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Until There Was You

Francis Ray - 1999
    Instead, what ex-FBI agent Luke Grayson finds in the secluded cabin in the woods is a gorgeous, smoky-eyed woman…who just happens to be pointing a gun in his direction.Dr. Catherine Stewart is relieved that the handsome stranger she encounters is not a dangerous intruder. But how is she supposed to relax in her woodsy hideaway with stubborn, intense, brooding Luke around? A woman could get into a lot of trouble with a man like that—and trouble is exactly what each of these two lost souls came here to avoid…

The Taming of Jessi Rose

Beverly Jenkins - 1999
    With his rugged, handsome face and muscular bronze body, Griffin Blake can draw a sigh from a lady's lips almost as fast as his strong, sculpted arm can draw a gun from its holster. But Jessi Rose has no intentions of falling for his charms. No, her relationship with him is strictly business.Until He Came AlongRobbing the railroad is Griffin Blake's game, but he has no choice. Either he agrees to help Jessi Rose or he gets sent back to jail-so he arrives at the ranch ready to help the ornery female protect her land. But underneath Jessi's all-business exterior is a femininity she's kept hidden for far too long-making Griffin think it might be time to tame this wild Texas rose.

A Falling Star

Carolyn Brown - 1999
    Then she met Denison Adams, a tall, handsome rancher from Oklahoma, who was trying to break into the song-writing world. Denison was attracted to the sassy Retta from the first, but he had no intentions of getting involved with any woman who didn't accept him for what he was.

Nora Roberts Collection 3: Homeport, The Reef, and River's End

Nora Roberts - 1999
    Miranda Jones welcomed the distraction offered by a summons to Italy to verify the authenticity of a Renaissance bronze of a Medici courtesan known as "The Dark Lady." However, instead of cementing Miranda's reputation as a leading authority in her field, the bronze nearly destroys it when her professional judgment is called into question and the bronze is declared a hoax. Desperate to restore her credibility and prove "The Dark Lady" is really a previously unknown work of Michelangelo, Miranda turns to Ryan Boldari, a seductive - and supposedly reformed - art thief.The Reef - read by Sandra Burr, directed by Bill WeidemanThe Reef is the story of Tate Beaumont, a beautiful young student of marine archeology - and of Matthew Lassiter, a sea-scarred young man who shares her dream of finding Anguelique's Curse, the jeweled amulet surrounded by legend and said to be long lost at the bottom of the sea. Forced into a reluctant partnership with Matthew and his uncle, Tate soon learns that her arrogant but attractive fellow diver holds as many secrets as the sea itself.River's End, read by Sandra Burr, directed by Laural MerlingtonOlivia's parents had been one of Hollywood's glittering golden couples . . . until the night the monster came. The monster who destroyed their beautiful home and took her mother away from her forever. The monster with the face of her father . . . Now a young woman, Olivia finds her memory of that night has faded. Her mother's grieving family spared no effort to keep Olivia safe from the publicity, taking her to grow up in the beautiful natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest. But, despite the terror and the years that have passed, a part of her still yearns to recall those horrifying events, to know the truth about her childhood. With the help of a young writer named Noah Brady, she could have the chance.

Love Is

Carolyn Brown - 1999
    After she goes through five caretakers in as many days, her father hires a Mr. Parker to take care of her and tells her that he will be the last. The sparks fly between Creole and Mr. Parker from the first minute they're in each other's company. During the five weeks they spend together, both of their hearts fail to get the message that they have been determined not to like each other.Then, Mr. Parker disappears on the very day that Creole gets her bandages removed and she finds her heart has been broken. But John Rollin Parker grew up with the headstrong Creole and he knows that she could never care about him, especially if Creole ever found out who he really was. Will he ever give in to his own heart and let her know?

A Walk to Remember

Nicholas Sparks - 1999
    Every April, when the wind blows in from the sea and mingles with the scent of lilacs, Landon Carter remembers his last year at Beaufort High. It was 1958, and Landon had already dated a girl or two. He even swore that he had once been in love. Certainly the last person in town he thought he'd fall for was Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of the town's Baptist minister. A quiet girl who always carried a Bible with her schoolbooks, Jamie seemed content living in a world apart from the other teens. She took care of her widowed father, rescued hurt animals, and helped out at the local orphanage. No boy had ever asked her out. Landon would never have dreamed of it. Then a twist of fate made Jamie his partner for the homecoming dance, and Landon Carter's life would never be the same. Being with Jamie would show him the depths of the human heart and lead him to a decision so stunning it would send him irrevocably on the road to manhood. No other author today touches our emotions more deeply than Nicholas Sparks.Illuminating both the strength and the gossamer fragility of our deepest emotions, his two New York Times bestsellers, The Notebook and Message in a Bottle, have established him as the leading author of today's most cherished love stories. Now, in A Walk to Remember, he tells a truly unforgettable story, one that glimmers with all of his magic, holding us spellbound-and reminding us that in life each of us may find one great love, the kind that changes everything...

The MacGregors Collection: Volume 2

Nora Roberts - 1999
    But she’s a welcoming committee that’s hard to ignore. Thin walls and thick defenses prove to be no match for her irresistible charm.The Winning HandTaking the biggest gamble of her life, Darcy Wallace slips her last three dollars into a slot machine—and hits the jackpot. But the real prize is casino manager Robert MacGregor. He’s not the marrying kind, but Darcy knows that true love is worth the risk…The MacGregor BridesThere is nothing Daniel MacGregor would rather see than his three eldest granddaughters—Laura, Gwendolyn, and Julia—married. But the three cousins have one-track minds, and love is taking a back seat to career success. Until Daniel handpicks three unsuspecting candidates for grooms—and throws them in their paths…The MacGregor GroomsFresh from the success of sending his granddaughters down the aisle, Daniel MacGregor turns his matchmaking sights on his stubbornly single grandsons: D.C., Duncan, and Ian. And though each man will put up a good fight, they’ll be no match for the women chosen by Daniel to tempt and tease them all the way to the altar. Rebellion & In from the ColdSet in 1745, Rebellion tells the story of Serena MacGregor, whose hatred of all things English extends to her brother’s friend Brigham Langston. He’ll prove himself worthy of the MacGregor’s respect, but piercing Serena’s pride will take all the passion he can muster. In from the Cold follows the MacGregors during the American Revolution. Injured minuteman Ian MacGregor flees into the wilderness, where he finds refuge for his body and soul with Irish spitfire Alanna Flynn.

The Princess

Lori Wick - 1999
    In the Land of Pendaran, Shelby Parker lives a humble but good life. Her special qualities are eventually noticed by the king and queen of the House of Markham, who seek a new wife for their widowed son, Prince Nikolai.To uphold the tradition of their country, Shelby and Nikolai agree to an arranged marriage. But while Nikolai is a perfect gentleman in public, he remains distant at home, leaving Shelby to wonder what is in his heart. Will the prince ever love her as he did his first wife? Can the faith they share overcome the barriers between them?

The Gable Faces East

Anita Stansfield - 1999
    It is the unforgettable saga of two lives brought together by fate, then driven apart by the deceptions of a previous generation - a time when vengence ruled passion, and passion ruined lives.Jess Davies is the victim of a raging feud he doesn't understand. He must fight to survive as he struggles to accept the twisted circumstances of his birth. Meanwhile, Alexandra Byrnehouse, shattered by the events surrounding her father's death, is forced to turn to her family's oldest enemy in order to keep body and soul together. When Jess Davies and Alexandra Byrnehouse meet, they unwittingly take on decades of mistrust, deception, and deep betrayals of the heart. Together they are confronted with arson and murder as they discover unbelievable secrets that first bind them to each other, then tear them apart. If they are to survive, they must learn that passions cannot be chosen-and only the most perfect love can heal the deepest scars. The Gable Faces East is a true masterpiece of historical romance fiction-one of Anita Stansfield’s finest!

Tropical Storm

Melissa Good - 1999
    Tropical Storm took the lesbian reading world by storm when it was first written . . . Don't miss this exciting revised "author's cut" edition. Dar Roberts, corporate raider for a multi-national tech company, is cold, practical, and merciless. She does her job with razor-sharp accuracy. Friends are a luxury she cannot allow herself, and love is something she knows she'll never attain. Kerry Stuart left Michigan for Florida in an attempt to get away from her domineering politician father and the constraints of the overly conservative life her family forced upon her. After college she worked her way into supervision at a small tech company, only to have it taken over by Dar Roberts' organization. Her association with Dar begins in disbelief, hatred, and disappointment, but when Dar unexpectedly hires Kerry as her work assistant, the dynamics of their relationship change. Over time, a bond begins to form. But can Dar overcome years of habit and conditioning to open herself up to the uncertainty of love? And will Kerry escape from the clutches of her powerful father in order to live a better life? The answer to both questions is no - unless these two women can strengthen and cement the tenuous bond that forms between them. First they must face storms that neither expects . . . and live to tell the tale.

Robert & Cybil

Nora Roberts - 1999
    But something about the lovely young woman is getting under Mac's skin and playing havoc with his big brotherly intentions. And to win her over, he'll have to take the biggest gamble of his life. The Perfect NeighborBrooding loner Preston McQuinn's new apartment, like his life, was just the way he wanted it—dark and empty. But when sunny Cybil Campbell came barging into his well-ordered gloom, he couldn't deny a grudging fascination with his bright, bubbly neighbor. Preston thought he'd closed the door on love for good, so why was he suddenly longing to open up his heart to his incredibly perfect neighbor?

Rosie's Curl And Weave

Rochelle Alers - 1999
    And sometimes, when you least expect it, love walks in the door. So sit back, relax, put your feet up, and enjoy, as four talented writers render four magical stories about the love of beauty and the beauty of love.Rochelle Alers gets the sparks flying, as a high-maintenance banker finds herself falling, against her better judgement, for a handsome delivery man who walks into Rosie's...Donna Hill puts the assistant manager of Rosie's in the path of a fine-looking contractor, whose hypnotic honey-brown eyes could be her undoing...Felicia Mason helps the owner of Rosie's discover that you don't have to be young-just young at heart-to fall in love...Francis Ray turns a timid, dowdy duckling into a confident, sexy swan-and sends her into the arms of a handsome artist-with the help of Rosie's Curl and Weave...

An Old Love's Shadow

Abby Gray - 1999
    She’s on a charitable mission, by damn, and that rowdy cantina next door is drowning out her gospel singing. The clash with the sexy-as-hell man who runs the cantina hits with enough force to burn down the small Mexican town. What happens in Mexico… Is supposed to stay in Mexico but Hunter can’t get that blonde with the ice blue eyes out of his mind when he goes home to Texas. Finding her isn’t the problem. Convincing her that he’s interested—well, that’s another story. Mercy tried to get over Hunter, especially when she found out about his past. She had two choices: move on or give him one more chance because no other man should have to live in an old love’s shadow. If you liked Carolyn Brown’s books, Love Is, Trouble in Paradise, The Wager or The Yard Rose, you will love An Old Love’s Shadow.

Take these Broken Wings

Lyn Andrews - 1999
    Thrown into the workhouse by the cousin to whom her desperate soldier father entrusted her, she emerges determined to make the most of what life has to offer, however little that might be.But the narrow confines of the workhouse have left Hannah ill-prepared for the hurly-burly of the Liverpool household in which she finds work. Naive and impetuous, when she loses the man she loves she rushes into a violent marriage from which there seems no escape - without terrible consequences...

The Ghost and Katie Coyle: a time travel romance

Anne Kelleher - 1999
    She’s delighted with her new position as a professor of Irish literature and history, and enchanted by the old cottage on the cliff overlooking a beach that she now calls home. But she can’t shake the feeling that something— or someone— else calls the cottage home, and that in the night, echoes of an anguished voice calling for help haunt the beach below. When Katie first meets Derry O’Riordan, an Irishman claiming to study a set of standing stones in the middle of the woods, she takes his story at face value. But when her life is threatened and her job is jeopardized, Katie realizes that more is at stake than just the confirmation of a fascinating historical footnote. In the end, a man’s honor, the truth, and her own life hang in the balance.

The Gilded Cage

Josephine Cox - 1999
    But he is also a man with a dark secret; an illegitimate daughter that he forced his sister to bring up. The girl is now a young woman who, unbeknown to him, is determined to find the father that abandoned her.James Peterson, a gifted young man, runs Mear's factory with more success than Leonard's own sons. He lives for the day he can have his own business and make his fortune. Only then will he be able to declare his love for beautiful Isabel Mears who he means to release from the gilded cage her father has created. But then the lonely, lovely Sally comes in to his life, turning his heart and dreams upside down.

Long, Tall Texans: Emmett, Regan Burke

Diana Palmer - 1999
    Three powerful and handsome Texas men meet their romantic match with three irresistible women in a trio of novels from the best-selling Long, Tall Texans series

A Christmas Romance

Betty Neels - 1999
    So when her only remaining family withdraw their offer for her to spend Christmas with them, she won’t let it get her down. It looks as if she’ll be spending the festive season alone, until handsome physician Hugo Bentinck arrives on her doorstep on Christmas Eve and whisks her into his world! And Theodosia’s about to find that his love for her is for Christmas — and forever.

Love with a Long, Tall Texan

Diana Palmer - 1999
    Guy, Luke, and Christopher are about to meet three women who can truly tame these Texans.

Feel The Heat

Kathryn Shay - 1999
    When white hot attraction kicks in, sparks fly! Francey Cordaro is a dedicated firefighter, devoted daughter and a loyal friend who has made her way in a man’s world. She rejects material goods, doesn’t give a whit about her striking looks and focuses on saving lives, spending time with her family and friends, working out and playing poker with the guys. Until she meets Alex Templeton. A wealthy businessman, Alex is the epitome of success in every area of his life. A decent man, he returns home to run the family company when his father takes ill and his brother loses his way. What he can’t control is his reaction to the sexy firefighter who dragged him from near death. She’s gorgeous, fun-loving and challenges him at every turn. But she refuses a relationship with him. With differences that rival champagne vs. beer, uptown galas vs. karaoke bars, and the world of high finance vs. the reality of walking into burning buildings, their relationship seems doomed. Or is it? With a secondary reunion romance as fiery as Alex and Francey’s, and cameo appearances of readers’ favorite firefighters from Hidden Cove, as well as Shay’s trademark tense and exciting rescue scenes, this book will pull on your heartstrings and make you route for these very likable characters. Be sure to read the rest of the Rockford Fire Department: RISKING IT ALL, CODE OF HONOR and NEVER FAR AWAY, as well as all of the Hidden Cove Firefighters series. *** NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Kathryn Shay spent five years riding fire trucks with a large city fire department, eating in their firehouses and interviewing hundreds of America's Bravest.

The Alibi

Sandra Brown - 1999
    After they spend the night together, she mysteriously disappears. Later, while prosecuting the biggest murder case of his career, Hammond discovers that Dr. Alex Ladd, the prime suspect, is also his mystery woman. Now, he faces a moral dilemma and a haunting question. Is she innocent of the crime or was he used as her perfect alibi? And if she isn't the killer, is she the next victim?

Lakota Renegade

Madeline Baker - 1999
    But the rugged half-breed isn't used to innocents like Jassy McCloud who curtsy and make ginger snaps. Then Creed is falsely jailed for a crime he didn't commit and Jassy is determined to take Creed for better or worse--even if she has to spend the rest of her days dodging bullets and bounty hunters.

Spirit's Song

Madeline Baker - 1999
    And he was the best darn tracker in the territory. For the half-breed bounty hunter, it was an easy choice. His had been a hard life, with little to show for it except his horse, his Colt, and his scars. The pampered, brown-eyed beauty would go back to her rich husband in San Francisco, and he would be ten thousand dollars richer.But somewhere along the trail out of the Black Hills, sometime during the long star-studded prairie nights, everything changed. Now, he would give his life to protect her, to hold her forever in his embrace. Now the moonlight poetry of their loving reflected the fiery vision of the Sun Dance: She must be his ... Spirit's Song

Baby Love

Catherine Anderson - 1999
    In her loneliest, blackest hour, she unexpectedly finds a warmth and comfort she has never known in the tender compassion of a handsome, down-and-out stranger. In Rafe Kendrick, Maggie recognizes a soul wounded like her own—though she knows she must never trust any man ever again.Rafe is more than he seems—an enigmatic man of secrets who could give Maggie the moon, had he not vowed to spend his life alone. But sometimes love's flames can transform a cold world into paradise—and a man who's lost nearly everything, a woman who's forgotten how to dream, and the helpless child who needs them both can become that most wondrous creation: a family.

I Promise

Adrianne Byrd - 1999
    Instead, this Southern girl only dreams of returning to her family's ranch in Texas. But Malcolm Williams, son of one of Atlanta's most prominent African-American families, has other plans for her. Only hours after their college graduation, he publicly proposes to Christian at the social event of the year.Gorgeous, well-connected and obscenely rich, Malcolm is accustomed to women swooning over him—everyone but Christian, that is. But how can she tactfully turn down a proposal that practically every woman in Atlanta would kill for? By inadvertently falling in love with his twin brother, Jordan. When Malcolm catches Christian in a kiss with his own brother, he's outraged. Yet even with a family feud threatening to explode, neither Christian nor Jordan can deny the sweetness in the kiss they shared—or their desire for more….


Nora Roberts - 1999
    The MacGregor Grooms (1998)Daniel MacGregor sets his matchmaking skills against three of his grandsons - D.C., Duncan, and Ian. A Perfect Neighbor (1999)Daniel MacGregor is matchmaking again when he encourages playwright Preston McQuinn to move in across the hall from his granddaughter Cybill Campbell.


Sharon Sala - 1999
    Reunion by Sharon Sala released on Sep 30, 2003 is available now for purchase.

Waiting to Exhale: Soundtrack

Kenneth Edmonds - 1999
    Four pages of 4-color photos are also included. Titles include: All Night Long * And I Gave My Love * Count on Me * Exhale (Shoop Shoop) * How Could You Call Her Baby * Hurts Like Hell * Kissing You * Let It Flow * Love Will BeE Waiting

Apache Flame

Madeline Baker - 1999
    His father was the town drunkard, his mother was an Apache, and his only friend was Alisha Faraday, the sweet, innocent daughter of a preacher.But as adults, their secret affection turned into a powerful love that neither could deny. And when the forces of prejudice and anger drove Mitch from his hometown, neither forgot the joy and desire they'd once shared in each other's arms.Now Mitch is back --- to put to rest memories that have haunted him for years. What he finds instead is a love for Alisha that has never died --- a love he is willing to fight anything and anyone to keep, even as the shocking secrets of their shared past threaten to tear them apart once again.

Fiancé for the Night

Melissa McClone - 1999
    They’ve driven hours to have dinner with the man who stole their daughter’s heart. The only problem—he doesn’t exist. She made him up because her mom and dad are concerned about her. Cassandra could tell the truth, but she’s tired of always disappointing her family. Now, she must find a handsome, respectable-looking guy to be her fake fiancé.Troy McKnight can’t believe a gorgeous blonde wants to pretend to be engaged for the night. Why him? She’s his total opposite—impulsive, adventurous, and a risk-taker. He should say no. He’s not the type to go along with crazy schemes and drama, yet he can’t deny her pull. Giving into his attraction, he agrees to be her fiancé. What’s the worst thing that can happen?Turns out Cassandra’s father is a powerful venture capitalist who could make or break Troy's career, so they continue the ruse. But as their fake engagement spirals, their attempts to stop the madness fail. Troy wants to spend more time with Cassandra, but she fears losing her heart…to him. The charade must end, even if she wishes her fiancé for the night could be her perfect husband for life.* This second edition has been rewritten and updated. 8000 words have also been added. *


Diana Palmer - 1999
    But this rugged Texan refuses to be tamed by any woman, let alone a prickly publicist who gets on his last nerve. But beautiful brunette Candy Marshall isn’t your average Jane—she’s able to look past Guy’s bad boy reputation. In the process, she might just bring the sexy rancher to his knees …

The Lawman

Linda Lael Miller - 1999
    Then Shay's world is truly shaken be lovely Aislinn Lethaby, a hotel worker who impulsively steps in to rescue him from danger! Is she a sweet distraction from his serious duties--or the answer to his lonely heart?

Something To Celebrate: The First Noel\Kwaanza Kupendi\Truly everlasting

Felicia Mason - 1999
    Something To Celebrate by Felicia Mason\Margie Walker\Brenda Jackson released on Nov 24, 2000 is available now for purchase.

Silver Wing

Cassie Edwards - 1999
    But a duplicitous servant of the priest arrives in the Indian village before them, causing distrust and outright hostility between the Indians and the white man. Hardening his heart towards the white man and his god, Silver Wing imprisons all the white visitors, except the naive young girl. Can she remain loyal to her upbringing, while her heart longs for the handsome brave who holds them captive?

Rio Grande Wedding

Ruth Wind - 1999
    So when Molly Sheffield realized Alejandro Sosa needed a green-card bride, it seemed only natural for her to stand by his side....But the pretty widow could not predict the feelings she would have for her new husband. After opening her heart to Alejandro, Molly knew she was meant to spend forever with this man. But she and Alejandro had only so many passionate nights, so many warm and loving days, before they said goodbye.Or before they fell hopelessly in love...

A Cajun Dream: A Tale of Jolie Blonde

Cherie Claire - 1999
     "A Cajun Dream will bring a smile to readers' faces. Ms. Claire has captured the sweetness of falling in love the first time with the gentleness of Dorothy Garlock and the tenderness of Pamela Morsi." — Maria C. Ferrer for Romantic Times magazine "What a marvelous debut! Cherie Claire is sure to earn a bevy of fans with this charming and heartwarming tale." — Rexanne Becnel, author of Blink of An Eye


Dinah McCall - 1999
    But after losing her parents, and then her family's home, staying would be too painful. Leaving, though, means saying goodbye to Houston Bookout and the magnificent love they have shared since childhood . . . a love that is, for the first time, not enough.Love Heals Alone in New York City with little more than her breathtaking half-Cherokee beauty, Rachel gets the break of a lifetime. Rocketing to the top of the modeling world, she soon has money and fame beyond her wildest dreams. Life seems perfect—until she discovers that all the attention cannot erase her lonely longing. Not until she comes close to losing everything can Rachel see what truly matters—and the one thing, the only thing, she really needs. . . .

Rodeo Man

Margaret Watson - 1999
    The rodeo was his life, and retirement gives him too much time to think about Becca Johnson, the woman who betrayed him. But when Grady buys a ranch in Cameron, Utah, he comes face to face with Becca again. Becca is no longer the insecure teenager Grady remembered – she's now a strong, confident woman. She's never stopped loving Grady, but she knows she can't get too close to him. Becca is hiding a huge secret – she can't let him find out that her daughter is his daughter, too. When Grady finds out the truth, will this new betrayal destroy their second chance at love?

Veils of Time

Lynn Kurland - 1999
    (MacLeod, #3). Scottish nobleman Ian Macleod falls asleep in a medieval dungeon --- and awakens in a room filled with long white dresses. Jane Fergusson longed to create great fashions, but instead toils in a bridal shop. Will their fateful meeting over dressmaker's shears lead to bloodshed or bliss?Conyn's Bride by Ingrid WeaverOn the eve of her wedding, museum curator Alanna Moore is cataloguing antiquities, when suddenly a Celtic warrior appears --- claiming to be her long-lost betrothed! Can she listen to her heart, and remember a love that was destined to be?The Con and the Crusader by Maggie ShayneFleeing thugs, con man Jack McCain jumps into a well --- and into the past. Mistaken for a criminal, he's headed for prison, until he's freed --- with a wedding proposal! The widow Hawkins marries him to get help for her farm, but the attraction between them makes Jack wish he'd never escape this sweet captivity. . .


Fern Michaels - 1999
    . . An only child who lost both parents during her first year at college, wealthy heiress Kristine Kelly had made her husband her whole world. But she didn't see what everyone else did: that handsome, charismatic Logan Kelly was a manipulator and a user. Then one cold December, Kristine got a chilling wake-up call when Logan vanished, along with the eight-million-dollar trust fund she had naively given him the power to control. Just when Kristine's life was at it's lowest point, banker Aaron Dunwoodie offered her passion, a strong shoulder to lean on, and a relationship to believe in. But a woman once fooled is twice wary, and very vulnerable. There were still too many questions Kristine needed to answer before she could commit her heart again: what really happened to Logan. . .what did she truly want for herself. . .and what would she do if Logan--a dangerous seductive, and yet irresistible man--walked back into her life?

Truly Madly Deeply, A Carly Phillips Collection

Carly Phillips - 1999
    Griff wins only to discover Chelsie is the only one who can soothe the child's night terrors and fears. Chelsie and Griff bond over the little girl and their growing sexual desire is mutual. But is it enough? Chelsie's been hurt before and Griff isn't sure he can trust the woman who once tried to take his niece away. What will it take for them to realize they are ... perfect partners?THE RIGHT CHOICEAdvice columnist Carly Wexler is planning the perfect wedding with the perfect fiancé. So what if he doesn't make her heart beat faster? He's the right choice ... until sexy photojournalist Mike Novak, her fiancé's adopted brother, arrives and Carly experiences all the passion she's convinced herself she doesn't need. Mike is torn by loyalty and a yearning unlike any he's ever known. After spending time with Carly, he is sure the engaged couple are marrying for the wrong reasons. With one week to go before the wedding, can Mike convince Carly he's the only choice for her?SOLITARY MANWhen tough Boston cop Kevin Manning promised to care for his fatally wounded partner's family, a one-night stand with the man's grieving sister wasn't part of the plan. No matter how intense the night had been, a woman like Nikki Welles deserves much more than a broken man like Kevin can give, and he leaves the next day. When he returns months later, everything has changed. Nikki can't forgive Kevin for abandoning her nor can she regret the baby she's now carrying. And she can't stop wanting Kevin. But can this solitary man come to believe he's worthy of love?

Spring Music

Elvi Rhodes - 1999
    She had to leave the comfortable home she had shared with Edward and their three children, now all grown-up, and move into a small flat in the middle of Bath. The dramatic change in her lifestyle threatened to overwhelm her. But gradually Naomi began to appreciate the changes, and even to enjoy them. For the first time in her life she could do what she liked, and make her own friends. If these included men friends - well, why not? Unfortunately her children could think of many reasons why not, and Naomi began a battle to establish her own independence, and to persuade her family that she had moved into the springtime of a whole new life. In this warm and inspiring new novel, Elvi Rhodes's wonderful storytelling skills are used to explore a dilemma faced by many women today.

Bundle of Joy

Robin Lee Hatcher - 1999
    She can't bear to disappoint her grandfather by telling him she's two months away from single motherhood. Then Grandpa Roger drops in unexpectedly to spend the holidays with Alicia and her husband, and Alicia needs to find a fill-in--fast. Childhood friend Joe Palmero fits the bill, and is willing to play along. Still, the longer they spend playing their parts, the closer Alicia and Joe come to discovering what love, faith and marriage truly mean.

Bleeding Sun

Samuel Sagan - 1999
    To others, the gateway to infinity.... On Earth Entire Populations have been enslaved in Virtual Reality machines by the Rex. In space, the Masters of Thunder have returned. The Philadelphian stations refuse to submit to virtualisation. It is war. The Rex is a formidable adversary. To defeat him, the Masters of Thunder, have prepared a formidable weapon: the Knights of the Apocalypse. Against overwhelming numerical superiority, the Knights fight with consciousness and supermind. Explore the future of Virtual Reality, the fouth dimension and psychic warfare. Like never before, and never again.

The White Sun

Stobie Piel - 1999
    And with his warm brown eyes and well-muscled form, Amoth was the most sensuous of them all, although he had forced his desires to remain dormant in order to serve as a protector to his people. But as a youth, he had glimpsed a dark-haired woman from a faraway planet, a beauty who inspired harmony in the young prince’s body and soul.Sierra of Nirvahda had never known love. But with her long dark tresses and shining eyes she had inspired plenty of it, only to turn away with a tuneless heart. Yet when she found herself hiding deep within a cavern on the red planet of Tseir, her heart began to do strange things. For with her in the cave was Amoth of Valenwood, the sound of his lyre reaching out to her through the dark and winding passageways. His song spoke to her of yearning, an ache she would come to know when he held her body close to his, with the rhythm of their hearts beating for the memory and melody of their souls.

Grace Livingston Hill Collection No. 4

Grace Livingston Hill - 1999
    4 : four complete novels, updated for today's reader, edited and updated for today's reader by Deborah Cole.Contains: -- The Finding of Jasper Holt / Grace Livingston Hill -- The Mystery of Mary / Grace Livingston Hill -- Phoebe Deane / Grace Livingston Hill -- Diverse Women [short stories] / Isabella MacDonald Alden with Mrs. C.M. LivingstonHow far would you go to find the love of your life? To the western plains, where a so-called renegade may be a gentle romantic at heart? To New York City, where a breathtaking new world beckons? To some perfect place in between? Whatever your fancy, you'll want to travel through this unforgettable collection of four novels by the popular and highly respected Christian writer, Grace Livingston Hill, and her aunt and mentor, Isabella Alden. The complete, full-length novels The Finding of Jasper Holt, Mystery of Mary, Phoebe Deane, and Diverse Women have been edited for contemporary readers. Each story will take you to regions of America - and the heart - you've always dreamed about.

Dakota Born

Debbie Macomber - 1999
    Returning to the struggling town of Buffalo Valley, North Dakota, Lindsay Snyder seeks to discover family secrets while reevaluating her life, an effort that offers unexpected hope to the town of her childhood vacations.

Bum Magnet

Deborah McClatchey - 1999
    She never let her weight stop her from achieving what she went after, and that included going after the man of her dreams, Ron Mitchum. Innocent Wendy soon finds that men sometimes aren’t what they appear. You never know what’s concealed in someone’s past.Good-looking Chad Farrell seems like an appropriate choice for a mate, but Wendy finds she’s not ready to settle down after her stint on America’s Most Wanted. She tries again at finding a new ‘experience’ and once again finds herself in hot water with Billy Don Bone, a lanky Texan con-man. Chad, for a second time, finds himself coming to her rescue.Will Wendy wake up to the fact she has a ‘hero’ right under her nose? Or continue to be a bum magnet and deal with the distressing consequences?

Winter's Touch

Janis Reams Hudson - 1999
    Trapped in the middle is Winter Fawn, a half-breed Arapaho woman torn between loyalty to her white father and her mother's native people. When she comes to the aid of Carson Dulaney, injured in a savage rage, she is swept up by the forces of her own fate.

The Sound of her Laughter

Margaret Thornton - 1999
    Deciding to expand her horizons to compensate for this lack of freedom, she joins an operatic society where her love of singing and drama is rekindled.However, some real drama enters her life in the form of Adrian Glover, the new local Methodist minister, who visits her school regularly to take assemblies. Kindly, cheerful and complete dependable, Adrian falls in love with Frances and when he asks her to marry him she says yes without hesitation. But the engagement does not go as smoothly as she’d expected. Not only does her mother’s health drastically deteriorate but she also gets to know a new colleague: the distinguished, devilishly good-looking Marcus Avery…

Million Dollar Marriage

Maggie Shayne - 1999
    Lucinda Brightwater is beginning to feel as though time is her enemy. Besides the clinic, she desperately wants a child, but how likely is that for a single thirty-four-year-old who works long hours-with no man on the horizon?So when a man who's hard to resist makes her an offer that's hard to refuse, Lucinda agrees to marry Holden Fortune for one million dollars. The notorious bachelor needs a "respectable" wife in order to claim his inheritance. Lucinda needs her clinic. The terms? One year. In name only. No strings.No strings, maybe, but there's a lot of heat, making it hard for cooler heads to prevail, especially since it appears Lucinda's other dream is now on its way....

Doing It All Over

Alan Steiner - 1999
    Only his came true.

Tangled Memories

Jan Scarbrough - 1999
    Alexander Dominican needs a mother for his infant daughter. Motherless himself from birth, he refuses to let his daughter grow up without one. He's convinced kindergarten teacher Mary Adams is the answer to his dilemma. When he offers Mary a marriage of convenience, he has no idea he's setting into motion a destiny that has taken him seven hundred years to fulfill. Mary Adams needs to pay her deceased husband's gambling debts, and Alex's offer of marriage seems to be the answer to her prayers. But on the day of their marriage, Mary begins to have strange hallucinations-memories of another woman's life. A life that had taken place centuries before and somehow seems frighteningly familiar. Before Mary can figure out why she's hallucinating, it becomes clear that someone in Alex's house is out to destroy her. Could it be one of Alex's sinister servants, or could it be Alex himself? Until she can learn the answer, Mary knows she must keep her distance from Alex, but he's reawakening a hidden desire-a deep longing-that she can't ignore. But will following her heart lead her to eternal love or to a nightmare that will never end? The only way to discover the truth is to unravel centuries of...Tangled Memories.


Madeline Baker - 1999
    Whether they're in Las Vegas or Pennsylvania, passion will blossom where they least expect it--especially with a little help from Elvis himself.

Jessie's Girl

Amanda Ashley - 1999
    She stumbles upon a remarkable Elvis impersonator and is drawn to his show night after night. Then a miracle happens and he notices her, approaches her, and asks her out. Amazingly she wins a jackpot allowing her to extend her stay; but something isn't quite right. Is Jessie too good to be true?**Originally appeared in the anthology Paradise published in 1999

My Darling Elia

Eugenie Melnyk - 1999
    While recovering, he explains that it was a gift to his beloved wife, who disappeared from their Kiev home in 1941 during the German occupation. He has been searching for her ever since. It is now 1982.After that first encounter, Elia comes back to the flea market every Sunday to tell his story. It's the tale of a young Jewish mane risking his life to find his beloved. Elia recounts hiss earch for his pregnant wife through war-torn Eastern Europe, barely escaping death at Babi Yar, encountering suspicious partisans, posing as a Nazi soldier, witnessing the destruction of the Polish ghetto, and ending up in a concentration camp. The war over, he follows his wife's trail to Montreal--where it fades away. But three women are moved by his story and join the hunt. At the story's unexpected end, readers will believe that love and hope can in some way survive horror and inspire good.

The Heather Moon

Susan King - 1999
    Aided by a beautiful, spirited, half-gypsy girl, the young man is forever enchanted by the mysterious girl. But fate places them on opposing sides of a diabolical plot to obtain power. The infant Scottish queen is in danger of being kidnapped, and while the man acts as a spy to uncover this fiendish plan, the girl's father is hired to do the deed. Caught between loyalty to his country and the longing in his heart for the girl, who will he inevitably betray?

Brides of Durango: Elise

Bobbi Smith - 1999
    Dressed in a white lace gown, she looked every bit the bride, but when her "fiance" failed to show, she offered ten dollars to the handsome gentleman who'd just stepped off the stage to pose as the groom. As a fake fiance, he was all right, but when he turned out to be Gabriel West, the new owner of her paper, the Durango Star, Elise wanted to turn tail and run. But she couldn't forget the passion his unexpected kiss at their "wedding" had aroused, and she started to wonder if there was more to Gabriel West than met the eye. For the more time they spent together, the more Elise wondered if the next time she said, "I do" she just might mean it.

Castle Magic

Hannah Howell - 1999
    There she is drawn to an old well that offers nothing but painful memories to its somber laird -- who must learn from the flame-haired beauty the true of its meaning blessing. "Bride of the Red Wolf" by Judith E. French takes place in 1550 and introduces a woman who has been betrothed to the son of a powerful Highland chieftan since she was a child. Believing that she can never love him, yet ready to sacrifice romance for duty, she seeks solace at the castle's holy well -- only to discover the most unexpected destiny of all. In Colleen Faulkner's "When Wishes Come True", Mary Katherine Donal must choose a suitor who will someday become laird of Castle Cnocanduin. Though her heart is already lost to her father's foster son, the Scots will never accept him as their leader...unless he can convince his beloved to drink from the castle's well and trust in its legendary promise.

Timeless Wish

Barbara Sheridan - 1999
    Like Corby, Laura harbors many regrets, but when she's hired as nanny to Corby's motherless daughter she finds the happiness she'd been searching for.However, before Laura can enjoy her new life she has to get past Corby's suspicious nature, his spiteful ex-lover, and the man who wants both Corby and his daughter dead.

Hawk's Way Brides

Joan Johnston - 1999
    Now three best-loved favorites from the popular family saga - The Unforgiving Bride, The Headstrong Bride, and The Disobedient Bride -- are available in one convenient download!


Mariah Stewart - 1999
     When underwater archaeologist Sam McGowan is asked to help salvage a sunken Confederate blockade runner, he's eager for the opportunity to investigate his own family history -- especially since the project is being handled by Gordon Chandler, a notable authority in underwater salvaging. When he finds Gordon's daughter Rachel in charge, Sam is not pleased. She can't possibly be her father's match. But not only has Sam wildly underestimated Rachel's professional abilities, he has yet to discover the many other facets of this complex woman. All her life, Rachel Chandler has dreamed of finding sunken treasure. While grateful to run her first solo operation, she resents having been assigned to run the salvage operation of a sunken blockade runner while her father is investigating a pirate ship. Most definitely, she does not want to work with a man who will question her every move. But when she and Sam stumble onto an unexpected cache of gems aboard the sunken wreck, they're drawn into something that fast becomes far more than just a working partnership. As Rachel and Sam start to dream of a future together, they also begin to realize that the fabulous treasure they have discovered holds more danger than they ever suspected.

Where the Heart Is

Patricia Kay - 1999
    Thus begins the continuing saga of the Callahans and their friends. With some of her favorite themes of family relationships, life in small towns, and second chances, Patricia Kay is in her element in this first book of the Rainbow's End series set in the Texas Hill Country. PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF PATRICIA KAY "A stunning book from a master storyteller. Patricia Kay writes from the heart about matters that touch us all." -- Susan Wiggs, NY Times bestselling author "A beautifully written compelling story you won't be able to put down." --- Georgia Bockoven, USA Today bestselling author "If you love LaVyrle Spencer, you'll love Patricia Kay." --- Deborah Smith "Wonderful . . . (a) sparkling romance." --- Eileen Goudge "Kay's writing is solid, and her narrative swiftly reaches a satisfying finish." -- Publisher's Weekly "Patricia Kay writes from the heart about people we come to love." --- Christina Dodd, NY Times bestselling author "Heartrending and touching . . . Ms. Kay never fails to deliver this kind of story." -- Amanda Kilgore, Huntress Reviews "This marvelous story is full to bursting with winning characters, special moments, and most of all, hope, faith, and the rejuvenating power of love." --- Romantic Times Magazine "There are deep questions about relationships and serious character growth evident in this story, which is also warm, sensuous, and excellent entertainment." --- Rendezvous magazine "A warm, tender, beautifully written love story with an emotional punch that only Patricia Kay can deliver." --- Amanda Stevens, USA Today bestselling author PATRICIA KAY is a USA Today bestselling author of more than 50 novels of romance and women's fiction. Born in Ohio, she has lived in Houston, Texas since 1969. To find out more about her and her books, visit her website at

Wuthering Heights

Jane Easton - 1999
    More than mere plot summaries, Literature Made Easy books describe classic novels and plays by explaining themes, analyzing characters, and discussing each author's unique style, mastery of language, and point of view. Imaginative and instructive use of graphics help make each book in this series livelier, easier, and more profitable to use than ordinary plot summaries. Books also feature "Mind Maps" -- diagrams that summarize a literary work's most important details, as a way of helping students focus their ideas for exams and term papers.

A Willing Spirit: A Ghostly Romance

Cynthia Sterling - 1999
    The half-breed cowboy draws attention not only from the townspeople, but from Tessa’s late husband, Will, who insists on remaining on the ranch as a ghost, trying to care for Tessa from beyond. Will doesn’t approve of Micah and tries to arrange a different match for Tessa, but fate – and Tessa and Micah’s lonely hearts – have another match in mind. First published in 1999, A Willing Spirit won the Texas Gold Award for Best Historical Romance in 2000.

Love Me Only

Hebby Roman - 1999
    One thing stands in her way—darkly handsome Seguin Torres, a man who wants the formula for himself. For Seguin, the formula is a way to avenge himself against the man who stole his birthright, but convincing Diana to part with it will prove almost as difficult as resisting his attraction to her. Betrayed by his family, Seguin doesn’t believe in love and marriage. As Mexico erupts into civil war, Seguin is honor-bound to protect Diana from his unscrupulous stepfather and the ravages of war. But their flight across the war-torn countryside is fraught with danger, as well as the challenge of their growing passion. Can Seguin get Diana to safety and let her go, or will their love overcome all the dangers and change Seguin’s heart?

Chance Of A Lifetime

Vivian Vaughan - 1999
    When she kissed the arrogant cavalry captain, she didn't feel the butterflies her friend Carrie had insisted were a sign of true love. All she could think of was Tremayne, the handsome, green-eyed scout who had been hired to help secure peace with the Apaches. But Sabrina knew that desiring a man like Tremayne could turn her world upside down...Raised as an Apache after his parents were brutally killed, Tremayne felt more Indian than white. And when his Apache wife was killed by a U.S. army soldier, his distrust of the white man only grew...until he met Sabrina, a woman whose porcelain-skinned beauty was matched by her gentle spirit. Tremayne knew Sabrina was as forbidden to him as he was to her. But now an overwhelming passion has bound them together, and Tremayne and Sabrina must find the strength to build a bridge between their worlds if they ever hope to embrace the chance of a lifetime.

Intimate Secrets

Candice Poarch - 1999
    Intimate Secrets by Candice Poarch released on Aug 25, 1999 is available now for purchase.

Desert Hearts

Anna Gerard - 1999
    Posing as a bank examiner, handsome Pinkerton detective Nick Devilbiss secretly needs Jess's help to track down his brother, the very man who shot her husband. When Brimstone's bank is robbed again by the same outlaw gang, Jess saddles up to track them down once and for all...with the only man brave enough to join her: Nick. Now, with danger lurking over the horizon, a showdown between duty and desire is about to begin.

After Sundown

Shelly Thacker - 1999
    Marshal Lucas McKenna has brought down some of the most notorious outlaws in the West. Now he’s on a personal mission: hunting the woman who killed his brother. Antoinette Sutton is running for her life. The evidence against her is overwhelming—and no one will believe the truth about what happened. Lucas captures the dark-haired beauty in Colorado, but before he can take her back to Missouri to stand trial, the two are snowbound in a remote mining town. During the firelit nights of a Rocky Mountain winter, lawman and prisoner are caught in a dance of danger…and desire.An RWA RITA Award Finalist: Best Historical Romance of the Year"Fast-paced and poignant. One of the best romances of the year." -The Oakland Press"Refreshing. Capable and strong characters, true emotion...this is a much better offering in the western romance department than many I have read, and if you've been looking to try a novel in this genre, I recommend this one.""Shelly Thacker's masterful handling of complex emotions is as impressive as her storytelling ability. This fresh, intriguing, sensual tale is just what romance readers are looking for. 4-1/2 stars (highest rating)" -RT Book ReviewsOriginally published by Dell under the title Into the Sunset. This Author's Preferred Edition has been revised by the author and includes new scenes never before published.

Heart of the Dove

Tracy Fobes - 1999
    "Ms. Fobes' debut is a stunning novel...clever, evocative, and magical," said "Romantic Times." Her new book is as bewitching, a mesmerizing tale of magic -- and a love foretold centuries before.... Lucinda Drakewyck, one of a long line of Drakewyck witches, has foreseen her own death. Desperate for answers, she calls upon the magic in her cherished crystal dove, hoping for visions of the warrior whose love would first save her then destroy them both. When wounded Crimean cavalry officer Richard Clairmont walks into her secret forest glen, Lucinda recognizes him as her promised hero. Destiny has determined that only he can rescue her from a ghastly fate, and yet Lucinda fights the attraction between them, knowing if they love, both their lives are forfeit.Richard Clairmont doesn't believe in love, magic, or even himself. A captain in Her Majesty's Eleventh Hussars, he charged into the mouth of Hell and returned scarred forever. But from the moment he meets Lucinda Drakewyck, sunshine enters his life, throwing light on the shadows in his heart and making him question the possibility of magic. Together, they must stand against a malevolent presence and test the true power of their love.

Thanks To A Lonely Heart

Elaine Bonner - 1999
    Emily wants a family and a home of her own. So their marriage seems like a good arrangement for them both. But when Emily sets out with Steven for east Texas, she certainly never planned on her home being a battlefield, as Steven fights to earn his own children's love and acceptance. The marriage brings a few surprises to Steven, too. Can these two lonely hearts bridge their differences and reach out to the other? Or will they always be married in name only?

Safe Haven

Evelyn A. Crowe - 1999
     A beautiful home. An interesting career. Family and friends. Power, money and even a fiancé . But that's in the past, in the life she lived before her brother framed her and she was sent to jail. Now all she has is herself. And the haven she's found on a ranch in Texas Haven, Texas. No one in Haven knows the truth about her, and she wants to keep it that way. Her boss, rancher Logan Monahan, isn't about to pry he has secrets, too. All he wants is to be left alone. But when "accidents" start to happen around the ranch, these two private people have to learn to trust each other and figure out which one of them is the target .