Doctrinal New Testament Commentary: Volumes 1-3

Bruce R. McConkie - 1972
    "How can I," came the answer, "except some man should guide me." Jesus said: "Search the scriptures," and gave the promise, "Whoso treasureth up my word, shall not be deceived." Today the Lord's command is: "Teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom." This Doctrinal New Testament Commentary is designed to enable gospel students to learn and live the doctrines of the New Testament; to grasp the greatness and glory of our Lord's mortal ministry; to comprehend the doctrines of the Master Teacher and of those commissioned by him to reveal pure religion to the world. Salvation centers in Christ. He is the Creator and Redeemer; the Way and the Truth; the Light of the World; the One Man who could say: "Follow thou me." Most of our knowledge of his earth-bound ministry is contained in the four Gospels. It is devoutly hope that this Commentary will help make the Gospels a living reality in the lives of gospel scholars, that it will help them understand what they read. Jesus himself is real; the Gospels are his life story; of him they teach and testify; and a knowledge of them is essential to salvation.

The Politically Incorrect Jesus: Living Boldly in a Culture of Unbelief

Joe Battaglia - 2014
    He is admired and ridiculed, embraced and rejected. If you want to provoke controversy and emotional discussion, just mention His name.Jesus was inclusive when He welcomed all the weary and burdened to come to Him and experience the love of His Father. But He was not open-minded when it came to the truth. He stated that He was the truth. And this flies in the face of current politically correct thought.In Politically Incorrect Jesus, Joe Battaglia exposes the intellectual dishonesty of political correctness and presents Jesus as the model for embracing a counter-cultural faith, which empowers us to be salt and light. Be bold and stand firm in your faith when the culture demands you stand down.

Glimpses Beyond Death's Door

Brent L. Top - 1993
    Rich with scripture and the words of modern prophets. A positive, upbeat tone to death as being, certainly for the faithful Church member, the beginning of a beautiful and happy life. Enlightening and exciting. While emphasizing that we must examine these accounts carefully and perhaps critically because conclusions must conform to Church doctrine—since doctrine comes only from the standard works and modern prophets—the authors say, "We were amazed at the similarities and consistencies between near-death accounts and the doctrines of the restored gospel." The reader accordingly will be fascinated with the discussion on what the NDE's report: A "being of light" who greeted them in the spirit world; one's sense of having a perfect, vitalized spirit body; the rapid, graphic review of one's mortal life; seeing populated cities of dazzling brilliance; meeting with loved ones; communication by thought transference; spirits in radiant white robes; an intense, dynamic light that does not hurt the spirit eyes; travel at phenomenal speeds; all levels of beauty and brilliance in the different realms and conditions; expanded comprehension and memory powers; gorgeously beautiful scenery and vegetation. All this and much more in an environment which NDE's describe as all-encompassing, ineffable light and love.

2nd Nephi: A Brief Theological Introduction (The Book of Mormon: Brief Theological Introductions, #2)

Terryl Givens - 2020
    . ."In the wake of epic cataclysm, Nephi launches a second book of writings. Inspired by the prophet Isaiah’s remark­able account of the scattering and gather­ing of God’s covenant people, Nephi aches to reassure his family by providing a clear understanding of their unbroken place in God’s designs. Interweaving history, theology, and prophecy, Nephi brings together the covenant’s ancient roots and its future fulfillment, orienting everything around the person of Jesus Christ.In this brief theological introduction, Terryl Givens echoes Nephi’s invitation for readers to keep Christ front and center in their minds, hearts, and wor­ship. Givens finds clear emphasis on the Redeemer’s healing atonement, the promise of resurrection, the necessity of oppositional strife and of agency wisely employed, and other plain and precious truths lost or obscured by time. Above all, Nephi presents essential elements of the doctrine of Christ, emphasizing repentance as a lifelong process of heart reeducation, and of scripture as a re­source for spiritual succor and personal revelation.Jerusalem is destroyed. But all is not lost.

Searching the Scriptures: Bringing Power to Your Personal and Family Study

Gene R. Cook - 1993
    But, as Elder Gene R. Cook emphasizes in his book, that blessing doesn't come through casual effort. In Searching the Scriptures, Elder Cook explores how we can effectively ponder, question, and mark the scriptures and understand how they apply to our lives. He also shares his testimony of the power and blessings that come from knowing God's word. And he gives suggestions on how to organize family study and how to use the scriptures as a way to bless each family member. Relating personal experiences to show what has worked and what hasn't, Elder Cook shares ways to motivate everyone in the family to participate and work to invite the Spirit to be present at reading time. Elder Cook's hope is to help Latter-day Saints gain a deeper understanding of what scriptures really are and how they apply to us today, and thereby have a desire to learn more from them.

Talk to Allah

Ayesha Syahira - 2020
    Even then, it comes with a set of restrictive rules that puts a ‘barrier’ between Allah and us. The things we recite are verses that we were told to memorise, but rarely do we truly talk to Allah about the troubles that are weighing down our hearts.Because it feels awkward. Thus when we are down and sad, we seek other means for comforting ourselves, but often they offer only temporary respite. We forget that true comfort lies only with Allah. ****In this book, author Ayesha Syahira takes you on a journey of spiritual discovery; of reconnecting with Allah wholeheartedly. The author focuses on nurturing the lifestyle of talking to Allah; of finding comfort by making du’a to Him at any time of the day.

Becoming His: A Daily Journey Toward Discipleship

Emily Belle Freeman - 2012

Reading the Bible the Orthodox Way: 2000 Years without Confusion or Anxiety

John A. Peck - 2014
    Now, using this simple method you'll learn the best way to put this important discipline to use for maximum spiritual benefit.

True Miracles: Stories That Will Increase Your Faith

Adam Houge - 2014
    Need An Inspiration For Your Faith Today?   In this book you'll find true and inspiring miracles that will increase your faith. Miracle Stories Included In This Book:   God saves a woman from her cheating husband A man survives a sinking ship for three days at the bottom of the sea God reveals Himself to an Atheist through divine intervention An elderly man is highlighted in national news after raising from the dead God uses a four year old girl to save her father from a drive by shooting  Each of these real life accounts and many more are documented in True Miracles!

As a Thief in the Night: A Resource/Reference Book to Assist in Identifying Kingdoms and Events of the Last Years Before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Roger K. Young - 1991

Leap of Faith: Confronting the Origins of the Book of Mormon

Bob Bennett - 2009
    And its defenders too often fail to ponder it deeply enough to respond effectively to such criticisms.But, as author Bob Bennett writes, “For anyone truly interested in the Church and its claims, a thorough examination of the Book of Mormon as a possible forgery is a requirement. Instead of being just a footnote in an overall review of current Church activities, discussion of the book should be a primary focal point of the investigation.” with that in mind, he brings to bear his own fascinating experiences with the world of forgery in this careful examination of the Book of Mormon and its claims.In his role at billionaire Howard Hughes's company, Bennett had opportunities to help disprove two significant attempts at forgery: Clifford Irving's supposedly authorized biography of Hughes and later the fake Hughes “will.” In the process, he became acquainted with several tests commonly used to help identify a forgery. Leap of Faith chronicles the discoveries he made as he applied those tests to the Book of Mormon.Though Bennett concludes that “no final answer can be drawn about the authorship of the Book of Mormon on the basis of analysis alone,” his exploration of the book and explanation of its contents will be invaluable to anyone interested in understanding it more clearly. His own leap of faith provides a springboard for meaningful discussion by people of all faiths.This compellingly written work offers a unique perspective about a book beloved by tens of millions. It is made even more interesting by the author’s experiences working for the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, the victim of more than one attempted forgery.

My Craziest Adventures With God - Volume 1: The Spiritual Journal of a Former Atheist Paramedic

Praying Medic - 2014
    After losing his job, being divorced and being kicked out of his church, it seemed like his entire world was going up in flames. Then one night in a dream, God asked him to pray for his patients. When he awoke in the morning he knew nothing would ever be the same. Come along on these intriguing adventures as an ordinary paramedic confronts his own skepticism and fear and learns how to hear the voice of God. Get to know Praying Medic, the author, right from the stories in his personal spiritual diary. Watch as he learns how to pray for his patients and for strangers in the marketplace. You may find yourself laughing one minute and crying the next as God’s goodness and sense of humor are revealed in these true stories. And you’ll witness the transformational power of God as it changes a hardened skeptic into a man of real faith. These true stories won’t just encourage you—they’ll act as a guidebook on how to live daily in the fullness of God’s kingdom.

The Fate of the Persecutors of the Prophet Joseph Smith

N.B. Lundwall - 1952

Gospel Doctrine: Sermons and Writings of President Joseph F. Smith (Classics in Mormon Literature)

Joseph F. Smith - 1919
    Smith was so long in the public service of the Church that his published sermons and writings would fill many volumes. The difficult problem of the compilers of this volume has been to make a collection of extracts that would do full justice to the man and that, at the same time, could be contained in a volume of moderate size. Every reader who knows Church literature will note the shortcomings of the work; and none more than the compilers. However, incomplete as it may be, this collection is well worth while, for it contains a wealth of gospel wisdom, to instruct, comfort, and inspire the Saints. The literature of the Church has been carefully and systematically searched to discover all of President Smith's public writings and sermons. Those of a historical nature have not been used in this collection, as they may well be made into another volume.

Nothing New Under the Sun: A Blunt Paraphrase of Ecclesiastes

Adam S. Miller - 2016
    Ecclesiastes is gloomy, skeptical, and irreverent. It is caustic and drolly splenetic. It is unapologetically human. It refuses to abet our hunger for clean narratives and happy endings. It is a hopeless book. Insisting on life’s futility, the world’s capriciousness, and God’s inscrutability, it deliberately cultivates despair. It sees such bone-deep hopelessness as the only cure for what ails us. Ecclesiastes is a hard book full of hard sayings. It is an anvil against which our hearts must be hammered. No wonder we avoid it. But the cost of avoidance is high. As Paul insists, in order to become Christian, we must first learn to be hopeless. Hopelessness is the door to Zion. Hopelessness is crucial to a consecrated life. Before we can find hope in Christ, we must give up hope in everything else." In "Nothing New Under the Sun," Adam S. Miller provides a sharp, contemporary paraphrase of Ecclesiastes, continuing to work in the same vein as the popular "Grace is Not God's Backup Plan: An Urgent Paraphrase of Paul's Letter to the Romans" (2015).