The Mule Tamer

John C. Horst - 2012
    Every night after dinner, I looked forward to the next episode of Larry McMurtry’s novel, and every night I did not want it to end. Indeed, I can see The Mule Tamer’s Arvel Walsh being played by Robert Duvall and Dick Welles being played by Tommy Lee Jones. On the other hand, many of the sharply, crisply written scenes – whether of shoot-outs, killings, drug-induced deliriums, or lust – brought back memories from Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy which began with All the Pretty Horses.Being a painstakingly researched novel, some of its most graphically etched scenes taken right out of the pages of 1890’s newspapers, The Mule Tamer will interest readers of historical novels as well as of American history. Also, all of us who love classic Western movies will be drawn to the challenges facing Walsh and Welles. Yet, author John Horst has set his sights higher than the creating of a stereotypical and rehashed Western plot. Walsh not only embodies the classic traits of a Western hero – he’s stoic, laconic, an excellent marksman, has a mysterious and tragic past, and is desirable by a young, sexy, fast-shooting, hard-riding, free-spirited woman – Walsh is also introspective, a character who changes and develops as he searches for answers to the questions in his life.In a tight situation, Chica – a wonderfully drawn female gunslinger based on a true figure of the West – does not think twice before pulling the trigger, and you shouldn’t either: click instantly on the link to The Mule Tamer and buy this book."Arvel Walsh can tame mules, but can he tame the wild Arizona frontier, and the Mexican girl known as Chica, as wild and unpredictable as the land she roams? Arizona in 1892 is the last of the untamed country in America. Laws are hard to enforce and bad hombres know it. Texas pushed them out of their land with the famous Texas Rangers, can Arizona do the same? Challenged by savage bandits, psychotic serial killers, and anarchists, Arvel Walsh and Dick Welles will have to summon all their knowledge, and all their guts as veterans of the Civil War to make the fledgling Arizona Rangers a force to be reckoned with. Follow the men as they ride across the deserts and through the arroyos of southern Arizona, encountering dangers, a mystical aborigine, a severed head in a bottle, and side show freaks while discovering that heroes may be found in the most unlikely places, and that a certain beautiful and unpredictable woman may very well be the key to their success and their salvation, in more ways than one.

Copper Peaks Brides: Historical Western Romance Collection

Ruby Hill - 2019
    As chaos surrounds her, can Jessie find her one true love? Ruth's Revelation Ruth has always had to give up on her dreams, but not anymore! She is finally willing to fight for what she wants. Amber's Promise When a young lady named Amber Rutledge turns up holding a marriage contract with Henry’s signature on it, he finds his world thrown into chaos. If you love historical western and mail-order bride romance books with twists of mystery, you will love this sweet and clean romance collection.

The Lonesome Cowboy’s Abducted Bride

Amelia Rose - 2019
    But Eddie and Fiona soon fall in love through their letters. When Fiona escapes her life in Boston only to be taken hostage by train robbers, a tale of revenge, broken dreams and ultimate love ensues.

Pure Sin

Susan Johnson - 1994
    It made no difference that she'd only just met the exotic half-blood or that he was the scandal of polite society. Flora had never lived according to anybody's rules, and the instant she felt the heat of Adam's savage passion, the only thing that mattered was that she wanted him.PURE SEDUCTIONAdam Serre couldn't help but be wary. Lady Flora was quite spectacular, with her daring beauty and delicious conversation, but the noble daughter of a famed archaeologist did not fall into the category of amorous interludes. And after just extricating himself from a vicious marriage, his interest in women was purely transitory. Until the incomparable Flora set out to seduce him with a temptation that was ... Pure Sin.

Boulder Brides Box Set

Natalie Dean - 2018
     18 heartwarming mail-order bride stories that are full of fun, romance, adventure, and thought-provoking inspiration, AND stay true to the time period of the 1860’s and 70’s. Featured Series: Boulder Brides The Teacher’s Bride, Book 1 A strong-willed young bride attempts to make her way into a reluctant teacher’s heart. When she sees he’s not interested, she questions whether she should stay in Boulder, or make her way further west on the next wagon train out. Will he have a change of heart once he finds out she’s leaving? The Independent Bride, Book 2 Hannah's got a fierce independent streak, but that doesn't mean she's immune to love. She thinks Jeremy, a wealthy rancher, is everything she wants in a man... until she meets the brother of her best friend; a young and carefree missionary carpenter who has decided to settle in Boulder. Who will be charming enough to win Hannah’s heart? The wealthy rancher or the down to earth missionary carpenter? The Perfect Bride, Book 3 Though Lucy is a New York girl, she’s far from prim and proper. When she agrees to marry the son of a wealthy cattle rancher out west, her parents convince her she needs to become a more refined lady to win his heart. Zack’s friends tell him that ladies from New York prefer to marry proper men and if he wants to win her heart he needs to become a gentleman. How long can the two of them keep these charades up? And will they still feel the same about each other once their true passions are revealed? The Indian’s Bride, Book 4 Elsa’s fed up with a medical career that’s going nowhere, and no marriage prospects on the horizon. When the Women’s Society gets a letter from a missionary correspondence out west looking for a bride for an indigenous man, she surprisingly jumps at the opportunity. Elsa’s become inspired by a sense of missionary duty – and the chance to marry a Native man. BUT…challenges arise daily as Elsa tries desperately to understand her prospective Ute mate. She wants to get to know the community and it’s needs, but he has other ideas in mind. Will a bad mining accident help them realize they have more in common than they thought? The Civil War Bride, Book 5 Bethany journeyed out West to get away from the war-torn South. Now she faces more danger than she ever thought possible… When Bethany steps off the stagecoach in Boulder, instead of getting married right away, she decides to help out at an orphanage. Good thing she made other arrangements…now she’s got two handsome cowboy suitors visiting her at the shelter. Jason and Max. Not only is Bethany’s heart filled with compassion for the Ute babies in her care, she’s also falling head over hills in love with one of the cowboys. Will Bethany find the courage she needs to face the danger that lies ahead? And will she have a change of heart about fighting when it comes to protecting the ones she loves? Also included in this Mail Order Bride Compilation are the following short stories by Natalie Dean and Grace Weston: &lt

A Sweet Abduction in the Wild West

Aurora Hanson - 2019
    However, their lives are about to change forever, when a fateful trip in town embroils them in a criminal campaign. Their mission: kidnapping a wealthy railroad heir. However, Gloria would never expect their victim to capture her heart as he did. Will she be able to handle her strong feelings or will she let her emotions be in charge, creating a mess? Jack Rollins is a courageous, skilled and clever man of the West. He is self-made, rugged, but at the same time sophisticated and dapper; one of a kind. While he would never expect that he would end up falling in love with the woman who kidnapped him, soon enough he’ll realize that he needs more than his charm to escape. Will his alliance with his abductors allow them to find a way out of the trap they have all fallen into? Tangled in a desperate situation, the heroes are led by a chain of events into despair. When the natural challenges seem to be their main obstacle, they are soon to realize that the wickedness in the hearts of their enemies is the darkest hurdle of all… Will the Seaton siblings find peace with the loves of their lives, or will they have to sacrifice their happiness - and even themselves? Will their love be enough to see them through, or will they have to pay the ultimate price?

Heart of a Family

Rita Hestand - 2014
    But now, four years later, she was out of money, and short on ideas. She had to form a plan. The only thing she could come up with was to find a husband that would help her. She'd never done anything so bold in her life.

Winter's Touch

Janis Reams Hudson - 1999
    Trapped in the middle is Winter Fawn, a half-breed Arapaho woman torn between loyalty to her white father and her mother's native people. When she comes to the aid of Carson Dulaney, injured in a savage rage, she is swept up by the forces of her own fate.

Written in the Stars

Nan Ryan - 1992
    Her bareback-riding feats drew huge crowds in Denver, but Diane's was not the only new act. The "Redman of the Rockies," a captured "savage," was a sensation with his hard-muscled body, harshly handsome features, and dark eyes glittering with icy fury. Mesmerized by the caged wild creature, Diane recklessly turned him loose, only to be swept up and spirited away into the Rocky Mountains....Cruelly captured, his magnificent body put on display for taunting crowds, he thirsted for revenge. When the violet-eyed beauty set him free, the Redman carried her off as bait to catch his captors. But Diane's shining spirit and shimmering loveliness enchanted her abductor. Taking her to a land of golden days and silver nights, gradually revealing the many mysteries of his true identity, the "savage" found himself captive to a love that was Written in the Stars

Bounty Hunter Proposal

Alix West - 2016
    His passing leaves her a vast ranch and two small boys. Well-meaning folk tell her to put the boys in an orphanage, but she refuses and vows to raise the boys herself. When someone sets fire to her barn, friends Violet and Savannah (from Coming for the Cowboy) fear Isabelle’s life is in danger. The two women convince her to take another husband. And they have the perfect man in mind, legendary bounty hunter Matthias Hudson. Known by all and feared by most, Matthias Hudson is the perfect name to mention when you need to get someone’s attention, or to send ill-intentioned suitors on their way. And best of all, he hasn’t been to Colter Canyon in years. All Isabelle needs to do is sign the marriage proxy…right below Matthias Hudson’s forged signature. Matthias Hudson comes to Colter Canyon to deliver an outlaw to the sheriff. To his surprise, folks want to congratulate him, not for collaring a criminal, but for his marriage. Somewhere in Colter Canyon a woman is posing as his wife and when Matthias finds her, he aims to show her she’s tangled with the wrong man. ***** Standalone Novel, No Cliffhanger, Happily Ever After ***** ***** Safe Read, No Cheating, Strong Language ***** Also check out Old West Alpha and Sass Collection, twelve steamy, Western romances from Alix West.

Red River Rifles

Dorothy Wiley - 2019
    Kicking off her new Wilderness Dawning--the Texas Wyllie Brothers Series, this remarkable novel is set in a time and place when life was tough. And love had to be even tougher. In 1818, the bravest of the brave settled a narrow strip of land along the Red River in Texas. A place where death and life held equal strongholds--the new leading edge of the West was an exceedingly dangerous place. For Samuel Wyllie, his family's land south of the Red River at Pecan Point was a nearly sacred place, as beautiful as heaven must be. He has big plans for the future and will do what it takes to carve a new life out of the wilderness. Louisa Pate and her young brother Adam, new arrivals in the settlement, are subjected to the tyranny of a cruel father. He intends to marry her off for profit and power to a brash filibuster who plans to challenge the Spanish for control of Texas. She also faces a frontier teeming with Indians, raw wilderness, deadly quicksand, and men who would use her for their own gain. Denied any chance for happiness, she is determined to survive and protect her little brother. And she will do what she must for Adam's sake, even enter into a loveless marriage. But even on this lonely frontier, Louisa is not truly alone. Time and again, Samuel boldly stands between her and disaster. The vastness of Texas is not big enough to hold his courage or his love. Yet love is not easily won and life in the West challenges them both. Help comes in the form of a unique trapper named Old Bill, a solitary, spirit-like Caddo brave named Kuukuh, and Samuel's father and three brothers. A gritty western, a love story, and a gripping tale of the first daring settlers of Texas, Wiley's storytelling is stronger than ever. This well-researched story of the frontier and the pursuit of the American dream is a clean, yet romantic historical set against the stunning backdrop of the Province of Texas.

Falling for the Lonesome Cowboy

Lorelei Brogan - 2019
    With courage and strength, she managed to escape and start over under the care of a kind livery couple. Even though she changed her life for the better, the trauma never left her broken heart. Then Clay Donnelly literally fell off his horse unconscious at her gate and she had to act fast and save his life. Could the man she helped be the one to make her world complete? Or would the scars in her soul stop her from ever finding true love and happiness? Clay Donnelly arrives at a beautiful woman's door after having ridden over the mountains and across the desert to escape pursuit. After a false alarm, he had to abandon his post at the ranch he was working on as a cowboy to help his brother. After realizing that the call for help was a trap, he decided to make a run for it to avoid being blamed and found himself at Jess's door. Can he convince the charming woman who helped mend his wounds that he can be the one to mend hers? Or will her tortured past become an obstacle between them? They both found love when they least expected it, but they have to fight their demons to let it blossom. Can Clay make Jess see that he is the one who deserves her trust? Will Jess let go of her trauma and succumb to this unprecedented feeling?

Scars of the Heart

Joni Keever - 2015
    Kade Roberts, the outlaw son of white father and Indian mother, plans to keep a low profile as he journeys to Texas to claim the ranch of his birthright. But emotional claws from his past pull Kade off course when he witnesses the whipping of a young lad. Before rational thought returns, Kade rescues the boy and finds himself promising to help the ragged orphan. Carly Dawson's life has taken a dangerous turn since coming west. If she can maintain this guise as a boy, perhaps she can eventually return to her beloved Virginia home. Two strangers--each tainted by injustice and resentment--reluctantly journey together in pursuit of their own objectives. While this savage desperado and spoiled eastern debutante also travel paths of self-discovery, will they learn to appreciate each other's differences and find love, despite their Scars of the Heart?

A Tremendous Scheme Against Love

Carol Colyer - 2019
    Through letters, a strong connection is created with Jack, a successful rancher in the west. Although Delia had some second thoughts about this arrangement, everything seems to flow smoothly between them. Only until she will realize that Jack is hiding things from her! Will his past stand as an obstacle to their relationship? Jack Bowdrie’s last adventure with love left him heartbroken. However, he has decided to move forward and give it another try. No matter how hardworking and focused he has been for the last few years, now that his business has grown, he is finally ready to settle down. In Delia’s face, he seems to find everything he has been looking for. With each passing day, their courtship flourishes and the couple grows closer. Will their happiness last or someone else’s plans will get in the way? Afraid to be hurt, Jack and Delia build their relationship step by step, cautiously, but soon a manipulative woman will appear on the horizon to mess with their plans. Willow has taken it upon herself to befriend Delia under the pretense that she and Jack are old friends. What is her real motive? Is the couple’s newborn love strong enough to face the challenges that will come ahead? "A Tremendous Scheme Against Love" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Mail Order Bride’s Hope

Faith Crawford - 2017
    Will love and strength conquer? Grace Owens has always longed for adventure. Being a restless spirit, the stories that came from the West fired her blood. So when her parish in Pittsburg brings a newspaper ad to her attention, her decision is made. She agrees to become a mail order bride and marry a man she has never met. Alonzo Forrester has everything he wants, except a wife and family. When Grace arrives on the train to be his, he thinks that everything will fall into place. But when tragedy strikes under the open skies of Montana, Grace finds herself thrown into caring for a farm and ailing husband with no experience in either. Can she muster the strength and courage to carry out the tasks ahead? Can Grace and Alonzo build a home and family together in this unforgiving land? Will they find love together? AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 65-page stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.