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A Beauty to His Beast 2: An Urban Werewolf Story

Natavia - 2016
    Their lives should be filled with blissful times after the birth of their pups, but new and old enemies are emerging with treacherous agendas. Kanya is having a difficult time adjusting to the nature of her beast, the rules of the pack emerging with her beast is becoming overwhelming. What happens when Kanya’s beast test her mate’s? Keora is not willing to give up on her past infactuation of Goon, she will not stop at any cost even if it means sacrificing her heart to an ancient spirit to become powerful. But as time goes on, Keora has another agenda that can even cause Goon and Kanya’s pups their lives. But what will happen when Keora falls in love with another wolf? Will it be too late to stop the war she has created? In this second installment, secrets are revealed, new and old love is being discovered. Soul mates' love are being tested, and a war is emerging between packs as they fight to protect the ones they love.

Blood in Her Veins: Nineteen Stories from the World of Jane Yellowrock

Faith Hunter - 2016
    Read about the first time Jane put the pedal to the metal in “The Early Years,” and the last thing a werewolf will ever see as Jane delivers justice in “Beneath a Bloody Moon.” Get a searing look into the pasts of some of the series’ best-loved characters: Beast in “WeSa and the Lumber King,” Rick LaFleur in “Cat Tats,” and Molly Everhart Trueblood in “Haints.”   In the brand-new “Cat Fight,” the witches and vampires of Bayou, Oiseau, are at war over a magical talisman—and Jane must figure out how to keep the mysterious artifact out of the covetous hands of the Master of New Orleans. And in the never-before-published “Bound No More,” Jane welcomes a visit from Molly and her daughter, Angie, who is about to prove she’s the most powerful witch in Everhart history....   From the Big Easy to the bad bayou, from the open road to a vampire’s lair—with Jane Yellowrock, it’s always a given: have stakes, will travel.   *New York Times Bestselling Author Kim Harrison

Winter Moon

Dannika Dark - 2016
    Spirits are low, and now they're in a scramble when a freak snowstorm knocks out the power. Despite bickering among packmates and the threat of rogues, the family is determined to make this a memorable Christmas.But when an important family member goes missing, the pack is galvanized into action. Time is running out, and the temperature is dropping fast.Winter Moon is a bonus novella that takes place after the final book in the series, One Second.

Boarlander Boss Bear

T.S. Joyce - 2016
    New shifters. New lumberjack crew. Are you ready to see how the Boarlanders live?*** ***The Boarlander Bears can be read as a standalone series*** Audrey Foster is a shifter among humans. Forced to register her animal side to the public and desperate to meet other shifters like herself, she finds love on a matchmaking site with the big, brawler, alpha grizzly of the Boarlander Crew. She leaves her small hometown destined for a face-to-face meeting with Harrison Lang that will change her life forever. The only problem is he doesn’t seem to realize they are dating, and now his crew is on the defense, trying to keep her from getting too close to their secret life up in the wilds of Damon’s Mountains. Harrison has no time for the crazy woman at the bar who seems to think she knows him. His crew of lumberjack bear shifters is falling apart around him, and he’s making desperate moves to save what’s left of his trailer park. The last thing he needs is some human sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Too bad he can’t stop thinking about her, and now the mysterious beauty has him considering big changes for Boarland Mobile Park. Audrey wants a big boss bear, but she’s in way over her head, because the Boarlanders are not what they seem. Watch out Gray Backs…there’s a new C-team in town. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Blackwing Defender

T.S. Joyce - 2016
    But when the man she cares for chooses another, her life gets caught in a tailspin. A new crew announcement could mean a change in her stars, but there is a catch. It’s the Blackwing Crew, and is run by fire-breathing dragon shifters. Not only that, but when she finds her bravery to travel to the Smoky Mountains and apply, the crew has somehow attracted the most damaged and terrifying shifters in the world. And one of those has his sexy eyes on her. Logan is decisively deadly when it comes to protecting the fledgling Blackwing Crew, but the grizzly in his middle is a monster. He’s here for one reason, and one reason alone – to go out fighting. But the quiet beauty, Winter, has him wishing he could be saved. When the alpha of the new crew, Dark Kane, finds out what Logan really is, the choice of life and death may not be up to him anymore. And now he and Winter will have to go to war if they want a chance at forever. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Magic Steals

Ilona Andrews - 2016
    She dislikes the violence and bloodshed that are a way of life for most of her kind, even going so far as to become a vegetarian. The last thing she wants is trouble...Jim Shrapshire is an original, hardcore badass. A jaguar shifter, he’s been tasked with keeping Atlanta’s Cat Clan in line, which he does with swift and lethal force when necessary. His only soft spot is for the petite Dali, whose kindness he calls upon when he is injured.When Dali is approached by a desperate woman whose grandmother has vanished, Jim is concerned enough to help investigate. But what they find may just be the end of them—an enemy whose skill in the dark arts is matched only by their willingness to kill anyone in their way...Magic Steals was originally published in the anthology Night Shift

Wild Embrace

Nalini Singh - 2016
    But she wants nothing more than to break down the barrier of silence between her and her telekinetic Psy station commander . . . Dorian A changeling who can never shift lives a life of quiet frustration—until he learns how to let his leopard come out and play . . . Partners in Persuasion Still raw from being burned by a dominant female, wolf changeling Felix will never again risk being a plaything. But for dominant leopard Dezi, he’s the most fascinating man she’s ever met. She just has to convince this gun-shy wolf that he can trust the dangerous cat who wants to take a slow, sexy bite out of him . . . Flirtation of Fate Seven years ago, Kenji broke Garnet’s heart. Now the wolf packmates have to investigate the shocking murder of one of their own. And the more Kenji sees of the woman Garnet has become, the deeper he begins to fall once more. But even his primal instincts are no match for the dark secret he carries . . .Note: Some of these short stories have been published separately as digital e-books or as parts of multi-author anthologies.

Blood of the Earth

Faith Hunter - 2016
    His appearance forces her out of her isolated life into an investigation that leads to the vampire Blood Master of Nashville.Nell has a team—and a mission. But to find the Master’s kidnapped vassal, Nell and the PsyLED team will be forced to go deep into the heart of the very cult Nell fears, infiltrating the cult and a humans-only terrorist group before time runs out…

Complete Bear Creek and Bear Bluff Box Sets: Including exclusive book Best Man Bear

Harmony Raines - 2016
    A wedding she has helped to plan. Oh, and she’s also the maid of honor. What’s that phrase? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. But she loves Chloe, and knows she deserves to be happy with her husband to be, Nate. And then Joshua enters her life. As Nate’s best man, they are expected to work closely together, and when Chloe’s past threatens to put a black cloud over her special day, Olivia knows she has to act. Reluctantly accepting Joshua’s offer to help, they go on a short road trip. Will it be the road to happiness for Olivia? Polar bear shifter Joshua arrives from Alaska to be best man for his friend Nate. What he doesn’t expect to find is his mate, in the curvy form of Olivia. But Olivia has no idea shifters exist. When she finds out the truth, she is upset and hurt, believing the whole town has been keeping secrets from her. Can Joshua save the wedding, and convince her to be his mate? Includes - Bear Creek Complete SeriesRescued by the Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 1)Finding Her Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 2)Tamed by the Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 3)Snowbound With The Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 4)Biker Bear Billionaire (Bear Creek Clan Book 5)A Bride for the Bear (Bear Creek Clan Book 6)Bear Bluff Complete SeriesBound To Her Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 1)Doctor Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 2)Stranded With Her Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 3)Home Or Her Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 4)Fated To Her Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 5)Lonely Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 6)Best Man Bear (Bear Bluff Clan Book 7)

King of the Asheville Coven

T.S. Joyce - 2016
    S. Joyce's International Bestselling Harper's Mountains series**** Aric Teague is the king of the local coven, and trying to do a better job than the last leader. Add to that a new job at the Winterset Fire Department, and the last thing he needs is to complicate his life further. But when he lays eyes on a fiercely beautiful Sadey, all bets are off the table. She’s an unregistered shifter, and his coven is bound to be furious, but he wants to know more about the sassy beauty with all the secrets. Sadey Lowen is a rare shifter in hiding. All she wants is to keep her life simple, but an accident puts her right in the path of a handsome firefighter with terrifying eyes and fangs to match. Every instinct is screaming for her to run, but the King of the Asheville Coven is slowly working his way into her mind, and her heart. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy vampire and shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Federal Paranormal Unit, Volume 1

Milly Taiden - 2016
    Contains: Wolf Protector, Dangerous Protector and Unwanted Protector Wolf Protector A woman with a secret… The Federal Paranormal Unit is an elite squad of supernaturals dedicated to solving missing persons cases. Erica’s gift allows her a special connection with the crime, but it comes at a deep personal cost… Until now, she’s kept her gift a secret, even from the other members of the team. But this case will throw her together with Agent Trent Buchanan. He’s the object of her secret desires, but he’s also a cocky womanizer. She’d rather swim in shark-infested waters with a paper cut than admit she has feelings for him. A man with one desire… Wolf Shifter Trent wants Erica more than he’s ever wanted any woman. He’s spent years patiently waiting for her to admit that she wants him too. Working one-on-one in a race to find a serial killer, Trent’s patience and Erica’s resolve wear thin. When Trent discovers the truth about Erica, will he accept her for who she is? And can he protect her from the horrors that her gift brings? A case that pushes them to the edge… Erica will have to risk it all if she wants to stop the killer, and when she does, Trent may have to put his own life on the line to make sure his mate is protected… Dangerous Protector If you run from love, you're asking for a chase... James Brock lived the past ten years without the woman he loves. Using his job as head of the Federal Paranormal Unit to help others, he's done a good job of ignoring his lack of a personal life until she returns. His salvation. His first love. Cynthia Vega had a very good reason to leave the only man she loved after she'd accepted his marriage proposal. Now she's back as his boss. And he's not willing to ignore their chemistry or the past. Brock is determined to claim his mate and prove that their passion is even hotter than before. He wants her and her explanation behind their separation. Except, some secrets won't stay buried in the past. Brock will fight his demons to follow her lead, but Cynthia's reluctance to explain their lost love may be the one key to their destruction... Unwanted Protector Jane Donovan has been living a lie. Every day for the past ten years, she's run from reality and the temptation that Tony Ramirez represents. But this year, Jane’s getaway is filled with more than just relaxation; there’s a dead man on her kitchen floor. Suddenly, keeping Tony away is the last thing Jane can do. Tony Ramirez has wanted Jane for ten years. While she may not be his mate, the attraction is undeniable. When he can’t shake the feeling he needs to check on her, he decides to crash her vacation to ensure her safety. When he gets to her cabin, Jane is gone and nobody knows where she could be. Finding out who the dead man is may be the least of their troubles when a pint-sized, pink-haired little girl who needs help suddenly makes an appearance. Unfortunately for Jane, the trouble with a small lie is that it grows with time. The truth may come to light before she’s ready. Now they have a murder, a child, a mystery, and the unwavering attraction to deal with. Reader Note: These books are a work of fiction. There's hot, sweaty, naughty sex, adult language, lots of violence and blood. Heroines with a sassy attitude and growly Alpha males that will claim their mates at any cost. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you're a fan of all things naughty, sexual tension, action and humor, this is perfect for you. Enjoy!


T.S. Joyce - 2016
    S. Joyce**** Gentry Striker is right back where he swore he would never be again—his hometown. All he has to do is tie up some loose ends and escape the darkness that has enveloped this place, but he can feel his destiny pulling him deeper into the shadows of this old town. The local pack has been taken over by one seriously unstable alpha, and Gentry is a rogue on a mission to escape. That is, until a striking beauty grabs his attention and demands to stay at the home he is renting out. The problem? She’s human, and isn’t safe in a town full of monsters. Perhaps Gentry is the biggest monster of all, but she’s got him wanting to dig back into his old life and become a better man. She doesn’t know it yet, but she has his wolf hunting her. And he’s not the only one. Blaire Hayward is on a last-minute vacation to escape the monotony of her life for a little while. The plan is to spend some time in a cabin in snow country relaxing, but when she coasts into Rangeley, nothing is what it seems. The people in this town are acting strangely, and there is something dark going on under the surface that she can’t quite figure out. And at the center of it all is Gentry Striker. Tall, snarly, sexy, and mysterious, he’s calling to her heart in ways she never thought possible. But - the longer she stays, the more uncertain her life becomes, because Rangeley is no normal town. It’s a town of beasts, and Blaire is falling for the most dangerous of them all. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

More Than Mated

Celia Kyle - 2016
    All FIVE bestselling Grayslake: More Than Mated novels in one volume! Follow these alpha males—and their luscious mates—from Grayslake and beyond. Where the Abrams brothers, friends, and occasionally enemies fight for their lives, their future, and their mates. These growly men don’t just find their perfect matches, they find love in the unlikeliest of places. That’s when they realize they’re not just mated, they’re in love… and they’ll battle to the death to keep it. No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It - The beast wants to make their woman happy, so it’s perfectly content to let her do as she pleases. Then things change. Threats arise, danger comes close, and Ty demands she return to his den. No ifs, ands, or mates about that. All Roar and No Bite - Who needs claws when you’ve got a baseball bat? Lauren Evans sure as heck doesn’t. Roaring Up the Wrong Tree - What should Trista do when faced with a hunky werebear who can’t decide if he wants to kill her or screw her? Love at First Roar - What happens when a half-blind weremole girl falls for a scarred werebear guy? A match made in furry, dirt-caked heaven. Mostly. Howl My Name - Reid just killed her father. There’s no way Evelyn’s gonna mate him now… Dammit. This book contains the following novels in the Grayslake: More Than Mated series: "No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It", "All Roar and No Bite", "Roaring Up the Wrong Tree", "Love at First Roar", and "Howl My Name." If you already own these books, please do not purchase this title.

Scenes from Cloverleah

Lisa Oliver - 2016
    These four short stories are my way of filling in those gaps. RELUCTANT KINGGriff and Diablo: Our two men have finally got the chance of a three-day break before they are due to get married in New York. Diablo wants Griff to meet his mom, but they’d only been there long enough for lunch, and Diablo starts to think he’s made a huge mistake. JOSH AND VADIM’S EUROPEAN GETAWAYJosh and Vadim’s wedding had Josh crying in the aisle, but Vadim’s the planning expert and he has a wonderful holiday planned for his mate. Unfortunately, it seems Vadim can’t go anywhere without his past coming to haunt him, and this time Josh is under threat. KANE AND SHAWN: THE IMPORTANCE OF HOPEShawn knows Kane has a bee in his bonnet about something; he just doesn’t know what it is. It’s time for some serious talking, and maybe, just maybe these two men will find a sliver of hope among the darkness that’s been surrounding Cloverleah. BABY OLLIEKurt, Luke and Tobias: Tobias always said that once the pack was safe he was more than happy to entertain the idea of having children. But the Fates had another plan in mind and when a baby cub rescued from Roland’s lab has trouble settling in with the San Antonio pack, Luke makes a plea that can’t be ignored. If you want to know the back story for these characters, the titles are below:Griff and Diablo – The Runaway Cat Josh and Vadim – Watching Out for Fangs Kane and Shawn – The Reluctant WolfKurt, Luke and Tobias – Tangling with BearsM/M, and M/M/M, contains some intimate scenes. 33905 words in total.

Bloodrunner Dragon

T.S. Joyce - 2016
    S. Joyce. Don’t miss the thrilling first book in Harper’s Mountains.** Harper Keller is a shifter on borrowed time. After failing to find her treasure, her inner dragon is desperate to find anything to connect with. When a plea for help comes through from an old flame, she puts her life on hold to track him down. But when she finds Wyatt, it’s obvious time has changed him. He isn’t the sweet and steady boy she grew up with anymore, but is now a dominant, rip-roaring grizzly shifter with alpha bloodlines and a mountain of secrets. He’s dug himself into a deep hole, and is surrounded by danger from all sides, and now Harper had a big decision to make. Save herself, or spend her final days saving the man who is laying claim to her heart. Wyatt James is on a mission to save the girl he left behind. He isn’t the man everyone thought he would be, and has been hiding from the people he cares about, including Harper. If she sees him now, she won’t recognize the monster he’s become, but if Wyatt wants a shot at saving her, he has to make his move. Drawing an ailing Bloodrunner Dragon in close will attract the predators though, so he has to be ready for anything. And as the danger that shadows his life grows thicker, he will have to risk everything he’s built to protect the dragon he loves. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Fated Mates

Alicia Montgomery - 2016
    An outsider suddenly drawn in...She can't resist him, but he knows he can never have her... Private investigator Alynna Chase is drawn in to the world of werewolf shifter clans when she encounters charming and sexy Lycan, Alex Westbrooke. For centuries, werewolf shifters have moved among human society undetected, hiding in plain sight. The New York clan, hiding behind the powerful Fenrir Corporation, has ruled the East Coast for over two centuries, holding great power and position in both human and Lycan hierarchy. Alynna suddenly finds herself in the center of this secretive society world when her true heritage is revealed – a full-blooded Lycan, born of the fabled True Mate pairing between her human mother and powerful Alpha father. Drawn deeper into their world, she feels a magnetic pull towards Alex. As Alynna takes her place in Lycan high society, Alex knows he could never have her. He's a newcomer to New York and a member of the current Alpha’s security team, making her beyond his reach. But the attraction between them is too powerful, and he risks everything to have her. However, a threat to the clan and Alynna’s life draws them closer together, and Alex will do anything to protect her, even risk getting too close and defying Lycan hierarchy. With so many things at stake, will their affair end in disaster or have these two lonely souls found what they’ve been looking for?

Dancing Bearfoot

Zoe Chant - 2016
     Patricia works hard to keep her small-town preschool afloat, and the last thing she needs is trouble from the arrogant single father of her newest student. But when the stunningly handsome man captures her heart with a single look, trouble is what's in store. Big city billionaire bear shifter Lee doesn't believe in soulmates. He's loved and lost before, and he's sure that there's no such thing as a perfect mate... until he meets the golden goddess who teaches his daughter. When a sudden snowstorm traps them in his mansion, the spark between them catches fire. Lee has to balance his past and present, and somehow tell her his secret - a secret that he never even shared with the wife he lost. With Patricia's help, can his heart learn to dance again? Dancing Bearfoot is a sweet and sexy short standalone BBW bear shifter second-chance romance. No cliffhangers!

Wolf's Surrender

Mandy M. Roth - 2016
    Shape-shifting Special Operative Brad Durant has been held against his will by the enemy for nearly a year.He's given up hope and is fast giving up his will to survive--that is, until a hot-tempered, redheaded succubus is placed in the cell next to his. She calls to his wolf on a primitive level and he won't let anyone or anything harm her. Giving his body to the little minx is easy, but guarding his heart is much harder.

All Is Bright

P. Jameson - 2016
    Jameson*** All Francesca Brightwood wants for Christmas is a cure for loneliness. Past tragedies have left her with nothing but her home, her family’s inherited flower shop, and a desperate hope that something brighter is on the horizon. In walks Malcom, right off the streets, and her heart takes notice. The honest way he looks at her, like she’s the calm to his storm, tells her there’s a chance her wishes could come true. But the closer they become, the more Malcom’s mysterious history seems impossible to hurdle. Malcom “Skinner” Frazier is hiding from his past, and trying to heal from a crippling injury. When he finds himself in front of Brightwoods Floral & Gifts, he has no idea the woman inside is just as lost as he is. Drawn by her kindness and the careful tenderness in her eyes, he begins to wonder if she can help him find his way. But when the past comes calling, and all of Malcom’s secrets are revealed, will Francesca accept what he truly is and the future he wants with her. ***Contains adult language and explicit sex scenes. Intended for mature audiences only.

Dirty Looks

P. Jameson - 2016
    This is the Second Lap. Aaron Redman has been caught in a paranormal war. As a shifter hunter, he’s seen a lot more bad apples than good. But when he learns his sister has mated into a pack of werewolves with a penchant for dirt track racing, and that those dogs aren’t the type to orchestrate a hostage situation or use him as a chew toy, it’s enough to make him question everything he thought he knew about the people who can transform into wild animals. Now he’s coming home to Cedar Valley a new man, and hoping he can rebuild relationships he once damaged. Fox shifter, Lexington Taylor, is on the run but she’s not alone. Her crew of females is looking for a forever home to call their own. One nothing like where they came from. And they know just the pack. The Dirt Track Dogs have a reputation for loving hard and racing dirty. Now Lexington and her vixens have set out to get their attention by bringing motocross to Cedar Valley. What she doesn’t count on is meeting a human that makes her inner fox giddy for a happily ever after. A human shifter hunter with secrets that might be darker than hers. The vixens meet the dogs in this standalone spinoff series of the original Dirt Track Dogs by P. Jameson!

The Clawed Squad Box Set

Kim Fox - 2016
    She likes to keep the quiet sleepy mountain town drama free. Which means, shifter free. So when a large squad of ex-con bear shifters show up out of the blue and move onto the Vega Ranch, she has a big problem with it. Especially with the huge sexy one, Stetson Evans, who keeps haunting her dreams with those vexing green eyes.Stetson is not mate material. He's destined to be the grumpy bear of The Clawed Squad. Broken. Tormented. Alone. That's how it has always been and that's how it will always be. Until he meets Kylee, the tough talking Sheriff of his new town. She brings out a new side of him that is both exciting and terrifying. Will the meanest shifter in The Clawed Squad be able to convince the beautiful curvy Sheriff that all shifters aren't bad?But Stetson is not just up against Kylee's long held prejudices. They're both up against a dangerous secret that could destroy the two of them and will have them both asking a very important question: Can you change fate?Book 2: The Clawed Squad: RoyalGrizzly bear shifter, Royal, needs a princess. Unfortunately the tiny mountain town of Colwood, Montana is fresh out of them. Every bear shifter in the Clawed Squad must find a mate, and soon, and the pressure on Royal to drop his dream of marrying a princess is starting to get intense. It's too bad there's no way in hell that he's ever going to drop it.Camilla Hill is a master con artist. She gets in way over her head during a con when she pretends to be a princess in need and catches the eye of a sexy bear shifter. He's hot, dangerous, and has a thing for princesses. Can she tell him the truth before things quickly spin out of control?Love is in the air, but so is deception, lies, and betrayal. Will the prince get his princess or just get royally screwed?Book 3: The Clawed Squad: The TwinsLayla Winters is out of shape, out of breath, and out of luck. After a series of strange circumstances, she finds herself hanging from Montana's highest cliff without a hope to survive. That is until two identical twin bear shifters come racing up the mountain to save her.Slate and Karl Ember are two bear shifter twins looking for a mate. Karl wants to complete the triad which is any twin bear shifter's destiny but his brother Slate has a problem with sharing, and there's no way that Slate is going to share a mate. But when the curvy and quick witted, Layla, literally falls into their muscular arms, all bets are off.Layla is perfect for Slate, but she's also perfect for his brother, Karl. Can the two brothers learn to share a mate or will they both go down fighting?Book 4: The Clawed Squad: TylerSkin shifter, Tyler Jones, hasn't been home in almost a decade. Why would he? His community of skin shifters excommunicated him, Jacob, the ruler who happens to be his older brother, is a psychopath, and the girl who he spent his whole youth loving broke his heart when she turned him away. So yeah, he's just fine staying on Clawed Ranch.Skin shifter, Isabelle Lexington, is desperate. Years ago, out of fear, she chose Jacob to be her husband over the true love of her life, Tyler. It was the biggest mistake of her life and now she’s paying the terrible consequences. If only she could turn back time, but she just may be able to; If she can only make Tyler see… After taking one look at Isabelle, Tyler is doing something that he vowed never to do: return home. But things have changed since he left. His brother Jacob is more powerful than ever; a rare master skin shifter. Tyler is hopelessly outmatched but hopelessly in love. A dangerous combination that will launch both Isabelle and Tyler into the true face of evil.Book 5: The Clawed Squad: ThornThe Clawed Squad's alpha, Thorn Conway, is the last of the squad left to get married. Only problem is, his mate died a decade ago.The hurt is still real, the pain is still raw. Will he be able to move past her looming memory to find the happiness that he doesn't feel like he deserves? Or will he give into the darkness and let down his whole squad?Fate can be cruel, but fate can also hold a few tricks up her sleeve...Join the Clawed Squad for one last adventure with a lot of action, steam, and of course, a lot of laughs.

Valentine's Surprise

Moxie North - 2016
     Keeping a secret from a bear shifter isn’t as easy as it seems... Cash Rochon knows his mate Cassie is keeping a secret, his bear knows too. He is thrilled but doesn’t want to spoil her surprise. Valentine’s Day was not Cassie’s favorite holiday, but this year she has big news she can’t wait to share with the man of her dreams. News this special needs a big splashy reveal. But how to do it? Two people so perfectly matched in love, they both think up the perfect way to surprise each other. Coincidence or fate? A beary special Valentine’s Day needs flowers, NO cards, Thai food, and a number of unexpected surprises.


Amelia Jade - 2016
    He's given up almost everything to be the best at his job, including the chance to take a mate. But after meeting his boss's new assistant, he can't help but wonder about the possibilities. Gabriel can withstand just about anything a shifter can throw at him in a fight, but when it comes to this strong, gorgeous, and witty woman, he finds himself weak in the knees. Could she truly be the one? Caia Rowan is tougher than she seems. Hired straight out of school to go through training as a police negotiator, she's seen her fair share of the ugly side of society. So when she's offered a job in Genesis Valley, the harsh lifestyle and brutal nature of its inhabitants doesn't faze her. But the tall, utterly intoxicating, and surprisingly well-mannered bear shifter she's partnered with has the butterflies in her stomach doing circus acts. As the pair investigate a series of odd occurrences within the Valley, they find that they can't ignore the tension growing between them. But one wrong move could cost them not only their jobs, but their lives. The darkness invading Genesis Valley is more perverse than either of them suspected, and it will take the power of their bond to burn it away. Can they survive the journey, or will the brash actions of one doom the other?


Ophelia Sexton - 2016
    Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, with friendly neighbors and a bakery/cafe that needs a new owner, it's the perfect place for her to start over. Firefighter and bear shifter Dane Swanson knows at once that kind, curvy Annabeth is his fated mate. She's also human, in a world where shifters must keep their existence secret. Annabeth has no idea that Bearpaw Ridge's population is more shifter than human ... but if they're to be mated, Dane will have to find a way to tell her everything. Wary of new relationships, Annabeth can't help warming to the strong, handsome man who can't get enough of her cinnamon rolls ... or her. But her fragile hopes are shattered when her ex tracks her down, determined to reclaim her. Dane is equally determined to protect his mate -- but will Annabeth still accept him when he reveals the other side of his nature? Heat is a novel-length steamy standalone paranormal romance with no cliffhangers.

Magic Undying

Linsey Hall - 2016
    She’d rather be back on earth, killing demons and hunting down magical treasure for her shop, Ancient Magic. Turns out that escaping hell is easy—it’s staying out that’s hard. Del’s death magic defies the laws of the supernatural world. Worse—she doesn’t know how to control it. If others learn what she is, it’s guaranteed persecution by the Order of the Magica. And Del already has a deadly and forbidden secret—she shares a soul with a dragon. Things get sticky when Roarke Fallon, Warden of the Underworld, shows up on her doorstep wanting to drag her back to hell. He’s a one of a kind shifter—the most powerful she’s ever met—and he’s set his sights on her. Helping him catch an escaped demon gives her an opportunity to win her freedom, but only if she teams up with Roarke. She’ll have to use her forbidden magic to get the job done. And that is a recipe for discovery… and disaster. Magic Undying features a kick butt heroine, a powerful hero, and otherworldly adventure.

Cat's Night Out

T.S. Paul - 2016
    When Agatha left for her Probi assignment Cat had one of her own. A serial killer stalked the South. Sometimes it takes a Monster to catch a Monster. Read this and other Tales from the Federal Witch Universe today!

Shifters in the Shadows

J.K. HarperClaire Ryann - 2016
    Never before released! The night is dark and something bewitching hides in its depths. These seductive vampires, sexy-as-hell shifters, dominating dragons, and possessive spirits will take your breath away. After one taste of their delicious darkness you'll never miss the light again. These books will seduce you with their fantastic romances and you won't find them anywhere else. Eternally Mated by Alyse ZaftigVampire Pyotr is running out of time, unless he mates before Halloween. Without her, he'll turn to dust. Can he find and claim his mate before it's too late?The Darkest Dragon by Anya NowlanA dragon always gets what he needs. Even when he isn't sure what that is. When curvy Sabrina stumbles into dragon shifter Donovan's secret lair on Halloween, both their lives are thrown into turmoil.Summoning Her Alphas by Auriella SkyeWhat happens when spirit witch Sherri invokes the wrong spell to find her warlock mates? She summons a vampire and a dragon shifter for a night of heated passion instead.Cursed Mates by Bella Love-WinsVampires and wolf shifters are mortal enemies. So how did I end up becoming the maid of honor at a Halloween wedding with Vincent, a 350-year-old, sexy as sin vampire?Gift of the Dead by Claire RyannAs a young widow, the last thing Naomi wants to do is celebrate the Day of the Dead and pretend she's with Logan again. But life's most precious gifts might actually be from the dead.The Vampire Wore Stilettos by Cynthia FoxCharlotte Van Kampen is a vampire who's too busy for love. When a guest of her nightclub disappears on Halloween, one hot detective tries to crack the case and capture her heart.Fallen Angel (Deadly Whispers #2) by Elianne AdamsWhat happens when an angel falls, and the only one who can save him is the one who sent him tumbling down? All hell breaks loose--literally.Let the Bodice Hit the Floor by Jacqueline SweetBear shifter Rhett thinks providing security for the Raven Queen's Halloween party will be a breeze, but he didn't expect a sassy, curvy witch to try and rob the castle.Hunter's Moon (Silvertip Shifters/Black Mesa Wolves) by J.K. HarperAbby Kenyon belongs with Quentin Walker--but wolf shifters and bear shifters just don't mix. The fall mating run is his last chance to win the hunt for her heart...A Ghost Of A Chance by JM KlaireLove isn't only for the living. Halloween night, when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest, was probably the wrong night to grab life by the balls.Hell or High Water by Kit FawkesWater elemental witch Naiya finds bad boy demon Bach irresistible. Things quickly heat up, but the truth could put everything on ice.Claim Me Cowbear by Liv BrywoodAt Curvy Bear Ranch, Halloween night is brimming with magic and seduction. Jack isn't looking for love, but can he resist his perfect mate?Her Dragon Protector by Olivia ArranDragon shifter Trent vowed to find a missing she-dragon and safely bring her home. Worshiping her delectable curves? Not allowed. But Astrid can read minds. So yeah, he's screwed.The Lion's Halloween Baby by Scarlett GroveCan lion shifter Rowan and white witch Geneva navigate their unexpected feelings while unraveling the mysterious Halloween message that brought them together?The Night Shift by Suki SelborneI'm a tiger shifter doctor and he's a vampire. If he touches my patient, he gets staked. If he touches me? I have a scary feeling I might let him.

The Highland Brothers: BBW Shifter Romance

Ally Summers - 2016
    Grab a blanket, curl up by the fire, and snuggle up with these hot shifters! Brand New and only Available in this Bundle: Frosty Bear North isn’t the kind of bear who likes Christmas. But when he stumbles into the Holly Inn and meets Aspen, he has a new appreciation for the holiday. His bear can’t resist and Aspen can’t deny the immediate spark she feels when the tall stranger walks into her B&B. The Write Bear Riley James has one assignment: help bestselling author Hudson Highland finish his latest book. Things get hot and heavy when Hudson needs some inspiration. The Steel Bear When Crawford Highland escapes to his family home to clear his head, Mila must travel to find him before the contract expires on his firm’s latest deal. Alone and away from office distractions Crawford and Mila must face whether there are rules worth breaking. Bear Exposure With their pasts catching up to them, will fear bring Striker and Presley together, or be the one thing that tears them apart? Bear Strokes Chase is desperate to claim Claire as his own, but she’s distant and cold, surrounded by people she can’t trust. Can his bear break down the walls keeping him from his mate or will Claire fight to keep her heart locked away? Bear Treble Songwriter Dylan Highland has lost the music. Layla Love is the world’s most famous vocal sweetheart. When the two must collaborate on Layla’s new album, Dylan fights his bear every step of the way. The sassy songstress is everything he wants to avoid. The Bear Guard The men will have to do everything in their power to prove to their mates that above all nothing else matters, but to protect and guard the families they love.

Bear All I Want For Christmas Boxed Set

Ariana Hawkes - 2016
    *** Polar Bears’ Christmas (a BRAND NEW story) The festive season is coming and Everly Holbrook’s bitchy family is about to make her life hell, as usual. And then sexy single father, Heath Stoneking, comes along and shows the curvy misfit that her unique talents make her special. He doesn’t want a mate and Everly is about to leave town for good, but can the magic of the season show him that he’d be a fool to let her slip through his fingers? Bear Home For Christmas An orphaned Noelle alone for the festive season and an ex-soldier bear Granger on a mission to find his wayward brother are thrown together in a snowstorm. Will Noelle be able to put her misgivings about people aside and trust that Granger really wants her? And will Granger be able to convince her that he wants to take care of her - not just for Christmas, but furrever! Bear Mine For Christmas Sexy bear shifter Brock Fletcher bumps into Madison Armstrong – the curvy beauty he never forgot – in the Christmas-tree store he runs with his family. Not only does she seem to be single, but his cousin and uncle could be a perfect match for her sister and mother. There’s danger ahead, but will a touch of Christmas magic bring a sparkle into all their hearts? This Holiday boxed set contains a BRAND NEW, never before published story and two best-selling books. All stories are standalone and full of Christmas magic, romance, suspense and laughs. HEA and no cliffhanger!

Wild Things

Jennifer Ashley - 2016
    Ferals are Shifters who’ve reverted to the wild stage, forgetting all about the joys of pizza and satellite TV. Not to mention, Mason is sick of waking up to the feral’s rampages in the bedroom next to his. The feral has been given sanctuary, so Mason can’t throw him out—the only thing to do is to find a way to cure him. The problem is, Shifter healers—elusive, Goddess-touched Shifters who have the healing gift—are few and far between. Mason volunteers to go in search of one, and is sent to a psychic in New Orleans who might have an idea of where to start looking. Mason doesn’t believe in psychics, but Jasmine, the psychic in question, seems to at least put on a good show. Jasmine believes in Shifters all right, but she vowed after her Shifter boyfriend dumped her to never have anything to do with them again. The easiest way to get rid of the growly Lupine, Mason, is to help him, but Jasmine never dreams what that help will drag her into. A short novel of the Shifters Unbound series.

Shifters Hallows Eve

Lori KingMelissa Bell - 2016
    Become Enchanted, Haunted, and Hunted this Halloween.  12 NYT, USA Today, and International Best Selling Authors, bring you brand-new, paranormal shifter romances that are sure to make this a Shifters Hallows Eve you’ll never forget! Featuring stories by: Audra Hart, Bethany Shaw, Bryce Evans, Candace Blevins, Elle Boon, Julia Mills, KD Jones, Lori King, Melissa Bell, Melissa Snark, R.E. Butler, and Sydney LeaJoker’s Trick or Treat by Audra HartThe Wolf’s Ghost by Bethany ShawThe Haunted Mate by Bryce EvansHallowed Destiny by Candace BlevinsDark Lovers by Elle BoonTears for Her Dragon by Julia MillsOnce Upon A Hallows Eve by KD JonesHaunted By Love by Lori KingThe Valley of Shadows by Melissa BellHunter’s Mark by Melissa SnarkThe Tiger’s Bride by R.E. ButlerMate Hunt by Sydney Lea


Kim Fox - 2016
    She likes to keep the quiet sleepy mountain town drama free. Which means, shifter free. So when a large squad of ex-con bear shifters show up out of the blue and move onto the Vega Ranch, she has a big problem with it. Especially with the huge sexy one, Stetson Evans, who keeps haunting her dreams with those vexing green eyes.Stetson is not mate material. He's destined to be the grumpy bear of The Clawed Squad. Broken. Tormented. Alone. That's how it has always been and that's how it will always be. Until he meets Kylee, the tough talking Sheriff of his new town. She brings out a new side of him that is both exciting and terrifying. Will the meanest shifter in The Clawed Squad be able to convince the beautiful curvy Sheriff that all shifters aren't bad?But Stetson is not just up against Kylee's long held prejudices. They're both up against a dangerous secret that could destroy the two of them and will have them both asking a very important question: Can you change fate?The fine print: HEA. No Cliffhanger. Contains explicit love scenes and is intended for mature audiences only.

Commander Bear

Scarlett Grove - 2016
    Jaguar shifter Zoe Bright knows trouble. Growing up, she was the “bad kid” who could never measure up to her bear-shifter brother Corey -- and now she’s in debt to the mob. So the last thing she expects is for Corey’s matchmaking program to pair her up with Fate Mountain’s handsome, hunky chief of police! He’s on her tail ... Grizzly shifter Rollo Morris can’t believe his fated mate is almost certainly a jewel thief. Still, he and his bear know that curvy, sassy Zoe belongs to them. Pursuing her is a must … and interrogating her is the naughtiest thing he’s ever done. And both of them are in the bullseye When the mafia comes after Zoe, will she trust Rollo with her secrets? And even if she does, can he and the Bear Patrol find a way to solve the case and keep her safe?

Bound in Flames

Milly Taiden - 2016
    When she meets Tor and his family of dying dragons, she wants to assist them in finding their mates. Except for Tor’s. She wants to keep him and make lots of babies with the big sexy man. It’s getting hard to remember her objective when her hormones go out of whack around him. Tor Drachen is one of a handful of dragons left on earth, dying due to their mates being targeted and killed before finding each other. He’s been told Morgan Polley will be a mate to one of his kind, but who? He’s having a hard time keeping her at bay and the thought of getting her pregnant to start a family is a very tempting idea. A breed of evil dragons is after Morgan, but Tor promises to protect her to the very end. Even if it turns out that she’s one of his brothers’ mates. If he can’t find a way to cheat fate, he will walk away without his heart. Note to readers: This is a hot, action-packed, fun adventure of dragon love, babies, sassy women, dirty-talking alpha males and enough heat it will make you take a couple of cold showers. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Happy Howling Holidays (Shifters in Love Collection, #5)

Harmony RainesLiv Brywood - 2016
    Guaranteed to steam up these Happy Howling Holidays!

Royal Guard Lion

Zoe Chant - 2016
    Then the father she barely remembers leaves her a royal inheritance. She's the princess of a hidden country ruled by shapeshifters! Signy is human, so she can't rule -- but her husband will be the new king. Overnight, Signy becomes the prize in a deadly game of thrones. Surrounded by powerful, ruthless nobles determined to force her into a loveless arranged marriage, Signy desperately needs someone she can trust... Lion shifter Kai serves in the Royal Guard of Valtyra with unswerving dedication, but he secretly dreams of having love in his life. He's seen the heartbreak that can result from arranged marriages, and he's determined to wait for his true mate. But he never imagined that she would turn out to be Valtyra's new princess... or that he'd be torn between his love for her and his sworn duty to the Crown. When Kai and Signy meet, their passion is undeniable. But with the fate of a kingdom hanging in the balance, happily ever after isn't easy. Will Signy's royal destiny tear them apart, or can a lionhearted guard become her prince? This is a red-hot royal BBW lion shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Wounded Wolf

Moxie North - 2016
     A lost wolf … When do you stop making sacrifices for the ones you love? Maverick Hale served his country proudly. A roadside bomb changed his life forever, and Maverick chose to leave behind his old life, his family, his future. Your world is your club, your ride, and your brothers. When a woman full of hope comes along and wants to color your world, what do you? Do you take a chance to get back all that you thought was lost? A giving soul looking for her next hurt to heal ... Prudence lived her life simply. Less was more and most of life’s problems could be solved by a hug and a little color. Her knitting club’s new community project introduces her to a hard man that doesn’t want her help, but seems to desperately need it.The universe was giving her all the signs she was supposed to be in this man’s life...she just has to convince him of it. A life of gray or color ... Two hearts wanting something that is destined, yet fighting the differences that make them so unique.


Nalini Singh - 2016
    . . Timeline: Takes place right after Hostage to Pleasure.This story can be found in the short story anthology Wild Embrace.

The Christmas Dragon's Mate

Zoe Chant - 2016
    But when she drives into the mountains for the holidays, what she finds instead is a snow storm that threatens to claim her life. To Dara's amazement, she's rescued by an ice dragon - who turns into a sexy, charismatic man who hasn't left his snow castle in twenty years. Henrik Drakeson is a dragon shifter who lost his parents long ago in a terrible accident. For most of his life, he has carried that burden with him, choosing loneliness over the happy visitors that once came to the family's snow castle every winter. He's promised himself he'd stay forever alone, so he'd never hurt anyone again - until his mate suddenly appears on his doorstep in a snow storm, bringing all the joy and cheerfulness of Christmas to his lonely home. Can Dara heal the pain of his wounded heart? And can they uncover the truth about his past - and defend each other against the ruthless enemy behind the old tragedy? This is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW dragon shifter holiday romance. No cliffhangers!

The Easter Bunny's Bear

Zoe Chant - 2016
    She gives happiness to the children who visit her ponies - but Lisa has no one to make her happy. When mysterious, sexy Desmond Brown needs a room, she's instantly attracted. But her heart's been broken before when she revealed that she was a rabbit shifter. Can Desmond still love her if he finds out that she turns into a bunny?Bear shifter Desmond Brown hunts down shifter criminals. He's dedicated his life to this dangerous duty. Now he wants to finish one last job before he leaves the hunting life to search for a home and a mate for his bear. When fate leads him to Lisa's pony farm instead, his bear immediately recognizes his mate.But when criminal werewolves close in on him, Desmond isn't the only one who's in danger. Can he protect his mate and her farm against an entire werewolf pack? And can Lisa learn to accept her bunny and follow her heart to save her beloved bear?The Easter Bunny's Bear is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Ice Bear Shifters: The Complete Series

Sloane Meyers - 2016
    Follow this clan of sexy polar bear shifters as they beat back the threat of a rival clan, finding romance and lifemates along the way. This set allows you to purchase all seven novellas at a discount over their individual prices! The Anthology Includes: Bearing the Frozen Night Bearing the Whiteout Bearing the Midnight Sun Bearing the Black Ice Bearing the Late Thaw Bearing the Frostbite Bearing the Long Road Home Each story follows a different couple, includes a Happily Ever After ending, and can be read as a standalone. And don't let the Arctic Location fool you—the Ice Bears of Glacier Point know how to heat things up!

Tropical Tiger Spy

Zoe Chant - 2016
    She's found too many dead ends to believe that she can find any clues to her mysterious origins at the shifters-only resort, but she can't help hoping. She isn't expecting to meet Tony, a tall, gorgeous tiger shifter who instantly leaves her longing for more. Tony Lukin is at the all-inclusive, clothing-optional island for one purpose: finding out who or what is behind the sinister disappearances of shifters from the resort over the last several years. He isn't looking for romance or relaxation, and he certainly isn't looking for his mate. Who's behind the mystery of the vanishing shifters? What's the secret of Amber's past? And can Tony convince Amber that she was meant for him... before someone else snatches her away? Tropical Tiger Spy is a sizzling hot, standalone tiger shifter romance. No cliffhangers!


Harmony Raines - 2016
    Literally. Pepper has one job. It’s a pity she can’t remember what it is! Waking up in a strange cabin, well everything is strange when you’ve lost your memory, she learns to trust Bas, even if he is a lawyer! Things get stranger when she learns what she was wearing when Bas found her. Something is amok! Join Bas and Pepper, as they put the pieces back together in this fun filled, holiday romp. Warning, includes two flying reindeer, a sleigh, a sexy bear shifter, Krampus and maybe a Christmas Elf or two. Unsuitable for those who do not believe in Christmas Magic! You have been warned!

Bear My Heir

Anya Nowlan - 2016
     This is a full 50 k novel with a guaranteed HEA. It has violence, steam, a forbidden pregnancy and lots of hot shifter SEALs that are sure to blow through all your defenses. Read it as a standalone and fall in love with the shifters that won't back down! Meredith Wilder had a perfect life, until the day she was assumed dead. As a scientist working on something that could change the world, she dreamed of helping mankind and building a future with the man she loved. A future that never came after a terrorist group caught wind of what she was working on... until that future crashed through the front gate of the encampment she was kept in. It seemed too good to be true, but does reason and rationality matter when the hottest man in the world has come to save your life? Dice Alderson is a werebear with debts to pay, and the reaper is more than ready to claim them. As the newly minted head of Shifter Squad Nine, he controls a squad of ex-SEAL shifters with more blood on their hands than the rest of The Firm put together. Though control might be too big of a word for men who refuse to submit to authority. He thought there was nothing to look forward to but more killing, but the first time he saw Meredith again, all of that changed. Now he has everything to fight for, and there's plenty of that in him. Led together by fate and determination, Dice has to save his fated, keep his crew alive and at bay, and worst of all, save his cub, who is nothing but a pawn for his enemies. Can Dice and Meredith reunite and beat the lies, deceit and pure terror that controls their lives, or is this a new beginning only meant to fail?

Bear Mechanic

Zoe Chant - 2016
    She lost her job, a gang is threatening to harm her little brother if she doesn't hand over the money meant to put him through college, and then her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere... in a storm. But just when she thinks she's hit rock bottom, the strongest, sexiest man she's ever seen pulls over to fix her car.... and, if she'll let him, her life. Bear shifter mechanic Noah Hawley can't say no to a woman in distress. In fact, he can't say no to anyone who needs help, which is why he's assembled a team of misfit shifters, from a former Special Forces dragon shifter with a secret to a playboy tiger shifter race car driver. But brave, curvy Elise isn't just a stranger in need of assistance... she's the fated mate he believed he'd never find. But she's got more problems than a broken transmission. Can she trust him enough to let him help her, and let him into her life? Can he and his team save her and her brother from a gang that's way more dangerous than anyone expected? And can two independent, lonely people admit that what they really need is love? Bear Mechanic is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Lion's Hunt

Zoe Chant - 2016
    She has no idea that her seemingly dull office is a front for something secret and sinister... or that her true love is about to walk in the door. Billionaire lion shifter Seth Rowland left his business mogul family years ago. Now he travels the world, visiting remote places where he can roam as a lion. But he’s starting to realize that he doesn’t want to be alone forever. When his CEO brother asks him to investigate a dangerous enemy, Seth is more than willing to come back to civilization. When the gorgeous man shows up at Cassie’s office pretending to be from the IRS, she's eager to help him. But Seth is shocked to realize that Cassie is his fated mate... and she seems to be working for the enemy! Can Seth and Cassie join forces to unravel a web of deadly secrets? And when Seth is imprisoned in a lab that experiments on shifters, can he and Cassie save each other? Lion’s Hunt is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW lion shifter romance. No cliffhangers!


Alexandra Ivy - 2016
    She will mate with her best friend Rage and live happily ever after. But her perfect future explodes, quite literally. Rage has chosen another mate, and the Pantera’s enemies have struck at the very heart of the Wildlands. Now she is forced to partner with Ice, the aloof, always mysterious Hunter, to retrieve one of their own. Together they must track down the humans who attacked them, and uncover a secret that threatens the survival of the Pantera.Can she find a way to work with the gorgeous male who stirs her most primitive emotions? And, more importantly, is a happily-ever-after still possible?REAUXTaken from her home when she was only 17 and forced to breed, Karen finally has her freedom back. But the chains of captivity still hold the beautiful human mother close, and when she starts to break down emotionally, she knows she needs help.Unfortunately the only Healer she wants is the very one she can’t have.All of his life, Reaux has been labeled a wicked mistake. With his body constantly sending out a sexual musk, he’s irresistible to females. So, the brooding Healer keeps to himself. Until he meets Karen. She needs him desperately. Not for sex, though. Just for healing.But how can he do the work he’s meant to do, if he’s falling in love with his patient?

Bear Mountain Boxed Set Bundle

Ruby Shae - 2016
    The curvy, plus-sized waitress is his mate, yet he still hasn’t figured out how to tell her about his bear. When Kate is put in danger, all bets are off, and nothing can stop the grizzly from claiming and protecting his mate. BROTHER BEAR (Book 2) Ana Smith has been on the run for nearly two months when she stops in Bear Mountain looking for work and meets sexy, muscle bound Seth. Too bad gorgeous, tall, perfect guys don’t go for curvy women like her. Seth knows Ana is hiding something, but he won’t push her for answers no matter how long it takes. He’s chosen her and he’s not letting go. When Ana’s past rolls into town, she finds out nothing will stop a grizzly determined to protect his mate. DOUBLE BEAR (Book 3) Samantha Hastings has lived in Bear Mountain her entire life and doesn’t want to leave, but she longs for a man to call her own and accept her, curves included. When she falls for both Cade and Collin, she vows to stay away from the gorgeous twins. After years of searching for the perfect woman to share for eternity, the two men have other ideas for their curvy mate. Sam’s about to find out that loving two men might seem wrong, but her mates will never let her go. IDLE BEAR (Book 4) Sara Henley has resigned herself to a life alone. Though she wants nothing more than a husband and a family, she knows she won’t find him in Bear Mountain, and she’s not willing to leave the small town. Aaron Williams hasn’t shifted into his bear form in almost a hundred years, and considers his shifter side a curse, but he can’t resist the pull to Bear Mountain. When he meets Sara, Aaron is forced to reconsider his past choices, but he still can’t reconcile with his bear—until Sara is put in danger. Now all he has to do is convince his mate to give him another chance. LOST BEAR (Book 5) Dave Yeager is the deputy in Bear Mountain, and the only human in town who knows about the shifting abilities of the sheriff and his friends. After watching yet another couple mate, he’s reminded of his loneliness. Emma has been living in her bear form for the past ten years, but she can’t ignore the call to Bear Mountain. Sparks fly when she meets Dave, but she’s unwilling to be cheated on again, and creates a plan to satisfy them both. It’s perfect until she realizes an alpha always gets what he wants. (Each book is also sold separately!)

Guardian: Reckless Desires

Olivia Arran - 2016
    I pegged him as a shifter the second I laid eyes on him. It was the way he stalked into my apartment flexing his muscles and throwing his weight around, his lips twisted in a smirk. Acting like he owned the place. Smoking-hot, alpha jackass. It was meant to be just a job. An easy assignment between covert-ops, but there’s nothing easy or run of the mill about Natasha Silk. Human, gorgeous, with curves that make my mouth water, she’s got everything. Money, fame—a perfect life. One kiss and I’m sure—she’s my mate. But I won’t claim her. I can’t. I’m dangerous. The clock is ticking. Someone is trying to kill her and it’s my job to stop them. Not happening on my watch. ~ ~ ~  Alpha Protectors Tough, growly wolf shifters fated to finally meet their match. A new series by Olivia Arran, and also a part of the Reckless Desires collection! In the darkest corner of an alpha's broken heart, fate ignites a flicker of hope. From lusty wolves and burly bears to decadent dragons, these alphas hunger for inner peace which can only come from finding their perfect mate. Seven best-selling authors each bring you a series of standalone books filled with redemption, love, and reckless desire — not to mention a whole lot of primal growling as these alpha heroes claim their fated mates.

Sirius Wolves: Books 1 to 7 The Complete Series

Victoria Sue - 2016
    The complete series in one volume!includes:Orion's CircleBroken CircleEternal CircleThe PromiseThe DilemmaThe BeginningFull Circle


Yasmine Galenorn - 2016
    Getting situated in a new world, figuring out where they're going to live, what they're going to do, is an adventure in itself. Return the beginning, as the D'Artigo Sisters walk through the portals to their new home for the very first time.

Bear Seeking Bride Boxed Set Bundle: The Complete Bear Canyon Brides Series, #1-6

Ruby Shae - 2016
    This Bundle contains all six books of the Bestselling Series, BEAR CANYON BRIDES! Each book is a stand-alone romance featuring a new couple, and a new happy ending! WANTED: A Bride for a BEAR! In Bear Canyon, the men outnumber the women 3 to 1! What’s a BEAR to do when he wants to find a wife? He places an ad! This series features BBW Mail Order Brides and Sexy, Alpha BEAR Shifters! BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: TRAVIS (Book 1) BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: TYLER (Book 2) BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: TRENT (Book 3) BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: LUKE (Book 4) BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: DREW (Book 5) BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: THORN (Book 6) (Each book is also sold separately!)

Bound to the Dragon Prince

Rinelle Grey - 2016
    But the sexy, sleeping man she found in an Australian cavern? Now that was a shock. Even more surprising, though, are the feelings he awakens in her. How will she ever find the strength to leave him and go back to her normal, mundane life when all is said and done? The world Prince Taurian knew is gone. This new world is unrecognizable, and he knows he needs Karla’s help to navigate it. But nothing could’ve prepared him for just how much he’d come to care for his lovely rescuer. Too bad she can never be his… Soon, Taurian and Karla realize they’ll need to work together to defeat the last living remnant of Taurian’s past—the enemy dragon who trapped him in a magically induced slumber for 300 years. But that’ll be the easy part. Finding their way to happily ever after? That could get tricky…

Witched to Death

Deanna Chase - 2016
     Diesel Jacobs is the new wolf in town. Plagued by a curse that leaves him shiftless, he seeks out Zelda, the healer of Shifters, for help. But when her spell to cure him produces Ida May, his former sort of girlfriend, suddenly he has a lot more problems than being unable to shift. Still smarting from being dumped over a hundred years ago, Ida May is in no mood to help…and unfortunately for Diesel, she’s the only one who can get his shift back.

Bluff Bears: The Complete 4 Book Collection

Amelia Jade - 2016
    Four steamy standalone stories set in the mountains, where big hunky bears are known to find their match in the tough no-nonsense women who inhabit the area. Read on as these ripped shifters steal the hearts of both their mates, and you! Included in this collection: Rogue Bear Calan Winters has been roaming for a long time, but now it's time to return home after being gone for fifteen long years. Things have changed in the small town of Bear Bluffs, and Calan has a had time adjusting. Especially when it comes to understanding just why the woman his bear longs for is avoiding him. Outlaw Bear Jet Taylor has left his past behind him, settling down to the honest life as bartender in the small town he's decided to come home. He's even found a mate. The perfect woman. But when Jet overhears a chance conversation, he realizes that perhaps his past isn't as buried as he thought. Broken Bear Tanner Bryant has been successful in starting his own business in the small shifter town of Bear Bluffs. It's required a lot of sacrifice from him, however, and he's never been able to find the right woman to settle down with. But when a freak accident threatens a woman from out of town, he realizes that she's the one for him. Now if only he could figure out why there's a pack of werewolves following her around... Junkyard Bear Bear shifter Andy Hawes can fix anything. Anything mechanical that is. When it comes to his love life though, Andy hasn't had a whole lot of luck. But that's what the carnival is for, and when one rolls into town with a unique main attraction, Andy finds that perhaps his desires to settle down and start a family will come true after all.

Dragon Unbound

Katie MacAlister - 2016
    Sure, he’s powerful and rules from afar with a kind and gentle heart. But, after centuries of watching his dragon children grow, he’s come to realize that his lonely life is lacking warmth, basic human contact… and love. Charity Doe is a woman on the run, forced to serve others, and never to gain what she seeks most: security. When fate lands her with a dragon who is immune to her unique abilities, she’s intrigued. After experiencing his human form, she’s thrilled. But when she realizes she can’t fall in love with him or he’ll lose his immortal status, she’s in hell. If only the entire Otherworld wasn’t in pursuit of Charity. If only the First Dragon wasn’t so irresistible. If only she didn’t have to break her heart in order to save his. …you must deal with the fire.

Dragons Like it Hot

Harmony RainesIsadora Montrose - 2016
    Her Dragon, His Demon - Julia Mills - Her Dragon is strong and loyal, a leader among his kin. His Demon is beautiful and alluring, the other half of his soul. Together they must battle a darkness unlike any other led by Hell’s Chancellor himself. It’s not just their love that’s at stake…this time it’s their very existence. Kiss Of Fire - Catherine Vale - What begins as a one night stand with a mysteriously handsome stranger, turns into something far beyond the scope of imagination as Arianna finds herself led into a world of mystery, and magic...where tales of flying dragons, and dangerous witches come to life, and where nothing is ever what it seems. Dragon’s Treasure - Isadora Montrose - Dragon Lord Hugo Sarkany discovers money can’t buy the love of Leah, the feisty BBW he has transformed into his dragoness. How will this arrogant Alpha Male win the heart of his curvy fated mate? Dazzled - J.K. Harper - Love-scarred dragon shifter Sebastian must find his family's stolen legacies, or he will die. Curvy human Lacey is drawn to Sebastian, yet his dark secrets will only cause heartbreak and loss. She's his fated mate—but can she unlock his shattered heart in time? Bringing Christmas to the Dragons - Rinelle Grey - Dragon shifter Jayrian needs to convince the elders to accept help from the humans before his clan’s prince is discovered. Gretchen longs for adventure outside of the books she reads in her job as a small town librarian. Together they must find a way to save his prince and clan, without sacrificing who they are, or their budding relationship. Finding His Dragon - Élianne Adams - After months of torment at the hands of her own clan, Charlotte is sold to a rival clan. She refuses to be claimed by a man who is known for his mistreatment of women, and so she runs. The last thing she wants, or expects to find is her mate, but that's precisely what happens. If only she could stop running long enough to take what is rightfully hers. Alien General’s Wife - Scarlett Grove - He's her last hope ... and she might be his. When Indigo Robertson learns that her name has come up in the Draconian mating lottery, the timing couldn't be worse. The benevolent dragon shifter aliens need human women to replenish their DNA ... but their ancient enemy, the Mulgor, have just invaded! The Lost Tribe - Lola Kidd - Fae princess Lena is banished to strange land filled with strange creatures. When her tribe is threatened, she teams up with the handsome dragon shifter prince Troy. Together they fight to protect their homelands while also fighting their growing attraction to one another. Kiss of a Dragon - Alisa Woods - Lucian is a Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke… and he’s dying. He has to spawn a dragonling to uphold the treaty and keep the mortal world safe, but a dragon’s mate rarely survives… and he can’t face the horror of another death. When he rescues a beautiful woman, he has to seduce her without losing his heart… and before he turns feral and breaks the treaty forever.Taurus - Kim Faulks - Marcus Kane is the first of twelve. Dragon-born in the sign of Taurus he carries all the traits of the bull--the good and the bad. He's strong-willed, unbreakable. Deadly on land and in the sky, but when Marcus falls in love, he falls hard. He wasn't meant to fall for the wolf, Abrial. His only job was to protect those he loves--his family. Her Dragon's Bane – Harmony Raines - Forced to offer herself to a dragon to save her sister, curvy Serena finds their first encounter confusing, and intimately satisfying. But she can't let her guard down, men are cruel, she has been taught that her whole life, and this beast of a dragon can't be any different. Or can he? Is it possible that the creature she has been taught to fear, is the one she must learn to trust.

Private Eye Bear's Mate

Zoe Chant - 2016
    But off the air, Alison’s life is a mess. She works twelve-hour days, hasn’t had a night off in months, and the only one who shares her bed is a finicky feline. And lately, she’s been getting creepy calls and a frightening feeling that someone is watching her. Gage Thorson is a private detective with a twist: as a shifter, he can track criminals using his heightened senses. When KJAM hires him to identify Alison’s stalker, he’s more than up for the job— especially once he learns that her stalker claims to be her mate. Gage knows in his soul that Alison is his mate. But how can he ever tell her that? First he’ll have to gain her trust. Then he’ll have to catch her stalker. And then— if he’s lucky— he’ll claim Alison as his mate. Private Eye Bear’s Mate is a sizzling hot, standalone bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Firebear Brides: Compete Series

Anya Nowlan - 2016
     Love scorching hot werebears? If so then this is the bundle for you, with four absolutely sizzling bear firefighter brothers looking for their mates in all the wrong (and right!) places! Each novella in this series is a standalone with a happy ever after ending and no cheating! Grab them all here for a big discount! The series follows the Hamilton brothers on their quest to win back their family claim in Shifter Grove, Idaho, but there's only one catch! Every one of the hunky bears needs to be married and preferably have an heir on the way within a year. These Alpha men won't give up so easily and turn to mail-order brides to find their mates, thinking it'll only be temporary... right? But fate works in mysterious ways and even with crazy psychos on the loose trying to burn down Shifter Grove, the firebears have to find time for their love, their jobs and their future! Bear the Burn Royce is the first one back in Shifter Grove, just to check up on the old homestead he left so long ago. He was going to sell it but the moment he sets foot on it, he knows this is home. All he needs now is a sassy mate and when Tiana comes into his life, Royce isn't sure what's hotter - the curvy woman or the flames of fire! Bear the Flame Redmond's a bad boy firefighter residing in California with no intentions of getting married. But one look at Rose makes him stutter and question his earlier conviction. And when her mob ex comes for her, Redmond knows what he needs to do. He won't lose her. Not for anything. Bear the Blaze Ragnar has a dark past and a dull future ahead of him, but Abigail Ramirez is going to change it all. As an arson detective, his brothers call Ragnar to Shifter Grove to make sense of the multiple wildfires. What he finds there is a lot more sinister than expected. When the life of his mate is set in danger though, nothing can stop Ragnar. Bear the Fire Rhodes is a hothead, wild and untamed. Haunted by his choices, he only comes to Shifter Grove for a short visit, but finding the one woman he has ever loved waiting for him there changes everything. Their passion never conformed to any rules and it won't this time, but can she heal his broken heart and battered faith, and can Rhodes put an end to the fires raging near his family home?

Bear With Me

Zoe Chant - 2016
    She’s tried the dating game before, and it never works out. Where would she find a guy who would support her conservation work, and put up with all the time she has to spend in the wilderness? Stephen Visser has a problem: he’s met his mate. Well, he thinks he has. It’s a bit of a blur. All he has of the mysterious woman he met at his cousin’s wedding is a shoe she left behind, and the knowledge that she’s out there … somewhere. Determined to track down the woman he’s sure is his mate, Stephen follows Jamie's trail to California. Meanwhile, haunted by feelings she doesn’t understand, Jamie runs away on field work. When their paths cross, will Stephen finally find his mate? Or will Jamie think his shifter nature is too much for her to bear? Bear With Me is a scorching hot standalone bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Big Bear Daddy

Anya Nowlan - 2016
     Colt Hennessy is a werebear on a mission. The small town sheriff finds himself caring for a baby left at his doorstep and no sooner than it happens does he discover that this little bundle of joy was exactly what he'd been missing. With danger swirling around him and dark forces out to harm the child, he does the only thing he can - goes to search for a safer place. It's there where his, and baby Lana's life changes forever. Jessy Sarli has lost what little she had left - her sister. Desperately searching for her, the fearless woman left everything else behind, only to be led around on a string of confusion. When she finally finds her niece in the protective care of a man who takes her breath away, she's not sure what to make of it. But she does know what her heart is telling her. That this man is the only one who can help her, and Lana. When the cause for Jessy's sister's disappearance comes out, she will need all the help she can get. And not only her and the baby, but her heart as well... Big Bear Daddy is a standalone werebear surprise baby romance novella that has a guaranteed HEA; no cheating. If you like shifters that stay true to their mission and the curvy, confident woman who love them, then this is just the book for you!

When Time Stops

Anya Nowlan - 2016
    For years, he has been the Alpha of his family, the last line of time dragons, the guardian of all they stand for. He's more than happy to stay that way, yet his younger brothers have another idea. Tricked, Aeon finds himself thrusts into a predictable world he doesn't like, or approve of. But if the first woman he meets is the only person whose actions he can't foresee, can he really know what's about to happen next? And when one night of passion turns into something much more heady and dangerous, the man who was never caught off guard can't seem to keep up any longer. Isobel Evans had bet on the wrong man. Left at the altar, she does the only reasonable thing to do for a woman in an exorbitantly expensive wedding dress on the supposed happiest day of her life - she runs. Right into the arms of a sexy, mysterious, dashing hero, who for a moment seems to be the only good guy left. But when on the very next day she gets unceremoniously abducted and put up as the prize of a dragon tournament, Isobel's more than ready to give up on mankind for good. Except there's one problem. She's not given a choice. Her path is decided for her and it seems like she'll be stuck with a dragon, whether she likes it or not. When Isobel figures out that her little tryst resulted in something a lot more permanent than a few hickies, she knows there's more on the line than just her faith in men. With dragons circling the sky like vultures and danger lurking behind every corner, Aeon has to figure out fast what he wants from life. The predictability of the future before him, or the wild uncertainty that comes with the most fascinating woman he has ever met? When Time Stops is a full paranormal romance novel featuring a curvy Latina heroine, a growly Alpha dragon and a pregnancy neither of them were prepared for. The book has a guaranteed HEA, no cheating, and plenty of scorch!

Fated Binds

S.I. Hayes - 2016
    The Deviant Class. They are the things that kept you awake in the night; the dreams that held you close. From the vampires to Dragon born, Pure bloods and half, there is tension as they are pushed into the laps of human society. Keegan Teague is a vampire Lord, a prince amongst his kind and the integration is his project, all was going well, until he is blindsided by a woman.

Shifters, Secrets & Surprises

Anna Lowe - 2016
    You've never experienced a Christmas this hot, this romantic, or this star-crossed. Four fabulous stories featuring sexy wolves, fiery dragons, loyal sasquatch, and burly bear heroes you'll never forget.Including these all-new, exclusive works:Anna Lowe - Sasquatch SurpriseLily Thorn - A Present for the AlphasEmma Alysin - One Bearry NightIsadora Montrose - Dragon's Christmas CaptiveAnna Lowe - Sasquatch SurpriseAll Nala Dixon wants is to make it home to her wolf pack in time for the holidays - alive. But a simple road trip turns into a fight for survival when a gang of vampires turns up, thirsting for her blood. A damn good thing a knight in shining armor rushes to her rescue - and hot damn, it's Harrison, the sasquatch she's secretly dreamed of for years.Lily Thorn - A Present for the AlphasYuletide has come to the Ember pack. But what can Val get for two Alphas who have everything? What could be better than a Christmas baby?Emma Alysin - One Bearry NightWhen Rebekah meets her future mate by chance and falls in love, she must make the agonizing choice to leave him -- not knowing that he is the one destined for her. Daamin's pride demands Rebekah choose him over duty, but his practical side respects her strength to place family above all else. Will he sacrifice pride and claim his winter mate? Or will he let her go, and never know that their one passionate night produced a special holiday gift?Isadora Montrose - Dragon's Christmas CaptiveOne dragon lord, one pixie princess, a magical ring and 1000 years of history. Christmas was never this hot, this funny, or this star-crossed. Fate may have the last laugh unless Theo Lindorm can come to a meeting of minds with Elven Princess Lexi.Shifters guaranteed to make your holidays merry, indeed!

Brides for the Bachelor Bears Bundle

Isadora Montrose - 2016
    Five adventures. Five bears. Can these true-hearted, patriotic bachelors win themselves brides who will cherish their alpha male hearts, and bear-sized passions? BEARLY A BRIDE: Green Beret Troy Reynolds lost his career, his girl and a leg when he was blown up in Afghanistan. Lisa Marie Johnston was widowed at twenty. Her twins are her whole life. When Troy saves her boy from drowning, these shifters are both swept away in the currents of passion. But can two wounded bears heal each other? This BONUS novella is exclusive to this box set. BEARLY BEGUN, BEARLY ENOUGH: Backwoods bears Lenny and Joey Benoit left for the big city to seek the deep-bosomed, broad-hipped mates they crave. Joe and Len are good with their hands, and would die for their mates, but neither Erin nor Caitlyn want an HEA with a shifter. Are these urban heartbreakers going to wring their burly bears dry in bed and send them home still unmated? BEARLY EVER, BEARLY FOREVER: Gideon and Asher Bascom’s inner bears fell hard and fast the second they met Allyssa and Julia. But these beauties don’t intend to marry a bear, no matter how sexy he is. Rejected lovers Gideon and Ash have to track their reluctant brides down. But before they can claim their mates they must thwart the evil stalking them. Fair Warning: Graphic depiction of primal bearshifter lusts may be too much for some. These books contain many salacious episodes of wanton BBWs having their way with randy bears. All 5 novellas are stand alone and have a HEA and no cliffhangers.


Layla Nash - 2016
    When her crazy best friend signs up for a mail order bride dating site, Hannah signs up as well just for laughs -- except things turn serious when her bestie falls in love and drags Hannah to North Dakota to meet the guy and his devastatingly handsome brother. Wade doesn't have time for love -- running a ranch, keeping his brothers in line, and trying to keep the bear shifters across three counties from accidentally revealing themselves to the humans are more than three full-time jobs. When curvaceous Hannah shows up at the ranch along with her best friend, though, Wade reconsiders his priorities. Just as she makes him believe in true love, the rival wolf pack in town threatens her in an attempt to get Wade to back down, and everything he's worked for starts to fall apart. Hannah could almost deal with leaving the city to be with Wade... until he turns into a bear. She thought New York had the weirdest people on the planet, but at least none of them turn inside out. She and Wade are definitely from two different worlds... is bear mail enough to bring them back together?

The Darkest Dragon

Anya Nowlan - 2016
    except for his mate. Donovan Silvertip has hidden away from the prying eyes of Shifter Grove for as long as he can remember. Nestled in a mountain that's barely accessible, he guards his hoard and revels in his loneliness, until one day, everything changes. The most gorgeous and infuriating woman stumbles upon him on Halloween of all nights, and despite all the questions Donovan has, one thing prevails above all - he has to have her. Even if it means giving up everything he's believed in so far. Sabrina Corrolie is a woman willing to face her fears. You know, like spooky haunted houses in the middle of nowhere... Why she had to pick Halloween to tackle her phobias, she isn't entirely sure, though. One thing is certain, she didn't expect to stumble on a real, live dragon in the process! While this dragon is scary, he's also hotter than the fire he breathes and sexier than sin... Maybe he's just what she needs to conquer her insecurities? Or maybe a fairy tale is just too good to be true, dragon or no dragon. The Darkest Dragon is a holiday novella set in Shifter Grove. It includes plenty of steam and spooky haunted houses, so be warned!

Fugitive Mate

Anastasia Wilde - 2016
    When she meets a hot guy in a truck stop bar, she pretends to be his date, hoping to throw her ex’s hit squad off her trail. A Desperate Alpha… Alpha wolf Jace Monroe has only weeks to find a true mate and bond with her, or he’ll lose his pack and his territory. To him, the stranger coming on to him is just a delectably curvy distraction from his troubles. But to his wolf, she’s the one. One Wild Night So when Emma steals Jace’s motorcycle and vanishes from his motel room in the middle of the night, Jace vows to track her down and find out who she really is—a conniving con woman, or the mate he’s been waiting for all his life. But can he find her—and persuade her to trust him—before time runs out for both of them? Silverlake Shifters Smokin’ hot shifter men with hearts of gold; the strong, passionate women who love them; secrets, lies and danger; naughty, steamy love scenes—and happily ever afters. Content warning: This book contains naughty language and steamy love scenes, and is intended for adults only.

Big Bear Mountain - The Complete Series

Bianca James - 2016
    Women are a complete mystery to him. Every time he opens his mouth to speak to one, it leads to a big misunderstanding. Or a huge argument.But his bear gets other ideas after they rescue a feisty and spirited city girl from the slopes of the treacherous and unforgiving Big Bear Mountain.Curvy, junior executive, Elle needs to get away from the city in a hurry. A big hurry. Finding out her boss is a money laundering crook doesn’t leave her with too many options, especially when the cartel find out how much she knows about their operation.They’re coming after her and a quick getaway into the mountains seems like a pretty good plan.When her car is hanging over the edge of a cliff, though – not so much.Bear JusticeBig Bear Mountain erupts when a blazing female PI clashes with the hot-as-sin town sheriff.Medically discharged after being injured during a covert operation, Jack Raven tries to adjust to post army life as the Sheriff of Big Bear Mountain. His bear is quite at home, but in his human form, Jack’s finding small town law enforcement challenging, to say the least.And challenges don’t come much greater than the audacious and bossy private investigator, Cassie Hunter who has come to town to claim her inheritance while conducting a covert operation of her own.If Jack isn’t finding it hard enough to deal with her, his bear has locked sights on the curvaceous and outlandish woman as his mate.Assassins, bombs, kidnappers, guns and a mystery more than a century old – that’s what Cassie brings to Jack’s quiet mountain town.Bear AmbushFormer Navy pilot Lt Jim ‘Spider’ Webb has been far too busy saving lives on Big Bear Mountain to look for a mate for his bear. But finding that elusive fated mate means everything to the bear.Erin Parker is on a mission. The curvy, sassy reporter is snooping around the mountain for a big career making scoop. She’s in the wrong place, for sure and it’s definitely the wrong time.The cartel is back and this time they’ve come in force, hell bent on vengeance.Can Spider save his fellow shifters and protect Erin from the wrath of the cartel? Or is there more to this inquisitive and high-spirited girl than meets the eye?Unexpected Mate (Dragon Shifter Romance)*** A 20,000 word standalone bonus story with no cliffhanger ***#1 Best Seller in Superhero Fantasy eBooksDeclanDisgraced and outcast from his dragon shifter clan for refusing to enter into an arranged coupling, Declan roams the city as a motorcycle vigilante; dispatching ruthless justice as only a dragon can. A dragon needs more to do than just guard his enormous treasure hoard.Declan has given up on ever finding his perfect mate, his princess. But sometimes fate takes a hand in unexpected ways and in unexpected places. OliviaA sassy, curvy girl who’s been fooled once already by an enigmatic and handsome bad-boy biker who told her he loved her and adored her soft curves.

Lone Star Dragon

Sloane Meyers - 2016
    He’s leading the high school football team on a quest for their first ever state championship, and it looks like they’re going to make it all the way this year. But despite his outward confidence, he’s lonely on the inside. He can’t show his true dragon self to anyone, for fear that his secret would tear this small town apart. When an outsider from the east coast shows up and steals his heart, however, he has to decide whether he can learn to trust her enough to finally reveal the truth… Maddie Anderson has always been an East Coast city girl. So she’s devastated when she’s forced to take a job as a reporter in a small town in the Southwest. She’s even more frustrated when her first assignment—to interview the local high school football coach, Theo Wilson—quickly goes south. Theo refuses to speak to her, but Maddie doesn’t give up easily. She never would have imagined that her quest to write a news article about him would turn into a whirlwind romance, and she starts to think that maybe love is enough to keep her in Persimmon Springs. But before she can sort through her feelings, Theo reveals that there’s much more to him than meets the eye, and Maddie has a choice to make… Is young love strong enough to keep Maddie in a small town that holds such big secrets? Read this steamy dragon shifter romance to find out! Lone Star Dragon is the first book in Sloane Meyers' Shifters in the Heart of Texas Series. While this 29K word novella can easily be read as a standalone story, you’ll likely enjoy reading all of the Shifters in the Heart of Texas books. Please note, this novel is intended for mature audiences and contains explicit love scenes as well as adult language.

Bad Boy Firefighter Shifters

Bella Love-Wins - 2016
     Take a wild ride with these Bad Boy Firefighter Shifter book boyfriends. Save eighty percent by grabbing this box set for 99 pennies. AVAILABLE ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME. ***Warning: Contains hundreds of pages of alpha males, steamy sex, some sensitive topics, and Kindle-melting shifter romance.*** Bad Boy Firefighter Shifters is a collection of three steamy bear shifter romance standalone stories. Get ready to meet the firefighters who will melt your our hearts as they claim their women. Guaranteed to leave you breathless and begging for more! Featuring these hot books in the series: Bad Boy Fire Bear (Jax and Joleen) Alpha Fire Bear (Brock and Sky) Bad Boy Rebel Bear (Nash and Tess)


Mary E. Twomey - 2016
     Just when correctional nurse October Grace has a handle on her stressful job and taking care of her mentally ill mother, a shapeshifting warrior and a half-vampire plunge her into a foreign land that’s on the brink of starvation. Now, with a ticking clock and a target on her back, October takes up the mantle of becoming one of the rare Omens who can bring hope to a dying world. Mason and Von remain by her side to shield the national treasure while she sacrifices herself to reap the souls that will feed the nations of Terraway. As the death toll rises daily, October finds herself tangled up in a cutthroat world where fairytale creatures run wild… and every day is a new bloody battle. Taste is book one in an 8-part fantasy romance series.

Emerald Isle Enchantment Boxed Set

Katalina Leon - 2016
    Seven steamy paranormal romance stories with a magical Celtic twist. Tullamore Castle Ireland is an enchanted place where the adventurous can expect the unexpected. Phantom lovers materialize in haunted beds, werewolves lurk in the woods, a vampire falls in love with a jewel thief, seductive Djinn appear the bedchambers, an enchanted lift carries lovers away, and a lonely griffin patrols the castle ramparts hoping to reclaim its long lost mate. And that’s just the beginning of Emerald Isle Enchantment steamy paranormal romance, with a magical Celtic twist. Katalina Leon, Lord Griffin’s Prize. A loyal griffin’s love is forever, but Ronan has only one day to win back his long lost lover. Dena Garson, Ghostly Persuasion. True love is a special kind of magic. But is it strong enough to break a three hundred year old curse? Rebecca Royce, Crimson Lust. Stealing a ruby made him a vampire. Now she'll steal his heart. Rea Thomas, Desire and the Djinn. This Djinn can make all of Ciara’s sexiest desires come true. J.L. LaRose, Phantom Mischief. Should a girl scream and run for her life when pinned to the bed by a ghost performing the best sex ever? Not a chance. Louisa Masters, An Irish Flirtation. A last-minute change of venue has wedding planner Jillian on edge. Can the magic of Castle Tullamore and sexy Fin tempt her to throw away a lifetime of professionalism? Virginia Cavanaugh, Tell Me Your Secrets. Jesenia came to castle Tullamore hoping to find her muse, instead she was chased by a wolf right into the arms of sexy, mysterious Dorian.

Fire Chronicles Box Set: Dragon Shifter Romance

D'Elen McClain - 2016
    These hot and steamy fire-breathing shape shifters are on a mission to find the mate who changes their world and teaches them the true meaning of love. Book I: Dragons Don't Cry - Bastian and Acasia Book II: Dragons Don't Love - Layrn and Roxanne Book III: Dragons Don't Forgive - Sarn and Sierra Book IV: Dragons Live Forever - Tahr and Pepper The Fire Chronicles takes the virgin bride tale to an entirely new level. You'll laugh, cry, and cheer!   Intended for mature readers.

Shifters Unbound, Volume 2

Jennifer Ashley - 2016
    Humans believe they’re tamed, rendered harmless . . . but are they? Lion Eyes (Book 7.25) Bree has just decided to give up trying to be a Shifter groupie when a lion Shifter slams into her truck and tells her to drive. Seamus is on the run from hunters, other Shifters, and who knows who else. All Bree knows is that he’s compelling, needs her help, and most intriguing of all, wears no Collar … Bad Wolf (Book 7.5) Wolf Shifter Broderick is stuck looking after his three younger brothers and a Collar-less Shifter who is driving him crazy, but he’s putting up with them for Joanne, the human woman he, for some reason, wants to impress. Joanne Greene, while grateful to Broderick for rescuing her sister, doesn’t know what to make of him. She’s been a loner most of her life, better able to relate to computers and coding than to people, until Broderick desperately needs her help. Wild Things (Book 7.75) Lupine Shifter Mason McNaughton has had enough of the feral Shifter living in the bedroom down the hall from his. Nothing is working to heal the guy, so Mason volunteers to go in search of an elusive Shifter healer. Jasmine Samuelson, a psychic from New Orleans, is the best bet to help him, but can he convince Jasmine, who vows to have nothing to do with Shifters, to accompany him on his perilous mission? Events in these books take place after Mate Bond (Book 7) and before White Tiger (Book 8).


Kathi S. Barton - 2016
    Colin only wants to thank Hawkins’s commanding officer for saving his brother’s life, but he can never seem to get past the guards in the hospital’s hallway to personally thank the man. Major Lauren Burcher is all Army and head of a special task team usually sent in to clean things up. This time, her team is ambushed by friendlies, and Lauren and her best man Hawkins McCullough barely make it out alive―they were set up. Someone wants them both dead. Another attempt on Lauren’s life in the hospital fails miserably, and when Colin scoops her up in his arms to place her back in the hospital bed, he finds a gun pointed at his forehead at point blank range. In that moment he realizes this bad-assed scary woman is his mate. Lauren wants no part of this mate business. Relationships get messy and this jerk is bossy as hell. And Lauren doesn’t take orders…she gives them. But it will take all of them, his family and hers, to keep her and Hawkins alive….

Promise the Moon

Hailey Edwards - 2016
    As beta of the Lorimar pack, her job is to maintain the peace on the new border between Faerie and Earth at all costs. Even if that means playing nice with her ex, Isaac, the fae who savaged her wolf's soul, and Enzo Garza, the flirty witch who ought to be focused on building up their magical defenses instead of tearing down the walls around Dell's heart.Butler, Tennessee is a pinprick on the map with a diverse population of supernaturals. It's also chockful of humans who are unaware of the magical rift bruising the sky or the otherworldly insurgents raining down into their zipcode. A local fae's disappearance catches Dell's attention, but she dismisses it as an isolated event. Until it happens again. Unable to ignore the strange happenings in her town, she begins an investigation that uncovers so much more than a simple rash of kidnappings. Now Dell finds herself at the sharp end of a pointed ultimatum. Find the missing and return them to their families or get ready for prime time. Botch this job, and forget coming soon. The war will become tomorrow's featured attraction instead.

The Lion's Pride

Terra Wolf - 2016
    Lion shifter Zane Sarson is starting to regret letting The True Date Agency host their matchmaking event at his nightclub. Some might say that he needs to get out more, loosen up and live a little, but he knows that’s not it. He’s just not interested in any woman except for his true mate. The only problem? He hasn’t found her—yet. Free at last... Curvy Lara Smith is already regretting allowing her friends to drag her on a night out, she’d much rather celebrate her divorce with a good book and a pint of ice-cream. With the ink barely dry on her divorce papers, finding a man is at the bottom of her list. Hell, it doesn’t even make the list. One night... That’s all it’s meant to be—for Lara, anyway. A crazy, carefree night with a smoking hot stranger. But Zane has other ideas. He’s finally found his true mate…now all he has to do is find her again. When Lara discovers that one night of passion can have life-changing consequences…she has to make a choice. Does she tell Zane about the secret growing inside of her, or not? **The Lion’s Pride is a steamy, standalone shifter romance novella with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happy ever after guaranteed**

Lost Wolves Complete Series

Zoe Perdita - 2016
    But Rowan lights a fire of lust inside him that Elijah can't ignore. When Rowan is tasked with hunting down Kane, he ends up at the mercy of a wolf with nothing left to lose—a wolf who is sure Rowan is his mate. Trapped in a snowy wilderness and besieged by hunters, desire sizzles between Elijah and Rowan. Can they overcome their differences, and their pasts, and forge a bond to save their future?Omega in the Light: Simeon Kane wants to complete his mission, assassinate his mark and move on. Emotions aren't part of the job, and he'd like to keep it that way. But when he's sent to kill Zev Oren, the sexy alpha with the lopsided grin, Simeon can't pull the trigger. Zev is too vibrant and handsome and. . . broken. But he makes Simeon feel alive. The fiery lust sizzling between them is more than simple desire—it’s the mark of true mates.While fighting assassins, hunters and a murderous warlord is easy—falling in love isn't. Can Zev and Simeon repair their shattered souls and give in to the bond set by fate? Omega's Destiny: Maxim Reznik is the alpha king of a land ravaged by war from without and traitors from within. The barrier that keeps his shifters safe from attacking humans is on the brink of collapse, and the only one who can save his kingdom is the wolf who betrayed Maxim years before—his omega and ex-lover—Sasha Volkav. Sasha might be an omega, but a curse grants him unimaginable powers that come at a high price—they’re slowly killing him. If Sasha breaks the curse he can save Maxim's kingdom and his own life. But Maxim isn't the same alpha Sasha remembers. Years of betrayal have hardened Maxim's heart, and if Sasha can't gain Maxim's forgiveness all is lost. Lust sizzles between Sasha and Maxim, but can they repair their severed bond and fall in love again before it's too late?Omega Enslaved: Felix Underwood is an omega with one shot at freedom-a dangerous mission to gather information on the infamous alpha wolf, Lucien the Bloody King of Wallachia. When the mission goes south, Felix ends up as a spy in Lucien's clutches. Lucien Mircea fought long and hard to become the ruthless king he is today, but Felix challenges all of that. Lucien swore he'd never fall for a measly omega, yet the thread of destiny intertwines them. Dogged by hunters, Lucien and Felix must work together if they want to survive. Can the alpha and omega overcome betrayal and learn to trust the mate bond that connects them?Omega Untamed: Abel Mircea, an alpha wolf, was banished from his kingdom at 16, but the king who banished him needs Abel's help to save it. Abel knows he can do it, but he needs something to make it worth his while. Enter Dagz Thorn—an omega slave. When Abel saves Dagz, the alpha gets more than he bargained for. Not only does Dagz pledge his life to Abel, he also swears they’re mates, bound together by a bond deeper than blood. However, Dagz is not an ordinary omega—he’s a berserker who can't control his outbursts of violence. And now he's Abel's problem. While lust flares between the alpha and omega, can love bloom in the darkest parts of their hearts?Beta and the Black Prince: Kamil, a beta wolf, has been nothing but loyal to his alpha from the time they were pups. That loyalty is tested when his alpha sends him on a mission to track down a deadly Ottoman wolf. Now, the beta wolf who always stood on the sidelines is thrust into the center of a dangerous political struggle between two warring shifter kingdoms. At its heart is an alluring and dangerous man—Aslan, the Black Prince and bastard son of the Sultan, and the very wolf Kamil was sent to capture.Problem is, that wolf is also Kamil’s mate. Will Kamil betray his king and his mission for a chance at love?

Kayden / Simon

Alexandra Ivy - 2016
    Now the gorgeous Hunter has discovered the man responsible for betraying them - Joshua Ford - and it’s time for payback. Beginning with the kidnapping of Joshua’s daughter, Bianca. But last thing he expects is to be confronted with the horrifying realization that Bianca is his mate. Will he put revenge before his chance for eternal happiness? BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Sexy male model, Simon refuses to give up his exciting life in New York City to return to the slow heat of the Wildlands. For a decade, many pantera have tried to capture the rogue Diplomat and bring him home, but all have failed. Now it’s Tryst’s turn. The hard, brilliant, and gorgeous, Hunter is the ultimate tracker. But can the admitted beast-girl of the Wildlands capture her prey without losing her heart in the process?

The Great Disapurrance

Anya Nowlan - 2016
    What other explanation could there be for being sent by his employers, The Firm, to track down and kill one of the most influential lieutenants in the premier shifter crime organization in the region! And to make matters worse, this weretiger's heat is right around the corner, making the seasoned SEAL more aggressive than ever. But his mission has to take a backseat when the right woman happens to be at the wrong place, and Arlen has to focus on protecting her as much as trying to keep his paws off of her. Even an elite weretiger SEAL can't be faultless... Sienna Marquez has spent her lifetime trying to distance herself from a past that's too painful to think back on, but that past doesn't want to let her go. When the Chicago shifter mob takes an interest in her, Sienna would have never guessed that the path to her salvation would come from a man as dangerous as the jerks who took her hostage, but a whole lot sexier. With heat and uncertainty mixing together, no wonder the sheets aren't the only thing getting tangled up. And when there's no doubt about there being a baby on the way, Sienna knows that she has the fight of her life on her hands. Not only for her own future, but those of her baby, and maybe the growly, Alpha tiger who she can't keep her hands off of... The Great Disapurrance is a full shapeshifter military surprise baby romance, with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating. Pick up this book if you want plenty of heat, danger, and a shifter who won't quit until he gets his way! NB! This book includes a bonus novella, Bear the Burn at the end, about a werebear fireman on his quest to find his fated, with the bonus content beginning at location 2601!

Spring Fever: A Paranormal Romance Shifter Collection

Emerald WrightLynn Red - 2016
    Featuring books from your favorite paranormal romance authors, shift into spring with a handful of bears, a couple of wolves, one dose of tiger and a sprinkling of demon chaser - just the right recipe a Spring Fever you won't ever want to find a cure for!ONE TIGERTiger Bite by Lola KiddONE DEMON CHASERHybrid: Demon Chaser by Charlene HartnadyTWO WEREWOLVESDesert Moon by Anna LoweWerewolf Wedding by Lynn RedSIX WEREBEARSShiftr: Swipe Left for Love - Kristin by Ariana HawkesBear Prince by Emma AlisynSHIFTER: Grizzly, Bundle by Emerald WrightStranded With Her Bear by Harmony RainesThe Cowbear's Secret Baby by Liv BrywoodBlind Date with A Bear by Marie Mason

Beneath The Blue Moon

Alana Sapphire - 2016
    Right, not even Mr. Right Now. I have responsibilities that don't leave room for a relationship. Still, a girl has needs. After moving to Canid and meeting the small town's sheriff, I think he may just be the one to fulfill them. Ethan McKenzie is almost perfect. His one flaw? He wants to settle down. He's determined to prove he's the one for me, and when I stare into his chocolate eyes, I'm inclined to believe. However, the sheriff has secrets.  Ones that could cost me my life. **ETHAN**Being the alpha of a wolf pack isn't easy. Not having a mate makes it even harder, especially with trouble brewing. The moment I caught a whiff of Casey Bryan's scent, I knew she was mine. But she's human. A purebred--alpha or not--mating with a human is unheard of. I not only have to convince her, but the entire pack, that she's the one. My secret puts her in danger, but I will protect her with my life. I've waited too long for her.  Nothing will keep me from her. (18+ for violence, explicit language, and sexual situations.)

The Bear Comes Home For Christmas

Zoe Chant - 2016
    Her now very much ex-boyfriend stood her up for the vacation she’d painstakingly planned, leaving her all alone over the holiday season. But after getting lost in a snow storm, Hazel finds her way to the cabin of the most handsome man she’s ever seen in her entire life… but can she trust him after being burned once before? From the moment he comes home to find her sleeping on his couch, Del Richardson recognizes Hazel as his fated mate. He knows she’s the only one for him, but how can he tell her there’s a surprise inside this parcel: that he can turn into an enormous grizzly bear! The snow outside is heavy, but that doesn’t stop Hazel and Del from steaming things up inside. If only Del can find a way to reveal the truth, and make this Christmas truly naughty… in all the right ways. The Bear Comes Home For Christmas is a short and sweet standalone Christmas treat BBW bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Trusting the Tiger

Zoe Chant - 2016
    but she's the only one who can't shift. She feels like she's missing out on everything, but what hurts the most is knowing that she'll never have a mate. Dating a human would risk her entire family, but shifters only mate with other shifters. When her young niece and nephew ditch her on a family vacation, she faces another weekend on the sidelines ... until the most handsome man she's ever met makes it his mission to show her a good time. Tiger shifter Jack Silver lost his family when he was young. He's met other shifters since then, but has never found a place that feels like home. But when he returned to his family forest, he found the last thing he expected: the mate he'd been searching for all this time. Shifter or not, Jack knows Toni is the one for him. When a shadowy figure from Jack's past kidnaps Toni's niece and nephew and threatens to destroy their newfound happiness, Toni and Jack must work together to save her family - and each other. But can a shifter and a human ever be true mates? Trusting the Tiger is a sizzling hot, action-packed, standalone BBW tiger shifter romance. No cliffhangers!


Candace Ayers - 2016
    With jobs they love, beer flowing freely, and pretty women in abundance, the last thing these shifters are thinking about is finding a mate or settling down. But, fate has its own plans….Allie McMichael is running scared. Not from monsters in the closet, or creepy things under the bed, she’s scared of commitment.She has every reason to be scared after experiencing the pain of infidelity and after watching her parents’ failure of a marriage. On the run from a would-be fiancé, she finds a temp job bartending and waitressing in a small Texas town out in the middle of nowhere. True love is not on the agenda until she meets her big, burly boss, hot-as-hell Thorn Canton who lights her fires in all the right places. Bear shifter Thorn Canton is living the easy life. A successful tavern owner, he’s surrounded by good buddies, beer on tap, and an endless supply of women to keep him company. He has no plans -- whatsoever -- of getting hitched up, or of finding a mate. In fact, to Thorn, a mate might be a fate worse than death. This is a standalone story with an HEA and no cliff-hanger. This book also contains several additional bonus stories for you to enjoy!This book is intended for readers 18+ as it contains mature themes and graphic scenes of a sexual nature.

Hot Summer Love

Harmony RainesScarlett Grove - 2016
    Scorching hot passion jumps from the pages in these shifter stories featuring lions, bears, wolves, panthers and cougars. Fall in love with alpha men that strong heroines can’t wait to tame. Harmony Raines - Living a Lion (Shifters Prime #1) Kane has been lied to his whole life. As the nephew of Darius Reinier, he thought he knew his place in the world, rich, eligible, he had his whole future mapped out. And then he finds out he is one of them. A shifter!Does he still have a choice? Can’t he just hide from who he really is? Carry on as if the moon doesn’t call to him, doesn’t make him want to rip the flesh from his body and turn into… what? What is he?She has the answers. Amara. Beautiful, curvy, dangerous. She will turn his world upside down, and also make it whole. If he can only find the strength to let go of his past and embrace his future. To become who he is supposed to be...After a bitter war, the world is split, shifters live on one side of the border, humans on the other. Any shifter who enters the human world must wear a collar, silver threaded with copper, to stop the chemical reaction triggering the change. They can own no property, and can never be treated as equals.This is the world Amara finds herself in when she has to pay off her father’s debt. Despite having to wear the collar that keeps her lioness a shadow in her mind, she counts herself lucky, when her contract is bought by Darius Reinier. Her job working in his mansion is easy enough… until the moon beckons and she is thrust into the life of Kane Reinier.But as she learns about Kane, she knows she has to help him, not least because it means she will be able to go back home to Shifters Prime, but because he happens to be her mate. Although he has no idea.Can these two strangers learn to live together, will Kane master the beast that lives within him, and can he find the strength to avenge his past? Find out in Living a Lion. Contains scorching hot scenes meant for adults only. V. Vaughn - Called By The Bear (Called By The Bear #1 To #3) I’m Carly Cutler and my dreams predict the future. So why am I dreaming about a sexy beast of a guy, a bear, and a paw print design? I don’t know. A force I can’t fight wants me to find out, and I’m leaving the only life I’ve ever known. With a fresh tattoo of a bear paw and my best friend by my side, I’m on a quest to find a man I’ve never met.Sierra Steele here, and ready for adventure - We’ve been chosen. The moment I saw Carly’s first tattoo, I felt the undeniable attraction of the guy I’ve been dreaming about. My cautious friend can’t resist the pull either, and we’re off to the mountains to get answers. Something’s calling us, and I’m certain the hunky men are our exciting destiny. They’ll keep us safe from the bear, right? Kate Kent - Taming The Alphas: Complete Edition (Taming The Alphas #1 To #4) Are two Alphas better than one? Beverly Collingswood experiences an emotional roller coaster as she faces the hungry ache of the two hot blooded weremen who lust after her. And if that was not enough, evil forces lurk with nasty intentions.Beautiful, werewoman Beverly Collingswood has returned from Camp Vickers to start her life again at the University. But she experiences anger and loathing from a group that reviles her kind. And powerful desires runs rampant within her when she and her Alpha lover reunite with a sexy werewolf shifter from her past. Will she be able to come to grips with the werewolf haters and her strong feelings for the two smoking hot werewolves? Becca Fanning - Bearly Saints (Bearly Saints #1 To #5) The Complete Bearly Saints Series here just for you! Contains the following stories: Matthew - Bearly Saints (Bearly Saints #1) Melinda Darling has always dreamed of being at the center of the Nashville country music scene. She thought getting her Master's Degree in Music Business would be her ticket to the top, but it turns out managers are a dime a dozen in Music City. With no other prospects and student loan repayments on the horizon, she takes an internship position under the devious Kitty Konstantine. The job was simple: find talent, introduce talent to Konstantine Talent Agency, and keep it all professional. When she finds The 4 Saints, she can see the men ooze with talent, their stage presence commanding rapt attention. When she lays eyes on Matt Saint, she knows she has no hope of keeping it professional...Matthew Saint has a lot on his shoulders, and he's got the scars to prove it. As guitarist for The 4 Saints, he and his brothers have to live in two worlds. On the one hand, they're up and coming country music stars just trying to make it in Nashville. On the other hand, they're a clan of Bear Shifters that have to be careful who they let get close. Trouble is never far off, and since meeting Mel Darlin', he thinks maybe he's due for a little more trouble in his life. Mark - Bearly Saints (Bearly Saints #2) Adelaide Spencer has always had a natural talent for songwriting. She find herself humming a tune, then running around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off looking for a pen and scrap of paper. Receipts, index cards and magazines: nothing was safe from her scribbles. But these were songs she wrote for herself, not for anyone else. So when her Grandma sent her song to the Konstantine Talent Agency without her knowledge, Addison flipped her lid. Would these strangers even accept her, given her family secret?Mark Saint knows talent when he sees it. His Grandfather used to say "There ain't no fakin' talent,". So he drove across the state to the dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere to meet the woman who wrote this special song. When he first laid eyes on her, he knew she'd be his mate. Luke - Bearly Saints (Bearly Saints #3) Candace Chance was having the worst night of her life. Of course, with a name like that, did she ever have a shot? Yet another thing she could thank her mother for, but at this point she had other things on her mind. Like the freezing cold rain, the soggy cardboard that separated her from the alley asphalt. Oh, and the gangsters who are out hunting her, because she's someone else's property. Thanks again, Mom. Luke Saint knows how to move among people. As drummer in The Four Saints, he isn't quite in the spotlight that his brother Matthew is. Coming up on these thugs beating this poor helpless woman was one of those times. He tasted sour copper in his mouth and let out a roar as he charged the men. John - Bearly Saints (Bearly Saints #4) Meg Baker wanted for nothing growing up. The best schools: she attended them. The best instructors: she learned from them. The best talents as a violinist: she was born with them. A pampered life of chauffeurs and private jets. So why was she now on the run, trying to hide herself in the one place she knew her father would never look for her?John might have the last name of Saint, but his family swears he made a deal with the Devil. Not one person from Ozarks to the Appalachias could strum a mandolin like him. And while he loved the harmonies he helped his family achieve on stage, he always felt something was missing inside. Bartholomew - Bearly Saints (Bearly Saints #5) Kitty Konstantine is used to being called names. Cut throat. Demon. Bitch. But the title that always trips her up is "daughter." No matter what she achieved, her father was always ready to cut her down. Vivian Arend - Copper King (Takhini Shifters #1) Three things make billionaire Jim Halcyon’s to-do list: women, work…and more women. It’s a perfect agenda for a rich shifter who has no problem letting his inner grizzly out to play. From the bright lights of Vegas, to the sophisticated action of New York - he’s got the money and the power to do anything he wants.Anything, except resist the lure of Lady Luck, an ancient copper coin he gambles yearly to possess. Jim is determined to regain control of the pretty penny, and damn if he’ll let any bit of eye candy distract him from his goal. Not even the mesmerizing woman in the middle of the casino floor with the shimmering hair and enormous green eyes.With a life-changing move ahead of her, Lillie’s finagled a temporary layover en route to her future. She’s got five days to soak in new experiences, and while Vegas is too big and shiny and loud for her shy bear self, she’s eager to do this up right. It’s the last chance she’s got to let her hair down.Until his challenge begins, Jim is more than willing to oblige Lillie’s wish for a final fling. Only Lady Luck has some twists of fate planned for them both… Scarlett Grove - Commander Bear (Bear Patrol #1) Can a cop and a jewel thief find love on Fate Mountain? She’s on his radar... Jaguar shifter Zoe Bright knows trouble. Growing up, she was the “bad kid” who could never measure up to her bear-shifter brother Corey - and now she’s in debt to the mob. So the last thing she expects is for Corey’s matchmaking program to pair her up with Fate Mountain’s handsome, hunky chief of police! He’s on her tail... Grizzly shifter Rollo Morris can’t believe his fated mate is almost certainly a jewel thief. Still, he and his bear know that curvy, sassy Zoe belongs to them. Pursuing her is a must … and interrogating her is the naughtiest thing he’s ever done. And both of them are in the bulls-eye... When the mafia comes after Zoe, will she trust Rollo with her secrets? And even if she does, can he and the Bear Patrol find a way to solve the case and keep her safe? Bella Love-Wins - Alpha Fire Bear (Marked Bear #2) Brock wanted to protect his family. Sky wanted connection. Brock Moore Brock has enough on his hands as alpha bear shifter and Lieutenant of his firefighter rescue team, handling a serious case of dangerous fires around the Reno-Sparks, Nevada area. Family has always come first, and when his mother phones him with a cryptic message, he knows something's up. It's another reason he's hesitant to take the next step with Sky, the shapely, captivating and feisty bombshell he wishes he could one day call his one true mate... if only there weren't so many barriers and secrets standing in their way. Somehow, all those hurdles start to seem small when the competition comes sniffing around Sky. Sky Grayson Sky has been through the ringer, but refuses to let misfortune dictate how she leads her life. Ever since she met Brock she knew he was the one. Easy on the eye, strong, protective, yet broody, they fit together like bears to honey, so how did this love connection turn into a string of Brock booty calls with no sign of commitment at all? Frustrated, she briefly entertains the idea of letting go of Brock in favor of Rhys Dillon. He's the mysterious, sexy as sin, big tipper who shows up at the Steak and Ale Saloon wanting to sweep Sky off her feet and show her how much she's really worth. Now she has to choose. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a full-length, standalone, HEA romance. Contains mature topics and sexual content. Recommended for 18+ readers. All stories are full-length stand alones and can be read in any order. Michele Bardsley - Two Alphas And A Lady (The Pack Rules #3) Jack Harrison and Grantham Wells are co-alphas of the Earth Pack, and they're on the hunt for a suitable female mate. In the Earth Pack, the triad relationship between two alphas and their mate is sacred. It not only ensures the next generation of leadership, but also facilitates continuous harmony within the pack.Curvaceous Roxi Calabrese is werewolf without a pack. On purpose. As the only daughter of the Blood Pack alpha, she's expected to be the prize in the Suitor's Brawl. All eligible males battle each other until only one remains standing - and takes the prize, literally, right in front of the pack. Roxi's response to that bout of idiocy is to ditch her pack and take a job at the Drift Resort. Unfortunately, the heinous Sara, her mother's right-hand bitch, finds her and tries to convince Roxi to return - by blunt force. Then the very hot alpha werewolves Jack and Grant rescue her.The threesome's attraction is darn near combustible. But after the bed sheets are shredded and the furniture broken, one question remains: Can two Earth Pack alphas convince a feisty Blood Pack female to be their mate, in both body and soul? Earth Pack Rules: Her Alpha Lovers contains very hot sexual scenarios between two gorgeous alpha werewolf shifters and their curvaceous lady. These super sexy installments are meant for readers who are 18+. C.E. Black - Shifted Temptations (Alpha Division #1) Bringing her into their world, was not part of the plan. When Samantha (aka Sam) finds herself falling in love with not one, but two men she's been having a no-strings ménage relationship with, she decides splitting up is the right thing to do. Jordan and Alex refuse to commit, but Sam needs more stability in her life, especially when she finds out she is about to take on a whole lot more responsibility.Jordan and Alex grew up together in a small town of jaguar shifters, where being a half-blood was looked down upon, even by their own fathers. Once they became adults, they left their community and joined a secret military operation call the Alpha Division, a team of shifters keeping the peace with any means necessary, and their next mission comes close to home. Both men feel they have too many secrets for commitment, but at the same time cannot stand the thought of losing Sam.When Jordan and Alex's past comes back to haunt them, a possible traitor on the team threatens the woman they love and a future they have never dreamt. Once secrets are revealed, can the three of them forget the past and forgive the lies or will fear drive them further apart?

Alpha Bear Princes Box Set

Lily Cahill - 2016
    And an evil lurking in the shadows is determined to keep it that way. Destiny is calling the princes back to the throne, but not until they win the heart of their mate.*************************This box set includes all four books of the Alpha Bear Princes series plus exclusive bonus content available nowhere else.Alpha Bear Princes 1: Prince Hudson Billionaire bear shifter Hudson Royce has learned to keep women at arms-length. He’s been used before, and protecting his privacy is a top priority. Besides, he’s too busy running one of the most powerful corporations in Chicago to waste his time on real relationships. But when a chance encounter with a bold, curvaceous stranger has him believing in fated love, he’ll stop at nothing to make her his. Ballsy businesswoman Kay Hennessy wasn’t sure she’d ever set foot back in Chicago after her ex cheated on her and broke her heart. When she finally revives her courage, she returns to the city only to be courted by the man who once devastated her. Chase wants her back, and she’s ready to consider his proposal until she meets a sexy billionaire who may have a few extra talents she didn’t even know were possible. Little do either of them know that Hudson is really a shifter prince who can’t take the throne without a mate. And an opposing clan will do anything to keep him away … even if it means killing the person he loves most.Alpha Bear Princes 2: Prince Samuel Billionaire architect Samuel Ryan has hidden the fact that he’s a bear shifter his whole life—especially from women. Now he’s building a second home near Mt. Hood where he can get away from his busy career and shift anytime he wants. When he meets his new, voluptuous construction supplier, he knows she’s his mate immediately. But will she accept him if she learns the truth? Most men think of Francesca “Frankie” Thompson as buddy, not a woman. And Frankie has a hard time not thinking of herself the same way. She’s a curvy, down-to-earth girl who’s happy running her family’s building supply business, and doesn’t expect much more from life. But when Sam shows up and sees her in a whole new light, Frankie suddenly finds herself wanting more from the sexy stranger … and hoping it’s not all a cruel joke. But unbeknownst to them both, Sam is actually a shifter prince who can’t take the throne without a mate. And someone wants very much to prevent that from happening. The easiest way? Make sure his mate wants nothing to do with him. Alpha Bear Princes 3: Prince Elliott Bad boy film producer Elliott Regan has left a pile of broken hearts behind him almost as big as his billionaire inheritance. Now his playboy behavior has landed him in low-budget movie hell with a new, inexperienced director. Except for the woodsy setting that’ll let him shift into his bear form easier than in LA, he’s sure it’ll be his worst nightmare. But the moment he sees his stunning, curvy mate, he knows all his old ways are behind him. As both a minority and a first-time film director, Laila Marks knows she can’t waste her one shot to make it in Hollywood. And the last thing she needs is a bear shifter on her set. Laila grew up around shifters and knows all about bossy alpha bears - and what can happen when a good bear goes bad. But Elliott is persistent … and sexy as hell. She might change her mind if Elliott can prove himself trustworthy. There’s only one problem. Elliott has no idea he’s a shifter prince who can’t take the throne without a mate. And someone lurking in the shadows is bent on making sure he never does … by destroying his credibility with Laila. Alpha Bear Princes 4: Prince Maxwell Ex-Navy SEAL and billionaire bear shifter Maxwell Rex just discovered he’s a prince. Not only that, he’s next in line for the shifter throne. The problem is, he doesn’t want it. His mother, the Empress, sent him away when he was just a kid, and he has no loyalty to her or the crown. When Maxwell spots his mate, all he wants is to make a life with Annika off the grid and never think about his royal ancestry ever again. Polar bear shifter Annika Zoltag couldn’t choose the clan she was born into. Youngest daughter of the man who’s hunting the lost princes, she’s being used as his pawn to steal the throne in exchange for her freedom. But she never expected that her father’s plan might work. When Maxwell bonds to her as his mate, she’ll have to choose between finally winning her independence from the Zoltag clan, or risking her life to save Maxwell. Annika may be the only person who can convince Maxwell to take his rightful place on the throne. But with her father close at their heels, the two will soon discover that love can be a very powerful weaponEach of the sexy books in the Alpha Bear Princes series includes a fated love story with a happily-ever-after; curvy, smart BBW heroines; and steamy billionaire heroes with heart-melting powers. (WARNING: These naughty princes might just melt your Kindle too!)

Grizzly Cove - Volumes 1-3 Box Set

Bianca D'Arc - 2016
    Wild magic, unexpected allies, a conflagration of sorcery and shifter magic the likes of which has not been seen in centuries... That's what awaits the peaceful town of Grizzly Cove. That, and love. Lots and lots of love.This anthology contains:All About the BearWelcome to Grizzly Cove, where the sheriff has more than the peace to protect. The proprietor of the new bakery in town is clueless about the dual nature of her nearest neighbors, but not for long. It’ll be up to Sheriff Brody to clue her in and convince her to stay calm—and in his bed—for the next fifty years or so.Mating DanceTom, Grizzly Cove’s only lawyer, is also a badass grizzly bear, but he’s met his match in Ashley, the woman he just can’t get out of his mind. She’s got a dark secret, that only he knows. When ugliness from her past tracks her to her new home, can Tom protect the woman he is fast coming to believe is his mate?Night ShiftSheriff’s Deputy Zak is one of the few black bear shifters in a colony of grizzlies. When his job takes him into closer proximity to the lovely Tina, though, he finds he can’t resist her. Could it be he’s finally found his mate? And when adversity strikes, will she turn to him, or run into the night? Zak will do all he can to make sure she chooses him.

Tales of the Winter Wolf, Vol. 6

R.J. Blain - 2016
    However, there’s one life she’s touched most of all—Richard Murphy’s. This is his story. Tales of the Winter Wolf Volume Six takes place immediately after Winter Wolf.

Snowy Knights Anthology: 10 Suspenseful Contemporary and Paranormal Romantic Rescue Stories

Amy J. HawthornRose Nikol - 2016
    These sexy stories will burn up your e-reader while melting your heart. Featuring: WINTER DECEPTION by Amy J Hawthorn ALASKA’S SNOWY MATE by April Zyon WINTER’S STORM by Gracie Meadows KISS OF ICE by Kayleigh Malcolm SNOW-KISSED by Lizabeth Scott FROST-BITTEN by Lori King BY THE LIGHT OF A BLIZZARD by Michel Prince STORM OF SEDUCTION by Nicole Morgan SNOW ANGEL by Rose Nickol SNOW BOUND by TL Reeve

Out of the Woods

P.S. Power - 2016
     Willum Baker, a humble boy from deep in the forest, is pulled into a war that no one even knows about. Now, he either learns to become the perfect spy, or everything, everywhere, will have never been at all. He has help from a family he never knew, but in the end, Will is on his own. Fighting to understand hundreds of alien worlds, before it’s too late. If it’s possible, which is far from assured. *Note: This story takes place in the Young Ancients, Infected, Shortcuts and Mr. Hartley universes. If you've ever wanted a really satisfying cross over that moved past the first few minutes of meetings, this series is for you!

Frost Dragon

Amelia Jade - 2016
    In a world where shifters are not born with the instinctual grace of their animals, it is a supreme honor. There he will learn how to fly gracefully, fight with his animal, and of course, how to use his breath weapon. If he passes, he could even become a Guardian, a protector of Cadia, his home. That is if he doesn’t get expelled for harboring an illegal human woman, who has managed to steal his heart in the process. Quinn Bryant knew she wasn’t supposed to enter Cadia. It was shifter territory, and it was entirely possible that if she were caught she would never be seen again. But the opportunity to get that elusive picture of shifters interacting with each other was too tempting to pass up. Now hunted and hiding out at the house of a mysterious dragon shifter, Quinn has come to realize she has been so very wrong about shifters, and one sexy Frost Dragon in particular. But when he discovers her true reason for being there, Quinn knows she can no longer stay. Can she make it out of Cadia alive? Or will other forces prevent her and Asher from realizing the truth behind their blossoming romance?

The Brac Pack Collection, Volume 1

Lynn Hagen - 2016
    Cecil Walter was living a life no one would wish on their enemy in an abusive relationship with his partner with no way out. Rescuing Cecil from his abusive boyfriend to finding out who in his pack is trying to take Cecil's life, Maverick has his work cut out for him. In Hawk's Pretty Baby, Hawk Magnar, commander of twelve sentry wolves, never thought he'd discover his mate in a hospital for an anxiety attack. Treated as a simpleton all his life, Johnny Stone has never had anything to call his own--until he meets Hawk. In Sunshine's Savior, Dakota Amergan, beta of the Brac Pack, is sent on the hunt four states away by his alpha. As he scours the rough streets for a mystery man, he is approached in a dark alley by Blair, a male prostitute who begs to show him a good time. Blair Weston, first abused by his father then kicked out of his home, survives on the streets by selling his body. But when he offers himself to a fiercely protective werewolf, he finds Dakota isn't the typical john. In Remi's Pup, Drew's secrets led him to a life of drugs and pain, and the road to recovery will be long. Remi is the jokester of the pack, never taking anything or anyone too seriously?until he meets Drew. In Stormy Eyes, when Storm Wishfall is sent on an errand for his alpha, he doesn't expect to discover two young Asian men hiding on a boat in fear for their lives. He definitely isn't expecting one of them to be his mate. Kyoshi must come to terms with his new life, but something lurking deep inside Kyoshi is forcing its way out. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

The Snow Leopard's Mate

Zoe Chant - 2016
    With a shifter father and human mother, her brother got the shifter gene, not her. And after her boyfriend dumped her in the worst possible way, she's the one who got the reputation. In a small town, no one ever forgets your mistakes. Especially when your ex is always around to blame you. All Alethia wants is a fresh start in a place where no one knows her name. But when the handsomest man she's ever seen comes to her defense right there in town, she's shocked to find herself falling in love. But will her past tear them apart? Snow leopard shifter Grey Landin thinks he learned his lesson from his own wild past. Now all he wants is to live quietly, working as a lumberjack by day and returning to his solitary cabin at night. But he's not the kind of man to look the other way when a woman's being harassed. And when he looks into Alethia's eyes, he sees the snow leopard that only he can release... and the mate he never believed he'd find. Grey longs to sweep Alethia away to a new life together, but her ex-boyfriend is determined to keep her in her place-- even if it means a fight. Can Grey persuade Alethia to believe in love when she’s been hurt so badly before? Can this wild cat set his mate free?

Burn This!

Tasha Black - 2016
    Money. Fame. Women. You name it.Until a coolheaded nurse makes this cocky dragon shifter burn…Johnny has a dark secret, and the spell that helped him keep it in check all these years is about to wear off. As his control begins to slip, the famous guitarist finds the perfect place to weather the storm. And it looks like his plan to keep to himself just might work... until he meets Neve. Neve Whittaker is known as the Angel of Malibu to the people whose lives she's helped to recover. When bad-boy rockstar Johnny Lazarus shows up, she sees him as just one more challenge. But she soon learns there's more to Johnny than meets the eye. As she struggles to unravel the mystery surrounding her newest patient, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the handsome stranger. Now she's torn between her need to help him, and her primal desires. And if she's not careful, she might end up losing more than her heart. When things heat up, can Johnny and Neve overcome their inner demons in time to save each other, or will they both end up getting burned?Burn This! is a steamy standalone paranormal romance!One magical spell. A family of shifter siblings with a debt to pay. 300 moons.


Theresa Hissong - 2016
    My cat finds his mate in a human female and she wants a date! Panthers don’t date…we mate. Before my plans fall into place to court the woman who is destined to be my mate, one of my pride is taken and held for ransom. That ransom is me. I will do anything for my pride, but my little human mate puts herself in my place. When I find out that she has been taken, along with a young girl from my pride, I vow to bring them both home. My Guardians and I hunt to find my mate, save my pride, and deal out justice for those my enemy has harmed. That is…if I’m not too late to save them both.

Bearing Burdens

Layla Nash - 2016
    She doesn't expect to stumble across a mostly dead guy in the middle of an illicit errand, or for him to show up a week later and save her life. Kaiser seems like the perfect guy to share her burdens, even if she suspects he's hiding something major. Barrett Kaiser will do anything to repay the debt when Josie saves his life, and his bear will do anything to keep Josie in their lives. They both have complicated pasts, but he knows they can build a future together. Except troublesome coyotes, a pack of rogue wolves outside the city, and the four unruly bears in his den stand between him and his mate. Josie might not know what's going on when wolves attack her and Kaiser, but she knows she'll fight the entire city to protect her family. As more wolves pile on and Josie confronts lawyers, her sister's choices, and her own changing nature, she wonders whether she can truly trust anyone. Can Kaiser save her family, or will he turn into one more burden for her to bear?

Grizzly Flying High

Sloane Meyers - 2016
    But she's been pretending so long that she can't even remember who she is anymore. She decides to leave behind her life of rules and expectations and escape to the Alaskan wilderness to find herself. But when she unexpectedly finds romance on her journey, she has to decide whether she has room in her new life for a man—especially a man as unique as the gorgeous Alaskan hunk who’s been keeping an unusual secret from her. Grizzly shifter Sawyer Williams is a busy man. As the alpha to a group of Alaskan grizzlies, he is duty-bound to protect his clan and put their wellbeing above his own at all times. Between working as a pilot for his tour company and taking care of clan business, he's left with precious little time to find a mate. He's nearly given up on love when destiny brings the beautiful Amanda Parker across his path. He wants nothing more than to make her his own, but a crisis within his clan requires him to put duty ahead of romance. Will Sawyer get a chance to show Amanda how he feels before it's too late? And can Amanda find the courage to make love a part of her new journey? Find out in this steamy bear shifter romance. GRIZZLY FLYING HIGH is part of Sloane Meyers' Air Bear Shifters Series. While this 48K word novella can easily be read as a standalone story, you'll likely enjoy reading all of the Air Bear books!

Bound and Bonded Series Boxed Set

Lisa Oliver - 2016
    Please don't buy this if you already own them. 3 full books, all standalone, just over 300 pages, 100,000 words, contains BDSM themes Don't Touch - Book 1 Submissive wolf shifter Levi has met his mate, the one he wants to call Master. The problem is the Master concerned wants him for nothing more than a regular Saturday night scene and thanks to the rules the man has put in place there is nothing Levi can do about it. Thanks to the war Steel is a damaged wolf. He knows Levi is his mate and wants nothing more than to claim him. But to do that means spilling more secrets than Steel has ever been willing to share with anyone. Does he have it in him to tell Levi what is going on, or should he release him to another Master at the club? Two men who want each other - rules and secrets standing in their way. Topping The Dom - Book 2 Pearson, Alpha of the Bound and Bonded Pack, had always wanted to find his mate. But as an Alpha he had always assumed the man he would be paired with would be a submissive. But when Dante appears in his office hoping to be accepted into the pack, he is anything but the submissive Pearson had believed was his Fated lover. Dante has a past of his own, and while he didn't try to hide it from his Fated Mate, he should have known it was going to cause problems. If Dante's pride didn't stop this mating from happening, then events outside of the Bound and Bonded pack just might. Getting the promise of a HEA was going to be a lot more difficult for these two men, than it should have been. Total Submission - Book 3 Kyle, one of the head enforcers of the Washington Pack, wants nothing more than to find the evidence he needs to convince his Alpha that the man he is following is gay, so he can head back home. Being in Iowa is doing his head in. But a fleeting encounter in a gay nightclub, has Kyle rethinking his priorities because out of nowhere, he had scented his true mate. Teric is a cat-shifter with a job to do and more than a few secrets of his own. Scenting Kyle at a nightclub is the last thing he needed, but Fate intervenes. When the two men meet, secrets come out and for the safety of his pack, Kyle has to let Teric do his job. But what happened to the total submission he had spent his life dreaming about? Warning: All three books contain graphic intimate situations between men. Some BDSM themes and scenes. Strong language and violence. All books are standalone, have an HEA for the couple concerned and as with all of my books, no cheating. These books are based on the true mate trope so if that is not your cup of tea, please don't buy them.