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Brides of Minnesota: 3-in-1 Historical Romance by Lena Nelson Dooley


Mail Order Bride: Tilly and the Orphans (Brides and Orphans Book 1)

Emily Woods - 2016
    When the man she loves rejects her, she heads west to find love as a mail order bride.Owen looks for a mail order bride to start a family, but doesn’t know the first thing about loving a bride.Owen and Tilly start their relationship with very different goals. With the help of prayer and some adorable orphans, they just might find love.This book is a sweet, clean, western, historical, romance short story. It is a complete story, but it is also part of the Wyoming Brides and Babies series. Be sure to read them all - in any order!Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

The Desert Princess

Jill Eileen Smith - 2014
    But can she hold on to his?King David is running for his life with his young son Solomon in tow when Naamah first encounters the prince. Her father is loyal to the king, and that loyalty will be sealed years later--through the marriage of Solomon and Naamah. For her part, Naamah is happy to wed the handsome prince and enter into palace life. But all is not well in Jerusalem. Solomon must navigate constant threats to his life--even from within the palace walls. And when peace is restored, can Naamah ever be truly happy as she watches the love of her life taking more wives?

My Dear Miss Dupré (American Royalty, #1)

Grace Hitchcock - 2021
    The shareholders are unwilling to allow a female to take over the company without a man at her side, so her parents devise a plan--find Willow a spokesman king in order for her to become queen of the empire.Willow is presented with thirty potential suitors from the families of New York society's elite group called the Four Hundred. She has six months to court the group and is expected to eliminate men each month to narrow her beaus until she chooses one to marry, ending the competition with a wedding. Willow reluctantly agrees, knowing she must do what is best for the business. She doesn't expect to find anything other than a proxy . . . until she meets Cullen Dempsey, and she must discover for herself if his motives are pure.

The Women of Catawba

Hilda Stahl - 1994
    Set in post-Revolutionary War days, Women of Catawba is an inspiring story of men and women whose faith, strength, and capacity to love are tested to the limit.

Canteen Dreams

Cara C. Putman - 2017
    When her community starts a canteen at the train station, Audrey spends nearly every spare moment there, offering food and kindness to the soldiers passing through. She never expected to fall for a local boy…or face the challenges of budding love in the face of war. Rancher Willard Johnson admires Audrey’s passionate nature, but when his brother is killed in action, he feels he must avenge by enlisting himself. His father insists he stay, but Willard knows he must go. Reality intrudes, and he never expected the jealousy he experiences when he sees those in uniform. Can Willard’s budding relationship with Audrey weather the storms of war? Or will one of the other soldiers at the canteen steal her heart? Other books in this series: Sandhill Dreams Captive Dreams A Promise Kept A Promise Born A Promise Forged

Protecting Amy

Susan Page Davis - 2004
    But that’s before Fort Bridger comes under threat of attack and the experienced scout is asked to escort the commander’s daughter to the safety of Fort Laramie. Tom quickly realizes that the spirited Amy Travis is a skilled horsewoman who can hold her own on the arduous four-day trip. But she’s also unnervingly adept at making Tom reveal his heart. When three unknown riders begin pursuing the pair, Tom sets his personal feelings aside to ensure Amy’s safety. But as he valiantly strives to protect Amy from danger, will Tom Barkley leave his own heart vulnerable?

Enchanting Nicholette

Dawn Crandall - 2018
    She has just returned to Boston after two years of mourning in Europe. Although her husband was loving, the marriage was an arranged one, and Nicholette would like to wed again--this time for love...and to someone safeAs she acclimates to life in Back Bay again, Nicholette meets someone she can't help but fall for. But when she learns of the danger and sacrifices Cal Hawthorne takes on for the safety of others, will her heart be strong enough to keep her fears of "what if" at bay?


Al Lacy - 1994
    On his right hip hangs a Colt .45 Peacemaker. In his pack -- and often in his hand -- he carries a large, black Bible. He is the legend known only as the Stranger.John Stranger finds the citizens of Riverton, Wyoming held in a grip of fear. Assuming the identity of their new pastor, the Stranger takes a stand against the evil that has infiltrated the town -- with both gently spoken biblical wisdom and unequaled fighting skill.

The Bride Price

Quenby Olson - 2017
    Emily agrees to marry William Hazlitt, a man she hardly knows. But William remembers her. Growing up as a tenant on her father's estate, he admired her from afar, their lives kept separate first by class, and then by loss. Emily seeks to begin a new life with this quiet man to whom she finds herself wedded. But the scandal she escaped in London soon finds her again, the very man who destroyed her reputation threatening to tear down the happiness she's found with her new husband. To keep from losing everything, she must either make a deal with a devil... or learn how to defeat one.

McKinnon's Bride

Sharon Harlow - 2003
    Jessie made him long to turn his ranch house into a true home. But could a woman who prized honesty above all forgive being lied to—even for her own good?After surviving a nightmare of a marriage, Jessie Monroe was hard-pressed to believe any man’s promises. Until she met Cade McKinnon, the man who made her dream of a better life. She was attracted to him, true enough, but could she trust him...and her yearning heart?NOTE: Other books in this series are:TWICE BLESSED -- Book 2, Steeple Hill BooksSTANDING TALL -- Book 3

The Lady of Tarpon Springs

Judith McCoy Miller - 2018
    When her friend Lucy needs legal advice about the business she inherited upon her father's passing, she ends up asking Zanna to run the business instead so she can focus on her medical career.Nico Kalos is a Greek diver who has worked on sponging boats in the Aegean Sea since the age of 14, giving him a vast knowledge of the trade. When he hears of an opportunity to lead a group of spongers to the United States, he seizes it. But his excitement is quickly quelled when he arrives only to discover that a young woman with no experience in the business will be in charge of the new crews. But as Zanna and Nico face even more complications than they could have imagined, they must learn to work together or risk everything they've worked so hard for.

Her Three Suitors

Anneka R. Walker - 2019
     Sophia never expected to grow out of her awkwardness and be nicknamed society’s darling Golden-locks during her first London Season. Now, three of the most eligible men of the ton are invited to her house party in hopes of securing a most advantageous match. Shortly before they arrive, Sophia stumbles upon her birth record and an alarming discrepancy. She is determined to discover the identity of her real mother at all costs. Can she choose someone to marry before her secret is out, and her reputation is ruined forever? Terrance is a second son of an Earl with no great inheritance and no abundance of charm. When pitted against his brother and his best friend as a suitor for Sophia’s hand, Terrance isn’t even going to pretend to be a contestant. Again and again, fate throws Terrance into Sophia’s path until Terrance realizes two things: Sophia is hiding something and, despite his stubborn nature, he is most definitely in love with her. If he chooses to fight for her, he’ll risk losing the brotherhood he’s relied on all his life.

Silver Wings, Santiago Blue

Janet Dailey - 1984
    — During World War II there were few women pilots. None of them went overseas to fly in the war effort. Yet there were those female pilots who wanted to join the service and fly for their country. These women had a rough time getting themselves taken seriously. The military didn't support them, but they persevered.This novel takes the true events and fictionalizes them. Four very different women come together for training in Texas determined to prove themselves and fly for their country. Perhaps not all of them came with altruistic intentions, yet the drive is there for each one.Cappy, the military brat, is not sure she wants the restrictions of military life again. She knows how it affected her home life. Marty came from Detroit, determined to break out of her mold. And she wants to prove she is as special as her brother. Eden's rich background affects how she approaches the other women. Mary Lynn is the soft lady who everybody likes.Another "behind the scenes" World War II story is told well here. These are real women with depth and problems. It is a romance, yet it much more the story of the drive that anyone can have when faced with a special love. These women are going to fly. And they are going to fly the planes that men do. This is a great piece of true history presented in fiction.

Christmas at Whitefriars

Elizabeth Camden - 2019
    With the help of an American millionaire, she has succeeded in renovating her beloved Whitefriars castle into a splendid estate just in time for Christmas. From across the ocean, millionaire Everett Wooten has spent a fortune propping up Whitefriars to add modern conveniences and rebuild crumbling old walls. Even though he’s never met Mary, they have enjoyed a lively business correspondence over the nine years they have been working toward a renovation. Now he has finally come to see Mary and the castle in person, but nothing is as he was led to believe. Mary and Everett try to find a way forward, but red-blooded American entrepreneurship doesn’t always mingle with blue-blooded English tradition. Can a Manhattan business tycoon and an English lady come to an accord, or will their joint venture in Whitefriars result in heartbreak for them both?

Whiter Than Snow

Leah Atwood - 2015
    When she secured a position as a nanny to two rambunctious boys, she loved them as her own, and they filled a void left by a life of tragedy. But when their mother discovered Tallie’s secret, her position was immediately terminated. She found herself on the streets, in a town and land about which she knew nothing. Jeremiah Scott was returning to Weatherton, Wyoming after a six-year absence. Now that both of his parents had passed, he planned to renew the family ranch he’d left after his father’s death. The train ride from Chicago to Cheyenne reminded him how lonely winters in the west could be without someone to share them. While in Cheyenne, arranging business deals and outfitting his ranch, he decided to find an impromptu bride. But when the bride was more than he bargained for, will it destroy his plans for marriage? A sweet romance for Christmas or year-round, set in late nineteenth century Wyoming. Brides of Weatherton Series After the Rain Fire and Ice Winds of Change Dancing on Dew (December 2015) Whiter than Snow- Bonus Novella- Read as a complement to the series or a standalone.