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Ashley Antoinette - 2018
    After losing every significant relationship in his life, Ethic is a man who refuses to love again. Focusing on being a better man and keeping his family safe, he is raising three children, one of which is a defiant teenaged girl, Morgan. No matter how hard he tries to keep Morgan away from the streets, she is determined to defy him. When Morgan finds herself in a vulnerable position, Ethic is pulled back into the deadly game where he was once king. In this explosive spin-off to Ashley Antoinette's, Moth to a Flame, you will fall in love with Ezra Okafor aka Ethic as he gambles on love and in the streets, in hopes that this time he will win.

A Mayhem Love

Bianca - 2018
    According to everyone in the Windy City, Mayhem has an icebox in place of his heart and no lady has ever been able to penetrate it. That is, until he meets Xenobia Bell. Mayhem falls fast and hard for Xenobia, and in his eyes, their relationship is picture perfect. However, their relationship is ruined when Xenobia does the unthinkable, shattering Mayhem’s heart into a million pieces. That was eight years ago, and the heartache still feels fresh to Mayhem. Olena Hill, the polar opposite of Mayhem, is the free spirit that mothers warn their sons about. She lives her life unapologetically with no concern for what anyone thinks of her. Olena is content with keeping a rotation of male lovers until she is cornered aggressively by Mayhem, who claims her as his woman. The once free Olena finds her bright spirit being diminished by the aggressive Mayhem who craves control and grows enraged when he doesn’t have it. As Olena learns to take the beast as he is, she discovers a new side of Mayhem. That side of Mayhem is keeping a secret from Olena; a secret that has to do with how he become broken in the first place. Will Mayhem set aside his relationship paranoia to be the man that Olena wants, or will he take Olena down the same path of hurt that Xenobia took him down?

Hood Boyz Fall in Love Too

Shvonne Latrice - 2018
    Not willing to let the hardships drag her down, she presses forward, making herself happy the best way she knows how and by any means necessary. Owen is perfectly happy, or so she thinks, and believes the last thing she needs is a man; especially one as masculine, handsome, bold, yet undeniably sweet as Conquer. But what she soon realizes is there is a vast difference between men and little boys. Conquer, a very important man in the city of Las Vegas, isn't your typical street thug. Being taught since birth that the mafia was always number one, Conquer has a callous, no-nonsense personality. With his smooth ways, intelligence, slightly rude demeanor, and sexy smile, he's irresistible to just about every woman that crosses his path; even ones like... Owen. When the handsome charmer and emotionally scarred beauty meet, the chemistry is immediate and intense, with both parties becoming like a drug to one another. Unfortunately, they both have factors within their lives that make a union seem not only impossible but highly unlikely. Will Owen fall victim to Conquer's spell, despite him not being her type in more ways than one? And will Conquer be willing to go against the grain just to have Owen, or will they both realize that love only suits... 'normal' people. This hood romance is laced with heartbreak, tragedy, lust, and betrayal, but most of all a raw and unexpected love.

Hood Boyz Fall in Love Too 2

Shvonne Latrice - 2018
    Having let her guard down due to being with the handsome and protective Conquer, will she be able to get away unlike the last time? Or will the perpetrator strike again, ruining the progress Owen has made personally and romantically? If so, Owen will quickly realize that Conquer loves very hard, is extremely zealous when it comes to his La Bella. Now that Conquer has decided to go against the grain and make Owen his official girl, he is forced to deal with the many people that don't agree, and the not so squeaky clean past of his newfound love. To add insult to injury, enemies are still lurking within and outside of The Coterie, waiting on the right time to take the young and sharp-witted capo out. Will Conquer and Owen be able to stick together despite everything attempting to pull them apart? Or will the couple become defeated, realizing that their union was not only troubled from the start, but will continue to be taxing to the very end.

Hood Boyz Fall in Love Too 3

Shvonne Latrice - 2018
     In the final installment, outsiders will give it one last whirl to attempt to break up the unbreakable Owen and Conquer. From fake pregnancies to jealous family members, no stone will be left unturned when trying to rip this couple apart. Not to mention, the young, handsome, intelligent, and extremely envied capo, has daggers being his shot his way constantly, prompting Owen to become leery of what she's signed up for. Will the couple make it in love and out of all the drama alive? Or will people finally yank them apart by any means necessary, giving seemingly the world what it ultimately wants? Take this last ride with Owen and Conquer, two people with a bond and love so strong, that some covet it, some loathe it, and others can't comprehend it.

As Long As I'm The Only One

Chenell Parker - 2018
    Her cousins were her first friends and she cherished their bond. That was until that bond was irrevocably broken right along with her heart. Her boyfriend Tyson wasn’t the best looking or the finest, but he treated her like a queen. To the outside world, she had it all and she became the envy of many. After being betrayed in the worst way imaginable, Marlee vowed that she was done with love and relationships. That was until a weekend getaway changed her perspective and her life in unimaginable ways. With her best friend and cousin, Desiree, by her side, Marlee is thrown through a world wind of emotions that she never expected. She found out that happiness often sneaks in through a door that you didn’t even know was opened. RJ Banks was born with more money than he’d probably ever spend. Being his father’s youngest child and only son proved to be his greatest accomplishment. He was taught the importance of honesty at an early age and that was a lesson that stayed with him throughout life. Aspen, his girlfriend of many years, wanted everlasting love with him and she was willing to do any and everything to be his only one. But RJ was not ready to deliver “ever” or “lasting” until he crossed paths with destiny. He soon learned the importance of being the only one.

Who Wants That Perfect Love Story Anyway 3

Natavia - 2018
    Cam suspects that something is going on between the two. Alita has an agenda to drive Cam away. Does it work? Corey and Tee-Tee have it out and are at the end of their relationship. Corey drives Tee-Tee into another man's arms. Myla will not give up on keeping Corey in her life. She uses the baby she is pregnant with to have a hold on him. Corey gets pushed over the edge with everything between Myla and Tee-Tee that he does the unthinkable. Jamie and Killa are happily in love until Ashaun interferes and changes the course of their relationship. Jamie is put in a position where she has to do the unthinkable. Quayla comes back into Killa's life to try and mend his broken heart. But the problem is that Killa is not over Jamie. Ashaun doesn't want Jamie to be happy because he is not happy with Cali. Ashaun does something that might cause him to get kicked out of the FAM. Jealous exes can't let go. When tragedy strikes who will remain in love. In this final part will love conquers all. Who will have their perfect love story?

Take Me As I Am

Bianca - 2018
 With their marriage facing rocky waters, Avian Linzy decides that what her and her husband, Marcellus, need is a trip to Mexico to set their union right again. However, on the day that they are set to leave, Marcellus announces to Avian that he wants a divorce. Broken hearted, Avian isn’t sure that she should go through with the vacation, but with the urging of her best friend, Lakeisha, she boards the plane to Mexico, alone. Lakeisha believes this trip can help Avian heal, but Avian remains skeptic until she unexpectedly meets the handsome Casyrius Knowlton. 
 Casyrius Knowlton is a man of means and has no problem getting what he wants, including his current position as a sports agent. In Mexico, Casyrius is planning to marry his high school sweetheart, Kiami Green. Casyrius’s love for Kiami runs deep, but that doesn’t stop him from having doubts when it comes to their upcoming nuptials. The ties to their relationship are hanging on by a slim thread, but completely snap when a would-be tragic event lands Avian in Casyrius’s arms. Literally. 
 Over the course of a week, Casyrius grows closer to Avian, but after his reason for being in Mexico is revealed, Avian disappears without a trace, and he’s determined to find the woman he’s unknowingly given a piece of his heart to. It won’t be easy, but Casyrius learns that anything worth having, rarely is. 
After getting her heart broken twice within a week, will Avian be able to find love again, or will she hold on to what could have been between her and Casyrius? If Casyrius finds her, will he be able to handle the secrets that she was hiding from him for so long?

Nobody Can Love You Like Them Roughnecks Do

Shvonne Latrice - 2018
    After experiencing the ultimate heartbreak, at the hands of her malicious and deceitful child's father, Blaise swears to only take a man as seriously as the deepness of his pockets. Things take a dramatic turn when she crosses paths with the sexy, cocky, audacious, yet charming Belly. He's far from the men that the beautiful Blaise is used to in personality and bank account status, but she still finds herself drawn to the rugged gentleman. Blaise soon realizes that what she finds alluring in Belly, many other women do too, hanging onto his every word and vying for his time and attention. Will Blaise become a fool in love like the women before her, or will she be able to see things for what she believes them to be, and escape the web that is Belly? Belly, a handsome, smooth talking boxer from Inglewood, CA with a startling brashness to him, is still every girl's dream and every hood boy's idol. His temporary loving ways cause the women in his life to fall for him, throw away their pride, and believe that one day they will become that one. So much so, that when he tosses them to the side, they're left dizzy, confused, and willing to do anything to reel the good-looking boxer back in. Belly is perfectly fine with his situation, so when he runs into the gorgeous Blaise, he sees her as simply another notch to add to his belt. When Blaise proves to be different from the women Belly is used to being surrounded with, his views change. However, he soon finds that the art of making his actions match those views is surely a challenge. Will Belly be able to convince Blaise that he could maybe be not her prince charming but her hood charming, or will his wrongdoings be too detrimental to persuade the damaged beauty of anything? In this love tale filled with deception, back-stabbing, jealousy, and of course romance, will the rude womanizing Belly be able to switch things up in enough time to keep a hold on Blaise? And after such a terrible, gut-wrenching romance with an ex, will Blaise be able to see that just because a man does bad things, doesn't mean he can't eventually have good intentions.

Who Wants That Perfect Love Story Anyway 2

Natavia - 2018
    Royal is fed up with Koran and Camren’s games. Is he willing to throw in the towel or give it a go? Will Camren figure out who she wants before it's too late? Jamie and Ashaun were getting on the right track until they were startled with news that will put pressure on their marriage. Ashaun is tired of being married and Jamie wants nothing more to do than to run into her first love Kejuan’s arms. But, Kejuan is already in a relationship. Would he leave his girlfriend and rekindle what he and Jamie had? Corey is with Myla, but he is still in love with Tee-Tee. Tee-Tee has a terrible past that no one knows about, will she seek help or would it push her closer to the edge? Tee-Tee is tired of begging Corey for forgiveness for sleeping with Ashaun. She eventually gives up because she is tired of his harsh ways. But is Corey willing to forgive Tee-Tee before it’s too late? Myla, Corey’s new chick is not letting Corey go so easily, she will do anything to keep Corey and Tee-Tee apart. When tragedy strikes it changes everything. New relationships blossoms, relationships and friendships are being tested, and at the end all they have is love to hold on to. Does love conquer all?

Fallin' For A Black Billionaire

Bianca - 2018
    They are all arrogant and think you are supposed to bow down to them. Until I was accosted by Travis. Travis Spencer III: Handsome, extremely wealthy, and very smart. He dates women that are extremely beautiful and equally as rich, and I am way out of his league. Our one night together was a complete mistake. Travis: I promised my family that I would leave the younger ladies alone, but then I ran into Kriss. Kriss was everything I never knew I needed. How dare she thinks that we are non-compatible? After our one night together, I wanted more and I was going to get it... by any means necessary.

I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla

Nikki Brown - 2018
    What Ocean didn’t know was that Bryce had his own meaning of the word marriage and faithful was nowhere in his vocabulary. Knowing her worth, Ocean decides to call it quits with Bryce and focus on herself, not knowing that her thug in shining armor was right around the corner. Lucas swoops in and shows Ocean that there is more to life than what she is accustomed to and the two engage in a whirlwind romance. Only problem is Lucas has some baggage of his own. Sony Sharp is smart mouthed and hood as they come. He knows exactly the kind of woman he wants, or at least he thinks he does. When River, a plus size beauty with an even bigger personality steps on the scene he’s left confused and fighting his developing feelings. Will the thick bombshell break down the barriers of his heart or will she find solace with another man? Running the streets of Charlotte isn’t easy but the Sharp brothers do it with ease. Lucas and Sony handle business with an iron fist and handle anyone who tries to stop them. Life has been pretty easy for the both of them until they meet Ocean and River. Will they be able to separate the growing love they have for the ladies and their love for the streets? Find out in this page turning hood romance.

Nobody Can Love You Like Them Roughnecks Do 3

Shvonne Latrice - 2018
    In a game where your pride and ego can sometimes drive you to do irrational things, Belly and the people who love him have learned that to some this is more than just a sport. Will Belly make it through and be able to seek retribution for what Mason has done? Or will their longtime rivalry end in death, making it far too late? With her man getting shot up, along with being pregnant, life hasn't really been a piece of cake for Blaise. Especially with jealous exes and baby daddies lurking in the shadows, just waiting to ruin the union she's built with Belly in any way possible. When it all becomes too much, forcing her to face a certain reality, will she cower under the pressure, wrecking the life she wants with Belly? Or will the man she begrudgingly fell in love with, recover, keep her line, and force her to focus on the bigger picture? In this love story drenched with jealousy, lies, scheming, and trickery, will beautiful Blaise and her roughneck make it out together, or apart?

A Hood Love Like No Other

Nikki Brown - 2018
    With a mother that sought solace in a liquor bottle, Lala had to not only take care of herself but her mother to. When things get tough and the walls begin to close around her there is one person that she knows that she can turn to, her best friend Heart. Heart Quamere Strong live his life by his rules, being thrown away at birth killed something inside of him that caused him to look at life differently. He never had anyone to show him love so he vowed to never give it, until Lala comes in and occupies the space that he had condemned. The bond between Lala and Heart grows the more life throws at them and when things heat up so much that neither one of them can ignore their feelings, things become complicated. Will they follow their heart, or will life get in the way of what’s meant to be? Lake is Heart’s best friend and right-hand man, they both grew up in the system together and were the only one that the other trusted. Lake is in a relationship with the mother of his kids, Mira but being faithful was not his strong suit. When his infidelities are brought to the forefront will he be able to take control of the situation or will it all blow up in his face. Miracle is Lala’s best friend and the only person besides Heart who welcomed her when she had to be uprooted and placed in the hood. Their relationship is solid and the love they have for one another is real, but Miracle has a secret that could tear that all apart. Even with her friendship on the line she’s not willing to give up what she’s built. When the truth comes out will their friendship be able to weather the storm? Finding love, mixed with lies and deceit causes a whole whirlwind of problems. Lines are crossed, and loyalty is tested, find out who makes it out on top.

Nobody Can Love You Like Them Roughnecks Do 2

Shvonne Latrice - 2018
    In the second installment, Belly learns that Blaise is a far cry from the sit-by-the-phone women he's used to. His suave demeanor, charming ways, and calculated words fall on blind eyes and deaf ears when it comes to the heartbroken and now callous Blaise. However the ever so determined Belly is always up for a challenge. Meanwhile women of all kinds are still fawning over the young, handsome, and aggressive boxer, driving an even further wedge between the two lovers. Will Blaise cut her losses, leaving the trauma that is a relationship with Belly behind? Or will the unrelenting, and slightly off-kilter Belly be able to wear her down, making Blaise realize that once you go Belly, you can never go back. In part two, more lies are told, more backstabbing is done, more secrets are revealed, and the train on a path of jealousy and spite, has some new passengers. Additionally, in the world outside of Blaise and Belly, others will realize that the people you think you love, you may not really know them at all. And the one you believe isn't the one for you, may be exactly what you've been searching for.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone 2

K.C. Mills - 2018
    It's no longer about him; it's about the ones he has willingly and unwillingly given his heart to. Tayah fought with every fiber of her being to deny that her heart belonged to the one person she refused to give it to, but unfortunately, love has a way of making that decision for you. However, she might lose it all when Mission has to face the reality of his life choices. Why give your heart away only to have it shattered is the burning question that Myon seems to be faced with. Navarro promised his love and loyalty, only to prove her wrong and be caught up yet again in another situation with his ex. Myon has to decide whether he’s worth the time she’s invested, and it's not looking like its going to play out in his favor. Navarro is a dark soul with a good heart. His only fault is that the women in his life get more chances than they deserve. Will he be able to hold on to the one who truly should receive all that he has to give, or will he have to lose in order to protect the one person who has always been in his corner. The street life has caught up with Navarro and Mission both, and priorities sometimes push love to the side. It's not easy to have it all, which the Alexander men quickly learn when the Nolan women have to decide if they're willing to accept the good with the bad. It's all of nothing, and the stakes are high, but its well worth the ride, or is it?

Two Million Reasons Why

Chenell Parker - 2018
    Being street smart wasn’t enough when it came to love and relationships and his girlfriend, Sasha, was proof of that. Feeling like she was in a one sided relationship with Izzy for two years had Sasha questioning herself. Izzy built an impenetrable wall that was impossible for Sasha to break. Self-doubt weighed Sasha down like an anchor and left her with more questions than answers. Izzy was only doing what he was taught, but unfortunately, he wasn’t taught enough. Being from a small town in Mississippi, Navy Reed didn’t know much about the fast paced life of New Orleans. After moving there to be with her boyfriend Chance, Navy was ready to reconsider her decision and run for the hills. Navy’s knight in shining armor turned out to be nothing more than a liar in tin foil. Meeting her best friend, Regan, proved to be just what she needed to keep her sanity intact. When Navy finds something that isn’t being sought, her life seems to take a turn in a better direction. Unfortunately, the fear of trusting someone had her paranoia at an all-time high. Like shadows, fake people followed in the sun but left Navy in the dark. She soon learned that enemies often disguised themselves as friends. When it was all said and done, running away was Navy’s safest option and she had two million reasons why.

Hooked: Addicted to A Supreme Love

Bianca Marie - 2018
    Her father was the man in the streets, and she and her twin sister, Mina, lived like hood royalty. One day, all of that changed. After Denim’s 16th birthday, her life would never be the same. Fast forward to the age of 24. Denim is at the lowest point she has ever been in her life; she’s ridiculed, talked about, and even beaten, but she’s strong. An unfortunate turn of events lands her in the hospital, and a stranger, someone she never even met takes a chance on her that she’ll never forget. Supreme, a quiet but deadly man, has many flaws but a genuine heart. He’s not your average hustler. Growing up with two girl cousins whom he cherished taught him how to be a gentle giant. When things at his trap go wrong, and he’s left with the responsibility of getting someone help before time runs out, he takes a chance; a chance encounter he doesn’t regret. Denim and Supreme take a chance on each other, but trying to heal each other’s broken hearts may be impossible to do. Then you’ll meet Unique. Unique is Supreme’s right hand man and his favorite cousin. Unique is a shoot first ask questions later type of chick. Love has never been her forte, but she can’t help that she loves Black. She’s been in love with him the majority of her adolescent life, but sticking to her rule of Money over Men has caused her to think differently. Having casual sex doesn’t seem like a good thing anymore when things get rough, simply because in the end, the only one by her side is the man she shut out from her love. Black, a person who’s loyal to the bone, doesn’t like to take no for an answer. He loves Unique and shows her every chance he gets, but she constantly shoots him down and lets him know that love isn’t what she wants. Black is at his breaking point until he meets another woman who steals his heart. In his mind, he’s finally done with Unique until something so tragic happens, and he realizes that he doesn’t want to live without her and that Unique is the woman for him. These four people have many issues in their lives. They want happiness, and fighting for it may seem like a daring task. The heart wants what the heart wants, and no amount of fighting it can change that. In this story, you’ll meet four people who go through every emotion there is. It’s a battle as they try to figure out if love will reign supreme in the end.

C'Yani and Meek 3: A Dangerous Hood Love

Tina J. - 2018
    Embarrassed and humiliated, C’Yani runs out and straight into the person she least expects; Kim. However; things get chaotic and C’Yani has to find a way to escape the drama. But how can she when people are coming for her at every angle? Meek has done everything to keep his woman safe, yet; they still try to get her. One by one, he gets rid of them but his biggest problem seems to have dropped off the planet. Him and his family have searched high and low and nothing. That is until Kim plays the victim in a situation she caused. She tries using it to her advantage but not without consequences she won’t be able to escape. Teri comes to grips with the fact her and Shakim’s mother will never be friends. Sadly, Tionne can’t deal with her son’s choice and feel she’s being secretive and cheating on him. It draws a lot of tension between the mother and son, but when Shakim witnesses the hatred his mother has, nothing will stop him from making sure Teri doesn’t leave and his mom suffers. In this EXPLOSIVE finale, find out if C’Yani will stay in this Dangerous Hood Love or will she say enough is enough?

I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla 2

Nikki Brown - 2018
    His love for Ocean and the news of the baby they created may be the only thing that will save her life but will it be enough to save what they’re trying to build? Sony and River just can’t seem to get it together and the back and forth between the two is stopping anything that they’re trying to develop. Ivanka is trying her best to make herself relevant in Sony’s life but her constant run ins with River’s savvy banter is stopping her at every corner. With their past in the way can the two come together and be what they both desire? After everything that Cherice has been through, she again finds herself in a situation where she has to choose between the man in her life and her family. Unbeknownst to Cherice, Bryce has an ulterior motive that may cause her to lose everything. Will she be able to see past his deception or will she once again fall victim to love? With new threats on the rise and old snakes still lingering, will the Sharp brothers be able to hold their reigns in the streets and keep the women they love safe? Or will they get sucked up in the world of being a Carolina Hustla?

Better Than Your Ex: Young and Stony

K.C. Mills - 2018
    Refusing to conform has led to Young being dubbed as "Atlanta's Bad boy." Living lowkey and making money are his only priorities until he is forced to switch it up. Stony Dorrian refuses to let anyone tell her how to live her life any longer! For too long, she has allowed her parents to control everything in her life, including her relationship with her boyfriend, Dallas. Officially fed up, a chance meeting allows Stony to live a carefree for once and it just might change her life forever. A few chance meetings between Stony and Young turn their worlds upside down and force the two strangers to become closer than they ever imagined. The odds are definitely against these two as they navigate through life together. Drama plagues the new couple and just might be enough to end their relationship before it even starts. When secrets are exposed Stony and Young may find that it's just too much and not worth it. Will these two survive everything that life throws at them, or will the drama succeed in breaking up the newfound couple?

When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings

Jessica N. Watkins - 2018
     Meet Heaven: a young girl who is loving, submissive, and beyond appreciative of her husband, Ross. As a teenager, Heaven lived solely for her sister, Divine, and her daughter, Sunshine. Because her mother is mentally ill and her father ran off, Heaven had to do some unimaginable things just to feed the family. Then came Ross, and everything changed. He wasn't some filthy rich, dope boy that some young girls dream of, but Heaven felt like Ross was her blessing. Yet, Ross turned out to be a wolf wrapped decadently in sheep's clothing. Still, Heaven was willing to take the bad just to keep the good. The drama was all worth it for the luxuries of food, clothes, and shelter, not just for herself, but, more so, for Divine and Sunshine. And then there's Treasure. How is it that a woman can have a good man and still not be satisfied? Treasure is far from as submissive as her best friend, Heaven. As a teenager, Treasure had always been the type of girl to juggle two or three boys. Once she was older and met a real man, Vegas, she tried to commit. All of that went out of the window, though, when she met the one that allowed her to be the ride or die chick that she had always fantasied about being. Treasure isn't the only promiscuous woman in this story, however, because Heaven eventually succumbs to the wooing of a man that wants to treat her far better than her ain't-sh*t-husband. She knows that Ross deserves her infidelity. He had never been loyal or faithful to her. However, one thing he had never done was cheat on Heaven with someone in their circle. In this tale of lust, lies, and mayhem, Heaven fights with the feelings that she has for her side dude, while Treasure basks in hers. That is, until all hell breaks loose. These two side dude's that Heaven and Treasure have fallen for pretended as if they could play second to another man... until their feelings got in the way. Then, egos clash, bonds are broken, and, with two beasts like Vegas and Ross, a life is lost in this group's tight nit circle... all because these ladies chose wrong.

A Real Love

Porscha Sterling - 2018
    But when her soon-to-be husband is arrested with federal charges on her wedding day, her life takes a turn in the unexpected. With nowhere to go, she finds herself at the mercy of her best friend, Mona, and her husband, Memphis. But with the past that Memphis and Baby share, things begin to get even more complicated, and taboo emotions that Baby buried long ago threaten to come to the light. When she finds herself weak to resist love’s call, will she be strong enough to do what is right, or will she fall victim to the urgings of her heart?

Wifed Up By A Street Legend

Khadijah J. - 2018
    At a young age, being adopted by people the complete opposite of her complexion, she had a hard time growing up. Milani didn’t want for anything, yet, she felt empty inside, she was searching for answers, because nothing made sense to her. Until something changes her life drastically, causing her to be uprooted once again, and placed in the home of an unfamiliar face. Kaiszer Karter was the son of the infamous Kason Karter. He had been through a lot, and seen a lot at a young age, which made him numb to life. Being groomed for the family business since age thirteen, he never got to live a normal life. Growing up, he was always the relax, quiet, chill brother, who no one really paid attention too. After stepping up and providing for his family the only way he knew how, he starts to really get to know himself, and his aura completely changes. This is no ordinary love story, this is a story that can only be understood through taking a moment to walk in each character’s shoes. This is a story of two couples from completely different backgrounds falling for each other. You’ll get to know Milani, her best friend Toriyah but also the Karter Brothers, Kaizon and Kaiszer. How can two people, with completely different upbringings, have so much in common? The only answer to that question is that they were destined to be together, despite the wrath they encounter. But when it goes and gets tough, who’s willing to keep their feet planted and fight for the relationship? Will they be standing alone after the dust settles, or will they walk away from all the drama together?

When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings 2: THE FINALE

Jessica N. Watkins - 2018
    The two side dude's that Heaven and Treasure have fallen for pretended as if they could play second to another man. Now, their feelings are in the way, secrets have been revealed, and Vegas and Ross are determined to make sure that the outcome is deadly. Mello’s dreams of being with Heaven have always only been fantasy because of who she is married to. Yet, one summer night led them into a steamy affair that has ended in complete mayhem. Heaven welcomes the mayhem, however, as long as she finally has Mello, a man that truly loves her. But as her luck as always has it, she can never have what she wants without it coming at a hefty price. When she refuses to pay the price, Heaven is forced back into a life on the streets...without Mello. Vegas had never cheated on Treasure... not once. But when she is forced to reveal her infidelity with Vegas’ “friend”, Damo, Vegas throws away the ring and their relationship and runs into the arms of the one woman that Treasure despised. Treasure literally makes herself sick with the thought of Vegas being with Princess. Then, Treasure is forced to reveal more of her secrets and she loses her best friend, Heaven, too. In this finale, Heaven and Treasure’s unfaithfulness literally shatters their world and changes the course of their lives forever. Now, Ross is determined to make Heaven and Mello pay with their lives for deceiving him, and Vegas is falling for the opposition. All the while, Damo and Princess are still plotting to dismantle this crew. Will Heaven make it on the streets? Will Treasure be able to make it on her own two feet? Will Ross finally pay for the havoc that he wreaked on Heaven’s life? Find out in this heart-wrenching finale that will leave you breathless until the very end.

Phresh & Nykee: Loving You Past The Pain

Bianca - 2018
    Being a librarian and a self-made entrepreneur is what she lives for. Her parents and boyfriend Roland of four years however, aren’t as supportive of her dreams. When Roland does the unthinkable, Nykee is left with just the clothes on her back and is forced into a dilemma that her feisty mouth and alluring looks can’t save her from. Handsome and business-savvy Cuban native, Thiago ‘Phresh’ Avila, 30, is focused on one thing only: making money. In a bind with one of the biggest Cartels, he and his brother Santino are grinding hand over fist to clear their family's name. When Nykee runs into Phresh, he willingly offers help in exchange for her to keep quiet about a secret she that she becomes privy of. Though Phresh and Nykee cross paths by accident, their attraction to one another is undeniable, and their chemistry is off the Richter scale. What was meant to be strictly business turns into much more and they find themselves almost completely open for one another. They’ll both soon learn that being too nice comes with sacrifices neither of them are willing or ready to hand over.

Hooked 2: Addicted to A Supreme Love

Bianca Marie - 2018
     The man who helped her, who became her saving grace, is now the man who’s caused all of her pain. She doesn’t think she could ever forgive Supreme for his role in her parents' death, but they say that word love is a strong magnet. And when two people's chemistry is magnetic, it's impossible to let it go that easily. Supreme loves Denim with all his heart. He’s done some things in the past that he’s not proud of, but he only wants her forgiveness. When enemies came lurking from the past, Supreme has no choice but to do what he has to do in order to keep him and his family safe. Hopefully, Love shall reign supreme, but if it doesn’t, someone has to lose. And Supreme is determined it won’t be him. Then you have Unique. She has a thirst for revenge that she’s not letting go. She just can’t shake the thought of Choppa getting one over on her. She was raised as a goon, but goons have hearts too. And hers is broken by the man she loves without a doubt. She only has herself to blame when a secret comes out about her that she’s been holding back for years. Black doesn’t know which way to go with Unique. One minute, she wants to be his lady, and the next minute she wants to be a killer in the streets. He’s tired of the back and forth, but when her secret is revealed, he doesn’t know if he can move past it. In this installment of Hooked, these two couples go through the rollercoaster ride of emotions. Come and take a ride with them as they try to figure out is love even worth it?

Somethin' 'Bout His Thuggish Ways

K.C. Mills - 2018
    He’s handsome, confident, and unmistakably thuggish in every sense of the word. Mero Perez is in demand, but he’s very selective about who he lets in his world. For the ones he loves, he honors, protects, and will do any and everything necessary to make sure they live a life of royalty. After fifteen years in the streets, he’s built a world that allows him to give all things to those he loves and to live without regrets. What else is there to do besides walk away and enjoy everything that he’s worked so hard to gain? If only it were that easy. It's proving to be more difficult than he assumed it would be. Within the blink of an eye, his world begins crashing down around him. The wife that he’s loved for the past six years has secrets that will end them, while his family becomes a target of an unknown assailant. Everything that he believed true about his life is slowly changing, including the woman who now holds his interest. Khaleel Perez has a reckless mouth and even more reckless behavior. Aside from the security of the life that he’s built alongside the only man he trusts, his cousin Mero, Khaleel puts very little importance on much else. He loves women, and they love him even more. With his good looks and stacked accounts, he has an endless supply of them who won't deny him anything. Well, all except the one he refuses to give in to. Khaleel finds himself questioning his unfaithful ways for a woman who has very little interest in locking him down. That one fact about her makes him want her more, but between finding out who’s targeting his family and following through with plans to step down and leave the streets, along with his cousin, Mero, will he find time to change her mind, or does he even care? Six Tillman’s life was forever changed when her ex did the unthinkable and caused her to lose something so dear to her that she knows she’ll never be able to forgive him. She packs up and moves south to rid herself of the pain he caused, and finds herself in Atlanta with the only family she knows and loves. While staying with her cousin, Mauri, and Mauri’s two-year-old son, Micah, Six begins to piece her life together build her photography career so that she can stand on her own. Her first job puts her front and center with the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on, but she has to check her lustful feelings at the door. Six quickly learns that Mero Perez might be all things to all people, but to Six, he simply needs to be a paycheck. That seems to be more of a problem and challenge than she can handle or avoid when his life begins to change, leaving him with a new found interest in Six. Mauri Livingston is doing the best she can to take care of herself and her son. With her son’s father in prison, she provides for them both by any means necessary, and that lands her front and center of a well-known strip club run by Khaleel Perez. Life is good until he steals her heart, and she lets him while vowing to keep him in the dark about her true feelings. She has to consider his free loving ways and put her heart and her son first. Will he prove to be worth her time, or will she keep her feelings for him under lock and key? They say the best way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans. Well, that seems to be the case with this crew. It becomes evident also that the best way to test your will is to say no to a man who’s a thug at heart. Six and Mauri are learning that the hard way while Khaleel and Mero are trying to get a handle on things. What they thought was a guarantee turns out to be anything but, and the paths they are forced to take leads them down a road full of lies, deception, danger, and disloyalty.

The Trillest Love Comes From A Thug

Mercedes G. - 2018
    One moment you’re enjoying the ride, the next you’re upside down and praying for the moment your feet will touch the ground. This ride can be exhilarating and painful at the same time. This is the lesson Gizelle learned at an early age, when she was torn from her flesh and blood, found herself displaced, and in the care of strangers. In an instant the world as she knew it took on a new meaning, filled with chaos and unexplainable freedom. However, like a rainbow after the rain, there is a silver lining and for Gizelle it came in the form of a young-thug called Waka. Waka becomes the air to her lungs, exposing her to things she never thought she wanted. Their chemistry is undeniable- their passion is unprecedented. When the ride call life takes an unexpected turn, Gizelle finds herself heartbroken and alone. Pulling herself up out of the sunken place between regret and resentment will be the hardest thing she’s ever done but somehow, she finds away. A new chapter opens when she crosses paths with,a Boss who makes her want to love again.Captures her heart but what good is having a heart when someone else holds the key. When Waka returns ready to claim what he feels is rightfully his, Gizelle will find herself rocking and reeling out of control. Will she continue the new journey she started with or will she succumb to the trillest love she’s ever known? Take the ride with Gizelle, Waka, and through this addictive tale by bestselling Author Mercedes G, that is guaranteed to keep you turning pages and fiending for more.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone

K.C. Mills - 2018
    Rude, uncaring, and sexy all at the same time, Mission is who he is unapologetically. Nothing comes before his money or his business. Now that he has conquered the illegal world, his cousin urges him to cross over into the legit side. Not liking change, Mission resists this new venture until he realizes the connection it has with someone he wants. Tayah Nolan! Tayah Nolan has always settled to make things in her life easy; this includes her fiance and career. Feeling like her life is stagnant, with some encouragement from her sister, Myon, she finally takes a risk that will change her whole life. Meeting Mission Alexander forces some big changes in her personal and professional life, but is she prepared to embrace either one? Myon Nolan is what some would call a free spirit. Living life day to day, she prefers things to just flow. This has caused her to stay with her boyfriend, Niko, even though she knows he constantly cheats on her. A quick run in with Navarro Alexander has Myon realizing what a real man is like, even before she wants to acknowledge it. Navarro Alexander, lawyer by day and thug by night, has been stuck in his situationship for far to long. He is comfortable where he is at, but in the back of his mind, he knows he wants more. A rough upbringing causes Navarro to care more than he should for people. Navigating through their personal and professional lives, these four must figure out how everything fits together. The puzzle won't be easy and will have each of them reevaluating things. As they go back and forth, there will come a time when they each think, "Love Me or Leave Me Alone."

Lost In That Hood Love

K.C. Mills - 2018
    More money than he can spend in a lifetime and women at his beck and call. In less than twenty-four hours, Cage's priorities change with the birth of his son, which he wasn’t expecting, and a chance encounter with a woman who quickly piques his interest. They say you find what you need when you stop looking, and that is definitely the case when Cage crosses paths with Desai. Not to mention the fact that his twin brother is still heavily in the streets, placing Cage, in the middle of a situation that is threatening to pull him back into the life he promised to never return to. Can Cage learn to balance his new responsibilities and keep the drama at bay, or will he be forced to choose between responsibilities and love? Crane Andrews is still deep in the streets and had no plans to quit living the fast life anytime soon. Although Crane loves and is very much dedicated to his fiance, he often finds himself sharing a bed with other women. Until now, he has always been able to keep that side of his life hidden. When paths cross, and his worlds collide, Crane has to do damage control. Chaos from the streets slithers into the mix of the drama in his personal life, and Crane quickly realizes that it might all be too much to handle on his own. These twin brothers have always had each other's back, and nothing has changed for them other than the fact that there may be another Andrews who needs the same protection. Will they be able to maintain balance, or will the chaos of it all be too much and take them under?

A Billionaire Finessed My Heart

K. Renee - 2018
    Ciera and Ari have goals to accomplish, and nothing is going to stand in their way. Never having been in a real relationship, neither girl is equipped to deal with the extra emotions that it takes. So they think, but when they meet the Kassom brothers, all of that will change. Juelz Kassom, runs a billion-dollar drug empire and has decided to go legit. In his exit, he decides to leave the empire to his brother Zelan. Can Zelan handle the reigns? Juelz heart belongs to his deceased Fiancé Kenya, and their daughter Kari he has vowed to never love again. Until he comes face- to -face with the beautiful Ciera Voss, can Ciera break down those guarded walls around his heart? There are many snakes surrounding Juelz Empire, and personal life. Can he and Ciera’s romance stand the brewing storm coming their way? Zelan (Zel) Kassom has always followed the motto “I am my brother’s keeper ” his respect for his only brother is unimaginable. Ready to step up and become the King of New York. It was time; he was ready for the crown. Ever since, the breakup with his ex girlfriend, Zelan has no interest in a relationship. Until his encounters with Ari Voss, no matter how hard he tries to rid his mind of Ari, she plagues his every thought, his every move.

Lost In That Hood Love 2

K.C. Mills - 2018
     Cage is thrown back into the street life and will do whatever it takes to protect his brothers, but at the same time, he has to think of his son and Desai. Keeping his family out of harm’s way and not falling back into the street life is the only thing on Cage’s mind. Will Cage be able to protect his family from a brewing street war, or will he be sucked back into his old lifestyle? After the craziness of the event, Desai isn’t even sure if she has a job anymore. Her best friend used her to cause havoc in other people’s lives, and now Desai must figure out what she will do next. Smith’s revelations have torn Crane and Shy’s relationship to pieces, and it may be beyond repair. It will be up to Crane to prove to Shy that their love can overcome anything. Crane’s personal life is out of control, and an enemy is out lurking in the shadows and waiting for a vulnerable moment to pounce. That vulnerability will cause Crane to lose someone close to him and force him to change his priorities. Will Crane be able to win Shy back and become a family with her and the baby they have on the way, or has he done too much to be forgiven? Crane and Cage have always put family first, and now that includes their little brother, Keem. Will they be able to get their personal lives in order and protect their families from the streets? The Andrews brothers are definitely Lost in That Hood Love, but will that be their ultimate downfall?

A Hood Love Like No Other 2

Nikki Brown - 2018
    Trying to get Miracle to see her wrongs in this horrible situation is draining but not as draining as trying to get Mira to see that she’s as loyal as they come. That along with Heart getting himself in a sticky situation has La at her wits end. If that wasn’t enough, in order for her to help Heart, she has to go through the one person that hurt her the most, her mom. Will she be able to get over the hurt to help Heart or will she be stuck in her ways and left out in the cold. There has never been a time where Mira thought anything other than it would be her and Lake til the end of time, so when Miracle said those dreadful words her world was turned upside down. The answers to all of her questions lie with the one person who is unable to answer them, Lake. Will he wake up from his coma in enough time to save his family, or better yet will he wake up at all? Miracle has never felt more alone, than she feels right now. Her whole world is crashing down around her and all because she loved a man. Her love and loyalty to Lake my not be enough for her to get through the trials that are headed her way. When the smoke clears who will be by her side helping her through it all? The only thing on Heart’s mind is getting revenge, and he vows to do just that. With tempers flared and guns blazing no one in Mooresville is safe. Find out who makes it out alive.

Faded: The Trillest Kind Of Love

K.C. Mills - 2018
    His parents chose their vices over him, and although they were there, they fell short when it came to providing him with the things he needed. That deficit forced him into the streets and into a different type of family where he had to do whatever necessary to survive. Years passed, and he built a one-man operation that was just enough to provide him with a good life but kept him under the radar. However, as a man, he once again learns that love doesn’t make you responsible. When one of his transactions are interrupted by his ex, who chose her vices over raising the daughter that the two of them created—a daughter that Shooter wasn’t aware existed—he’s left once again to pick up where someone else fell short. Refusing to be a mirror image of his parents, he had some tough choices to make, which meant rearranging his priorities enough to be a father to his daughter. He walks away from everything and grinds in any way possible to make sure they both have what they need. That left little to no room in his life for anything other than being on his grind and raising his daughter, until her... Unfortunately, Shooter finds himself stuck between what his heart is being pulled to and what his mind is fighting against. Once you’re faded off of love, you no longer have control, no matter how hard you fight to maintain it.

Better Than Your Ex 2: Young and Stony

K.C. Mills - 2018
    The streets taught him to trust no one, and that love was the downfall of every man, so when he opened up to Stony, it was not something that anyone expected. Young fell fast and hard in a way that left him vulnerable. Unfortunately, that was the worst mistake he ever made. When he finds out that the Dorrian family, Stony included, had singlehandedly destroyed his heart and his career, he shuts everyone out. At this point, his only option is to put himself first. Stony had lived her life by her family's expectations and under their control until she met Young. Even though her life was exposed and turned upside down, she realized that she had to grow up and take control. The worst part was that she gained that insight right when her father had potentially ruined her life and destroyed any chance she had of finding forever with Young. Her pride is damaged, and her heart is broken. Ashlyn is falling fast, and Papa is right there with her. She forces him to recognize the fact that his life is not as complete as he thought it was. Because of that, he knows that it's time to leave the streets behind so he can give her all of him without fear or hesitation. Will it be as easy as he thinks, or will he have to walk away and let her live her life until he’s in a position to give her all that he knows she deserves? Even if you find the one who is Better Than Your Ex, the universe might not play nice enough to let you have your happily ever after, but when it's for you, no one can stop you from having it, or can they?

An Insane Love

Bianca - 2018
    From a young child up until his teenage years, Frank struggles to find love and was lucky to find it in Alexandria Ware. While the secretive Frank doesn’t make her privy to his past, he loves Alex in his own way and plans to make her part of his future. Frank is convinced that after five years of being together, Alex is the one for him, but little does he know, she has an agenda of her own. While dealing with Frank’s emotionally unavailable nature, Alex’s love for him is purely conditional and has an expiration date set on whenever her boyfriend is finished stacking his money. Despite her fleeting feelings for Frank, she has no problem using him as an ATM, but when her boyfriend comes up with a plan for the perfect payday for them, will she end up on the wrong side of Frank’s love story? 
While Frank is building with Alex, Taiwan is living in Italy with her sugar daddy of over a decade, Romero Santiago. Being the sugar baby of a well-known cartel leader has its perks, and while Taiwan is enjoying the perks of her lifestyle, she finds herself craving more. As she approaches thirty, expensive trips and shopping trips courtesy of AMEX no longer enthrall her the way they did in her younger years. What Taiwan wants is one of the few things the happily married Romero can’t buy: a family. With a desire to stop sharing someone else’s husband and have one of her own, Taiwan tenders her resignation to a less than pleased Romero. But as a man of means with an endless amount of resources, Romero is able to offer her the deal of a lifetime. The question is, will Taiwan accept?
 Former gang member Rubee Bailey changed her life for the better when she becomes a mother to her daughter, Raylee, and couldn’t have a better father in Bash James. Rubee loves Bash with all her heart, but Bash has some hidden motives of his own when it comes to being with a Bailey. A secret from his pre-Rubee life almost catches up to him, causing him to move differently. When Bash breaks one straw too many, Rubee is sent straight into the arms of another man, with no feelings of remorse. This leaves Rubee asking herself if she’s willing to leave Bash or continue fighting for a lopsided love?

Faded 2: The Trillest Kind of Love

K.C. Mills - 2018
    The pending charges that are threatening to separate Nomi from her new family has Shooter willing to risk everything to fix this situation as he has always done for the ones he loves the most. Nomi has already lost one family, and now she is forced to deal with the fact that she may lose Shooter and Ari while serving a prison sentence. Will Nomi be able to beat the charges against her, or will she have to accept the fact that behind bars is where she will spend the next few years? Dreek and Riv are finally in a good place, but old habits die hard, and Dreek is not ready to let his go just yet. Life forces Dreek to become responsible overnight, and one careless act may be enough to destroy all that he and Riv have built. The past keeps coming back to remind these two couples of their mistakes and shortcomings. Will they be able to survive the turmoil or was it too good to be true? In the end, no matter the outcome, everyone will realize that the trillest kind of love will always leave you Faded.

M.V.P.: His Most Valuable Player

Mz. Lady P. - 2018
    He may be the man in the streets but he’s an abusive monster to Yoka at home. A hurtful discovery about Zuri sends Yoka to Miami to be with her best friend Seven. While in route she runs into the infamous Sheikem “Sheik” Shakur. They’re perfect strangers who just happens to save one another’s life unexpectedly. Never in her life has she met a man with a heart of gold like his. But, with everything she’s been through Love is the last thing on her mind. While in Miami a chain of events will bring both Yoka and Seven closer than they already are. They have more in common than they know. Seven is in a secret relationship with Sheik’s brother Hussein. Follow Yoka and Seven as they embark on a journey of forbidden love with men that wasn’t theirs to begin with. While the men realize being married is nothing when your heart isn’t in it anymore. MVP will show you that a man’s Most Valuable Player on his team is the woman he least expects it to be!!!

I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla 3

Nikki Brown - 2018
     Times like this you would think that a family would come together but Cherice has an agenda of her own. Number one on the list is making sure that Lucas paid for the murder of her beloved Bryce. She is determined to avenge Bryce’s death until the gun is turned on her and she then needs her family's help. Will they do to her what she’s done to them so many times before and turn their back on her or will they finally prove to her that there is no love like a brother’s love? When the sky opens up and drama comes pouring down will they be able to fight through the storm and make it out together? Find out as Ocean and River embark on the journey to finding out what it takes to love a Carolina Hustla.

Hooked 3: Addicted to A Supreme Love

Bianca Marie - 2018
    He doesn’t know how he’s going to get out of his predicament, but he’ll do everything in his power to make it out alive. All he can think about is Denim while he goes through his ordeal, and his love for her is the only thing keeping him strong. Denim feels saddened by the fact that her man, someone she loves and adores abandoned her on one of the most special and also the saddest day of her life, her birthday. In her eyes, Supreme has disappeared without an explanation, and that speaks volumes to her. So, she does what any heartbroken woman would do. She finds comfort in a friend, Yayo. He makes her feel wanted and special. A special relationship between the two soon forms. Will it be too late for Supreme to come back to the love of his life? Will another man move in and sweep her off her feet? Then you have Black. He’s loyal to a fault, and he loves hard. The split between him and Unique was one he didn’t want to happen, but it had to happen. He couldn’t accept the lies and the deceit after learning that she kept their child away from him. He’s found a new love in Carmella, but is it enough to fully get over Nique? Unique, a shoot first and ask questions later type of chick, has found herself in a world of trouble. Instead of using her brain, she used her heart, and in the end, it was her downfall. She loves Black with all heart, and she can’t seem to let him go. But is fighting for a spot in his life worth the turmoil? She asks herself this question over and over again. Come dive into this explosive series. These couples will take you through the ups, downs, ins, and outs of a relationship. Love isn’t easy, and when you're hooked on someone, it becomes even more challenging to let them walk away.

Ghetto Symphonii

Mz. Lady P. - 2018
    She’s the product of an absent father and a raging alcoholic for a mother. Symphonii is trying her best to survive in a world that has treated her cold. At sixteen years old she makes one of the biggest mistakes of her life that also turns out to be one of her biggest blessings. Symphonii is young, naive, and impressionable. She ends up falling in love with bad boy Veno. One thing leads to another and he ends up exposing her to a life that can cost them their life and freedom. While going through the motions of life Symphonii’s best friend Nola is right by her side along the way. It will take more than Nola’s feisty down for whatever behavior to get Symphonii through it all. Follow Symphonii as she embarks on a journey of life’s trials and tribulations. No one ever said life in the Ghetto was easy but they never said it would be this hard. Every Ghetto has a story this is Symphonii’s.

Trippin' Off A Crazy Hood Love

Kelly Marie - 2018
    There are no women who would do anything to have a balling boss or street king. And there are no dope boys! This is a story about love and how unpredictable it really can be. Meet Immanuel ‘Manny’ West, a pretty boy, ladies’ man, who prides himself on bagging the baddest women Harlem has to offer. He is a player and makes no apologies for it. His reputation as the man who loves too many bitches to settle down doesn’t stop women from throwing themselves at him. He knows he has a rep to keep and would rather die than be seen with a chick who wasn’t up to his standards… that was until he crossed paths with Rai-Elle. Rai-Elle isn’t your typical hood beauty that catches all the niggas’ eyes, the one who the bad boy sees and just has to have no matter what. No, Rai-Elle or just Rai, as she liked to be called, spent most of her life being invisible. And when people did see her, they saw a dude from her tomboyish looks and swag. What started out as a defense mechanism ends up being the same thing that Manny likes about her, even though he doesn’t want to. Will he knock down that wall she so desperately hangs on to or will he allow his friends, his rep and the pressures of life to walk away from the one woman who may not look like she fits him but is everything he ever needed nonetheless? Then there is Gideon West, Manny’s younger brother, who is following in his brother’s footsteps of having the baddest females on his arm. One day he comes across Lyriq, a chick who could never get the time of day from him just from how she looked and dressed. A friend dares Gideon to talk to her, and not being one to back down, he accepts the dare. But unintentionally, he ends up falling for Lyriq in a way he never saw coming. But what happens when Lyriq discovers the truth just as Gideon finds himself unable to live without this girl? Find out what happens when these two brothers encounter women they never thought they would even look twice at and try to deal with the way they are trippin’ off a crazy hood love.

Flexin' On My Ex with A Boss

Jenica Johnson - 2018
    While she’s holdin’ it down, is her man really grindin’ or cheatin’? Yahria aka Yah-Yah was a hood chick that didn’t mind fighting for what she loved. Growing up without both of her parents, she was a product her environment. She was raised by her grandmother and was the girlfriend to the newest up and coming dopeboy. Putting her life on hold, Yahria made sure her man’s needs came first while she lagged behind with his promises to make sure she was straight. After one drunken night, she discovers her intuition was right all along. Subashtian aka Bash isn’t your average dude. He dresses different, he acts different, and he spends his money different. To the human eye, he’s not a boss but the people close to him know what and who he is. Bash took a big loss, and it made him hide in a shell. He promised to never open up to anyone else besides his family. He thought he had everything planned out until destiny linked him with his opposite. Bash likes his women calm and lady-like until he meets Yah-Yah. Can opposites attract or will they clash because they are from two different worlds?

Flexin' On My Ex with A Boss 2

Jenica Johnson - 2018
    She finally feels that she’s able to move on from her past and fully focus on being with Bash. Her rocky relationship with her mother-in-law is still being tested but, for the sake of her relationship with Bash, Yah-Yah continues to turn the other cheek. With a little help, she’s able to start up her own business and that keeps her occupied so she couldn’t see the obvious. When she finds out what’s been happening in front of her eyes, will she return to the old her or will she remain the woman she worked hard to become? Bash is in love and he can no longer hide the fact that Yahria is going to be his wife. He thought he finally found the right woman after the death of his child’s mother. Yah-Yah helped him get his life back in order but he seems to battle with keeping his woman happy and his mother too. Bash is forced to make some major decisions as it pertains to his personal and love life. Will he choose correctly or will he play it safe? When you fall in fast, it will either crumble or stand strong during a test. Which will it be with this couple?

Flexin' on My Ex With A Boss 3: The Finale

Jenica Johnson - 2018
    The pain that Bash and his mama put her through turned her heart cold but she still had a soft spot for him. Yah-Yah does what every strong woman should do and that’s glow up to show him what he’s missing. Once she gets Bash completely out of her system, he tries to pry his way back in, and Yah-Yah is having a hard time being in the same space as Bash without getting her feelings involved. Bash was shocked when his ex-fiancé Esha walked back into his life and interrupted what he thought he had going with Yah-Yah. He’s forced to make decisions that most men shouldn’t have to make. Being the nice guy, he lets Esha back in his life. Bash finds himself battling with his heart until he’s forced to make a decision that some may not like. With his mama in his ear, he does exactly what is expected of a mama’s boy. Not only is he playing with his heart, but he’s playing with the woman he loves heart as well. Love is different for everyone but can Bash continue to love the woman he wants without anyone getting hurt? Take the final ride with Bash and Yah-Yah as they battle the world for each other’s hearts.

C'Yani and Meek: A Dangerous Hood Love

Tina J. - 2018
    However; society portrays her to be conceited, a woman who turns her nose up and looks down on others that aren’t in her position. Unfortunately; it’s the exact opposite of who she really is. Something tragic happens in her life, which makes her shut down. The man in her life doesn’t seem to care and finds comfort elsewhere; leaving her to deal with the devastation alone. She decides to enjoy a night out with her sister that ends up in a disaster as well. Two months later, a man enters her life and is the exact type she’s sworn off. It’s nowhere near a love connection between the two. However, C’Yani decides to step out her comfort zone and ends up in a world she knew nothing about. She enjoys the ride, but the obstacles to staying happy, constantly overshadow the relationship. Her past can’t seem to stay there, while her future has skeletons of his own. Will C’Yani go back to living in a bubble or will the love she has for the new man make her stay where she is?

Put That On Everything

K.C. Mills - 2018

Hooked 4: Addicted to A Supreme Love

Bianca Marie - 2018
    Can they make it? Supreme and Denim have been through so much in the short period of time that they have been together. With Denim clinging to life, Supreme doesn’t know if she’ll make it or not. He’s never been a praying man, but they say prayer works, and he’s praying to the high heavens that she comes out unscathed. Black can't seem to find Carmella anywhere, but when he finds out her location, secrets are revealed. Will he be able to withstand the betrayal? Unique has met Trap, and although he seems to be perfect for her, she still has some guards up. Trap is trying everything he can to break down the barriers to Unique’s heart, but it’s harder than it seems. These couples will take you on their last ride to find out if love is worth all the trials and tribulations that they’ve been through. Some couples will survive while others crumble, and new love will appear. When you're addicted to someone, it’s hard to shake them, and these couples are hooked.

She Wanted A Boss, but Fell for A Savage

Lucinda John - 2018
    Even though the sisters didn’t share the same mother that didn’t come between the strong bond they formed. Together they’ve reached every milestone in life enduring every obstacle thrown their way. When tragedy strikes in more ways than one they find themselves caregivers to their two younger siblings while trying to take on life’s challenges. Osari is a strong, beautiful woman with the worse case of luck when it comes to finding the right man. All she ever wanted was a boss that she could evolve with only to end up with scrubs. Swearing men off O focuses on working towards her and her sister’s dream goal of owning a storefront to their online boutique while caring for her little brother and sister. Kalani has been holding down her high school sweet heart, Money, for the last five years while he does his bid. When Money’s bad behavior earns him more time behind bars Kid vows to do her own thing until he can get it right long enough to return home to her. When a small fling turns into a full blown affair, Kid finds herself in a deadly situation with no way out. Ace, the leader of the infamous gang, THB, Trill Haitian Boys, decides to step down from his street ways to become a family man. When his wife leaves him to pick up the pieces with her first love he moves back home to the very same stomping grounds he vowed to stay away from. As the CEO/ Founder of the prominent business, Drippin’ Ice, Ace does everything in his power to stay away from the streets no matter how loudly they whisper his name. With a cold heart, Ace turns off his ability to care for any woman that is until he cross path with a lost soul. In this gritty hood tale, there’s no limit one will reach to get what they want.

Somethin' 'Bout His Thuggish Ways 2

K.C. Mills - 2018
    The universe wouldn’t be that cruel, would it? Mero knows that his life should come with a warning label, but never did he think that it would potentially cause such severe consequences. It seems as if he can’t catch a break, and there’s no way that he can allow the world around him to crumble while the ones he loves become collateral damage. Mauri is faced with the struggle of her life when her son's father allows his family to do the unthinkable. The only bright side to her dilemma is that one man loves her enough to be her solution by any means necessary. Khaleel and Mero find out that nothing is as black and white as it seems when they potentially have to change their plans to step down after righting a wrong that’s connected to their bloodline. Revenge may not always be the answer, but it certainly helps you sleep better at night. Lee feels that the world is playing a cruel joke on her when she learns that her dream has gone up in flames, but Joey is determined to help her create a new destiny. The only problem is that the streets seem to keep rearing its ugly head, so he’s torn between the person he loves and the life he chose. To make matters worse, family issues find a way into his already complicated life, causing him to draw a line in the sand that he knows will eventually be crossed. But when its time, will he be able to do what’s necessary? Sit back and relax while the drama builds, and what’s done in the dark begins to show in the light...

Daughter of a Hood Legend

Latoya Nicole - 2018
    Walking away from the life, he does everything in his power to keep his daughter Kalina from that lifestyle. No matter what he does, he can’t control the savage that runs through her veins. Kalina aka Roulette portrayed herself to be the picture perfect daughter. In her father’s eyes, she was the good girl he fought hard for her to be. Unbeknownst to Vicious, his daughter was the biggest queen pin in Chicago. Trying to step out of her father’s shadow, the only thing on Roulette’s mind was taking over, until she met Capone.. Being the connect, Capone had it all. The money, women, and more power than he could dream of... but with power comes great responsibility... with his father’s legacy going downhill he has to take on more clients. He was ready for anything except Roulette. Coming into his life by storm, Roulette Taps into feelings Capone thought he didn’t possess. Everything was perfect until family secrets causes both legacies to come crumbling down. Find out who comes out on top when a daughter of a hood legend and the connect fight to take on the throne and their love for each other.

Tampering with A Thug's Heart

Coco Shawnde - 2018
    The one day that should have been full of love led her to handcuffs and homelessness. The four-year relationship with Benji quickly turns into a toxic situation. The last thing she expected was to run into St. Louis heavy cocaine pusha, Israel Townsend all in the same night. Israel Townsend's family name is known throughout the city. He carries his strong dominance everywhere he goes, and his great looks always capture the souls of the lusting women. Not one to get too heavily involved, he finds himself doing the unthinkable when it comes down to Miss Tiphani. From the first encounter, he no longer can break from her captivating demeanor. The two start off as merely friends, and soon it blooms into something they never imagined. With time, you can’t count on things to remain the same, but these two seem to uphold a friendship like no other. What happens when you accidentally fall in love with someone who is identified as a best friend? Tampering with a Thug’s Heart can be a deadly situation, but in this read, you’ll see the fight to remain solid in the game of love. Truths will be told. Feelings will be hurt. Friends become lovers. Read on to see what all will be revealed.

C'Yani and Meek 2: A Dangerous Hood Love

Tina J. - 2018
    He came into her life, turned her world upside down and showed her what real love is. Nothing could bring her down, except the crazy ex who has been a problem since the very beginning. Fortunately for her, Meek has done everything in his power to keep Kim away from C’Yani, but when his ex does the unthinkable to his father, he has no idea of the danger lurking in the shadows. Meek can’t seem to catch a break. The video his ex showed him of C’Yani left him devastated and sent him somewhere he least expected, which lands him in more trouble. When the smoke clears, he regrets everything and tries to win the love of his life back. Teri and Shakim’s relationship is on the rocks, thanks to her best friend who has tried any and everything to destroy it. She does something to Teri that finally opens her eyes to the type of person Jasmine is. In the midst of the drama, secrets come out that will not only open up old wounds for Jasmine but cause the very same people to find her. With Kim still out there, time is of the essence when she finally tracks C’Yani down. Will Meek get there in time to save her, or is Kim going to get what she really wants; which is Meek and the family she dreamed of with him?

A Dope Boys Seduction 3

Tina J. - 2018
    Unfortunately, someone very close has known all along and failed to mention it. He confronts the person, only to find himself stuck between his woman and family. Will he be able to move on from the past, or does he show his true colors? Fazza and Ty, are finally moving past his infidelity, however; her mother is causing more problems than a little. With Fazza getting arrested, Ty is left to decide what and who is more important in her life. In the process, Shanta returns with news no one expected, causing Ty to re evaluate her and Fazza’s relationship. Riley is living her best life in Maryland with her new man. Unbeknownst to her, the secrets she swept under the rug years ago have come out. When she goes home to check on her parents, she finds out her life is in danger. She leaves the state with plans to never return but when the past shows up at her doorstep, there’s nowhere to hide. Find out in this explosive finale if anyone will get their happy ending, or if they’ll go their separate ways.

Savage State of Mind 3: For the Love of An ATL Rider

K.C. Mills - 2018
    Love threatens to make him weak, and the threat has rendered him dangerous. Who will suffer at the hands of his vengeance? Durham has secrets that will ultimately be revealed. Will they cause him to lose the one thing he never knew he wanted, or will love take over and allow the past to be the past? Jah finds himself stuck in a nightmare. The unthinkable has happened, and he can't seem to catch a break and move on. Will North’s family be the thing that pushes him over the edge? Life happens, and you either deal with it, or it deals with you. Sometimes, the only way to survive is by adopting a Savage State of Mind!

The Purest Love For The Coldest Thug

Miss Jenesequa - 2018
    However, deep down Solána knew her stubbornness had sent her mother to an early grave. After tragedy strikes, she gets back on the right path and focuses solely on herself… until she stumbles upon a bewitching addiction like no other, with not a single cure in sight. 
Kisan, known to many as Mace, on the surface appears to be a collected, handsome, and prestigious young man. And he is… among many other things. Those that know more, know him to be bold, calculated, and extremely cold-hearted. They know how crazy he truly is; how he can lay one finger on a trigger and aim perfectly without fail; a gentle giant to not one single soul but the only woman who has his heart—his three-year-old.
 Kisan and Solána are immediately drawn to each other, sparking an uncontrollable fire between them that neither party are able to put out. However, when the attractive heavy hitter and stubborn beauty’s worlds collide, it sets off a cascade of life-changing events. Events that not only change their lives but the lives of everyone around them. Loving a man like Kisan could potentially be the most intense and intimidating thing of Solána’s life, but is she willing to risk it all for a man she should be running far away from? And is Kisan willing to let a woman access the deepest, darkest parts of him?
They say the purest love is hard to find… but now that Kisan has found it, can he make it last? Or will his inner demons get the best of him?

Shorty Got Herself A Baller

Heiress - 2018
    Unfortunately, her dreams didn't match the life that her father outlined for her. With her passion brewing from inside her, she takes a leap of faith and decides she rather chase her dreams than be stuck in school for four years. Now, Love was the last thing on her mind but even she couldn't fight the attraction when she bumps into a sexy player. Juice has everything a young black boy from the hood dreams of. Money, Fame, Good Looks and talent that takes him all the way to the NBA. One hand was dribbling a ball and the other hand was in the streets. What professional ball player do you know out here slangin'? When Juice is offered a new contract at a new team, he jumps at the opportunity to get back on the court after he tore his ACL. Little did he know he would have a chance encounter with a spicy dancer who turns his world upside down. Sit back and enjoy your popcorn as you watch this love game play out. What happens when an engaged rude mannered basketball player falls for a southern charmed single dancer? Could they give it all up for love? Or will, fame, Drugs, money or lurking fiancé get in the way?

Tampering with A Thug's Heart 2

Coco Shawnde - 2018
    Louis with heavy news. He has to make a decision that possibly could cost him. It seems his past has come back to haunt him after years of maturing into a new man. Tiphani has been through a lot as it is, but the intruder that robbed Israel home is set on making her life more miserable than ever before. Being hospitalized isn't her only setback, and it's a family effort to assure she has a full recovery. Depression sinks in under her new circumstances that may be permanent, and it drives a wedge between her and Israel. Israel has to accept all the new changes and stand tall through it all. Nothing between the two feels like it used to, and they both can attest to it. Tiphani learns soon that with change, she has to make adjustments. The question is, will she be able to? Israel wants nothing but the best for Tiphani, even if he has to let the love of his life go free. But, then again, he knows he can't allow her to go too far. When the tension grows unbearable, Tiphani does the unthinkable that pushes Israel over the edge. Indulge in the turning events and see how problems are resolved as more fall through.

A Kingpin's Dynasty

Tina J. - 2018
    All she wants to do is move on from her past and start over. Unfortunately, there are people who feel she hasn’t paid for her sins and will stop at nothing to make sure she does. The battle never ends and the one she considered her best friend reveals a secret she’s kept hidden for years. Menace is the man in the streets and like always, women want him. However; he loves Quana and has done any and everything to keep her happy. Unfortunately; she isn’t the woman he fell in love with and he begins to distance himself from her. He crosses paths with a woman he’s never seen before and instead of exchanging numbers, they go their separate ways. They do meet again, and things don’t go as planned. Joakim and Taylor have been doing well keeping their relationship under wraps. That is until he falls victim to another woman and she claims he fathered her child. Not wanting a kid with her, not only causes turmoil with Taylor but drives her straight into the arms of someone else. A person who will have a few surprises of his own.

Tampering With A Thug's Heart 3

Coco Shawnde - 2018
    With either knowing the route to rekindle their love, they grow distant. Israel is taking on fatherhood the best way he knows how, and he encounters more than he wished for. Finding Aubrey is at the top of his list. With his search, more truths are revealed than he expected. Being the man he is, he stands tall with everything coming his way. Even with things changing in his life, the one thing that hasn’t changed is Tiphani being his best friend. Times grow hard, but does that mean all love will be lost? This last installment guarantees to take you on a ride. Will love conquer all, or will it just not be enough to allow love to flourish? Tampering with a thug’s heart doesn’t seem like the right thing to do when your heart is played on right back.

What Kinda Love Is This?: Captivating A Boss

Tina J. - 2018
    Although most of it came from her mother, who she can’t seem to please, some also came from the cheating ex-boyfriend who she left the same day he proposed. Now skeptical of loving any man, one enters her life who she feels is way out of her league. He’s the perfect man in her eyes. However, he doesn’t feel the same. Risky has everything he needs in life; including a woman he’s ready to marry. However, she’s done something unthinkable, and once he figures it out, nothing will stop him from finding her. In the midst of dealing with a family issue, the new woman in his life is every man's dream, or is she? Trying to keep their relationship a secret only brings out the hatred toward her from others. Will he keep her in his life or fall victim to the streets talking and let her go? Luna is outgoing, fun, and a no-nonsense woman who will go to war with anyone for her loved ones. Unfortunately, her father made a pact with someone that will cause her to live with a man she hates. Waleed, enters her life and turns it upside down. He isn’t the Prince Charming she’s looking for, yet Luna can’t seem to get him out of her system. Find out if opposites attract or should they leave well enough alone?

I Got A Thang for A Street King

Trenae - 2018
    Nothing ever was. From the sweet age of fourteen, her judgment in men was always horrible. Looking for the love that she was missing at home caused her to run into the wrong arms. Falling in love with the older, manipulative Dray was the mistake that led to her quick downward spiral. She knew from the start that their relationship wasn’t what she deserved. But what was she to do? She was a teenager in love with a man who had mastered the art of toying with emotions of women twice her age. Years later, with the help of her friend, Ju-Ju, Dae is ready to live life as a normal woman, but what she would encounter was nothing normal. In fact, Knight was a man like none that she had crossed paths with. Successful, charming, and sexy were just a few words used to describe Knight Bentley. With no warning, Dae was swooped off her feet and thrust into a world of lavish living, countless shopping sprees, late night sexcapades, and the adventure she had been dying for. The thing is, all of that came with a price. What she never banked on was the tenacious Ainsley being in the picture. While Dae is head over heels in love with Knight, that may not be enough in this case. Ainsley isn’t a woman who loses, and she doesn’t plan to lose to a woman like Charde. But what happens when Ainsley’s record isn’t as clean as she wants Knight to believe? Will Knight choose the woman who’s been by his side since his days as a street king, or will the woman who believes in his life after the streets win him over? In this series, you will find that family is just a word, and love truly overpowers everything. The problem is, loving the wrong person can get you killed.

Alpha and Armani: Capturing A Hitta's Heart

A.J. Davidson - 2018
    When she fell in love with a charming bad boy named Tommy, she was ready to risk it all, until a devastating secret shattered her world. After getting her heart broken, Armani refused to give up on love, so she picked up the pieces of her heart and tried to move on with her life. That’s where Alpha came in. He and his brother Omega were two of the deadliest, most ruthless men in Chicago, but they had a soft spot for the women they loved. The moment Alpha laid eyes on Armani, he knew she was the perfect girl for him. The fact that she was sexy, spoke different languages, and had a feisty attitude was a bonus, but everything that glitters ain’t gold. Old skeletons resurface, and Alpha finds himself fighting to secure his spot in Armani’s future, even if that meant getting rid of someone from her past. When Armani’s best friend Summore begins dating Omega, she didn’t expect things to take off so fast. Still dealing with old feelings and secrets of her own, Summore finds herself playing a dangerous game that could cost her everything. Omega was blind to Summore’s ways in the beginning, but once her betrayal hits too close to home, Omega snaps and the hitta in him returns more savage than ever. Things quickly spiral and Summore must make a critical decision or lose her life. With all the drama and secrets, which couple will make it? Two men with the hearts of a lion; two women fighting to tame the beast in them. These women prove that Capturing a Hitta’s heart may be easy; keeping it is the hard part.

What Kinda Love Is This 2: Captivating A Boss

Tina J. - 2018
    Unfortunately, the heart wants, what it wants but Khloe is too late because Risky finds comfort in someone else, which leaves her alone and heartbroken once again. Waleed found out that Luna is married to Oscar, or is she? Julie made sure to blurt it out in hopes it would make her sister hurt even more. However, the love between the two seems to be unbreakable. That is until Julie devises a plan that will devastate Luna and cause her to lose the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Risky continues the hunt for Veronica, who is hiding out after the hospital incident. Unbeknownst to him, she’s done the unthinkable to Raina, and once he finds out, his search becomes desperate because all he wants to do is get rid of her. Will he find her before she violates again or will he be too late and Raina is subjected to her attack once more?

Shadow of A Gangsta

Latoya Nicole - 2018
     Shadow Hoover, tired of living in the background of his brothers, decides to be trained by Lucifer his self. Wanting to make a name for himself, he decides to come out of retirement without his brothers. Gangsta has never been one to back down from a challenge... With Shadow looking to him for guidance, G looks at it as an opportunity to get back in the game... Shadow is now ready to take on his new job as a hit man, but the first job he takes jeopardizes the entire Hoover family. With his wife ready to leave, and his brother’s lives on the line, Shadow May have bitten off more than he could chew. All hell has broken loose, and an old enemy is back to destroy the Hoovers once and for all. Who will come out on top as the Hoovers are forced into one last hoorah.

What Kinda Love is This 3?: Captivating A Boss

Tina J. - 2018
    They’ve gone through a lot and are planning to get married and have kids. Unfortunately, people are looking for ways to keep them apart; including Sandy. She’ll stop at nothing to get his attention, but her true colors show when Raina calls her out. Sandy overreacts and finds herself on Risky’s bad side. Luna finally learns the truth about Oscar and her sister. However, Julie reveals her pregnancy in front of everyone, but once she announces who the father is, things take a turn for the worse between Waleed and Luna. After finding out about his so called future wife’s marriage and pregnancy, Oscar becomes enraged and puts Luna in a compromising position. He will stop at nothing to make sure Waleed doesn’t get the empire he worked for all his life, but at what cost? Lamar still blames Risky for his sister's death but is what he claims true about how she really died? Find out if Khloe and Risky will get their happy ending and who will be the last man standing between Oscar and Waleed.

The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County

Lucinda John - 2018
    The art of dealing the best quality drugs to the neediest crack head took patience, precision and street smarts qualities Kason “Kaotic” Lafleur had down pack. Inheriting the family business from his uncle, Kaotic becomes a self-made millionaire by producing the purest coke and skillfully smuggling them into the US without lifting a finger. With a take charge attitude and boss mentality, Kaotic, the leader of the Dade County Goonz (DCG), only concern is money. To him, if it didn’t make money it didn’t made sense. Not even the slew of women he has encountered during the many rendezvous has the ability to shift his attention. Getting him to care and love was practically unachievable and non-existent until he met her… ​ ​Serenity has it all; beauty, brains and a bank account with more zeros than she knew what to do with. From the outside looking in, Serenity has it together. Her life is goals to many except no one knows the demons she faces. The fear of love forces her to use men for sex before tossing them aside. Her wild behavior mirrors the pain she’s truly going through, the pain no one can understand, pain that is uncontrollable until she met him… ​Love can be so beautiful yet painful in the same sense. Kaotic struggles with the adjustment his heart forces him to make as he allows a broken woman into his life, one who is so harmless, but can potentially cause him and his organization so much damage. Serenity struggles to keep secrets hidden, secrets that could potentially cost her- her life.

Shorty Got Herself A Baller 2

Heiress - 2018
     Diamond is now faced with more challenges than before. Getting pregnant was not her plan. Now she has to choose if having a baby is worth losing the love of her life, and her career. Juice also has a a lot of choices to make. His career is now jeopardized now that his addiction is revealed. He finds out devastating news about his fiancé and his new lover, Diamond that he doesn’t know how to handle. He has to figure out if basketball is important enough to loose everything over or if letting it go will help his situation. Diamond, Juice, Cornell and Fancy all have choices that need to be made. Will exes get seconds chances? Will money and greed cause them to loose sight of what’s important? Can friends become true lovers and is chasing your dream easier than chasing love?


T. Styles - 2018
     Two Egos. One War. Raised in complete poverty, fourteen-year-old Banks Wales world is rocked when his mother is murdered. If not for his best friend Mason, the son of a kingpin, Banks would be alone. One rich, the other poor, the two do their best to stay alive and navigate the murderous streets of Baltimore. There's one problem. Banks father sees the young king's affluent lifestyle as a reminder that he is lacking as a father and a man. So he makes a vicious move. One that puts his, and Banks' life in extreme danger. Before long bodies drop and others rise to power. But when the smoke clears, the two childhood friends are separated by rage that spans a generation. And this is the beginning...

The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta: A Street Love Tale

Shan - 2018
    Always viewed as the underdog to his rival, Kilos’ world seems to be looking up when his youngest son Ahmeen develops a deadly, but popular formula of heroin that is sure to have them claiming the throne to the Atlanta streets. Ahmeen, a true street pharmacist and hustla has the secret formula that not even he will give to his family. All he knows is that overnight, the Shakur brothers is on top of the world with their rival—the King family now at their feet like they’ve always been to them. The success doesn’t seem to get to Ahmeen’s head like it seems to do to his brother De’Moni. He remains stoic, humble, and in true boss form. Not even the plenty of women that throw themselves at him can knock him off his square that is until he meets the King’s family twin daughter Poetic and inevitably fall in love with her. Like forbidden fruit, Ahmeen is unable to resist the innocent, and beautiful Poetic King. The more everything tells him to stay away, the more he seems to want her. When death is right at his front door, and enemies at his neck for the formula he has created, will he see Poetic has someone in his corner or just another person trying to take him down? Poetic King, daughter of the infamous Noie King, has pretty much had everything handed to her on a silver platter. Although spoiled by her family, Poetic is far from naive. With their entire family deep in the game, Poetic knew early on what it meant to have money, power, and influence. She and her twin sister Lyric have always been close, but one deadly night with their little sister Melody being left dead, Poetic feels she can’t trust anyone. Lashing out, running away is just the start of Poetic’s new identity, but once she runs into Ahmeen, one person she is forbidden to talk to, Poetic becomes someone that no one knows. Love is on the brink of her heart, and nothing will stop her from being with her new boo—or will it? Emmanuel “Maino” King and his two younger brothers Chuck, and Tyree has always been next up under their father Noie King. With a new product on the market that is threatening to eliminate the King family from the heroin game, Maino and his brothers must do something to reclaim their throne. Maino is rude, cocky handsome, sexy and let’s not forget paid. Originally known as the enforcer of the family, when his father comes to him to let him know that their legacy is at risk, Maino is faced with stepping into the game and becoming something he never thought he would, but quickly realizes how good he is —a dopeboy. His new status in the game, pushes him to become very personal with their plug Javier Feuntes’ daughter Eve Feuntes. What was supposed to be business, quickly because a passionate filled affair that neither of them can afford for anyone to find out. After all, Eve’s father will kill Maino and his whole family while Maino’s long time girlfriend and mother of their one year old daughters will kill him. De’Moni Moni Shakur, the oldest Shakur brother has always been the mess up—the black sheep of the family. He’s always been determined to make his parents proud, and when his little brother Ahmeen steps in and does so before him, Moni is not too sure how to feel about it. Happy for his family’s success, Moni does his best to be to cope with his failures, but he isn’t able to get over the fact that he wasn’t the one to bring the trophy home. His reckless acts and envious feelings get him caught up in a situation to where he must choose himself or his family.

Captured By A Royal Thug 2

Heiress - 2018
    Sounds crazy right? Well it happened. So much has happened to Bella and her two friends that even they can’t explain the events. They went from finally getting comfortable in Africa, to being snatched out of their element once again. Love, hate and envy surrounds them and just when they think they got it all figured out, here comes more drama. Bella is now torn between survival and love. She has to choose whether to live without the love of her life or die with the love of her life. Tough choice to make right? Well she made it and it just might be the worst decision she ever made. Leah has made the conscious decision to choose love over stability. She allowed her heart to speak for her and that alone just might lead her to her death. Twan has too much of a good heart and his love for Bella and Leah and now Princess Zara might just cost him his life. At the end of the day, he must choose to live for him or die for the ones he loves. So many decisions. So many outcomes. So much death. These three friends have been put to the ultimate test. After all the deceit, the covered-up secrets and the threats on their lives, will they make it out alive or will one wrong decision leave them without a head? Will love be the answer or will it be their downfall?

The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County 2

Lucinda John - 2018
    Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Kaotic decides that he's going to "fix" Serenity but unbeknownst to him, he causes more damage than he does good.At her all time low, Serenity is forced to carry a child that she fear will end up like her. Hitting rock bottom, Serenity puts everyone and everything she loves in jeopardy. Although, Kaotic is doing everything in his power to deliver her, Serenity finds herself at the point of no return.The very thing you love can be the very thing that kills you... Kaotic understands this first hand as he find himself doing things out of the norm for Serenity putting himself at risk.The cosmic pull is not in Kaotic and Serenity's favor as they find themselves in a toxic situation with no way out...except apart.

Pregnant by A Rich Thug

Nikqua - 2018
    Alone in the world, Ro seeks out the man who got her pregnant during a one-night stand at a frat party. Tyree is a Rich Thug who is well known in the streets of Harlem. Many people know him by the respect they had for his father who got killed when Ree was sixteen. Ree took his father’s drug business and flipped it into something more legal while handling the drug business on the side. After finding out he was a father, Tyree stepped up and handled his business for not only for himself but for his baby mother. Forming a relationship with the woman who was carrying his child, Tyree found problems hitting him in every direction. As a businessman and the man in the streets, Tyree did what any man would have done, he sought revenge and handled his problems. When a problem came knocking at Tyree’s door that caused Ro to almost lose her life, what would Tyree do? Would Ro lose her life due to jealously from a known source? Could Ro handle the pressure and problems that come along with being pregnant by a Rich Thug?

D-City Underworld: Zontae's Reign

Annitia L. Jackson - 2018
    They are a powerful vampire clan that is known for being ruthless to get what they want. King Zaire Duvall and Queen Esha have done everything in their power to ensure that their family stays on top or, so they thought. Mesa Duvall is the youngest of the Duvall brothers and runs a successful underground club for vampires and other creatures of the underworld. His family knew him as the one that followed all the rules. However, Mesa is breaking one major one that could get him killed. Zontae Duvall is the most feared demon in the Underworld and next in line to rule. He helps run the family’s legal businesses, but his main business is slinging blood and other serums to the vampires and demons in the Underworld. His urge to suck the soul out of your body, or something even worse, is usually controlled by a serum. But something is changing, and his dark urges may no longer be under control. Selene and Samara Kenney are cousins but were more like sisters to each other. Their home life is dangerous, thanks to Selene’s mom. After escaping their home, the girls are on a mission to find answers to Samara’s mysterious past and her parents’ deaths. Enter the Duvall brothers who turn their world upside down. Will these four be able to deal with the challenges, danger, and dark secrets revealed? Or will it tear them apart? When the Kenney girls meet the Duvall brothers, nothing will ever be the same, and their lives will change forever.

Mesmerized By A Street King 3

Belleza - 2018
    The drama is set to continue in this finale. Tabitha is quickly realizing that the grass really isn't greener on the other side especially when it comes to Easy. The person that she fell in love with while Easy was in prison is not the same person that she is sleeping with every night. As Easy's true colors start to show will Tabitha be able to get out from under her or has she done too much to Johan and his brothers? Camille's parents will do everything in their power to ruin the love that she has found in Asahd even if it means their daughter will be miserable. Never one to back down from a fight, Asahd is determined to continue to build a relationship with Camille. The only problem is that from family to foes, everyone can see that Camille is Asahd's weakness and someone will try to exploit that for their own purposes. Will Asahd be able to keep the power he holds in the streets and the newfound love he has with Camille or will he be forced to choose between love and power? While Zayne is forced on making sure his entire family is safe, Qwinae comes back and according to her she is ready to be a mother. This new commitment to motherhood has Zayne suspicious of her true intentions and he is forced to watch her moves carefully. Will Qwinae really be a mother to their daughter after six years or does she have a ulterior motive for suddenly coming back around? Will Zayne make the right choices to keep his family safe or will he be swayed by past events? In order to keep his brothers and loved ones safe, Johan has jumped back into the street life and his only focus is making sure everyone survives. Just like his brother love will catch him completely off guard. After what he has been through with Tabitha, this new woman may not make it past the walls he has put up though. Can Johan learn to love and trust again or has Tabitha done too much damage? The brothers and those the ones they love most are back for round three. The drama will throw you for a loop and in the end decisions will have to be made that will break hearts no doubt, but at the end of it all you will know what it's like to be Mesmerized by a Street King.

When Worlds Collide

Millie Belizaire - 2018
    With a law professor for a mother, and a state attorney for a father, she has been raised to understand the law down to its most fundamental form. She's what they call, in every sense of the term, a Good Girl. As her father prepares to take on the biggest case of his career--going against Miami's most notorious kingpin, Silas Montgomery--tensions begin to rise, and our Good Girl becomes Silas Montgomery's newest target. Now on the radar of the most dangerous man in Miami, Lauren's perfect world goes up in flames. Everyday becomes a constant battle to stay alive.Kain is about as close to Silas Montgomery as most people can get. Unlike Lauren's world of sheltered ease, his world is dark and dangerous. He's been raised by the code of the streets, hardened by life's harshest lessons. Not many people are out here doing Kain any favors. Especially not the kind of favor he extends to Lauren. Protection--that's what he offers her. Protection from the most dangerous man in Miami.Lauren and Kain's story is tale of love crossing over to the different side of the tracks. Their's is a tale of what happens when worlds collide.Book one is told entirely in Lauren's point of view.

Love And The Game

Johnni Sherri - 2018
    Instead of making up cheers and playing double-dutch, like most girls her age, Perri spends her time fighting, hooping and playing video games alongside her best friend Plus. Living only two doors down from one other in the Millwood Projects of Prince George’s County, Maryland, the two grew up more like family than friends. However, as the years roll by, Perri discovers her secret desire to be more than just Plus’s best friend. On prom night, the two surprisingly lose their virginity to one another causing their relationship takes an unforeseen turn. While later expecting her first born child, Perri is forced to face the hard reality that, in spite of everything, Plus merely considers her to be his “friend”. But as the years continue to roll by, Perri grows into this vivacious woman and the two gradually switch roles. Emotions Plus never knew existed come flooding in when he realizes he may have to share his best friend with another man. Derrick, a tall handsome basketball player unexpectedly sweeps Perri off her feet, leaving her torn between the two. Will the Plus and Perri circle back to the connection they once shared as youths, or will Perri leave her first Love in the past and continue on with life’s beautiful Game?

In My Feelings Over His Hood Love 2

Khadijah J. - 2018
    Montejha had an ally in a new family member that she knew nothing about her entire life. She was left confused as to whether to trust them or not but quickly decided after they saved her life. Getting to know them, she got comfortable and ended up staying away for a while until tragedy struck back home. From the time she landed back home it had been nothing but complete Khaos and she didn’t know what do nor say. Kato had a lot going on, but little did he know, his rollercoaster journey was just getting started. After meeting some new faces and finding out some things about the past, he goes on a war path. Khaos wanted to handle everyone who affected his life and whoever was affiliated, so he decided he couldn’t have any distraction. Only problem was, Montejha was left vulnerable and the unexpected happened. In the end, these two will have to make some life-changing decisions. When Montejha’s life is on the line, will Kato be able to save her? Who is to blame for all that has happened, and will they be mature enough to accept responsibility for their wrongdoings and move on. Or will they let the new problems that have arisen tear them apart? In this finale, all the answers will be revealed.

Mesmerized By A Street King 2

Belleza - 2018
    Zayne is delivered the shock of his life when Qwinae resurfaces and drops a bomb on him that changes his life and everything that matters the most. Unsure if he can take her words at face value or not he vows to quickly find out. Asahd finally gives in to his feelings and accepts that he’s fell head over hills for Camille. Going against everything he stood for he opens his heart and welcome Camille into his world. But falling in love isn’t an easy thing to do when you have women that’s working hard to break your relationship apart. Meanwhile, Johan is finally seeing Tabitha’s true colors and secrets are revealed. When Johan is faced with the truth he vows that somebody must pay for the pain tugging at his heart. Although he wanted to step out fully of the game he’s forced to stay once a whirlwind of problems occur back to back. While the Moseley brothers are dealing with everything from the new beginnings to failing relationships they have enemies plotting to strip them of everything they’ve worked hard for. Will the brothers be able to get control of their personal lives and keep the streets under control? Will they end up having to choose between the streets and family? In the end of Camille and Kiera just might not be Mesmerized by a Street King anymore.

I Got A Thang for A Street King 2

Trenae - 2018
    To describe her heart as broken would be an insult of its own because she was long past that word. Left to pick up the pieces in the wake of Knight’s absence, Charde can’t seem to get back to the girl she once was. Grief, anger and betrayal fills her heart and without her only friend at her side, there doesn’t seem to be a rainbow showing up after all of this rain. Leaving the streets behind was always the plan for Knight, but what happens when the streets refuse to stay a thing of the past? With so many issues calling for Knight’s attention, it’s hard to decide what takes priority. While he knows that he just wants to be happy with Charde at his side, Knight is also aware that a pregnant Ainsley won’t just go away. Add to that the fact that she seems to have a closet full of secrets that are constantly spilling out, Knight will soon realize that the life he’s been living has been a lie. Trapped in her own form of prison, Ju-Ju is in full survival mode as key players are exposed in Gemini’s twisted plans for her group of friends. Playing the role of the beautiful wife to an abusive kingpin is a hard job but Ju-Ju knows that her life depends on making it believable. With outside help, she gains hope that she will make it out of her situation alive. But, what is she returning home to? With her relationship with her and Gunna in the balance, Ju-Ju is left unsure on if they will ever get back to each other’s heart. In fact, she isn’t even sure that she wants to get back to what they had after the dust settles. In the finale of this explosive series, lines are drawn and crossed countless times by both friends and foe. Family ties are tested, and some bonds are better left broken. It’s been said that nobody wins when the family feuds, but the question remains, will there be anything left standing of the Bentley clan when the dust settles?

A Real Boss Snatched My Heart

Sephiri J. - 2018
    For years, she put her all into her man, but his disrespect and disregard for her true worth has left her hurt and emotionally scarred. Determined never to be made a fool again, she is desperate to find a job and stand on her own two feet. But her world is turned upside down when she meets Amell Moss. Amell is powerful and intimidating, feared by most people who cross his path. All his time is spent running a national chain of clubs that he uses as a front for a multi-million-dollar drug business, so love is the last thing on his mind. His focus is on his business and exposing the snakes around him who only want to see him fail. But when he meets Leah, he’s immediately drawn to her fearless demeanor and beautiful spirit. And Leah can’t deny the intense magnetism she feels for Amell. Will they find the love that they’ve both been missing in each other? Or will those around them end their chance at love before it can even begin? Find out in this hood love story bursting with lies, betrayal, secrets, and most of all, the pursuit of real love.

Mesmerized By A Street King

Belleza - 2018
    After their mother’s death they are taken in by a hustler named Ernest, who they refer to as, Unc. He teaches them everything they need to know about the street life and getting rich. Twenty years after the death of their mother the Moseley brothers are all grown up and living their lives but their family values remain intact. What do you do when the one you vowed to spend the rest of your life with, doesn’t support the life you live? The oldest of the brothers, Johan, is happily married with three sons. Just about done with drug game he now makes his money legally and plan on expanding but his wife, Tabitha, does not support his career change and has no issues letting him know how she feels. Tabitha has a deep, dark secret that would ruin the perfect life she has with Johan and her sons. Will Tabitha risk it all to keep her secret safe or is it time that the truth finally comes out? Will love be enough to keep Johan and Tabitha together if her secret is finally exposed? Younger brothers Zayne and Asahd are still running the family empire. Unlike Asahd who has no plans of slowing down and lives unapologetically jumping from women to women, Zayne’s main focus is raising his six year old daughter, Za’naa. With the absence of a father figure in his life and the disappearance of his daughters mother he’s trying to be everything she need, even if that mean putting his desires last. Best friends, Camilla and Keira just might be what the two younger Moseley brothers need in life, even if they don’t know it. The drama that these two couples will face might be enough to break them up before they even get started. Will they be able to beat the odds and stay together or is love just not meant to be? Join this wild ride with the Moseley brother’s and the ones closest to them and find out how these women find themselves Mesmerized By A Street King.

I Should've Chosen You

Chelsea Maria - 2018
    What you think is love, is truly not. You need to elevate and find." - Eve No one knew more about love than Capone Elliott. Since a little girl dressing up in her princess dresses and wearing her mothers' heels, she knew that falling in love with Prince Charming was in her destiny. Going off to college, she spared no time opening her heart to the first man that seemed worthy of her love. Her heart was desperate to find that happily ever after love she'd been reading about all her life. However, when she stumbled upon Travis Graham, she ignored the warning that not every frog will turn into a prince. Unlike Capone who chased after love, Pacino Luciano wanted no parts of it. Focused on expanding the Luciano Cartel throughout the south, Pacino never thought that one late night of driving out in the country would cross his path with a woman from his past. Being the enforcer in the streets kept Pacino's heart on ice. The first time he crossed paths with Capone, she carried more baggage than he desired to deal with, but he always promised himself that if by chance she came back into his life, he would try his hand at that thing called love. Capone wanted rainbows and roses. Pacino murdered without remorse. Two people from two separate worlds having one common need. Each other. Hearts are tied, and two families are merged in hopes of keeping the other alive. What will happen when lines are drawn and the truth is revealed? *Please note: This is a 76,000 word urban romance standalone novel.*

Scarred: A Love Lost: A Domestic Violence Novella

Bianca - 2018
    So bright, she was blinded by the persistent and ever so charming, Issac Rosenberg. Unable to resist his charm, Somaya goes against her parents’ demands and dates him anyway. Years later, she’s deep into a relationship she can’t see herself escaping from. Everything that once glittered, has lost its shine, and the man she fell in love with is no longer the same. Will Somaya be able to flee her once fairytale lifestyle, or will it leave her scarred?

For The Love of My Savage: Quan and Ginger

Antoinette Sherell - 2018
    She's moved to another state and is looking for a fresh start. Her past indiscretions have left her scarred, and insecure-the last thing she wants is a repeat of her past mistakes. The only problem is, she seems to always attract what she doesn't want. Quan Heart is every woman's dream and nightmare rolled into one. He has no issue getting any woman he wants, but they always have an issue getting him to stay. He isn't looking for a relationship and prefers to keep it moving with no baggage. That is, until he meets Ginger. When Ginger offers Quan a proposition that he can't refuse, everything they both thought they wanted goes out the window... and neither of them saw it coming. What was supposed to be so simple quickly turns complicated, but it's hard to get out once they're in too deep.

In My Feelings Over His Hood Love

Khadijah J. - 2018
    Growing up in a household receiving little to no recognition, she feels invisible to everyone. That is, until she runs into a man who makes her feel nothing less than beautiful, but unfortunately for her, he had an ulterior motive. Finally growing out of the relationship, she finds the strength to leave, but it comes with a price tag. Kato “Khaos” Karter was a well-known thug, that was sought after by every woman he’d ever encountered. From his height, stature, charming, yet, deceitful, features, to his pockets, he could make a woman jump with the snap of his fingers. One day he gets himself in a jam, literally, and just when he thinks there’s no way out, an angel in disguise saves his day. Just when Montejha swore off men, she finds her self entranced in Kato’s chaotic life. Kato had a busy lifestyle, and had no plans of slowing down, but he found himself slowing down for her. When you think you’ve got it all figured out, destiny tends to throw a wrench in your plans. Will Kato slow down and let love catch up with him? Will Montejha pick up the pieces to her broken heart, and allow his hood love to capture her whole? The answers are inside, buckle up, and enjoy this bumpy ride.

Thug Holiday 3

Twyla T. - 2018
    After the death of their father on Christmas Day, secrets continued to pour out. The sister’s decided that the New Year would be a fresh start for all of them, so they decided to travel to New York to watch the ball drop together. Everything was going fine until each of them returned to their respective homes. Andrea is moving forward with her life and is still getting used to the idea of being pregnant. D’Mari is all that she dreamt of in a man, but will the long distance become more of a strain on their budding relationship? With all that surrounded her father’s death, Drea had totally forgotten about her stalker situation until she was starkly reminded of it. Not knowing who is after her, will Drea turn to D’Mari for help? Or will she try to resolve it on her own, costing her more than she bargained for? Anastasia Holiday can’t believe how her divorce from Richard has turned into a complete nightmare. Drea continues to help her and things are finally looking up, until the unexpected occurs. Will Anastasia ever get her divorce from Richard legally, or will his final attempt at destroying her life be successful? After all, he knows that Kyler is the link to her happiness. Alyssa Holiday still can’t believe the turn of events that her career has taken. She wanted to be an FBI agent for so long and worked hard to make her dream come true. However, when a new light is shined on her fiancé Corey, Lyssa feels like she has been backed into a corner. Her heart and her head are pulling in different directions. Will this new information make her decision about her job easier? Will she continue to plan a wedding even with all the chaos? Or, will she be looking for a new job and a new man simultaneously? Alexis Holiday wasn’t all that concerned about JR’s profession until it hit close to home—very close. She now has to decide whether or not money and the only man that she has ever loved is worth causing heartache to her family. To add to her troubles, Lexi now feels like J.R. isn’t the man that she thought he was. Will the newfound couple overcome these obstacles, or will it be the end to something beautiful? After all of the drama, secrets, and lies have been revealed, will the Holiday Sisters get their happily ever after, or are some things just too good to be true? Find out all the answers in Thug Holiday 3: Valentine’s Edition by best-selling authors Twyla T, Patrice Balark, Dani Littlepage, and J. Dominique.

Secrets of the South

B.M. Hardin - 2018
    And for about fifteen years, she was right. Until her happy marriage goes down the drain and she's left with no one but herself to blame. On a quest to become the world's next best-selling author, to find her voice, Savannah makes a difficult choice.    She has to run—again.    She quits her job and packs a bag. And then she sets out to find the inspiration that she's never had. Only she finds herself in the one place she never expected to be. Home—in the South; reminded of pain and secrecy. A sin is still a sin, even if no one knows. And a secret is still a secret even if no one told. Bonds are broken, truths are spoken, and no one around her can be trusted.    Who killed her mother?     Who is her father?     Who knows the truth about the small-town barber?    Savannah discovers that 'Southern Charm' is just for show. What really matters in the South are the lies you tell and the secrets you know!

Coming For What's Mine

Edwina Fort - 2018
    You have no idea… In my world the Gansta’s on the street are feared. I had no way of knowing that once I accepted a Botany Scholarship at Georgetown University I was going to be unwittingly thrown into the savage biosphere of politics. I’ve come to learn that here in D.C., the politicians are the real gansta’s, and that they are far deadlier than anything we common folk could ever imagine. However, I would soon find out just how dangerous the political milieu can be. It is a place of glamour, lies, and power. Trust the wrong person, and you can end up dead. I gave into the Senator’s son one night, allowing him to take what I had never gifted to another. It was the single most amazing thing I would ever experience. But that one night of unbridled passion would send my life spiraling into uncharted territory. The fruit of which I carried in my womb while fleeing to protect my unborn child… I knew she was to innocent to be pulled into my world. A world that was more treacherous than a pit of vipers. However, I could no sooner quiet my hunger for her, then I could the roar of an oncoming tornado. She gave me my taste, and I found my new addiction. But then she fled from me and became my new obsession. Now, nothing will stop me from, Coming for What’s Mine…From the Inside FlapWelcome warriors. You are nowentering the world of the demon slayers. Each of my books follows adifferent couple on their journey of discovery. Although each bookseries can be considered a standalone, they all tie in together tocreate an epic saga in the same universe. To get the entireexperience, I encourage you to check out my complete catalog listing.This title and other books in the series are all available on Amazonand/or Kindle Unlimited.The Redemption seriesGabe and Yasmine's -RedemptionMelek Black and Earth -RedemptionEarth's CryThe Law Boys SeriesJourney &Joseph Law -Coming for What's Mine Pt.1 & 2Rome & Nahkti-Falling for Rome Pt.1 & 2Tucker & Free -Mean Tucker Pt.1&2Levi Law & Scarlett -Save Me Pt. 1& 2Judah Law & Lace - The UntouchableOne Pt. 1 & 2The Warrior

Diary of the Plug's Daughter

Sol - 2018
     In New York, an unlikely pair of young girls forge a new friendship after finding out that they’ll be roommates. Both ladies are attempting to walk away from past relationships while at the same time preparing for their freshman year at Medgar Evers. Some call it growing up, but they call it growing pains. Hailing all the way from Harlem, 18-year-old Remy has been with the same guy since she was in high school. Their love is seemingly perfect, they’re even engaged to be married, so you know it’s real. All is well between the loving couple until Remy has a chance encounter with The Taliban Gang’s newest and most promising hustler. One who refuses to take no for an answer and is just as dangerous as he is handsome. What happens when you’re already spoken for, but a rich thug wants you? Summer is fresh out of a relationship and trying to get over her first love. Perhaps it would be easier to move on if her ex-boyfriend would stop playing peek-a-boo in her life. Who knows? One thing’s for sure, and two thing’s for certain, she’s got a new boo who’s smitten over her and an old boo who isn’t prepared to fully let her go. Then the question became, what are the consequences of being romantically involved with two dope boys at the same time? Unbeknownst to Remy and Summer, they have an uphill battle on their way to greatness. With all the lies, lust, murder, drug money and betrayal that comes with street love, how are they ever going to make it to college in one piece? Find out now...

Angel And Heaven 2: A True Love Story

Heiress - 2018
    Hearts gets broken. Lies are told. Trust is lost. Heaven made a decision led by hurt and pain. That decision just may be the end of her heart and sanity. She allows her emotions toward Angel to cloud her judgement on how she truly feels about him. She thought she was done deciding on how her life would go but she had no idea of the decisions she will be forced to make. One major one being the choice between Angel and Brandon. Angel is not letting go of Heaven easy. The fight has just begun and he's willing to die for love. With having a baby and a crazy ex, problems will occur. His loyalty will be yet again tested. He has his son to think about now so he can no longer be selfish. He will soon have a decision to make as well. The decision to stick by his father's side who is his blood or choose a lover who wants nothing to do with him. The fight is on. These two individuals are about to get tested in the worst way. Blood versus Love. Who will win? Can two lovers be together despite their family's feud or will their bloodline only lead them to death? Sit back and put your seatbelts on because this will be a very emotional rollercoaster in the finale of Angel and Heaven's love story.

Lost In A Hitta's Love 2: An Urban Love Story

Antoinette Sherell - 2018
    With Liberty’s life hanging in the balance, and Sempri being held captive for reasons unknown, there is no telling how things will turn out for either of the two. Legacy spent months without speaking to Liberty after she did the unthinkable. However, it’s undeniable that he’s still deeply in love with her. When he finds out her life is on the line, will he come to his senses and do right by her, or make decisions that can only push them further apart? Philan is finally coming to terms with the fact that he has feelings for Sempri. But, when she’s kidnapped, he begins to realize it may be much more than he thought. Given his past, will he be able to handle the realization that he may be in love with her, or will he push her away in fear of what his feelings may mean? In this final installment, hearts will be broken, and lives will be changed drastically—some for better and others for worse. However, only true love will prevail in the end.

Lost in A Hitta's Love: An Urban Love Story

Antoinette Sherell - 2018
    He’s a ladies man and has his lineup of young girls who he uses for one thing or another... and then he has his best friend, Liberty. From the moment he met her at the tender age of six, Legacy knew he wanted to love and protect her at all cost—that included from any dude he felt wasn’t worthy of her. To him, she came before anyone or anything, and he could never see that changing. Unfortunately, when an unexpected opportunity lands in his lap, he has to leave the one girl he couldn’t see himself living without. Liberty Heart is your typical girl next door—cute, quiet, and, unknowingly, wanted. She’s focused on school, and the only other thing that has her attention is her best friend, Legacy. The moment she met him, they formed an instant bond, and she made him a permanent fixture in her life. However, when he up and leaves her without so much as a goodbye, she has to learn to live without him. Devastated at what she felt was betrayal, she uses her anger to block out the existence of her once best friend... until he’s back and shaking up her world as she knew it. Legacy reappears older and wiser—wise enough to know he’s not into playing best friend games with Liberty anymore. However, knowing his track record, Liberty is skeptical about what he’s offering. So, what happens when two best friends can’t seem to meet at the lover mark? Lies, drama, heartbreak and everything in between.

You Ain't My Type

Nicole Jackson - 2018
    Her parents have their ideas about how her life should be, and don’t mind imposing their beliefs onto her. They seemingly can’t mind their business, even when it comes to matters of her heart. They insist that her boyfriend Tori is the one for her, even after Rye decides that he just aint her type. This point is then further exasperated when Jaylen Braxton Junior enters the picture and the life Rye’s parents have planned for her soon falls apart.

You Again: Love Has No Boundaries

J. Peach - 2018
    “Akil,” I slapped his cheek. His lips stretched into a smile, showing his bloody teeth. “I like how you say my name.” He choked again, and blood flew from his mouth. He finally set his tiring eyes on me. “Why you still here?” My mouth opened then closed before I sighed. “You looked like you needed help. I couldn’t leave you, I’ll feel bad.” Without thinking, I wiped blood from his mouth. His weak hand grabbed my wrist. “What’s your name?” I couldn’t begin to understand why, but for some reason that made me smile. “If I see you again I’ll tell you.” “Baby girl, I’m dead already,” he spoke. His eyes finally close as his breathing evened out. “If you die then you weren’t meant to know me or see me again…” Is the saying, what’s meant to be will always find its way back to you, true? Find out in You Again: Love Has No Boundaries.

Hood Legacy: Happily Ever After

K.C. Mills - 2018
    They’ve reached the top and are proving that they deserve to be there, even if life hasn’t been as picturesque as they imagined that it would be. The ups and downs of the streets, marriage, and family have presented them with lessons they never thought they needed to learn. Through it all, one thing remains consistent, and that's the bonds and loyalty that they share with one another. As they struggle to keep their Hood Legacy intact, the Karsens, Grants, and Masters journey into adulthood on a mission to succeed. Will the Young Royals survive Valentine’s Day with their legacy intact? Only one way to find out... **This book is not a continuation of Hood Legacy. It's simply a holiday themed short in which I provide an update to let you know how life played out for the Young Royals. Thanks for your support and enjoy!**

Angel And Heaven: A True Love Story

Heiress - 2018
    Some think it's just an attraction at first sight or maybe even hate. But have you ever saw someone for the first time and felt so many emotions that you could barely breath? Like your heart was about to explode out of your chest with so much love at only first glance? That type of love exist. Heaven and Angel are proof of that. Angel and Heaven had that love that made you question your own relationship with your significant other. They had the type of love you envied because it seemed too perfect. Yes, they fell in love at first sight and in one day but their love was true. It was pure, real and genuine. There was only one thing standing in the way of their union...Their parents. A family rivalry that went back decades stood in between their hearts. They were forbidden to be together because of the hatred their last names held for one another. Will their love prevail or was the beef so strong that they were forced to part? Find out in the truest and Realest love story ever told since Romeo and Juliet. Just call them the hood version.

If I Was Your Best Friend: A Novella

Lucinda John - 2018
    Nothing in life was handed to her, she had to work for it. Although she was smart academically none of that mattered, school wasn't an option, bills had to be paid. Using her doting eyes, alluring smile, and firm back side, Yssa was determined to keep a roof over her head, food in her stomach and clothes on her back. When life takes a sharp right turn she finds herself running into Pierre.Pierre wasn't your typical guy. With a hardworking single mother his priority was school and sports. Being skilled in multiple sports landed him opportunities that would have him set for life, until he meets her. The moment his eyes met Yssa, the hood chick with the 'around the way girl' persona, he falls in love. Determined to help her out of her bind, Pierre goes out of his way to make Yssa see herself for the queen she truly is. He loves her, breathes her, cherishes her; however, in Yssa eyes he's just her best friend.Pierre isn't Yssa typical pick in guys, she was a hood chick that craved that hood love. He was too well mannered, too attentive, too motivating, too good for her tainted soul. Pierre's good boy ways was only enough to earn him a seat in the friend zone, where Yssa felt he was safe. When unfortunate events separate the two Yssa is forced to reevaluate herself and the choices she's made; however, her revaluations may be a little too late.

To Love A Dope Boy: An Urban Romance

Antoinette Sherell - 2018
    However, a one night chance encounter with two men gives them a taste of what they’ve been missing... a little fun and adventure. Kolyon and Dortch are partners in crime with a one track mind—flood the streets of Jersey with the best work until they’re making millions. Not the type to let anything or anyone deter them, they’re thrown for a loop when two women pop up out of thin air and leave them with a night to remember. Unfortunately, that one night causes a butterfly effect in their lives that none of them could predict. Will things work out in their favor or cause havoc for them all?