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Broken Bonds

J. Bree - 2021
    This book will end on a cliffhanger. It's recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations.

Blood Heir

Ilona Andrews - 2021
    Now, as waves of magic and technology compete for supremacy, it’s a place caught in a slow apocalypse, where monsters spawn among the crumbling skyscrapers and supernatural factions struggle for power and survival.Eight years ago, Julie Lennart left Atlanta to find out who she was. Now she’s back with a new face, a new magic, and a new name—Aurelia Ryder—drawn by the urgent need to protect the family she left behind. An ancient power is stalking her adopted mother, Kate Daniels, an enemy unlike any other, and a string of horrifying murders is its opening gambit.If Aurelia’s true identity is discovered, those closest to her will die. So her plan is simple: get in, solve the murders, prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled, and get out without being recognized. She expected danger, but she never anticipated that the only man she’d ever loved could threaten everything.One small misstep could lead to disaster. But for Aurelia, facing disaster is easy; it’s relationships that are hard.

Dark Memories Restored (The Children of the Gods #55)

I.T. Lucas - 2021

Tuff Enough

T.S. Joyce - 2021
    His career path took a hard right turn though, because he isn’t a bull, like his father. He inherited the wolf of his mother instead. Burning up the ranks as the best bronc rider in the world, Tuff is the circuits bad boy that everyone loves to hate. In the off-season, he melts into invisibility, so when a beautiful woman shows up at his ranch claiming to know him, he can’t help but feel suspicious. Luna turns out to be the biggest surprise of his life…he just has to figure out if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing.Luna Hagan has watched Tuff grow up from afar. Feeling like he is a kindred spirit, the time has come to expose exactly who she is, and see where it could lead. She has a history with his herd that feels very important to her, but getting to know the real Tuff Enough Fast Burn could shatter the way she views her world. It’s a risk seeking out the reclusive werewolf, but one she has to take. If she’s going to connect with her past, Tuff is going to have to be the one who guides her through it.Hold on tight for a wild ride, and don’t miss the bonus fifth book in T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Battle of the Bulls series.Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Dark Hunter’s Query (The Children of the Gods #56)

I.T. Lucas - 2021

Ghost of Lies

Alice Winters - 2021
    Now, I’m determined to figure out who is responsible for his death… the problem is that Detective Maddox Booker, the one working the case, is a grumpy and stubborn man who wants nothing to do with me and definitely doesn’t believe in ghosts. It doesn’t help that I keep finding myself looking ridiculous in front of the detective, thanks to interfering ghosts who enjoy laughing at my expense. Still, the more I’m around Maddox, the more I realize that beneath that surly exterior is a kind and caring man who will do anything to help.MaddoxWhen another man dies, I know we have a serial killer on our hands—the same murderer who has remained elusive for a year and a half. To add to my frustration, I keep running into Hiro at crime scenes only to hear him claim that he can talk to ghosts. The words of the dead could lead us to the serial killer and even tell us who is next, but ghosts? There’s no such thing as ghosts. Hiro is determined and charming, and no matter what I do, I can’t stop letting him get involved. He's definitely snagged my attention, but when he nearly winds up dead, I know he's getting closer to the truth—and if I don’t do something soon, he might be next.Ghost of Lies is full of action, mystery, humor, and romance. Though more is planned for this couple, the mystery is solved and there is a happy ending.

The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA: The Complete Works

A.J. Sherwood - 2021
    He expects a lot of quiet shifts. Well, you know what they say about assumptions. One explosion later and he’s the personal assistant to a vampire—who he admits is not only sexy, but the sane one—in charge of his supernatural clan’s paperwork, and managing any trouble the members get into. Spoiler alert: the clan can get into quite a bit of trouble. Ross is definitely not paid enough for this. Tags: The crack ship armada sails again, and then it got out of hand, poor put upon retail workers, Ross didn’t deserve this, Fate is cruel, so am I, the trauma of changing jobs, Ross has a paperclip and knows how to use it, Ross isn’t clear if he’s a PA, bartender, or babysitter, troublesome werewolves, Australian wizards, spells gone awry, very awry, sexy vampires, developing relationship, coming out, not a single degree of chill from Glenn where Ross is concerned, slow burn, boss/secretary, light bondage, Ross has to teach ancient mythical beings how to text, pray for him, SHENANIGANS, did I mention crack?, the most absurd workplace romance in history

King of the Shadow Fae

Amelia Hutchins - 2021
    Spellbinding, action-packed, mystery, and romance.I’d trained my entire life to take over the hunter guild. When the unthinkable happened, my father was taken, and I was forced to step up. The moment I took control, everything began to unravel around me. The transition should have gone smoothly, and it would have if Kieran Knight hadn’t shown up. He’s an egotistical maniac with a secret agenda and a psychotic need to possess and control me. There’s one thing Kieran didn’t count on, though. No one owned me. There’s too much at stake to allow myself to be influenced or for him to stand in my way.Just when I thought I had everything under control, our enemies attacked the hunter guild from every angle, and my whole world was kicked out from beneath me. Everything I thought I knew was now questioned, and I didn’t know who could be trusted or where to turn. To make matters worse, Kieran had his hand in the pockets of every Immortal House in town, preventing my allies from helping me find my dad and from discovering why bodies from Otherworld creatures were piling up at dumpsites around town.I may have been played at every turn, but now I know the truth, and I intended to show the world what one pissed-off hunter would do when the odds were against her. I’m Xariana Anderson, and I came into this world fighting, and I’ll leave the same way if I’m forced to do so.

Shifter God

Meg Xuemei X. - 2021
    Broken, bruised, and with no memory.How fortunate I am that he’s my fated mate.Then he rejects me for another, even though his wolf still wants me.So he locks me up, tries to control me, tries to force me to be his again.But I know a secret. Someone much stronger, more powerful, is coming for me.My beautiful Vampire God.And he kills anyone who stands in his way.

Unicorn Vet

Zoe Chant - 2021
    Everly is a stressed-out manager on vacation who just found a darling baby dragon. He knows they were made for each other. But a few things stand between them and true love, namely...1. A truckload of mystery fish.2. His suspicious werewolf colleague.3. Her job that won't leave her alone.4. The flaw in his magic that got him rejected by the other unicorns.5. A deadly creature whose gaze turns living things to stone.6. A teleporting chicken.Her life is in the city. His is in the country. But Vets For All Pets -- and the magical animals its shifter vets care for -- have a lot of practice at bridging different worlds...Unicorn Vet is a sweet, short shifter romance, perfect for reading on your lunch break.


M. Sinclair - 2021
    A lost wolf. A fate she never expected.Silver Falls University. There was no reason for a female bitten wolf like myself to be here. More so, there was no reason that someone who grew up as poor as I did, in an overcrowded pack house in the South side of Chicago, should be making her way up north to one of the most prestigious supernatural universities in the country.I truly had no idea what to expect. Something that was my own fault. I didn’t exactly have a lot of experience with anyone or anything. Sheltered was an understatement, except to the darkness that came with struggling to survive cruel bullying and an incurable loneliness that had formed the woman I was today.The place I had grown up, never felt like home. No one had ever felt like home.Well, until I meet a man on the way to campus. A man that had me feeling so completely comfortable yet confused and overwhelmed. There had to be something wrong with me, right? This wasn’t normal. Then again, I should have realized that nothing about my life moving forward would be normal.I just didn’t realize how much was in store for me.Join Effie Harlow on her journey at Silver Falls University, where she begins to realize that something about her is different. This reverse harem paranormal romance features five protective and possessive wolf shifters that are bound and determined to keep Effie by their side, no matter what. To prove to her that she is so much more than anyone had ever tried to tell her she was. Will they be able to convince her of her place at Silver Falls and in their life? Or will Effie get lost in the university crowds like she did back home? Find out in this first installment of the Silver Falls University Series. Lost is the 1st book in the Silver Falls University out of 5.Warning: This PNR University style RH will contain swearing, adult sexual content +18, elements of PTSD and prior abuse, violence, and additional darker themes.

A Mage's Guide to Human Familiars

A.J. Sherwood - 2021
    One mage, Bel Adams – needs a familiar, gun shy about being rejected by one again.One familiar, Nico di Rossi – Army Ranger, needs a change of pace and a new purpose in life.Plus one familiar, Garen Dallarosa – Secret Service, needs his ex-lover Nico back.One second chance – all for the taking.Tags:Mages, BOGO familiar, familiars as bodyguards, familiar bond, M/M/M, second chances, workplace romance, fated mates, magical shenanigans, Garen is part gargoyle, Bel part demon, Nico is a golden retriever in human form (though not literally), idiots in love, seriously I don't know what to do with them, Bel loves Garen just because he wants to love him, possessive behavior, not a single degree of chill from any of them, Nico is not allowed caffeine, Nico loves swords, Wicky is his supplier, lightsaber sounds, competency kink, Garen cannot be moved, he moves when he wants to, evil cults strangely don't clean up after themselves, absolutely no one's surprised, Nico thinks a magically booby-trapped cave is a theme park, cuz he cray cray, Demon Grandpa is also cray cray and approves

Saint's Passage

Elizabeth Hunter - 2021
    She listened to her mom, she helped at the homeless shelter, she got good grades, and she had a bright future ahead of her.Until she disappeared.Now no one knows what to think. The police are sure she ran away; her mother is sure she didn’t. Days have passed and no one knows what to do until her family priest suggests they call in an old friend. A very old friend.Carwyn ap Bryn and Brigid Connor are two elemental vampires finding the lost, righting wrongs, and searching for meaning in the endless stretch of immortality they've been granted.And trying not to blow things up, but that might be more aspirational. Saint's Passage is the first book in the paranormal mystery series, Elemental Covenant by Elizabeth Hunter, USA Today bestselling author of the Elemental Legacy series, the Glimmer Lake Series, and the Irin Chronicles.


K.M. Shea - 2021
    I’m the definition of “doesn’t fit in”. I’m not Pack, but I’m not the enemy, either.I struggle to survive among werewolves who are stronger and faster than me, and are competitive enough to break a bone or two for the sake of “fun.”Greyson, their alpha, is the worst of them all.Blatantly relentless and twice as deadly, Greyson rules the Pack and expands its territory even though it’s already the largest in the region. I just wish he’d stop interfering with my life. He’s got enough trouble of his own with his incomplete mate bond, but he’s made it his hobby to tease and test me at every opportunity.Doesn’t my life sound fun?When wolves from surrounding packs start mindlessly attacking the innocent humans in our city, Timber Ridge, everything changes.Werewolves don’t turn feral without reason. Which means someone is making this happen, and they’re targeting our Pack.I don’t like where this is going, but how am I supposed to stop a feral wolf outbreak when I’m just one hunter? Can Greyson and I set aside our differences to see the Pack through this?Hunted is the first book in the Pack of Dawn and Destiny urban fantasy trilogy and is part of the Magiford Supernatural City world. It features werewolves, hunters, and fae, and is filled with humor, adventure, and a sweet romance that will have you laughing in delight.

Soothing Nightmares

M. Sinclair - 2021
    I loved them... and they loved me.I had never been afraid of the dark. Abandoned on the front step of ISS, I’d spent my entire life thriving in the realm of darkness that most humans avoided.I was a woman living among monsters.Arabella was abandoned at the front steps of INSTITUTUM SEQUUNTUR SOMNIA (ISS) one stormy night, only to be found and brought in by the monsters that lived there. An institute of nightmares that housed the most dangerous creatures that walked the plane of humanity. A place that trained and harnessed those abilities for their own use, while defending against the humans that were constantly attacking them.But what happens when a young human woman grows up among the nightmares? Feeling no fear but instead taking comfort in her team that she surrounded herself by? By all regards, Arabella shouldn’t have fit in at the institute. Nothing like the warrior-like creatures around her, the 5’1’’ young woman with pink hair and a vision impairment was absolutely fundamental to her team. Not just for her strategic brilliance but her soothing lack of fear that seemed to tame the nightmares around her. Arabella is bound and determined to keep her monstrous men safe while they are on their missions.What happens when their most recent mission attracts the wrong type of attention? What happens when ISS comes under attack and everything that she values is destroyed?Join Arabella and her possessive nightmares as one human woman finds the monster within herself to protect those that she loves. The ISS series is promised to feature terrifying monsters that include everything from the literal monster under the bed to Lucifer’s overbearing son, the prince of Hell. If you love large harems, brilliant, sassy, but slightly naive female main characters with no fear, and a thrilling adventure filled with steam, vengeance, and a happily ever after, then you are absolutely going to love this.Warning: This medium/fast burn RH contains several dark themes from swearing, violence, and sexual themes suitable for +18.

Black Hat, White Witch

Hailey Edwards - 2021
    As much as Rue wants to kick him to the curb, she agrees to hear him out for old times’ sake, and what he says chills her to the bone.The Silver Stag was the most notorious paranormal serial killer in modern history, and Rue brought him down. Now a copycat has picked up where the Stag left off, and the Bureau wants her on the case. She beat the Stag once. They think she can do it again. But they don’t know she’s given up black magic, and she’s not about to tell them. White witches are prey, and Rue is the hunter, not the hunted. Always.But can she take down the protégé of the man who almost beat her at her black witch best?If she wants to keep her new town, her new home, her new life, then she has no choice but to find out.

The Rowan

Stella Brie - 2021
    Until one night, when the latest assassination attempt fails and the third Killian blade makes its appearance.A powerful witch with little knowledge of her heritage, Arden's first step on the path of destiny is The Abbey. A place of sanctuary and power, it's a haven in a sea of unknowns and where she hopes to find an ally. An Elven prince, a Fae lord, the First Vampire, a warlock, and the King of Dragons make up the Imperium Cadre, one of the most powerful cadres in existence. Owning and managing The Abbey for over a thousand years, they're not known for taking in strays. But Lord Theron's life debt paves Arden's entry into the formidable sphere of their protection. As the sweeping winds of change blow, Arden and the cadre will navigate the path of destiny together. Secrets are revealed, heritage found, and alliances forged and lost.Warning: This is a why choose, reverse harem, paranormal, urban fantasy romance, with FMMMMM relationship. 18+ years of age due to mature content.

Petal to the Metal

Annabel Chase - 2021
    After a disastrous career-and-relationship-ending event, she escapes New York City and moves to a sleepy river town in Pennsylvania, courtesy of a dead aunt she never knew. Aunt Hazel was the reclusive family nut, a self-proclaimed psychic. Of course, Mia’s dad always told her that she, too, had the gift, but after his death, her mother made sure to squelch the notion. No square pegs allowed!Aunt Hazel’s old cottage is only slightly better than the decrepit gardens surrounding it. Mia doesn’t know the first thing about gardening and expects this will be one more failure on her seemingly endless list. Even Aunt Hazel’s ancient cat seems to have pegged her as a loser.When Mia stumbles over a body in the overgrown garden, the newcomer catches the eye of the police chief and his hotshot detective, Derek Fairfax, and she becomes the number one suspect in the case. Much to her shock and awe, she also catches the eye of Derek’s brother, Dane, a lawyer with a head for what’s legal and a bod for what isn’t—but getting arrested for murder would certainly put a damper on her dating life.Will Mia tap into her long-buried psychic skills in order to save herself or will she end up digging her own grave?Petal to the Metal is the first book in The Bloomin’ Psychic series.Other series by Annabel Chase:SpellboundSpellbound Ever AfterStarry Hollow WitchesMidlife Magic Cocktail ClubPandora's PrideDemonspawn AcademySpellslingers Academy of MagicDivine Place

Alpha's Moon

Renee Rose - 2021
    My wolf is highly unstable. Nearly feral. I can’t be trusted around civilians. Certainly not with the lovely kindergarten teacher whose scent drives me wild.But she needs a fake boyfriend for a weekend wedding trip. A big guy to intimidate her ex. How can I refuse?I won’t be directly disobeying an order, because it won’t be a real date. It will be a nice, clean mission. We’ll have separate rooms.I’ll keep my wolf on a tight leash.And no matter how much I want to, I will not mark and claim the sweet human as mine…

The Write Hook

Robyn Peterman - 2021
    Not all of them are working for me.At forty-two I’ve had my share of ups and downs. Relatively normal, except when the definition of normal changes… drastically.NYT Bestselling Romance Author: CheckAmazing besties: CheckLovely home: CheckPet cat named Thick Stella who wants to kill me: CheckWacky Tabacky Dealing Aunt: CheckCheating husband banging the weather girl on our kitchen table: CheckNasty Divorce: Oh yesCharacters from my novels coming to life: Umm… yesCrazy: PossiblyFour months of wallowing in embarrassed depression should be enough. I’m beginning to realize that no one is who they seem to be, and my life story might be spinning out of my control. It’s time to take a shower, put on a bra, and wear something other than sweatpants. Difficult, but doable.With my friends—real and imaginary—by my side, I need to edit my life before the elusive darkness comes for all of us.The plot is no longer fiction. It’s my reality, and I’m writing a happy ever after no matter what. I just have to find the write hook.

Dragon Heat

Charlene Hartnady - 2021
    She’s okay with that. She does not need a male. There are many things that fulfill her. Things that she is passionate about; like her job as a hunter. What could be more important than feeding the tribe? Nothing! If she wants to rut, she can have her pick of the males – just as long as she doesn’t expect any of them to stay. They all want to settle with human females. Humans who can give them offspring…and give the tribe a future. It makes perfect sense to her. She’s okay with it.Her feelings change when she comes into heat for the first time. Why now? Why her? Instantly, every unmated male in her tribe comes sniffing. They all want her. They want to mate her and to get her with child. All. Of. Them. Anger infuses every last cell of her body. An anger she never knew she felt. Snubbed for years and now they want her. Now they see her. They can all go straight to hell!Her king has other plans. The tribe needs offspring. They need female young, which is something the humans cannot provide. He instructs her to choose a male…any male, and to do so right away. She doesn’t have long. Thunder wants her impregnated before the end of her heat cycle.No cheating! Contains hot alpha males and therefore strong sexual themes/language.

The Gravedigger’s Son

Darynda Jones - 2021
    Assess the situation. Get out. But for veteran tracker Quentin Rutherford, things get sticky when the girl he’s loved since puberty shows up, conducting her own investigation into the strange occurrences of the small, New Mexico town. He knew it would be a risk coming back to the area, but he had no idea Amber Kowalski had become a bona fide PI, investigating things that go bump in the night. He shouldn’t be surprised, however. She can see through the dead as clearly as he can. The real question is, can she see through him?But is anything that’s worth it ever easy?To say that Amber is shocked to see her childhood crush would be the understatement of her fragile second life. One look at him tells her everything she needs to know. He’s changed. So drastically she barely recognizes him. He is savage now, a hardened—in all the right places—demon hunter, and she is simply the awkward, lovestruck girl he left behind.But she doesn’t have time to dwell on the past. A supernatural entity has set up shop, and it’s up to them to stop it before it kills again.While thousands of questions burn inside her, she has to put her concern over him, over what he’s become, aside for now. Because he’s about to learn one, undeniable fact: she’s changed, too.**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Carnage Island

Lexi C. Foss - 2021
    Home of brutal chaos. Blood and tears. And nefarious schemes. A half-breed. A reject. A wolf without a mate. My family doesn't want me. My alpha disowned me. And my mate rejected me. So I’ve just been given a new pack assignment. Carnage Island. Home to the worst of wolf kind. Vicious. Cruel beasts. Wicked deeds. I’m not one of them. But I’m not a Nantahala wolf either. I’m something distinctly other; an Omega trapped in an Alpha’s skin. One step toward my fate, and all the males turn their heads.I’m fresh meat.Property to be claimed.Hide and seek is now a game of life and death.With claws and teeth.And malice and pain.Only the strongest will survive.Enter at your own peril.Author’s Note: This is a dark shifter story with omegaverse undertones. Three Alpha males, one Omega female. There will be biting and violence because these Alphas will stop at nothing to protect their mate. And she’ll claim them back just as fiercely.

Dragon Revealed

Donna Grant - 2021
    Jeyra never dreamed she would actually face one of the creatures who destroyed her home. But the longer she’s around him, the more she finds herself gravitating to him. All it takes is one reckless kiss that unleashes desires and the truth that has been hidden from her to set them both on a course that could be the end of them.Varek, King of Lichens, has known nothing but a life with magic. Until he finds himself on a different realm unable to call up his powers. Worse, he’s in shackles with no memory of how it happened. When he sees an enthralling woman who leaves him speechless, he believes he can charm her to free him. The more she rebuffs him, the more he craves her, igniting a dangerous passion between them. Can he protect the woman he’s fallen for while uncovering the truth – or will peril that neither see coming tear them apart?

Gone But Not Forgotten

Charlie Cochet - 2021
    Daley is a legend. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. Chaos isn’t so much a codename as it is Dex’s state of being. As a spy for the Therian Intelligence Network, Dex has spent the last four years bringing down the bad guys. Hell, his middle name is literally Justice. But a new mission brings him face-to-face with a different kind of monster, one with a weapon that can alter the course of history. Failure is not an option, but as the mission goes from dangerous to deadly, Dex finds himself up against a far more terrifying force, and this time, there’s no escape.Codename: AtlasAs former team leader for Destructive Delta and now a TIN operative, Sloane Daley knows what it feels like to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. But no matter the challenge, Sloane knows that together, he and his husband, Dex, can overcome anything. When their latest mission takes a personal turn, Sloane is forced to confront the very thing that created him. Looking back to a past he thought he’d left behind is the least of Sloane’s problems, because the greatest threat he’s about to encounter … is his own husband.

Spark of Fate

Tessa Hale - 2021
    A completely blank slate in a place where no one knew about the tragedy that ripped her family apart six months ago. A tragedy Rowan can’t help but blame herself for. Now the only thing she wants is to blend in. To escape the house that has become more like a prison. Her new school is her only hope. Somewhere she can pretend she’s just like everyone else. Only Rowan doesn’t realize how unique she is. Holden is the first to recognize it, but he’s not the last. Rowan can’t explain the draw she feels to the guys who have found their way into her life. The way something seems to spark the first moment she touches each of them. How it almost hurts to walk away from them at the end of each day. Things are changing, from the ripple of power humming just below her skin to this new family she’s finding herself a part of. But not all of the changes are good. Someone doesn’t like the power Rowan is stepping into or the bonds she’s forming with the guys who have gifts as rare and strong as her own. And when the truth is revealed, it has the power to burn everything in its wake…

A Girlfriend for Mr. Snoozerton (Witching After Forty, #2.6)

Lia Davis - 2021
    It's all a part of being a necromancer. And people keep telling he she's one of the strongest ones to ever live, but she doesn't believe it.Except she can also heal people, living or dead, which is unheard of.And now, her cat, Mr. Snoozerton, has brought home a girlfriend. A dead girlfriend. Snoozer wants Ava to animate the pretty feline, but is that really the right thing to do?Ava doesn't have much of a choice. Snoozer isn't taking no for an answer. And he's pretty much the boss of the house.How can Ava say no?

The Hellbeast King

Stephanie Hudson - 2021
    In fact, it turned out she didn’t live in the same world as I did… Not at all. I knew this the moment I entered his kingdom.My world changed the moment he found me. He gave me a warning that night. He told me if he ever found me again then next time, he wouldn’t be so quick in letting me escape him.His little Red Riding Hood.It was a threat I took seriously as it was only my dreams that took me back to that place. That took me back to him.That was until they came for me. The Hell Hounds that infiltrated my peaceful world and started the hunt.And there was only one man I knew that had the power to stop them. And my price to pay, was the promise he made me.That if he ever found me in his demonic fight club again… He was keeping me.Meaning I only had two choices left, to become the hunted or to make a deal with Hell’s greatest Hunter…The HellBeast King…Jared Cerberus.

Forbidden Honor

May Dawson - 2021
    Dragon shifters are always royals. They’re always male. They’re always assholes.An orphaned servant like me? Everyone assumes on first shift, I’ll turn into a squirrel.Instead, I grow wings. Breathe fire. Throw the world into chaos.No one wants a girl in the Royal Dragon Guard. So I’m disguised as a man and sent off to military training.The Dragon Royals are not a welcoming bunch. These princely scions of the four ruling families have been training to fight the plague-crazed Scourge since they were toddlers. Every girl in the city dreams of winning the heart of one of the dragon nobles, but they only care about each other.Jaik, the cold-hearted hero who never smiles and never falters. Arren, who kills without mercy and guards his friends fiercely. Lynx and Branick, the twin spymasters with deadly swords. Talisyn, with the beautiful cruel mouth and endless bravery. By night, I’m the servant they flirt with. I’m the one stealing Jaik’s heart and kissing Talisyn and antagonizing Arren. All the while, Branick and Lynx fret that I’m a spy, sent to destroy the Royals.By day, I’m Lucien Finn, the man they despise and the dragon shifter they have to fight alongside.These royals are determined to make me fall, and the princes play dirty. Can I ignore the pull they have on my heart and kick them off their thrones?Or will they break the maid... or kill the man? What will it do to us all when they finally discover the truth about who I truly am?If cocky dragon shifters, steamy scenes, and snarky heroines who refuse to choose anything less than ALL their heart's desires offend...then back away. Otherwise, scroll up and dive into the adventure alongside Honor.


Macy Blake - 2021
    But when a mysterious benefactor he nicknames The Oracle offers Logan the chance to use his military expertise to lead a group of misfit shifters to protect the creatures of the magical realm, Logan’s wolf won’t allow him to say no.Bailey Cairn is a man without a protector...And for the entirety of his very human life, he hasn’t needed one. But when his friend is attacked at a bar, sweet, caretaker Bailey is drawn into a world he hadn’t known existed. A world full of secrets, and magic. A world full of danger… and gorgeous, protective Logan.But if Bailey and Logan want to break the chains of the past, they'll have to learn to trust each other and themselves, and start to believe in things that are bigger than they are...That magic exists.That packs are about more than blood ties.That sometimes true love is a matter of fate.And that heroes aren’t made…they’re Chosen.

Demon Pack

Jaymin Eve - 2021
    The shadows belong to me. But the dark can’t hide me forever...I run with my own pack—my four demon wolves and the two friends I would kill to protect.We might be the rejected shifters of the Vegas supernaturals, different and unwanted, but our pack is strong. Feared. Think of us as your local supernatural vigilantes.With my demon wolves secretly watching our backs, we’re unstoppable. Until the night the first rune appears on the streets. A rune that hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years, sending the Vegas supernaturals into a tailspin.It seems that the Master of Demon Runes has returned, a demon with unlimited power to deceive and kill, dragged up from the depths of the underworld itself.What he wants, no one knows.Except maybe… me.Because there’s a teeny tiny chance that my demon wolves used to be his. And an even larger chance he won’t return to the underworld without them…Or without me.Demon Pack is a full length (90k words), dark and sexy paranormal romance, the first in the Demon Pack series. This series is NOT RH. It’s recommended for 18+ due to language, mature themes, and sexual situations. Ends on a cliffhanger.

The Dark Bite

Leia Stone - 2021
    Evil to the core... or so I thought, until one of them saves my life.As a member of the House of Rose, a division of the Vampire Hunter Society, I've got one of the highest kill records on file. I track my mark and don't stop until the job is done.That is, until my mark saves my life. Luka Drake isn't like the vampires I've been hunting for the past five years, and despite the fact that he's a vampire prince fresh out of Magic City Prison for committing God knows what crime, I can't kill him.My only other option is to walk away and pretend our paths never crossed. I'm about to pull it off but Luka pulls me back, and in the worst way possible, in a way that changes everything.This is a full-length slow burn paranormal romance for readers that love Jaymin Eve, Linsey Hall and K.F. Breene.

Shifter Syndicate

Avery Stone - 2021
    But it all burns to hell the night of the Howling Ceremony, and I'm left in a pit of forsaken shifters — rejected by my newly found mate and awaiting death at the hands of the Four Alphas of Shifter Syndicate.Instead, I’m unexpectedly chosen by Alpha Asher of the North Syndicate and whisked to an underground world where darkness thrives. The only problems now are my defiance, inability to follow rules, and my growing desire to slip into Alpha Asher's chambers.But those issues can be costly because I've learned one important thing:At Shifter Syndicate, you obey the rules or face the howling consequences.All the same, I will rise against the odds and follow the flaming force of revenge to salvation. Or die trying… Shifter Syndicate is a full-length (174,000 word) Dark Paranormal Romance. Book One of the trilogy is filled with humor, action, suspense, steam, a tough heroine, and an antihero alpha. It's recommended for 18+ audiences due to language and sexual instances. If you enjoy books by Jaymin Eve, Shannon Mayer, Kelly St. Clare, Leia Stone, Jen L. Grey, and Everly Frost, then turn the page to this thrilling, dangerous adventure in the world of Shadowborns. You won't regret it.

Irreverent: A Dark Paranormal Romance (The Marked Book 7)

Bianca Scardoni - 2021

Courting Darkness

Katie May - 2021
    Fighting my family. And fighting for my life. Trust me—the first one is completely voluntary, and a lot of fun. The second? Not so much. To say my family dynamic is weird is the understatement of the century. I held my first sword when I was only five years old, and I learned how to dispose of a body before I turned ten. I may have a penchant for pink and sparkles…but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to kick major ass as well. As if my life isn't complicated enough, my body is being ravaged by a chronic, mystery illness. Seizures? Check. Passing out? Check. Agonizing pain? Check. A host of other unexplainable ailments? Double check. After a change in my parents’ job takes us across the country, I find myself doing something I’ve never done before—attend an actual high school, despite my sickness. But this school? Well…it’s a little weird...I'm always turned around, and there's something happening I just can't put my finger on. And don’t even get me started on my sexy as sin teacher and his equally as gorgeous twin brother. Or Tristan, who kind of reminds me of an energetic puppy. Or Kian, who has a harem of girls at his beck and call, despite seemingly unhappy with his entire life. Or Foster and Gage, who are revered and feared in equal measure. With a serial killer stalking the streets of this odd, little town, my new friends and family are on high alert. One thing becomes clear…Humans aren’t the only beings who walk this earth. And if I don’t uncover the secrets of my new school, I may be the killer’s next victim.Courting Darkness is a reverse harem paranormal romance, meaning the main character will end up with more than one love interest by the end of the series. This is book ONE in the series. It will end with a cliffhanger.

Client from Hell

R.J. Blain - 2021
    It’s simple. It gets the job done. It reduces the devil’s house to smoldering ruins.Life is good—at least for the year she has left of it, assuming the devil doesn’t kill her first.Instead of the quick end and the retribution she deserves, Sandra gets the client from hell for the case of a lifetime, one that could forever change the war between the heavens and the devil’s many hells.

Apex Basilisk

Terry Bolryder - 2021
    Now that he and the other basilisks have awakened into the modern world, they’re on a new mission: to find mates, and help bring peace to a world growing more chaotic by the day. But when a simple assignment in a small town brings the stoic, silent Gunnar face to face with an easily-frightened woman in dire need of his protection, the beast inside him roars to stay by her side, whether she likes it or not.April Nelson’s life in the quiet town of Clawson’s Creek is anything but normal. For starters, shifters aren’t a secret to the humans there. And to make things worse, the bear and wolf shifters living in town have been fighting for years. When the feud leads to a deadly attack that nearly kills her, she finds an unexpected ally in a tall, gorgeous man with one red eye and one blue eye. Gunnar, the basilisk, a man of strength and secrets, whose handsomeness is matched only by his obsession with protecting her. Even against her own wishes.When it’s clear Gunnar isn’t going to leave her alone with a town full of angry shifters fast on her heels, all April can do is let him into her life. But Gunnar has found his mate, and between saving her life multiple times, and heated nights beneath the autumn sky, the attraction and the drama between the two of them is reaching a fever pitch. And though April may have found her new reason to carry on with her difficult life, the forces clashing in Clawson’s Creek look like they won’t permit her a happy ending until her basilisk protector has dealt with all of them.

Wolf Marked

Veronica Douglas - 2021
    I had no idea magic was real. That was, until I backed my car over a werewolf a couple times.In my defense, the wolf was trying to murder me, and I was all out of mace.Now I’ve got a cult of rogue wolves on my heels, and the only one who can protect me is Jaxson Laurent—the Chicago Alpha.He suspects I’m special and can’t take his eyes off me, but the problem is—he’s the sworn enemy of my family. Every time we get close it feels like something is going to rip out of my soul, but the heat between us is irresistible.With danger around every corner and wolves howling in the night, I need to master my magic and stand my ground, or I’ll be dead before the next moon rises.An action-packed urban fantasy, Wolf Marked features a kick-ass heroine, a dangerous alpha hero, and a steamy slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance.Prepare to be drawn into a mysterious and magical world, full of demons, shifters, and sorcerers.This story is set in the wider Dragon’s Gift universe created by Linsey Hall, and if you enjoyed the archaeology, history, and daring in her books, this adventure is for you!

Dragon Ever After

Louisa Masters - 2021
    No more hellhounds playing pranks. No more snippy demons demanding my attention. No more cajoling money from the wealthy to support the community. Just peace while I avoid my overbearing father and try to work out what my next steps will be.Although… maybe three years of peace is enough. It might even be starting to get… boring. In fact, an adolescent dragon crash-landing on my landlord’s shed is just the kind of excitement I need—especially when he brings his species leader to my door.Brandt. Wing leader of all dragons, suave, sexy, and … slightly unhinged. It doesn’t take much for him to convince me to give up my solitude and spend some time getting to know him. It’s hard to care about the future when I’ve got a dragon of my own to “play” with. Naked dragon rides for the win, right?But Brandt’s the leader of his people, on call for them all the time, and I’ve left that part of my life behind me. Plus my father insists I should fulfil my duty to the family by getting a nine-to-five job and “marrying well.” That’s not what I want, but riding herd on a group of beings who fly, breathe fire, and could literally crush me beneath their feet would be a huge challenge, especially since Brandt’s kind of loose with rules.It all comes down to how much I want my very own dragon ever after.This exciting spin-off from the Hidden Species series kicks off with Percy's story.

The Adversary

Thea Harrison - 2021
    And at first their new home seems perfect… but looks are deceiving.Beneath Rhyacia’s idyllic façade an ancient, malevolent force lurks, waiting for the right opportunity to break free of its cage. When that opportunity comes, it strikes with devastating accuracy.While Dragos has never backed down from a fight, he’s also never encountered an enemy like this one before. How can he fight a foe who doesn’t have a body? A foe who can invade and turn his own mind against him?How can Dragos protect his family, when at any moment one of them may become the enemy?As Dragos and Pia race against time to fight this unseen menace, they must also acknowledge a terrifying truth—when anyone can become the enemy, no one can be trusted.An adversary who can trap the dragon poses a threat to everyone in Rhyacia, and that means no one is safe…***This book does NOT end on a cliffhanger***

First Mission

Zoe Chant - 2021
    It’ll take a whole crew of powerful shifters to handle this emergency…A sweet, funny, and heartwarming shifter short story - perfect for brightening up your coffee break!First Mission is a standalone prequel to Zoe Chant’s hugely popular Fire & Rescue Shifters series. It does not contain any spoilers for the series, and can be enjoyed without having read any of the other Fire & Rescue Shifters books.

The Trouble with Trying to Date a Murderer

Jennifer Cody - 2021
    I’m either the luckiest mute boy ever or possibly the unluckiest. Who knows, maybe him kidnapping me will turn into the greatest love story ever told? Hey, it could happen! You never know how these things will turn out. I happen to believe in love and soulmates, and if nothing else, Arlington Fox doesn’t treat my disability like a nuisance. It’s not every day you find someone who just gets you, and I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth even if the horse in question is a man so good at killing people that I should probably introspect a bit about why that skews my moral compass and possibly my kinks. But c’mon, competence is sexy, amiright?The Trouble with Trying to Date a Murderer is an MM Paranormal Romance with lots of sass, humor, a ridiculous 3000 year age-gap, and an inordinate number of tables.

Dragon Guard Warrior

Alicia Montgomery - 2021
    Six dragon shifters duty-bound to protect their king.A single mom getting her life back togetherWhen divorce and scandal leaves her life in ruins, Poppy Baxter has no choice but to take the first job she could get, even if it is as a nanny to a dragon prince in a faraway land. But this position meant a fresh start for her and her cheetah shifter son, so she must impress her royal employers and act like a professional at all times. However, the very sexy captain of the guard isn’t making it easy to act professionally, especially when just one smoldering look from him sends her libido into the stratosphere.A reluctant leader trying to balance romance and dutyDragon guard captain Rorik has devoted his life to protecting his king, and has no time for anything else. But when he meets the new nanny to the crown prince, his dragon instantly recognizes her as his fated mate, and now his entire world is turned upside down. His job demands his complete devotion and attention, but he can’t ignore the deep-seated need to make Poppy his and form the bond that will fuse their souls together.Can he find a way to balance the demands of his position while trying to woo his mate or will he ultimately have to choose between duty and love?Dragon Guard Warrior is a full-length steamy standalone fantasy paranormal romance featuring a sexy alpha male dragon shifter, the woman of his dreams, a cute cheetah cub, plus action, passion, and a HEA guaranteed to satisfy you!

Magical Makeover

Brenda Trim - 2021
    When life gives you lemons... give yourself a magical makeover!One day I'm married, living in the triangle, and working as a head nurse at one of the country's best hospitals.The next, I've shed a hundred and seventy-five pounds of idiot and find myself encountering ghosts, dragons and pixies while taking care of a sick patient.Losing my sanity didn't seem like the worst thing to happen since I moved back home with my mom and nana.But I have to make the best of this mess for the sake of my children. And I refuse to give my ex the satisfaction of knowing he literally drove me crazy.I didn't mind rolling with the punches... I just never imagined those hits would come in the form of magic. Witches, shifters, and Fae don't exist, right?This new world I've discovered is dangerous. The Tainted want to kill me, innocent paranormals want my help, and the son of Hades needs me to find demons.Give me an Ibuprofen and watch out. I'm not about to stand by and let someone else ruin my life. I'm a middle-aged woman on a brand-new mission, and nothing's going to stop me.

Deadly Claws

Jenna St. James - 2021
    When she retires from capturing criminal supernaturals for the government, she figures her days of chasing bad guys is over. Little did she know her new job as the game warden on Enchanted Island would thrust her right back into harm's way...and she wasn't even officially on the clock yet! But when Sheriff Stone enlists her help to find out who killed an island resident, Shayla readily agrees. Between sorting through alibis, gathering clues, and mentoring a wayward teenager on how to be a witch...Shayla's life is hectic. If only her estranged dad--the King--wouldn't insist she take her bodyguard, Needles, with her everywhere she goes. Just when Shayla believes she's identified the killer, a new threat emerges...leaving her to make a snap decision that may cost her her life. This new paranormal cozy series with a twist on midlife discovery will leave you guessing and hungry for more!

Message in the Bones

Dawn Merriman - 2021
    Will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last word!.Freak is a nasty word, but many people in this small town have no trouble calling me a freak, or worse. It’s not my fault I awoke with the ability to “sense” things after I was nearly killed and my father was murdered. Touching certain items often gives me visions, sometimes horrifying ones. Most people here are afraid of that kind of thing..Especially my brother, Dustin. As head detective of the River Bend police department, he’d rather pretend I don’t exist than believe in my gift. The long-buried bones of a murder victim force him to ask me for help. I should have know better. I should have stayed comfortable and safe hiding from the world..No one believes me anyway. Only one man believes the messages I got from the bones. The killer. And now he hunts me.

Speak of the Demon

Stacia Stark - 2021
    Violence in Samael’s club is a death sentence… unless he can use you.And it turns out that the scariest demon in the Triangle has a use for little ol’ me.Demons are being slaughtered. His demons. And as a bounty hunter, it’s up to me to find out who would dare hurt his people.  I’ve got two weeks to find the killer, and if I fail, I’m bonded to Samael. Forever.Samael’s certain that I’ll be his, but I’m not the kinda girl who risks her freedom for a demon.I’m the kinda girl who won’t let anyone get in the way of her vengeance— not even the Machiavellian control freak who thinks he can run my life.The problem? I’ve pissed the wrong people off.Now I’m the one being hunted, and someone’s coming for me with everything they have.But I’m never more dangerous than when my back is up against the wall.And I’m ready to come out swinging.

Rebels and Runaways

Grace McGinty - 2021
    Safe haven. Melting pot of preternatural beings from shifters to extraordinary humans.Carmen had been attending Eden Prep since before she knew her multiplication tables, and she was ready to graduate, do her time at the Academy and then get the hell out of dodge. She was sick of having a best friend who still saw her as a little kid despite the fact she was seventeen. She was sick of her Alpha older brother telling her what to do. She was sick of always being compared to Enit, her omega and incomparable littermate.The only place she felt free was fighting, and if her parents knew that? They'd kick her ass and keep her locked up in the tiny town of Dark River forever. Well, except her dad X. Carmen was pretty sure he'd be proud that she could kick ass.Carmen needed to get out into the world and live life on her own terms. But the last months of her senior year bring more surprises than she expected. A fiery runaway with a quick smile and even quicker hands. Not to mention the arrival of a boy, no a man, with dark eyes and an even darker past.Hell, maybe Eden was living up to its name after all.

Cursing Up a Storm

Samantha Silver - 2021
    So, the local mayor trying to kill her after she exposes him as an embezzler in the local paper? All in a day's work. But when the mayor in question is found stabbed to death the next morning, Storm quickly realizes she's suspect number one, and that's a problem.Knowing she has to do some investigating before she ends up doing hard time instead, Storm rounds up a rag-tag group of other local witches who all have something to gain from the murder being solved, and voila—the Witches Murder Club is born.With the help of her new friends, and her snarky cat familiar, Storm sets about clearing her name. But Storm has her own secrets, and as she delves deeper into the investigation, she also finds herself digging into her own past. Is this a blizzard Storm is going to be able to weather, or is she about to get snowed in?

Lost in Las Vegas

Kristen Painter - 2021
    Trouble that’s very close to home. In fact, Sinclair’s entire family is gambling on him and Jayne figuring out what’s gone dangerously wrong with the cool new magic trick at the end of his parents’ show.Thankfully, they have help from a few friends and a pair of talking cats. But how many times can they roll the dice before time runs out?

Wild Knight

Annabel Chase - 2021
    Instead of a lance and a horse, I rely on my trusty axe, Babe, and ride the occasional dragon. Every day new threats emerge that require a dash of magic and a dollop of attitude.Good thing I have both.Naturally danger comes with the territory. What no one knows is just how dangerous it is for me. If our vampire overlords discover what I am, they’ll execute me on the spot—no questions asked—which is why I avoid them at all costs.Until now.If only this one didn’t have a lethal reputation, a princely pedigree, and a quest that leads to more questions than answers. The heat between us doesn’t help matters.Unfortunately I can’t refuse a royal command, so I’m stuck until the job is complete.And even if the job doesn’t kill me, the truth just might.

I'm With Cupid (Witching After Forty, #1.6)

Lia Davis - 2021
    It started when she arrived back home in Shipton Harbor, Maine. She wears many hats: Part-time bookstore clerk, part-time author, necromancer in training, full-time caretaker of a ghoul, soon to be girlfriend to the town sheriff. She's still in denial of the latter. Now she has to add neighbor to Lucifer himself to that list.Fine. Whatever. She can make her peace with living next door to the devil. But then, when she's finally out on a first date with the hotter-than-sin local sheriff, who shows up to crash the date?Luci himself. And he has a date of his own.To add to all the crazy in her life, she answers her door to find an animated skeleton standing on her doorstep, hoping she can help him find his murderer.What else can go sideways this Valentine's Day in Shipton Harbor?

How It's Supposed to Be

T.S. Joyce - 2021
    He and his brothers made a promise to each other that they would let their bear shifter lineage die off with them, for the betterment of mankind. They aren’t fluffy, and they aren’t cute. As one of the three remaining bear shifters alive, Aux struggles daily with the predator inside of him. His life is simple and manageable so long as he never breaks the rules enforced by his brothers. Rule number one: Never touch a human’s skin. Rule number two: never fall for one of the fragile creatures. Rule number three: never, ever let a human know what he is. But when he stumbles upon a car wreck in the remote Montana mountains, during the biggest snow storm of the year, he can’t just leave the stranded human to die. And in a series of unfortunate events that follows, he also can’t let her out of his sight if he wants to survive her.Gwen Smithers had a plan. A great plan. A plan that will get her out of the stagnancy of her life and onto an adventure. This week was going to change her life, but in a split second on an icy road, all of her plans were derailed. Her rescuer is growly, and ill-mannered, and won’t show his face. And his eyes are such a strange color. But as she struggles to trust the mysterious mountain man, he’s revealing a strange and dangerous culture she never would’ve imagined existing. For the life of her, she can’t conjure up fear of Aux. Her human instincts must be broken, because it’s becoming clearer and clearer…Aux isn’t the man she thought he was. In fact, he isn’t a man at all. And the more she tries to understand him, the more she wants to break the oath he has made.Don’t miss this first novella in T. S. Joyce’s exciting brand-new Oath of Bane series.

Cute But Prickly

Zoe Chant - 2021
    Instead she ends up snowbound in a gorgeous mountain lodge with the most amazing man she's ever met.He's sexy. He's sweet. He's funny. He turns into a grison, the most adorable ferret-like animal she's ever seen.And he's her fated mate.Too bad Hester's not ready to open herself to love again.But Mauro is determined to heal her broken heart. Will one romantic, snowbound weekend be enough for this prickly little hedgehog to accept the love of a man and his weasel?Shifter Bites is a new line of bite-sized short reads, with a complete HEA shifter romance in every one! These books are "sweet" romance (no explicit sex) and short enough that you can fit them into your busy schedule, with hot heroes, strong heroines, and all the love and laughter and happy endings you've come to expect from Zoe Chant!

The Witching Flour

Samantha Silver - 2021
    All she has going for her are a minimum-wage job she hates, an uncanny ability to attract the biggest losers on her dating app, and a raccoon sitting in her kitchen sink eating her chips. So, when she finds out she's inherited a bakery in a small Washington town, Robin thinks this might just be the fresh start she desperately needs. Upon her arrival, however, Robin finds out she's inherited more than just a small business: she's also got her mother's magical powers.However, things start going south for Robin when a man dies at the local diner just after her arrival in town and she's fingered as the prime suspect. With half the town thinking she's a killer, Robin decides to take matters into her own hands. But between a ghost who desperately needs therapy, a snarky familiar who loves to quote literature, and a grandmother who walks to the beat of her own drum, Robin really has her hands full.Will she be able to navigate this new reality and find the killer, or will she crumble like an overcooked brownie?This is the first book in the Spellford Cove paranormal cozy mystery series.

Heart of Gold

Donna Grant - 2021
    Now that she’s finally back in his life and his arms, it’s time she learns the truth. He played a part all those eons—maybe a little too well—but he never stopped loving her, and his journal will show her just how much. But Con is the one in for a surprise as his mate turns the tables on him and leads him on a merry chase. If he can find her, he knows he’s in for something special. But then again, every day is extraordinary with his love by his side. And, thankfully, their future has never looked brighter.

Ashbrock Curse

T.S. Joyce - 2021
    They’ve been waiting for one woman to change their fate, and lift the dark magic burden from their pack. Every Halloween has been the same--waiting, watching, failing…and so the wolves of Hollow Rock had accepted their place protecting the town for all of eternity. Callum Ashbrock is alpha of Hollow Rock, and when his sister calls to say the words he’s been waiting for centuries to hear, he can’t believe the time has finally, finally come. He’s found her. Her. The one he’s been missing for all this time, and she’s finally in his town, just in time for Halloween.Stacia Wallace has waited her entire life to celebrate her favorite holiday in the town that parties for a full week around the spookiest time of year. Hollow Rock’s Halloween festival is a gathering place for Halloween-goers of all ages, and the stars have finally aligned for her to be right in the middle of the action. Everything is perfect, from the costumes, to the spooky hotel accommodations, to the sexy, bright-eyed man who is showing a keen interest in her. She’s here for one week of wild fun, but she has no idea how wild her life is about to get. Callum is interesting, and handsome, and protective in all the right ways, but she’s slowly finding out things about herself she didn’t know before. And when the weight of the town’s curse falls on her shoulders, she’ll have to choose between saving the man she’s falling for, or saving herself. Nothing is as it seems in Hollow Rock.Don’t miss this spooky, romantic, exciting short story from the imagination of 100-time bestselling author, T. S. Joyce.Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

The Faerie Games: The Complete Series (Dark World: The Faerie Games)

Michelle Madow - 2021


Keri Lake - 2021
    I had only to look for the signs. Well, I’ve spent my whole life investigating the inexplicable, and all I've found are the unsettling vestiges of iniquity - the evidence of another world shrouded by the obscure. Purgatory to some, where depravity hides in shadows, and girls like me are little more than delicious bites of temptation. Others call it Nightshade. This peculiar place is where I first met the cold and callous recluse living in a decaying cliffside cathedral. Jericho Van Croix is the epitome of everything I’ve been told to fear. A raven-winged harbinger who wears intrigue like a warm black cloak. An enigma that I’m determined to unravel – even if it means getting closer than I should. One touch is forbidden. Even so much as a kiss would be my demise. But the sin on his lips burns me up like a wild flame, and his growing infatuation weakens my resolve. Giving him what he wants, though, will mean no chance for redemption, or escape. What's worse is, the signs I’ve followed yet failed to see all these years begin to unmask a terrifying reality: That falling may be my only saving grace.

The Noose of a New Moon

Helen Harper - 2021
    He thought he knew what he was doing when he chose to enter London’s supernatural society but he’s quickly discovering that his new status isn’t welcome to everyone.He’s lived through hard times before and he’s no stranger to the murky underworld of city life. But when he comes across a young werewolf girl who’s not only been illegally turned but who has also committed two brutal murders, he will discover just how difficult life can be for supernaturals - and also how far his own predatory powers extend.The Noose Of A New Moon follows on from the events in Midnight Smoke, the third book in the the Firebrand series although it can be read separately.The Firebrand SeriesBrimstone BoundInfernal EnchantmentMidnight SmokeThe Wolfbrand SeriesThe Noose Of A New Moon

Glimmer of The Other

Heather G. Harris - 2021
    Every. Single. Time. I’m Jinx. As a private investigator, being a walking, talking lie detector is a useful skill – but let’s face it, it’s not normal. You’d think it would make my job way too easy, but even with my weird skills, I still haven’t been able to track down my parent’s killers. When I’m hired to find a missing university student, I hope to find her propped up at a bar – yet my gut tells me there’s more to this case than a party girl gone wild. Firstly, she’s a bookish soul who’s as likely to go off the rails as Mother Theresa. Secondly, I’m not the only one on her trail; she’s also being tracked by the implacable and oh-so-sexy Inspector Stone. Stone and I team up, and he shoves me into a realm where magic is real – a place where there are vampyrs and werewolves, dragons and trolls. And where my skills are more than just detecting lies…Oh, and my dog? He’s a freaking hellhound who can manipulate the magical realms themselves.I need to find the girl.I need to discover who killed my parents.And I need to find out more about the attractive but mysterious Zachary Stone…


R.L. Caulder - 2021
    You would be wrong.A reject—that’s the best way to describe how I’m treated. All because I’m a hybrid.The Monarchs of Hell revere pure bloodlines and perfection above all else, and in their eyes...I’m a mutt.Good thing Dear Old Dad, the Grim Reaper, has never once looked at me as anything other than his favorite child. Well, I’m his only child, but semantics.Suddenly he has tasked me with the job of going to the Council Summit in his place. An event that happens once every century to determine which Royal House will be voted into the Supreme position.A position people would kill for.Why he thought the person they all regard as trash, is the right person to represent our House is beyond me, but I come to find myself grateful for this chance.Because it allows me to meet them.The princes of each of the other five Houses who make me feel like an equal for the first time in my life. They ignite a fire within me that I’ve never felt before and it scares me. It’s the type of need that I’ve hoped to never feel due to that side of me... my Succubus side. Because what they don’t know is that I’m a fatal attraction. A kiss with me is the kiss of death. Literally.While attempting to convince myself and them that this can’t work, we’re thrown into a war between the six houses for control.Who will survive in this game of deceit and seduction?Author Note: This book has a 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences. It is book one in the Monarchs of Hell series which will end in a cliffhanger.

Wolfish: Moonborne

G.K. DeRosa - 2021
    He'd appear exactly once a year at the annual masquerade ball, then vanish...Fast forward to the present: to the night I’m attacked and my hidden wolf emerges. As it turns out, I’m a freakin’ hairy, tail-wagging, shape-shifting werewolf so instead of returning to the human world after graduating, I’m dragged to Moon Valley to control my inner beast. Only problem is, I’m not just a wolf.And someone wants me dead because of it.When I meet the alpha heir, sparks fly. And bombshell—he’s my supposed wolfy fated mate, but he’s nothing like the boy I loved. He’s cold, sullen, a total jerk but impossibly gorgeous. Of course. And he’s got secrets too. Despite hating him most days, I can’t deny the irresistible attraction…and neither can he. Even after he rejects me. Little does he know, I’m more than capable of taking care of myself—maybe even capable of taking his claim as alpha.If you love Leia Stone's Wolf Girl, Linsey Hall's Darkest Moon and Jaymin Eve's Rejected, start reading now!*** This is an upper YA/NA crossover with schmexy alpha wolves and is best suited for ages 16+. Be warned this is a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance, and the steaminess factor does increase through the course of the series! ♥*** Wolfish is set within the world of Azar, along with (in reading order) Hitched, Darkblood Academy, Royally Hitched and Darkblood Prison but it's not necessary to read the other series first to enjoy this one.

Broken Moon

Laken Cane - 2021
    who can't shift.Twelve years ago, I was hobbled by my alpha, cast out of my pack, and forced into an unfriendly world without any protection. But I’m not exactly helpless.Despite being unable to shift, I have talents the others don't have. I can see the spirits of dead people, for one. And I have a knack for fighting rogue supernaturals.My ex-alpha will never let me back in, but there's another alpha in the city. Something has been killing his wolves, and he wants me to destroy it before it takes another one. He'll triple my going rate--but that's not the thing that makes me agree to help him.He says he can free my wolf.It's not possible, but...What if it is?I'll help him, either way. Monster hunting is what I do, and if there's a monster killing wolves, I will stop it. Because those two warring alphas might believe the city is theirs, but this is my territory.The city embraced me when the packs wouldn't have me, and I will protect it--with or without my wolf.

The Warlord

Gena Showalter - 2021
    The ice maiden faces off with her greatest enemy, a villain brutal beyond imagining.For centuries, Taliyah Skyhawk has prepared to become Harpy General, leader of the deadliest female army in existence. One of the requirements? Remain a virgin. But, for a chance to save her people, she must wed the fearless leader of the Astra Planeta, Alaroc Phaethon.The time has come for Roc to sacrifice another virgin bride to his god. There has never been a woman alluring enough to tempt him from his path. No warrioress powerful enough to overcome his incredible strength. No enchantress desirable enough to make him burn beyond reason. Until now.With the clock ticking, war between husband and wife ignites. Except Taliyah never expected the merciless king to challenge the future she once envisioned. She certainly never anticipated the thrill of their battles turning into games... The problem is, only one spouse can survive.Love is a battlefield in Showalter's The Warlord.Rise of the WarlordsBook 1: The Warlord

Dashing Home for Christmas: A Wishing Moon Bay Shifter Romance

Harmony Raines - 2021

Bitten in the Midlife

Lia Davis - 2021
    Poor Hailey. Midlife really does have a crisis. Or is it that midlife is the crisis? Either way, it sucks.Hailey Whitfield can’t take anymore run-ins with her ex. It’s time for a big change.She’s never considered moving away, but it’s her best plan yet. Bonus – her bestie lives next door! However, her new neighbor is… weird, to say the least. Extremely hot, but odd. So are his friends. But Hailey will take strange neighbors over facing her lying, cheat, deadbeat ex-fiancé all day, any day.Finding a job in a new town is more challenging than she realizes. With her savings depleted from the move, Hailey has to suck it up and take what she gets. After taking a job as a private nurse for an injured bounty hunter, things start to look up.Then a skip falls into her lap. Okay, sure. She was being nosy and reading an incoming fax intended for her patient. But with a little encouragement, Hailey takes on the task of tracking down the skip. It’s easy money. Right?Wrong. This skip is far more than Hailey bargained for. And her life is about to change in a very bloody and pointy kind of way. What a bite in the… Well, you know.With the help of her witchy best friend and her new, very pale neighbor, Hailey is going to collect her bounty.Or die trying.Fanged After Forty is a new witty spin-off from the bestselling series Witching After Forty by international bestselling authors Lia Davis and L.A. Boruff.

Dark Horse

Kel Carpenter - 2021
    I became someone.Sure, that someone was a demon with the highest track record of reform, AKA punishment, in Hell. But who’s bragging?I’m right on my way to retirement behind the pearly gates. Everything was going fine . . . until the Risk Witches saw a terrible vision.Three men. Each scarred in their own way, born with powers that haven’t been seen in eons.Upper Management sent the best to correct their path. Angels. Poltergeists. Nothing worked.These men were too stubborn. Too bad. Too untamed...So they sent me.Roman. Ezra. Dorian.Combined, they have enough power to end the world—and they will.Unless I find a way to stop them first.Breaking people is my job. But this job might break me.

Sinister Summer

Colleen Gleason - 2021
    When she inherits her eccentric Aunt Jean's home on Wicks Lake, Diana takes a much-needed vacation in the cozy little town.But when the lake house becomes the scene of multiple break-ins and other unsettling events, Diana begins to suspect Aunt Jean’s death was not as innocent as it seems.And then there’s Ethan Murphy, the sexy college professor who lives next door… He appears to know a lot more about Aunt Jean than he should, and Diana doesn’t trust him.But most of all, there's Aunt Jean herself…who seems determined to communicate with Diana—from beyond the grave.A ghost story romance set in a small town, featuring a cozy mystery about a ghost that just won’t rest until justice is served. The perfect blend of romance, suspense, and ghosts.

Mave Fortune

Elizabeth Dear - 2021
    But the Moon decided to prolong my torture by placing my fated mate in front of my face on my first day at Blackstone Academy. He's the Alpha's son and king of a school crawling with shifters, and it turns out he doesn't care to be saddled with a Moon-chosen mate who he thinks is a nobody-omega wolf. When he rejects me in front of every shifter in school, I vow to harden my heart, become impervious to the constant, deep hurt of the rejection, and figure out how to be the first wolf in known history to shake the taint of a rejected fated mate bond. I'm also becoming closer to a new student—a smoking hot and intriguing human, who I can't manage to scare off even with the drama that surrounds me and the poisonous pack politics that I can't seem to escape. I can't even tell him what's really going on, but I think he's keeping secrets from me, too.I'm Mave Fortune, and my mate threw me out like yesterday's garbage. But fuck that guy.This is a new adult, M/F rejected mates standalone story. It is intended for the 18+ crowd and contains foul language, some mild violence, and sexual scenes. If you're a fan of upper YA/NA, wolf shifters, academy romances and the tropes associated with each, dive right in!

Dragon Loved (Dragons of Mount Rixa Book 2)

Riley Storm - 2021

A Witch Named Hazel

Sara Bourgeois - 2021
    She's baffled at the news that a great uncle she's never even heard of before has left her his old funeral home. Stranger still, the mortuary is in an unfamiliar small town. Fullmourn is less than thirty minutes away, but the place is a complete mystery.Things get even weirder, though…More shocking than a surprise Great Uncle and a peculiar small town is the "gift" she receives from a ghost. The gift is the craft. Witchcraft, to be exact. The spirit of an old witch has to pass her magic onto someone before crossing the veil to the afterlife. Since no one shows up for her memorial, Hazel was the "lucky" recipient of her strange and unusual powers.But, the whole witchcraft thing might have to wait…When Hazel gets into an argument with grouchy Fullmourn resident, George Cadell, she knows her reputation is about to bite the big one. Of course, George appears to be innocent in the squabble, so when he's found dead in front of the funeral home Hazel just inherited, she becomes the prime suspect.Hazel is one toadstool short of an alibi, and the hunky town Sheriff, Nicodemus "Nico," Quillen doesn't entirely believe in her innocence. But Hazel isn't the only one in Fullmourn who might have wanted George – an unrepentant jerk - on the other side of the grass. Hazel needs all the help she can get exhuming the real culprit.With her new familiar, Loftus, the cursed mouse, and her cousin, Rook, the mortician, at her side, Hazel's prepared to harness her unique abilities and summon any spirit, to catch the real killer. She's desperate to clear her name before the funeral home goes belly up, but will her mission lead her right into a killer's snare?

NightShade Forensic FBI Files: Vol 1

A.J. Scudiere - 2021
    . . Eleri Eames didn’t think she’d ever be allowed to work for the FBI again, so the special FBI division of NightShade seems like an amazing opportunity. But all too soon, her chance to start over starts to disturb her. When the FBI offers Donovan a chance to leave his job as a medical examiner and try his hand at something new, he takes a chance on the NightShade division. Somehow, he has to try to escape from his shadows, but can he trust Eleri with the truth? Thrown together on their first case, Eleri and Donovan must deal with a charismatic cult leader and his true-believers. The cult is mixed up with several decade-old kidnapping cases and the missing daughter of a prominent FBI Agent. As Eleri and Donovan dig deeper, they discover that NightShade’s mysteries aren’t coincidence. Their secrets will save them . . . or destroy them. Fracture Five - Book 2 NightShade’s newest agents are in L.A. to bring down a burgeoning terrorist cell. To make things worse, it’s not just one terrorist cell, it’s two. Or is it three? There is little to go on, only links between missing Army munitions and a veteran named Cooper Rollins. With his special ops training and severe PTSD, it's impossible to tell what kind of game Rollins is playing. Eleri and Donovan will have to use their unique skills to stop the attack before it happens. But in the crowded city, there are too many people who might reveal what Donovan is if he dares to make the change. And Eleri is starting to show signs of powers she didn’t know she had, and can’t control. On the surface the cells seem unrelated, each with separate perpetrators and different motives. But they are all linked by Rollins and the very disturbing passcode: “Fracture Five.” The Atlas Defect - Book 3 Eleri wanted a different kind of case. She should have been careful what she wished for. When an odd human skeleton in Michigan’s Manistee-Huron National Forest triggers a NightShade investigation, Eleri and Donovan arrive to find it missing. But two other skeletons are a little too easily uncovered—each displays different anomalies that raise alarming questions. The bones aren’t from the area or probably even the continent. A decades-old abandoned building doesn’t register on satellite images. Files detailing genetic experiments on children are even more disturbing, and most of the children are unaccounted for. Who were the test subjects and where are the bodies? If the case itself wasn’t enough of a problem, someone is watching. Someone with a particular interest in Donovan’s own skeletal anomalies . . . Echo and Ember - Book 4 FBI agents Donovan and Eleri left their last case with a sense of unease. Unable to close the investigation, they've been thrown into their next assignment far too fast. A string of strange arson-based murders are just part of the trouble. Not only is former agent Wade de Gottardi on their team for this one, so are two other NightShade agents: Dana Brantley and Christina Pines. The problem is, Eleri is no longer the senior agent, Dana is. Maybe their boss no longer trusts them, or maybe it s simply because four people have already died.

Sword Diplomacy

Michael Anderle - 2021
    She's only two hundred and fifty years old, so time should be on her side.Except she gets involved in a brutal gang war in the first month of landing on the shores of the West Coast of the United States.San Francisco, to be exact.Zaena quickly learns that her knowledge of humanity is closer to the twentieth than the present day twenty-first century.So much for her teachers’ study of humanity's television shows.She's got attitude, magic, and a sacred armor pendant. What she doesn't have is a clue.She will survive her ignorance or die trying to build a bridge and save her people.

Wicked Wish

Veronica Douglas - 2021
    Sounds fun, right? Except I spend my days chained to my desk, writing reports, and wishing that I was out solving crimes.Well, be careful what you wish for.When my best friend is abducted, my life in Chicago turns upside down.I’ll do anything to get her back—even work with Damian Malek, a wanted criminal, notorious crime lord, and dangerous fallen angel. He’s hot, lethal, and he's the only one who can help me master my dangerous powers. I don't want anyone to know about my magic, but I have no choice if I want to save my friend.Here's the catch: if the Order finds out that I’m working with Damian, I’ll get canned. Maybe even hunted for what I am. But if I don’t give him what he wants, he’ll reveal my secret to the world.

The Demon's in the Details

Meghan Maslow - 2021
    And Baltimore is many things, but forgiving is not on the list.When his stepdad puts the roost in peril, Poe sees no choice but to bargain with Charm City’s only demon, Tommy Tittoti. Rumors are that Tommy eats the souls of those foolish enough to try. Three strikes and you’re out. But really, Poe wasn’t using his soul anyway. And if it saves his roost? Worth it.Tommy isn’t what Poe expects. Demon—huge, horned, hairy, and scary, right? Nope. Blond, gorgeous, with a bubble butt, and a lilting drawl that beckons Poe to come play. Total hookup-app fantasy material. Even if he is a murder twink.Poe’s no angel, but Tommy . . . well he’s more devil than demon. Yet, Poe just can’t seem to keep his feathers out of the fire. As one bargain turns into two, and then a third tragedy strikes the ravens, Poe finds himself falling for a guy who may very literally be the death of him. Or maybe the flames will burn them both.The Demon’s in the Details is a fast-paced, roller coaster of a romance with a guaranteed HEA and lots of steam. Shenanigans include: a gold object that is definitely not a ring, a best friend who’s trigger-happy, and a demon who’s got a few surprises up his, uh, sleeve. **Previously published in the Fables Retold Anthology. ~60,000 words. No new content has been added.

Moon Touched

Elizabeth Briggs - 2021
    Gaining my wolf form and my fated mate is my only chance to change packs and hope for a better life.Except when my fated mate is revealed, he's the future alpha of the Leo pack—our worst enemies. He rejects me in front of everyone, just before the Leos slaughter my entire pack and murder my family.I manage to escape, but then I'm kidnapped by a far greater threat: the alpha of the mysterious lost pack. The 13th sign was banished from the Zodiac Wolves years ago, and I thought they were just a myth.They're real. They're holding me captive. And the dark, dangerous alpha is offering me something I can't refuse—revenge.Moon Touched is the first book in the scorching hot Zodiac Wolves series.

Witch Way After Forty: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel

Jennifer L. Hart - 2021

Dead Serious Case #1: Miz Dusty Le Frey

Vawn Cassidy - 2021
    As a slightly awkward introvert working as a pathologist at the Hackney Public Mortuary suited him just fine. That is, until a freak accident with a rogue ice cube and suddenly he can see ghosts. No longer content to just lie on the table and let him figure out how they died, they’re now peering over his shoulder critiquing his work and confessing their most lascivious sins before skipping off merrily into the afterlife.Just when he thought his life couldn’t get any weirder, London’s most infamous drag queen, Miz Dusty Le Frey, is wheeled in with a toe tag and she’s not prepared to go quietly into the light. Not only is she furious at the prospect of spending eternity in last season’s gold lamé, she’s determined that he help her solve her murder.Suddenly Tristan finds himself thrown into a world of sequins and fake eyelashes, and worse still, he may have developed a bit of a crush on Scotland Yard’s brand new drool-worthy detective, Inspector Danny Hayes, who's been assigned to Dusty’s murder. Oh, and as the icing on top of a really crappy cake, the killer now wants him dead too...All he ever wanted was a simple life but suddenly he’s juggling work, a deliciously sexy detective, a stubborn ghost and a relentless murderer... and things have just gotten dead serious….From author Wendy Saunders writing as Vawn Cassidy comes this hot and funny, slow burn, opposites attract paranormal mm romance.

Must Love Demons

Meghan Maslow - 2021
    It’s the perfect position for a lust demon who’s more interested in happily-ever-afters than one-night stands. Or it would be, if he didn’t keep screwing it up. When a new cherub gadget misfires, Nico is left trussed to Verona’s most eligible warden, the incredibly grumpy, Sir Flame.Flambeau Illume has a job to do. Someone’s murdering Verona’s rich and famous, and Sir Flame’s hot on the killer’s trail . . . until he has the misfortune to get magically lassoed to the most infuriating incubus he’s ever had the displeasure to meet. Except, maybe Nico isn’t so terribly awful. But how can he solve his case and keep Nico safe at the same time? Especially when the sweet demon seems to have a bullseye on his back.Together they need to solve the crime, stay alive, and—if their luck changes—maybe even fall in love. Easy, right?Must Love Demons is part of the Magic Emporium series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need. This book contains explicit scenes, a lariat of love, a demon tail with a mind of its own, and a guaranteed HEA.

Knight Ascending

B.M. Clemton - 2021
    Trust no one. Is the singular phrase my mother had whispered to me when she abandoned me in a small hospital at the young age of eight. It was the only memory I could remember before I came to live with my Aunt and Uncles here in the largest wolf pack in North America.After graduated High School and having been accepted into one of the most prestigious Paranormal Universities in North America. Black Veil University. Everything is finally going as planned. Or so I thought before four insanely hot men crash their way into my life. Each with a unique connection to me, whether they want it or not. We are tied together.Lives are turned upside down, hearts are torn and shattered and those deep dark secrets that I have held hostage start to slip. But when the dark shadows of my past come knocking, I may need every little bit of help I can get. Knight Ascending is book 1 in the Black Veil University Series which DOES end on a cliffhanger. This is a university-aged, slow burn, slow build Paranormal RH romance which means there will be no choosing between love interest at the end of the story.*Trigger Warnings* This book has darker elements that readers should be aware of such as, strong language, PTSD from kidnapping, assault, and violence.

Cowboy Dragon

Terry Bolryder - 2021
    But instead of finding the last person that can help her, she gets a pack of hungry coyotes instead. By either good or bad luck, she's rescued by a tall, gorgeous stranger with eyes bluer than a Texas sky. His dominant presence is matched only by the mystery that surrounds him and his sprawling, rugged land.Harrison didn't expect to find the curvy, stubborn woman so interesting. After saving her from coyotes and more, the experienced cowboy boss of Dragonclaw Ranch knows he owes Marian for a favor her father did for him a long time ago. But his dragon says "mate" every time he looks at her, and even though he's going to help the determined woman, it will be difficult to keep the monster inside him from wanting to make her his own.Marian thinks Harrison is avoiding her. And she would be right. But the growly, hot cowboy with a shockingly kind heart is making all her senses come alive. Unexpected kisses lead quickly to scorching nights beneath the full Texas moon. Danger and secrets lurk around every corner, but anything that threatens a Texas dragon's mate will quickly learn that everything is bigger in Texas. Even a dragon's love.

Shifter In The Swamp

Martha Carr - 2021
    Especially the kind who can grow fur and fangs and rip out your throat in the middle of teenage angst.Where to send Amanda for an education that won’t leave anyone in tears… or dead?Time to start a new school with two more legends. James Brownstone and Leira Berens.Mix in Summer Flannerty, a young Witch who’s got a thing for breaking rules and just landed in Amanda’s room.Trouble leads the girls to a relic hidden away for good reasons.Can Amanda quell the angry spirit that’s on an angry rampage to destroy the campus?This school is gonna be legendary. Enroll at your own risk…


Elicia Hyder - 2021
    Now she’s stuck with a dangerous power she can’t ignore, can’t control, and frighteningly—can’t resist.I was born on the wrong side of the law—literally delivered on the floor of the state women’s prison.My mother sees spirits. My father could become one at will. Together, they were among the most dangerous crime couples in history.I’ve spent the last three decades trying not to live up to my DNA’s potential. Now my father is dead, and his “gift” has wrongly passed to me.All I want is freedom from my dark family legacy, but my father’s death opened a gateway, unleashing a bloodthirsty enemy. And as much as I hate this new power within me, it might be the only way to save the city I’ve sworn to protect.

Wormwood Summer

Kai Butler - 2021
    They’ve come to collect. When the Summer Queen summons Parker to her court, the private investigator knows there’s trouble brewing. Trapped into compliance by his past debt to the fae monarch, he’s tasked with locating a missing girl in San Amaro. Now he has to find the girl or give up his life.Things only get more complicated when a very familiar cop asks Parker for his help on a case involving murdered magic users. With the victims completely drained of their magic, the San Amaro Police Department needs Parker’s special skill set to track down a killer. Navigating through San Amaro’s paranormal underbelly while dealing with his own past and this new case is the last thing Parker wants or needs. Now Parker’s stuck trying to locate a missing girl, stop a paranormal war, find a killer, and resist Detective Nicholas King’s many charms. Here’s hoping he doesn’t die trying.  Wormwood Summer is a 107,000 word MM urban fantasy with a HFN ending.

Cryptid Assassin Complete Series Boxed Set

Michael Anderle - 2021
    "In your case, though, I will be your FBI handler, taking care of you and getting you anything that you need to get the job done."Get the complete series - all 8 books of the Cryptid Assassin - for one low, low price!​---Special Agent Niki Banks paused, narrowing her eyes at Taylor. "What?" Banks asked. "No lewd remarks about that? Something about handling, or how I'm going to take care of you?""Nah, I thought you would do a better job of it than I ever could," Taylor replied. "Besides, I'm only after empty relationships that have no meaning, where we'll go away happy, so there's no need for any handling like that. From you, anyways.""So, what does that make me?"Taylor paused to take a bite from his food, which consisted of some bacon and syrup-covered waffles. "A toxic attitude with delusions of awesomeness in high heels and a need to feel dominant all wrapped up in an attractive gift package that smells like a body that's been left out to rot in the Zoo for a week."Banks' eyebrows shot up."Excuse you?"Another bite of his food from his plate was taken before he continued. "I'm sorry, do you need me to make it more specific? Here, try this one then. You look like Eva Longoria, except more brawn than brains, probably can't spell Latina and obviously you don't care about showers. Which is okay; the government only wants you for your brawn anyway."Banks narrowed her eyes. "Yeah, I smell like the three cretins you needed me to get rid of for you. Between the stench of fear and gasoline, I guess that does make for a pretty foul smell."Taylor shrugged. "I showered at least."Banks scowled at him. "You're a jackass.""Correction," Taylor said with a grin. "I'm a jackass that can kill - what did you call them? Cryptids. A jackass that can kill Cryptids that's living here in the US, no less."Oh, great," Banks grumbled. "And here I am, stuck with a Jason Momoa wannabe Cro-Magnon Neanderthal with slightly better dental hygiene and a god-complex."She sighed. "I don't get paid enough for this shit."His name is Taylor McFadden, survivor of 83 trips into the ZOO. Now, he's retired, and yet his country needs his skills to save people in the country he calls home.Can he build a company, put down roots and still bring the pain when the FBI calls?When they tag him as The Cryptid Assassin, they weren't wrong. For monsters that go bump in the night, he is death incarnate.This complete boxed set includes:Hired KillerSilent DeathSacrificial WeaponHead HunterMc'MercsThis is B.S.Learn to LiveMonster in MeGo up and click 'Read for Free' or 'Buy Now' and learn how one messed up soldier is America's greatest asset in the ongoing war against the Alien Goop.---NOTE: There is cussing in the book. In fact, there is a LOT of cussing in this book. There are consenting adults having sex (mostly behind closed doors) and a cynical ex-soldier just wanting to build a business in Sin City.


F. Gardner - 2021
    Little does he know that the journey he’s about to embark on will bring him to a mystery. A mystery, which many men have sought the answers to. This amnesiac is about to discover the truth of life’s greatest mysteries, and so are you.

The Haunted Pendant

Tegan Maher - 2021
    But they didn't, so I didn't, and now we've set dozens of artifacts into the hands of the blissfully unaware non-magicals who live in our small town.It's not entirely my fault, though. Everything would have turned out fine had my pathologically organized sister not catalogued them and sent them to auction before I'd had a chance to test them for magical mojo. Now the items are scattered all over town, and I'll have to track them down one by one.Lucky for me, I've got a heaping helping of ancient magic coursing through my veins, a best friend who's as powerful and loyal as he is sarcastic and charismatic, and a family with generations of experience managing dark artifacts behind us.Join Sage Parker on her first adventure as she tracks down a pendant haunted by an angry spirit bent on finding a new body regardless of who she has to hurt to get it.

Dragon Savior (Dragons of Mount Rixa Book 4)

Riley Storm - 2021

Angel Falls

Colleen Helme - 2021
    Now her only chance for redemption comes at a price... one she may not survive.As a trauma nurse in a New York City hospital, Ella St. John had no idea that refusing to help a known killer would have such dire consequences. Being sent to the middle of nowhere is bad enough, but when she crosses paths with a handsome stranger, everything changes. She can't deny the attraction blossoming between them, but that is nothing compared to the trouble he brings to her door. Helping him could be the biggest mistake of her life... if she manages to live long enough to regret it.From the author of the Shelby Nichols Adventures, comes a new series that will plunge a woman with growing powers into the dark world of mystery, murder, and death.Perfect for fans of Shannon Mayer, Annette Marie, K.F. Breene, and Jennifer Estep.


Emilia Hartley - 2021
    She means to discover it.Cole Barton is a sentry, living alone at the edge of a lake, keeping away all who would run afoul of the monster that lurks beneath its depths. At least, he keeps all away until Jude Drake arrives and refuses to be run off. The sexy, powerful, gold dragon shifter is more than a match for his own giant beast, and she seems intent on uncovering the secrets he wants to keep hidden. Even more unsettling, the lake monster is calling her, wanting to use her to break free from the sorcery that imprisons him. Cole would never allow his old leader to do that to any woman, but he’s particularly insistent that Jude not fall prey to the monster’s trap. Something about the gold dragon calls to Cole’s soul. The lake monster can’t have her. Cole will see to it, even if he has to deny his own heart and push Jude away. Never again will he lose anyone he cares about to the monster. Jude Drake knows why her cousin keeps sending her off to settle trouble around the country. Two gold dragons are too many for a single territory. Jude wants to settle down, though. She’s tired of her nomadic life, tired of cleaning up problems she had no part in making. She needs her own ground to rule, and with this lake territory she’s come to, she thinks she might have found it. The ground speaks to her, and she can see herself putting this broken clan back together. This is where she belongs, she’s sure of it—on this lakeshore, with this surly cabin rental manager.Now if only she could convince the man and the land to give up their secrets and let her make her place here, she’s sure she could be happy. Cole is the first book in Emilia Hartley’s Keepers & Legend series. Like all Emilia’s books, this one is steamy romance with a strong female lead, a super-hot male shifter, and a satisfying HEA. It can stand alone but is even better when read in connection with the others.

Run Riot

Colette Rhodes - 2021
    Impulsive. Daring.In a moment of weakness, I let the darkness lurking inside of me rule, and it changed everything.I was supposed to embrace the light, but how could I fear the dark, when it brought me Riot?Run Riot is the first book in the State of Grace series. It is a slow burn reverse harem romance suitable for readers 18+

Dirty Deeds: An Urban Fantasy Collection

Faith Hunter - 2021
    Join NY Times Bestselling author Faith Hunter, USA Today Bestselling author R.J. Blain, and National Bestselling authors Diana Pharaoh Francis and Devon Monk on a wild romp where the damsels bring the distress and what can go wrong will go wrong. Venture into a thrilling spinoff tale from the world of Jane Yellowrock; join vacationing gods in what appears to be a quiet, ordinary town; visit a supernatural hotel where the bedbugs could very well eat you; and dive into the zany, deadly world of the Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count) series. In this collection of all-new urban fantasy novellas and other stories, no job is too big or too small — if the price is right.


Jaclyn Osborn - 2021
    Now demons are after him and his only hope is to trust the tall, muscled, combat-boot-wearing thief who claims to be the son of a fallen angel.Galen is charged with protecting humanity from dark forces. Cursed with Wrath, he’s hot-tempered and spends his days fighting demons and trying not to kill his six brothers when they irritate him.His number one rule? Never fall in love. But then he meets Simon, a clumsy human who asks way too many questions and is—unfortunately—a total demon-magnet, and he starts breaking his own rules.What’s inside the box, and why do the demons want it so badly? One thing is for sure… Simon can kiss his peaceful, ordinary life goodbye.Book 1 in the Sons of the Fallen series. A low-angst urban fantasy MM romance featuring a grumpy half-angel and the human he swears he doesn’t like (he’s lying), seven warriors representing the deadly sins, a seaside mansion where they all live, banter, a snarky demon, and a HEA.

Bite Me

Linsey Hall - 2021
    Except him--the most powerful vampire who ever lived. The First. Dark, damaged, and hot as hell. He says I’m his one and only Vampire Bride, and that five years ago, I buried him alive.Obviously he’s crazy, because I don’t remember any of that. All I know is that if I want to escape his vengeance, I have to help him infiltrate a deadly secret society.I’m going to use the time to prove that I didn’t try to murder him, and that I’m not his Vampire Bride. Because if I am, he’ll be forced to kill me. But we're like colliding stars, and the heat is irresistible. As the danger thickens, I start to wonder if maybe I did kill him. Whatever happens in the end, there’s no escaping our twisted fate.If you like kickbutt heroines, powerful heroes, humor, and enemies-to-lovers, then check out Bite Me, the first book in the Vampire Bride series.

Pints & Potions (The Unlucky Charms Book 1)

T.M. Cromer - 2021
    On a whim, she adopts an alias and jets off to Ireland, where she stumbles into the path of the enticing rogue, Cian O’Malley. But she’s ill prepared to deal with the onslaught of emotions his wicked grin stirs up when he oh-so-casually turns up the charm.A hardened, down-on-his-luck warlock, Cian O’Malley is determined to change his family’s plight and restore their stolen magic. In the midst of his half-baked plan to woo the bewitching Piper, he finds himself in a death match with an old enemy who’s carrying a monumental grudge.Before long, Cian discovers Piper might just hold the key to reversing a two-hundred-and-fifty-year-old curse. He only has to keep them both alive long enough to solve the riddle written in the O’Malleys’ ancient grimoire and convince Piper to trust him with her heart.

Recon Bear

Candace Ayers - 2021
    (Bruin Evaluation Assessment and Reconnaissance Specialists) series, Book #1: Knox and Violet.This series, B.E.A.R.S., is a spin-off of the Cybermates series. Although it’s not necessary to read Cybermates to enjoy B.E.A.R.S., there are references to characters and places in that first appeared in and are explained further by reading the Cybermates series.THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR ADULTS.This is a steamy paranormal shifter fantasy romance series with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, K.F. Breene and T.S. Joyce may like this shapeshifter series.

Dragon Daddy's Runaway Bride

Serena Meadows - 2021
    He just didn’t seem right… something about him was off. But when I met an alpha doctor, things felt right.He was everything I was looking for. Irresistible, kind, a doting father. I’d always wanted kids… and that picture-perfect family was being handed to me. Except that the family seemed too good to be true.I didn’t know his real identity when he hired me as the new nanny. I also didn’t know that my past was going to come back to haunt me. Turns out my ex-fiancé wasn’t done with me. He was after my life, the need for revenge in his soul.I could handle the danger. But I couldn’t handle the secrets. How could I be in love with a dragon? How was I going to continue caring for his children? My picture-perfect family was crumbling… and there was a chance that I wouldn’t make it out alive to put the pieces back together.Each book in this sexy-as-sin series can each be read as standalones, and has no cliffhangers, but are best read in order.Warning: Adults Only

Dead & Buried

T.K. Eldridge - 2021
    Then one of them died. And yet, they're still partners. Kennedy has to solve Donovan's death while his partner's ghost helps him. Sort of. How do you explain where you got the tips? How do you avoid showing them that you're speaking to thin air and no, you haven't lost your mind? Kennedy has to hide how he's figuring it all out so he can keep his badge and solve the murder - before he ends up dead and buried too. Check out Partners in Crime - a new supernatural mystery series by T.K. Eldridge.

Terminal Memory: A Sam Raven Thriller

Brian Drake - 2021
    . .Three years after a daring escape from a jihadists' camp, ex-CIA officer Mara Cole is a target once more. She's alone, on the run, and in need of a friend.Sam Raven is tracking Mara's hunters for a different reason – he's on a mission of vengeance. A man with dark secrets, bound to Mara by shared history, they join forces to fight back. Together, they play a deadly game of chess through the back alleys of London, to the bright lights of Marseille, and the desert hell of Afghanistan opium fields, risking everything as they move closer to the truth.With each feign and attack, they find the answers they seek lie deep in Mara’s memories of captivity, torture, and betrayal – secrets to a conspiracy at the heart of the US Intelligence community, and men who will do anything to protect their power.From the author of the Scott Stiletto series comes an exciting new hero! Sam Raven is grittier, deadlier, and you better not stand in his way.