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Lord of the Shadows

Kathryn Le Veque - 2011
    Not one man, woman or child lived without fear.Magnifying this fear is the man they call The Lord of the Shadows - a terrifying figure who sits at the right hand of the King, manipulating the royal moves like a puppet master. The Lord of the Shadows has been known to tear men apart with his bare hands and can, with a snap of his fingers, alter the future of anyone he chooses. The nobility is terrified of him, and for good reason. That is - the nobility that know of his existence.Lady Sheridan St. James has been drawn into the political arena by her father - having no sons, he bequeaths his power and knowledge to his eldest daughter, a stunningly beautiful and bright creature. Upon his death, Sheridan finds herself at the head of the mighty House of St. James, a major leader in the rebellion against the crown.During her first visit to London she becomes acquainted with a massive knight who has, in kindness, saved her sister's life. She has no idea Sir Sean de Lara is the man known as The Lord of the Shadows, but even when she is told of his horrible deeds she still cannot not believe it. Sheridan and Sean draw close despite the influence of the horrendous affairs of state sweeping London. All she knows is that he is handsome and kind, and although Sean is well aware of the lady's status, it makes no difference that she is, in perception, his enemy. To Sean, Sheridan is quickly becoming his reason for living - but out of necessity his responsibilities to the king become stronger than his love for Sheridan and he is forced to perform his duties or risk death to them both.Still, Sean swears to her that his days as the Shadow Lord are numbered even as rival factions cruelly separated them. It soon becomes a test of Sean and Sheridan's love to find each other again in a world which is determined to keep them apart.

Night Hawk

Beverly Jenkins - 2011
    Preacher. Night Hawk. He's had many names, but he can't escape the past. Since Ian Vance's beloved wife was murdered years ago, the hardened bounty hunter knows he'll never feel love or tenderness again, so he's made it his mission to ensure others get their justice. But when he's charged with delivering a sharp-eyed beauty to the law, Ian can't help but feel he may still have something left to lose. Orphaned at twelve, Maggie Freeman has always found her way out of trouble. But now there's a vigilante mob at her back who would like nothing more than to see her hang for a crime she didn't commit. Maggie may have to accept help for the first time in her life . . . even if it's from the one man standing between her and freedom. As the past closes in, the sassy prisoner and toughened lawman may just find a passion between them that could bring blinding happiness . . . if they'll let it.


Kathryn Le Veque - 2011
    - Davyss de Winter is the champion for King Henry III, a powerful and arrogant man that descends from a long line of powerful knights. He is also a much-sought after man and has had more than his share of female admirers, including a besotted baron's daughter who bore him bastard twins. His mother and family matriarch, the Lady Katharine de Warrenne de Winter, loses patience with her son's behavior and betrothes him to a woman she hopes will tame his wild ways. She selects a young woman from a lesser noble family with no political ties or ambitions, a perfect match for her son's prideful personality. Enter the Lady Devereux d'Arcy Allington; a young woman of astounding beauty, she wants nothing to do with Davyss. When Davyss, in protest of the marriage, sends his sword Lespada to the marriage ceremony, Devereux is beyond offended. Livid, she battles tooth and nail, refusing to marry a sword by proxy, until Lady Katharine intervenes. Cornered, Devereux is forced to marry Lespada because her groom refuses to show up for the ceremony. When Davyss gives in to his curiosity and meets his wife for the first time, he is overwhelmed with her beauty. Roughly consummating the marriage, he has set the tone for what both Davyss and Devereux believe will be a loveless, hateful marriage. But when Davyss begins to realize what he's done, he swallows his considerable pride and is determined to get to know the woman he married, a woman of grace and compassion like nothing he has ever known before. Though trials and tribulations, Davyss and Devereux's bond only strengthens. When Davyss is involved in the Battle of Evesham against Simon de Montfort, Devereux faces her own life and death situation. Lespada is a love story for the ages

Dancing on Coals

Ellen O'Connell - 2011
    Before long I'll be dancing on the coals." The highwaymen were the frying pan; the handsome young Apache who saved her from them was the fire; and the coals? Gaetan.Rage against the enemies of his people has consumed Gaetan from boyhood. The only use he ever found for any white was to test the sharpness of his knife. Forced by his brother to endure Katherine's company, Gaetan tries to deny what he sees—the white woman has a man's temper and a lion's courage. She has an Apache heart.In spite of hate, distrust and fear, surviving in the rugged country of southern Arizona and northern Mexico forges a strange bond between Katherine and Gaetan. When the bond turns to love, can they admit it? Can they bear the consequences?

The Price of Love

Rosie Harris - 2011
    Lucy and Robert Tanner long for the day when they can marry and the future is full of promise for all three. Until tragedy strikes when Lucy's parents are killed in a car crash, and Sam is left gravely injured and in need of careful nursing. Sam's girlfriend Patsy refuses to help, and Lucy has little choice but to postpone her wedding. Not only is she left heartbroken at the loss of her parents, Lucy is then devastated to discover that Robert has betrayed her in the worst possible way. With little money and unable to earn a regular wage, Lucy and Sam are forced to move into the slums of Liverpool. As Sam's health deteriorates and their life spirals into poverty and despair, Lucy wonders if she'll ever find happiness again...

Sherbrooke #1-5: The Sherbrooke Bride / The Hellion Bride / The Heiress Bride / Mad Jack / The Courtship

Catherine Coulter - 2011
    The Sherbrooke Bride The Hellion Bride The Heiress Bride Mad Jack The Courtship

The Brides Trilogy: A 3 In 1 Edition Including The Sherbrooke Bride, The Hellion Bride And The Heiress Bride

Catherine Coulter - 2011
    The Sherbrooke Bride, The Hellion Bride, and The Heiress Bride.

A Question of Love

Angeline Fortin - 2011
    Cultured. Perfect. It was a lesson that proper Evelyn Ashley-Cooper had learned flawlessly over six oppressive years of marriage. Even when widowhood freed her from the prison her life had become, Eve still floundered under the veneer of perfection that her domineering husband demanded, unable to unleash the lively girl she once was from the confines of her prim exterior. But when her long-lost first love Francis MacKintosh, earl Glenrothes reappears in her life, Eve is tempted by the desire to escape her proper façade and the longing to truly live once again. Discovering that enticement alone cannot overrule years of tyranny, Eve struggles between her old self and the new, between yearning to be with him and a determination never to put herself under the thumb of another man - even one she discovers she still loves as much as her Glenrothes. Since meeting a vivacious, young Eve many years before, Francis MacKintosh has become a man embittered by life, by a wife who has made him a cuckold to the whole of Scotland and by a humiliating divorce that has rained scandal down upon the heads of himself and his family for years. Never had he thought that he would find Eve, his Eden, once again or that he would dare push aside his disdain of the fairer sex, to trust and love once more. But for Eve, for the love and happiness he is suddenly certain they can find only in each other, he finds himself willing to take a chance. If only he might convince his true love to do the same! Francis' seduction and ability to blend her proper side with the spirited Eve of years past lure the countess back to him but just when happiness seems but a step away, their mutual pasts will come crashing down around them attempting to tear them apart and Eve and Francis will have to risk their lives for a future together. The question remains, will their rediscovered love be enough to conquer all?

The Robin Hood Trilogy

Marsha Canham - 2011
    The author's version of how the legend of Robin Hood began, featuring all your favorite characters: Little John, Maid Marienne, Guy de Gisbourne, Friar Tuck, and of course, Robin of the Hood. Book One begins the legend in the misty greenwood, when an outlaw named the Black Wolf kidnaps a young bride...Multiple Award-Winning USA Today bestselling author

Shotgun Groom

Ruth Ann Nordin - 2011
    Nothing, after all, could be worse than being married to her deceased husband. Nothing, that is, until her unscrupulous brother-in-law decides to marry her. With no other recourse, April and her brother concoct a plan--one that involves the unsuspecting doctor’s assistant, Joel Larson.Joel Larson doesn't want to be married. In fact, he’s perfectly happy with things the way they are, but when he’s sent to check on April’s sick child, things take an unexpected turn for the worse. In one instant, he finds a gun and a mandate to marry April staring him in the face. Can a marriage that begins with a shotgun be just the thing Joel needs or has April just confined herself to another miserable marriage?Books in the Nebraska Historical Romance SeriesBook 1: Her Heart's DesireBook 2: A Bride for Tom (novella)Book 3: A Husband for Margaret (novella)Book 4: Eye of the BeholderBook 5: The Wrong HusbandBook 6: The Shotgun GroomBook 7: To Have and To HoldBook 8: His Redeeming BrideBook 9: Isaac's Decision

The School for Heiresses Series: Never Seduce a Scoundrel, Only a Duke Will Do, Beware a Scot's Revenge and an excerpt from To Wed a Wild Lord

Sabrina Jeffries - 2011
    These passionate tales feature young women who learn that there’s nothing textbook about love…NEVER SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL The ballrooms of Mayfair have become much more appealing to Lady Amelia Plume since the arrival of Major Lucas Winter, an American with a dark past and a dangerous air. Lucas is brash, arrogant--and scandalously tempting. Yet Amelia suspects that Lucas has a hidden motive in wooing her. And she intends to discover it, by any means necessary. ONLY A DUKE WILL DO Louisa North likes her independence very much. So when Simon Tremaine, the dashing Duke of Foxwood, whom she once loved, returns bent on marrying her, she's skeptical. The fire between them burns as hot as ever, but when Simon's ulterior motive for marriage is exposed, along with the deeply buried secrets of her past, Louisa vows to make him pay...and the price will be his heart. BEWARE A SCOT'S REVENGE When Lady Venetia Campbell is kidnapped at pistol point by her father's sworn enemy, Sir Lachlan Ross, she discovers the wickedly sexy Scot is even more intoxicating than she remembers...and much more dangerous. Lachlan plans to use her as a weapon against her father, but Venetia is determined that his lust for revenge will be trumped by an even more powerful desire.

My Fierce Highlander

Vonda Sinclair - 2011
    She risks everything to rescue the fierce MacGrath warrior from the battlefield where he’s left for dead by her clan. She only knows she is inexplicably drawn to him and he wants peace as she does. When her clan learns of her betrayal, they seek vengeance. Dare she trust the enemy more than her own family?Laird Alasdair MacGrath is driven to end two-hundred years of feuding with the MacIrwins. But by taking in and protecting Lady Gwyneth and her son, he provokes more attacks from his mortal enemy. As the danger and conflict surrounding them escalate, Alasdair and Gwyneth discover an explosive passion neither of them expected. With the arrival of a powerful man from her past, a horrible decision confronts her--give up her son or the man she loves.

The Platte River Waltz, The Growler Brigade

Ken Consaul - 2011
    In 1848, only seventeen years old, on the Oregon Trail and suddenly orphaned, Josh begins a journey through the unsettled frontier of a wild continent. Just making first acquaintance with manhood, he quickly finds his future linked to Elizabeth Hampton, a coquette from his old hometown. Together they resolve to venture into an uncertain and dangerous future. Accompanied by Jubilee, an escaped slave, Josh and Elizabeth join a wagon train of Missouri emigrants led by a voyageur scout and a town constable turned captain. The couple commences a lusty exploration of the lands they pass and of each other.The scout is the first to recognize the mettle of Josh Bonner, taking the novitiate under his wing. Others in the party, a missionary couple, an adventurous sawbones, and a clan of farmers, quickly recognize the newcomers as a formidable alliance that drives the expedition across the wild prairie. The land, the weather, and human frailty threaten, but cannot daunt their resolve. Populated with compelling characters, colorful dialog, intriguing subplots, and thrilling encounters; Bonner's Road West explores a period of American history largely passed over by contemporary historical fiction.The Growler Brigade picks up the Bonner tale as the train departs Fort Laramie. Soon they hear of the discovery of gold at Sutter's Creek in California. Josh and Elizabeth abandon going to Oregon and opt for California, along with several other wagons. Delacroix, the scout, lets Josh lead the smaller party over one of the numerous cutoffs on the road to test him. The cutoff behind them, the train splits, with the smaller party bound to seek their fortune in the gold fields.Josh leads the small party through The Great Basin and into the Sierra Madre Mountains just as winter begins to close the passes. Barely making it through the Bonners meet Duncan Shipwash, a mining engineer in search of backers. Together, they find a promising claim in an arroyo and plan for an arduous ordeal as the snows shuts them into the canyons.

The St. Briac Novels: You and No Other, Of One Heart

Cynthia Wright - 2011
    Briac, is a man with a perfect life – bold, witty, and splendid to behold, he is the King of France’s trusted knight. Is he brave enough to withstand one delicate maiden and her impetuous masquerade? Passion, laughter, and intrigue in Renaissance France.OF ONE HEART: (originally published as A BATTLE FOR LOVE)When the reckless Marquess of Sandhurst is forced by King Henry VIII into an arranged marriage with a young French widow, he conceives a bold masquerade to outwit the king. Disguised as a humble portrait painter, Sandhurst travels to the French court to have a look at his would-be bride. Reunite with Thomas & Aimee from YOU & NO OTHER in this enchanting novel of love and renewal.

Highland Legacy

B.J. Scott - 2011
    When Highland patriot Connor Fraser comes to her aid, his steadfast dedication to king and country is challenged by his overwhelming desire to protect Cailin—even if he must marry her to do so. Accused of murdering one of her attackers and determined to rely on her own resourcefulness, Cailin dresses as a lad, intent on seeking refuge at the camp of Robert the Bruce. Can she elude an enemy from her past—a vindictive English lord bent on her utter demise—or will she fall prey to his carnal intent and be executed for a crime she did not commit?

Follow the Dove

Catherine M. Byrne - 2011
    But her happy family life is thrown into turmoil by her father's decision to emigrate to Canada, her sister's illness, and her own love for Davie, a penniless whisky runner. Despite her family's opposition, she follows Davie to his tiny island home where she is met by the fierce hostility of his mother and his childhood sweetheart, Chrissie. Alone among strangers, Isa's unrelenting determination gains acceptance and popularity in the close-knit community. But no one could have foreseen the tragedy that rips the heart out of that community and shatters Isa's security... Meanwhile, Chrissie has found solace in the arms of Davie's violent brother Jack, only to discover a darkness in his soul she could never have imagined. Events are set in motion over which the two women have no control... Will either of them ever find peace - and in whose arms will Davie find solace? Set in the Northern isles of Scotland, amid the treacherous waters of the Pentland Firth, Follow the Dove shows how love can conquer all, and how, even in the most diverse of conditions, a community can pull together to protect its own. It describes a way of life that is authentic but gone forever. Inspired by Catherine Cookson, Jessica Stirling and Evelyn Hood, the book will appeal to women interested in historical fiction. Follow the Dove won the second prize in the novel category of the Scottish Association of Writers.

The Orphanage Blues

Robert Lubrican - 2011
    If you were a teenaged boy, who stood up for himself to the staff in such places, things could actually get dangerous. Bobby was such a boy, and had been sentenced to the punishment of being sent to the worst of the worst in the institutional orphanage system. But a glitch in the paperwork landed him in the wrong place ... a place full of love and concern for his welfare. Now a boy who had survived for years on guile and cunning, found himself among the kind of people he wasn't used to dealing with. What had been a small lie to help him survive, led to changes in his life that showed him a completely different kind of world than he'd ever seen before. It changed not only his life, but the lives of the five women who ran the orphanage he ended up in. Those women, suffering from the ravages of both the Great Depression and the shortages and rationing during World War II, had little to look forward to each day ... until Bobby showed up in their midst. Love and romance have been written of many times, but this romance involves a time in America where men were in short supply and a woman might grasp at what happiness she could snatch from the jaws of fate. Add to that mix a boy who had never been taught the rules and procedures of how to interact with women in polite society ... a boy whose records of birth had been lost, and who was much older than his small frame might suggest ... and you have a recipe for the kind of disaster that ... oddly ... has the capacity to end up making everyone happy. That's how different this romance was.Warning: This is a story about adult relationships, including the physical aspects of romantic relationships. Love scenes that many authors choose to gloss over are described here in detail, and are not appropriate for those under the age of eighteen. This book is about romance, including the sexual interaction that comes naturally to that condition.

A Mad Passion

Scarlett Scott - 2011
    But when she finds him standing before her at a country house party, as handsome as ever, old temptations prove difficult to resist. One stolen kiss is all it takes.A proper gentlemanThornton buried his past and his feelings for Cleo long ago. He's worked diligently to become a respected politician with a reputation above reproach. The only trouble in his otherwise perfect life is that he can't resist the maddening beauty he never stopped wanting, no matter how devastating the cost.A mad passionCleo is hopelessly trapped in a loveless marriage, and Thornton is on the cusp of making an advantageous match to further his political ambitions. The more time they spend in each other's arms, the more they court scandal and ruin. Theirs is a love that was never meant to be. Or is it?Length: Full-length novelA Mad Passion is the first book in the Heart's Temptation series and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel or read as part of the series. Each Heart's Temptation book takes place in Victorian England, where passion burns, scandals abound, and love triumphs. From a wicked embrace in a country house maze to a kiss in the rain to a stolen moment in a carriage, these distinctive men and women aren't afraid to give in to the temptation of following where their hearts lead them. Nothing can keep them from a love that lasts forever.The Heart's Temptation Series1.A Mad Passion2.Rebel Love3.Reckless Need4.Sweet Scandal 5. Restless Rake

In Bed with a Highlander

Maya Banks - 2011
    Now, with the time ripe for battle, his men are ready and Ewan is poised to take back what is his—until a blue-eyed, raven-haired temptress is thrust upon him. Mairin may be the salvation of Ewan's clan, but for a man who dreams only of revenge, matters of the heart are strange territory to conquer.The illegitimate daughter of the king, Mairin possesses prized property that has made her a pawn—and wary of love. Her worst fears are realized when she is rescued from peril only to be forced into marriage by her charismatic and commanding savior, Ewan McCabe. But her attraction to her ruggedly powerful new husband makes her crave his surprisingly tender touch; her body comes alive under his sensual mastery. And as war draws near, Mairin's strength, spirit, and passion challenge Ewan to conquer his demons—and embrace a love that means more than revenge and land.

Mary Jo Putney Bundle: Nowhere Near Respectable, Never Less Than A Lady, Loving a Lost Lord,

Mary Jo Putney - 2011
    But to Lady Kiri Lawford he's a hero-braver than the smugglers he rescues her from, more honorable than any lord she's ever met, and far more attractive than any man has a right to be. How can she not fall in love...?But Damian Mackenzie has secrets that leave no room in his life for courting high-born young ladies-especially not the sister of one of his oldest friends. Yet when Kiri's quick thinking reveals a deadly threat to England's crown, Damian learns that she is nowhere near as prim and respectable as he first assumed...and the lady is far more alluring than any man can resist... Praise for Loving a Lost Lord"Intoxicating, romantic and utterly ravishing..." -Eloisa James"Entrancing characters and a superb plotline..." -"Publishers Weekly, " starred review"Will leave readers smiling, breathless, and anxiously awaiting the next adventure..." -"Library Journal, " starred review"Romance at its best " -Julia QuinnIn the first of a dazzling series, Mary Jo Putney introduces the Lost Lords--maverick childhood friends with a flair for defying convention. Each is about to discover the woman who is his perfect match--but perfection doesn't come easily, even for the noble Duke of Ashton. . . Battered by the sea, Adam remembers nothing of his past, his ducal rank, nor of the shipwreck that almost claimed his life. However, he's delighted to hear that the golden-haired vision tending his wounds is his wife. Mariah's name and face may not be familiar, but her touch, her warmth, feel deliciously right. . . When Mariah Clarke prayed for a way to deter a bullying suitor, she didn't imagine she'd find the answer washed ashore on a desolate beach. Convincing Adam that he is her husband is surprisingly easy. Resisting the temptation to act his wife, in every way, will prove anything but. And now a passion begun in fantasy has become dangerously real--and completely irresistible. . . "Intoxicating, romantic and utterly ravishing..." --Eloisa James"Gentle humor, exotic elements, compelling, flawless prose, and irresistible characters caught in a sweet, sensual dilemma will leave readers smiling, breathless, and anxiously awaiting the next adventure in Putney's new "Lost Lords" series. Readers. . .are in for a rare treat; fortunately, there are more delicacies to come Putney writes some of the most sensitive, exquisite historicals in the field." --"Library Journal " (starred review) "The enchanting first Lost Lords novel confirms bestseller Putney as a major force in historical romance. . . Entrancing characters and a superb plot line catapult this tale into stand-alone status." --"Publishers Weekly" (starred review) "If you loved the "Fallen Angels, " you'll adore the "Lost Lords: " men who formed unbreakable bonds while at a school for boys of "good birth and bad behavior." Only the incomparable Putney could bring them to life and have readers yearning to be close to such dynamic heroes and the women who tame them." --"Romantic Times" (4 stars) "New York Times" bestselling author Mary Jo Putney continues her stunning Lost Lords series with this stirring, sensual story of a rebellious nobleman drawn to a lovely widow with a shocking past.As the sole remaining heir to the Earl of Daventry, Alexander Randall knows his duty: find a wife and sire a son of his own. The perfect bride for a man in his position would be a biddable young girl of good breeding. But the woman who haunts his imagination is Julia Bancroft--a village midwife with a dark secret that thrusts her into Randall's protection. Within the space of a day, Julia has been abducted by her first husband's cronies, rescued, and propo

To Walk in the Sun

Jane Charles - 2011
    Or it would be if the local villagers weren’t on edge because of the vampire in their midst, at least they think he’s a vampire. The fascination with the reclusive viscount disrupts the girls’ studies and Tess fights an unending battle to convince her students that monsters do not exist.Vincent Latimer, Viscount Atwood, is not a vampire, no matter what the villagers believe. He wishes the book, Wake Not the Dead, had never been written. There is a very good reason he visits his wife’s grave at night, and it has nothing to do with trying to raise her from the dead.When a storm thrusts Tess into Vincent’s path and destroys the school, both of their pasts collide.

The Secrets of the Montebellis

Cheryl Colwell - 2011
    In league with the secretive Montebelli Corporation, she grasps her one chance to gain financial freedom and fulfill her dream to help revive the town her ancestors helped settle in the Pacific Northwest. Imminent threats, at work to crush her efforts, thrust her to the edge of destruction.

Love's Guardian

Dawn Ireland - 2011
    With that aim, he pursues only the most vain, and spoiled women of the Ton. Fate has other plans for him, however, and he’s made guardian to Alex Kendrick, a female he likes – God forbid . Now Declan has to get her suitably married, before he succumbs to the temptation to make this fiery temptress his own. Alex, a rapier-wielding countess in her own right, doesn’t welcome a guardian and crosses swords with him at every opportunity. In spite of their less than auspicious beginning, she soon discovers Declan’s quick wit and Black-Irish looks inspire an emotion she can’t ignore, love. Now the battle is for Declan’s heart, because Alex will accept nothing less.

A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man

Celeste Bradley - 2011
    Schooled in the sensual arts by the one man she loved the most, she recorded every wicked detail in her diaries…When Boston museum curator Piper Chase-Pierpont unearths The Blackbird’s steamy memoirs, she’s aroused and challenged by what she finds. Could the courtesan’s diaries  be used as a modern girl’s guide to finding love and empowerment? One curious curator—and one very lucky man—are about to find out…

Shepherd’s Gaze (Lighthouse Romance)

Marsha Newman - 2011
    Many of them owned working cattle or sheep stations where tremendous responsibilities fell on the young shoulders of sons and daughter left behind. Nineteen year old Matthew Patton is no exception, but as well as his deceased father he is now facing the stark reality of raising his brothers and sisters when his terminally ill mother also passes. Finally reaching a desperate moment of need he is encouraged to seek help from a young Aussie governess looking for a new post. There is just one problem. The letter he composes and sends her is written as though it were penned by his father. Matthew is painfully aware she may come, realize he has lied to her and leave immediately as did the other prospective but undesirable governesses. But nothing prepares him for the tenacious personality of Srenna Adelaide James when she not only excepts the position but attacks the young orphaned family's needs with a zeal unlike anything he has ever experienced. In spite of their rocky beginning the two find themselves facing the daunting every day challenges of five children, 1200 acres of land and 1500 sheep. Their greatest test will be their budding relationship as they learn to love, heal, forgive and trust ultimately in the God who never missed a single step they took.

Love at War

Viola Russell - 2011
    Like most Americans, they pray war won’t come their way, but Nuala is more preoccupied with her budding romance with the handsome and intoxicatingly sexy Keith Roussell. Nuala willingly gives in to his charms, but soon, the tides of war will engulf Nuala and her family. Nuala marries Keith, and soon, Keith and her brothers are overseas, facing the enemy. Keith’s talent with a rifle earns him the respect of the top brass, and he soon works as a sniper under the command of ranking officers. When Nuala learns of Keith’s death at the hands of a dangerous German general, she joins the female branch of the military. From there, she is recruited for OSS and joins her highly decorated brothers on clandestine operations. Even though patriotism plays a part in her motivation, Nuala is also consumed with the desire to seek revenge for the murder of her sniper-husband. Keith was betrayed, and she will hunt the man down who murdered him. What will she learn? How will she survive?

Grass Dance

Kathryn Imbriani - 2011
    S. Calvary in hot pursuit. Irishman Braden Flynn is assigned the task of escorting the desperate Sioux into Canada where the North West Mounted Police wait to act as mediator between the Sioux seeking exile and the U. S. Government bent on imprisoning them on newly established reservations.As he rides alongside these tragic people and learns their ways and sorrows, he cannot help but admire the resilience and loyalty of Sitting Bull’s niece, Dancing Bird. Fearful for the future of her people, Dancing Bird trusts no white man, not even the kindly, scarlet-clad North West Mounted Policeman sent as their protector. Now, amidst the clash of two governments and murderous upheavals, Braden comes to know that Dancing Bird is meant to be his wife. But to win her trust – and her love – he will have to overcome years of broken promises and mistrust between their people.

Loving the Knight

Kris Tualla - 2011
    A bastard orphan, she has claimed the Bell estate in the aftermath of the Black Death. When Lord Andrew Drummond, courtier to King David II, arrives Eryn hides her treasonous deception from the knight, despite his passionate proposal. After Drew discovers her lies, will he convince the king to spare her life? And will either one move beyond their stubborn pride and painful pasts to salvage love ~ before it's too late?*****All would be fine if Lord Andrew Drummond hadn’t made an unexpected visit on behalf of King David II, held in the Tower of London as prisoner of England’s King Edward III. Drew, as the Scottish king’s main connection with the country he reigns over, has been traveling all over Scotland at the king’s behest. He is to assess the damage from the Black Death that has devastated the country; the country King David expects to raise the ransom to secure his freedom.The knight is impressed with the smooth running of Castleton, as well as its Lady. Eryn is tall, graceful, and confident. After months of viewing the horror caused by the Death, he is only too happy to pass some peaceful time at Castleton, before he returns to the king with his troubling report. Eryn knows that assuming a title that was not hers is a punishable offence, even to death. And Drew is certain this lovely lady is hiding something. But the pull between them is causing more problems. Her fear of being discovered, and his determination to uncover her secret, adds even more tension to their developing attraction. Loving the Knight kept me up nights. It was difficult to put the book down, many chores went undone. Kris Tualla has woven a tale of love and fear with splendid results. The anxiety and loneliness of Eryn came through so effectively, it tore at my heart. Her determination to keep Castleton afloat, even using treasonous methods at times, brought remarkable strength to this character. Drew’s feelings of protection and concern, and growing love for this enigmatic woman won me over whole heartedly. Well developed secondary characters rounded out the story nicely, making it a truly enjoyable read. Warning: Don’t start this book late at night!~ Callie Hutton, author of A Run For Love*****I thoroughly enjoyed losing myself in such stellar writing. I felt the cold in my bones, heard the brogue, held my breath at every plot twist. I feel privileged to have shared the lives of such admirably flawed characters who, in desperate times, risked it all in the name of love.~ Award-winning author Vijaya Schartz*****A knight on a mission for his king and a woman determined to save the estate of the future laird have had to stand alone and were content to do so, until they meet and catch a glimpse of what it might be to share the journey, if only bothersome things like their pasts, secrets, treason, survival, and pride weren't such obstacles.If you thought finding love in the 21st century was a challenge, trying finding it in 1354 Scotland, after the decimation of the Black Plague. I loved this book!~ Judy - An Avid Romance Reader

Christmas Miracles: Father Christmas / A Christmas Miracle

Connie Mason - 2011
    Father Christmas by Leigh GreenwoodArizona Territory, 1880.Delivering a young widow’s baby during the holiday season transforms the heart of a lonely drifter.A Christmas Miracle by Connie MasonNew York 1867A Yuletide birth brings a wealthy businessman and a penniless immigrant the happiness they have always desired.

The Electrifying Exploits of the English Three

Elysabeth Williams - 2011
    In the London of 1894, they receive a directive from their mysterious boss to investigate, and stop, the Countess Wilmont's plot to destroy the newly erected Tower Bridge. Delving into a secret world of masterful training in martial arts, curious new technologies and weaponry, the women are armed and very dangerous. Their investigation reveals a terrible truth about two of their husbands, and along the way they meet three men who will change their world…and show them that gentlemen aren’t always what they seem.

The World of Stephanie Laurens

Stephanie Laurens - 2011
    You'll also get extra features, including a chat with the author, a Cynster family tree, a guide to the Bastion Club, information about Stephanie's novellas, and much, much more

The Comrades

Lynne Sears Williams - 2011
    Neighboring Gwynedd has broken the peace, crossing the mountain to pillage and murder. The dead babes tear his heart, and Evan vows to break the heart of Gwynedd.Gwynedd's most guarded treasure is a pampered princess. In a bloody raid, Evan's comrades return to Powys with Gwynedd's heart.Evan knows holding the princess will be dangerous and her safe-keeping may mean the difference between the lasting peace he desires and a bloody war. He's prepared for her to be kept safe but unprepared for the girl's intelligence, compassion and damnably kissable mouth."Evan took in the vision of a scarlet gown, which barely disguised the shapely form and a river of black curls that caressed to girl's waist. Oh, Lord. He wished he had ordered sackcloth."Morleyna's secret gift of Sight reveals a cruel betrayal that sends Evan on a mystical journey where he discovers his only chance for redemption rests in the hands of his captive.Her brothers will arrive to claim their sapphire-eyed sister. Will her kinsmen, bent on revenge, destroy Evan and his comrades? Or will destruction come from Morleyna who may be the reincarnation of someone whose beauty captivated a nation?

A Perfect Lady

Kimberly Nee - 2011
    Unfortunately, all she can recall from that fateful night is the man’s name, and the memory of remarkable seductive skill.American sea captain James McKenzie is no stranger to scandal, but this one comes with an angry father. One with the means to make James right his wrong. Faced with the choice between marrying Rebecca or being pressed into the Navy, James reluctantly takes a wife he neither wants nor needs. As they journey from the West Indies to America, Rebecca and James realize there is something between them, something even stronger than their desire for one another. And if James’s past doesn’t come back to haunt him, he might even discover that his wife is indeed, a perfect lady for him.

Journey of Souls

Melanie S. Pronia - 2011
    Spectrum Industries employees those who share her fascination with a world many choose not believe in. Along the way she falls in love with the companies' gorgeous playboy, Patrick, who happens to be as interested in Justine as he is with her gift. Justine encounters characters both living and dead who influence her life and ideas in fabulous and frightening ways. She quickly becomes Spectrum's most valued employee by being placed is some very vulnerable situations and finds within herself more psychic talent than she ever asked for and in the arms of a wonderful man who has his own ability to show her the ways of life, love and magick.Justine discovers a family secret that her father had always intended for her to learn but her mother has covered up for years. Is that a Witch she sees in the mirror or have there been too many ghosts to blur her vision?

Dream of the Archer

Linda Ciletti - 2011
    What he found was his future.England, Present DayBetween her recent divorce and the death of her grandfather, Lenore wonders if she'll ever feel happy again. Fulfilling her grandfather's dying wish that she visit his homeland seems the perfect distraction from her worries of how she'll come up with tax money for the ranch she'd inherited. But when she gets caught up in a strange whirlwind while touring Sherwood Forest, and a strangely dressed man claiming to be the Woodward of Sheriff tries to have his way with her, she realizes something has gone terribly wrong.Sherwood Forest, 1192Damian suffered the loss of his brother, parents, and betrothed when he followed King Richard to war in the Holy Land. His return to England leaves him with nothing but remorse. When he rescues a lady garbed as a lad from the Woodward of Sherwood, he recognizes her as the foreboding angel in his dreams. Is another loss on the horizon?Lenore senses a strange familiarity about the handsome archer and can't help but be attracted to him, but staying in the past with a mythical Merry Man will not save the ranch. Damian's wounds are still too fresh and his vow to never love again too new. Though his battered soul demands revenge for all his losses, he can't tear his thoughts from the bewitching woman from another time.Can Damian and Lenore alter what's written in the stars? Can love change the fate Damian's dark dreams predict?

Dangerous Deceit

Romy Gemmell - 2011
    I have redrafted the novel and changed it to British spelling and grammar as I am a UK author. England, August 1813. Lydia Hetherington is uninterested in society balls or marriage, until her brother's friend, Lord Marcus Sheldon, rides into her life to unseat her from her horse and unsettle her heart. An undercover spy for the government, Sheldon is equally unsettled by Lydia. Complicated by a French spy, her friend's unrequited love for Lydia's brother, James, and a traitorous villain, Lydia gradually finds her emotions stirred by Lord Sheldon. But what is his relationship with the beautiful Lady Smythe and his part in an old scandal? Lydia faces danger before all deception is uncovered and love claims its reward. Reviews: This is the first Regency romance I have ever read, but Dangerous Deceit has made me eager to read more… The author wears her knowledge of the period lightly but her familiarity with the Regency period gives pace and flavour to the intrigue of the plot… This is an excellent read which takes us back to the romance, excitements and pleasures of Regency society. The writer is obviously thoroughly at home in the period's history and morality and acutely aware of the repressions that contemporary women had to suffer…

Desire Everlasting

Karen Fuller - 2011
    Life isn't easy in the South in 1860. Bree Montgomery's life is set in turmoil by the tragic deaths of her parents. Forced to leave her friends and home in the big city of Charleston, she moves to the small rural town of Willstown, Alabama, to live with her aunt. She now lives so far out in the country that there's not a neighbor in sight. She is convinced that her life is ruined. That is, until she meets the gorgeous, Gabriel March, a young man with a stubborn will and a fiery temper to match her own. A battle of wills is fought as the two stubborn personalities collide. In the aftermath, they are left with a love so strong that the only thing that can separate them is...a Civil War. Bree's life is thrown into turmoil again. Will her will be strong enough to survive it? Or will she be thrown into a Desire Everlasting?

Pilgrims of War: A Love Story

Carl A. Veno - 2011
    World War II is raging, and the passengers aboard the Italian ship are deemed a threat to the United States. Magdalena and the other passengers are sent to Ellis Island where they are interrogated and detained. During her forced stay in America, she lends a hand with medical services and embarks on an unlikely friendship with hansom ship's captain. Will the prisoners make it home to Italy before the friendship becomes something more?Award-winning author Carl Veno’s three-dimensional and vibrant characters take readers on an emotional roller coaster ride through a unique time in our country’s history. Pilgrims of War has also been adapted to a screenplay.

Angels on High: Royal Family / Awaken the Passion (Glorious Companions #3-4)

Summer Lee - 2011
    An incredible, supernatural enemy. Two beautiful women torn between two ways of life, two ways of love. All brought together in an extraordinary saga of a time and a place aflame with conflict, passion, ambition, love, and the struggle for justice, peace and power... Millenias ago, when the giants of the Bible, the Nephilim, terrorized the earth, the Royal Family ruled Mesopotamia. Led by King Asher, he accepted the great responsibility to protect his subjects from the bloodthirsty offspring of Fallen Angels. He is aided by his son, Prince Tyro, also of fallen angel blood, but a powerful young man with a righteous heart. Queen Kenana, once a farmer's daughter and a strong-willed maiden, will stand by her King's side and serve with fierce loyalty and love, against all odds.With a kingdom at stake and fate of the world in their hands, one Royal Family will stand up against giants....AWAKEN THE PASSIONGlorious Companions #4A young princess raised in seclusion. A seductive angel with a secret agenda. The world before the Great Flood—a world speeding rapidly towards its own destruction...unless one family rises up and confronts a devastating enemy. As worlds collide and the forces of good and evil meet in a final epic battle, two people will discover just how far they will go for true love.(Includes a clickable Table of Contents.)

Lost Pleasures Found

Vikki Vaught - 2011
    Captain Lord Henry Montgomery, second son of the Duke of Sanderford, returns home, ready to sample the many delights London has to offer. After facing death for six years, he deserves a chance to carouse with his friends before accepting his responsibilities to the dukedom. While attending a London ball, he meets the enchanting Melody Canterfield-Smyth and his life…will never be the same. He is captivated by the beautiful innocent young miss with the sherry-colored eyes. Determined to make her his own, he pursues her relentlessly, intent on winning her heart. After a whirlwind courtship, they settle into wedded bliss. When Bonaparte escapes from Elba, Henry must return to the battlefield. Torn apart by war, distance, and circumstance, will their love survive, or will all they have endured separate them forever? Originally published in 2011. This book had been revised and updated.

Being Improper

Alexandra O'Hurley - 2011
    Freedom from the marriage auction block allowed her the quiet she needed, but the lonely life eventually made her body yearn for more.Dr. Matthew Gibson was floored to see his best friend’s little sister standing in his office, now the full fledged beauty he had always expected her to become. But the fact she was asking to be treated for “Female Hysteria” made his fingers itch to touch her and claim her as his own.Neither knew that the one afternoon in his office would change their lives forever.

Improper Pinkerton

Paty Jager - 2011
    When the simple assignment turns into a murder and kidnapping, she has to stop hiding behind her disguises and trust a man she’s betrayed.U. S. Marshal Beck Harlan can’t afford to befriend anyone. Not with a vengeance seeking outlaw killing off his intimate acquaintances. Yet, he falls hard for the French prostitute he talks into being an informant, not realizing she is a Pinkerton operative after the same man.

Maggie Robinson Bundle: Courtesan Court 1-3

Maggie Robinson - 2011
    . .Charlotte Fallon let her guarded virtue fall once--and she's paid dearly for it ever since. She swore she'd never succumb to men's desires again. But even a village spinster's life miles from temptation can't save her from a sister with no shame whatsoever. Or a heart that longs for more, whatever the cost. . .Sir Michael Bayard found more than he expected in his bed when he finally joined his new mistress. He'd fantasized about her dewy skin and luscious curves, assured her understanding that what passed between them was mere dalliance. But he didn't expect the innocence and heat of her response in his arms. Nor her surprisingly sharp tongue once she was out of them. . .A few days of abandon cannot undo the hard-learned lessons of a lifetime. Nor can an honest passion burn away the restraints of society's judgments. Unless, of course, one believes in nonsense like true love. . .Mistress by Midnight (Courtesan Court #2)First comes seduction. . .As children, Desmond Ryland, Marquess of Conover, and Laurette Vincent were inseparable. As young adults, their friendship blossomed into love. But then fate intervened, sending them down different paths. Years later, Con still can't forget his beautiful Laurette. Now he's determined to make her his forever. There's just one problem. Laurette keeps refusing his marriage proposals. Throwing honor to the wind, Con decides that the only way Laurette will wed him is if he thoroughly seduces her. . .Then comes marriage. . .Laurette's pulse still quickens every time she thinks of Con and the scorching passion they once shared. She aches to taste the pleasure Con offers her. But she knows she can't. For so much has happened since they were last lovers. But how long can she resist the consuming desire that demands to be obeyed. . .?Mistress by Marriage (Courtesan Court #3)Too late for cold feetBaron Edward Christie prided himself on his reputation for even temperament and reserve. That was before he met Caroline Parker. Wedding a scandalous beauty by special license days after they met did not inspire respect for his sangfroid. Moving her to a notorious lovebirds' nest as punishment for her flighty nature was perhaps also a blow. And of course talk has gotten out of his irresistible clandestine visits. Christie must put his wife aside-if only he can get her out of his blood first.Too hot to refuse. . .Caroline Parker was prepared to hear the worst: that her husband had determined to divorce her, spare them both the torture of passion they can neither tame nor escape. But his plan is wickeder than any she's ever heard. Life as his wife is suffocating. But she cannot resist becoming her own husband's mistress. . .

Christmas in the Old South: A Fairy-Tale Christmas / A Child is Born

Connie Mason - 2011
    A Fairy-Tale Christmas by Leigh GreenwoodVirginia 1880.When she cares for a sick widower and his daughter, a lonely spinster discovers that her dreams of a happy marriage aren’t as fleeting as visions of sugarplums.A Child Is Born by Connie MasonGeorgia 1864In a Civil War field hospital, a Christmas birth rekindles the flames of a long-ago love – and brings the promise of peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

Secrets of Midnight/My Runaway Heart Boxed Set

Miriam Minger - 2011
    Enjoy two of award-winning author Miriam Minger's bestselling historical romances in one boxed set: Secrets of Midnight and the exciting sequel, My Runaway Heart!

Lucien's Gamble

Sylvia Day - 2011
    He gets what he wants, social repudiation be damned. But society can keep from him the one thing he truly desires, the untouchable Lady Julienne La Coeur. Until she sneaks into his club dressed as a man and searching for her irresponsible brother. Suddenly she's in Lucien's grasp, his to take, and his mind is filled with the most wickedly sinful thoughts. A gentleman would walk away from the temptation she presents. But then, Lucien has never claimed to be a gentleman...

Sounds of the Drums

Naa Shalman - 2011
    Just as the women are taking their first breaths of independence, though, tradition demands that Rama immediately marry another – a warrior known only as The Dragon and who is an even more frightening man than the one she has just buried. Her new husband, Bediako, arrives on the doorstep of her bedchamber to claim the woman whom he has secretly loved since his youth. Unfortunately, their tenuous union is interrupted when Bediako is called away to save the maidens of their village who have been captured by a warring tribe. The journey afar to battle the terrifying Cursed Tribe may not succeed in the young women’s safe return but will certainly end in the death of some of their brave rescuers. Rama is left to reflect on her new husband and search her heart to uncover his true intentions towards her and her own towards him. Is he just a means by which she and her children may continue to survive? Or, could this be the pure love she has always yearned for?

The Rumor Series Bonus Chapters (The Rumor, #0.25)

Delilah Marvelle - 2011
    While the publisher opted not to include the two chapters in FOREVER MINE, for reasons beyond my control, I feel this story and the entire series is incomplete without them. These two chapters, in my opinion, are critical in understanding Nathaniel's story whom the entire series is based on.

Regency Buck

Maggi Andersen - 2011
    HOW TO TAME A RAKEViscount Dangerfield had no desire to tie himself down at all, let alone to Wilhelmina-a skinny urchin, barely out of the schoolroom, with mousy hair, no bosom, and a hoydenish disposition.It was plain to see from the moment Wilhelmina Corbet arrived at his country estate that the devastatingly handsome Blake, Viscount Dangerfield disapproved of almost everything about her.STIRRING PASSIONSLord Laurence, Katherine Kilgarth's childhood best friend, has grown up into a very stuffy young man! Time was when he would've been intrigued by the strange goings on at Broughton Hall as she was, but she had no intention, whatever he said, of simply ignoring the intriguing mystery.LOVE AND WAR Selena Wakefield couldn't accuse Lord Devereux of paying her Spanish coin! Gyles had made it clear he had no wish to marry at all, but was constrained by his circumstances. She could not be expected to keep refusing Lord Devereux, she thought crossly. She was only flesh and blood after all. What woman on earth could resist the pleas of a man such as Devereux?

After Midnight

Eryn Lockhart - 2011
    150,000 words.....A Rakehell Rogue....In a world plagued by Revolution and Intrigue, love is the most dangerous game of all. When Lucien Warrick’s mission to rescue a French ambassador’s family from the Revolution goes awry, he has no way of knowing that he’ll meet his lethally lovely charge again in London. A legendary shadow with godlike reputation in international intrigue, the Night Wolf is about to meet his match.....A Defiant Damsel....As the sole support for her remaining family, Jacqueline Gervais has no time to play damsel in distress. Instead, she turns her unusual talents towards rescuing the Calvary and British artillery by spying for the Crown. A woman as skilled in deception as she is in sabotage, The Golden Hind is a creature of fatal allure and a thousand faces. ....A Love That Will not be Ignored....A war between two nations pales in comparison to their clash of wills and passion, but when a sinister web of betrayal and deceit forces them to become mortal enemies, will the cost be their lives, or their hearts? The fate of two empires hangs in the balance, and anything is possible...After Midnight.

Never Love a Logger: A romantic Victorian novel based on a true event (Minnesota Romance Novels Series)

Edna Curry - 2011
    It garnered worldwide attention and made the history books as far away as Sweden. Reporters arrived by train from all over. Will and Carrie think there is no chance for them to have a family of their own. Each has reasons to avoid love and entanglements. Will is burned out on responsibility after helping his widowed mother raise his siblings and his wife and infant son died. Carrie thinks no man will want her and her brother. She promised her father she’d raise her brother and while she’s attracted to Will, duty comes first. Then the greatest logjam in the world throws them together for six weeks. Will is staying at the boarding house where she works while he and many others try to break up the logjam. Can their love last beyond the summer logjam?

Romancing Olive

Holly Bush - 2011
    . . Spinster librarian, Olive Wilkins, is shocked to learn of her brother's violent death at a saloon gaming table and her sister-in-law's subsequent murder, traveling far from her staid life to rescue her niece and nephew, now orphans. She arrives to find the circumstances of her brother's life deplorable and her long held beliefs of family and tradition, shaken. Accustomed to the sophistication of Philadelphia, Olive arrives in Spencer, Ohio, a rough and tumble world she is not familiar with, facing two traumatized children. Her niece and nephew, Mary and John, have been living with a neighboring farmer, widower Jacob Butler, the father of three young children of his own and a man still in pain from the recent loss of his wife. Real danger threatens Olive and Mary and John while Jacob and his own brood battle the day-to-day struggles for survival. Will Olive and Jacob find the strength to fight their battles alone or together? Will love conquer the bitterness of loss and broken dreams?


Kris Kennedy - 2011
    The mission is simple—until he comes up against a beautiful, mysterious woman who first threatens his mission, then his cold, black heart.Beautiful Eva is determined to find the ‘troublemaker’ too, and protect his dangerous secrets, even if it costs her life. But the blue-eyed knight has no intention of letting her succeed, and soon, it's more than secrets Eva must protect: it's her heart.When their quarry is abducted, they embark on an epic journey across medieval England, unwilling allies in an adventure that will betray the truth about their identities, reveal their unexpected loyalties, & unleash an explosive passion that will seal their fates--and the fate of England--forever.110K words

Highlander Romances Boxed Set

Cathleen Ross - 2011
     Highlander is a 10,000 word erotic romance set in Scotland, 1308. When Sir James Bruce conquers enemy territory, his reward is the hand of beautiful virgin, Lady Isobel McLaird. Although Isobel has no intention of marrying Sir James, he intends to tame her to his touch. Highlander in Her Bed : Scotland 1308... Sir David McLaird is a prisoner of Sir James Bruce. When healer, Lady Arabel Bruce tends to his wounds he doesn't expect to fall in love. The trouble is Arabel is from the enemy clan. Lady Arabel loves the wild highlander but won't betray her clan and marry him, until Sir David abducts and makes her his. In Her Wild Highlander's Bed : When Sir Jasper Bruce discovers a lady hiding under his bed in the castle he has just conquered, he doesn't expect to fall in love. Lady Rosamund Percy can think of nothing else except escaping to England when her Scottish betrothed leaves her stranded. The trouble is Sir Jasper considers her a delicious prize of war. How can she convince him to let her go when he wants her in his bed?

The Lost Heir of Devonshire

Grace Gibson - 2011
    He has gambled away his fortune, publicly dueled, and earned a reputation as a cur. Desperate to staunch the family's financial hemorrhage, Robert's uncle forces Robert to rusticate in Yorkshire for the purpose of marrying him to the squire's daughter. This uninteresting alliance would permanently remove his reckless nephew from Society.But Mary Fanley, a country miss who thinks the pretensions of the bon ton are absurd, has no idea Sir Robert is being coerced into marrying a 'veritable nobody'. From their first encounter she infuriates him with her dismissive wit. So begins a war of horrific insults and unvarnished contempt.Yet just as Mary begins to seem quite palatable, a smooth dandy arrives to settle an old score, forcing the Marquis to pay for his past.


Nancy Morse - 2011
    As England and France vie for control of the colonies with the aid of their Indian allies, Alice and Nathaniel embark on a dangerous journey through enemy territory to rescue a little boy being held for ransom by the unscrupulous Frenchman who was behind the massacres that have brought these two survivors together. On their trek through the New York wilderness they confront a charge of sedition, the ferocity of the warring Indian tribes, a bitterly cold winter, betrayal, abduction by the enemy and the harsh realities of life and death, only to be transformed along the way by the healing power of love and a simple act of mercy.

The Trouser Game [Historical Romance]

Genella deGrey - 2011
    Her new knowledge of the world—and its endless possibilities facilitates a desperate need to break free from her mother's old-fashion Victorian parlor ideal of proper behavior. As Miss Kelley avidly pursues her childhood crush—a traditional Brit with property– a handsome American with whom she shared a passionate night comes to call. The insufferable intrusion is annoying, however, his irresistible seductive ways draw her cravings to the surface like the rise of a tide. Bradley Townsend accepted with pleasure the bequeathed gift of Miss Kelley's virtue the very night they met, but the adventurous blue-eyed beauty stole his heart, leaving him holding nothing but a note in the morning. There's no way in Hell he's going to let her slip through his fingers—even if he has to hop on a ship, follow her home and seduce her all over again.

Imagine Me, Clandestine, Promises Kept

Gayle Eden - 2011
    Helen’s brother, Michael, was best friends with Dane,thus Helen felt confident that when the time came, she could keep herpromise, knowing the Viscount as well as she did.

Walkers Creek - A Western

Ross Bentley-Davies - 2011
    She arranges for an anonymous mercenary to get rid of a troublesome neighbor by blowing up his house. Everything seems to be going to plan, but then the Sheriff’s deputies start following her around. She gets scared and arranges to have the mercenary killed too.Emily has taken a liking to the handsome new man in Walkers Creek. She doesn’t realize that he’s the man she’s trying to have killed. Will she find out before it’s too late?

Lord Keeper

Tarah Scott - 2011
    Iain MacPherson swore he was nothing like his father, but his kidnapping of Victoria Hockley, the Countess of Lansbury is the first step toward the same obsessive jealousy that fueled his father's life-long feud against the chief Iain's mother loved. A kiss, a midnight race for freedom, and a royal missive force Victoria into her captor's arms. Hallowed ground can't save her from the devil that followed her from England. Yet the Scottish lord who swears to protect her is far more dangerous.

Vanessa Kelly Bundle: My Favorite Countess, Sex and the Single Earl, Mastering the Marquess

Vanessa Kelly - 2011
    And Dr. John Blackmore can't take his eyes off her. The Countess of Randolph is the most striking woman he has ever seen. . .and the most infuriating patient he has ever tended.Mired in responsibility, Bathsheba doesn't have time to convalesce in the country. She should be in London, hunting for a wealthy new lover to pay off her late husband's vast debts, not dallying with a devastatingly handsome doctor. But it is only a matter of time until the good doctor and the obstinate countess will have to contend with the sparks that fly between them. And once their bodies surrender, their hearts may follow. . .Praise for Vanessa Kelly and Sex and the Single Earl"A sensual treat!" -Anna Campbell"Successfully marrying the tart wit of a traditional Regency romance with the steamy passion of today's Regency historicals isn't easy, but Kelly proves to be more than capable." –Booklist "Guaranteed to satisfy even the most passionate romance reader." --Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author of The Devil Wears PlaidTheir marriage was convenient. . .Simon St. James, fifth Earl of Trask, knows he could do worse in the marriage of convenience department. Sophie Stanton may be a bit of a social liability, with her ungovernable ways and flighty nature, but Simon has responsibilities as an earl that far outweigh happiness in the household. And as for happiness in the bedroom. . .he has to admit he sees Sophie's potential in that arena. . .Their passion was not! But Sophie isn't some bargaining chip to be traded, and she's not about to let Simon St. James tell her how to live her life--even though she has nurtured a crush on the handsome young earl for as long as she can remember. If his idea of courtship is telling her what to do, then she is not interested, or at least she is trying not to be. But when his scolding words turn to scorching kisses, suddenly Sophie starts paying attention. . .Praise for Vanessa Kelly and Mastering the Marquess"A rare gem." --Julianne MacLean, USA Today bestselling author "Fast paced and difficult to put down." --Romantic Times"A delectable treat." --Sharon Page, author of The Club Since the loss of her parents, Meredith Burnley has contented herself with a solitary life looking after her half-sister, Annabel. But Meredith's peace is shattered when her uncle schemes to marry her off to his son in order to gain her inheritance. Desperate, Meredith has only one choice: to flee with Annabel to their estranged grandparents' home. But their arrival soon reignites a family scandal--and kindles unexpected romance. . . Happily reunited with the girls, Annabel's grandmother resolves to convince her nephew, Stephen Mallory, the Marquess of Silverton, to abandon his rakish lifestyle and wed Annabel. Stephen is clearly captivated--but with the wrong sister! Determined to make Meredith his own, Stephen embarks on a seduction that will leave her with no choice but to surrender to his touch. . .