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Tuff Enough

T.S. Joyce - 2021
    His career path took a hard right turn though, because he isn’t a bull, like his father. He inherited the wolf of his mother instead. Burning up the ranks as the best bronc rider in the world, Tuff is the circuits bad boy that everyone loves to hate. In the off-season, he melts into invisibility, so when a beautiful woman shows up at his ranch claiming to know him, he can’t help but feel suspicious. Luna turns out to be the biggest surprise of his life…he just has to figure out if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing.Luna Hagan has watched Tuff grow up from afar. Feeling like he is a kindred spirit, the time has come to expose exactly who she is, and see where it could lead. She has a history with his herd that feels very important to her, but getting to know the real Tuff Enough Fast Burn could shatter the way she views her world. It’s a risk seeking out the reclusive werewolf, but one she has to take. If she’s going to connect with her past, Tuff is going to have to be the one who guides her through it.Hold on tight for a wild ride, and don’t miss the bonus fifth book in T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Battle of the Bulls series.Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.


M. Sinclair - 2021
    A lost wolf. A fate she never expected.Silver Falls University. There was no reason for a female bitten wolf like myself to be here. More so, there was no reason that someone who grew up as poor as I did, in an overcrowded pack house in the South side of Chicago, should be making her way up north to one of the most prestigious supernatural universities in the country.I truly had no idea what to expect. Something that was my own fault. I didn’t exactly have a lot of experience with anyone or anything. Sheltered was an understatement, except to the darkness that came with struggling to survive cruel bullying and an incurable loneliness that had formed the woman I was today.The place I had grown up, never felt like home. No one had ever felt like home.Well, until I meet a man on the way to campus. A man that had me feeling so completely comfortable yet confused and overwhelmed. There had to be something wrong with me, right? This wasn’t normal. Then again, I should have realized that nothing about my life moving forward would be normal.I just didn’t realize how much was in store for me.Join Effie Harlow on her journey at Silver Falls University, where she begins to realize that something about her is different. This reverse harem paranormal romance features five protective and possessive wolf shifters that are bound and determined to keep Effie by their side, no matter what. To prove to her that she is so much more than anyone had ever tried to tell her she was. Will they be able to convince her of her place at Silver Falls and in their life? Or will Effie get lost in the university crowds like she did back home? Find out in this first installment of the Silver Falls University Series. Lost is the 1st book in the Silver Falls University out of 5.Warning: This PNR University style RH will contain swearing, adult sexual content +18, elements of PTSD and prior abuse, violence, and additional darker themes.

Soothing Nightmares

M. Sinclair - 2021
    I loved them... and they loved me.I had never been afraid of the dark. Abandoned on the front step of ISS, I’d spent my entire life thriving in the realm of darkness that most humans avoided.I was a woman living among monsters.Arabella was abandoned at the front steps of INSTITUTUM SEQUUNTUR SOMNIA (ISS) one stormy night, only to be found and brought in by the monsters that lived there. An institute of nightmares that housed the most dangerous creatures that walked the plane of humanity. A place that trained and harnessed those abilities for their own use, while defending against the humans that were constantly attacking them.But what happens when a young human woman grows up among the nightmares? Feeling no fear but instead taking comfort in her team that she surrounded herself by? By all regards, Arabella shouldn’t have fit in at the institute. Nothing like the warrior-like creatures around her, the 5’1’’ young woman with pink hair and a vision impairment was absolutely fundamental to her team. Not just for her strategic brilliance but her soothing lack of fear that seemed to tame the nightmares around her. Arabella is bound and determined to keep her monstrous men safe while they are on their missions.What happens when their most recent mission attracts the wrong type of attention? What happens when ISS comes under attack and everything that she values is destroyed?Join Arabella and her possessive nightmares as one human woman finds the monster within herself to protect those that she loves. The ISS series is promised to feature terrifying monsters that include everything from the literal monster under the bed to Lucifer’s overbearing son, the prince of Hell. If you love large harems, brilliant, sassy, but slightly naive female main characters with no fear, and a thrilling adventure filled with steam, vengeance, and a happily ever after, then you are absolutely going to love this.Warning: This medium/fast burn RH contains several dark themes from swearing, violence, and sexual themes suitable for +18.

The Rowan

Stella Brie - 2021
    Until one night, when the latest assassination attempt fails and the third Killian blade makes its appearance.A powerful witch with little knowledge of her heritage, Arden's first step on the path of destiny is The Abbey. A place of sanctuary and power, it's a haven in a sea of unknowns and where she hopes to find an ally. An Elven prince, a Fae lord, the First Vampire, a warlock, and the King of Dragons make up the Imperium Cadre, one of the most powerful cadres in existence. Owning and managing The Abbey for over a thousand years, they're not known for taking in strays. But Lord Theron's life debt paves Arden's entry into the formidable sphere of their protection. As the sweeping winds of change blow, Arden and the cadre will navigate the path of destiny together. Secrets are revealed, heritage found, and alliances forged and lost.Warning: This is a why choose, reverse harem, paranormal, urban fantasy romance, with FMMMMM relationship. 18+ years of age due to mature content.

Dragon Revealed

Donna Grant - 2021
    Jeyra never dreamed she would actually face one of the creatures who destroyed her home. But the longer she’s around him, the more she finds herself gravitating to him. All it takes is one reckless kiss that unleashes desires and the truth that has been hidden from her to set them both on a course that could be the end of them.Varek, King of Lichens, has known nothing but a life with magic. Until he finds himself on a different realm unable to call up his powers. Worse, he’s in shackles with no memory of how it happened. When he sees an enthralling woman who leaves him speechless, he believes he can charm her to free him. The more she rebuffs him, the more he craves her, igniting a dangerous passion between them. Can he protect the woman he’s fallen for while uncovering the truth – or will peril that neither see coming tear them apart?

The Write Hook: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel: My So-Called Mystical Midlife Book One

Robyn Peterman - 2021

How It's Supposed to Be

T.S. Joyce - 2021
    He and his brothers made a promise to each other that they would let their bear shifter lineage die off with them, for the betterment of mankind. They aren’t fluffy, and they aren’t cute. As one of the three remaining bear shifters alive, Aux struggles daily with the predator inside of him. His life is simple and manageable so long as he never breaks the rules enforced by his brothers. Rule number one: Never touch a human’s skin. Rule number two: never fall for one of the fragile creatures. Rule number three: never, ever let a human know what he is. But when he stumbles upon a car wreck in the remote Montana mountains, during the biggest snow storm of the year, he can’t just leave the stranded human to die. And in a series of unfortunate events that follows, he also can’t let her out of his sight if he wants to survive her.Gwen Smithers had a plan. A great plan. A plan that will get her out of the stagnancy of her life and onto an adventure. This week was going to change her life, but in a split second on an icy road, all of her plans were derailed. Her rescuer is growly, and ill-mannered, and won’t show his face. And his eyes are such a strange color. But as she struggles to trust the mysterious mountain man, he’s revealing a strange and dangerous culture she never would’ve imagined existing. For the life of her, she can’t conjure up fear of Aux. Her human instincts must be broken, because it’s becoming clearer and clearer…Aux isn’t the man she thought he was. In fact, he isn’t a man at all. And the more she tries to understand him, the more she wants to break the oath he has made.Don’t miss this first novella in T. S. Joyce’s exciting brand-new Oath of Bane series.

Saint's Passage

Elizabeth Hunter - 2021
    She listened to her mom, she helped at the homeless shelter, she got good grades, and she had a bright future ahead of her.Until she disappeared.Now no one knows what to think. The police are sure she ran away; her mother is sure she didn’t. Days have passed and no one knows what to do until her family priest suggests they call in an old friend. A very old friend.Carwyn ap Bryn and Brigid Connor are two elemental vampires finding the lost, righting wrongs, and searching for meaning in the endless stretch of immortality they've been granted.And trying not to blow things up, but that might be more aspirational. Saint's Passage is the first book in the paranormal mystery series, Elemental Covenant by Elizabeth Hunter, USA Today bestselling author of the Elemental Legacy series, the Glimmer Lake Series, and the Irin Chronicles.

Heart of Gold

Donna Grant - 2021
    Now that she’s finally back in his life and his arms, it’s time she learns the truth. He played a part all those eons—maybe a little too well—but he never stopped loving her, and his journal will show her just how much. But Con is the one in for a surprise as his mate turns the tables on him and leads him on a merry chase. If he can find her, he knows he’s in for something special. But then again, every day is extraordinary with his love by his side. And, thankfully, their future has never looked brighter.

Lost in Las Vegas

Kristen Painter - 2021
    Trouble that’s very close to home. In fact, Sinclair’s entire family is gambling on him and Jayne figuring out what’s gone dangerously wrong with the cool new magic trick at the end of his parents’ show.Thankfully, they have help from a few friends and a pair of talking cats. But how many times can they roll the dice before time runs out?

Dark Horse

Kel Carpenter - 2021
    I became someone.Sure, that someone was a demon with the highest track record of reform, AKA punishment, in Hell. But who’s bragging?I’m right on my way to retirement behind the pearly gates. Everything was going fine . . . until the Risk Witches saw a terrible vision.Three men. Each scarred in their own way, born with powers that haven’t been seen in eons.Upper Management sent the best to correct their path. Angels. Poltergeists. Nothing worked.These men were too stubborn. Too bad. Too untamed...So they sent me.Roman. Ezra. Dorian.Combined, they have enough power to end the world—and they will.Unless I find a way to stop them first.Breaking people is my job. But this job might break me.

Caught by the Wolves

Milly Taiden - 2021
    Each story features a strong woman and the man or men that love her. Every book is standalone, but once you read one you’ll want to read the others. Jade Candy’s life is anything but sweet. She’s become an instant mom to her teenage nephew, Ben, and just started a new job. The last thing she wants is a romantic relationship interfering with her clueless parenting skills. But that’s exactly what two gorgeous wolf shifters want with her. She’s not sure if she’s daydreaming or if her anxiety is making her hallucinate, but Dean and Gavin are offering her hot nights times two.Alpha wolf shifter Dean and his beta Gavin know Jade is meant to be their third. She’s their mate and belongs as part of their triad. If only they can get her to realize that. But Jade’s too preoccupied with taking things slowly that she’s not seeing the great life they can build together.When Jade and Ben’s lives are threatened, shackles go up and teeth are bared. Ben will have to give up secrets he’s keeping, and the truth of his past will finally come to light. Jade will put her life on the line to save Ben, but Dean and Gavin will do everything to keep both of them from getting hurt.

Stoneskin Dragon

Zoe Chant - 2021
    After a fight with a gargoyle to save his clan, his poisoned body is painfully turning to stone. His only hope: an ancient book that promises a cure.And the librarian who can help him find it.She's a monster.All her life Jess has feared and hated her gargoyle shifter form. She would give anything to be fully human.Now she might have a way.If she can fight her attraction for a dying man long enough to help him find the book that will save or doom them both.But they're not the only ones looking for it ...Brand new spinoff series from Zoe Chant's popular BODYGUARD SHIFTERS! This is your opportunity to jump into this new series today, with hot heroes, kick-butt heroines, sizzling romance, magic and mystery, and a guaranteed HEA in every book. One-click to join the adventure today!

Dark Storm

Veronica Douglas - 2021
    Everyone around me is at risk, and if my secret is revealed, I’ll be hunted.But I don’t have time to worry about the monster I might become.Someone has stolen a dangerous artifact that could turn my world upside down.Is Damien Malek to blame?He’s a fallen angel. Handsome and lethal. A thief and a liar. And he’s betrayed me before. The heat between us keeps pulling us together, but his lies always tear us apart.How can I trust him?If I want answers, I will have to risk everything. My job. My magic. My life.There’s a riddle to solve. An ancient city to find. And a dark storm rising in the burning sands.

Cowboy Dragon

Terry Bolryder - 2021
    But instead of finding the last person that can help her, she gets a pack of hungry coyotes instead. By either good or bad luck, she's rescued by a tall, gorgeous stranger with eyes bluer than a Texas sky. His dominant presence is matched only by the mystery that surrounds him and his sprawling, rugged land.Harrison didn't expect to find the curvy, stubborn woman so interesting. After saving her from coyotes and more, the experienced cowboy boss of Dragonclaw Ranch knows he owes Marian for a favor her father did for him a long time ago. But his dragon says "mate" every time he looks at her, and even though he's going to help the determined woman, it will be difficult to keep the monster inside him from wanting to make her his own.Marian thinks Harrison is avoiding her. And she would be right. But the growly, hot cowboy with a shockingly kind heart is making all her senses come alive. Unexpected kisses lead quickly to scorching nights beneath the full Texas moon. Danger and secrets lurk around every corner, but anything that threatens a Texas dragon's mate will quickly learn that everything is bigger in Texas. Even a dragon's love.

Must Love Demons

Meghan Maslow - 2021
    It’s the perfect position for a lust demon who’s more interested in happily-ever-afters than one-night stands. Or it would be, if he didn’t keep screwing it up. When a new cherub gadget misfires, Nico is left trussed to Verona’s most eligible warden, the incredibly grumpy, Sir Flame.Flambeau Illume has a job to do. Someone’s murdering Verona’s rich and famous, and Sir Flame’s hot on the killer’s trail . . . until he has the misfortune to get magically lassoed to the most infuriating incubus he’s ever had the displeasure to meet. Except, maybe Nico isn’t so terribly awful. But how can he solve his case and keep Nico safe at the same time? Especially when the sweet demon seems to have a bullseye on his back.Together they need to solve the crime, stay alive, and—if their luck changes—maybe even fall in love. Easy, right?Must Love Demons is part of the Magic Emporium series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need. This book contains explicit scenes, a lariat of love, a demon tail with a mind of its own, and a guaranteed HEA.

Fire & Rescue Shifters: First Mission

Zoe Chant - 2021
    It’ll take a whole crew of powerful shifters to handle this emergency…A sweet, funny, and heartwarming shifter short story - perfect for brightening up your coffee break!First Mission is a standalone prequel to Zoe Chant’s hugely popular Fire & Rescue Shifters series. It does not contain any spoilers for the series, and can be enjoyed without having read any of the other Fire & Rescue Shifters books.

Alpha's Moon

Renee Rose - 2021
    My wolf is highly unstable. Nearly feral. I can’t be trusted around civilians. Certainly not with the lovely kindergarten teacher whose scent drives me wild.But she needs a fake boyfriend for a weekend wedding trip. A big guy to intimidate her ex. How can I refuse?I won’t be directly disobeying an order, because it won’t be a real date. It will be a nice, clean mission. We’ll have separate rooms.I’ll keep my wolf on a tight leash.And no matter how much I want to, I will not mark and claim the sweet human as mine…

Rebels and Runaways

Grace McGinty - 2021
    Safe haven. Melting pot of preternatural beings from shifters to extraordinary humans.Carmen had been attending Eden Prep since before she knew her multiplication tables, and she was ready to graduate, do her time at the Academy and then get the hell out of dodge. She was sick of having a best friend who still saw her as a little kid despite the fact she was seventeen. She was sick of her Alpha older brother telling her what to do. She was sick of always being compared to Enit, her omega and incomparable littermate.The only place she felt free was fighting, and if her parents knew that? They'd kick her ass and keep her locked up in the tiny town of Dark River forever. Well, except her dad X. Carmen was pretty sure he'd be proud that she could kick ass.Carmen needed to get out into the world and live life on her own terms. But the last months of her senior year bring more surprises than she expected. A fiery runaway with a quick smile and even quicker hands. Not to mention the arrival of a boy, no a man, with dark eyes and an even darker past.Hell, maybe Eden was living up to its name after all.

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor

Kathryn Moon - 2021
    Even better, the invitation comes by the hand of the handsome Dr. Underwood, a delicate gentleman with a ferocious alter ego who knows exactly what he wants from Esther.Upon arrival the men and the daily decadence of the manor feel too good to be true for a girl of Esther’s station. There are rules to be followed, expectations to meet, and Esther is afraid she might be too wicked even for a place like Rooksgrave.Temptations lurk around every shadowy corner and Esther has never been a girl able to resist. But the risk of disappointing her new gentlemen isn’t all that’s threatening Esther’s new position. Rooksgrave Manor’s protections for its unusual patrons are failing, the wards are crumbling, and Esther’s new and exquisitely pleasurable life may all come tumbling down.

Wormwood Summer

Kai Butler - 2021
    They’ve come to collect. When the Summer Queen summons Parker to her court, the private investigator knows there’s trouble brewing. Trapped into compliance by his past debt to the fae monarch, he’s tasked with locating a missing girl in San Amaro. Now he has to find the girl or give up his life.Things only get more complicated when a very familiar cop asks Parker for his help on a case involving murdered magic users. With the victims completely drained of their magic, the San Amaro Police Department needs Parker’s special skill set to track down a killer. Navigating through San Amaro’s paranormal underbelly while dealing with his own past and this new case is the last thing Parker wants or needs. Now Parker’s stuck trying to locate a missing girl, stop a paranormal war, find a killer, and resist Detective Nicholas King’s many charms. Here’s hoping he doesn’t die trying.  Wormwood Summer is a 107,000 word MM urban fantasy with a HFN ending.


Emilia Hartley - 2021
    She means to discover it.Cole Barton is a sentry, living alone at the edge of a lake, keeping away all who would run afoul of the monster that lurks beneath its depths. At least, he keeps all away until Jude Drake arrives and refuses to be run off. The sexy, powerful, gold dragon shifter is more than a match for his own giant beast, and she seems intent on uncovering the secrets he wants to keep hidden. Even more unsettling, the lake monster is calling her, wanting to use her to break free from the sorcery that imprisons him. Cole would never allow his old leader to do that to any woman, but he’s particularly insistent that Jude not fall prey to the monster’s trap. Something about the gold dragon calls to Cole’s soul. The lake monster can’t have her. Cole will see to it, even if he has to deny his own heart and push Jude away. Never again will he lose anyone he cares about to the monster. Jude Drake knows why her cousin keeps sending her off to settle trouble around the country. Two gold dragons are too many for a single territory. Jude wants to settle down, though. She’s tired of her nomadic life, tired of cleaning up problems she had no part in making. She needs her own ground to rule, and with this lake territory she’s come to, she thinks she might have found it. The ground speaks to her, and she can see herself putting this broken clan back together. This is where she belongs, she’s sure of it—on this lakeshore, with this surly cabin rental manager.Now if only she could convince the man and the land to give up their secrets and let her make her place here, she’s sure she could be happy. Cole is the first book in Emilia Hartley’s Keepers & Legend series. Like all Emilia’s books, this one is steamy romance with a strong female lead, a super-hot male shifter, and a satisfying HEA. It can stand alone but is even better when read in connection with the others.

Cute But Prickly

Zoe Chant - 2021
    Instead she ends up snowbound in a gorgeous mountain lodge with the most amazing man she's ever met.He's sexy. He's sweet. He's funny. He turns into a grison, the most adorable ferret-like animal she's ever seen.And he's her fated mate.Too bad Hester's not ready to open herself to love again.But Mauro is determined to heal her broken heart. Will one romantic, snowbound weekend be enough for this prickly little hedgehog to accept the love of a man and his weasel?Shifter Bites is a new line of bite-sized short reads, with a complete HEA shifter romance in every one! These books are "sweet" romance (no explicit sex) and short enough that you can fit them into your busy schedule, with hot heroes, strong heroines, and all the love and laughter and happy endings you've come to expect from Zoe Chant!

Message in the Bones

Dawn Merriman - 2021
    Will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last word!.Freak is a nasty word, but many people in this small town have no trouble calling me a freak, or worse. It’s not my fault I awoke with the ability to “sense” things after I was nearly killed and my father was murdered. Touching certain items often gives me visions, sometimes horrifying ones. Most people here are afraid of that kind of thing..Especially my brother, Dustin. As head detective of the River Bend police department, he’d rather pretend I don’t exist than believe in my gift. The long-buried bones of a murder victim force him to ask me for help. I should have know better. I should have stayed comfortable and safe hiding from the world..No one believes me anyway. Only one man believes the messages I got from the bones. The killer. And now he hunts me.

Blindly Acquitted

Katie May - 2021
    Assassins, serial killers, and murderers... They’re all coming out of the woodwork to collect their prize. Even a queen and her kings can't fight off an entire army. Escape is our only option if we want to survive. No one has ever made it out of the Labyrinth alive, not with the deadly traps and cold-blooded monsters roaming the tunnels.And if that isn’t enough, we also have new challenges to contend with—mysterious voices, a door that likes to disappear, and a new guy with interesting abilities trying to insert himself into our lives. Either we die as shunned royalty...Or we die fighting for our lives. This time around, I think we might actually leave Nightmare Penitentiary in body bags.This is the 130,000 word sequel to Blindly Indicted. You must read Blindly Indicted in order to understand this book. This contains strong language, sexual situations, and a reverse harem romance. The men in this book are all hardened criminals and extreme alphas who will do anything for the woman they love. If you don't like your men a little psychotic and blood-thirsty—or a female painfully naïve and innocent who develops an inner strength and softness—then this isn't the book for you.

The Noose of a New Moon

Helen Harper - 2021
    He thought he knew what he was doing when he chose to enter London’s supernatural society but he’s quickly discovering that his new status isn’t welcome to everyone.He’s lived through hard times before and he’s no stranger to the murky underworld of city life. But when he comes across a young werewolf girl who’s not only been illegally turned but who has also committed two brutal murders, he will discover just how difficult life can be for supernaturals - and also how far his own predatory powers extend.The Noose Of A New Moon follows on from the events in Midnight Smoke, the third book in the the Firebrand series although it can be read separately.The Firebrand SeriesBrimstone BoundInfernal EnchantmentMidnight SmokeThe Wolfbrand SeriesThe Noose Of A New Moon

Lone Wolf

Sam Hall - 2021
    But when I kiss Mason on my eighteenth birthday, he rejects me politely, but firmly.So I leave town, not giving a damn about the succession, determined to make it as a lone wolf.And I do. I’m strong, capable, able to take down almost any wolf shifter I go against, when I get the call. Dad’s in hospital and I need to come back, to care for him and determine his successor before outright war breaks out.So why do I feel like a little girl all over again?I’m right back where I started, being expected to find my true mate, but what if instead of one, there’s several? I know I need to choose, and my heart has: all of them.

Sweet Dreams

Terry Bolryder - 2021
    That he came from another world, and he has trained his whole life to make my dreams come true. I thought he was a hallucination.I was wrong. TessI'm a normal girl. Blond. Curvy. 5'11''. A vigilante with extra strength who punishes dudes for their crimes against the women who loved them. Yeah, maybe not so normal. But I like my life. I like editing hot guys on romance covers and drinking wine and not believing in love. Which turns out to be a problem when a man with glowing wings, a gorgeous face and a body to die for shows up, insisting that I'm the only one he could ever want.LorienDream Fae Warriors are born to please their mates, and they undergo a lifetime of preparation to make their one true love happy. And I'm the most competent warrior the Eighth realm has ever seen. Which is good, because after centuries of searching, I've finally found my dream mate. And after the lies and hurt she's lived through, it'll take everything I have to show her love. I don't care if her life is messy and the world she lives in has danger around every turn. I'll protect her from everything and anyone. Anything to make her happy. Anything to make our relationship flourish. Anything to turn her nightmares into the sweet dreams she deserves. Sweet Dreams is a full-length romance with action, comedy, a HAPPY ending, NO CHEATING, and twists around every corner. Contains love scenes!

Don't STAHP Believing

Susi Hawke - 2021
    The second to last thing he expected is for Anthony to ask him to step into his role as leader. And the absolutely last thing he expected was to find his fated mate.And yet they all happened on the same day.

Of Moons and Monsters

Willow Hadley - 2021
    Their plan backfires when Alistair’s ex turns out to be more psycho than Isla realized, and she finds herself being kidnapped and sold on the supernatural black market.While Isla’s only human, she’s spent her life surrounded by supernatural creatures. Her situation is precarious, but she’s pretty sure she knows what to expect. At least, until her buyer ends up transporting her to a completely different realm called Briya where nobody speaks her language.Isla is gifted to the four Guardians of Briya—Reule, Audun, Maalik, and Caelan. With the dreaded Beast’s Moon looming right around the corner, the Guardians are expected to choose a mate. They’re furious with their king for his scheming, and they’re determined to help Isla find her way back home to Alistair. But the timing of Isla’s arrival complicates everything, and they find themselves drawn to her no matter how hard they try to fight their instincts.


Mia Harlan - 2021
    Fell in love with the small supernatural town. Made friends with its quirky residents. Even got my dream job.But just when life's finally looking up, disaster strikes. The cleaning company I work for falls under threat, and I'm framed for a crime I didn't commit.Then, I find my fated mates:A shifter hockey player who knows how to handle his stick.A sweet journalist who shifts into a block of ice but is oh so hot.And a mage detective who already broke my heart once.This should be the happiest time in my life, but my mates reject me, one by one.As the new life I built starts to crumble around me, can I work things out with my mates and catch whoever framed me? Or will I end up broken-hearted, alone, and behind bars? Because I may be the best magical maid in town, but my life is one mess no spells in the world can fix.If you like sassy witches, wonky magic, panty-melting fated mates, and intriguing mysteries, you'll love this steamy, laugh-out-loud paranormal romantic comedy with all the feels!Wynter is a standalone in the Silver Springs shared universe and comes complete with a happily-ever-after. Scroll up to read this fun, quirky romance today.

I'm With Cupid

Lia Davis - 2021
    It started when she arrived back home in Shipton Harbor, Maine. She wears many hats: Part-time bookstore clerk, part-time author, necromancer in training, full-time caretaker of a ghoul, soon to be girlfriend to the town sheriff. She's still in denial of the latter. Now she has to add neighbor to Lucifer himself to that list.Fine. Whatever. She can make her peace with living next door to the devil. But then, when she's finally out on a first date with the hotter-than-sin local sheriff, who shows up to crash the date?Luci himself. And he has a date of his own.To add to all the crazy in her life, she answers her door to find an animated skeleton standing on her doorstep, hoping she can help him find his murderer.What else can go sideways this Valentine's Day in Shipton Harbor?

Of Fire and Flame

Donna Grant - 2021
    But it also brings danger, sacrifice, heartache, and many tough decisions. One fateful day and the choices and actions therein have the power to ripple across time, affecting more people than ever imagined.Destiny brought them together. Fate tore them apart. But time may heal all wounds.

Mercy's Revenge: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Guild of Assassins Book 1)

Lacey Carter Andersen - 2021
    fairy tales are really nightmares.Growing up as the daughter of the beast himself, I saw the wicked truth after happily-ever-after ended. And I vowed to use the only skill I had, my ability to kill, to gain my freedom.But I failed.Imprisoned for my mistake, I spent every day thinking about the three men responsible for my downfall. And what I wanted more, revenge or the life that was stolen from me.Finally free, I join the Guild of Assassins, only to come face-to-face in the training yard with the men I cared for…the ones who had me locked away.The wolf shifter who was my best friend.The man who always made my heart race.And the dark prince of the vampires himself.I wanted to kill all three of them. But joining the guild meant working together. The guild was the only place where my background—as a princess and a prisoner—wouldn’t be held against me.But our past is more complicated than I realized… and the future? Well, there might not be one.MERCY'S REVENGE is a steamy paranormal reverse harem with a kickbutt heroine. This is a whychoose romance, meaning that our heroine doesn't have to choose between her guys.

The Sea Dragon's Lion

Zoe Chant - 2021
    Now, there’s only one place left to search. An enigmatic, intimidating place filled with baffling wonders like flowers and ice cream.Only the bravest sea dragons have ever dared to venture into the human world. Jane’s no warrior, but she’s determined to face the terrors above the sea. Her mate must be on land, and she’s going to find him. No matter how long it takes.Which, as it turns out, is approximately two minutes.Finding their happy ending?That’s going to be a lot harder….A hilarious, heartwarming fish-out-of-water shifter romance, featuring fan-favorite characters from Zoe Chant's bestselling Fire & Rescue Shifters series!Author’s Note: The Sea Dragon’s Lion is a complete, standalone story, but it contains MAJOR spoilers for Firefighter Griffin and Firefighter Sea Dragon. For maximum enjoyment, please read those books first!

Spelling the Tea

Erin Johnson - 2021
    Now, she’s back in Bath, with the magic of the town’s enchanted springs flowing through her veins, ready to explore her newbie witch powers and pen her novel. Bath inspired her favorite writer Jane Austen, after all. Why wouldn’t it work for her?Only catch is, once the divorce is final, Minnie will be deported back to the US (and she’ll lose her powers all over again) unless she can convince the haughty (and handsome) vampire owner of a struggling tea room to hire her.As if her cup didn’t already runneth over with trouble, an employee drops dead during her interview.Now Minnie’s got to solve the murder to clear the cafe’s name, while figuring out a way to bring in more customers. With the help of her vampire roommate and black cat familiar, she’s hot on the killer’s trail. But when the murderer sets Minnie in their sights, she’ll have to tap into her own inner strength (and magic) to save herself, and bring the killer to justice.Will Minnie solve the murder and save the vampire’s tea room? Or will she find herself in hot water with the killer?

Midnight Whispers

Celia KyleRose Garcia - 2021
    Each book is exclusive and can not be found anywhere else. Grab this ultimate bundle for 99 cents before it's gone forever!Featured authors: Celia Kyle, J.L. Beck and C. Hallman, Mikayla Symonett, Sharon Hamilton, Lea Jade, Jessica Wayne, Bee Murray and Niobe Marsh, Molly Chase, Sapphire Winters and S.M. Nicholas, Helen Allan, Meg Anne, Rose Garcia, Kira Brinamon, Moni Boyce, L S Slayford, A.J. Macey and Jarica James, D.H. Gibbs, Michelle Mcloughney, Sade Rena and SD Savore’, Eve L. Mitchell, Tera Lyn Cortez, and Carmilla Quinn

Muscle and Bone

Mary Calmes - 2021
    In fact, Avery isn’t an average anything. Sure, as an omega he knows he’s at the bottom of the food chain, but that’s never slowed him down. He’s got a great life, complete with a loving family and a best friend who’d take a bullet for him, so what more could he possibly want or need? Except, maybe, for the world to change. And to find someone to spend more than one night with, but that isn’t high on his list of priorities. He’s never been one to believe in destiny or whatever else the fantasies sell about there being someone special out there meant just for him.Then a chance encounter at a party changes everything.Graeme Davenport has no delusions about finding his true mate. The consensus is that if an alpha doesn’t find their other half by the time they’re thirty, the chances of it ever happening go from slim to none. He’s not a mere alpha, though; Graeme is a cyne who sits at the pinnacle of lupine hierarchy, so he’s obligated by tradition and duty to choose an omega now, sign a contract, and bond with him. Love is not part of the equation.When Graeme and Avery meet, their fierce attraction to each other flies in the face of reason and logic. Avery’s intense physical reaction to the alpha is something he’s never experienced before, while Graeme, who has always been the soul of discretion, loses all his inhibitions to desire for the man he wants to possess. They are two very different men trying to navigate expectations, separate reason from innate primal drive, and do it while working together to solve a murder.It will take everything they are to find a middle ground, and to learn to trust in a fated kind of love.


R.L. Caulder - 2021
    The fate of their existence in my hands.I’ve been treated as the dirt beneath the pack’s paws for years. Will they be able to accept my new role when my powers surface? Will I be able to forgive them enough to help them?The bright spot amongst all the turmoil...finding my three fated. Until one of them rejects our bond.The one thing I know for sure...death is coming for us all, soon, and the person responsible for it? Their betrayal is going to alter the shifter world forever.I’ll conquer my powers, protect the packs, and live happily ever after with my men, right?Wrong.No one is prepared for the vile truths of my visions to come to light.***Author Note: This book has a 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences. It is book one in The Pack Prophecy series which will end in a cliffhanger.


Delta James - 2021
    The only survivor is an unconscious Kinzie Edwards, who is mistakenly identified as her twin sister. In a targeted act of violence, Kinzie loses her sister, Kayla, and her humanity.Damian is the brooding Alpha of the Sonoma Pack and the head of the Luna de Lobo Vineyard on the California coast. When Hunters strike at his people, Damian rushes to Italy to care for the mate to his omega. Except it isn’t Kayla he brings home.While Kinzie hovers between life and death, a powerful change within her DNA occurs and she wakes as a wolf. Kinzie knows nothing about wolf-shifters or fated mates, unlike her sister who had been a wolf-shifter.Thirsting for answers and revenge, Kinzie leaves the safety of Damian’s embrace to confront those who murdered her sister. Can Damian reach her before the Hunters claim her as another trophy?


Michelle Frost - 2021
    He’s only human and completely at the mercy of the towering Venerit warriors he’s now forced to share a cell with.Mage lords rule the land, but will Theon allow fear to rule his heart?Navigating the politics of House Natas and the budding relationship between himself and the champions, Theon discovers enemies lurking around every corner. He’s coming to realize that even though the Venerits hold prestige and honor, they’re just as much slaves to their master as he is. With all of them at the mercy of their Lord, he knows that his champions might not be able to protect him from every threat.Will the secrets Theon’s kept tear apart everything he’s fought so hard to claim as his own?Zyon is a Kingdoms of Pelas novel featuring a scrawny human, a towering half-orc, a beautiful tiger, and a fierce gargoyle. As well as plenty of surprises along the way. Equal parts unflinching brutality and robust love story, this book isn’t for the faint of heart. Our characters' journey will continue through the Kingdoms of Pelas series. Zyon features a harem/poly relationship and has a HFN ending.


A.J. Sherwood - 2021
    He’s got this.Christmas wishes do come true with a little magic, after all.Tags:Tropey tropes a lot, fated mates, dragon shifters, mages on a quest, because North’s finding a dragon, that’s happening, European road trip at Christmas, found family, true acceptance, twinks and makeup, shopping montage, steamy makeout session, because dragon fire, get it?, someone needs to fire the author, winter snuggles, poor Gunter had to put up with them, licking, not mpreg

Rancher Wolf's Next Door Mate:

Serena Meadows - 2021
    The wolf shifter in me couldn’t handle it when Carrie was being abused.She’s my next-door neighbor and I don’t see her around town often.Carrie keeps to herself, silently putting up with her abusive father.But it’s time that I help her out of this mess.Running the Prairie View ranch has got its perks.I’m in a position to protect the woman that I’m obsessed with.She’s everything that I’ve always wanted.Feminine, loyal, adventurous.And so, I don’t mind doing the one thing that will save her.Marrying her.I need to beat Carrie’s father, and help her escape the arranged marriage he has set up for her.I don’t care if being with her is forbidden.Carrie already has my heart.And now she’ll have a right to the rest of my life as my wife.Each book in this sexy-as-sin series can each be read as standalones, and has no cliffhangers, but are best read in order.Warning: Adults Only

Throwing Shade

Deborah Wilde - 2021
    That’ll be fun.It’s official. Miriam Feldman is killing it in the midlife crisis department. She’s mastered boredom, aced invisibility, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in smiling and playing nice in her post-divorce life. But when a drink with a “good guy” goes sideways, Miriam snaps, and in a cold dark rage unleashes a rare and powerful shadow magic.To make matters worse, her best friend goes missing and Miri is thrust into a world of hidden magic, vampires, and a legacy of hatred aimed directly at her. Hard to say which is more dangerous, this spiderweb of supernatural power plays, the grumpy French wolf shifter she’s teamed up with, or Miri herself, kicking butt and rediscovering the woman who got lost along the way.But lines get blurred in the shadows, and if she’s not careful, she could lose everyone she loves. She’ll have to turn her invisibility into strength and pray they never see her coming.Forty isn’t the new twenty. It’s better.

Dark Flame

Kat Silver - 2021
    You were born to be mine." ~ Prince Alexei VasilievHaunted by the death of his parents, Michael Blakeley wants answers. The twenty-six-year-old martial artist seeks their killer, but he also wants to know why electronics short out at his touch, and why his libido is a raging fire.So when a group of soldiers calling themselves Guardians rescue him from a back alley ambush and claim to have the answers he needs, he agrees to go with them. Especially when they tell him the attackers were vampires. But nothing in this supernatural underworld is as it seems, and when the silver-eyed commander cages him instead, Michael's answers slip further away.Can Michael find safety from the vampire prince who claims him? Can he escape the dark destiny he discovers is written into his blood? And will he break the chains of the commander who keeps him captive? The one man he has no desire to leave?Dark Flame is the first pulse-pounding book in the Flame Born LGBT urban fantasy series. If you like enemies to lovers, shifters, sexy vampire princes, and scorching heat, you'll love this smoldering tale of bloodlust and magic. There is content some readers may find distressing. Meant for mature audiences.


Serenity Ackles - 2021
    The most dangerous.I should know.I am one.For most my life I’ve been locked away; held captive by a Lycan clan with no other purpose than to be a walking battery for their village. But when a ghost sets me free, I’m out of there, running for my life.Thankfully, the Guardians of Castle Viegls are as impervious to the electricity I wield as the castle itself.Gargoyles.Twins, Hunter and Knox—one a loveable geek, the other dark and scarred—led by an older gargoyle affectionately called DB because of his physique, have promised they will protect me. And then there's the vampire, Javion. A seething ball of hate … at least when it comes to me …The Lycans have never taught me to control my powers, and I’m little more than a ticking timebomb with an unseen countdown.But that countdown is ticking away.And I’ve got pissed-off Lycans chasing me.To defeat them, I've got to control my powers. And the only way I can do that is to be grounded.Grounded is the first book in a trilogy where our heroine is trying to recover from being used as a power source for most of her life. Although she's fractured, she's not completely broken, however, this past abuse may be triggering for some readers. This is a reverse harem series with broody alpha gargoyles, twins, and an alphahole vampire. It also contains MM scenes with two members of the harem already being in an established relationship. Grounded is meant for mature audiences.

Her Cowboy Bear

Meg Ripley - 2021
    A very real danger.JesseBeing in charge of the horses on the Crawford Ranch has its perks.My favorite? Having my pick of the female visitors looking for a ride.I’m not tied down to a mate, so every day’s an adventure.Until my parents throw a wrench into my wild bachelor life.They’re selling the family farm that was supposed to be passed down to me—Unless I can show them I’m finally ready to settle down with a mate.I’m not ready for all that, but they don’t need to know.I’ve got a plan up my sleeve, and it involves the new blue-eyed beauty in town.We both need fake mates.The only problem? My bear isn’t convinced our little game is fake at all.AspenAfter leaving my abusive ex for dead, I needed to get out of Colorado. Fast.I escaped to Wyoming, hoping to start anew.But my genius idea didn’t go as planned.The jerk survived, and now he’s on my trail.So when a cocky cowboy asks if I’ll pretend to be his mate, I’m all in.I’m not looking for a rebound, only a cover.Even if that slow smile of his has my bear doing cartwheels.Hell, I know he’s my mate, but why did I have to find him now?Especially when I’m carrying something from my past that could turn our lives upside down. Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

Rise of the Witch

C. Rochelle - 2021
    The witch who lived there recognized the darkness in my soul and took me under her wing—to witness her reign of terror firsthand and eventually, to inherit her legacy as my own.Now I’m the monster they fear; the one humans avoid at all costs. In this welcome isolation, I've attempted to forget my past and the future that was taken from me.Until three men appear, somehow able to break through my protective wards and see me in my true form. While resistant to their intrusion, I recognize they may be the ones I’ve been waiting for—the ones I need to ascend to my full power.Too bad I would rather grind their bones than invite them in.But something is mysteriously devouring the forest, and I suspect the threat may be the same one I barely escaped many moons ago. If it is, he will find me a more worthy opponent than the last time we met.I am the Yaga and I may be broken, but my edges are sharp.--The Yaga’s Riders is based on the folklore of Baba Yaga, with creative liberties taken.The Rise of the Witch is the first book in a steamy, paranormal romance saga featuring alphaholes, mysterious forces in magical woods, and a slightly frightening heroine who never has to choose just one man.M/MFMMultiple POVThis series is meant for readers 18 and over.Beware: Cliffys ahead!Possible triggers:Sweary dialogueGraphic sex, including kink and various edgeplayGore and violenceReference to past sexual assault and pregnancy lossGeneral weirdness and medium-dark elements

Shadows of Fire

Brenda K. Davies - 2021
    He has always identified more with his dark fae side, but when her presence awakens the lycan part of him, Cole is unable to resist his attraction to her.When the hostile tension between the different immortals erupts, Lexi flees the Gloaming for the mortal realm. Once home, she’s certain she’ll never see Cole again. She’s proven wrong when tragedy strikes. Lexi is unable to turn Cole away... even if helping him puts her in danger.Can their growing love survive the cruelty of the Shadow Realms, or will they be the next to fall?Enter the Shadow Realms. A world where vampires feast, lycans love deeply, dark fae seduce, witches cast their spells, dragons rule the skies... and treachery lurks around every corner.***Due to sexual content, violence, and language, this book is recommended for readers 18+ years of age.***

Her Shadowed Wolves (House of Wolves and Magic Book 3)

Helen Scott - 2021

Darkest Moon

Linsey Hall - 2021
    Screw that.Since I was born, I was destined to be one thing—the Alpha’s Mate. It should be every girl’s dream. Not mine, though. He’s too dark and damaged, and I’ve got a secret he can never know: I’m not a true wolf.Instead of waiting for him to figure out I’m an abomination, I left on my fifteenth birthday. But I didn’t go far. No way in hell would I let fate drive me from the town I love.Ten years later, I’m still hiding in plain sight. When I occasionally see him on the street—deadly, sexy, powerful--I just walk by. Keep my head down.Until that night. Wrong place, wrong time, and suddenly I’m accused of murdering someone from my old pack. And he’s there. Blaming me. I’ve got one chance to prove my innocence and find the real killer, or I'm dead by shifter law.Fortunately, the Alpha doesn't recognize me because I'm no longer the same ugly duckling. He senses I'm special though, and he won’t stop until he figures out the truth. But when he does, I’ll be in danger from more than just the murderer.

Alpha Possessed

Olivia T. Turner - 2021
    We came to this mountain town to start over.To keep the never-ending violence in our past.Our mercenary days were behind us.At least, I thought they were.Until she comes and starts poking her nose in where it doesn't belong.She wants to yank all of the skeletons out of my closet.I should tell her to beat it.Chase her out of town.But I can't.She's possessed me and my bear.We can't get enough of her.This girl is causing me nothing but trouble.But I want more.I want all of her.In every way.She's my mate and she belongs by my side.So, when those skeletons escape my closet and threaten us both...I'll be there to protect her.To keep her safe.And I'll be thankful for every second of it.The Dixon Brothers are ready to show you how obsessed and insatiable a bear shifter can be! These Over-The-Top alphas are all-in with their mates! These books can be read in any order, are SAFE, with no cheating, and a furry HEA guaranteed.

The Moose Shifter's Fake Wife

Candace Ayers - 2021
    He is the law.I’m Shay O’Brien.My life is a hot mess, but I have a plan:•Adopt an alias—check•Hideout in Bumfuque—check•Marry the hot-but-grumpy local sheriff—oh, crap.I didn’t know!I didn’t know he was the sheriff.He didn’t know I was a fugitive.My hot mess just got hella hotter.Welcome to Rattlesnake Canyon, a sleepy western town where nothing is as it seems. Bizarre, quirky, outlandish, and those are just the townsfolk!A shifter rom-com fake marriage romance.THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR ADULTS.This is a steamy paranormal shifter fantasy romance series with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, K.F. Breene and T.S. Joyce may like this shapeshifter series.

MAKING MAGICKAL ALLIANCES: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (Roxie’s Midlife Adventures Book 5)

Leigh Raventhorne - 2021

Big Bad Wolf

Jenika Snow - 2021
    And helping out an elderly woman with her shopping to earn some extra cash seemed easy enough.Mindless, hour-long walks through the thick woods that surrounded said village also sounded ideal. No Internet. No television. And just the bare basics to get me by.Perfection. Stress-free. Exactly what I needed.Or maybe I was wrong about it all.I felt someone or something watching me from the darkened, dangerous woods.I felt someone—something—stalking me.I didn’t know what or who it was, but I knew with certainty it wasn’t human… and that it wanted me.RenI wasn’t human, not completely.A Lycan—a centuries-old wolf-like creature that was feared by all, stronger than anything on the planet, and who was only ever after one thing.My mate.For over three hundred years, I had one purpose in life. Find her, the one female born to be mine. My female who’d cause the Linking Instinct—that supernatural connection that told me she was mine and I hers—to finally take root and make me whole.And for hundreds of years, I’d been alone, saving myself for my mate, never stopping the search.Until I scented her, saw her, finally felt my heart beat and the blood rush through my veins with hope and anticipation.Mine.She didn’t see me, but she sensed me. And she ran. She couldn’t possibly know how much the chase turned me on.I didn’t know how I’d make her understand I could never let her go, that nothing and no one would stop me from making her mine.Because once a Lycan found his mate… nothing in this world, nothing supernatural or human, could keep him from her.

A Kiss For You

Rachel Van Dyken - 2021
    More than a touch. More than a book.⁣A Kiss for You is a collection of four romances, you’ll be glad you devoured. Over 800 pages and 3 standalone novels and a best selling duet that readers can’t stop talking about.⁣⁣The four best-selling novels included are:⁣⁣The Dark Ones by Rachel Van Dyken Bad Penny by Staci Hart King by T.M. Frazier The Wright Brother by K.A LindeTop Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers. These are simply must-read novels for readers looking for the best in happily ever afters.


Persephone Steele - 2021
    And this bitch is needy! She's cool and all...but what am I supposed to do with all the unwanted attention she's bringing to me? And I'm not just talking about the power hungry Vojka forcing me on the run. She seems to think she can start zapping sexy men and claiming them for herself, no questions asked.But I have a lot of questions...and unfortunately not a lot of answers.I guess I'll just keep fumbling through life, laughing at all the penis jokes, and getting into as much mischief as I can while I still have my head.Author's Note: This is a medium-burn, mfmm, reverse harem story. It includes explicit language and detailed sexual situations. Only intended for audiences 18 years or older.

Angel Falls

Colleen Helme - 2021
    Now her only chance for redemption comes at a price... one she may not survive.As a trauma nurse in a New York City hospital, Ella St. John had no idea that refusing to help a known killer would have such dire consequences. Being sent to the middle of nowhere is bad enough, but when she crosses paths with a handsome stranger, everything changes. She can't deny the attraction blossoming between them, but that is nothing compared to the trouble he brings to her door. Helping him could be the biggest mistake of her life... if she manages to live long enough to regret it.From the author of the Shelby Nichols Adventures, comes a new series that will plunge a woman with growing powers into the dark world of mystery, murder, and death.Perfect for fans of Shannon Mayer, Annette Marie, K.F. Breene, and Jennifer Estep.

The Reimagining of a Blood Slave

JanJan Untamed - 2021

Gilded Mess

Colette Rhodes - 2021
    And I may have broken in, but I was high and it was cold outside. Oh, and the bears were actually shifters.Potayto, potahto.The point is, I’m kind of a wreck. Plus, I robbed my cheating, lying a-hole of an ex-boyfriend on my way out the door and he’s not thrilled about it, so I’m stuck with these three distractingly attractive men for the time being — one of whom is weirdly hung up on the whole breaking and entering thing. What could go wrong?Gilded Mess is book one of the Three Bears duet. It is a medium burn, reverse harem romance for readers 18+

Best Seller

Delta James - 2021
    He only wants her.As fiction crashes into reality, the lines blur when the hero from the pages of Sage Matthews' bestselling steamy romance novel, Roark Samuels, emerges to save her from the brink of death.Unbelievably, Sage and Roark come face-to-face with the opportunity to explore their deepest desires by creating their own sinful imaginings but also giving themselves a chance to write their own happily ever after.Can the Hero truly save his Creator, or will this turn into a tragedy instead of the happy ending for their own best seller?Publisher note -A version of this story was previously published in the Dirty Daddy 2020 Anthology. The book has been expanded by over 30,000 words. Best Seller is a paranormal, supernatural story with steamy heat in and out of the bedroom for mature readers only.

Black Dawn

Nathan Ameye - 2021
    But when a solar storm reconnects Earth to the Fae Nexus, the world is engulfed in magical energy, altering the laws of nature… violently. Fuel, ammunition, and electronics explode, leaving the world in a dark apocalypse.As the flames die down, demons emerge through the Fae Nexus, swarming Gage’s hometown and enslaving the survivors.To fight back, Gage and his reunited friends harness Fae powers, becoming the Wizard, Ranger, and Fighter they’ve always played in their favorite roleplaying game.With the help of a pair of moonshiners turned Alchemists and the ghost of a long-dead gunslinger, Gage and his friends have to level up fast to free their families and defend their home against the demonic horde.He may have walked away once, but this time the only thing Gage is leaving behind are his regrets and a pile of dead demons.

When Darkness Calls

C.R. Jane - 2021
    How he met her and immediately fell in love. How because of that tiny pomegranate seed she spent half of the seasons in the Underworld, and the rest here on Earth.No one mentions the part of the story where she left him.No one mentions that she shattered his heart.And no one ever mentions that Hades was cursed after that.I’ve just found out that I’m the next girl to be offered to him in an effort to break the curse.The goal is supposed to be simple. Fall in love with Hades.The Fates just never considered he might not love me back.A Hades Retelling like nothing you've read before....

Dragon Claimed (Dragons of Mount Rixa Book 1)

Riley Storm - 2021

Lucifer's Queen (Married To The Devil Book 2)

Roxie Ray - 2021
    And I had no clue the man was the devil himself.Literally.I promised to be his for all eternity, and so far it’s going well. Luke will give me anything to keep me happy: jewels, food, days in bed, and more. But am I ready to give him my heart?I’m meant to be his queen, but now that Luke has found me I’m in danger from anyone who opposes him. This isn’t my first lifetime. The last time he tried to crown me it ended in blood.My blood.Angels will do whatever it takes to stop my coronation. Luke promises it won’t happen again. He says he’ll sacrifice anything to protect me – even his soul. All I have to do is trust him.Only the devil can protect me from heaven.

Witching World: Books 1-3

Lucia Ashta - 2021
    If you enjoy non-stop adventure, a new kind of magic, empowered heroines, moody sorcerers, mythical creatures with attitude, and castles with personality, you'll love this collection of the first three full-length novels of The Witching World series. This collection includes: Magic Awakens A girl with dormant powers. A sorcerer with a mysterious past. A forbidden path in magic. Clara’s parents have her life all planned out for her. It’s the 1800s and she’s a daughter of the aristocracy. Her duty is to marry the man her parents choose for her, hold her tongue, and practice needlepoint. Clara has no intention to marry into a life of misery. But she isn’t looking for a life of magic either. Magic is dangerous. Her parents have worked hard to keep her from it. But magic is coming for Clara, whether she likes it or not. When her powers awaken, she can choose the safe path and pretend it isn’t happening. Or she can claim her power and face all the dangers it comes with, including the dark stranger with a secret past. The Five-Petal Knot A prodigy pygmy owl. A possessive firedrake. A booby-trapped castle. Gargoyles come to life. Who said magic would be ordinary? No one can access magic like Clara does, but her powers are unpredictable and dangerous. She has to learn how to control them. When she falls into one of the castle’s many traps before she can, becoming a prisoner of the merworld, there’s only one person who can save her. And he’s already fighting for his life. But that’s not the worst of their problems. An immortal count, with a heart fueled by darkness, intends to claim the souls of everyone within Irele Castle. The castle and all its creatures come alive to defend it, but will it be enough to defeat the count’s army of gruesome creatures and save Clara before it’s too late? The Merqueen A prodigy pygmy owl. A possessive firedrake. A booby-trapped castle. Gargoyles come to life. Who said magic would be ordinary? No one can access magic like Clara does, but her powers are unpredictable and dangerous. She has to learn how to control them. When she falls into one of the castle’s many traps before she can, becoming a prisoner of the merworld, there’s only one person who can save her. And he’s already fighting for his life. But that’s not the worst of their problems. An immortal count, with a heart fueled by darkness, intends to claim the souls of everyone within Irele Castle. The castle and all its creatures come alive to defend it, but will it be enough to defeat the count’s army of gruesome creatures and save Clara before it’s too late?

The Hunt (By Kiss and Claw #2)

Melissa Haag - 2021

That Mafioso Magic: A Dark Mafia Paranormal Romance

Nicholas Bella - 2021
    On top of smelling like heaven, the man has the face of an angel, with a body made for unbridled sin. A combination Adrian finds very hard to resist.​Unfortunately, someone is trying to kill Sage and they’re using magic to do it. Sage usually takes these types of matters into his own hands, but this time, he’s out of his league. He believes the only person who can help him is the down-on-his-luck detective. Problem is, Adrian doesn't want to take his case because he feels it may be too dangerous. Never mind the volcanic-level attraction they seem to share for each other raising the stakes. Magic and mayhem awaits.Reader Advisory: 18 and older. Strong adult situations and language. A sarcastic PI and a no-nonsense mobster will keep you turning the pages way past your bedtime. Best order that pizza, because once you start this book, you won’t want to stop.

Rise of the Sphinx

J. Kearston - 2021
    Widowed young and left to raise my daughter alone, I never expected the threats I would have to shield her from. Magic, monsters, and three men fighting to protect their final hope. I have nothing to gain, but everything to lose... or so I thought.Obscured- The journey through the Underworld is brutal and unforgiving. Nightmares come to life, taking everything that I thought I knew and tearing it apart.Destroy or be destroyed.But when every truth is obscured, what choice is left but to raze everything to the ground and build our future on the ashes?Obsessed- They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but the path to redemption is far more winding. Now, I just need to fix everyone else's mess without becoming the biggest sway in the balance.They put their faith in a Sin, and I can't even bring myself to laugh at the

Eternally Yours

Harper A. Brooks - 2021
    Brooks & Romance Author Olivia Boothe, comes a new sizzling paranormal romance that will leave you thirsting for more. She wasn’t looking for love. He gave her forever… After being attacked by a wolf-like creature and left for dead, Loren Stone wakes up in the house of a mysterious and sexy stranger. Something within her has changed. Her veins crave human blood. But it’s another type of hunger she finds herself fighting to control... her unrelenting need for Nicholas Guerra. She should hate the vampire who took everything she loved from her, yet is thrust into a battle against her own burning desire for him. After centuries of being groomed to be the next vampire leader, Nicholas turned his back on his family to live among the humans. The last thing he expected was for his immortal life to collide with that of a mortal female. Then he watched Loren get attacked by the beast sent for him. Unwilling to let her die, he's forced to sire her. However Nicholas never expected to fall in love, and now he aches for the one woman he's forbidden to have. One-click to get your copy today!

A Midlife CatAstrophe

Morgana Best - 2021
    But life has decided to be no such thing! Nell discovers a body, buys a mysterious bookstore, and starts to suspect she is losing her mind--all because a local cat, JenniFur, begins stopping by for a chat.Yet Nell has no time to paws and reflect. Soon she is chasing her tail to solve the murder. Hot on her heels is the dreamy Detective Caspian Cole, who seems to think Nell is mad fur real. But it doesn't matter what Detective Cole thinks, because Nell is about to discover that menopause doesn't mean her life is put on pause. In fact, menopause is a sign that Nell's has finally begun. Litter-ally a fun read for women who are coming into their power!

Witch's Curse

Sloane Murphy - 2021
    We’d had time to ready ourselves, but nothing could have prepared us for the fall out. No one warned me our enemies would make me the pawn in their game. No one saw just how broken I would become.Now it’s up to me to pick up the broken pieces and wield them against the ones who made me this way.Believe me… they are all going to pay.**This book is part of the Shadow Walkers Saga. It can be read as a standalone series, but will contain spoilers to the first books in the saga, and the author strongly recommends you start reading from book 1 - A Crown of Blood and Bone**

Wolf Forgotten

Maya Nicole - 2021
    No one knew who had abandoned the gray-eyed baby with fiery red hair and a cry loud enough to make a man's nuts retract.I moved to Arbor Falls to find myself. Little did I know I'd be thrown into a world I didn't know existed. A world with wolves at each other's throats and enough pack politics to make my head spin.Then there's the fact that I have more than one mate. Not all of them accept me because there's one gigantic problem... I'm not what they expected.Wolf Forgotten is book 1 in the Arbor Falls series and is a reverse harem wolf shifter romance told in multiple POVs. It contains MM, mature scenes, and language.

The Astonishing Strande Brothers

Kathryn Ann Kingsley - 2021
    Even by death.“The Astonishing Strande Brothers” is a short story/extended epilogue that tells the tale of the reunion between Julian Strande and his long-lost brother Louis on a snowy holiday at the Strande Estate.It combines characters from both my Harrow Faire and Impossible Julian Strande series. I recommend having read one of the two series before reading.

Blind Tiger

Jordan L. Hawk - 2021
    Prohibition is in full swing and gang bosses rule the city with might—and magic.When Sam Cunningham flees his small-town life to try his luck in the big city of Chicago, he quickly finds himself in over his head in a world of gangs, glitz, and glamour. Fortunately, he has his cousin Eldon to teach him the trade of hex-making.Everything changes the night Sam visits The Pride speakeasy and meets grumpy cheetah-shifter Alistair Gatti. After losing his first witch to the horrors of the World War, Alistair isn’t interested in any new entanglements, romantic or magical. Especially when said entanglement comes in the form of kind, innocent Sam.When Eldon is brutally murdered, Sam becomes drawn into the dark underworld of the Chicago gangs. Sam must find the missing hex Eldon created for one of the crime bosses—before whoever killed Eldon comes back for him.Together, Alistair and Sam begin the search for the mysterious hex, diving deep into the seedy side of Chicago’s underworld while dodging rival gangs. And as they come to rely on one another, Alistair realizes he’s falling for the one man he can’t afford to love.

Hexes and Horns

Rowan McAllister - 2021
    Even for a unicorn, all sweetness and light, all the time, can get a little boring. But, falling for the eldest son of the dark witch family who runs his little West Virginia town might be getting his fingers too close to the fire, even for him.For Ryan, it was supposed to be a simple trip back home to show support during a family crisis. But when hexes, secrets, a family demon, and the O’Byrne witches are involved, nothing is ever simple.<Hexes and Horns, is part of the Magic Emporium Series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need. This book contains explicit sex scenes, a muscular moonshiner, a reluctant witch, a spooky best friend, and a guaranteed HEA.

The Salvation of Amarli Wolfe (The Centrum Trilogy, #3)

Lucy Scott Bryan - 2021
    Relationships torn apart. A power struggle that could crush them all.Securing her bond with her Centre, Amarli gives absolutely everything she can to save Dorian. Paying the ultimate price. Alone, without her magic or her mates, the race is on to escape. As Amarli’s mates search for her, they too face challenge after challenge - pushing them all to their breaking point. When Connor McDermott strikes against Amarli, the results are devastating.But Amarli refuses to be held back or defined by her past - she is not a weak or submissive wolf anymore. She is determined to get her happily ever after, even if it means going into battle against a Goddess. The Salvation of Amarli Wolfe is the fast paced, thrilling conclusion to Amarli’s story in The Centrum Trilogy. This is a reverse harem, paranormal adult read. The shifters are by nature violent, the revenge is bloody. Please be aware when deciding to embark on this read that this book will not be for everyone.

Supernatural Lies

Lacey Carter Andersen - 2021
    But I don’t remember what it was.As an angel, I should be working with my people to rid the world of demons. Instead, I find myself cast out, wings burned, and no memory of what I did. I’ve been labeled an outcast. A traitor.My own kind have rejected me.But when I find three men willing to help me, something seems off. The way they look at me… it’s as if they know me. They have secrets. And I need answers. Afterall, I can’t believe I did anything too terrible. Right?Wrong.Very wrong.When I discover the truth about what I did, everything changes. I did the worst thing an angel can do… I fell in love with demons. But there’s more to this story than I’m being told, and you bet I’m going to find out the truth.Even if it kills me.SUPERNATURAL LIES is the first book in a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance. It has three sexy demons, druids, gargoyles, mages, and bad angels. So if you’re looking for a new and unexpected twist on heaven and hell, grab your copy of Supernatural Lies. (This book was previously released titled “Rebel Lover.”)

A Dragon's Fortune

Sam Burns - 2021
    He’s a great boss, a good person, and he spends his days making honey-glazed caramel treats in the shape of bunnies for his bakery, Honey Bunny. Still, the highlight of every day is watching the adorable college student who’s Much Too Young For Him stuff his face full of Cillian’s sweet buns.Finnick West is a college student who dreams of baked goods, much to the consternation of his figure-skating partner. She’s not offended by the temptation, but by Finnick’s continuing failure to ask out the cute baker. With pressure from all sides, Finn knows it’s time to take something for himself, if only he can catch Hot Baker’s eye.While the two of them work up the nerve to ask each other out, an assassination attempt reveals forces working to not only stop their interspecies romance in its tracks, but destroy everything and everyone they love.A Dragon’s Fortune is part of the Magic Emporium Series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need. This book contains dragons, ice skating, a whole bunch of sugar, and a guaranteed HEA.

Holy Ghouls (A Greek Ghouls Mystery Book 5)

Alex A. King - 2021

Her Rancher Bear (Shifter Nation: Wild Frontier Shifters)

Meg Ripley - 2021
    Mysterious. Has zero people skills.So why does he light every cell of my body on fire?The whole point in coming out west was to forget about my man, not to fall for a new one.Especially one that can secretly change into a bear.But when his truth comes out, Austin’s about to find out he’s not the only one hiding secrets.Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.


J. Kearston - 2021
    Outcast. Murderer.I'm all these things and more, depending on who you ask. But when three humans come stumbling into my life, I may finally find out who and what I truly am.The fae realm is full of violence and treachery, and now I have no choice but to trust these strangers if we want to make it out alive. It might have been easier to let them die, but I just couldn’t have their blood on my hands too. Unfortunately for Lucien, Atlas, and Dorian, the greatest threat of all may not be in the realm of Faerie.I'm afraid the biggest monster of them all might just be me.This is an 18+ RH novel, which means our leading lady doesn't need to choose between her love interests. It’s the first in a three book series, so it will end in a cliffhanger. As always, I include a potential trigger warning on the copyright page.


C.P. Rider - 2021
    A truckstop town bar called the Dusty Cactus Saloon. Now, if everyone will stop asking for her help, she might actually find some time to run the damn thing.A full-length novel from Chandra's point of view. Just a little shorter than Neely's books. Full description coming soon!You don't have to have read the other books in the Sundance series to understand this one, but it's helpful.


A.M. Rose - 2021
    All his life he had been the one everyone was looking at when he walked down the street. No matter how hard he'd tried to fit in, fingers pointed at his back and whispers followed his every step. Until it all got too much and he'd left Daydream. For good.Among all the special people in Daydream, Mason was just a bit more special. He had the ability to see all sorts of things; private conversations, someone’s biggest mistakes, and their tiniest, most insignificant moments. But even with this ability to glance into the future, he didn’t see Drew leaving Daydream for good. He didn’t see Drew breaking his heart. And he definitely didn’t see him coming back.**This book is the first in a series. It contains magical settings, best friends-turned lovers-turned strangers, a second-chance romance, and a lot of likable supporting characters. While it can be read as a standalone it's best enjoyed with the other titles in the series.

Princess Taken (Twisted Protectors, #1)

Tyler Parker - 2021

Dark Fae Unrivaled (Broken Court, #3)

Heather Renee - 2021
    It’s time to see who’s going to come out on top and who I’ll be when it’s all over…The hero, or the monster the king always wanted.Full synopsis to come soon!

Third Time's a Ghost: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance (Haunted Ever After, #3)

Carrie Pulkinen - 2021
    Ten times out of ten, his relationships don’t make it past dinner. But when his childhood best friend comes back into his life, he’s determined to take her all the way to breakfast. He never told her he loved her in high school.Hopefully he won’t make that mistake again.Psychic medium Erica Miller is struggling to make her haunted community theater a success. She’s never had a problem with ghosts before, but when black-outs, confusion, and headaches plague her rehearsals, she’ll need the help of a certain paranormal investigator to find the culprit.Erica hasn’t seen Gage since high school, and the nerdy boy-next-door she once called her best friend has grown into a mouth-watering specimen of a man.Will friends become lovers, or will the spirits drive them apart?If you like nice guys and not-so-nice ghosts, you'll love this steamy friends-to-lovers romance!Get it Now!previously published as To Free a Phantom by Carrie Pulkinen

Love at First Haunt: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance (Haunted Ever After Book 1)

Carrie Pulkinen - 2021
    She's seen dead people for as long as she can remember, but a harrowing incident from her past has left her terrified of spirits.The one in Logan's house is no exception.Logan Mitchell is an empath, and while his gift of reading people's emotions has come in handy in the business world, it's about to drive him insane. Literally.If his psychic power doesn't make him crazy, the ghost that's haunting him soon will.He's given up hope of ever having a normal life, until he meets Allison.She could be the answer to his prayers, but even if she can overcome her fears, loving Logan will mean risking her life.If you like steamy romance and tortured heroes, you'll love this thrilling ghost story!Get it Now!previously published as To Catch a Spirit by Carrie Pulkinen

Purgatory Playhouse

E.J. Russell - 2021
    He was one couch-surf shy of homeless, for Pete’s sake. But as he was trudging along suburban Boston streets with all his worldly possessions in tow, the sign in the window of an over-the-top Halloween pop-up caught his eye: Marden’s Magic Emporium. With the way his luck was running lately, he figured magic might be the only thing that could fix his life, so… what the hell. He didn’t realize that hell was an operative word.Okay, maybe not hell, per se. But what TD thought were some unnecessarily kickass special effects (the three-headed dog guarding the door of the underground theater was a real winner) turn out to be…more.Because now he’s helping to mount a musical production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the Greek pantheon, and there’s more than bad reviews on the line for the performers. A good show could mean redemption for one of them. A bad show…Yeah, did he mention that part about hell?Purgatory Playhouse is part of the multi-author Magic Emporium Series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need. This book contains a desperate theater techie, a production assistant who’s sort of, um, not alive, Greek gods behaving badly, and a guaranteed HEA.


D.L. Harrison - 2021
    He’s been running from his powerful enemies for the last six years, ever since he discovered his power at sixteen and crossed them in ignorance and by accident. It isn’t an easy life.His life is about to change, when his travels put him in Seattle for the first time, and he meets some people that just might be crazy enough to help him out… for a price.Note: This is the first book of a trilogy. No major cliffhangers but expect a few minor unresolved plot threads. The main plot of the book will be resolved. This story is told in the first person, from Tony’s point of view. This series takes place in the same world started in the Power of Air series, and the Water sorceress series. It is not necessary to read those to enjoy or understand this trilogy.

The Spiritus Dagger

Allie Rose - 2021
    It’s destiny.Ever since she was little, Maise has known about the battle between light and dark. The light mages of Nualia and the dark mages of Darkmoor have fought for millennia, but Maise has never fully understood why.When the man she believes to be her father is gravely injured in an attack, he reveals why he spent so much time training her to fight; she is the prophesied savior of Nualia. In order to fulfill the prophecy, Maise needs to find the Spiritus Dagger; one of five powerful weapons the light mages can use to defeat the dark. With the help of her adoptive sister Raina, Maise sets off to find her dagger. She has no idea what awaits her, but when she meets a mysterious stranger, she is drawn to him in a way she can’t understand.Is he destined to help her on her quest? Or is he just someone to help pass the time as she discovers who she really is; who she is destined to be?--A medium burn paranormal reverse harem read. The harem is built throughout the series.This story is meant for readers over the age of 18 due to mature content.-MFMMM (by the end of the series. Book 1 will just be MF)-Single POV (for now)Potential Triggers- Graphic sexual scenes- Mildly graphic fight scenes- Swearing- Rape content


J.B. Trepagnier - 2021
    But we don’t just allow anyone to get a library card. Need to summon a demon? Raise the dead? A clan of vampires bothering you? Do you like the really nasty werewolf erotica? The Library of the Profane has all of that, but not everyone can handle the contents (Some people can’t handle their werewolf erotica). I’ve been a librarian here for five years and when I say I killed to get this job, I’m not being facetious.You can’t check out our books. Some of the books are sentient and don’t like it. We have rooms to perform the spells in or hell, we do have a copy machine (copies are extra). When a witch came in and said they needed to do a little necromancy, I didn’t question it. They wouldn’t have been given a library card if they were going to raise someone really bad. I helped with the necromancy because it’s just my job as a librarian.Except it wasn’t a normal resurrection. It was the physical embodiment of Chaos and when he woke up, he saw me first and now he’s attached. Chaos personified is a horrible library guest and he won’t leave with the witch who raised him. He’s constantly getting into things he’s not supposed to and he’s really into the werewolf erotica.It’s not like I can let him out because the Library of the Profane is meant to contain Chaos. The rest of the world isn’t. He’s awful about keeping his identity secret too. A warlock, a Hellhound, and a vampire know he’s here and they are bugging me to let Chaos have a little fun. I just want a normal day of summoning demons, cursing people, and telling people to be quiet in my library. This is too much.

A Very Krewe Kind of Valentine's Day

Heather Graham - 2021

The Tracker's Mate

Ingrid Seymour - 2021
    The best in the business.Dead or alive, I find them. No one can hide from me, including people’s predestined mates. I can hook couples up better than Tinder. It’s my specialty.A year ago, I opened my own agency, and now that I’m finally looking out for number one, my bank account has regained its lost confidence.So when Jake Knight suddenly returns, determined to drag me back into the dangerous life I used to lead—the same one where ramen was a staple and I became homeless—I put my brand new Louis Vuitton boot down.He can take his hot, werewolf self back to whatever hole he crawled from.Sure, it sucks there’s a supernatural war brewing, and the werewolf I used to date has gone missing, but Jake won’t drag me back into that life. No way. He can fight crime all on his lonesome. I’m done with it.Or at least that’s my goal until the attempts on my life begin, and I barely escape. Now, I have an ancient vampire on my tail, and a hot werewolf reawakening our troubled past, and I must fight not to lose myself again.If you enjoy K.F. Breene, Shannon Mayer, Annette Marie, and CN Crawford then prepare to enjoy a witty heroine and her rekindling romance with the hot werewolf who broke her heart.

Cursed by Darkness

Dahlia Briar - 2021
    Kind of like that shadow that seems to loom around me at all times probably means I've gone completely crazy. It would also explain how I managed to catch feelings for not one, but three different men.Alexander Despot, a big shot detective from the city, seems to be everywhere I go as of late. He says he's keeping an eye on me for my safety, but the way his eyes travel down my body says another story.Daniel Baccarin, my new boss, is treading the line between professional and personal. I wish he'd just cross it already.I thought I had made Jess Caldwell up, because I would only see him in my dreams. But a chance discovery leads me to find photos of me and him together. Except I would remember my first boyfriend, right?Author's note: Cursed by Darkness, Marked by Darkness and Consumed by Darkness are all romance books where the heroine does not have to choose between love interests. They are supposed to be read in the order just listed.Embraced by Darkness, the prequel novella, is MF and its action takes place centuries before the events in Cursed by Darkness. However, it could spoil it, so it is best read after Cursed by Darkness. The series is in the same universe as the Black Widows Academy series and A Harem of Supernatural Hunters series. There is no set reading order for these trilogies, they simply offer the bigger picture for a fictional world I have created and some characters pop up in different books, across series. Post Scriptum:The series contains gothic and horror elements. If you are very easily spooked or creeped out, do not read.If you are a fan of The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, you’re in for a special treat!

Of Secrets and Wolves

Alice Winters - 2021
    So when I’m hired to track two escaped convicts, I’m suddenly thrust into the world I hate—or thought I did. Yet I’m inexplicably drawn to the alpha of the pack whose land the convicts may be hiding on. He’s different than any shifter I've ever met—laid back and quick to laugh, caring and protective, and makes me feel complete for the first time in my life. As secrets are revealed, I start to wonder if everything I’ve been raised to believe was a lie, though it may not matter because it seems like someone wants us dead.QuinnI’m no stranger to prejudice from humans, but it’s different when Rowan comes into my life. Though I shouldn’t let myself be distracted, I’m captivated by him. At first, he’s stiff, fighting to keep his misconstrued beliefs intact, but as I break down the wall he’s created, I’m able to show him a place among the fun chaos of my pack. After one of my pack goes missing, it leaves Rowan and me racing to bring them home, but the only way we’re going to survive this is if Rowan learns to accept the bond that’s growing between us—a bond that could give us the strength to put aside our reservations and give in to what both of us want.Of Secrets and Wolves is an action-filled romance with a dash of comedy. It’s the first book in a series with a continuing storyline and an HFN.

Pushing Up Posies

Eve Langlais - 2021
    As reaper leader for the Canadian guild, he and his crew don’t get as much work as other countries until the Dark Lord gives them a new mandate: Establish a dating service on Earth that will facilitate the meeting between citizens of Hell and humans with the end goal being babies.In other words, become a pimp.It’s a cruel demotion for a reaper who just wanted to guide souls to their final destination. He is dying to return to Hell, until he meets the stubborn woman living across the hall.The Devil wants Posie mated, but she is resisting all attempts. What will it take to make her see the light?And how will she react when she finally discovers that death has been knocking at her door?

Wings of Fire

Stephanie Mirro - 2021
    But now I’m all alone, and life as the Falcon - an avian shifter and acquirer of fantastical things - is dangerously sexy and fun.Some might even call me a thief, just never to my face.But when my latest acquisition is stolen before I arrive and a gruesome murder is blamed on me, I've got a choice to make. I can get taken in by the hotter-than-hell agent sent by the Death Enforcement Agency and let them charge me with a crime I didn’t commit, or wait for my bloodsucking client to realize I've failed at the job he hired me for.I don’t like either door, so I'll take the window instead. Time to track down the real killer and clear my name.If I don’t solve this murder, and fast, then I might just be facing a lifetime in a grim prison - or worse, a lifetime of servitude to the man who hired me, a man who’s turning out to be more dangerous than I realized. And my kind lives for a very long time.If you loved Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunters, Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels, or Seanan McGuire’s InCryptid series then you will devour The Last Phoenix series.WINGS OF FIRE is the 1st book of 7 in The Last Phoenix series, a kickass urban fantasy containing fast-paced action, snarky humor, sexy grim reapers, horrific vampires, a hearty dose of swearing, and a healthy splash of romance.

Kiss of Magic: A BBW Paranormal Romance Collection

S. CindersAuthor Z. Knight - 2021
    Kiss of Magic has MF, FF, and Reverse Harem Romance stories. Includes 15+ paranormal romance stories to heat up your kindle! There’s something in here to satisfy every desire.Kiss of Magic features stories by:S. CindersAidy AwardLeigh KelseyMcKenzie RogueSamantha BellPepper ParisLissa Lynn ThomasPiper FoxZelda KnightAmari Ara DreamerSunny AbernathySusannah ShannonTabby MonroeEllie PondKat ParrishTaige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries

Moon Kissed: Wolves of Midnight Bundle

Aimee Easterling - 2021
    From fated mates and enemies-to-lovers to heart-pounding adventures starring shifters, vampires, and witches, this paranormal box set will leave you breathless and anxious for more.Contents:Half Wolf by Aimee Easterling - When half-shifter Fen is cast out of her home pack, she and an unlikely ally are forced to shore up her waning power in an effort to save half-breeds everywhere.Lost Wolf by Stacy Claflin - Victoria is troubled by a secret that already killed her once. Can she unravel the mystery surrounding the sexy alpha before it kills her again?Descendant by S.M. Gaither - Infected by a werewolf bite, Alex is plunged into a supernatural war — and discovers her family’s bloodline holds the key to saving the world.A Shifter's Curse by Raven Steele and Ava Mason - With a dagger in her boot and blades in her bra, Briar's only goal is to kill the Alpha responsible for the destruction of her entire family. But she soon discovers the only way to get close enough to kill him is to join his pack.Tattered Loyalties by Carrie Ann Ryan - Pack Alpha Gideon must take a mate — except the one destined to be his is a woman whom he shouldn’t desire…the submissive wolf daughter of his rival Pack.Don’t miss these exciting worlds from six New York Times, USA Today, and national bestselling authors!