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A Wish for Love by Gina Wilkins


The Return of the Sheikh

Kristi Gold - 2013
    But Madison isn't just another plaything for the sheikh….A romance between a royal and a commoner is forbidden, yet Madison can't resist the passionate nights in Zain's bed, lying spent in his strong arms. Loving the crown prince is dangerous enough, but would Madison's latest secret—a royal baby of her own—derail Zain's reign for good…or end in happily ever after?

Expecting the Prince's Baby

Rebecca Winters - 2014
    Abby quickly becomes the focus of Vincenzo's hope, but she must use all her courage to ignore their growing attraction…she is a commoner, after all. But Vincenzo is determined: he will fight royal protocol. Because Abby is his baby's mother…and to stay that way she must become his wife!

The Billionaire's Nanny

Melissa McClone - 2013
    He needs a fiancée to show off when he returns home to Haley's Bay for the first time in ten years. His family has a habit of matchmaking, and AJ doesn't need the drama. But as soon as Emma Markwell agrees to his assignment, he learns that pretend love can feel oh-so real. Once a nanny, Emma's played many games of make-believe. This shouldn't be any different—until a few hot kisses meant for show blur the line between fantasy and reality! AJ doesn't do commitment, but Emma has always longed for true love and refuses to settle for less. AJ can't resist a challenge, and soon, he can't figure out if he's just trying to get into her bed…or keep her from getting into his heart.

Safe Harbor

Sherryl Woods - 1987
    Including all the people—and animals—she'd invited into her home when they'd had nowhere else to go. She was their safe harbor, and they were hers. And she would protect them from whoever challenged their right to be a family—namely her new neighbor, the handsome and high-powered Drew Landry. Drew was determined to ensure that Tina wasn't taking advantage of her vulnerable houseguests. But as soon as he met Tina and her unconventional family, he realized he'd made a big mistake. Because he was drawn to her like a ship to a sheltered shore. And he'd set in motion a series of events that could destroy everything she held dear…. BONUS BOOK INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME! A Cold Creek Homecoming by New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne Quinn Southerland still hadn't forgiven Tess Claybourne for the way she'd treated him years ago. But the woman tending his ailing mother was not the same girl he'd known. Could this be their second chance?

Affair of Risk

Jayne Castle - 1982
    The shock was staggering. Kendra Loring gasped as she met the full force of Case Garrett's night-dark gaze. Yet they had never met!And once she finished her business, she promised herself, they would never meet again. Danger and darkness lurked just beneath the glittering surface of the elegant Lake Tahoe casino. Kendra had sworn that no man would take advantage of her again. If she let herself go, if she fell under his mesmerizing spell for just one minute, the stakes would be impossibly high, and she would be gambling far more than she could afford to lose.

A Conflict of Interest

Barbara Dunlop - 2013
    Given their work, a relationship is dicey -- and impossible now that the president has taken office.For Max, their relationship may be a lark, a fling -- maybe she's just another woman in the long line that forms a part of his bachelor lifestyle. But for her, what they have is different. She's all but given him her heart. And now she is having his baby.

A Very Stylish Affair

Emma Darcy - 1993
    He also seems unable to even look past Sophie's hair, which is a bit. . . well . . . flamboyant at the moment. She suspects her days as his new assistant are numbered.But when Sophie discovers the cad only hired her as a distraction for a case he's working on, Mr. Snob finds himself on the receiving end of a temper as hot as her hair. A truce reached, now they're headed for Bora Bora, where things are bound to get even hotter!

An Indecent Marriage

Doreen Owens Malek - 1987
    She’d returned for one reason– to oversee the takeover of her ailing father’s mill by a rival company. She intended to finalize the deal and go back to Italy.Then she met the owner of J.C. Enterprises, Jack Chabrol– the boy she’d left behind. Only Jack was no longer a boy; he was a man– a man bent on revenge. He had never forgiven Jessica for leaving him to marry someone else, nor had he forgotten the love they’d once shared. Jack was determined to possess Jessica, and she had only one defense against his anger: her love.

Tycoon Cowboy's Baby Surprise

Katherine Garbera - 2017
    The passion that got them in trouble during a one-night stand three years ago is still there, too strong to deny. Nate can't help it: Kinley gets under his skin. But what happened in Vegas really needs to stay there. Too bad that cliché only gets him so far as he falls for the woman whose baby secret will change everything! Tycoon Cowboy's Baby Surprise is part of The Wild Caruthers Bachelors duet.

Rich Man's Touch

Anne Mather - 2002
    But she isn't prepared when he touches emotions in her that she had carefully hidden away. Can she allow herself to open up her heart -- and her bed -- to him? Or is Gabriel interested in only a fleeting affair?

The Baby Secret (Expecting)

Helen Brooks - 1998
    Then Victoria discovered that her new husband, the man she adored, had betrayed her--after only one day of marriage! She packed her bags and left....Zac Harding wouldn't let Victoria go. He was determined to find his missing bride and bring her home. Only, when he did, he was shocked to find that Victoria had a secret she was desperate to keep: their wedding night had resulted in a baby!

Arranged Marriage, Bedroom Secrets

Yvonne Lindsay - 2016
    Her secrets make her much more… Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Yvonne Lindsay! Princess Mila will safeguard her kingdom by marrying a neighboring royal she barely knows. But she refuses to let Prince Thierry perfect his romantic arts with another woman. Disguised as his hired courtesan, the virgin princess plans to seduce her fiancé before their wedding night! The mind-blowing chemistry they discover can't be taught—or forgotten. Yet Mila's lie is unforgivable to a man who prizes honor above all. Public scandal threatens all Mila's dreams and her country's future…unless this prince can let passion, and his heart, reign supreme.

The Fortunes Of Francesca

Betty Neels - 1996
    She'd cut her nursing instruction short in order to look after the elderly aunt who had so kindly opened her home to Franny and her brother. Financial difficulties led Franny to apply for a job as Lady Trumper's assistant, but Franny's outspoken manner clearly didn't please her. It was only through her godson, Marc, that Franny was able to get the job. Marc always seemed to be on hand after that.…Betty Neels: - She is a USA Today bestselling author.- Her series novels consistently rank #1 in their month, averaging 16 percentage points higher than other titles.- To date, The Best of Betty Neels titles have averaged a 55% NSR.- Since 1996, 21 consecutive #1 Harlequin Romance titles have been published, including her most recent, A Good Wife (7/03).- Her novel Emma's Wedding (5/02) had a 61% NSR.- Betty wrote 134 books during her 30-plus-year career, publishing exclusively with Harlequin Books.

Monsoon Wedding Fever

Shoma Narayanan - 2012
    Not then and not now. After all, the other reason he's in India is to consider an arranged marriage! But as the monsoons start Riya and Dhruv are forced to confront what drove them apart back then. Only then does Riya start to hope that this wedding fever could perhaps be...contagious...

A Game with One Winner

Lynn Raye Harris - 2013
    Her ex-flame, Russian businessman Roman Kazarov, is back on the scene—is he seeking revenge for her humiliating rejection or just to take possession of her troubled business?Sources confirm that the cutthroat Kazarov is seriously ruffling the pristine feathers of the normally cautious Caro…. Rumors of scorching-hot secret trysts are flying, but only one thing is certain—in this supreme game of wills only one person can win, and Roman believes he holds the ace….