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Ghosts of New York City by Therese Lanigan-schmidt


The Ghosts of Williamsburg...And Nearby Environs

L.B. Taylor Jr. - 1983
    The haunting return of a French soldier who was killed during the Revolutionary War.. The mysterious "curse tree" which separated husband and wife in their graves.. The strange portrait which moved about on its own.. These and other examples of inexplicable psychic phenomena are chronicled in this book.Are the stories true?Judge for yourself.

Supposedly Haunted: True Life Experiences of a Paranormal Investigator

E.E. Bensen - 2016
    He discusses what brought him into the paranormal research field, describes real life supernatural events witnessed firsthand during his numerous investigations, and also provides an opinion of what all of it might be. Experiencing paranormal phenomena has a way of changing one's perspective. Locations include Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Preston Castle, The Washoe Club, The Stanley Hotel, Old Tooele Hospital (Asylum 49), Farrar Elementary School, and more!

Ghost Stories of the Rocky Mountains

Barbara Smith - 1999
    These haunting tales from the high country include mysteries surrounding many well-known buildings and landmarks, some of which might be inhabited by restless spirits to this day! Features over four dozen stories from Little Bighorn, Cheyenne, Santa Fe, Denver, Butte, Salt Lake City, and more.With 27 b/w photographs.

True Ghost Stories And Hauntings: Spooky Stories Of The Creepiest Places On Earth: True Paranormal Hauntings, Unexplained Phenomena And True Ghost Stories (True Ghost Stories, Bizarre Stories Book 2)

Travis S. Kennedy - 2015
    However, these areas can be witness to certain happenings that include pain, suffering, and rage. Experts believe that locations where intense negative feelings and events have taken place, have the potential to retain that negative energy. These places are where supernatural and paranormal beings lurk. Let’s face it, our world is not a complete paradise and there are hundreds of tragedies that occur every year. Places where hauntings of ghosts and other paranormal entities occur and usually have gruesome, creepy, and unbelievable back stories of real, historical events. This book will provide you with a list of some of the scariest places on Earth that you probably haven’t heard of, but are backed up with creepy histories and spine-tingling hauntings. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – The Haunted Ramoji Film City True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – The Bunnyman Bridge True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – The Cursed Island of Poveglia True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – Ghost Island of Hashima True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – Sinister Leap Castle True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – Clark Air Base Hospital Horrors Much, much more! >>> Download this book today! <<< If you love a spine tingling read of creepy hauntings and true ghost stories, then download this book now! Tags: true ghost stories and hauntings, true paranormal, true ghost stories, true paranormal hauntings, bizarre true stories, true paranormal stories, unexplained phenomena, haunted houses, unexplained mysteries, haunted asylums

Haunted Houses of California: A Ghostly Guide

Antoinette May - 1977
    Enriched with historical background and generously illustrated, this fascinating, fun-to-read guide documents dozens of chill-inducing spots throughout the state, including hotels, bars, schools, historic buildings, and natural areas. Among the intriguing sites listed are the famous Winchester Mystery House, the infamous Red, White, and Blue Beach, and a host of lesser-known gems like the Easkoot House in Stinson Beach.

Haunted Savannah: The Official Guidebook to Savannah Haunted History Tour Conducted by Cobblestone Tours

James Caskey - 2005
    Her history is filled with plagues, wars, duels and wonder every site in Savannah has a secret past!Haunted Savannah brings you chilling tales, as experienced and told by witnesses, and authentic photos documenting the existence of energy from another dimension.

Horror Stories: The most Terrifying REAL unsolved mysterious and unexplained disappearances that are seriously scary, Chilling- Murder, True crimes & ... Haunted locations, Haunted house, Book 1)

Hannah J. Tidy - 2016
    All the stories in this book have been verified as being TRUE Horror stories that really took place! These stories are not made up in any way – they are backed up by FACTS. Maybe disturbing for some! Horror Stories , Hannah J. Tidy describes Bone-Chilling True Crimes, Unsolved Murders, Puzzling Disappearances, and Mysterious Deaths. You’ll learn about unexplainable mass murders, haunted hotels, phantoms of the night, and unsolved cold cases. In this New 3nd Edition of Horror Stories , you’ll find a new horrifying chapters of stories that have all happened recently within the past few years try to sleep after you read this stories. In one particular chapter you’ll discover of a modern day cannibal the roams the streets till this day So if you love to be thrilled and chilled by real-life stories of danger, loss, and the unexplained? Or are you intrigued by the dark and unknowable depths of human nature. this is the book for you! Read This Book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited – Order Now! Don’t wait another second – Hurry and Download Your Copy of Horror Stories Right Away! It’s time to learn the secrets of these chilling tales!

Haunted Ohio V: 200 Years of Ghosts (Buckeye Haunts)

Chris Woodyard - 2003
    You ll meet the ghosts of the Indian martyrs of Gnadenhutten, a spectral soldier from the siege of Ft. Meigs, the phantom Phoebe, keeping an eye on the canal boats at Roscoe Village, the African American ghosts of Prospect Place, a stop on the Underground Railroad, and many other tales that reflect the history as well as the ghostly lore of the Buckeye State. You'll also meet a real-life Hatchet Man, possibly Ohio s first serial killer, the sad ghost of a wife slaughtered by her husband at what is now a Victorian tea room, and the spirit of a mad murderess in a remote farmhouse. Stories from the following counties:Adams, Ashtabula, Athens, Belmont, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Coshocton, Crawford, Cuyahoga, Darke, Erie, Fairfield, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Guernsey, Hamilton, Hardin, Henry, Highland, Jefferosn, Lake, Lawrence, Logan, Lorain, Lucas, Madison, Marion, Montgomery, Morgan, Muskingum, Paulding, Pickaway, Pike, Portage, Putnam, Richland, Ross, Shelby, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, Union, Van Wert, Warren, Wood

True Ghost Stories: Real Haunted Cemeteries and Graveyards

Zachery Knowles - 2017
    Or as one gentleman whom had has picture taken at an infamous Old West Cemetery, only to have it developed and discover someone else was in the picture, too—holding a knife. Envision yourself walking along in a cemetery when a tall, handsome young man approaches asking for the location of a crypt. When you politely respond in the negative, he politely thanks you, turns, and disappears. Be cautious visiting a cemetery at dusk for a pack of large, dark-colored hellhounds with fiery red eyes might pass right through the trees as they are running toward you, barking and baying in a terrifying fashion. These stories and more fill the pages of this book. Included are cemetery hauntings from all over the world, including the United States, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Egypt, Argentina, Mexico, and Czechoslovakia. Infamous hauntings from Greyfriars Kirkyard and Stull Cemetery, as well as countless lesser-known hauntings are guaranteed to unnerve even the bravest of readers. Ghosts of criminals, police chiefs, murder victims, innocent young children, distraught mothers, lonely bachelors, forlorn lovers, a cursed pharaoh and many more are described in this book. All sorts of manifestations are also integrated including ghostly animals, shadows cast by a hangman’s tree no longer there, a screaming skull encased in concrete…these are just a few of the ghostly manifestations you will learn of within these pages. Be prepared to view cemeteries in a whole new light. Don’t read this without all the lights on and think twice before visiting any of these cemeteries without showing the proper respect—you may not come out with your sanity intact. Ready to scare yourself senseless? Scroll to the top of the page and hit buy!


Alexie Aaron - 2016
    His colleague Jesse Holden has hooked him up with a fill-in position on a multimillion dollar renovation on an isolated 1920s southern mansion called Hidden Meadow. The job is being run by a driven female contractor, Kiki Pickles, who specializes in renovating prewar buildings. She lets Cid know right away that she’s hired him for his carpentry skills and not as a ghost hunter. But Cid is all too aware that in the renovation of old homes, sometimes you have to deal with a myriad of pests, living and dead.Lurking at the top of the stairs is a very cranky ghost. He’s been woken up by the sound of pounding hammers and screeching tile cutters. He can’t do anything about the tools themselves, so he targets his rage at the men and women working on the mansion. Jesse is attacked in one of the three attics in Hidden Meadow and left to die. Cid arrives just in time to fight a black mass, and he surprises it with a good salting. Jesse is saved, but the ghost isn’t finished with them yet, nor is he the only entity that has been released to cause havoc in the first of the “Cid Garrett P. I.” novels.“Cid” is a standalone book written in the “Haunted Series” universe.

True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold's Campfire 5

Jim Harold - 2016
    It makes you wonder what is REALLY out there?" -- Reader, Beverly (on Campfire 4) *Each of the first four books in the Campfire series has reached #1 Best Seller status on the Kindle Supernatural rankings on Amazon. FREE Audio Download with Purchase On this special audio Campfire, Jim replays his 5 favorite stories as told by the actual experiencers! Get the exclusive link with your purchase of True Ghost Stories: Campfire 5!

True Stories of the Paranormal: The Complete Collection

Cindy Parmiter - 2017
    Also included are stories of ghost animals, haunted houses, vengeful spirits, guardian angels and much, much more. Many of the stories you are about to read will warm your heart, while others will leave you in a cold sweat. Sit back and relax. Make sure you are locked in safe and sound as you settle in for a scary read. Oh, and if you hear a strange noise in the hallway, don't worry, it's probably just the house settling. Well, maybe not.

Haunted New York City: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Big Apple

Cheri Revai - 2008
    The most bizarre and frightening stories of the paranormal from the five boroughs are compiled in this volume, including the phantom searching for lost gold in the Parrish House in the Bronx, the demonic flying Coney Island Monster in Brooklyn, the haunted St. Paul's Chapel in Manhattan, the raving ghost of Mount Olivet Cemetery in Queens, the restless spirits that peer from the windows of the Kreischer Mansion in Staten Island, and many others.

America's Secret Hauntings (Most Haunted Places Series Book 1)

Sarah Ashley - 2013
    People flock to locations who wish to have experiences of their own and delve into the exciting, quizzical and frightening world of those who have passed on. When speaking about haunted places there are more than a few that are surely recognizable to most people. However, for the avid ghost teller or hunter these long told tales have almost lost their ebullience and the romance is long gone. Discovering new haunts are like diamonds in the rough. Unchartered ghost stories and research are the crème de la crème for anyone who devours such tales. In this book, author and ghost hunter Sarah Ashley will take you on a new adventure of mysterious happenings, strange sights, horrific details of torture and torment and share with you some truly startling evidence from some of the most haunted, yet less glamorized locations across the United States.

ODD AND CHILLING ENCOUNTERS: True stories of the unknown

R.S. Russo - 2019
    From Ouija and demons to visits from angels. Encounters with ghosts, shadow people, skin walkers, aliens and UFO sightings. Warning: This book contains explicit language and is not suitable for children or anyone who is easily offended.