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Rook Security: Complete 5-Part Series

Camilla Blake - 2018
    Rook Security then comes in, spiriting her away to shield her from the ruthless criminals seeking to kill her and her campaign against ivory smuggling. That’s when she meets him again—the charmingly awkward jock who never gave her the time of day. She knows he’s just being paid to protect her, just doing a job that any meathead with a gun can do… so why is it that he makes her feel that everything’s going to be alright? PART TWO Sequence Bone is the ice man of Rook Security—cool, calm, and collected as he watches everything from his high-tech perch. Then she came bumbling and bubbling into his life. His job is to be her eyes and ears, to provide overwatch as she cuts off her ties to one of the most dangerous men in New York. And yet he just couldn’t keep up the frosty mask that he normally wears, couldn’t stop caring about her more than he should. PART THREE Atlas Bone knows what it’s like to suffer, to take all the pain and abuse without being able to do a thing. His laughter, his bantering and blustering—all a façade he learned to build up over the years. That’s why he recognized the signs when he first lays his eyes upon the little waif of a woman: eyes deep with despair, flesh sunken from chronic hunger, and bruises in all the right spots. He wanted to give her a small gesture of kindness, help make her life a little easier while soothing over his long-forgotten wounds of the heart.But the past has a way of catching up with everyone... PART FOUR Moreau Davy may smile for the cameras, pose for the fans, and dazzle the paparazzi. Deep inside, however, he pines away for a woman he knows hates him. Better to keep her at arm’s length, play the role of stupid celebrity, than to risk losing her altogether by confessing his feelings for her. And then someone decides to kill him… or at least tries to. Savannah Georgia hates the spoiled, egotistical clients of Rook Security—especially this one self-important Hollywood hotshot. He brings in the money on the regular though so she grits her teeth and plays the part of bodyguard. One failed assassination attempt later, and she finds out that the man called Moreau Davy isn’t as invincible—or as intolerable—as she once thought him to be. PART FIVE Javier Rook gave her all the space she needed—even if meant signing the divorce papers. He ignored the screams of his soul, of the love he lost, all for the sake of her happiness. And so he endured, steeling his heart against the pain. If it was for her sake, he would stoically take anything and everything that comes his way. Someone out there, however, wants to make sure that Javier never finds happiness ever again. And what better way to make a man suffer than to destroy that which he loves most?

Black Dog Security: Complete 5-Part Series

Camilla Blake - 2018
    He recognizes her face from the back of his daughter’s favorite books. They install a security system for her and he thinks he won’t see her again. An emergency call comes in one night and he rushes over to her house to find her roughed up and terrified. Thrust together, it’s hard for them both to ignore the attraction that grows between them with each passing moment. Things only intensify and then a body is found in town that threatens to bring down the firm. Will Cooper help keep Sonnie’s head above water or will they all sink together? BRANSON Elizabeth Shore made the simple mistake of going back to work late one night. Instead of getting her work done, though, she caught her boss spread eagle on the conference room table with a stunning man between her legs. Freaked out, she fled the scene before being spotted. No one seemed any the wiser about what she’d seen and things went back to normal. Until she saw the man’s face in the newspaper a few days later. Dead. Branson has his hands full. He’s working on a case for a local celebrity and trying to figure things out with another brother from SEAL Team Two. The last thing he needs is the seemingly ball-buster Elizabeth on his back. There’s something about her that gets under his skin and it’s not just the way her eyes trail over his damaged skin with interest instead of horror or pity. TUCKER Local internet celebrity Charlie Crier has had a stalker for so long that it’s almost normal at this point. Her manager brought in security part time when it first started, but Charlie hates it. She needs time to herself. It’s hard to work with people around. Not to mention, she has an act to keep up. Charlotte Crier-Banks is freaking Martha Stuart, if Martha Stuart lived in Arkansas and hated her life. With a forced and fake family, and a set instead of a home, she’s close to her breaking point. Tucker Fields is about as classy as a Budweiser at a dirt track race. Raised in the swamps, he’s more animal than man some days. Sure, he’s refined his act some, but he still eats over the kitchen sink and doesn’t put the toilet seat down. He’s not big on prissy ladies, either. He knows women like Charlotte are too much work. But with Branson working another case and the guys all tied up, worrying about Mercer, when Charlie’s stalker gets too close for comfort and her manager decides to play it up, Tucker has no choice but to become her full-time guard. VINCE Vince Hart is no stranger to killing men. There’s something dark in him that feeds on it. He’s bored with civilian life and lives life a little like an adventure junkie. Hook-ups, taking chances, adventure trips, anything to quiet the ghosts. He doesn’t think he could ever settle down, but watching all of his brothers do it makes him feel a little envious. He figures he’ll just live until he dies and be better for it. He’ll never have to lose anyone like Luke again. He’s broken from it. MERCER Mercer Dunn has spent time in prison before. One much worse than whatever they could offer in their sleepy little town. He still won’t go back, though. On the run and away from all the family he’s ever known, he ends up at the little hunting spot that Luke kept hidden away while he was alive. With his skills, he could easily hide and live out the rest of his life there. He’d have everything he needed but the one thing he seemed weak to. Lauren. She was all wrong for him. She was his brother’s baby sister. They’d rescued her from bad places more than once.


Kris Michaels - 2018
    The monsters he hunted called him Anubis. Those who saw his face died. To Guardian Security, he was a number, a surgical weapon they wielded against monstrous evil. One woman called him Kaeden Lang. Anubis never meant her to be anything except an interlude, a moment of light in the darkness of his life, a one-time escape from the ever-present haze of death. He committed an unforgivable sin—he saw her again—and again—and again. She held back the shadows that threatened to consume him. Sky Meyers made a grave mistake six years ago. She fell in love—only to have the man she knew as Kaeden Lang disappear. Now, his daughter needed him to save her life. As the office manager for the State District Attorney, Sky accessed national databases in a desperate search for her baby’s daddy only to discover the man she knew as Kaeden Lang didn’t exist. She'd already lost the man she loved; she couldn't lose her daughter. Other eyes noticed Sky’s search. Abruptly recalled and informed of the existence of his daughter and her illness, Anubis slipped through the shadows to help Sky—but found death threatened more than his daughter. In her attempt to find Kaeden Lang, Sky unknowingly jeopardized his Shadow World existence by alerting an enemy Kaeden Lang can’t eliminate--only Anubis can.

Saving Shadows

Kathleen Brooks - 2018
    He was used to patching up everything from fishing lures stuck in skin to gator bites. Nothing could surprise him anymore—except when he found an unconscious woman partially submerged near his dock after a fierce thunderstorm. Ellery St. John’s last memory was of a bat swinging toward her head. The next thing she knew, she was cold, wet, and a sexy man was pressing his lips to hers. Too bad it turned out to be CPR instead of a passionate kiss. Gavin thought Ellery would be safe in the small town where BBQ wars were the biggest danger, but he was wrong. Now it was up to him to help Ellery put the pieces together in order to discover who had tried to kill her and why before they both ended up at the bottom of the ocean.

Memento Mori

Lexi Blake - 2018
    After being liberated from his prison, he pledged himself to the only thing he truly knows-his team. Six men who lost everything they were. They must make certain no one else gets their hands on the drugs that stole their lives, all while hiding from every intelligence organization on the planet. The trail has led him to an unforgiving mountainside and a beautiful wilderness expert who may be his only hope of finding the truth. A woman with a bright future River Lee knows her way around the Colorado wilderness. She's finally found a home in a place called Bliss after years lost in darkness. The nature guide prefers to show her clients the beauty found in the land, but she also knows the secrets the mountains hold. When she meets Jax, something about the troubled man calls to her. She agrees to lead him to the site of an abandoned government facility hidden deep in the forest. She never dreamed she was stepping into the middle of a battlefield. A love that could heal a broken soul Spending time with River, Jax discovers a peace he's never known. Their passion unlocks a side of himself he didn't even know he was missing. When an old enemy makes his first move, Jax and River find themselves fighting for their lives. But when his past is revealed, will River be caught in the crosshairs of a global conspiracy?

Rescuing Sadie

Susan Stoker - 2018
    As the niece of Sean Taggart, and the receptionist at McKay-Taggart Group, she was constantly surrounded by Alpha men more than capable, and willing, to lay down their life for her. But when she learns about a friend in trouble, she doesn't hesitate to leave town without a word to her uncle to help. After several harrowing weeks, her friend is now safe, but the repercussions of her rash act linger on. Chase Jackson, no stranger to dangerous situations as a captain in the US Army, has volunteered himself as Sadie's bodyguard. He fell head over heels for the beautiful woman the first time he laid eyes on her. With a Delta Force team at his back, he reassures the Taggart's that Sadie will be safe. But when her past catches up with her, Chase has to use everything he's learned over his career to keep his promise...and to keep Sadie alive long enough to officially make her his.


Lexi Blake - 2018
    The rodeo star and the shy academic made for an odd pair but their chemistry was undeniable. They made plans to get married after high school but when Genny left him standing in the rain, he joined the Army and vowed to leave that life behind. Genny married the town’s golden boy, and Wade knew that he couldn’t go home again. Could become the promise of a lifetime Fifteen years later, Wade returns to Broken Bend, Texas for his brother’s wedding and walks into a storm of scandal. Genny’s marriage has dissolved and the town has turned against her. But when someone tries to kill his old love, Wade can’t refuse to help her. In his years after the Army, he’s found his place in the world. His job at McKay-Taggart keeps happy and busy but something is missing. When he takes the job watching over Genny, he realizes what it is. As danger presses in, Wade must decide if he can forgive past sins or let the woman of his dreams walk into a nightmare…. **Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

The Forgotten Wife

Lakisha Johnson - 2018
     She used to be the apple of Todd's eye but no matter what she did, lately, he was just too busy to notice her. She could not help but wonder why. Then one day, an unexpected email, subject line: Forgotten Wife and little did she know, it was about to play a major part in her life. They say first comes love then comes ... a kidnapping, attacks, lies and affairs. Someone is out for blood but who, what, when and why? Secrets are revealed and Rylee fears for her life, when all she ever wanted was not to be The Forgotten Wife.


Meredith Wild - 2018
    I used to deal in death wishes. Now the instinct to protect her charts the course. Because every time I turn away from her, something turns me back. She’s uncovered a side of me that I can no longer ignore. Doesn’t change the fact that she doesn’t belong in my world. Isabel’s learning to hold her own, but nothing can prepare her for the life I’m being called back into. With a long road ahead of us, I won’t make promises I can’t keep. She can barely accept the dark deeds of my past—a bloody history spelled out in a ledger she’s more preoccupied with than I’d like. When an old associate sets a dangerous plan in motion, I can’t hide who I really am. And there’s no turning back…

Love Under Siege

Samantha A. Cole - 2018
    Look for the individual titles re-releasing soon by each individual author. Eight Sizzling Full-Length Novels featuring Military Heroes by acclaimed authors who know how to bring the Heat, Action and Suspense! Tuff Enough by Samantha A. Cole While security operative Jason “Tuff” Tanner lives for dangerous assignments, he likes his downtime in his quiet neighborhood too. But that peacefulness is suddenly interrupted when his new next-door neighbor becomes a target for someone hell bent on revenge. Canine rescuer Concetta “Chet” Suarez brings all his protective instincts to the surface, along with feelings he’s never experienced with any other woman. Will he lose her before he ever gets a chance to make her his? Never Forget by KaLyn Cooper Dreams or nightmares. Truth or lies. He can’t tell them apart after he sees the woman in his dreams. She is the key to his past, present, and future… She just buried her husband next to her fiancé who was killed in an explosion while they were on a mission together ten years ago. She doesn’t need another man in her life, until someone tries to kill her. Ravished River by Lindsay Cross Special Forces Operative Aaron Spears dealt with relationships like he dealt with battle – something to be avoided if at all possible, until Celine Latimer walked into his life and turned his world upside down. Lincoln by PJ Fiala Lincoln Winter is hired to bring in a criminal who is selling arms on the black market and he never misses a mark. That is until the sultry Skye Sommers crosses his path and unwittingly gets herself caught up in much more than she can handle. Can they stay alive long enough to find a killer, an arms dealer and love? Mace by Maryann Jordan Mace Hanna’s security business keeps him busy…too busy for a relationship. When providing security for a single mom and her young son who has witnessed a murder, he vows to keep them safe...and finds love along the way. Black Jack by MJ Nightingale Undercover FBI agent, Jackson Black doesn't expect to find love while working deep undercover on a RICO case. But he can't resist Dawn, the sexy accountant, who keeps crossing his path during the investigation putting both of their lives on the line. Her Guarded Hero by Caitlyn O’Leary It’s been five years since his tragic loss and Navy SEAL, Dalton Sullivan heads to Lake Tahoe to be alone. The last thing he expects is horse trainer, Aurora Chance to literally fall at his feet. As danger and raw emotion churn around them, can Dalton be brought back into the light? Not Quite Broken by Abbie Zanders Former POW Brian McCain is so busy fighting his demons, there’s not enough left over for anyone else – not even the one woman who has a way of shining light into his darkness. But when a serial killer turns his sights on her, Brian realizes he’s not quite as broken as he thinks he is. Love Under Siege will only be available for a limited time, grab your copy now before it's gone forever!


Janie Crouch - 2018
    You don't try to power through anything. We go as slow as you need."Meet Zac Mackay. Military codename: Cyclone.He's a widower, a protector, a hero.And the person who could destroy Anne's life.Doctor Anne Griffin is back in Oak Creek, Wyoming, only because she has no other options. Here, she was always the shy, stuttering girl, invisible to everyone.Except Zac. The very reason she left in the first place.Zac's years in Special Forces taught him survival skills, and he's created a company--Linear Tactical--to teach those skills to others, so they never have to live in fear.Then why is Annie, the last person he'd ever want to hurt, afraid of him?Zac's determined to wipe the fear from the eyes of the woman who has never been far from his mind. And fix the mistakes--his mistakes--that put that look there in the first place.But a predator has set his sights on Annie. And now survival skills will become much more than lessons...From USA Today bestselling author Janie Crouch--a small town love story packed with mystery. A tough former-military alpha hero leaves his pain behind to claim the woman he never knew had gotten away. Full-length romance novel with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

Savage Brothers MC Boxed Set

Jordan Marie - 2018
    You can read where her MC books began, and find characters from her Devil’s Blaze and Savage Brothers TN books too. As an added bonus, included are bonus scenes from each couple. Breaking Dragon: When Nicole meets Dragon at a gas station in London, Kentucky sparks fly. She doesn’t fit into his world. He knows that bringing her in is dangerous, but their love is epic and fate just can’t be denied. Will either one of them survive the fallout of being together? Saving Dancer: Carrie has been in love with Jacob her entire life. He captured her heart at the age of five. Jacob “Dancer” Blake tried to save Carrie from herself, and ended up destroying his life. He’s ready to die. He’s tired. But Carrie’s not ready to give up on him. Can love heal all? Loving Nicole: Nicole and Dragon are getting married. It should be the happiest moments of their lives. Dragon wants to give Nicole everything she wants to make her big day one she will never forget. Too bad old secrets begin to come to life. Will Nicole and Dragon survive long enough to say I do? Claiming Crusher: Dani has long been a thorn in the side of the Savage crew. She’s never made things easy, but then she’s never had things easy in her life. She’s been attracted to Crusher from day one, but she’s ran from it and from the promises she saw in his eyes. Men can’t be trusted; life has taught her that. But Crusher is different than anyone Dani has ever met. He’s out to prove that. Can he prove it in time? Trusting Bull: Bull is lost. His life is spiraling downhill fast and he doesn’t have the will to stop it. That is until he meets Dr. Skye Walker. She’s a beacon in his dark world and he can’t help but latch onto her. Skye has no reason to trust Bull and every reason to run away. She’s got a full plate and danger is surrounding her quickly. Will Bull convince Skye to trust him before it’s too late? Needing Carrie: Carrie and Jacob are getting married. Jacob “Dancer” Blake owes everything to this woman. He knows he has put her through hell. He wants to do everything he can to give her a Valentine’s Day that she will never forget. Will he pull it off?Letitia Hasser, Illustrator

The 707 - The complete Series ( Free, Freeing Jasper, Finally Free, Freedom): A Black Ops Romance

Riley Edwards - 2018
    I joined the Army and left behind everything. A life I hated. And the only woman I had ever loved. I thought I was doing the right thing, but my good intentions quickly turned into my biggest regret. One night. One kiss. One final farewell was all I was allowed before I was sent overseas never to return. I took my love for her to my grave. Year after year, I hide in the shadows and watch Lily mourn. She sits by a cold headstone and spills her secrets to a dead man. So many times I wanted to comfort her, tell her the truth, love her. But I couldn't. She'd never understand. The man she'd loved was gone, and it was my fault he never returned. But when a terrorist out for revenge threatens Lily's safety, I'm forced out of the darkness. My secret is exposed, and I'm going to claim the one woman I have no business loving. Freeing Jasper The moment Jasper heard Emily Jenkins' sultry voice he was transfixed. An instant and heated reaction that wound its way through his soul and warmed his skin. The inexplicable connection was broken as fast as it began. Emily has a son. Jasper doesn't "do" kids. When her life spirals out of control, will Jasper be able to let go of his tragic past and save Emily and her son? Or has the Special Forces Soldier found his weakness - a history he cannot let go of? Emily Jenkins lost her husband on the battlefield and was left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart while finding a way to raise her son alone. Jasper Walker is known for being the playboy of his team. Professionally, he is a tier one assassin - a trained killer. Personally, he blows through women giving them no more than a week in his bed as he privately struggles to move on from the woman that is forever lost to him. When their lives collide, Jasper finds out he's not the only one with secrets. There is more to the black-haired beauty Emily than a widowed single mother. Finally Free Blake Porter was one of the lucky ones. She’d met the man she was going to marry while she was in high school. She thought she was living a fairytale; the nerdy wannabe journalist dating the gorgeous star quarterback. One wrong move proved to irrevocably alter the course of their lives. Betrayed by the girl he loved, Levi McCoy left for the Army and never looked back. Blake’s deception pierced his soul and shattered his heart. He used the pain to his advantage and became cold and calculating - the perfect Black Ops soldier. Over a decade later, the 707 has been called in to rescue a reporter embedded in a deadly terrorist cell, and Levi’s shocked to learn it’s the one woman who’d once owned his heart. But Blake is no longer the naive teenager she’d once pretended to be. She’s something far more dangerous. With bombs exploding, blood being spilled, and the terrorists closing in, they both battle the memories of their beautiful beginnings and shared history. Levi and Blake face off in a showdown of wills. In one corner, Levi is determined not to fall for the woman he’s never stopped loving. In the other, Blake tries to hold on to her self-respect and not beg Levi to hear the truth. When the lies and deception are revealed will they survive with their hearts and lives intact? FREEDOM She’s the game changer he wishes he’d never met. Nolan Clark is the last man standing. While he is happy his teammates have found love, he’s even happier to be single.

Montana Guardian

Kris Michaels - 2018
    He'd fought in wars, survived firefights in forsaken hell-holes and moved like a ghost in foreign countries. His team performed missions flawlessly. He'd never regretted an assignment, until he met her. The sweet, brilliant code breaker who'd devastated not only the enemy’s communication cyphers, but also his heart. For Cassie Valentine, life was anything but hearts and chocolates--starvation and physical abuse at the hands of her father and uncle was the norm. Her intellectual genius at solving code brought her to the attention of Guardian and a man who showed her what life could have been like. A cruel glimpse at happiness that she could never obtain. Compelled by a threat to her mother, Cassie returned to the shack in the Bitterroot Mountains. Without a word, she vanished, leaving Van Wheeler, the man who loved her, to forever wonder why she'd left. A year later, battered, broken, and protecting her child, she fled her family's cabin at the top of the Bitterroot Mountains. Cassie knew she and her tiny son would share the fate of her dead mother if she didn't escape. On foot and ill-prepared, she set out into the wilderness of mountainous Montana, unaware that fate, in the form of a Guardian, was about to intervene.

Cheating the Devil

Samantha A. Cole - 2018
     Avery Knapp had worked as an undercover agent before burning out after twenty years. To redeem her wounded soul, she earned a nursing degree and now cares for injured or ill covert operatives who require someone with a high security clearance. While on vacation, Brad thought his only worry was introducing his adult daughter, Lori, to the woman who’d captured his heart. But revenge is on someone’s agenda. When Lori and Avery disappear, Brad needs operatives from Delta, Deimos, and Trident Security to help find them before it’s too late. He wouldn't survive if he lost the two women he loves more than life itself. In addition to being part of Susan Stoker's Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World, Cheating the Devil is Book 2 in the Deimos series, which is a spinoff of Samantha A. Cole's popular Trident Security series.


K.J. Dahlen - 2018
    RaineKarma truly is a bitch, just when things are going so good, she loves to slap you upside the head.We thought the problem with Cordy died when she did but we were wrong.Only when Bane comes back into our life do we find the truth and it's an ugly truth.Cordy took something a long time ago, that wasn't hers to take and she put the blame on Cricket's shoulders.I feel helpless.I may not be able to save her this time.Not me or the Sin's Bastards.Fate may take my woman and I hate that feeling…CricketAll my life I've never had a choice.When I was a child my parents made choices for me, then Cordy took over.For the first time I was my own boss but then I find out I may not be able to have a life after all.Even from the grave, my sister screwed me over, but now it isn't only my life on the line.There's a little something I haven't told Raine about yet.Will I get to tell him or should I take my secret to the grave?

Saved By a Beast

Jade Royal - 2018
    But what she had was the furthest from blissful as it could get. In a fight to free herself from the prison that was her relationship, Bliss ended up paying with the ultimate price. Her life. Struggling through his own personal battles, Kellan Sebastian was frightened by the sudden captivation he experienced when he stumbled upon Bliss. The moment the beast inside him came alive at Bliss’s scent; he knew their lives would forever be entangled. Instantly, her body responds intimately for the man who’d saved her. With the both of them running from undesirable pasts their obvious attraction to each other doesn’t make things easy. But Kellan introduces Bliss to a new world, with new rules and powers she never imagined in her wildest dreams. And with a new outlook on life Bliss decides she is capable of settling the score with the man who gave her hell in her past. But that is not her only task. She needed to fight her fears of commitment and move forward with the bond that she develops with the beast that saved her.

Shelter in Place

Nora Roberts - 2018
    Three teenage friends waited for the movie to start. A boy flirted with the girl selling sunglasses. Mothers and children shopped together, and the manager at the video-game store tended to customers. Then the shooters arrived.The chaos and carnage lasted only eight minutes before the killers were taken down. But for those who lived through it, the effects would last forever. In the years that followed, one would dedicate himself to a law enforcement career. Another would close herself off, trying to bury the memory of huddling in a ladies' room, hopelessly clutching her cell phone--until she finally found a way to pour her emotions into her art.But one person wasn't satisfied with the shockingly high death toll at the DownEast Mall. And as the survivors slowly heal, find shelter, and rebuild, they will discover that another conspirator is lying in wait--and this time, there might be nowhere safe to hide.

Finding His Mark

Brittney Sahin - 2018
    But when a critical mission gets botched by a member of an iconic Hollywood family, he'll have to fight to protect his team's identity, as well as keep himself from falling for the woman who's turned his life upside down.Eva Sharp's the writer and co-producer for the hit TV series SEAL Security. While on break from filming, the last thing she expects is to end up in the middle of a real-life action scene--one that puts her life on the line. At first, she's not sure if she can trust this stranger in the mountains, even if he has military written all over him. But the more time she spends with him, the harder it is to fight the pull of attraction, without also jeopardizing his op.They'll soon realize not everything is as it seems, and Luke will be forced to discover how far he's willing to go to find his mark.A standalone novel in the new romantic suspense series, Stealth Ops.


Maryann Jordan - 2018
    All having been trained in CIA Special Ops, his Keepers were the best of the best. His focus had been on building his security company and the missions they undertook. A relationship was not on his radar. Single mom, Sylvie Gardner, toiled at a job she hated but she would do anything to provide for her son. When he witnesses a crime and danger lurked, she is grateful when Mace comes into their lives to protect them Mace just wanted to provide security for the beautiful Sylvie and her son, while the Keepers investigated the crime, but the two worked their way under his skin and the mission became personal. Can a woman who is scared to love again and a man who is afraid of love, find happiness together? Scenes in the book are similar to what you would find in an R-rated movie. For 18+ readers only.

Bad Situation

Brynne Asher - 2018
    Jensen Montgomery. Now I'm treading that area between right and wrong, good and bad, where sin and honor meld to become gray. Not that I haven't been here before. Hell, I’ve made my career in the gray. I never hesitate going to battle when my gut tells me I'm right. And right now, my gut—among other things—is speaking loud and clear about Jen Montgomery. She’s in a bad situation. Not just bad—deep and black and ugly. And I’m about to make it worse. She just doesn’t know it yet. Warning: This author is also a mom who runs a PG-13 home. This book is not PG-13. If you are under the age of 18, do NOT pick up this book. This author doesn’t enjoy mama-drama of any sorts. Do her a favor and walk away.

SEAL Strong

Cat Johnson - 2018
    Lieutenant Commander Silas “Crash” Branson thought he’d already lost everything that mattered. His son. His wife. Then his body betrays him too and costs him his career in the SEALs, separating him from the only family he has left — his brothers-in-arms. But when you’re at rock bottom the only direction to go is up and, medically retired or not, Silas is still SEAL strong. Leaving the ruins of his old world behind him, he forges ahead, building a new life, finding new love... and with his new position in the Department of Homeland Security and his idea for Bravo Foxtrot, a new Secret Division, he might even help save the world along the way.

Sin's Bastards: Spawn & Spitfire Volume Two, Part One

K.J. Dahlen - 2018
     Sam Tory. A father who walked out on his family. A man who lies in the shadows of his son’s glory. He vowed he was better off alone. That is, until she walked into his life and changed everything. Melora is a strong determined woman who has been running from a killer for the last two years and trusts no one but herself. When Sam Tory discovers what he believes is a thief in the Sin Bastards MC bike shop, he is surprised to find it is a young beautiful woman. A woman who has a deadly secret she is determined to keep. Sam refuses to let her go and takes her home determined to find out her secret. When her past comes knocking on her door and she finally meets her father for the first time in her life, she wants to disappear from the world. Yet, Sam won’t allow her. In an effort to redeem himself of his past as well as save Melora’s life, he brings her to his son Deke Tory, President of the Satan’s Spawn MC. Haunted by his past mistakes and seeking to find his own path can he save Melora and find happiness? Can Melora survive a confrontation with the man who wants her dead. Volume Two Part One Includes Silk & Bones, Karma's Bitch, And No Regrets. Note: All Volumes in the Satan Spawn MC series are standalone, full length super sexy, raw MC romance novels. They can be read in any order and do NOT contain cliffhangers. It includes lots of steamy scenes, biker slang, cursing, some violence, dark themes and elements about a fictional outlaw motorcycle club. HEA guaranteed.

Mission: Her Protection

Anna Hackett - 2018
    Rescued by a covert, black ops team, she finds herself in the powerful arms of a man with scary gold eyes. A man who vows to do everything and anything to protect her… Dr. Rowan Schafer has learned it’s best to do things herself and not depend on anyone else. Her cold, academic parents taught her that lesson. She loves the challenge of running a research base, until the day her scientists discover the object in a retreating glacier. Under attack, Rowan finds herself fighting to survive…until the mysterious Team 52 arrives. Former special forces Marine Lachlan Hunter’s military career ended in blood and screams, until he was recruited to lead a special team. A team tasked with a top-secret mission—to secure and safeguard pieces of powerful ancient technology. Married to his job, he’s done too much and seen too much to risk inflicting his demons on a woman. But when his team arrives in the Arctic, he uncovers both an unexplained artifact, and a young girl from his past, now all grown up. A woman who ignites emotions inside him like never before. But as Team 52 heads back to their base in Nevada, other hostile forces are after the artifact. Rowan finds herself under attack, and as the bullets fly, Lachlan vows to protect her at all costs. But in the face of danger like they’ve never seen before, will it be enough to keep her alive. Includes a preview of Undiscovered (Treasure Hunter Security #1) Team 52 Mission: Her Protection (Lachlan and Rowan’s story) Mission: Her Rescue (coming Oct 2018) Mission: Her Security (coming Nov 2018 The Team 52 Romantic Suspense Series: Action Adventure Romance, Romantic Suspense, Military Romance, Contemporary Romance

Tuff Enough

Samantha A. Cole - 2018
    But that peacefulness is suddenly interrupted when his new next-door neighbor becomes a target for someone with nefarious intentions. Canine rescuer Concetta "Chet" Suarez brings all his protective instincts to the surface, along with feelings he's never experienced with any other woman. Will he lose her before he ever gets a chance to make her his? The Blackhawk Security series is a spinoff of the popular Trident Security series. ***Tuff Enough was previously published in the USA Today Bestselling anthology, Love Under Siege. New chapters have been added to this edition.

Red Team Box Set

Riley Edwards - 2018
    He's a professional, a tier one contractor. She’s the mission. Protecting Olivia Cox, the daughter of a White House aide should be his only objective. So why does he keep finding himself in her bed? Even if she's fully clothed and terrorized by memories of her recent kidnapping. As the days pass it becomes nearly impossible to keep his growing attraction under wraps. With a drug cartel in hot pursuit, Panther and the Red Team have no choice but to take Olivia on the run. Alone in a beautiful mountain cabin, sparks fly. Giving in seems inevitable, and Olivia must decide if she’s all in or if she’ll fold as Panther plays a no-holds-barred game of the heart.
 REDEEMING VIOLET A woman who betrayed her county. Violet Myers has a good reason for her treachery—better to sacrifice the few to save the many. The only problem is, no one believes her. With a platoon of Navy SEALs walking into an ambush, the stakes are high. Her only hope is convincing the sexy Jaxon “Blue” Cain she’s telling the truth this time. A man who took an oath to protect his country from all enemies—foreign and domestic. Jaxon “Blue” Cain bleeds red, white, and blue. The former Air Forces Pararescueman takes the promise he’s made to serve his country as an honor. Disloyalty. Dishonor. Deceit. The three D’s Jaxon hates the most—Violet has a lot to make up for before she’ll find redemption. RECOVERING IVY They met in a bar. The sex was phenomenal. Then she walked away. That’s where the story should’ve ended, but when Ivy Matthews shows up in the middle of Zane “Viper” Lewis’s op she opened his eyes to a life the former SEAL didn’t know he wanted. Ivy's thirst for revenge unstoppable, no one; not even the pragmatic Zane Lewis can quench her desire. Ivy is a closed book, she’s locked up tight and hides behind much-needed walls. But when Zane finds a crack in her armor, he exploits it, like any good tier one operator, he uncovers the secrets of her sordid past. But it’s too late. Ivy’s in the hands of a madman. Zane has one chance to recover the woman who has captured his heart. His perfect match. But as guilt bears down, this is one mission he may fail. Does love conquer all, or are the traumas of war too deep to heal?

Edge of Retribution

Jacob Chance - 2018
    But when I see Nash Garrison after six long years, my world is thrown completely off its axis. He was my only friend and confidant during the worst days of my life, and I fell hopelessly in love with him. No eighteen year old girl could resist his protective nature and charming grin. I was no exception. Now, together, we’re about to bring down the man responsible for my parents’ deaths. Revenge has been the driving force fueling every decision I’ve ever made - except for Nash. What is it about him that sends the most rational parts of my brain into a tailspin? And how do I balance on the edge of retribution without tumbling into heartbreak once more? This is a full length, romantic suspense standalone.


Ivy Layne - 2018
    One flash of that teasing smile, and I know he’s going to ruin me. He makes my body shiver and my brain melt. He’s also a huge mistake. Girls like me don’t land guys like Evers. But every time he knocks on my door, I let him in. I thought we understood each other. I thought we were playing the same game. I was wrong. Evers I’ve never had a problem mixing business with pleasure. Until Summer. I was supposed to keep an eye on her, not take her to bed. Once I had her where I wanted her, I couldn’t let her go. I’m going to have to move heaven and Earth to win her back. And that’s the easy part. With the Russian mob after us and her father dragging us to hell… I don’t just have to win her back, I have to keep her alive. Unraveled is a standalone romance with a happy ending. It’s first in The Untangled Series featuring the Sinclair brothers you first met in the Alpha Billionaire Club and Scandals of the Bad Boy Billionaire series.


Dale Mayer - 2018
    Having only joined a year before, he'd been the youngest member of the squad. Mouse left behind unanswered questions about his life…along with seven team members who aim to see that his tragic death is brought home to those responsible. Badger's path back to health is a long and difficult one, but revenge drives him out of bed every single day of his life. Someone modified orders the morning of the incident, sending his unit straight over that landmine. At the time the altered route had been given to him, he'd been curious but not unduly concerned. What happened to his squad has brought unwavering clarity: Those last-minute changes and the explosion that shattered his team were deliberate--and he means to catch the perpetrator if it's the last thing he ever does. Kat Greenwald watches the man she's falling in love with fester a little more each time they're together. Refusing to give himself time to heal, not surprisingly he hasn't taken to his prosthetic well. As a prosthetic designer, she's dealt with men and women in endless physical and emotional states. Badger is different. He's driven, determined and deadly, but she can't help her feelings despite the negatives. She's hooked on a man whose sole concern seems to be in getting retribution for the incident that left his team in shards…while all she wants is a future happily-ever-after with him. Kat has a long road ahead of her to convince Badger a life filled with love is always preferable to answers that can only be gained at the risk of dying to get them.

Protection, Inc. Collection Two

Zoe Chant - 2018
    Lion. Snow Leopard. These bodyguard shifters are waiting to protect you. Brave, passionate, and loving, the shifter heroes of Protection, Inc. will do anything to protect their mates. There's no danger they won't face. But can they take the biggest risk of their lives, and open their wounded hearts to love? Combining sizzling romance with laugh-out-loud humor and fascinating mythology, the Protection, Inc. series is a must-read for fans of T. S. Joyce, Terry Bolryder, and Lisa Ladew. With 400+ five star reviews, 35,000+ copies sold, and over 10 million Kindle Unlimited page reads, these spellbinding books have captivated paranormal romance readers worldwide. Save 30% with this convenient collection of three complete novels. Absolutely no cliffhangers! Warrior Wolf. She’s a runaway dragon princess. He’s her ex-gangster werewolf bodyguard. That couldn’t possibly go wrong. Leader Lion. A tough lion shifter bodyguard hiding a lonely heart and the determined stage manager he'll protect with his life face the biggest challenge of their lives: love. Soldier Snow Leopard. True mates on the run. Both with secrets they've never revealed. Both sworn never to love. Discover the brave and passionate shifters of Protection, Inc. in this collection of thrilling romance novels! If you love paranormal romance with strong women and tough men, scroll up and one-click today!

Waterfall Effect

K.K. Allen - 2018
    Allen comes a new and suspenseful small town mountain romance.Lost in the shadows of a tragedy that stripped Aurora June of everything she once loved, she’s back in the small town of Balsam Grove, North Carolina, ready to face all she’s kept locked away for seven years. Or so she thinks.As one of the victims of a string of mysterious disappearances in the small, picturesque Appalachian Mountain town, darkness has become her home—her safe blanket when the world reveals its true colors. But as the walls of darkness start to move in on her, she knows the only way to free herself from her past is to face it, head-on. She just needs to figure out how.Upon arrival, Aurora isn’t expecting her first collision to be with the boy she left all those years ago. The boy who betrayed her trust with no regrets. The boy who is no longer a boy, but a man with the same stormy eyes that swept her into his current before she ever learned to swim.She’d thought he was safe. He’d thought their path was mapped out. Turns out neither of them was ready for the crash at the bottom of the cascade.

Treasure Hunter Security Box Set: Books 1-3

Anna Hackett - 2018
    Perfect for the men of Treasure Hunter Security. Join the former Navy SEALs turned security specialists as they head off on adventures to protect dangerous archeological digs, daring expeditions, and wild, deadly treasure hunts. Get the first three award-winning, stand-alone romances in the Treasure Hunter Security series. Undiscovered Former Navy SEAL Declan Ward is haunted by the demons of his past and throws everything he has into his security business—Treasure Hunter Security. But on a simple dig in the Egyptian desert, he collides with a stubborn, smart archeologist, Dr. Layne Rush, and together they get swept into a deadly treasure hunt for a mythical lost oasis. When an evil from his past reappears, Declan vows to do anything to protect Layne. Uncharted Former Navy SEAL Callum Ward has one motto—live life to the fullest. Nothing—and no one—has ever tempted him to slow down…until on an expedition into the Cambodian jungle, he has to work with one opinionated, prickly photographer, Dani Navarro. But soon their straight-forward trek to find a lost temple turns deadly, and Cal and Dani find themselves under attack from a dangerous black-market antiquities ring prepared to kill. Unexplored Former Navy SEAL Logan O’Connor is big, rough, and a little wild. After a horrible betrayal that almost left him dead, he now works for his best friend at Treasure Hunter Security. He doesn’t like the sand, the jungle, or the mosquitoes, but he gets the job done. What he likes even less are liars. As he finds himself heading to Peru with a cool, classy CEO in search of her kidnapped brother, Logan knows one thing: Sydney Granger isn’t telling him the entire truth.

Once Upon A Crime: A Black Girl MAGICAL Suspense

B.M. Hardin - 2018
    She’s smart, successful, and living her best life: happy, accomplished and free. But things get shaken up, when her archenemy gets thrown into the mix. He steals the job of her dreams, and as a result, Epic exposes her inner witch. You see, she carried around this secret, of having powers and such. And for a while, she felt powerful, on top of the world, like she couldn’t be touched. Until a terrible tragedy happens, and things for Epic, are never the same. And soon, she finds herself knee-deep in secrets, and trouble. And on the wrong end of the cat and mouse game. Who can she trust? Who’s on her side? Who’s just pretending? And what are they trying to hide? **A Black Girl Magical Suspense...with a Witch!**


J.M. Madden - 2018
    As a Navy SEAL, he agreed to take part in an ultra-secret government testing program. The company running the program, the Silverstone Collaborative, has produced a serum from an Amazonian plant that’s been proven to enhance physical abilities and mental fortitude. Problem is, men-- heroes-- have died during the testing, and it’s time for the company to be taken down before more men die needlessly. Aiden, along with three others, have escaped the camp with evidence of the company’s horrendous practices. Now they’re in a race to expose them. They’ve already lost one of their team, and the Collaborative’s mercenaries are converging.  Angela Holloway knew the homeless man with sadness in his eyes was trouble as soon as she saw him hanging around the site of a murder. Uncooperative, he stonewalls her investigation, but draws her in when the badge comes off. Aiden has scars, both internal and external, that make her heart ache. It’s a serious no-no getting involved with a suspect… too bad her heart isn’t listening. As details come to light about what’s going on in her city, she has to fight for what she believes is right, as well as the man on the wrong side of the law.


M. Malone - 2018
    I walk softly and carry a big...stick. Too bad I have no idea how to use it. 
I know what you’re thinking. How the hell do you end up a virgin when you live in a city known for easy access? 
 But my focus is protecting the women of New York...not fulfilling my every desire. Then I meet her. *** The epic saga Shameless fans have been waiting for!! Before Sin ~5/22 Sin ~5/29 Sinful ~6/19 The Shameless Trilogy (Noah + Lucia) Shameless Shameful Unashamed - - Shame (free prequel) The Force Duet (Jonas + JJ) Force Enforce - - Forceful (free prequel) The Deep Duet Deep Deeper - - In Deep (free prequel) The Sin Duet Before Sin (Book 0.5) Sin (Book 1) Sinful (Book 2)

Mastiff Security 2: The Complete 6 Books Series

Glenna Sinclair - 2018
     Enjoy the complete Mastiff Security series. Romance, Suspense, Mystery... 5 Books. No Cliffhangers. More than 1,000 pages :) Book One Andres Maldonado's first case requires him to infiltrate one of Los Angeles’ most dangerous street gangs. The assignment forces Andres to live two lives: one as a street thug trying to prove himself to his brothers in the Varrio Nuevo Estrada gang, and the other as a single father raising a nearly two-year-old daughter with the beautiful nanny that has become something of an obsession for him. Her family hates him, and everyone is convinced he’ll get her hurt, including himself. When she’s kidnapped, it seems everyone’s predictions have come true. Can he save her before he completely loses himself? Book Two His arm in traction and his life in ruins, he found comfort in only one thing: an old iPod with a Kat Carlisle album downloaded on it. Two years later, Jason Stine is working for Mastiff on a case in which a movie star, Colt Murphy, has become convinced that someone is out to kill him. His first day on the set, Jason discovers that Kat Carlisle is the love interest on the movie. Not only that, but the accidents that were supposedly meant for Colt actually come closer to taking Kat out. Can he save the woman who saved him without losing himself in her completely? Book Three Stevie had something to prove. All her life people had pigeon holed her because of her deafness, but she wasn’t going to allow that anymore. She was a damn good security operative and she was going to prove that to her bosses at Mastiff Security if it killed her. The case seemed simple enough: find the person who was stealing confidential client information from a law firm. When all the clues pointed to one associate, she jumped at the chance to take a temporary position as his secretary. That was, of course, until she realized he was her ex-husband—well, should have been ex if he’d ever filed the papers! Was this a second chance at love, or the ruination of her career? Book Four A recovering addict, Zeke struggles daily to stay sober. His job at Mastiff Security helps, giving him something to do with all the free time he suddenly had on his hands when he was fired from his job as an undercover narcotics officer. But he never anticipated meeting a woman like Finley Calloway, a firecracker determined to force him to fail at his job for the first time in his career. It was a simple task. He was supposed to find her and take her back to the mental hospital from which she’d escaped. And he did find her, in record time. But getting her back to the hospital is proving to be a struggle. Book Five Orion Jamieson was supposed to protect her, but Caterina Marceau was injured under his care and what happened afterward…it was too dark to think about. When his boss at Mastiff offered him a case in which he was to steal a picture from a paparazzi to protect a client’s privacy, he jumps at the chance. But life is never completely black and white. Sometimes there are gray lines that can be a fertile playground. Can Orion swallow his anger long enough to help a young photographer in trouble? Or is his past just too much to overcome? Book Six Wren Ryland, the head of the Los Angeles offices of Mastiff Security, has been searching for her mother’s killer all her life. She became a cop with that goal in mind. And now, Mastiff has opened doors she didn’t think she would ever walk through. And then she found FBI Agent Cormac Delaney, who quickly became her partner in the investigation. But then she was kidnapped and she doesn't know who she can trust.

Rogue Security & Investigation Series

Evan Grace - 2018
     The men of Rogue Security will stop at nothing to protect what’s theirs. They are fierce, loyal, brave, and one hundred percent pure muscle. When they work, they work hard…but when they love, they love even harder. Follow the riveting stories of how love can tame the toughest men, yet fuel their determination to keep their women safe from every threat. It’s hot. It’s steamy, and extremely addictive. This is security at its finest.


Maryann Jordan - 2018
    Serious to a fault, he had no time for anything other than focusing on running his bar, Grimm’s. Until he saw her… and pushed her away… right into danger.Racked with guilt over what happened, he could not stay away from her hospital room. Hoping Sleeping Beauty could hear him and know that he was near.What started as guilt, became so much more. But, when Rosalie awoke, would she remember the night he pushed her away? Or just remember the man who rescued her?A Heroes at Heart novel. These men, raised in the loving foster home by the benevolent Miss Ethel, discovered there lies a hero in all of us. Based loosely on the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.A Heroes at Heart novel based loosely on the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.Themes, language, and adult situations are similar to an R-rated movie. For 18+ years.

Beautiful Biker Box Set: Dominion Brotherhood MC Romance Series

D.D. Prince - 2018
    And so worth it. Detour, Joyride, and Scenic Route. The first three books in the Beautiful Biker series about The Dominion Brotherhood MC are here in one box set! Detour Book 1: Deacon (hot, possessive, book husband material) and Ella (conservative girl-next-door and bored out of her mind). Deacon sets eyes on Ella and decides for the first time in three years he wants a relationship. Ella hears all sorts of negative talk about him and there's danger all around. Deacon is determined to keep her safe and give her a wild ride toward Happily Ever After. Joyride Book 2: Rider (sexy, swagger, a bit of an alphahole) and Jenna (good-time girl, petrified of heartbreak). Jenna falls hard and fast for Rider who is totally NOT her type, but Rider hurts her feelings so she retreats. Suddenly, Jenna is in danger and Rider is determined to keep her safe. The sparks fly between them, but should Jenna keep her heart guarded with what she knows, the fears she has? There's also that very incriminating video she saw of him... Scenic Route Book 3: Spencer (protective, bad boy, chip on his shoulder) and Pippa (caring, but broken by domestic violence) Spencer seemed like a real jerk in books one and two, but we got hints about there being more than meets the eye with this bad boy biker. Spencer wanted Pippa, but she belonged to someone else. He finds her beaten and bloody in an alley at the hands of the man who was supposed to protect her and he decides to fight to not only keep her safe but mend her broken heart, too. He's also got some demons to be battled. Is Pippa too broken to be up to the task? Take the wild, sexy, and angsty ride to Happily Ever After with The Dominion Brotherhood MC. Each book is standalone but linked. These stories have love, suspense, action, friendship, dirty talk, laugh-out-loud moments, angst, and FEELS. Five more books are coming!. Fall in love not once, but three times, and no need to say goodbye to your favorite characters in each book as main characters in one book feature as secondary characters in the other books.

Protecting Mari

Cara Carnes - 2018
    Instead she’s working two jobs and struggling to make ends meet as her problems escalate. Terrified and desperate for help—any help—she turns to a stranger, a man her brother swore could help with just about any problem. The answer to her problems is tall, dark, deadly and everything she’d once thought she wanted in a man. But to him she’s a job. Nothing more. No one should fight an impossible war alone. When Ethan founded Counterstrike he expected a challenge but nothing could have prepared him for Marisol. She’s smart, courageous, compassionate, headstrong, and everything he’s ever wanted. But her troubles come with a price tag he didn’t expect when he must face his own personal demons to keep her safe. They’ll both soon discover the hardest battle is the one for their hearts.

Owen and Addy: A Red Team Wedding Novella

Elaine Levine - 2018
 When he learned she was still alive, and that she’d suffered far worse than a broken heart, he had to fight to regain her trust and convince her he wasn’t part of the machinations—by friend and foe alike—that had put them through hell.
 So much has changed in the decade he and Addy lost—but their love never died. Owen’s learning to be a father to her boys—one of them his own son. They’re putting the pieces of their lives back together, beginning at the point they left off. 
 And now it’s time for the wedding their enemies denied them so long ago, but can Owen put her dreams ahead of his fears when it comes to a dangerous choice they have to make?

Reno and Sal Gabrini: Fire with Fire

Mallory Monroe - 2018
     But when the ladies in the family are targeted, and then the children, Reno and Sal fight like hell to stop the carnage and to reinstate the Gabrini clan as the head of the food chain. With a major assist from Sal’s brother, “Dapper Tom” Tommy Gabrini, and their uncle, the notorious mob boss Mick Sinatra, they take back what is rightfully theirs and finish an unsavory war they did not start. In the latest romantic suspense thriller from bestselling author Mallory Monroe, Reno and Sal prove just how far they are willing to go for family, honor, and love.

White Foxx Security: The Complete 5-Books Series

Clara Kendrick - 2018
    Lots of suspense, mystery, and romance. No cliffhangers! Part 1 It should have been just another job. I spend every day of my life trying to keep other people safe, but Faith is different. None of this is her fault and yet someone is determined to make her pay. She’s not like anyone I’ve ever met. She is more. She might not have any faith for herself, but she has given me a whole new outlook and I don’t ever want to let that go. Part 2 I don’t put much stock in love or any of that nonsense. I like what I can see, hear, feel, and shoot. I’m a trained security agent. That’s what I do. Except now that I’m in Nashville I’m suddenly faced with a whole new outlook on life. Anna Spenser is different from other people. Someone wants her dead, but she acts as though it’s just a minor bump in the road. Thank goodness her son Levi is more concerned for her safety. In fact Levi is probably the best son ever. Okay. He might actually be the best man ever too. Part 3 Admiring a woman like Harley isn’t normally my thing. She’s in politics for goodness sake. But Harley is different. She’s a bit of an idealist. It’s just too bad that her boss is as crooked as a forked tree. As things spin further and further out of control, my mission changes. Sure. I have to keep that politician alive. But Harley is the one I’m willing to put my life on the line for. Part 4 I’ve never met anyone like Contessa Star. First of all, who makes their actual living by painting naked people? It’s insane! Then I start getting to know Star and her son River and I realize that there is a lot more to this woman than people give her credit for. She’s tough as nails and sexy as hell. After a few days I’m pretty sure she’s got my heart in a jar, which means I’m not giving up until I find the bastard who is messing with her and nail him to the wall. Part 5 Dr. Lacey Baxter is a godsend. The woman is the only one I know who can bust your balls one second and then be empathetic about your horrible childhood the next. She’s an incredible woman who is smarter than all of my team put together. I just hope that I can keep her safe while we finish unraveling the story of a sociopath that started more than six months ago and promises to go down in flames before the final act is finished.

Defending Allye

Susan Stoker - 2018
    Any other woman would have panicked during a rescue, but the wily dancer kept her cool — even after being kidnapped by an elusive human trafficker. And Gray couldn’t be happier when a grateful Allye follows him home to Colorado Springs…For Allye, finding sanctuary in the arms — and bed — of the former Navy SEAL is only temporary. People are disappearing off the streets of San Francisco, victims of the same underground trade that targeted her, and Allye could be the key to dismantling the entire operation. She’s willing to do anything to bring them down. Gray isn’t — for good reason. But you don’t say no to a tough girl like Allye who refuses to play it safe.Now Gray is risking more than ever before. The Mountain Mercenaries have his back. But is it enough to keep the woman he loves out of harm’s way?

Justice for Sloane

Reina Torres - 2018
    Defending those in danger comes as easily as breathing. 
 As a Special Agent for the FBI, Vicente was treated to a front row seat to see how those ‘with’ have an easier shake than those without. Instead of letting it shake his convictions, he’s worked hard to even the odds and make sure that Justice is blind to more than color, it’s also the size of their bank accounts and social status. 
Sloane King ticked all his boxes. Born a Texas Princess with money and beauty to spare, she didn’t want for anything… at least from what he could see. Debutante turned charity maven, everyone sings her praises, until someone wants her dead. Charged with keeping Sloane alive until the threat to her is neutralized, Vincente finds himself up to his neck in contradictions, including how much he wants more than just a few breathless moments with the feisty woman who challenges everything he’s come to believe about the world around him. 
 As the search for the source of danger comes to a head, it will take the combined resources of San Antonio’s best first responders to protect and save the woman he’s come to love. Will that be enough?

Sal and Tommy Gabrini: A Brother's Love

Mallory Monroe - 2018
     With their beautiful African-American wives in tow, they head to a homeland that becomes as treacherous as it is enchanting, and that forces them to confront a grandfather with more than a family reunion on his mind. In the latest installment of the Sal and Tommy interracial romance series, the two brothers must conquer old demons, uncover devastating secrets and lies, and battle a harsh reality that threatens to destroy them both.

Satan's Spawn MC: The Complete Series

K.J. Dahlen - 2018
     Together we’re unbeatable. Unstoppable. Say what you want about out MC’s. Around this table sit men of honor. Bound by love for those closest to us, a family formed stronger than any you know. As a battle gets closer, back to back we’ll face the threat. When the fire takes over, we’ll fight together. Bleed together. Until dark fate that chases us is screaming out with regret. This MC collection comes with the following books for your reading pleasure. Happy reading!~K.J. Dahlen Satan's Spawn MC Prequel: Ghost from the Past: There’s no way back from the path I took. Into dark world that hollows the soul. Into Satan’s Spawn MC - where corrupt laws rule. Book 1: Spawn and Spitfire (Deke): Pursuing a girl? Rookie Mistake. I don’t pursue them they come to me To keep them, you might have to play dirty. And I’ll burn in hell before I let her go. Book 2: Revenge and Retribution (Deke): Inexorably drawn to her, our love erupted passionately. But fate isn’t finished with her yet… Book 3: Babies and Bastards (Sam): When Deke see’s what he wants, heaven or hell won’t stop him. The kid always had an attitude, guess he got that trait from me. She looked the innocent with killer curves, and a smile to die for. He’s supposed to be cold hearted, untameable. Incapable of love – or so I thought… Sin's Bastards MC (SEQUEL TO SATAN'S SPAWN MC) Book 1: Silk and Bones (Sam): I’ve never been a forever kind of guy. But, I knew I had to make her mine. Little did I know, there’s more to her than meets the eye… Book 2: Karma's Bite (Sam)>: She melted my cold heart. Showed my body what it craved. Now, she carries my unborn child, and I ran away. I ran. But not for the reason she thinks… Book 3: No Regrets (Gator): My soul belongs to my club. But, my heart belongs to Reva. She’s a passion I’ve never known before. But I’m not the only one with desires for her. Book 4: Hell's Fury (Deke): My MC is my world. She is my centre. My children are everything I live for. Walking a street of contentment I hadn’t known before, I thought the bad was finally over. I should have known better… Book 5: Lies and Liars (Cricket): The MC is up against a man no one wants to face…Bane Jessin Only I hold the key to saving them all.He’s ruthless. A cold-blooded killer. He’s ruthless. A cold-blooded killer. And the source of my nightmares. Now, there’s something he wants. Something my parents took from him a lifetime ago. The MC is threatened, and I have to find what he seeks. If I don’t, I’ll would seal their fate. Book 6: Stone Cold (Cricket): He came back for me a second time – Bane. A world class assassin with an implacable hunger. This time, he wants something of my fathers. A pair of daggers from the time of knights and kings. Fighting back the whispers of fear and dread in my heart, I refused. Then, my own brother changed the rules… UNRELEASED BONUS BOOK: Bane: This is my tale of solitude and regrets.

Strike Force Boxed Set

Fiona Quinn - 2018
    Now, she's turning herself over to the police. What Deep’s practiced eye saw in the video was a highly-choreographed crime. But somehow Lacey had thwarted the professionals’ plans.Enmeshed in a mystery that includes the FBI, the CIA, and a tangle of interconnected international crimes, Deep and Lacey work to discover who plays the good guy and who plays the bad guy in a gray world where right and wrong easily overlap.Lives depend on them.JACK Be QuickThe Prayer On Her Lips Is Jack Be QuickIt’s been months since ex-Navy SEAL Jack McCullen last saw his fiancée, Suz Molloy. He was on the other side of the world involved in a grueling black ops mission for Iniquus Corporation at the behest of the US government. Mission fail meant a special flight home, and an ambulance ride to the hospital where Suz should have been waiting for him.When Jack rouses from his surgery to find Suz missing, he knows something is very wrong. Led by the psychic “knowings” of his Iniquus colleague, Lynx, Jack risks everything as he desperately tries to reach Suz in time to thwart the terrorists’ plot and save her.This time, his mission is for more than love of country; it’s for the love of his life - his heart and soul.An action adventure romance with a psychic twist.InstiGATOR - a USA Today Bestselling NovelA Deadly Game Gambles American Lives.A hardened war hero, Gator Aid Rochambeau is on a collision course with fate. Retired as a Marine Raider, Gator is now an Iniquus elite operator. He's been assigned to the Davidson mission. As the job gets underway, he is unprepared for the psychic confusion that swirls through his system. New to his psychic experiences, he reaches out to fellow Strike Force member, Lynx, for information, only to discover she too is battling a strange vortex of information. The one thing they both understand is that lives are on the line.Special ops pilot Christen Davidson receives her mission orders. Her day just went from horrifying to something far worse. Fellow operatives are in danger. Christen is desperate to fly a rescue mission. Instead, she’s ordered to act as an asset in a high-stakes international game. She didn’t join the military to play dress-up, but she can’t disobey, even though this assignment is far outside of her comfort zone.For this mission, there is no place to run and nowhere to hide from the men who have their eye on a billion-dollar deal, and the only ones standing in their way is this improbable team. The gamble they’re making could mean life or death, but the reward could be so much more!Bestselling romantic suspense author Fiona Quinn brings you the unexpected story of political intrigue, espionage, murder, and mystery playing out on a world stage.INSTIGATOR, an action adventure romantic thriller with a psychic twist. Grab Your Copy of the Strike Force Box Set Today!

Protected By A Hero

Susan Stoker - 2018
     Black Dawn , by Cristin Harber - Parker Black shouldn't feel what he does for his buddy's girl, but now she's in danger, he'll do what it takes to save her. Issued to the Bride: One Navy SEAL , by Cora Seton - Brian Lake's facing his toughest assignment yet: marry a stranger in order to save his military career. Hot Rebel , by Lynn Raye Harris - A rogue sniper, a mission gone bust. He doesn't have much time to figure out if the woman he wants is his best ally or his worst enemy. Wyatt's Stand , by Kaylea Cross - A wounded warrior loses the home he wants, but he might just have fund the woman he needs. Sweetest Surrender , by Katie Reus - A woman on the run. A man determined to save her. He'll do whatever it takes to protect his Angel. A Hero's Honor , by Tessa Layne - Police Chief Travis Kincaid has rules, but the woman he's after is determined to break them.

Seasons of Waiting: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Christina Morland - 2018
    Autumn, 1812: Certain his second proposal will be rejected, Darcy does not return to Hertfordshire–or to Elizabeth Bennet.Spring, 1837: When his nephew falls in love with her niece, Darcy and Elizabeth are bound to meet again.How many steps does it take to find a way back to the person you have always loved?Dear Readers: this book contains a few non-graphic references to rape and incest.

Big Daddy Sinatra: Bringing Down the Hammer

Mallory Monroe - 2018
     But when Amelia Sinatra, his sister and the former leader of a drug cartel, goes missing, and when her boyfriend, the former head of the CIA Hammer Reese, won’t cooperate, Big Daddy knows he has to take charge. With the help of his kid brother, vicious mobster Mick Sinatra, and with his wife Jenay by his side, they join forces unlike they ever had before and will stop at nothing to bring Amelia home. Even if it means bringing down the entire federal government, and government man Hammer Reese, in the process. In the explosive new addition to the Big Daddy Sinatra interracial romantic suspense thriller, Charles and Mick Sinatra fight hard, love hard, and nearly die hard to protect all they hold dear.

Operation: Protected Angel

Margaret Kay - 2018
    What came next was a blur, a hostage ordeal, a terrorist attack, explosions and gunfire, a fight for her life. Then she wakes with a head injury and finds herself in the custody of a group of armed men, who won’t disclose exactly who they are. One of them, the attractive and attentive Jackson is kind and Angel finds herself trusting him, falling for him. Shepherd Security recruits only the best. They can protect someone in trouble like no other because they work in the shadows, invisible, and outside the system where the rules don’t apply–just the oath they took. They don’t exist. That’s also why they can break any suspect and can get answers out of anyone accused. That’s when they’re called in, when someone must be protected at all costs, or when answers must be obtained, by any means necessary. Sometimes it’s not clear, though, is the person in their custody a witness or the perpetrator, a friendly or a foe, innocent or guilty as sin? Angel Matthews fits into this category–where exactly needs to be determined. Warning, this story is realistic, with adult language and content. It does contain one scene of violence and abuse, followed by healing and strength on the way to the HEA.

Carved In Ice

Kris Norris - 2018
     After fifteen years of as an Air Force PJ, Russel “Ice” Foster’s military career is in the crapper. With the equivalent of a scarlet letter hanging over his head, he’s trying to make the best of a bad situation. He’s survived firefights, MREs, and endless traumas. So, civilian life should be a walk in the park… Except that he hasn’t been discharged twenty-four hours, and he’s already involved in a bar fight and driving a drunk girl home. He doesn’t know more than her first name, and Quinn makes it clear she intends to keep it that way. He’s just trying to be a gentleman—ignoring the searing desire burning beneath his skin whenever he looks at her. He’s been trained to do hard things, and not taking her to bed? Right up there with his last HALO. But every good soldier has a plan, and he’s mapped out a strategy to get her back in his arms—where he has every intention of keeping her. He just didn’t expect her to bolt—or to discover she’s neck-deep in trouble. The kind that’s liable to get her killed With the help of his new boss, Hank Patterson, and his company Brotherhood Protectors, Russel’s determined to find some answers. But the truth comes at a price, and if he fails this mission, he’ll lose more than just his honor. Because despite all his training, even he can’t raise the dead. Note: This book was previously published through Amazon Kindle World.

The Companion Series, Books 1-3: An epic love story.

Tanya Bird - 2018
     Companions are the kingdom’s most beautiful and educated women—possessions of Syrasan’s royal men. THE ROYAL COMPANION #1 She is the gift he did not want. He is the prince she is forbidden to love. SHORTLISTED FOR THE WOOLLAHRA DIGITAL LITERARY AWARDS 2017 Aldara is sixteen when she is sold to the obnoxious crown prince as a gift for his brother. Forced to leave the only life she has ever known, Aldara is sent to Archdale Castle, where she is mentored to become Prince Tyron’s perfect Companion. But no amount of lessons can prepare her for the troubled man marked by war. He sees straight through the polished exterior presented to him. He sees her. She must keep the facade together or deal with the repercussions. Prince Tyron has just returned from war. All he wants is privacy to grieve the men who died at the border. So when his brother gifts him a Companion upon his return, he is forced to embrace a tradition he has so far managed to avoid. Except Aldara is not like the others. She walks with her face to the sun and arms swinging. Her laughter makes him forget the lie. But if they ignore the rules that safeguard them, there will be consequences… This is book one in The Companion series. If you enjoy medieval romance that is out of this world, then this epic tale of love against all odds is for you. Trigger warning: This book contains sexual violence, death and dark themes. THE COMMON GIRL #2 Love has never been more dangerous. The longstanding Companion tradition is about to change. A new trade agreement between two kings will see women sold across the border. Prince Tyron never wanted a Companion, but now he cannot fathom a life without her. When a rebellious act brings brutal consequences, Tyron realises his feelings put his Companion at risk. As her future grows more uncertain, he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Aldara never wanted to be a Companion, but at age sixteen the choice was made for her. She never imagined she would grow to love the man who owns her more than her own freedom. But when her life at Archdale begins to crumble, Tyron sends her back to the safety of her family, where she must find a way to exist without him. As Zoelin continues to tighten its grip on Syrasan, the pair soon discovers there are no safe havens. Tender and heart-stopping, The Common Girl is a love story about family, sacrifice and the roles that bind us. THE MAJESTIC IMPOSTOR #3 A relentless love. An impossible choice. Aldara has left the Companion life behind her. Having returned south to her family, she thought all ties to her prince severed. She was wrong. Now she has a secret—one she must keep in order to protect the people she loves. But when her past shows up at her home, lives begin to unravel. Still grieving the departure of his Companion and the death of his father, Prince Tyron is adjusting to life under his brother’s rule. Shifts in power see him sent to Corneo to take control of the West. Amid the throes of war, he learns that the woman who still holds his heart has been keeping a secret. An impulsive decision delivers him into enemy hands with no way out. Unless she does the unthinkable… Fast-paced and lyrical, The Majestic Impostor is a medieval tale of power and the unstoppable forces of love.

The Last Resort Motel: Room One

Gwyn McNamee - 2018
    The California surf boy has no business being up Spruce Mountain or anywhere near The Last Resort Motel. There can only be one reason he’s hanging around, to search one of the old mines in hopes of striking it rich. And as soon as he’s done, he’ll be gone fast enough to make my head spin. Out here, a girl needs to take advantage of any opportunity for a little fun, but it can never be more. I just need to remind myself of that. Aurora Clayton is the last thing I expect to find at The Last resort Motel. What in the world is a girl like this doing in the middle of nowhere, Nevada? My plan is to search the mine and get back to California. I never expect to find something here even more precious than ore. But someone else is after what’s down that mine shaft. And I’ll do everything in my power to protect what I’ve found, including Aurora. Visit The Last Resort Motel, your one stop for romance, mystery, suspense, and even the paranormal. 12 rooms. 12 authors. 12 unique stories. January - Gwyn McNamee - Room 1 February - Crystal Perkins - Room 10 March - S Van Horne - Room 519 April - Dee Kelly - Room 13 May - B.T. Clearwater - Room 58 June - M.C. Webb - Room 212 July - Megan Matthews - Room 29 August - Elizabeth Otto - Room 100 September - Ann Mayburn - Room 419 October - Geri Glenn - Room 666 November - Winter Travers - Room 19 December - Betty Shreffler - Room 15

Max and Hope: A Red Team Wedding Novella

Elaine Levine - 2018
    So much has happened since spring—families destroyed and reunited. Several threats have been terminated and others are just beginning.Max Cameron finally has time for a breather, something he hasn’t had since he found Hope in the midst of a violent biker gang, hunting for her brother. He's worked the last several weeks to turn an old hunting cabin, out on the fringes of the team’s property, into a romantic retreat…the perfect spot to pop the question.Unfortunately, they aren’t alone in those remote woods. Something unseen stalks the team in the long winter nights, a threat that wasn’t discovered until Max and Hope were already outside the wire.Will they have a shot at true happiness? Or will they have to shelve their dreams in order to fight a new and terrible enemy?


Anne L. Parks - 2018
    His career destroyed, his dog lost, and the beautiful doctor who saved his life out of reach, Conrad vows to reclaim the life he’s lost. First on his agenda: locating his four-legged best friend. Julie “Doc” Sutton returns from her deployment in Syria as an Army Reserve physician, determined to rebuild her medical practice, her life, and her broken heart. Looking to fill a solitary void, she adopts a retired military service dog. When Conrad learns Georgie is being fostered by the Brotherhood Protectors, he travels to Eagle Rock, Montana—and comes face to face with the woman he left in Syria who still owns his heart. But Doc’s world is in chaos from threats against her life. With her would-be assassin closer than ever, Conrad vows to protect her—even if it means sacrificing himself to save her.

Place Called Home (The Potter's House #11)

Brenda S. Anderson - 2018
    She thought she'd found that when she moved in with Jared--until his home became her prison. When his control escalates, the only answer is to escape--an escape that's hampered when she falls and fractures her ankle.While building his graphic design company, Nate Brooks is focused on the future he's dreamed of: traveling around the country from the comfort of his renovated school bus. But when he picks up a wounded, mysterious hitchhiker, those well-laid plans take a backseat to protecting her.Hobbled by her injury, Tessa fears she'll never find freedom. Or has she found it with the family who graciously opens their home to her? And will Nate's protection put his family--and his heart--at risk?PLACE CALLED HOME is Book 11 of "The Potter's House Books," stories of love, hope, redemption, and second chances.All books can stand alone and can be read in any order. The first ten are:Juliette Duncan: The HomecomingT.K. Chapin: When it RainsAlexa Verde: Heart UnbrokenBrenda S Anderson: Long Way HomeMary Manners: Promises RenewedKristen M. Fraser: A Vow RedeemedMarion Ueckermann: Restoring FaithJuliette Duncan: UnchainedGracefully Broken by T.K. ChapinHeart Healed by Alexa VerdePlease check for release dates.

Shifting Sands Resort Collection 2 (Shifting Sands Resort Collections)

Zoe Chant - 2018
    Come to find love and tasty treats of all kinds - but stay for the heart-pounding adventure and mystery. In TROPICAL LYNX’S LOVER, Handiman Travis can fix anything but his mate’s broken soul and Jenny has to figure out how to come to terms with the otter who shares her skin. In TROPICAL DRAGON DIVER, lifeguard Bastian is an abnormality of a dragon who loves water and would rather save people than fight. But when he rescues the mermaid who is his destined mate, he ends up battling his past to save her. In TROPICAL PANTHER’S PENANCE, tough and streetwise Wrench finds himself in unknown territory as he wooes the gentle swan shifter Lydia. His past catches up with him, and he also has to shelter his 8-year-old niece, keep her a secret, and uncover an assassin. Combining sizzling romance with laugh-out-loud humor and plenty of thrills, the Shifting Sands Resort series is a must-read for fans of T. S. Joyce, Terry Bolryder, and Lisa Ladew. Now you can save 30% on the next three books with this convenient box set. Relax on the sands with a tropical drink and a taste of adventure. No cliffhangers!

A Shameless Little Con

Meli Raine - 2018
     I never betrayed my friend. Last year, I was kidnapped along with presidential candidate’s daughter Lindsay Bosworth, forced to help her assailants, my mother implicated in one of the biggest political scandals in American history. I've been cleared of any wrongdoing, but that doesn’t matter. Once you’re tried by the media, you’re guilty as sin. The truth doesn’t get the public’s attention. But shame? Shame sells. And everyone assumes you’re tainted. Now I have my own personal security team, courtesy of the United States government. Not the one you learned about in civics class, though. I’m being tracked by the deep state. The shadow government. They’ve assigned Silas Gentian to be with me twenty-four seven. He thinks he knows everything about me – all of it bad -- and he does. On paper. Like everyone else, he assumes I’m a traitor. A backstabber. A betrayer. Someone who helped a group of violent psychopaths, puppets of powerful men in Washington who made me into a tool. Yet I see how he looks at me. True desire can’t be faked. Or hidden. And that goes both ways. He assumes I’m trying to fool him. And he might be right. But not for the reasons he thinks. A Shameless Little Con is the first book in the Shameless trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine. Read the whole series: Book 1: A Shameless Little CON Book 2: A Shameless Little LIE Book 3: A Shameless Little BET

The Heat

Alice Ward - 2018
    I want her on sight. We don’t just argue, we explode. As the newly minted CEO of Watts Enterprises, the billion-dollar company with the world’s worst "green" reputation, it’s my job to produce the products consumers clamor for. But Atlee Young, an environmental attorney with more passion and will than I’ve ever seen, thinks differently. We meet in the sultry jungles of Malaysia, and when I set out to show her how wrong she is about me, things get wild, fast. Then they get dangerous. Now, we’re not just fighting each other. We’re fighting for our lives. *** This is a full length novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. ***

Going In Blind

Kris Norris - 2018
     When in doubt, blow it up, has been Kent “Rigs” Walker’s motto—words he’s used to carve out a life. Until an encounter with an IED takes more than just his military career. Left to forge a new life—scarred and beaten—he’s accepted an offer to join Hank Patterson’s company, Brotherhood Protectors, on the premise Hank will keep Rigs right where he wants to be—deep in the trenches and away from society. Until he finds himself at a high-class charity auction with all of his failures on display. Exposed. He didn’t plan on bumping into Addison Bailey. Or having her affect him on a level that feels etched into his DNA. And for the first time in two years, he’s considering stepping back into the light. When things go sideways, coming to Addison’s aid is natural—a part of his genetic makeup. Wanting to kiss her, touch her, take her to bed? That’s new. And scarier than any mission he survived in the Marines. But failure has never been an option. With Addison’s life on the line? Even less. He doesn’t have any intel. Doesn’t know what forces he’ll face. But he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and at his side. Even if it means, going in blind.

Rough Justice

Jen Talty - 2018
    Still bitter over being forced to leave the military, he struggles to make the best of his return to civilian life. That is, until he’s given his first assignment to protect the daughter of the man he holds responsible for his half sister’s death. Amber Baxter, now known as, Amber Winchester, left Eagle Rock, Montana and never looked back. Despite her father’s legacy, she managed to get a degree in Communications and Broadcasting and made a successful career working as a correspondent for a major news channel. Life since Eagle Rock, had been nothing less than spectacular until she uncovers a treasonous plot that puts her in the line fire. Needing refuge, she returns to her hometown and the safety of the Brotherhood Protectors. However, she never expected to come face to face with the man who’d been the first boy she ever kissed… and the man she’d left behind. Thrust together in a deadly game of espionage, Shamus and Amber must reconcile their past while fighting a battle that not only threatens their lives, but the very things they love most. Note: This book was previously published through Amazon Kindle World.

The Wrong Groom

Emelia Blair - 2018
    I ended up marrying the bride. Ten years ago, I made a mistake that drove her away. Now she’s tied to me, and I’m not letting her go. I’ll be the perfect fake husband and take care of her like no other man could. I never thought it was possible for me to lose myself in a woman like this. But she’s spun her magic on me again with her mysterious eyes and tempting curves. Her hesitant touches and shy kisses make me want to lose control. When she begs for me, I can’t help but teach her who she belongs to. But there are people out there who want to get their hands on my wife. But they don't know how far I’m willing to go to protect what’s mine. I’ll bargain my entire fortune away to get her to fall back in love with me if I have to. I don't care about the consequences. I'll do whatever it takes. This is a full-length standalone Christmas romance with a HEA.

Learning to Breathe

Ellie Masters - 2018
    There are no significant changes to the story. Since her husband’s death, Sally Levenson’s life has become dull and monotonous. She’s the county Coroner, and while the dead reveal their secrets, she hides from the living. Hiding isn’t working. Sally is trapped in a bland, colorless existence. She's suffocating and wants more, whatever that might be. When the dark and mysterious Derek Lemark enters her world, he opens doors to new possibilities, reveals dark desires, and challenges her to take a second chance on life. He dares her to breathe again and promises...more. But what he offers comes at a price. Sally must choose: take the next step, or speak the one word which ends everything before it even begins.

Finding Fate

Kennedy L. Mitchell - 2018
    Two eager to harm and one desperate to save. Who will get to her first? FINDING FATE is a sexy, standalone romantic suspense where love grows in the most unlikely of places. Nash Bartley enjoys his new gig with the Contract Special Operations team. The constant travel and dangerous missions keep distance between him and any potential long-term relationship. He’s done that before and swore he’ll never do it again. Until the woman he’s sent to rescue blindsides his heart, altering his outlook on love and the future. Master hacker Fate Haley has one objective on her mind – vengeance. A year after an unthinkable tragedy destroys her family, Fate has the two men responsible in her sights and a plan in place to ensure they won’t slip through the CIA’s fingers again. At the edge of insanity, Fate’s prepared to risk it all until he slips in one dark night set on saving her. Attraction sizzles the moment the two meet and affection blooms during the long humid nights in the African jungle. When the evil zeroes in, Nash is forced to sacrifice a piece of himself to protect the woman he’s grown to love. But will it be enough to save them both? Can this unlikely duo abandon their wounded pasts and let go of their secrets for a chance at a happily ever after?

Hiding with the Billionaire (Billionaires of REKD Book 1)

Donna K. Weaver - 2018
    Now she is on the run. Not knowing who else to trust, Ahri flees across the country to stay with her brother. All thoughts of safety are shattered when her husband is murdered. Ahri knows she could be next. Desperate to avoid her husband's fate she assumes a new identity to stay hidden. but working for her brother's too-handsome business partner might present a different kind of danger. Rafe Davis has gone from being a poor scholarship boy to billionaire CEO of REKD Gaming. The only child of a loving mother and an emotionally abusive father, things haven't come easy for him. Rafe's business is his life. That all changes when he agrees to help the attractive Ahri hide under a new identity. Her presence, and his growing need to keep her safe, threaten to throw off his carefully unbalanced life.

The Cleaner

Kiersten Modglin - 2018
    An expert. His job is to clean up the messes no one else can. But behind that tough exterior, Gunner has a few secrets of his own. Eight years ago, Gunner left his hometown and vowed to never look back. When his past collides with his present in the form of a familiar face, Gunner must return home to take care of one final mess...the woman he left behind. Reagan Orrick knows heartbreak. Eight years ago, the love of her life disappeared without a trace or goodbye.In his absence, she has fought to build a life she can be proud of. When tragedy strikes, Reagan must go it alone or make a choice to trust the man who shattered her heart once again. Their secrets can save or destroy them...but only the truth will allow them to be cleaned.

Mount Mercy

Helena Newbury - 2018
    Scorching romance, edge-of-your seat tension and a hero and heroine you'll root for all the way. Grab your copy, stat!Doctor Dominic Corrigan. He's tattooed, cocky and gorgeous, with bullet scars from working in war zones. I'm a geeky surgeon who hides away in the quiet of her operating theater. We couldn't be more different but from the second we meet, he pursues me...and when I look into those blue eyes, I'm lost. But I know his reputation and I'm determined not to be his next one-night stand. Then disaster strikes our small town...and the two of us become our patients' only hope.Suddenly, I'm thrown into the chaos of an ER stretched to breaking point. We need to work together but the closer we get, the harder it is to resist. We're one look, one touch away from tearing each other's clothes off. I start to see the pain he hides behind that cocky exterior. What happened to this man, and can I help him break free of his past? And our problems are only just beginning. A criminal gang means to take advantage of the chaos...and the hospital, and everyone I care about, are right in their sights.Standalone romantic suspense, guaranteed HEA, no cheating

The Biker and the Thief

Kate McCarthy - 2018
    You're an all or nothin' girl. That's why I'm in this with you. I'm all in. We fight together."Arcadia ‘Ace’ JonesI’m a college student with a secret past. Not only did I boost cars, I was the best in the business. I’m trying to go straight, but the Marchetti Organisation has other plans, and now I’ve got twelve weeks to complete a job so big it’s almost impossible. I’m on a tight deadline, but an irritating biker dude keeps thwarting my attempts to deliver. He’s the big bad wolf my brother always warned me away from, but doesn’t every girl want a bad boy who’s good just for her? Kelly DanielsI’m a biker with a violent past that haunts me every day. I’m keeping myself busy with my brand-new car restoration business when an annoying little thief manages to steal a Dodge Charger right out from under my nose. I hunt her down, only to discover the woman behind the wheel is beautiful, fearless, and wild—all the things I find impossible to resist. But she’s in trouble, and I won’t hesitate to step in and change the plan—bring the entire Marchetti Organisation to its knees, and make Ace mine.


Bethany-Kris - 2018
    trick or deceive. • obtain by deception. She was named most appropriately. Cozen Taylor has more than earned her place as one of North America’s most successful thieves. Her name is whispered amongst criminal elite as the go-to thief when someone needs a heist. She has never failed. A call from the Miami-based Astor family could change all that with a job that seems almost impossible to complete. The mark should be simple—a stolen family heirloom, the man who has kept it hidden for over twenty years, and six months to return the piece to its rightful owners. Nothing is ever that easy. Three-hundred million for a successful heist. No smart thief would turn the offer down. Cozen didn’t expect a complication like him to put a kink in her plans, though. Sargon Makri—tall, dark, gorgeous, and entirely dangerous. For her life, her heart, and for the success of the heist. The last thing Cozen needs to be thinking about is Sargon, and how she can get him into her bed … especially when he just happens to be her mark’s bodyguard. The thrill of the job has never been more addicting to Cozen, and she will risk everything to make the heist a success. But at what cost? *** From author Bethany-Kris comes a whole new world. A North American network full of criminals battling to stay on top, and painting the streets red in war as they dabble in the game of betrayal. Malicious, cunning, forbidden, and violent—welcome to The Empires and Badlands.

Covering Coco

Heather Long - 2018
    Some things don’t change, and not even a traumatic brain injury sidelining him keeps him from kicking in when his friends need it—most recently a top-secret mission to retrieve a lost asset.

 Bolt action is louder than words
 Coco Adler’s military career ended abruptly on a dishonorable discharge. Or so reads her military file. Recruited for a top-secret program, she digs in deep. When her cover is nearly compromised and she can’t reach her handler, she goes dark but stays on mission. The last thing she expects is a lunatic in a Hawaiian shirt to take her down a moment before a sniper’s bullet would have.

 Forced to work together, Jacko will do everything to cover Coco’s extraction—even if it kills him.

If I Could Stay

Annette K. Larsen - 2018
    Being pursued from one state to another, she has learned to constantly look over her shoulder, and when necessary, to become someone new. She’s burned through four cities and four identities, always managing to stay one step ahead. Now Leila is left with nothing. No car, no money, and no choice but to trust the man who finds her, half frozen, wandering the back roads of Missouri.Despite the fact that Jack seems to genuinely care about her, Leila knows all too well the danger she poses to anyone brave enough to get close to her. Her growing feelings for Jack force her to make a choice. She could risk staying and hope she’s not found, or she could do what she’s always done, and disappear.

The Bodyguard's Fake Marriage

Bree Livingston - 2018
    When her father calls, telling her he’s arranged for her to marry a man she barely knows, Lexi is positive something is wrong. In an effort to give herself some time to figure out what’s going on, she decides the only way to slow things down is to arrange her own marriage.Ex-Army Ranger Jake Maverick promised Basil Maheras that he’d keep Lexi safe at all costs — he just never thought the cost would include his bachelor status. But when Lexi tells him her father is forcing her to marry the man he was hired to protect her from in the first place, he feels the only way to keep her safe is to marry her in an attempt to get her father from Greece to the states so he can figure out what’s going on.When their secret is leaked, and Lexi’s life is put in danger, they have no choice but to run. Now, they’re stuck together, and the more they learn about each other, the less pretend their marriage feels.

Dirty Tactics

Peyton Banks - 2018
     Marcas MacArthur was as tough as they come. The former Navy Seal had dedicated his life to lead the elite Columbia SWAT team and had no time for relationships. He had two reasons. Putting his life on the line daily would be too much to ask any woman to deal with, and she would be a distraction. But when the new neighbor next door moved in, she captured his attention. Sarena Rucker was an emergency room nurse who had a thing for men in uniforms. The single sergeant who lived next door made her knees weak. Decked out in his tactical gear, he was the perfect package—sexy, rugged, intense—and he loved to be in charge. One night together and their lives changed forever. Sarena had got under his skin, and Marcas couldn’t get enough of her. Everything was perfect until Marcas learned of the target on Sarena’s back because of her connection to him. He would do anything to protect her. Will he be able to save her in time, or will he lose the one who gave him hope for the future?Dirty Tactics is a steamy interracial romance for readers over 18 years and older.

Saving Lorelei

Julia Bright - 2018
     Sergeant Liam "Whisper" Davidson grew up being passed from family member to family member, and he learned the hard way that squeaky wheels earned attention, just not the right type. Army life fit him perfectly and moving into Keane "Ghost" Bryson's Delta Force team was a dream-come-true. When he glimpses the beautiful siren at the bank, he wonders a lot of things, mostly if she was single. When all hell breaks loose at the bank, Liam is unarmed and has no way of fighting back, but Lorelei's as strong and resourceful as she is beautiful. Together they make a great team, but can they work outside of a stressful situation or will their whisper of a relationship be blown away?

Peony Red: A Contemporary Romance Novel

J. Lynn Bailey - 2018
    She’s out of a job, out of time, and running on fumes. When she receives a personal invitation to visit the picturesque town of Granite Harbor, Maine, she jumps at the chance to start fresh. For game warden Eli Young, life is simpler when he’s exploring the back roads of Maine. In the north woods, he doesn’t have to deal with town politics or his soon-to-be ex-wife. But a chance meeting with a brokenhearted newcomer leaves him tangled. He should walk away—except, now that he’s met her, he can’t turn back. When a young woman goes missing in town, tensions rise, and everyone becomes a suspect. Eli doesn’t think things can get any more complicated…until a picture of Alex is discovered at a gruesome crime scene. In a town where trust is hard to come by and ghosts from the past haunt its citizens in the broad light of day, the question isn’t whether Eli and Alex can save what’s left of their hearts…but whether they’ll live to see tomorrow. ​

Lock 'N' Load

Tee O'Fallon - 2018
    She hides behind her job, analyzing Top Secret code and making recommendations on national security. She doesn’t need a man in her life. But she will, very soon... CIA K-9 officer Sgt. Matt Connors suspects that beneath Trista’s uptight appearance, there’s a sexy woman itching to cut loose. But he doesn’t dare act on his attraction. He’s a loner and always will be. Keeping away from Trista is a must-do directive. Until he doesn’t have a choice... During a routine assignment, Trista stumbles across a cryptic exchange. She doesn’t think much of it...until someone tries to murder her—twice. Both times, Matt had been there to save her. But now she has to hide. And her new bodyguard, Matt, and his K-9 are the only hope she has against the powerful forces that want her dead.

Grave Secrets

Skye Jordan - 2018
     Forced into early retirement, former black ops operator, Ian Heller, has a couple of choices-playing security guard to an entitled hip-hop mogul or working for the civilian counterpart of his elite military unit, Manhunters, Inc. Tasked with terminating a cell of counterfeiters, who open the door to a fresh wave of terrorists, Ian must get close to the ex-wife of a key suspect. Sparks ignite between them, but Ian knows crossing the line with this woman would be the last thing he needs on his first assignment with his new team. Savannah Bishop is trapped. Her ex-husband, the sheriff of Hazard County, Montana, runs his department the same way he tried to control his marriage-with intimidation and force. With her divorce final, Savannah can her taste freedom-until she is hit with a custody suit. Desperate to escape the daily harassment and hold onto her young son, Savannah accepts help from the only man in town willing to defy her ex. But when she discovers Ian is as much a chameleon as her ex, Savannah's hopes for both a new love and a fresh start are threatened.

Chasing Katie

Heather Long - 2018
    His only clue? The purse he was found holding. But he isn’t the only one looking for her…This woman needs to hide…Determined to keep her head down, Katherine “Katie” Hennessy hides on her family ranch. When a man arrives, seemingly looking for work, Katie recognizes him as the person who saved her life on that dark, horrible day. Guilt and terror eat her up inside, but Liam’s presence is strangely comforting - he seems to know what she is hiding, and his strength buoys her. Then he tells her he needs her to come back to New York with him, to identify the bombers. The truth could cost her everything.Katie holds herself accountable, and the weight of the lie threatens to cripple her. If she tells the truth, it might set her free - and cost her everything in the same breath. Then the attacks begin, and Liam refuses to leave her side. The man will risk everything for her - can she do any less?

Damage (Lakefield #5)

Jennifer Vester - 2018
    It’s a choice that will put a series of events in motion, that could ultimately save her or break her.When she meets a man who isn't who he says he is, her reality is suddenly altered, and nothing is quite what she thought it was. Everything in both of their lives will dramatically change.Fighting against their pasts and a determined killer, two people that thought they knew what defined them, will have to rethink what they know about themselves and each other.**Full-length standalone romance, 80,000+ words. No cheating, or cliffhangers with a Happily Ever After!

Keeping 6

Freya Barker - 2018
    Her failure of a marriage firmly in her rearview mirror and her recent business expansion a success, she is in charge of her own future. One that is looking better than ever. The sight of the tall man, with the familiar salt and pepper goatee pushing open the door of her store, sets her hair on end. He doesn’t exactly bring good memories. FBI Special Agent in Charge Damian Gomez is just looking for a decent cup of coffee when he walks into the small store offering books and brew. The pretty, feisty woman behind the counter is an unexpected surprise. Not at all unpleasant, especially since her finger that used to hold a wedding ring is now bare. Her wild hair, boho style and silvery grey eyes suddenly hold a lot of promise. But when his office is pulled into an international investigation into the trafficking of rare books and manuscripts, the straight-laced SAC realizes he has to keep his distance from the woman who might well be involved. Easier said than done, since fate seems determined to throw them together.

The Housekeepers Daughter

Dee Palmer - 2018
    Did I learn nothing in the prison he sent me to?Can I ever trust a word he says?My carefully woven plans begin to unravel.Dangerous secrets are uncovered, My twisted little games exposed,Threatening to tear my world apart.I’m my thirst for revenge, will I destroy everything and everyone I’ve ever loved?Or will he break me again. Previously published as The Little Games Duet: Wicked Little Games & Twisted Little Games

In Shadows

Sharon Sala - 2018
    They married just out of college and right before he went to work as an undercover agent for the FBI. When he can, he slips away from his assignments to see her.Jack has been undercover on his latest case for months, investigating a weapons-smuggling business. But just as the FBI is set to make the bust, Jack’s cover is blown. The last thing he feels as he crashes through a warehouse window and into the open water is a bullet piercing his back. The last thing he hears is Adam Wu promising to destroy everyone Jack loves.Shelley’s worst nightmares come true when the FBI arrive at her doorstep to bring her the news. But she doesn’t know the truth: Jack survived the shooting and will do anything to keep his beloved wife safe—even if it means hiding in shadows…

Catching Lana

Kat Mizera - 2018
    Marine Corps Major Mark Garrison turns heads when he's not trying to be invisible. He's handsome, muscular and looking to try something new when he heads off to Montana to meet with the Brotherhood Protectors. Things look even better when the sexy redhead he's been lusting after practically falls into his lap. At six-foot-one, Lana Callahan has always felt awkward around men. Her job as a sports and entertainment publicist puts her around hot celebrities on a regular basis, but she shies away from good-looking men. A new assignment from her boss takes her to Montana and she finds herself face-to-face with the one guy who makes her long for more than casual sex. Lana’s wary of getting too close to the gorgeous Marine she’s been fantasizing about for two years, but he isn’t about to give up now that he’s found her again. Just as things heat up between them, her client’s past catches up to him, putting Lana in the crosshairs. Mark’s first assignment with the brotherhood could very well be his last, and this time Lana might slip through his fingers for good.

Knave (Masters of Manhattan #1)

Jane Henry - 2018
    It’s not rocket science, people. But then my father’s killed, I’m rescued by a thief, and my worldview is shattered. He takes me to his penthouse. His bed. I don’t have to like it but I can’t help it. His touch is everything a good girl like me shouldn’t want.Anson: Good and bad mean nothing to a master thief. I take what I want, and what I want is vengeance. No more, no less. Maybe the girl can help, so I’ll hide her. Protect her. And if I have to manhandle her to keep her quiet, she’ll deal. Hell, she might even like it. But she’ll learn fast that I make the rules.

Deep Blue

Kristy McCaffrey - 2018
    Grace Mann knows great white sharks. As the daughter of an obsessed shark researcher based at the Farallon Islands, Grace spent her childhood in the company of these elegant and massive creatures. When a photo of her freediving with a great white goes viral, the institute where she works seeks to capitalize on her new-found fame by producing a documentary about her work.Underwater filmmaker Alec Galloway admires Dr. Mann and jumps at the opportunity to create a film showcasing the pretty biologist. As he heads to Guadalupe Island in Baja California Sur for a three-week expedition, it’s clear his fan-boy crush on Grace is turning into something more serious. But even more pressing—Grace’s passionate focus on the sharks just might get her killed.Learn the other side of Jaws in this sexy romantic suspense novel.“This book has it all … danger, intrigue, romance, scientific fact and a fast-paced plot …” ~ Allison Brady, Love Books Group“… Grace is a brilliant character … five stars …” ~ donnasbookblog“… like shark week in a book …” ~ Rachel H., readerEach Pathway novel can be read as a stand-alone, but don’t miss the other books.Book 1: Deep Blue (Dr. Grace Mann and Alec Galloway)Book 2: Cold Horizon (Lindsey Coulson and Tyler Galloway)Book 3: Ancient Winds (Dr. Tristan Magee and Brynn Galloway)After reading the novels, enjoy these short stories in The Pathway Short Adventure Series:Short 1: Deep Blue AustraliaShort 2: Deep Blue Réunion IslandShort 3: Deep Blue Cocos IslandShort 4: Cold Horizon TellurideRelated novella:Blue Sage (Dr. Audrey Driggs and Braden Delaney)


Ashton Blackthorne - 2018
    A string of murders are being linked to him. With everything he loves on the line, Jax can’t afford to hesitate.He must act now before he finds himself overtaken by…FURY.The sequel to Obsessed, Fury is a roller coaster ride full of thrills and steamy scenes. It’s a full length 40,000 word romantic thriller.

Siren in the Wind

Louise Dawn - 2018
    Her ordered existence keeps her hidden, knowing interference could ruin her plans for retribution. However, nothing can stop the dark winds of the past, from sweeping through her future.He's hunting...Mobile Intelligence Team Leader Erik (Max) Andersen is searching for a suicide bomber, and Abigail Evans is his prime target. He'll do whatever it takes to win her trust, even seduce her. 
But Max knows that the truth is rarely straightforward. Soon, it becomes clear that Abigail is hiding a barrage of secrets. Secrets that lead to a powerful enemy, who’ll do anything to see her dead. As a Tier One Operator, Max’s skills are put to the test as he races across Southern Africa to save everything he cherishes most. Fans of Adult Military Romantic Suspense will enjoy this action-packed romance, filled with steamy mystery and alpha heroes.

Trust in Me

Sierra Cartwright - 2018
    When his boss’s little sister’s house is broken into, he’s tasked with keeping her—and her secrets—safe. Trace’s arrival turns Aimee Inamorata’s perfectly ordered life upside down. The dominant and infuriatingly arrogant man is the kind of jaded alpha male she’s spent a lifetime avoiding. Now he’s sleeping in her house, telling her what to do, looking like temptation and sin, igniting a flame that threatens to consume her. The madman determined to kill her is closer than anyone thinks, and Aimee will need to learn to trust Trace before it’s too late.

Before Sin

M. Malone - 2018
     Yeah, for everyone but me. It sounds crazy, I know. Breaking News: badass bodyguard for the nation’s top security firm doesn’t know how to talk to women. That’s it, folks.  I have no game. Luckily my newfound family at Blake Security accepts me exactly as I am. But there are things in my past, secrets, that I’d do anything to protect them from. (Before Sin is the beginning of the Sin Duet. The saga will continue on 5/29/18 with the next book, Sin. The conclusion, Sinful, will be published on 6/19/18) Reading Order The Shameless Trilogy Shameless Shameful Unashamed - - Shame (free prequel) The Force Duet Force Enforce - - Forceful (free prequel) The Deep Duet Deep Deeper - - In Deep (free prequel) The Sin Duet Before Sin (Book 0.5) Sin (Book 1) Sinful (Book 2)

A Friend In Knead

Judith Jackson - 2018
     It is springtime in Vermont, and Harriet’s life is finally on a roll. The Bluebell Café, her pride and joy, is a success, and someday soon it may even be solvent. In her scant free time she ghost writes her gran’s wildly popular advice column and tends to her beloved one-eyed, cross dressing, English Bulldog. But then Sevenoaks experiences its first murder in as long as anyone can remember, and the police investigation hits way too close to home. In order to save her café, Harriet and her best friend, Claire, are forced to conduct their own search for the killer. To further complicate matters, Harriet’s long-ago boyfriend – the love of her life – has moved back to town, and if her legs would just stop wobbling every time the two of them are together it would be easier to pretend she’s completely over him. A Friend in Knead is a cozy mystery full of tasty food, lots of laughs and a hit of romance. Includes some of The Bluebell Café’s most-loved recipes.

Sex, Lies & Champagne (Sex and Lies Book 8)

Kris Calvert - 2018
    Undercover for the last eighteen months, his assignment has been handed down personally from the Director of National Intelligence. Meeting with his contacts in the darkness of a global and elite, members-only sex club, Tristan spends his time not chasing women, but the origins of a dangerous Shadow Broker—a double agent selling U.S. weapon security codes to Russian intelligence. When Champagne magnate, Renè Lebleu reaches out to him, Tristan puts his duties on hold for two days, flying to his birthplace in France to meet a man he’s never seen—a father he’s never known. Upon arrival Tristan is filled with suspicion, but his animosity, forged by years of abandonment and lies, is quickly put on notice by his father’s trusted confidant and bold personal assistant, Henriette—Henry—Tribolet. Meeting his match in the gorgeous and intelligent Henry, Tristan finds it hard to keep up his typical and indifferent air. But Henry Tribolet sees straight through Tristan’s steely indifference to the heart of the real man—a man with an enormous capacity to forgive. A would-be Champagne heir discovering true love for the first time. Caught in a web of lies, Tristan must defend his innocence from a malicious ploy crafted by enemies and insiders while chasing the threats of foreign adversaries across the globe. When Tristan discovers the true nature of the family he never knew, he’ll fall deeper into the perilous world of International espionage than ever before—taking Henry with him. What begins with Champagne and trust, will end in deceit and murder.


Fallon Hart - 2018
    Mel's messed with the wrong people. Now she's in danger and needs my help. She's the only family I have left and she knows I'll do whatever it takes to make sure she stays safe.Unfortunately helping her means pretending to be her. And my sister just happens to be under contractual obligation to Griffin Mandeville. He's one of Boston's wealthiest bachelors and owner of The Patrician, an exclusive members-only gambling club.Griffin needs a wife - rich people and their ridiculous inheritance problems - and Mel was supposed to take those vows. Instead he's got me.So now not only am I deceiving everyone in his social circle into believing he and I are falling in love, I'm also deceiving him. He thinks he's hired an experienced, mercenary woman who understands our arrangement is purely business.Except, I'm not my sister. I'm not at all what he expected and suddenly we're both finding it hard to separate business from pleasure.Griffin's everything I shouldn't want - selfish, brooding, arrogant and high-handed. Yet he's also complex, intelligent, and the sexiest man I've ever met. He's awoken desires I never knew existed within me. I'm drowning. I'm drowning in the lies. The lies I'm telling the world. The lies I'm telling Griffin. And the lies I'm telling myself. We're deceiving ourselves if we think we can pretend we can control this passion for each other. A passion that will turn to dust if Griffin ever learns who I truly am.

Eagle Security

Kenna Coulby - 2018
     To this day, her brothers, Jason and Brandon, and two cousins, Zach and Tyler have never stopped looking. The Fierce Four, as the town’s residence have come to call them, went so far as to open their own private security firm—Eagle—in the name of figuring out what happened to Annabelle. It’s a good thing, too, because ever since the girl’s disappearance, Mystic Springs has been plagued with cases of kidnapping, missing persons, and stalking—it would seem this town is in high need of protection. JASON When a woman by the name of Rebecca Sauder spills into private security agent, Jason Braun’s office with grave concerns for her life—she’s being stalked but can’t prove it, the threats in the air feel like cold hands tightening around her throat, but the police won’t help—everything Jason thought he knew about Mystic Springs—and falling in love—is quickly turned on its head. Not only is Rebecca being stalked to a life-threatening extent, but her aggressor holds the key that will unlock the first clue as to what happened to Annabelle Braun all those years ago. BRANDON When a brand-new client, a quiet mysterious woman by the name of Molly Jaspers hires Eagle Security—and Brandon specifically—he soon realizes he might not want to be a loner forever. Molly is far too enchanting, and the reason she’s come to his private security firm, too intriguing. Her sister was killed in a car crash that Molly knows was no accident. And the twist that keeps her up at night? It was Molly’s own car that her sister was driving. ZACH Agent Zach Winter spent his senior year of high school in love with the girl next door—stunning, French transfer student, Sophia Rothschild. It was never more than that, admiration from afar, despite their mutual attraction. Sophia chose the captain of the football team instead and got married quickly after graduation, but she never left Zach’s thoughts. When Sophia shows up at his private security firm, having been framed for the murder of her late husband, Zach finds the old flame that used to burn in his heart for her is reignited. TYLER Brittany Masterson comes with a dark past, one she’s working hard to forget. Beautiful and slender, with an edge of sorrow radiating from her alluring blue eyes, she’s built her life around her precious daughter, Ella, and is determined to find happiness in Mystic Springs. The bedrock of her effort is a promise she made to herself to never again become involved with a man. But that promise is quickly shattered when she has no choice but to accept the help of the very sexy bodyguard Tyler after young Ella goes missing. JESSICA Adam Walsh has big dreams. Born and raised in the backwoods of Alaska, he’s held his long-term goal of opening a cabin building company in the forefront of his mind. But money has never been easy to come by. Scrimping and saving, for the past three years he’s been moonlighting as an exotic dancer in Anchorage’s premiere male strip club. He’s got the body and the moves, but does he have what it takes to win the heart of a woman like Jessica when he hires her for protection against a stalker who has been targeting a number of the Beefcake dancers?

Enforced Love

Niya James - 2018
    A pawn that would be sacrificed for his family. He comes from crime and my father is committed to bringing justice. The family was part of his investigation and that boy from high school took my heart for himself. I never knew a love like that but it wasn’t real. He had ulterior motives and my heart was caught in his game. He played it and me so well. When he walks into my business with no apology and that cocky smile years later I’m stuck. It’s like I’m back in high school and every feeling goes through my body. I know he’s trouble, but not the common street thug kind. He’s a political powerhouse and he looks even better than he did last time I saw him. He has baggage and it could cost me more than I’m willing to give. Enforced Love is a steamy bwwm romance that is not appropriate for readers under 18.

His to Steal

Autumn Archer - 2018
    It’s his club. His rules. He’s in control.But rules are made to be broken.The sweet and sexy Lana is all innocence and big blue eyes. He’s no fool. Until one forbidden taste of her sinful lips makes him crave more.He must forget the heat of her skin and those sweet sexy moans that startled his heartbeat.Lana wasn't prepared for the club......or the owner. After sealing her fate with strangers, she stumbles upon the powerful and perfect Marcus. She'll never forget that name, or their kiss. Will she survive the consequences?An Amazon number one best seller. From an International Bestselling author comes a romance filled with secrets, laced with suspense and packed with steamy scenes which will lead you to a heart stopping cliff hanger… Follow on with His to Keep.

Cuffing Her

Emily Bishop - 2018
    Guess I'll have to restrain her.We don't have a ton of crime in this small town.And usually it doesn't involve hot-as-fu@k chefs.As retired Special Forces, I like things safe. Orderly.Suspects are totally off limits.But around Naomi, I can't think with anything except my co@k.To say I'm closed off is an understatement.Watching your best friend die in combat has that effect.Naomi has a way of piercing my armor. She's crept into my chest.Taken up residence in my heart.She may be innocent, but shady sh$t is going down.I want to trust her. Let her in.But my past won't let me.Cuff her, or fu@k her?I'm too lost to choose.This steamy, contemporary, romantic suspense will keep you company tonight, tomorrow, and the day after. No cheating and a satisfying happily ever after!


Amarie Avant - 2018
    Do you know what that can do to a professionally trained hitman? Now I work for a government organization. My next assignment is to infiltrate the Marchand’s crew. The information given is vague. But what rouses my interest is that the family “business” of crooks I’m to investigate includes a Bajan little sister whose lips are the definition of sex and trouble. And yet Natalia’s soft curves are off limits—and not because her brothers will bash my head in. No. It’s because she is capable of killing me herself. Natalia Marchand Anything a man can do, I can do it better. I’ve lived by that credo my entire life, and with my dangerous ‘job’ it’s always been true. I’m a rich man’s kryptonite. I can pretend to desire you and then execute a plan to take everything you own. My brothers and I live dangerous lives. Then in walks muscles, murky green eyes, and a cocky smile. August needs a place to stay, and he’s saved my kid brother’s life. Now, he’s a god to all my brothers—but can he really be trusted? My guts say no. I'll put a bullet to his head if my intuition is right.

Bloodtree River

Sarah Barrie - 2018
    Indiana O'Meara is no stranger to the forces of evil. Her own past is full of violence. Now a policewoman, Indy is always fighting to redeem herself and defeat the dark. So when girls begin to go missing at a remote cattle station in Tasmania, she is quick to agree to go undercover to investigate chief suspect, the owner of Calico Mountain Lodge, Logan Atherton, even though last time she went undercover it came to a bloody end. But her early encounter with Logan Atherton reveals a man full of contradictions. His deep empathy for horses and those he cares for is obvious but he is also taciturn to the point of rudeness, and there is a strange atmosphere at the lodge. It doesn't add up. As Indy begins to dig deeper into the secrets at the Lodge, she finds herself embroiled in a murderous web more complex and terrifying than she could ever have imagined...