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Fallin' For A Black Billionaire

Bianca - 2018
    They are all arrogant and think you are supposed to bow down to them. Until I was accosted by Travis. Travis Spencer III: Handsome, extremely wealthy, and very smart. He dates women that are extremely beautiful and equally as rich, and I am way out of his league. Our one night together was a complete mistake. Travis: I promised my family that I would leave the younger ladies alone, but then I ran into Kriss. Kriss was everything I never knew I needed. How dare she thinks that we are non-compatible? After our one night together, I wanted more and I was going to get it... by any means necessary.

Dearest Ivie

J.R. Ward - 2018
    R. Ward tells the story of a fiery couple . . . doomed by an undeniable passion.   Features a special preview of J. R. Ward’s upcoming Black Dagger Brotherhood novel, The Thief!   The last place Ivie expects to be approached by a devastatingly handsome male is in a crowded, smoky cigar bar rarely frequented by vampires—yet here he stands. Silas is flirtatious, gallant, and, above all, mysterious. Ivie is anything but. A nurse at the healer’s clinic and the daughter of a biker, Ivie is accustomed to speaking her mind. So she does. Since aristocrats rarely pick up females of her class, Ivie asks Silas just what kind of game he thinks he’s playing.   Despite her guarded exterior, Ivie surrenders to the fierce desire she feels for Silas. And yet, just as their courtship is heating up, he reveals that it cannot last, for he is bound to return to the Old Country. Their bond only deepens as they make the most of their precious time together. But when she learns the truth, Ivie must find a saving grace—before all is lost. . . .


T.J. Klune - 2018
    If you haven't read both books, this will spoil major events. You've been warned._______________Status: CompleteWords: 6,403

Dear Heart: The Letter Chronicles

Natavia - 2018
    Her father Brodie made sure she always had the best that money could buy. But her happiness comes to an end. When Brodie is slammed with a thirty-year prison bid. With him off the streets, Heart has to take over his job, pushing the purest cocaine through the city of, Annapolis. But there is one problem, she’s a woman. Jared is the persona Heart has to hide behind in order to fit in with the heavy hittas, but what will happen when she falls in love with her connect, Hamisi? Heart’s father, Brodie, writes her a letter revealing a shocking secret that will put everyone around her life in danger. The letter ends up in the wrong hands and Hamisi is out for blood. This novella takes place in the 80s era when the crack epidemic began to spread. Everyone is out for themselves at the cost of loyalty. Will Jared take over Heart’s life or will she have to reveal the person behind the facade? This is a fast-paced novella about love, loyalty and lust.

Until Susan

C.P. Smith - 2018
    Experience the BOOM! all over again in this action-packed novella of insta-love and suspense brought to you from author C.P. Smith!

The Prince

Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2018
    Armentrout comes a new story in her Wicked series… She’s everything he wants…. Cold. Heartless. Deadly. Whispers of his name alone bring fear to fae and mortals alike. The Prince. There is nothing in the mortal world more dangerous than him. Haunted by a past he couldn’t control, all Caden desires is revenge against those who’d wronged him, trapping him in never-ending nightmare. And there is one person he knows can help him. She’s everything he can’t have… Raised within the Order, Brighton Jussier knows just how dangerous the Prince is, reformed or not. She’d seen firsthand what atrocities he could be capable of. The last thing she wants to do is help him, but he leaves her little choice. Forced to work alongside him, she begins to see the man under the bitter ice. Yearning for him feels like the definition of insanity, but there’s no denying the heat in his touch and the wicked promise is his stare. She’s everything he’ll take…. But there’s someone out there who wants to return the Prince to his former self. A walking, breathing nightmare that is hell bent on destroying the world and everyone close to him. The last thing either of them needs is a distraction, but with the attraction growing between them each now, the one thing he wants more than anything may be the one thing that will be his undoing. She’s everything he’d die for…. **Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Diamond Fire

Ilona Andrews - 2018
    Then the wedding planner gets escorted off the premises, the bride’s priceless tiara disappears, and Rogan's extensive family overruns his mother’s home. Someone is cheating, someone is lying, and someone is plotting murder.To make this wedding happen, Catalina will have to do the thing she fears most: use her magic. But she’s a Baylor and there’s nothing she wouldn't do for her sister's happiness. Nevada will have her fairy tale wedding, even if Catalina has to tear the mansion apart brick by brick to get it done.


Jane Washington - 2018
     Emmy was born a dweller and she expected to die as a dweller ... until Willa changed everything. Now she has no idea of her path, and she certainly wasn't prepared for what would happen after her death. Caught in the middle of a war that threatened to prove much more significant than anyone had ever expected, there is only one person who can help her ... but his terms are steep. Cyrus was born out of necessity: a being of light, brought to life with a singular purpose. Time has changed him and the recent events have unsettled him … but a certain transformed dweller is about to do much worse than that. She is about to turn his existence upside down. Topia is giving them no choice: they survive together, or the war is lost. This is a NOVELLA, over 30,000 words. Book 4.5 of 5 in the Curse of the Gods Series


April Wilson - 2018
    This suspenseful Christmas novella will best be enjoyed as part of the series.

Rescuing Sadie

Susan Stoker - 2018
    As the niece of Sean Taggart, and the receptionist at McKay-Taggart Group, she was constantly surrounded by Alpha men more than capable, and willing, to lay down their life for her. But when she learns about a friend in trouble, she doesn't hesitate to leave town without a word to her uncle to help. After several harrowing weeks, her friend is now safe, but the repercussions of her rash act linger on. Chase Jackson, no stranger to dangerous situations as a captain in the US Army, has volunteered himself as Sadie's bodyguard. He fell head over heels for the beautiful woman the first time he laid eyes on her. With a Delta Force team at his back, he reassures the Taggart's that Sadie will be safe. But when her past catches up with her, Chase has to use everything he's learned over his career to keep his promise...and to keep Sadie alive long enough to officially make her his.

Scenes from the Hallway

Penny Reid - 2018
    Sometimes it's the good kind. Mostly, it's not.What you don't know is how it all started. You don't know how we met, you might not know what happened in Vegas (or the morning after), and you definitely don't know what happened after that.You want to know the story before the story? Well... here you go.But be careful what you ask for. As I've discovered the hard way, you might not like it.'Scenes from the Hallway' is a companion short prequel/short story (11k words) for Marriage of Inconvenience, and includes the first 3 chapters of that book.No longer availableNow included in Neanderthal Seeks (Extra) Yarns. WARNING: This short story contains a lot of cussing. Do not download or read if you dislike curse words in novels.

Marry Me

April Wilson - 2018
    Fans of the McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series will enjoy this continuation of Lia's and Jonah's story. Cameo appearances by other popular characters in this series are included. Lia McIntyre Lia's been with Jonah for nearly two years now. She loves her rock star boyfriend with a heart of gold. But deep down, she struggles with insecurity. She knows Jonah wants more with her, but she's afraid she can't live up to his expectations. And she thinks it's only a matter of time before he figures that out for himself. Jonah Locke Ever since leaving L.A. and his lucrative recording contract, Jonah Locke is thriving as an independent singer/songwriter. He's more popular than ever. He's living his dream, except for one small part. He wants to marry Lia. But every time he asks, she changes the subject. What's it going to take to get her to realize he's for real? MORE BOOKS BY APRIL WILSON McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series 1. Vulnerable 2. Fearless 2.5 Shane (a novella) 3. Broken 4. Shattered 5. Imperfect 6. Ruined 7. Hostage 8. Marry Me (a novella) McIntyre Security Protectors Series 1. Redeemed 2. Regret (coming early 2019) ... and lots more. Stay tuned!

Grim Like Me

Amanda M. Lee - 2018
    And, because he’s a Grimlock and his daughter is spoiled, that means taking Aisling and her best friend Jerry to work with him. Though he’s not generally in the field, a work illness forces Cormack out on a case … and he must take Aisling and Jerry with him. Of course, since Cormack is a reaper, that means he’s visiting the dead. Unfortunately he has to take his young charges along for the ride. What should have been an easy collection turns into something more for Cormack when his soul runs away and he’s left to solve the murder of an unlikable man with nothing but two eight-year-olds to help him. He also has to do it without his wife finding out what he’s up to because he has no intention of getting in trouble himself. It’s one long day for the terrible trio, and it’s going to take everyone working together to ensure things turn out exactly how they should. Note: This is a 28,000-word short set in the Aisling Grimlock world.

Spring at the Little Duck Pond Cafe

Rosie Green - 2018
    Renting the little flat above the café seems like the answer to Ellie's prayers. It's only for six months, which will give her time to sort out her life, far away from cheating boyfriend Richard. But is running away from your past ever really the answer? Clashing with the mysterious and brooding Zack Chamberlain, an author with a bad case of writer's block, is definitely not what Ellie needs right now. And then there's Sylvia, who's clinging so hard to her past, she's in danger of losing the quaint but run-down Duck Pond Café altogether. Can Ellie find the answers she desperately needs in Sunnybrook? And will she be able to help save Sylvia's little Duck Pond Café from closure?


Rachel Van Dyken - 2018
    Do not make eye contact unless you want to die. And above all else, do not fall in love. Renee Cassani's future is set.Her betrothal is set. Her life, after nannying for the five families for the summer, is setSomebody should have told Vic Colezan that. He's a man who doesn't take no for an answer. And he only wants one thing. Her. Somebody should have told Renee that her bodyguard needed as much discipline as the kids she was nannying. Good thing Vic has a firm hand.**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**


Lexi Blake - 2018
    The rodeo star and the shy academic made for an odd pair but their chemistry was undeniable. They made plans to get married after high school but when Genny left him standing in the rain, he joined the Army and vowed to leave that life behind. Genny married the town’s golden boy, and Wade knew that he couldn’t go home again. Could become the promise of a lifetime Fifteen years later, Wade returns to Broken Bend, Texas for his brother’s wedding and walks into a storm of scandal. Genny’s marriage has dissolved and the town has turned against her. But when someone tries to kill his old love, Wade can’t refuse to help her. In his years after the Army, he’s found his place in the world. His job at McKay-Taggart keeps happy and busy but something is missing. When he takes the job watching over Genny, he realizes what it is. As danger presses in, Wade must decide if he can forgive past sins or let the woman of his dreams walk into a nightmare…. **Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Beauty Found

Tillie Cole - 2018
     There is life before the Hangmen. There is life before your soulmate is found. There is life even when all seems lost. Shane ‘Tank’ Rutherford is just seventeen when, escaping his father’s lethal fists, he ends up on the streets. Fighting for survival, he finds himself suddenly saved. Saved by a group that takes him under their wing. A group that everyone knows . . . the Texas Ku Klux Klan. Years later, Tank is disillusioned from the Klan and what they stand for. Recently released from prison, he is lost in a world he no longer knows. He is on his own. Until he picks up a woman hitchhiking on the side of a road. A beauty queen dressed in pink. Susan-Lee Stewart is done with the crowns. She’s done with the glitz and glamor of pageant life. And she’s done with the bruises . . . the bruises gifted by the one person who should love her unconditionally—her mother. Seconds after taking yet another pageant title, Susan-Lee makes a split decision and flees the stage. Flees the glossy life of a pageant queen, flees her violent mother . . . and jumps straight on the back of a tattooed muscled god’s motorcycle . . . And never looks back. As Susan-Lee holds tightly to Tank’s waist, neither of them know it’s a chance meeting that will change both their lives, and their hearts, forever. There are stories of how you find your other half. There are stories of how someone can save your soul when all hope is lost. Before they were Tank and Beauty, they were Shane and Susan-Lee. Two lost hearts who, together, were finally found. Contemporary dark romance. Contains scenes of violence, offensive language, mature topics and sexual situations. Recommended for ages 18 and over.

Tiger Striped

Jennifer Ashley - 2018
    His mate, Carly, is not about to let him run off alone, and so Tiger takes her on a wild adventure for what proves to be the most important rescue mission of his life.


Cora Brent - 2018
    In their bleak prison hometown their very name was a curse and everyone expected the boys would follow the same path as the vicious generations that came before them. But everyone was proven wrong. And on this wedding day of dreams they will all gather to watch one of their beloved daughters marry her prince. It was all going to be perfect. The day was not supposed to end in tragedy. There should have been a honeymoon instead of a funeral. And now the family that has been through everything will need to stand together and confront a terrible challenge that no one ever saw coming… **KEEP is a novella and the latest addition to the spinoff Gentry Generations series by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Cora Brent. If you're new to these lovable alpha boys, welcome to the Gentry world!

Coming For What's Mine pt 2: The Politician (Law Boy's Series)

Edwina Fort - 2018
     Almost! My heart had turned to stone. At least that’s what I convinced myself. So, no matter what he said or what he did, I will not turn back. “J please, ask me to do anything else. Anything. Just—” He paused for a moment, his eyes searching mine. “Just don’t leave me…” His words made him very vulnerable. He was taking a risk even uttering them. Vulnerable like I was watching him walk into his party with another woman on his arm. “Do you love me?” My voice was cold. “More than anything in this world.” Be strong, sista! He doesn’t mean it! “Then let me go.” Will Journey and Joseph's Love survive the betrayal? Will all those that conspired against them get what they want, which is to see these two torn apart? Can she ever find it in her heart to forgive him? Find out in the conclusion of Coming For What's Mine... From the Inside FlapWelcome warriors. You are nowentering the world of the demon slayers. Each of my books follows adifferent couple on their journey of discovery. Although each bookseries can be considered a standalone, they all tie in together tocreate an epic saga in the same universe. To get the entireexperience, I encourage you to check out my complete catalog listing.This title and other books in the series are all available on Amazonand/or Kindle Unlimited.The Redemption seriesGabe and Yasmine's -RedemptionMelek Black and Earth -RedemptionEarth's CryThe Law Boys SeriesJourney &Joseph Law -Coming for What's Mine Pt.1 & 2Rome & Nahkti-Falling for Rome Pt.1 & 2Tucker & Free -Mean Tucker Pt.1&2Levi Law & Scarlett -Save Me Pt. 1& 2Judah Law & Lace - The UntouchableOne Pt. 1 & 2The Warrior

So Much More

J. Daniels - 2018
    Daniels’ Alabama Summer series!All four couples from the Alabama Summer series—Ben and Mia, Luke and Tessa, Beth and Reed, and CJ and Riley—come together on Halloween night in this thrilling addition to the series. Between unexpected surprises, haunted mazes, sexy stolen moments, and good old-fashioned trick-or-treating, this Halloween promises shocks, thrills, and happiness for the beloved Alabama Summer crew.

Peyton & Noah

Heidi McLaughlin - 2018
    The person who completes them. For Peyton and Noah, they grew up together, falling in love along the way. Wedding bells are ringing. And the couple who almost wasn’t, Is going to be. Peyton and Noah invite you into their life. To spend some time with their family. As they prepare to walk down the aisle.

Dragon's Claw

Karen Chance - 2018
    But when Dory Basarab is called to a crime scene in a smelly basement in Queens, she discovers that that may no longer be the case. Somebody has developed a new weapon, a vamp killer, and left her plenty of clues to follow. One of them leads her to the other side of the world, and to a city like no other, where the paranormal is normal and where death stalks the streets. Can she defeat a clever killer before he kills again, and on an unprecedented scale?

For You I Will

Chelsea Maria - 2018
    Since the age of 15, he has sacrificed his happiness and placed his dreams on hold to make sure the one he cleaved to the most lived out their dream. Being a producer under his best friend's record label came with a lot of perks… except true love. His desires for love went beyond the lyrics he wrote. He craved it like the air he breathed. Landon Carter had it all. The money, cars, clothes and a plethora of women. Being COO of a major record label, Landon has seen first-hand the lengths women will go to just to attach their name to his. Tired of the lies and deceit, he takes his heart off the market and hardens it instead. Set out on being struck by Cupid's arrow, Andre opened himself up for love unlike his best friend Landon. Only thing, well person, stopping him is a Kenyan beauty by the name of Dafina whose own insecurities cause Andre to rethink if the fight for true love is worth it. Being the scrooge of love, Landon thought the black ice surrounding his heart would never melt. That is… until he meets an unlikely spirit housed in the woman he least expects that causes him to rethink the true of meaning love.

Coming For What's Mine

Edwina Fort - 2018
    You have no idea… In my world the Gansta’s on the street are feared. I had no way of knowing that once I accepted a Botany Scholarship at Georgetown University I was going to be unwittingly thrown into the savage biosphere of politics. I’ve come to learn that here in D.C., the politicians are the real gansta’s, and that they are far deadlier than anything we common folk could ever imagine. However, I would soon find out just how dangerous the political milieu can be. It is a place of glamour, lies, and power. Trust the wrong person, and you can end up dead. I gave into the Senator’s son one night, allowing him to take what I had never gifted to another. It was the single most amazing thing I would ever experience. But that one night of unbridled passion would send my life spiraling into uncharted territory. The fruit of which I carried in my womb while fleeing to protect my unborn child… I knew she was to innocent to be pulled into my world. A world that was more treacherous than a pit of vipers. However, I could no sooner quiet my hunger for her, then I could the roar of an oncoming tornado. She gave me my taste, and I found my new addiction. But then she fled from me and became my new obsession. Now, nothing will stop me from, Coming for What’s Mine…From the Inside FlapWelcome warriors. You are nowentering the world of the demon slayers. Each of my books follows adifferent couple on their journey of discovery. Although each bookseries can be considered a standalone, they all tie in together tocreate an epic saga in the same universe. To get the entireexperience, I encourage you to check out my complete catalog listing.This title and other books in the series are all available on Amazonand/or Kindle Unlimited.The Redemption seriesGabe and Yasmine's -RedemptionMelek Black and Earth -RedemptionEarth's CryThe Law Boys SeriesJourney &Joseph Law -Coming for What's Mine Pt.1 & 2Rome & Nahkti-Falling for Rome Pt.1 & 2Tucker & Free -Mean Tucker Pt.1&2Levi Law & Scarlett -Save Me Pt. 1& 2Judah Law & Lace - The UntouchableOne Pt. 1 & 2The Warrior

Christmas with the Wrights

Christina C. Jones - 2018
    Enjoy this quick peek into the lives of these beloved families to see what they've gained... and lost.

A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

Christina C. Jones - 2018
    When things look bleak, a mysterious benefactor steps in with an offer that could be a win-win situation... or a catch-22. This started - and finished - as a serial on the auhtor's blog. If you read it there, there is NOTHING new here.

My Kinda Wedding

Lacey Black - 2018
    Reception to follow. The Summer family comes together once more as the final sister prepares to tie the knot. Take a journey with each couple, from the rehearsal to the reception, and the wedding in between. And don’t forget about the grandparents! You never know what they’ll have up their sleeves… *This book is a 25,000-word novella that would be enjoyed best after reading My Kinda Forever, Summer Sisters book 6. Though part of a series, this book can be read as a standalone. It is intended for those 18 and over due to graphic language, descriptive sex, and the world’s most inappropriate grandparents.


Cherise Sinclair - 2018
    And then turns deadly The death threat is only the beginning…because the letter isn’t a hoax. Z walks out of his office into a barrage of bullets. He can take being shot at, but when the second shot splinters the empty child-seat in his car, he’s shaken to the core. The horror of what would have happened if his little girl had been there spurs him to action.Master Z is a Dom, a husband, a father—every instinct drives him to protect those under his care. When the police can’t catch his stalker, he must take matters into his own hands. He must keep danger far from those he loves. Secrecy and distance is the key. The funeral in Alaska is the perfect location, especially since Z won’t be alone. The survivalist’s sons have grown into men with lethal skills. With their help, he can trap the shooter and keep his family safe.As long as his impetuous and all-too-observant wife, Jessica, doesn’t discover he’s using himself as bait.Defiance is not only a wonderful addition to the beloved Masters of the Shadowlands series, but you also get to meet the sons from the upcoming Sons of the Survivalist series.


Cambria Hebert - 2018
    This is not a full length novel, but a novella that is approximately 45k.

Love at Last

Melissa Foster - 2018
    But Cal’s a careful, responsible man who knows better than to start a relationship before he can give it his all. He bided his time while caring for his family through his father’s terminal illness. Now his father is gone and his mother is settled, but has Cal waited too long to make his move? Find out more about these friends of the Bradens in LOVE AT LAST, and catch up with many of your favorite Love in Bloom characters, including much-anticipated news about babies for the Bradens in Trusty, Colorado! If this is your first introduction to the Bradens, please note that this is a flirt not a full-length novel. Like all Love in Bloom books, flirts are written to stand alone, so jump right in and enjoy the fun, sexy, and emotional ride. What is a Flirt? The Love in Bloom big-family romance world has become so widely enjoyed, I have been asked by thousands of readers to write the stories of our beloved side characters. While I couldn’t possibly fit in writing full-length novels for each of them while maintaining my normal publication schedule, I’ve created flirts. Flirts cover twenty-four to forty-eight hours of two side characters’ lives on their path to their happily ever after, while also updating readers about their favorite main characters. Flirts vary in length and heat levels. I hope you love these quick, fun, sexy stories as much as I enjoy writing them. If this is your first Love in Bloom story, then you have a whole series of loyal, sexy, and wickedly naughty heroes and smart, sassy heroines to catch up with. The characters from each family series within the Love in Bloom world cross into other family series and make appearances in future books so you never miss an engagement, wedding, or birth. Visit Melissa’s website for free Love in Bloom reader goodies such as series checklists, publication schedules, and family trees. Read the Rest of the Love In Bloom Series: Snow Sisters The Bradens at Weston The Bradens at Trusty The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor The Bradens at Pleasant Hill The Remingtons The Ryders Seaside Summers Bayside Summers Wild Billionaires After Dark Bad Billionaires After Dark Harborside Nights The Montgomerys The Whiskeys & Tru Blue

Adjacent: A Building 402 Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2018
    Arrogant. Sexy. A Certified F*ckboy. She’s the only girl he can’t seem to get off of his mind. Ambitious. Attractive. Adjacent. The proximity of them being neighbors certainly doesn’t help either of their causes. And when one side is ready to pursue their curiosity about the person next door, it quickly becomes clear that anything goes in Building 402… Note: While this book tells a complete story, it is a novella meaning it is shorter in length by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. :)

Planet Dragos

Thea Harrison - 2018
    That hasn’t stopped them from achieving a compromise and traveling to Las Vegas to celebrate their friend Rune’s wedding to his mate Carling.From the moment they arrive, the trip goes awry. Death walks in Vegas, and Pia is kidnapped as an ancient enemy makes a move to destroy the Great Beast once and for all.But the Great Beast has other plans.On Planet Dragos everything goes the way he arranges it—unless someone decides to cross him, and God help them then, because he doesn’t know how to back down, and he doesn’t ever, ever let up….

How to Marry a Werewolf

Gail Carriger - 2018
    Rejected by her family, Faith crosses the Atlantic, looking for a marriage of convenience and revenge.But things are done differently in London. Werewolves are civilized. At least they pretend to be.AMERICANSBackward heathens with no culture, Major Channing has never had time for any of them. But there’s something special about Faith. Channing finds himself fighting to prove himself and defend his species. But this werewolf has good reason not to trust human women.Even if they learn to love, can either of them forgive?From the New York Times bestselling author of the Parasol Protectorate series comes a stand alone romance set in the same universe. Look out for appearances from favorite characters and the serious consequences of unwarranted geology.A Note On ChronologyThe Claw & Courtship novellas can be read in any order. This book can be enjoyed without having read any of Gail’s other works. Set in the spring of 1895 this story occurs after events chronicled in Romancing the Werewolf.More? This story is contemporaneous with events at the beginning of Reticence (final Custard Protocol book). Channing is first introduced to readers in the second Parasol Protectorate book, Changeless. He also appears briefly in Romancing the Inventor.

Scarred: A Love Lost: A Domestic Violence Novella

Bianca - 2018
    So bright, she was blinded by the persistent and ever so charming, Issac Rosenberg. Unable to resist his charm, Somaya goes against her parents’ demands and dates him anyway. Years later, she’s deep into a relationship she can’t see herself escaping from. Everything that once glittered, has lost its shine, and the man she fell in love with is no longer the same. Will Somaya be able to flee her once fairytale lifestyle, or will it leave her scarred?

The Kinsman Universe

Ilona Andrews - 2018
    Talent is power. And revenge is sweet.In a distant, future world Kinsmen—small powerful groups of genetically and technologically advanced families—control vast financial empires. They are their own country, their own rulers, and their only limits are other Kinsmen. The struggle for power is a bloody, full-contact sport: in business, on the battlefield...and sometimes in the bedroom. Silent Blade:Old hatreds die hard. Old love dies harder.On the planet Rada, Meli Galdes’ family is of minor rank, and were relying on her marriage to Celino, the razor-smart, ruthless leader of the powerful Carvanna empire. When he abruptly breaks their engagement, he ruins her family and guarantees that Meli will never marry, as no suitor will oppose the rich and influential Carvannas. But Meli has a rare, secret, lethal—and valuable—talent. As a melder of energy, she’s capable of severing anything in her path. So she ‘leaves’ her family and trains to become one of the best and most lethal of assassins, all the while covertly guarding her family’s interests. Now she’s ready to quit; but she has one more assignment.To kill the man who ruined her life. Silver SharkClaire Shannon is a killer…and her weapon is her mind. Born on a planet torn by war for over 300 years, Claire is a soldier: a psycher, with the ability to read, control, and destroy the minds of enemy psychers and to infiltrate the biological network where they battle to death. When Claire’s faction loses the war, she barely escapes extermination from both sides, as her talent brands her as too dangerous to society. By so-deeply burying her ability that she avoids detection, Claire is instead deported to Rada as a refugee, where she must find work to remain. She finds a job as personal assistant to Venturo Escana, a premiere kinsman; one of Rada’s most wealthy entrepreneurs—and most powerful psychers. She thought she had left war behind, but now she must hide her skills and her growing feelings from Venturo…and this battle might just cost her everything…A Mere FormalityThe leader of the fierce Reigh people expires during an intergalactic summit, putting 30 million colonists' lives and livelihoods in jeopardy. When the new heir to the Reigh throne, Lord Nagrad, demands restitution, the phrase "‘a life for a life" turns the intergalactic calamity into an arranged marriage contract between Lord Nagrad and sharply intelligent diplomatic analyst Deirdre Lebed... and the negotiation of terms becomes anything but formal!Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies, bound in leatherLettered: 52 signed traycased copies, bound in a different leather than the limited edition

Grim & Bear It: A Grimlock Family Short

Amanda M. Lee - 2018
    He’s just finished probation and is officially a full-time reaper. He’s also the on-call babysitter when his parents decide to go out for a kid-free evening, which means he has to watch his four brothers and sister (and Jerry) – all teenagers – while holding down the fort and making sure they don’t destroy Grimlock Manor. It looks to be a normal night until Redmond gets a call. It seems there’s an emergency soul that needs to be reaped and he’s the one who has to do it. Since he can’t trust his siblings in the house without a chaperone, he has no choice but to take them with him. Instead of an office building or a quiet death, Redmond finds himself at a rave in a rough neighborhood … and none of his charges will stay in the car. It’s a typical Grimlock adventure, with Aisling going missing and tripping over trouble while Redmond has to find her, collect a soul, and stay out of jail. It’s a night full of antics … and maybe a little danger. It might be one for the Grimlock record book, which is well and truly something given the trouble that always seems to find them. Note: This is a 30,000-word short set in the Aisling Grimlock world. It’s set back and can be read at any point in the timeline.

End Goal

Amy Daws - 2018
    It reads well as a standalone but will be enjoyed better if you read Challenge first. Only professional footballer, Camden Harris, is cocky enough to elope to Scotland with his fiancé and leave the Harris Family behind.

Hoops Holiday

Kennedy Ryan - 2018
    Years later, they've climbed so high and lost so much, but one thing hasn't changed. The attraction that simmered between them in a locker room before is still there. With success like theirs, everything has been possible... except them.That was then.But what about now?*Hoops Holiday Collection consists of FULL-COURT PRESS, a HOOPS novella originally published in the TEAM PLAYER Anthology. It has been expanded with all-new, never-before-published content & epilogue.It also includes Christmas-themed short stories for characters from LONG SHOT and BLOCK SHOT, books 1 and 2 of the series.

Crime Lord's Paradise

Mia Knight - 2018
     Note: This novella intersects with book 4, Awakened by Sin, so books should be read in sequence.


Maggie Stiefvater - 2018
    An enchanting story from Maggie Stiefvater featuring Opal, Ronan, and Adam from her bestselling Raven Cycle, taking place after the events of The Raven King.

Baby, Be Mine

Alexandria House - 2018
    But maybe this year will be different. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll find another lonely heart to share it with. ***This short story contains profanity and sexual content. If you do not like those elements in your romantic reads, this is not the story for you***


Mark Lawrence - 2018
    It should be read between Grey Sister and Holy Sister. Again, I stress SHORT STORY.

Rough Ride

Kristen Ashley - 2018
    And she pays them when her man, who she was hoping to scare straight, finds out she’s betrayed him and he delivers her to his brothers to mete out their form of justice.But really, Rosie has long been denying that, as she drifted away from her Bounty, she’s been falling in love with Everett “Snapper” Kavanagh, a Chaos brother. Snap is the biker-boy-next door with the snowy blue eyes, quiet confidence and sweet disposition who was supposed to keep her safe... and fell down on that job.For Snapper, it’s always been Rosalie, from the first time he saw her at the Chaos Compound. He’s just been waiting for a clear shot. But he didn’t want to get it after his Rosie was left bleeding, beat down and broken by Bounty on a cement warehouse floor. With Rosalie a casualty of an ongoing war, Snapper has to guide her to trust him, take a shot with him, build a them...And fold his woman firmly in the family that is Chaos.Note: Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.

Replacement: A Building 402 Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2018
    At least, she thought she was taking a serious break from dating until she comes face-to-face with the finest man she’s ever seen who also happens to be the new maintenance man in her building. Angie knows what she wants in a man. And outside of his good looks, his natural charm, and his ability to make all of her apartment woes go away, Lawson isn’t that. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get to know him, right? Lawson Hill is completely focused on rebuilding his life now that he’s a free man. That rebuild doesn’t include getting involved with anyone, especially not the bougie girl at his job who always needs something in her apartment fixed. From her high-maintenance appeal alone, he can already tell she’d be nothing but a headache to deal with. But when Angie proves there’s a lot more to her than what meets the eye, Law quickly learns he’ll be doing a lot more than just replacing air filters and light bulbs in Building 402… Note: While this book tells a complete story, it is a novella meaning it is shorter in length by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d highly recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project.

Grim & The City

Amanda M. Lee - 2018
    For Aidan Grimlock, he thought moving in with his boyfriend Jerry would be easy and the extra space would serve as a buffer from Jerry's rather large personality. All of that changes when Jerry insists they visit the local home expo, thus undertaking a humongous decorating project. Aidan isn't in the mood, which leads to a fight, which leads to Jerry storming out, which ultimately leads to him giving in when his sister calls to report her soul has gone AWOL at - you guessed it - the home expo. Aidan has to help his sister with her soul-sucking duties, deal with his boyfriend, grapple with rogue reapers and pretend he's totally okay with Jerry's decorating choices. It's all in a normal day's work for this easygoing reaper … until absolutely everything blows up in his face. What else is new, though, right? Note: This is a 28,000-word short set in the Aisling Grimlock world and told from the point-of-view of her brother. It is set in the past, although only a few months, and can be read at any time.

Eggnog Makes Her Easy

Erin Nicholas - 2018
    Just her and her boys while her husband serves overseas. But her blue Christmas turns merry when things start rockin’ under the mistletoe thanks to a surprise gift from her naughty Santa.

Always My Baby

Alexandria House - 2018
    Hopefully, this converging of divergent paths on Christmas Eve will lead to pleasant surprises for both of them.

The Grim & The Dead: A Grimlock Family Short

Amanda M. Lee - 2018
    When his father announces that he’s going to a reaper conference with three of his siblings, Braden is disappointed to miss out on the trip but excited about being the boss. That is until he finds out which sibling is staying behind with him. Braden and his only sister Aisling have never gotten along. Still, Braden has seniority. Aisling has to do what he says. Of course, Aisling has other ideas. Grimlock Manor is rocking with arguments (and maybe a few petty games) when someone breaks into the house. Aisling insists on staying at the family mansion because she’s got party plans. Those go out the window when the security system keeps going off. Braden thought he would be a man about town but he’s a man stuck at home … and trying to figure out a mystery. Who is going after his family? And will Aisling ever shut her mouth long enough to help him figure it out? Come along for the ride. Things are about to get loud. Note: This is a 30,000-word short set in the Aisling Grimlock world. It’s set back and can be read at any point in the timeline.

Best Year Ever

Ivy Smoak - 2018
    So naturally it has to come true. Truth be told, we’ve started off the semester a little shaky. Penny may have accidentally fallen in love with her professor. I know, how awkward, right? And I may have accidentally fallen in love with a complete stranger. And by accidentally I mean I stalked him. What? Sue me. I’m the one that’s going to be a lawyer one day so I’ll just file a countersuit. God, when did I become a stalker? Regardless, Penny and I are going to turn this semester around. I’m nothing if not persistent. And that guy that I keep almost running into on campus? The one with the piercing brown eyes and panty-dropping smile? He’s going to be a big part of my best year ever. I can feel it.

The Curse of February Fourteenth

Liz Isaacson - 2018
     Cal Hodgkins, cowboy veterinarian at Bowman's Breeds, isn't planning to meet anyone at the masked dance in small-town Three Rivers. He just wants to get his bachelor friends off his back and sit on the sidelines to drink his punch. But when he sees a woman dressed in gorgeous butterfly wings and cowgirl boots with blue stitching, he's smitten. Too bad she runs away from the dance before he can get her name, leaving only her boot behind... Katrina Salisbury has made Three Rivers her fourth small town stop after she escaped her high profile life as the #1 women's tennis player in the world. She loved the fame and money and attention, until she found out her fiancé was cheating on her. That was all the wrong kind of attention, and she's left tennis behind in favor of being a cowgirl for Bowman's Breeds. If she'd actually worn a pair of cowgirl boots or seen a horse in real life before, she might be able to pull things off. She doesn't want any eyes on her, but when she sees her cowgirl boot on Cal's mantle, her heart flutters. As their friendship blooms into something more, she doesn't have the heart to tell him who she really is. Will Trina take a leap of faith and become Cal's Cinderella? Or will she do what she's gotten really good at: Running from the unpleasant? Read all the novels by USA Today bestselling author, Liz Isaacson! Three Rivers Ranch Romance Series: 1. Second Chance Ranch 2. Third Time's the Charm 3. Fourth and Long 4. Fifth Generation Cowboy 5. Sixth Street Love Affair 6. The Seventh Sergeant 7. Eight Second Ride 8. The First Lady of Three Rivers 9. Christmas in Three Rivers 10. Lucky Number Thirteen 11. The Curse of February Fourteenth 12. Ticket to Bride Gold Valley Romance Series: 1. Before the Leap 2. After the Fall 3. Through the Mist 4. Between the Reins 5. Over the Moon 6. Under the Bridge 7. Up on the Housetop 8. Around the Bend Brush Creek Brides Romance Series: 1. A Wedding for the Widower 2. A Companion for the Cowboy 3. A Bride for the Bronc Rider 4. A Family for the Farmer 5. A Home for the Horseman 6. A Refuge for the Rancher 7. A Marriage for the Marine 8. A Fiance for the Firefighter 9. A Treasure for the Trooper 10. A Date for the Detective 11. A Partner for the Paramedic 12. A Catch for the Chief Steeple Ridge Romance Series: 1. Starting Over at Steeple Ridge (Timeless Romance) 2. Finding Love at Steeple Ridge 3. Learning Faith at Steeple Ridge 4. Kissing Santa at Steeple Ridge 5. Coming Home to Steeple Ridge Grape Seed Falls Romance Series: 1. Choosing the Cowboy 2. Craving the Cowboy 3. Charming the Cowboy 4. Courting the Cowboy 5. Claiming the Cowboy 6. Catching the Cowboy 7. Cheering the Cowboy

Issa Hood Love Story: Brooklyn & Blaze

Twyla T. - 2018
    But tell that to her heart. After all, it has been owned by one of them for the past three years. Everyone knows how absolutely insane a mother can be about her sons, and Brook starts to wonder if her relationship is worth the constant battle. Concentrating on getting her Master’s in Accounting, stacking her money, and loving Blaze, Brooklyn doesn’t have time for utter nonsense. However, nonsense doesn’t care about what she wants and keeps knocking at her door endlessly. Growing tired of it all, she just may end up doing something that she never thought she would…walk away. But will walking away cause more harm than good? Bryce “Blaze” Pierce is a true boss in these streets, owning several operations with his brother. However, the recent craziness of the streets has him contemplating retirement earlier than he expected. Even has him thinking about kids, white picketed fences, and stuff. Every time he tries to elevate to the next level, things take a wrong turn with his business and his relationship. For Blaze, his mother is his whole world and feels that he owes her his life. After his dad was murdered years ago, his mom filled his role without a fuss, earning unconditional love and loyalty from Blaze and his brother. But now, his relationship is being tested persistently, and he has to get ahold of the situation before it’s too late. Adding to his dilemma, someone is plotting against Blaze, and he has to figure out who it is. Is it a friend or a foe? Will the answers he seeks be his downfall? Author Twyla T brings you another sure fire hit with this new novella. Find out all the answers to these burning questions when you one-click.

Issa Hood Love Story: Bailey & Bash

Anna Black - 2018
    He had a rule not to marry or fall in love while he was in the game but, now that that was all behind him, he was ready and looking for a life partner and, from the very first moment that he laid eyes on Bailey Burnett, he knew instantly that she was the one. Bailey, young, smart and beautiful, belongs to Andre and she is no longer happy being his live-in girlfriend. The fact that he lies and is never home is evident that he’s entertaining another woman, but Bailey is in no position to leave him. She gave up her career to play house wifey to a man that still hadn’t proposed in over eight years. Fed up and tired of being misused, she meets her new neighbor Bash and is instantly attracted to him, and it doesn’t take long for her to desire him. An absent Andre gives Bailey an open invitation to get to know Bash and it doesn’t take the two long to discover the chemistry that they share. No matter how much the two of them try to keep their feelings at bay, they can’t resist falling in love with each other. The heart wants what the heart wants and Bash decides to give his heart to Bailey and, in the end, they both decide to be together by any means necessary.

Slaying It

Chloe Neill - 2018
    She's ready to meet her daughter, but also very excited about the possibility of seeing her feet again. But trouble always seems to find her...Ethan and Merit have been married for eight months, and they're preparing for life-with-baby. Ethan's battling his overprotectiveness, while Merit's hoping she can figure out how to be a loving parent given her family's chilliness.While out on an evening walk, Merit stops to help a human in need, only to find herself under attack. A sociopath with a debt figures pregnant Merit is an easy target--and Cadogan House would pay handsomely for her return...


J.B. Salsbury - 2018
     Eighteen years after Jonah and Raven said “I do”, they find themselves free of demanding pimp fathers and life or death ultimatums. Now, they have an entirely different nightmare to battle. Their daughter Sadie is seventeen and going on her first real date, but not with just any boy. She’s going out with the offspring of the biggest playboy in Las Vegas history, Blake “The Snake” Daniels. Can Raven keep her husband from murdering his daughter’s new suitor? Is Sadie’s future destined for the nunnery? BONUS MATERIAL INCLUDES A Christmas to Remember: A Fighting to Forget Short Story Valentines Day from the UFL Locker Room ** This is a one-hour read. This is not a novella or full length novel.

A Midwinter Night's Dream

Tiffany Reisz - 2018
    He receives the shock of his life when he learns that he and his sister Lady Claire will only inherit their late father's vast estate if he marries—immediately. Kingsley, the Baron's lover and devoted valet, offers a simple solution to a seemingly Herculean task—the Baron should simply marry his beautiful ward Eleanor. Yet while the Baron longs to do just that...he possesses a dangerous secret that threatens to destroy their marriage before it's hardly begun.

Falling in Love All Over Again

Bella Andre - 2018
    She's still dancing in stilettos, laughing too loud, and lovingly plotting new ways to drive her husband crazy. It's almost time for their most exciting adventure yet, and Lori can't wait for the next phase of their lives to begin--as parents. Especially when she's certain that Grayson is going to be the best father ever. But has he truly made peace with his tragic past? Or will it come back to haunt him just when their future together should have never looked brighter?

The Sexy Stranger

J.A. Low - 2018
    Flying halfway across the world, leaving my dream job behind me all because my fiancé couldn’t keep it in his pants. Coming home to my family is the exact cure I need for my broken heart.What I wasn’t expecting to see in my living room is a hot, naked, Italian man. Did I mention, naked. I really shouldn’t be looking at his… Luca I’ve always lived by my family’s rules, but where has that gotten me?A cheating fiancée. A scandal that will be national news by morning.I need to get away and plan my next move. A remote cottage in the middle of Scotland seems the right place.That is until an awkwardly cute brunette stumbles into my cottage in the middle of a snowstorm where I’m standing. Naked. She can’t take her eyes off of my… I should go and put some pants on… shouldn’t I?
 ** Was released as Fate's Plan a novella. This is now a full length standalone Novel **

Taco-Truck Tryst

Kirsten Osbourne - 2018
    As soon as she starts the new position, she hears that the only man she has ever loved has moved back to town and is now running a business out of a taco truck. She’s worried she won’t be able to keep her heart intact with her high school sweetheart so close. Ciran Benedict once thought that being a big-city lawyer was the only thing that mattered in life. He worked hard toward his goal, and once he’d accomplished it, he realized he wanted more from life. He has recently returned to his home-town to operate a taco truck and provide the good people of Idaho superior tacos. Deep inside, he hopes that he can rekindle his romance with Roxane Quinn, the girl who got away. Will he be able to convince her they are meant to be together? Or will he have to be content to love her from afar?

Until Arsen

K.L. Donn - 2018
    The oldest of the Daniels siblings, he knows what it takes to provide for his family. What he doesn’t have is the one thing he’s always wanted…A family of his own.Marina Parks longs for a normal life. After a tragic accident seemingly robs her of the chance to have a family of her own, she gave up on love. Refusing to seek it out when all she’s found in the past, is heartache.Until Arsen…Love is a novel creature, grabbing on and never letting go when two souls collide. A collision course is about to happen as Marina and Arsen discover what love truly is.**Author note**Until Arsen is a sweet novella introduced into Aurora Rose Reynolds Happily Ever Alpha world featuring popular characters from her bestselling UNTIL series. In this edition you will find cameos from Nico & Sophie Mayson. Previously published in the Kindle Worlds program. NO NEW CONTENT ADDED.

Fallin for a Jamaican Boss

Tina Marie - 2018
    In his world it was murder or be killed and he planned to stay alive. Zadda walked through life emotionless, never learning how to love or respect anyone until he met Neffi. She tested his patience, had him breaking all his rules but will she push him to the edge? Being the cousin of a Jamaican Don Neffi wasn’t used to hearing the words, no, stop or can’t. But when her baby father’s secrets are revealed some of hers come tumbling out as well. Leaving her single and for the first time without her cousins support. Meeting Zadda she soon finds out she wants more than he can give. Will their love survive murder, secrets and tragedy? Or will Neffi be left alone once again?

If I Could Stay

Stephanie Nicole Norris - 2018
    Then, her only mission was to attend college, pursue her modeling career, and leave her past hurts behind. But when Carmen receives some startling news, she decides the time to make her final appearance has arrived; however, reemerging could open old wounds and the obstacle of facing the man she left behind presents the biggest challenge of them all. Dominic Johnson has long since put thoughts of Carmen Mitchell out of sight and out of mind. Circumstances would bring her back to Brunswick, but there was no repartee to be spoken to the woman who’d left him years ago without so much as a goodbye. It isn’t until Dominic gains a first-hand glimpse of Carmen that old memories spark and a detonation of what was, and what could be, set off a myriad of images in his mind. Now Dominic is faced with a battle that’s waging internally, to stay out of her way or to succumb to Carmen Mitchell, again.


Alana Sapphire - 2018
    My old lady is everything I’ve ever wanted. There’s only one thing I need to make my life complete, and I know it will happen soon. After all we’ve been through, Raven and I deserve this.Now that she’s truly mine, I’m never letting her go.***Raven***I have a secret.Hiding it from Gage is getting increasingly difficult. Lying to him is killing me, but he’d be devastated if he finds out.He’d leave me.Will my deception cost me my relationship?Intended for mature audiences. Best enjoyed if you've read the previous 3 books in Gage and Raven's story.Reading order:ForbiddenTemptedClaimedDeception

Loved by A Street King

Candi B. - 2018
    Years after Hurricane Katrina took her parents she moved back to her city to find that nothing changed. With no job and money, her only option is to turn to the streets. When the streets take someone close to her Miracle takes heed and proceeds to turn her life around. Mystery Jones was respected throughout New Orleans and he was just as deadly as the guns he sold. Mystery is done with his womanizing ways and is ready to settle down. An unexpected shootout brings him in the presence of Miracle Anderson. He’s immediately captivated by her beauty and rude demeanor. After being in a physical and emotionless relationship Miracle had vowed that she would never get involved with someone like Mystery again. She couldn’t ignore the sexual tension that was brewing between the both of them. An unforeseen event takes place and Miracle finds herself riding shotgun with Mystery. Miracle finds out that Mystery is nothing like her ex and she let’s her guards down. Mystery is bursting the walls down to her heart but when bitter ex’s pop up and a chance of a lifetime is presented to Miracle will she pick the come up or a chance at love again?

Ringing in the New Year

Alexa Riley - 2018
    He even stole his mom’s ring to seal the deal, but he got into trouble for doing it. It’s okay, though, because he knows that one day she’s going to be his wife and he’ll keep giving her the ring until then. Cami Evans fell in love with the boy next door when she was seven years old. They spent their whole lives falling for one another until one day she’s taken from him. She spends five years with her father in a cult until she’s able to make her escape and find her way back to Reed. Warning: Can true love happen when you’re just a kid? According to Alexa Riley it can! Fall head over heels for this ultra-sweet story of how childhood sweethearts find their way back to one another.

Last but not Leashed

R.J. Blain - 2018
    Between his boss, a hybrid lycanthrope female on a mission to claim her mate, and his pack on a mission to change his relationship status, he’s in for a week he’ll never forget.Warning: This novella contains humor, romance, magic, a temporary escape from life, bodies, and puns. No plots were severely harmed during testing but they were put in time out due to hysterics.

Issa Hood Love Story: Lyric & London

Patrice Balark - 2018
    Nice house, expensive cars, expensive jewelry and a promising career as a doctor. Aside from the infidelities that plagues her marriage, the biggest mistress of them all is her mother-in-law, Sylvia. Sylvia Pierce loves her boys with everything in her. She takes the term, “mother knows best” a little too serious. She hates anyone that comes into her son’s life and makes it her duty to tear them apart, by any means necessary but, unluckily for her, she’s met her match with Lyric. Lyric is feisty and cut-throat, holding nothing back when it comes to the people she loves. A good loyal friend and a ride or die wife for her man, but with a turn of unexpected events and the ultimate betrayal, Lyric is not sure if she’s able to hold it all together. Never in a million years did London think he’d be someone’s husband. Growing up with the mentality that he was “married to the streets”, he never dealt with someone so tough until he met Lyric. From day one, he knew she was special. Unwilling to share her with the world, he married her and made her his, but he soon realized that being with one woman man wasn’t an easy task. Although his heart belonged to her, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself and found himself hurting his wife on several different occasions. Buying Lyric expensive gifts was London’s way of apologizing, but the latest stunt may be the one to end them for good. Join Lyric and London on their journey through love, heartbreak, deceit and lies, all the while dealing with the MOTHER IN LAW FROM HELL!

Here in Hart's Crossing: Four Charming Small Town Novellas

Robin Lee Hatcher - 2018
     A daughter returns home from the big city to care for her injured mother. Childhood sweethearts reconnect after decades apart. A single mom finds herself the target of her starry-eyed daughter’s matchmaking scheme. And a young couple struggles to find their own American dream in this wonderful collection of four novellas from bestselling author Robin Lee Hatcher. Celebrating family, faith, and forgiveness, Here in Hart’s Crossing will warm your heart and soothe your spirit.Includes: Legacy Lane * Veterans Way * Diamond Place * Sweet Dreams Drive

Until Brandon

Natasha Madison - 2018
    Happily Ever Alpha, a new Kindle World, will debut April 3, 2018.BrandonAnytime I heard someone speak of the boom, I laughed. Surely only crazy people believe they can fall in love as soon as they lay eyes on someone. I thought it was all in their heads until the moment she walked into my office asking for a job. The instant my gaze locked with hers, I knew she was mine, and I would do anything in my power to protect her.ArouraI never thought I would be applying for a job at a strip club, yet there I was. When the stunning owner offered me a job, I thought taking off my clothes would be the most nerve wracking thing. When I walked in the next morning, I found out I wouldn’t be stripping, I’d be working side by side with him. It doesn’t make sense for a man like him to desire a woman like me—a woman with baggage and a past. One phone call changes everything and I’m forced to realize that until Brandon, I might have had it hard, but with him I will have it all.


Anne Mercier - 2018
    They look and feel like cast members from The Walking Dead, and I'm not talking about the humans. It's only an overnight break, but it's exactly what they need. Cage and Sera attend a charity function and run into an unwelcome enemy. They spend a special night together before they get to work on a plan of how to keep one of their own safe.

So Many Roads to Choose (Oregon Trail Dreamin' Book 4)

Kathleen Ball - 2018
    He has Lynn and a houseful of orphans but he also had a wife, he’s always been faithful to. Brenda lied and said she was with child, Smitty’s child over ten years ago. It’s time to dissolve their marriage. Upon arriving at Brenda’s house, he finds Brenda and her mother May dying of tuberculosis and just as ornery as ever. Lynn knows Smitty is married and respects the vows he took. He finally comes home but in his grief he decides to leave Lynn and the kids. Lynn can’t stay in a house that doesn’t belong to her, so she answers an ad and leaves to become a farmer’s wife, taking her children with her. It was the biggest mistake of her life as the farmer is abusive. Smitty rescues them. Both Lynn and Smitty have doubts about their special love for each other. Can Smitty sway Lynn to be his forever or will she choose to travel a different road?

How We Fell in Love

Toni Aleo - 2018
     Option Two: Till Death Do Us Part. Grace has only ever believed in Option One. But James makes her question that belief from the moment she meets him. James has only ever believed in Option Two. But Grace goes out of her way to shake his belief from the moment he meets her. He’ll move heaven and earth to convince her she’s the only option he wants for the rest their forever.

First Touch

Teyla Branton - 2018
    But he is desperate to find the missing little girl. Can they put aside their differences and find her before it’s too late? Autumn Rain didn’t always possess the ability to read emotions imprinted on objects. If you’ve enjoyed the Imprints series or are just beginning the adventure, you don’t want to miss this new prequel about Autumn's first case as a consultant to the Portland Police Bureau. See how she came into her ability, and how Detective Shannon Martin reacts when he realizes this crazy so-called psychic might just be telling the truth. Can they put aside their differences and find a missing girl before it’s too late? From the author: I hope you enjoy this introduction to my Imprints series. Readers have asked me for this story, so here it is! Though this is a shorter story and as such cannot contain the intricacies of the rest of the series, it is a complete book with no cliffhangers. Enjoy!

On the Naughty List: A Falling for a Rose Christmas Special

Stephanie Nicole Norris - 2018
    So when a Christmas party brings Eden Alexandria Rose and Derek James Clark face to face again, sparks turn into a detonation of desire that lands them both, on the naughty list. *Authors Note - This is a short story and only meant to give you a look inside Derek and Eden’s Christmas together. This is not their full story which will come early 2019.

In The Darkest Midnight

Grace Draven - 2018
    During the long, crowded festivities of the winter holiday known as Delyalda, there's nowhere to escape and no one to save her from the taunts and mockery.Until a handsome swordmaster promises to teach her how to save herself.Originally published in the 'Amid the Winter Storm' anthology, In The Darkest Midnight is a stand-alone novella that takes place in the world of the Wraith Kings series.

Son of the Dawn

Cassandra Clare - 2018
    Alec and Isabelle aren't too sure they want a new brother, and their parents are not assuaging their fears, too occupied with the dark news that Raphael Santiago, second-in-command of the New York vampire clan, has brought from the Shadow Market.

Naughty or Nice

Logan Chance - 2018
    After losing my job, they’re downright depressing. It’s all good, I take that big lump of coal, and turn it into an opportunity to get my homemade soaps into Mountain Goat Resort. I just need to convince Graham Steele, the owner.If I can nail this deal, everything will be merry and bright.Things veer out of control when I end up nailing a sexy stranger at the resort the night before my big meeting. Before I know it, I’ve got a fake fiancé and twelve days to spend pretending with his family.I’m definitely going on the naughty list this year, and Graham Steele put me there.

A Very Rockstar Holiday Season

Anne Mercier - 2018
     NOTE: Series should be read in order.

Begin Again: Rollin On Series Prequels - Including Begin Again and Written In The Stars

Emilia Finn - 2018
    Rough. Broke. Bryan Kincaid is the anti hero in Nelly Robertson's world. She's on the cusp of graduation and promised to a well-to-do family. He's absolutely not the kind of guy her daddy would want her to know, and yet, he can still be found waiting in the school parking lot every afternoon. With his no f*cks attitude about her relationship status with another man, Bryan lays his claim on her heart and body every single day for three years. She'll say yes eventually, right? Written In The Stars Get the girl? Check! Marry up? Check! Make a baby or two? Check, Check! It's not my fault I saddled my poor sweet wife with a psychotic toddler who just happened to start out at eleven pounds heavy. It's the Kincaid genes. She knew what she was getting herself into when she gave me the yes. Everything we have, everything we are... It was Written In The Stars This is a Rollin On companion short story. It can be read at any time in your Rollin journey.

Exes & Ho Ho Hos

Pippa Grant - 2018
    And it was the worst mistake of my life.So when she shows up to play Santa for my daughter’s preschool Christmas party, you’re damn right I’m going to try to get her back.Except Kaitlyn Holly’s lost all of her Christmas cheer. Which means it’s my job to help her get it back. No matter what it takes.Exes and Ho Ho Hos is a short, sexy, standalone Christmas romance told in alternating first person, complete with reindeer, a Santa brawl, and a little mishap on the most iconic skating rink in New York City. It stands alone and has a merrily ever after.

Issa Hood Love Story: Shampaine & Savage

Tina Marie - 2018
    But, beyond the perfect outside laid a damaged heart and reckless soul. A life filled with murder, pain, and secrets made Shampain the woman she was today. If a man wasn’t furthering her gold digging career, then she had no use for him. At least, until she met Savage. He became the one she wants, just because, but will her past allow her a chance with her future? Savage was all about hustling until his bank accounts couldn’t hold anymore. He was ruthless in the streets and, when it came to his money, nothing else mattered. Savage had never come across a woman who didn’t want to be saved by him, loved by him, until he met Shampain. She had a name in the streets, but he still wanted her. But, would the guilt he carried from his past allow his brother to ruin it all?

Just Say Yes

Brix McQueen - 2018
    We had finally called it quits, and I was ready to move on. Quickly.I was ready for something fun — something to take the edge off of being newly single. My friends suggested dating, but I declined and took their generous offer of receiving a spa day instead.What was supposed to be a relaxing experience, turned into a spine-tingling, soul floating, toes curling, body trembling orgasm. And it was from my high school crush, Garlen.The thing was, he wasn’t my only crush back then. I had one on him and his fine friend, Jerik. After the way he made my body come alive, forbidden, nasty thoughts of sampling them both invaded my mind. Not just alone, but together.I wanted them both.At the same time.And, have them do things to me I only fantasized about.But, I didn't know how to tell them.Do you ask for something like this or just submit and just say yes?

The Christmas Heirloom: Four Holiday Novellas of Love Through the Generations

Karen Witemeyer - 2018
    In stories ranging from 1820s Regency England to present-day Washington state, readers will be treated to Christmas tales of an heirloom brooch passed from mother to daughter for almost two hundred years. Will the family legend claiming the brooch brings love to its recipient hold true for these women separated by the years but bonded together by the ties of family?In Kristi Ann Hunter's "Legacy of Love," Sarah Gooding never suspected returning a brooch to an elderly woman would lead to a job . . . and introduce her to the woman's grandson. While he may be far above her station, she can't help but notice that his desire to make this Christmas special for his grandmother matches her own.In Karen Witemeyer's "Gift of the Heart," widow Ruth Albright uses the family brooch as collateral for a loan from the local banker. But the more she comes to know the man behind the stern businessman, the more she hopes for a second chance at love as the holidays draw near.In Sarah Loudin Thomas's "A Shot at Love," Fleeta Brady's rough-and-tumble childhood means she prefers hunting to more feminine activities. She never expected her mother's brooch might be how a fellow hunter turns her attention from competition to romance one December.In Becky Wade's "Because of You," Maddie Winslow has spent years in love with a man whose heart was already spoken for. When a church Christmas project brings them together and she stumbles upon an old family brooch, might it finally be her turn for love?

Rough Justice

Kelley Armstrong - 2018
    Matilda of the Hunt. The lone woman who rides with the Wild Hunt, tasked with finding killers who've escaped justice and letting the hounds reap their souls. For Olivia Taylor-Jones, Matilda isn't just a legendary figure from Welsh lore. She is Olivia's past, and her future, one she's finally embraced.Having accepted her role as Matilda, Olivia must now lead her first Hunt. Seems simple enough. But when she questions their target's guilt, the Hunt is halted, her mission failed. Still, it's just a matter of getting Gabriel's help and investigating the man's past to reassure herself that he's guilty. He must be. Otherwise, he wouldn't be a target. But the deeper she digs, the more problems she finds, until she must question everything she knows about the Hunt and the choice she's made.

A Tale of Two Cities: A Thanksgiving Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2018
    But who's to say that's the only one? For actress Aspen Watson, all it takes is a trip back to her hometown for Thanksgiving for her to realize that sometimes home can be where the heart is in more ways than one. ;) A Tale of Two Cities Collection: Cute & Sweet Millennial Meets Over a Holiday, All With One Thing In Common; Cities. Note: This is a short novella with a happy-for-now ending. If you prefer your stories longer, I'd recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. :)

The Love We Seek: A Forbidden Love Story (The Love Series Book 1)

B. Love - 2018
    Each book has a happy ending. There are no continuations. Each book features a different couple and can be read in any order.* “People die or leave when you need them most. Nothing is ever certain. Nothing is ever sure.” – Kailor Smith When Kailor Smith’s mother dies, her life crumbles. Completely. Still looking out for her in death, Asia sends Kailor on a journey of self-discovery. The journey, meant to be a six-month path of fun and finding purpose, leads Kailor to Finley Trails where she temporarily lives with her brother Kai… and his best friend and bandmate Zion Johnson. Zion Johnson is convinced that he has only two things to offer the world – his music and his manhood. Nothing more, like love, but definitely nothing less. After losing his parents at a young age, he’s convinced it’s his job to protect every damsel that comes his way. Even his best friend’s sister. No matter how much his best friend wants him to stay away. As Kailor and Zion’s paths collide, they find themselves on a journey of healing and love together. There’s just one problem; their union is forbidden. Not only could their relationship destroy Zion and Kai’s friendship, but it also has the potential to ruin their band and all of the success they’ve built. The odds are stacked against them, and for a while they are even at war with their own feelings, but Kailor and Zion must choose between love or the numbing pain they have both accepted as their truths.

Transitions: The Heirs Prequel

D. Camille - 2018
    ~ African Proverb Time waits for no man…or woman. Life moves on, old things fade away to make way for new beginnings. From Black Diamonds, to Uncut Diamonds…to Heirs. A new generation is forming, designed to be more advanced, more dangerous and more intriguing than their predecessors. In this prequel, The Diamond family is transitioning to usher in a new regime. The Diamonds are back, and the family is growing in unexpected ways...


Adriana Locke - 2018
     But, she’s back. Seeing Cross wasn’t on Kallie’s to-do list. She didn’t think she could avoid him forever but trying never hurt anyone. One minute she’s standing by herself and the next she’s accosted by a rich, velvety scent that could only belong to one man: Cross. At face value, he’s divine. All rugged and confident with a smile that melts her right where she’s standing. It doesn’t take long to find him to be charming, witty, and the owner of a few legitimate businesses. Not at all like the mischievous boy she left. He laughs and her heart flutters. With a touch of his hand, she’s dizzy. She’s fairly certain she’s going to die when he pulls her into an embrace and touches his lips to her forehead. It feels right. It feels so right. But is it? Can it be? *Releases on May 25, 2018

A Tale of Two Cities: A Halloween Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2018
    But who's to say that's the only one? A trip to sin city for a Halloween-themed joint bachelor-bachelorette party is all it takes for Savannah and Lincoln to learn this the... not so hard way. ;) A Tale of Two Cities Collection: Cute & Sweet Millennial Meets Over a Holiday, All With One Thing In Common; Cities. Note: This is a short novella with a happy-for-now ending. If you prefer your stories longer, I'd recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. :)

A Tale of Two Cities: A Christmas Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2018
    But who's to say that's the only one? Director, Dallas Bryant, isn’t looking for love this holiday season, but that all changes when Madison Walker and a mistletoe come in the picture. ;) A Tale of Two Cities Collection: Cute & Sweet Millennial Meets Over a Holiday, All With One Thing In Common; Cities. Note: This is a short novella with a happy-for-now ending. If you prefer your stories longer, I'd recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. :)

Temporary Groom

J.S. Scott - 2018
    Now you can find out what happened to them. Did Lia really marry the wrong guy? Lia: I thought I had my life all worked out. My wedding had been meticulously planned. All I had to do was walk down the aisle and get married to the man I'd been engaged to for over a year. Pretty easy and uncomplicated, right? Unfortunately, all of my well laid plans go up in smoke when my fiance leaves me at the church alone because he found a woman who was better suited for his snobby world of wealth and privilege. Problem is, I really have to get married. All of my hopes and dreams are dependent on me tying the knot by my twenty-eighth birthday, and the date is closing in fast. As usual, my best friend Zeke Conner is there to pick up the pieces when I get jilted by a jerk. He helps me work through the demoralizing event so I can put it behind me and move on. But when he offers to marry me himself, I'm stunned. But it's a bargain I can't really refuse. As my relationship changes with my best friend, I find myself caught in a web of sensual desire and unending passion that's as terrifying as it is satisfying. Probably because it seems all too real. But our arrangement was supposed to be temporary. A deal between friends so that we'd both benefit. What will happen when it all ends? *Temporary Groom is the first book in the LEFT AT THE ALTAR series in a collaboration of six New York Times Bestselling Authors: J. S. Scott, Ruth Cardello, Raine Miller, Sawyer Bennett, Minx Malone, and Melody Anne.

Wound Tight

Lorelei James - 2018
    Now retired and nearing the big 4-0, a gold belt buckle and a rusted-out pickup are all he has to show for his years on the blacktop. When Justin takes a job at the Gradsky Ranch, he immediately locks horns (and lips) with the sexy, sassy Calliope—a 22 year old cowgirl set on seducing him. Reminding her of their age difference doesn’t deter Calliope; neither does Justin’s warning that she deserves more than a busted-up former rodeo cowboy. From the moment Calliope Morgan encounters the hot-as-fire new ranch foreman, she knows his gruff manner is an attempt to mask his attraction to her. But she’s never backed down from a challenge, especially not when Justin’s actions speak louder than his denials. Calliope doesn’t give a damn that he’s older than her or what others might think of their relationship. The uptight cowboy needs to relax and she’ll do whatever it takes to loosen him up, proving there are no age restrictions when it comes to lust…or to falling in love. **Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

If We Could Do It Again

A. Marie Johnson - 2018
    You can't come in town and just sweep me back into your arms, Noble." "I can't? Because that's exactly what I plan on doing. Starting right now." Noni Clark never imagined living her life without Noble Preston by her side… until she had to. Their high school sweetheart love came to an unwanted end when Noble graduated and moved to California, leaving her behind in their hometown. With no other choice but to move on, Noni finished her final year of high school alone and continued to find her way through life without him… until he came back. Riding on the upside of a promising acting career, Noble Preston has never been more satisfied with life, but there is one thing missing to make it complete; Noni Clark. After nine years without seeing her, fate finds a way to bring them back together through his younger sister, Avery. Avery needs a wedding planned, Noble is going to stay for the planning and fund it all and Noni is the best wedding planner in the city. The chance for Noble to win Noni back and keep her for good seems promising… until trouble pops up. A mother that never wanted to see the two of them together, a man who has already made a place in Noni's life and an enticing vixen from Noble's very recent past makes it hard for the unforgettable lovers to truly reunite. Can a love that never seemed to fade win? Or will the destiny that first set them apart continue to trump all?

Issa Hood Love Story: Iesha & Stone

Stormy - 2018
    That just may be the case for semi-single Iesha. She finds the courage to leave her no-good baby daddy but has trouble staying completely away from him. He’s a great father to their daughter but a terrible spouse to her. She’s adjusting to being single, but a chance encounter with the notorious Stone may have her reconsidering being alone. Stone finds himself a single father after his baby mama decides she’s not ready to be a mother to their three-week old son. He finds himself in a bind and ends up needing the chick he only had intentions on one nighting. He had no plans on Iesha becoming someone he depends on, but things never go as planned. Find out what happens when two people with no intentions of finding love collide. Is Iesha just what the doctor ordered for Stone, or is she just another notch in his belt? Can Stone be everything she lacked in her previous relationship, or are all men the same?

Sugar Rush

A. Jones - 2018
    For years she’s given up on her dreams to keep peace within her family, but now she’s ready to pursue the life she wants. With one small window of opportunity she’s given room to do just that, however, not everyone is happy for her. Facing the repercussions of her decision from her family and a surprising diagnosis that’s threatening everything she’s been working for leaves Melanie wondering if her dreams were ever supposed to be anything more than a dream. Then enters Kamali James – a natural born nurturer and a man who has been a giver and lover all of his life… until he crosses paths with the beautiful Melanie Moore. Melanie doesn’t have time for a relationship, let alone the emotional strength to deal with everything she’s going through. Will she let Kamali in to be the rock that she needs and continue pursuing her dreams, or will she give up on everything... including him?


T.K. Leigh - 2018
    Handsome. Popular. Star hockey player.My best friend's brother.The more time we spend together, the more hopeful I become that he'll give me what I've dreamt about for years...My first kiss.But just like everything else in my life, it comes at a price I may not be ready to pay.One he may not be ready to pay, either.
Promise is an optional extended prologue to T.K. Leigh's Redemption Duet. Start this second chance, best friend's brother romance today.

sugar butter flour love : a novella

Nicole Falls - 2018
    When an opportunity presents itself to place Whisk in the national spotlight as well as take home a nice chunk of cash, Isobel is in it to win it! Travis Coleman is a former professional football player with way too much time on his hands now that he's been made to retire after injury. Approached with the opportunity to pair up with a hometown baker and compete for the chance to win a hefty donation for his foundation, he’s almost all in. But there’s one little problem... Travis and Isobel have had friction between them going back to their high school days, but can they set their animosity aside and keep their eyes on the prize? Or will pride keep them from walking away victorious?

Now & Grim: A Grimlock Family Short

Amanda M. Lee - 2018
    All of that flies out the window when his girlfriend Maya insists on a double date with her brother and his sister. And, to make matters worse, she picks the activity … and it’s a Shakespeare in the Park event. Culture and the Grimlocks? Uh-oh. In short order, Cillian finds himself saddled with his drunk sister, his girlfriend’s intense brother, and a murder that didn’t show up on the reaper list. Oh, it also happened in public, and there are suspects around every corner. Unsure where to turn, Cillian calls his father and it’s up to the Grimlock family to solve the murder, track down the errant soul, and somehow keep his sister Aisling from causing his father to explode. So, basically, it’s a normal summer night … as long as no one gets hurt in the process, that is. Note: This is a 28,000-word short set in the Aisling Grimlock world. It’s set in the past so it can be read at any time.

The Flowers of Vashnoi

Lois McMaster Bujold - 2018
    When Enrique’s experimental bioengineered creatures go missing, the pair discover that the zone still conceals deadly old secrets. This novella falls after Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance in the Vorkosigan series timeline, but may be read entirely independently.

The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas

Amanda Milo - 2018
    I’m Gwen. I’m a single mom to two growing boys—and now I’m the brand new owner of an alien whose greatest wish in life is to become a live-in nanny. It’s been kind of a weird day. I wholeheartedly recommend adding an alien to your household though. He cooks, he cleans—and the kids love him. But three things you should know if you’re going to keep a seven-foot-tall alien in your basement? You might want to invest in flameproof cookware. He will think of you as his planet’s equivalent of a princess. And my alien is totally stealing my underwear. **This is a sweet Standalone Novella. Note: Explicit language and adult scenes are contained in this book. ***Heads up for readers of the Stolen series: this is an interconnected standalone, so hop in and have some fun “Ha!” moments with me!