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State of Affairs

Marie Force - 2021
    Sam Holland get the call that President Nelson has been found dead in the residence on Thanksgiving, they’re still processing that Nick has been asked to come to the White House to take the oath of office.As they go through the motions to ensure a peaceful transition of power, Sam has a million and one concerns about her husband, her family, the Nelson family, the country and the enormity of what Nick is about to take on. In the back of her mind is another major concern: What does this mean for my job? No other first lady in history has held a job outside the White House, but she’s determined to be the first, to blaze new trails for those who will follow her. However, in order to do that, she quickly realizes that compromises will have to be made to continue working as a Homicide detective.Their lives become an immediate firestorm of meetings, requests for interviews, difficult questions from their children and a host of potential landmines to navigate as they make the transition from second family to first family. An unexpected issue with a diplomatic trip to Iran quickly thrusts Nick into the thick of his new responsibilities while Sam confronts a murder investigation that may have ties to a cold case from fifteen years ago.As everything around them spins out of control, Sam and Nick take refuge with each other, relying on their unbreakable bond to see them through the storm.

Dark Memories Restored (The Children of the Gods #55)

I.T. Lucas - 2021

The Wrong Heart

Jennifer Hartmann - 2021
    I shouldn't be contacting the recipient of my husband's heart. I don't even expect him to reply...But there's a desperate, twisted part of me that hopes he will.No names.No personal details.Just a conversation.The only thing I have left of my husband is inside him.***'The Wrong Heart' is an angst-filled contemporary romance standalone. This book deals with heavy themes, such as loss of a loved one and self-harm/suicide.

For Lucy

Jewel E. Ann - 2021
    Ann comes a novel so heartfelt and real it redefines the meaning of love. I’m the wrong guy in the right place the night I steal Tatum Bradshaw from another man. When she mistakes me for her blind date, I decide she deserves a man who shows up on time … like me. Emmett Riley, Mr. Punctual. Once I confess my true identity and convince her I’m not a creep—just a thief—it’s only a matter of time before my sexy smile and quick wit claim her heart, her hand in marriage, and the perfect life. Unfortunately, perfection is an illusion, like the promises of our wedding vows. No one can prepare for the unimaginable—the heartbreaking exception to all the rules in life.When thirty seconds destroys everything, I have to find a new existence and keep my promise to always love our daughter, Lucy, the most. For Lucy, I will keep a secret, and I will watch my wife drift into the arms of another man.Given the chance … can I reclaim my wife and the pieces of our life?

A Goon for Christmas

M. Monique - 2021


Kennedy Ryan - 2021
    Nor do they cheat on anyone else.*Award-Winning Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Kennedy Ryan launches a brand new series with a Hollywood tale of wild ambition, artistic obsession, and unrelenting love.One moment in the spotlight.For months I stood by, an understudy waiting in the wings, preparing for my time to shine. I never imagined he would watch in the audience that night.Canon Holt.Famous film director.Fascinating. Talented. Fine.Before I could catch my breath, everything changed. I went from backstage Broadway to center stage Hollywood.From being unknown, to my name, Neevah Saint, on everyone’s lips.Canon casts me in a star-studded Harlem Renaissance biopic, catapulting me into another stratosphere. But stars shine brightest in the dead of night.Forbidden attraction, scandal and circumstances beyond my control jeopardize my dream.Could this one shot—the role of a lifetime, the love of a lifetime—cost me everything?

A Deal with the Devil

Elizabeth O'Roark - 2021
    He’s the last person I want to work for, except he has a face I can’t look away from, and the longer we’re together, the harder he is to hate. Because under that smug exterior is a heart he doesn’t want to show—one that was badly broken a decade earlier.A part of me wants to fix it for him before I leave…but can I do it without breaking my own in the process?

All Rhodes Lead Here

Mariana Zapata - 2021
    Aurora De La Torre knows moving back to a place that was once home isn’t going to be easy. Starting your whole life over probably isn’t supposed to be. But a small town in the mountains might be the perfect remedy for a broken heart. Checking out her landlord across the driveway just might cure it too.

The Things We Leave Unfinished

Rebecca Yarros - 2021
    Now back home at her late great-grandmother’s estate in Colorado, she finds herself face-to-face with Noah Harrison, the bestselling author of a million books where the cover is always people nearly kissing. He’s just as arrogant in person as in interviews, and she’ll be damned if the good-looking writer of love stories thinks he’s the one to finish her grandmother’s final novel…even if the publisher swears he’s the perfect fit.Noah is at the pinnacle of his career. With book and movie deals galore, there isn’t much the “golden boy” of modern fiction hasn’t accomplished. But he can’t walk away from what might be the best book of the century—the one his idol, Scarlett Stanton, left unfinished. Coming up with a fitting ending for the legendary author is one thing, but dealing with her beautiful, stubborn, cynical great-granddaughter, Georgia, is quite another. But as they read Scarlett’s words in both the manuscript and her box of letters, they start to realize why Scarlett never finished the book—it’s based on her real-life romance with a World War II pilot, and the ending isn’t a happy one. Georgia knows all too well that love never works out, and while the chemistry and connection between her and Noah is undeniable, she’s as determined as ever to learn from her great-grandmother’s mistakes—even if it means destroying Noah’s career.


Stephanie Nicole Norris - 2021
    A friend tells them about, The Den, an upscale male strip club. They find out the club is a shell of what really lies beneath—and soon, the ladies are venturing into their mind and body’s wildest desires.This is Asia McClendon's story.

A Kade Christmas (Fallen Crest Series)

Tijan - 2021
    Logan and Taylor head to Hawaii for their own getaway.What happens there was supposed to "stay" there, but when James decides to disrupt the entire family with his latest scandal, all the secrets start coming out.Mason's getting a call.Nate takes a trip.There might be some dogs and alpacas involved too.Either way, it's a holiday to be remembered for the Fallen Crest family!

Dark Hunter’s Query (The Children of the Gods #56)

I.T. Lucas - 2021

The Hope of Her Heart (Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers #11)

Liz Isaacson - 2021

From the Embers

Aly Martinez - 2021
    As a single dad with nowhere else to go, I moved into her guest house. And somehow, through the guilt and grief, we forged an unlikely team.It took years, but I watched the gradual return of her smile—slow and life-altering.The two of us could sit outside for hours, talking about nothing, and it filled the massive hole in my chest with new life.I may have carried her out of that fire, but the truth was, Bree saved me.As we healed, the secrets and lies of the past smoldered in the ashes, threatening to ignite again.Our love was born from the embers, and together we would go up in flames.

Taggart Family Values

Lexi Blake - 2021
    Includes one brand new short story and one new novella. Lexi hopes readers will have a blast connecting with Ian and Charlotte and all their little monsters!Taggart Family Values includes the novellas Paradise City, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Homecoming, and Countdown. It also includes the short stories Adam Tells All, Make Lemonade, Rough Night, and Stuck at the Office.Some of the stories were previously published in newsletters and cookbooks.

Indigo Ridge

Devney Perry - 2021
    As Quincy, Montana’s new chief of police, she’s determined to prove herself to the community and show them she didn’t earn her position because her grandfather is the mayor. According to her pops, all she has to do is earn favor with the Edens. But winning over the town’s founding family might have been easier if not for her one-night stand with their oldest son. In her defense, it was her first night in town and she didn’t realize that the rugged and charming man who wooed her into bed was Quincy royalty.Sleeping with Griffin Eden was a huge mistake, one she’s trying to forget. He’s insufferable, arrogant and keeps reminding everyone that she’s an outsider. Winslow does her best to avoid Griffin, but when a woman is found dead on Eden property, the two of them have no choice but to cross paths.As clues to the murderer lead to one of Quincy’s own, Griffin realizes Winslow is more than he gave her credit for. Beautiful and intelligent, she proves hard to resist. For him. And the killer.

Swoony Billionaire: The Kline Brooks Collection

Max Monroe - 2021
    Meet the swooniest billionaire of all time in one awesome and hilarious romantic comedy collection (all for the price of one novella, too!)This collection includes the following three books: *New York Times bestseller Tapping the Billionaire*Tapping Her*And a BRAND-NEW novella, Be My Billionaire Valentine This is the perfect indulgence for new and old readers alike!A favorite book boyfriend of all time, Kline Brooks sets a different kind of standard.If you’re the type of woman that prefers crotch selfies to small talk, this hero isn’t for you.If you HATE laughing, this hero isn’t for you.If you want your male leads to grunt, thrust like jack rabbits, and have one-track minds that prefer a nice pair of t*ts to brains every hour of every day for the rest of forever, well...then, this hero still isn’t for you.But.If you enjoy a good swoon, a hearty laugh, witty banter, some hot as f*@% f*@%ing, and an awesome HEA, then dive into this collection and never come up for air. Kline Brooks isn’t the kind of man you regret.

Maybe We Will

Melissa Foster - 2021
    After years of focusing on his sister’s well-being, he’s blindsided by his intense attraction to the gorgeous, free-spirited Abby.Aiden might not know much about chilling out, but he’s excellent at striking deals. He helps Abby with the restaurant in exchange for her help in tackling the items on his list. Sparks fly as Aiden and Abby work, and play, side by side. Intimate conversations lead to steamy kisses and undeniable passion. But there’s more to Aiden then Abby knows, and when the truth comes out, their new romance is put to the test, as the two find out if true love really can conquer all.

The Old Sugar Wharf Pretty Beach

Polly Babbington - 2021

Redeeming The Rose (Gilded Knights, #1)

Emilia Finn - 2021
    People hurt people, and often, they die. Even as a paramedic, I can’t save everyone, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try.My baby sister was a sick child. Her illnesses were the reason I chose the career I did, but her innocence and fragility also made me a man who refuses to let her live her life without my guiding hand.My overbearing protectiveness wasn’t an issue until Nadia Reynolds pointed out my toxic ways.Nadia is honest to a fault, independent to the point of giving me heart palpitations, and so blindingly beautiful, she tempts me to let my sister live her life so I can pursue my own happily ever after.But to do that, I need to let go of the grievances of my past. Unfortunately, they don’t center solely around my sister’s cancer. With secrets, lies, fortunes, middle-of-the-night intruders, and meddling families abound, I’m left with only two choices: let go of the past and trust, or push on, knowing I could lose those I love the most.Trigger Warning: The hero of this book is a medical professional, and there are mentions of traumatic injury and death due to his profession. Reader discretion is advised.*****The Gilded Knights Series takes place - chronologically - after Checkmate, but before Stacked Deck. But this book and series can be read as a complete standalone.

Child of Joy: A Christian Christmas Romance

Kimberly Rae Jordan - 2021
    As they endeavor to carry on their father’s legacy, the King triplets meet people who impact their lives in ways they never expected.Since his father tragically passed away four years ago, Hunter King has done his best to step into his shoes. That has included being a support for his triplet siblings, Hayden and Heather, and their mom. Christmas is the hardest time of year for the family since it was their dad’s favorite holiday, and he always threw himself into the festivities, both for his family and for people around them, especially those in need.As Christmas nears once again, Hunter comes across a single mom and her young daughter, who are tenants in a rundown building that has been earmarked for demolition. Hunter feels responsible for their situation since he had bought the building specifically to tear down, so he and his family try to do what they can to help them.Carissa Jenkins is near rock bottom and desperate to find a new place for her and her daughter, Rachel, to live. When she finds herself with the attention of Hunter King, owner of the building and uber-rich businessman, she isn’t sure what to think. However, her circumstances mean that she has no choice but to accept the help that the King family offers.As she and Hunter are drawn into each other’s lives, they discover a shared grief. Though Carissa isn’t convinced that she and Rachel are anything but a charity for the Christmas season for the King family, she finds herself falling for the man. Carissa struggles with her feelings because she feels indebted to Hunter and his family after everything they’ve done for her and Rachel and thinks a relationship would be unequal.Christmas brings healing and a renewed joy for both families. Will it also bring an unexpected chance at love as they discover that not every gift is wrapped beneath the Christmas tree?Stay tuned for Heather and Hayden’s stories in the next couple of months!

Stealing from Mr. Rich

Anna Hackett - 2021
    But this time he’s in debt to some really bad people, and I’ll do anything to save him. Even be blackmailed into cracking an unbreakable safe belonging to the most gorgeous man in New York. And one of the richest.Steal from Zane Roth—King of Wall Street and one of the famous billionaire bachelors of New York—sure thing, piece of cake.You see, some people can play the piano, but I can play safes. My father is a thief, safecracker extraordinaire, and a criminal. He also taught me everything he knows. I’ve spent my entire life trying not to be him. I own my own business, pay my taxes, and I don’t break the law. Ever.Now I have to smash every one of my rules, break into a billionaire’s penthouse, and steal a million-dollar necklace.What I never expected was to find myself face to face with Zane. Tall, dark, handsome, and oh-so-rich Zane. He’s also smart, and he knows I’m up to something.And he’s vowed to find out.

Built to Fall

Julia Wolf - 2021
    He won’t want to sleep with you. You’re not his...type.”Dominic Cantrell has been famous almost as long as I’ve been alive, but he remains a dark, volatile mystery. I know why I was hired to handle Dominic’s PR while he’s on tour. It’s not because of my experience—I have next to none. It’s because I’m safe. Plain, quiet, shy, with more-than-ample curves, I won’t distract him.What I didn’t count on was Dominic distracting me instead. I shouldn’t be so drawn to him. He’s too old for me, too closed-off, and definitely too angry, but I’ve been a good girl for far too long.Why can’t I be just a little bit bad, especially when my rock star fantasy is so willing to corrupt me?Our fling has an expiration date at the end of the tour. No strings, no feelings, no heartbreak when it’s over.I tell myself I won’t fall. But I don’t know if I’m built that way.


Cynthia Dees - 2021
    She hates her job, hates her boss, and hates her life. And then she receives a letter informing her she’s inherited a slice of land in Apple Pie Creek, Montana. Jack Sutter has just retired from the army and plans to renovate an old grist mill he recently inherited back home in Apple Pie Creek. But when his feisty city-slicker neighbor shows up, everything that can go wrong suddenly does. Is she responsible for all the chaos? Or is it just that he can’t seem to do anything right around her?City girl meets country boy in this sweet and tender love story of two neighbors with no fence between them……oh, and a Moose. A very drunk Moose.Cynthia Dees is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 80 romances. Join her in Apple Pie Creek, Montana where clean and wholesome romance is alive and well. There will be love, laughter, and shenanigans aplenty in this sweet and whimsical series about seven bachelor brothers whose mother who is desperate to get her boys married off so she can start having grandkids."A delightfully light and refreshing read....Ms. Dees never lets me down...What fun. Five stars! Highly recommend..."

5 Rounds

Nikki Castle - 2021
    The only problem is, she can't stand his arrogant, self-centered roommate, Tristan.Now, she has to figure out how to live in the same house with him for ten days while dealing with all the temptation that comes with… including punching Tristan’s smug face in. But when one night strips them of their masks and exposes the truth, they’re forced to reexamine how they really feel about each other.While Remy struggles with her attraction to this notorious womanizer, Tristan has to decide if his feelings for Remy are worth it, or if they'll just distract him from his longtime goal of becoming a world champion.Can Tristan and Remy drop their guards long enough to fall in love? Or will old prejudices deliver the final blow?Scroll up to dive into the world of Philly MMA today!

The Village Inn of Secret Dreams (The Riverside Lane Series Book 3)

Alison Sherlock - 2021
    The trouble is, Pete has some rather radical ideas for the renovation which Belle disagrees with.But when a snow storm hits, Belle and Pete are forced to put aside their differences and work together to help the village.Can Belle realise her dreams to stay in Cranbridge and can Pete ever stop running from his past?As they try to save The Black Swan Inn, secrets are revealed and just maybe they’ll finally find out how they really feel about each other.

Falling for Zeke

Sara Blackard - 2021
    A single-mom stalked by a powerful enemy. Can he risk his heart for her safety?Zeke has everything he could want.A multi-billion dollar inheritance allows him to protect others...… and with the camaraderie of his brothers-in-arms.He spends his time growing his security firm and keeping his head down. Love is the last thing on his mind, until Samantha and her daughter are in need of his help.Samantha used to have a comfortable life.Now she waits tables to put food on her own.Forced from the life she had built, Samantha works to restore what was lost. With her daughter in tow, she begins a new life in the Colorado mountains. It’s not perfect, but it’s all theirs. But when the tempting Zeke offers to help her, she begins to wonder if love could heal her shattered life.What will Samantha do when past troubles come knocking? Will Zeke protect his heart or will Samantha shatter his defenses?If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you'll love Sara Blackard's exciting clean security romance series.

The Bet

Max Monroe - 2021
    But wise words, nonetheless.I just wish the Fortune Cookie People had considered how hard the whole “knowing when to quit” would be to carry out when a woman like me is gambling with her feelings.Heart-palpitating, vageen-tingling, butterflies-in-my-belly feelings for a noncommittal, hot-as-sin player by the name of Jude Winslow.After a crazy night where we were both pretending to be someone else, I’ve found myself immersed in the fun of the fling.The thrill.The irresistible charm.The pleasure of being with a man like him.Problem is, I’m positive he’s the exact opposite of husband material, and that is a serious issue for someone who is fixated on finding her happily ever after.I know the rules and I know the stakes, oh wise Fortune Cookie.Now I’d just like to know how close to self-destruction I have to get before I find the will to quit Jude Winslow.Goodness knows, when your heart is on the line, you can’t ante up your bet with an IOU.Author Note: The Bet is a full-length standalone romantic comedy and the first standalone book in the Winslow Brothers Collection. This book is chock-full of hilarious rom-com moments, but also, it’s spicy. We’re talking alllllll the sexy.

Charming Billionaire: The Thatcher Kelly Collection

Max Monroe - 2021
    Sarcastic. Confident. Beautiful.With a thriving photography career that allows her to travel all over the world and capture the hottest of men behind her camera lens, Cassie Phillips is the woman who can’t be tamed.Adrenaline-junkie. Jokester. Billionaire. Hot-as-sin.At six-foot-five, with muscles for days, and that perfect playful smile, Thatcher Kelly is the kind of man you don’t want to deny.Wild for wild.Prank for prank.The two most unlikely of people may be the only ones to see that some personality traits only run skin deep.Uncensored. Hilarious. And too damn hot to put into words.Grab a fan and get ready for one hell of a ride because when the opposite of opposites attract, things are bound to get a little messy. Banking Her Thatch and Cassie have finally found their perfect balance of good and sweet, crazy and playful, and most importantly, hot and insatiable.But what happens when they're faced with a surprise neither of them plotted or schemed?While Cassie seems to be taking everything in stride, Thatch can't stop himself from worrying about every little thing revolving around the woman he loves.How does a man handle that kind of anxiety?Doing the only thing he can to ease his mind without pushing away the woman he loves, Thatch proves that once again, when it comes to him and Cass, you'll never see what's coming. Crazy Fluffing Love MISSING PERSONName: Thatcher KellyAge: Mid-thirtiesHeight: 6 foot 5 inchesWeight: A very sexy, lean, and muscular 250 poundsLast seen: Panama City Beach, FloridaImportant Note: This guy is a real good-looking motherfluffer.Look, I know this might seem a little over the top to already prepare for my face to be plastered all over Missing Persons flyers, but trust me, it’s not.My pregnant wife Cassie—whose hormones are swinging like a fluffing pendulum—has decided that we need a honeymoon.Right the F now.She wants us to go on a celebratory “spring break,” we-just-got-married vacation to none other than Panama City Beach, Florida. But the only problem is, it’s not spring.It’s not even summer.It’s October, my crazy-hot wife is pregnant, and things are starting to get really fluffing weird.If you’re reading this, send help and plan a really nice memorial for my very super, beloved, *ahem* male member, who, for the sake of public decency, shall remain nameless. I’m not entirely sure he’s going to make it out alive.

Secret Days in Pretty Beach

Polly Babbington - 2021
    But just as she is starting to wonder if she is in a fairytale, complete with its very own castle, real life throws in a spanner and she finds herself wondering how things always seem to get a little bit complicated just to keep her on her toes.

Wild Wind

Kristen Ashley - 2021
    At a cemetery. During her mother’s funeral.For years, their lives cross, they feel the pull of their connection, but then they go their separate ways.But when Jagger sees that girl chasing someone down the street, he doesn’t think twice before he wades right in. And when he gets a full-on dose of the woman she’s become, he knows he finally has to decide if he’s all in or if it’s time to cut her loose.She’s ready to be cut loose.But Jagger is all in.**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Cross My Heart

Avery Maxwell - 2021
    His intensity is electric, and I express a sass I thought was long extinguished. It's a shock to my system and seems to put Dexter on edge, which I like. Teasing him appears to be my new favorite pastime. Accepting the nanny position for Dexter's three children will be my fresh start in life, but the closer I get to Dexter and his children, the harder I know it will be to leave. I'm only meant to stay for a year, but all too quickly, Dexter becomes determined to break down my walls. He went from Alpha-Male to Alpha-Prince-Charming, and I don't know if I'm strong enough to resist. Dexter thinks I can choose them and stay, but I know better. He doesn't understand my kind of damaged. My scars run deep, but so does Dexter's determination. He has his eyes and heart set on me. Even our friends are joining in on this battle, a crazy bunch of misfits who cause chaos at every turn. It's me against them, I'm just not sure who will break first. If you liked Nicole Snow's Man Enough, then you'll love Cross My Heart.A page-turning emotional rollercoaster; can Lanie learn to accept love, or are the demons of her past too strong, even for Dexter Cross? Click the BUY NOW button to enter the world of Waverley-Cay and find out!

Mountain Man's Christmas Surprise: A Small Town Single Daddy Romance

K.C. Crowne - 2021
    Alone. And cold.She's the family I never knew I had.I'll do anything to protect little Lilly...Even if that means melting the ice around my ice cold heart.The mountains were my escape from a cruel world.But a Christmas miracle is about to change everything.The moment I lay eyes on little Lilly I feel an instantaneous love.Now I'm prepared to protect her with every fiber of my being. It's an insane idea...A marriage to gain custody? I turned my back on women for a reason.Irene is feisty and we get under each other's skin. Can we swallow our prides for the angel who captured our hearts? In the middle of all this chaos my dark past is back with a vengeance.This time I'm ready to unleash h*ll. I'll protect Irene and my little girl...Even if it's the last thing I do.This is a FULLY standalone novel from my Mountain Men of Liberty series. This is an enemies to lovers, fake marriage, mountain man's baby romance. Each book can be read on it's own. Transport yourself into this charming and magical town as we follow several rugged mountain men in their quests to find lasting love. Enjoy! I know I did!

His Christmas List

T.L. Swan - 2021
    His Christmas list....The inaugural first year of Christmas short stories by T L Swan.Every year I will add a new short story to this collection and it will be live to download for 28 days only.Merry Christmas my beautiful readers, thank you so much for giving me a chance and reading my books.You really have made all my wishes come true.His Christmas List features the Short Story,Alaskan JackWhen city girl Holly takes a business trip to Alaska, she was unprepared.Her assistant called in sick, she missed her flight, then had to drive for hours in the dead of night.Add to that, a storm, a car accident, and a grumpy saviour, Jack.When Holly is forced to spend the night in Jacks log Cabin.She gets more than she bargained for.Alaska, where the weather is wild, and so are the men.

Mourning Wood

Heather M. Orgeron - 2021
    Keeping my growing feelings tucked away should be a piece of cake. Except, seeing him every day definitely throws a wrench in that plan.Before I know it, we’re trading favors for dates, and as much I don’t want to admit it, the feelings for him I thought were dead and buried are taking root and growing into something that looks a lot like love. Daigle Family Funeral Services… don’t be caught dead any place else.

The Wedding Cake Wish : (Little Duck Pond Cafe, Book 17)

Rosie Green - 2021


Lexi Blake - 2021
    His job as a professor at a prestigious Dallas college is everything he hoped for. Now that his brother is back from the Navy, life seems to be settling down. All he needs to do is finish the book he’s working on and his tenure will be assured. When he gets invited to interview a reclusive expert, he knows he’s gotten lucky. But being the stepson of Sean Taggart comes with its drawbacks, including an overprotective mom who sends a security detail to keep him safe. He doesn’t need a bodyguard, but when Tessa Santiago shows up on his doorstep, the idea of her giving him close cover doesn’t seem so bad.Tessa has always excelled at most anything she tried, except romance. The whole relationship thing just didn’t work out for her. She’s not looking for love, and she’s certainly not looking for it with an academic who happens to be connected to her boss’s family. The last thing she wants is to escort an overly pampered pretentious man-child around South America to ensure he doesn’t get into trouble. Still, there’s something about David that calls to her. In addition to watching his back, she will have to avoid falling into the trap of soulful eyes and a deep voice that gets her heart racing.But when the seemingly simple mission turns into a treacherous race for a hidden artifact, David and Tess know this assignment could cost them far more than their jobs. If they can overcome the odds, the lost treasure might not be their most valuable reward.**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

The Winter Cottage (Applemore Bay #1)

Rachael Lucas - 2021
    Rilla's determined that her visit will be a fleeting one. The little village of Applemore holds a lot of memories for her, but looking back might just open up her heart, which she’s kept well-guarded until now.Lachlan Fraser is less than delighted with his inheritance. He left the grand, crumbling Applemore House as soon as he could, and he can’t see why his three sisters love it so much. Gathered together at their family estate, the battle of wills over what to do with the house is just beginning when into their life walks Rilla, who they haven’t seen for over fifteen years…Old friendships and long-hidden emotions are rekindled as the romance of a Highland winter works its magic - will Rilla and Lachlan discover that home isn’t a place, but a feeling?Full of warmth and romance, this is the perfect cosy escape to curl up with, ideal for fans of Cathy Bramley, Holly Martin, and Katie Fforde.

Broody Billionaire : The Wes Lancaster Collection

Max Monroe - 2021
    As owner of the professional football team the New York Mavericks and wildly successful BAD restaurant, his lifestyle is full as it is.Well, it was, until Winnie Winslow, the new, sexy, stiletto-wearing team physician trash-talks him in the locker room without batting an eye.Now he can’t stop himself from wanting her.The only girl in her parents’ brood of five, she’s as outspoken as she is beautiful and the kind of woman who holds her own—and then some.Always competitive at heart, if he’s going all in for love…Wes sure as hell wants a Win-Win.Prepare to get a little dirty because this one might go into overtime.Game. On. Scoring Her Wes and Winnie’s love is stronger—and hotter—than ever, but will it lead them to saying “I do”?Find out what’s next for the happy couple, plus experience seeing the fun and hilarity that comes from having the Billionaire Bad Boys gang back together again.Only this time, they’re Bahamas-bound with the hot football players of Wes Lancaster’s New York Mavericks. Red, White, & You City-wide power outages.A failed BBQ at Wes’s BAD restaurant.A last-minute escape out of NYC to enjoy the Fourth of July at Winnie’s uncle and aunt’s lake house.Several unexpected—and uninvited—guests.And an explosive fireworks show that requires the assistance of the Greenwood Fire Department.It wasn’t quite the Fourth of July they had in mind.Sometimes, even the best-laid plans don’t survive.But what if the universe is planning something even better?It’s safe to say that Wes and Winnie Lancaster are about to experience a summer vacation they’ll never forget.

Lovely Little Things in Pretty Beach

Polly Babbington - 2021
    So, when she finds herself leaving her lovely, comfortable existence in London with nothing much more than a car and her gorgeous little dog a new start in Pretty Beach seems like the best thing that’s going to happen to her anytime soon.As she sets to work on a dilapidated old house on Seafolly Passage, starts a new job and begins to turn her life around things in Pretty Beach are definitely looking on the rosier side of what she had just left. Even though she had thought that going back to Pretty Beach was very much a backward step in her life.We follow along with Lulu, as not only the old house she has inherited, but also Lulu herself comes back to life, and just when she is least expecting it, boom, along comes Ollie Cavendish and knocks her for six.Will Lulu Drinkwater find love least when she was expecting it or will she decide that, actually, life on her own, really isn’t quite so bad after all?Sit back and delve into the utterly gorgeous little town of Pretty Beach where cinnamon buns, sparkly sea, golden beaches and beautiful old houses wrap you up in their warmth and transport you to a place you’ll sometimes wish you could live forever.♥ ‘Polly Babbington creates oh-so-magical books.’ ♥‘Absolutely loved this book as I did all the others in the series sheer feel good and escapism as were the others. Please please write the next one.’ LynnFyson, Amazon Reviewer♥ All the Pretty Beach books are set in Pretty Beach with each little trilogy focusing on new central characters.♥ It's preferable to start with book one but all books end with a conclusion and can be read as standalones.Book 1 (Trilogy 1) The Boat House Pretty Beach (Sallie & Ben)Book 2 (Trilogy 1) Summer Weddings at Pretty Beach (Sallie & Ben)Book 3 (Trilogy 1) Winter at Pretty Beach (Sallie & Ben)Book 4 (Trilogy 2) A Pretty Beach Christmas (Juliette & Luke)Book 5 (Trilogy 2) A Pretty Beach Dream (Juliette & Luke)Book 6 (Trilogy 2) A Pretty Beach Wish (Juliette & Luke)Book 7 (Trilogy 3 ) Secret Evenings in Pretty Beach (Lottie & Connor)Book 8 (Trilogy 3) Secret Places in Pretty Beach (Lottie & Connor)Book 9 (Trilogy 3) Secret Days in Pretty Beach (Lottie & Connor)Book 10 (Trilogy 4) Lovely Little Things in Pretty Beach (Lulu & Ollie)Book 11 (Trilogy 4) Beautiful Little Things in Pretty Beach (Lulu & Ollie)Book 12 (Trilogy 4) Darling Little Things in Pretty Beach (Lulu & Ollie)Book 13 (Trilogy 5) The Old Sugar Wharf Pretty Beach♥'Another brilliant book that keeps you excited to keep turning the page. Can't wait for the next one and see how it develops. Well done Polly on another great book.' Debra, Amazon Reviewer'Polly just keeps giving such fantastic stories with amazing characters. I just can’t wait for the next book.' G. Harry, Amazon ReviewerThis is what romance readers are saying about Polly Babbington’s books:‘What a lovely piece of escapism. I totally fell in love with the descriptions of the decor of Sallie's place. Is she real? I want to go there......really!’ Julie41, Amazon Reviewer‘5 stars all the way yet again for another wonderful read.’ JudeP Amazon Reviewer‘One of my fave romantic comedy novels.’‘I honestly loved all of this romantic beach read - strong female characters & romance on the beach.’

Let Me Ride

Monica Walters - 2021
    Vida Indigo Coles left the town she grew up in to not only pursue her education and escape her small, country town, but to also escape the reputation she is rumored to have. One lie seems to turn into a thousand and Vida needs a fresh start. She is able to get that and has settled into her career as a nurse in Dallas once she finishes college. However, twenty years later, a turn of unfortunate events brings her back to her hometown. After being home for a month, she runs into a handsome brother that melts her insides. But once she finds out his age, it threatens to end them before they can even get started.Playing the field had been Aston Martin Eldridge’s favorite pastime. He isn’t looking for a woman to settle down with. He’s simply enjoying life the way it’s handed to him. One fateful evening, after a long day of working on cars, he meets a woman that has him wanting to change his ways. Despite the noticeable age difference, Aston knows that he wants to experience every part of her. Pursuing her proves to be difficult, because not everyone thinks they are a good match.Vida’s fear of living her life on her terms is keeping her from the one thing she wants the most – Aston Martin Eldridge.Keeping up with appearances for the people watching only makes her sink in despair. There is only so much Aston can do to try to convince her to give him a chance to prove they are meant to be. Will she let go of her fears and succumb to the way Aston makes her feel? And will Aston still be around if she does?

Flirting with the Rock Star Next Door

Nadia Lee - 2021
    My parents’ marriage and a string of failed relationships have taught me that.Then Killian Axelrod moves in next door. He’s a rock star, and hot as hell. Wicked blue eyes. A body made for sin. Cocky attitude. If he was on a romance cover, I’d one-click it without even reading the title.Too bad he's such a pain.He tries to steal my favorite specialty ice cream. He drums so loud I can’t hear myself think. Then comes over in nothing but a towel when his water heater dies so he can finish his shower with my hot water.But then he cooks me breakfast. Rescues me from an evil snake. Kisses me like I’m the girl of his dreams. Sings like I’m the only one in the audience.It doesn’t seem to matter to him that I’m not a size two, my yoga pants have holes, and I don’t put makeup on every morning.I know there are no happy endings in real life, but Killian makes my heart flutter and makes me wonder…Can we have a romance novel ending for real?Flirting with the Rock Star Next Door is a standalone, opposites-attract romantic comedy. It comes with a hot AF rock star who thinks his next-door neighbor is a femme fatale in a T-shirt and yoga pants, a quirky romance writer with a no-filter mouth, and lots of banter. Oh, and the sexiest karaoke night ever...which has a lot more than singing. No cheating, no cliffhanger. Just oodles of heat, heart and humor. Grab it today!


Amy Daws - 2021
    Football club lawyer, Santino Rossi is known in the locker room as the two-month chump. For years he’s been on a mission to find someone he can share his basil plant with and cure him of his former playboy ways. Tilly Logan is a fiery, Scottish lass who didn’t bat an eye five years ago when a smoldering Italian pulled her into a nightclub bathroom. He was dark, dangerous, and exactly the good time Tilly was looking for—even if he worked for her over-protective brother’s team. But a lot has changed and when Tilly returns to London five years later only to find herself trapped in an elevator with the smoldering Italian, it isn’t a happy reunion. Especially because her brother blames Santino for her high tailing it back to Scotland in the first place. Tilly doesn’t want a replay of past mistakes and reconnecting with Santino is playing with fire.But if they keep their relationship a secret, it could be worth the burn.

One Way Ticket

Tricia O'Malley - 2021
    When she calls to cancel the studio’s upcoming Caribbean retreat, the last thing Paige expects is to be offered a job. What better way to give the middle finger to her old life than to hightail it to a tropical island to work at a fancy resort?But all signs point to an impulsive mistake when she arrives at the dusty airport on Poco Poco Island and nobody is there to pick her up. The alcoholic owners don’t remember hiring her, the skeleton-staff barely holds the hotel together, and the moody yet gorgeous manager, Jack Byron, seems irritated with her very existence. Things go from bad to worse when Paige learns that her ex and his flexible mistresses are arriving in three days for the retreat she thought she had canceled.Caught in the eye of the storm and her growing attraction to her new boss (been there, done that, didn’t turn out well), Paige must scramble to prove she can run this upcoming retreat with no disasters. But even she can’t be blamed for the hurricane that swerves left and suddenly has the tiny island in its sights. As tensions explode at Tranquila Inn, Paige learns that taking it poco poco might be the only way she’ll survive.

No Rep

Lani Lynn Vale - 2021
    Not to the point where he was suicidal or anything, but tired enough that he just didn’t give a crap anymore.He’d seen all the ugliness this world had to offer due to his job as a police officer for way too many damn years of his less than stellar life. After finding a way to sustain his spending habits that didn’t include having criminals point guns at his face, he quits without a backward glance.Only, he just can’t step away from old habits.Old habits that have to do with a beautiful young woman that makes his heart feel like it isn’t nearly as broken as it is.Fran has experienced more than her fair share of crap. After an attack that nearly took her life, she stays hidden in her house, fearful that stepping out of her comfort zone will be the final nail in her coffin.Then her sister forces her to face her fears, and she joins Madd CrossFit.There, she meets the man that saved her life a year ago, and realizes rather quickly that he doesn’t even realize who he is to her.He’s everything she ever thought a man should be and wants nothing to do with her.Maybe she’ll have to give him a reason to look her way.And damned if she doesn’t find a way to do it.She didn’t plan on nearly getting killed for that to happen, though.At least not again.

Once We Were Starlight

Mia Sheridan - 2021
    An audience of hungry eyes. And him, the other half of my soul, our supple bodies moving as one...Sundara: the lush and forbidden oasis in the desert where men travel to watch acts of sexual deviancy, and the only existence seventeen-year-old Karys has ever known. But despite a life where secrets and sin are in high supply, and freedom remains far beyond their reach, Karys and her partner Zakai find safety in each other, their passionate love the light that helps them both survive the darkness.Very suddenly, Karys and Zakai find themselves in the bright and confusing world of New York City, navigating separation, school, and relatives who are all but strangers. If they’ve been found, why do they still feel so lost? As their new lives threaten to drive them apart, and Zakai spins out of her grasp, Karys must figure out who and what can be trusted in this strange city, seemingly filled with more venom than the desert they once called home.

Love at First Hate

A.R. Casella - 2021
    Casella, authors of the USA Today bestselling Asheville Brewing series.She wants his story. He wants his secrecy. Too bad he can’t stay away from her.MollyBlogging about bad dates used to be fun, but a girl can only take so much foolishness. So I broke up with my job.Okay, full disclosure, I was fired. It’s a long, sordid tale, involving my sourdough starter—RIP, Fred!—and my ex-boss’s serious lack of humor.Newly funemployed and in need of a break, I go to Asheville to dogsit for my sister…and stumble onto a scoop big enough to put my fake-dating days behind me forever.Augusta Glower, local success story, wrote a bestseller about the self-help group she started. People think her system works, and copycat Bad Luck Clubs have sprung up nationwide. Something feels off, though, and a little poking around by yours truly suggests she stole the idea.There’s one problem. I have to prove it, and the guy she ripped off—super-hot house flipper Caleb Reynolds—seems to…well, hate me. Which is too bad since his secrets aren’t the only thing I’d like to peel away.* * *CalMolly O’Shea is my worst nightmare.Is she sexy as sin? Well…yeah. Does she smell like honeysuckle and trouble? No doubt. Is she determined to dig up my secrets with a backhoe? I’m pretty sure she got a two-week rental. But I’ll never talk. If the reason I started the club gets out, my whole life will implode.So why is she so damn irresistible?

Scars & Silver Linings

Kelsey Kingsley - 2021
    Especially when her career as a successful romance novelist had only just begun to take off. But with the acceptance of her flaky boyfriend, and the help of a friendly bartender, she begins to see how those two little, pink lines could actually be a blessing.Except pregnancy isn’t always what it’s cut out to be, and sometimes, things can take a turn for the worst when you least expect it. And after an emergency C-section, the premature birth of her son, and the loss of that flaky boyfriend, Kendall begins the hard, rewarding, and oftentimes traumatic life of NICU parenthood alone. But soon, she realizes that, where there is darkness, there is usually light. And there are always friendly—and very attractive—bartenders.

The Invitation

Vi Keeland - 2021
    I’d received an unexpected invitation to one of the swankiest venues in the city.Hudson was a groomsman and quite possibly the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on. He asked me to dance, and our chemistry was off the charts.I knew it wasn’t a good idea to get involved with him, considering the wedding I was at. But our connection was intense, and I was having a great time.Though the fun came to a screeching halt when Hudson figured out I wasn’t who I’d said I was. You see, that unexpected invitation I received? Well, it hadn’t actually been addressed to me—it was sent to my ex-roommate who’d bounced a check for two months’ rent and moved out in the middle of the night. I figured she owed me an expensive night out, but I guess, technically, I was crashing the wedding.Once caught, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. As I bolted for the door, I might’ve plucked a few bottles of expensive champagne off the tables I passed, all while the gorgeous, angry groomsman was hot on my tail.Outside, I jumped into a taxi. My heart ricocheted against my ribs as we drove down the block—but at least I’d escaped unscathed.Or so I thought.Until I realized I’d left my cell phone behind at the table.Take one guess who found it?This is the crazy story of how Hudson Rothschild and I met. But trust me, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.A new, sexy standalone from #1 New York Times Bestseller, Vi Keeland.

Kickstart My Heart

Lacey Black - 2021
    We put everything into Burgers and Brew. My job is to keep the alcohol moving and the patrons coming back for more. I won’t let anyone break my focus.That was until I saw her.As much as I try, I can’t fight it. Mallory makes me crave a future I never wanted for my own.Now, I want it all.MalloryWhen I started my new job at a local specialty burger restaurant, I wasn’t expecting to find a tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome distraction in the form of Walker Meyer. He’s one of the owners, which means hands off. Only problem, it’s a lot easier said than done.Especially when he’s so good with my daughter.I try to keep him at a distance, but he’s insistent, slowly breaking down every one of my walls. He’s fighting to convince me I can trust him with not only my heart, but my daughter’s too.I pray he’s right.

Otterly Irresistible

Erin NicholasErin Nicholas - 2021
    Done trying to save the world. Done getting attached. He’s been fired twice for standing his ground and now he’s going to be content — by God — in small-town Louisiana, in a small veterinary practice, where there will only be small problems.  Quiet and boring, though? Um, no. He’s been adopted by a loud, crazy Cajun family with a tiny petting zoo for him to care for. Hey, it’s not endangered tigers at a nationally renowned zoo, but a family of otters — and all the gumbo he can eat — isn’t a bad deal.  Until she shows up. Again.  The sunny, gorgeous optimist who stole his heart — and his favorite shirt — two months ago. Who clearly hasn’t heard the word “no” enough in her life. And who is the first woman to put even a tiny crack in his don’t-get-attached wall.Charlotte “Charlie” Landry is the new marketing consultant for the family swamp-boat tour company and petting zoo. It might not have been her plan, but she is all in, ready to grow the business. Whether the hot, grumpy vet likes it or not.  He doesn’t.  Worse, sparring with his unforgettable one-night stand is more fun than he’s had in a long time.  But watching wears-designer-dresses Charlie find her dream job amongst a bunch of goats, alpacas, and otters is a surprise.  And her helping him find his passion again is... well, irresistible. Dammit.

Return to Us

Corinne Michaels - 2021
    One look in his gorgeous blue-green eyes, and it’s like I never left. One kiss, and my world is upside down. One night together, and I know without a doubt, in his arms is where I belong.I’m not the girl I was—intimidated by his wealthy family and desperate to escape our small town. I can imagine a new life for us here.But he’s learned to guard his heart, and trust won’t come easily.How can I convince him to give first love a second chance?

Forever Never

Lucy Score - 2021
    Especially when they’re all the same woman.Under Brick Callan’s mile-wide chest beats a loyal heart with a few cracks in it. He’s the steadfast, overprotective type. Especially when it comes to the one woman he can never have. It’s a long, complicated history punctuated by fights, friendship, family, and an attraction that strains his iron willpower.When Remi Ford returns to Mackinac Island in the dead of winter with a secret, Brick makes it his mission to find out what put the shadows in those green eyes. Even if it means breaking down the walls he’s built between them. Even if it means falling for the one girl he’ll never get over.The free-spirited artist just needs to lay low for a few weeks so she can figure a way out of this nightmare. She’s definitely not staying. Not when the man who broke her teenage heart into splinters keeps showing up at her parents’ dinner table. Remi doesn’t need broody, bearded Brick riding to her rescue…again. Not when it will put them both in danger, costing them much more than their hearts.Author’s Note: Frenemies-to-lovers. Opposites attract. Slow burn. Girl in danger. Glorious, glorious banter. Fighting as foreplay. Small-town shenanigans. Big, grumpy, pining, overprotective hero. Wild-child, trouble-finding heroine who keeps on pushing the hero’s buttons. Steam Level: Lava. Suspense: Nail-biting. Feels: Big time.

Think Outside the Boss

Olivia Hayle - 2021
    But when the exclusive invitation ends up in my mailbox by accident… well. Who wouldn't be curious? It's not like I'm going to do anything.The handsome stranger I meet has different plans. One glance across the crowded party, and an hour later we're stretched out on silk. Our night together is glorious. No names and no regrets.But I’d forgotten there’s always a price to pay for pleasure.I find out the cost when I start my internship. Because who is the new venture capitalist CEO?Tristan Conway, aka my handsome stranger. Powerful, determined, intriguing... and single. Oh, and he wants to see me in his office.Thinking outside the box got me into this mess.Now if I could just stop thinking about the boss...

The Insiders

Tijan - 2021
    But still, normal for her. Then, things happen—a guy breaks into her house in the middle of the night to take her hostage. She finds out her father is actually billionaire tech genius Peter Francis, the same guy she’s idolized all her life. She learns all this when she meets dark, mysterious, and electrifying Kashton Colello. He’s an associate of her father’s, and he gives Bailey two choices—go with him and meet her father or survive on her own because those kidnappers are going to try again. It’s a no-brainer.After this, three things become clear for Bailey:1. She’s living at her father’s sprawling estate, complete with bodyguards and the best security that money can buy.2. She’s no longer an only child. She has three siblings and has no idea what to do with them and vice versa.3. She is being guarded by Kash himself. Personally guarded. And there is a lot of guarding going on there and some of it is going to drive her crazy.A complete outsider in a world of wealth and decadence, Bailey has to find her way within a family that has more secrets than she could have imagined. One of these secrets could be deadly…

Mad World

Hannah McBride - 2021
    All I wanted was to survive high school and get out of this place. Finding out I had a long lost twin sister on the other side of the country seemed like something out of a movie.Too bad I didn't realize it was a horror movie.Now I'm Madelaine.We were only supposed to switch lives for a summer. But then the unthinkable happened and now I have the chance to be my twin for the rest of my life. I get the fancy house, the rich father, and the elite school.But all of those things come with a price I don't think I can afford.Maybe taking over my dead twin sister's life isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Mad World is the first book in a new series by Hannah McBride . It contains dark themes (including bullying) that may be triggering for some readers.

Forever After All

Catharina Maura - 2021
    Or so I convinced myself as I walked into a gentlemen’s club, ready to trade my body for my mother’s life. I didn’t expect Alexander Kennedy to be there. I didn’t expect him to stop me. And I certainly didn’t expect him to propose a marriage of convenience.AlexanderElena Rousseau, a heiress fallen from both riches and grace.I know she’s not right for me – she’s far from the meek trophy wife I’m after. But if she’s going to sell herself to anyone, it’ll be me. Author's Note: This book contains a possessive alphahole and a heroine that likes to test his limits.

Repeat Offender

Lani Lynn Vale - 2021
    Seen a lot of good men go down.But he will not stand by and watch as the world he’s built from the ground up burns to ashes before his eyes. Even if he has to build an army to combat the problem he sees brewing around him.One step at a time, he carefully lays out his plan, building layer after careful layer until everything is where he wants it to be.Every part is impeccably played, his pawns are in the perfect place, and then she barrels into his life, totally scattering every single piece he’s set in motion.The bad thing is, she doesn’t even realize how badly she’s messed up until she’s roused the beast.***The day that Six Ines Broussard met Lynnwood Thatcher Windsor was the worst day of her life.First, she has a public breakup with a man she’s not even dating. Second, she has to deal with a black-tie event that she’d rather gouge her eyes out than to go to. Third, she then has to sit at a table for hours on end with the one man she despises.Just wanting a break, she thinks she’ll lose herself for a few hours and do what she loves to do best—spend time by herself and go for a walk in the middle of nowhere, spot some birds, and get a little sun. Only, her day doesn’t go nearly as planned.She walks right into the middle of hell. And at the center of it? Lynnwood Thatcher. The mayor. The man that she took one glance at on the night of his inauguration and dismissed as boring. A total stick in the mud.Only, he’s not so boring shirtless, in the middle of nowhere, doing things that are very illegal.At first, she’s appalled. Then her interest gets piqued. Stuck-up suit is hot! And he has tattoos. Oh, and let’s not forget one hell of a mouth on him!Then he goes and kidnaps her, and she realizes that nobody is quite as hot as you thought they were when they’re now holding you hostage.

Starlight Cottage

K.T. Dady - 2021
    A small close-knit community where you’ll find chocolate box cottages, quaint shops, love, drama, and a happily ever after.Snuggle down with this cosy, feel-good, comfort read that whisks you away to a beautiful bay on the Isle of Wight – Perfect for fans of Christie Barlow, Phillipa Ashley, and Holly Martin.The Pepper Bay books are standalone stories that intertwine with recurring characters. Best read in order for maximum enjoyment.Starlight Cottage: Anna Cooper and Jake Reynolds both live at a luxury London building. The only difference is that Jake lives in the penthouse, and Anna lives in a tent on the roof.When Jake finds out, he offers Anna a chance of a new life in his grandmother’s childhood home in Pepper Bay, and she decides to take the opportunity to see if she really can make a fresh start somewhere else.The beauty of Pepper Bay, with its quaint shops, chocolate box cottages, and all of Jake’s closest friends, immediately fills Anna’s heart with nothing but love, and it isn’t just Starlight Cottage that she finds herself falling in love with.

He Said Always

Ruth Cardello - 2021
    But when he pops into a store, the woman who runs it becomes an instant distraction from his mission. Teagan is beautiful, strong, and too smart not to see through him.What started as a friendly family bet quickly becomes complicated when sparks fly between Gian and Teagan. Nothing is as simple as it appears, and together they discover the past still has the power to hurt the ones they both love. Teagan won’t settle for less than the truth from Gian, but when it comes to her own secret aspirations, she holds back. If they learn to trust each other, they just might discover that some secrets are better when shared.They’ll have to trust each other completely, or else their love, along with Gian’s lead on Judy, will be doomed.

The English Billionaire (The Billionaire Princes Book 3)

Serenity Woods - 2021


Jessica Prince - 2021
    After ending the world’s worst relationship, Marin Grey had sworn off men. So it was rather inconvenient that she couldn’t seem to keep her eyes and thoughts off the Ice King himself, Pierce Walton—also known as her ex-boyfriend’s older, much hotter brother.He was cold, callous, and rude. He was also the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on, which made the fact that he’d hated her from first sight all the more unfair.When circumstances dictate they put their swords away so Marin can help Pierce take care of his son, that ice-cold hate suddenly takes a turn into something much hotter. And if they aren’t careful, they could both be burned alive.

A Summer of Surprises: (Little Duck Pond Cafe, Book 16)

Rosie Green - 2021
    Having been through a traumatic time, it’s a joy to be working for Ellie, and now all Ruby wants is to lead a quiet life and support her mum in getting the help she needs.But life, it seems, has other plans for Ruby.Working alongside the bafflingly rude Hudson Holmes would be bad enough – but then odd things start happening. It seems that someone is out to sabotage the café and bakery, and to her horror, Ruby finds the finger pointing at her.Desperate to prove her innocence, she teams up with the most unlikely person in order to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Tailing suspects and hiding in bushes isn’t something she ever imagined she’d be doing, although her partner in mystery-solving seems the perfect man for the job. Can they clear Ruby’s name by discovering the real culprit?With all the drama afoot, at least there’s no time for romance. Because that’s the very last thing on Ruby’s mind these days. Or is it…?

Darlington Brothers Boxset

Avery North - 2021
    They have the dashing looks, the magnetic charm, and a successful family business to boot. With their futures cut out for them, there’s only one thing they’re each missing – relationships. And as these alphas will soon find out, even when you’re as rich and successful as they are, finding the right girl is no easy task…With a riveting collection of sweet and spicy romance tales, the Darlington Brothers series will take you on an exhilarating roller coaster of emotions. Packed with passion, drama, and romance which will make or break these brothers’ futures, this series will keep you guessing as you discover one heart-pounding story after the next.With old conflicts bubbling up, plenty of heartache and arguments, and magnetic chemistry which takes things to the next level, this box set is perfect for romance fans who love to be kept guessing. Can the Darlington brothers find the love they’ve always wanted? And what will fate throw at them in their quest to have it all?

That Fine Line

Cindy Steel - 2021
    With my fiancé in California, I was back home for three months to plan my wedding. I had colors to pick, cows to milk, and a wedding dress to squeeze into.Which was why I didn’t need anybody messing with me.Especially not the guy who had dedicated his whole life to making mine a joke. The guy who filled my high school locker with frogs and my hot car with cans of tuna. I mean…I always got him back. But not this summer. Things were different now. I was engaged. I had grown up. I would NOT fall victim to Cade’s pranks, teasing, or his manly charms.If only my dad hadn’t hired the moron to cowboy for him this summer.Now my childhood enemy is living on our ranch and seems to think we have a score to settle.And all bets are off.

Tame Me

Kimberly Brown - 2021
    Her experience with men is one that has never surpassed the bedroom. She has become accustomed to being used for what she possesses between her thighs. While she watches her best friend find love with the man of her dreams, she longs for a love all her own. Plagued by past trauma, hurt, and insecurities, she has concluded that it just may not be in the cards for her. Deeming herself unworthy, she has settled for simply having her needs met, that is, until she meets the man who would challenge her very existence.Cody Parrish has just returned home from a two-year deployment and is eager to get back to his roots. Single for the last five years, he is open to the dating scene. A reunion with two of his best friends throws him in the pathway of a beautiful, vibrant, and sassy woman who captures his attention like no other. Though their initial meeting ends on a sour note, he cannot deny her captivating presence. When they cross paths a short time later, he asks her out in an attempt to make up for their first impressions of each other.While Julissa is a tough cookie, Cody is dead set on breaking down every defense she has. Will she give in and finally allow herself to experience the love she longs for, or will her past continue to deprive her of what she rightfully deserves? *** This book should be read in this order: Pretty Caged Bird, Tame Me, With Everything In Me***

Pushing You Away

Kennedy Fox - 2021
    We may have shared our deepest, darkest secrets, but I’ve kept that one to myself. Though I should’ve admitted how I felt, I’m too late when my cousin moves to our small town and sweeps her off her feet. Now she’s married and off-limits.When I catch him cheating on his pregnant wife, a fight erupts between us that results in his death. The day I was charged with his murder was the last time I saw her.After a decade of pushing Katie away, I’m determined to fix what I broke. She wants to pretend I don’t exist, but I see how she looks at me—with the same desire I’ve felt for years. PUSHING YOU AWAY is book 1 in the Noah & Katie duet and must be read first.

Jonah Bennett

Tijan - 2021
    The mafia business was firmly what his brothers did, not him.That changed the day a rival family killed his fiancée.**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Love's Treasure

Juliette DuncanValerie Comer - 2021
    Chapin: One LoveLorana Hoopes: A Second Chance for ChristmasElizabeth Maddrey: So You Love to Hate Your BossEvangeline Kelly: Love's SacrificeValerie Comer: Ruby RadianceNaomi Rawlings: Love's Violet SunriseValerie M. Bodden: Heart's HomeMelissa Tagg: Someday SoonMandi Blake: A Thousand WordsCarol Moncado: The Lifeguard, The Runaway Bride, & Frozen CustardClick to pre-order your copy now!


Abby Brooks - 2021
    File that under great advice—not taken.Especially if he’s hot. And witty. And successful. Did I mention hot? Never mind. The point’s the same.I moved to Wildrose Landing because my life was a structure fire burning down around me.They say a phoenix rises from the ashes, new. I crossed my fingers and took a leap of faith, hoping that proved true. After a certain ex who shall not be named, did something so…unspeakable, the absolute last thing I'm looking for is love.I don't have the energy for complications. I need time to heal. To rebuild.Alexander Prescott stumbles into my life and doesn't care about any of that. He offers me a dream job without so much as asking for my resume...which I take without thinking. (Hey, a girl’s gotta eat.)Besides, saying yes to new experiences is the kind of thing you do when you’re rising from the ashes and redefining yourself as fearless.And Alexander Prescott is the walking definition of new experience.From his dark curls and whiskey eyes to the spark of chemistry I fight like hell to ignore. He’s a bestselling author. An icon in his own time. But he says he’s in over his head and swears I’m the only one who can help.I know there’s something he isn’t telling me but that’s okay, there’s something I’m not telling him.

A Cosy Countryside Christmas (Life on the Moors, #6)

Eliza J. Scott - 2021
    After having her fingers burnt, she’s been resolutely single for the last year and has sworn to stay that way.Joss Campion’s still reeling from a messy divorce and has vowed never to open his heart to love again.Growing up in the picturesque village of Lytell Stangdale, with the North Yorkshire Moors as their playground, Joss and Ella were best friends. The pair were inseparable.Until the day something happened to ruin their friendship and Joss moved away.An urgent telephone call summons Joss back to the village. His father’s been rushed to hospital and he’s needed to run the farm. When he returns, with his loyal canine companion, Sid, in tow, it isn’t long before he realises things aren’t as they seem. Why is his brother, Rich, being so evasive? And why does he get the impression the farm’s in trouble?Teaching Assistant, Ella, has just broken up for the Christmas holidays and is looking forward to spending more time on her parents’ farm, tending her variety of rescue animals and recharging her batteries.It isn’t long before the pair run into one another and sparks of attraction begin to fly - not that either of them will admit to it. But, just before Christmas, they find themselves thrown together in an unexpected turn of events as a fierce snow blizzard rages around them.Could this be the moment that changes everything? Or is their past too big to ignore?One thing’s for certain, life’s never dull in this little corner of the North Yorkshire Moors.Join Ella and Joss – and all the usual Lytell Stangdale characters – for a heartwarming festive read

Beard in Hiding

Penny Reid - 2021
    She’s tired of playing it safe and she knows just the sexy criminal motorcycle man to proposition for a good time. Problem is, she doesn’t actually know his name.Jason “Repo” Doe never takes risks. So when the queen of local commerce walks into his club, looking to get risky and frisky, Jason knows the smartest thing to do is save himself a headache while saving the new divorcee from her worst impulses.But then one thing leads to another, and the memory of just-one-night doesn’t feel like enough.Theirs is a story with no future, because how can a dangerous criminal win (and keep) a queen?‘Beard In Hiding’ is book #4.5 in the Winston Brothers series, is a full length contemporary romantic comedy about two lost souls in their 40s, and is a companion novel to the Winston Brothers and Solving for Pie series.If you want to get the full immersive Green Valley world experience, I recommend reading ‘Truth or Beard,’ ‘Beard Science,’ ‘Engagement and Espionage,’ and ‘Marriage and Murder’ beforehand. ‘Beard In Hiding’ contains spoilers for these four books (in specific).

Deathly: The Dillon Sisters

Brynne Asher - 2021
    Or an imposter. I’m certainly a hypocrite. I offer advice for a living. Encourage my patients to make wise decisions—help them help themselves to walk through life stronger, healthier, happier. Isn’t that the goal? To live our best lives? If only I practiced what I preach. I wasn’t always like this. Every move I make lately is the opposite of smart. These questionable life choices are a new development. They started the day a certain Vitale barged into my life. Brand Vitale might look like a hero to the rest of the world, but looks can be deceiving. I’m driven by obsession for a man who’s turning out to be dark, dangerous, and downright depraved. And I don’t care. Because, sometimes, depraved, debauched—hell, or even deathly—is the only option.

The Lie

Karla Sorensen - 2021
    Especially not hotheaded tight ends with tattoos and impulse control problems. That’s why Dominic Walker is completely off my radar. Sort of. Babysitting the team troublemaker when he’s forced to volunteer for the foundation where I work means I can’t exactly avoid him. I wish I had though. Because once I get to know Dominic, it’s almost impossible to ignore the feelings he brings out in me. Pretty soon, I’m breaking all my rules. I just have to hope he doesn’t break my heart in the process.

The Accidental Text

Becky Monson - 2021
    Right guy?Once upon a time, Maggie Cooper lived for adventure. Jumping out of planes was child’s play. Now she can’t even work up the nerve to ask out her coworker. For a bit of self-therapy, she begins to text her recently deceased mother’s phone—the only problem is that the number has been reassigned and for weeks she’s been unknowingly texting a stranger her deepest thoughts and feelings. There have also been some not-so-deep texts, like the ones about her appreciation for her coworker’s butt.When Chase Beckett, the unsuspecting stranger who has more in common with Maggie than he’d like to admit, texts back, Maggie is beyond mortified. But message after message and night after night, Maggie realizes that Chase’s wit, charm, and advice are exactly what the doctor ordered. Is it enough, though, to get her back up in the sky? And what about her heart? Can she risk taking a leap of faith for the man on the other end of her accidental texts?

Cowboy Seeks a Horse Whisperer

Marley Michaels - 2021
    Ever since she spent her summers volunteering with neglected animals as a teenager, she’s wanted to run her own horse rescue center. And with her new job working in the Alaskan mountains at a small town vet clinic, all she needs is to work hard and build up her professional reputation as a horse whisperer, and she’ll be one step closer to making her dream a reality.Jesse Barnes was born a cowboy and will end his days as one too. Working with his brothers on their family ranch in the shadow of Eagle Mountain, they protect the land, while owning and running one of the top producing ranches on this side of the country.Passions collide when Jesse rescues a mistreated horse who needs specialty care. Knowing he can’t do it alone, he calls in the only person who may be able to save the animal—the town’s new horse-whispering vet.Just seeing the sickly horse ignites Kendra’s compassionate side. She’ll go above and beyond to save him, the bonus being the time she gets to spend with the horse’s rescuer. Something about Jesse has her feeling things she’s never felt. But his habit of pulling back the moment they get close has her beyond confused. And then there’s the strange dreams she’s been having. It’s almost as if the Mountain is communicating with her…For Jesse, meeting Kendra ignites something beneath his skin that feels a lot like fate and a lot like something he can’t ignore. The idea of finally meeting his soulmate seems almost unreal, but as time goes by, it’s a feeling he can’t deny.These two dedicated souls will need to navigate their feelings for each other and understand the meaning of the mountain spirit’s Call, all while staying true to themselves and their dreams for the future.***Hold on to your hats! Cowboy Seeks a Horse Whisperer is book 1 in the new Eagle Mountain Ranch series. They're the same kind of sweet, flirty, feel-good, and heart-felt stories you've come to love from Marley, but this time you'll get the big, gruff and tough mountain ranchers living off the land and protecting their own near the town of Kinleyville. The mountains have always provided for the keepers of the lands, and now the Eagle Mountain prophecy has been fulfilled, it's time for their soulmates to warm up their hearts and their bunks, and make their lives on the ranch complete. Can we all say, awww.

The Mixtape

Brittainy C. Cherry - 2021
    Emery finds him first.Emery has never felt more alone. Raising her daughter is both her pleasure and her pain as she struggles to hold on to her job as a bartender and keep a roof over their heads. With no one to help them—no support system—any unexpected expense or late bill could turn their whole world upside down.Reeling from the death of his twin brother and bandmate, rock star Oliver Smith is trying to drink his problems away. Apparently he isn’t very good at it; they follow him wherever he goes. Also in hot pursuit are the paparazzi, who catch Oliver at his lowest low.He could have walked into any bar in California, but he walked into hers. Emery helps Oliver lose the crowd, and they find themselves alone: two people whose paths are marked with loss and pain. However, they hold an unshakable hope for healing. They find solace together, but can their love withstand the world?

The Castaway Billionaire (The Billionaire Princes Book 2)

Serenity Woods - 2021

Fire Dance

Suzanne Halliday - 2021
    The entire gang is there—Team Justice, the extended Bishop family, and all three Baron-Wilde sisters plus their mates! What could possibly go wrong?This crew is leaving no stone unturned as they celebrate the coming nuptials. Planned events include glamping, fertility potions, Bendover Firewater, funky shoes, helicopters, and escape rooms—along with some other things you’ll have to see to believe.Tons of romance, sizzling sexy times and even a surprise pregnancy are all part of the journey. One thing is for sure— there’s no party like a Bendover party.

Treasured in Turtle Bay

Jess Mastorakos - 2021
    She's ready to regroup, readjust, and rewrite her future. Unfortunately, her close friend and boss isn't letting her off that easily. Now Molly is being ushered to the airport on a forced vacation in the name of self-care.US Marine Roman Russo is living his best life while stationed in Hawaii. He surfs, he dives, he hikes ... he soaks up every adventure he can because he knows spontaneity is good for the soul. His life in the military is structured enough. But his free time? It's all about saying "yes" to new experiences and "no" to strict commitments.While snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Roman literally bumps into Molly as she's taking her honeymoon alone. When he winds up standing in as her husband for newlywed games at her resort, he can't help but want to show her there's more to life than being uptight and on time.They say opposites attract, but can these two learn to appreciate their differences before her time in paradise ends?

My Saving Grace

Melanie Moreland - 2021
    Law school, a career with ABC, and a bright future ahead of her. Until Jaxson Richards steps into the picture. He’s everything she hasn't planned for. Older, sexy, off-limits. And her new boss. When the passion between them explodes, will her life blow up along with it?

Totally Folked

Penny Reid - 2021
    He has to. He’s a sheriff’s deputy in a super small town with a super big personality. However, strict adherence to the law during the day has been enjoyably balanced by rakish rules at night. Jackson, typically happy to protect and serve (and serve, and serve), starts questioning the value of wayward evenings when getting laid starts to feel more like being waylaid. Could it be that Green Valley’s most eligible—and notorious—bachelor longs for something (and someone) real?Mega movie star Raquel Ezra follows only one rule: always leave them wanting more. Studio execs, reporters, audiences, fans, lovers—no one can get enough of the smart, savvy, and sexy bombshell. But when “generous offers” begin to feel more like excessive demands, years of always leaving has the elusive starlet longing for something (and perhaps someone) lasting.When Raquel abruptly returns to the quirky Tennessee hamlet, her path crosses with the delectable deputy with whom she spent one unforgettable night. Unfortunately, scandal and intrigue soon follow. Raquel and Jackson must decide which is more important: following their rules? Or, at long last, finding something real.TOTALLY FOLKED is a standalone, contemporary romantic comedy novel and book #1 in the Good Folk: Modern Folktales series.

Wild North

J.B. Salsbury - 2021
    To the world, I would learn, he’s someone else completely.I should have died on that mountain. But he rescued me.More animal than man, he’s cold, distant, and fiercely territorial. He seems to hate me for simply breathing, and yet, he brought me back to life. After my return to the city, I can’t stop thinking about him. His rough hands, intense glare, and the way he cared for me as if I meant something to him. He tells me he’s dangerous. That I’m not safe around him. I would eventually understand why he warned me away. But by then it’s too late. My heart is his.

Knockout: a Small-Town, Enemies to Lovers Romance (Whiskey Dolls Book 2)

Jessica Prince - 2021

Oops, I've Fallen

Max Monroe - 2021
    Oops, I’ve fallen, and my heart doesn’t want to come back.”But, holy bingo night, is my attraction to the sexy, broody businessman so much more complicated than the chorus of a song.His dad lives right next to my mom, and after the two of them suffered an unexplained accident while taking down holiday decorations, both Ryan and I were forced to become the only thirtysomething residents of Sunny Creek Village Independent Senior Living Community.Temporarily moving in might seem like overkill for a fractured tailbone and a severely pulled groin muscle, but believe me, when your mom is as wild as mine and your dad is as cantankerous as Ryan’s, they need supervision to ensure they stick to doctor’s orders.Constantly thrown together by the antics of our crazy parents and the tough-as-nails community enforcer, Betty Matthews, Ryan and I formed an alliance for the sole purpose of survival.But I never expected to be so interested in finding out what he was hiding beneath his grumpy, serious demeanor. More than that, I never dreamed what I found would be the kind of man women sell their souls to the devil for.Unfortunately, our little one-hit wonder on the airwaves has more to say before it comes to an end.Although, finishing the outro to this song is a real doozy...Tell me…what lyric rhymes with Oops, I’ve fallen for my future stepbrother?

The Billionaire and the Runaway Bride

Nadia Lee - 2021
    was supposed to end all the drama in my life. Find an apartment, get a job, show my rich family I don't need their money...until I end up as the assistant to the world's Number One underwear model.Did I mention we almost hooked up last week and I “lost” his number?So much for leaving the drama behind. Maybe it’s been me this whole time.I guess things are about to get even crazier because my mom just arrived with bodyguards...The Billionaire and the Runaway Bride is a hilarious romantic comedy featuring a hot underwear model/crypto billionaire with an HR crisis and a fun-loving heiress running from the wedding of her nightmares. You want the swooniest waltz and proposal, a creative birthday cake, babies and a happy ending to warm your heart and make you smile? Grab it today!

The Irresistible Billionaire (The Billionaire Princes Book 1)

Serenity Woods - 2021

Oops! I Married a Rock Star

Nadia Lee - 2021
    What the hell’s that about?BeccaI need a husband for a year to inherit my childhood home and art studio.I spent three months arranging for the perfect temp marriage.The mix-up at the chapel was unfortunate, but I don’t have the time or money to set up another fake marriage.Devlin is gorgeous, sexy and successful.Everyone will assume we’re the real deal, which is precisely what I need.We can keep things civilized and agreeable for a year.How hard could it be?Oops! I Married a Rock Star is a fun romantic comedy standalone with a hot-as-hell drummer, a face-blind artist, mistaken identity, Batman, a porcupine crotch doll, cows of judgment and more! Need laughter and an HEA? Then read Oops! I Married a Rock Star now!

All Cowboy and Charm

Rhonda Lee Carver - 2021
    So, she wrote a best seller and used a fertility clinic to get pregnant. An accidental switch-a-roo left Melanie curious…who was the father of her baby?Coop Dawson was still grieving the loss of his twin brother when some lady showed up at the family ranch and announced that she was pregnant by Cade, impossible since he’d been gone for over a year. Coop didn’t have the patience for scam artists. He told her exactly how he felt then made her hit the road. Yet, after reading a letter from a fertility clinic, he realized she’d been telling the truth. Now he needed to turn things around fast before he lost the chance at knowing Cade’s child.Sometimes tragedy can bring a family closer…and bring unexpected gifts.Coop needed to step up for the first time in his life and do the right thing for everyone. He promised his brother in a late-night prayer that he’d take care of the child—but what Coop didn’t realize he was already falling for Melanie and he couldn’t imagine life without her. Will she learn to trust him? Or will he screw up every chance he’d been given?

A Not So Meet Cute

Meghan Quinn - 2021
    And the answer is usually some bubbly, lovey dovey tale of being struck in the bum by Cupid’s arrow.My meet cute (well not so meet cute) is slightly different. I was trolling a wealthy neighborhood in Beverly Hills, searching for someone to take me as their bride, you know, to make my arch nemesis jealous who consequently just fired me.He was stomping around the block like some sort of gorgeous ogre, mumbling about a business deal gone wrong and attempting to finagle his way out of it.And that’s when we bumped into each other.There were no sparks.Not even a hint of blossoming love.But next thing I knew, I was scarfing down free chips and guac, listening to this man lay out all of his problems which led to his big ask . . . he wanted me to be his Vivian Ward, you know, from Pretty Woman--minus the frisky behavior.We’re talking about living in a mansion, intimate double dates, and pretending we were head over heels in love . . . and engaged. Can you imagine?The absolute audacity.But people do crazy things when they’re desperate. And I reeked of desperation. So, I struck up a deal.My one big mistake, though . . . big . . . HUGE? I accidentally fell for the incomparable Huxley Cane.

Big Billionaire Boss

Ali Parker - 2021
    Or I didn’t think it was. My brother offered me a chunk of change to behave in our family-owned restaurant for one day, and that’s the day handsome walked back into my life. My brother’s best friend from school. But he’s a big shot now, working for the billionaire owner of this company that’s offering me a shot. And the old man doesn’t have an heir, so my handsome first love is in line for the jackpot.Together, they’re on the hunt for the girl next door. Unfortunately, due to me behaving for a day, the old man my guy works for decides I’m just the girl for the job. He couldn’t be more wrong, but if it means more money in my pocket and stealing a few more minutes of my first love’s attention, I’m in.Fake sweetheart that pleases the crowd? That’s me. The best part is that with all of this money, I’ll get to pursue my dream of becoming a romance author. There’s only one catch to this sweeping Cinderella story—I’m highly allergic to perfume. No turning back now. The contract is signed and the games have begun. All I can do now is jump in and literally hold my breath.I’m ready for the ride of a lifetime with my big billionaire boss.

Billion Dollar Mistake (Doctors of Denver)

K.C. Crowne - 2021
    Now, I’m married to an infuriatingly cocky billionaire.It started with an innocent crush. The popular boy from the wealthy side of town.And a dorky girl he teased mercilessly.Fast forward and the boy I wanted is now a man.Nothing like the star of my teenage fantasies.He's ruggedly handsome and charming.Charismatic. Confident. Sexy. I figured there's no way he’d ever notice me.Turns out he did.In fact, he needs me to be his new fake wife!He says I'll get my dream job if I agree.One problem remains. This was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. But the two little babies growing in my belly are here to stay. Did I make the biggest mistake of my life?

A Wedding to Adore

Evangeline Kelly - 2021
    After starting a new business with her two friends, she is determined to make it a success.That is until…she gets a client with parents who threaten to ruin everything with their constant bickering. And then there is the brother of the bride. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, and completely smitten with Brooklyn. Except, he’s determined not to marry. Ever.Jarrett Jeffries is a multi-million-dollar software developer who will do anything for his baby sister, including paying for her wedding. When he meets her wedding planner, he knows he has to keep her at arm’s distance, but that seems almost impossible when sparks fly and he can’t get her off his mind.After a lifetime of dealing with contentious parents, Jarrett believes it’s better to play it safe and stay away from the institution of marriage.But sometimes, life throws a curveball and one has to reevaluate everything they ever believed about love.*This is a contemporary Christian story with strong Biblical themes and Bible references.


Mary Kennedy - 2021
    Lost and drowning in an endless pool of alcohol and women, he needed to take control of his life before it was too late. Taking a random safari, he encountered the heinous act of poaching and was forever changed. His life now had a new mission. When his work takes him to Louisiana and the home of his old friends from REAPER, he finds the one thing he never expected...a woman that leaves him speechless.Marie Robicheaux is the oldest sister of the Robicheaux clan. Once married and living away from home, she withheld her horrible secret from her family. Humiliated and unsure of what to do, she worked to fix her error, but relegated herself to hiding away. When a chance encounter has her standing in front of a man that makes her rethinking her entire life, she's finally given hope that maybe she can have more. The only question now is whether or not her family, and Dex will ever forgive her for what she's done.

The Two Week Stand

Samantha Towle - 2021
    Now, the only thing she wants is two weeks of uninterrupted peace and quiet with absolutely no men in sight. West Oakley doesn’t even believe that romance exists, and he has no desire to convince himself otherwise. The only reason he’s heading to the Maldives is to escape a scandal and spend time on an island where no one knows who he is. But plans change, and when West takes one look at Dillon, another idea forms in his mind—a no-strings two-week stand. Even though Dillon knows their sexual chemistry is explosive, her romantic heart is torn.Can she really spend fourteen nights in the arms of a god like West, making all of her fantasies come true, only to walk away at the end of it?Or can Dillon turn this two-week stand into more than an unexpected holiday fling, convincing West that romance does exist after all?

The Truth (Truth or Dare Book 2)

Lauren Landish - 2021
    Can you say zero chances?But when a night out turns into a drunken admission of some uncomfortable truths, things change.Or they might, if I have the guts to go after what I’ve always wanted.Because suddenly, I’m not invisible to him.And I see him, the real him I’ve never known.It's scary plunging in heart first.Is it too fast? Is it real?And will he still love me when he finds out I’m pregnant with his baby?The Truth is a full-length romantic comedy with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

Let It Be Me

Kait Nolan - 2021
    But trauma killed the timing, so he’s contented himself with being the friend she needed as she navigated sudden parenthood.Four years ago, Emerson Aldridge became a mom in the worst possible way. Without qualm, she abandoned her own dreams to shepherd her teenage daughter through their shared grief. Her number one priority has been to raise Fiona the way her best friend would have wanted.Now Fi’s headed off to college and Emerson has no idea how to feel about her suddenly empty nest. She barely even remembers life before motherhood, but Caleb’s right next door to give her a reminder—along with a toe-curling kiss that catapults them past friends and into something more. The life she wanted before the accident is still within reach. He just has to convince her that their age difference means nothing.Piece of cake. Right?


Jane Henry - 2021
    Cairstina Reilly was locked in silence when I found her.When I ravaged my way through weak men to save her.When I killed for her.Now our fates are tangled together in a web of lies, danger, and betrayal.I have to take her hostage.Drag her from her silent, private world,And force her into mine.In my Clan’s enclave deep in the wild Scottish Highlands,no one will find us and our secret will be safe…But I’m not the only one with secrets.Cairstina thinks her silence will protect her.But only I can do that.And the sooner my bonnie lass learns to trust me,The sooner I can set her free from everything that’s held her captive…Everything except me.

Ruthless Creatures

J.T. Geissinger - 2021
    Geissinger. Five years ago, my fiancé disappeared. He left me with a wedding dress I’d never wear. Left me with the kind of scars that can’t be healed. The man I built my future on vanished like a ghost. All that remained were my broken heart and unanswered questions.Until a mysterious stranger arrives in town. Tall, dark, and dangerous, Kage is as full of secrets as he is sex appeal. Though I know he’s hiding something, I’m drawn to him like a moth to flame.The intensity of our connection is addictive, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. Heat crackles between us with every look, desire flares into passion, and I fall hard, unable to resist.But when I discover how he’s tied to the darkness in my past, I learn what happens when you fly recklessly into fire:You get burned.

Earn Your Extra Credit

Meghan Quinn - 2021
    I don't normally ask a girl out, have her fail to recognize it's a date, and then give me a high five--as if I'm her wingman--and take off with someone else.No. Normally I'm the one taking the girl home but with Stella, it's been one failed attempt after another and frankly, I'm done trying.But thanks to my best friend getting married in Hawaii right before the school year starts, I'm stuck on a tropical island, watching Stella parade around in what she claims is a bathing suit.Unfortunately, that's not the worst of it, just the tip of the iceberg. Because what I think is going to be a relaxing vacation, avoiding the one girl I can't seem to make it work with, has turned into a spectacle of being recruited as Stella's doting fake fiancé so she can save face with an old "friend" from high school.Now I'm navigating through purgatory while trying not to get turned on by the way she holds my hand or kisses my jaw. It's all fake, that's what I keep telling myself, even though it feels entirely too real.Note from author: This book is a smattering of tropes: Enemies to lovers, turned friends to lovers, and also coworkers to lovers. Not to mention, a fake fiancé romance that takes place in Maui and Chicago. Lots of heat--a balcony scene that will make you blush--absurdly funny pranks, best supporting cast, a surprise "mom" you'll never see coming, and a grumbly guss of a hero who can't stop pining after his girl. Enjoy!