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Sarah Lyons Fleming - 2016
    But when the two are trapped in a hospital during the last gasp of a dying city, alone time is no longer an option. A nurse’s offer of sanctuary promises Sylvie the supplies she needs to survive the zombies–it’s the coexisting with people that might do her in. Eric Forrest will do whatever it takes to get into the dead city for his sister, including ending up dead himself. He’s used to taking risks, but with every mile he travels death looks likelier and likelier, and finding his sister may be his only prospect for survival—if he can make it home. Sylvie doesn’t need more than food, water and shelter. Eric wants only to find his sister. But sometimes what we think we need isn’t what we need at all, and what we find is more than we expected.


Mark Goodwin - 2016
    But will he be able to survive the gauntlet of destruction known as the Great Tribulation? Seven seals, seven trumpets and seven vials of God's wrath are about to be poured out upon the earth, and woe to the inhabitants thereof! Global currencies have collapsed, famine and plague have claimed the lives of millions, and the world has crumbled into chaos. The only reason Everett and his girlfriend, Courtney, have survived the mayhem is because they were warned by John Jones, Everett’s recently deceased boss, that all of these tragedies would occur. And what’s more, through his inside knowledge at the agency, mixed with his interpretation of prophecy, Jones predicted that a world leader would ride in on a white horse to fix the ills of the planet. But who is this leader and what is his motivation for mandating the new identification implant and the global cashless currency? Everett is surprised when he finds out that Elijah, the Messianic Jewish hermit who lives on the mountain above their retreat, did not disappear along with the rest of the Christians. When he tells Everett of a special mission that God has given him, the old prophet gives Everett more questions than answers. This is the highly-anticipated follow-up series to the best-selling trilogy, The Days of Noah, which chronicles the economic, moral, and social collapse of the United States. The Days of Noah series has received 848 five-star reviews to date! The Days of Elijah, Book One: Apocalypse is a fast-paced thrill ride through the last days in America. Buy your copy of this end-times adventure today . . . if you can stomach the peril. As with all books by Mark Goodwin, this book contains no profanity and no embarrassing sex scenes. However, if you're offended by conservative principles and references to Scripture, this book might not be for you.


Deon Meyer - 2016
    They are among the few in South Africa--and the world, as far as they know--to have survived a devastating virus which has swept through the country. Their world turned upside down, Nico realizes that his superb marksmanship and cool head mean he is destined to be his father's protector, even though he is still only a boy.But Willem Storm, though not a fighter, is both a thinker and a leader, a wise and compassionate man with a vision for a new community that survivors will rebuild from the ruins. And so Amanzi is founded, drawing Storm's -homeless and tempest-tost---starting with Melinda Swanevelder, whom they rescued from brutal thugs; Hennie Flaai, with his vital Cessna plane; Beryl Fortuin, with her ragtag group of orphans; and Domingo, the man with the tattooed hand, whom Nico knows immediately is someone you want on your side. And then there is Sofia Bergman, the most beautiful girl that Nico has ever seen, who changes everything.So the community grows--and with each step forward, as resources increase, so do the challenges they must face--not just from the attacks of biker brigands, but also from within. As Nico undergoes an extraordinary rite of passage in this new world, he experiences hardship and heartbreak and has his loyalty tested to its limits. Looking back later in life, he recounts the events that led to the greatest rupture of all--the hunt for the murderer of the person he loves most.An exhilarating new standalone from the author of the internationally bestselling Benny Griessel thriller series, Fever is a gripping epic like nothing else Meyer has written before.


M.P. McDonald - 2016
    Not only is it deadly, but it changes victims' behavior in order to spread the disease before they die. When Cole Evans first heard about the flu outbreak at a military base on a remote island, he felt a little uneasy. He had worked at that base as an epidemiologist while serving in the Navy and knew the kind of diseases they studied there.If this was the disease he thought it was, the entire world could be facing a global pandemic like nothing it had seen before. Cole must find a way to protect his family from a disease that could wipe mankind from the face of the earth...

The Ending Series: The Complete Series

Lindsey Pogue - 2016
    Billions died. The Ending began. Dani and Zoe may have survived the apocalypse, but the Virus changed them. Making it through the end of the world as they knew it was the easy part; it’s staying alive after the ending that will be the real challenge. AFTER THE ENDING, book one A devastating flu pandemic wipes out 90 percent of the human population…but by some miracle, childhood best friends Dani and Zoe survive. Thousands of miles apart, the young women struggle to stay alive, making risky alliances, heartbreaking choices, and more than their share of dangerous enemies. They’re only certain of one thing—they have to find each other. But as Dani and Zoe make their way across the perilous United States, they come to a terrifying realization—the Virus changed everyone, leaving survivors either insane or evolved. Surviving the end of the world as they knew it was the easy part; it’s staying alive after the ending that will be the real challenge. INTO THE FIRE, book two The Virus changed them, but that was only the beginning—death…mutation…insanity…corruption…terror—all that remains is hope. In the wake of destruction left behind by the Virus, it took Dani and Zoe months to find each other. But their reunion was short-lived. Dani has been taken, and though little distance separates them, they might as well be worlds apart. OUT OF THE ASHES, book three Hope brought them together, but it's now fear that drives them...and threatens to tear them apart. Beaten and broken, Dani and Zoe head west, home to Bodega Bay, determined to leave behind the torment and horrors they experienced in Colorado. Along the way, they learn that danger can take many forms--other survivors, their friends, even themselves--and that things are rarely what they seem. Zoe is desperate to become the woman she sees in others' memories, while Dani struggles to conceal damaging secrets, risking losing herself--her humanity--completely. Together, they must rediscover the true meaning of friendship, love, and trust, and learn just how hard they're willing to fight for what remains of their shattered world. As relationships are put to the test, second chances are given, and new life emerges, death lurks in the most unlikely of places. To survive, Dani and Zoe must accept that sometimes hope alone isn't enough. BEFORE THE DAWN, book four A year ago, the Virus killed off most people in the world. A year ago, strange things started happening to those who survived. Some of them transformed into something dark and sinister, while others evolved, becoming something more, something beyond human. A year ago, Dani and Zoe were lost. They traversed the country to find one another, losing some of the people dearest to them along the way. They fought for their right to simply live, uncovered long-buried secrets, and discovered irreversible truths. And after everything Dani and Zoe have been through—even with the battle wounds that they bear—they’re still not safe. It’s time for the struggle to end, for survivors to take back their lives, their families, their safety. It’s time to really begin to live, and to do that, they must wait for the first rays of dawn. BEFORE THE DAWN concludes the emotionally charged post-apocalyptic series, but there are still more stories from the world of The Ending Series: The Ending Beginnings Omnibus Edition World Before (TBR) World After (TBR)

The Distance

Jeremy Robinson - 2016
    August Morrison faces it after rising from the depths of a dark matter research facility in Arizona. His co-workers. His daughter. All of them: dust. Friends and colleagues around the world don't answer their phones. The city of Phoenix burns. He is alone. As a world without mankind starts to crumble, August fights not just for survival, but for his very sanity.On the other side of the country, Poe McDowell watches her parents crumble into dust just moments after being shoved inside a coffin-like device that spares her from the same fate. She emerges to find not just her mother and father, but also her neighbors--her entire town's human population--reduced to grit. Unlike August, she's not entirely alone, but the life growing in her belly isn't much company.Then, hope. A drunken and desperate August broadcasts over the ham radio network and connects with his fellow survivor, Poe, alone and pregnant in a snow blanketed New Hampshire. Determined to reach her, August sets out on a cross country trek. But the world is not as empty as it seems. Lights in the sky reveal that they are not alone. The human race's demise was not natural--and the architects are searching for survivors....AT THE END.Jeremy Robinson, whose stories have been compared to Michael Crichton, James Rollins and Stephen King, is the international bestselling master of stories featuring mind-bending imagination, terrifying monsters and high-octane action. With The Distance, he is joined by his wife, Hilaree Robinson, whose passionate writing and characters make this novel a truly unique and exciting experience that will leave readers both enthralled and moved.

Critically Endangered

N.S. Austin - 2016
    She views the horror of humanity's annihilation via cable television and the internet, until they too are gone. There is no time to understand the inexplicable sickness that takes everyone. Karen's daughter dies in her arms. Her husband and son never return. When she gets sick it's almost a mercy. And then she wakes up. Her dogs are all that is left. Whatever has caused the near extinction of human life, it has spared the rest of the animal kingdom. On her first trip out she finds a planet that is unalterably changed, not with a bang but with a whimper. Karen gathers a pack of canines as companions and helpers. Among her furry partners are two very special German shepherds that appear to be more than just man's best friend. As she tries to process her different existence and locate others, Karen begins a physical metamorphosis. What she's about to realize is that not everyone changes in the same way and that some things remain the same. Humans are still this world's greatest predator. If you love dogs; if you love imagining the struggle of a totally different world; or if you love getting to know new and unlikely characters, Critically Endangered is guaranteed to entertain. It is an epic saga and thought provoking novel about a "human apocalypse".

Twisted World: A Broken World Novel

Kate L. Mary - 2016
    People died and came back as monsters, and through the tragedy that rocked the world survivors were born. Megan James is the product of survivors. Her parents crossed hundreds of miles of dangerous countryside to reach Atlanta, and the promise of a real future. Now, two decades later, Meg is facing a crisis of her own. Her father has vanished and is presumed dead, and her mom is teetering on the edge of insanity, but all Meg really wants is to return to the safe world she always thought she was living in. Only Atlanta isn’t everything her parents thought it would be. The slums have grown and corruption is rampant, and despite the promise of democracy the new government has been slow to change. Through it all, the only consistency seems to be the zombies. Decayed and barely more than skeletons, there is no reason they should still be moving. But they are. Facing the harsh world alone, Meg gets a job in the entertainment district of Atlanta where she meets convict fighter Donaghy. Angry at the world and his circumstances, all the fighter really wants is to be left alone. But when he gets swept up in Meg’s problems, he finds it impossible to turn his back on her. When a mysterious note resurrects old rumors about what the CDC is really doing, Meg can’t help wondering if her father might have met the same fate that her uncle did twenty years earlier. With the help of Donaghy, she will search for the truth among the darkness that has settled over Atlanta, where they’ll soon discover that the mutated virus has brought forth creatures nobody could have imagined, and the evil intentions of the men in charge are much more sinister than anyone ever thought possible, making the future look harsher than ever before. ***This novel is the first book in a new zombie/dystopian series, set twenty years after the final book in the Broken World series. While reading the first seven books will be helpful, it is not necessary to follow the plot of Twisted World.

After the Fall: Jason's Tale

David Nees - 2016
    With no food deliveries, no vehicles working, society begins to unravel.Starvation and death begin to reign and panic leads to violence. Marauding gangs roam the countryside, stealing, killing or worse and cities begin to wall themselves off from the danger outside.As society breaks down, Jason heads to the Appalachian Mountains to avoid the growing anarchy, hoping to wait out the chaos. The gangs threaten but loneliness becomes his biggest enemy as the solitude envelopes him.In a secluded mountain valley he finds a woman, Anne, and her two daughters struggling to survive. They are near starvation when Jason shows up.Violence soon follows him. Survival will mean fighting...and killing. The power hasn't returned, the country is still shattered and Jason and Anne must struggle for a new life in a dangerous world.If you like "One Second After" and other survival/post-apocalyptic stories, you will enjoy this personal story of trying to survive and thrive after an EMP attack.


Devon C. Ford - 2016
    By the time the country realised it was everywhere, nearly everyone died. Being one of the few left alive wasn't the freedom he would have expected. Banding together those he found along the way, he has to fight to keep them safe. To keep them alive. To survive.

Behold, Darkness and Sorrow

Mark Goodwin - 2016
    Through one of Danny’s dreams, they learn about the imminent threat of an EMP attack which will wipe out America’s electric grid, sending the country into a technological dark age. Living in a nation where life-sustaining systems of support are completely dependent on electricity and computers, the odds for survival are dismal. Municipal water services, retail food distribution, police, fire, EMS and emergency services will come to a screeching halt. If they want to live through the most catastrophic period in American history, Danny and Alisa will have to race against time to get prepared, before the lights go out. Buy your copy of Behold Darkness and Sorrow and jump into this post-apocalyptic, survival-fiction thriller, today! As with all books by Mark Goodwin, this book contains no profanity and no embarrassing sex scenes. However, if you're offended by conservative principles and biblical references, this book might not be for you.

Ice Fall

Michael Edelson - 2016
    Just as he is convinced he is the only survivor of a mysterious global cataclysm, he meets a woman seeking refuge from a past she won’t reveal. Her arrival rescues him from unbearable isolation, but when the snow finally stops and her secret catches up with her, Peter is forced to choose between saving her life and following his conscience. His decision sends them running for their lives and searching for answers as the melting snow reveals a world unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Together they will learn not only what caused the greatest disaster in the planet’s history, but that the worst may be yet to come.

Locker Nine

Franklin Horton - 2016
    When Grace decides to go away for her first year of college her dad, Robert, can’t help but think of all of the potential ways that society could collapse and strand his daughter hundreds of miles from home. Then, near the end of her freshman year, it happens. Like a scene from one of Robert’s books, coordinated terror attacks take place at dozens of locations around the country – including on the campus of Grace’s university. Grace and her father barely have time for a single rushed phone call before they lose signal. In that call, Robert reminds his daughter of the key he gave her when she left for school – the key that she constantly wears around her neck. She doesn’t know what it opens. She doesn’t know where the engraved numbers will lead her. All she knows is that her dad is not the type to let her go hundreds of miles from home with no backup plan. With her roommate in tow, Grace embarks on a treacherous journey that may lead her home or may lead her right into the path of another stranded traveler -- a disturbed gamer who sees nothing but opportunity in a world that now closely resembles that of his favorite video games.

The Journey Home

Jeff Motes - 2016
    It has been revised to reflect a 1st person point of view for each chapter's main character. Take note of which character leads the chapter title. This will help make the flow of thoughts smooth. This is not a book on religion or religious ideology, however, two of the main characters are Christian. They pray often and acknowledge God's influence upon the events taking place. If you find praying, acknowledging God, or seeing Jesus' name used in a positive context offensive, then I suggest you do not read this book. These are strong characters, who I think many can relate to. I hope you enjoy the book. The Day The day was like any other day—until it became “The Day.” At 4:05 p.m. the United States was attacked with an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon. A 20 mega-ton nuclear warhead was detonated high in the atmosphere above Kansas, blanketing most of the contiguous United States and parts of Canada and Mexico with an electro-magnetic pulse that damaged nearly all microprocessors and electronic controls beyond repair. Nearly every system that depends on computers and electronics has ceased to work. The electrical grid goes down. The water system goes down. The sewer system goes down. The phone system goes down. The cellular system goes down. Cars stop. Tractors stop. Radio and TV stations go dark. The internet is no more. No more ambulance services. No more emergency services. No more government services. No more 911. In the twinkle of an eye America is sent back deep into the 19th century. Jill Barnes, a single mom, finds herself stranded on the side of Interstate 459 near Birmingham, Alabama. Jack Chance, a bank vice-president, is stranded on Interstate 85 near Montgomery, Alabama. John Carter, a contractor, finds himself stranded near Leeds, Alabama. Each must travel home to Clarke County in rural southwest Alabama. Follow them as they each make their decisions and journey home while the fabric of American society is torn asunder and criminals run amok. The story is exciting and enlightening, compelling and fast moving, infuriating and redemptive, heart-rending and heart-warming. Keep some tissue close to hand, just in case...

Under the Gray Skies

Jacqueline Druga - 2016
    Believing the airport is not the safest place, Lacey and her sister hurry from the terminal and board a crowded tram. Then it happens. No one knows why, how or what occurs. Cities are decimated, oceans rise and people drop dead from the cataclysmic event. The world becomes a dark place on a fast track to the next ice age. Lacey somehow survives and finds herself in a city of rubble. Unaware that it was a global event, she treks from the destruction in an attempt to find help. Along the way she meets Madison. Both women are far from home and together they embark on a mission to find their families thousands of miles away. The country is in chaos and is fast becoming uninhabitable. It is a race against the clock as the world grows colder and more dangerous by the day. Lacey and Madison vow not to give up until they know what has happened to those they love.

United States Of Apocalypse

Mark Tufo - 2016
     Cowardly terrorist attacks and indifferent Global communities have isolated America as she spirals into a desperate bid for survival. Follow Darlene Bobich, and her group on the west coast along with Michael Talbot on the east coast as they do everything in their power to thwart those that would take everything that they and all of us are, away.

City of the End (Book 1): The World Above (An Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen)

Mark Mulle - 2016
    But what Lana didn’t expect is that everything she knows about the Overworld is not what it seems! Her supposedly easy mission is bound to become one of the most difficult challenges in her life! Just behind the portal, more mystery and exciting adventures awaits Lana. And along the way, she will discover not only the real story between the Overworld and the End City, she will also discover the true importance of trust and friendship. Grab a copy of this book today and find out how Lana’s simple life suddenly became an interesting one filled with exciting adventures! This unofficial Minecraft book is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft Corp., Mojang AB, Notch Development AB or any other person or entity owning or controlling the rights of the Minecraft name, trademark or copyrights. All characters, names, places and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Minecraft®/ /TM & ©2009-2016 Mojang/Notch.

36 Hours

Bobby Akart - 2016
    . .for a catastrophic event of epic proportions . . .with no idea where to start . . .or how, or when?This is a true story, it just hasn't happened yet.A new dystopian, post-apocalyptic fiction series from six-time best-selling author Bobby Akart (The Boston Brahmin series and the Prepping for Tomorrow series).The characters depicted in The Blackout Series are fictional. The events, however, are based upon fact.This is not the story of preppers with stockpiles of food, weapons, and a hidden bunker. This is the story of Colton Ryman, his stay-at-home wife, Madison, and their teenage daughter, Alex. In 36 Hours, the Ryman family and the rest of the world will be thrust into the darkness of a post-apocalyptic world.A catastrophic solar flare, an EMP--a threat from above to America's soft underbelly below--is hurtling toward our planet.The Rymans have never heard of preppers and have no concept of what prepping entails. But they're learning, while they run out of time. Their faith will be tested, their freedom will be threatened, but their family will survive.An EMP, naturally generated from our sun in the form of a solar flare, has happened before, and it will happen again, in only 36 Hours.This is a story about how our sun, the planet's source of life, can also devastate our modern world. It's a story about panic, chaos, and the final straws that shattered an already thin veneer of civility. It is a warning to us all ...never underestimate the depravity of man.What would you do when the clock strikes zero?Midnight is forever.Note: This book does not contain strong language. It is intended to entertain and inform audiences of all ages, including teen and young adults. Although some scenes depict the realistic threat our nation faces from a devastating solar flare, and the societal collapse which will result in the aftermath, it does not contain graphic scenes typical of other books in the post-apocalyptic genre.

Unexpected World

Chris Pike - 2016
     Assistant District Attorney Dillon Stockdale is on the phone with his daughter when an EMP obliterates the entire electrical grid of the United States. Anything relying on a computer is fried, including the plane his daughter is on. Gripped with the terrifying realization the plane has crash-landed somewhere in the expansive and dangerous landscape of Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin, Dillon sets out to rescue her before it’s too late. A harrowing survival story with non-stop, pulse-pounding action, Unexpected World is a story of good vs. evil, of a complex narrative of fight or flight, and mind-bending choices resulting in profound consequences. Dillon Stockdale is determined, he’s well-equipped, and nothing will stop him. Or will it?

The Ruins

T.W. Piperbrook - 2016
    But among those treasures lurks danger.And what they discover might be worse than what they left behind.

Cry Havoc

A. American - 2016
    There’s war and rumors of war. There’s the false recovery of the economy. Failing faith in the US economy is extremely high. Foreign banks have either slowed their purchases of Treasury Bonds or, in a few cases, begun unloading them.We have a current election that is rife with corruption, extreme partisanship and outright fraud. It would appear the left in the country is ready to do about anything to see their candidate elected. While this is very concerning today, what does it mean to the election process as a whole? What will the next one look like? Does anyone believe they will actually improve? Or will the next batters up to the ultimate Homeplate simply make it even worse, take it even further down the rabbit hole?In reality, it matters not who wins. They can only be there for eight years. But the election sets precedent for the next one; and the next one will push the limits even further, if there is one. We’ve all heard of the spooky bank holiday. This sort of thing usually happens on a weekend, and on Monday morning you simply cannot access your account. You have no access to your money. Don’t think it can happen? Neither did the people of Greece. Or Germany when they were limited to fifty Euros a day. What would you do? Do you keep cash on hand? Do you trust your bank? If you put twenty thousand dollars into the bank and then ask for ten thousand back, you have to fill out forms and justify your need for it. Then they tell the government about it and you face further sanctions.Here in America, we think we’re free. Well, we are currently listed as number twenty on the scale of freedom. Think about that. Number twenty! Chile is ahead of us! But we have our guns and all of those other countries don’t. And indeed we do, for now. But what if, if, they were to take those away? What do we do then? And before you say you would take to the streets and fight back, think for a minute what that really means. Then watch a few videos on Syria or Ukraine. It’s all fun and games until someone puts a tank main-gun round through your house.What follows is just one idea of what this could look like. I’m not saying this is the way it would go. It’s just some thoughts on it. On how people could act. What the government may do in response and how people might respond in turn.

The Forever Man Box Set - 6 Books: The Complete First Series

Craig Zerf - 2016
     "This is one of the best epic fantasy books that I have ever read. It is in a class of its own. Zerf has created a cross between the heroic epic fantasy of David Gemmell and RR Martin as well as a good slice of Steven King". "One of the best books on the Apocalypse that I have read!" "What a compelling read. I was unable to put the book down". The world, as we know it, has ended. One man stands resolute. A man who has been trained in the savage arts of war. A man who lives his life according to a creed. A simple man who wants none of the power thrust upon him. This man is Marine Sergeant Nathaniel Hogan, seconded to the American Embassy in London and, although he does not know it, he is – The Forever Man. "A wonderful twisting, turning adventure from book one." "Riveting! Oorah and kick ass indeed!" "The Forever Man series blew me away! I started reading book 1, 'Pulse' on the 17th then couldn't stop. I purchased the rest of the series, 2 - 6 and read them one after another. The stories are fast moving and you really care what happens to the characters. I can't urge you strongly enough to try this series." The first pulse occurred in the old calendar year of 2022. A sequence of gigantic solar flares created a series of massive electromagnetic pulses that stopped the heart of our modern world and returned us to the DARK AGES. Tens of thousands died within the first few hours as airplanes fell from the skies, hospitals ceased to work and every form of modern transportation ground to a halt. Within days the death toll had reached the hundreds of thousands. Fires raged unchecked through the cities, water supplies ran out and survivors turn on each other as mob rule surpassed all else. And Nathaniel finds that he has been changed by the huge amounts of Gamma radiation in the solar flares. They have enhanced his natural abilities, giving him increased speed, strength and healing. Indefinitely extended his life span and enabling him to be able to draw on the power of the solar flares to create magik. But even The Forever Man was not prepared for what happened next, as the ongoing flares tore a hole in time and space, creating a gateway through which ‘they’ appeared. From the realms of fantasy came the orcs, the goblins and, leading them all – the Fair Folk. Were they here to help – or to conquer? The ultimate Dystopian superhero. Craig Zerf has gotten serious! This is the first in his MAMMOTH new Heroic fantasy. A true Epic dystopian fantasy that covers hundreds of years of man's dystopian existence under the yoke of the Fair-Folk. Award winning author...Chosen by London Radio BBC 4 as a "BEST READ" – Dystopian apocalyptic fantasy, Dystopian fantasy adventure ˃˃˃Chosen by London Radio BBC 4 as a "BEST READ" – Fantasy Superhero Saga SF CROWSNEST - Craig Zerf is inflated with invention and well-endowed with wit – Superhero Books Free. This series is a great Superhero Collection Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Apocalypse Machine

Jeremy Robinson - 2016
     A chain of subglacial volcanoes erupt in Iceland. The melting ice floods the countryside. Poisonous gas descends on Scotland. A tsunami devastates the Norwegian coastline. An ash cloud rises into the atmosphere, blotting out the sun across Europe, ushering in a new Ice Age. Dozens of nuclear power plants, flooded by ocean water, experience meltdowns. Millions perish. Many more are displaced. All on the first day. On the second day, a series of earthquakes moving in a straight line, reveal the presence of something massive, walking across the landscape. Concealed by a thick, radioactive ash cloud, the ‘aberration’ heads west, toward Russia. Abraham Wright, a science writer for Modern Scientist, who wants nothing more than to be reunited with his family, finds himself at the center of the United States’ response to the crisis. Under his new title as Assistant Science Advisor to the President, Wright is sent to Europe with a team of Army Rangers, where he uncovers the truth about the ancient behemoth laying waste to the world: there have been five mass extinctions on planet Earth, and the aberration has been present at each. On the third day, the world fights back. And loses. Separated from his family by continents and oceans ravaged by countless disasters and populated by strange new life, Wright struggles to survive in an evolving world. Hoping to uncover the key to mankind’s redemption, he fights for answers, and to reach his loved ones—before the human race’s extinction. THE APOCALYPSE MACHINE WILL FINISH IT. Jeremy Robinson returns to the Kaiju Thriller genre he popularized with the largest Kaiju to ever appear in fiction: the Apocalypse Machine. Bursting with all the epic action, desperate struggle and complex characters that readers have come to expect, Robinson takes the world to the brink once more, pitting humanity against the greatest threat he has yet to conjure, and asking the question: Does humanity deserve to inherit the Earth, or is our time up?


Mark Tufo - 2016
    Those who would seek a new world order have unleashed the most devastating virus onto mankind, and even they do not know the secrets hidden in their weapon. Follow along as Harry, a CDC scientist, races to figure out what exactly the virus is and how to stop it. It will be up to him and a group of marines led by Major Sanders to stop the zombie fallout before it ravages an unsuspecting world.

Plague Wars: Infection Day: The First Trilogy: Three apocalyptic sci-fi technothriller adventures

David VanDyke - 2016
    A PTSD-damaged combat medic, a female Marine with no legs and a sniper with no remorse might be its only hope of survival. Can these flawed heroes drive back those who would enslave humanity? Or will the darkness spread and swallow them up? Begin your journey through the epic saga of the Plague Wars with the gripping first three books of the bestselling apocalyptic series, for the first time in one enormous volume. Plague Wars: Infection Day follows in the apocalyptic thriller and military-adventure science fiction traditions of Stephen King, Harry Turtledove and SM Stirling. Plague Wars: Infection Day - The Eden Plague - Reaper's Run - Skull's Shadows - Eden's Exodus - Apocalypse Austin - Nearest Night Plague Wars: Alien Invasion - The Demon Plagues - The Reaper Plague - The Orion Plague - Cyborg Strike - Comes the Destroyer - Forge and Steel Plague Wars: Stellar Conquest - Starship Conquest (First Conquest) - Desolator: Conquest - Tactics of Conquest - Conquest of Earth - Conquest and Empire

My Dead World

Jacqueline Druga - 2016
    In her teenage years she believed it to be a prison. As an adult it became her sanctuary and means to survive. When a mysterious outbreak occurs in India, Nila’s brother, Bobby, a virologist with the CDC, places the family on a precautionary alert to be ready to bug out. Unlike anything he’s ever seen, the rabies-like virus is not only deadly but causes extreme violent behavior in anyone who becomes infected. Following her brother’s advice, Nila begins to stockpile. After months of preparing, just as it seems the virus is over, everything implodes and Bobby informs them to leave the city. With her family, Nila heads to the mountains and to her father’s isolated cabin. There she is eventually joined by friends and strangers, all hoping to safely stay clear of the virus that grips the world. While there, the group forms a tight bond, feeling secure that they will beat the extinction event and in due course return home. As time moves on, Nila quickly learns there are things they cannot run from.

After It Happened: Omnibus Books 3-4

Devon C. Ford - 2016
     Set in the UK in the immediate aftermath of a mysterious illness which swept the country and left millions dead, the series follows the trials facing a reluctant hero, Dan, and the group he forms around him. They must battle the elements, find sufficient supplies and equipment to survive, and protect themselves against the most destructive force on the planet: other people.

Bishop's Honor

A.R. Shaw - 2016
    In the year 2030 the Maunder Minimum, a period of solar inactivity, will cause a mini-ice age like it did between the years 1645 and 1710. When it does, Bishop will have to save her not only from the effects of severe weather but also from man himself. Maeve Tilton and her son Ben live alone in the rural town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Since her husband died in the war, she's barely kept her head above water, and when the first freeze strikes in the fall, she's completely unprepared for what lies ahead. Only a war-torn man, one who prefers the solitude of the Kootenai National Forest, can rescue her and her son.

Northern Lights

Boyd Craven - 2016
    Things turn deadly when an EMP leaves them stranded and alone a thousand miles away from civilization. Winter is coming, and they only brought enough supplies for two weeks.In a hostile land, there’s no room for mistakes or illness. One wrong step can prove to be as deadly as the wildlife that has no fear of humans, and that views them as more than a potential food source. Escape by boat or over land would be near impossible. So much to do, so ill-equipped, and so little time. Follow the four friends in their journey of survival. Survival isn’t just an option—It’s life or death.

This Rotten World

Jacy Morris - 2016
    In Portland, Oregon it is no different. As the night takes hold, eight men and women bear witness to the horror of a zombie outbreak. This Rotten World is the zombie novel that horror fans have been waiting for. Where other zombie works skip over the best part of a zombie outbreak, This Rotten World revels in it the downfall of humanity, dragging you through the beginnings of society's death, kicking and screaming.

Love and Decay: Revolution, Volume Two

Rachel Higginson - 2016
    But somebody’s got to do it. Page Parker finally convinced her family to return to the former United States and fight the battle she’s been dying to finish. She finally gets to hunt down the man she blames for so much evil and make him pay for his sins. They just have to travel across jungles and barren wastelands and survive Mexico first. When she finally reaches the Colony, she hopes to have all her family with her. She hopes Luke is who she remembers him to be. She hopes this war is everything she expects it to be. But the thing about the end of the world? Nothing ever goes like it should. Love and Decay: Revolution is a Dystopian Romance Novella Series about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with. Every L&D Volume is a compilation of four episodes and approximately 80,000 words long. Look for Love and Decay: Revolution, Volume Three coming June 3rd, 2016.

Bravo: Apocalypse Mission

Summer Lane - 2016
    Society, gone.The apocalypse rules all, and mankind struggles for survival.But there was a dog, and his name was Bravo.*First, there was the training.Bravo, a strong and loyal German Shepherd, is born and raised to be a bomb detection dog in the Marines by his handler, Nathan Ingalls. Together, they prepare to become fighters. After the training, there was the desert.Deployed to Afghanistan, the brutality of desert warfare shows no mercy to neither man nor dog. And then, there was the Collapse.When the apocalypse strikes, Bravo is cruelly torn from his handler in the dying days of society. Bravo fights for survival in the city, longing to be reunited with his handler, his friend. His journey will take him into the most dangerous parts of the city and country, into the heart of the apocalypse. He will meet new friends, and he will fight for them.Bravo will not stop until he finds his partner.This is the story of a dog. This is the story of a hero.This is the story of Bravo, the bomb dog, and his apocalypse mission.

The Seventh Hour

Tracey Ward - 2016
    Some fled to the mountains for shelter. Others took to the seas, sailing forever in the perfect gold between the night and the day; a place known as the Seventh Hour.Liv was raised aboard a ship chasing the Seventh. She's never seen the night, never known true cold, and when a storm destroys her home she’s on land for the first time in her life. She’s alone, surrounded by strangers and perils she couldn’t have imagined in her worst nightmares. Her only chance at survival is Grayson. He saved her. He’ll protect her. He hates her.Old grudges run deeper than the sea, and Liv and Gray will have to overcome them together to make it to morning.To survive the longest night.LIVE for Pre-Order:


D.J. Molles - 2016
    Now he’s a man with nothing left to lose … and that’s what makes him so dangerous. Ten years after the collapse, Huxley had built a good life again. He had a loving wife, a farm with fields of golden barley, and a daughter with a strange and wonderful gift. Then the slavers came. Working out in the fields during the attack, Huxley returns too late. His daughter has been taken and his wife is bleeding out, her last whispered words about a man with a scorpion tattoo on his neck.Where do the slavers go? Huxley has no idea. He only knows that they headed east and so will he. But eighteen months later, dying of thirst in the open desert, he doesn’t expect to see another day.Then a man appears out of the desert and offers Huxley water from his canteen—an unheard of kindness in these savage times—and he gives Huxley a new purpose. Together, Huxley and Jay carve a path of destruction across the remains of a once-great land. The slavers are brutal, but they have no idea what’s coming for them. Huxley has found something to live for again: blood and vengeance.In his most powerful work yet, New York Times bestselling author D. J. Molles delivers a carefully woven novel of violence and redemption, bringing to life a devastating portrait of a man pushed to the edge of his own humanity.“With Wolves, D. J. Molles gives us a postapocalyptic rescue thriller that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. A brutal tale wrapped like barbed wire around love, honor and a father’s love for his daughter. Highly recommended.”–Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Kill Switch and Ghostwalkers“Revenant meets Mad Max in this postapocalyptic thriller that proves D. J. Molles is back on the top of the genre.”—Nicholas Sansbury Smith, author of Hell Divers

After It Happened Omnibus Parts 1-2: Survival / Humanity

Devon C. Ford - 2016
     Set in the UK in the immediate aftermath of a mysterious illness which swept the country and left millions dead, the series follows the trials facing a reluctant hero, Dan, and the group he forms around him. They must battle the elements, find sufficient supplies and equipment to survive, and protect themselves against the most destructive force on the planet: other people.

Hell's Children

John L. Monk - 2016
    Houses are now mausoleums. Civilization lies in the hands of children who’ve never had to feed themselves or survive a winter without gas or electricity. Most will die. Others — a bare few — will tread a different path.Fourteen-year-old Jack Ferris is a survivor — because his parents raised him that way. Leveraging qualities rare for his age, he must lead his desperate companions to a secret refuge. Too late, he learns that safety is a mirage, and that the high price of hope is paid in blood.


M.D. Massey - 2016
    And to do it, he'll need to traverse half the state of Texas while dealing with out-of-control military units, violent redneck looters, and all manner of evil things that go bump in the night...


Jack Hunt - 2016
    The only hope of survival is retreating to their cottage on one of the isolated islands in the St. Lawrence River. Easy for Frank, he's already there but when his daughter suffers a major setback, Frank is forced out of his comfort zone.As riots ensue and electrical fences are breached, the H9N3 Agora Virus is unleashed and becomes unstoppable. Transportation systems cease, grocery stores are looted, hospitals become infectious morgues, and chaos erupts.Now his greatest fear is about to become his reality. Frank must embark on a dangerous journey into the heart of an infected country, to rescue his daughter before society collapses.

The Horses Know

Lynn Mann - 2016
    Her chosen person. A bond with the power to change everything.The human race has all but destroyed itself and those who remain know that they must avoid repeating the mistakes of their ancestors. But it’s extremely difficult. Without horses, it would be impossible. Amarilla is one of those chosen by a horse as a Bond-Partner. She looks forward to a lifetime of learning from her horse and of passing on the mare’s wisdom to those seeking help. But then she discovers that she is the one for whom the horses have all been waiting. The one who can help them in return.In order to give the horses the help they need, Amarilla will have to achieve that which has never been attempted before. Only her beloved mare can give her the motivation, the courage and the strength to believe she can succeed. If she does, a new era will dawn for horses and humans alike...The Horses Know is the first book of The Horses Know Trilogy. If you love horses and know there is more to them than meets the eye, this novel is for you!


Craig Martelle - 2016
    How will Chuck and his family survive? What would you do if you lost power, water, and the protection of law enforcement, all in an instant … and what if you knew it was never coming back? Retired Marine and survivalist Chuck, his brilliant and brave wife, Madison, and their remarkable children are thrown from the modern world into a dystopian wasteland in the span of a few heartbeats. Now it’s up to Chuck to build a new life in a post-apocalyptic world that becomes more dangerous every day. Join the Nagys as they do more than simply survive a devastating surprise attack: They thrive. They learn to protect themselves. They venture into the devastated city for essential supplies, and fight wolves, wildlife, and desperate humans. Ultimately they rally other survivors to build a new community. But when the faceless enemy that ended their world returns, they learn a harsh new truth: They must run for their lives through three hundred miles of a frozen Alaskan wilderness if they hope to endure. “This novel takes the reader on a journey of survival that is unique and compelling. It pulled me in and made me feel like I was right there with the main character, experiencing survival without the actual pain and frustration that comes with it. The first-person presentation is just right for a survival novel like this. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I believe you will too.” Amazon Five Star Review Attorney, consultant, successful author and twenty-year Marine Corps veteran Craig Martelle has written a frighteningly realistic story that a five-star Amazon review called “unique and compelling.” “The author masterfully portrays characters that are forced to do things they never would have imagined being capable of doing. A crisis can bring out the best and worst of humanity, and this novel shows us both.” Experience what the future may hold for us all, and how one smart, courageous family endures!


D. Gideon - 2016
    Ripley Miller's a tomboy at heart who has never met a stranger. Her plans were to finish her veterinary studies and take her family to the country, where life wouldn't be such a struggle. She thought the worst she'd have to deal with at the University of Maryland were the unwelcome advances and attitudes of affluent students, and the occasional East Coast hurricane.She never expected the sun to fall down.Now Ripley has no communication with her family at home and--thanks to the University's zero-tolerance policy--no weapons to protect herself. Society is becoming increasingly panicked and desperate, and the government seems slow to respond.The world, as she knew it, has ended. A new world of lawlessness, betrayal, and scarcity is beginning.Can she become the woman she needs to be so that she and her friends can make it home?With the thin veneer of a civilized society collapsing, can she even survive?

Awakened Control (The Data ARC Chronicles)

Boyd Craven - 2016
     Stick to the facts, Tony. By the way, Arnie is way more buff than you are. Who's that? That's Alice, the AI implanted in my brain. In a stroke of genius not witnessed since... well, ever... I chose my ex's personality profile for the AI to emulate. And the cybernetic enhancements don't stop there. I'm what they call an augment. Nanites have been infused throughout my body, giving me physical capabilities far exceeding those of the average man. But not the average stalker, as you discovered last week. A little context first, shall we? The world ended - oops - and the fate of humanity depends on my traversing the wastelands for parts to keep us alive. To fix this, all that stands in my way are gladiator fights, gigantic bugs, a cabal of bad guys, and the aforementioned stalkers. Think 8' tall gremlins with razor-sharp talons and teeth - make great souvenirs, by the way, just don't let them love on you. Like, at all. Their love? It hurts. I also have to survive a guy named Magnus, whose elite army of baddies is coming for my head (literally) and being outnumbered a gazillion to one. If that isn't enough, the Data ARC I protect shut down. It holds humanities hopes of digging out of the stone age, and the overlords who keep knowledge suppressed to better control their serfs. Gotta fix it. Fast! So if a Dystopian Action Sci-Fi that reads like the love child of the Mad Max movies and video games such as Rage, Fallout, and Borderlands with Deadpool-esque humor appeals to you, then welcome to the apocalypse's after-party! We have guns, power armor and wild and crazy dashes through the desert on tricked out dune buggies!

The Soon Collection: Soon / Silenced / Shadowed: The Beginning of the End (Underground Zealot)

Jerry B. Jenkins - 2016
    Paul relishes his job and is good at it. He is determined to expose underground religion—flush it out, expose it, and kill it—until his life is turned upside down and he is forced to look at life in a different way. As Paul begins to unravel the truth about what he has found, events taking place around the world are starting to make sense. Something big is coming—something that can’t be stopped. And it is coming soon.#2 SilencedEnter the continuing story of double agent Paul Stepola as he works to protect his fellow believers from the government that is trying to eliminate Christians. The underground church is in mortal peril following the apocalyptic events in Los Angeles, which have only cast further suspicion upon Christians. Meanwhile, Paul struggles with how to tell his family about his newfound faith without raising the suspicions of his ruthless father-in-law. A gripping, futuristic thriller that will keep you glued to the page.#3 ShadowedAfter God intervenes with a miracle of global proportions, the tide is turned on international atheism and the National Peace Organization (NPO). The underground church has grown to the extent that Christians are becoming the majority. Agent Paul Stepola and his wife Jae are exposed and forced to become international fugitives. The NPO will stop at nothing to capture Paul and eliminate the underground church—until God intervenes and the final judgment is at hand.

The Rock - Rites of Betrayal (Fallen Earth Book 7)

Michael R. Stark - 2016
    The nights are dark, the days a stumbling venture from one horror to the next. In one place, William Hill stands in the center of a town where the scattered remains of the dead lie next to the road like litter tossed from passing cars, where the search for the living fails to turn up even one soul. Infected by a parasite destined to steal his mind, hunted by the Chosen, and dogged by a beautiful woman who claims to be an elf, he sometimes wonders if life can get any stranger. Then Daniel offers a glimpse of the coming world, a place where cavorting beasts feast upon the dead, where dragons haunt nearby forests, where the hordes crawl from the ground by the millions and sweep across the earth. The elf says she needs his blood to repair the rift between worlds, to finally put an end to the madness. He doesn't mind donating a little to the cause, but the more he hears, the more he doubts her intentions and the more the ceremony sounds like a full-scale sacrifice. In the end, William discovers that he can count on nothing, not even his sanity.

Plague Wars Trilogy

David VanDyke - 2016
    When the Eden Plague is loosed upon the world, the forces of order and chaos, good and evil must battle it out in a struggle for control and supremacy. A PTSD-damaged combat medic, a female Marine with no legs and a sniper with no remorse might be its only hope of survival. Can these flawed heroes drive back those who would enslave humanity? Or will the darkness spread and swallow them up?Begin your journey through the epic saga of the Plague Wars with the gripping first three books of the bestselling apocalyptic series, for the first time in one enormous volume. Plague Wars follows in the apocalyptic tradition of Hugh Howie and Max Brooks, and the military science fiction tradition of Christopher Nuttall, David Drake, Vaughn Heppner and David Weber.Additionally, you get COMPLETELY FREE BONUS STORIES. also by David VanDyke, consisting of LOW JUSTICE: Four short stories of the supernatural, and UNFETTERED: A sci-fi-horror novella.Plague Wars: Decade One- The Eden Plague- Reaper's Run- Skull's Shadows- Eden's Exodus- Apocalypse Austin- Nearest NightPlague Wars: Alien Invasion- The Demon Plagues- The Reaper Plague- The Orion Plague- Cyborg Strike- Comes the Destroyer- Forge and SteelPlague Wars: Stellar Conquest, a direct follow-on to Plague Wars:- First Conquest- Desolator- Tactics of Conquest- Conquest of Earth- Conquest and Empire

First Date

Thomas A. Watson - 2016
    Watson! Barron Towers is a state of the art building, home to retail stores and offices, with one dangerous quirk: absolutely no weapons allowed. With tighter security than an airport, Barron Towers is designed to be locked down in an emergency, but no one planned for the undead. As the security expert for Secure Computer Connections, Daniel is responsible for uncovering threats and protecting the bottom line of the technology company, without a single weapon to call his own. Having finally won the right to take Ginger, a hot programmer with SCC, out to dinner, Daniel is looking forward to their date when the dead start to rise. Trapped on the 7th floor, without a single firearm, Daniel and Ginger must use their wiles to fight their way to freedom. As the undead swarm, will Daniel and Ginger’s First Date end before it even begins?

TRIAL: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Thriller (The Trial Series Book 1)

Murray McDonald - 2016
    No Telephone. No internet. No T.V. No Transport. Nothing. What will you do when the world as we know it stops? For Kate Wolfe, the answer is simple - whatever it takes to protect her family. For Bob Jackson and his militia, it's the day they've been planning for. The day they take control. When the two collide, as the city of Boise falls to ruin, nobody can predict how things will end. Trial is a new Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian EMP thriller from best selling author Murray McDonald.

Ultimate Unwind Paperback Collection: Unwind; UnWholly; UnSouled; UnDivided; UnBound

Neal Shusterman - 2016
    But it allows parents to get rid of their teenager through a process called “unwinding.” These kids may have nothing left to give to their families but can still give to society through the body parts that are harvested for donations. Three teens defy the system and run away from their unwinding: Connor, a rebel whose parents have ordered his unwinding; Risa, a ward of the state who is to be unwound due to cost-cutting; and Lev, his parents’ tenth child whose unwinding has been planned since birth as a religious tithing. As their paths intersect and lives hang in the balance, Connor, Risa, and Lev must work together to survive—and they may change the fate of America in the process. This complete boxed set includes paperback editions of: Unwind UnWholly UnSouled UnDivided UnBound

Winter's Edge

Mike Sheridan - 2016
    Seven years after a global war has devastated mankind, the apparatus of the old security state has rebuilt itself into an even greater monster: the Strata State. But this time there's a difference--The Outzone. A choice too dangerous for most to consider. Not Frank Brogan. When three Outzone bandits cross into New Haven and murder his wife and daughter, Lieutenant Frank Brogan quits his specially-trained police unit to hunt them down. Leaving the safety of the Strata State, Brogan enters the Outzone--a quasi-sovereign tract of land ceded from federal jurisdiction--and travels to its de facto capital, Winter's Edge, where he picks up the bandits' trail. In a violent city controlled by rival gangs, he needs to use all his hard-won skills as a police officer and war veteran to survive. It isn't long before Brogan's quest takes him out of the city and deeper into the lawless territory. Can he survive encounters with the nomadic tribes that roam the Outzone's mountains and plains to finally confront the men who murdered his family? For a limited time, readers can receive a FREE full length novel, OUTZONE RAIDER by signing up to the mailing list (details at the end of the book)

Hell on Earth

Tony Urban - 2016
    Today there are less than 5000. After a man-made plague destroys the population cities burn, and the government crumbles when the dead come back to life as flesh-hungry zombies. Wim, a 30-year-old farmer, purposely kept himself cut off from other people, but when the undead arrive at his farm, intent on eating him, he’s forced to venture out into the land around him and fight to save a world on which he long ago turned his back. Survivors from all walks of life - criminals and fry cooks, teenagers and soldiers - battle to survive zombies and each other as mankind races toward extinction. Book 1 in the epic "Life of Dead" zombie apocalypse series, "Hell on Earth"

Marc and Dog

Angela White - 2016
    Wrongly blamed after a child was taken, the wolf went deep into the wilderness to avoid human hunters. The last thing he wanted was to be shoved into someone else’s flight for safety.Marcus Brady is a Marine Sniper, just returned from a long deployment that did little to boost his faith in humanity. He prefers to spend his home time in parks and forests, avoiding people, but barely a day passes before the Corporal is ambushed and forced to use the skills he has developed over nearly six years in the Corps. Except, this time, instead of a gritty fire team or squad of angry Marines fighting alongside, his backup is a lethal wolf that likes to attack while his back is turned. If Marc can’t make friends, it may cost both their lives. Life after war, angela white, military fiction, survival horror, military thriller, action adventure, marine corps

Devil Dog

Boyd Craven - 2016
    The loss of electricity brings out the darker side of human nature across the city. Because he's a homeless Marine veteran living in the freight tunnels and old sewers beneath Chicago, he's far better prepared than most people. A small community of good folk do exist, but they are often outnumbered and outgunned. Only the tunnels provide the safety he needs. Devil Dog becomes the reluctant savior of women and children, who are treated as barter items by the worst of the worst. Gangs rule topside, and when the SHTF, Dick takes down a lot of the new predatory men. Doing the right thing makes him a hated man by many, and he becomes their prey. To preserve his life and the kids he takes care of, he limits his interactions with the folks who live "Topside". That is, until he runs across someone who he thinks might be his daughter. Nonstop Action, Gritty, Prepper Type 'O Stuff.

A Time To Die

Mark Wandrey - 2016
    But they didn’t bring deliverance…they brought something far, far worse. Something that turns people into mindless, cannibalistic monsters. And it’s spreading. A reporter follows her story of unspeakable horror south of the border and finds it’s worse than she imagined. A wounded fighter pilot finally gets his chance to return to duty but is faced with a mission that could cost him his wings, or his country its chance. A billionaire with dreams of space finds a crashed alien spacecraft unlike anything mankind has ever seen. A brilliant geneticist conducting outlawed research comes face to face with the nightmare consuming the world faster than anyone can comprehend…or stop in time. The government can’t contain it. The military can’t fight it. This is A Time To Die.


Joshua Guess - 2016
    Thanks to a troubled past and some hard-learned lessons, she's ready for you. Drawing on a staggeringly wide range of skills and knowledge acquired over many years, Ran faces the biggest challenge of her life: keeping alive and staying sane in a world fallen to the hungry dead. Beyond the zombies, she has to tackle men driven insane by the virus that caused the dead to rise, the appearance of other survivors, and how to plan for a future without any civilization to fall back on. Never one to sugar coat or hold back, Ran will face these challenges and more with a fighter's heart and a joke on her lips.

After the Pretty Pox: The Attic

August Ansel - 2016
    God will ignore us entirely.” A searing act of bioterrorism. A catastrophic plague they call the Pretty Pox. Most of the human race is dead, and for two years Arie McInnes has been alone, riding out the aftermath of the Pretty Pox, waiting for her own inevitable end. Hidden in the attic of her ruined home, Arie survives by wit and skill, ritual and habit. Convinced that humans are a dangerous fluke, a problematic species best allowed to expire, she chooses solitude…even in matters of life and death. Arie’s precarious world is upended when her youngest brother – a man she’s never met – appears out of nowhere with a badly injured woman. Their presence in the attic draws the attention of a dark watcher in the woods, and Arie is forced to choose between the narrow beliefs that have sustained her and the stubborn instinct to love and protect. In Book One of August Ansel’s captivating new post-apocalyptic series, After the Pretty Pox casts an unwavering eye on what it means to be human in a world where nature has the upper hand, and the only rules left to live by – for good or ill – are the ones written on our hearts.

Apocalyptica - Part One

Joshua Guess - 2016
    Her boyfriend turns out to be a vindictive jerk bent on making her life hell, and as icing on the cake the apocalypse happens while she's trying to sort things out. Thanks to a past she'd rather forget, Ran is ready to handle what comes next. Armed with an endless supply of facts (and an armory full of guns, obviously), she finds herself allied with a stranger and aimed at a singular goal: survive and help others do the same.

E.M.P.: The End Of The Grid As We Know It (All At Once Book 1)

Cal Wilson - 2016
    Not only has the electrical grid come crashing down, but all other critical infrastructures of the country have ceased to exist, leaving the country a vast wasteland, where only the ruthless and resourceful survive. Jim Burkett is stuck on a business trip when it all happens, and he must battle prison breaks, food riots, criminal gangs, looters, cannibals, terrorist sleeper cells, nuclear fallout, and otherwise total anarchy in his quest to get home to his family. Will he make it?

The Phoenix Descent

Chuck Grossart - 2016
    Astronaut Caitlyn “Sif” Wagner and her team emerge from stasis to discover that their Mars mission has gone terribly awry—the crew has run off course in space and, they suspect, in time as well. Their damaged ship returns to an Earth reduced to overgrown cities and blasted terrain. Yet humans have somehow survived, living in caves, foraging at night, returned to a tribal existence. Sif meets Litsa, the fiercest warrior in her tribe, and learns a horrific truth: the planet is overrun with the Riy, a swarm of spore-releasing revenants intent only on spreading their infection.But even as Sif and Litsa unite in combat, they soon realize that the battle against the Riy is only one stage on which they must fight the war for humanity’s survival.

The Brink

Martyn J. Pass - 2016
    Humanity had barely survived The Panic 70 years earlier and now the slow death brought on by the collapse of society seems unavoidable, especially as it seems the worst is still to come. Accompanied by a strange hound he rescued from the labs deep beneath the Fort, Alan sets out to aid the survivors who struggle to hold back mankind's final hour, joining up with a handful of soldiers desperately trying to fan the embers of mankind into life once more. But Alan has a secret he's desperate to hide and which threatens to be revealed with every action he takes. Can his fear of discovery be overcome so that mankind can stand a chance of surviving? Or will humanity topple over the brink as he stands by and watches? Following on from Project - 16, The Brink tells the story of a man who faces a destiny he neither wants nor is prepared for and starts Alan Harding on a path to legend.

The Culling

James Wallace - 2016
    He must overcome who he is and learn to fight for his life and lead those around him. While surviving, he finds the real reason for the Zombie outbreak and is pulled into a whole new fight. This time against a shadowy power calling themselves the Culling Initiative.

Marc and Angie: A Life After War Backstory

Angela White - 2016
    Without him, there were no seasons, no sun. When he was gone, I stopped feeling anything.” Raised in the same loveless family, Marc and Angie existed on stolen moments that sometimes came years apart. Forbidden by more than just their ages, they were forced to pretend a cool indifference, while longing desperately for the future to set them free. Marc “My life began the moment our eyes met. Instantly lost, I drowned in her stunning depths and was reborn. As what? Hers. My Angie.” Angie “He was my light in hell, a shield against the hate and the roaming hands, and the pain. He gave me hope and he loved me. How could I not feel the same? My Brady. Without him, there were no seasons, no sun. When he was gone, I stopped feeling. Anything.” Only four years from freedom At 12, Marc Brady was only four years from freedom. Four summers of labor, followed by four winters of isolation, and then he would leave his strict home and join the family business. Four years left to endure in a loveless home where his very identity had been erased. Almost free… A decade from escape At 8, Angie was a decade from escape. Ten more years of abuse and neglect, of being alone in a family that must never discover how different she really is. What a hard, cold future waited. I give you Marc and Angie, the backstory Repeatedly torn apart, their forbidden friendship forged a bond that even twenty years and a nuclear war couldn’t break. I give you Marc and Angie, the backstory.But be warned! This is not a romance. This does NOT have a happy ending. This is the upbringing, the striking childhood, of two Life After War characters before they were reunited to find their missing son after the final world war. They are Marc and Angie, and the year was 1989. Preorder yours today! Thank you, and have a wonderful year!Waving at you,Angie

The Colony

Kathleen Groger - 2016
    Her rules and her gun are the only things standing between her and assimilation by hordes of human-looking aliens she calls Raspers.By day, Val gathers supplies. By night, she hides and wishes she could go back in time…before her family died…before the annihilation…before the Raspers began stalking her and demanding she join their collective.But when the Raspers attack in broad daylight, the truth becomes startlingly clear. They’re evolving.A fellow survivor crashes into Val’s life. Adam’s full of charm and promises—like rumors of a safe haven—but there’s something wrong. He’s survived with no supplies, no weapons…no plans. Time is running out. With the formula for survival shifting around her, Val must decide how many rules she’s willing to break to escape the Colony.

What's Left of My World

C.A. Rudolph - 2016
    Ever since she was little, she had been taught how to live and survive outdoors, and how to use firearms to protect herself and those around her. Some of the training had been a bit extreme. Or had it been? Many of her questions were answered the day the world as she knew it ended. Now, the skills she had been taught serve an essential purpose. They keep her and those she cares about alive. Even in the sparsely-populated mountains of West Virginia, where she and her family have been forced to relocate for their safety after the collapse, peril lurks around every corner. Normal life has taken on a whole new meaning for Lauren, her family, and the community they have become a part of. In this different world, the new status quo is self-preservation. There is no more middle ground. People either live, or they die. Lauren’s father didn’t make it home on the day the world changed forever, and she misses him more than anything. Now, in What’s Left of My World, she and her family must learn to endure life’s horrors—without him.

Tales of the Apocalypse Volume 1: A Duck & Cover Collection

Benjamin Wallace - 2016
    From the pages of the best-selling Duck & Cover Adventures comes thirteen stories of those who survived the apocalypse. Some would go on to be heroes, others villains, some were dogs and will stay dogs, but they all must contend with the horrors of the new world and find a way to survive in the wasteland that was America. HOW TO HOST AN INTERVENTION Long before he was a knight in the apocalypse, Tommy was preparing for the end of the world. His friends grew concerned for his well-being and planned to intervene. It wasn’t so much that he was preparing, it was what he was preparing for. GONE TO THE DOGS Fidget and Sasquatch were loyal companions to the end. Now that the end has arrived, they must say goodbye to the only home they’ve ever known. If they can figure out how to open the door. BUNKED UP They took refuge in a homemade bomb shelter when the end of the world began. There they were safe from the bombs and the fallout. But they were never safe from each other. PACK HUNTERS Fidget and Sasquatch are on their own, a situation neither of them are really comfortable with. They decide to join a pack for safety, for food and for friends. Now all they have to do is find one. ANIMAL’S CALLING Before the world ended, Jackson drifted from job to job, never settling on anything that could be called a career path. But with the new world comes new opportunities. This is what he was born to do. LAST BAND OF THE APOCALYPSE Caught between county fair gigs during the apocalypse, the members of a cover band find themselves the last band left in the world. Getting gigs should be easy. Should be. PRISONER’S DILEMMA The Librarian has seen his fair share of “wasteland justice.” Now he’s chained to the floor of a grocery store with a man he must face in court. In a battle to the death. Naturally. ALPHA DOG Sergeant Satan was genetically enhanced to be the world’s best military scout. He was designed to be smarter, faster and more than a match for any dog this side of the apocalypse. Of course, his creators had never met Fidget. THE TRIAL OF HARMEGGEDON They’ve got a new name. They’ve got a new act. And they are ready to rock your face off. Now all the last band in the world needs is a gig. WILLIE AND COY RIDE AGAIN Willie and Coy aren’t the brightest. Or the best looking. Or very likeable. No one would ever accuse them of being hard workers. But the pair have found a way to make an honest living in the apocalypse. If they can get enough people to watch. IN A PERSON PACK Tired of looking for a pack to join, Sasquatch and Fidget reminisce about the joys and delights of life in a people pack. NO QUARTER Deep in the swamp of New Orleans awaits a terror many refuse to believe exists. It’s a monster of myth and rumor so horrible that it could not possibly be real. On the trail of a kidnapped woman, The Librarian must seek out and confront this monster of myth. EVE OF THE APOCALYPSE Man is the true monster. Unless there is a man who is a monster that also makes monsters. Then he’s the truest monster and only a post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior can bring this monster’s monster-making to an end.

Collapsing World: Kill Zone: Book 2

G. Allen Mercer - 2016
     Atlanta has been nuked. Jack and his little sister Lucy have survived being trapped under the Atlanta airport with the help of Army Specialist Clark, Emma, the gate agent and Ed, a curmudgeon of a mechanic that is not thankful to be alive. Clark has promised the teens that he will get them to their father…but is it a promise that is too dangerous to keep? One hundred and fifty miles away, Jack and Lucy’s father is unaware that his children are still alive. He is struggling with a new normal, and desperate to escape his own city. David has also taken on the role of protector for Tasha, the orphaned daughter of a housemaid, while they fight for their own survival. Come along as some escape from the radiation and fires, some run from the gangs of freakers and all run from the enemy that has invaded America.

Apocalyptica - Part Three

Joshua Guess - 2016
    Ran Lawson hasn't had a very good time since the end of the world. She's learning that there are more than just zombies and other survivors to worry about. There are terrifying people somewhere in between, but also more insidious problems. Such as overconfidence, illness, and a suspicious nature. When new arrivals show up, the question is no longer just how to survive, but how to trust.

Sanctioned Catastrophe and Wilderness Travel

Thomas A. Watson - 2016
    Watson's Dark Titan Journey series.The long-predicted Coronal Mass Ejection has finally hit the Earth, virtually destroying civilization. Nathan Owens has been prepping for a disaster like this for years, but now he's a thousand miles away from his family and his refuge. He'll have to employ all his hard-won survivalist skills to save his current community, before he begins his long journey through doomsday to get back home.

Arctic Storm

John O'Brien - 2016
    Those infected serve only to afflict others through any means. As forces move in on the beleaguered city, Sergeant Brown has to make his way through roving bands of the infected in order to escape. Will the ring close before he can reach safe grounds or will he and others he finds be added to the final tally?


Sterling Nixon - 2016
    For two hundred years, a countless host of creatures have laid siege to Acadia, leaving the land rough with the bodies of the fallen. For Cojax becoming a Validated, a true defender of the city, is his greatest ambition. That all changes when Jessica appears—a girl from outside the city walls—from a land that supposedly held no life. Her presence threatens to undermine the entire society, putting Cojax in an impossible situation. He now must choose between what is right and the survival of his people.

Planet Urth 2-Book Boxed Set

Jennifer Martucci - 2016
    It’s dangerous, deadly. Inhuman creatures rule the planet. Animals have mutated. The land is hostile. But it’s all I’ve ever known. Hunger. Fear. Panic. Those emotions are my reality. They are my every day. I am Avery, and I am seventeen. My father died a year ago. Since then I’ve been responsible for my eight-year-old sister, June. I worry we are the only humans left. Humans have been hunted for centuries, to the brink of extinction. I must fight each day to protect my sister. It is the reason I wake, the reason I breathe. But how long can I go on fighting? How long will it be before they find us? More than two hundred years into the future, human beings are an endangered species. The planet has been battered by war, its inhabitants plagued by disease and death. Few humans survived and remained unaffected. Most changed dramatically and evolved into something else entirely. Irrevocable alterations caused by chemical warfare have created a new species. North America is in ruins and has been overtaken. Humanity has fallen at the hands of mutants known as Urthmen. Seventeen year-old Avery is alive and unchanged. But she has not been immune to the harshness of the new world. She has lived on the run for much of her life, in terror. After losing her father, Avery is the sole guardian of her eight-year-old sister, June. Avery is now charged with June’s safety as well as her own, a nearly impossible task. Forced to hide deep in the forest and away from the cities overrun by Urthmen, Avery and her sister are constantly hunted. Danger awaits them at every turn. They fear they are the only human beings left, that they are the last of their kind. But are they truly alone? Planet Urth: The Savage Lands (Book 2) After fleeing the only refuge she’s known for much of her life, Avery, along with her sister June and new friends, Will, Oliver and Riley forge through the forest to uncharted territory in search of a better life, in search of other survivors. But Avery soon learns that life beyond the woods is far worse than she ever imagined. She finds that safety does not exist for human beings in a world run by Urthmen. Hope seems futile. But Avery refuses to surrender hope and chooses, instead, to push forward and move her group into the heart of danger, to seek out more humans. Will she and the others survive their journey into the savage lands of Planet Urth?

Gunfight at the Old Leake Canal

G.B. Hope - 2016
    His only thought is to secure the safety of girlfriend, Lily, and reach his journalist cousin, Anthony.Bodie has stumbled into a diabolical plot from the world's governments to end terrorism, famine and global warming in one swift swoop. So begins a race for survival, joined by a variety of other characters, moving from one set piece to the next, as the world that everyone knows is about to change forever.

Survive: Day One

A.R. Wise - 2016
    Scientists predict the electrical grid will suffer irreparable harm. Gasoline will stop being delivered, and soon after food and water shortages will threaten life as we know it. And that's just the beginning of the problems Porter and his brother, Red, face at the start of this apocalypse. The Law brothers need to make their way over a thousand miles across the country to get to their loved ones, but cataclysmic forces seem aligned against them. Every hour of the day is plagued with new hurdles to overcome on the start of their journey. Will they even make it through the first day? Survive - Day One is the first of seven parts of a new series by the acclaimed author of the Deadlocked and 314 series, A.R. Wise. The Survive series will be released each month through April 2017.

Apocalyptica - Part Two

Joshua Guess - 2016
    Ran Lawson isn't having any of your crap, apocalypse. Just a day into the end of the world, she and Jem Kurtz aren't worried about the larger problems facing the human race. Their priorities are clear: rescue friends, find supplies, and try not to get eaten alive by the slavering packs of zombies roaming the hills of southern Indiana. Along the way Ran discovers that whatever caused the dead to rise isn't as clear cut as she initially believed, and those shades of gray are deadly.

Strain of Resistance

Michelle Bryan - 2016
    For eight years I've survived in this craphole once known as earth. Fighting the alien parasite that mutated most of the population into blood-thirsty freaks, while the rest of us became the lunch special on their alien menu.Now things are changing, and not for the better. The parasite is evolving. Becoming smarter, stronger and deadlier.They've already stolen everything from me. My home. My family. Even the man I loved. It's time for this bullshit to end once and for all.My name is Bixby and I'm the resistance.Mature themes. 17+ Rating


D.L. Young - 2016
    A GRIPPING, FAST-PACED STORY YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO PUT DOWN. WINNER OF THE INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD. Soledad Paz is a slave, sold to a ruthless rebel leader by marauders who raided her home and murdered her parents. With her remarkable ability to see through any deception, she's become an invaluable--and unwilling--secret weapon in the war to control the Republic.When a ghost from her former life unexpectedly appears, everything she thought she knew about her past shatters into oblivion and she resolves to find the any means necessary.But in the dark republic, the truth is never simple...and it's never what you expect.

Machine-Gun Girls (The Juniper Wars Book 2)

Aaron Michael Ritchey - 2016
    Electricity does not function in five western states. Collectively, they are known as the Juniper. It is the most dangerous place on Earth.Cavatica Weller and her sisters have one chance to save their family ranch—a desperate cattle drive across a violent wasteland.  Having escaped from Denver, the Weller family now has to face the Juniper’s worst outlaw, the Psycho Princess.Meanwhile, an inhuman army still dogs their every step. The mystery deepens—who is the lost boy Micaiah? Why would the richest man on Earth spend billions to find him? And will Micaiah’s secrets tear the Weller sisters apart? Disclaimer: This book was originally published as Killdeer Winds. No significant changes were made to the content of the book.

Secession III: The Surge

Joe Nobody - 2016
    Since the secession, their human trafficking business has dwindled while the presence of military units along the border makes smuggling a far less lucrative proposition. Like a pack of starving predators, the massive criminal organizations turn on each other, preparing to unleash a bloodbath unlike any the world has seen. Out of the chaos rises a new leader, a man whose reputation for strategic thinking and meticulous planning is known throughout the underworld. He has a plan to overthrow the government in Mexico City and bring the cartels into a new era of dominance and profitability. Best of all, he will make it look like Texas is at fault.Zach and Sam are thrust into the middle of the diabolical scheme, the two Rangers fighting for the very survival of the republic and all she has come to represent.

Last Days Trilogy

Jacqueline Druga - 2016
    Marcus Leon embarks on what he believes is the greatest scientific experiment of all time. One that ignites a firestorm of controversy. Not only does Marcus intend to extract DNA from the blood trapped in the Shroud of Turin, but he will clone the image upon it. The experiment is a success and the masses embrace the clone as the embodiment of Christ, failing to recognize that science can replicate the body, but cannot touch the soul.Devoid of this essential spirit, the clone is nothing more than a directionless vessel in need of a captain. A position quickly filled. The arrival of the clone begins the end to all humanity.Last Days Trilogy includes all three books: Last Days, Exodus, Purge

Dark New World

Henry Gene Foster - 2016
    Cassy is a 33-year-old prepper and single mother, away on business. Ethan is a hacker and conspiracy nut living underground. Frank is a family man out camping with friends and family. When a devastating EMP attack in the middle of the night destroys America’s infrastructure, they are propelled on an unforgettable journey across an ocean of chaos to reach safety… Safety from an unknown invader and from once-fellow Americans now hungry and desperate. Dark New World is a prepper story of survival and the fight to retain humanity in the face of an apocalyptic event. Best eBook Categories To Describe Dark New World: EMP Apocalyptic Survival Fiction EMP Apocalypse Fiction EMP Fiction SHTF Fiction Prepper Survival Fiction Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction No Zombies End of the World Survival Fiction

Refugee Road

Nikki Landis - 2016
    As the bombings and night air raids claimed the lives of everyone around her, she made a vow of blood and a promise of revenge. She would do everything in her power to take down the militia and end the war, anything to make the men responsible for her family's horrific death pay the ultimate price.In the midst of all the fighting, and all the reckless nights, she comes face to face with the man she thought perished all those years ago who stole her heart and claimed it for his own. Does she truly belong to him or a specter held close in her ravaged heart?Fighting on opposite sides of the war, Alec and Lizzie must find a way to survive against an enemy that wants nothing more than to annihilate everything they stand for. Passion filled nights and dangerous days lead them to the inevitable conclusion; where love, commitment, and sacrifice may be the only way for them to survive.

Since the Sirens

E.E. Isherwood - 2016
    Who will save Grandma? What would you do if a mysterious plague began to devour your city and the dead started banging on your door?Fifteen-year-old Liam Peters is spending the summer with his great-grandmother (not by choice) when the authorities of St. Louis spin up the tornado sirens to announce a civic emergency. Police robocalls declare mass disturbances throughout the city, suggesting citizens try to escape to safer jurisdictions. Radio offers contradictory instructions: stay inside, hunker down, ride it out. The President tries to convey a message of hope to calm a scared populace, but the tone is interpreted as a goodbye. The mixed messaging sends society--already on the verge of panic--into a tailspin. When the President signs off, half the city hunkers down while the other half dashes for the interstate.Now Liam is faced with his first dilemma of an increasingly complicated morning. Should he stay with Grandma and attempt to defend her urban home against both the living and the dead, or should he try to get her out of the city to his parents' home in the suburbs? Nothing is ever as simple as it sounds when life and death are on the line.As an avid reader of zombie literature, Liam realizes you go into the zombie apocalypse with the army you have, not the one you want. He sees himself as an unlikely savior, with an unlikely ally, but he embarks on the hero's journey nonetheless. As the city implodes, they race against the clock to outpace desperate refugees, gang violence, criminal opportunists, overzealous military units, scared civilians, and a growing horde of bloodthirsty zombies. He does it while burdened with a woman who is unable to walk more than ten feet without help.As they chase the elusive vision of safety, Liam comes to appreciate why there are no atheists in foxholes. Introducing the Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse series. Book 1: Since the Sirens Book 2: Siren Songs Book 3: Stop the Sirens Author's Notes: Since the Sirens can be read as a standalone story. It doesn't end with a cliffhanger. Books 2 and 3 are optional reading beyond this first volume. I hope you'll enjoy Liam and Grandma's journey enough to follow them further, but as an author and a reader of zombie books, I abhor misleading or otherwise trapping readers.This cover replaces original edition ASIN B018H82ZYU.

Mark's Merry Mayhem

Mark Tufo - 2016
    But on occasion there are some things I just need to pull from my head and put on paper. I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the things that keep me up at night.

Blood Honor

Russell Blake - 2016
     They were wrong. Five years post-collapse, former Texas Ranger Lucas Shaw is surviving hardscrabble in a kill-or-be-killed wasteland. When an enigmatic young woman enters his life with a desperate plea, Lucas must face impossible odds and battle an adversary who will stop at nothing to destroy them. Lightning-paced and gritty, Blood Honor, the debut novel in The Day After Never trilogy, is a non-stop adrenaline rush set in a chillingly plausible dystopian future. Fans of Jack Reacher, The Hunger Games, and Road Warrior are sure to enjoy this post-collapse epic. From The NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of the JET, Assassin, BLACK, and Fatal series, and co-author with Clive Cussler of The Eye of Heaven and The Solomon Curse.

A Mighty Rolling Thunder

Kerry Alan Denney - 2016
    The spirits possess the survivors, dividing them into two groups: those who fight to retain their humanity, and marauders who destroy everything in their paths.Artist Livi DeSilva is fleeing from possessed killers when she meets Conor McLain, a man suffering from amnesia. Outnumbered and outgunned, Livi and Conor team up and fight off homicidal lunatics and ruthless gangs, only to end up cornered by their deadliest foe: billionaire Victor van Danz, a psychopath who commands the new world's dark forces. Victor craves immortality, and kidnaps Livi. He believes that when he kills Livi in front of her collection of canvases and absorbs her life energy, he will transform into a god.With only Conor, two amazing dogs, and a band of plucky children to aid her, Livi must harness the power of the spirits inside her and use it to defeat Victor-or die in the clutches of a madman.

Videodrome: Days of O'Blivion

Lee McGeorge - 2016
    A signal that produces strange and unusual side-effects in those who watch it. But as these men try to bring their invention to market, a mysterious corporation conspires to develop the technology not as an extension of television, but as a weapon that can eliminate nations.In this fast and ingenious thriller, Lee McGeorge delves into the background of David Cronenberg’s horror classic, examining not only how and why Videodrome came to exist, but exploring the ideology that would make it priceless.“If you’re a fan of David Cronenberg’s classic Videodrome, you’re going to absolutely love Lee McGeorge’s prequel, Videodrome: Days of O’Blivion… Trust me: YOU WANT THIS NOVEL!” -“Highly recommended for sci-fi and horror lovers alike, Lee McGeorge’s new novel is topical, cerebral and, at times, terrifying.” -"Days of O'Blivion is a quick and haunting read that captures the intelligence and quality of Cronenberg's original." - Codices“A fast read but with serious themes, Days of O’Blivion reaches its pinnacle with a satisfying climax that will resonate with anyone who views the rise of new technology as more than a harmless distraction.” -

Free State Of Dodge

Javan Bonds - 2016
    Radical militiamen are targeting hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants, devastating the power grid. The economy, already weakened by government mismanagement, is in free fall. Food and gas shortages rock the nation. And in Washington, the US Senate is devastated by a terrorist attack. Childhood friends Jackson Pike and Cliff “Redstone” Stone worry for the future of their country, but their life in rural Alabama hasn’t changed much. In fact, thanks to the Pike family’s disaster preparedness, the town of Dodge is well equipped to ride out the madness. Their main concern is for Jackson’s cousin Hollis, a page for the senator from Alabama. Hollis was present for the Senate attack and hasn’t been heard from since. When the National Guard first pulls into Dodge, the townsfolk assume the worst of the crisis is over. They’re wrong. Under the iron command of Abraham Samuel Sherman, the National Guard begins stripping citizens of their rights, all while aggressively searching for something—or someone. Jackson and Redstone aren’t sure what motivates Sherman, but they’re determined to oppose him, his superiors, and anyone else who challenges the constitutional rule of the land and people they love.

Nightmare in Slow Motion

Kyle Pratt - 2016
    In the novel A Time to Endure we glimpse the end of Peter’s life. In that novel his brother Caden, on a mission to destroy gangs and terrorists living on the fringe of the Seattle blast zone, goes to his older brother’s abandoned home and discovers Peter’s body. He also finds two letters. The contents of one are revealed in A Time to Endure. The other is not. This is the full story of Peter’s last days. Nightmare in Slow Motion is a 13,000 word novelette is set in the Strengthen What Remains series.

The Long Way Home

Kyle Pratt - 2016
    He also hopes to find his daughter Lisa and bring her home.But, almost immediately upon finding Sue, in the suburbs of Seattle, terrorists detonate another nuclear bomb and the two must flee amid the chaos and fallout.

Stranded Box Set Books 1-3: A Stranded Novel Omnibus

Theresa Shaver - 2016
     Save 80% off print price! Five go by Land - Five go by Sea – The Survivors fight for Home A group of teens on a class trip to Disneyland are left stranded. An EMP over North America has destroyed everything electronic. No cars, no planes, no phones, no electricity. Refusing to wait for someone else to help them, ten courageous young people take charge of their future and choose to begin the long journey home. 1500 miles of adventure and lawless country await. Will their determination be enough? Home - Book 3 in the bestselling Stranded Series, sees the teens not only fighting for their own lives, but for the lives of their families as well. Alex and Emily’s two groups are finally united after making their way home to Canada from Disneyland, but a peaceful, happy homecoming is not to be. The survivors are shocked to learn that their town is under siege and their families are both prisoners and slaves. After sneaking through town and the farms they grew up on, they witness the pain and suffering to which their families, friends and neighbors are being subjected. The group of teens have to decide just how far they are willing to go to save them. Vastly outnumbered, they need every advantage they can get if they have any chance to free their people. Life sucks when you are Home, but still Stranded.

Tunnel Rats: Episode One: The Diggers

Nick Cole - 2016
    A band of children, led by a boy becoming a man, make their stand against a rising tide of humans gone feral, greedy precious metal pirates and psychotic roving biker gangs to forge a home for themselves atop a hidden valley. But when a Man in Black simply known as Mayhem arrives in the badlands, Ellis and his small “family” of orphans and lost children will have to go underground into the depths of a mysterious system of tunnels to fight back and survive. Lord of the Flies meets Mad Max beneath the burnt wastelands of Texas after the Apocalypse.

Worst Case Scenario - Book 6: War Dawgs

G. Allen Mercer - 2016
     The President of the United States is threatening to retaliate against China, risking global war and sealing the fate of every citizen. The newly formed War Dawgs militia find themselves in a position that will determine the outcome for the country. This is a position that Ian and Leah do not want to be in, they want to find their little girl. Come along as the Burrows and the Tiller families fight an epic battle to take back their lives, their way of life and their country. Come along as the War Dawgs embark on the hardest mission of their life…to take back America…and to rescue Grace.

Enduring the Crisis

K.D. Kinney - 2016
    However, timing is everything. When an EMP nuclear event takes out the grid and brings the nation to a complete stop, Tammy and Ben may not have been as prepared as they thought. Tammy is a food storage and emergency preparedness specialist. So she thinks. She and her five daughters will find out how prepared they are when they're put through the ultimate test when the worst happens. Having everything she needs won't bring all her family members home or keep the crazies away. What's worse is she has no way to contact her husband Ben to find out if he survived. Ben is supervising a road-building project in a remote fishing village in Alaska when the state's defense system takes out what could have been a nuclear EMP disaster. The lights are still on where he is, but with all flights grounded, there's no easy way back to Anchorage, much less the lower forty-eight. He might be thousands of miles away from the disaster but he's determined to return home to his family no matter what it takes. As North America is in chaos, Tammy and Ben know the hardships that are in store for them and their family. However, nothing could have prepared them for the real struggles they encounter as they try to protect and reunite with the ones they love. Book One of the Endure Trilogy

Earthfall (Black Sand Book 1)

Joshua Guess - 2016
    Every year they send a lone pilot on the near-suicidal Home Run, a scouting mission back to Earth directly into the heart of enemy territory. One of forty pilots engineered for the rigors of long-term space travel, Mars Cori has been training his entire life for the chance to see Earth with his own eyes. What he finds there could change the course of human civilization. The trick? Staying alive to watch it happen.


Saul W. Tanpepper - 2016
    Then came the Swarm. They destroyed our colonies, ravaged our fleet, and decimated Earth cities. They stole our sense of sovereignty. It wasn't all they took. There were thirty-six of us to start, misfits all. This is the story of our abduction, our fight to survive despite impossible odds, and the emergence of an unlikely hero who would one day lead us all home. Part "Lord of the Flies," part "Ender's Game," "Ascendance" journals the taking of a group of young social outcasts, including a troubled teenager on the brink of manhood, by a mysterious alien race during the First Swarm War. It is the inaugural title in "The Interstellar Life of Pigeon," a planned trilogy based on the world of Nick Webb's popular space opera, "Legacy Fleet." Book One: Ascendance: It's the height of summer in the year 2575, when the attack commences in the outer reaches of the solar system. The massive battleships of the Integrated Defense Force with their fleets of swift and agile fighters are immediately on the defensive, struggling to protect Humanity's home against the invaders. But there is little they can do in the face of such superior firepower. The aliens make quick work of the IDF shield. They soon reach Earth. And cities begin to fall. Stranded in the Utah high country are a hundred young participants of a government-mandated youth leadership camp. The interspecies war brings terror to their lives, raining death and destruction upon them, sundering their world and shattering all hope of rescue. Abandoned and isolated, physically and psychologically traumatized, the remaining survivors must put aside past animosities and band together to survive the attack and hopefully make it back home again... if there is even a home to go to. But first, they must make it through the night. And there is every indication their nightmare has only just begun.

A Shrouded World Comic: Vol. 1

Mark Tufo - 2016
    He is torn from his family and the Night Runner filled apocalyptic world and thrown into an alien landscape where monsters both familiar and beyond disturbing abound. He meets up with Michael Talbot a wise-ass talking former Marine and John the Tripper, a hippie who has yet to realize the 60’s are over. They have also been ripped from their world overrun with zombies. Together they must overcome the harshness of the Shrouded World! This is the story of when separate realities clash! Based on the Best Selling novel A Shrouded World by Mark Tufo and John O’Brien.

Barren Waters

Julia Shupe - 2016
    It was called the Permian Extinction... All life in the oceans died... And now it's happening again... Sometimes life ends with a bang. Other times it ends with a slow strangulation. The oceans are extinct. Empty. Stagnant. Only the slow passage of time can reverse the effects. But what does that mean for the rest of the planet? What does that mean for those who remain? Enter the world as it exists in the twenty-second century. Follow Jeremy Colt and his family, as they race across the continent to survive. What waits for them in San Diego? Why do they need to get there? The clock is ticking. Can they get there fast enough? And if they do, will it even save her?

Mason's War: A Purge of Babylon Story

Sam Sisavath - 2016
    EVEN THE BAD GUYS. Mason has always been good at surviving—adaptable, opportunistic, and, when necessary, ruthless. He’s thrived when so many have fallen, but no one stays on top forever. After a string of failures, Mason finds himself in a small Texas town under someone else’s command. Fine. He’s had to fight his way up the ladder before, and he can do it again. But even Mason can’t foresee the trouble that befalls him when he crosses paths with a sharpshooting teenage girl. For a guy who has never given a damn about anyone but himself, it’s a whole new world—one that even someone as bad as Mason might not survive. Is there such a thing as redemption in a post-Purge world? Mason is about to find out.

Hybrid Z (Z Chronicles #3)

A.L. White - 2016
    Surviving the dangers of the zombie apocalypse has become second nature to them in this, the third installment of their adventure. Still, the ever changing virus, producing new and varied strains of horrors, continues to endanger them and their traveling companions. Perhaps the greatest danger travels with them, as Lori struggles to come to terms with her nature. The changes occurring within her threaten to tear the sisters apart, and destroy their search for a safe haven.

Let Go

Michael Patrick Hicks - 2016
     Trapped in a cheap restaurant with a small band of other elderly survivors, Everett is forced to decide if he’ll fight for whatever scraps of a future remain, or if he will simply… let go. LET GO is a short story of approximately 10,000 words.

Blood on the Motorway

Paul Stephenson - 2016
    Two hapless stoners fall under the control of a deranged mercenary. A young woman finds herself trying to keep two lovestruck teenagers alive. A detective must track down a killer who sees the apocalypse as an opportunity. Together they attempt to survive this blackly comic saga of survival, murder, stale sandwiches, and the end of the world. 'Corpses lay all over the street. Some were burnt, their limbs curled into themselves from the heat. Some were crushed, entangled in one of several car wrecks that dotted the road. Limbs, torsos and heads were strewn haphazardly in their wake. Some were just dead, lying there oblivious to the carnage that surrounded them.'