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Caged Wolf

Caroline Peckham - 2020
    And maybe getting sent down would seem insane to some, but I’m Rosalie Oscura, champion underground cage-fighter and alpha werewolf from the infamous Oscura Clan. My family wrote the book on criminal organisations and I’ll be ruling this place by the time the next moon rises.Then I just need to get to work on busting us the hell out of here. ‘Us’ being me, the lion shifter I’ve loved for ten long years, and the most notorious criminal in here - a sinful incubus who’s been condemned to isolation for committing an unspeakable crime.What’s the worst that could happen? I mean, short of being rejected by my mate, the black-hearted werewolf who rules over my sworn enemies, or getting myself noticed by the sinister vampire guard who has a dark vendetta against me. But how likely is that?The trouble is, I need the help of those four alpha males to get out of here. And they happen to hate each other almost as much as they hate me.But I always did love a challenge. And I never did learn when to back down.So how hard could it be to make them accept me as their leader?Caged Wolf was previously titled ‘Darkmore Penitentiary’ and is a dark, shifter RH with rejected mates, age gap romance, enemies to lovers, psychos, violence and steamy scenes recommended for readers aged 18+It is set in the world of Solaria after the events of Zodiac Academy and Dark Fae and contains some character crossover but can be read as a standalone series without having read the other books.

The Cursed Witch

Chandelle LaVaun - 2020
    No one here knows who I am, I don’t fit any of the missing persons reports, and the doctors can’t find a single thing wrong with me…my memory…my life…they’re just…gone.But something lurks in the shadows in Salem, watching me…waiting. I feel its eyes on my back and my name whispered in the wind. Even in the light of day the friendly smiles around town put me on edge.Someone isn’t telling me the truth but I will find out what happened to me…and I think Riah knows more than his pretty mouth is telling me. There's a story in those golden eyes of his, now I just need to get close enough to him to find out…*Disclaimer: Fae Magic is Season Three in The Coven Series. It can be read as a standalone but is best to be read after Season One - Elemental Magic and Season Two - Academy Magic.

Ghost Mortem

Jane Hinchey - 2020
    That was me. I said that. If you’d told me yesterday that ghosts were real I would have smiled, nodded, and called a shrink to fix your deluded little mind. Now it’s my turn to question my sanity when the ghost of my best friend turns up in my apartment. Was it the tequila shots the night before causing this apparition? Or one too many bumps to the head — let’s face it, clumsy is my middle name, it really wouldn’t surprise me if I’d done some irreparable damage to my grey matter over the years.Now I have to accept that the paranormal does, in fact, exist. But sadly, my ghost friend is lacking something besides his body. His memory. He doesn’t know how he died but suspects foul play and he wants my help to find his killer. I can’t refuse, I’m a sucker for a good mystery and the chance to bring my friends killer to justice is too good to pass up.Surprises abound as I discover a secret talent for sleuthing, not to mention an unexpected inheritance of a talking cat among other things. But the biggest problem of all? Captain Cowboy Hot Pants, or as he likes to be called, Detective Kade Galloway of the Firefly Bay PD. He’s one smokin’ cop, but my distrust of the police runs deep and despite his assurances that he’s here to help can I really trust him, or is his offer of assistance designed to keep me from discovering the truth?I guess I’ll find out when death comes knocking on my door.Join Audrey Fitzgerald in the Ghost Detective series, a paranormal cozy mystery featuring a cat, a ghost, and a murder to solve.

Unholy Blood

Lina Im - 2020
    With the support of a rising star in the local police force, Hayan steps up to protect her loved ones, face her past, and get her revenge.

The Dragon Twins

Michelle Madow - 2020
    Romance. Adventure. And twists you’ll never see coming.According to legend, twin sisters Gemma and Mira are descended from witches. But they’ve never been able to use magic.On their seventeenth birthday, everything changes. They’re gifted with power over the elements, and right after receiving their magic, they’re tracked down and attacked by an ancient monster. They would have died, if not for Mira’s boyfriend Ethan showing up to save the day.It turns out that Ethan has magic, too. He’s a dragon shifter from a dark realm, and he’s sworn to protect the twins from whoever’s hunting them down.With monsters relentlessly chasing them, the three of them go on the run, pausing only to sleep—and to allow Ethan to teach them how to master their magic. But since they’re stuck together, Gemma has to try harder than ever to keep her deepest secret from her twin—she’s been in love with Mira’s boyfriend for months. Sometimes, she swears Ethan feels the same.But Gemma’s feelings for Ethan should be the last thing on her mind, because whoever’s hunting them has dark magic so impossibly strong that even the most powerful supernaturals are running scared. With nowhere left to hide and time running out, the twins race to discover the truth behind their heritage so they can fight back—even if that means committing the ultimate act of betrayal: of each other.

The Demon Accords Compendium, Volume III

John Conroe - 2020
    How does the FBI respond to a potential werewolf attack in an awakened world? What is it like to grow up witch? Wolf pack management 101. How do you assist a vampire queen? Who else lives on the world of Fairie? What does it take to prepare for alien invasion? As told by Declan, Stacia, Lydia, Chris and introducing a few new characters to the fold. DA Compendium 3 builds upon and moves the arc of the DA storyline forward toward the battle for Earth. If you are a fan of the series you do not want to miss any of these important stories!

Midlife Magic

Victoria Danann - 2020
    His words, not mine. The news was unwelcome at the time, but honestly? I needed a good goosing to get up and find my way to the door.So. I was freed from the manual of expectations authored by my ex that had, over the years, grown into an encyclopedia of what a wife "should" be and do. The freedom was the good news. The flip side was less happy. Due to living in a state not friendly to discarded wives, I was also relieved of the financial 'security' I'd spent a lifetime accruing.Starting over? I didn't plan on it. Didn't see it coming. But pulling a sheet over my head and waiting for the end didn't seem like my style. Granted. I wasn't sure what my style was because I hadn't thought about freedom of expression since I was twenty.I'd never been a fan of optimistic adages like 'it's not too late', but that was before my life was divided into two parts; everything that came before the mysterious package and everything after. Fate shot me with a lightning bolt of attitude adjustment and thrust me head first into an adventure that was unforeseeable to say the least. If you'd told me what my life was going to be like, I would have used every synonym for crazy you've ever heard.I 'inherited' a curious antique store in a tiny, picturesque English village where the world of fae magic lives side by side with the mundane. But that's far from all. Eight times a year, I receive magical dignitaries and magical lowborn alike and mediate their disputes; some comical, some deadly serious.It may be too late for super shiny hair, going without a bra, or sleeping eight hours without a potty break. But it seems that it's not too late for navigating magical politics, expatriating, romance, and saving the world.

A Gilded Cage

Auburn Tempest - 2020
    Often both. But when a back-alley brawl leaves me marked with a bizarre Celtic crest on my back, I become a beacon for all things whacked and weird.My dad is obviously freaked when he sees the tat, but he won’t discuss it. So, I do what any stubborn red-headed lass would—I ignore all advice and fly to the Emerald Isle to get answers.And yeah…you know that saying about hindsight being 20/20?True Story.Look out, druid world. This mac Cumhaill is like no other.Will Fiona survive coming into her powers? Will those in Ireland survive Fiona? Can Toronto survive an urban druid and her mythical bear?

Two Shots Down

T.S. Joyce - 2020
    He has a chip on his shoulder a mile wide, and everything to prove. With a dark reputation as a cowboy killer, he has wrecked every interview he’s done in his career. He’s the bull shifter everyone loves to hate, and he’s just fine with that, except there is one he cares about. One woman whose life he ruined. One woman he damaged. One woman who probably doesn’t even know he exists. When that one woman stands up for him and the other top three bull shifters of the circuit, and offers to manage them, he knows he’s in for a bad time. She drags ghosts with her, and they’re haunting him. All he needs to do is get from event to event, and buck those riders off before that eight second mark. But during the most important time of his career, Cheyenne is tearing down his walls. And for the life of him, he can’t figure out if that’s a good thing, or a very, very bad thing.Cheyenne left the PBSR years ago when tragedy altered her life forever. She used to represent the riders, but now she’s turning traitor and switching sides. She’s taking heat from everyone to represent three titan bull shifters who don’t even understand what she’s trying to do for them, and want nothing to do with her. She’s in way over her head, but she did this on purpose, to get to know the man who demolished her life all those years ago. She needs to know if Two Shots Down is really the monster he pretends to be, or if he might be the only other person on earth who could understand what she’s healing from. These bull shifters are rough, and violent, and intimidating, but Two Shots Down is showing her a softer side to the bulls. He’s funny, and caring, and protective of her always, and sexy as hell. The more time she spends with her, the safer she feels with the monster.Now it’s up to Two Shots Down. If he wants to be a part of Cheyenne’s team, he has to win events…and that means being the biggest, baddest bucker in the world.

Unlove Me

T.S. Joyce - 2020
    S. Joyce.** One wild night with friends, and Brock Evans comes up with a plan to rake in the room reservations at his lodge. Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, he is going to throw an UnValentine’s Day party for the singles who want to escape the hearts, and romance, and frills of February. But when a curvy beauty comes crashing into his lodge with eyes much too bright to be human, he is instantly intrigued. She has to be one of those shifters, but she fibbed about it on her room application, so she must be hiding something big. And the more he gets to know her, the more he wants to uncover all the mysteries that surround her. Humans and shifters don’t mix. Armadillo shifter, Ava, learned that early on, so to avoid being denied for the UnValentine’s Day party at a rustic mountain inn, she tells a little white lie that snowballs her down a path she doesn’t expect. Brock is kind, handsome as hell, and a dominant personality compared to a submissive shifter like herself. He’s fun, and easy to be around, and her body ignites around him, but she is here for one reason, and one reason alone—to escape the pressure of the holiday. The last thing a girl like her needs is romance on Valentine’s Day, but Fate just might have other plans. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

The Royal Trials: Complete Series

Tate James - 2020
     Book 1: IMPOSTER Three trials. Three weeks. Three Royal Princes. It should have been an easy task, for a skilled mercenary like Rybet Waise. Simply break into the royal palace, and rescue her friend from the executioner's block. But when Rybet accidentally qualifies for the Trials, she finds herself with little choice but to see them through. A thin veil of etiquette, elegance and glamour hides the true nature of the Trials. Behind closed doors, they are brutal and bloody, and to fail means to forfeit her life. Thrust into the limelight and forced to compete with the Kingdom's elite sweethearts, unlikely allies emerge and bonds are formed. But someone will stop at nothing to see her fail. After all, she's nothing but a dirty pond-dweller. Rybet will do whatever it takes to survive until the Golden Ball, Princes be damned. Book 2: SEEKER One quest. One crown. One shattered heart. The Royal Trials were never meant to be easy, not even for an imposter like Rybet Waise. But nothing could have prepared her for the magical storms, mutated animals and malicious gods standing in her way. There is no time for tears, mere hours after being bathed in Prince Alexander’s blood, Rybet must embark on a quest. The second trial dictates she find a missing magical artefact--Queen Ophelia's crown. Released from the overbearing confines of the royal palace, Rybet competes not only with the other remaining ladies, but also with the land itself. Magic is more volatile than ever, and the gods have come out to play. Royal love interests who don’t know how to share only make things harder for this dirty pond-dweller--if that’s really all she is. Rybet will do whatever it takes to make it out alive, and with her heart unbroken. Book 3: HEIR A corrupt King. A murdered Queen. A missing Princess… Found. Once upon a time, The Royal Trials were a sacred ritual designed for a queen to select her king. But nothing is as it was in the kingdom of Tiech. Not since the brutal murder of beloved Queen Ophelia. The town of Ironforge revealed important secrets, but it all came at an unbearable cost. The streets run red with the blood of innocents and Rybet's heart is heavy as she returns to Lakehaven. Facing court and her mother's murderer will require more than just a brave face. She will need the skill, intellect and support of those who love her. Or what's left of them. Torn between love and duty, Rybet faces decisions she never thought she would have to make. This long lost princess will do whatever it takes to make it to the Golden Ball, even at the cost of her own happiness. **PLEASE NOTE: This is a reverse harem romance, meaning the leading lady ends up with 3+ love interests and does not choose between them. If that's not your cup of tea, this isn't the series for you!**

Runaway Fate

Elizabeth Hunter - 2020
    She had a job she loved, a husband she adored, and a home in the beautiful seaside town of Moonstone Cove.Okay yes, she worked too much and had fallen out of touch with all her friends, but that happened to everyone, right? And sure, she was feeling a little creaky in the mornings and couldn't drink coffee after noon, but that was just life in middle age.Four minutes was all it took for fate to run away with anything that resembled normal.Now Katherine is trying to place mysterious psychic visions into her previously ordered life. She's playing referee between a displaced Southern mama and a sarcastic mechanic with a chip on her shoulder. And her quiet life has been upended by a mysterious rash of violent acts by students at her school.Thankfully, her new friends have powers of their own, and together they just might discover who or what has it in for the quiet citizens of Moonstone Cove.Runaway Fate is the first book in the hot new Paranormal Women's Fiction series, Moonstone Cove by USA Today bestselling author, Elizabeth Hunter. It's fiction for lovers of magic, mayhem, and a solid afternoon nap (when they can squeeze one in.)

Magic Forged

K.M. Shea - 2020
    As someone with barely a flicker of magic, I've spent my life being mocked and surviving fights with bullies. But when my parents die in an accident, and I find myself responsible for our whole wizard house and family, I know my usual tactics aren't going to cut it.The situation veers from bad to catastrophic when my backstabbing cousin stages a coup and takes my family hostage. I barely manage to flee, but the only supernatural willing to help me is Killian Drake - the most feared vampire in the region, and a far more deadly villain than the jerk threatening my family.Is Killian sexy and charismatic? Heck yeah.He's also so powerful that my flight or fight instincts kick in every time our eyes meet. And he's definitely using me as his personal magic detector in his feud against the local fae.But Killian is also the first person to believe I might have more than just a scrap of magic. And if I can convince him to train me, I might get strong enough to free my family and get my house back.I'm not sure what happens when a scrappy wizard is taught how to fight by a hall of deadly vampires, but I'm about to find out.Magic Forged is the first book in the Hall of Blood and Mercy trilogy, which features vampires, wizards, fae, and werewolves. It's packed with humor, adventure, and a sweet, slow burn romance between a vertically challenged wizard and the most lethal vampire in town.

Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft

Mandy M. Roth - 2020
     On the eve of my fortieth birthday, Fate has given me a second chance at the happiness I once knew in the odd Southern town of Grimm Cove. But only if I can come to terms with some rather eye-opening revelations. Supernaturals are a real thing. I'm a witch. My high school sweetheart, who happens to be the Chief of Police in Grimm Cove, is my fated mate and a wolf-shifter. Ghosts exist and can be very nosy and meddlesome. Someone is murdering witches left and right. And last but not least, my ex-husband's barely legal arm candy is taking fatal attraction to new levels of Hell. I'm no shrinking violet, and with the help of my best friends, I'm going to live life on my terms--come Hell, high water, or magikal mishaps. Don't miss out on the next book in the Grimm Cove Series World, Hexing with a Chance of Tornadoes! Romance book contains: sassy women who put their friends first, know how to laugh, and have a good time despite the lemons life has tossed their way. While they may be forty, they don’t see themselves as too old for anything, and they’re not ready for society to put them out to pasture. They’re quick to speak their truth with whatever colorful phrase they so choose, but no one is dropping any “F-bombs” in these. Keep in mind, these books are first and foremost paranormal romances, which means that while the women are tough and able to hold their own with any demon out there, they do find true love with the man that is right for each of them. If you’re all about fated mates, BFFs, old flames being rekindled, and laughing until your sides split (or if you happen to be over 40 like the author—until you tinkle a little), these books are for you. Yes, there are some sexy scenes in these books, but no one has any “red room of pain” or anything. Each book focuses on a new couple, and each gets their happily ever after (HEA). So, buckle up and get ready to take a trip to the supernatural filled town of Grimm Cove. It’s going to be one “spell” of a ride!

The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy

Kaydence Snow - 2020
    The Institute is world renowned for educating and training Variants – the 18% of the population fortunate enough to have superhuman abilities. As a human, she’s lucky to be admitted.She’s done with fake identities, running and lying but once again she finds herself surrounded by secrets.Some she’s been keeping her whole life.Some have been kept from her.Some she finds herself dragged into…Ethan, Josh, Tyler and Alec have some of the rarest Variant abilities Evelyn has ever seen. They fascinate, intrigue and attract her, but is it their abilities, their own secrets or something more that Evelyn can’t seem to stay away from? The secrets they keep could drag Evelyn so deep into their dangerous and exciting world that she’ll never be the same.And the answers she finds could get them all killed.Includes:Variant Lost (Book One)Vital Found (Book Two)Vivid Avowed (Book Three)PLUS 13 bonus scenes, most never before seen, including character POVs, deleted scenes, and bonus content.

Secrets and Alchemy

Linsey Hall - 2020
    One: she needs my help. Two: she’s my fated mate.I’ll stop at nothing to save her from the magical mob boss she’s pissed off. It’s the only way I’ll ever be able to make her mine.Then the unexpected happens. The Fae magic that I once rejected comes back, cursing me to die within days if I can’t create an antidote. Sora is my best chance at getting the ingredients I need, but only if we both survive.


Charles Tillman - 2020
    The local police are good at their job, but they’re not well-equipped to handle things that go bump in the night.Especially not the ones terrorizing this once-peaceful island paradise.While dealing with the incursion, Akio discovers new information. The situation is escalating—and all evidence points to enemies from his past.A dangerous science he’d thought was destroyed.The Forsaken are rising to take their place as the alpha predators.Now, it’s a race against overwhelming odds as Akio unravels long-laid complex plans and takes the fight to those who threaten the last bastion of civilization on post-apocalyptic Earth.Can he stop this evil before it enslaves humanity?Or will the Forsaken succeed in taking over the world?

It's A Wonderful Midlife Crisis

Robyn Peterman - 2020
    I was married to the man I loved. I had a body that worked without creaking. My grandma, who raised me, was still healthy, and life was pretty damned good.    But as they say, all good things come to an end. I’d honestly love to know who ’they’ are and rip them a new one.   One year later, I’m a widow. My joints are starting to ache. Gram is in the nursing home, and dead people think my home is some kind of supernatural bed and breakfast. Gluing body parts onto semi-transparent people has become a side job—deceased people I’m not even sure are actually there. I think they need my help, but since I don’t speak dead, we’re having a few issues.    To add to the heap of trouble, there’s a new dangerously smokin’ hot lawyer at the firm who won't stop giving me the eye. My BFF is thrilled with her new frozen face, thanks to her plastic surgeon, her alimony check, and the miracle of Botox. And then there’s the little conundrum that I’m becoming way too attached to my ghostly squatters… Like Cher, I'd like to turn back time. Now.   No can do.     Whatever. I have wine, good friends, and an industrial sized box of superglue. What could possibly go wrong?   Everything, apparently.   All in all, it’s shaping up to be a wonderful midlife crisis…

Behind the Beginning

T.S. Joyce - 2020
    One chance meeting out in the middle of nowhere gets him bitten by a monster and his life is altered forever. Being a werewolf is hard enough, but being the vessel for a black-hearted beast like Wolf is nearly impossible. Grey’s life is circling the drain when he runs into the woman he saved a year ago. He isn’t the same man he was back then. In fact, he isn’t a man at all, but Morgan doesn’t seem to mind, and for the first time in a long time, Grey feels like he just might be redeemable. His redemption will come at a steep cost though.Morgan has a fate that is so much bigger than she ever expected. She’s nothing special—a graphic designer and warden to her little niece, and right now, she’s just trying to get by. But a chain of events will change her destiny. There is no shot at a boring life when she is thrust into a culture she had no idea even existed—werewolves. There is nothing safe about this life, but she just can’t stay away from the mysterious, snarly man who saved her all those months ago. If she’s brave enough, and strong enough, she just might find a love story for the ages. Or she could get dragged down a path that will change the destiny of two wolf packs, and the entire race of werewolves forever.She has no idea what she is yet, or how important she is to a brewing war…but behind her beginning is a Silver Wolf waiting to reign.**Behind the Beginning is the first book in T. S. Joyce's completely re-written series (originally titled the Silver Wolf Clan series, now re-titled the Becoming the Wolf series.) The rights now belong to the author.Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors

Annette Marie - 2020
    So maybe I've conned a few people, but did I really deserve to be thrown in MPD jail alongside magic-wielding serial killers?According to Agent Lienna Shen, one-hundred-percent yes.But her hardass attitude and “Arcana prodigy” status aren’t enough to bring down my former best friend, who slipped through the MPD’s fingers and is days away from unleashing untold horrors upon the city. Or he’s going to steal something. I don’t really know.Whatever he’s up to, that’s why I’m sitting in an interrogation room with Lienna. And that’s why I just offered myself as her temporary new partner for the purposes of thwarting my ex-accomplice.And that’s how I’m going to escape. I might even help with the case before I cut and run.

The Line Unbroken

N.D. Roberts - 2020
    America is the last holdout against the corruption causing nanocytes to malfunction.Bethany Anne is far away fighting for the survival of the entire universe, unaware that her technology has turned on humanity.Earth needs a protector from Bethany Anne’s line, and the Kurtherian Lilith has found her champion.Sarah Jennifer might not be Bethany Anne’s last blood descendant on Earth, but she’s the only one with the ability to unite Salem’s Weres and magic users and shape them into a force capable of facing the Madness head on.Join her in The Line Unbroken as she takes her first steps on the road to the Age of Magic.

Midnight Kisses

Leia Stone - 2020
    Then when she arrives at Alpha Academy, the Alpha King is not happy to see her.And if that isn’t enough...Mysterious magical marks pop up on her skin, outcast shifters keep attacking the school, and someone is trying to kill her.There is no way things could get worse. No way.Until she meets her fated mate at a masquerade party…He’s sexy as sin.An Alpha Heir.And completely and totally forbidden.If you love YA fantasy, wolf-shifters, and enemies-to-lovers romance, get ready for a pulse-pounding story that will keep you riveted until the very last word.*This new series is NOT Reverse Harem.

Sucks To Be Me

Kristen Painter - 2020
    Then the boss tells her that she has to complete her husband’s last job before that freedom is truly hers.No big deal, she figures. Until things go south in ways she never imagined. Suddenly she’s thrust into a whole new world that makes the mob look like kindergarten. Vampires and werewolves are real? How is that freaking possible?Her dreams of a new life disappear faster than wine at book club as more problems arise from her husband’s dark dealings and the unbelievable complications caused by her supernatural entanglements. Only her strength and determination (and some wild new friends) will see her through this next chapter, but the odds are against her. How much more can her life suck? She’s about to find out…

Midlife Bounty Hunter

Shannon Mayer - 2020
    The next, I’m divorced and living in the guest room of my ex’s hotter- than-sin cousin’s place in Savannah . . . and talking to an animated skeleton named Robert. I have to admit, Robert isn’t my worst date. At forty-one, I didn’t think I’d be starting over. But I’ll be damned if my ex thinks I’m down and out because he pulled a fast one on me. When a job comes my way that offers me a chance to use my childhood training in the shadow world, I take it—I need the money more than I care about my sanity. It’s dangerous. I have to embrace the magic and dark of my past. And I need Advil to keep me going. So those who’d hold me back better sit up and take notice, because a new woman is in town, and she’s not about to be counted out by anyone. Even if she does groan when she rolls out of bed in the morning.

My Luck

Mel Todd - 2020
    They call me that sometimes, and I hate to admit it, but it isn’t wrong. Things go weird around me. Electronics die, things break, and if something odd happens, I seem to find it. Finding another dead body just made me late to work.Nothing will stop me from getting my degree, getting a job, and getting away from this tiny town – though leaving my best friend will hurt more than anything else. Reality seems determined to make reaching my goals impossible. The dead guy had my name in his pocket, my best friend emerges as an archmage, and my parents – well let's just say leaving them behind is one of the best parts of getting away.So be it. Not being a mage means I'll have to struggle to succeed. No matter how weird things get, I'll make it. I lost my brother and I'll probably lose my best friend to the world of magic. All I can do is depend on myself.

A Book & Candle Mystery: the Complete Series Books 1-7

Aubrey Harper - 2020
    Murder. Ghosts. Witches. Vampires. Werewolves. And so much more! When Rory Wiltz inherited her grandmother’s occult shop, Book & Candle, she had no idea she came from a long line of witches. Now that she’s thrust into the world of the supernatural, she’s going to have to solve her grandmother’s murder, with her grandmother’s ghost along for the ride! With the help of her best friend Scott, and the sexy but mysterious Hunter, Rory will have to solve many mysteries in the sleepy little town of Hazelville. Witches, werewolves, vampires, and many other impossible things will cross her path. Rory will have to learn how to tap into her own magical power in order to deal with the increasingly dangerous supernatural world she never even knew existed. Many mysteries await, but with the help of her friends, and a cat with an attitude, Rory is more than up to the task! This collection contains the complete Book & Candle mystery series. All seven books are collected in this volume for the first time. This collection contains the following books: A Witch’s Guide to Murder A Witch’s Guide to Werewolves A Witch’s Guide to Hauntings A Witch’s Guide to Vampires A Witch’s Guide to Familiars A Witch’s Guide to Time Travel A Witch’s Guide to Family.


Jaymin Eve - 2020
    One I’m left paying for. As a wolf shifter growing up in a strong pack, I should be living my best life. But after my father tried to kill the alpha, I’m labeled an outcast, traitor, less than dirt.When I can't take pack life any longer, I run, but apparently they don't like losing their punching bag. Torin, the alpha’s son, drags me back before my first shift... a shift that will reveal my true mate.I never could have predicted who mine would be, but the moment my wolf looks upon him, I’m filled with hope for a brighter future. After all, no one ever rejects their true mate, right?Wrong. Very wrong.When the wolves attack, my soul screams for vengeance, and somehow I touch the shadow world. Somehow I bring him to our lands.The Shadow Beast. Our shifter god. The devil himself. Turns out being rejected by my mate was only the beginning.

The Soul Summoner Series: Books 1-3

Elicia Hyder - 2020
    One of them would die for her; the other would kill to keep her safe.**Find out why The Soul Summoner series has been a #1 bestseller in Paranormal Suspense and has been downloaded over 100,000 times, earning hundreds of 5-Star ratings.**Seriously Addicting!I am loving me some Elicia Hyder! This series has all my favorite genres rolled up into one book. Elicia has weaved a fantastic and very unique plot that's a supernatural thriller with tons of mystery, suspense and laugh out loud humor as well as some serious sex appeal. I love that Sloan is not your typical heroine and isn't predictable. Sloan, Adrienne, Nathan and Warren really make this story rock.You'll Fall In Love With SloanI've read this book 4 times, it's an engaging read that starts fast, pulls you in, and makes you fall in love with the characters from page one...If you enjoy thrillers with a touch of the supernatural, smart heroines, and lively and humorous banter, this book is the perfect read. I've already read the second book in the series, and I can't even tell you which one I like better. And believe me, that's a great problem to have.One of my new favorite authors...After finishing the last Darynda Jones "Charlie" book and the latest Preston & Child "Pendergast" novel I was looking for something similar to immerse myself in. I read all genres-the classics, mysteries, history, etc., Trust me-this series was enjoyable***THE SOUL SUMMONER (Book 1)Blessed or cursed with a connection to the souls of others, Sloan Jordan can see the best in people...and the worst. With nothing more than a glance at a photograph, she can judge the living from the dead and the good souls from the evil ones. For twenty-seven years, she's kept her ability a secret, but eleven young women have been murdered in the mountains of North Carolina, and Sloan may be the only hope of finding their killer.She has just agreed to help Detective Nathan McNamara with the case, when a stranger--who is as alluring as he is terrifying--shows up at her doorstep with a dark past and another puzzling mystery: she can't see his soul at all.Now Sloan is on the hunt for a deadly psychopath with two irresistible men. One of them would die for her, and the other would kill to keep her safe.THE SIREN (Book 2)All the missing victims of North Carolina's deadliest serial killer have been found, all except Rachel Smith. When the FBI produces a photo proving Rachel is alive and well in Texas, one case is closed but another one is opened. Either this is a case of mistaken identity or there are more people than just Sloan Jordan and Warren Parish who seem to walk the earth without a soul.Along with Detective Nathan McNamara, Sloan and Warren travel south to find Rachel and solve the biggest mystery of all: determining who--or what--they really are.THE ANGEL OF DEATH (BOOK 3)After stopping a serial killer and shutting down an interstate human trafficking ring, Sloan Jordan is ready for a break. But back at home in Asheville, her problems have only just begun.The supernatural world has taken an interest in her, and strange things are happening.

Sleigh Spells

Bella Falls - 2020
    Everything is going fine…until Santa’s sleigh gets stolen.Now, all eyes are on her and the other town Humbugs, and it’s up to Aurora to keep her behind from ending up back in jail. With the help of a very important person from the North Pole, she finds herself hot on the trail of the real culprit. But it will take her having to do something she’s never done before—accepting new friends and their assistance. Only then will Aurora be able to turn not only her own life around but also Christmas for the entire world!Will Aurora be able to solve the mystery of who stole Santa’s sleigh in time? Or will the culprit get the final sleigh?

Tales from the Gateway: A Companion Novel to the World of the Gateway

E.E. Holmes - 2020
    Holmes comes a collection of short stories that will take you on an unforgettable journey into the lives of your favorite characters from The Gateway Trilogy and The Gateway Trackers. Go back in time and explore Fairhaven Hall with Karen and Elizabeth when they were just Apprentices. Hear in her own words how Savvy discovered the truth about her gift when she was only four-years-old, and how a fateful visit from a future High Priestess revealed her calling as a Durupinen. Follow Finn on his dangerous journey at Skye Príosún when he and Jess were torn apart, unsure if they would ever see each other again. These and many other thrilling tales await you between the covers of this new companion novel.Rediscover the World of the Gateway through the eyes of the characters you love most, as well as some you've never heard from before. It's time to open the Gateway again, and see what new adventures await.Tales from the Gateway is a companion novel to E.E. Holmes' World of the Gateway series. What Amazon readers are saying about the World of the Gateway: ★★★★★ 'One of THE BEST ghost-themed paranormal series I've ever read!'★★★★★ 'Hauntingly thrilling.'★★★★★ 'A must-read for those interested in the paranormal.'★★★★★ 'Twilight combined with Harry Potter and then some!'★★★★★ 'Every turn of the page is like a new discovery.'★★★★★ 'A masterfully woven story.'★★★★★ 'Holmes has written a lovely series with something for everyone; humor, self-reflection, loyalty, mystery, intrigue, action and so much more.'★★★★★ 'If you're into the paranormal, like ghosts, ghost hunting, ghost stories, crossing over, Gaelic folklore, dark secrets, plot twists that I didn't even see coming (and I am a writer myself!) and even a little magic, you should definitely read this book.'Experience the captivating paranormal series that obsessed readers have described as “unputdownable” and “spellbinding”. If you love ghost stories, with plenty of action and suspense, along with a tough and independent heroine you’ll want to stand up and cheer for, you will fall in love with this best-selling series… but proceed with caution: you’ll be up all night reading!

Noc City

Penn Cassidy - 2020
    The cameras see what they want to see as my father spins half truths and dangerous propaganda.Darklings are dangerous. Monstrous. Unholy. They're a threat to humans everywhere, and they need to be destroyed, despite the decades of peace.But what happens when Noc City’s poster girl discovers she's one of the monsters they fear? I can tell you what happens.Chaos. Fear. War.I thought death was my only way out. Sweet, dark oblivion. But I was wrong. The way out might just be through a room of chains, blood, and cravings…of sex, pain, and betrayal. My way out of this hell might rest in the hands of the most dangerous creatures Noc City’s ever known.This is a DARK reverse harem book. There's a LOT of blood, sex, MM, and swears, not to mention references to suicide, abuse, and trauma. This is your fair warning, so if you say you like dark romance...please understand that this is a DARK ROMANCE.

Crimson Covenant

Samantha Whiskey - 2020
    I’ve upheld our ancient traditions, and led the Order of Onyx Assassins. I’ve never questioned our rules...until now.The Covenant states that if humans discover the supernatural world, their lives are forfeit,but one run-in with human Lyric O’Brien, and I’m hooked. Smart, fierce, and sexy-as-sin, Lyric’s blood tempts me with unbridled need. I never should have brought her into my world, but I can’t stay away, And now she’s in danger.When she’s targeted by my enemies, I’ll stop at nothing to protect her.The ancient threat is cruel and the stakes have never been higher. If I have to break every law in the Covenant to keep her alive, I will.

Sense and Scent Ability

Renee George - 2020
    At least that's what I tell myself, when I'm not having hot flashes, my knees don't hurt, and I can find my reading glasses.I’m also the proud owner of a salon called Scents & Scentsability in the small resort town of Garden Cove, where I make a cozy living selling handmade bath and beauty products. All in all, my life is pretty good.Except for one little glitch...Since my recent hysterectomy, where I died on the operating table, I’ve been experiencing what some might call paranormal activity. No, I don’t see dead people, but quite suddenly I’m triggered by scents that, in their wake, leave behind these vividly intense memories. Sometimes they’re unfocused and hazy, but there’s no doubt, they are very, very real.Know what else? They’re not my memories. It seems I've lost a uterus and gained a psychic gift.When my best friend's abusive boyfriend ends up dead after a fire, and she becomes the prime suspect, I end up a babysitter to her two teenagers while she's locked up in the clink. Add to that the handsome detective determined to stand in my way, my super sniffer’s newly acquired abilities and a rash of memories connected to the real criminal, and I find myself in a race to catch a killer before my best friend is tried for murder.

For the Hell of It

Cate Corvin - 2020
    Hunger incarnate, ravenous for an angel. The heir to Satan’s sinful throne. And the prince who bound my soul to his until I win my freedom.They think I’m still pure. They think I’m innocent. They think they’ll enjoy corrupting me.Joke’s on them. This angel’s no saint.If Heaven doesn’t want me, I’ll be bad for the Hell of it.For The Hell of It is a steamy reverse harem romance for readers 18 and over.

The Forbidden

Lori Holmes - 2020
    Rebaa’s lover, Juran, lays down his life for hers and now she must use all of her cunning and extraordinary powers to survive the inhospitable wilderness alone, ensuring that Juran’s sacrifice was not in vain. But Rebaa’s battle for survival has only just begun...Hunted by savage predators and more terrifying still, the nightmarish Eldrax, a murderous chieftain who will stop at nothing to possess Rebaa’s mysterious powers for his own, her very existence becomes a life or death chase in the pursuit and quest to reach the one place that surely offers salvation and a safe haven she can call home. But what haven could possibly exist for one who bears...

Twice Bitten

Belle Harper - 2020
    From foster homes, creeps on the street and the law. Lexi is a survivor, she has spent her whole life moving from one abusive foster home to the next, until she decided to take charge of her own life. Living in abandoned buildings, couch surfing and working at a strip clubs are huge improvement on what she had before. All she needs is enough money to feed herself, finish high school and hopefully go to college. She has a plan. That is until she is caught and sent to live with a strange foster family up-state, —her new high school isn’t much better. Rafferty King was forced like Lexi to this new foster home, but he fits in better. And that’s saying something for a total misfit. Hot as hell and getting into fights, while ignoring her existence. Whatever. Then there are the twins Ranger and Maverick, also known as “The joker and The Loner.” They know who she is and give her the new girl treatment she is all too familiar with. And how can a history teacher look that hot, there should be rules against that kind of thing. But there is something about Galen Donovani, that has Lexi feeling safe when he is near. While everyone else avoids him. What the hell is going on in the state of Washington. And why are there so many wolves roaming at Port Willow High! 17+ RH shifter and vampires.


Jen L. Grey - 2020
    I never knew my parents, let alone that I was some menace to society... a half-breed.Not only am I trying to navigate my newly found identity, but now I'm torn between a handsome guard and dangerously sexy inmate.I'd rather die than conform to what all the others want, and that's exactly what I'm afraid may happen.If you can't get enough of books by K.F. Breene, Kelly St. Claire, Annette Marie, Shannon Mayer, Leia Stone, Jaymin Eve, and Laura Thalassa, then you'll be sucked into this paranormal romance.

Suddenly Psychic

Elizabeth Hunter - 2020
    Just not… these changes.Robin Brannon was a normal wife, mom, and antique shop owner until a brush with death turned her day-to-day life upside down. Now she and her two best friends are seeing things that belong in a fantasy novel. Ghosts. Visions. Omens of doom. Nothing that belongs in the peaceful mountain town they call home.Added to that, Robin’s marriage is on the rocks, her grandmother’s health is failing, her mother is driving away the customers at her shop, her teenage daughter refuses to get her drivers’ license, and her left knee aches every darn morning.Robin doesn’t have the time, energy, or knees to unearth the secrets buried at the bottom of Glimmer Lake, but fate doesn’t seem to care. Some secrets are just dying to be exposed.Suddenly Psychic is a stand-alone paranormal women’s fiction, and the first book in the Glimmer Lake series by USA Today Bestseller, Elizabeth Hunter, author of the Elemental Mysteries.

Wicked Hunt

Megan Montero - 2020
    I know everything about him. I know all of his dirty secrets and his evil deeds. He is more of a monster than my father ever was...because Dario just likes it.He needs to go down for what he did. He needs to pay for his crimes and I’ve dreamt of this day for a long time. So when Matteaus asks me and Cross to hunt him down, I don’t hesitate to say yes. I want the man dead, the problem is…he’s Cross’s father. Deep down I know he doesn’t want his own father dead and I’ll do anything to spare him that pain. Now I must find a way to stop Dario without killing him. If I don’t, I may lose Cross forever.And that would be the biggest problem ever because I kind of, sort of, accidentally fell in love with Cross.To win, I’ll have to walk that fine line between good and evil…but a little bad never hurt anybody, right?

Trapped Wishes: A Genie and Her Goon

B. Love - 2020
    Anger, hurt, shame, and embarrassment caused Quenton to trap Genie and toss her out into the sea. Genie has been cursed to have every man that she encounters to fall in love with her, but she is never able to return that love. And until she can, she will forever remain trapped. When Genie meets Hareem, she’s immediately smitten with him, and surprisingly, he’s unwilling to be swayed by her beauty and aura. He’s only focused on getting his three wishes fulfilled, completely unconcerned with her need for him to love her just as she’s falling in love with him. The tables have been turned, and the one who denied so many is finally being denied herself. Will Hareem be the key to Genie’s freedom, granting her wish for love in a way that no other man can? Or will he be the karma that causes her to be trapped for yet another two-hundred years?

Cashmere Curses (Wanda's Witchery, #1)

J.R. Rain - 2020
    A charming Victorian mansion. A sexy car. A couture closet. Credit cards up the wazoo, and an endearing familiar.Actually, scratch that, Hellcat would never be described as ‘endearing’. More like: the bane of my existence.So, I almost had it all.Then a vampire came along and ruined it when he turned me into a Blood Witch.Now, I’ve been kicked out of my coven, kicked out of the mansion, I have no credit to speak of, the Lexus is a thing of the past and, not only am I driving something from the 80s, but it’s also unapologetically yellow. And rusted.But the biggest kicker of all? I’m still stuck with Hellcat.Even though my luck has too much in common with a toilet, if Wanda Depraysie is anything… it’s determined. Determined to make a go of things all by myself—determined to start over.So, I pack up the few items I can actually call my own and I move to the only place that doesn’t fall under coven ownership—a little town in Oregon called Haven Hollow.Imagine my surprise when I find out a gypsy has already taken up residence in this afterthought of a town. Well, no worries, witch magic trumps gypsy magic and I’ll make short work of her. After all, Haven Hollow is way too small for the two of us.No, the gypsy won’t be an issue. It’s my new landlord who’s going to be the death of me… possibly quite literally. Why? Because he’s none other than the vampire who turned me into a Blood Witch in the first place, thereby ruining my life.Lorcan Rowe is the most infuriatingly smug, irritatingly determined and offensively nosy person I’ve ever met and if my magic were functioning correctly, I’d hex him into oblivion.But, that’s just it—my magic is on the fritz. And that won’t do—especially when I need to open my enchanted clothing store, Wanda’s Witchery, yesterday.When my fabrics go missing at the same time that my magic stops working, I can only blame one person: Lorcan.Well, that vampire is about to learn a very valuable lesson—you don’t mess with a witch, blood or otherwise, because when the going gets tough, the tough get a really sharp stake.


Darynda Jones - 2020
    She is surprised, to say the least, and her curiosity gets the better of her. She leaves her beloved Phoenix and heads to one of the most infamous towns in America: Salem, Massachusetts. She’s only there to find out why a woman she’s never met would leave her a house. A veritable castle that has seen better days. She couldn’t possibly accept it, but the lawyer assigned to the case practically begs her to take it off her hands, mostly because she’s scared of it. The house. The inanimate structure that, as far as Dephne can tell, has never hurt a fly. Though it does come with some baggage. A pesky neighbor who wants her gone. A scruffy cat who’s a bit of a jerk. And a handyman bathed in ink who could moonlight as a supermodel for GQ. She decides to give it three days, and not because of the model. She feels at home in Salem. Safe. But even that comes to a screeching halt when people begin knocking on her door day and night, begging for her help to locate their lost objects. Come to find out, they think she’s a witch. And after a few mysterious mishaps, Dephne is beginning to wonder if they’re right.

Her Dragon Guardian

Riley Storm - 2020
    He’s determined to be her future…Tara Simmons’ life had been nice and boring since she moved out of Five Peaks to avoid her family drama. All that changed when he showed up at her door: half-dead, almost naked, and begging for her help. With the storm of the decade raging outside, driving down the mountain for assistance is out of the question. It’s up to her to save him. But by helping him, she may just be hurting herself.Ares Valen is a dragon shifter. At least, he was, until someone kidnapped and tortured him. Now he’s without his dragon or his powers or any memory of who did this to him. The only thing he knows is the gentle touch and care of the woman who is helping him to recover. He wants to tell her the truth about himself, but he’s afraid it will scare her off. Ares will do anything to keep her and the future he can see in her eyes.As much as he wants to stay, Ares knows that the longer he’s around her, the more danger she’ll be in. Leaving is the smart choice—but it’s not the one either of them secretly wants. To make things work, they’re going to have to deal with family politics, gunfights and a secret that will shock the shifter community. Saving Tara will take everything he has, and even something he doesn’t. Without his dragon’s powers, can he truly be the one to protect her from all evil?

Saving Mr. K

Orlando A. Sanchez - 2020
    K.-a mage known for his famous Ritual of Esper which occurs only once every fifty years.The Arctic Society of Sorcery suspects the Greater Krampus, Wrakjan, is behind the abduction, in an effort to sabotage the ritual and unleash a wave of despair and triggering the Gloom.With only a week to complete the ritual, Monty & Strong have little time to find Mr. K and no clue where to start the search. Fortunately, Cece, a Jotnar Ice Mage and Monty’s young apprentice, may have the key to the location of Mr. K. Together they must locate and rescue Mr. K before time runs out, and stop Wrakjan from corrupting the ritual, and plunging the world into darkness.Failure is not an option.

Lord of Fire

Charlene Hartnady - 2020
     We can’t help who we are. Some things are preordained. I was born half god and half dragon shifter. We call ourselves the dragon demigods. Mortal, powerful, arrogant as sh!t. Being a dragon demigod has definite perks. Perks we have to be very careful about using, since the humans don’t know about our existence. We’re able to shift into dragon form. We have unique powers. Lastly, we’re attractive to the human race. Handy, since we live among them. Unlike others of my kind, I inherited one of those traits. Only one. Thing is, I’m okay with that. More than okay. I’m talented at what I do. I own my own custom workshop. I like to get my hands dirty. There is only one rule at my place of business. I never deal directly with the clients. I’m a moody bastard. A loner. Happiest when under the hood of a car. I never once broke my rule, until the day she walked into my shop. How could he have done this? I should be sad. I should be grieving but I’m not. All I can feel is angry. My brother killed himself because he owed a lot of money to the worst kind of people and now, they’re after me. They want payment one way or another. For the last couple of weeks, all I’ve done is exist. Running from one place to the next. These murderous gangsters are right on my tail. They’re slowly catching up to me. It won’t be long and they’ll have me. Just when I think it can’t get any worse, my car breaks down. That’s when I meet him. A beast of a man. He’s rude. He’s conceited. He might be exactly what I need to get out of this mess. No cheating! Contains hot alpha males and therefore strong sexual themes/language.

Love at First Spell

Samantha Silver - 2020
    But when she's struck by a taxi and the cab comes out of it the loser, Mina discovers something her mother had been hiding from her for her whole life: Mina is a witch.And you thought your family had secrets.Travelling to the paranormal town of Fairy Falls, Mina almost immediately finds herself embroiled in controversy when a wizard is poisoned right in front of her.Never one to sit on the sidelines, when Mina is asked to stay in town until the investigation is completed she decides to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her Pokemon-obsessed cousin and a talking cat with a dramatic streak, Mina sets about finding the killer.Between crazy relatives, magical gym sessions, and duelling paranormal families, Mina quickly finds a murder investigation might be the most normal thing about Fairy Falls. And who exactly is the strange journalist with the gorgeous green eyes that she keeps running into? However, as Mina gets closer to finding the murderer, she finds out that small towns don't necessarily mean small secrets. Can Mina solve the case before the killer turns Mina's new fairy tale life into a nightmare?Fairy Falls is the first book in the fun new paranormal cozy mystery series by Samantha Silver.

Making Midlife Magic

Heloise Hull - 2020
    I’m expecting Chianti and pasta. What I get is a run-down bed and breakfast with the oldest Nonna in existence. There’s something about this island. Something odd. Like how everyone keeps calling me Mamma or how I’m the first tourist in decades.And that’s before I wake up to a talking chipmunk holding a glass of wine. He says I have something ancient in me, and for once, it’s not my creaking joints.When I finally discover the island’s deepest secrets, I know my forties are about to be fabulous, if only I can survive long enough to enjoy them. Fans of K.F. Breene, Robyn Peterman, and Shannon Mayer will love this new twist on paranormal women’s fiction. For those who enjoy their characters a little gritty and seasoned, like a fine Italian wine, book a trip to Aradia now and experience a whole new, magical world!

The Edge Creek Light

H.P. Bayne - 2020
    As private investigators, they come with a unique skill: Sully can see the ghosts of homicide victims.Focused on piecing together the circumstances surrounding Gabe’s disappearance, the brothers quickly find themselves embroiled in a murder case.Unexpected connections between the teenager and the ghost lead Sully and Dez deep into a traumatic incident that shattered lives.Uncovering the secret could cost them theirs.The Braddock & Gray Case Files—a series of standalone ghostly mysteries—follow the events in The Sullivan Gray Series. Enjoyed by fans of Odd Thomas and the brother dynamic of Supernatural.

Santa Got Run Over by a Vampire

Carrie Pulkinen - 2020
    She runs the most popular nightclub in the French Quarter and is married to the hottest vampire in New Orleans.When she accidentally runs over Santa Claus and has to turn him into a vampire to save him, her perfect undead life begins to crumble like a week-old sugar cookie.Whoops.Jane has three days to teach Santa the ways of the vampire and send him back to the North Pole in time for Christmas Eve.Oh, and if that’s not stressful enough, her dad is coming for Christmas.And he doesn’t know she’s a vampire.Or that she's married.Double whoops.Grab a mug of miracle cure and join the vamps of New Orleans Nocturnes in this fast, fun holiday read.

Royally Hitched: The Fae Princess

G.K. DeRosa - 2020
    Not only did we both end up falling for the prince, but we also discovered we might be more than Fae phonies after all. Now that Drake knows the real identity of our father, will he be able to forgive us so we can discover the truth of our heritage? Doubtful.And even if he does, will the king’s council ever let Drake choose his own wife? Doubly doubtful. With a murderer still on the loose, the lesser Fae rioting, and the competition coming to an end, tensions quickly escalate in the palace and my twin takes matters into her own hands, making a decision that changes everything. The chaos reigning in the Spring Court is no match for the turmoil in my heart because the biggest question still remains… Who will become the next Fae princess?

Mystic Guests

Leanne Leeds - 2020
    As his bones are unearthed along with the town's secrets, she is determined to find out who killed the mohawked teen and why. At least, if she can do it without tipping her hand to the townspeople that she's a witch.Between the hot detective that suspects she's a con-woman up to no good, the smolderingly sexy manager of the local greyhound track that seems to be full of secrets, and a conspiracy theorist reporter determined to enlist Fortuna in her war against the town's corruption, Fortuna's life is becoming more complicated than an Escher painting. And she could be unknowingly related to any of them.Will Fortuna be able to find out who murdered the ghost in her attic, or will Mystic's End unearth her secrets instead?Mystic Guests (Mystic's End Mysteries, Book 1) is a funny full-length paranormal cozy mystery.Mystic's End Mysteries:Mystic Guests, Book 1Angel in Demise, Book 2Sketchy Charms, Book 3The Art of Scrying, Book 4Fortuna Delphi originally appeared in Leanne Leeds' Magical Midway Paranormal Cozy Series.

Night Watch

Annie Anderson - 2020
    especially when you can't remember how you got there. There are only two things Sloane knows for certain: how to kill bad guys, and that something awful turned her into a monster. With a price on her head and nowhere to run, choosing between a job and a bed or certain death sort of seems like a no-brainer. If only there wasn't that silly rule about not killing people...

Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology Volume 4

Leslie CopelandW.M. Fawkes - 2020
    Why should Heart2Heart - the phenomenally successful dating app - only work its magic in the human world when lonely lycans, dejected dragons, and jilted jackalopes need love, too? In this new paranormal universe, mages and shifters, vampires, psychics, and even humans, will reach out to Heart2Heart podcast host Gene E. Del’Amp for help finding a magical match… and they just might find that talking about their woes helps their wishes come true. Eighteen of your favorite gay romance authors have come together to bring you brand-new paranormal and urban fantasy stories inspired by reader suggestions! Once again, all proceeds from this collection will go to the authors’ favorite LGBTQ charities, to ensure that love in all its forms will be celebrated and protected every single day of the year! Titles included in the collection:A Caller From Grand Rapids, part 1 and 2 by Jeff Adams and Will KnaussA Caller From Windermere by Charlie CochetA Caller From San Francisco by Hailey TurnerA Caller From Springfield by J.D. LightA Caller From Ottawa by Jenn BurkeA Caller From Portland by Kiki BurrelliA Caller From New Orleans by Lisa OliverA Caller From Knoxville by Macy BlakeA Caller From New York by Maz MaddoxA Caller From Pittsburgh by Morgan BriceA Caller From Boston by Pandora PineA Caller From Chicago by Piper ScottA Caller From Seattle by Sam Burns and W.M. FawkesA Caller From Savannah by Silvia VioletA Caller From Montreal by S.J. HimesA Caller From Austin by Susi Hawke

The Cursed Rune

G. Bailey - 2020
    Four alpha jerks. One badass thieving assassin stuck in the middle of them all. A forgotten and deadly curse.Daesyn Heartlocke wanted nothing more than to finish her latest assassin-for-hire job, get her boss off her back, and get back to hanging out with her talking monkey.But when the job goes wrong, Daesyn finds herself being dragged into her father’s world of the reapers. The world she ran away from, the world that offers nothing more than darkness.What’s worse? To stay free and, most importantly, alive, Daesyn has to swap places with a student who is due to go to a crazy academy.Royal Reaper Academy is a two year test, and only one student comes out alive.If you can make it to the end, you are given the throne of the reapers.No pressure?Daesyn has no choice but to win. Luckily for her, surviving is what she does best. Even if the other students are trying to kill her.Outside the realm of the reapers, another world awaits Daesyn, and it calls home all those who escaped.But Daesyn can’t escape what’s in her blood. Or the curse that is destined for her that has just been awoken.Fans of epic urban fantasy romance will love this five-book series by USA Today Bestselling Author G. Bailey. This is a reverse harem romance meaning the main character will have more than one love interest.This series is a crossover of the series, A Demon’s Fall, but can be read on its own.

Darkblood Prison: Demon on a Dime

G.K. DeRosa - 2020
    my new home. According to my cellmate, there are three rules to survive the notorious prison: Don’t mix with the other supes, stick to your own kind.Anything can be made into a weapon so get creative.Stay away from the infamous Triad, the three brothers who run the prison. Rules aren’t really my thing so I doubt I’ll survive my first week, let alone my ten-year sentence for soul sucking an entire Fae village I have no memory of. As if coming to terms with my own demon and making nice with the scary inmates wasn’t bad enough, someone seems hellbent on permanently ending my stay at Darkblood. Thankfully, the devastatingly gorgeous and equally infuriating leader of the Triad, who hates me for no apparent reason, still manages to show up whenever I get into trouble. With his help, I begin to piece together my missing memories and discover there’s much more to my bogus incarceration. There’s a reason I was sent here, a dark family secret is coming back to haunt me.As it turns out, the baddies in this prison are nothing compared to the forces of the Underworld that are coming for me.

A Crown of Blood and Bone

Sloane Murphy - 2020
    Nephillim. Monsters are real, And this isn't my first life.With more secrets than I could have ever believed, and a world so far from what I thought I knew.My enemies are not who they seem, and this world isn't just black and white.

Dark Hunt

Annika West - 2020
    A snarky outcast. A dark hunt that ties them together.Aster King II is a lot of things.Impulsive? Totally.Sugar addict? Yup.Prone to reflexive stabbing? Every day of her life.As a supernatural citizen with weak powers, Aster's reality is mediocre. But after she finds herself in a sewer running from a deadly creature she accidentally pissed off, everything changes.Supernatural job? Gone.Crappy L.A. apartment? Repossessed.Legal status? Indentured Employee to one of the most powerful, dangerous shifters in the world.Now, Aster is forced to help him and his two associates steal magical artifacts before the items destroy Los Angeles. All while ignoring the sizzling, forbidden tension building between her and her new employer.But Aster didn't plan on entering her mid-20's on a leash. Can she get her freedom back before her life goes up in flames?This Urban Fantasy Romance series is perfect for fans of Linsey Hall, C.N. Crawford and Jaymin Eve!


M. Sinclair - 2020
    I live a delicate balance, living with the evil I know than the one I don't. I accepted that. Until they showed up. Until they brought my secret and past into the light. Until I had no choice but to accept my true fate. Sh*t. This is why you punch first and ask questions later.*Fantasy Reverse Harem* Our badass heroine and guardians swear a lot in this series. As well, please be advised that the book contains darker themes including assault, PTSD, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences +18.This Completed Box Set Includes:SavagesLunaticsMonstersPsychos - plus, a sneak preview at Luna's story!This will also include an extra epilogue not included in any of the boo

Blood Ascension

Orlando A. Sanchez - 2020
    After she gave up control of the blood blades—weapons designed to destroy supernaturals—the Dark Council challenged Michiko’s  leadership…and her right to exist.Rising tensions within the alliance of vampires, mages, and weres are threatening to tear the Dark Council apart. Some within the Council feel it’s time for supernaturals to step out of the shadows and take what’s rightfully theirs by invoking the Blood Protocol—an ancient ritual created to eliminate mankind.Alone, Michiko must face overwhelming odds, bitter betrayals, and unrelenting assassins to prevent the Dark Council from plunging the world into another Supernatural War—one that could destroy them all.

Shadowborn Prison

G. Bailey - 2020
     I’m Izora Dawn, and I’ve been locked away for something I didn’t do. But that’s what they all say, right? When rumoured only the dangerous survive Shadowborn Prison, I know I have no choice but to fight for my life. Luckily my short time at Shadowborn Academy, home to those with dark magic seducing their souls, has taught me how to do just that. Survival is what I’m known for in this world. Seduction is what I’m best at. I figure the quickest way to escape this prison is by seducing the sexy new governor. With a handsome Shadow Warden watching my every move, an alpha inmate eager to protect me, and a hunky teacher from the academy desperate to free me…I might actually get out of this alive. But in the shadows lie secrets that hold the walls of this prison together. And no one can escape them. Not even me. Shadowborn Prison is a crossover spin-off to Shadowborn Academy. You do not need to read the latter to follow this series. One is for sure—not even the shadows can be trusted in this Enchanted Forest… 18+ Reverse Harem Dark Fae Prison Romance.

Wavily Witches: the Complete Series

Amelia Ash - 2020
    Join Evian, Granny, Rita, and Squeaks (Evian's batty familiar) on their adventures in and around Tea Town, Kenya as they discover bodies, fumble spells, plan weddings, clear the innocent, (and mostly) learn how to drive.• Witch Time For Tea• Witch Bat To Swing• Witch Law To Break• Witch Demon To Trust• Witch Bride To Chase• Witch Ghost To Hunt

The Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series: Book 3-4

Willow Rose - 2020
    The past month she has done things she never knew she was capable of while hunting for her kidnapped daughter.Eva Rae has risked everything,-her career,-her newfound love,-her freedom.She’s looking for the man they call the Iron Fist. The trail has led her to Miami.Meanwhile, Miami is under attack. Hundreds of passengers in the Metrorail are exposed to a deathly nerve gas on a peaceful Monday morning. When Eva Rae Thomas sees her daughter on the surveillance footage from the attack, she knows it is no coincidence. But by the time she uncovers the chilling truth of how it is all connected, it might be too late.- SAY YOU LOVE ME:What would you do if your brother was accused of a horrible crime, and you were certain he didn’t do it?Life is not done throwing Eva Rae Thomas curveballs.A phone call turns her life upside down – once again. The call is from her father, the man she hasn’t seen in thirty-six years, not since he kidnapped her sister in a supermarket.Now, he is back in Florida, and he needs her help. Her younger brother – who she didn’t know existed – has been arrested on Amelia Island. The boy is in a coma after being shot by an officer during the incident. But his father doesn’t believe the police, and he asks for Eva Rae’s help to prove it.At the same time, a serial killer is planning one of the most horrific mass killings in history.Will Eva Rae find it in her heart to help her father after what he did to her? Will facing him again set her free or pull her under?

A Shifter for Christmas

T.S. Joyce - 2020
    They will come and go, and he will be left with a big property tax bill from the estate he inherited. His brother finds a newly-listed job in the paper that could match Kieran’s unique abilities. A woman has put an ad out for a shifter for Christmas, and the pay would cover his bills. She’s asked for a non-predator shifter, but he can lie just a little. What could it hurt? He’s just supposed to babysit a crazy lady during the holidays, and then collect his pay and move on with his life. But when he meets Leslie, it’s clear this job is more complicated than he’d anticipated. She isn’t what he thought at all. And the more he understands of her life, the more he doesn’t want to leave her at the conclusion of Christmas Day, as their contract requires.Leslie Wilson wants to bring a man home for the holidays. She’s tired of ruining her family’s annual parties with her single-ness. She wants a teammate this year to face the Wilson family with her. All her life, her last name has cast a long shadow over her life. All she wants is a simple life, but her family has different plans for her. And what better rebellion than bringing a date to the holiday celebrations than hiring a real-life shifter? Her sister’s fancy husbands might be rich, but they don’t turn into animals. It’s a simple contract, but when Kieran shows up at her door, she realizes fast that there is nothing simple about her feelings for him. Now she must walk the line this holiday season—pretend to be in love without actually falling in love.And if she can accomplish that? She just might make it to New Years still human.

The Queen's Alpha Series Box Set: Books #1-3

W.J. May - 2020
    May brings her international bestselling series together in a box set limited edition collection! The Queen's Alpha brings you deeper into the world of shifters, fae, and magic.The Queen's Alpha Box Set Books #1-3ETERNAL - Book 1She will fight for what is hers.When the king is murdered, Katerina, his only daughter, must flee for her life. She finds herself on a strange and dangerous path. Alone for the first time, she's forced to rely upon her wits and the kindness of strangers, while protecting her royal secret at the same time.Because she alone knows the truth. It was her brother who killed the king. And he's coming for her next.Alone and struggling, she finds herself an instant target until a mysterious protector comes to her aid. Together, and with a collection of the most unlikely friends, the group must navigate through an enchanted world just as fantastical as it can be deadly. But time is not on their side.With her brother's assassins closing in at every turn, Katerina must unlock a secret that's hidden deep inside her. The only thing strong enough to keep the darkness at bay.Can she find the answers she needs? Will she ever take her rightful place on the throne?Only one thing is certain: she's running out of time.Be careful who you trust. Even the devil was once an angel.EVERLASTING - Book 2I will fight for those I love.When the crown prince puts a bounty on her head, Katerina and the gang find themselves facing trouble at every turn. It's a race to get the safe house in time, but will they pull together to work as a team, or will their differences pull them apart?Strengths and weaknesses are put to the test, as Katerina is plunged headfirst into a magical world she never knew existed. Fiction becomes reality, as the characters from her childhood fairytales come to life, bringing with them secrets she could never have imagined.Her bloodline gives her the right to call herself their queen, but is the division between the royal family and the magical kingdom too great? How can she mend the damage of the past?More importantly…can she be the one to unite her people?UNCEASING - Book 3She will fight for what is hers.When their sanctuary suddenly becomes a prison, Katerina and the gang must work together to save not only themselves, but everyone else in the remote, alpine retreat.Secrets are revealed and new identities are discovered as the princess delves into her past, uncovering things she never thought possible. Awakening a hidden power buried within.The stakes have never been so high, and everyone's a target. Can the princess unlock the ancient magic in time? Can they find a way off the mountain before disaster strikes? Most importantly, in a world where everyone's out to get them……Who can they trust?Queen's Alpha Series:EternalEverlastingUnceasingEvermoreForeverBoundlessProphecyProtectedForetellingRevelationBetrayalResolvedThe Omega Queen Series:DisciplineBraveryCourageConquerStrengthValidationApprovalBlessingBalanceGrievanceEnchantedGratified

Wicked Witches of Coventry: The Complete Series, #1-11

Sara Bourgeois - 2020
    She’s divorced, childless, and she just got fired… again…With dwindling savings and few prospects, she packs her possessions into a U-Haul and sets out for the little town of Coventry where she inherited a dilapidated old house from her Great Aunt “Mad” Maude Tuttlesmith.Coventry is supposed to be a stop in the road for Brighton. The plan is to fix up the house, sell it, and then figure out what to do with her life.You know what they say about the best-laid plans…This collection contains the entire Wicked Witches of Coventry series in one huge omnibus! This is a limited time only offer. Grab it while you can!

Dragon Conjurer

Eric Vall - 2020
    I went to class, worked my minimum wage job, and studied for exams.Until I discovered that monsters are real, and I can summon the most powerful of them all: Dragons.Now, I’m a Dragon Conjurer working for a secret agency/academy that protects the world from monsters behind the scenes, and two of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met are in my squad and super into me.And it seems that they don’t mind sharing.Life is about to become awesome.

The Fantastic Fluke

Sam Burns - 2020
    A gorgeous ghost. And an unlikely partnership to stop a murderer.Since his mother's murder, Sage McKinley doesn’t live, he exists. His weak magic has made him an outcast, shadowing his life with self-doubt. All that changes when the spirit of a gunslinger appears in his bookstore with a message that will flip Sage’s world upside down. According to the mesmerizing apparition, a powerful magic lies within Sage... if he can find a way to tap into it.But dastardly threats accompany this untapped power. Bodies are piling high as a killer hunts for the secrets of the mage that now course through Sage’s veins. Can Sage find the confidence to embrace all he’s capable of? Or will the next life snuffed out be his own?

Meat Cute: The Hedgehog Incident

Gail Carriger - 2020
    Alexia also appears briefly in Romancing the Inventor, and Conall and England’s most scandalous wolf pack is referenced in The Finishing School series. Want more hot gruff werewolf gentlemen and practical tough ladies? Try How to Marry a Werewolf.This is a quick read at 9000 words (about 15 printed pages) available in print only as part of Fan Service (collected Supernatural Society omnibus). It is best read if you are already familiar with Gail Carriger’s gaslight universe and comedy of manners style, as it was written specifically with her fans in mind.

Christmas Embrace

Kym Grosso - 2020
    But it doesn’t feel like Christmas for Detective Sydney Willows. She finds solace in the arms of her sexy vampire but with a fragile heart, not quite mended, she’s afraid to commit to an eternity. After she rescues an abandoned child and is then forced to give him away, she’s determined to fight for the family she never knew she wanted.Vampire Kade Issacson never expected to have a baby but soon realizes what’s been missing in his life. After he’s forced to return the abandoned wolf pup to the pack, the child’s mother is found murdered in an alley. Vowing to protect the boy, Kade fights for him, swearing he’ll never give him back again.Determined to win Sydney’s heart and her hand, Kade plans a surprise for his reluctant detective. Convinced their souls are destined for an eternal future, will he convince her to say yes once and for all?Falling in love. Second chances. A new nemesis arises. Find out who’s naughty and nice as the Immortals of New Orleans conjure up Christmas magic.

This Dark Wolf

Everly Frost - 2020
    Mateless. Unable to bond.Cast out of my pack, I live in a supernatural safe house filled with broken women. Other women come and go, but I remain.I'm waiting.For him.Tristan Masters—the ruthless alpha of the most vicious pack in the city.He fought for my life when my pack wanted to kill me. He saved me. I should be able to trust him.But I know better.Tristan Masters wants my wolf; my killer soul. When he’s ready, he will use me to destroy his enemies.Tristan thinks he owns me. He thinks there are no consequences because I can't bond to him.He's going to discover that I am nobody’s to command.This dark wolf will bite back.This is a dark urban fantasy romance. Full length. 17+ for sex scenes and language.

A Wild Ghost Chase

Elle Adams - 2020
    Her ghost-hunting gift has given her nothing but trouble, and she's decided she's better off living outside of the magical world with her trusty sidekick, Mart.But after she gets fired from her job at the morgue -- turns out the living don't generally appreciate it when the dead try to micromanage their own funerals -- she receives a message from a teen blogger in need of her assistance in getting rid of a troublesome spirit. Broke enough to give ghost-hunting one last shot, she decides to take on the case.The slight problem? Hawkwood Hollow contains more ghosts than living people, and they know something isn't quite right about their visitor. Determined to leave as soon as the ghost is dealt with, Maura lands herself in hot water when she clashes with a local paranormal detective and finds herself suspecting the trouble-making spirit was murdered.Maura's not one to give up without a fight, but it'll take all her skills to outwit the detective and send the ghost packing -- preferably without anyone realising the source of her unique skills.She'll show them a ghost-hunting witch like her might be just what Hawkwood Hollow needs.


Terri Reid - 2020
    Carter (Louella Jo for the folks who knew her when she was growing up) returns to her hometown of Julep, Mississippi for her mother’s funeral. After flying out of JFK and arriving at the Biloxi Airport, she is greeted by a woman who not only knew her mother but has some disturbing information to share with L.J. about her mother’s death.A card file – Like any good stylist, Jeannette Carter kept all of the important information about her customers on index cards, filed in an old, metal card file. But Jeannette didn’t just keep the latest hairstyles and coloring information, she also kept bits of gossip and information her customers told her. It was innocent enough – she just wanted to be sure she remembered what they told her when they were together. But after a customer is murdered, the innocent card file could be the motive for another death.Bless Your Heart – welcome to Julep, Mississippi, right on the Gulf Coast. Where neighbors have known each other for generations. Where the local hair salon has more information about what’s going on in town than either the local paper or the local sheriff’s department. The owner of the bakery knows you by name. The minister of the biggest church in town has more clout than the mayor. And people say “Bless Your Heart” for all kinds of reasons, the least of which is when they’re ready to insult you.

Dragon's True Mate

Riley Storm - 2020
    But what about her feelings for one?After losing her business, her husband, and her old life, Lilly Vickers is forced to move back in with her parents. She’s not looking for love, but instead is hoping to find a new passion that will provide her with the means to finally move out. A chance encounter with one of the dragon shifters of Five Peaks gives her an idea for a business. What she doesn’t expect, is just what will happen when he shows up again. This time, she can’t ignore the intense chemistry that exists between them.Trent Atrox is putting on a front. He’s told Lilly he’s at her new shop to help her because he wants to, but the truth isn’t quite that bright and cheery. The real reason he’s there, is because the most recent damage was his fault and he’s been ordered to help fix it. What he didn’t plan for, was that he would fall for her. Now he’s stuck in a lie, and he doesn’t know how to get out of it. Not without Lilly seeing him for who he really is…Even with the pair of them working to fix the damage, they’re facing an uphill battle. Not everyone who has come to Five Peaks in the wake of the dragons going public with their existence are fans. A small but growing group is becoming more outspoken, denouncing anything to do with dragons, including shops like Lilly’s. Though she sells nothing but dragon trinkets and memorabilia, they want to bring her down. Can this pair of self-professed screw-ups manage to repair her shop and themselves, while not destroying their budding relationship? Or will the dragons’ enemies succeed in stopping them both?

Royally Hitched: The Fae Prince

G.K. DeRosa - 2020
    On live television.If we can survive eight weeks on Royally Hitched, we’ll earn our freedom and a one-way ticket home to the human world. All we have to do is play nice with the mean girls and stuck up ice prince. Oh, did I mention we shouldn’t even be here since we’re not actually Fae? Well, no one knows that—yet. As girls are eliminated and the competition heats up, things take a lethal turn. Someone wants the prince dead, and we all become targets. When he’s almost killed, unexpected feelings come over me. Panic. Pain. Sadness. The idea of losing him actually hurts. And what’s worse… my sister feels the same way.   Author's Note: This series takes place in the world of Azar, along with Hitched and Darkblood Academy. While it's not necessary to read either of these series first, there may be some spoilers, so be warned :)

Her Dragon Daddy

Roxie Ray - 2020
    I’ve had years to get over him, and I’ve tried. But the second I see him again my heart lurches -- and it’s like all that time evaporates. I still burn for him, even though I know it’s a bad idea.I try to remind myself about the bad things:his possessiveness, his quick temper, but -- he’s different now. More mature.Protective. Settled.And hiding something...Something bigger than the child we share...Allowing him back into my heart could crush me -- but I’ve never felt saferthan when I’m in his arms. Can I really have the man I love for good? Or will our past mistakes keep us from a happy future?

Reaper Unexpected

Debbie Cassidy - 2020
     One day the world was normal, and the next, it was filled with ghosts. And then the reapers came. Blood-sucking hot dudes with wings and wicked scythes.  They took control, and now we have a system. Now we have Necro city, the hub of all things untethered. As a soul relocation agent, it’s my job to rehouse the dead until the reapers come to collect, but with so few of those dudes about, the wait isn’t pretty. Thank goodness for decent coffee, frosted donuts, and a pending promotion. Things are looking good until they’re not. One bar fight and a dead reaper later, I’m left holding the scythe. Not just any scythe, but a scythe belonging to one of Lilith’s four favored sons—the most powerful reapers in the world.For some reason, it’s chosen me.Now, three very large, very pissed off reapers are on my case.It looks like that promotion is going to have to wait. A kickass Urban fantasy with a why choose romance. Vampires, ghosts, angels, and demons. Perfect for readers who enjoy forbidden romance, enemies to lovers, or friends to lovers.

The Court of the Underworld: Books 1-4

Alessa Thorn - 2020
    Follow them as they war against their enemies, and find that even monsters can get their happy endings. Hades has risen from the Underworld with his court of demigods and titans, and built his new city of Styx over the smouldering ruins of Corinth. Even though he's saved Greece from collapse, not everyone is pleased that the gods have come of out hiding and are seeking to put them back in the darkness.

Royals of Villain Academy: Books 1 - 4

Eva Chase - 2020
    A college of vicious magic. These villains have never met anyone like her…When mages slaughter my parents in front of me, I have no time to mourn. The murderers drag me to a brutal college where I learn I’m the heir to a royal family of dark magic. I’m destined to manipulate the world through fear—and to stand beside the four scorching-hot, arrogant young men who rule this school.Unfortunately, I’m having trouble locating my supposedly wicked skills.Whether I want to or not, I have to tap into my talents fast if I want to survive. The students here are even more vicious than the teachers, and my fellow heirs are worst of all. The four of them crush anyone who doesn’t kowtow.No way will I bow to any ruthless royal, no matter how alluring. They can turn on the charm or tear me down, but they can’t break me.I don’t care about ruling. I don’t care about magic. But I’ll take what I can get to avenge the people I loved.The moment I master the dark power inside me, I’m razing this place to the ground.*Royals of Villain Academy is a university-age paranormal academy series. Expect magical villainy, a tough heroine who bends to no one’s will, a dollop of steam, and a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance.* Note: There are bully elements in the first two books.Enjoy over 1200 pages of excitement in one box set! This set contains the first four books in the Royals of Villain Academy series—Cruel Magic, Vile Sorcery, Sinister Wizardry, and Horrid Charms—plus 30+ pages of exclusive bonus scenes.

Definitely Not Paid Enough For This

A.J. Sherwood - 2020
    Instead, he found himself face to face—quite literally—with the supernatural. But really, the whimpering vampire nursing a hangover wasn’t exactly threatening (although Ross is pretty sure he shouldn’t have given that energy drink to a goblin…).As Ross proves he is not easily shaken, more and more creatures of the night come calling, including the clanmaster himself. Ross isn’t sure what to think about Glenn, but the handsome vampire has made it clear what he thinks of Ross—and with that attention comes an offer he’s not sure he wants.At least, until a little fire sprite convinces him otherwise, because he’s definitely not paid enough for this. Tags:Poor put upon retail workers, Ross didn’t deserve this, Fate is cruel, so am I, sexy vampires, Australian wizards, supernats love energy drinks for some reason, the trauma of changing jobs, crack, so much crack, not a single degree of chill from Glenn where Ross is concerned, slow burn, only one gas station was harmed in the making of this story


Hannah McBride - 2020
    The Blackwater beta embraces the bad boy label with open arms, praying that the girl next door will never know that the one thing he wants is the one girl he can’t have.A heart that’s breakingAfter spending years in love with the boy next door, Larkin Dawes is ready to move on. Her head knows this is for the best. Her heart hasn’t quite gotten the memo.The storm of the centuryTrapped and isolated together as a blizzard rages around them, Rhodes will finally have to decide if he’s going to watch Larkin move on with or without him.

The Great Witches Baking Show

Nancy Warren - 2020
     Poppy Wilkinson is thrilled to be chosen as a contestant on The Great British Baking Contest. As an American with English roots, winning the crown as Britain’s Best Baker would open doors she’s dreamed of. In more ways than one. Appearing on the reality show is her chance to get into Broomewode Hall and uncover the secrets of her past. But strange things are happening on the show’s set: accusations of sabotage, a black cat that shadows Poppy, suspiciously unsociable residents at Broomewode Hall—and the judges can be real witches. There are murmurs that Broomewode is an energy vortex. It certainly makes Poppy see and do things that aren’t exactly normal, and seems to draw interesting characters to the neighborhood. When a fellow contestant dies in mysterious circumstances, Poppy has more to worry about than burned pies and cakes that won’t rise. There’s a murderer on the loose and it’s up to Poppy and her new friends to solve the crime before it becomes a real show-stopper. From USA Today Bestselling Author Nancy Warren, this delicious series of cozy paranormal mysteries will have you guessing until the end. Includes recipes.

Dead to Me

Annie Anderson - 2020
    Coffee addict. Homicide detective. Oh, and she can see ghosts, too...There are only three rules in Darby Adler's life.One: Don't talk to the dead in front of the living.Two: Stay off the Arcane Bureau of Investigation's radar.Three: Don't forget rules one and two.With a murderer desperate for Darby's attention and an ABI agent in town, things are about to get mighty interesting in Haunted Peak, TN.


Apryl Baker - 2020
    With nothing left to lose, she decides to honor her father the only way she knows how.The sleepy college town of Jacob's Fork, West Virginia is far from California. But is it far enough away to escape the terrifying darkness that plagues her dreams and memories?Then she meets Cole Walker.The quarterback of the football team and all-around campus alpha, he represents everything that terrifies her. But despite her fear and reluctance, she finds she's drawn to Cole in ways she can’t explain.As if all that weren’t enough, she discovers the people in this small town have a secret, and they seem to know more about her history than she does. What she finds is a past her father hid from her—a past she's not sure she wants to embrace.But before she can even begin to think about any of that, her nightmare comes rushing back to torment her, threatening the new life she’s trying to build. Can she trust Cole to protect her, or is her only hope to keep running?

Moran and Moran (Death Hunter #2)

Ron Ripley - 2020

Damaged Pack Shifters: The Complete Paranormal Collection

Leela Ash - 2020
    So much so that the only place he can find peace - the only place his beast can find peace - is on the African savanna, far from the little midwestern town that he has tried so hard to push from memory. The pain and damage of his youth - and his sense of loyalty - are not so easily forgotten though. When another of his old Damaged Pack raises the alarm, he knows he must return to help the one man who gave them all a chance...Will this unlikely pair be able to navigate their own damage in time to save his home town? Can they save the one man that believed in Derek and shaped his Damaged Pack in his youth? Can they save themselves?Come and join this adventure with Derek, Kelly and the rest of the Damaged Pack as they each find their mates and then unite to defend everything they hold dear…Also included is a short preview of the Shifters of the Wellspring.Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only.It also of course has an HEA for our couple and no cheating. But be aware it is the beginning of a new adventure and will introduce a few mysteries ...The Damaged Pack features all sorts of shifters and will appeal to lovers of witches, paranormal, urban fantasy, shapeshifters, contemporary, and, of course sexy sweet romance full of the “feels”. If you enjoy stories by Zoe Chant, T.S. Joyce, Harmony Raines, and Terry Bolryder we think you will enjoy this!

Harry Hunter Mystery Series: Book 1-2

Willow Rose - 2020
    Another is found dead in a dumpster. All five of them go to the same school and are on a list of witnesses to another crime.Because he's in bad standing with his boss, Harry is given the task of protecting a possible future victim, but Harry isn't always known to follow his boss's orders.Soon, he'll risk everything while racing to stop a killer who has left everyone else in the homicide squad shaking in terror.BOOK 2: RUN GIRL RUN:When a mother and her child are pulled out of the harbor in their car, the case seems pretty straightforward for Miami PD and Detective Harry Hunter.Everything points to a murder-suicide.They were homeless, living in their car, and the mother decided to end it all for them both by driving into the water.But the case is not what it looks like, Detective Harry Hunter soon realizes.Harry’s daughter is carrying devastating knowledge about their deaths, and soon she becomes the killer’s next target.As Harry races to protect her, he is betrayed by someone he thought he knew, leaving him terrified of trusting anyone in a town filled with liars.


Elle Lincoln - 2020
    Wait...Scratch that. Reverse it.Damsel. There is a damsel in distress. Me.I had one goal, just one teensy-weensy simple goal—to figure out what happened to my dad. All I had to do was head out to his cabin in the woods, look for clues, and figure out how and why he died then go home to the city where I belong.Except I’m a kindergarten teacher, not a detective. Of course everything goes wrong, and my first night there I end up with Liam, Christian, Athos, and Nix refusing to leave my side. They think I might be in danger, but they won’t tell me why. Their eyes hold the secrets of the wild, and who am I to deny their need to keep me safe? Especially when their touch eases something foreign inside of me.Then I discover my dad was murdered, but no one can figure out why.Not to mention those hotties? Yeah, they grow fur and want me to Surrender to them.

Blazing Academy: Semester One

Avery Song - 2020
     Alice Blaze is my name, and I'm not exactly your typical sixteen-year-old. My mom disappeared after my birth and my dad was an alcoholic maniac, so I was raised by my protective grandparents in the single house up the hill. The one people only come to visit on Halloween. Because, yeah, apparently, our house is haunted. Naturally. As an orphan living in a spooky house, it’s no surprise that my life has been…eventful. I’ve been inadvertently causing trouble since I was little and it always ends up with something combusting into flames. You know, lighting up the curtains, exploding vials in lab class. And don't get me started with the accidental school fire. Need I say more? The flames really hit the fan when I'm accused of shattering all the windows in the entire school. Of course, that doesn't make sense because it has nothing to do with my burning nemesis. But it doesn’t matter. Expulsion is imminent and my grandparents are fed up with my constant transfers. But then something amazing happens: a letter of invitation lands right onto our doorstep. Or should I say window? I'm invited to Blazing Academy, the school for all things — and people — that are scorching hot. Shifters, demons, and blazing hot witches...oh, right. I almost left that part out. According to the school, that’s what I am. A blazing hot witch. Let's hope that's all I am, and that this first semester goes a whole lot smoother than I'm imagining. Otherwise, my whole life might just go up in smoke.

Queen of the Dead

M. Sinclair - 2020
    I’m joking, it sucks.Can I really blame them though? I mean sure, I'm a total bad*ass and babe. But why would two sexy vampires, a century-old demon, and wolf shifter be interested in little old me?Now, I don’t want to discredit myself because let me be clear… I’m awesome.The fun kick*ss leather wearing type of awesome that hangs out with the dead because frankly, the living are pretty annoying. Well, most of them anyway.Being Queen has always come easy to me. I mean who doesn't like putting some jerk in his place? Lately, though, something has changed and I feel the trouble coming like a storm rolling in. Despite my boys not reciprocating my crush, I know they will always be by my side.Though, I do wonder why they are acting so weird about the local demi-god of luck and VooDoo priest’s attention.I mean, I have to date eventually, right? Right?! Apparently, not if my friends have anything to say about it.This is why I stick to the dead and not the living. They are so complicated.*Fantasy RH* This is a light-hearted, semi-satirical, and fairly fast-paced reverse harem. You can bet that our characters will be swearing up a storm in New Orleans and expect elements of horror such as gore, violence, and an array of other topics dealing with death. Sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences. +18

Wolf's Bite

Atlas Rose - 2020
    “I’ll scratch and bite.”“You’ll crawl and beg too.” Phantom promised as he strode closer, a glint of desire danced in his eyes. “And that Special Agent…will only be the start of it.” The Costello’s were mine. Mine to corner. Mine to hunt. Mine to bring to their knees.I’ve hunted Ruth for years now. Sat outside her house. Tracked every shady deal she’d ever done. She’s my ticket to her family, and the entire cesspool they play in. The Costello’s are lower than low…they are liars…they are mobsters. They are Mafia. This is more than a case for me. This was personal. The last bullet in my father’s ruined policing career. He’s a drunk now and alone…and I’m his only visitor—pathetic huh? Only a war erupted. A war which I’m now part of…a war between the beasts that roam west of my city and the powerful Immortals they answer to.I replayed that night in slow motion. Fangs. Blood…and Phantom. The Alpha of the Wolves. The one I saved from a rogue Vampire. And the one who saved me. I carry his bite mark on my shoulder…and the memory of his pack. He might think he has a handle on me…He might think this is more than what it was…He’s about to find out how wrong he is.

Team Destiny and Gray's Grave

Belinda White - 2020
    Team Destiny answered.Who is Team Destiny you ask? Well, we're a rag-tag bunch of witches and werewolves, with a Shaman and a couple of lawmen thrown in for good measure. When the Goddess needs help, we're there for Her.Sounds like some kind of science fiction or fantasy movie flick, doesn't it?Nope. Just my life as I now know it.The last month or so had been pretty quiet. No dead bodies showing up in awkward places. No crazy entities out to destroy the world. You know… the kinds of things that had become our usual challenges. The Universe appeared to be giving us a break for once.Enough so that Mom and Dad convinced my Aunt Opal and her new husband, Ex-Sheriff Orville Taylor, to go on a belated honeymoon. Heaven knows my Aunt was long overdue for some rest and relaxation.But wouldn't you just know that the very night after we dropped them off at the airport, all heck broke loose.Welcome to life as a member of Team Destiny.We just can't catch a break for long.

The Complete Chronicles of William Wilde

Davis Ashura - 2020
    Dead things stalk him, and he has no idea why. He thought he was simply another high school student, but it turns out he’s much more. And the powers percolating through the world know it. They’ve already killed his family, and if tested, they’ll murder him as well.It’s only the beginning of William’s troubles, especially when he’s drafted into a war stretching back thousands of years—one involving monsters, evil gods, and resurrected heroes.His magic might be the key to victory for both sides. William is the most powerful mage born in generations, and while some might aid him, can he trust their motives? There is Serena Paradiso who holds secrets about his heritage. And the warriors, Rukh and Jessira Shektan, whose faces shine with ancient knowledge. Who are they really?William doesn’t know. His only certainty is that if he doesn’t master his powers, he’ll only live long enough to see his world enslaved.This is the complete five-volume omnibus of The Chronicles of William Wilde, a series full of epic adventure and pulse-pounding excitement mixed with a dash of romance.

Bloody Rosary Academy: Year One

Avery Song - 2020
     Blessed is the blood that courses through my veins, from the womb of my Fae Mother and the seed of my Vampire Father. Holy Mary, protect me, for I have two sides from which to choose. One of holy matrimony, which represents all that is perfection and grace, and one of darkness and bloodshed, wherein the pulsing desire for power outweighs the need for tranquility and equilibrium. Let me make the right choice, for I am bound to both, but can only become one. Please, do not forsake me. I pray that this choice to attend Bloody Rosary Academy will unlock the secrets within the very beads of thy rosary. I offer my body, rare blood, and magic powers to discover my true birthright and find the perpetrator behind my parents’ demise and my subsequent orphanage. Shelter me at the hour of their death and let me the final victor. Now, and for the next four years. Amen. Bloody Rosary Academy is a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance. If you’re fans of Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this is one sizzling story you don’t want to miss.

O Witchy Town of Whittlecombe

Jeannie Wycherley - 2020
    But who has cursed Whittlecombe and why? Can our Alfie find out and save her friends in the village?Will Alf ever manage to have a crisis free and merry Christmas?Will anybody wake up in time to prepare her figgy pudding?Maybe our favourite witch will be too busy to notice ...Because while mortals sleep, one witch keepsA watch of wondering love.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O Witchy Town of Whittlecombe is a standalone Christmas cozy mystery that complements the Wonky Inn series as a whole.You’ll love this crazy paranormal cast of witches, wizards, faeries, ghosts and pantomime villains.And not forgetting Mr Hoo of course.This latest Wonky Inn Christmas mystery adventure is best served with a glass of your favourite tipple and a heart full of love.

Murder and Mahjong

Annabel Chase - 2020
     When Eloise Worthington drops dead and awakens in the afterlife, she knows she doesn’t belong—mainly because she’s surrounded by a supernatural cocktail of species she never knew existed. Gods, witches, vampires, werewolves—and now Eloise, a middle-aged human more concerned with getting her way than getting out of someone else’s. She quickly learns that this supernatural retirement village isn’t the last stop on the Afterlife Express and villagers can be blinked out of existence, which is exactly what happens to Zeus. Yes, that Zeus. Unfortunately, it appears that Eloise is to blame—or is she? Never one to shy away from a challenge—although her idea of a challenge usually involves tequila and a cartwheel—Eloise sets out to clear her name and, in the process, figure out where she truly belongs. Welcome to Divine Place, because sometimes a fresh start requires a little divine intervention.

Post-op and Potions

Amorette Anderson - 2020
    As the saying goes, ‘be careful what you wish for’...For the first time in years, traveling nurse Grace Littleton is out of work.Her on-again off-again boyfriend is with a younger woman, and her only son has just jetted off to Europe.Alone, unemployed, and unsatisfied, Grace is on a search for something more.A magical village in the Vermont countryside seems to hold some answers… and a few major problems to boot.Hypnotized squirrels attacked an elderly gentleman in town.Who brainwashed the critters?Then there’s the devilishly handsome bookstore owner who won’t give Grace the time of day.With her pit bull Lucky at her side, Grace tackles the problems one by one -- not because she wants to, but because she really has no other options.For Grace, the end of the line is in Covenstead, Vermont.For fans of paranormal women’s fiction and witch cozy mysteries -- a combination of midlife self-discovery, magic, and murder! "Fun, addictive & easy to follow" -- early reader.

Rebellion, Battle And Truce

Michael Anderle - 2020
    A renegade figurehead known as the Umbra is calling mortals to him for something larger than the US has tackled before. Will the Queen offer Rogue any assistance? Now Jennie must learn to lead both mortals and specters to combat her enemies and bring them to justice.

Pretty Faces (The Fallen Gods Book 6)

K.A. Knight - 2020


B.J. Wane - 2020
    Gavin McCullough knows his family obligations prevents him from accepting a human mate, but one look into Aislyn Lankford’s golden eyes and he can’t resist making her his. An accident six months later leaves him no option but to return to the McCullough ranch and take up his duties to both his family and pack before he’s had a chance to tell Aislyn the truth about his heritage.When Aislyn is framed for a crime she didn’t commit, her only hope is to seek help from the man who shattered her heart. Would putting her trust in Gavin again be her salvation or another mistake? She risks everything to take a chance on a man with secrets, but when those are revealed, the true test of the depth of their feelings begins.Once Gavin sees the fear in Aislyn’s eyes, there is no turning his back on her again. Family and duty be damned; his mate has returned to him and this time he isn’t letting her go.Author’s note: This contemporary romantic suspense contains adult themes such as power exchange and sexual scenes. Please do not purchase if these offend you.


Brittany White - 2020
     She’s a beautiful new guest at the Black Bear Lake Lodge. The woman who has forced Nathan to break the one rule he was asked to follow as a Strauss brother. Him and his bear shifter brothers had vowed to not get involved with the guests, but Nathan doesn’t care. Not when Alanna is his mate. She’s all he thinks about, and she needs his help. Alanna is in possession of another man. The brutal monster has forced her into joining his harem of wives. Alanna had no choice but to obey his orders. He’s holding her brother hostage and she can’t let him hurt her family. Nathan is a ray of light for her. The man who’s so hot that she could melt into his arms. But love isn’t supposed to come easy for them. It’s never easy for the Strauss Bear Brothers of Colorado. Can Nathan protect Alanna and free her from her captor? Warning: Intended for 18+ audiences. For those who love alpha protectors, dragon shifters, and steamy adventure. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines and T.S. Joyce may like this shapeshifter series.