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Beauty and the Duke by Nadine Millard


Unchaining the Heart of the Marquess

Emma Linfield - 2019
     In the service of the Hadley family since birth, she’s been in love with Frederick, the Duke of Chescrown’s son, all her life. But years of rejection and unrequited love have taken their toll and when a charming new servant arrives at the manor, Josephine is determined to leave the past behind. Frederick Hadley, Marquess of Pentford, is a man who carries his title with pride. Determined to uphold the family’s spotless reputation, he renounces his feelings for Josephine, invoking the social gap between them. However, anonymous letters addressed to his mother threaten to shatter that pristine image. Amidst a wild goose chase to get answers before the culprit acts on their threats, Frederick risks losing not only Josephine but also his very own birthright.

The Land Steward's Daughter

Becky Michaels - 2020
    At five-and-twenty, the pressure to marry well is mounting, despite being unable to forget Will, the Duke of Blackmore’s second son.Will Winter doesn’t care much for his father’s qualifications for a proper wife. When he returns to England and sees Elaina again, he knows he must have her, despite her meager dowry and precarious standing in society as the daughter of his family’s land steward.As their attraction to one another intensifies, Elaina must make a decision: one that may further damage her reputation and Will’s already delicate relationship with his family, or one that will leave her unfulfilled and wondering for the rest of her life.

The Blind Duke

Charity McColl - 2016
     Grant, Duke of Herefordshire, has lost more than his sight - he has lost hope of ever seeing love or life again. After returning from the American war to find his once thriving estate ransacked and abandoned by his own servants, he is left to die a lonely death within it's dark walls. It is only when he stumbles into one of his estate tenants, Alana Carrington, that the light begins to break through. Will the Duke's former glory be restored to him and his duchy, and will Grant once again move in society worthy of his station - and when he does will he remember the gentle Alana, a mere commoner, and all she has done for him? Charity McColl, whose name means Love Conquers, writes sumptuous clean short read regency romance. She always delivers a story packed with intrigue, romantic twists and gripping escapades that will keep you turning the pages to the very last letter. :)

His Lady to Protect

Justine Covington - 2020
    Her trust… When Nate promises to protect his best friend’s little sister from her traitorous uncle, he knows it’s the least he can do to atone for his past sins. And if a marriage of convenience is the most efficient way to guarantee her safety? So be it. He’s ready for anything…except how quickly his lovely new bride would steal his heart… Susannah never intended to marry the man who led her brother to his death. The fact that she once loved him? Irrelevant. She just can’t allow herself to trust him again. But it’s not long before she starts to wonder if there’s more to Nate than meets the eye. What if he’s not the villain she assumed he was? And if that’s the case…can her poor, beleaguered heart survive another inevitable fall? Nate and Susannah have much to overcome if they have any hope of finding their way to happily ever after. But what if trust is simply a luxury neither can afford? Buy His Lady to Protect to read the first in an exciting new series centered around six friends from Eton and set in the infamous Regency period.

The Groomsman

Marcia Lynn McClure - 2018
    Although she had not had a good, solid look at him, she could sense he was very handsome. His voice alone revealed he was—the deep, rich nature of it. In truth, his voice made her feel—well, it somehow whisked her back—whisked her back four years, bathing her in memories of another supper and a voice she’d heard that night—a voice as deep and rich, as warm and wonderful as molasses taffy. “It seems we cross paths again, Miss Ambria Blanchard,” the man said. And she knew then. Ambria knew that the voice and the man were not simply similar to the voice and the man that had changed her life four years before—but that the same man himself was sitting next to her. Thinking of the worn photograph she still cached in a secret space in her wallet, Ambria turned and nearly fainted with euphoric shock when she found herself gazing into the blue, blue, bluest eyes of the most gorgeous, beefcaked, super-stud lady-killer she’d ever seen.

The Reluctant Bride

Claire Firth - 2013
    She has been sold to the highest bidder so that she may produce an heir for the devilishly handsome and arrogant Earl and she is outraged. How can she have any respect or feelings for a man whose reputation is that of a complete wastrel and philanderer? She resolves to resist him at all costs yet Sophia is totally unprepared for the exquisite pleasure she experiences from her husband’s wicked hands as he introduces her to a world of sexual delight she had no idea existed. For Ralph, when his cousin had suggested he take a wife to heal the rift in his family, it had seemed the perfect solution to his problems. However, he hadn’t counted on choosing someone as spiritedly passionate as Sophia and something inside of him reacts to her in a way that disconcerts him. What started out as a necessary chore soon becomes an exciting challenge as he determines to do what he does best - seduce his young wife and put an end to the estrangement that exists between them. But why is Sophia’s good opinion becoming increasingly important to him? And why does he feel the compulsive need to convince her that he is not the unsavoury character she believes him to be?

Lady Libertine

Kate Harper - 2011
    With seven failed Seasons behind her, Lucy knows that it is up to her to save herself from a life of dreary spinsterhood and she has come up with a plan. So has the Earl of Hamersley, who is incensed that somebody has had the nerve to report on his public indiscretions. He is determined to unmask Lady Libertine and put a stop to her pen, once and for all. He suspects that Lucy Landon knows more than she is saying, but, when he starts to investigate, he finds the only thing he really wants to discover is how Lucy's lips taste. Can a wolf really fall for a mouse? And what will Hamersley say when he finds out she is the infamous Lady Libertine? Word count - approx 34 thousand.

The Duke's Inconvenient Bride

Eva Grace - 2018
    When one of the Duke's former lovers manipulates it so that Raff and Catherine are caught in a compromising situation the pair are forced into a hasty marriage of convenience, one that Catherine fears will end in disaster. Raff William James D'Alton, Sixth Duke of Albright had always been a huge admirer of wives --provided that they belonged to other men, of course. When his old love takes her revenge by forcing him into an unwanted marriage with a dowdy spinster, Raff vows that he will not let an inconvenient thing like a bride ruin his bachelor lifestyle. However, as time passes Raff and Catherine begin to realise that the sparks that fly between the pair have more to do with attraction than tension and that this inconvenient marriage might just have a happy ending --if only they'll allow it.

Dancing with an Enigmatic Duke

Abigail Agar - 2019
    She quickly realizes that he is willing to sell her off to the first man who offers. She knows she has to act fast! The answer to her problems comes when she makes an elaborate plan with her brother’s closest friend to pretend to be courting. Having the future Duke interested in her will certainly make her more attractive to other potential suitors. What happens though when this unexpected friendship blossoms into something greater, possibly a match made in heaven? Lord Nash Torrington is beset by matches that his mother insists are splendid, but all he really wants is to focus on his business endeavors. However, it is obvious that his mother will not be satisfied until Nash is properly married off whether he likes it or not. When his best friend’s beguiling sister arrives in London, Nash sees a golden opportunity that might just solve both of their problems. Things don’t always go according to plan though and he finds himself surprisingly stricken with Emmeline’s wit and unique beauty. Will he be courageous enough to declare his true feelings? Waltzing across ballroom after ballroom together, Emmeline and Nash will quickly find it hard to believe their courtship is a scheme. Will they be able to make their dreams come true and marry for love?

3 Christmas Regency Romances: The Duke, the Earl, and the Joker

Charlotte Darcy - 2017
     A Christmas to Remember Juliet Whitehall, is the eldest daughter of the Earl of Forbes. Being clumsy and tongue-tied she is in no rush to find a suitor. Who would risk taking on such a jinxed wife? Her clumsiness would only get worse when the Duke of Richfield comes to stay at their family home and of course he was coming for Christmas. Edward Burton, had lost his father, and suddenly found himself with the title of the Duke of Richfield. After being invited to stay with the Earl and Countess of Forbes, for the Christmas period, he found himself being cast in the role of a Duke in a play. He is hesitant in his role but then disaster strikes. Can a Christmas Miracle bring two unlikely and yet perfect people together in this sweet Regency romance? Christmas Masquerade Kate Whitehall, lost her joy for Christmas, when her sister Juliet married and left home. Life seemed duller. Christmas, was going to be even worse, until a friend suggested they attend a few masquerade balls. Dressed up, and behind a full mask, Kate was able to let go of her sadness just a little but could still not find the joy in the season. That was, until the man in the terrifying black mask engaged her in conversation… interesting conversation. His deep voice, strong body, and obvious intelligence became something Kate wanted more of. Yet he disappeared, not returning when he said he would. Left a little distraught she must wonder why he had shunned her? Had she done something to offend him? She cannot get him out of her mind and wants to know who was the man in the frightful mask …and would she get to meet him again?” Find out in Christmas Masquerade. The Best Time of Year Stella Lawson had played an integral part in arranging the courtships, leading to the marriages of her best friends, the sisters Juliet and Kate Whitehall. This year at Christmas, all was not going well. Their brother and a dear friend to her also, Adam Whitehall, was being pushed into courtships by his dear mama, with ladies he didn’t even know. Ladies he didn’t want to know. Stella agrees to aid him in putting off his mother’s future consorts by persuading them that Adam is a buffoon. Yet the more she helps, the more Adam seems like the perfect man, it’s a pity he’s only a friend… or is he? Find out in this collection of sweet Christmas romances.

Triana's Spring Seduction

Tabetha Waite - 2020
    It's only through her brother's good connections that their family is even accepted in polite society. While Triana cares nothing for the ton, the arrival of the Duke of Chiltern changes everything. He is everything she might have ever dreamed of in a husband, but she knows that something isn't quite right about his sudden resurgence in London. Thankfully, she's willing to do her part in uncovering his secrets.To learn what the gentleman is hiding?Gabriel Wilde, the Duke of Chiltern, is on an undercover mission to find out who is behind the illegal smuggling in the city. Upon his father's death, he returns to society under the perfect guise of assuming the title, believing the culprit to be within the ton. With the help of a trusted colleague, Gabriel believes that when he's done, he can move on with his life—away from England and the unpleasant memories that go along with it. But when he meets Triana, he finds he's not quite as eager to leave as he once was. Unfortunately, the only problem is trying to keep her out of trouble. So he does the only thing he can think of to keep her occupied: seduction.

A Broken Betrothal

Rose Pearson - 2020
    Can they reconcile their differences?When Lord Pendleton loses his brother, his entire world changes. Inheriting the title of Marquess of Leicestershire, he soon finds himself surrounded by nobles and sought-after by their daughters. He becomes determined to make a name for himself – and not be seen as a rogue like his late brother.Lady Augusta is destined to be married to him in a rigid, business-like agreement. Hating her father at first for not letting her choose her own husband, over time she grows to accept it – but she finds herself thrust aside by Lord Leicestershire’s newfound status. With Lord Leicestershire hounded by ladies and faced with distractions at every turn, will he and Lady Augusta be able to make their coming marriage work? Or will the strife between them be too much to overcome?

How to Win a Duke's Heart (Seductive Scoundrels #14)

Collette Cameron - 2022
    This is not one of those tales… Sophronie Slater had no interest in getting married. Even if she did, the Duke of Waycross would not be her choice. She would, however, do anything for her father. So, in honor of his dying wish to see her legally bound to the contrary, annoyingly handsome Scot who drives her mad, she agrees to a very temporary marriage. She’ll never love him, though. At least, that was the plan…Evan Gordonstone has no interest in romance. Caring for his relatives and restoring his duchy to profitability is about all he can manage. But if he has any hope of one day realizing his dream of breeding and racing horses, he needs Sophronie. Their arranged marriage will fix all his problems. Assuming he doesn’t fall for his lovely new wife and ruin everything…Sophronie and Evan are about to find out that opposites can attract in the most unexpected—and sensual—ways. But when all is said and done, can they win each other’s hearts and turn their fake marriage into a real happily ever after?~ * ~Scandals, Secrets, and Sweet RomanceThis Historical Regency Romance by a USA Today bestselling author proves that enemies can become lovers and opposites do attract. Sparks fly as Evan and Sophronie match wits until they admit their love for each other.If you enjoy reading lovable rogue or duke romances with a pinch of intrigue, a dash of humor, and soul-searing emotion, then you’ll adore Collette Cameron’s enthralling SEDUCTIVE SCOUNDRELS series. Settle into your favorite reading nook with a beverage and your copy of HOW TO WIN A DUKE’S HEART for a page-turning, enemies to lovers, entertaining Regency world adventure you can’t put downThough this book can easily be read as a stand-alone, most readers prefer to read the series in order.SEDUCTIVE SCOUNDRELS SERIES:A Diamond for a DukeOnly a Duke Would DareA December with a DukeWhat Would a Duke Do?Wooed by a Wicked DukeDuchess of His HeartNever Dance with a DukeThe Debutante and the DukeWedding her Christmas DukeLoved by a Dangerous DukeHow to Win A Duke’s HeartWhen a Duke Desires a Lass - Coming soon!

Lavinia and the Laird

Samantha Holt - 2018
    Even if that one daughter does marry, it would take a brave man to suffer the rest of the family.” – Lady Worthington, Marchioness of Langbury Miss Lavinia Chadwick--the only non-bluestocking in her family--is destined to marry well. At least according to her mother. She will definitely not marry a Scotsman. According to her mother. With the season around the corner, Mama is determined that Lavinia shall finally find her duke. Or her earl. Even a marquess would do. But, first, Lavinia must do her duty and help entertain a famous author visiting their sleepy village. With the help of her sisters, she’s been tasked with ensuring his stay goes perfectly. Unfortunately, her sisters are more of a hindrance than a help. So is her attraction to the braw laird who has come specially to see his favorite author. However, her sisters are certain that this rough Scot is good for her and set about ensuring their clandestine budding relationship thrives. Of course, with sisters like her, she could just as easily end up ruined and disappointing her whole family. Can Lavinia find the courage to fight for what she really wants and survive her sisters’ meddling?

The Legend of the Betrayed Duchess

Hanna Hamilton - 2018
    Her stay with her new family quickly turns into a nightmare, with writing becoming her only escape and George, the Duke’s son, being her only friend. Growing up developing a deep love for the arts instead of the family business, as well as a secret infatuation for Lucy, George Grayson suffers his parent’s continuous disapproval. Along with the sudden arrival of a mysterious man, claiming to be Lucy’s lost brother, a series of unexpected events start to take place, that bring chaos into the Grayson home, having everyone’s fates hanging by a thread. *The Legend of the Betrayed Duchess is a historical Regency romance of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after. Get this book for free with Kindle Unlimited!