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The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas

Ann Voskamp - 2013
    In what is sure to become an instant holiday classic, Voskamp reaches back into the pages of the Old Testament to explore the lineage of Jesus via the advent tradition of "The Jesse Tree."Beginning with Jesse, the father of David, "The Greatest Gift" retraces the epic pageantry of mankind, from Adam to the Messiah, with each day's reading pointing to the coming promise of Christ.Sure to become a holiday staple in every Christian home, "The Greatest Gift" is the perfect gift for the holidays and a timeless reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

The Dawning of Indestructible Joy: Daily Readings for Advent

John Piper - 2013
    Helping us refocus on what's truly important, well-known pastor and author John Piper leads readers through twenty-four short meditations on Advent. The devotionals—drawn from Piper's extensive preaching and teaching ministry--lead readers to ponder afresh the birth of Jesus, Israel's long-awaited Messiah and the Savior of the world. Reflecting on several Scriptural texts, this accessible volume aims to direct individuals, families, and churches to the most glorious dawning of indestructible joy the world has ever seen: the incarnation of the Son of God.

The First Christmas Carol

Marianne Jordan - 2013
    . . Dickens? In an interpretive retelling of this familiar Christmas story the author asks: What if there was room at the inn? The First Christmas Carol combines a timeless work of classic literature with the first documented Christmas story. As darkness cloaks the hills of Bethlehem three angels visit an unscrupulous innkeeper, revealing his past, present, and the miracles yet to come. Not the story you've read. Still the stories you know.

Road to Christmas Past

Kathi Daley - 2013
    It seemed that prior to her death, her former foster mother had won the gorgeous private investigator during one of her Tuesday morning poker games. The only survivor of a tragic automobile accident when she was only days old, Holly grew up never knowing who she was or where she came from. When Ben Holiday claimed to have a clue about her past, Holly set out on a Christmas road trip in the hope of finding the family she never knew she had.

Christmas from Heaven: The True Story of the Berlin Candy Bomber

Tom Brokaw - 2013
    As a twenty-seven-year-old American pilot, Brother Halvorsen's job was to airdrop much-needed food and supplies to the people of West Berlin in the aftermath of World War II. But it was his simple gift of two sticks of gum that launched an extraordinary humanitarian endeavor and earned him the nickname "The Candy Bomber." Each day as hundreds of small white parachutes delivered treats to the children of West Germany, the wounds of war began to heal. "Operation Little Vittles" captured the imagination of people everywhere, bringing the spirit of Christmas to a world in need of peace and hope.Famed broadcast journalist and author Tom Brokaw brings this remarkable true story to life in a stunning live performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, captured on the accompanying DVD. Also included in the book is a template and directions for creating your own "Candy Bomber" parachutes.

The Women of Christmas

Liz Curtis Higgs - 2013
     Elizabeth is barren, yet her trust in God remains fertile. Mary is betrothed in marriage, yet she is willing to bear God’s Son. Anna is a widow full of years, yet she waits patiently, prayerfully for the Messiah to appear in the temple courts. Following in their footsteps, you too can prepare for the Savior to enter your heart, your mind, and your life in a vibrant, new way. Best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs explores the biblical stories of Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna, unwrapping each verse with tender care and introducing you afresh to The Women of Christmas.

The Christmas Cowboy

Shanna Hatfield - 2013
    And most certainly not for the handsome cowboy she keeps running into at the airport. Burned twice, she doesn’t trust anyone wearing boots and Wranglers, especially someone as charming and handsome as Tate Morgan. Among the top saddle bronc riders in the rodeo circuit, easy-going Tate Morgan can handle the toughest horse out there, but trying to handle the beautiful Kenzie Beckett is a completely different story. As the holiday season approaches, this Christmas Cowboy is going to need more than a little mistletoe to win her heart.

A Christmas Gift for Rose

Tricia Goyer - 2013
    But as she prepares to marry, she's thrown into confusion when she learns the truth of her birth. She was born Englisch and abandoned when the family moved on in search of work. Was she meant to be Amish or would she have been better off growing up with her own kind---Englischers? And was her intended's gift of discovering her birth family given out of love or fear?

The Christmas Wish

Lori Evert - 2013
    This is one to pull out every year and savor.Long ago, a brave little girl named Anja wanted to be one of Santa's elves. So she leaves a note for her family and helps her elderly neighbor prepare for the holiday, then she straps on her skis, and heads out into the snowy landscape. From a red bird to a polar bear to a reindeer, a menagerie of winter animals help Anja make her way to Santa. A generous trim-size, matte cover, and foiled title make this a special book for the holiday season.

Tin Can Serenade

Amanda Dykes - 2013
     A mother and her daughter, A father and his son, A cottage and a cabin, A story yet unspun But time did freeze a tin can Dangling from that rope A messenger from days gone by, Echoing long lost hope. Until a cold November day Saw decades fall away; Young hands inscribed a folded scrap, A missive sent to say… _________________ So begins the plucky correspondence of Timothy and Genevieve, two children about to uncover a story long-buried... one filled with love, with loss, and with hope. An enchanting Christmas story laced with joy, God's healing hand in the broken places of life weaves through each letter passed over the river in that tin-can strung from the rusted pulley. Enter into a simpler time in this petite tale, written to be just long enough to tuck into a stolen moment as you rest your feet and quiet your heart in the bustle of a busy season.

Christmas Spirit

Nicola May - 2013
    After a chance encounter with handsome Greg (and egged on by her toy-boy-eating friend, Bea) she agrees to work at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day. Striking up an unlikely friendship with homeless Yves, Evie begins an unwitting journey of spiritual awakening, all set against the sparkling winter backdrop of London landmarks. A New Year’s Eve revelation is on its way . . . but will it leave Evie with a happy heart, or will she allow the pre-Christmas past to dictate her future?

Jingle All the Way (Jingle, #1)

Tom Shay-Zapien - 2013
    And if he's nearby, the Jingle Story Buddy stuffed animal will respond when you read key phrases from the story.

Give A Little Love (Jordan Family Book 1)

Rhonda McKnight - 2013
    Paradise isn’t paradise when you’re not where you want to be, but this Christmas is anything but uneventful. Three airplanes land on the island and Brooke finds herself in exchanges that cause love, temptation, and HATE to surface. Marcus Thompson has pain in his past, but he’s decided it’s time to try love again. A widowed orphan from a wealthy family, he’s alienated from his grandfather and wants a family of his own. His feelings for Brooke can’t be denied, but she won’t give him a chance to prove he’s not the playboy she thinks he is. Though she finds Marcus tempting, Brooke is determined to get off the island without falling for his charms. The two people she trusted the most betrayed her in the worse way, and she isn’t prepared to risk love again. But when her worst enemy stands on her doorstep needing the generosity that has always been a part of Brooke’s character, she begins to question who she is and what she’s allowed heartbreak to do to her. Will she let anger and hate take over and turn her into someone else? Or will she find that even in her pain, she has the capacity to give?

St. Nick

Alan Russell - 2013
    Suspended from his job, alienated from his family, and persecuted by the press, he’s sorely tempted to turn his gun on himself. Except for his first name, he couldn’t possibly have less in common with jolly old St. Nicholas. But when a local mall decides it needs a secret Santa to help collar some vicious muggers preying on its holiday shoppers, Nick’s persuaded to red-suit up so as to take the naughty punks down and avert a ho-ho homicide. For a chance to bust bad guys, Nick’s willing to deal with crying kids, pushy parents, and a chronically cheerful “elf” sidekick. But the biggest challenge for this cop-turned-Claus is one that would confound even the real Kris Kringle: making a pair of next-to-impossible Christmas wishes come true for two children in need…before it’s too late. This book was initially released in episodes as a Kindle Serial. All episodes are now available for immediate download as a complete book.

Gifts of the Heart

Patricia Polacco - 2013
      Richie and Trisha want to buy Christmas gifts for their family, but they don't have enough money. Enter Kay Lamity, a new housekeeper . . . but is that all she is? She comes into their lives like a whirlwind, brimming with positive energy and a can-do attitude. Kay not only straightens them out when it comes to whether or not Santa Claus is real, she teaches them something about gifts: the just-good-enough kind that come from the pocketbook and the unforgettable kind that come from the heart. Because of Kay, Trisha and Richie—and the family—have a Christmas morning they will never forget. Celebrating the joy of homemade gifts, Patricia Polacco introduces readers to a new character who is truly a force of nature in this story reminiscent of Christmas Tapestry and An Orange for Frankie. This is a magical Christmas story the author swears is true, right down to the sleigh tracks on the farmhouse roof!

Wish Upon A Star

Trisha Ashley - 2013
    She’s resigned to the fact that the only romance she’s going to get is from the rom-coms she watches, and with her busy job and her daughter, she doesn’t have time to even think about love.But life gets very tough when Stella gets sick. Balancing her job as a recipe writer and looking after Stella is all consuming, so when Cally meets handsome baker Jago the last thing she wants to do is fall in love, especially when she’s been badly burned by a Prince Charming from her past. Can laid-back, charming Jago unlock Cally’s frozen heart and help her find true love and magic under the mistletoe?

An Amish Family Christmas

Murray Pura - 2013
    But things get complicated when Rebecca’s brother, Micah, returns from a combat tour in Afghanistan. For one thing, he chose to serve in the military even though he served as a medic and never picked up a gun. For another, he is under the Meidung—the shunning— because of that and none of the Amish are permitted to speak to him or eat with him. And finally, he is not only Rebecca's brother, he is Naomi's husband! But how can Naomi pick up where their marriage left off after he turned away from her and his people to enlist in the army? How can Naomi and Micah even begin the process of healing their relationship when he will not repent of what he has done and the Amish will not forgive him for what he has done? Naomi despairs of ever again having a happy married life with her husband.But God has a way of working on the hearts of His people—especially at Christmas time. When an unexpected turn of events sets things right, miracles happen to the Amish community, to the Miller family, and to Naomi and Micah, miracles that transform everyone.Here is warm and tender story of faithfulness, love, and reconciliation at the most wonderful time of the year.

A Lilac Creek Christmas ( a Lilac Creek Dog Story)

Dana Landers - 2013

Christmas on 4th Street

Susan Mallery - 2013
    That's why she ditched a frustrating legal career to open her own store in Fool's Gold, California. The Christmas Attic celebrates everything that's magical about her favorite season. Business is booming, and as a bonus, gorgeous army doctor Gabriel Boylan has offered to help out during the holiday rush. Gabriel's memories of Christmas past contain more sour grapes than sugar plums, thanks to a drill sergeant father who ran his home like a boot camp. Spending the holidays with his family while he recuperates from injury sounds as appetizing as last year's eggnog. Still, there are some enjoyable distractions in town, including sunny, sexy Noelle...and the red-hot mistletoe kisses they can't stop sharing. Gabriel didn't think he was made for happily-ever-afters. But when fate hands you a love as sweet and surprising as this, only a fool could refuse....

The Christmas Town: A Time Travel Novel

Elyse Douglas - 2013
    They cross a covered bridge and, suddenly, they enter the past, finding themselves in a small picturesque Vermont town in 1943. They meet two handsome soldiers, who are about to be sent off to war, and they fall in love with them, while also struggling to find a way to return home to their own time. With the soldiers’ help, on Christmas Eve, the two women finally have one chance to return to their own time, but they are caught between their love for the soldiers, and their desire to return to the present. At the last moment, they must make the difficult decision and, because it is Christmas, a miracle happens.

The Christmas Spirit

Susan Buchanan - 2013
    Something her regulars badly need.Newly dumped Rebecca is stuck in a job with no prospects, has lost her home and is struggling to see a way forward.Pensioner Stanley is dreading his first Christmas alone without his beloved wife, who passed away earlier this year. How will he ever feel whole again?Graduate Jacob is still out of work despite making hundreds of applications. Will he be forced to go against his instincts and ask his unsympathetic parents for help?Spiky workaholic Meredith hates the jollity of family gatherings and would rather stay home with a box set and a posh ready meal. Will she finally realise what’s important in life?Natalie sprinkles a little magic to try to spread some festive cheer and restore Christmas spirit, but will she succeed?

A Cliché Christmas

Nicole Deese - 2013
    Living one is the hard part.Georgia Cole—known in Hollywood as the “Holiday Goddess”—has made a name for herself writing heartwarming screenplays chock-full of Christmas clichés, but she has yet to experience the true magic of the season. So, when her eccentric grandmother volunteers her to direct a pageant at Georgia’s hometown community theater, she is less than thrilled. To make matters worse, she’ll be working alongside Weston James, her childhood crush and the one man she has tried desperately to forget.Now, facing memories of a lonely childhood and the humiliation of her last onstage performance, seven years earlier, Georgia is on the verge of a complete mistletoe meltdown. As Weston attempts to thaw the frozen walls around her heart, Georgia endeavors to let go of her fears and give love a second chance. If she does, will she finally believe that Christmas can be more than a cliché?

Murder, Mayhem & Madness in Christmas River

Meg Muldoon - 2013
    Oh my! Welcome to Christmas River, a small town in central Oregon where the spirit of Christmas never dies. And where intrigue, romance, danger, and excitement are around every corner. Cinnamon Peters is one tough cookie. Every year at Christmas River’s annual Gingerbread Junction Competition, pie baker extraordinaire Cinnamon aims to win, taking down any competitor who gets in her way. But when she finds a dead body in the woods behind her pie shop just days before the big competition, Cinnamon realizes that there’s much more to worry about than cookies, frosting, and gumdrops. Someone’s out to bring Cinnamon down. And they’re playing dirty. Only Cinnamon and a mysterious stranger who walks into her life one snowy evening can figure out the mystery. But can they solve it before Cinnamon’s chances of gingerbread competition glory crumble? The Christmas River Cozy Mystery Box Set includes the books Murder in Christmas River, Mayhem in Christmas River, and Madness in Christmas River.

Christmas Keepsakes: The Christmas Shoes & The Christmas Blessing

Donna VanLiere - 2013
    His family is living a simple yet full life, struggling to hold on to every moment that they have together. Robert is a successful attorney who has everything-but has lost sight of what truly matters. When their paths cross on Christmas Eve, Robert is shopping for a family he hardly knows, and Nathan is shopping for the mother he is soon to lose. Through their meeting they will learn that the smallest things can make all the difference."Has precious gifts for all of us."-The Washington Times The Christmas Blessing Nathan is now a medical student in his third year, and he realizes that there are still things to be learned about faith, blessings, and sacrifice. Lessons he will learn from Meghan Sullivan-a young woman born with a hole in her heart that has not kept her from becoming a champion runner. And lessons learned from a young boy named Charlie, who teaches him how to live with true courage. Together, they will help guide Nathan through one of the most challenging times of his life..."A story of tragedy and, of course, ultimate triumph."-New York Daily News

Calling Mrs Christmas

Carole Matthews - 2013
    Drawing on her love of Christmas, she begins charging for small things: wrapping presents; writing cards; tree-decorating. She's soon in huge demand and Cassie's business, Calling Mrs Christmas, is born.Carter Randall wants to make Christmas special for his children so he enlists Cassie's help, and his lavish requests start taking up all her time. Thank goodness she can rely on her partner Jim to handle the rest of her clients.When Carter asks Cassie to join them on a trip to Lapland, she knows she shouldn't go. As much as tries, Cassie can't deny how drawn she is to Carter and everything he has to offer, but she still loves her warm-hearted Jim. Suddenly Cassie finds herself facing a heart-breaking choice that could change her entire life.

Merry and Bright

Erynn Mangum - 2013
    At least until her fiance breaks it off, she ends up having to catch a ride back to her hometown with her boss, Joe Patterson, and the snow starts to fall. When Christmas turns into a snowed-in, electricity-free day, will Kelly finally see that God has plans that go way beyond even her imaginings of a perfect Christmas?

Nowhere for Christmas

Heather Gray - 2013
    Eli, her son, is happy as long as he has his music, plenty of food, and the occasional adult on which to practice his rapier wit. Gavin, a virtual stranger, is a photojournalist who mysteriously dropped off the scene a few years ago. The trio ends up together for a Christmas road trip to the small town of Nowhere. An eight hour drive in a rental car turns into two days of misadventure and calamity as bad luck seems to stalk them. They get a flat tire, the bumper falls off, the car overheats – and that's only the beginning! Along the way they meet some interesting people – from a bait shop owner who moonlights as a mechanic to a chatty preacher's wife and a highway patrolman whose wife and mother can't agree on the best way to remove a skunk's stink. Hungry, cold, and tired, the three finally reach Nowhere only to discover the town is nothing like they expected. They learn that reaching their destination doesn't necessarily mean the journey has ended.

An Amish Country Christmas

Charlotte Hubbard - 2013
    . .Twins for ChristmasFor spirited Martha Coblentz and her twin Mary, the snow has delivered the perfect holiday and birthday present to their door—handsome brothers Nate and Bram Kanagy. But when unforeseen trouble interrupts their season's good cheer, it will take unexpected intervention--and sudden understanding—to give all four the blessing of a lifetime. . .Kissing the BishopAs the year's first snow settles, Nazareth Hooley and her sister are given a heaven-sent chance to help newly widowed Tom Hostetler tend his home. But when her hope that she and Tom can build on the caring between them seems a dream forever out of reach, Nazareth discovers that faith and love can make any miracle possible. . .

Santa and the Border Collie

Angelo Dirks - 2013
    Before the season is over, each of them experiences a little Christmas magic. This short story (approximately 5,000 words) captures a story of canine love and human caring.

Tarnished Silver

Chautona Havig - 2013
    Buried in new ice cream flavors, bon bons, pies, breads, cakes, and other tempting treats, Audrey hardly has time to sleep, much less do things like cook for herself, clean up after herself, or do any holiday decorating.So when Kelly Cox stops in to pick up some promised treats, her offer to do housework in exchange for goodies throughout the holiday season tempts Audrey beyond her ability to refuse! But what started as a simple housecleaning job quickly becomes a mystery as Kelly discovers a secret that Audrey has kept for almost twenty-five years!Though she knows it’s none of her business, Kelly can’t help investigating, and before long, finds herself in the middle of more drama than she’d ever imagined possible. Will Audrey ever forgive her, and even more importantly, will history repeat itself?

A Walk One Winter Night: A Real Christmas Story

Al Andrews - 2013
    . . real.

The Nanny Piggins Guide to Conquering Christmas

R.A. Spratt - 2013
    This is a guide to conquering the Yuletide season! That's right, it is time to take a stand - don't suffer through another year of brussels sprouts, gift-wrapped socks and slobbery kisses from great aunts who forget to put their teeth in. Take control of your Christmas and put the happy back in your holiday, using the handy hints, games and inspiring stories within this book.

Love Finds You in Frost, Minnesota (Love Finds You)

Judy Baer - 2013
    She’s bubbly, beautiful . . . and his latest adversary.Considering that her name is Merry Noel Blake and she was born on Christmas Eve, it’s not surprising that Frost, Minnesota’s newest resident is crazy about the holiday. She has single-handedly convinced the entire town to help her turn Frost into a Christmas destination; there’s a tableau of the stable in Bethlehem, a concert, many events at the church, and Merry’s own holiday boutique. Jack Frost has always tried to live down his whimsical name—a gift from his playful parents—and he does his best to deter Merry from making what he considers a kitschy mockery of the town and the season. But she believes that below Jack’s frosty exterior is a warm heart—and that she is the one to thaw it.

The Christmas Owl

Angela Muse - 2013
    He promises to give back to those who have a generous heart and he is true to his word.

The First Christmas Night

Keith Christopher - 2013
    The poem begins with the arrival of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem and moves through Christ's birth, the angels' appearance to the shepherds, and the visit by the Wise Men. The simple, yet elegant, verses will appeal to little ones and are accompanied by the rich oil illustrations of Christine Kornacki.

Christmas Romance In Paris

De-ann Black - 2013
    The little boutique creates exclusive fashions and fabrics, and Hether will be working alongside the other seamstresses, Lylou, Axelle and Violette, while designing artwork for the new fabric collections.Hether has always dreamed of going to Paris. She plans to work hard and enjoy a taste of life in the beautiful city - seeing the shops and streets with their sparkling decorations and twinkling lights, and indulging in tea and cake in the glamorous patisseries along the magnificent boulevards. The last thing she's looking for is love.But then she finds out she'll be working with Madame Sateen's two handsome and sexy nephews - Remy and Ghislain, both designers themselves. Then there's the further temptation of Adem, the charming theatre costume director.Will Hether be able to resist falling in love in Paris - one of the most romantic cities in the world?About the Author:De-ann Black is a bestselling author, traditionally published for over 15 years, with more than 50 books published. She's also a scriptwriter and former newspaper journalist and magazine journalist.She worked as marketing editor for a glossy magazine, helped organise fashion shows and photo-shoots, trained for many years in martial arts, and was a full-time newspaper journalist. De-ann is also a fabric designer and designs her own fashions. And she loves to bake cakes.Other books by De-ann:The Sewing & Baking series:Book 1 - The Tea ShopThe Tea Shop & Tearoom series:Book 1 - The Christmas Tea Shop & BakeryBook 2 - The Christmas ChocolatierBook 3 - The Chocolate Cake Shop in New York at ChristmasBook 4 - The Bakery by the SeasideBook 5 - Shed in the CityThe Tea Dress Shop series:Book 1 - The Tea Dress Shop At ChristmasBook 2 - The Fairytale Tea Dress Shop In EdinburghBook 3 - The Vintage Tea Dress Shop In SummerThe Bitch-Proof Suit - fashion and romance set in Dublin and New YorkOops! I'm the Paparazzi - romance in New YorkThe Cure For Love - set in CornwallNew releases for 2014:THE TEA SHOPTHE BAKERY BY THE SEASIDESHED IN THE CITYNew releases for 2013 & 2012 include:CHRISTMAS ROMANCE IN PARISTHE CHOCOLATE CAKE SHOP IN NEW YORK AT CHRISTMASTHE CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATIERTHE CHRISTMAS TEA SHOP & BAKERYCHRISTMAS ROMANCE IN SCOTLANDTHE VINTAGE TEA DRESS SHOP IN SUMMERTHE FAIRYTALE TEA DRESS SHOP IN EDINBURGHTHE TEA DRESS SHOP AT CHRISTMASDUBLIN GIRL - HOT SUMMER IN THE CITYTHE BITCH-PROOF BRIDETHE BITCH-PROOF ROMANCESHOPPING FOR MENSHOPPING FOR MEN AT CHRISTMASOOPS

Lone Star Holiday

Jolene Navarro - 2013
    Now she's back home; trying to live right and put her mistakes in the past. Even so, she'll never be the kind of woman who would make a good wife for the handsome widowed pastor, John Levi. But when she agrees to be nanny to his two sweet daughters, she's thrown constantly in his path. And she can't keep herself from dreaming that a man like John could one day love her. Can a prodigal daughter turn into a pastor's wife?

Santa's Secret

Serenity Woods - 2013
    Read in any order and enjoy!Book 1: Santa’s SecretPrevious published by Lyrical Press. Will the magic still be there when they wake on Christmas morning? Rudi comes to Santa’s Secret Village in the Arctic Circle looking to sell the resort, having long since lost his Christmas spirit. His seven-year-old daughter already knows the truth about Santa, and neither of them is in the mood for the festive season.But then they meet Eva, struggling with a suitcase that bursts and scatters her underwear in the snow. Practically a recluse since the death of her husband eighteen months before, Eva’s not looking for romance and is there to try to make Christmas more festive this year for her young son. But she brings an unexpected sparkle to Rudi and Isabel’s lives that renews their belief in the magic of Christmas.As the weather grows colder, things heat up between Rudi and Eva. But will the magic still be there when they wake on Christmas morning?Warning: contains hot and sexy scenes in a Finnish sauna and a huge dollop of Christmas magic.

The ABC's of Christmas

Ray Pritchard - 2013
    When it comes to Christmas, it's good for all of us to see through the tinsel and fantasy to the great story of Bethlehem. During this Advent journey we’re going to let each letter of the alphabet teach us something important about the Christmas story. Along the way we’ll meet the Wise Men, the shepherds, and a bad king named Herod. We’ll also meet Joseph and Mary. Best of all, we’ll meet the One whose birthday we celebrate. Throughout this 26-day devotional, Ray Pritchard shines new light on the events of the first Christmas. Experience Christ in a new way as we journey through Advent from A-Z.

Bright Copper Kettles (Christmas Holiday Extravaganza)

Candice Sue Patterson - 2013
    Her thriving wreath business and faithful cat are no longer enough to distract her from the pain of her past memories or her current loneliness. Is her frosty neighbor, the only one in town with no Christmas decorations, just another Scrooge, or could he be the one she’s been looking for?Coppersmith Dean Whitfield hasn’t celebrated Christmas—or anything else—since the death of his wife and unborn child. And he certainly has no desire to carry on the family tradition of crafting a star for the town’s Christmas tree, even if it will benefit a charity. Can Darcy and the joy of the season thaw his frozen heart and help him love again?

Jake & The Gingerbread Wars

E.G. Foley - 2013
    In the fantastical nooks and crannies of the Victorian Age, Jake and his friends (including his pet Gryphon) find no shortage of adventure – righting magic-related wrongs, solving supernatural mysteries, and exploring wondrous new worlds. Now it’s Jake’s first Christmas with his eccentric magical relatives, but trouble never takes a holiday… Santa’s Horrid Little Helper Wanted! Humbug, the disgruntled Christmas elf. Reward: One Christmas wish granted, courtesy of Santa. Humbug hates being a Christmas elf. Instead of making toys, he’d rather make mischief. Angling for a new job in Halloween Town, he sets out to prove he’s frightful enough for the task by ruining Christmas for as many people as possible - until Jake and his friends capture him. The kids set out on a rip-roaring adventure to the North Pole to hand the troublemaker over to Santa and collect the reward. But the way is fraught with danger, leaving them to wonder if they’ll make it back in time for Christmas…or if they’ll even make it back alive! Dear Reader, Although this book is connected to The Gryphon Chronicles series, it was written to stand alone, so you can still enjoy it just as much even if you haven't read the full-length novels. For readers who ARE following the adventures of Jake and his friends, consider this story #3.5 in the series. As a Christmas tale, GINGERBREAD is the lightest of the stories, and is half the length of the regular novels. [Previous titles include: Book 1 - THE LOST HEIR (now optioned for a movie!); Book 2 - JAKE & THE GIANT; and Book 3 - THE DARK PORTAL.] The Gryphon Chronicles are fun family reading for ages 10 & up, but younger kids who are avid readers should do fine with them, too. Thank you for your interest in our work! With warmest wishes, E.G. Foley

The Christmas Feast

Nathalie Dargent - 2013
    Don’t they want to fatten her up first? Haven’t they even hung up mistletoe or baked gingerbread? But the more time the three friends spend with Turkey, the less anyone wants the fun to end… Perfect for holiday story times, this festive book will provide plenty of laughs with its witty narration, amusing characters, and playful illustrations.

The Jesus Tree

Carey Thomas - 2013
    Each decoration tells the story of Jesus in a way that breathes new life into the meaning of Christmas. While admiring the humble tree, the old woman surprises Mackenzie and Ben with a Christmas gift they will never forget.

The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit

Emma Thompson - 2013
    The trio is excited for Christmas--until they realize that William is meant to be Mr. McGregor's Christmas supper! Just in time, Peter and Benjamin hide William, and the three enjoy a lovely Christmas dinner of pickled radishes and barley cake at the Rabbit family burrow. This story is inspired by a real turkey named William that Emma Thompson met on Beatrix Potter's farm in the Lake District.

A Christmas Proposal

Shirley Wine - 2013
    When Kayla Anders, betrayed, broke and unemployed, heads into the mountains to regroup… involvement with a man is not on her radar, but when she discovers she’s sharing the secluded lodge with a sexy Scotsman…she vows she’ll never walk blindly into another relationship, especially with a man carrying the personal baggage that Jamie so obviously does… Jamie Barron, burnt in a bitter divorce, has sworn off involvement with any woman on the rebound of a failed relationship… but when his ex wants to reconcile, he makes Kayla an offer she can’t refuse … and they both try to fight an attraction neither can deny…


Shelley Shepard Gray - 2013
    Ever since she met Englischer Chris Ellis while helping out at the Yellow Bird Inn, she can't stop thinking about him. She knows a relationship could never go anywhere—Chris was working undercover in Crittenden County as a DEA agent. That meant he faced danger daily and carried a gun, making him completely unsuitable for an Amish woman like herself. But she knew he felt the attraction, too. It was the reason he left so suddenly, promising never to see her again.Then, three days before Christmas, while Beth is taking care of the inn, Chris returns. This time, he is bleeding and in need of a place to hide. Against her better judgment, Beth takes him in and tends to his wounds. She also promises to keep his presence a secret. Before long, it becomes clear that nothing between them has changed—a relationship is inevitable. But are they ready to sacrifice everything for this chance at love?

The Christmas Tea Shop & Bakery

De-ann Black - 2013
    She moves to a lovely Scottish seaside town and opens up a vintage tea shop and bakery selling cakes, bread, scones and tea.It's Christmas time, and although Erith wants a quiet life, baking during the day and sewing her quilts in the evenings in her house above the shop, the local shopkeepers soon involve her in their festive plans.Stuart, who owns the shop that sells everything, flirts with her. Handsome interior designer, Muir, takes an interest in her, but is she interested in him? And what about Zack, the gorgeous bad boy?In this Christmassy romance, Erith bakes everything from chocolate bread to traditional Victoria sponge cakes. She blends her special selection of teas. She becomes friends with the local sewing bee women, Doreen, Millie and Belle. She also realises that when it comes to love, she has to trust her instincts rather than listen to local gossip.Set in a Scottish seaside town in a snowy December, there's baking, sewing, snogging and sexy men in this light-hearted romance novella. It's 22,000 words of Christmas cheer.Amid the chaos of Christmas, will Erith find time for love? Will there be a festive proposal? Who will be Santa and switch on the town's Christmas tree lights? In the busy little town there's only one thing for sure - no one wants to dress up as the reindeer's bum.

A Christmas to Remember

Katie Flynn - 2013
    Albert chases the boys away, and though Tess does not realise it, this incident changes her life.Tess lives with her grandmother, Edie, in a small flat on Heyworth Street in Norwich.She has recently returned from Bell Farm, where she was evacuated during the war, and is being bullied by her schoolmates, but when the handsome Snowy White comes to her rescue she thinks her troubles are over, and returns for a working holiday to Bell Farm and her old friend Jonty.This leaves Edie to her own devices, however, and Tess is jealous of the friendship which blossoms between her grandmother and the tobacconist.Yet though Tess resents Albert, it is to him she turns when things start to go wrong…

When I Count to Three

Tanya Allan - 2013
    To be fair, he had already taken a few teetering steps (probably due to the high heels), but for reasons that at the time seemed logical. The first time he dressed as a girl, he did so because his girlfriend at that time thought it would be cool. It was so cool that she went off with someone else, and every guy at the party wanted to get off with him!The second time was of his own volition (as the girlfriend was history by this time), and he felt he had awoken someone within who was not going to go away easily.However, due to a set of unusual circumstances, he falls in love with a girl called Sally, who just happens to be more into girls than guys. She persuades Max to become Maxine for three months whilst working at a remote hotel in Scotland. During this period, Maxine decides that she is going to stay, so Max has to decide whether he wants her to.Actually, it became an easy decision, but a very tough road, as you will see.

Holiday Wishes: Shepherd Moon / Wishing on a Starr / A Christmas Serenade

Rochelle Alers - 2013
    Three beloved authors bring you heartwarming classic tales that are the perfect way to celebrate this special time of year. Shepherd Moon BY ROCHELLE ALERSTragedy forced Rhianna Campbell to run away from the small town of Shepherd. Years later, she returns to find her former fiancé's brother resents her for leaving after his brother died in a Christmas Eve accident. Can Emery Sutherland find a way to forgive Rhianna? And will they both find peace and maybe something more this holiday season…together?Wishing on a Starr BY ADRIANNE BYRDYears ago, Gia Hunter's husband was killed in combat, so she was forced to give up their infant daughter, Starr. In a twist of fate, Starr's adoptive father, Daniel Davis, and Gia have a chance encounter while Christmas shopping. Their attraction is immediate, but complications arise because Starr has been searching for her biological mother. Will there be a future together waiting under the tree for this would-be family?A Christmas Serenade BY JANICE SIMSCallie Hart is having a hard time being grateful this Thanksgiving. She just lost her job in Atlanta, and while traveling home to her family in Charleston, she gets a flat tire. Out of nowhere, a tall, handsome stranger appears to help her. After thanking him, Callie doesn't expect to see him ever again. But Callie's mother has a plan to keep her daughter close to home�and that plan includes the gorgeous stranger that Callie cannot forget….

A Frost Family Christmas Anthology

C.J. Carmichael - 2013
    However, all the stories that were included in the anthology may still be purchased individually.Three generations of the Frost Family come together to celebrate the holidays on their maple syrup farm in Carol Falls Vermont...only to be thrown into turmoil when a baby is found abandoned in their outdoor nativity scene. This anthology includes three connected romance stories involving the Frost family and the abandoned baby, plus a bonus short story. WHAT CHILD IS THIS by C.J. Carmichael: When PR manager Lily Parker finds an abandoned baby in the nativity scene at work, her relationship with her boss, Garret Frost, becomes a lot more complicated. HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Roxy Boroughs: The past catches up with black sheep, James Frost, when he returns home for the holidays. His first love, April Rochester, is back in town, too. And all of James’ secrets – one of them involving the abandoned baby – are about to come tumbling down. THE HOLLY & THE IVY by B. C. Deeks: Police Officer Joey Frost has her hands full this Christmas trying to find the mother of the abandoned baby, but Joey can handle it…until a snow storm blows her high school sweetheart, Noel “Fletch” Fletcher, back to town. PLUS BONUS STORY, THE GIFT by C.J. Carmichael: What would you do if a child in need showed up at your door on Christmas Eve? Kindergarten teacher Amy Frost, and her deputy boyfriend, Gray Cassidy, never counted on this. The series continues with: Book 4: More Than A Feeling by C. J. Carmichael Book 5: The Greatest Gift by Roxy Boroughs

A Pioneer Christmas Collection

Lauraine SnellingAnna Carrie Urquhart - 2013
    Faced with primitive lodgings--a cave, a dugout, a sod house, a barn--settlers face their first Christmas in a new land with both trepidation and hope. From the mountains of North Carolina to the woods of Michigan, across the plains of Oklahoma and deserts of Arizona, these settlers soon learned that wherever the heart dwells, Christmas and romance can find a place to call home.In this exclusive collection of nine Christmas romances, readers will relive a pioneer Christmas with all its challenges and delights as penned by some of Christian fiction's beloved authors, including bestselling authors Margaret Brownley and Lauraine Snelling.1781 North Carolina - Defending Truth by Shannon McNear1820 Ohio - The Calling by Kathleen Fuller1830 Michigan Territory - A Silent Night by Anna Urquhart1862 Nebraska Territory - A Pony Express Christmas by Margaret Brownley1867 Arizona Territory - A Christmas Castle by Cynthia Hickey1875 Dakota Territory - The Cowboy's Angel by Lauraine Snelling1885 Dakota Territory - A Badlands Christmas by Marcia Gruver1889 Oklahoma Territory - Buckskin Bride by Vickie McDonough1897 Alaska - The Gold Rush Christmas by Michelle UleFilled with inspiration and faith, each story will become a treasure to be enjoyed again each holiday season.

Christmas in Nashville (The Nashville Series)

Elaine Littau - 2013
    Looking from the outside-in everything about her life seems perfect. Being a newlywed is nothing like she imagined and worry about Joey, her brother who is MIA from the Vietnam War, keeps her up at night. Betty's parents had tried everything they could think of to get information about him only to find that he was released from a POW camp and sent to the USA. Where could he be? Why didn't he come home to Oklahoma? After receiving a letter from a private investigator in regards to the child she put up for adoption over two years ago, Betty's life was further complicated. Her hopes were high that she might be able to mother the child she gave away only to be faced with court appearances and setbacks that stretched her faith in God to the limit.

Home for Christmas

Stephanie Wilson - 2013
    She finds herself at a crossroads with Christmas just around the corner. Austin Douglass, a self-made technology mogul, is getting ready to offer an IPO for his company that is gaining worldwide attention. He needs to attract investors, and the old-monied Seattle families are interested. Growing up on a wheat farm in Eastern Washington has little prepared him for the rigors of entertaining the Seattle elite. Through his P.R. person, he meets someone who is. Savannah is a traditionalist, Austin is a minimalist. They are polar opposites. She is losing her family estate, he is gaining one. As the holidays brighten up the city and snow falls in the mountains around them; as the time-honored Christmas traditions are celebrated; can these two find a path that will lead them ... Home for Christmas?

The Romance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Amanda Tru - 2013
    Having sacrificed so much of her life to become a ballerina, Calyssa has met her goals only to long for something more. She will dance the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the 'Nutcracker' one more time before quitting her traveling ballet troupe.But, when a late-night rehearsal ends with surprising danger, Calyssa and theater owner, Nikolas Clauson, are caught in a battle with an unexpected villain. As the smoke clears, Calyssa finds herself on a journey to her own, real-life 'Land of the Sweets'. Will she also find her own Nutcracker Prince, or will his stormy past and current secrets be more than this ballerina can overcome?

Act of Love

K.R. Jordan - 2013
    What he didn’t count on was his sister casting his ex-girlfriend as the female lead opposite him. Returning to his roots has Jack taking a hard look at his life, and he finds himself wanting the things he gave up so many years ago. Natasha can’t believe she agreed to play opposite her ex in the play ‘The Gift of the Magi’ at her best friend’s theatre. But she feels a certain kinship to the main character, Della, and it’s not just her long hair. As if facing a Christmas where she barely has the money to make ends meet, let alone buy presents for those she loves wasn’t hard enough, now she’s having to deal with Jack’s reappearance in her life. Through Natasha, Jack sees a side of life he’s missed out on. With love as her currency she gives more to others than he ever could with all his money. But would she be willing to give him a second chance at love?

Love Finds You in the City at Christmas

Ruth Logan Herne - 2013
    “Red Kettle Christmas” It’s 1946, and police officer Mike Wolzak has inherited his family’s home . . . and the custody of his younger sister, who is in trouble with a problem he doesn’t know how to fix. While on patrol during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Mike makes the acquaintance of a lovely Salvation Army bell ringer, Karen O’Leary, who is struggling to support herself and her young daughter. As their paths cross during the festive holiday season in Manhattan, Karen teaches the tough World War II veteran how to support and love his family. In the process, he just might gain a new one.“Manhattan Miracle”A war-weary soldier who has served three tours in the Middle East, Max Wolzak has come home to New York City to celebrate Christmas with his family in the Manhattan brownstone where he spent much of his childhood. There Max reconnects with Sarah Peterson, his sister’s old schoolmate who now organizes relief missions for the United Nations. Sparks fly as the pair gets reacquainted over various holiday events, but when Max realizes that Sarah will leave for the Middle East the day after Christmas, he has a decision to make—convince her to stay, wait for her to return, or go with her to the one place to which he never thought he’d return.

Merry Christmas Romance

Helen Scott Taylor - 2013
    When he rescues her from the snow and takes her into his home, the spirit of Christmas and his little girl's love work their magic.A Christmas Family WishWhen a tree falls on Rachel's house in a storm, the person who rescues her is Ian, the same man who rejected her declaration of love when she was eighteen. She has banished him from her thoughts for eight years, but all her feelings rush back as he plays the white knight and takes Rachel and her son into his home. The young man she once knew is now a wealthy, successful business owner, and more gorgeous than ever. Life has left them both bruised, but can they put the past behind them and start again?The Army Doctor's Christmas BabyAfter he loses his wife, army surgeon Colonel Sean Fabian protects his damaged heart by cutting women out of his life. He dedicates himself to his career and being a great dad to his twin babies. When he asks army nurse Kelly Grace to play nanny to his children over Christmas, he realizes how much he misses having a beautiful woman in his life and in his arms. Caring for Sean's adorable twin babies is Kelly's dream come true. She falls in love with the sweet little girls and their daddy, but she's hiding a devastating event from the past. If she can't trust Sean with her secret, how can she ever expect him to trust her with his bruised heart?A Christmas Crush (Short Story)Penny fell in love with her sister's boyfriend the first time she laid eyes on him. Eighteen years later,her feelings haven't changed, but his marriage to her sister is over. Can she risk their friendship for love?

Bambinelli Sunday: A Christmas Blessing

Amy Welborn - 2013
    To help with the boy’s loneliness, his grandfather encourages Alessandro to make his own figure of the baby Jesus. They will bring that figure to Rome in two weeks to have it blessed by the Holy Father on Bambinelli Sunday. Through the events that occur in the time leading up to receiving the blessing in St. Peter's Square, Alessandro comes to see his world in a new way, and receives the best surprise of all in the end.This book for children ages 7-10 tells a wonderful story about sharing, comfort, generosity, and forgiveness through the lens of a long-standing Italian tradition. The beautiful illustrations and timeless story make this a treasure Advent and Christmas resource for generations to come.

Biscuit's Christmas Storybook Collection

Alyssa Satin Capucilli - 2013
    With full-color illustrations and delightful stories, this Christmas collection is the perfect holiday gift.

The Christmas Tree Elf

Valentine D'Arcy Sheldon - 2013
    Claus has always wanted a Christmas tree to decorate. The following Christmas Season, he brings home the very first indoor Christmas tree for her. The Clauses love their tree, but they forget to water it because they are so busy preparing for Christmas. The night before Christmas Eve, the tree is almost lost, but a mysterious elf with a magical blinking red hat saves Christmas, and teaches Santa and Mrs. Claus that all living things need care and attention.

A Copper Mountain Christmas

Jane Porter - 2013
    Snuggle up with these sexy, heart-warming holiday stories by three best-selling authors, in which love at first sight and second chances prove that, at Christmas time, dreams can be realized and wishes will come true!Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter Widower Brock Sheenan needs things taking care of at the Copper Mountain Ranch over the holidays, and Harley Diekerhoff seems like the ideal hard-working housekeeper. Until she discovers he and his kids have never had a proper Christmas together. Suddenly, the ranch is full of festive cheer—and the passion between Brock and Harley steams like mulled wine! But Harley’s not looking forward to the New Year… because she’ll be saying goodbye to this handsome, taciturn Montana cowboy, who doesn’t know how to open up, or share or love…A Cowboy for Christmas by Katherine GarberaAnnie Prudhomme may have lost almost everything, and she’s daunted by having to return to her native Montana, penniless and alone. But seeing cowboy Carson Scott again, the guy she dated in her teens, soon injects some sparkle into her homecoming—his eyes are still as blue as the Big Sky. However, Annie’s still not sure if Marietta is where she truly belongs—she needs to decide over the holidays if she must move on once more. Though, when Carson helps her find the perfect pine at the annual Christmas Tree Cut, and then delivers it with some hot, hot loving, she feels that, just maybe, her deep-frozen heart might be beginning to thaw…Home for Christmas by Melissa McClone Rachel Murphy’s spending the holidays at the Bar V5 ranch with her older brother. She loves Christmastime and the scent of gingerbread, almost as much as she enjoys creating custom edible houses. But, after being burned in business, she's wary when handsome venture capitalist turned dude ranch owner, Nate Vaughn shows a real interest in her baking. Then there are his tempting mistletoe kisses… he’s good enough to eat! But mixing business with anything else could be another recipe for disaster. Can Nate convince her that, here with him in the snowy mountains of Montana, she's found her real home?

Christmas at the Crescent

Veronica Henry - 2013
    Ever since Giles walked out the day their baby was born, Josie has had to work twice as hard to make ends meet. Sacrificing a career as a chef, her famous steamed puddings keep her and her gorgeous baby boy Titus afloat. Almost. So when, in the middle of Stir Up Sunday, a new neighbour in the Crescent complains about the noise that Titus is making, Josie gives him a basinful...Giles, meanwhile, is finding life in the fast-lane with his uber-glamorous new girlfriend Rebecca rather draining. With one party blurring into another, he's now wondering if he hasn't made a terrible mistake in abandoning Josie and his child. Isn't it time he grew up, his mother asks, and Giles is starting to agree. So when he discovers Josie has a handsome new neighbour, Giles decides it's time to step up to his parental duties...Christmas just got complicated

Christmas Wishes

Emily Harvale - 2013
    Fifteen years later, on a snowy Christmas Eve, he’s the man she needs to mend the sleigh for the Winsham village, Christmas Parade. She’s wishing for a bit of Christmas magic ... and to be back in Luke’s arms. *** Partridge, In a Pear Tree Madeleine Moore is wishing she’d stayed in London for Christmas. Instead, she’s moved to a dilapidated cottage on the outskirts of Winsham the day before Christmas Eve. When her cat, Partridge gets stuck in her neighbour, Daniel Knight’s pear tree, this is the final straw. Can Dan save Maddie’s Christmas ... as well as her beloved cat?

A Christmas Promise

Tamera Lynn Kraft - 2013
    When John is called away two days before Christmast to help at another settlement, he promises he’ll be back by Christmas Day. When he doesn’t show up, Anna works hard to not fear the worst while she provides her children with a traditional Moravian Christmas. Through it all, she discovers a Christmas promise that will give her the peace she craves.------------------------------------------This title is part of the Christmas Holiday Extravaganza, specially priced through December 2013.

Peace on Earth, A Christmas Collection

Mary Engelbreit - 2013
    Highlights include:The birth of Jesus as told in Luke 2The poem “Friendly Beasts”Christmas carols including “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Silent Night,” and “The First Noel”Quotes, stories, and poems from well-known authorsIn addition, Peace on Earth, a Christmas Collection:Makes an ideal gift for fans and collectors of Mary Engelbreit, as well as a present for children 4-8, grandchildren, and nieces and nephewsIs perfect for family reading during Advent, Christmas morning traditions, or as a coffee table book during the holiday seasonCenters on the message of Jesus’s birth, the reason for the Christmas seasonI surely wish with all my heart,This day of Jesus’ birth,That peace and love and happinessSoon cover all the earth.


Kevin Wignall - 2013
    It's a time of year that brings bittersweet memories for this young man, reminders of all the things he's lost. But tonight he'll strike back against the bad luck that's slowly claimed his family. Tonight he's determined he'll kill the drug dealer, Mohr. Tonight, also, Karsten Groll knows that he will die himself.

The Night Before Christmas

Barbara Reid - 2013
    Rediscover this holiday favourite as never before, through the clever, touching, and always surprising illustrations of the incomparable Barbara Reid.Charming Plasticine animals bring a lively Canadian twist to the classic words, and fans will know to look for hidden treasures within each awe-inspiring spread.Barbara Reid's The Night Before Christmas is sure to become a new Canadian classic, and it is the must-have book for your Canadian Christmas this year, and every year to come.

Faith House

Robin Patchen - 2013
    She promised her dying grandmother she’d never abandon the house that is the only link to Sadie’s schizophrenic father—a man who disappeared twenty years ago. Max has loved Sadie since grade school, but their mutual friend died when they were teens. A decade has passed, and he’s finally found her. This time, he won’t lose her—not to a flooded house hundreds of miles from home, or to her false hope as she awaits her father’s unlikely return. When Sadie discovers her house is underinsured, she faces an impossible decision. Can she trust God enough to let go of her only connection to her dad? Can she trust Max enough to let go of her heart?

52 Commands of Jesus for Children: One Year Devotional with 52 Coloring Pages

Susan Chamberlain Shipe - 2013
    His syllabus came from the Institute in Basic Life Principles, Inc. This book you hold in your hand is a 52-week devotion-journal for parents to use with their children. Each week teaches a command and character quality. Parents, use the scriptures and the questions to probe the deep things with your children, in your own style and convictions. All scripture is taken from the New Living Translation and most of the scriptures are quotes from Jesus Christ Himself.

The Art of Christmas

Matt Anderson - 2013
    He just doesn't know it yet. It's nearly Christmas, and the safe world he has constructed for himself is about to implode. Is it bad luck? Is he doomed to be one of life's losers? Or is there Something greater at work? A reassembled Christmas tree and its ornaments are about to take Tyler on a journey of redemption and healing he never anticipated.

Two Tickets to Paradise

Scarlett Jade - 2013
    Defying common sense and hoping for a Christmas miracle, she gives the ticket to a man she doesn't know.Nick meets a beautiful woman at a coffee shop, who offers him a vacation, all expenses paid. He wonders if she's crazy, but takes her up on the offer. In paradise, they realize that together they make magic. But will the secret Nick keeps tear them apart forever?

HeVanly Christmas

Lucy Kelly - 2013
    Contains wording and actions some may deem offensive. Sexual explicit content. Menage In book Three ½ in the Nephilim Series: Aboard the Far Star Station for Christmas, with unexpected guests arriving, will the women be able to pull off a Christmas surprise for the men? There is theft happening on the ship and the one they expect makes several of the upset. Can the men get past the upset to enjoy a holiday they never have celebrated?

Chicken Soup for the Soul: It's Christmas!: 101 Joyful Stories about the Love, Fun, and Wonder of the Holidays

Jack Canfield - 2013
    You’ll all enjoy these 101 lighthearted and inspirational stories about holiday mishaps, family reunions, Christmas miracles, the joy of children, and the true meaning of Christmas. And there are plenty of stories about dogs and cats too, whether they’re stealing the turkey or making the holiday extra special. Every story is “Santa-safe” as well, appropriate for all ages.

Heartfelt Letters from Santa

Veronica Steck - 2013
    This book shows you how to capture that magic by writing a personal letter from Santa for the child or children who are special to you.Letters from Santa can describe situations your child has been in, recount good deeds he or she has done, make suggestions for improving behavior, and generally inspire your child in positive directions you see for them.The finely crafted companion volume is where you will write this special letter each Christmas Eve, after your child has brought their book of Santa’s letters to its honored place near the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning, the whole family can gather around as your child discovers what Santa has written just for them. As the years pass the book with these letters will grow more and more precious. It will be a chronicle of years past, and a guide for years to come. It will:• Transport both the child and the family back to the special moments in life,• Recap major events in the child’s progression to adulthood, and,• Remind children of how their biggest fans have stood with them and supported them, with loving, patience, and humor.This guide for parents and adults will provide you with excellent ideas, key phrases, and topic areas to consider. It will clearly assist you in writing meaningful and heartfelt letters your child – and the whole family – will love.

The Secret

Elizabeth A. Lance - 2013
    Mr. Andrew Garvin’s situation seemed ideal on paper. He is gone from the home often, in search of antiquities, leaving behind four children in need of guidance and supervision. Nan thinks it will be the perfect place to hide until her trust is released into her hands, but what she finds when she arrives is a household in an uproar, no staff, and a very handsome and roguish American who makes her heart beat just a little bit faster…the question is, will he discover who she is before she is ready to be found?

A Simple Christmas Wish

Melody Carlson - 2013
    Because Rachel is Holly's only known relative, she assumes that she will be her beloved niece's guardian. However, custody is awarded to Lydia, a distant aunt who happens to be Amish. Just a week before Christmas, Rachel takes Holly to the Amish community in the hopes of persuading Aunt Lydia to relinquish custody. Instead, Lydia sets out to teach Holly to live according to the Amish way. As family secrets emerge and old wounds are healed, Rachel realizes that she will do whatever it takes to ensure that Holly has the loving family she needs. Combining an Amish family saga with the anticipation of Christmas cheer and the promise of a budding romance, this newest Christmas story from beloved author Melody Carlson is sure to please.

Two Turtle Island Doves

Kim Law - 2013
    Every few months, looking for “closure”, they fall into bed together. To keep his mind off of Becky and his foundering acting career, Kelly heads to Turtle Island, Georgia, to be a contestant in the Yummy Santa contest. But when Becky shows up, winning the title is suddenly the last the thing on his mind. Becky has arrived with more than hot ex-sex on the agenda. She’s got a big secret to get off her chest, if she can only get Kelly to listen. Will these two finally get the closure they need, or will their reunion spark a second chance at first love? All bets are off in this fun, sexy romance with Kim Law’s signature Southern charm.

No Ordinary Shepherd

Toni Sorenson - 2013
    Sangster As the sun beams brightly on the hills surrounding Palestine, one young shepherd boy thoughtfully considers the significance of the day. The child, crippled in a terrible accident, has always treasured his shepherd father s tale of that starlit night so many years before a night filled with the wonder of angelic heralds and a tiny Bethlehem stable sheltering the chosen Messiah. Now, years since that sacred event, tales of Jesus of Nazareths miraculous birth touch the young boys faith. When he meets the gentle stranger in the hills a man strangely familiar to him the faithful young shepherd encounters a miracle of his own.

A Christmas Carol and Other Holiday Treasures

Charles Dickens - 2013
    In 1944, A Christmas Carol, Dickens released The Chimes: A Christmas Story of Some Bells That Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year In, which combined his usual sympathy for the poor with the notion that we must always strive to live in nobler ways. In 1845 came the novella The Cricket on the Hearth. The years 1846 and 1848 respectively saw published The Battle of Life and The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain. Because of this wealth of Christmas-themed works, Dickens is sometime referred to as “the man who invented Christmas.”About the Word Cloud Classics series:Classic works of literature with a clean, modern aesthetic! Perfect for both old and new literature fans, the Word Cloud Classics series from Canterbury Classics provides a chic and inexpensive introduction to timeless tales. With a higher production value, including heat burnished covers and foil stamping, these eye-catching, easy-to-hold editions are the perfect gift for students and fans of literature everywhere.

8-Bit Christmas

Kevin Jakubowski - 2013
    No Jose Canseco rookie card, no GI Joe hovercraft, no Teddy friggin' Ruxpin--just Nintendo. But when a hyperactive Shih Tzu is accidentally crushed to death by a forty-two-inch television set and every parent in town blames Nintendo, it's up to Jake to take matters into his own hands. The result is a Christmas quest of Super Mario Bros. proportions, filled with flaming wreaths, speeding minivans, lost retainers, fake Santas, hot teachers, snotty sisters, "Super Bowl Shuffles" and one very naked Cabbage Patch Kid. Told from a nostalgic adult perspective, 8-Bit Christmas is a hilarious and heartfelt look back at the kid pop culture of the 1980s.

Scrooge Falls in Love

Susette Williams - 2013
    Tate is irritated that Charity Fletcher, his nephew’s teacher and director of the play, chose his handicapped nephew for the part of Tiny Tim. Didn’t she find it cruel to typecast his nephew that way? Can the school play be a success, or will Tate become the Scrooge who wouldn’t change and spoils Christmas? Charity Fletcher is inspired by how precocious, outgoing and sweet Matthias Reeves is in spite of his bone disease. His over-protective uncle, Tate, on the other hand, can be quite infuriating. She reluctantly gives Tate a role in the school play so that he can make sure that Matthias is safe. Charity hopes that Uncle Tate will make a similar transformation as Scrooge in their rendition of the play. If Matthias is lucky, perhaps his teacher and uncle can find true love with a happily ever after ending.

Merry Humbug Christmas: Two Tales of Holiday Romance

Sandra D. Bricker - 2013
    Bricker. -- the perfect gift to yourself or someone else at this most wonderfully stressful time of year. In "Once Upon a Jingle Bell", a Bah! Humbug cruise to the Mexican Riviera is Joss Snow's answer to this year's quest to avoid the holidays completely; at least until she's rebooked on a different kind of cruise altogether. Candy canes, holly wreaths, reindeer and ornaments seem to be stalking her on the 12 Days of Christmas holiday cruise extravaganza. An escape back to land is her only goal . . . until she meets a kindred spirit in rugged Irishman Patrick Brenneman, and then the game is on! Avoid Christmas festivities at all costs . . . except maybe for that one stop under the mistletoe. In "It Came Upon a Midnight Deer", Reese's guilt over abandoning best friend Joss on their holiday tradition of avoiding all things Christmas is trumped by the joy of her recent engagement. Meeting Damian's family for the first time on idyllic Sugarloaf Mountain is about as far from that Bah! Humbug cruise as she can get, and Reese can hardly wait to get there. But from the moment they hit that deer in the road just two miles from the cabin, everything seems to go wrong. There are no drummers drumming or pipers piping this particular year! And once she sets her future in-laws' family cabin ablaze, she's pretty sure there won't be even ONE golden ring in her future.

Spirits of Christmas: A Rock'n'Roll Christmas Carol

Nicky Wells - 2013
    This Christmas, however, he is well down the road towards spontaneous self-destruction. Unwitting at first, Jude has progressively alienated his band and driven away the love of his life. Tonight, the night before Christmas Eve, he has broken the final taboo during a disastrous gig. Yet Jude doesn't see how badly his life has derailed, not until a ghostly procession of legends passes through his bedroom with a series of vivid and powerful wake-up calls. Will the Spirits help Jude put the friendship, love, and rock music back into his Christmas? Spirits of Christmas is a modern-day rock'n'roll adaption of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol. This novella will enchant romance readers, rock lovers, fans of ghost stories, and everybody who adores the festive season.

Thomas S. Monson Christmas Bundle

Thomas S. Monson - 2013
    Christmas Gifts, Christmas BlessingsPresident Thomas S. Monson shared the story "Christmas Gifts, Christmas Blessings" as a powerful reminder that it is more important to give than to receive. As we remember this insight during our Christmas season, we will find that Christmas gifts we share truly do become blessings in our lives as well. Christmas Dress for EllenPresident Thomas S. Monson told the story "A Christmas Dress for Ellen" at the First Presidency Christmas Devotional in 1997, and an adaption of his address was published as a Christmas booklet in 1998. The story was related to President Monson by Marian Jeppson Walker (now deceased) , a daughter of Mary Jeppson, the mother in the story. Sister Walker and her husband, William, also exchanged correspondence about the story with President Monson over the years. Additional details were obtained through correspondence with descendants of George Schow, the mailman who delivered the long-looked-for packages to the Jeppson family on Christmas Eve. In addition to other family members, those descendants include Mark Schow (now deceased) and Gayla Woolf Holt. The help and information from all these family members is acknowledged and appreciated. The Search for JesusIn The Search for Jesus President Monson refers to favorite scriptural accounts of those who have sought to know Christ. "The formula for finding Jesus has always been the same: earnest and sincere prayer of a humble and pure heart," he says. He urges all to "undertake a personal search for Jesus," to "prepare time for him in our lives and room for him in our hearts."

The Trouble with Christmas

Debbie Mason - 2013
    Dubbed "The Grinch Who Killed Christmas," Madison spoiled a deal that would turn quaint Christmas, Colorado, into a tourist's winter wonderland. Now the citizens want her fired but the company gives her one last chance, sending Madison to the small town to restore the holiday cheer.For Sheriff Gage McBride, no hotshot executive from New York City is going to destroy the dreams of the people he loves. But one look at this beautiful woman and it's his heart that may be broken. In just a few days, Madison causes more trouble than he's had to deal with all year. He can't decide if she's naughty or nice, but one thing is for certain—Christmas will never be the same again...

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Marie Landry - 2013
    She even put on a brave face the following two Christmases, carrying on Grama’s traditions and decorating her house and café with Grama’s favorite decorations.But Ginny can’t pretend any longer. When she finds out she’s going to be alone for the holidays this year, her Christmas spirit goes out the window, along with her luck. Everything that can go wrong does, and Ginny just wants to spend the holidays hiding under the covers...until Dean Riley comes back into her life. With their shared past, old feelings begin to resurface almost immediately, and Ginny thinks Dean might just be the Christmas miracle she’s been waiting for to help her remember why Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Nor Doth He Sleep

John M. Simmons - 2013
    Beginning with a shocking first visit to Santa Claus, where five-year-old Sarah asks him heartbreaking questions, the short story focuses on the faith of children, miracles, and a strong Christian message for Christmas.All profits from the sales of Nor Doth He Sleep go to the Ele Lembra Foundation, which assists children who are preparing to age out of government sponsored institutions, and other disadvantaged youth.

The Special Guest Special: A Christmas Story

Lee Allen - 2013
     This endearing family read became an instant Christmas bestseller when first published back in 1995. Now re-issued in a distinctive 20th Anniversary Edition by the authors, this heartwarming holiday story still ranks among the best popular holiday classics. For the cynical at heart, it is a tale that just might help you to once again believe… The story is perhaps best summarized by the former National Director of Angel Tree: "...Much more than just a well-written family story THE SPECIAL GUEST sprinkles the principles of forgiveness with the wonder that is Christmas!" Introduction: The story opens with the Reid family barely coping with a year-long tragedy when an unexpected guest arrives for the holidays. It is a stranger in need but who also is naggingly familiar... Soon after his arrival, surprising events start to unfold that will climax when the Reids learn the miracle of forgiveness. Finally, Christmas morning brings a mysterious gift that will show the family one can never know what might happen when we are kind to a stranger in need... The Special Guest is a book befitting the most wonderous time of year. A time when we try to lift our heads from the day-to-day grind to see humanity with spiritual eyes. When we listen to bells and hear the ringing announcement of Hope for the world. When we most want to believe in something beyond our natural senses... like angels... like special guiding stars... like wise men seeking humanity's savior... And really, doesn't the world pine for such Good News? A word from Lee Allen, the author: "Tweny-plus years ago it was Thanksgiving Day when I first introduced The Special Guest to my two oldest children, who were then in grade school. I had written the story just for them. It was only 20 pages in length then, a holiday read intended to get everyone in the mood for the season with a spiritual theme at its heart... That day we gathered along with the cousins beside a log fire in the basement at the grandparents in Richmond, Virginia, where I read the story. Afterwards, it went up on the family bookshelf for posterity. Then a couple years later, following some fortuitous prompting from outside events, Donna and I decided to publish the story as a Christmas book. I expanded the storyline into a novella length while Donna, an artist in her own right, added illustrations at each chapter heading. We self-published and distributed the book locally that year ('95). It's popularity (6,500 copies sold) attracted the notice of New York publisher and the next year it went national with a 300,000 gift edition printing. Soon thereafter came a movie deal. The fanfare was exhilarating. We did a book tour that carried us from New York to Michigan to Alabama to California. As I look back now, what stands out most to me is how people would come up at book signings to share personal experiencs that paralleled the story's theme. I have always believed in an invisible hand that has guided my life -- directing me at special forks in the road, opening doors at opportune times, and yes, even protecting me in tight moments. In writing this story, I wanted my children to believe the same. To have a story to fall back on reminding them to believe in something beyond what just the eye can see... For you dear reader, I wish a most enjoyable and memorable read.

Twice Loved

Wanda E. Brunstetter - 2013
    Brunstetter brings you a touching story of a single mother widowed after World War II. Bev Winters’s new job is an answer to prayer and just in time for Christmas—until her boss’s kindness awakens an old longing. Will her pride allow love after loss? Also enjoy a collection of 1940s recipes and handcrafts along with stories and trivia about Christmas 1946.

A Better December: Proverbs to Brighten Christmas

Steven Estes - 2013
    Playful and tiny, this illustrated work would be a good gift for your unbelieving friends as it gently introduces Jesus during a month when they are more receptive.

The Christmas Violin

Buffy Andrews - 2013
    When he closed his eyes it was her that he saw. But now, he saw Willow. And it scared him and made him feel guilty. And yet he couldn’t help himself, couldn’t help feeling what he was feeling…The last thing grief-stricken widower Peter St John expects to find at the cemetery is love. But one evening, as he lays flowers on Camilla’s grave, he is drawn to the haunting melody of a solitary violin player. And so he encounters beautiful concert violinist Willow Channing, who has her own grief to contend with. A second, chance meeting fuels the fire. And soon Peter knows that as one song ended, another might begin.

What Child Is This

C.J. Carmichael - 2013
    Garret’s a widower, stressed with the responsibility of running the family’s maple syrup business while raising his young son on his own. And Lily’s still trying to recover from the tragic loss that ended her marriage.Adding to their personal challenges, Garret’s adorable son Duncan has just told Santa that all he wants for the holidays is to visit the North Pole. How’s Garret going to manage that? And then an abandoned baby is found in the manger of the nativity scene beside the Sugar Shack...Just as it seems like the holiday will be a total bust, an almost-kiss under the mistletoe has Garret looking at Lily in a whole new way. Despite all the holiday mayhem, could this end up being the best Christmas ever?“What Child Is This" is Book One of "A Frost Family Christmas" trilogy. Each novella is a complete romance with a linking mystery connecting the three books.The next two books are: Home For Christmas, by Roxy BoroughsThe Holly and The Ivy by Brenda Collins

Christmas Romance in Scotland

De-ann Black - 2013
    It's the second book in the Christmas Romance series of books.Book 2 - CHRISTMAS ROMANCE IN SCOTLANDThese romance books can be read in any order.Story:Fiona is single and works as a craft editor for a magazine. She's been busy during December writing about knitting, sewing, baking cakes and lots of festive craft features.But while shopping for a Christmas tree in a department store in Glasgow, she sees a gorgeous looking Santa in the store's grotto. Then she meets Mark, a handsome but mischievous lawyer.Later, at a party at her friend Maribel's house, Fiona ends up dancing with both Mark and Santa who is a competitive gymnast called Fulton. She also becomes embroiled with Weir, an architect.Set at Christmastime in Glasgow, when the Scottish city is covered in snow, there is romance, mischief, misunderstandings, friendship and kindness in this warm-hearted new romance. It's 24,000 words of wonderful Christmas cheer.Fiona loves Christmas, but who will love Fiona this Christmas? Will it be Weir? Is Fulton the gorgeous gymnast the man for her? Or Mark the mischief making lawyer? Find out in this light-hearted romance for Christmas.About the Author:De-ann Black is a bestselling author, traditionally published for over 15 years, with more than 50 books published. She's also a scriptwriter and former newspaper journalist and magazine journalist.She worked as marketing editor for a glossy magazine, helped organise fashion shows and photo-shoots, trained for many years in martial arts, and was a full-time newspaper journalist. De-ann is also a fabric designer and designs her own fashions.Other new books by De-ann:The Tea Shop & Tearoom series:Book 1 - The Christmas Tea Shop & BakeryBook 2 - The Christmas ChocolatierBook 3 - The Chocolate Cake Shop in New York at ChristmasThe Tea Dress Shop series:Book 1 - The Tea Dress Shop At ChristmasBook 2 - The Fairytale Tea Dress Shop In EdinburghBook 3 - The Vintage Tea Dress Shop In Summer.New releases for 2013 & 2012 include:THE CHOCOLATE CAKE SHOP IN NEW YORK AT CHRISTMASTHE CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATIERTHE CHRISTMAS TEA SHOP & BAKERYTHE VINTAGE TEA DRESS SHOP IN SUMMERTHE FAIRYTALE TEA DRESS SHOP IN EDINBURGHTHE TEA DRESS SHOP AT CHRISTMASCHRISTMAS ROMANCE IN SCOTLANDDUBLIN GIRL - HOT SUMMER IN THE CITYTHE BITCH-PROOF BRIDETHE BITCH-PROOF ROMANCESHOPPING FOR MENSHOPPING FOR MEN AT CHRISTMASOOPS! I'M UP TO MISCHIEFOOPS! I'M A SECRET AGENTOOPS! I'M A HOLLYWOOD AGENTI'M HOLDING OUT FOR A VAMPIRE BOYFRIENDWHY ARE ALL THE GOOD GUYS TOTAL MONSTERS?The new crime thriller SHADOWS OF MURDERAnd the international spy thriller ELECTRIC SHADOWSPlus two new box sets:THE BITCH-PROOF BOX SETOOPS! IT'S CHRISTMAS BOX SET

Don't Call Me Christina Kringle

Chris Grabenstein - 2013
    The carols, the eggnog, the decorations—and most of all, Santa Claus. And for good reason: It all reminds her of her firefighter father, who loved the holiday season but died on the job last Christmas. For Christina, no Christmas will ever be merry again. To make things worse, this year, her grandfather’s shoe repair shop is failing. Bills keep piling up and the bank is ready to seize the shop. What Christina needs is a Christmas miracle.With the holidays fast approaching, Christina’s miracle comes in the form of magical brownies, spunky little creatures who just happen to be great at repairing shoes. These tiny helpers have the power to turn Christina’s whole life around—and maybe even get her back in the Christmas spirit.

A Cup of Christmas Cheer, Volumes 3-4

Barbara AndrewsDebbie Lynne Costello - 2013
    Each story offers the perfect opportunity to take a short break from your holiday planning and escape into an uplifting adventure. Everything you love in heartwarming Christmas fiction is in A Cup of Christmas Cheer — faith-based plots, captivating writing, lovable characters and hopeful endings that warm you from head to toe. You’ll love the way these stories whisk you away and how each has a heartwarming Christmas message of redemption, forgiveness, hope, and faith.The books are available exclusively from Guideposts Books.

The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories

Vickey Kall - 2013
    But just how much do you know about the history, fun, and controversy surrounding your favorites? Well, wonder no more! The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories fills in all the blanks by revealing: Which toy designer was married to ZsaZsa Gabor, and which one's bachelor pad was profiled in Playboy How a surplus of frozen turkeys led to the invention of the TV dinner Why tinsel feels different now than it did when we were kids What weird stocking stuffer NASA astronauts used to hold their tools in place in zero gravity What popular Boomer game was dreamed up in a polio ward Did Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines really exist? Were they married? Secret lovers? Or ... visitors from another galaxy? And SO much more! A collection of the often wacky stories behind the Christmas traditions that Boomers hold dear, The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories reveals the secret histories of the foods, songs, decorations, TV shows, and-most especially-spectacular toys that Boomer Babies enjoyed as children and teens, all wrapped up in one delectable volume.

Angel Paws Holiday Pack: Thanksgiving Night, Noel, Ice Cream in Winter, Christmas Spirit

Jordan Taylor - 2013
    Stories in the Angel Paws Holiday and Angel Paws series celebrate the unique bond between canines and humans with heartfelt, moving, and insightful tales for anyone who has ever loved a dog.Thanksgiving NightNight is a military K-9 dropout . . . but still destined to be a hero.Michelle hasn’t experienced a Thanksgiving Day without Jacob since they were married twelve years ago. Her sons have never known a holiday season without their dad. Now, Jacob is overseas, deployed worlds away, and Michelle must navigate Thanksgiving alone with her boys and their black German Shepherd Dog, Night.Michelle is wondering if that big, boisterous dog might just be the straw that broke the camel’s back when her holiday is turned upside down by unexpected danger. Then she discovers Night could mean more to her family than she ever guessed.NoelLost and stranded during a Christmas Eve blizzard . . . not how Anna imagined starting her holiday.Noel, a Great Pyrenees, didn’t mean to leave her flock in the middle of the night, but something seems awry and it’s her job to protect the farm. The big dog’s investigation leads her through a snow storm, right to a young mother and her infant daughter in a broken down car on a deserted country road. No threat after all. Noel starts for home. That is, until the desperate and freezing woman calls her back: this mysterious white dog may be her and her baby’s only hope for survival.Ice Cream in WinterA winter tradition. A grieving family. A holiday miracle on four paws.Andrew balked when Ella suggested Ice Cream Mondays with the kids throughout winter. Who wants ice cream in winter? Yet Monday has become his family’s favorite day. Or it was while Ella remained part of the tradition.Now, with Andrew’s faith in the extraordinary all but gone, Ice Cream Mondays become meaningful again with the arrival of a blessing on four paws. As Christmas approaches, Andrew begins to question his own doubts in the gentle gaze of this mysterious mutt: although, of course, she is just a dog. There’s no other kind . . . right?Christmas SpiritSpirit may look like a Shetland Sheepdog, but everyone knows he's really a scaredy cat.After being rescued from a city shelter by his forever family, Spirit finally discovers security. At least he knows his people are there for him. Yet, he’s still scared of just about everything, right down to the neighbor’s seven-pound lapdog. This autumn, he’s in for something new: a family vacation in the form of a road trip exploring British Columbia’s scenic wilderness.A holiday turns into a nightmare for the Sheltie when a fresh panic sends him running for his life, only to find he has also run from the only people he can trust. Now, with snow falling and a terrifying world looming about him, Spirit must return to them . . . even if that means facing the impossible.

Death is Coming to Town: Four Murderous Holiday Tales

Eleanor Cawood Jones - 2013
    In fact, you may never think of Christmas the same way again when you read these four murderous holiday tales."He’s Making a List." Marcie loves everything about Christmas, and she’s planning a very special holiday gift for her husband Kelly, the man of her dreams. However, her laptop computer reveals he may not be the man she thought he was, and that perhaps a much different gift is in order."Checking It Twice." Everyone tells Roger he’s handled divorce better than anyone they know. And that’s true—up to a point. This Christmas he’s busy keeping holiday traditions alive for his three young daughters, and things are looking up. Or are they?"Gonna Find Out." It’s Christmas Day at York Town Races and Games casino in the mountains of West Virginia, and almost everyone at the blackjack tables is one of the regulars. But cards aren’t the only things in play as the regulars find themselves dealing with a case of boorish holiday behavior by one of their own."Who’s Naughty or Nice." Three things are certain in this small town: Death, taxes, and the fact that Mildred Puckett will most definitely win the holiday bake-off competition and sale—again. This year, though, Mildred may have bitten off a bit more than she can chew.

Joy to the World: Daily Readings for Advent

John Piper - 2013
    It is a season of preparation for that special day when we mark Immanuel's arrival - the coming of our eternal God in frail, human flesh. This is the greatest wonder of history's many wonders, something too stupendous to celebrate just on one day. Advent is a way of lengthening the joy of Christmas. These 25 brief devotional readings from John Piper begin December 1 and carry us to Christmas Day. Our prayer is that God would use these readings to deepen and sweeten your adoration of Jesus this December and keep him as the center and greatest treasure of your Christmas season. The candles and candies have their place, but we want to make sure that in all the Christmas rush and hubbub we adore Jesus above all.