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The Vampire's Kiss by Jesse Harris


Frostbite: Dimitri's Point of View

Gigi256 - 2014

Time (Mirror Book 2)

Janessa Burt - 2015
     One – I would’ve tried shielding Miles from the ugliness of the mirror. Two – I would’ve listened to the warnings that despite the evil I’ve already met, worse was coming. Three – I would’ve recognized that while I was trying to keep everyone in the light, darkness crept into the hidden corners of myself I never knew existed. Four – I wouldn’t have so willingly trusted others just because they are family. Five – Most importantly, I would have shielded my heart before it turned black.

The Forgotten (The MacKinnon Legacy #2)

J.A. Templeton - 2015
    Before she can enjoy her freshman year, she's targeted by the spirit of Jaime, a girl who had gone missing months before. Jaime needed Madison's help to find her killer, but now that her body’s been found, she’s MIA. The same can’t be said for the malevolent spirits who want Madison to steer clear of the killer and his victims. Despite the danger she is in, Jaime’s brother, Haven continues to push Madison to find the killer. He won't stop until he gets justice for his sister. Madison’s hometown crush, Shane insists she forget about Jaime and the killer and get on with her life, but that's hard to do when no one will leave her alone. Torn between the two handsome men and her conscience that is telling her to find the killer, Madison has to make a decision—ignore the psychic visions and clues or keep digging for answers and become the killer’s next victim. The Forgotten is the final book in The MacKinnon Legacy series and is intended for readers over 17.


Jordan Cray - 1997
    When the dream girl he meets on the Internet shows up as a real person, Jonah watches his totally exciting other life turn into a nightmare.

The Unseen

Richie Tankersley Cusick - 2003
    It's available only at Walmart.Out walking alone one rainy night, Lucy becomes convinced that someone - or something - is following her. Spooked, she ducks into a cemetery to try and lose her stalker. Panicking in the darkness, she slips and stumbles into an open grave - only to discover she is not alone in there. She manages to escape, but soon begins having terrifying visions and dreams - and she still can't shake the feeling of an unseen presence, always watching, waiting... Who was the girl in the grave? And what did she do to Lucy?

Dark Hunger (Warrior of Darkness #2)

Ava K. Michaels - 2019
    Protect her, not only from those hunting her but from her own demons……and from me. There’s a hunger growing inside me. I want her. Need her. Crave her. And my beast won’t stop until I have her. Mind. Body. And blood.Continue to see what lurks in the shadows of DARK HUNGER, book two in the latest dark paranormal hit series by Ava K Michaels.

The Warnings

Margaret Buffie - 1989
    Now in paperback, from the award-winning author of The Haunting of Frances Rain, here's a well-reviewed thriller about an angry young girl who experiences frightening flashes of second sight which she calls The Warnings.

Point Horror Collection 6 - The Caroline B. Cooney Collection: The Cheerleader / Return of the Vampire / Vampire's Promise (Vampire's Promise, #1-3)

Caroline B. Cooney - 1995
    Cooney!Enter the horrifying world of the Vampire, in Caroline B. Cooney's thrilling Vampire Trilogy.Meet Althea. Until she meets the Vampire she's a nobody, but he makes her the most popular girl in the school. Now Althea wants more, and she'll do anything to get it.Shiver with fear as Devnee begs the Vampire to give her beauty. But is the price she must pay too high?Find out what happens when Lacey and her friends break into the Vampire's Tower. It starts as a game, but soon one of them will be his...But reader BEWARE...for your dreams could turn into NIGHTMARES...

Blood & Sawdust

Jason S. Ridler - 2012
    But nothing prepared him for Milkwood: a fat, ugly bastard who could take a beating like a government mule, but never, ever won. So when Malcolm risks his life to discover Milkwood's secret, he convinces the fighter to stop being a punching bag and to go for broke in the local tournament. Only problem? A beautiful woman called Lash who needs Milkwood for her own purposes, and a fouler creature on her heels known only as Dizzy Colt. But for Malcolm and Milkwood? Hell, it’s just another day of Blood and SawdustPRAISE FOR BLOOD AND SAWDUST!"With wicked, playful prose that blends the best of pulp with the supernatural, Jason Ridler’s Blood and Sawdust creates an unholy, hell-raising hybrid, the kind of tale Christopher Moore and Jim Thompson might swap after a long night of drinking, trying to one-up one another with acerbic absurdity." Joe Clifford, Author of CHOICE CUTS and JUNKIE LOVEPRAISE FOR THE WORK OF JASON RIDLER!"An exciting new writer." Lucius Shepard, multiple-award-winning author of HANDBOOK OF AMERICAN PRAYER. “Jason Ridler is kind of like a bull rider who’s tossed a saddle on a Tiger tank, and he’s riding that bucking sucker for all he’s worth, because, hey, no one told him that he couldn’t do it, did they? So here he is, the Man in the Barbed-Wire Straitjacket." Norman Partridge, Award Winning Author of DARK HARVEST. "Jason Ridler’s work is intense and taut, with incredible characters and plots that keep your mind buzzing long after you’ve reached the final page." Trent Zelazny, author of TOO LATE TO CALL TEXAS, and FRACTAL DESPONDENCY. ABOUT THE AUTHORJason S. Ridler is the author of BLOOD AND SAWDUST, the Spar Battersea thrillers (DEATH MATCH, CON JOB and DICE ROLL), the short story collection KNOCKOUTS, and has published over fifty stories in such magazines and anthologies as Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Brain Harvest, Chilling Tales, and more. His popular non-fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Dark Scribe, and the Internet Review of Science Fiction. A former punk rock musician and cemetery groundskeeper, Mr. Ridler holds a Ph.D. in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. Visit him at twitter at, Facebook ,, or his writing blog, Ridlerville,


Lauren Chow - 2017
     Clara Evans’ needs a fresh start. Exhausted from the taunts of her classmates and the neglect of her careless foster parents, she is counting down the days until graduation when she can move away and leave her miserable life behind. When swoon-worthy Jay Woods transfers to Ford High School, Clara’s eyes are opened to a universe she never knew existed. As the life she once knew shatters and ancient secrets are revealed, Clara must learn to control her newfound powers while defeating a raging darkness that will change the world forever. Could “The Freak” from Ford High be the key to saving the human race?

Yes Alpha: The Alpha Brothers Box Set

G. Bailey - 2019
    A disgrace to the wolves’ society. Never fit to be a mate for any wolf… Trash. Elodie Masters knows she is too weak to escape her life as a pack slave, a wolf with no claim and overall blight to the wolves’ precious society. When her pack is attacked, Elodie should have run, but instead she is kept by the Alpha Brothers. Ruthless. Cruel. Heartless brothers…or at least that’s what everyone says about them. And they were right. The brothers don’t want her as a mate; they claim she is too weak to be anything…but they won’t let her go. Yet sometimes strength hides in the weak, and you don’t see it coming until it literally bites you back. Follow Elodie's story through all three books in this box set. Including: No Alpha (Book One) No Claim (Book Two) Vampire Captive (Book Three) Yes Alpha (Exclusive novella) Warning: Not for the faint-hearted. 18+ RH

Cold Blood: Billionaire Vampire's Choice #2

V.M. Black - 2015
    The ageless billionaire vampire has finally found his consort in the form of a dying young woman named Cora Shaw. His blood kiss heals Cora’s broken body and unites them in an eternal bond. With her, Dorian is finally complete. But far from enjoying a blissful union, he discovers that the demons inside himself are not as easily laid to rest as he had believed, and his enemies have deadly plans for his consort. A new title in the stunning serial by New York Times bestselling author V. M. Black, Cold Blood includes a complete bonus copy of Taken (The Alpha's Captive #1) Start the series with Blood Lust.

13 Tales of Horror (Point Horror, #12)

T. PinesCaroline B. Cooney - 1991
    do you? The masters of horror are waiting to take you on a terrifying ride, and there are 13 stops.Meet the new guy in town, very handsome, very sexy, and very deadly. Dine on sweet and wonderfully inviting confections - they're good to the last breath. Learn that some spells can never be broken...Inside you'll find the works of 13 masters of horror. Let Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine and the rest of our macabre crew show you the beauty in your worst nightmares - and the terror in your most exquisite dreams.... * viii • Introduction (Thirteen) • (1991) • essay by T. Pines * 1 • Collect Call: The Black Walker: Part I • (1991) • novella by Christopher Pike * 49 • Lucinda • (1991) • novelette by Lael Littke * 73 • The Guiccioli Miniature • (1991) • shortstory by Jay Bennett * 83 • Blood Kiss • (1991) • novelette by D. E. Athkins * 103 • A Little Taste of Death • (1991) • novelette by Patricia Windsor * 127 • The Doll • (1991) • novelette by Carol Ellis * 149 • House of Horrors • (1991) • shortstory by J. B. Stamper * 165 • Where the Deer Are • (1991) • novelette by Caroline B. Cooney * 183 • The Spell • (1991) • novelette by R. L. Stine * 205 • Dedicated to the One I Love • (1991) • novelette by Diane Hoh * 231 • Hacker • (1991) • novelette by Sinclair Smith * 257 • Deathflash • (1991) • novelette by A. Bates * 279 • The Boy Next Door • (1991) • novelette by Ellen Emerson White * 305 • Collect Call: The Black Walker: Part II • (1991) • novella by Christopher Pike * 331 • About the Authors (Thirteen) • (1991) • essay by uncredited

Katarina (Ghosts of River Oaks Book 2)

Sue Fineman - 2014
    They inherit the family fortune, including the old mansion on the river in Florida. The estate called River Oaks is haunted by the ghosts of ancestors and family slaves. Katarina, a teacher, lived on a ranch in Arizona. Her sisters and Boone Callahan, her grandmother’s attorney, help her through an unexpected pregnancy. Kat is attracted to Boone, but he keeps his distance until a boy shows up in his office claiming Boone is his father. Danny’s mother has been murdered, and Boone is afraid the killers will come after the boy. Boone hides Danny at River Oaks. While they’re there, Kat seduces Boone. Their affair grows into love, but he hates that she talks with ghosts and always seems to know what he’s thinking. And then the killers show up and try to take Danny.

The Vampire's Violin

Michael Romkey - 2003
    The blood of innocents is plentiful and easily attained—it is his other passion that torments him. Many years ago he owned and lost a violin that sang with the voice of the angels. Now this unearthly monster will do anything to press the instrument once more against his neck.As it summons a hellish creature of the nightMaggie O’Hara was a talented if unremarkable violinist—until the day her grandfather gives her a violin he had brought home from World War II. For fifty years the magnificent instrument sat untouched in an attic, but from the moment Maggie hits the first note, her playing is transformed. With this remarkable violin in her possession, all of her dreams are eerily becoming reality. But she has no way of knowing that a nightwalker is tracking her down—and that he has every intention of taking back, through bloodlust and terror, what is rightfully his. . . . THE VAMPIRE’S VIOLIN