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Christmas at the Lakeside Resort

Susan Schild - 2018
    Her fiancé has just called off their Christmas wedding, and she’s been evicted from her darling chicken coop cottage. When her estranged father dies and leaves her eight rustic guest cabins on Heron Lake, Jenny seizes the chance to make a new life. She packs up her dogs, her miniature horse and her beat up Airstream trailer and moves to the lake.Short on time and money, Jenny and her contractor, widower Luke, work feverishly to renovate the cabins in time for the festive holiday event she’s promised her very first guests. When an unexpected blizzard snows them in and jeopardizes the resort’s opening, Jenny and Luke work to save the event and, along the way, find true love… and the magic of Christmas.“A warm-hearted, charming Christmas story you won’t want to miss…"Judith Keim, Best-selling Author of the Beach House Hotel Series

Because of the Messiah in a Manger

Brad Wilcox - 2018
    Everyone knows that the season has become commercialized and saturated by the demands of political correctness. But, as Brad writes, “No matter how many try to take Christ out of Christmas . . . it will always and forever be about the Messiah in a manger.”Because of the Messiah in a manger, we can feel and share His pure love. Because of Him, we have access to grace, immortality, and eternal life. Because of the Messiah in a manger, we follow the star, hear the angels sing, and celebrate the Light of the World at Christmas and always.This warm, conversational book will enhance your celebration of the Christmas season as you discover ways Christ began to fulfill His divine mission right from the moment of His humble birth. Whether a gift to a loved one or to yourself, this is the perfect read to curl up by the fire and embrace the Christmas spirit. Join with shepherds, wise men, angels, and other witnesses throughout the ages who have testified of the Christ in cradle, the Messiah in a manger.

James the Christmas Grouch

Ivy Smoak - 2018
    There’s just one problem…none of those decorations are in James and my apartment. We just started our happily ever after – we’re newly engaged, in a new city, with new friends. We’ve both given up a lot to make this relationship work, but I never thought I might have to give up my love for Christmas. How did I not know that my fiancé was a total Christmas grouch? Don’t get me wrong, I love James Hunter and I always will. But for years, he’s been celebrating anti-Christmas with his friends. He's lost the Christmas spirit that he had when he was a child. And he doesn't seem to want to thaw his frozen heart.So I’ve decided that it’s my new mission to make him believe again. And with a little sprinkle of Christmas magic, it just might be possible.

Boxes in the Basement

Kathi Daley - 2018
    What Abby thought she needed was alone time to heal. What she ended up with was, an inn she never knew she wanted, a cat she couldn't seem to convince to leave, and a new family she'd never be able to live without. In book 1 of this series, a local girl has been murdered and the small seaside community is up in arms. When Abby finds boxes in the basement of her new home, which seem to provide a clue as to who might have killed the girl, Abby plants herself firmly in the middle of what has turned out to be a complicated investigation. Although Abby isn't a cop, or even a private detective, she isn't unfamiliar with the investigative process. As a New York Times Bestselling mystery writer she knows how to conduct research. As the widow of a homicide detective, she knows the questions to ask. Join Abby, Georgia, Rufus, and Ramos, as they help Officer Colt Wilder track down a killer before kills the next victim in what looks to be a annual spree.

Christmas with the Wrights

Christina C. Jones - 2018
    Enjoy this quick peek into the lives of these beloved families to see what they've gained... and lost.

Baby, Be Mine

Alexandria House - 2018
    But maybe this year will be different. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll find another lonely heart to share it with. ***This short story contains profanity and sexual content. If you do not like those elements in your romantic reads, this is not the story for you***

Always My Baby

Alexandria House - 2018
    Hopefully, this converging of divergent paths on Christmas Eve will lead to pleasant surprises for both of them.

A Home For Christmas

Blue Saffire - 2018
    He saved my life. I'll do anything to help him.This wasn't supposed to be the way my life turned out. One bad choice has left me homeless. Now, I'm on the street watching a woman about to get carjacked. Here I go again saving others and losing everything.I just hope she's worth my life.He just took a bullet for me. I have to save his life. I don't care what it costs, this man will not die on me. After all, this is what I trained for. I'm a trauma surgeon and tonight I'm going to use everything I know to make sure this hero lives so I can thank him.She saved my life. Now, she sits at my bedside not knowing who I am. My pride won't let me tell her. It's not like I have a chance. Or do I?Watch these two find love and themselves in this rags to riches Christmas romance novella.  Scroll Up and One Click to start this Christmas romance today.

Eggnog Makes Her Easy

Erin Nicholas - 2018
    Just her and her boys while her husband serves overseas. But her blue Christmas turns merry when things start rockin’ under the mistletoe thanks to a surprise gift from her naughty Santa.

A Tale of Two Cities: A Thanksgiving Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2018
    But who's to say that's the only one? For actress Aspen Watson, all it takes is a trip back to her hometown for Thanksgiving for her to realize that sometimes home can be where the heart is in more ways than one. ;) A Tale of Two Cities Collection: Cute & Sweet Millennial Meets Over a Holiday, All With One Thing In Common; Cities. Note: This is a short novella with a happy-for-now ending. If you prefer your stories longer, I'd recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. :)

A Special Kind of Advent

S.J. Crabb - 2018
    The girl who against all the odds managed to claw her way through school and rise above the expectations of her peers. She is ruthless, unrelenting and driven. She works hard and has no room in her life for anything else. She has no friends and even her own mother flinches when she visits. Her staff fear her and she rips them apart as though they are candidates for the Apprentice. The one focus in her life is making it to the top and today that dream is about to come true. There is only one man standing in her way. Charlie Monroe. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth he had his future mapped out for him from an early age. He was born to wealthy parents and lived the life others could only dream of. He went to Eton and then Oxford and has never had to try for anything because where his brain fails, his looks win. Loved by everyone and desired by many. Popular with his staff and everyone’s friend. Victoria hates him. They are both in the running to take over the company where they work when Mr Rowanson retires. However, to win the company they must complete a set of challenges. One for every day of December and on Christmas Day the winner will be chosen. There is one condition. They must work together and have no other help. Every morning on the stroke of 8 they must open the Advent Calendar to discover their challenge. These challenges will determine the winner and failure is not an option. This is no ordinary Advent calendar and they are not children. This time it's war and the winner takes it all. Prepare for a special kind of Advent where anything can happen……even the unexpected!

A Tale of Two Cities: A Halloween Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2018
    But who's to say that's the only one? A trip to sin city for a Halloween-themed joint bachelor-bachelorette party is all it takes for Savannah and Lincoln to learn this the... not so hard way. ;) A Tale of Two Cities Collection: Cute & Sweet Millennial Meets Over a Holiday, All With One Thing In Common; Cities. Note: This is a short novella with a happy-for-now ending. If you prefer your stories longer, I'd recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. :)

Making Merry

Alexa Land - 2018
     Not everything goes according to plan in the quest for that mythical “Perfect Christmas”, but there are a lot of laughs, heartwarming romance, and some big surprises along the way. With the help of family and friends, somehow everything will work itself out – but maybe not in the way anyone was expecting. These five interconnected holiday stories feature favorite characters from Alexa Land’s Firsts and Forever Series and its new spin-off, The Castaways Series. It’s approximately 50K in length, and while it can be read as a stand-alone, it’ll mean the most to readers familiar with the series.

A Tale of Two Cities: A Christmas Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2018
    But who's to say that's the only one? Director, Dallas Bryant, isn’t looking for love this holiday season, but that all changes when Madison Walker and a mistletoe come in the picture. ;) A Tale of Two Cities Collection: Cute & Sweet Millennial Meets Over a Holiday, All With One Thing In Common; Cities. Note: This is a short novella with a happy-for-now ending. If you prefer your stories longer, I'd recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. :)

The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas

Amanda Milo - 2018
    I’m Gwen. I’m a single mom to two growing boys—and now I’m the brand new owner of an alien whose greatest wish in life is to become a live-in nanny. It’s been kind of a weird day. I wholeheartedly recommend adding an alien to your household though. He cooks, he cleans—and the kids love him. But three things you should know if you’re going to keep a seven-foot-tall alien in your basement? You might want to invest in flameproof cookware. He will think of you as his planet’s equivalent of a princess. And my alien is totally stealing my underwear. **This is a sweet Standalone Novella. Note: Explicit language and adult scenes are contained in this book. ***Heads up for readers of the Stolen series: this is an interconnected standalone, so hop in and have some fun “Ha!” moments with me!

Snowflakes Over Holly Cove

Lucy Coleman - 2018
     As the snowflakes start to fall, the village of Holly Cove welcomes a new tenant to the beautiful old cottage on the beach... For lifestyle magazine journaist Tia Armstrong, relationships, as well as Christmas, have lost all their magic. Yet Tia is up against a Christmas deadline for her latest article 'Love is, actually, all around'... So Tia heads to Holly Cove where the restorative sea air, and rugged stranger Nic, slowly but surely start mending her broken heart. Tia didn't expect a white Christmas, and she certainly never dared dream that all her Chiristmas wishes might just come true... Set in Caswell Bay on the stunningly rugged Gower Coast, the cottage nestles amid the limestone cliffs and the woodlands; the emotions run as turbulently as the wind-swept sea. As cosy as a marshmallow-topped cup of cocoa, fall in love with a heart-warming festive story from the bestselling author of The French Adventure. What readers are saying about Lucy Coleman... 'I adored this book. A wonderful escapist read ... For me, it's a 5 star read!' Katherine, Katherine's Book Universe. 'I adored this beautifully written tale. The score is a well deserved and easy 5* out of 5*' Ginger Book Geek. 'This book gives you all the feels. It'll make you want to move to France and start a new life ... Lucy Coleman has a way of writing where it feels like you're actually there standing beside Anna and you mentally really feel involved in the story' Stacey, The Cosiest Corner.

A Wish for Christmas

Michele Brouder - 2018
    After the death of her mother, the last two years have been rough and money is tight. A full-time nursing student, she feels her prayers have been answered with the temporary job of personal assistant to John Laurencelli. The billionaire is rumored to be demanding and difficult but India soon realizes there’s more to him than bad press and weapons-grade dangerous good looks. But with everything on her plate, she doesn’t have time to be falling for her new boss.John Laurencelli lives, eats, and breathes his business and making money. For his own reasons, he’s avoided Christmas for two decades. But it’s proving difficult this year when his new assistant wears vintage holiday aprons, hums Christmas tunes, and likes to spread good cheer. Despite his determination not to celebrate the season, it isn’t long before India opens his eyes to what’s missing in his life.Can they overcome their fears and misgivings to make it a truly wonderful Christmas for each other?Each book in The Happy Holidays Series is a standalone novel and can be read in any order.

Lawfully Blessed (Christmas Lawkeeper Romance)

Evangeline Kelly - 2018
    She’s a lonely widow with a son. Will their relationship move beyond friendship this Christmas season? After graduation, Melody Clarke said goodbye to her high school crush, Grant Brooks, believing she would never see him again. She was moving to the east coast for college, and he planned to remain in Hillcrest, California, to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer. Ten years later, Melody returned to Hillcrest to raise her son after her husband died. She didn’t count on seeing Grant again, thinking he’d probably moved out of town by now. When Grant pulled Melody over for a safety violation, he asked her to join him for coffee. Melody had always kept them firmly in the friendzone, but after being reacquainted again, she was ready to reconsider. Meanwhile, a thief was loose in their hometown, and when Melody’s home was broken into, Grant determined to bring the thief to justice. No one stole presents from children and got away with it as long as Grant Brooks was around. If catching a thief was difficult, convincing Melody that they were destined to be more than friends might be even harder. Or maybe it wasn’t so hard after all.

Festival of Colors

Kabir Sehgal - 2018
    Siblings Mintoo and Chintoo are busy gathering flowers to make into colorful powders to toss during the festival. And when at last the big day comes, they gather with their friends, family, and neighbors for a vibrant celebration of fresh starts, friendship, forgiveness, and, of course, fun!

A Lake House Holiday

Megan Squires - 2018
     Jolene Carter lives in Merrylark Lake, a quaint town where neighbors are like family and vacationers become fast friends. With her dream of opening a downtown storefront on hold, Jolene volunteers wherever she can, whether it be at Cat’s Coffee Cart or the town’s annual tree lighting. It is while she’s tending to her neighbor’s vacation rental that Jolene meets Luke, a cowboy with a mustang rescue and a past he’s hoping to leave back at the ranch. Luke Handley isn’t one to believe in holiday magic. That disappeared when his winter wedding was called off and his honeymoon was canceled. But the more time he spends in Merrylark, the more he’s convinced this magic exists. When Luke’s ex unexpectedly shows up as the other half to the lake house reservation, things get complicated. Luke knows all the magic in the world won’t clear up this misunderstanding. If he’s learned anything from Jolene, though, it’s that helping others is the most effective way to show love. With a surprise up his sleeve and a little help from his new Merrylark friends, Luke hopes he’s able to do just that.


Freya Barker - 2018
    Yet their reasons for leaving are as different as the reasons they return.Meeting by chance along a 1400 mile stretch of highway when a snowstorm grinds traffic to a halt, they have no choice but to jointly ride it out. Exposing a common thread, leading them from the past to the present, it’s through the innocent eyes of a toddler, they discover a future.A Christmas novella.

Mini Miracles

Melissa Storm - 2018
    So, I reckon, the blizzard that bleached the entire sky that December must have been a blessing of epic proportions. It was certainly a miracle that I’d forgotten my cell phone after giving my Christmas Eve sermon and had to race back to the sanctuary in order to retrieve it. Otherwise, how would anyone have ever known that right there in our famous nativity scene, a trembling, little Chihuahua had given birth to a litter of puppies? Yes, right there in the manger. O Holy Night for sure! This is a story about how those special pups came to change our church—and all the people in it—for the better. Most especially my poor daughter, Abigail. Being the preacher’s kid is never easy. I know, because I grew up as one, too. But losing your spouse right while expecting to become a parent for the first time? Well, that’s enough to make even the strongest of believers question God’s plans. I know I did. But then our Mama Mary Chihuahua and her Mini Miracles found us… And, well, I’ll let you read the story to find out what happened next!

Northern Lights

Lise Gold - 2018
    She travels to a small boutique hotel in Kirkenes, Norway, hoping to spend a peaceful and relaxing Christmas by herself. Kristine Miller loves adventure. A bank manager living in a small town in Louisiana, she’ll take every opportunity she can get to explore the world. Kristine travels to Norway hoping to see the famous northern lights but when she meets Hannah, a fellow guest at her hotel, she realizes soon enough that the northern lights might not be the most fascinating thing there. Both women expected Christmas in Norway to be special but neither of them expected it to bring magic into their lives…

Holly Pointe & Mistletoe

Cindy Kirk - 2018
     After losing her family, her boyfriend, and her job, Stella is on the verge of being ho-ho-homeless. Out of desperation, she accepts an assignment to write a story on Holly Pointe, Vermont, the tiny town recently crowned the ‘Capital of Christmas Kindness’. If she can prove the town’s holiday spirit is a sham, her Editor promises Stella will start the New Year with a new career. Rancher Sam Johnson is Holly Pointe’s resident Grinch--at least in the eyes of the tinsel-loving townspeople. It’s not that he doesn’t like the lights and the carols. It’s that they remind him of the brother he lost. Christmas is a time for family, and if Sam can’t have that, then he prefers to spend the holiday alone. But when Stella blows into town on a wild winter wind, the frosty walls around Sam’s heart thaw. Charmed by Holly Pointe, Stella is torn. She doesn’t want to betray the friends she’s made, but she’s scared to give up the life she knows. And then there’s Sam. She never expected to fall in love with someone so different from her, yet that’s exactly what has happened. While Stella searches for a solution, the real reason for her arrival in Holly Pointe is discovered. Now, it’ll take a true Christmas miracle for Sam and Stella to make this holiday a happy one.

A Small Town Christmas

Nan Reinhardt - 2018
     High-octane Chicago attorney Samantha Hayes is looking forward to some delicious food, fine wine, small town charm, and a break from her hectic big city life when she agrees to do a favor for her boss and help his younger brother with a lawsuit that’s been slapped on his family’s historic winery in River’s Edge. She’s not expecting that her sexy new client will have a smile that will melt her heart and remind her that there’s more to life than work. Sam falls hard for Conor, his daughter and the small, friendly town, but can she trust her instincts and risk her heart? Sam hasn’t seen a lot of happy-ever-afters in her life, but Conor and the magic of Christmas make her want to believe.

Surprise Package

Donna Alam - 2018
    And I'm no Ho (Ho Ho) But I did get my hands on his . . . Surprise Package. When I arrive at my remote holiday cottage, I don't expect to find a hot Scotsman in my bed. I also don't plan on being snowed in with him. He says I have the wrong address—that the cottage is his, But I think there's another story. One I'm determined to get out of him. Meanwhile, we’re stuck. Running out of clothes and sharing body heat. Okay, so that’s just wishful thinking. Because the man is the s*xiest thing I’ve ever seen in pajama pants, Let alone touched . . . ~*~ I was man-handled in my bed by a hot brunette. I thought Christmas had come early. But then the snow came, trapping us. Good job we get along like a house on fire. Sparks flying. Fingers burned. We're hot for each other now, But when the snow melts, Will we find out we're just too different to make this work? Surprise Package is a steamy, snowy bundle of fun, full of misunderstandings, smexy times, and more surprise packages than than the fat man in red has in his sack!

A Christmas Star

Judith S. Keim - 2018
    Now, she knows she cannot endure another holiday season at home in Boston. At the urging of four women at the assisted-living community where she serves as health director, Noelle decides to rent Seashell Cottage on the Gulf Coast of Florida for the holidays. She meets Silas Bellingham, the cutest seven-year-old boy she’s ever seen, and his great-grandmother, Althea. Noelle discovers Althea’s caretaker has been abusing her and goes into action, ending up with the temporary care of both Althea and Silas. Becoming part of the Bellingham household has an entirely different series of challenges when it comes to Althea’s grandsons, Jake and Brett, who are having problems of their own with hotels to run and their parents missing in a plane crash. But after sparring with her, Silas’ father, Jake, realizes Noelle is just what he and his family need, and when she finds the perfect Christmas star for Silas, they both know he’s right.

A Christmas Dream

Lane Parker - 2018
    In other words, he was trouble.Men like him did not date women like me.But when I realized that there’s so much more to Jackson than the eye can see, do I dare take a chance on realizing my Christmas dream?After all, he might just be exactly what I want from Santa this year.Author Note: If you’re looking for a traditional, sweet Christmas romance, you might want to move on. This is a sexy, panty melting, fantastical Christmas romance that’s heavily rolled in sugar sweet enough to satisfy your craving for Christmas cookies, with a big dose of Christmas magic. If that sounds like a great holiday reading to you, then dig in and enjoy!!

The Christmas Sisters

Sarah Morgan - 2018
    Her three adopted daughters are coming home for the holidays and she can’t wait to see them. But tensions are running high…Workaholic Hannah knows she can’t avoid spending the holidays with her family two years in a row. But it’s not the weight of their expectations that’s panicking her—it’s the life-changing secret she’s hiding. Stay-at-home mom Beth is having a personal crisis. All she wants for Christmas is time to decide if she’s ready to return to work—seeing everyone was supposed to help her stress levels, not increase them! Posy isn’t sure she’s living her best life, but with her parents depending on her, making a change seems risky. But not as risky as falling for gorgeous new neighbor Luke…As Suzanne’s dreams of the perfect McBride Christmas unravel, she must rely on the magic of the season to bring her daughters together. But will this new togetherness teach the sisters that their close-knit bond is strong enough to withstand anything—including a family Christmas?

Moonlight on the Thames

Lauren Westwood - 2018
    It's a moment they'll never forget. Perfect for the fans of Milly Johnson. Christmas is a joyous time, but not everyone is merry and bright. Nicola is a rising star at the top of the corporate ladder, but her personal life is a disaster. Her office affair has lost its allure, and the last thing she wants to think about is Christmas. A night of cancelled trains and festive Christmas carols at Waterloo Station is just about the last straw... Dmitri loves conducting his pop-up choir during the festive season, meeting people, and spreading joy and cheer around London. But he carries deep secrets from his past that robbed him of his dream to become a concert pianist. Can their hearts and souls be unlocked by music and moonlight and will they discover the healing power of love?

The Hook-Up Before Christmas

Phyllis Bourne - 2018
    However, the tree isn’t her only neglect on this lonely night. Toi hopes a one-and-done hook-up with her ex will revive her holiday spirit. Instead, she gets a surprise that might land her on Santa’s naughty list. This holiday story is short and contains both profanity and sexual content. If you're offended by either, you may want to select another story to enjoy.

Wintertime Heat

Emelia Blair - 2018
    So how could I go and fall in love with this man? I crushed his car but I offered him a ride. I was polite. He was rude. Later he appears at my job to pick up his son. That smirk of his is driving me insane. He is handsome, hot, sexy as sin and takes whatever he wants. He is filthy rich and I live in school teacher’s salary. I try to push him away. He refuses to listen. How am I supposed to think with his hands all over me? I can’t control this traitorous heart of mine. He touches me and it beats out of control. His kisses? Toe-curling. I asked Santa to send me a man, but not him. He can’t be my Christmas present. Can he?

The SEAL’s Contract Baby

Katie Knight - 2018
    He’s spent the last six months guarding the daughter of a small foreign nation, a girl so valuable to the US that she apparently can’t buy milk without him trailing along like a lost puppy. He’d joined the military to make a difference and stayed enlisted because of the SEAL team he considers family. Now all he wants is to get back to them ASAP. 
 Esme Hollycombe is her country’s last hope. Her father the King controls a very important port that serves as a naval base for the US. But with her father’s rapidly declining health, and her US-hating cousin next in line for the throne, Esme has been frantically searching for a loophole in her country’s law that says only a man can rule. The only thing she finds is that she can rule in the stead of any male heir she gives birth to. Unmarried and certainly not pregnant, the loophole isn’t of much use to her. Until her attention turns to the hot SEAL protector who has been pacing the palace for the last six months like a caged animal. He’d do anything to get back to his squad; and she’d do anything to keep her cousin off the throne, leaving him unable to evict the US and all their military protection from her country. 
 Esme offers a contract to Z: get her pregnant, marry her so the heir will be legitimate, and he can have his life back. Z eventually agrees. But being the partner of a princess comes with far more action and intrigue than he’d ever dreamed. He also finds that making a baby is an easy way to fall in love. Now, Z will have to choose: the military family he misses, or the nuclear family he’s creating.
 This novel contains sexual content, violence, and profanity.

Summer at 23 The Strand

Linda Mitchelmore - 2018
    It’s a small act of kindness that starts a magical tradition all summer long…A delightfully uplifting holiday read, perfect for fans of Lilly Bartlett, Tilly Tennant and Eve Devon.

Deck the Halls

Max Walker - 2018
    His perpetually bright and cheery personality feels right at home for Christmas. He has time off from work and a husband who’s waiting for him at home, what else would he need? Well, he had no idea he would be needing to sign divorce papers - let’s start there. Declan Rose-Covington, part of a luxury hotel dynasty, is coming into Stonewall Investigations because he needs help with a family issue. With his mom’s huge holiday retreat around the corner, he’s hoping to solve it before Santa comes to town. The last thing he’s expecting is to enter the detective agency and fall for the strikingly handsome man sitting behind the front desk. Of course, life has ways of delivering well-wrapped surprises. When Declan and Andrew meet they both feel an instant connection. Soon, the connection grows powerful enough to push Declan toward a crazy proposition: invite Andrew to the family retreat as a fake boyfriend. Andrew would get a nice week-long vacation out of it and Declan would avoid the judgemental jabs from all the spoused-up family members. The potential for disaster was there, but there was also a chance to truly make this the most wonderful time of the year. And that was something neither of them wanted to miss out on. ______________________ Deck The Halls is a full-length and standalone Stonewall Investigations story.

Love, Snow and Mistletoe: Four Sweet Christmas Romance Novellas

Victorine E. Lieske - 2018
    She doesn’t know he’s been secretly in love with her since grade school. A Holiday Rescue BY TAMIE DEAREN Despite her fame as an author, Amy is all alone at Christmas. Stranded in a snowstorm, she's rescued by a handsome stranger. Can shared cocoa lead to love?  A Second Chance for Christmas BY MICHELLE PENNINGTON Grace planned to spend December moving into her new apartment and getting ready for Christmas with her daughter, not falling for her neighbor, Sam--whose heart she broke years ago.  The Billionaire’s Perfect Match BY ANNIE HOUSTON Heading up large corporations is tough on your love life. A trip home throws high school friends Aurelia and Lander together and sparks fly. They each have everything, except love.

All I Want For Christmas

Nicole Falls - 2018
     ***T H I S I S A S H O R T S T O R Y*** If shorts aren't your jam, you may want to bypass this one in lieu of forthcoming longer Nicole Falls projects. Also, it helps if you've read sugar butter flour love before venturing into this one.

The Katy Regnery Christmas Collection

Katy Regnery - 2018
    English ~ Countdown to Midnight and~ Loving Irish *~*~*~*~*~*~*1. MARRYING MR. ENGLISH Marriage of convenience + HEA  Set in the 1980s Full-length romance 2. COUNTDOWN TO MIDNIGHT Two interwoven novellas that take place on New Year's Eve  Second chance romance + Enemies to lovers  HEA (of course! always!!) 3. LOVING IRISH  Second chance romance + HEA  Part of my Irish triplets, Summer haven series Features an adorable little girl! New to Katy Regnery? This is the perfect opportunity to sample three festive romances for the price of one ... or purchase the collection for a romance-lover in your life!

Find Me a Valentine

Summer Cooper - 2018
    Find me a Valentine is fully loaded with three brand new releases by Summer Cooper, Piper Sullivan and Hazel Parker. HEA is guaranteed. Each story can be read as a standalone but are loosely tied together for the perfect box set feel. Adult content.

Her Crazy Rich Fake Fiancé (Christmas Romance Series)

Jennifer Youngblood - 2018
    To make matters worse, Brynn’s boyfriend Wyatt shows up, ready to take Brynn on a road trip to Atlanta to meet his family. Haven is fully prepared to tell Wyatt the hard news—that her flighty twin sister jetted off to Ireland with a movie star, leaving him high and dry—however, when she finds herself staring into his mesmerizing blue eyes, all explanations fly out the window. Not only is Wyatt devastatingly handsome, but also charming and witty with an adorable Southern accent that rolls like a ballad off his tongue. Haven knows that when Wyatt looks at her with adoring eyes it’s only because he has mistaken her for her glamorous clothing designer sister. She wants to tell Wyatt the truth, but she can’t stand the thought of spending Christmas alone. As one thing leads to another and Haven and Wyatt share a near-kiss, Haven makes a split-second decision to accompany Wyatt to Atlanta—as Brynn! When the sizzling attraction deepens to something real, Haven faces an internal dilemma—should she come clean now, before Christmas, or wait until afterwards? Will the truth destroy Haven’s chance for happiness … or will it be the very thing that brings two searching hearts together?

Christmas on Mistletoe Lane

Annie Rains - 2018
    After the devastating loss of her job in the big city, the small town of Sweetwater Springs feels like heaven to Kaitlyn Russo. She's inherited her grandparents' charming (if a little rundown) bed and breakfast, and it's just the new lease on life she needs. Only "heaven" comes with a catch - and a handsome and completely infuriating one at that. After what he hopes will be a quick trip, Mitch Hargrove wants nothing more than to put his hometown in the rearview mirror. But his plans get derailed when he learns he's now half-owner of the Sweetwater B&B. The fact that he's given only two months to make the inn a success is a huge problem, but it's his pretty - and incredibly headstrong - partner who's the real challenge. With the holiday fast approaching and a grand re-opening looming, will Mitch keep running from the ghosts of Christmas past . . . or will he realize the true gift he's been given? Includes the bonus short story "A Midnight Clear" by Hope Ramsay! What readers are saying about Christmas on Mistletoe Lane... "This book was exactly what I needed to kick off the holiday season." "A holiday story full of second chances, romance and magic...It's got all the feels-and a fabulous holiday message." "I truly enjoyed this fun holiday read." "This book needs to be made into a Hallmark Christmas movie!"

The Witch Who Killed Christmas

Jeannie Wycherley - 2018
    The Witch Who Killed Christmas can be read as a standalone or as part of the Wonky Inn series.

The Billionaire's Email-Order Date

Vivi Holt - 2018
    She needs the money. A heartwarming, feel-good Christmas romance. You’ll laugh, cry, and fall in love with this touching, emotional and MAGICAL holiday story… Billionaire businessman, Chris Everett, is successful, admired and in charge. Still reeling from his wife's death three years earlier, he's shut himself off to love and life. When he decides to follow his friend’s advice and take an email-order date home for Christmas he has no intention of letting his feelings get involved. Kate Grant is a struggling artist without a family. Abandoned by her fiancé, the thought of facing the holidays alone again is more than she can bear. When Kate turns up at the Everett mansion with a Christmas-Gram to deliver, Chris mistakes her for his date and Kate can't say no to the ten thousand dollars on offer. A snow-white Christmas on a cozy ranch in Montana might be just the thing Kate needs to help her get through the holidays. Chris soon learns that Kate is hiding more than one secret and, when uncovered, her deception could drive them apart for good. But snow-capped mountains, warm hearths, eggnog, and mistletoe work to draw together two lost souls for a happily-ever-after they never saw coming. A sweet and festive romance about overcoming grief and loss, finding yourself and opening your heart to second chances. Perfect for fans of Debbie Mason, RaeAnne Thayne and Debbie Macomber.

Jingle Balls (Sex Ed #1.5)

Z.B. Heller - 2018
     The holidays are coming and so is Jaxson Dane. Now that he is rid of his virginity at the age of twenty-three, the comic-loving Jaxson and his sexy ER nurse boyfriend, Tyler Mason, have completed all the lessons in the Sex Ed handbook. Or have they? Not in Jaxson’s mind as there is one final lesson left he desperately wants instruction on. His boyfriend deserves everything Jaxson can give him for the holidays, but how does he wrap this present with a bow? Tyler’s life feels nearly fulfilled between his job, raising his nephew, Colton, and Jaxson. With the holiday season upon them, Tyler sees a family trip to the snowy slopes of Colorado as a perfect time to give Jaxson the ultimate gift-the rest of his heart and forever. However, as the trip progresses, Tyler senses something awry in Jaxson’s tinsel-tangled spirit. Can Jaxson continue his education in Sex Ed without getting his chestnuts roasted over an open fire? Will Tyler adorn Jaxson’s ring finger with the perfect accessory and truly make it the most wonderful time of the year? With these two, the holiday season is truly a gift that keeps giving. This is a fun 31k-ish word novella Warning: Do not read and drink anything while reading for fear or it shooting out of your nose or mouth. Double Warning: Do not read if easily offended, because I guarantee it will happen.

Lock & Key Christmas

Cat Porter - 2018
     Everything that could go wrong just did. T’was the night before Christmas in Meager, South Dakota, and Grace’s plans for the perfect holiday for her new family just went up in smoke. Grace and Lock are closer and hotter than ever, their young son is thriving. But after a sudden blizzard snows them in on Christmas Eve and Lock barely makes it home safe, there are no guests arriving, and due to a planning snafu, no presents under the tree for their little boy. And Thunder is eagerly waiting for Santa. What are Mom and Dad going to do? The answer comes from someone unexpected, bringing this couple who know that second chances are everything, unforeseen revelations, new traditions, and a reunion. From brother to brother, husband to wife, and parent to child, on this special day a gift of the heart is the most profound gift of all. This short read romance picks up after the four Lock & Key series motorcycle club romantic suspense books and opens the door to more from these characters and their epic saga in Cat Porter’s upcoming 2019 release **This book is intended for mature audiences due to graphic sexual content and language** The Lock & Key Series 1 - Lock & Key 2 - Random & Rare 3 - Iron & Bone 4 - Blood & Rust

Wynter's Bride

Christine Sterling - 2018
    A tracker bent on revenge. Throw in a blizzard and watch the romance develop in this holiday romance series set in 1880's Belle, Wyoming. This is book #1 of a 5 book series by a group of talented authors. Ivy Holiday was headed home to New York for the holidays. When her train is held-up right before Christmas and she is taken as a hostage, she wonders if she will ever see her family again. Sebastian Wynter has spent the past five years wanting revenge for the murder of his wife. When he hears about the young woman who was kidnapped by the same man who killed his wife, he steps into rescue her. When one of them is injured and they end up snowed in together can love thaw out their hearts? This is a short, clean and wholesome, American western historical holiday romance. The story behind the missing bells of Belle, Wyoming: 1840's - On a wagon train to Oregon, Clara Brown's husband died of Cholera, leaving her on her own. The wagon train did not allow single women to travel alone, so she is ordered to leave. She was rescued by a trapper and they fell deeply in love, creating their own town not far from Ft. Bridger. They named the town Belle for the jingle bells that were attached to her oxen when they first met. Now, years later, each Christmas the tradition continues as the town places the bells on an ox or horse, gifting rides to remember the legacy of the founders. The bells were safely put away and only brought out each year for this purpose. Except, this year, the bells have gone missing. Are they ever found? Read the five stories coming out each day starting on December 10th to find out what happened to the bells. Even some of the authors don't know how this will end! Each story is complete with a happy ending! In order of release: Wynters Bride by Christine Sterling Holly's Christmas Wish by Marianne Spitzer A Tin Star for Christmas by Cyndi Raye A Pony for Christmas by P Creeden Natalie's Surprise Engagement by Julia Ridgmont

Wicked Surprise

L.A. Cotton - 2018
    All they want is a family vacation without drama ... but what will they each find under the tree this year?Nothing’s for certain, but they should know by now, no family get together would be complete without a surprise ... or two!

Scent of Cedar

Shanna Hatfield - 2018
    . . No one said anything about a friendly camel or a hunky mechanic Cedar Haynes has a choice: change her high-pressure lifestyle, or end up dead by the time she’s thirty. Not one to do things by half measures, she quits her demanding corporate job, swaps her sports car for an SUV, and moves to the peaceful mountain community of Faraday. She envisions a quiet, peaceful Christmas, surrounding by silence and sparkling snow. When a camel takes up residence on her porch, she realizes small-town life may be more quirky and complicated than she imagined. Thankfully, the local mechanic seems to have all the answers - plus good looks, bad-boy charm, and a mysterious aura that leaves her wanting to know more. Rhett Riggs left big city life behind the moment his small-town uncle needed his help. To make ends meet, he takes over Faraday’s one and only garage and gas station. He gets more than he bargained for, though, when Uncle Will passes away, leaving Rhett a run-down farmhouse, a wacky camel named Lolly, and a deep-rooted love for the community he considers his home. With the holidays approaching, he watches with interest as a new neighbor moves in next door. He waits for Lolly to send the woman running, like she has the last handful of residents. Only this time, if his beautiful neighbor leaves, she’ll take his heart with her.Between spilled secrets, mistaken identities, and a camel determined to spread a little love, it will take more than mistletoe and holiday magic to help Rhett and Cedar find their happy ending.Come along on a sweet Christmas romance adventure sure to uplift the spirit, touch the heart, and imbue the warmth of the holiday season. ˃˃˃ Read all four sweet romances in The Friendly Beasts of Faraday series! * Scent of Cedar (Book 1) - A woman in need of a new beginning finds herself tormented by a camel and captivated by the town's bad boy. Can she overcome her fears to embrace a sweet holiday romance?* Tidings of Joy (Book 2)- Only one woman can draw a shy mail carrier out of his shell, but it will take the help of her donkey and puppy to make it happen.* Boughs of Holly (Book 3)- A free-spirited nurse winds up on a ranch with a stubborn cowboy and his matchmaking grandpa. Will love triumph over her need to roam?* Wings of an Angel (Book 4) - Will a fun-loving teacher convince a woman sworn off romance to give love a second chance? He'll need a hand from her son and his furry, feathered friends. ˃˃˃ The inspiration for the stories. . . The Friendly Beasts Christmas carol mentions a camel, a donkey, a cow, a sheep, and a dove. That sweet carol is what sparked the idea for this series, along with a steal-the-show camel at a live nativity performance. Start reading this heartwarming holiday series today!

A Season for Hope

Tammy L. Grace - 2018
    A woman who runs a guesthouse offers them a place to stay while the car is repaired.Frightened and broke, Hope finds a part-time job, thanks to the family who owns the guesthouse. Hidden beneath her strong work ethic and cheerful demeanor, Hope conceals a private mystery. A secret she can’t reveal.As the Christmas season nears, the small town nestled beneath the snowy mountains and its annual holiday festival captivate Hope, while the family at the guesthouse suspects there’s something she’s hiding. In a moment of weakness, she divulges her secret.Will an offer of help destroy her life and all she cherishes, or will it be the gift she needs to triumph over her past?A Season for Hope is a charming story about the kindness of strangers and finding hope where you never expected it. Cozy up with the first in the Christmas in Silver Falls novellas for a holiday read sure to warm your heart.

Ophelia: A Valentine's Day Bride

Kit Morgan - 2018
    Get in, assess the town, and get out. Then he'd report to his superiors at Wells Fargo and Company to let them know if Noelle was respectable and prosperous enough to open a branch there. But what Clint found was anything but respectable! Toss in a violet-eyed beauty that takes his breath away, a mayor and a preacher he thinks are consorting with the worst sorts of evil, and the fun begins. Enjoy this hilarious romp as only Kit Morgan can deliver. Sweet, clean and wholesome romance at its very best!

Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus

Becky Kiser - 2018
    Our summer and back-to-school seasons are whirlwinds, even as adults; we aren’t quite sure what to do with Halloween as Christians; and we feel less than grateful at Thanksgiving because it is sometimes full of complicated people. Even Christmas becomes a challenge, as celebrating Jesus gets lost behind twinkling lights and a mountain of gifts. Holidays are meant to be more than chaos with glimpses of grace; they are meant to draw us closer to God and one another. We want all the whimsy and joy the holidays held when we were children, before life crowded it out. We want the holidays to reflect our love for Jesus and reveal the grace that has been lavished on us, but life is so busy that setting a game plan just doesn’t happen. No more. It’s time to stop trying to survive the holidays or over indulge the whimsy, and instead live in the abundant life God called us to live.Sacred Holidays is part book and part resource: meant to help you avoid what has tripped you up in the past and give you insights, tips, and tools to make your holidays less chaotic and more about loving Jesus and others.  Don’t let your holidays be marked by regret, whirlwinds, or survival mindset. Let’s celebrate every holiday together purposefully and worshipfully–loving Jesus and others well in every moment.

Construction Site on Christmas Night

Sherri Duskey Rinker - 2018
    #1 New York Times Bestselling children's book author Sherri Duskey RinkerA new toddler book and Christmas classic: VROOM and ZOOM into the holidays with this new Christmas classic from the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site and Mighty, Mighty, Construction Site!Construction toys and construction joys: The trucks are gearing up for Christmas by building a special gift! But, there's a surprise waiting for each of them, too! Presents await for Excavator, Bulldozer, Crane, Dump Truck, and Cement Mixer as each finishes their part of this big, important job and rolls off to a sweet and sleepy goodnight.A gift that will delight: Playful rhyming text from the bestselling author of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site and vibrant illustrations from the acclaimed artist AG Ford make this a perfect gift for young construction fans everywhere.If you and your child liked toddler books such as Goodnight Moon, Little Blue Truck, Dragons Love Tacos, Building a House, or The Day the Crayons Quit; you'll love Construction Site on Christmas Night

Snowy Nights at the Lonely Hearts Hotel

Karen King - 2018
    Not the Christmas Saffy wished for… but maybe the one she needs? Twenty-nine-year-old Saffron Baxter knew her fun holiday plans didn’t stand a chance the moment her sister called to say she was stuck abroad with no hope of being home before Christmas. Saffy would just have to abandon thoughts of wild festive parties in the city and head down to remote Cornwall. Because every year her sister hosts a huge Christmas meal for all the single parents in her village. And Saffy knows it’d break her heart to let them down. Arriving as snow starts to fall over the thatched cottages of the little harbour town of Port Breok, she meets Logan – the tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed, devoted single dad who lives over the road, with his adorable daughter Chloe. At first she thinks he might help her make Christmas Day extra-memorable, but he just seems convinced she’ll never manage – that she’s just a party girl who doesn’t care about family, or anyone’s feelings. Maybe he’s right. After all – she doesn’t want to settle down, she’s only there for a few days… But she’s still determined to do her sister proud with gorgeous decorations, the most beautiful real tree – complete with extra twinkly lights, and delicious mince pies. To make it a Christmas everyone will remember, especially little Chloe. Even if, when the mistletoe comes down, she knows she’ll probably never see Logan again… The perfect festive romance novel, ideal for fans of Nora Roberts, Jenny Hale and Debbie Macomber.

Christmas at the Red Door Inn

Liz Johnson - 2018
    Two friends. Three days to fall in love. Lifelong islander Brooke Kane doesn’t know what to do with her college degree, her dreams, or her future, but she knows better than to venture far from home when there’s a storm brewing. But a promise to check on Rose’s Red Door Inn prompts Brooke to venture out. By the time she arrives at the inn, the snow is knee-deep and visibility almost non-existent. She settles in to spend a few days alone at the inn until a familiar figure appears at the door. Father Chuck O’Flannigan has never felt like a bigger fool. So focused on his recent decision to leave Prince Edward Island, he’s caught unaware by the blizzard while on a walk. He can only see the inn’s red door, a promise of safety. But when he discovers that Brooke—the only woman who could tempt him to stay on the island—is also taking refuge there, he knows he’s in trouble. With Christmas only three days away, Brooke is determined that they’ll celebrate—even if it’s just the two of them. Happy to play Scrooge to her Tiny Tim, Chuck wiles away his hours dreaming of a return to Ireland—praying that God may have plans for him there. After all, God seems to have forgotten him in North Rustico. But as Brooke brings Christmas to life, her joy makes him wonder if God may not have forgotten him. In fact, God may have big plans for both of them—if they can only survive Christmas at the Red Door Inn.

Sleigh Bells Ring in Romance

Shanna Hatfield - 2018
    . . Will over-the-hill neighbors embrace a holiday romance? Rancher Jess Milne lost his wife years ago, but he’s finally ready to give love a second chance. It’s a shame the one woman in Romance who captures his interest is a prickly, wasp-tongued she-devil. She used to be one of his closest friends until he asked her out. Her vocal, vehement refusal made her thoughts on dating him crystal clear. Despite her animosity, Jess can’t help but be attracted to her fire and spirit. Widowed more than ten years, Doris Grundy tries to convince herself she’s content with her life. Her recently married grandson and his wife bring her joy. The ranch she’s lived on since she was a young bride gives her purpose. She’s an active member of their close-knit community. But the old coot who lives down the road continually invades her thoughts, keeping her from having any peace. Doris will be the last to admit she longs for the love and affection of her handsome neighbor.When the two of them are unexpectedly thrown together, will they find a little holiday spirit and allow the love of the season to ring in their hearts? Find out in this sweet novella from USA Today Bestselling Author Shanna Hatfield. Return to the friendly town of Romance, Oregon, in this series of sweet Christmas novellas. Sleigh Bells Ring in Romance by Shanna Hatfield - A determined widow and a persistent rancher need a nudge toward love. A Merry Miracle in Romance by Melanie D. Snitker - It’ll take a Christmas miracle to turn a grudging friendship into true love. Holding Onto Love in Romance by Liwen Y. Ho - A small town inn owner and a big time pop star need a reason to keep holding onto love. A Reel Christmas in Romance by J. J. DiBenedetto - Unwittingly engaged in the plot of a classic Hollywood romance, can two email pen-pals find their way to a happy ending? A Christmas Carol in Romance by Franky A. Brown - A bitter-on-love radio DJ and his girlfriend of romance past need a second chance. Santa’s Visit in Romance by Jessica L. Elliott - Santa's got his work cut out for him to help a reluctant couple find love during the holidays. Scroll up and get your copy today!

A Groom By Christmas

K.L. Fast - 2018
     Until he walks into my office. Suddenly, it's all I can think about. Kyle Rothschild I never gave the future much thought, never gave women much thought either until I walked into her office. Now, I can see the future and it stars her. When everything she's worked for and what they've built together is threatened, they must find the culprit before it's too late. This is a KL and MK Flirty Filth novella, but there are some twists. Kick back and snuggle up with some hot chocolate or maybe a hot toddy and enjoy this Christmas instalove yumminess.

Her Country Star Fake Fiancé (Christmas Romance Series)

Sarah Gay - 2018
    Only one thing stands in her way of her happily ever after, and that is the guy she’s had a crush on since the sixth grade, her brother’s best friend and country music superstar, Cash Jackson. When she attends Cash’s concert to gain closure, destiny is not kind when she finds herself accidentally fake-engaged to her childhood crush. Cash Jackson’s country music tour has come to an end, as will his career if he can’t resurrect his dead muse. His label has given him until the first of the year to come up with new material. When his best friend’s kid sister, Gracie Sawyer, shows up at his last concert in Asheville, North Carolina, they share a passionate kiss, which may just be the inspiration he needs. The only problem is she’s engaged to another man.

Mason's Winter

C.M. Steele - 2018
    Weeks of wonder and dreams lead him to finally take his chance when she accidentally crosses his path again. Can you fall in love with someone when they belong to someone else? Crashing into Mason nearly sent her to the ground if it wasn’t for his strong hands catching her. She could still feel his touch even weeks later. Winter knows it's not meant to be and does her best to stay away, but he has other plans. Winter and Mason fall hard and fast in this holiday romance full of heat.

12 Nights of Christmas

Rebecca HunterSarah Hegger - 2018
    However, most of the individual stories will be released separately. **Twelve bestselling and award-winning authors each bring you a sexy night of romance, fun and a little magic. ‘Tis the season for falling for the right guy!Two people stuck in an elevator, snowed in, on an all-night bus trip, locked in a store... Can a magical fruitcake be the special ingredient they're all looking for? **‘Tis the season for giving, too!**20% of the proceeds will be donated to the hunger relief organization Feeding America December 25: “Scrooge You” by MK SchillerChristmas is the worse time of the year for Eva. It’s nothing but a reminder of her tragic past. To make matters worse, her boyfriend invites his entire family over…so she goes into total Scrooge mode.When three ghosts visit her, will she be able to remember the joy in her heart and the true meaning of Christmas?December 26: “Unexpected Daddy” by Gemma BrocatoShe let him go to pursue his dreams without telling him she was pregnant. Five years later, he’s back in town and her secret’s out. Can they get over past hurts to seize a future for their small family?December 27: “The Meant to Be Girl” by Tawdra KandleWhen Ashley Webbar meets Zane Fletcher, the new lawyer in Burton, it's insta-lust . . . but she soon realizes he's already smitten with someone else, even if Zane himself doesn't seem to know it.Ashley is so busy matchmaking that she might miss out on her own happily-ever-after . . . if something or someone doesn't intervene first. This just might call for a Christmas miracle.December 28: “For One Night Only” by Carrie ElksWhen two strangers are stranded at a rest stop in the middle of Nowheresville—thank you, Mr. Bus Driver—they’re forced to spend the night together. Not that it’s exactly a hardship, thanks to the sizzling chemistry between them. But when morning, and rescue, comes, they both find themselves asking one question. Will they see each other again, or was their connection for one night only?December 29: “Best Friends for a Night” by Alice GainesEvery year, Steve has been cheering up his army buddy’s widow with popcorn and zany movies on the anniversary of her husband’s death. Will a little holiday magic make Steve and Hannah more than friends?December 30: “Entwined” by Kristi RoseDonovan survived combat, but can he survive being stranded over Christmas with the girl of his dreams? He swore he’d stay away from his best friend’s kid sister years ago, but after a near-death helicopter crash, this sailor knows second chances don't come around often. Loving Bailey would mean risking not only his friendship but his heart. And that would be one wound that would never heal.December 31: “Rekindled” by Stacy FinzThe last place Branna and Drex want to spend New Year’s Eve is stuck on a broken-down elevator, together. They’ve finally put their divorce behind them and don’t want to open old wounds. But fate and a fruitcake step in, making them question whether love could be better the second time around. January 1: “New Year’s Negotiation” by Kate AllentonWhen Detective Elizabeth Cross’s high school crush and star of all of her what-ifs shows up at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve ready to take her on a trip down memory lane, she’ll have to decide if this is a second chance at having her happily ever after or the start of another broken heart.January 2: “Playing House” by Kim GoldenCassie Delk isn’t having the best holiday season. With her ex-husband about to get remarried, she’s not very excited about still being single. The last thing she expects is for a second chance at love to turn up on her doorstep.January 3: “Book of Love” by Cd BrennanHey, wait a minute, Mr. Postman! Where's your Christmas spirit?Nothing infuriates Melanie more than the one-armed, ex-army hunk who chucks her mail at her book shop door. When Nick delivers a special package at the end of the day, she's ready to give him what for. Except a blizzard strands them together, and the fruitcake delivery sparks magic between them instead. Now, Melanie isn't sure what she wants to give him—a piece of her mind or all of her heart.January 4: “A Winter Wonderland” by Rebecca HunterComing face-to-face with her first love after ten years is a reminder of everything Selena left behind when she moved from Delilah’s Cove. And an evening with Jace is even more dangerous when mixed with a little magic… January 5: “Wild Honey” by Sarah HeggerTwo people who couldn’t be more different. One elevator, a dark and stormy night, and a magical, bourbon-laced fruitcake. What could go right?

My Kind of Christmas

Janet Dailey - 2018
    Completely without funds or family, Travis finds celebrating Christmas is the last thing on his mind, but there’s no escaping the holiday spirit in this close-knit little town—not with Branding Iron’s longtime Santa retiring, and sweetly stubborn Mayor Maggie Delaney determined to find a replacement. When her no-nonsense façade slips to reveal the sensual, vulnerable woman beneath it, Travis realizes Maggie just might be as lonely as he is—and that this holiday season, love could be the gift that heals them both.

Hockey Holidays

Toni AleoLily Harlem - 2018
    JoachimHarry "Deke" Edmonds hides his secret, hoping for a Christmas miracle. When confronted with the truth, will his heart-breaking decision cost him everything?Lucky Holiday by Jennifer LazarisTyler Quinn made the biggest mistake of his life when he broke Ella’s heart, and he’ll need more than an ace up his sleeve to win her back in time for Christmas.Dmitri's Christmas Angel by Kat MizeraTwo women. Two surprise pregnancies. Dmitri Papadakis is screwed.His Christmas Cinderella by Kate WilloughbyWhen Gideon Aguilar mistakes Bailey Peng for his Uber driver it leads to a night he can’t forget. But after she disappears the next morning will he be able to find his perfect fit? Red-Hot Trouble by Lily HarlemSophie Delaney never intended to walk into ‘that’ locker room, at ‘that’ moment, but she did, and now she’ll never be the same again.Christmas Interference by Lisa B. KampsShane Masters no longer believes in happy-ever-afters. Can the woman who knew him best thaw his heart with a little holiday magic before it's too late?The Devoted Father and the Introvert by Mary SmithElexis Dunaway loves Twitter and work. Dag Limon loves his twin boys and playing professional hockey. Soon their worlds will collide with one simple tweet.Her Best Worst Boyfriend by Melanie TingThis Christmas, Em Davis is bringing Mr. Wrong home to prove a point to her parents, but Ian Reid might turn out to be Mr. Right.Icing isn't Only for Cookies by Melody Heck GattoAvery James wasn’t looking for love when tall, dark, and deliciously handsome hockey player Kyler Wilson walked into her bakery.Dallas Christmas by RJ ScottLogan knows lusting after his captain's brother can only lead to trouble. But when fate throws them together, it’s hard not to fall in love.The Playboy by Stephanie JulianKyle is back in the minors to rehab his career but that's not all he's hoping to fix. Convincing the girl he left behind to take another chance on this former playboy will be harder than resurrecting his career.All I Want by Stephanie KayWhen fate brings first loves Maggie and Alex back to the same city, will Maggie be brave enough to give the relationship she never forgot a second chance?Holding On Tight by Susan Scott ShelleyFor defenseman Vince Forsberg and his boyfriend Joseph Parelli, the pressure to make their first Christmas together perfect leads to a lot of chaos, holiday mishaps, and some unexpected results.A Star-Crossed Christmas by V.L. LoceyTwo years ago, Mitch shared an explosive kiss with his childhood friend Shaun. Will Christmas be the time for the two men to find a future together that works?

Family by Fate

M.A. Innes - 2018
    A run-down roach motel isn’t where he wants his bubbly, always-looking-on-the-bright-side boyfriend to live. But instead, he has to settle for surprising Cooper with a second-hand present tucked under their sad Christmas sticks trying to pass for trees. Cooper can’t imagine a more incredible Christmas. He has wonderful presents for Sawyer and an even better surprise he knows will have Sawyer bouncing around their cute little Christmas trees. With all the adventures they’ve had over the past year, Cooper knows that next year will be even better. He just needs to make sure Sawyer can see the perfection that’s just around the corner. 11k Words Story contains: mild BDSM, puppy play references, and two cute subs who dream of a master. Author’s note: This is a short stand-alone prequel to The Accidental Master series. The story takes place several years before Sawyer and Cooper meet their sexy, sweet master. I hope you enjoy their first Christmas as a family.

My Holiday Joy

Jordan Silver - 2018
    The great-aunt she hadn't seen since her early teens, the only adult who'd taught her to love herself, extra curves and all, had died and left her the only place she'd ever felt safe. Moving to a small town opening up her own bakery, all around the holidays was already a bit harrowing, so she didn't need the extra bother of a love interest. As a plus size, 'big girl' she knew well her limitations and one look at the dreamboat next door told her that he was way out of her league, but that never stopped a girl from dreaming. If only he wasn't so overbearingly perfect... Devlin Monroe took one look at his new neighbor when she showed up at his door with her baked offering and smelled trouble. It didn't take him long to decide that she was a nuisance and a pain not to mention an unwanted distraction in his otherwise ideal existence. He'd had a good thing going in his small hometown until she moved in next door. She's nowhere near his type so why does he find himself going out of his way to spar with her, and why is she the last thing on his mind when he lay his head down at night?

Snow Angel

Davalynn Spencer - 2018
    Maimed in a childhood accident at Christmas, she believed she was beyond love’s reach—until a dark-eyed cowboy arrived broken, bruised, and bent on changing her mind. Wil Bergman woke in a stranger’s home with a busted leg and a bullet-creased scalp. Trail-weary, robbed, and penniless, he was at the mercy of a country doctor whose sister’s healing touch had power to stitch up his heart and open his eyes to the impossible.


Jessica Gadziala - 2018
    On too short of notice. With no plan. With an almost assured chance of failure? Well, you take it, of course. Or at least, that is what Sage Walters decides to do, sure that if she could pull it off, this would be the job that would catapult her career to a whole new level that doesn’t involve one gender reveal party after another. Of course, she’d have to not only contend with the impossibility of pulling off the event on such short of notice, but the overbearing, micromanaging, condescending CEO of Calgary Industries - Grant Calgary himself, their constant bickering, and the completely irrational, unprofessional - yet undeniable - chemistry between them…* This is a short, light, but sexy New Year’s Eve novella

How the Grinch Stole My Heart

Annabelle Costa - 2018
     She’s never met the man in person, but Mr. Grieder, a.k.a. Mr. Grinch, leaves her nasty notes whenever her son plays in the hallway. He complained until their doorman got rid of the beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby. He even slammed his door on the Girl Scout Carolers. This is Noelle’s first Christmas since a painful divorce, and this grouchy old hermit seems determined to make her favorite holiday as unpleasant as he possibly can. Except there are two things Noelle doesn’t know about Mr. Grinch: One, he’s not an old man. And two, he’s going to be her date for Saturday night.

Tutus and Tinsel

Rhys Ford - 2018
    Ashamed of the bleakness and poverty she came from, Zig struggles with the assignment until an epiphany strikes the whole family—it’s time to start their own traditions.Zig and her fathers plunge into the insanity of holiday joy, exploring everything the season has to offer and learning how precious family truly is along the way.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like—

Cole McCade - 2018
    Find out how our newly-paired boys handle Christmas when one is Jewish and the other is just contrary. (Chronologically takes place after S1E10 but before S1E11.)

U.K. Boxing Day

Flora Ferrari - 2018
    Boxing Day is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Murder in Her Stocking

G.A. McKevett - 2018
    But murder never went out of style . . .Christmas has arrived in sleepy McGill, Georgia, but holiday cheer can't keep temperamental Stella Reid from swinging a rolling pin at anyone who crosses her bad side--and this season, there are plenty. First an anonymous grinch vandalizes a celebrated nativity display. Far worse, the scandalous Prissy Carr is found dead in an alley behind a tavern. With police puzzled over the murder, Stella decides to stir the local gossip pot for clues on the culprit's identity . . .Turns out Prissy held a prominent spot on the naughty list, and suspects pile up like presents on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, the more progress Stella makes, the more fears she must confront. With a neighbor in peril and the futures of her beloved grandchildren at risk, Stella must somehow set everything straight and bring a cunning criminal to justice before December 25th . . .

Celestia Christmas

Yumoyori Wilson - 2018
     When this unicorn shifter gets to spend Christmas with the rest of Team Misfit for the first time, she doesn't know what to expect. It's the first time Aslan Academy is celebrating the joyous season, and though many students aren't happy about staying over for the holidays, Celestia Rainbow wants to enjoy every second of it with her men in tow. After years of spending it alone with her trusty familiar, Arielle, and the occasional years with Magnor, Celestia knew this year would be better than ever. When her men find out about their Blessed Love's previous predicament over the years, it's their duty to bring joy and cheer to their lover's heart in their own way. Present shopping, sled board racing, and warm hot baths in the middle of a mountain, Celestia is in for a treat of activity, both outdoors and in the cozy sheets of the bedroom. With the intention of returning the favor, Celestia will fill the shifters' hearts with love, laughter, and a dash of glitter to save them from the Forsaken who want to play the Grinch this holiday season. Will they prevail? Only one way to find out.

Soldier Under the Mistletoe

Lacy Williams - 2018
    Right over her fancy party dress. She looked like a little kid playing dress up. He blinked, and it was a woman who looked back at him with soft eyes. Cash was gonna kill him if he didn't un-screw this up. One night. Make it count. Mallory Trudeau can manage a five hundred acre ranch. She just can't seem to break out of the Friend Zone with Sam "Maverick" Dunlop. She knows he thinks of her as Cash's little sister, but that's going to change tonight. It's just one night. Evade and retreat. The Cattlemen's Christmas Ball is one in a long string of reminders that Maverick doesn't belong in Mallory's world. He's got thirty-six hours to report back to his military base. He can make it that long without giving in to the forbidden attraction he feels for Mallory. He just wasn't counting on the mistletoe... Three couples. One unforgettable Christmas. The Snowbound in Sawyer Creek series includes these books: *Soldier Under the Mistletoe *The Nanny’s Christmas Wish *The Rancher’s Unexpected Gift

Wrapped Up in You

Ella Frank - 2018
    But with his partner, Dr. Vaughn Bennett, working crazy hours in the ER, it’s difficult to make any kind of plans. Easter was an appendectomy. Thanksgiving, a ruptured spleen. And Christmas had called Vaughn away to work for Doctors Without Borders. So when the calendar hits February 14th, Carter expects it will be just another day when he kisses his man goodbye so he can go and save the world. Little does he know that Vaughn has a huge surprise up his sleeve—one that will change their lives forever.

Gingerbread Wishes

Té Russ - 2018
    When Eve Harper is assigned the task of trying to convince the owner of a cookie factory – in her hometown of all places – to sell, she gets more than she bargained for when she runs into the owner’s nephew, Gabriel Meyers.

Carousel Horse Christmas

Danni Roan - 2018
    Can one simple gift from an unknown giver change everything? Holden Bays has too much to do to be slowed down by an accident but when his truck and trailer are damaged moving through the city one chance encounter could turn his world upside down. Christmas Miracles come in small packages in this delightful sweet short western bundle of Christmas Cheer.

Once Upon a Romance

Alex Bailey - 2018
    Disney. Romance. No greater magic. When Sophie’s eight-year-old niece, Ariel, asks Santa Claus for a single wish to honor her mom’s memory, Sophie knows she must grant it. Unfortunately for Sophie, Ariel's wish is to ride her mom's favorite ride on Christmas day, and it’s at the last place on earth Sophie wants to visit—Walt Disney World. It will be the first Christmas without her sister, and reliving childhood memories of her best friend is not how she wants to spend her holiday. Sophie’s only desire is to spend Christmas on the slopes with her reliable and stable beau, Darren, who has reluctantly agreed to postpone their trip until the day after Christmas. But when Sophie runs into a charming stranger, who offers up his extensive Disney knowledge, he instantly becomes her hero. A wave of relief washes over Sophie—he may just be the one to give Ariel the magical experience she desires. And, even though Sophie doesn’t realize it, he may be exactly what she needs too. Can a bit of Christmas magic help this ruggedly-attractive stranger win Sophie’s heart when she believes it already belongs to Darren? And will Sophie continue to allow her painful past to haunt her, or will she let it go? The first book in A Dream Come True series is a heart-warming holiday romance set in "The Most Magical Place On Earth."

Her Christmas Wolf

Cecilia Lane - 2018
    Though he’s buried himself in excuses and his work at his diner, one woman has his inner wolf sitting up and taking notice every time her brown curls bounce past his window. Fox shifter Faith Holden owns the coffee shop across the street from her perfect man. While she’s held a torch for Tommy since they were teens, they’ve never before been single at the same time. She’s determined to muster the nerve to invite the scrumptious, reclusive wolf shifter to the town’s annual Winter Wonderland Bash. The attraction between the rival diner owners becomes irresistible as they near the holiday festivities. But Faith’s dreams of sleigh rides through the snow and mistletoe kisses are dashed when Tommy's ex slithers back into town. Can Tommy forget his past wounds before he ruins his chance to make Faith his mate? ~ Step into the world of Shifting Destinies, where the men and women you meet might just be a little more than human. Their towns are protected by magic, and their hearts are open and ready for love. But watch your step - more than darkness lurks in the shadows. Previously published in the All He Wants for Christmas Holiday Bundle!

A Novel Christmas

Lynsey M. Stewart - 2018
    Reclaim your writing mojo, he added. Be inspired, he suggested. Oh, sexy shenanigans, was I inspired. Drew Carolla would do that to a woman. Reclusive and brooding, an ex-pilot-come-sexy-woodcutter-come-luxury-wedding-venue-owner-come…here. Writing romance doesn’t come easy when you don’t have a muse, and I was on a deadline. Four weeks to write my next bestseller or face being dropped by my publisher. Thankfully, watching Drew chop wood, sweaty and shirtless, soon had the words flowing like water through Cornish coastline rock pools.But Drew had his own stories to tell. Why did his luxury wedding venue no longer host weddings? Why did he scoff at the idea of romance? And why, despite that, did he look at me like he wanted to wake up on Christmas morning and find me naked in his bed?Conundrums. Drew was full of them. Too bad I wasn’t writing psychological thrillers. Would Drew Carolla, a man who didn’t believe in romance, inspire my greatest love story or leave me with unfinished chapters?

Christmas Gifts Collection

Elena Aitken - 2018
    Hiding out at Castle Mountain Lodge for the season seems like the perfect plan until she runs into Colin who is not only determined to make the most of the holiday, but make sure Andi does as well.Holiday GiftsRyan is surrounded by couples falling in love at the Lodge, but he’s convinced it will never happen to him. That is, until he meets single mom, Julie. Julie’s daughter is determined to show her mom that love is possible, especially with a little festive help. She's Making a ListSamantha is sure her fiancé Trent will never pop the question! So when her best friend announces that she’s finally set a date for her own wedding…only a week away—on Christmas Day, of course Samantha is excited. But she’s also a little envious…okay—a lot envious! Especially because the most romantic destination in the Rockies—Castle Mountain Lodge—is chosen as the venue.

Christmas in Kentbury

Claudia Y. Burgoa - 2018
    That I’m immune to that wide jaw, taut body, and the unique woodsy-aftershave-engine-oil scent that makes my ovaries explode. Since before I could walk, he’s been my champion. My best friend. The one problem I can’t solve. Why? If I tell him I love him, I’ll lose him and his adorable daughter. Maybe the best Christmas gift I can give him—and myself—is to turn in the keys to my B&B and put some distance between us. Heath I’ve made my share of mistakes. Lost my MIT scholarship, came home to fix cars and romance Kentbury’s female tourists—until I wound up a single father. For all eight years of Cassie’s life, Knightly’s been my anchor. I’ve changed. Cassie’s the best part of me, and Knightly’s been there every step of the way. But as Christmas lays its mantle of magic over Kentbury, she drops a bomb—she’s following a dream to New York City. I’ve got one week to do everything, say everything I’ve never dared. To convince my best friend to be mine—ours—for all the holidays to come.

Zetta the Poinsettia

Alma Hammond - 2018
    A charming story for every season, Zetta discovers she is more than just holiday decor in this inspiring tale of hope and self exploration. Written in verse to delight babies and children, "Zetta" is an uplifting story for all ages  BONUS ONE:  Page to color at the back of the book BONUS TWO:  Fun facts about the poinsettia plant!

Her Hollywood Fake Fiance: The Legendary Kent Brother Romances

Taylor Hart - 2018
    And he really doesn't like the fact his brothers' give him grief about it. So when he's asked to help out at an acting camp for inner city kids, he jumps at the chance to do something real. Too bad the woman in charge tells him outright she thinks he's a hack.The talented Jewel Olympia only wants to help inner city kids by giving them an opportunity to learn acting skills. When she's notified the week before Christmas that the P.I. she's hired to track down her birth mother has a solid lead on her whereabouts, she decides it's time to finally meet the woman that abandoned her in a hospital emergency room twenty-five years ago. Too bad an amazing looking movie star keeps bugging her to go on a date--bug off, she's unavailable.But when her parents show up on her doorstep asking where she's going, she tries to distract them with Grant's star power to avoid hurting their feelings. When he blurts out he's her fiance, everything gets derailed and she finds herself on a jet to Jackson--this is not her life!When a simple trip turns into a media frenzy, they're left with a choice--trust in Christmas angels or lose everything.

A Gentleman for Christmas

Prescott Lane - 2018
    Most women I know like a gentleman.Protective, opens doors, treats women with respect, typically follows the rules.But a gentleman doesn’t fall for his best friend’s woman. Current or ex.And that’s what I’ve done. During the Christmas season of all times — that magical time for decorations, gifts, family . . .Yes, the girl who was off-limits for so long, who I’ve loved all my life, has come back in town and possibly back to me.I can’t follow the gentleman rules this time. There’s too much at stake. I let her go once. I won’t let her go again.What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe.Or does it?

Making Merry

Serenity Woods - 2018
    Poor Meg!My Christmas Fiancé is the first in a series of holiday romances featuring hot rich guys and single moms. The box set of this series was an Amazon bestseller (No. 1 in Holiday romance in Feb 2018).The Perfect Gift (Three Wise Men Book 1)A single mom who can barely afford to put food on the table, Erin isn’t looking forward to Christmas. Then the gorgeous Brock offers to whisk her away for a wicked weekend. Should she say yes? The Perfect Gift is the first in a series of holiday billionaire romances also featuring hot rich guys and single moms (what can I say – I like hot rich guys!). The box set of this series was a USA Today bestseller (November 2016).Santa’s Secret (Book 1 of Christmas Wishes)Having long since lost his Christmas spirit, Rudi comes to Santa’s Secret Village looking to sell the resort. His seven-year-old daughter already knows the truth about Santa, and neither of them is particularly in the mood for the festive season. Then they meet Eva, who’s there with her young son, both of whom melt Rudi’s icy heart. But will the magic still be there when they wake on Christmas morning? Santa’s Secret is the first in a collection of standalone holiday romances that can be read in any order.

The Great Christmas Contest: A MyHeartChannel Romance

Lucy McConnell - 2018
    Five employees will give away $25,000 before Christmas Eve and the winner will own Three French Hens and become a millionaire. Twenty-six-year-old Samantha Noel works in the Women’s Department at Three French Hens. Her life hasn’t turned out exactly like she’d planned thanks to her unconventional father. But, she’s chosen to be one of the five contestants in the Great Christmas Contest, and is thrilled at the opportunity to finally get out from under the shadow he casts. But, when a military wife makes a wish too big for Samantha to fulfill on her own, she's forced to enlist the help of her mysterious and handsome coworker, Christian Malone. As they work together to make a mother’s Christmas wish come true, Samantha develops feelings for Christian. Christian's holding tight to a secret and she has to wonder if she’s fallen for a man who is no better than her father. As the clock ticks down to Christmas Eve, Samantha's torn between keeping her heart safe and risking it for the man she loves. If she can't find a way to trust, then her Christmas miracle will pass her by.


E. Davies - 2018
    Stay here, with me.” Newly-divorced at forty, Pete Miele’s life didn’t go as planned. When he stumbles into dating men by showing enthusiastic, twenty-four-year-old newcomer Nick around Hidden Creek, can he endure the judgment of old friends?Coming out cost Nick Mitchell his degree, so his family exiled him at Thanksgiving. Running away to advertise Hidden Creek as a gay tourist gem could help him start a new life. If only it could be with kind and chivalrous Pete. But blood is thicker than water, and he has to go home someday, right?One sings Jingle Bells and one says humbug, and that’s just the beginning of their differences. When Nick and Pete are drawn together, they start to realize their problems might be in their own heads… but that makes them all the harder to fix. Can Christmas bring both men the miracle they need? Welcome to Hidden Creek, Texas, where the heart knows what it wants, and where true love lives happily ever after. Every Men of Hidden Creek novel can be read on its own, but keep an eye out for familiar faces around town! This book contains a flying plate of cookies, a protective hunk of a farmer, and several ugly Christmas sweaters.

Christmas Romance Collection: 3 Contemporary Romances

Jennifer Youngblood - 2018
     Love on the Rebound Add a little Aloha to your Christmas this year! When Everly Watson takes her young son Jordan to Hawaii, she’s not just celebrating Christmas but also searching for answers surrounding a tragedy from her past. She doesn’t expect to be faced with a tsunami threat her second day on the island. Nor does she count on meeting the famous Christian Ross, superstar of a hit action-movie series. Sparks fly as Everly and Christian have an instant attraction. But things spiral out of control when Everly realizes someone is following her and watching her every move. Christian soon finds himself drawn into Everly’s complicated world of betrayal and deceit and feels the need to protect her from a perilous threat. Can Christian and Everly’s newfound love withstand the growing obstacles? Or are they doomed to keep reliving the heartaches of the past? Loving the Movie Star Actor Blade Sloan gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he lands a leading role in the new Jase Scott action movie, co-starring with Hollywood megastar Christian Ross. Too bad Blade’s having stress issues brought on by a longtime stalker who’s getting more aggressive. If Blade can’t find a way to loosen up on set and perform to the best of his ability, he’ll lose everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. Dani Fairchild is trying hard to turn over a new leaf and transcend into adulthood. Yes, she may have been irresponsible in the past when she jilted billionaire Liam Barclay and ran off with a surfer, but that’s all behind her. Dani has a food blog she wants to take to the next level, and she’s holding down a full-time job. Granted, being a receptionist isn’t her dream job by any means, but hey, it’s a start. Too bad she can’t keep her big mouth shut and gets fired when the boss acts like a jerk. An unlikely encounter on the public bus brings Blade and Dani together where sparks fly and attraction sizzles. But Dani isn’t having it. No matter how charismatic Blade is or how good he looks with his chiseled abs and piercing blue eyes she’s vowed to never again get involved with someone who doesn’t live on the island permanently. Long distance relationships are a kick in the pants, and she’s tired of being hurt. Home alone for Christmas while Samantha and her family go to the mainland, Dani settles in for a quiet, predictable holiday. But fate has other plans when Dani and Blade are unwittingly thrown into a cycle of events that lead to a heart-pounding climax. Can Dani and Blade find a strong enough love to sustain them in the face of danger? Or will the stalker win in the end? False Identity Believe in miracles … believe in hope … believe in love. It's Christmastime, and Chancy Hamilton can’t bear the thought of spending the holidays without her late husband Max who died in a plane crash. When Chancy and her teenage son, Travis, have an argument, Travis storms out of the house and ends up in the wrong part of town where he is attacked by a group of thugs. When a homeless man comes to his rescue, he invites the man home to have a meal with his mom and little sister. Gabe Jones is not like any other homeless man Chancy has ever seen—he’s confident, intelligent, and devastatingly handsome. Jake, Chancy’s boyfriend, takes an instant dislike to Gabe and warns Chancy to stay away from him.

Christmas Angel

Eli Easton - 2018
    He tracks down its creator, a sad and quiet young sculptor. But neither the angel nor the sculptor is done with John just yet. The blasted angel refuses to leave him be, behaving not at all like an inanimate object should.Alec Allston is resigned to the fact that his love will ever be a river that flows out and never flows in. All he wanted to do was create a special gift so that a small part of himself could be with his unattainable and noble beloved, always. But when the gift keeps showing back up at his shop in the hands of a windblown and rugged thief-taker, Alec will need to reconsider his conviction that love is destined to remain an aethereal ideal.


Madison Faye - 2018
    We’ll deck her halls with more than holly This Christmas Eve, we want her nice and naughty. They call us ruthless, and cruel. Filthy rich beyond belief, dominant beyond compare, and we run our company with iron fists. It’s the night before Christmas, but all is not calm. And all sure as h*ll ain’t right or bright. See, someone’s been skimming from the company piggy-bank, and selling secrets to our rivals. Not just anyone though. Her. Noelle Healy. The new hire. The innocently tempting, forbidden little tease who’s been driving us insane in our need to have her. …and we will have her. Dark hair, wild, fierce eyes, and just enough sass in those pouty lips and curvy hips to drive a man wild. Or two of them. But someone’s been a bad, bad girl this year, and she’s about to find her stocking stuffed with two somethings much harder than coal. We’ve got some heavy bells for her to jingle, and enough mistletoe to last all night. Christmas might come but once a year, but the two of us are far more frequent than that. And Noelle’s about to unwrap a bah-humbugging she’ll never forget. The "nice" list? Psssh. Please. We both know the naughty list is much more fun ;). So double-down, get a little wild, and get ready to indulge yourself in some seriously over-the-top, totally unrealistic fantasy at it's finest. Light a fire, grab a candy cane (or two), and let's put a little extra jingle in your bells this holiday season ;).   This mfm romance is ALL about her - no m/m. As with all my books, this standalone novella has no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.

Beary Scary: Halloween Bone-us

Kiki Burrelli - 2018
    As Halloween looms on the horizon, Sawyer agrees to help his fellow pack mates, Gaia and Maggie, with turning their inn into a haunted house. It all goes smoothly until things actually begin to go bump in the night. Sawyer can't explain the disembodied voices or creepy messages written in blood and he certainly doesn't know who or what is responsible for the mutilated cattle found throughout the area. While Sawyer ignores all the creepy things that are happening around him, his friend, Chuey, is experiencing his first Halloween since being rescued from the Mexican wilderness and starting a family. Chuey isn't sure how he feels about candy corn, but he likes the idea of dressing up his older, sexy alpha husband. Join these friends, old and new, as they celebrate the spooky holiday! Beary Scary Halloween Bone-us is a holiday-themed story set in the same Mpreg world you've come to know and love. It features cameos of characters from the previous series and is the perfect book to keep you company while you pass out candy to all the neighborhood witches and ghouls...

Second Chance Mistletoe Kisses

Anne-Marie Meyer - 2018
     Quinn is a single mom who's down on her luck. It's a few days before Christmas and despite the fact that she's desperately trying to keep her world from crumbling down, fate isn't on her side. Just as she wrangles her five-year-old daughter into her truck, the wind picks up and scratches the Jaguar next to her. Dollar signs flash through her eyes, but it's nothing compared to the fact that the car belongs to Collin Stewart—the boy who broke her heart so many years ago.  Collin is back in his sleepy home town to spend the holidays with his sick grandmother. While out on an errand for her, he discovers that the girl he's never really been able to forget about has scratched his car. His thoughts keep returning to her and at the prompting of his grandmother, he calls her to inquire about her plans for the holidays. He soon discovers that there's been a fire at Quinn's house and the only plausible thing to do is ask her to stay with him.  It's difficult enough living in close quarters with a person you once loved, but add in Collin's sneaky grandmother or Quinn's precocious daughter and feelings become hard to ignore. Both want to protect themselves, and before they can fully trust one another, they need to decide if they can overcome their fears.

Santa's Dog

JoAnn Sky - 2018
    He's taken in by the animal shelter then brought home by a military family who needs some help as Dad is called to serve his country. When Christmas Eve comes 'round the next year, Lance must decide whether to return to the North Pole with his friend Santa or stay with his new family. If you love dogs, if you have family in the military, or if you believe in Santa, you will be touched by this heartwarming tale for youngsters and the young-at-heart!

Silent Night

Lara Hawthorne - 2018
    Rediscover the Nativity Story in all its glory—from quaking shepherds to heaven-sent angels—as the song lyrics are brought to life on every spread. The world’s diversity is reflected in a cast of characters with a range of skin tones. A gorgeous book for all the family to share during the festive season. Part of 'The Christmas Choir', a series of festive, lovingly illustrated lyric books. See also The Twelve Days of Christmas​​.

Rewriting Christmas (Finding Love)

Jennifer Youngblood - 2018
    She has no intention of going home this Christmas but then gets the extraordinary opportunity to meet with an elusive author about adapting a worldwide bestselling book into a play. The only snag? The meeting is to take place in Kinsley's home town over the Christmas break.Kinsley never expects to come face-to-face with Gunner the minute she gets home, and she certainly doesn't anticipate slipping on ice and taking him with her where she finds herself gazing like an idiot into his piercing blue eyes. No way is Kinsley going to fall for him again! Gunner broke her heart and she swears she'll never forgive him!Will Kinsley obtain her lifelong goal of writing a play for Broadway, or will she end up rewriting her heart instead?

A Merry Masquerade for Christmas

Ellis O. Day - 2018
    They may not get a Christmas miracle but they will definitely have a happy ending. Craig doesn’t want a divorce. He loves his wife and has not ever cheated on her, no matter what she believes. None of that matters because he’s been kicked out of his house and served with divorce papers.Liz is devastated that her husband of twenty-three – she thought – wonderful years of marriage has been cheating on her. And not just with one woman or even two, but an entire sex club full of younger women.

A Christmas Proposal

Lindsey Hart - 2018
    She’ll had a crush on the guy for oh so many years. And as her brother’s best friend, he was going to be spending Christmas with the family. It was all perfect. Seduce the guy and get to know what all the hype of her teenage years was about. There was only one problem. He is a jerk. He is interested only in off-limits women. Welllllll, what better way to attract his attention than bring home for Christmas a fake boyfriend and who better for that than her bestie, Cameron, a hot shot doctor who knew just about everything on her. It was the perfect plan for the holidays … until she had to share a bed with Cameron. Umm, hello, where was the kid who used to wet his bed? Where did this gorgeous fine-ass man came from? This is a short steamy romance novella. No cheating. No cliff-hanger. And the kind of ending you will just love. HEA all the way!!

O'Connor Family Series Collection

Katie Reus - 2018
    A good thing for the O’Connor family—four local siblings, four sexy stories, four unique journeys to happily ever after. Merry Christmas, Baby: Legal guardian for her sister, Nora broke her no-romance rule for Jackson, but when he does something she can’t easily forgive, he’ll have to prove a second chance, and her heart, are worth the risk. Tease Me, Baby: Reluctantly leaving town to fulfill an obligation, Fallon can’t let her desire for Brad derail her plans. But the sexy sheriff is determined to prove she’s already right where she belongs…in his arms. It’s Me Again, Baby: When his new realtor turns out to be “the one who got away,” Maguire knows a second chance with Samantha is within reach…if he can save her from the menace who followed her home. Mistletoe Me, Baby: Nolan already wants Miranda, so playing her fake fiancé is no hardship. Convincing her family—and the whole town—is easy. Convincing Miranda, especially after tragedy strikes, proves far harder. Length: 111,000 words Author Note: each title can be purchased individually or as a complete series collection.

Tis the Season for Love

Fiona Davenport - 2018
    All they want for Christmas is their woman in their bed. Tis the season for love, after all. The One I Want for Christmas Holly Lane hadn’t planned to take a trip on Santa’s lap this year, but her best friend talks her into it anyway. Only it isn’t a what that she’s wishing for this year… it’s a who. But what are the odds that Santa can fit Jacob Marley in her stocking? 
Warning: Some of the best gifts come in small packages. Which is a good thing since this sweet & sexy novella is short… but not as short as the blurb! The Santa Trap A hot, single dad. Plus a sweet & sexy baker. Brought together by two mischievous boys with a plan that leads to a ho-ho-ho-happily ever after. The holidays have never been so romantic.
 Ride My Sleigh Tonight Grant St. Nicholas Calvin owned a chain of Christmas themed stores, but he had no love for the holidays. Not until Kristen Delancey walked into his office and stole his heart. She was the holiday miracle he didn’t even know he’d been wishing for, and he’d never let her go.

The Christmas Wish

Tilly Tennant - 2018
    Perfect for fans of Karen Swan, Katie Fforde and Jill Mansell. Christmas is coming but it doesn’t feel that way for Esme Greenwood. Recently jilted by her cheating fiancee Warren, she’s had enough of London life and escapes to Thimble Cottage in the Peak District, home of her beloved grandmother Matilda. While Esme mourns for the wedding she’ll never have, Matilda puts her granddaughter back together again with comforting words and generous helpings of fruitcake and together, they plan the trip of a lifetime, to Lapland to see the northern lights, somewhere Matilda has always dreamt of going. But tragedy strikes and when Matilda dies, Esme screws up the courage to go on the trip on her own to honour her beloved grandmother’s wishes. At the airport she meets a motley crew of characters including Zach, a handsome, brooding, out-of- work actor and together they set off for an adventure. Beneath the indigo skies of Lapland, Esme and Zach grow closer. But when Esme is bombarded by messages from Warren promising he’s changed and she discovers that Zach is hiding something very significant - will her head be turned? And when a trip to the northern lights reveals the full extent of Zach’s own secret past, is there any hope that Esme will get the happy ending that her grandmother wished for her? Readers love Tilly Tennant’s books! This is a truly wonderful story!!... It’s a story of friendship, love, family and of course Christmas!! … Fabulous!! Five Big Fat Vintage Stars!!’ Stardust Book Reviews, 5 stars ‘Oozing with Christmas charm, this is the perfect book to add to your holiday reads!’ Darcy’s Book Blog, 4 stars ‘A wonderful book that had me smiling and laughing…I can't wait for A Cosy Candlelit Christmas.’ Rachel’s Random Reads, 5 stars ‘This was my first Christmas book of the season and it’s a fabulous start. It made me fall in love with Tilly Tennant and I’m really excited for Christmas already. The storyline had me smiling throughout, gave me a warm feeling and the writing adds so many sparks… I enjoyed every second of it.’ Simona’s Corner of Dreams, 5 stars ‘I am a massive fan of Tilly Tennant's books so jumped at the chance to get my hands on this brand-new release!... After the first few pages I was hooked! I love the writing style and the characters were just superb - the plot was brilliant and I loved the ending too - it really is the most delightful story!!... Grab yourself a nice warm drink and curl up ready to feel all warm and cosy inside - no hesitation in giving this a massive five shiny stars!!’ Donnas Book Blog, 5 stars ‘What a fabulous book! I'm a huge fan of the Tilly Tennant books, she's quickly becoming my favourite cosy writer!... I highly recommend this story if you're looking for a nice cosy read this winter!’ Caoimhas Books and Lit, 5 stars ‘The storyline had me smiling throughout... I adored the quirkiness of it and the characters.

A Lord for Christmas: Heart-Warming Regency Yuletide Tales

Lauren Smith - 2018
    A Lord for Christmas: Heart-warming Regency Yuletide Tales is a collection of holiday themed novellas. Brimming with love, passion, intrigue, and romance, each story will have you longing for your own Lord for Christmas. The volume also contains a bonus story from each author. A December with a Duke by Collette Cameron – After a horrific marriage, Everleigh vows to never marry again, but the enigmatic Duke of Sheffield is determined to woo the beautiful widow and make her his own. A Match Made at Christmas by Jenna Jaxon—Sophia must allow her grandmother to arrange a match for her, the name of the groom to be announced at a Christmas house party. So when Sophia finds the true love of her life, she has no idea if he is her grandmother’s choice or not. Marriage by Twelfth Night by Ella Quinn – Lady Euphrosyne Trevor knows exactly what she wants in a marriage when she meets the Marquis of Markville. But when her father, the Duke of Somerset, refuses the suit out of hand and betroths Euphrosyne to another man, they must find a way to defy the duke and save the only chance they have for love. The Rogue's Seduction by Lauren Smith - Perdita, London's favorite lady is desperate to avoid a fortune hunter and enlists the help of London's most wicked Rogue to fake an engagement, but her rogue has every intention of claiming Perdita as his wife.