventured out on a fieldtrip with a bus full of second graders. Daughter of one of the top generals in the country, everyone is turning to her for answers. It's a role she didn't ask for and doesn't want, but she knows she has to protect everyone she can. When the dangerous aliens attack, Addison prepares to fight them, but at the last minute a fiery phoenix swoops in to save the day -- literally. There's not just one alien species on the planet but two. Now she just has to convince the hot phoenix shifter, Zephyr, to help her save the world, while keeping her libidio in check around him, no big deal, right?

Taken by the Twins

Ashley West - 2016
    They’d been too young, too inexperienced to save their people, and so they’d ended up hiding, running away and leaving rather than face being killed with the rest. The shame of that haunts them still, but they don’t talk about it.Instead, the twin brothers work as traders and explorers, finding rare things on far off planets and bringing them to people who are willing to pay high prices for them. When their business is slow, they sometimes accept bounties, hunting down criminals or rare animals and other creatures for those too lazy to hunt for themselves. When a bounty for more money than either of them has ever seen comes in, they can’t turn it down, even when it turns out that the collector they’d be hunting for wants a human woman for his collection. In order to find a human woman, they have to go to Earth, and when they get there, it’s nothing like they expected.For one, the planet is under attack. For another, there are human women everywhere, and none of them are easy to catch. Samson is all for grabbing one and getting the hell out of there, but Alister seems to want to stay. The more they learn about Earth, the more they end up wanting to save it, but neither of them have fought in seven years, and they’re terrified of letting down the people of Earth the same way they failed their own people. They don’t even have an army, but it turns out that they might be able to borrow one. If they fulfill the bounty they came to Earth for, anyway…Bonus Book: IRRESISTIBLE: A Terramates Novel by Lisa Lace I'm on a mission to get an artifact that can cure disease. I'm good at what I do, and I work by myself. I don't need a man. To survive, I switched places with a stranger on a starship. I didn't know where it was going, and I didn't care. She never told me she was a TerraMates bride. When I arrived, a sexy ex-military man was waiting for me, expecting marriage. I don't need a man, but I want this one. This story takes place in the TerraMates universe, but can be read as a standalone novel.

Fighting Chance: A Star-Crossed Lovers Novel

Paulette Oakes - 2016
    All her life, she’d had to fight for what she wanted. She had to fight her traditional Japanese mother in order to continue her martial arts training, she had to fight her domineering American father for respect, she had to fight the misogyny of her male competitors in class, she had to fight her opponents in the ring to win her matches, and she had to fight for her job and equal compensation for the dangerous stunts she was expected to perform in her career as a stunt woman. It seemed she always had to prove her worth, and if a man couldn't best her, why should she give him her love?Mahoney's world is turned upside down when a tall, arrogant stranger and his two companions appear intent on capturing her best friend, actress Jessica MacGregor. Mahoney won't let her go without a fight, but she wasn't planning on them taking her, too. When she awakens to discover that not only is she a captive, but that she is hurtling through space at the mercy of alien warriors, she knows that she will never stop fighting to return her and her friend back home. But when the sexy, muscled commander turns all her assumptions on their heads, she finds herself struggling with unfamiliar emotions. When an unexpected threat endangers the lives of those on board, Mahoney does the only thing she knows she's good at: she fights. For their lives, for their safety, and for the love of a man that she never knew she needed. Will Mahoney fight to go back home or will she concede defeat at the hand's of the man she has grown to love?*NOTE: this book contains adult material. Not intended for audiences under the age of 18 years of age. This book contains course language, cursing, violence, and graphic sexual situations. Read at your own risk.

Breathing Fire

B.D. Snowden - 2016
    Her hard work paid off as she entered a chamber no human had set foot in for eons. She found more than dusty old bones. Ladon Drake never forgot the beautiful archaeologist that found him. As he searched the Earth to discover what happened to his species and why the humans had forgotten them. Ladon pulls Alexis into the mystery that surrounds him. Would the knowledge enlighten them or tear them apart?

For Us Humans

Steve Rzasa - 2016
    My name’s Caz Fortel. I’m thirty, good-looking, and a great liar. In fact, that’s my job: to lie to people who steal works of art, and get the goods back. Then one day I get the big call from the FBI: a million bucks, to recover a stolen statue with huge cultural value. Downside: the partner they assign me has an unhealthy interest in Jesus, an interest I’ve tried really hard to erase from my life. Also, that partner is an alien with four arms and a tremendous sense of smell. Welcome to 2016. See, the Panstellar Consociation is the boss now, of all the Earth and everything that goes on in the solar system. Aliens showed up fifteen years ago and made us a deal: join us as a protectorate and we’ll swap you tech secrets, pay you real well. All so they could set up a warp tunnel in orbit. It’s their statue. They want the whole job kept quiet. Or Earth could be in very, very big trouble.

The Liftsal Guardians

Alexandra Moody - 2016
    A prince with a heart of ice. A darkness lurking in the shadows, so evil it may destroy them all. Eighteen-year-old Sloane has spent years training to be lethal. She can cut a man down as easily with her bare hands as she can with a sword. But when her brother goes missing on the green planet, Aeris, she will need more than her skills with a blade to save him. Sneaking aboard the rescue mission may be easy for her, but the woods of Aeris aren’t as empty as her people first assumed. Sloane is about to meet her match, and he’s not exactly human… Kidnapped and dragged to a mysterious frozen world, Sloane must gain her captor’s trust if she wants to escape. The only problem is: she didn’t plan to care for the strange people who live there. She didn’t expect the smoldering attraction she feels for the man who keeps her prisoner in the snow. And she never imagined the dark creatures that haunt the foreign world could hold the answers she is looking for.

Aveena: The City of Gold (The Black Knight duology Book 1)

Destiny Hawkins - 2016
    At first, he thought it was a shooting star, what he didn’t know was that it was really a princess from another world. Unexpected occurrences left Michael with no memory of the mysterious princess…and in a completely different world, where color didn’t matter and people flew on air boards…Raluza. King Lavier, King of Raluza, separated his kingdom into four quarters, separating his people by class. By now—five years after he met the princess—Michael was part of an organization of skilled fighters whose objective was to overrun the palace and restore Raluza back to the way it was. His objective: give his family a new home. The organization’s order: kill the Princess.

Alien Encounter Box Set

Shelley Munro - 2016
    She travels through space, charting unexplored territories. Hinekiri’s maps are valuable, and she has attracted thieves who covet her charts. Janaya, Hinekiri’s niece, is an elite bodyguard on Dalcon. She wants to protect her favorite aunt from the lowlifes intent on robbery. The last thing she requires is an unplanned trip to Earth or interaction with the locals. Prince Alexandre is exhausted with court life and royal obligations. What he craves is a slice of ordinary on another planet and a different path where he is his own boss. He needs a suitable Earthman or woman to aid him in his research on a new career. Three aliens visit the country town of Sloan - fish-out-of-water - but a new start on Earth brings opportunities, second chances and the possibility of love. Janaya (Alien Encounter #1) Janaya is a bodyguard on a mission. She must protect her Aunt Hinekiri from mercenaries and return to Dalcon in time to take her captain’s exam. A simple assignment for an officer of her caliber - except nothing goes as planned. Their spaceship crash-lands on Earth. No spare parts available. Big problem! Janaya is stuck on a tiny outpost called New Zealand. She’s going to bungle her promotion chances. And because she neglected to have her travel inoculations in her urgent hurry to protect her aunt, Janaya has bonded with an Earthman... Police officer Luke Morgan seeks a quiet life. No press. No nosy reporters. No women. Just lots of fishing and fresh country air. He doesn’t count on meeting a pair of aliens and a talking dog, or participating in a shootout with purple-suited aliens. Nor does he expect the surge of lust he experiences for Janaya. Suddenly a routine callout turns into a huge problem that Luke suspects might only be the tip of the iceberg... Reader note: This book was previously published as Talking Dogs, Aliens and Purple People Eaters. Hinekiri (Alien Encounter #2) New Zealand cop Richard Morgan is settled and perhaps a tad boring. Maybe he’s a little lonely since his wife died, but there’s no need to change a lifestyle that works for him. Small-town life suits him perfectly. Intrepid alien explorer Hinekiri walks through life alone, eager to explore uncharted worlds and try new experiences. She’s arrived on Earth to fulfill her ambition to witness the wildebeest migration in Africa. Unfortunately, she has Torgon mercenaries hot on her trail, eager to steal her valuable galaxy charts, and a niece who wants to spoil her fun! From the minute Richard unwittingly finds himself in bed with the beautiful alien temptress it’s hard to catch his breath. Suddenly he’s lusting after Hinekiri and discovering they’re very compatible indeed! Richard’s flying in spaceships, talking to dogs and fighting Torgon mercenaries in his spare time. Danger and impulsive are his new middle names. He’s having loads of fun, but soon Hinekiri’s departure date arrives. Richard realizes he wants more than a romantic interlude in Africa. Now all he needs to do is persuade the determined Hinekiri to his way of thinking… Shelley Munro - Alexandre (Alien Encounter #3) Sex! Lily Morgan hasn’t had any since her husband ran off with his boyfriend. But, where will she find a man willing to overlook chronic clumsiness, dimpled thighs and cellulite? Sex! Prince Alexandre Bellangere has too much. Sex, that is. Continual treatment as a sex object is becoming a pain in the butt. Heck, he’s more than just a pretty face and muscular body. He possesses brains and ambition, yet Dalcon princes are expected to have sex, mate and breed royal undergrowns. Determined to change his life, he sneaks from the palace and leaves the planet disguised as plain Alex Bell. Sex! Lily Morgan takes one look at the golden stranger and starts thinking “what if?” Alex Bell sees the curvy travel agent and reconsiders his stand on sex - maybe... Sex! Lily’s family is not happy about her spending time with an alien. They decide to leave Killer, the talking dog, to keep an eye on the situation. Take one chubby travel agent and an alien Dalconian prince in disguise, add in sex, laughter, endless possibilities. Combine and shake vigorously. Result... a true-blue love...

Ethereal Lives

Gem Stone - 2016
    But he doesn’t realise what he is getting when they pick Ariane. Believing humans to be simple, docile creatures, he gets a big shock when he finally meets one. Ariane grew up tough. She knows how to defend herself, and has no plans to go to the auction block quietly. She intends to stop at every planet, see everything, and push every button she can along the way and she’s dragging Ax along for the ride. When Ax gets taken prisoner Ariane must decide what she wants more. Her freedom or the man she loves.

Forbidden Knowledge: Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler

Jason Quitt - 2016
    From ancient Egypt and Atlantis to our possible pre and post apocalyptic future he has been a witness to our un-recorded history. Within the pages of "Forbidden Knowledge" you will learn who we are and how mainstream archaeologists, scientists and historians have been swept up in a fabricated storyline. Our world isn't what we think it is. It's a world once fought and protected by other worldly and dimensional beings. An ascension process is taking place on our planet today that is awakening our consciousness to peer beyond the veils of our known reality. We are once again remembering our place in the universe as multi-dimensional beings who are having a physical experience on planet Earth.

Braxan: Alien Dragon's Mate

Juno Wells - 2016
    He's drop-dead gorgeous, confident to the point of cockiness and he makes love like a god. And he's saved her life too many times to count!Amelia lives on a human colony on the planet Belzon, but was kidnapped by the repulsive Pirgk aliens that want to destroy the peaceful settlement. Braxan saved her from them, and now they're running together on an alien planet that seems dead set on killing them both!But Braxan isn't just any alien. He's the most fearsome enemy mankind has: an Ultra Draco, both man and dragon. And curvy Amelia is his Fated Mate!Amelia hopes they will reach her home colony before the aliens wipe them all out. And before Braxan dies of the wound in his chest. A wound that Amelia gave him...

Violet and Her Alien Matchmaker

Jessica Coulter Smith - 2016
    Violet has done everything she can to provide for her son, but sometimes you just have to admit you can't do it all. Dating humans hasn't worked out so well for her, so why not look for some out of this world kind of love? There's just one problem. The official at the Interstellar Love Dating Agency takes one look at her son Simon and nearly has an epileptic fit. Who knew such a sweet and charming little boy could cause such a reaction? When Tiraz, an alien of the Liptu race, overhears Violet's pitiful tale, he can't help but lend a hand. Tiraz might not want a female of his own - just yet - but he knows plenty of males who do. What harm could come of playing matchmaker for this down on their luck family? Famous last words. The more time Tiraz spends with Violet, the more he starts to feel something. He has no idea what the strange sensation is, but every time Violet is near, he has the urge to hold her, to press his lips to her smooth rosy cheek, and whisper words of comfort in her ear. What's a confirmed bachelor alien to do when he realizes what he wants most is the little family living under his roof?


Libby Sinclair - 2016
    To get her job back and make her old boss and ex-boyfriend look like a fool. After weeks of research and leg work, she finally discovers the holy grail of bounties and sets out to reel it in. Only, the alien Tulan bounty hunter, Finn Strydom, beats her to it. Rushing to the payload and bickering all the way, the two find themselves stranded on an abandoned ship with no hope of rescue. A last minute confession leads to a hot close encounter as the two face death.

Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen

Jean Neff Guthrie - 2016
    Then Aria confides in her best friend, Tommy Manger. His surprise doubts and anger threaten to end their friendship. When the Gallions beam Aria, Tommy, and Aria’s tomboyish older sister, Jackie, aboard their superspaceship, Aria’s mother makes a bold move to save her daughters. None of them realize that the Navy has sent Aria’s SEAL father, William, on a mission to capture the Gallions or destroy their superspaceship. Worse, William has no idea that he’s putting his daughters in harm’s way. Nashata, Queen Supreme of the Gallions, leads the diplomatic mission to make peaceful contact with Aria, the only human she trusts with the secrets of her people. Can Aria succeed in her quest to meet the queen in person, despite the fears and disbeliefs of those closest to her?


Serena Simpson - 2016
    Mick was an A’rouk his destiny was to be alone. Dying didn’t bother Jaz. She was created with the knowledge that her life was limited, subject to the will of man. That changed the day she saw Mick. Death was no longer a given; she would do whatever it took to live one more day with him. Mick was born under a curse. The minute he laid his eyes on his mate, death would come for them both. He resigned himself to being alone and defending part of the galaxy from the Darkness until he saw Jazz. Everything changed at that moment. Mick and Jaz are headed for death as the two of them fight against the forces that would not only tear them apart but leave part of the galaxy unprotected. Love didn’t always prevail, but it was the only chance they had. This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18.

Space Battle Lunchtime #5

Natalie Riess - 2016
    But right before the final episode, she disappeared! Now it’s up to Neptunia and Aris to find out where Peony’s gone—and whether fellow chef Melonhead had anything to do with it. Meanwhile, Peony finds herself on the set of a different—and deadlier—cooking show.

The Eaters: Book One: Origin

Corrie Brundage - 2016
    hybrid romance-adventure…Brilliant, brave, determined, and just a little bit…distracted. Meet Dr. Mina Brice, dedicated savior of species, and scientist with a secret. On a planet ravaged by climate change, her ability to mind-meld with earth’s imperiled beasts has made her a valued member of a team dedicated to saving as many as they can from extinction. Unfortunately, Mina’s inability to connect with her fellow humans has kept most of them at arm's length. Except for Jack—handsome, dashing-with-a-touch -of-goofy, totally distracting Jack. Dr. Jack MacConnell was never supposed to be part of Mina’s game plan. But when thrown together on a crazy-dangerous mission, both fate and a deadly tsunami seem determined to propel them down the same fraught—and occasionally delicious—path. Perhaps forever?But forever turns out to be a fluid commodity when both awaken 500 years into the future in a city called Origin. Presided over by aliens known as The Travelers, it is a world at once familiar and totally strange. And for Mina and Jack, it will become a battleground…against a hybrid race of predators loosed on the human population, against those whose dark side is so very carefully hidden, and even, as fate throws a heart wrenching twist their way, against…each other?Corrie Brundage kicks off The Eaters trilogy with an intoxicating tale of pulse-pounding action for fans of urban fantasy and science fiction to devour and savor.


Mardi Maxwell - 2016
    The future is bleak until an alien time travel device is found. Lieutenant Sunny Blake is a squad leader with a reputation for getting the job done while keeping her team alive. She’s ordered to travel back in time to 2125 A.D. to retrieve one of Earth’s most elite warriors, Lieutenant Jefferson W. Stone, seconds before his death. Stone’s exploits, on and off the battlefield, were memorialized in a tell-all biography and Sunny has a copy of the book. Stone has two interests…high risk missions and lust-filled nights of pleasure. Wounded and trapped in a canyon he’s shocked when an apparition appears and whisks him away. When he wakes up in the future he’s told he would’ve died that day and he’s given a choice…stay in the future and fight, or return to the past and die. Staying in the future means he’ll be under Sunny’s command when he’d rather have her beneath him in his bed.

Red Planet: The Slave Queen

Jessica Snow - 2016
     And he won’t stop until I am. I’ve been hailed leader of the Human Rebellion because I’m stuck with his royal highness, Alien Prince Tauren. As his jailor, I’m tasked with preventing his escape, but that might prove difficult. Standing nearly seven feet tall, he’s massive, with hulking biceps, broad shoulders and packing a huge bulge beneath his loin cloth. I should be repulsed by him, after all, he’s the prince of my oppressors and an alien beast. But strangely, I’m attracted to him. Every time I’m near him, all I can think about are those powerful hands roaming my body. I can’t resist.  And if my kind knew how I lusted over him, they’d have me executed. I’m conflicted and torn between my desire for his touch and the need for war. But worse than that, I’m hiding a terrible secret. A secret that could get us both killed. I’m pregnant with his alien baby.


Olivia March - 2016
    After the Scourge attack his home planet of Arthaneas, Helion vows not to lay aside his sword until every last Scourge is slain. That desire for vengeance takes him to Earth and what should have been a routine mission. Everything is turned on its head, however, when Helion meets a delectable Earth female whom he will stop at nothing to possess.Gwen doesn't want to be his possession. Her only desire is to stay alive so she can care for her vulnerable young daughter. When Helion captured her she was sure their lives would be forfeit. But it's no longer merely her life at stake- now it's her body and her heart. Now Gwen has to decide whether to protect her heart from Helion's determined siege or embrace a new destiny with the alien prince of her dreams.Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes-no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!"An adult sci fi romancefrom Ellora's Cave"

Wynter's Warrior: A SciFi Alien Romance

Mardi Maxwell - 2016
    The enemy who destroyed their home planets is approaching Earth. Zaryq, the leader of the Za’Artha, is determined that his people survive and repopulate their ranks. They’ll share their advanced technology in return for the right to test human females for compatibility as mates.   A desperate woman…… Wynter Fields lives under the suffocating rule of two powerful political parents. She’s doomed to marry a man she despises, or risk the safety of the only person she loves. When Earth’s women are asked to volunteer for testing she hopes she’s found a way to escape. All she has to do is reach her destination unnoticed.   Nothing ever comes easy……. Strong in public but willing in the bedroom, that’s the requirement to become an alien mate. But that isn’t all. A rite of passage…the Mating Challenge...must be conquered before the final mate ritual can be completed. With only six days to train with her warrior for the rigorous test ahead, tensions run high. If Wynter isn’t strong enough to survive the life threatening challenge, Zaryq will be forced to let her go. Losing the Mating Challenge is not an option.