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Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs

Thomas Harris - 1991
    This gift pack includes both titles, for a total listening time of approximately 6 hours.

Boy's Life

Robert R. McCammon - 1991
    People either work for the paper mill up the Tecumseh River, or for the local dairy. It’s a simple life, but it stirs the impressionable imagination of twelve-year-old aspiring writer Cory Mackenson. He’s certain he’s sensed spirits whispering in the churchyard. He’s heard of the weird bootleggers who lurk in the dark outside of town. He’s seen a flood leave Main Street crawling with snakes. Cory thrills to all of it as only a young boy can. Then one morning, while accompanying his father on his milk route, he sees a car careen off the road and slowly sink into fathomless Saxon’s Lake. His father dives into the icy water to rescue the driver, and finds a beaten corpse, naked and handcuffed to the steering wheel—a copper wire tightened around the stranger’s neck. In time, the townsfolk seem to forget all about the unsolved murder. But Cory and his father can’t. Their search for the truth is a journey into a world where innocence and evil collide. What lies before them is the stuff of fear and awe, magic and madness, fantasy and reality. As Cory wades into the deep end of Zephyr and all its mysteries, he’ll discover that while the pleasures of childish things fade away, growing up can be a strange and beautiful ride. “Strongly echoing the childhood-elegies of King and Bradbury, and every bit their equal,” Boy’s Life, a winner of both the Bram Stoker and World Fantasy Awards, represents a brilliant blend of mystery and rich atmosphere, the finest work of one of today’s most accomplished writers (Kirkus Reviews).

The Fifth Dominion

Clive Barker - 1991
    There has never been a book like Imajica. Transforming every expectation of fantasy fiction with its heady mingling of radical sexuality and spiritual anarchy, it has carried its millions of readers into regions of passion and philosophy that few books have even attempted to map. It's an epic in every way; vast in conception, obsessively detailed in execution, and apocalyptic in its resolution. A book of erotic mysteries and perverse violence. A book of ancient, mythological landscapes and even more ancient magic.

The Lottery and Other Stories; The Haunting of Hill House; We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Shirley Jackson - 1991
    M. Homes. "It is a place where things are not what they seem; even on a morning that is sunny and clear there is always the threat of darkness looming, of things taking a turn for the worse." Jackson's characters-mostly unloved daughters in search of a home, a career, a family of their own-chase what appears to be a harmless dream until, without warning, it turns on its heel to seize them by the throat. We are moved by these characters' dreams, for they are the dreams of love and acceptance shared by us all. We are shocked when their dreams become nightmares, and terrified by Jackson's suggestion that there are unseen powers-"demons" both subconscious and supernatural-malevolently conspiring against human happiness. In this volume Joyce Carol Oates, our leading practitioner of the contemporary Gothic, presents the essential works of Shirley Jackson, the novels and stories that, from the early 1940s through the mid-1960s, wittily remade the genre of psychological horror for an alienated, postwar America. She opens with "The Lottery" (1949), Jackson's only collection of short fiction, whose disquieting title story-one of the most widely anthologized tales of the 20th century-has entered American folklore. Also among these early works are "The Daemon Lover," a story Oates praises as "deeper, more mysterious, and more disturbing than 'The Lottery, ' " and "Charles," the hilarious sketch that launched Jackson's secondary career as a domestic humorist. Here too are Jackson's masterly short novels: "The Haunting of Hill House" (1959), the tale of an achingly empathetic young woman chosen by a haunted house to be its new tenant, and "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" (1962), the unrepentant confessions of Miss Merricat Blackwood, a cunning adolescent who has gone to quite unusual lengths to preserve her ideal of family happiness. Rounding out the volume are 21 other stories and sketches that showcase Jackson in all her many modes, and the essay "Biography of a Story," Jackson's acidly funny account of the public reception of "The Lottery," which provoked more mail from readers of "The New Yorker" than any contribution before or since.

The Servants of Twilight / Darkfall / Phantoms

Dean Koontz - 1991

The Stand / The Dark Half

Stephen King - 1991

Grimscribe: His Lives and Works

Thomas Ligotti - 1991
    The voice of the damned : The last feast of Harlequin --The spectacles in the drawer --flowers of the abyss --Nethescurial --The voice of the demon : The dreaming in Nortown --The mystics of Muelenburg --In the shadow of another world --The cocoons --The voice of the dreamer : The night School --The glamour --The voice of our name : The library of Byzantium --Miss Plarr --The voice of our name : the shadow at the bottom of the world.

The Yattering and Jack

Steve Niles - 1991
    He is one dangerous demon, ready to pounce...A new dark fantasy graphic novel from the bestselling author of *Imajica* and *The Great and Secret Show.* Also included: a stunning adaptation of Clive Barker's story *How Spoilers Bleed.*

Summer of Night

Dan Simmons - 1991
    But then a dark cloud threatens the bright promise of summer vacation: on the last day of school, their classmate Tubby Cooke vanishes. Soon, the group discovers stories of other children who once disappeared from Elm Haven. And there are other strange things happening in town: unexplained holes in the ground, a stranger dressed as a World War I soldier, and a rendering-plant truck that seems to be following the five boys. The friends realize that there is a terrible evil lurking in Elm Haven...and they must be the ones to stop it.

I Am Legend

Steve Niles - 1991
    Richard Matheson's classic novel of fear and vampirism - the tale of the last human on an Earth overrun by the undead - returns to graphic novel format in a single volume collection of four long out-of-print books.

The Oxford Book of Victorian Ghost Stories

Michael Cox - 1991
    In an age of rapid scientific progress, the idea of a vindictive past able to reach out and violate the present held a special potential for terror. Throughout the nineteenth century, fictional ghost stories developed in parallel with the more general Victorian fascination with death and what lay beyond it. Though they were as much a part of the cultural and literary fabric of the age as imperial confidence, the best of the stories still retain their original power to surprise and unsettle. In Victorian Ghost Stories, the editors map out the development of the ghost story from 1850 to the early years of the twentieth century and demonstrate the importance of this form of short fiction in Victorian popular culture. As well as reprinting stories by supernatural specialists such as J. S. Le Fanu and M. R. James, this selection emphasizes the key role played by women writers--including Elizabeth Gaskell, Rhoda Broughton, and Charlotte Riddell--and offers one or two genuine rarities. Other writers represented include Charles Dickens, Henry James, Wilkie Collins, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and R. L. Stevenson. There is also a fascinating Introduction and a chronological list of ghost story collections from 1850 to 1910.Includes:The old nurse's story by Elizabeth GaskellAn account of some strange disturbances in Aungier Street by J.S. Le FanuThe miniature by J.Y. AkermanThe last house in C-Street by Dinah MulockTo be taken with a grain of salt by Charles DickensThe Botathen ghost by R.S. HawkerThe truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth by Rhoda BroughtonThe romance of certain old clothes by Henry JamesPichon & Sons, of the Croix Rousse by AnonymousReality or delusion? by Mrs Henry WoodUncle Cornelius, his story by George MacDonaldThe shadow of a shade by Tom HoodAt Chrighton Abbey by Mary Elizabeth BraddonNo living voice by Thomas Street MillingtonMiss Jéromette and the clergyman by Wilkie CollinsThe story of Clifford House by AnonymousWas it an illusion? by Amelia B. EdwardsThe open door by Charlotte RiddellThe captain of the "Pole-star" by Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThe body-snatcher by Robert Louis StevensonThe story of the rippling train by Mary Louisa MolesworthAt the end of the passage by Rudyard Kipling"To let" by B.M. CrokerJohn Charrington's wedding by E. NesbitThe haunted organist of Hurly Burly by Rosa MulhollandThe man of science by Jerome K. JeromeCanon Alberic's scrap-book by M.R. JamesJerry Bundler by W.W. JacobsAn Eddy on the floor by Bernard CapesThe tomb of Sarah by F.G. LoringThe case of Vincent Pyrwhit by Barry PainThe shadows on the wall by Mary E. WilkinsFather Macclesfield's tale by R.H. BensonThurnley Abbey by Perceval LandonThe kit-bag by Algernon Blackwood

The Barrens and Others

F. Paul Wilson - 1991
    Paul Wilson. From The Keep, nearly twenty years ago, to this year's Legacies, Wilson has been one of the most dependable names for fine storytelling in whatever genre he chooses.In The Barren and Others, Wilson lets his fertile imagination run wild, traveling from the Old West of Doc Holliday to the Pine Barrens of present-day New jersey and encountering many strange, suspect, and supernatural happenings along the way. From urban mercenary Repairman Jack, hero of Wilson's recent novel, Legacies, to the obese and food-obsessed Topsy, Wilson's wild array of characters get caught up in adventures both fascinating and horrifying.A first -rate collection of first-rate tales, ranging from Lovecraftian to Western supernatural, with many mysterious combination in between, The Barrens and Others will be a treasure for Wilson's established fans and to those discovering Wilson for the first time.


Theodore Roszak - 1991
    Jonathan Gates could not have anticipated that his student studies would lead him to uncover the secret history of the movies—a tale of intrigue, deception, and death that stretches back to the 14th century. But he succumbs to what will be a lifelong obsession with the mysterious Max Castle, a nearly forgotten genius of the silent screen who later became the greatest director of horror films, only to vanish in the 1940s, at the height of his talent. Now, 20 years later, as Jonathan seeks the truth behind Castle's disappearance, the innocent entertainments of his youth—the sexy sirens, the screwball comedies, the high romance—take on a sinister appearance. His tortured quest takes him from Hollywood's Poverty Row into the shadowy lore of ancient religious heresies. He encounters a cast of exotic characters, including Orson Welles and John Huston, who teach him that there's more to film than meets the eye, and journeys through the dark side of nostalgia, where the Three Stooges and Shirley Temple join company with an alien god whose purposes are anything but entertainment.


John Saul - 1991
    A secluded little town at the edge of a vast, eerie swamp. Far from prying eyes. Far from the laws of civilization. Here folks live by their own rules -- dark rites of altars and infants, candles and blood.Years ago the Andersons left town with a dream. Now they are back. To live out a nightmare. Something has been waiting for them. Something unspeakably evil. It feeds on the young and the innocent. And soon it will draw their teenage daughter into its unholy embrace....From the Paperback edition.

Dreams With Sharp Teeth

Harlan Ellison - 1991
    Omnibus of three previous books:I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream(1967)Deathbird Stories(1975)Shatterday(1980)43 stories

H.P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life

Michel Houellebecq - 1991
    P. Lovecraft, the seminal, enigmatic horror writer of the early 20th century. Houellebecq’s insights into the craft of writing illuminate both Lovecraft and Houellebecq’s own work. The two are kindred spirits, sharing a uniquely dark worldview. But even as he outlines Lovecraft’s rejection of this loathsome world, it is Houellebecq’s adulation for the author that drives this work and makes it a love song, infusing the writing with an energy and passion not seen in Houellebecq’s other novels to date.

Horror on the Orient Express

Geoff GillanCharlie Krank - 1991
    Horror on the Orient Express contains the second-edition of a massive, luxury adventure for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Beginning in 1920s London, the investigators journey to Paris and thence to the ancient city of Constantinople. With luck, they also return home.

The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral

Robert Westall - 1991
    Soon after steeplejack Joe Clarke begins work on one of the spires of Muncaster's medieval cathedral, terrible things start to happen and Joe realizes that there is a malevolent force connected to the spire's gargoyle.

Needful Things

Stephen King - 1991
    Anyone who enters his store finds the object of his or her lifelong dreams and desires: a prized baseball card, a healing amulet. In addition to a token payment, Gaunt requests that each person perform a little "deed," usually a seemingly innocent prank played on someone else from town. These practical jokes cascade out of control and soon the entire town is doing battle with itself. Only Sheriff Alan Pangborn suspects that Gaunt is behind the population's increasingly violent behavior.

Book of the Damned: A Hellraiser Companion

Clive Barker - 1991
    A Hellraiser Companion, first in a 4 volume set.

Clive Barker's Shadows in Eden

Stephen Jones - 1991
    Heavily illustrated with rare photos, stills, and drawings, 16 in full color. With an introduction by Stephen King.

Dark Ladies: Conjure Wife/Our Lady of Darkness

Fritz Leiber - 1991
    Norman Saylor considered it nothing but superstition, until he learned that his own wife was a practicing sorceress. Even still, he refuses to accept the truth that every woman knows...that in the secret occult warfare that governs our lives, witchcraft is a matter of life and death.Our Lady of DarknessMiddle-aged San Francisco horror writer Franz Westen is rediscovering ordinary life following a long alcoholic binge. The one day, peering at his apartment window from a top a nearby hill, he sees a pale, brown thing lean out his window...and wave.This encounter sends Westen on a quest through ancient books and modern streets, for the dark forces and paramental entities that thrive amidst the towering skyscrapers...and, meanwhile, the entities are also looking for him.


Phil Rickman - 1991
    And though the locals are slow to welcome them, the Freemans believe that in time they will be accepted. But the Freemans have fallen under an ancient Celtic curse--and soon they will learn the truth about what it means to be outsiders. HC: Pan (UK).

The Boy Who Drew Cats (Rabbit Ears)

David A. Johnson - 1991
    A Rabbit Ears Presents selection.

Honour Thy Father

Lesley Glaister - 1991
    They have lived there all their lives, trapped still by the fear of their dead father, who governs his daughters' lives from beyond the grave.

Under the Fang

Robert R. McCammonClifford V. Brooks - 1991
    Like a slow, insidious virus they spread from house to house, building to building, from graveyard to bedroom and cellar to boardroom. They are ancient and deathless, sun-shy and bloodthirsty. For millennia their vile compulsion kept them in the darkest corners of the human imagination. But the dark-hearted hoardes are conquerers now, and those who survive are forced to liveUNDER THE FANGIn this unparalleled feast for the imagination, America's premier horror writers have created a world of vampirism run amok. From Moscow to Tokyo, New York to Los Angeles, vampire kingdoms rise and fall; their unholy religions, fiendish science and depraved entertainments hold ghastly sway. Come share this terrifying vision of a future...Their time never passes. Their time is now...Contains:The Miracle Mile - Robert R. McCammonDancing Nitely - Nancy A. CollinsStoker's Mistress - Clint CollinsDoes the Blood Line Run on Time? - Sidney Williams and Robert PetittRed Eve - Al SarrantonioWe are Dead Together - Charles de LintCalm Sea and Prosperous Voyage - Chet WilliamsonAdvocates - Suzy McKee Charnas and Chelsea Quinn YarbroSpecial - Richard LaymonHerrenrasse - J.N. WilliamsonDuty - Ed GormanMidnight Sun - Brian HodgeA Bloodsucker - David N. Meyer IIIProdigal Sun - Thomas F. MonteleoneThere are No Nightclubs in East Palo Alto - Clifford V. BrooksJuice - Lisa W. CantrellBehind Enemy Lines - Dan Perez

The Spider Glass

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - 1991
    Over brandy, Charles Whittenfield tells his dinner guests a weird yarn of an antique Venetian mirror; who should figure prominently in Whittenfield's tale but Yarbro's popular vampire protagonist, le Comte de Saint-Germain!

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Fourth Annual Collection

Ellen DatlowSharon M. Hall - 1991
    Morlan, Robert Silverberg, Michael Swanwick, Jane Yolen and many others. Supplementing the stories are the editors' invaluable overviews of the year in fantastic fiction, Edward Bryant's witty roundup of the year's fantasy films, and a long list of Honorable Mentions —all of which adds up to an invaluable reference source, and a font of fabulous reading.


Donna Ball - 1991
    Legend has it that their home is built on holy ground. Other legends tell of hideous beasts that roam the mountainside, Yeti-like creatures so terrifying that no one has ever dared disturb their sanctuary… until now.First there are random acts of vandalism, then small pets begin to disappear, and then men go into the woods and don’t come back. When Christy’s nightmares begin to suggest that she can actually communicate with the creatures who are wreaking such havoc on their small and vulnerable community, Laura is terrified. Because Christy’s dreams tell her that the monsters are coming for her next.And she is right.Sanctuary is a suspense-filled tale of love, courage and redemption that will take you in its grip from the first page and leave you breathless by the last. Because sometimes the real monsters are the ones you can’t escape, no matter how far you run.

The Complete Stories, Vol. 3: Last Rites

Robert Bloch - 1991

H.P. Lovecraft's Dunwich: Return to the Forgotten Village

Keith Herber - 1991
    Until 1806, Dunwich was a thriving community, boasting many mills and the powerful Whateley family.Those among the Whateleys came to know dark secrets about the world, and they fell into the worship of unwholesome creatures from other times and places. Retreating to the hills and forests surrounding the town, they betrayed their uncorrupted kin.Prosperity fled, and a dark despair seized the people. What remains is a skeleton town, mills closed, its citizens without hope or future. However, secrets of the Mythos survive, to be discovered by brave and enterprising investigators.Return to Dunwich contains extensive background information about a town originally created and described by H.P. Lovecraft in his terrifying tales of horror. Pertinent buildings, useful people, and important locations are described in depth. A 17x22" map of Dunwich Country depicts the area for miles around. Two new scenarios are included: one introductory and the other suitable for many evenings of play. Various links and leads to Arkham are included; possession of Arkham Unveiled is useful but not necessary.

Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs

R.C. Welch - 1991
    Turn a camping trip or slumber party into an adventure in fright, or for the extra-fearless, read Scary Stories alone!

A Fabulous, Formless Darkness

David G. HartwellRobert Aickman - 1991
    Writers include Robert Aickman, Philip K. Dick, Charles Dickens, Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Edith Wharton, and others.

Nimetön kaupunki

H.P. Lovecraft - 1991
    Sisällys:Väri avaruudesta (The Colour Out of Space, 1927) Juhlapäivä (The Festival, 1923) Nimetön kaupunki (The Nameless City, 1921) Vainooja pimeydestä (The Haunter of the Dark, 1935) Hulluuden vuorilla (At the Mountains of Madness, 1931)

More Shapes Than One: A Book of Stories

Fred Chappell - 1991
    P. Lovecraft, a southern sheriff, a dealer in rare books, a country singer, an old maid (and her suitor), and a mathematician. Whether these stories are deemed disquieting, comic, prophetic, or tall in the telling, they show us worlds where the truth reveals itself in many shapes. Throughout the writings comprising More Shapes Than One, Fred Chappell's storytelling magic transforms the commonplace.

The Horror Hall of Fame

Martin H. Greenberg - 1991
    Selected by the World Fantasy Convention, it contains a full range of the best horror fiction written during the last two centuries, ranging from the classic work of Edgar Allan Por to Ray Bradbury and Ramsey Campbell.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries

Stefan R. Dziemianowicz - 1991
    Fisher"John Ovington Returns", by Max Brand"Fishhead", by Irvin S. Cobb"The Outcast", by E. F. Benson"The Yellow Sign", by Robert W. Chambers"The Derelict", by William Hope Hodgson"The Novel of the White Powder", by Arthur Machen"The Highwayman", by Lord Dunsany"Daemon", by C. L. Moore"The Burial of the Rats", by Bram Stoker"The Day of the Deepies", by Murray Leinster"The Horror of the Heights", by Arthur Conan Doyle"The Lonesome Place", by August Derleth"The Shadow and the Flash", by Jack London"That Low", by Theodore Sturgeon"The Human Angle", by William Tenn"The Toys of Fate", by Tod Robbins"The Counter Charm", by Margaret St. Clair"Guardian Angel", by Arthur C. Clarke"Mimic", by Donald A. Wollheim"The Music of Erich Zann", by H. P. Lovecraft"The Dancing Partner", by Jerome K. Jerome"Lukundoo", by Edward Lucas White"The Man Who Collected Poe", by Robert Bloch"Thus I Refute Beelzy", by John Collier"Homecoming", by Ray Bradbury"Worms of the Earth", by Robert E. Howard

The Black Hope Horror: The True Story of a Haunting

Ben Williams - 1991

The Year's Best Horror Stories: XIX

Karl Edward WagnerKim Antieau - 1991
    A collection of horror stories features the work of such masters as Ramsey Campbell, David Drake, and Ed Gorman

The Last Sunrise (Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire ComicBook #1 )

Anne Rice - 1991

The Ragthorn

Robert Holdstock - 1991
    Time is very short for me now, the final part of the ritual draws near... I cannot pretend that I am not frightened.” There were these two British writers, one lived in the country, the other in the city. The country writer loved to visit the city and partake of brandy and Greek kebabs in the local hostelry. The city writer liked to visit the country and guzzle ale and barbecued steak under the apple trees. The two writers needed an excuse for these indulgences, and so they invented one, and this excuse was called “collaborating on a story” ... It soon emerged that the story was to be about a legendary tree, which they both vaguely recalled from the tales their grandfathers used to tell them of mystery and myth. Soon they were delving with suppressed excitement into old documents at the British Museum and began to come up with some frightening discoveries. The first of these finds was in studying the original text, in Anglo-Saxon, of the Old English poem “The Dream of the Rood”. The marrying of the “tree” (crucifixion cross) and the “thorn” (a runic character) was too elaborately regular to be an accident of metre or alliterative language. Other discoveries followed, and the story gradually surfaced, like a dark secret from its burial mound. The Ragthorn: a dark and unsettling World Fantasy Award-winning novella by Robert Holdstock and Garry Kilworth. Also included in this volume, two bonus stories: “The Fabulous Beast” by Garry Kilworth, and “The Charisma Trees” by Robert Holdstock. Robert Holdstock: ‘Britain’s best fantasist … these are the visions of a real artist.’ – The Times ‘Our finest living mythmaker. His narratives – intense, exuberant, earthy, passionate, dense with metaphor – are new trails through the ancient forest of our imaginations. An essential writer.’ – Stephen Baxter ‘No other author has so successfully captured the magic of the wildwood.’ – Michael Moorcock ‘A new expression of the British genius for true fantasy.’ – Alan Garner, on Mythago Wood Garry Kilworth: ‘Garry Kilworth is arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre.’ – New Scientist ‘Kilworth is one of the most significant writers in the English language.’ – Fear Magazine ‘Probably one of the finest writers of short stories Britain has ever produced.’ – Bookstove Online ‘Kilworth is a master of his trade.’ – Punch Magazine

Moon of the Werewolf

Ronald Kelly - 1991

Kult: Death is Only the Beginning...

Gunilla Jonsson - 1991
    Reality is not what we think. Around us the world is dark and dangerous and nothing is what it seems to be. Our reality is an illusion, created to keep us captive. We are imprisoned since ages past by a dictatorial creator. The true world, invisible to us, is ruled by creatures who dominate behind the false facades, our prison wardens and torturers. The characters in 'Kult' are dark heroes, governed by Destiny. When the illusions shatter, they face the true reality. Kult is a complete role-playing game and includes 1) The Lie - rules for creating player characters with abilities, dark secrets, advantages and disadvantages and skills. 16 ready-made archetypes (each infull color) will enable you to create an interesting character speedily and commence playing. 2) The Madness: Rules for encountering terror; advanced, realistic combat rules; and a comprehensive, logical magic system 3) The Truth: A consistent background to help you to recreate different horror atmospheres. Our illusion and dark realilty are described in detail, together with the creatures and cults who lurk behind the veil.

Waking Nightmares

Ramsey Campbell - 1991
    By the author of The Count of Eleven. Reprint.Fiction and Essays (view Full Listing)1 • Introduction (Waking Nightmares) • essay by Ramsey Campbell7 • The Guide • (1989) • short story by Ramsey Campbell23 • Next Time You'll Know Me • (1988) • short story by Ramsey Campbell36 • Second Sight • (1987) • short story by Ramsey Campbell44 • The Trick • (1980) • novelette by Ramsey Campbell65 • In the Trees • (1986) • short story by Ramsey Campbell77 • Another World • (1987) • short story by Ramsey Campbell93 • Playing the Game • (1988) • short story by Ramsey Campbell109 • Bedtime Story • (1986) • short story by Ramsey Campbell125 • Watch the Birdie • (1984) • short story by Ramsey Campbell133 • Old Clothes • (1985) • short story by Ramsey Campbell146 • Beyond Worlds • (1986) • short story by Ramsey Campbell162 • Jack in the Box • (1983) • short story by Ramsey Campbell169 • Eye of Childhood • (1982) • short story by Ramsey Campbell185 • The Other Side • (1986) • short story by Ramsey Campbell200 • Where the Heart Is • (1987) • short story by Ramsey Campbell211 • Being an Angel • (1989) • short story by Ramsey Campbell233 • It Helps If You Sing • (1989) • short story by Ramsey Campbell243 • The Old School • (1989) • short story by Ramsey Campbell258 • Meeting the Author • (1989) • short story by Ramsey Campbell

Where the Chill Waits

T. Chris Martindale - 1991
    In a test of their manhood, four men venture deep into a forest where evil awaits them, and the survivors of the lurking entity's fury will bear its evil out into the world.