Kriya Yoga by Swami Yogananda (1930)

Paramahansa Yogananda - 2013
    This is an exact reproduction of his 1930 work (now Public Domain), formatted for Kindle devices. It contains detailed descriptions and instructions in the following techniques: (1) Kriya Proper - The basic Kriya Pranayama technique (2) Maha Mudra - Preparatory technique for Kriya Proper (3) Jyoti Mudra - Technique to see the Spiritual Eye

The Heart of the Shaman: Stories and Practices of the Luminous Warrior

Alberto Villoldo - 2018
    Villoldo shares some of their time-honored teachings that emphasize the sacred dream: an ephemeral, yet powerful vision that has the potential to guide us to our purpose and show us our place in the universe.The practices in this book will help you forge a sacred dream for yourself. They will help you craft a destiny infused with courage, and driven by vision. You’ll be invited to follow the footsteps of the luminous warrior and learn how to break out of the three nightmares surrounding love, death, and safety that have held you captive, and transform them into the experience of timeless freedom, known as the Primordial Light. This creative power exercised by shamans will lead you to create beauty and healing, and dream a new world into being.When you transform these dreams and accept that life is ever changing, that your mortality is a given and that no one except you can free you from fear —the chaos in your life turns to order, and beauty prevails.“Wake up from the slumber you are living in, and dream with your eyes open so that all the possibilities of the future are available to you.”

How to Use Your Creative Imagination

Roy Eugene Davis - 2002
    As this is accomplished, the necessary resources and supportive events, circumstances, and relationships for your highest good will be spontaneously provided and your spiritual growth will be rapid and satisfying. Creative imagination and skillful living will enable you to live as you deserve to live.

The Essence of Buddhism

E. Haldeman-Julius - 2008
    It offers a vast variety of insightful selections from various literature and provides a lifetime of ideas and images to contemplate and evolve with you.

Hatha Yoga: Or the Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being

Ramacharaka - 1904
    appetite; Prana absorption from food; About food; Irrigation of the body; Ashes of the system; Yogi breathing; Effect of correct breathing; Breathing exercises; Nostril breathing vs. mouth breathing; Little lives of the body; Control of the involuntary system; Pranic energy; Science of relaxation; Use of physical exercise; Yogi bath; Solar energy; Fresh air; Nature's sweet restorer, sleep; Regeneration; Mental attitude; Led by Spirit. This book has practical and excellent suggestions for promoting health in the body.

The Supreme Yoga: A New Translation Of The Yoga Vasistha (2 Volumes)

Venkatesananda - 2003
    These teachings of Sage Vasistha imparted to Lord Rama, contain the true understanding about the creation of the world. The Supreme Yoga, with Romanised text, is a translation into English of this complete work and is accompanied by brief expositions by Swami Venkatesananda. This book brings this store house of wisdom to our world and makes the philosophy comprehensible to scholars and common people alike.The Yoga Vasistha has been a favourite book of spiritual seekers in India these several centuries. Its special appeal lies in its thoroughly rational approach. and in its presentation of Vedanta as a philosophy which dares, like the The Bhagavad Gita, to bridge the gulf between the secular and the sacred action and contemplation. in human life. through a comprehensive and lofty spirituality. The reader will come across passages such as the verse entry for 31 st January. highlighting the importance of reason:"The remark of even a child is to be accepted, if it is in accordance with reason: but the remark of even Brahma Himself; the creator of the world, is to be rejected like a piece of straw, if it does not accord with reason."It is this philosophy of a comprehensive spirituality. rational and practical. that man in the modern age needs to rescue himself from his stagnation of worldliness and put him on the high road of creative living and fulfilment.The text abounds in repetitions which are, however, not repetitious. If you do not like (or need) repetition, then readjust this one verse: "This world appearance is a confusion: even as the blueness of the sky is an optical illusion. I think it is better not to let the mind dwell on it, but to ignore it. "(I - 3/2) "This verse occurs several times in the scripture and it sems to be the very essence of the teaching. If that is not quite clear to you now, read the scripture. The numerous ways in which this truth IS revealed will help open your mind.An oft recurring expression in this scripture is 'kakataliya' - a crow alights on the coconut palm tree and at that very moment a ripe coconut falls. The two unrelated events thus seem to be related in time and space, though there is no causal relationship.Such is life. Such is 'creation'. But the mind caught up in its' own trap of logic questions why, invents a 'why' and a 'wherefore' to satisfy itself, conveniently ignoring the inconvenient questions that still haunt an intelligent mind.

Surya Namaskara: A Technique of Solar Vitalization

Satyananda Saraswati - 2002
    This work covers in detail all aspects of the practice and includes useful chapters on its effects on the spine, muscles, vital organs and endocrine system. A practical book for teachers and students.

The Illustrated Light on Yoga

B.K.S. Iyengar - 1993

Reiki: A Complete Guide to Real Reiki:How to Increase Vitality, Improve your Health and Feel Great

Kristine Marie Corr - 2015
    Are you looking to uncover the immense natural energy you possess to miraculously heal yourself and people around you?Do you find yourself looking for a path that can help you unlock the secrets to happiness and wellbeing?Are you looking for this complete guide and the power that ensures ample healing energy that runs through your hands and helps you ease physical pain as well as mental stress?This book is intelligently made for you. It contains the specifics and essentials of Reiki, its principles, and advantages for anyone who wants a complete guide to energy and wellbeing, success and healing.This book will give you a clear understanding on how reiki will provide you with the ability to become your own spiritual doctor and hence work your own miracles.This book is all about bringing healing through compassion and unconditional love.Reiki practitioners use the five principles of Reiki in order to act as channels for healing energies. This healing energy typically flows through the practitioner’s body, hands and then into the body where their hands are touching to help eradicate disease and misery using the power of unconditional love. The best part – practitioners can treat themselves too!By simply using the power of unconditional love that allows healing energies to flow through their hands.Excited to know and discover more?Let’s get started…. After downloading this book you will learn What is ReikiAdvantages of using Reki as a system of HealingThe Five Reiki PrinciplesThe Three Pillars of ReikiReiki AttunementsThe Seven Chakras and ReikiMeditation and ReikiHand Positions for HealingUsing the Power of Reiki to Attract Anything you WantAnd Much MoreDownload your copy today

Yoga: The Greater Tradition

David Frawley - 2008
    This book sheds light on the greater tradition and teachings of yoga, providing readers with an important approach to the practice that can harmonize their existence both individually and collectively. Yoga provides all students with a new appreciation of their dicipline's universe.

Bikram Yoga: The Guru Behind Hot Yoga Shows the Way to Radiant Health and Personal Fulfillment

Bikram Choudhury - 2007
    Bikram Choudhury, the world's foremost authority on Hot Yoga, is here to show you the true way to self-improvement and a new love of life. Based on a centuries-old and scientifically proven pathway to health, Bikram Yoga will whip your body, mind, and spirit into shape.Based on Bikram's signature program of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, this book will help you combat a variety of afflictions—from stress and insomnia to arthritis and back pain—and maintain exceptional health for years to come. The various postures work your muscles, increase flexibility, and flush toxins out of your system—a completely natural, full-body workout without the unhealthy stresses and dangers of a gym. It isn't easy: It's a rigorous, body-bending program, and Bikram gives it to you straight in his outspoken, charismatic, and tough-love fashion. But just like the hundreds of thousands of students who go to his studios across the country, you'll end up sweaty and exhausted but keep coming back for more.Additionally, Bikram Yoga can help you do much more than drop inches from your belly. Bikram explains how practicing yoga is also a mental and spiritual mission that can help you create a path to true happiness. When it comes to love and marriage, realizing your full potential, or living a life in perfect balance, Bikram's yogic philosophy shows you how physical strength and flexibility can be a gateway to mental clarity and spiritual calm.If you've never tried Bikram's yoga, get ready for the deepest, most beneficial class of your life. And if you're an old hand at it, your understanding of the postures and the sequence will increase exponentially, as will your results.So are you ready to achieve lasting health and happiness? The time has come for Bikram Yoga. Grab your mat and get ready to change your life.

The Tibetan Book of Yoga: Ancient Buddhist Teachings on the Philosophy and Practice of Yoga

Michael Roach - 2004
    In this small book readers will discover Heart Yoga, which developed over the centuries in the Gelukpa tradition of the Dalai Lamas. The program presented here combines popular yoga exercises wtih special Tibetan poses, and methods of working from the inside to give a healthy and a happy heart. Roach discovered a number of previously unknown Tibetan works on yoga in the course of his ongoing efforts to find and preserve ancient Tibetan Buddhist texts. He discusses the ideas and insights presented in these texts and places them within the context of the Buddhist tradition. To help readers incorporate this ancient wisdom in their daily lives, he provides a specific regime of yoga postures and meditations. Combining instructive illustrations with the unique philosophical underpinnings of the Buddhist approach, Geshe Roach has created a unique program for yoga on a physical and spiritual level.

A History Of Indian Philosophy, Volume I

Surendranath Dasgupta - 1922
    The volumes elaborate Buddhist and Jaina Philosophy and the six systems of Hindu thought; Samkara School of Vedanta besides the philosophy of the Yoga-vasistha and the Bhagavadgita; detailed account of the principal dualistic and pluralistic system; the Bhagavata Purana, Madhva and his school; and Southern Schools of Saivism. Each volume is devoted to the study of the particular school of thought of Indian Philosophy. 5 Volume set.

Hell-Bent: Obsession, Pain, and the Search for Something Like Transcendence in Competitive Yoga

Benjamin Lorr - 2012
    Benjamin Lorr walked into his first yoga studio on a whim, overweight and curious, and quickly found the yoga reinventing his life. He was studying Bikram Yoga (or "hot yoga") when a run-in with a master and competitive yoga champion led him into an obsessive subculture a group of yogis for whom eight hours of practice a day in 110- degree heat was just the beginning.So begins a journey. Populated by athletic prodigies, wide-eyed celebrities, legitimate medical miracles, and predatory hucksters, it's a nation-spanning trip from the jam-packed studios of New York to the athletic performance labs of the University of Oregon to the stage at the National Yoga Asana Championship, where Lorr competes for glory.The culmination of two years of research, and featuring hundreds of interviews with yogis, scientists, doctors, and scholars, "Hell-Bent" is a wild exploration. A look at the science behind a controversial practice, a story of greed, narcissism, and corruption, and a mind-bending tale of personal transformation, it is a book that will not only challenge your conception of yoga, but will change the way you view the fragile, inspirational limits of the human body itself."

Lectures on Bhagavad Gita

Vivekananda - 2013
    All the lectures were delivered in 1900.