Glimmer of Cinders: A Behind the Scenes Compilation

Harper Wylde - 2020
    This novella includes all of those scenes plus over 20k of previously unreleased POV's, including Ryder's POV of his first kiss with Hiro! Thank you very much for reading, for all the support, and for loving Nix and her men. Book 6, the next part of Nix's journey, will be releasing soon!

All Those Who Came Before: The Sixth Spookie Town Murder Mystery (Spookie Town Murder Mysteries Book 6)

Kathryn Meyer Griffith - 2020
    It’s their turn. First off, it at long last solves the enigma of Abigail’s first husband Joel Sutton’s disappearance, and death, a decade before…the tragic event that sent Abigail to Spookie in the first place to begin a new life. The new life that would grow so big as to include a new love, a new family, quirky, but well-meaning friends, and the strange murder mysteries her new friends would drag her into over the years. As an unsolicited, and unwanted, envelope arrives from Abigail’s now dead detective she’d hired a decade before to find her missing first husband, its contents sends Frank searching for the truth. The envelope’s files are full of disturbing facts concerning the unsolved crime and it piques Frank’s interest. Soon, against Abby’s wishes, he’s on the cold trail of what actually happened to Joel Sutton–had he been a victim of just an accident, as some have always believed, or did someone murder him? In his search for the truth, Frank ends up in lethal danger when the investigation comes to a violent conclusion. This story is also about an infamous haunted house at 707 Suncrest, in the woods; about the cold blooded murders of a whole family that occurred there forty years before. Is the house on Suncrest truly haunted by the ghosts of the dead family? Is it dangerous? When Abby decides to paint a series of canvases of the spooky old house, she’ll find out. Then along with those two new mysteries to unravel, of course, all of Spookie’s quirky town characters have returned to irritate, amuse and sleuth with Abby and Frank. Will they get out of these new mysteries alive, too? Perhaps.

Ghost Exile Omnibus One

Jonathan Moeller - 2015
     Caina Amalas was a nightfighter of the Ghosts, the spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar, and through her boldness and cunning saved the Empire and the world from sorcerous annihilation. But the victory cost her everything. Now she is exiled and alone in the city of Istarinmul, far from her home and friends. Yet a centuries-old darkness now stirs in Istarinmul, eager to devour the city and the world itself. And Caina is the only one that stands in its way...


K.I. Lynn - 2018
    Three owners have been scared away by my angry outbursts. I don’t know why I’m still here.Owner number four is coming, and I’m ready to get rid of them just as fast. But something is different from the moment she walks in.My nonexistent heart begins to beat.

Aiden's Shepherd

Beany Sparks - 2014
    Aiden Grey is packed and ready to move and start a new phase of his life away from the family that kicked him out when he was eighteen. The night before he leaves he sees something fall out of the back of a van. Upon closer inspection, he is shocked to find that it’s not the bag he suspected, it’s a dog! He decides to take the dog with him, and the two set off the next morning to Aiden’s new home. Everything is going well for Aiden and the German Shepherd he named Lex. That is, until said German Shepherd shifts into a man who claims Aiden is his mate. Lex can’t believe he’s finally found his mate. But as happy as he is to have him, he still worries about his brother and pack, and where they have ended up.With the revelation that shifters exist, secrets about Aiden’s past come to light. Secrets he didn’t even know existed. Suddenly, Aiden has to deal with not only the reality of shifters, but also ghosts and magic. But with Lex by his side he can handle anything—even his surprise guest.

True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold's Campfire 4

Jim Harold - 2015
    True Ghost Stories and More. Haunted, Chilling Short Stories That Will Freak You Out!-A Physician Encounters A Mysterious Patient He’ll Never Forget A Woman Learns She Has Been Followed By A Demon Driving A Car -A Deceased, Famous Singer Takes The Stage During A Seance-PLUS 67 More TRUE, Spooky Stories From The Popular Campfire Podcast FREE Audio Download With Purchase On this special audio Campfire, exclusively created for readers of TRUE GHOST STORIES: Jim Harold's Campfire 4, Jim replays the audio of his 5 favorite stories from this compilation.You will hear the original retelling of these stories by actual Campfire callers. It is a paranormal countdown in the spirit of the old Top 40 radio shows. Using the link EXCLUSIVELY SHARED WITH CAMPFIRE 4 READERS IN THE BOOK, you'll be able to download or stream this BONUS content to the device of your choice. It is Jim's special thank you gift! 18 Million Downloads Can't Be Wrong! Jim Harold's paranormal podcasts have been downloaded over 18 million times, and the program that gets the most response is his popular Campfire show. In this book, TRUE GHOST STORIES: Jim Harold's Campfire 4, Jim shares 70 more of the best stories ever featured on the program. You'll read REAL PEOPLE's experiences with ghosts plus some UFO, shadow people and angel stories added for flavor. Real World Paranormal Activity If you like The Conjuring, or The Exorcist you'll love the real thing! BUY TRUE GHOST STORIES: Jim Harold's Campfire 4 TODAY!NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE TO READ A KINDLE BOOK, SEARCH AMAZON FOR THEIR FANTASTIC FREE READING APPS FOR ABOUT EVERY DEVICE KNOWN TO MAN!!!!

Four Months of Terror: The True Story of a Family's Haunting (True Hauntings Book 1)

Rebecca Patrick-Howard - 2014
    Their excitement of living in a piece of history fades, however, as they slowly became convinced of something malevolent in the walls of their rental property. From the ghostly footsteps at night to the splatters of blood they woke to on their sheets each morning, it was evident that they weren't in the house alone... Although they only lived in the house for four months, for a child it was a time of chilling terror that she would never forget. In this short tale, Rebecca calls upon her child's memory to recollect the experiences of her time in the haunted house that still trouble her today. **One of the top true ghost stories and hauntings in the Occult and Ghosts & Haunted Houses categories, FOUR MONTHS OF TERROR was updated in 2015 to include new anecdotal evidence of the house, as communicated by another former resident.

Big Easy Murder

H.P. Mallory - 2016
    And it’s about to get even more bizarre. As if it weren’t enough to be on the receiving end of the affections of two men, one of whom is deceased, Peyton finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery taking place nearly sixty years earlier. Ryan Kelly, her very much alive boyfriend, is by her side while the spirit of Drake Montague, a 19th century policeman, is inside her head and her heart. As Peyton finds herself drawn into the shadowy world of New Orleans voodoo, she can only hope she escapes unscathed. Or will she become the victim of another murder in the Big Easy?

The Cottage: A True Haunted House Story

Jess Breitling - 2017
    But before long they can’t deny something is very wrong with their new residence, and they find themselves trying to make sense of the unexplainable. After a year of coping with disembodied voices, flying objects, phantom footsteps, and apparitions of red eyes, the family moves away. But things will get even stranger at their new house. The Cottage details the true paranormal experiences of a real family in Southern California. If you enjoy The Cottage, please look for its sequel, The Bungalow.

Now & Grim: A Grimlock Family Short

Amanda M. Lee - 2018
    All of that flies out the window when his girlfriend Maya insists on a double date with her brother and his sister. And, to make matters worse, she picks the activity … and it’s a Shakespeare in the Park event. Culture and the Grimlocks? Uh-oh. In short order, Cillian finds himself saddled with his drunk sister, his girlfriend’s intense brother, and a murder that didn’t show up on the reaper list. Oh, it also happened in public, and there are suspects around every corner. Unsure where to turn, Cillian calls his father and it’s up to the Grimlock family to solve the murder, track down the errant soul, and somehow keep his sister Aisling from causing his father to explode. So, basically, it’s a normal summer night … as long as no one gets hurt in the process, that is. Note: This is a 28,000-word short set in the Aisling Grimlock world. It’s set in the past so it can be read at any time.

The Reindeer's Secret Santa Gift

E.A. Price - 2018
    He needs to mate on Christmas Eve, lest through a loophole in their strict shifters laws he lose his herd and company to Cousin Cletus. Just when he thinks his only option may be to mate the reindeer who has been stalking him for the past eight years, he finds the perfect Secret Santa gift in his office – a curvy human called Mira. Can she be the one to save his herd and his heart? Caution – this novella is intended for adults and contains a scene of a sexual nature. Sign up for my newsletter here:

Simon & Rose

V.A. Dold - 2016
    He has no idea how to start a charity, but his friend, Mark, is just the man to help him figure it out. Rose Le Beau loves her mate, but babies terrify her. What does she know about babies? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Tragically wounded, combat veteran Mark Anderson has a lot of time on his hands. No longer able to serve his country and suffering from PTSD, he’s bored and at his wits’ end. That is, until his conversation with Simon. What had he been thinking when he offered to be one of the singles auctioned off? A date, he’s okay with. Anything more sends him into a panic attack. Sharon Lejeune's intuition is screaming that something big is about to happen. She just didn’t expect that something big to be her mate. Who knew a shifter could purchase a mate at a singles auction? To the Le Beaus, family is everything. Together, there isn’t much they can’t overcome. Have they finally met a situation they can’t solve? Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana, where every myth and scary story you were ever told is real. A place where the things that go bump in the night, or daytime for that matter, are surprisingly friendly. For the most part. Take a good look at your neighbor, the person sitting beside you at the bar, or your coworker. Are you sure they’re human?Le Beau SeriesBook 1 CADEBook 2 SIMONBook 3 SIMON & ROSEBook 4 STEFANBook 5 THOMASBook 6 CADE & ANNABook 7 LUCASBook 8 RICHIE Book 9 SETH

Echoes of a Haunting - Revisited

Clara M. Miller - 2009
    It tells the story of a family under siege. From the time the Dandy family moved to their "home in the country" in 1970 until they fled it in 1974, they were plagued but unexplainable and terrifying events. When they tell you ghosts can't harm you, take it with a grain of salt. Perhaps they can't affect you directly but they can sure cause incidents that can kill. The book is told in semi-diary form to keep it in (hopefully) order. If you don't believe in the paranormal, you'd better not read this book. If you want to learn something, by all means read it and learn.


S.M. Boyce - 2016
    We call them ghosts and demons. She calls them living nightmares.When she was five, she had her own ghost. A good ghost. She swore to never leave his side, but over time, he scared her. She pushed him away. She broke her promise.Now well into her twenties, Mel meets her old ghost again. And this time, he’s brought the darkness with him to prove his point……you don’t break a promise with a ghost.


Robert Meyerson - 2013
    It’s a hoarders’ paradise filled with junk and treasure… and so much more.Strange spirits and negative energy attached to objects in the building become aroused by Brenda’s long-abandoned psychic ability.One evening the couple uncovers a Ouija board. As they move the pointer, a frightened child named Essie comes through. Brenda is soon obsessed with the young girl and driven to the point of madness. Voices in the night turn dreams to nightmares, unlocking Brenda’s hidden past.Searching for the truth about Essie, she comes face to face with her own demons as a portal to unspeakable evil opens around her.