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The Millennium Trilogy (Millennium Trilogy, #1-3)

Stieg Larsson - 2005
    All these years later, her aged uncle continues to try to discover what happened to her. He hires Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist recently sidelined by a libel conviction, to investigate. Blomkvist is aided by the pierced and tattooed computer prodigy Lisbeth Salander. Together they tap into a vein of unfathomable iniquity and astonishing corruption on their way to discovering the truth of Harriet Vanger’s fate. The Girl Who Played with Fire Mikael Blomkvist, now the crusading publisher of the magazine Millennium, has decided to run a story that will expose an extensive sex trafficking operation. On the eve of its publication, the two reporters responsible for the article are murdered, and the fingerprints found on the murder weapon belong to his friend Lisbeth Salander. Blomkvist, convinced of Salander’s innocence, plunges into an investigation of the murders. Meanwhile, Salander herself is drawn into a murderous game of cat and mouse, which forces her to face her dark past. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Lisbeth Salander lies in critical condition, a bullet wound to her head, in the intensive care unit of a Swedish city hospital. She’s fighting for her life in more ways than one: if and when she recovers, she’ll be taken back to Stockholm to stand trial for three murders. With the help of Mikael Blomkvist, she will not only have to prove her innocence, but also identify and denounce those in authority who have allowed the vulnerable, like herself, to suffer abuse and violence. On her own, she will plot revenge—against the man who tried to kill her, and against the corrupt government institutions that very nearly destroyed her life.

The Dying Hour

Rick Mofina - 2005
    At The Seattle Mirror, he is competing for the single full-time job being offered through the paper's intense intern program. But unlike the program's other young reporters, who attended big name schools and worked at other big metro dailies, Wade put himself through community college, and lacked the same experience. Wade struggles with his haunting past as he pursues the story of Karen Harding, a college student whose car was found abandoned on a lonely stretch of highway in the Pacific Northwest. How could this beloved young woman with the altruistic nature simply vanish? Wade battles mounting odds and cut-throat competition to unearth the truth behind Karen Harding's disturbing case. Her disappearance is a story he cannot give up, never realizing the toll it could exact from him. The Dying Hour is a bone-chilling, mesmerizing page-turner that introduces readers to an all-too-human young hero who journeys into the darkest regions of the human heart to confront a nightmare. The International Thriller Writers (ITW), selected The Dying Hour as a finalist for a Thriller Award for Best Paperback Original, 2006. Rick Mofina is a former journalist who has interviewed murderers on death row, flown over L.A. with the LAPD and patrolled with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police near the Arctic. He's also reported from the Caribbean, Africa and Kuwait's border with Iraq. His books have been published in nearly 30 countries, including an illegal translation produced in Iran. His work has been praised by James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Jeffery Deaver, Sandra Brown, James Rollins, Brad Thor, Nick Stone, David Morrell, Allison Brennan, Heather Graham, Linwood Barclay, Peter Robinson, Håkan Nesser and Kay Hooper. The Crime Writers of Canada, The International Thriller Writers and The Private Eye Writers of America have listed his titles among the best in crime fiction. As a two-time winner of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award, a three-time Thriller Award finalist and a two-time Shamus Award finalist, the Library Journal calls him, “One of the best thriller writers in the business."

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Chris Sasaki - 2005
    Watson as they unravel the truth behind these cases and many more.(back cover)A Scandal in BohemiaThe Redheaded LeagueThe Adventure of the Blue CarbuncleThe Adventure of the Speckled BandThe Greek InterpreterThe Adventure of the Six Napoleans

The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Connelly - 2005
    But what he should have been on the watch for was evil.Haller is a Lincoln Lawyer, a criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car, traveling between the far-flung courthouses of Los Angeles to defend clients of every kind. Bikers, con artists, drunk drivers, drug dealers — they’re all on Mickey Haller’s client list. For him, the law is rarely about guilt or innocence — it’s about negotiation and manipulation. Sometimes it’s even about justice.A Beverly Hills playboy arrested for attacking a woman he picked up in a bar chooses Haller to defend him, and Mickey has his first high-paying client in years. It is a defense attorney’s dream, what they call a franchise case. And as the evidence stacks up, Haller comes to believe this may be the easiest case of his career.Then someone close to him is murdered and Haller discovers that his search for innocence has brought him face-to-face with evil as pure as a flame. To escape without being burned, he must deploy every tactic, feint, and instinct in his arsenal — this time to save his own life.

Danger in the Shadows / The Negotiator / True Devotion

Dee Henderson - 2005
    This boxed set includes the introductory books to each of Dee's series, including the prequel to the O'Malley series "Danger in the Shadows." Included in each set is an exclusive first chapter sampler of "The Witness/" free What a great way to get hooked on Dee Henderson and just in time for the release of her brand-new book, "The Witness," in February.

Solomon vs. Lord

Paul Levine - 2005
    Steve Solomon makes up his own. They'll either end up in ruin, in jail or in bed. Steve barely graduated from Key West School of Law. Victoria is fresh from Yale, toiling for an ambitious DA, before Steve gets her fired. Katrina Barksdale is a sexy former figure skater charged with killing her very wealthy, very kinky husband in Miami.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Stieg Larsson - 2005
    All these years later, her aged uncle continues to seek the truth. He hires Mikael Blomkvist, a crusading journalist recently trapped by a libel conviction, to investigate. He is aided by the pierced and tattooed punk prodigy Lisbeth Salander. Together they tap into a vein of unfathomable iniquity and astonishing corruption.An international publishing sensation, Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo combines murder mystery, family saga, love story, and financial intrigue into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric novel.

Hunter's Way

Gerri Hill - 2005
    But even after having six different partners in seven years, Tori isn't prepared when she's forced to team up with the hot-tempered Samantha Kennedy.Samantha, on the other hand, is trying to juggle a new job, a demanding boyfriend, and now finds herself with an even greater challenge -- being partnered with the most difficult detective in the entire squad.After a brief terrorist scare disrupts their serial killer investigation, the two women find themselves growing closer. Samantha begins to question the relationship with her longtime boyfriend, and Tori, never one to allow anyone to get close, begins to feel her defenses slipping in Sam’s presence.A serial killer and drug deals gone bad; the two detectives struggle with their feelings, trying to maintain their professional relationship while keeping their nearly flammable physical relationship in check.With Hunter’s Way, Gerri Hill masterfully blends suspense and intrigue with her unique style of romance.

Tony Hillerman: The Leaphorn Chee Novels: Skinwalkers, A Thief of Time, Coyote Waits

Tony Hillerman - 2005
    This stunning collection includes the critically acclaimed novels Skinwalkers, A Thief of Time, and Coyote Waits, all of which have been adapted for PBS by producer Robert Redford. This is a must-have anthology from one of the great masters of suspense.In Skinwalkers, three shotgun blasts explode into the trailer of Officer Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police. Chee survives to join partner Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn in a frightening investigation that takes them into a dark world of ritual, witchcraft, and blood -- all tied to the elusive and evil "skinwalker." In A Thief of Time, a noted anthropologist vanishes at a moonlit Indian ruin where "thieves of time" ravage sacred ground for profit. When two corpses appear amid stolen goods and bones at an ancient burial site, Leaphorn and Chee must plunge into the past to unearth the astonishing truth behind a mystifying series of horrific murders.And in Coyote Waits, it wasn't the car fire that killed Navajo Tribal Policeman Delbert Nez -- a bullet did. Officer Jim Chee's good friend Del lies dead, and a whiskey-soaked Navajo shaman is found with the murder weapon. The old man is Ashie Pinto. He's quickly arrested for homicide and defended by a woman Chee could either love or loathe. But Pinto won't utter a word of confession or denial. Leaphorn and Chee must unravel a complex plot involving a historical find, a lost fortune, and the mythical Coyote, who is always waiting, and always hungry.

Blood Memory

Greg Iles - 2005
    Praying the attack is a one-time event, she continues working, but when the same killer strikes again - raising fears that a serial killer is at large - Cat blacks out over the victim's mutilated corpse. Suspended from the FBI task force, Cat returns to her hometown of Natchez, Mississippi, to regroup.Though her colleagues know her as a world-class forensic odontologist, Cat lives a secret life. Plagued by nightmares, and deeply involved with a married homicide detective, Cat holds herself together with iron nerves and alcohol, using her work as a substitute for life.But her family's secluded antebellum estate provides no sanctuary. When some of Cat's forensic chemicals are spilled in her childhood bedroom, two bloody footprints are revealed. This discovery sets in motion a quest to piece together Cat's past - buried memories that could tie her father's murder to the grisly deaths occurring in New Orleans in the present. For only by finding this remorseless killer can Cat save her sanity - and her life.

Fear Has a Name

Creston Mapes - 2005
    More than a stalking. It was personal. When a stranger targets his wife and two daughters, journalist Jack Crittendon must uncover who the person is and what his motives are — if he's to protect the ones he loves. The investigation leads Jack into a world of behind-closed-door secrets and into a news story about a missing pastor whose apparent suicide is more than it appears. Each move Jack makes weaves him tighter and tighter into a web of lies, greed, hypocrisy, and danger. Holding onto his faith and keeping his family safe might require Jack to cross lines he never fathomed crossing. With tension on every page, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author Creston Mapes demonstrates why he is a "Top Pick" among mystery, fiction and thriller lovers. Praise for FEAR HAS A NAME “It takes a lot for a suspense novel to impress me, but this one definitely did. Anyone who likes my books will love Fear Has a Name. The plot is skillfully woven, and the story has a spiritual depth that will resonate with readers. Creston Mapes is an author to watch in the suspense genre.” Terri Blackstock, author of Intervention, Vicious Cycle, and Predator “Fear Has a Name is an exceptional treat, a story of unrelenting tension that dares to stare evil in the face. Mapes has a gift. He reveals wickedness and vice yet sprinkles it with something rare that kept me riveted: the hope of redemption.” Harry Kraus, MD, best-selling author of The Six-Liter Club “Creston Mapes is one of my favorite authors. Fear Has a Name mesmerized me from the first page. Multiple plot twists and terrific characters kept me glued to the page. I loved it and highly recommend it!” Colleen Coble, author of the Rock Harbor series and the Lonestar series “Captivating from breathless start to throat-clenching finish, Fear Has a Name possesses everything a great thriller should, and more. A must-read for fans of Terri Blackstock and Brandilyn Collins.” Tamera Alexander, USA Today bestselling author of To Whisper Her Name and A Lasting Impression

Masterpieces in Miniature: The Detectives: Stories by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie - 2005
    Harley Quin / by Agatha Christie ; The coming of Mr. Quin ; The shadow on the glass ; At the Bells and Motley ; The sign in the sky ; The soul of the croupier ; The world's end ; The voice in the dark ; The face of Helen ; The dead harlequin ; The bird with the broken wing ; The man from the sea ; Harlequin's Lane ; The love detectives --Part III: Hercule Poirot: The third-floor flat ; The adventure of Johnnie Waverly ; Four and twenty blackbirds ; The double clue ; Double sin ; Wasps' nest ; The theft of the royal ruby ; The second gong --Part IV: Miss Jane Marple: Strange jest ; Tape-measure murder ; The case of the perfect maid ; The case of the caretaker ; Greenshaw's folly ; Sanctuary.

Longboat Blues

H. Terrell Griffin - 2005
    His friend, Matthew Royal, a burned out trial lawyer living on an island paradise in Florida, reluctantly comes out of early retirement to represent Logan. The tale twists and turns as Matt travels to the Midwest and South Florida trying to save Logan from the death penalty, which is being pursued by a hard-nosed female prosecutor who never loses. The secrets revealed in the climactic trial stun the people of the island and reverberate around the world. It's a great ride from the pristine beaches of Longboat Key to the cities of South Florida and the Midwest. The author spins a tale of mystery and intrigue, peopled with characters you won't soon forget.

The Color of Law

Mark Gimenez - 2005
    Former college football star Scott Fenney has worked his way to the top of the heap at the Dallas firm of Ford Stevens. But when Clark McCall, wayward son of a Texas politician, gets himself murdered after a night of booze, drugs, and rough sex, Scott is assigned to defend the prime suspect, a heroin-addicted hooker named Shawanda Jones. The powers that be want her convicted—and Scott’s future at the firm may depend on it. But unfortunately for Scott, Shwanada claims she’s innocent, and he believes her.

Final Scream

Lisa Jackson - 2005
    When she was only 16, Cassidy Buchanan fell for the 19-year-old bad boy in town, Brig McKenzie - who'd had his share of run-ins with both the law and the local women. Then a terrible fire killed Cassidy's sister, and Brig was the chief suspect. Seventeen years later, an eerily similar fire seriously injures Cassidy's husband Chase, who happens to be Brig's brother. With the earlier fire still an open case, suspicion turns to Cassidy, the only person connected to both tragedies.

The Bay At Midnight

Diane Chamberlain - 2005
    Questions about Julie's own complicity, about a devastating secret her mother kept from them all. Questions about the person who went to prison for Izzy's murder -- and about the man who didn't.Now Julie must harness the courage to revisit her past and untangle the shattering emotions that led to one unspeakable act of violence on the bay at midnight.

Cold Granite

Stuart MacBride - 2005
    Winter in Aberdeen: murder, mayhem and terrible weather! It's DS Logan McRae's first day back on the job after a year off on the sick, and it couldn't get much worse. Four-year-old David Reid's body is discovered in a ditch, strangled, mutilated and a long time dead. And he's only the first. There's a serial killer stalking the Granite City and the local media are baying for blood. Soon the dead are piling up in the morgue almost as fast as the snow on the streets, and Logan knows time is running out. More children are going missing. More are going to die. And if Logan isn't careful, he could end up joining them!

The Camel Club

David Baldacci - 2005
    Led by a mysterious man known as "Oliver Stone," they study conspiracy theories, current events, and the machinations of government to attempt to discover the "truth" behind the country's actions.Their efforts bear little fruit --- until the group witnesses a shocking murder, and becomes embroiled in an astounding, far-reaching conspiracy. Now the Club must join forces with a Secret Service agent to confront one of the most chilling spectacles ever to take place on American soil --- an event that may trigger the ultimate war between two different worlds. All that stands in the way of this apocalypse is five unexpected heroes.Librarian's note: this is one of five volumes in the author's Camel Club series.

Dead Simple

Peter James - 2005
    While out celebrating with a group of friends a few nights before the wedding, Michael suddenly and unexpectedly finds himself enclosed in a coffin equipped only with a flashlight, a dirty magazine, a walkie-talkie, and a tiny breathing tube. It's all in good fun — payback for the grief his mates suffered due to his own penchant for tomfoolery — that is until the four are killed in a drunk driving accident just moments after leaving Michael completely alone and buried alive.Detective Superintendent Grace—himself dealing with the pain of losing his wife—is brought on to the case when Ashley reports Michael missing. Suspicions are raised when Michael's only friend not at the bachelor party refuses to cooperate, and Ashley's faithfulness—not to mention her increasingly mysterious past—are suddenly thrown in to question. As Superintendent Grace soon discovers, one man's disaster is another man's fortune.

Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery

John Feinstein - 2005
      When Stevie wins a writing contest for aspiring sports journalists, his prize is a press pass to the Final Four in New Orleans. While exploring the Superdome, he overhears a plot to throw the championship game. With the help of fellow contest winner Susan Carol, Stevie has just 48 hours to figure out who is blackmailing one of the star players . . . and why.   John Feinstein has been praised as “the best writer of sports books in America today” (The Boston Globe), and he proves it again in this fast-paced novel.   “A page-turning thriller and a basketball junkie’s bonanza.” —USA TodayFrom the Hardcover edition.

Chasing the Falconers

Gordon Korman - 2005
    The Falconers are facing life in prison - unless Aiden and Meg can follow a trail of clues to prove their innocence. The problem? They're trapped in a juvenile detention center. Until they escape one night - and find themselves on the run, both from the authorities and from a sinister attacker who has his own reason to stop them. The Falconers must use their wits to make it across the country - with plenty of tests along the way.THE CHASE IS ON.

The Prey

Allison Brennan - 2005
    Then a killer made it real.Rowan Smith is living in a borrowed Malibu beach house while her bestselling novel is made into a Hollywood movie. A former FBI agent with a haunted past, Rowan thinks she has outrun her demons. But fiction and reality collide when a dismembered body is found in Colorado: the real-life victim had the same name, occupation, and looks as a character in Rowan’s novel. By the time the FBI, the LAPD, and her own private bodyguard gather around her, another person is killed–again, the murder ripped from the pages of Rowan’s book.In the company of a former Delta Force officer with secrets of his own, Rowan faces an excruciating dilemma: the only way to chase down the tormenting killer is by revisiting the darkness of her past–and by praying for some way out again.After the prey is chosen, the hunt is on and the kill is certain.From the author's website:Each book stands alone. The story is complete (no continuing mystery) and there is a separate hero, heroine and villain. However, I do have recurring characters throughout my books, so someone may be introduced as a minor or major secondary character in one book, then come back as the hero or a secondary character in another book.THE PREY (12/27/05)Setting: Malibu, CaliforniaHero: John Flynn, former Delta Force turned mercenary/DEA drug informantHeroine: Rowan Smith, former FBI agent turned crime fiction writer

On the Run

Iris Johansen - 2005
    Watching Frankie grow into a talented and confident young girl has made Grace as happy as any mother could hope to be. Happy enough, even, to forget the past. But the past never quite goes away. Which is why a certain charismatic man also moved to Tallanville eight years ago to watch over her. But when violence threatens to shatter Grace and Frankie's idyllic home, the waiting is over. The ghosts of the past have returned. And they're hungry for blood. Now Grace must resume an identity she thought she had cast off forever, and match wits with an opponent as deadly as he is cunning. The prize: an extraordinary secret that only she can unfold. The forfeit: losing the thing more precious to her than life itself.From the Hardcover edition.

Haunted Waters

Jerry B. Jenkins - 2005
    Bryce and Ashley are ATV-riding tweens from Colorado who unearth action-packed mystery and adventure wherever they go. From clearing the name of a local miscreant to thwarting a gold-stealing heist, the twins' growing faith and the strong example of their parents guide them through even the most life-threatening situations. With the trademark page-turner style used by Jerry Jenkins and Chris Fabry in the Left Behind: The Kids series, these fast-paced books will keep even reluctant readers on the edge of their seats. Readers will definitely get hooked by the unbelievable cliff-hanger at the end of book one, Haunted Waters. Perfect for ages 8-12.

Unforgiving Shadows

Ray Flynt - 2005
    The tragedy transformed his life. After helping the police catch their killers, and with the aid of his mentor, Philadelphia Detective Nick Argostino, Brad opened his own private detective agency vowing to help bring justice to others whose lives had been turned upside down. UNFORGIVING SHADOWS opens eleven years later when Brad is invited to the execution by lethal injection of Frank Wilkie, one of two men responsible for the death of his mother and sister. Thinking that Wilkie might have something to say, Brad reluctantly attends. Wilkie remains silent, but as Brad exits the prison the chaplain races after him, thrusting the condemned man’s Bible into his hands.Within hours another man is anxious to get his hands on Wilkie’s Bible, and Brad suspects the motivation could involve the still-missing ransom money. But as the reason becomes clear, Brad’s world is once again turned upside down. Aided by his associate, Sharon Porter, Brad unravels an eleven-year-old mystery that casts new suspicion on family, neighbors and business associates alike.Also included is a preview chapter of TRANSPLANTED DEATH, the next Brad Frame Mystery.

The Curse of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery

Sarah Masters Buckey - 2005
    Is it the curse - or is something else scaring the residents from Ravenscourt?

The Return of Sherlock Holmes / His Last Bow

Arthur Conan Doyle - 2005
    Arthur Conan Doyle provides a rich and fascinating set of mysteries to challenge his sleuth in the new stories. As before, Watson is the superb narrator, and the magic remains unchanged and undimmed.This fascinating volume also includes the collection His Last Bow. In the title story, we are told how Sherlock Holmes is brought out of retirement to help the government fight the German threat at the approach of the First World War. Here are two sparkling sets of stories featuring the greatest detective of them all.

Cold Paradise / The Short Forever

Stuart Woods - 2005
    But before he can dig into this latest case, he comes face to face again with Arrington Calder, the one woman who still holds a key to his affections. Stone and his partner, Dino, comb the glittering streets of Palm Beach and begin to suspect that more than one person might be after Allison: one so clever he manages never to show his face, but even more frightening, another man everybody has long forgotten. The Short Forever: Stone's new client, John Bartholomew, asks Stone to fly to London in search of a young woman whom he suspects has taken up with a mysterious character. Bartholomew asks Stone to see what he can find to discredit the man, Cabot. What Stone finds is more bizarre than he had expected. The woman in question isn't related to Bartholomew in quite the way he had implied. And it appears that Bartholomew and Cabot, who once worked together on a secretive assignment, now have very different versions of what went wrong. When Stone himself is implicated in a shocking double murder, he and his partner, Dino, know they have stepped into a strange case unlike any other.

Orchid Blues / Blood Orchid

Stuart Woods - 2005
    A highly disciplined team of men hit a bank in Orchid Beach, Florida, and the waves from this robbery nearly capsize Holly's life. She vows to find these men - who have been careful enough to leave nothing behind except the corpse of a bank customer - and quickly, she discovers evidence that leads her into the midst of what appears to be a politically motivated clan. Her father, Ham, a retired Army chief master sergeant, is her ticket into this strange world, and what Ham finds there stuns both Holly and her FBI contact, Harry Crisp. Blood Orchid: This time out, Holly is trying to get her life back together after the shattering loss of her fianc?. With the help of her wily Doberman, Daisy, and her father, Ham, she throws herself back into the job with a vengeance. But before Holly can settle into her routine again, bullets crash into the home of a friend and a floater is found bobbing in the Intercoastal Waterway. Joining forces with a handsome FBI agent, she tracks the clues straight to their source, only to find a scam more lucrative and more dangerous than any this idyllic town - or Holly - has ever seen.

A Spy on the Home Front: A Molly Mystery

Alison Hart - 2005
    When Aunt Eleanor, now a WASP pilot, stops for a visit while ferrying a warplane from one airbase to another, a security check uncovers anti-American propaganda stashed aboard her plane. The FBI interrogates Eleanor but quickly zeroes in on another suspect--Anna's 17-year-old brother Max, who works at the local airfield. Though Anna knows her brother is loyal to America, she fears he'll be sent away to an interment camp as an enemy alien, as other German-American friends have been. Molly and Anna decide that the only way to clear Max is to find the person who is smuggling propaganda. With lots of daring and a little luck, the girls manage to finger the real culprit but they discover that that may not be enough to save Max. In a poignant ending, Molly realizes that wartime, even on the home front, changes friends and family forever."

The Rosary Girls

Richard Montanari - 2005
    Now Montanari has written an astounding novel that pits two besieged detectives against a fiercely intelligent serial killer.Sprawling beneath the statue of William Penn, Philadelphia is a city of downtrodden crack houses and upscale brownstones. Somewhere in this concrete crazy quilt, one teenage Catholic girl is writing in her diary, another is pouring her heart out to a friend, and yet another is praying. And somewhere in this city is a man who wants these young women to make his macabre fantasy become reality. In a passion play of his own, he will take the girls–and a whole city–over the edge.Kevin Byrne is a veteran cop who already knows that edge: He’s been living on it far too long. His marriage failing, his former partner wasting away in a hospital, and his heart lost to mad fury, Byrne loves to take risks and is breaking every rule in the book. And now he has been given a rookie partner. Jessica Balzano, the daughter of a famous Philly cop, doesn’t want Byrne’s help. But they will need each other desperately, since they’ve just caught the case of a lifetime: Someone is killing devout young women, bolting their hands together in prayer, and committing an abomination upon their otherwise perfect bodies.Byrne and Balzano spearhead the hunt for the serial killer, who leads them on a methodically planned journey. Suspects appear before them like bad dreams–and vanish just as quickly. And while Byrne’s sins begin to catch up with him, and Balzano tries to solve the blood-splattered puzzle, the body count rises. Meanwhile, the calendar is approaching Easter and the day of the resurrection. When the last rosary is counted, a madman’s methods will be revealed, and the final crime will be the one that hurts the most.Relentlessly paced and vividly told, The Rosary Girls is a smart, emotionally complex, fiercely gripping thriller from an author who takes chances, breaks new ground, and leaves readers haunted and moved long after the last page is turned.

No Such Thing as a Secret

Shelly Fredman - 2005
    It's not her fault trouble seems to follow her around. Okay, it is her fault, but why quibble over details? When Brandy (a puff piece reporter for a local Los Angeles TV news station) returns to her hometown, after a four year absence, she is thrilled to be reunited with friends and family. But her joy is short-lived when her best friend, John, becomes the victim of a tragic accident. Brandy is alone in thinking that the death is no "accident," and as she sets out to prove her theory, she stumbles upon a political scandal of major proportions. Things begin to heat up when it appears that her former boyfriend, police detective Robert Anthony DiCarlo, is involved in sabotaging the investigation. The one thing Brandy knows for sure is that people keep turning up dead, and if she doesn't get some answers, fast, she could end up on the short list. As Brandy searches out the truth, she gains some unexpected allies, including sexy, dangerous, street-savvy Nicholas Santiago, and the now-married Bobby, who still holds a torch for his former girlfriend. With humor, guts and determination Brandy tackles each challenge, be it dodging a bullet or resisting that box of Tastykakes in the cupboard. Murder, mayhem and romance abound in Shelly Fredman's novel, proving there really is No Such Thing as a Secret.

Bloody Point

Linda J. White - 2005
    When her former partner, Jake, is assaulted and nearly killed and then her marina is torched, Cass knows she must find out why. She believes the crimes are connected and unofficially investigates, not knowing that she is both the hunter and the hunted. She must connect the evidence, help Jake deal with his brain injury, and find the perpetrator before she becomes the next victim.

Distant Echoes

Colleen Coble - 2005
    She’s enlisted to help the U.S. Navy find out what really happened – utilizing her specially trained dolphins to helpKaia and Lieutenant Commander Jesse Matthews team up in the investigation – but as they edge closer to the truth about the incident, their own lives are threatened. Will a spirit of grace and forgiveness prevail or will it be overshadowed by the distant echoes of past pain and the imminent danger from a cold-blooded killer?Set on the breathtaking Hawaiian island of Kauai, this novel provides an intoxicating mix of romance and suspense with the rhythms of island life.


Malcolm Rose - 2005
    He barely has time to celebrate his final exams when Malc, his Mobile Aid to Law and Crime, calls him to their first case. A fellow student has been mysteriously shot dead with an arrow. Two more grisly on-campus murders follow, and all the evidence points to Luke himself. The stakes are high as Luke sets out to prove his innocence and show that he has the talent to crack any crime.

Danger at the Zoo: A Kit Mystery

Kathleen Ernst - 2005
    Her reporter's instincts tell her that she's onto something. Includes a tear-off recipe card on the back cover flap. Illustrations. Consumable. Full description

Deep Freeze

Lisa Jackson - 2005
    . .When she wakes up, she's very cold. Colder than she's ever been in her life. She can't move or speak. And then she sees him. The one who took her. And before she dies, she wishes she could scream. . .Is About To Become. . .Former movie star Jenna Hughes left Hollywood for an isolated farm in Oregon to get away from fame. But someone has followed her--an obsessed fan whose letters are personal and deeply disturbing. And while Jenna's already shaken up by what she's seen on paper, she'd be terrified if she knew what Sheriff Shane Carter is investigating. It's a shocking case that started with the discovery of a dead woman in the woods. Now two more women are missing, one of whom bears a striking resemblance to Jenna. . .Her Worst Nightmare. . .

Do You Know the Monkey Man?

Dori Hillestad Butler - 2005
    Somewhere.A fateful decision sets into motion a chain of events and confrontations that will change Samantha's and her family's lives forever. As she sets out to find her father and discover what really happened the day her sister was presumed drowned, she uncovers painful secrets that threaten to destroy her family all over again.Dori Butler's dramatic, suspenseful, and sensitive story will draw readers into one family's crisis unwittingly brought on by an adolescent girl's search for the truth.

Busted Flush

Brad Smith - 2005
    Renovating the home, Dock stumbles upon a treasure trove of Civil War memorabilia squirreled away in an old root cellar, including pictures and possibly even a recording of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg. As he's forced to defend his new find from the onslaught of collectors, history buffs, and media hounds, Dock discovers that, much like Honest Abe himself, he's the right man for the fight--independent, funny, loyal, and stubborn as a Missouri mule. When the scallywags and opportunists--including an easy-on-the-eyes television reporter with one hell of an attitude--start crawling out of the woodwork, he'll need all of that and a bit more.

Three Great Novels 3: A Morning for Flamingos / A Stained White Radiance / In the Electric Mist with Confederate Death

James Lee Burke - 2005

Chill Factor

Sandra Brown - 2005
    Not so, lately. Four women have disappeared from Cleary over the past two years. And there’s always a blue ribbon left near the spot where each of the women was last seen. There are no bodies, no other clues, and no suspicion as to who their abductor might be. And now, another woman has disappeared without a trace. It is to this backdrop that Lilly Martin returns to close the sale of her mountain cabin, marking the end of her turbulent eight-year marriage to Dutch Burton, Cleary’s chief of police. Dutch’s reluctance to let her go isn’t Lilly’s only obstacle. As she’s trying to outrun a snowstorm, her car skids on the icy road and strikes a man who emerges from the woods on foot. She recognizes the injured man as Ben Tierney, whom she’d met the previous summer. They’re forced to wait out the storm in the cabin, but as the hours of their confinement mount, Lilly begins to wonder if the greatest danger to her safety isn’t the blizzard outside, but the mysterious man right beside her. Is Ben Tierney the feared abductor? Or is he who he claims to be...her rescuer from harm and from the tragedy that haunts her?

The Ghost's Grave

Peg Kehret - 2005
    Willie has been waiting years for some kind soul to dig up his leg and rebury it with the rest of him--only then will he be at peace. Josh agrees to do the grisly deed, but when he digs in the old cemetery, he finds more than Willie's leg bones! Who buried the box of cash in the grave, and why? How far will that person go to get the money back? The Ghost's Grave is a deliciously spooky adventure from a master of suspense.

Poirot: The Complete Ariadne Oliver, Vol. 1 (Hercule Poirot & Ariadne Oliver Omnibus, #1)

Agatha Christie - 2005
    world-famous detective who dealt with fact and a prolific crime writer who dealt with fantasy. But their paths crossed six times, and Mrs Oliver was to become one of Poirot's staunchest allies. when they attend a bridge party in which the host is silently murdered in full view of a roomful of guests. old widow is murdered in the parlour of her cottage. into the real thing when Poirot and Mrs Oliver have to face up to their first case of a child murder.The Case of the Discontented Soldier and The Case of the Rich Woman are two bonus stories in which Mrs Oliver makes an appearance alongside the private eye Christopher Parker Pyne.

Extreme Danger

Franklin W. Dixon - 2005
    LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA. POTENTIAL VICTIMS: Top extreme athletes in the country. Thousands of spectators. SUSPECTS: There may be a group of extremists working together. There may be just one.

A Shred of Evidence

Kathy Herman - 2005
    When Ellen goes to the husband’s employer and cannot get answers, she digs through old newspaper articles and stumbles onto information too frightening to keep to herself. Will Ellen become enmeshed in speculation and gossip—or will she take the lead and become a catalyst for truth and healing?Story Behind the Book“My novels don’t come to me ahead of time; each book flows off the tips of my fingers as I sit down and begin to ‘feel’ the issues deep inside myself. For me, the most intriguing aspect of my writing style is that I don’t plan and outline the stories. I turn my fingers loose and get inside the characters and instinctively know where I need to go. After all the suspense is said and done, my hope is that each story will give us pause. That in the deepest part of our souls, we’ll embrace the depth of what it means to be believers and then be moved to share its powerful simplicity with those who struggle without hope. I want to take my readers inside my characters’ hearts and minds so they will ‘experience’ just how destructive gossip really is and see that it never accomplishes anything God-honoring, whether or not it’s true.”-Kathy Herman

Three More Mrs. Murphy Mysteries in One Volume: Pay Dirt; Murder, She Meowed; and Murder on the Prowl

Rita Mae Brown - 2005
    Murphy, and her human, Mary Harry Haristeen, postmistress of Crozet, Virginia. Pay Dirt--Who created the computer virus that ravaged the neighborhood and then murdered the mysterious biker who roared into town? Murder, She Meowed--Who murdered a jockey in the barn during the annual steeplechase races? Murder on the Prowl--Who's dead? Who's not? Phony obituaries and real live murders; what's happening in Crozet?

Rise of the Iron Eagle

Roy A. Teel Jr. - 2005
    “The Iron Eagle” appears to only hunt and capture serial killers. Time is of the essence as with each passing day “The Eagle” gets more brazen. The deeper O’Brian and Hoffman dig into profiling the killer, the more they realize that this is more than a race against time – it’s a race laden with the realization that the killer may be one of their own. From the inside flap: The city of Los Angeles is no stranger to violence. It has both a colorful and grotesque history with it. Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Jim O’Brian and FBI Profiler Special Agent Steve Hoffman are also no strangers to the violence of the sprawling metropolis, but in the past decade something has changed. There’s a serial killer preying on other serial killers – some known by law enforcement, others well off radar. “The Iron Eagle,” a vigilante, extracts vengeance for the victims of Los Angeles’ serial killers. His methods are meticulous and his killings brutal. With each passing day, “The Iron Eagle” moves with impunity through the streets of Los Angeles in search of his prey. O’Brian and Hoffman create an elite task force with the sole purpose of catching “The Eagle” and bringing him to justice. But the deeper they delve, the more apparent it is that he may very well be one of their own. As the two men stare into the abyss of their search, the eyes of “The Iron Eagle” stare back.

Dead Reckoning

Linda Castillo - 2005
    Kate Megason is about to prosecute the case of her career when someone starts sending her terrifying messages. Someone who obviously knows her deep, dark secret. Now, she needs the help of Frank Matrone--an investigator with his own shadowy past--or else Kate may have no chance of surviving a killer's brutal wrath.

Poirot: The Complete Ariadne Oliver, Vol. 2

Agatha Christie - 2005
    Poirot and Mrs Oliver continue their sleuthing in the 1960s in four uncharacteristically 'modern' novels with an added twist of danger! Third Girl Poirot finally admits he is growing old as a perplexed girl thinks she may have killed someone. Here Christie dragged Poirot into the swinging 60s and effectively squared him up against a world featuring sex, drugs and hippies. Hallowe'en Party A teenage murder witness is drowned in a tub of apples. This was only the second time Christie wrote about the death of a child, and is all the more engrossing for it. Elephants Can Remember An old husband and wife double murder has never been solved - until now. This was the very last Poirot story that Agatha Christie wrote, and garnered good reviews. The Pale Horse A priest's death leads to sinister goings-on in an old country inn. This bonus novel featured Mrs Oliver for once without Poirot and was one of Christie's darkest stories, blending witchcraft and murder.

The Famous Five Mystery Collection

Enid Blyton - 2005
    - Five on a Secret Trail - Five Go to Demon's Rocks - Five Have a Mystery to Solve

Cold Truth

Mariah Stewart - 2005
    Back then, Cassie was a scared kid—now she’s a homicide cop. Back then, the suspect was caught and convicted—he died in prison. But now the killing has started again. And all signs indicate that the Bayside Strangler has come back for more. With too many victims and too few suspects, Cassie has her hands full investigating the case, while working through the old trauma it has brought to the surface. Luckily, FBI agent Rick Cisco is dispatched to lend support. Together, Cassie and Rick must uncover the link between the dark past and the dangerous present to bring this small town’s long nightmare to an end. If they fail, an elusive fiend will slip back into the shadows ... to watch and wait—and kill another day. In matters of crime, there are many versions of the truth.

Poirot: The Post War Years

Agatha Christie - 2005
    But human nature remains the same whatever the decade, and Poirot can console himself in the knowledge that he is still an expert of human nature, of greed, jealousy -- and murder. After the Funeral The Master of a Victorian mansion dies suddenly -- and his sister thinks it was murder... Hickory Dickory Dock Odd things are happening in a London youth hostel... Cat Among the Pigeons Unpleasant things are going on in an exclusive school for girls... The Clocks A typist discovers a man's body behind a sofa...

Mirror Image

Clair M. Poulson - 2005
    Separated through adoption, the two boys grow up worlds apart.Greg Ralston, handsome, intelligent, and a talented athlete with a promising future, is the ideal all-American boy. Rafe Collings, on the other hand, is a down-to-earth cowboy who, at an early age, witnessed an unspeakable crime, and has the criminals faceand his horrible threatburned deep into his memory.Then there is Lindsay Diamond, the one person who has figured out the connection between these two young men. While her knowledge has the potential to reunite the long-lost brothers, it also involves dangerous individuals who are desperate to keep hidden truths buried, no matter who gets in the way.

The Innocent

Harlan Coben - 2005
    Now, nine years later, he’s an ex-con who takes nothing for granted. His wife, Olivia, is pregnant, and the two of them are closing on their dream house. But all it will take is one shocking, inexplicable call from Olivia’s phone to shatter Matt’s life a second time….An electrifying thrill ride of a novel that peeks behind the white picket fences of suburbia, The Innocent is at once a twisting, turning, emotionally charged story and a compelling tale of the choices we make and the repercussions that never leave.

Back from the Dead

Anuj Dhar - 2005
    Behind the myths, lurks the dark realities. The intelligence think the matter is too volatile, and the media is forever chasing the leads. The judiciary has reasons to be suspicious.

The Innocence and Wisdom of Father Brown

G.K. Chesterton - 2005
    K. Chesterton's Father Brown is not senile, nor easily rattled. In fact, this village priest wanders into challenges that pale in comparison to the things he has heard through the screen of the confessional. For to hear Father Brown tell it, crime is a manifestation of sin: the criminal must be caught, but he or she must also be saved; the culprit has to be locked up, but the spirit must be freed.G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936) was a larger-than-life writer who fascinates and perplexes us to this day. An art student who became a poet, and then by turns a journalist, playwright, biographer, novelist, storyteller, philosopher, and "Christian apologist," his fame rested on an uncanny ability to produce vast quantities of crystalline prose quickly and without apparent effort. His fiction--particularly the Father Brown stories and the delirious suspense novel The Man Who Was Thursday--remains his most widely read and entertaining works.

The Stink Files, Dossier 003: You Only Have Nine Lives

Jennifer L. Holm - 2005
    Stink) has won a competition to be the new spokescat for the delicious cat food Le Chat Gourmet. So he and the Green family are off to France, land of fine food and beautiful felines. What starts off as a pleasant holiday takes a sinister turn as a mysterious assassin shadows Mr. Stink's every move. Who is the dark figure lurking in the background? A secret will soon be revealed and the hidden paw will at last appear. . . .

The Future Widows' Club

Rhonda Nelson - 2005
    Welcome to the Future Widows' Club--a secret society of women who've been treated like trash by their no-good husbands and prefer waiting for widowhood over divorce. But sometimes waiting can be murder… Jolie Marshall's husband Chris is definitely no good. He conned Jolie into an "I do"--and her mother out of her life's savings! Now Jolie is sticking out the marriage--with a little help from the Future Widows' Club--while she gathers evidence to send him to prison. Then Chris is murdered--and Jolie's the prime suspect. And her alibi, a meeting of the FWC, isn't likely to convince anybody of her innocence. But when she discovers the detective on the case is Jake Malone--the man Jolie ditched to marry Chris--she knows she's really in trouble. Because all of a sudden, she's thinking that a life sentence wouldn't be too bad…with him!

The Second Bill Slider Omnibus

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - 2005
    In Dead End, a call-out to murder saves DI Bill Slider from having to finish his canteen lunch, but it presents him with the problem of a dead conductor. In life, Sir Stefan Radek was seriously famous and terminally unpleasant, but neither of these facts seem reason enough to gun him down in a neo-Byzantine church in Shepherd’s Bush. In Blood Lines, a celebrated music critic seems to have committed suicide just before appearing on a live television show, but Slider suspects it’s murder when he learns that the victim had quarreled violently with his fellow panelists. In Killing Time, only half-recovered from an assault from the last villain he encountered, Slider is forced to investigate the murder of an erotic dancer, finding himself having to question lap dancers, prostitutes, pimps, and cabinet ministers.

Cash Money

A.J. Rivers - 2005
    New to the game, they will have to make a choice that threatens to end their friendship and their lives. Meanwhile, across town, B.J. - a young hustler who has the game all figured out - is determined not to fail and trusts no one. When things take a turn for the worse, he finds himself alone and searching for the one thing he never had.What twist will forces these three people to cross paths? Who will make it out in the end?

Heartfelt Cases

Julie C. Gilbert - 2005
    Join Nancy Trimmer as she finds the inner strength to face emotionally trying times by following the fictional lives of two FBI agents. The Collins Case: When Christopher Collin's sordid past catches him, it is his wife and two children who are kidnapped as leverage. He plays his part well but seeks outside help. Now, only God and two federal agents stand between the Collins family and disaster. The Kiverson Case: Sometimes things just go wrong. When a routine arrest turns deadly, a madman marks two federal agents for destruction. Will mortal danger enhance or obliterate their faith? The Davidson Case: Danger is an inherent part of law enforcement, but some cases strike far too close to home. Joy Davidson uncovers a conspiracy and earns herself some powerful enemies. Can the F.B.I.'s finest work detective wonders when the bad guys target family?

The Tin Collectors / The Viking Funeral

Stephen J. Cannell - 2005
    Or was his mind playing tricks? Shane's lover, Alexa Hamilton, herself a lauded LAPD officer, happens to think so. But Shane knows what he saw. And for a rogue cop with nothing left to lose, the search for Dean has become more than an investigation. It's become an obsession.The first clue to Dean's secret lifeand suspicious deathis murder. The victim is Dean's former commanding officer. The connection taps into a corrupt, high-level conspiracy among L.A.'s finest that will put Shane and everyone he loves in harm's way. It will cut deep into the heart of betrayal and the meaning of friendship. And it will dare one cop already on the brink of madness to take on step further into darkness...

Dame Agatha Abroad: Murder on the Orient Express / They Came to Bagdad / Murder in Mesopotamia

Agatha Christie - 2005
    A man lies dead, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside...and it's up to Hercule Poirot to solve a seemingly impossible crime.Murder In MesopotamiaWhen nurse Amy Leatheran agrees to look after an archaeologist's ailing wife at a dig, she's in for more than just nursing-she also has to solve a murder. Fortunately for Amy, Hercule Poirot is also visiting the excavation site.They Came To BaghdadA superposer summit is planned in Baghdad-and an underground organization plans to sabotage it. Into this explosive situation skips Victoria Jones, who yearns for adventure...and gets more than she bargained for when an agent dies in her hotel room.

That Old Black Magic

Laurie Carroll-Kuna - 2005
    . . When Endora Bast is asked for help by the same witch Tribunal that reduced her magic to almost nothing, she wonders why she should bother. Years ago, they punished her harshly, all because she'd fallen in love. Now, they desperately need her to save the entire witch community. Endora is in for a shock when she's told she must stop her old nemesis, Obsidian Ashmedai, before he regains his full magical powers. If she does, she'll regain all of her magic and have her record expunged. If she doesn't, Ashmedai will become the most powerful being in the world. Only one other witch can help Endora defeat Ashmedai. Marcus Morion, her former lover, was also punished by the Tribunal. As a penalty, Endora and Marcus were forced to remain apart, indefinitely. But now, without benefit of full magical powers, they are the witches' only hope of survival. Failure might cost them their lives. But if they succeed, the happiness they've always yearned for will be theirs for the taking . . .

Identity Element

Chris Dee - 2005
    The world of superheroes is rocked by a murder of one of their own. What begins with a whodunit the World's Greatest Detective is meant to solve winds up revealing secrets that will test friendships, the trust between lovers and may just destroy the heroes from within.

The Tuesday Night Club And Other Stories

Agatha Christie - 2005
    The Tuesday Night Club read by Joan Hickson The Fourth Man read by Christopher Lee The Affair at the Victory Ball read by David Suchet The Case of the Discontented Soldier read by Hugh Fraser

Stand By Your Man

Bobby Hutchinson - 2005
    And she's pretty certain Sebastian is guilty as charged, so she’s trying her best not to find evidence to the contrary. She's doing the exact opposite of what Finn hired her to do, betraying the guy she—well, the guy she’s supposed to be working for, the guy she just might, maybe, almost be falling for . . .

Two Mysteries: The Other Side of Dark & The Name of the Game Was Murder

Joan Lowery Nixon - 2005
    Stine comes two Edgar Award winning novels in Two Mysteries: The Other Side of Dark & The Name of the Game Was Murder from four-time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award winner Joan Lowery Nixon.  The Other Side of Dark   EDGAR AWARD WINNER          Stacy wakes up in a room that’s not hers, in a body she doesn’t recognize, to discover she’s been in a coma for four years. Her mother is dead—murdered—and Stacy, recovering from a gunshot wound, is the only eyewitness. But the killer is not about to let her reveal his identity….   “The compelling premise…and Nixon’s mastery of suspense are gripping.” – Publishers Weekly   “Tense and dramatic…[The Other Side of Dark has a] quick pace, and the determined protagonist should attract and hold readers.” – School Library Journal  The Name of the Game Was Murder   EDGAR AWARD WINNER          Samantha is shocked when she meets her great-uncle, the famous novelist Augustus Trevor. He’s a mean-spirited man who has just invited—blackmailed—a group of celebrities to come to his island mansion and participate in a “game.” But when Augustus is found murdered, it’s up to Samantha to join the game—and win.   “Another successful page-turner.” – School Library Journal

Whales for the Wizard

Malcolm Archibald - 2005
    Drugged by sinister gangster John Wylie, Douglas wakens on board the steam-whaler Redgauntlet bound for the Artic, and discovers that his companions believe the ship is haunted and do not expect to return. After an initial clash, Douglas befriends the ship's mate, "Bully Houston", and together thay begin to unravel a year-old mystery.Narrated by Robbie Macnab

Memory of a Murder

Earl Staggs - 2005
    When a rash of new killings erupts, he must call upon all his resources to keep those around him as well as himself alive. Past and present collide even more when he is forced to collaborate with homicide detective Brenda McCort. His attraction to her challenges his sacred devotion to his beloved late wife and the life they shared. In a suspenseful, action-filled race toward a climactic showdown with the killer and the revelation of murderous secrets of the past, Adam is forced to face truths about his own personal future. "Earl Staggs has created a fascinating puzzle with plenty of action. His "baddies" are very bad indeed, and his sleuths delightfully human. Sparks fly when Adam and Brenda meet. Will Adam Kingston dismantle his picture wall of memories and start life anew with Brenda?" -Margaret Searles, author of the Mrs. Millet & Mrs. Hark Mysteries

The Dark Destroyer: A Horror Novel

John Glasby - 2005
    This monstrously evil entity was somehow occupying the bodies of those who died by violence, using them in turn to propagate its lust for slaying. Dark forces are at work in Redforde. Something terribly old and infinitely evil has woken ... something that is thirsty for blood. There are rumours of human sacrifice, devil worship and the extinct De Vernis family. The dead walk and the moors, woods, the village and the church ooze evil like a sore. But will the locals be able to figure out what lies at the bottom of this before it is too late? Praise for John Glasby: “A thrilling read.” - Robert Foster, acclaimed author of The Lunar Code. John Glasby was born in 1928, and graduated from University with an honours degree in Chemistry. He started his career as a research chemist for I.C.I, in 1952, and worked for them until his retirement. During the early 1960s, Glasby wrote dozens of paperback westerns, all of which were reprinted in hardcover and paperback four decades later. Following his retirement from I.C.I., Glasby produced a steady stream of new westerns, science fiction and crime novels, right up to his death in 2010. His other works with Venture include Dawn of the Old Ones, The Coming of Cthuga, and Dark Legion.

Treasures of the Fourth Reich

Patrick Parker - 2005
    Grand museums and families lost countless valuables and works of art to Nazi lootings in what has been called "the rape of Europa." Parker's story begins just outside the Bavarian salt mines as the American and Russian armies are closing in. Amid the chaos, SS officers scramble to hide ill-gotten treasures that will finance the "Fourth Reich." Only a precious journal detailing an inventory of treasure caches around the Tirol holds a clue.Forty plus years later, the hunt for Europe's lost art falls to a husband and wife team who become entangled in this web of stolen treasures. Dix and Maria Connor face down a secret and deadly network trafficking in Titians, Bruegels and remnants of Peter the Great's magnificent Amber Room. From northeast Italy to Brussels, these amateur detectives risk everything to right the wrongs of history. Crisscross Europe's past and present in this thinking man's action novel.The lust for loot crosses paths with history’s ghosts in this high-octane thriller.

The Secret in Their Eyes

Eduardo Sacheri - 2005
    As he revisits the details of the investigation, he is reacquainted with his similarly long, unrequited love for Irene Hornos, then just an intern, now a respected judge. Absorbing and masterfully crafted, The Secret in Their Eyes is a meditation on the effects of the passage of time and unfulfilled desire.Eduardo Sacheri’s tale is imbued with the subdued terror that characterized the Dirty War of 1970s Argentina, and was made into the Academy Award winning film of the same name in 2009.

The Famous Five 16-18 [Paperback] [Dec 06, 2001] Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton - 2005
    BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check ISBN carefully before ordering.

Bank Job

Steve Brewer - 2005
    . . pacing is among the best in the genre.-Arkansas Democrat-Gazette An amateur crime spree takes a turn in the piney woods of far northern California in Bank Job, the latest fast-paced escapade from author Steve Brewer. Jaded, rage-laden, and utterly stupid, brothers Leon and Junior Daggett and their homicidal partner, Roy Wade, entertain themselves by knocking over liquor stores and gas stations. When a run-of-the-mill robbery goes sour, they find themselves bloody and knocking on the door of a stranger for help. That stranger ends up being Vince Carson, retired bank robber. Thinking they've discovered their big-time score, Leon and Roy take Vince's wife hostage, forcing him to rob the local bank in exchange for Maria's safe return. But Vince has other ideas. He sets out to prove that old age and treachery always triumph over youth and ineptitude. Bank Job plays out like a movie-The Desperate Hours meets Raising Arizona. It's just the sort of hilarious mix readers expect from Brewer, author of the recent novels Boost and Bullets. Steve Brewer spent 22 years in the newspaper business before turning to fiction full time in 1997. A weekly humor column he writes for The Albuquerque Tribune is distributed nationally by Scripps Howard News Service. Steve serves on the board of directors of Mystery Writers of America. He lives in Redding, California, with his wife, two sons, and a dog named Elvis.

Ask the Dead

Joyce Yarrow - 2005
    Then again, who can? Certainly not the Harlem photographer accused of manslaughter, the social worker with the heart of gold, or Jo's ex-friend, the anarchist. But that doesn't stop her from trying to cut all ties to the detective business that almost made her an accessory to murder in L.A. Unfortunately, she's good at what she does, and they always find her: the folks with loved ones who are most certainly guilty, but in need of one last chance. Starting life over in New York City is pricey, though, and a desperate mother's plea is too difficult to resist, especially with the money she offers. Suddenly, Jo is drowning in a tangle of money-laundering, kidnapping and murder, haunted by shadows from the past and guilt over debts unpaid. And then there's Ellie, the girl who died in Jo's bathtub As Jo wades through a sea of red herrings, she learns that to save herself, she must do what no one else can...ask the dead.

The Riddles of Epsilon

Christine Morton-Shaw - 2005
    But then she encounters an eerie presence in an abandoned cottage, and her anger turns to fear when it begins to lead her through a series of creepy riddles. As she slowly unravels the mysteries of Lume, she finds the writings of Sebastian, a boy who lived one hundred years ago and whose life contains unsettling reflections of her own. To her horror, the dangers he unearthed in 1894 now begin to threaten Jess and her family . . . and if Jess does not unlock the riddles in time, she may lose her mother forever.

Colby Agency: Back To The Beginning

Debra Webb - 2005
    Safe by his side originally published: 2000, The bodyguard's baby originally published: 2001.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Chris Auer - 2005
    In book one, Dan uncovers a skeleton in the museum's garden. When he thinks he's solved the mystery, he unknowingly tips off an international art thief to the whereabouts of a priceless Renaissance statue.

The Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery

Janet Beeler Shaw - 2005
    The young woman doesn't speak, and no one can reach her but Kaya's beloved dog, Tatlo. Who is the stranger, and why is she so silent and alone? Will she bring harm to the village--or take Tatlo away from Kaya? Kaya searches for clues about the woman-- but she must look deep inside her own heart to truly understand her. When she does, Kaya not only solves the mystery but takes a brave step toward growing up.

The Best Of Borderlands, Vols. 1-5: An Anthology Of Imaginative Fiction

Thomas F. MonteleoneBentley Little - 2005

Robert E. Howard's Strange Tales

Robert E. Howard - 2005
    Contains an introduction by Dennis McHaney, eight weird stories by Robert E. Howard, and a collaboration story by Howard and Frank Thurston Torbett.The stories are:People of the DarkThe Cairn on the HeadlandThe CauldronThe Garden of FearGods of the NorthThe Voice of El-LilThe Touch of DeathBlack CanaanAndA Thunder of Trumpets (collaboration)

Unwritten Life

Amy Shannon - 2005
    She has been running away from it and trying to put the past behind her. She changes her name, moves to a new town, and even starts a new career. Just when she feels that she can move on with her life, her past comes back to haunt her. Her best friend, Greg, appears out of the blue and constantly reminds her of what she did four years ago. During her personal venture for freedom, she gives in to her attraction to a married man. When a violent stalker sets his sights on her, she finds love in an unlikely place. But who wants her love so much, that he is willing to kill her for of it?


Sabrina Hofkin - 2005
    An exciting summer lies ahead of Magnolia. She’s taking flying lessons to earn her private pilot certificate, she’s working as a junior ranger at the state park, she’s going to Costa Rica to help her mother on an archeological dig, and she’s horseback riding with her best friend, Rainy. But sometimes unexpected things can happen—things like her mother’s dig changing locales and she can’t go. Or Rainy falling for a student pilot, Ross, who tells Magnolia that she’s the one he wants to be with. Things like working at the park and discovering something that may threaten the bears. Because of Magnolia’s passion for flying and her quest to be perfect in everything, she develops a fierce competition with Ross and wants to get her pilot certificate before him, which causes her to lose sight of why she wants to fly: to help the environment and the bears.

The Legend of Willow Springs Farm

Jan E. Culbertson - 2005
    Culbertson (Author)

The Spirit Box

Stephen Gallagher - 2005
    You've got a twenty-two year old girl hidden in a cabin about seven miles out of town. She was kidnapped out of the emergency room at the Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte at about six o'clock last night. She's got five packets of unknown substances in her gut that she swallowed and she can't expel. The boy who took her mistakenly thinks they have a value. He's preparing to cut her open to get to them. Now, here's the thing about talking to policemen. You can't shock or surprise them. If you did, it would probably kill them to show it. The cop said, And how do you know this? I've been tracking the drugs for the company they were stolen from, I said. They're all experimental. I can't tell you what will happen if any of the packages bursts or leaks. Chances are it won't be good. Do these kids have names? Rachel Young. Cyrus Behan. Cyrus? he said, and I felt my heart sink a little.

Murder at Eagle Mine

Henry D. Smith - 2005
    Investigator Josh Draper and delectable sidekick Annie McBride risk their lives to unravel the mystery. A walloping who-dun-it, interlaced with sharply etched portraits of the state and her people.

Those Garrison Women

Louise Shaffer - 2005
    When Miss Peggy dies and leaves her entire fortune to Laurel, the townsfolk are in an uproar. Laurel has suddenly become the wealthiest landowner in town and inherited its biggest employer, Garrison Gardens - and a whole lot of trouble. The shady family lawyer tries to strongarm Laurel into signing over power of attorney and she stumble across a dark secret about the former first lady of Garrison Gardens, her own path suddenly becomes clear ...

Shadow Haven

Emily LaForge - 2005
    But she soon finds her new life at her old home won’t be the refuge she was hoping for: the estate is in ruins, her late husband’s wealthy family is aggressively pursuing custody of her daughter, and her gift for connecting with the spirit world seems to have left her. When her lawyer Jarrod Landry arrives to town claiming to be on her side, she finds herself doubting his intentions—and her own ability to resist the passion that has ignited between them. Then a cryptic message from the world she thought she lost contact with arrives, warning Gabriella about an evil lurking in her midst. As their romance blossoms, Gabriella must figure out if it’s truly Jarrod that she should be wary of, or is there something much more sinister afoot—from this world, or another.

The Mystery of the Ruby Glasses

Lindsay Cripps - 2005
    With the help of a mysterious pair of ruby opera glasses, Shey and Ruben enter famous paintings where they travel back in time to a world of breathless adventure, where friendships are formed and danger lurks everywhere.

Lost Stories

Dashiell Hammett - 2005
    Even so, many of Hammett’s stories—including some of his best—have been out of the reach of anyone but a handful of scholars and collectors, until now. This essential compendium rescues 21 long-lost Hammett stories, all either never collected in an anthology or unavailable for decades. These stories appear nowhere else, and represent a variety of styles from the famous mysterysmith: his first detective fiction, humorous satires, adventure yarns, a sensitive autobiographical piece, and a Thin Man story told with photos. In addition, all stories have been restored to their original versions, replacing often wholesale cuttings with the original text for the first time. To round out this celebration of Hammett, three-time Edgar Award–winner Joe Gores has written an introduction describing how Hammett influenced literature, movies, television, and Gores’ own life.

Outside Chance

Lyndon Stacey - 2005
    This could be the racing scoop of a lifetime.But as the date of the Gold Cup draws ever closer, it is unclear whether the missing horse is still alive. Where could a valuable racehorse be hidden for so long? And what is the secret from the owner's past that he is keeping from the police? Doggedly chasing the truth, Ben finds himself tested, both physically and psychologically, as he gradually uncovers a tale of prejudice, ambition and heartbreak.

Casey Little, Yo Yo Queen

Nancy Belgue - 2005
    Her hopes of buying Lightning are dashed when she learns that his owner has found a buyer and must sell the horse immediately. Across the street from Casey's house a mystery unfolds as a seldom-seen woman who seems to be able to read minds prepares to host a carnival and a yo-yo contest that boasts a $1500 prize. Casey's yo-yo is buried in her closet. She has a great talent and a greater case of stage fright.

Capital Crimes: Murder in the Supreme Court/Murder in the CIA/Murder in the House

Margaret Truman - 2005
    Now in one thrilling volume, here are three classic suspense novels in the acclaimed Capital Crimes series.MURDER IN THE SUPREME COURTClarence Sutherland, head clerk to the Chief Justice, is found murdered in the courtroom, sitting in his boss’s chair with a hole in his head. Who would want to kill such a bright young man? The answer: practically everybody.“Truman’s hints as to the real state of Washington are terrifyingly true.”–Chicago Sun-TimesMURDER IN THE CIAWhen literary agent Barrie Mayer dies from what looks like a heart attack at London’s Heathrow Airport, her best friend, CIA agent Collette Cahill, is ordered to discover the truth–and to find Barrie’s missing briefcase.“[Truman] invades the turf of John le Carré. . . . [Murder in the CIA] is very good.”–Los Angeles Times Book ReviewMURDER IN THE HOUSECongressman Paul Latham died clutching a 9-mm pistol, and one man suspects the shattering truth: The suicide was a carefully planned murder–which will prove to be part of a chilling conspiracy that reaches halfway around the world.“Truman ‘knows the forks’ in the nation’s capital and how to pitchfork her readers into a web of murder and detection.”–The Christian Science Monitor

Shadow's Embrace

M.J. Simon - 2005
    More than a century later, the mystery surrounding her death continues to haunt a small lakeside community. Ghostly manifestations and psychic disturbances emanate from the dead woman's house. A house Maggie King has inherited. Maggie doesn't know what to believe. A tall, dark, handsome dead man prowls the corridors of the rambling old house in search of his lost love. Dangerous ghost or deadly hoax? Jack Steele, a local psychologist and student of the paranormal, wants full access to Maggie's inheritance. Prime suspect perhaps, but the attraction between the two is immediate and strong. Suspense builds as past and present merge and the line between the living and the dead grows ever fainter.

Dark Fathom

Tom Morrisey - 2005
    After five minutes, he had exposed a few inches of metal beam, fabric on one side. The bomb-bay door - it was partially a jar. He took out the Geiger counter and held it over the gap. Half the yellow LEDs came alive ... Beck Easton, software architect and secret member of a paramilitary wing of the National Security Agency, is ready to retire from his double life and move to Florida. But an unexpected project and a beautiful woman change his plans. It's a deceptively simple assignment: follow the trail of an Al-Qaeda operative. Beck traces a tangled thread of clues that interweave a top secret World War II mission, an ocean treasure, and a fanatic's plans that lead all the way to the World Trade Center in New York City. In this action-packed prequel to Deep Blue, author Tom Morrisey takes you deep into a world of espionage, ocean diving, and investigations into the events leading up to '9/11'.

Queen's Ransom: The Roman Hat Mystery; Calamity Town; Cat of Many Tails (Mystery Guild Lost Classics Omnibus)

Ellery Queen - 2005

A Murder Is Announced: A BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Dramatisation

Agatha Christie - 2005
    Friends please accept this, the only intimation.' Nestled among the usual notices about dogs for sale and appeals for domestic help, the startling entry in the personal column of the Chipping Cleghorn Gazette has the entire village agog with curiosity. Is it a game? And who is meant to attend? The mistress of Little Paddocks, Letitia Blacklock, is also taken completely by surprise. Suspecting her nephew of a practical joke, she's sure of one thing: half the village will be converging on the house expecting a glass of sherry. Sure enough, the evening sees a crowd of residents standing expectantly in the drawing-room. Then the clock strikes the half-hour, the lights go out, and three gunshots ring in the dark. When the lights go back on, the promised murder has been committed. Can Miss Marple work out what has happened and why? One of Agatha Christie's most intriguing mysteries is dramatised with a full cast including Ian Lavender and Jamie Glover.2 CDs. 2 hrs 20 mins.

When Skylarks Fall

John Robinson - 2005
    Although Joe wonders why this famous music legend would have her personal manager ask him to take the case, he accepts it for two reasons—one, he feels sorry for her and, two, he needs the money.The investigation leads Joe to discover not only the shocking identity of the stalker, but a heartbreaking revelation about himself...and Kitty Clark.Download the Readers' Guide.

Nose for Trouble

Doranna Durgin - 2005
    Anxious to get away from the pressures of the East Coast and into a climate where his trauma-induced asthma isn't a daily challenge, vet Dale Kinsall hauls his baggage and his young Beagle to a vet clinic in the high desert.