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After the Bridge

Cassandra Clare - 2013
    Short Story about Tessa, Jem and what happened after that meeting at Blackfriar's Bridge at the Epilogue of Clockwork Princess.

The Moth

Catherine BurnsWayne Reece - 2013
    Inspired by friends telling stories on a porch, The Moth was born in small-town Georgia, garnered a cult following in New York City, and then rose to national acclaim with the wildly popular podcast and Peabody Award-winning weekly public radio show The Moth Radio Hour. Stories include: writer Malcolm Gladwell's wedding toast gone horribly awry; legendary rapper Darryl "DMC" McDaniels' obsession with a Sarah McLachlan song; poker champion Annie Duke's two-million-dollar hand; and A. E. Hotchner's death-defying stint in a bullring . . . with his friend Ernest Hemingway. Read about the panic of former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart when he misses Air Force One after a hard night of drinking in Moscow, and Dr. George Lombardi's fight to save Mother Teresa's life. This will be a beloved read for existing Moth enthusiasts, fans of the featured storytellers, and all who savor well-told, hilarious, and heartbreaking stories.

Islands of Decolonial Love: Stories & Songs

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson - 2013
    Told with voices that are rarely recorded but need to be heard, and incorporating the language and history of her people, Leanne Simpson's Islands of Decolonial Love is a profound, important, and beautiful book of fiction.

The Transfer

Veronica Roth - 2013
    Complete your Divergent library with the Four stories!Fans of the Divergent series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be captivated by "Four: The Transfer," the first of four stories, each between fifty and seventy-five pages long, set in the world of Divergent and told from Tobias's perspective.In "The Transfer," readers witness Tobias's aptitude test, Choosing Day, and the moment he is given the infamous nickname "Four."


Craig Johnson - 2013
    Forest service ranger Chuck Coon is in trouble. Walt, the Bear, and Vic arrive to find Coon and a young woman up a tree, so to speak. The unlikley duo are fending off three very real bears from the top of a Porta Potty and tell a mystifying story of another dangerous creature inside the “convenience.” When Walt, Henry, and Vic face the creature what they find may be a Messenger from the Camp of the Dead, with a very personal tie to Walt himself.

Naya’s Most Important Visitors

Nalini Singh - 2013
    Set soon after Naya’s birth, this short story features...well, I’ll let you read it for yourself! I hope you enjoy.For those of you new to the Psy-Changeling world, this short story is set in the changeling leopard pack DarkRiver (changelings are able to shapeshift into their animal form at will). Sascha is the mate of the DarkRiver alpha, Lucas, and a Psy member of the pack. The Psy race is gifted with incredible mental abilities from telepathy to telekinesis.

A Hairy Tail

Jamie Campbell - 2013
    Flash fiction is a fun and quick read, not a novel.Hannah needed a project to get her through the long summer. Signing up at the local animal shelter, she finds exactly what she needs in the sad, lost dog Basil.She sets her sights on finding his owner, promising him he would be reunited with his family. What she didn't anticipate was being distracted by her gorgeous co-volunteer, Harry.Overcoming her inner shyness, Hannah needs to reel in Harry the hottie, find Basil's owner, and try to be a normal teenager for her mother. And do all this before the summer ends.Love, paws, and fur balls abound in this fun short story that is bound to make your tail wag.

Johannes Cabal and the Blustery Day

Jonathan L. Howard - 2013
    But before all that, he fought the terrifying Bonewind, a supernatural being that devours life itself, and he did it all without leaving his house. "Johannes Cabal and the Blustery Day" was the story that first introduced the necromancer of some little infamy back in 2004. Long out of print, it makes its belated return on Hallowe'en, of course.


Brandon Sanderson - 2013
    She wants to steal their dinners, but is being chased by a terrifying lawman she calls “Darkness.”What kind of magic is she using? Is the word “awesomeness” commonplace in this part of Roshar? Read on!

Ministry of Moral Panic

Amanda Lee Koe - 2013
    Rehash national icons: the truth about racial riot fodder-girl Maria Hertogh living out her days as a chambermaid in Lake Tahoe, a mirage of the Merlion as a ladyboy working Orchard Towers, and a high-stakes fantasy starring the still-suave lead of the 1990s TV hit serial The Unbeatables.Heartfelt and sexy, the stories of Amanda Lee Koe encompass a skewed world fraught with prestige anxiety, moral relativism, sexual frankness, and the improbable necessity of human connection. Told in strikingly original prose, these are fictions that plough, relentlessly, the possibilities of understanding Singapore and her denizens discursively, off-centre. Ministry of Moral Panic is an extraordinary debut collection and the introduction of a revelatory new voice.

Red Bottom Bitches

Cole Hart - 2013
    Together, he and his elegant lady friend Madame moved from The Motor City of Detroit and into Atlanta, GA with a million dollar blueprint. The only thing about the plan was that it required a few down ass women in order to seal the deal. Gucci Red, Trish, and Moet all fit the description to do the deed: Fly enough to please the eye, slicker than sly with the mouthpiece to fit any occasion, and ready to get paid.

Café in Berlin

André Klein - 2013
    How does he manage the new language? Will he find work?Experience daily life in the German capital through the eyes of a newcomer, learn about the city and its people, and improve your German effortlessly and instantly.Learning German Doesn't Have To Be A ChoreJust got started learning the language of poets and thinkers? Memorized a few words but struggle with longer texts? This book is designed to help beginners make the leap from studying isolated words and phrases to reading (and enjoying!) German fiction.Using simplified sentence structures and a very basic vocabulary you can build upon, this German reader of 10 short stories for beginners is carefully crafted to allow even novice learners to fully immerse themselves in an authentic German learning experience.Each chapter comes with a complete German-English dictionary with special emphasis on collocative phrases (high frequency word combinations), short sentences and expressions designed for improved memorization.By working with these building blocks instead of just single words, learners can boost their active usage of new material instantly and make the language learning process more fluid and fun.What You'll Find In This Book 10 Berlin stories about life and culture in the capital a balance between cozy vocabulary and introduction of new words tons of phrases and expressions you will actually use in daily life fun facts about the city of Berlin, its quirks and cuisine a detailed German-English dictionary after every chapter enough support to make following along easy, without spoiling your own efforts fun short quizzes to check your text-comprehension (including answers) a relatable protagonist and other fun characters hand-drawn illustrations by the author the beginning of a grand German learning adventure ...Read, Learn & Collect Them AllYes! That's right. This is only the first episode of a whole series of exciting German short stories for beginners. Follow our protagonist to Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Zurich, Vienna and many other cities! Before you know it, you'll have travelled half of Europe and picked up more German than years' worth of expensive courses.Learning German has never been more fun.What You WON'T Find In This Book parallel translations that may seem convenient but don't teach you anything dull characters designed by academics and committees interspersed English sentences that take you out of the reading flow archaic German words and phrases nobody uses in real life a jumble of unrelated places, people and events wordy footnotes that only get in the way of immersion condescending storytelling that insults your intelligence a teaching approach which takes itself too seriously

Fox 8

George Saunders - 2013
    That is, until Fox 8 develops a unique skill: He teaches himself to speak “Yuman” by hiding in the bushes outside a house and listening to children’s bedtime stories. The power of language fuels his abundant curiosity about people—even after “danjer” arrives in the form of a new shopping mall that cuts off his food supply, sending Fox 8 on a harrowing quest to help save his pack.

Other Worlds

Jon ScieszkaEric S. Nylund - 2013
    J. MacHale, Eric Nylund, Kenneth Oppel and Neal Shusterman.Compiled by US National Ambassador for Children’s Literature (and Secret Ambassador for the Intergalactic Alliance) Jon Scieszka, Other Worlds will boldly take you where no reader has gone before.

Soft Targets

John Gilstrap - 2013
    A vicious criminal is on the loose. With law enforcement at a dead end, there's only one man who can recover the hostages--Jonathan Grave. FBI Special Agent Irene Rivers is horrified to learn that because of mistakes made by agents under her command, a murderer and child molester will walk free. When Irene's own daughters become the monster's next targets, she reaches out in desperation to an elite Special Forces operator. His name is Jonathan Grave. For Grave, results matter more than procedures. Together, they discover a new kind of justice--and a new breed of evil. . . 40,000 Words


Alexis Hall - 2013
    and everything that’s stayed the same.

The Grimm Diaries Prequels volume 15 - 18: Snow White Black Swan, The Pumpkin Piper, Prince of Puppets, The Sleeping Swan

Cameron Jace - 2013
    4 new Prequels in the Grimm Diaries.The latest bundle of prequels in the Grimm Diaries reveals great secrets and contain the following diaries:1) Snow White Black Swannarrated by the Queen of Sorrow2) The Pumpkin Pipernarrated by Jack Madly3) Prince of Puppetsnarrated by Pinocchio4) The Sleeping Swannarrated by Angel Von Sorrow

A Liaden Universe® Constellation: Volume Two

Sharon Lee - 2013
    Fifteen short tales of the Liaden Universe® brought together for the first time. Space opera and romance on a grand scale in a galaxy full of interstellar trading clans.Thirty-three shorter tales of the Liaden Universe® brought together for the first time in two mega-volumes. Fifteen tales complete Volume Two!The nationally best-selling Liaden Universe® novels are treasured by space opera aficionados for their wit, world-building, strong characterizations, tender romance, and edge-of-the-chair action.Since 1995, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller also created shorter tales, illuminating additional facets of the Liaden experience. Here is a vast tapestry of tales of the scouts, artists, traders, priestesses, sleight of hand magicians, and pilots who fill the Liaden Universe® with the excitement, action, and romance that readers of the hit series have come to adore. Celebrating 25 Years of the Liaden Universe®

A Liaden Universe Constellation: Volume I

Sharon Lee - 2013
    Seventeen short tales of the Liaden Universe® brought together for the first time. Space opera and romance on a grand scale in a galaxy full of interstellar trading clans. Thirty-three shorter tales of the Liaden Universe® brought together for the first time in two mega-volumes. The nationally best-selling Liaden Universe® novels are treasured by space opera aficionados for their wit, world-building, strong characterizations, tender romance, and edge-of-the-chair action.Since 1995, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller also created shorter tales, illuminating additional facets of the Liaden experience. Here is a vast tapestry of tales of the scouts, artists, traders, priestesses, sleight of hand magicians, andpilots who fill the Liaden Universe® with the excitement, action, and romance that readers of the hit series have come to adore.

The Hunter

Chris Carter - 2013
    As a rookie, he is given a simple suicide investigation to cut his teeth on. But when he arrives at the scene, he swiftly begins to suspect that something is not quite right.Despite the fact that the door was locked from the inside, and there is no other way out of the apartment, Hunter has a hunch that the victim did not commit suicide. But with a new Captain to impress and the evidence stacked against him, Hunter has a lot to prove if he is to solve the case and keep his place on the team.

The Thieves

Michael J. Sullivan - 2013
    THEY THOUGHT IT WOULD BE EASY. THEY WERE WRONG.A band of thieves set upon two lonely riders in the middle of the night. They had a larger party. They had the element of surprise. There was no reason to be concerned. But they didn’t realize who they were dealing with.NOTE: This was originally published as the first chapter of Theft of Swords, so for those who have that book save your money…you already have this story. It's being provided as a free introduction for new readers of the Riyria books.

Exeunt Demon King

Jonathan L. Howard - 2013
    The young Cabal investigates, even though this requires him to don red tights, a curling moustache, and become... the Demon King.Back in 2006, "Exeunt Demon King" was the second Johannes Cabal story published. It has long been out of print. So, buy your wine gums and Kia-Ora in the foyer, find your seat in the dress circle, and join Cabal as he hunts the evil that haunts the Alhambra Theatre.


C.G. Cooper - 2013
    Calvin Stokes, USMC (Retired), board American Airlines Flight 77 departing Washington Dulles International to fly to Los Angeles. They've just left their son Cal after a short visit in Charlottesville, VA, where he is attending the University of Virginia. A loving family, none of the three are prepared for the events that will soon unfold.'God-Speed' is a short story outlining an event that was briefly mentioned in the first novel of the Corps Justice Series, "Back to War". Approx. 5,000 words.Note from author: This short story is based on actual events from 9/11. The proceedings detailed from on board the aircraft are fictional in nature.

Helpless: A True Short Story

Rosie Lewis - 2013
    Rosie is woken a few short hours later, at 1am, and taken to the maternity unit by police escort to collect the infant and take her to a place of safety.But it soon becomes clear that Sarah is suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms. Knowing that separation is inevitable, Rosie tries to maintain a professional distance but that’s easier said than done.

Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo

Rick Riordan - 2013
    Three golden women--living statues--appear in front of them, and sing one blissful chord. Apollo has a concert tonight at Mount Olympus, and he needs the Celedones as his backup singers. But there should be a quartet, not a trio--one of the singers has gone rogue. It's up to Percy and Grover to find the missing Celedon somewhere in New York City before she causes any problems. Capturing an attention-seeking automaton in a crowd of mortals is going to require some cagey thinking. Will Percy and Grover succeed, or hit a sour note?

A Calendar of Tales

Neil Gaiman - 2013
    For twelve hours, Gaiman released writing prompts through his Twitter account, themed for the twelve months of the year, with the intent of writing Calendar of Tales, a collection of new original stories based on his favorite responses.And now those stories are here!Ebook:

The Three Wise Guides

Terri Reid - 2013
    Mary O'Reilly is shot in the line of duty and discovers, with the help of three very wise ghosts, what her new gift is all about.

Challenging Zed

Joss Stirling - 2013
    Want to be the first to find out what Zed was thinking when he met Sky? Fancy finding out what Zed was like at nine? I've written a special story for Valentine's Day 2013, which is available as a free download.

Making Dinner

Nalini Singh - 2013
    It features Mercy and Riley from Branded By Fire.

Doctor Who: Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories

Eoin ColferCharlie Higson - 2013
    Eleven Doctors, eleven stories, eleven unique interpretations of the Doctor, his terrifying alien enemies and his time-travelling adventures.

Madeline Hatter's Story

Shannon Hale - 2013
    Read all about it in this exclusive Ever After High short story by Newbery Honor author Shannon Hale.

Single Ladies

Blake Karrington - 2013
    This monthly Urban Soap, "Single Ladies" takes you to a whole nother level of play. There will be no holding back, no biting of the tongue and best believe the gloves are coming off when five childhood friends take you through the everyday life of living as a female in the hood. Expect everything... But boredom!!!

The Best Place on Earth

Ayelet Tsabari - 2013
    In “Casualties,” Tsabari takes us into the military—a world every Israeli knows all too well—with a brusque, sexy young female soldier who forges medical leave forms to make ends meet. Poets, soldiers, siblings and dissenters, the protagonists here are mostly Israelis of Mizrahi background (Jews of Middle Eastern and North African descent), whose stories have rarely been told in literature. In illustrating the lives of those whose identities swing from fiercely patriotic to powerfully global, The Best Place on Earth explores Israeli history as it illuminates the tenuous connections—forged, frayed and occasionally destroyed—between cultures, between generations and across the gulf of transformation and loss.

Let's Hear It for the Boy

T.A. Webb - 2013
    She’s tough, merciless, and top dog. That’s what Paul Stewart, reporter for the Journal, had heard, and all he expects when he’s assigned to interview the legend.. But nobody really knows the person behind the make-up.What if…what if the person behind the sarcasm and music was more than just a man in a dress? What happened in his life that, thirty years later, made him a successful CEO, a philanthropist, and a legend in the gay community? Thirty years and almost a million dollars raised for people living with HIV/AIDs, yet still no one knows the real story.Until one night, one man breaks through the shell, and Matthew Trammell—Auntie Social—opens the door he closed many years ago and lets his secrets spill out.Pain is like rain, it covers your skin and soaks in bone-deep, but it eventually recedes and allows fresh things to grow.

The Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies

John Langan - 2013
    Gifted with a supple and mellifluous prose style, an imagination that can conjure up clutching terrors with seeming effortlessness, and a thorough knowledge of the rich heritage of weird fiction, Langan has already garnered his share of accolades. This new collection of nine substantial stories includes such masterworks as “Technicolor,” an ingenious riff on Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death”; “How the Day Runs Down,” a gripping tale of the undead; and “The Shallows,” a powerful tale of the Cthulhu Mythos. The capstone to the collection is a previously unpublished novella of supernatural terror, “Mother of Stone.” With an introduction by Jeffrey Ford and an afterword by Laird Barron.Table of ContentsIntroduction: Reading Langan, by Jeffrey FordKidsHow the Day Runs DownTechnicolor The Wide, Carnivorous SkyCity of the DogThe ShallowsThe Revel June, 1987. Hitchhiking. Mr. Norris. Mother of Stone Story Notes Afterword: Note Found in a Glenfiddich Bottle, by Laird BarronAcknowledgments

The Museum of Literary Souls

John Connolly - 2013
    Berger has spent thirty-four years keeping his life as empty as possible. His job title as a closed accounts registrar doesn’t spark much interest, and his cautious flirtation with a woman at his company was cut short upon her engagement to another man. This doesn’t bother him, however, as he much prefers the company of books to that of people. When a series of fortuitous events leads to an early retirement in the English countryside, Mr. Berger is content to spend the remainder of his years nestled comfortably between the pages of a book. But fate has other plans.His serene life turns strange when he witnesses a tragedy chillingly reminiscent of Anna Karenina as a woman flings herself before a train. When he rushes to the scene, she has vanished, leaving no body on the tracks. Berger’s investigation into this event leads him to Caxton Private Lending Library & Book Depository, where the line between fiction and reality becomes blurred beyond comprehension.

Dancing with Cooper

Nalini Singh - 2013
    This Short Story is a bonus Epilogue to Declaration of Courtship and occurs during Tangle of Need, the eleventh book in the Psy-Changeling series.Author's Notes:Background to this bonus epilogue“Declaration of Courtship” didn’t originally have an epilogue. However, when the stand-alone ebook was released, the epilogue for “Texture of Intimacy” was accidentally inserted into the back. So if you bought the ebook, please don’t worry that you missed anything – you did get the entire story.However, to make up for the error, I decided to write a free bonus epilogue as a holiday gift. It’s set during Tangle of Need. I hope you enjoy!

India Unlimited - Stories from a Nation Caught Between Hype and Hope

Kulpreet Yadav - 2013
    But how real is the Indian story on the ground? INDIA UNLIMITED is an attempt to lay bare the lives of people and their surroundings that define an ambivalent India trapped between hype and hope.Written over the last decade, these stories are set in villages, towns and metro cities of a country under overhaul. It's an attempt to depict pain, pleasures and prejudices of everyday Indians as they adjust to the change that fate has thrust upon them. Inspired by real life incidents this collection slides through various themes like appalling lives of street children, new perceptions about love and sex, urban disorder, influence of western values, depraved spiritual gurus etc.

The Unreal and the Real: The Selected Short Stories of Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin - 2013
    Le Guin—selected with an introduction by the author, and combined in one volume for the first time.The Unreal and the Real is a collection of some of Ursula K. Le Guin’s best short stories. She has won multiple prizes and accolades from the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters to the Newbery Honor, the Nebula, Hugo, World Fantasy, and PEN/Malamud Awards. She has had her work collected over the years, but this is the first short story volume combining a full range of her work. Stories include: -Brothers and Sisters -A Week in the Country -Unlocking the Air -Imaginary Countries -The Diary of the Rose -Direction of the Road -The White Donkey -Gwilan’s Harp -May’s Lion -Buffalo Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight -Horse Camp -The Water Is Wide -The Lost Children -Texts -Sleepwalkers -Hand, Cup, Shell -Ether, Or -Half Past Four -The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas -Semely’s Necklace -Nine Lives -Mazes -The First Contact with the Gorgonids -The Shobies’ Story -Betrayals -The Matter of Seggri -Solitude -The Wild Girls -The Flyers of Gy -The Silence of the Asonu -The Ascent of the North Face -The Author of the Acacia Seeds -The Wife’s Story -The Rule of Names -Small Change -The Poacher -Sur -She Unnames Them -The Jar of Water

The First Lie

Diane Chamberlain - 2013
    It’s 1958 in rural North Carolina, where Ivy lives with her grandmother and sister on a tobacco farm. As tenant farmers, Ivy and her family don’t have much freedom, though she and her best friend, Henry, often sneak away in search of adventure…and their truest selves. But life on the farm takes a turn when Ivy’s teenage sister gives birth—all the while maintaining her silence about the baby’s father. Soon Ivy finds herself navigating the space between adolescence and adulthood as she tries to unravel a dark web of family secrets and make sense of her ever-evolving life in the segregated South.

An Imperial Affliction

Peter Van Houten - 2013
    6 short pages of An Imperial Affliction, the book read by Hazel Grace in The Fault in Our Stars, written by John Green as a P4A perk.

Dark Tales

Shirley Jackson - 2013
    This collection of classic and newly reprinted stories provides readers with more of her unsettling, dark tales, including the "The Possibility of Evil" and "The Summer People." In these deliciously dark stories, the daily commute turns into a nightmarish game of hide and seek, the loving wife hides homicidal thoughts and the concerned citizen might just be an infamous serial killer. In the haunting world of Shirley Jackson, nothing is as it seems and nowhere is safe, from the city streets to the crumbling country pile, and from the small-town apartment to the dark, dark woods. There's something sinister in suburbia.For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Three Scenarios In Which Hana Sasaki Grows A Tail

Kelly Luce - 2013
    Hana Sasaki will introduce you to many things—among them, an oracular toaster, a woman who grows a tail, and an extraordinary sex-change operation. Set in Japan, these stories tip into the fantastical, plumb the power of memory, and measure the human capacity to love.

Sparkly Pens (Sparkly Pens, #1-3)

mm_coconut - 2013
    Stiles leaves leaves a notebook of his at Derek's or in his car or whatevs, and Derek goes to take it to him and notices that it's filled with little hearts with Stiles+Derek, and Stiles Hale, and Derek Stilinski, and tons of doodles of little wolves.


Lori L. Otto - 2013
    It bridges the gap between the Emi Lost & Found series and the Choisie series.Emi and Jack get the most unexpected news.You can read this by joining the group on Facebook: for the section called Files!

Save Me, Sinner

Avril Ashton - 2013
    A rough start gives way to smooth sailing, but before the men could settle into their lives, one of Shane’s former cases comes back to bite him in the ass. He has to go undercover, this time to take down a meth ring. It should be a quick assignment, but things quickly get out of control and once again, Shane’s life hangs in the balance.Pablo isn’t prepared to sit on the sidelines and watch his lover put himself in harm’s way. Their relationship is a secret, but when Shane doesn’t check in like he’s supposed to, Pablo might have to out them in order to save his lover’s life. And when Shane does finally call him, using only their one-word code for trouble, Pablo heads out to do what he does best. Damage.

Loyalty & Respect

Drea Delgado - 2013
    Tania, fifteen years old being raised by her heroin addicted mother and being beaten on a regular basis meets Nico, the biggest drug dealer on the south side of Chicago. Realizing how she is being treated, Nico takes Tania under his wings and shows her a better life. When forced to separate due to the betrayal of a mutual friend, will they be able to maintain their relationship?

When You Were Pixels

Julio Alexi Genao - 2013
    Antho is no murderer, but in watching the killer stumble he recognizes something that links them together.When he rescues the assassin in secret, he finds the monster on his screen is only a young man, cursed with the effects of a trauma as outsized as his deadly skill—and somehow linked to the stirring of a terrifying power. Unable to walk away, Antho makes a choice that could cost them both their lives:He takes the assassin home.Revised Second Edition

The Luckiest Dog in the World

Susan Palmer - 2013
    Discriminated against because of his breed, he is greeted with cruelty from nearly every avenue. Though all he desires is a loving home, he finds himself in the clutches of abusive villains. Despite being broken by hunger and abuse, he takes a second chance at joining a family when a kind musician offers him a helping hand. In a struggle for acceptance, Lucky the pit bull is confronted with his greatest fear and is threatened with losing what he loves the most.Will his heroic efforts secure him the life of simplicity and happiness he’s always wanted? Or will he be turned out of the house because of social bias? Discover what fate lies ahead of our canine narrator in this emotional story filled with struggles and triumphs.

The Death of Me

Jonathan L. Howard - 2013
    Well, perhaps not that kindly.

Firstborn / Defending Elysium

Brandon Sanderson - 2013
    Just like all of you have heard.”Dennison has tried to follow in his perfect brother’s footsteps in the service of the Imperial Fleet, but has been met only with failure after failure. Why do his father and even the emperor himself still have so much faith in in his potential?

My Documents

Alejandro Zambra - 2013
    Intimate, mysterious, and uncanny, these stories reveal a mind that is as undeniably singular as it is universal. Together, they constitute the debut short-story collection from Zambra, whose first novel was heralded as a “bloodletting in Chilean literature.”Whether chronicling the return of a mercurial godson or the disappearance of a trusted cousin, the worlds of these stories are so powerful and deep that the works might better be described as brief novels. My Documents is by turns hilarious and heart-stopping, tragic and tender, but most of all, it is unflinchingly human and essential evidence of a sublimely talented writer working at the height of his powers.

Tower of Winter

Will Wight - 2013
    If you have not read House of Blades, or its sequel, The Crimson Vault, then you will not understand the stories in this collection.***In the first story, Tower of Winter, Traveler Donia Sarkis comes face-to-face with the ancient powers hidden within Helgard's mysterious sixteenth floor.The second story, The Feathered Plains, follows Denner Weeks in his attempts to avoid assassinating a fifteen-year-old Avernus Traveler who has seen the future.Finally, The Crystal Fields is a retelling of an ancient legend that Lirial Travelers have passed down for generations.***This collection is intended to give fans of the Traveler's Gate Trilogy a look into the Travelers and Territories that didn't quite make it into the novels. If you're happy with the amount of world-building in the novels, and you'd rather wait until you can find out what happens to Simon, that's perfectly fine! City of Light is coming in early 2014.***

Lovers and Madmen

Melissa F. Miller - 2013
    They have a few surprises in store for one another, too.But first they'll have to navigate multiple hurdles, as Sasha's cooking skills, a battered woman in a parking lot, a former client, and a homeless kitten all threaten to derail their plans.

Desert Death-Song: A Collection of Western Stories

Louis L'Amour - 2013
    Whether he was writing under his early pen name, Jim Mayo, or his own, L’Amour’s stories are unforgettable, touching on rough and rugged American ideals and set in the untamable frontier of the Western United States.Nearly a dozen stories are presented here that represent the best of L’Amour’s yarn-spinning writing, a choice collection handpicked from the variety of pulp Western magazines in which the author first became known. The most popular author of Westerns the world has ever known, L’Amour writes stories full of mavericks, outlaws, romantics, and heroes. His characters follow the unspoken laws and morals of the Wild West, and the pictures he paints are unrivaled in their authenticity. From gold prospectors to sheriffs, characters of L’Amour tales will never be forgotten.

Nothing Gold Can Stay: Stories

Ron Rash - 2013
    From Ron Rash, PEN / Faulkner Award finalist and New York Times bestselling author of Serena, comes a new collection of unforgettable stories set in Appalachia that focuses on the lives of those haunted by violence and tenderness, hope and fear—spanning the Civil War to the present day. The darkness of Ron Rash’s work contrasts with its unexpected sensitivity and stark beauty in a manner that could only be accomplished by this master of the short story form.Nothing Gold Can Stay includes 14 stories, including Rash’s “The Trusty,” which first appeared in The New Yorker.

Cowboys and East Indians

Nina McConigley - 2013
    From motel owners to rig workers, cross-dressers to exchange students, this book examines the rural immigrant experience -- and how identity is shaped by place.

How Long Will I Cry?

Miles Harvey - 2013
    The result is this extraordinary and eye-opening book. Told by real people in their own words, the stories inside are at turns harrowing, heartbreaking, and full of hope.You can have a copy of this book, for free, by visiting


Garrett Leigh - 2013
    Pete has just about given up hope of Ash ever fulfilling his promise when one day the end of a long shift finds Ash waiting for him. Tonight is the night. Ash is ready, and it seems the time has come for him to leave his mark on Pete in more ways than he ever imagined.

The 39 Clues: Midnight Ride

Clifford Riley - 2013
    Its members, which include everyone from Benjamin Franklin to Marie Curie, have shaped history through their global hunt for the 39 Clues—the key to the clan’s immense power.So when the family’s rival factions gather for a holiday celebration, everyone is on high alert. Everyone, that is, except for fourteen-year-old Amy and her eleven-year-old brother, Dan. The siblings are the only Cahills who don’t know about their legacy . . . and how far their relatives will go to keep them in the dark.Amy and Dan expect to spend Christmas Eve like they always do—trying not to embarrass themselves in front of the world leaders and celebrities who attend their grandmother’s annual party. But when an intruder steals an heirloom that once belonged to Paul Revere, Amy and Dan must call on skills they didn't realize they had to stop the enemy. . . and uncover dangerous secrets about their mysterious family.Holiday bonus! Story includes an excerpt from The 39 Clues: THE MAZE OF BONES by Rick Riordan!

Fairytales for Lost Children

Diriye Osman - 2013
    These characters - young, gay and lesbian Somalis - must navigate the complexities of family, identity and the immigrant experience as they tumble towards freedom. Using a unique idiom rooted in hip-hop, graphic illustrations, Arabic calligraphy and folklore studded with Kiswahili and Somali slang, these stories mark the arrival of a singular new voice in contemporary fiction.

Robots versus Slime Monsters

A. Lee Martinez - 2013
    Lee Martinez delivers his first short story collection, featuring ten original tales based on his previous fantasy and science fiction novels. If you're a Martinez fan, this collection is surely something you've been waiting for. If you're simply Martinez curious (and who isn't?) this is a great sampling of strange worlds of fantasy featuring talking gorillas, sensible housekeeping kobolds, cosmic monster gods, and world-conquering space squids. These all-new, all-different tales are available for the first time. Within you'll find tales of werewolf versus bigfoot, ogre versus wizard, and rock alien versus romantic entanglement. You'll experience a terrifying descent into madness via pizza delivery and the existential angst of the gods of death. You'll discover why it's a bad idea to feed the pixies and why it's a good idea to always bring along a magical broom on your adventures. A collection eight years in the making (and worth every year), Robots versus Slime Monsters might not actually have any stories where a robot fights a slime monster, but it does feature a gorilla wrestling a lion. And in the end, isn't that almost as good?

The Sense of Touch

Ron Parsons - 2013
    A brilliant but troubled Bangladeshi physics student searches for balance, acceptance, and his own extraordinary destiny after his father disappears. When a Halloween blizzard immobilizes Minneapolis, a young woman is forced to confront the snow-bound nature of her own relationships and emotions. During an excursion to an idyllic swimming hole hidden in the Black Hills, two old friends unexpectedly compete for the affections of an irresistible, though married, Lakota woman. Like a mythical expedition to reach the horizon or the quest to distill truth from the beauty around us, the revelation confirmed by these imaginative stories - elegant, sometimes jarring, always wonderfully absurd - is that the very act of reaching is itself a form of touch.“The quiet plains of the North Country serve as a perfect backdrop for Parsons’ moving debut, a collection of short stories whose characters often live deeply solitary, if not always lonely, lives.”-- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)“Eloquently written and replete with a continual stream of un-hackneyed twists and turns, Parsons’ collection is superbly crafted. Engaging, riveting, and at times, mind-boggling, The Sense of Touch is earmarked to become a literary classic.”-- San Francisco Book Review (five-star review)"Parsons has made himself a man to watch in the literary world. Each of these stories is as thrilling as the next." -- Portland Book Review (five-star review)"Each story is honed with purpose and infused with subtle energies. He creates delicate lines between the frigid cosmos and the warmth that can be generated among people. Parsons' writing has a strong pulse. This debut assortment heralds his promising career." -- The US Review of Books (Top-Rated Recommended Review)

Blood on the Page: The Complete Short Fiction of Brian Keene, Volume 1

Brian Keene - 2013
    This is my legacy. This is my curse…”BLOOD ON THE PAGE is the first book in a series collecting all of Keene’s short fiction. Included in this volume are such critically-acclaimed and fan favorite stories as “Burying Betsy”, “Dust”, “The Resurrection and The Life”, “I Am An Exit”, “Fast Zombies Suck”, “Bunnies In August”, “I Sing A New Psalm”, and many more.These are stories of love and hate. Trust and betrayal. Happiness and heartbreak. Truth and lies. Innocence and paranoia. Flying and falling. Unhappy endings and conspiracies of one. These are stories about zombies, ghosts, serial killers, and the most horrific monsters of all—ourselves. BLOOD ON THE PAGE – the only thing we have to fear is… everything.

The Bread We Eat in Dreams

Catherynne M. Valente - 2013
    Catherynne M. Valente, the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and other acclaimed novels, now brings readers a treasure trove of stories and poems in The Bread We Eat in Dreams.In the Locus Award-winning novelette “White Lines on a Green Field,” an old story plays out against a high school backdrop as Coyote is quarterback and king for a season. A girl named Mallow embarks on an adventure of memorable and magical politicks in “The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland—For a Little While.” The award-winning, tour de force novella “Silently and Very Fast” is an ancient epic set in a far-flung future, the intimate autobiography of an evolving A.I. And in the title story, the history of a New England town and that of an outcast demon are irrevocably linked.The thirty-five pieces collected here explore an extraordinary breadth of styles and genres, as Valente presents readers with something fresh and evocative on every page. From noir to Native American myth, from folklore to the final frontier, each tale showcases Valente’s eloquence and originality.Table of Contents:The ConsultantWhite Lines on a Green FieldThe Bread We Eat in DreamsThe Melancholy of MechagirlA Voice Like a HoleThe Girl Who Ruled Fairyland—For a Little WhileHow to Raise a MinotaurThe Shoot-out at Burnt Corn Ranch Over the Bride of the WorldMouse KoanThe Blueberry Queen of Wiscasset In the Future When All’s WellFade to WhiteAeromausRed EnginesThe Wolves of BrooklynOne Breath, One StrokeKallistiThe WeddingThe Secret of Being a CowboyTwenty-Five Facts About Santa ClausWe Without Us Were ShadowsThe Red GirlAquaman and the Duality of Self/Other, America, 1985The RoomSilently and Very FastWhat the Dragon Said: A Love Story

Encounters of Sherlock Holmes

George MannRichard Dinnick - 2013
    Edited by respected anthologist George Mann, and including a story by Mann himself.Introduction by George Mann The Loss of Chapter Twenty-One by Mark HodderHolmes and the Indelicate Widow by Mags L HallidayThe Demon Slasher of Seven Sisters by Cavan ScottThe Post-Modern Prometheus by Nick KymeMrs Hudson at the Christmas Hotel by Paul MagrsThe Case of the Night Crawler by George MannThe Adventure of the Locked Carriage by Stuart DouglasThe Tragic Affair of the Martian Ambassador by Eric BrownThe Adventure of the Swaddled Railwayman by Richard Dinnick  The Pennyroyal Society by Kelly HaleThe Persian Slipper by Steve LockleyThe Property of a Thief by Mark WrightWoman’s Work by David BarnettThe Fallen Financier by James Lovegrove

North American Lake Monsters

Nathan Ballingrud - 2013
    Monsters, real and imagined, external and internal, are the subject. They are us and we are them and Ballingrud's intense focus makes these stories incredibly intense and irresistible.These are love stories. And also monster stories. Sometimes these are monsters in their traditional guises, sometimes they wear the faces of parents, lovers, or ourselves. The often working-class people in these stories are driven to extremes by love. Sometimes, they are ruined; sometimes redeemed. All are faced with the loneliest corners of themselves and strive to find an escape.Nathan Ballingrud was born in Massachusetts but has spent most of his life in the South. He worked as a bartender in New Orleans and New York City and a cook on offshore oil rigs. His story "The Monsters of Heaven" won the inaugural Shirley Jackson Award. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with his daughter.

In God's Eyes

Chris M. Hibbard - 2013
    Though they pray for a solution, they find themselves unprepared for the transformation God has in store. Short story, 6,000 words, about 20 pages.

Ashlynn Ella's Story

Shannon Hale - 2013
    But what if she meets the woodsman of her dreams instead? Read all about it in this exclusive Ever After High short story by Newbery Honor author Shannon Hale.


Shane K.P. O'Neill - 2013
    And then, when all seems lost and nothing can lift the darkness threatening to consume you, a stranger walks up to you and says he can restore all you have lost. What would you do? Could you resist that last glimmer of hope?This is the dilemma facing Mark Wiseman. While standing at his wife's graveside and looking down on her casket, a man tells him he can give her back to him. Should he let her go? Or should he accept the offer to be with his beloved once again? For such things carry a price and is it a price he is able to pay?

The Basic Sources of Happiness

Dalai Lama XIV - 2013

Raven Queen's Story

Shannon Hale - 2013
    But Raven has a spark of rebelliousness in her heart and she knows one thing for sure-evil is so not her style. Read all about her getting ready to return to Ever After High in this excerpt from the upcoming book The Storybook of Legends.


S.J. Kincaid - 2013
    J. Kincaid’s fast-paced and humorous sci-fi Insignia trilogy, the earth is in the middle of World War III when teen gamer Tom Raines is recruited to train with other young cadets as a pivotal member of the elite combat corps, the Intrasolar Forces. At the Pentagonal Spire’s training academy, he makes the best friends of his life—fellow government weapons-in-training Wyatt Enslow, Vik Ashwan, and Yuri Sysevich.In this 47-page prequel novella to the series, budding genius Wyatt Enslow—intensely loyal and hyperintelligent if occasionally, hilariously, socially awkward—takes center stage as S. J. Kincaid reveals Wyatt’s life before she found her place, and her own inner strength, among her devoted band of friends at the Spire.

The Buddha's Apprentice at Bedtime: Tales of Compassion and Kindness for You to Read with Your Child - to Delight and Inspire

Dharmachari Nagaraja - 2013
    The stories explore themes from the Eightfold Path, which is Buddhism's practical route to a happy life. Topics covered, with the lightest of touches, include speaking in a kind and truthful manner, behaving with compassion, thinking selflessly and avoiding the pitfalls of egotism. Although providing gentle guidance on the art of living well, which is the basis of true happiness, each story is also compelling in its own right, featuring characters, settings and events that every child will find absorbing. Each narrative concludes with an affirmation that helps to draw out its positive message, while the superb, specially commissioned illustrations will delight your child and provide a starting-point for discussion and further enjoyment.The helpful introduction provides insights into the value of Buddhist principles for children and shows how visualisation, imaginative thinking and even first steps in meditation can help to nurture young minds and hearts.


C.D. Reiss - 2013
    This book has been discontinued by the author, and combined with Sing.


Chuck Palahniuk - 2013
    Howes Ltd.

The Old Man's Back in Town

Ann Charles - 2013
    **It’s “Groundhog Day” meets the modern day Old West!** In the lonely mining ghost town of Goldwash, Nevada, Christmas has come early. Unfortunately, the local bar owner must be on this year's naughty list, because Santa brought her something even worse than a piece of coal on this dark, cold winter night—her old man.

The Fredric Brown MEGAPACK ®: 33 Classic Science Fiction Stories

Fredric Brown - 2013
    The 32 tales of science fiction and fantasy assembled in this massive volume include: ARENAEXPERIMENTKEEP OUTHAPPY ENDINGHALL OF MIRRORSEARTHMEN BEARING GIFTSIMAGINEIT DIDN'T HAPPENRECESSIONALEINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIKPUPPET SHOWNIGHTMARE IN YELLOWJAYCEEPI IN THE SKYANSWERTHE GEEZENSTACKSKNOCKREBOUNDTHE STAR MOUSEABOMINABLELETTER TO A PHOENIXNOT YET THE ENDARMAGEDDONOF TIME AND EUSTACE WEAVERRECONCILIATIONNOTHING SIRIUSPATTERNTHE YEHUDI PRINCIPLECOME AND GO MADSENTRYETAOIN SHRDLUTHE ENDNOW AVAILABLE: The Second Fredric Brown Megapack! (Search this ebook store for the companion volume, with another great set of Fredric Brown tales!)And don't forget to search this ebook store for ʺWildside Press Megapackʺ to see more entries in this great series (including "The Second Fredric Brown Megapack"), covering classic authors and subjects like mysteries, science fiction, westerns, ghost stories -- and much, much more!


Ian Hutson - 2013
    Squirm in a grandstand seat during an Industrial Revolution completely re-written just to see the new-fangled steam trains running over well-intentioned children (no real harm done). Recognise your neighbours - polite English zombies coping with the dystopian hell of a socialist victory in the General Election. Man up, madam, and do your OAP National Service during the pensioner wars with an insect species. Watch in awe and not some little discomfort as Queen Elizabeth does the dishes for Europe and the Ministry of Defence quietly saves the world from a rogue comet.No caricature is left unused. The science in the fiction is quite splendidly silly. This is a book to be read with tongue in cheek, preferably your own tongue and one of your own face cheeks unless you are very limber. The characters are as deep as summer puddles and the plots are as complicated as two planks of wood. Reality leaves the room on page one and farce enters just one chapter later. As literary feasts go this book is a paper bag of humbugs. It is the most fun that you can have with a librarian in the room without getting your ticket suspended.The title NGLND XPX is a text message nod to Admiral Nelson’s splendidly rousing signal, sent just as a bit of a rumble that we now call The Battle of Trafalgar was about to begin in 1805 - ‘England expects that every man will do his duty.’ Admiral Nelson appears nowhere in this book.The contents:* The Model-T Virgin* Begging your pardon, my lord, but Cook’s been eaten again* Robots knitting with rubber needles* Je pense it’s all going very bien* Footloose, en pas de basque* iG-Zero-D* In which Mr Cadwallader shampoos his parrot in the rain using some very dated popular science* Diary of a National Service chap* Blood-curdling screams and the Whitworth screw-thread* The Day the Earth took tea.

The Devil in No Man's Land: 1917

Will Hill - 2013
    The survivors of that battle founded Department 19, and have been secretly saving the world ever since. A highly classified archive exists recording every act of bravery in that time.That archive is now open. These are the Department 19 files.Belgium, 1917.Quincey Harker and his hand-picked Special Reconnaissance Team are behind enemy lines, scouting ahead of the big push that everyone knows is imminent. They think they are prepared for the worst case scenario; a village full of German soldiers, armed and waiting for them. But they're about to discover that there is something far worse in the darkness of no man's land, something beyond their understanding. Something with glowing red eyes, and gleaming white fangs…

This Is Paradise: Stories

Kristiana Kahakauwila - 2013
    Exploring the deep tensions between local and tourist, tradition and expectation, façade and authentic self, This Is Paradise provides an unforgettable portrait of life as it’s truly being lived on Maui, Oahu, Kaua'i and the Big Island. In the gut-punch of “Wanle,” a beautiful and tough young woman wants nothing more than to follow in her father’s footsteps as a legendary cockfighter. With striking versatility, the title story employs a chorus of voices—the women of Waikiki—to tell the tale of a young tourist drawn to the darker side of the city’s nightlife. “The Old Paniolo Way” limns the difficult nature of legacy and inheritance when a patriarch tries to settle the affairs of his farm before his death. Exquisitely written and bursting with sharply observed detail, Kahakauwila’s stories remind us of the powerful desire to belong, to put down roots, and to have a place to call home.

The Diary of Nancy Grace

Starlette Summers - 2013
    Emotionally, physically and sexually abused by the hands of her own mother, revenge is looking bitter sweet as Nancy faces her own inner demons, one being her best friend.

Young Skins

Colin Barrett - 2013
    Here, and in the towns beyond, the young live hard and wear the scars. Amongst them, there’s jilted Jimmy, whose best friend Tug is the terror of the town and Jimmy’s sole company in his search for the missing Clancy kid; Bat, a lovesick soul with a face like “a bowl of mashed up spuds” even before Nubbin Tansey’s boot kicked it in; and Arm, a young and desperate criminal whose destiny is shaped when he and his partner, Dympna, fail to carry out a job. In each story, a local voice delineates the grittiness of Irish society; unforgettable characters whose psychological complexities and unspoken yearnings are rendered through silence, humor, and violence.With power and originality akin to Wells Tower’s Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned and Claire Vaye Watkins’ Battleborn these six short stories and one explosive novella occupy the ghostly, melancholic spaces between boyhood and old age. Told in Barrett’s vibrant, distinctive prose, Young Skins is an accomplished and irreverent debut from a brilliant new writer.

Grey Fox

J.L. Bourne - 2013
    Decades post-apocalypse, a man sets out on a perilous voyage into the undead badlands.

Sins of the Past

J.D. Franx - 2013
    A long life of death and fighting will wear on anyone. When Cassel brings light to a lonely life of darkness, she can no longer resist the temptation. But Yrlissa is not a typical assassin, and her past life, long forgotten, will threaten her present.

Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives: Stories from the Trailblazers of Domestic Suspense

Sarah Weinman - 2013
    Few know these characters—and their creators—better than Sarah Weinman. One of today’s preeminent authorities on crime fiction, Weinman asks: Where would bestselling authors like Gillian Flynn, Sue Grafton, or Tana French be without the women writers who came before them? In Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives, Weinman brings together fourteen hair-raising tales by women who—from the 1940s through the mid-1970s—took a scalpel to contemporary society and sliced away to reveal its dark essence. Lovers of crime fiction from any era will welcome this deliciously dark tribute to a largely forgotten generation of women writers.

Sleeping Beauty

Mark Lawrence - 2013
    I may have thrown another fairy tale or two into the mix...

The Death of Death

K.N. Parker - 2013
    An interesting tale that will leave you wondering about what happens when we die. I really enjoyed the idea behind this book as it is a question that we all ask at some time in our lives." -- Readers' Favorite"The Death of Death by K. N. Parker is a gorgeous fairytale like story that is equal parts haunting and beautiful... Parker manages to weave this truly dark tale in a tone that can only be described as sweet... The amount of imagery in this book was great from the description of the guides to the world around them..." -- Online Book ClubSYNOPSIS:Death guides usually have rather normal names like John, Mary, Harry, and Jessica. And even ones not quite so normal, like Bartholomew or Ambrosia. They also have the most interesting tales behind their deaths. But one particular death guide has a few problems: she cannot remember her name or the details of her demise, and thus has no story of her own. One fateful night, she meets a young girl that may change her death forever.Inspired by and in the style of Children's tales of old, The Death of Death is a tragic, yet sweet little tale about loss and acceptance. Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Flashes of War

Katey Schultz - 2013
    soldier and pragmatic jihadist, Afghan mother and listless American sister, courageous amputee and a ghost that cannot let go—appear in Flashes of War, which captures personal moments of fear, introspection, confusion, and valor in one collection spanning nations and perspectives. Written in clear, accessible language with startling metaphors, this unforgettable journey leaves aside judgment, bringing us closer to a broader understanding of war by focusing on individuals, their motivations, and their impossible decisions.

The Milk of Dreams

Leonora Carrington - 2013
    These quirky and enchanting tales will delight parents and children alike.

Prickle Moon

Juliet Marillier - 2013
    It contains eleven previously published stories and five new ones. Included are the Sevenwaters novella, "’Twixt Firelight and Water", the epic Nordic story, "Otherling", and "In Coed Celyddon", a tale of the young man who would one day become King Arthur. The title story, especially written for the collection, concerns an old Scottish wise woman facing an impossible moral dilemma. Other new stories in the book include "By Bone-Light", a contemporary retelling of the Russian fairy tale "Vasilissa the Wise", and "The Angel of Death", a dark story about a puppy mill rescue.

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

Laird Barron - 2013
    Melding supernatural horror with hardboiled noir, espionage, and a scientific backbone, Barron’s stories have garnered critical acclaim and have been reprinted in numerous year’s best anthologies and nominated for multiple awards, including the Crawford, International Horror Guild, Shirley Jackson, Theodore Sturgeon, and World Fantasy awards.Barron returns with his third collection, The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All. Collecting interlinking tales of sublime cosmic horror, including “Blackwood’s Baby”, “The Carrion Gods in Their Heaven”, and “The Men from Porlock”, The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All delivers enough spine-chilling horror to satisfy even the most jaded reader.

Tenth of December

George Saunders - 2013
    And in the title story, a stunning meditation on imagination, memory, and loss, a middle-aged cancer patient walks into the woods to commit suicide, only to encounter a troubled young boy who, over the course of a fateful morning, gives the dying man a final chance to recall who he really is. A hapless, deluded owner of an antique store; two mothers struggling to do the right thing; a teenage girl whose idealism is challenged by a brutal brush with reality; a man tormented by a series of pharmaceutical experiments that force him to lust, to love, to kill—the unforgettable characters that populate the pages of Tenth of December are vividly and lovingly infused with Saunders' signature blend of exuberant prose, deep humanity, and stylistic innovation.Writing brilliantly and profoundly about class, sex, love, loss, work, despair, and war, Saunders cuts to the core of the contemporary experience. These stories take on the big questions and explore the fault lines of our own morality, delving into the questions of what makes us good and what makes us human.Unsettling, insightful, and hilarious, the stories in Tenth of December—through their manic energy, their focus on what is redeemable in human beings, and their generosity of spirit—not only entertain and delight; they fulfill Chekhov's dictum that art should "prepare us for tenderness."

Victorian San Francisco Stories

M. Louisa Locke - 2013
    Madam Sibyl’s First Client was written specifically for this collection and it finds Annie Fuller, the young widowed boarding house keeper, just starting her career as a pretend clairvoyant. In Dandy Detects, the Boston terrier that lives in Annie Fuller’s boarding house helps uncover a crime, and in The Misses Moffet Mend a Marriage, two elderly boarders use their dressmaking skills to avert a domestic tragedy. Finally, in Mr. Wong Rights a Wrong, a Chinese manservant from the first mystery in the series, Maids of Misfortune, makes another appearance and helps Annie Fuller solve a serious problem. As a bonus, there is an essay, Historical Tidbits, which provides insight into the historical research that went into these stories. This collection can be read as an introduction or a companion to the first three books in the series, Maids of Misfortune, Uneasy Spirits, and Bloody Lessons, permitting some of the most beloved minor characters to have some fun by taking center stage.

The Bells of Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh - 2013
    He uses the Buddhist teachings of interconnectedness and the impermanence of all things to illustrate the role each of us plays in caretaking the earth. Our understanding and acceptance of these teachings can open up the possibility of using our collective wisdom and technology to help restore the Earth's balance. Rather than seeing impermanence as an excuse for disengaging from the world, he argues passionately that engaging with the world is the key to our individual and collective survival. Drawn from his best-selling title "The World We Have," "The Bells Of Mindfulness" is a hopeful book that gives us a path to follow. Imbued with Thich Nhat HanhOCOs clear vision, it provides the conviction and courage that enable us to stay on that path.

The Girl with the Magic Hands

Nnedi Okorafor - 2013
    But things were about to change for this girl. Oh yes. When things are meant to be, they will. The world always turns and the candle always burns. And Chidera was about to learn that one can get the very things one yearns." From the Introduction of The Girl with the Magic Hands Worldreader proudly presents this ebook in a new series of children's and young adult books from Sub-Saharan Africa. Worldreader is a non-profit organization committed to delivering digital books to children and families in the developing world using e-book technology. By purchasing this book you directly contribute to this effort by helping fund school literacy programs, and promote the writing and publication of great books from local authors everywhere.

The Princess Fables

Marc Clark - 2013
    Each Princess embarks on an adventure of self-discovery and along the way learns the importance of trust, devotion, courage and the power of love. Originally told by a father to his young daughter, these new classic tales transport children to a time and place where they become the heroes of their own making, creating their own happy endings. Every delicate pen and ink illustration reflects the classic fairy tale drawings of the late 19th century. The Princess Fables is the winner of numerous awards including Best Children's Book at The Beach Book Festival and The Great Midwest Book Festival, along with a Silver Medal for Best Illustrations in Children's Fiction at the Global Ebook Awards. The paperback and Kindle editions are both Amazon #1 Best Sellers.

From Scotland With Love (Short Story)

Katie Fforde - 2013
    1 Bestseller.When Daisy travels to Scotland to confront notorious author Rory McAllan, little does she know that within hours she'll be snowed in with him. But surely she's not going to have to spend her precious New Year's Eve with him too?Put the champagne on ice, get the fireworks ready and step into the wonderfully warm, witty and romantic world of Katie Fforde.Plus the first chance to read the opening chapter of Katie's new novel, The Perfect Match, out in March.

The Collected Stories of Rumpole

John Mortimer - 2013
    In these twenty classic tales, Rumpole battles through the Old Bailey, whether defending various members of an incompetent South London crime family, taking on haute-cuisine chefs and showfolk or mocking the pomposity of his own profession, all the while being held in check by his wife, Hilda: the wonderful, fearsome She Who Must Be Obeyed. These collected stories, in Penguin Modern Classics for the first time, are a definitive introduction to one of the wisest and wittiest characters in British comic writing and a reminder of what justice should really be about. With a new introduction by Sam Leith, former literary editor of the Daily Telegraph and contributor to the Evening Standard, Guardian and Spectator.

The Unrest-Cure and Other Stories

Saki - 2013
    H. Munro—better known as Saki—deftly, mercilessly, and hilariously skewer the banality and hypocrisy of polite upper-class English society between the end of Queen Victoria’s reign and the beginning of World War I. Their heroes are clever, amoral children and other enfants terribles who marshal their considerable wit and imagination against the cruelty or fatuousness of a decorous and doomed world.Here, Saki’s brilliantly polished dark gems comes paired with illustrations by the peerless Edward Gorey, available for the first time in an English language edition. The whose fragile elegance and creeping menace of Gorey’s pen-and-ink drawings perfectly complement Saki’s population of delicate ladies, mischief-making charges, spectral guests, sardonic house pets, flustered authority figures, and delightfully preposterous imposters.