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Windmills in Time by Victoria Bruce


Claimed by the Highland Wolf

Stephanie Marks - 2015
    But that was before word spread throughout the highlands that the savage and bloodthirsty clan chief, Alastair MacGregor, was on the move. Shrouded in myth and cloaked in whispers, it was said that Alastair MacGregor was the devil himself. What else could explain the giant unnatural wolves at his command? Now, betrayed by those closest to her, Glenna has found herself at The MacGregor's mercy. But as she uncovers the startling truth behind the legends, she finds herself battling an emotion more powerful than fear... Love.

Lone Eagle

Cassie Edwards - 1998
    When her horse goes lame, she steals one from a nearby Crow Indian village, only to be caught by its owner, the proud Lone Eagle. But the warrior's anger quickly turns to passion for this willful woman, and her own desire for escape and freedom turns into something else entirely....

The Quality of Love

Rosie Harris - 2009
    Studying hard to please them, she earns a place at Cardiff University. Here she is swept off her feet by handsome Gwyn Roberts, but when she becomes pregnant her parents are devastated and turn her from their door. All Gwyn and Sarah can afford are two squalid rooms in the infamous slums of Cardiff and Sarah soon realises she's made a terrible mistake. Gwyn becomes increasingly distant and when the baby dies in infancy, he leaves Sarah with little choice but to fall on her parents' mercy. But just when Sarah is starting to pull her life back together again, she is drawn to the charms of Stefan Vaughan and finds herself in trouble once more...

Dearly Beloved

Lewis Whelchel - 2012
    As she begins her mourning under the protection of Mr. Bingley and struggles to heal from the pain of losing her beloved sister Jane, Elizabeth discovers a new source of hope in Mr. Darcy. His pride is overcome by her vulnerability, and his eyes are opened to her endearing qualities. Can he console her during the year of mourning and win her love and hand at the end of it? Will Charles Bingley, whose heart is broken, ever find love again?

A Place Called Hope

Audrey Howard - 2001
    A tyrant and lecher, he resolves to tame her or destroy her for having the impertinence to leave him. And since he has her adored six-month-old son in his hands, it seems there is nothing that Amy can do except return to his power...

The Highland Bound Trilogy Boxed Set

Eliza Knight - 2014
     Behind the Plaid--Book One He dominated her mind. She possessed his soul. Emma Gordon escapes from a troubling marriage in which she’s completely lost sight of who she is. Desperate for independence, she leaves her husband while on a trip in the Scottish Highlands. Only thing is, she ends up hurled back in time to the 16th Century Castle Gealach and headlong into the arms of the handsome, intimidating Laird Logan Grant. Thrust into a world filled with treachery, danger and intensity she must summon the courage to find her way. Bared to the Laird--Book Two Secret obsession makes for the sweetest of sins. Overwhelmed by her new life in another era with the Laird of Gealach, and the feelings that threaten to consume her, Emma determines she must return to her own time and a semblance of sanity. Having heard of a magical circle of stones atop the ridge overlooking Loch Ness, she manages to escape from the castle and the desire and intensity of Logan that’s held her captive. When Logan realizes Emma is missing, he is enraged and terrified. He seeks to find her and when he does, he will punish her exquisitely for leaving him, and for inexplicably exposing his scorching fascination and adoration. Dark Side of the Laird--Book three Bound by passion. Freed by love. When the damaged and tormented Emma first meets the equally broken Logan, they embark on a torrid, emotionally provocative affair that irrevocably changed their lives. Emma has sacrificed her entire being and just when she thinks Logan is willing to do the same, he holds back. Reluctant for their love to be a thing of shadows, Emma issues an ultimatum: commit or say goodbye. But Logan's appeal to the king to grant his wish to marry is denied and instead, Logan is seized and sent to the dungeon with no hope for escape. While in Hell, Logan’s dark past haunts him, threatening to consume him. He must fight to remain the man he’s become with Emma by his side and relinquish the control he’s held onto for a lifetime. Top Pick – Night Owl Reviews: “Wickedly sinful, arousingly erotic, and delightfully delicious Logan is the stuff that naughty Highlander dreams are made of.” Lit 4 Ladies: "An illicit love affair is always fun and dangerous, especially set in 16th century Scotland."

The Spirit Path

Madeline Baker - 1993
    Strong and wise beyond his years, Shadow Hawk, the spiritual leader of his people, is drawn by a mysterious vision to an unknown place--a distant time where passion and peril await.

The Substitute Heiress

Juliane Karlis - 2019
     Anna Bond sails to Jamaica with her new mistress, the timid heiress Arabella. Everything Anna has ever dreamed of in her orphaned life—family, fortune, status—and handsome suitors!—will soon be Arabella’s. Anna chafes at the thought of living the rest of her life as a lady’s maid, but when a twist of fate puts Anna in the heiress’s place, she discovers that dreams aren’t always as sweet as they seem! Will Anna be able to tell Arabella’s arrogant Grandfather the truth about who she is? More importantly, can she admit to herself that her dreams have changed, thanks to a certain tall young first mate with sea-green eyes? This sweet and clean historical Regency romance will keep you entertained and leave you satisfied with a delightful happily-ever-after!

The Masters of Time 1-3

Brenda Joyce - 2009
    But not even these fierce, sexy heroes can stop themselves from succumbing to their own desires...and the power of love.Discover the dark sensuality, action, and passion of New York Times bestselling author Brenda Joyce's paranormal romances with the first three books in the Master of Time series. Bundle includes Dark Seduction, Dark Rival and Dark Embrace, plus bonus character profiles!

Lord of the Shadows

Kathryn Le Veque - 2011
    Not one man, woman or child lived without fear.Magnifying this fear is the man they call The Lord of the Shadows - a terrifying figure who sits at the right hand of the King, manipulating the royal moves like a puppet master. The Lord of the Shadows has been known to tear men apart with his bare hands and can, with a snap of his fingers, alter the future of anyone he chooses. The nobility is terrified of him, and for good reason. That is - the nobility that know of his existence.Lady Sheridan St. James has been drawn into the political arena by her father - having no sons, he bequeaths his power and knowledge to his eldest daughter, a stunningly beautiful and bright creature. Upon his death, Sheridan finds herself at the head of the mighty House of St. James, a major leader in the rebellion against the crown.During her first visit to London she becomes acquainted with a massive knight who has, in kindness, saved her sister's life. She has no idea Sir Sean de Lara is the man known as The Lord of the Shadows, but even when she is told of his horrible deeds she still cannot not believe it. Sheridan and Sean draw close despite the influence of the horrendous affairs of state sweeping London. All she knows is that he is handsome and kind, and although Sean is well aware of the lady's status, it makes no difference that she is, in perception, his enemy. To Sean, Sheridan is quickly becoming his reason for living - but out of necessity his responsibilities to the king become stronger than his love for Sheridan and he is forced to perform his duties or risk death to them both.Still, Sean swears to her that his days as the Shadow Lord are numbered even as rival factions cruelly separated them. It soon becomes a test of Sean and Sheridan's love to find each other again in a world which is determined to keep them apart.

The Lady Chosen & A Gentleman's Honor

Stephanie Laurens - 2003
    In response, they create the Bastion Club, a retreat for exchanging intelligence and escaping from matchmaking mamas. Lady Chosen is the story of Tristan, fourth Earl of Trentham and Leonora Carling, a neighbor to the club. In A Gentleman's Honor (book 2), Lord Anthony Blake meets the widow Alicia Carrington at a soiree just after she has stumbled upon a dead body.

Timeswept Baby

Eugenia Riley - 2011
    Then she is presented with the outlandish possibility that the stork panicked in the delivery room and delivered Emma’s bundle of joy to the wrong century! Receiving a bizarre “ticket through time,” Emma tears it up and immediately starts spinning back in time herself! Meanwhile back in Victorian London, notorious rogue Matthew Weymouth, Earl of Worthing, is trying his best to seduce his reluctant mistress when the two encounter an abandoned baby on the stoop of Matthew’s townhouse. Even as Matthew’s outraged paramour slaps his face and storms off, a gust of wind sweeps over him. Suddenly he is confronted by a beautiful young woman in outlandish clothing who accuses him of stealing her baby. Even as mother and baby are joyously reunited, sparks fly and romantic complications abound between Emma and Matthew. Emma must come to terms with her amazing journey through time and discover why she and her infant were “delivered” to sexy Matthew Weymouth’s stoop. Matthew feels enchanted by mother and child, and is tempted to give up his rakehell ways. Will Emma find her soulmate here in Dickensonian London—as well as a father for a precious baby who so desperately needs one? TIMESWEPT BABY is Eugenia Riley at her best: touching romance, humor, time-travel, and a cast of unforgettable characters! The novella contains approximately 31,500 words or 150 text pages. Also available in Kindle from Eugenia Riley: A TRYST IN TIME; EMBERS OF TIME; CHRISTMAS WITH AN ANGEL; BUSHWHACKED BRIDE; BUSHWHACKED GROOM; WANTED ACROSS TIME; PHANTOM IN TIME; A CHRISTMAS IN TIME; LOVERS AND OTHER LUNATICS; TIMESWEPT BRIDE; THE PHANTOM OF THE BATHTUB ; TEMPEST IN TIME; MISSISSIPPI MADNESS; and TWO HEARTS IN TIME. Eugenia Riley is the award-winning, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary and time-travel romances, including A TRYST IN TIME, TEMPEST IN TIME, TIMESWEPT BRIDE and EMBERS OF TIME. She has written for publishers including Avon, Bantam, Warner, Harlequin and Dorchester. Ms. Riley's WALTZ IN TIME won her the 1998 HOLT Medallion for Best Book with a Southern Theme. She has received thousands of fan letters on her romance novels, from locations all over the world.

The Soldier's Daughter

Rosie Goodwin - 2014
    A love silenced . . . For as long as Briony Valentine can remember she has been soft on Eddie, the boy next door. But their chance of romance is stifled when the Luftwaffe begin dropping bombs on the midlands. Eddie is called up to serve, as is Briony’s father, tearing her world apart. As the telegrams arrive, all she can do is pray. Despite past disagreements, Briony’s affluent grandparents open their doors to the three Valentine children, offering them the safety of Cornwall – far from the bombs and far from the only world they’ve ever known. Will the Valentine family ever unite, and will Briony ever see Eddie again? A moving, compelling and wonderfully authentic portrait of family life amongst the perils of WWII, from a much-loved author.

Thief of Hearts

Patricia Gaffney - 1990
    No lady would allow the outrageous liberties Brodie took, but forced to pretend she was married to him to clear Nick's good name, Anna finds herself weakening to her brother-in-law's seductive appeal. Caught up in deceits and desires beyond her control, she knows only that her future happiness depends on learning which brother is an immoral criminal and which is merely a thief of hearts.

Timeless Passion

Constance O'Day-Flannery - 1986
    Gone were the last things she remembered: her car, the highway, and the tall buildings that lined the road. Instead she found herself in a meadow surrounded by trees and rolling lawns. And when she lifted her head her eyes met the magnetic blue gaze of the most remarkably handsome man she'd ever seen. As he effortlessly lifted her onto his horse, Brianne was unable to even utter a protest...ONE TOMORROWOn a routine ride to survey his plantation, Ryan Barrington could not believe what he saw. Lying beneath a tree was a beautiful woman, dressed in bizarre clothing, her long copper-colored hair surrounding her like a veil. He had never seen such a fetching apparition, and he was sure that she had been sent by a friend to entice him. He thought to send her on her way, but when he lifted her in his arms Ryan knew he was lost. He caressed her creamy flesh and kissed her ripe lips feeling a rush of desire that could not be denied. He vowed to find out her true identity and make her is own with TIMELESS PASSION.