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Becky: The Heartbreaking Story of Becky Watts by Her Father Darren Galsworthy

Darren Galsworthy - 2016
    As her father Darren discovered the horrific details of what happened to his darling girl, his world fell apart.Writing about his darkest hours and unbearable pain, Darren uncovers what Becky’s relationship with her step-brother Nathan, a child he had raised as his own son, was really like. He recalls the devastation of discovering the truth about the depravity with which Becky was torn from him in the safety of her own home. And he recounts the torment of the legal battle to see his step-son sentenced to life behind bars.But, at its heart, Becky is a poignant personal story, a chance for Darren to pay tribute to his darling daughter, to celebrate her life and take back control of how she is remembered.Darren recalls with enduring love the daughter he fought so hard to get custody of after she was taken into foster care as an infant; the happy child who completed his life; and the innocent schoolgirl who brought joy and happiness to all her knew her.Both heartfelt and haunting, searingly honest and unflinching, this is the ultimate story of a family tragedy.

Secret Slave: Kidnapped and abused for 13 years. This is my story of survival

Anna Ruston - 2016
    You're not going anywhere. You're mine now.'Growing up in a deeply troubled family, 15-year-old Anna felt lost and alone in the world. So when a friendly taxi driver befriended her, Anna welcomed the attention. She agreed to go home with him to meet his family. She wouldn't escape for over a decade.Held captive by a sadistic paedophile, with the full acceptance of his family, Anna was subjected to despicable levels of sexual abuse and torture. The unrelenting violence and degradation resulted in numerous miscarriages, and the birth of four babies... each one stolen away from Anna at birth.Her salvation arrived thirteen years too late, but despite her shattered mind and body, Anna finally managed to flee. This is her harrowing, yet uplifting story, of survival.

Adnan's Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial

Rabia Chaudry - 2016
    Syed has maintained his innocence, and Rabia Chaudry, a family friend, has always believed him. By 2013, after almost all appeals had been exhausted, Rabia contacted Sarah Koenig, a producer at This American Life, in hopes of finding a journalist who could shed light on Adnan’s story. In 2014, Koenig's investigation turned into Serial, a Peabody Award-winning podcast with more than 500 million international listenersBut Serial did not tell the whole story. In this compelling narrative, Rabia Chaudry presents new key evidence that she maintains dismantles the State's case: a potential new suspect, forensics indicating Hae was killed and kept somewhere for almost half a day, and documentation withheld by the State that destroys the cell phone evidence -- among many other points -- and she shows how fans of Serial joined a crowd-sourced investigation into a case riddled with errors and strange twists. Adnan's Story also shares Adnan’s life in prison, and weaves in his personal reflections, including never-before-seen letters. Chaudry, who is committed to exonerating Adnan, makes it clear that justice is yet to be achieved in this much examined case.

Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer

Ann McElhinney - 2016
    And yet Kermit Gosnell was no obvious criminal. The abortion doctor was a pillar of his community, an advocate for women’s “reproductive health,” and a respected member of Philadelphia’s professional elite. His Women’s Medical Society Clinic looked like admirable community outreach by a brave doctor committed to upholding women’s rights. Meanwhile, inside the filthy building, Gosnell was casually murdering born-alive infants, butchering women, and making a macabre collection of severed babies’ feet. His accomplices in crime were a staff of dropouts, drug addicts, and unlicensed medical professionals posing as doctors. But even more important to his decades-long crime spree were his enablers in the outside world—from the state bureaucrats who had copious evidence that Gosnell was breaking the law but did nothing to the politicians whose fervent support for abortion rights kept health inspectors away. The “pro-choice” political, bureaucratic, and media establishment smiled on Gosnell—and gave him carte blanche to kill. Even law enforcement seemed to not care. Philadelphia Police Homicide Unit received a complaint about Gosnell years before he was caught, gave it a cursory look, and ignored the evidence. Two women and hundreds of babies died after they closed the case. Luckily, Detective Jim Wood—a narcotics detective—opened a drug case against Gosnell. What he found when he served his warrant left even the most grizzled members of the police force stunned. Now Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, the veteran investigative journalists and filmmakers behind FrackNation, dig into Gosnell’s crimes. A record-breaking crowdfunding campaign financed their Gosnell movie starring young Superman Dean Cain, but in the research for the film, McElhinney and McAleer uncovered fascinating and previously unreported revelations that couldn’t be included in the film. Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer contains the full results of their investigation.

I Will Find You: A Reporter Investigates the Life of the Man Who Raped Her

Joanna Connors - 2016
    Once her assailant was caught and sentenced, Joanna never spoke of the trauma again, until 21 years later when her daughter was about to go to college. She resolved then to tell her children about her own rape so they could learn and protect themselves, and she began to realize that the man who assaulted her was one of the formative people in her life.Setting out to uncover the story of her attacker, Connors embarked on a journey to find out who he was, where he came from, who his friends were and what his life was like. What she discovered stretches beyond one violent man’s story and back into her own, interweaving a narrative about strength and survival with one about rape culture and violence in America.

Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars

Juan Martínez - 2016
    What emerged was a story wrought with sex, manipulation, and deceit that stunned the public at every turn. Arias, always playing the wronged and innocent woman, changed her story continually as her bizarre behavior surrounding the crime and its aftermath came to light. Unwavering, Arias and her defense team continued to play off the salacious details of the case, until she was finally found guilty and—controversially—sentenced to life behind bars.Now, speaking openly for the first time, prosecutor Juan Martinez will unearth new details from the investigation that were never revealed at trial, exploring key facts from the case and the pieces of evidence he chose to keep close to the vest. Throughout the trials, his bullish and unfaltering prosecution strategy was both commended and criticized, and in his book, Martinez will illuminate the unique tactics he utilized in this case and how they lead to a successful conviction, and-for the first time-discuss how he felt losing the death penalty sentence he’d pursued for years.Going beyond the news reports, Martinez will explore the truth behind the multiple facades of Jodi Arias. Sparring with her from across the stand, Martinez came to know Arias like no one else could, dissecting what it took for a seemingly normal girl to become a deluded, cunning, and unrepentant murderer.With new stories from behind the scenes of the trial and Martinez’s own take on his defendant, the book takes you inside the mind of Jodi Arias like never before. Complete with 16 pages of photos from the case and trial, this book is the definitive account of the case that shocked America.

Triumph of Justice: Closing the Book on the O.J. Simpson Saga

Daniel Petrocelli - 2016
    Simpson free, Daniel Petrocelli came to pick up the pieces. Outraged by the disastrous miscarriage of justice, the family of murder victim Ronald Goldman sought justice in civil court—their last chance to go after Simpson. To represent them, they hired Petrocelli, a respected attorney who had never before tried a criminal case. In order to win the case, Petrocelli would have to prove that O.J. Simpson was a killer.The physical evidence connecting Simpson to the murders was rock solid, but in the criminal trial, evidence was not enough. To bring the families justice, Petrocelli would have to do something that the District Attorney had not been able to do: confront O.J. Simpson face-to-face.Called “the best book on the subject” by the San Francisco Chronicle, Triumph of Justice is the definitive account of the Simpson murders and their aftermath. In the long, twisted history of the trial of the century, Daniel Petrocelli has the final word.

The Lynching: The Epic Courtroom Battle That Brought Down the Klan

Laurence Leamer - 2016
    The young men were members of Klavern 900 of the United Klans of America. They were seeking to retaliate after a largely black jury could not reach a verdict in a trial involving a black man accused of the murder of a white man. The two Klansmen found nineteen-year-old Michael Donald walking home alone. Hays and Knowles abducted him, beat him, cut his throat, and left his body hanging from a tree branch in a racially-mixed residential neighborhood.Arrested, charged, and convicted, Hays was sentenced to death—the first time in nearly a century that the state of Alabama had found a white man guilty of killing a black man. On behalf of Michael’s grieving mother, Morris Dees, the legendary civil rights lawyer and co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, filed a civil suit against the members of the local Klan unit involved and the UKA, the largest Klan organization. Charging them with conspiracy, Dees put the Klan on trial, resulting in a verdict that would level a deadly blow to its organization.Based on countless interviews and extensive archival research, The Lynching brings to life two dramatic trials, during which the Alabama Klan's motives and philosophy were exposed for the evil they represent. In addition to telling a gripping and consequential story, Laurence Leamer chronicles the KKK and its activities in the second half the twentieth century, and illuminates its lingering effect on race relations in America today.

A Dangerous Place: The Story of the Railway Murders

Simon Farquhar - 2016
    In September 1970, two boys met in the playground on their first day at secondary school in North London. They formed what would be described at the Old Bailey thirty years later as ‘a unique and wicked bond’. Between 1982 and 1986, striking near lonely railway stations in London and the Home Counties, their partnership took them from rape to murder. Three police forces pooled their resources to catch them in the biggest criminal manhunt since the Yorkshire Ripper Enquiry.A Dangerous Place is the first full-length account of the crimes of John Duffy and David Mulcahy. Told by the son of one of the police officers who led the enquiry, exhaustively researched and with unprecedented access, this is the story of two of the most notorious serial killers of the twentieth century and the times they operated in. It is the story of the women who died at their hands. It is the story of the women who survived them, and who had the courage to ensure justice was done. And it is the story of a father, told by a son.

The Good Cop

Justine Ford - 2016
    B - Believe nothing. C - Check everything.' Ron IddlesIn an incredible twenty-five year career as a homicide detective, Ron Iddles' conviction rate was 99%. Yet that only partly explains why Iddles is known to cops and crims alike as 'The Great Man'.Tough, inventive and incorruptible, stoic in the face of senseless horror yet unafraid to shed tears for a victim, Ron has applied his country cunning and city savvy to over 320 homicide cases - some of them the most infamous, compelling and controversial crimes in the nation's history. To the victims of crime, Ron is both a shoulder to cry on and an avenging angel.Ron Iddles never gave up on a 'lost' cause. He became a regular on the nightly news - the dogged face of Australian justice. Working long hours, dodging bullets, chasing leads and outwitting killers, Ron would tell his teams: 'The answer is just one call away'. And in 2015, that belief saw him crack Victoria's oldest unsolved homicide, yet another remarkable feat in a life devoted to keeping the public safe.This is the extraordinary inside story of a real crime crusader. Ron Iddles. The Good Cop.Now a major Foxtel series, for information about the show visit:

Possessed: The Infamous Texas Stiletto Murder

Kathryn Casey - 2016
    . .The officer responding to a 911 call at one of Houston’s hippest high-rises expected the worst. After all, domestic violence situations can be unpredictable. But nothing could’ve prepared him for what he found: a beautiful woman drenched in blood . . . an older man lying dead on the floor . . . and a cobalt blue suede stiletto with tufts of white hair stuck to its five-and-a-half-inch heel.With her stunning looks, magnetic personality, and erratic behavior, Ana Trujillo had a notorious reputation on the downtown Houston scene. She spoke often of occult powers, though few knew how deeply she believed such boasts. Stefan Andersson was a gentle soul, a Swedish transplant with a good career and trusted friends, who was desperate to find someone special. Theirs is a story of obsession, madness, and tragedy. Because once Stefan fell head over heels for Ana, he was under her control—and he didn’t have a chance in hell.

You Could Do Something Amazing with Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat]

Andrew Hankinson - 2016
    Eventually, cornered by the police, Moat shot himself.Andrew Hankinson, a journalist from Newcastle, re-tells Moat’s story using Moat’s words, and those of the state services which engaged with him, bringing the reader disarmingly close at all times to the mind of Moat. It is a reading experience unrelieved by authorial distance or expert interpretation. The narrative Hankinson has woven is entirely compelling, even if Moat’s weaknesses are never far from sight, requiring the reader to work out where they should stand.

Abuse of Power

Lizzie Scott - 2016
    The children arrived with a lot of kicking and screaming from the eldest…terrified of the changes going on in his life.One of our jobs as their carers was to minimise change as much as possible until their future was decided by the courts at the final hearing.There was much going on in the background that we were not aware of but would find out in the course of time.Plans were being made by professional people, who should know better and should never take advantage of their position to abuse those who are vulnerable and unable to defend themselves because they are told ‘The law is against you’, when actually what is meant is that they, in their powerful position are against you.We were slowly and blindly heading toward an adult temper tantrum that neither I nor any of the social workers present at the time, had ever witnessed before.A temper tantrum of such intensity that one person changed the course of these children’s lives.It was a truly, truly wicked act of power displayed by one very spiteful egotistical person.

While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent into Madness

Eli Sanders - 2016
    Two people newly in love—Teresa Butz and Jennifer Hopper, who spent many years trying to find themselves and who eventually found each other—and a young man on a dangerous psychological descent: Isaiah Kalebu, age twenty-three, the son of a distant, authoritarian father and a mother with a family history of mental illness. All three paths forever altered by a violent crime, all three stories a wake-up call to the system that failed to see the signs.   In this riveting, probing, compassionate account of a murder in Seattle, Eli Sanders, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his newspaper coverage of the crime, offers a deeply reported portrait in microcosm of the state of mental health care in this country—as well as an inspiring story of love and forgiveness. Culminating in Kalebu’s dangerous slide toward violence—observed by family members, police, mental health workers, lawyers, and judges, but stopped by no one—While the City Slept is the story of a crime of opportunity and of the string of missed opportunities that made it possible. It shows what can happen when a disturbed member of society repeatedly falls through the cracks, and in the tradition of The Other Wes Moore and The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, is an indelible, human-level story, brilliantly told, with the potential to inspire social change.

Nikitta: A Mother’s Story - The Tragic True Story of My Daughter's Murder

Marcia Grender - 2016
    Marcia and her partner Paul, Nikitta’s father, rushed to the scene but there was nothing they could do. Firefighters had already discovered Nikitta’s body in the wreckage of the home she’d lovingly built with her childhood sweetheart. To add to their agony, Nikitta had been eight months’ pregnant. The fully formed yet unborn baby girl she’d already named Kelsey May was gone, too.But it soon became apparent Nikitta’s death was far from an accident. Within hours, the investigation became a murder inquiry and Ryan’s cousin Carl Whant was the prime suspect. Whant had been openly infatuated with Nikitta and boasted that he thought of her every time he had sex.As her world collapsed around her, Marcia could only watch in horror. Shortly after Whant was charged with murder, child destruction, rape and arson, she began charting her feelings in a searingly honest diary, the contents of which are published for the first time in this book.Marcia painstakingly recalls the agony of holding her granddaughter for the first time in a police mortuary, but being unable to see her dead daughter because of the shocking state in which Whant had left her. She charts the pain of laying them both to rest, knowing she will have to face their killer every day in court when Whant’s case comes to trial. For the first time, she opens up about her turbulent relationship with Ryan and the devastating revelations which almost cause her world to shatter for a second time. But, above all, she speaks of the indescribable hell of learning to live without the most important thing in her life.

Murder Most Vile: Volume 10: 18 Shocking Cases

Robert Keller - 2016
    for his fictional murder.Run, Bambi, Run: A young mother is found shot to death and the clues point to the unlikeliest of suspects – a gorgeous ex-cop and playboy bunny.The Man Who Wrecked Trains: The killer had one of the strangest sexual fixations you’ll ever encounter – he got his kicks derailing trains. To Love and to Perish: John Perry was tired of his young wife’s philandering. His solution? Kill her, cook her, feed her to the cat!For the Love of Money: Greed can be murder and Frederick Seddon is quite possibly the greediest scoundrel you’ll ever have the displeasure of meeting. Damned by Evil: A beautiful young girl gains an unwanted admirer, a snuff movie enthusiast with a taste for necrophilia. Gods and Monsters: A quartet of criminals takes control of a tiny Mexican village, sparking an orgy of sex, murder and human sacrifice.The Family: A family of hippies under the control of a murderous messiah, a series of crimes that shook America to its very roots. Dinner for One: The killer was a sous-chef at one of the best restaurants in town. His victim was dinner. A Better Life Through Murder: How far would you go to live the good life? As far as kidnapping? As far as murder?˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃ Plus 8 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works are about serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Murder Most Vile: Volume 12: 18 Shocking True Cases

Robert Keller - 2016
    The bones in the barbecue pit said different.Mob Rules: The kidnapping and murder of a much-loved San Jose businessman brings about a truly horrific end for the perpetrators. The Werewolf Butcher: Jack had an ambition. He wanted to be the most notorious serial killer in America. He was certainly one of the bloodiest. Evidence of Murder: A young girl gets lost in a cornfield and ends up in the clutches of a vile paedophile in this harrowing tale from southeast England. Justice for Buddy: All Buddy wanted was a companion to share his golden years with, what he got instead was a female predator with a penchant for torture.˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃ Plus 10 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works are about serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

I Survived Ted Bundy: The Attack, Escape & PTSD That Changed My Life

Rhonda Stapley - 2016
    He was America's most notorious serial killer. When their paths crossed on a quiet autumn afternoon, he planned to kill her. But this victim had an incredible will to survive and would live to tell her story nearly three decades after he met death in a Florida electric chair.Ted Bundy brutally attacked Rhonda Stapley in a secluded Utah canyon in 1974. She miraculously escaped and hid her dark secret until now. This compelling real story of triumph over tragedy is both shocking and inspiring and told with the true courage of a victim turned survivor. (Foreword by Ann Rule)When she appeared on his show, Dr. Phil McGraw told Rhonda, "This book will save lives."

Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?: A Victorian True Crime Murder Mystery

Kathryn McMaster - 2016
    He's your son. You wave goodbye to him one morning as he disappears into the swirling fog. And then he is gone. Forever. This gripping historical crime fiction novel, based on fact, is set in Bradford, England,1888. It explores the horrific murder of Johnny Gill; a murder and mutilation so gruesome, it stuns a nation. Even hardened detectives are affected by its savagery, swiftly comparing it to the work of Jack the Ripper. "Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?" is Kathryn McMaster's debut novel. It is a noir page-turner that immediately immerses you in a maelstrom of emotions, keeping you in suspense as Chief Detective Constable Withers and his dedicated team of British detectives try and gather sufficient evidence to bring a conviction against their suspect. In 1888, police procedures and knowledge of Forensic Science are rudimentary and juries are exposed to persuasive newspaper reports and public opinion. Will justice prevail, or will the guilty walk free? This is one crime fiction novel you won't be able to put down until the last page is turned!

Living With The Devil

Lori Hart - 2016
    Condo" to his Chicago condominium clients, Donnie Rudd was at the top of his game. Charming, offbeat, and eccentric, he appeared on his own television show and taught at a local college. But behind the public persona of a successful lawyer, Donnie Rudd's life was unraveling as police investigated the death of his second wife, the murder of a local woman, and claims of fraud by several clients.The fascinating memoir by Donnie's step daughters describes the chaos of life with a sociopath as the allegations of infidelity, madness, and murder against Donnie interrupt their lives again and again. The sisters recount the riveting true story of events over a span of 40 years that will leave readers breathless and wondering how Rudd was able to evade accountability for so long. In the midst of the madness also lies a story of redemption and triumph as the family overcomes the dysfunction of their early tumultuous life.Check out the Investigative Discovery Channel Documentary with Keith Morrison: Who is Donnie Rudd? It will give you more insight into the story.Purchase

Murder Most Vile: Volume 11: 18 Shocking Cases

Robert Keller - 2016
    Her solution to the problem will shock you to the core.Guilty of Suicide: Can a man really be put to death when even the prosecution agrees that his victim probably took her own life?Countess Dracula: The quite incredible tale of a Hungarian countess who enjoyed taking long baths … in her victims’ blood.The Axe Man Cometh: A young man with money problems decides to claim his inheritance early, via familial slaughter. Night of the Slasher: A killer is loose on the streets of Windsor, Ontario, his savage M.O. drawing comparisons with Jack the Ripper.Don’t Talk to Strangers: The Hasidic Jewish community of Borough Park, New York looked after their own and kept strangers out. But what if one of their own was a depraved child killer?˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃ Plus 10 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works are about serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Murder Most Vile Volume 9: 18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases

Robert Keller - 2016
    Woe betide anyone who gets in their way.The Murder of Sweet Fanny Adams: An innocent little girl is lured to a field by a prowling paedophile. What happens next is shocking beyond belief.Mr. Meticulous: Meet Israel Keyes, the man the FBI considers to be the most meticulous serial killer in history. Till Death Do Us Part: A beautiful young woman is murdered on her honeymoon. But did her husband really order her death? And if so, why? The Fifth Commandment: Father Hans Schmidt was selective about which commandments he chose to obey. Thou shalt not kill did not make the cut.Unlucky in Love: Mary Wilson’s husbands had an unfortunate habit of dropping dead soon after the nuptials. But was the elderly widow really a mass murderer?The Phantom of the Opera: A beautiful violinist goes missing during a performance and ends up dead in a lift shaft, leaving the NYPD with a conundrum to solve.40 Days in Hell: A teenaged girl is kidnapped by a gang of miscreants in this barely believable tale of torture and horrific death from Japan.Burning for You: What happens when a former golden girl’s life goes off the rails? Who pays the price for her frustration?Ghosts: A mysterious sequence of events culminates in the massacre of an entire family. But who killed the Grubers? Could it really have been a vengeful ghost?˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃ Plus 8 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works are about serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Standing Strong: An Unlikely Sisterhood and the Court Case that Made History

Diane Reeve - 2016
    Deeply in love, they spent every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday together at his place or hers . . . that is, until she learned about his Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday women.  But her heartbreak was just beginning. After discovering his cheating, she tested positive for HIV and learned that Philippe had knowingly infected her. Even more shocking was the sick reality that Philippe was deliberately infecting numerous women in their 20s through 60s, with little in common except their vulnerability. Despite plummeting t-cell numbers, Diane vowed to stop Philippe from victimizing anyone else. In a race against time, Diane knitted together a band of Philippe's conquests. This sisterhood, bound by overwhelming  emotional and physical pain, fought tirelessly to have him convicted in a landmark victory relying on new DNA science.  This is not just a story ripped from the headlines; it is one woman's hard-won victory over a crushing experience and a frustrating judicial system—and her mission to help empower others to stand strong.

Shadow of Doubt: The Trial of Dennis Oland

Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon - 2016
    The brutal killing stunned the city of Saint John, and news of the crime reverberated across the country. In a shocking turn and after a two-and-half-year police investigation, Oland’s only son, Dennis, was arrested for second-degree murder.CBC reporter Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon covered the Oland case from the beginning. In Shadow of Doubt, she examines the controversial investigation: from the day Richard Oland’s battered body was discovered to the conclusion of Dennis Oland’s trial, including the hotly debated verdict and its aftermath. Meticulously examining the evidence, MacKinnon vividly reconstructs the cases for both the prosecution and the defence. She delves into Oland family history, exploring the strained relationships, infidelities, and financial problems that, according to the Crown, provided motives for murder.Shadow of Doubt is a revealing look at a sensational crime, the tribulations of a prominent family, and the inner workings of the justice system that led to Dennis Oland’s contentious conviction.

The Shepherd's Bush Murders

Nick Russell-Pavier - 2016
    Jack Witney served twenty-five years in prison although he shot no one and was released on appeal, only to be murdered in his Bristol flat a few years later. John Duddy died in Parkhurst after fifteen years. But Harry Roberts, by his own admission the instigator of the crime and the most notorious, was released from prison after forty-eight years in 2015 making national front page news. What could possess an apparently rational and sane man, albeit an habitual criminal, to commit such a callous and ruthless act? What kind of a man is he? How can an ordinary person understand what he did? Should he be forgiven?50 years later, the full story for the first time.

Pushed: State of Oklahoma vs. Amber Hilberling: The Inside Story of the Murder Case That Riveted the Bible Belt

J.R. Elias - 2016
    Amber watched in horror as Josh fell into a window, which collapsed on contact, then plummeted through the sweltering Oklahoma sky to his death.What followed gripped an entire state and gave rise to international media attention. Dateline NBC, Dr. Phil, CNN, Fox News, and others focused their spotlight on a star-crossed young couple from Tulsa. Amber claimed her push was self-defense while pregnant, that Josh was attacking her - again. But Josh's family and friends launched a public campaign accusing Amber of being a mentally-ill monster, a physical abuser of the former football star. The media adopted that storyline from day one and ran wild, reporting with little regard to facts. The public tide against Amber was swift and vicious. Hate websites launched, resembling modern-day lynch mobs. Strangers called for her execution in graphic detail, harassing her and her family, even appearing at their home. The State of Oklahoma charged her with murder and prosecuted her aggressively, using troubling tactics that - now revealed for the first time - call into question all notions of a fair trial. The pressure drove Amber, new mother to a baby boy, to the edge. Just after this book was finished, the already-tragic story reached a shocking and heartbreaking new conclusion, captured in a newly-added Epilogue.In Pushed, J.R. Elias, an award-winning journalist turned attorney who personally worked on the case, pulls back the curtains and shares the stunning full story: the explosive behind-the-scenes dramas, heated family conflicts, adultery, lies, betrayals, crucial evidence the prosecutor unlawfully withheld from the public and jury, the disturbing twists of the murder trial, and the toll the grueling case took on many lives, including the author's own.Neither the public nor the jury has ever heard the full story. Until now.

Murder Most Vile: Volume 13: 18 Shocking True Cases

Robert Keller - 2016
    What could possibly go wrong?The Vampire of Paris: Meet Nico Claux, mortuary assistant, S & M enthusiast, cannibal, and wannabe vampire.From Sandra, To My Killer: A young girl is found brutally raped and murdered. The identity of her killer will stun an entire community.A Passion for Evil: When Snuff movie aficionado, John Madden, decides to indulge his darkest fantasy, no one is safe – not even his 12-year-old niece.Justice Takes Its Time: A journalist researching the biography of a long dead sports star stumbles upon the solution to a decades-old murder mystery.Dirty Rotten Scoundrel: A serial philanderer meets his worst nightmare, a lover who refuses to be shunted aside. His solution to the problem will shock you to the core.Blood in the Snow: A brilliant but troubled environmentalist turns his ire on the people he believes are destroying the Alaskan wilderness – with horrific results.A Dangerous Woman: Breaking up is never easy, breaking up with a woman like Shirley Turner could get you killed.The Man Who Killed Halloween: When 9-year-old Timmy O'Bryan dies in agony on Halloween night, the police are stunned at where the clues lead.Jill the Ripper: The murders were reminiscent of those committed by Jack the Ripper just a couple of years earlier. Could Mary Pearcy really have been the Whitechapel fiend?˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃ Plus 8 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works are about serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Remembering Anita Cobby: The Case, the Husband, the Aftermath – 30 Years On

Mark Morri - 2016
    Five men were caught and, amid unprecedented scenes, jailed for life. For young reporter Mark Morri, the case was a baptism of fire. Told to 'find the husband', he despaired: Cobby had changed his name and disappeared. But the Daily Mirror found him, and Morri's interviews sent newspaper sales soaring. For nearly thirty years, Morri and Cobby kept in touch. In this book, John finally opens up, recounting how he and Anita fell in love, travelled the world, suffered the pain of her miscarriage, and how he still believes today that they are soulmates. He also explains why they were apart at the time of the murder. Weaving in chilling material from the autopsy police files, and interviews with the detectives who hunted down the killers, Mark Morri explores the ripple effects of the murder that still shocks a nation.

Laughing All the Way to the Bank (Robbery): My Education at Con College

Michael Rickard - 2016
    Read the amazing story of how an attorney survived three years in federal prison, and emerged the better for it.

Listen Carefully: Truth and Evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey Case

True Crime Detectives Guild - 2016
     Exposing the many myths and misrepresentations of facts in the Ramsey case, the book uses documented evidence and detailed research, as well as extensive interviews with many who were involved in the case, to present the truth surrounding JonBenet’s death and the 20-year investigation. With a thorough linguistic analysis of the ransom note, as well as handwriting comparisons, new photos, footnotes, a bibliography for further reading and five appendices (including timelines, Ramsey house plans, and a guide to understanding DNA), the book is essential for anyone interested in not only what happened to JonBenet, but why.

Smooth Talker: Trail of Death

Steve Jackson - 2016
    Thirty years of dead ends. Until one rookie investigator began piecing it all together. One morning in July 1974, Anita Andrews, the owner and bartender at Fagiani’s Cocktail Lounge in Napa, California was found dead in her bar–raped, beaten, and stabbed to death in a bloody frenzy. She’d last been seen alive the night before talking to a drifter who sat at the end of the bar, playing cards and flirting with her. But the stranger, along with Anita’s Cadillac, had disappeared. Unable to locate a suspect, police investigators sadly watched the case grow cold over the years. "Jackson writes with muscle and heart.--New York Times bestselling author Gregg Olsen Meanwhile a month after Anita’s murder, young Michele Wallace, was driving down a road in the mountains near Crested Butte, Colorado, when she gave two stranded motorists, Chuck Matthews and a man named Roy, a ride. Dropping Matthews off at a bar in Gunnison, she agreed to take “Roy” to his truck. She was never seen alive again, nor could a massive search of the mountains locate her remains. The trail leading to her killer also ran into deadends. Fourteen years later, Charlotte Sauerwin, engaged to be married, met a smooth-talking man at a Laundromat in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. The next evening, her body was found in the woods; she’d been raped, tortured, and her throat slashed. The police suspected her fiance, Vince LeJeune, though he proclaimed his innocence to anyone who would listen. Meanwhile, the man from the Laundromat couldn’t be located. The three murders would remain unsolved, eating at the hearts, minds and lives of the women’s families, friends and communities. Then in the early 1990s, a rookie Gunnison County sheriff’s investigator named Kathy Young began looking into the Wallace case and identified a suspect named Roy Melanson, a serial rapist from Texas. It would lead her and other investigators looking into murders and rapes in other states to a serial killer who struck again and again with seeming impunity. SMOOTH TALKER is the story of Melanson, his depredations, and the intrepid police work that went into bringing him to justice not just in Colorado, but California and Louisiana.

My Sweet Angel: The True Story of Lacey Spears, the Seemingly Perfect Mother Who Murdered Her Son in Cold Blood

John Glatt - 2016
    Prosecutors alleged that the 27-year-old mother had poisoned him with high concentrations of salt through his stomach tube.To the outside world, Spears had seemed like the perfect mother, regularly posting dramatic updates on her son’s harrowing medical problems, but in reality, she was a text book case of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. From the time he was an infant, she deliberately made Garnett sick to elicit sympathy from medical professionals, as well as her hundreds of followers on Facebook and other social media. When a Westchester County jury found her guilty of killing Garnett in April 2015, she was sentenced to twenty years to life in prison.Using Spears's own never-before-seen Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts, an exclusive prison interview with Spears herself, as well as interviews with her family and the three police investigators who broke the case, My Sweet Angel provides the definitive account of this shocking case.

Finding Nowhere

Jeff Wade - 2016
    Stuffed in a trunk, she must endure the horror on her own. Or so she thinks.Double-chocolate fudge or dark chocolate? Devin James hates it when his wife Vivian forgets her cell phone. But now he's forgotten his. This innocent oversight turns out to be disastrous when he witnesses Jessi's abduction. He follows the car, having no plan for when—or if—he catches up. The killer is armed. Devin isn't. Dead, he'll do Jessi no good. Follow the pastor and the black belt as they cross the state of Arkansas, desperate for a plan, desperate for help, desperate for hope.Based on a true story, Finding Nowhere is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page—and to leave you breathless.

Dahmer Detective: The Interrogation and Investigation That Shocked The World

Patrick Kennedy - 2016
    Jeffrey Dahmer was a son and brother turned predatory sexual serial killer, undetected until he was captured and who then went on to confess to committing 17 murders. Kennedy s reassuring and calm manner allowed him to ultimately build a rapport with his suspect in order to elicit a confession that provided information albeit horrific information to numerous families and friends of missing and disappeared young men in Milwaukee. He believed the case had complexities due to the sheer horror of it yet the killer remained one of the more human murderers that he had ever interrogated. Dahmer Detective: The Interrogation and Investigation that Shocked the World goes inside the police interrogation room where Kennedy spent long days during six chaotic weeks with Jeffrey Dahmer as he confessed to his life as a serial murderer, while the world s media clamored outside for information and confirmation about the story of one of the most notorious killers of the 20th century. Published in 2016, Dahmer Detective marks the 25th anniversary of Jeffrey Dahmer s capture and arrest.

One Last Job

Tom Pettifor - 2016
    This book cuts through the myth to reveal the astonishing true-life story of its elderly mastermind, Brian Reader. Gang insiders, family, friends and detectives talk for the first time about Reader’s six-decade career, from mixing with the Krays and the cream of the London underworld to an ill-fated collaboration with violent gangster Kenny Noye.

Stained By Blood: A Murder Investigation

Douglas J. Hagmann - 2016
    His own family. The case could not be more personal for Marc, whose uncle was found brutally stabbed in a frenzied killing that took place in the very home of Marc’s youth, and in the very bedroom where Marc had fostered memories of a warm, safe and happy childhood as he grew from a toddler through adolescence. It was in the darkness of the early morning hours on April 28, 1982 when Marc’s uncle fought violently for his life as his killer stabbed him repeatedly and mercilessly more than three dozen times. It was a classic overkill that left a morbid scene of death that rivaled the most gruesome of murders.For five years, a brutal killer remained on the loose, free to kill again. As Marc quickly learned, his uncle’s killer was the least of the threats he faced in a case filled with the unexpected. From the moment he accepted this assignment on the fifth anniversary of the murder to its unexpected conclusion, Marc struggled to navigate a maze of bizarre twists and untangle a web of deeply hidden secrets kept by some of the most powerful and influential people in his community and beyond.Through Stained by Blood, you will accompany Marc on a journey to an underworld that few know exist and fewer still refuse to discuss. It is a world that has been dismissed as conspiracy by those anxious to keep its secrets hidden. As you join Marc on his journey through danger, denials and deceptions, look around you, for you might never look at your city, town or its people the same ever again.

Chin: The Life and Crimes of Mafia Boss Vincent Gigante

Larry McShane - 2016
    Vinnie "Chin" Gigante displayed signs of insanity that stunned the public, stymied the police and the FBI, and secured his power for decades. Was he really crazy? Or crazy like a fox?Vincent "Chin" Gigante. He started out as a professional boxer--until he found his true calling as a ruthless contract killer. His doting mother's pet name for the boy evolved into his famous alias, "Chin," a nickname that struck fear throughout organized crime as he routinely ordered the murders of mobsters who violated the Mafia code--including a contract put out on Gambino family boss John Gotti. Vincent Gigante was hand-picked by Vito Genovese to run the Genovese Family when Vito was sent to prison. Chin raked in more than $100 million for the Genovese family, all while evading federal investigators. At the height of his power, he controlled an underworld empire of close to three hundred made men, extending from New York's Little Italy to the docks of Miami to the streets of Philadelphia--making the Genovese Family the most powerful in the U.S. And yet Vincent "Chin" Gigante was, to all outside appearances, certifiably crazy. A serial psychiatric hospital outpatient, he wandered the streets of Greenwich Village in a ratty bathrobe and slippers, sometimes adding a floppy cap to complete the ensemble. He urinated in public, played pinochle in storefronts, and hid a second family from his wife. On twenty-two occasions, he admitted himself to a mental hospital--evading criminal prosecution while insuring his continued reign as "The Oddfather." It took nearly thirty years of endless psychiatric evaluations by a parade of puzzled doctors for federal authorities to finally bring him down.This is an American Mafia story unlike any other--a strange and shocking account of one man's rise to power that's as every bit as colorful and bizarre as the man himself.

Behind the Tape: Gripping, real-life stories from New Zealand's top police crisis negotiator

Lance Burdett - 2016
    He worked on some of New Zealand's best-known cases, such as the Jan Molenaar case, where Lance headed the negotiation team, and the George Baker prison hostage negotiation with the man who murdered Liam Ashley.Behind the Tape is fast-paced, narrative-driven true crime that makes for a gritty, confronting read.

Our April

Paul Jones - 2016
    The nation was shocked by her disappearance from the tiny Welsh village of Machynllech in October 2012. Her body was never fully recovered but paedophile Mark Bridger was convicted of her murder and abduction following a month-long trial in May 2013. In this gripping and harrowing book, April's heartbroken parents Coral and Paul speak at length about their beloved daughter and the search for her, their ordeal as they faced Bridger in court every day during the trial, and their ongoing fight against the vile child pornography he viewed in the days leading up to April's abduction. They remember with enduring love the daughter who fought so bravely to survive premature birth and mild disability, and who was enchanted by all the things a little girl finds magical. Paul Jones kept a diary throughout the ordeal, the contents of which are revealed for the first time in this searingly honest account of unimaginable emotional pain. Alongside books such as Madeleineby Kate McCann and Goodbye Dearest Hollyby Kevin Wells, Aprilwill stand as a poignant reminder of what it means to lose the thing you most love.

Letters from a serial killer

Kristi Belcamino - 2016
    there is a let down. Anytime you get an adrenaline rush like that, there's a letdown. Hard enough where it puts you to sleep." - Curtis Dean Anderson from jail. This is the story behind the Anthony and Macavity-award nominated book, Blessed are the Dead. Letters from a Serial Killer is a novella-length true crime/memoir about two women and their quest to find Xiana Fairchild, who was snatched off the streets of Vallejo on her way to the school bus stop and never seen again. It is about the mother who raised Xiana and the newspaper reporter who covered the story. In this book, Kristi Belcamino and Stephanie Kahalekulu share details of their jailhouse conversations with the man who took Xiana, the letters he sent from behind bars and how they are forever bonded by their dealings with a monster, but more than that—by their quest for justice for Xiana.

Without a Mother's Love - How I Overcame the Haunting Memory of Witnessing my Mother’s Murder

Amanda Wright - 2016
    I now see my life divided into two – before the tragedy and after. Now, the present, will always be after. This is after.'Amanda Wright was just four years old when she witnessed her mother’s brutal murder. John Dickinson, a family friend, strangled her mother to death in front of her and then he tried to do the same to Amanda. He laid their lifeless bodies out on their bed, set fire to it and left the house, hoping the fire would conceal the crime. It was the milkman who saved Amanda's life, though it was too late for mum Sue. Amanda spent weeks in hospital for painful skin graft operations on her burned legs before moving in with her grandparents. Yet, from the day of the tragedy she was haunted by flashbacks and nightmares.On her first day of school, Amanda watched other children crying for their mummies and suddenly realised that she would never see her own mother again. It was a painful adjustment for a little girl who, until that moment, had spent her whole life with her mum. More alone than ever before she was determined not to give in, finding strength in her memories of her mother.Without a Mother's Love is a sad, strange yet beautiful story about a girl who lost everything but found the strength inside herself to make her mother proud.

Missing A True Story Of A Childhood Lost

Marnie Grundman - 2016
    I began running away at the age of five after my mother dropped me out of a two-story window for financial gain. Two broken arms later I was sent to live with my grandparents ... the creators of my mother. I spent the rest of my childhood running, for the last time at the tender age of 13 - this time for good. Missing: A True Story of a Childhood Lost is a story of a young girl's survival, a woman's surthrival. It is a story of suffering, of rising up against all odds and discovering an appreciation of life. "I decided that I was going through this hell as a kind of pre-payment for a good life. From a very young age I always knew that better days lay ahead. Now I had an explanation as to why: I was paying up front. I decided that I was destined for greatness and I just had to power through." Follow Marnie through her journey from stolen childhood to empowered woman as she details firsthand the power of the human spirit to heal and love.

Witches in West Memphis: The West Memphis Three and Another False Confession

George Jared - 2016
    legal history. If you think what happened to Steven Avery in the true crime film Making a Murderer was shocking, you will be completely appalled by what happened to three little boys and three teens in Arkansas in 1993. Three 8-year-old boys vanished from their West Memphis neighborhood one sunny afternoon. A day later their mangled, nude bodies are found in a drainage ditch. Police and prosecutors believe the killings are related to the occult. Three teens are arrested one month later. Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr. are convicted. There’s only one problem. Overwhelming scientific evidence proves they’re innocent and witness after witness has come forward to admit lies were told in court during the original trials. Award-winning journalist George Jared takes readers inside one of the most famous criminal cases in U.S. legal history. Witches in West Memphis gives a comprehensive insiders’ view into the West Memphis Three case. No journalist has written more stories about the case than Jared. The author recounts his firsthand court coverage, interviews with witnesses, research, and other information he gathered in the case. Those interviews include a Death Row interview with Damien Echols, interviews with Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr., and interviews with other suspects, including Terry Hobbs. He’s been credited in numerous documentaries including the Academy Award nominated film Paradise Lost III: Purgatory and the New York Times best seller Life After Death. Witches graphically recounts how three Boy Scouts – Stephen “Stevie” Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers – rode their bikes after school on a bright afternoon. Their bodies are found in a wooded area near their homes the next day. The manner of death and the way they were bound, ankle to wrist, made authorities think Satanists might have sacrificed the children. Echols, a troubled teen with a seedy past, was immediately identified as a possible suspect. His best-friend, Jason Baldwin, and another teen known to them, Jessie Misskelley Jr., are arrested June 3, 1993. They are charged with murder. No real evidence tied the teens to the crime, but an error-riddled confession by Misskelley was the proof used to seal the verdicts in the case. Read how they, referred to as the West Memphis Three, toiled in prison for years as their case stagnated in the Arkansas judicial system. As time passed, overwhelming scientific evidence was discovered. Witnesses changed their statements. New suspects rose to the surface. No author, documentary filmmaker, or journalist has had more access in this case. Witches is written in an easy to read, narrative-style form. Grab a copy today.

Triumph of Justice: Closing the Book on the Simpson Saga

Daniel Petrocelli - 2016
    Simpson free, Daniel Petrocelli came to pick up the pieces. Outraged by the disastrous miscarriage of justice, the family of murder victim Ronald Goldman sought justice in civil court their last chance to go after Simpson. To represent them, they hired Petrocelli, a respected attorney who had never before tried a criminal case. In order to win the case, Petrocelli would have to prove that O.J. Simpson was a killer. The physical evidence connecting Simpson to the murders was rock solid, but in the criminal trial, evidence was not enough. To bring the families justice, Petrocelli would have to do something that the District Attorney had not been able to do: confront O.J. Simpson face-to-face. Called "the best book on the subject" by the San Francisco Chronicle, Triumph of Justice is the definitive account of the Simpson murders and their aftermath. In the long, twisted history of the trial of the century, Daniel Petrocelli has the final word. (less)

True Crime Stories Volume 5: 12 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Anthology)

Jack Rosewood - 2016
    You will be glued to the pages as you read about high profile true crime murder cases, such as the murder of Laci Peterson, and the murder trial of actor Robert Blake, while learning about some lesser known yet equally notorious murder trials. You will follow criminal investigations into cold murder cases that were once thought to be unsolvable, but through a combination of scientific advances, good police work, and some luck, homicide detectives were able to give the victims’ families closure. Although most of the cases profiled in this book are clearly true crime stories, one case, the story of the famous doctor Jack Kevorkian, concerns changing legal interpretations of what constitutes murder in the United States of America. Other cases profiled involve privileged individuals who had plenty of money, but resorted to murder out of greed and selfishness. You will also read about one privileged woman, actress Dominque Dunne, who had her whole life in front of her, only to have it ended by a jealous lover who could not handle her success and privilege. Open the cover of this book, if you dare, and learn about some of the most intriguing high profile crimes and true murder to happen in the last 100 years. You may want to share this book with a friend, though, because as intriguing as the following cases are, they are also shocking and disturbing.

True Crime Japan: Thieves, Rascals, Killers and Dope Heads: True Stories From a Japanese Courtroom

Paul Murphy - 2016
    An 82-year old woman is jailed for 10 months for stealing fried chicken. Like nearly all defendants in Japan, they both plead guilty.What happens between plea and sentencing is the subject of True Crime Japan. In this fascinating crime book journalist and longtime Japan resident Paul Murphy provides a glimpse of Japanese society through a year's worth of criminal court cases in Matsumoto, a city 140 miles to the west of Tokyo. The defendants in these cases range from ruthless mobsters to average citizens, often committing similar crimes in rather different ways, and for different reasons. Based on court hearings and interviews with the defendants, their families, neighbors and lawyers—Murphy explores not only the motives of offenders but the culture of crime and punishment in Japan.The resulting true crime book provides a lens through which to view this honor-shame based, conformist culture, and shows how, in its role within that culture, the court system reveals Japan to be, surprisingly to some, a land of true individuals.

Look What You Made Me Do: Fathers Who Kill

Megan Norris - 2016
    But for some women there is a punishment more enduring than injury or their own death. This book is a timely exploration into the evil done by vengeful fathers who kill their own flesh and blood in order to punish wives who have chosen to end abusive relationships.Focussing on seven different but equally harrowing cases of ‘spousal revenge’, author Megan Norris draws on her own observations as a former court and crime reporter, examining the murders of thirteen innocent children who became collateral damage in callous crimes committed by angry dads whose real targets were the children’s mothers.From the harrowing 1993 kidnap and murder of three-year-old Kelly East in WA, to the chilling murder of Darcey Freeman whose dad hurled her from Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge in 2009, these stories highlight the chilling connection between intimate partner abuse and retaliatory homicide. They show it’s not only mothers who are in danger when domestic violence turns deadly.

Betrayal In Blue: The Shocking Memoir Of The Scandal That Rocked The NYPD

Burl Barer - 2016
    You either became drug dealers, or you robbed drug dealers. They decided to do both. “I promised my wife that we would make a lot of money, and that she had nothing to worry about. I LIED!” Dowd and Eurell ran the most powerful gang in New York’s dangerous 75th Precinct, the crack cocaine capitol of 1980s America. These “ Cocaine Cops” formed a lucrative alliance with Adam Diaz, the kingpin of an ever-expanding Dominican drug cartel. Soon Mike and Ken were buying fancy cars no cop could afford, and treating their wives to levels of luxury not associated with a patrol officer's salary. They Were Daring, Dangerous and Untouchable Until ...Then “ the biggest police scandal in New York history” exploded into the headlines with the arrest of Mike, Ken, and their fellow crooked cops. Released on bail, Mike offered Ken a long shot at escape to Central America—a bizarre plan involving robbery, kidnapping, and murder—forcing Ken to choose between two forms of betrayal. “When you lie, you steal the truth. Once you have stolen the truth, you can justify stealing anything from anybody.” Adapted from Ken Eurell's shocking personal memoir, plus hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews with the major players, including former international drug lord, Adam Diaz, and Dori Eurell, revealing the truth behind what you won't see in the hit documentary THE SEVEN FIVE. Edgar Award winner Burl Barer once again teams with award-winning journalist Frank C. Girardot, Jr, and Eurell to bring you an astonishing story of greed and betrayal.

The Lynchings in Duluth

Michael Fedo - 2016
    Yet for years the incident was nearly forgotten. This updated, second edition of The Lynchings in Duluth includes a new preface by the author, additional research and notes, and suggestions for further reading."This account of racial violence in the early twentieth century is a genuinely startling and illuminating contribution to our understanding of racial justice in the United States in the twenty-first. Many Americans have found it convenient to think that episodes like this come only from the Jim Crow-era Deep South. The Lynchings in Duluth is a powerful reminder of the broader American pattern." --James Fallows, The Atlantic "A chilling reconstruction of a 1920 racial tragedy. . . . Combining hour-by-hour, day-by-day narrative with expert scholarship based on interviews, suppressed documents and news reports, Fedo skillfully portrays Northern prejudice and violence." --Los Angeles Times "This tense book punches out a story of devastating fury. . . . As pointed as a Klansman's cap, this book conveys the horror of mob action--and the disturbing truth that it knows no region." --Milwaukee Journal

She Won't Be Silenced: A True Story

Lisa Freeman - 2016
    Suddenly, all that is in jeopardy when she receives a letter from the Parole Board of Canada. Despite a sentence of Life Imprisonment, Lisa learns that her father’s killer is able to begin the parole process well before he reaches the twenty-five-year eligibility mark. She needs to prepare a Victim Impact Statement and brace herself to see her father’s killer again. Lisa is shocked when a lawyer at the Panel Hearing introduces her by her full name, not once, but twice in front of the man who mercilessly killed her father. She realizes that she now faces an even greater challenge: the assertion of her rights versus the rights of the man who axed her father to death. And, with ever-present obstacles from the Parole Board in her path, she knows that she won’t just need a strong resolve to face her father’s killer, but an equally strong one to fight the Parole Board. Lisa Freeman’s moving and unforgettable story tells how she navigated through the daunting policies of the Parole Board of Canada and tells of a promise between sisters and the fulfillment of a last wish. With ingenuity and tenacity, she is steadfast in her determination to make sure that the Parole Board not only hears the voice of the man who killed her father, but that her father’s voice, through hers, will be heard even louder. WITH PHOTOS

Death Comes Knocking: Policing Roy Grace's Brighton

Graham Bartlett - 2016
    His friend Graham Bartlett was a long-serving detective in the city once described as Britain's 'crime capital'. Together, in Death Comes Knocking, they have written a gripping account of the city's most challenging cases, taking the reader from crime scenes and incident rooms to the morgue, and introducing some of the real-life detectives who inspired Peter James's characters. Whether it's the murder of a dodgy nightclub owner and his family in Sussex's worst non-terrorist mass murder or the race to find the abductor of a young girl, tracking down the antique trade's most notorious 'knocker boys' or nailing an audacious ring of forgers, hunting for a cold-blooded killer who executed a surfer or catching a pair who kidnapped a businessman, leaving him severely beaten, to die on a hillside, the authors skilfully evoke the dangerous inside story of policing, the personal toll it takes and the dedication of those who risk their lives to keep the public safe.

Serial Killers

C.L. Swinney - 2016
     Packaged together under one cover, bestselling true crime author Chris Swinney delves into the gritty and gruesome details of FIVE Serial Killers. These books are also sold separate in Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook editions. ROBERT BLACK: Child Rapist and Serial Killer Given up for adoption by his mother at only a few weeks old, Robert Black is placed with physically abusive foster parents setting the tone for who, and what, he'd become - a pedophile and serial killer. Starting at the age of five, he recalls being sexually curious and began placing items in his anus at the age of eight. He'd sexually assault hundreds of little girls before committing his first murder. Sadly, as law enforcement stumbled along with no leads or evidence, Robert Black would strike repeatedly destroying families and preying on innocent little girls in the United Kingdom. DEADLY VOICES: Serial Killer Herbert Mullin Serial Killer Herbert Mullin terrorized the Santa Cruz, California, area at the same time the infamous Co-Ed Killer, Edmund Kemper, was active. Unlike Kemper, Mullin killed anyone. Young, old, men, women, children, and even a priest in a confession booth. He didn’t adhere to a particular MO. The deadly voices told him to kill… and he killed. PETER MANUEL: The Beast of Birkenshaw Peter Manuel killed repeatedly, both random and targeted victims, including men, women, and children, because he enjoyed the rush. As a life-long criminal, Manuel mainly committed property crime. That all changed when his heart was broken. The woman he'd been engaged to called off the wedding and left him, causing Peter to snap. His violence escalated then, and Peter terrorized various communities for almost two years. His cockiness had no end, and he went as far as giving a police inspector a ride while the inspector was searching for one of the teenage girls Peter had murdered. Peter toyed with the detective and advised him he thought the police were looking in the wrong spot for the girl. Ultimately, Peter's arrogance and insatiable need for attention led to his that made him meet his own executioner as he hung from a noose on prison gallows. THE CLAIREMONT KILLER: Serial Killer Cleophus Prince, Jr. Authorities had profiled San Diego's newest serial killer as a disorganized opportunist. They were wrong. While Serial Killers usually target victims of their own race, Cleophus Prince, Jr. was an African-American who systematically stalked, raped and murdered, white women. Turned out, Prince Jr. was one of California's most organized and methodical serial killers. He mercilessly held San Diego on edge and in great fear for over a year until finally being apprehended during a burglary in Alabama. Because of the unconventional victims he targeted, his modus operandi and very distinctive signature, law enforcement was stumped and their profiling theories were often wrong. JAMES FAIRWEATHER: England's Youngest Serial Killers James Fairweather, 15, Britain's youngest serial killer would have continued to hunt random victims had it not been for an observant dog walker. Eerily, she was also Fairweather's third intended victim. Fueled by the grief of his grandmother's passing and anger from being picked on at school, Fairweather turned to violent video games, horror movies, and pornography to escape reality. Soon thereafter, he developed a deep passion for serial killers - becoming one dominated all of his thoughts. When asked by his school teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up, James replied, "A murderer."

Beyond Evil: The World's Worst Child Killers

Robert Keller - 2016
    Tsutomu Miyazaki: deeply disturbed Japanese serial killer who practiced cannibalism and necrophilia on his young victims. Joseph Duncan III : paedophilic killer who wiped out an entire family to get to the object of his desire, an 8-year-old girl.Erno Soto: a deadly phantom who preyed on the children of Harlem and went by the terrifying sobriquet “Charlie Chop-off.” Jeanne Weber: the babysitter from Hell. Weber strangled to death 10 children left in her care.Robert Black: a remorseless child killer who sexually assaulted and murdered at least three little girls and may have killed many more. Gordon Stewart Northcott: axe murderer from the 1920’s who tortured, sexually abused and murdered young boys. Marc Dutroux: kidnapped six young girls and held them as sex slaves, eventually killing two and allowing two to starve to death.Marcelo Costa de Andrade: sex fiend and necrophile who targeted slum children in Rio de Janeiro, killing 14 in just eight months.Arthur Gary Bishop: repulsive paedophile who murdered five young boys, drowning, bludgeoning and strangling them to death.˃˃˃ Plus 10 more horrific true crime cases….Scroll up and grab a copy today. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works cover serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Murder in Susquehanna County

Tammy Mal - 2016
     September 27, 1873, New Milford, Pa. When two women are found horribly mutilated and lying dead on the railroad tracks, everyone just assumes it’s a tragic accident. But when it’s determined that Margaret and Mary O’Mara have been brutally murdered, the hunt is on for a sadistic killer. October 19, 1897, Rush, Pa. Authorities couldn’t fathom who would want to beat 68-year-old Jack Pepper to death until a young woman, looking to even the score with her cheating ex-lover paid them a visit. October 3, 1921, Union Dale, Pa. After prosperous cattle dealer, Burns Lyon, is found robbed and murdered in his barn, the case quickly goes cold. When police finally make an arrest years later, they are confident they’ve solved the crime. But have they? October 29, 1922, Susquehanna, Pa. Who bludgeoned 80-year-old Civil War vet, Cyrus Payne, to death? What happened to the $1000 bill he’d been showing off only days earlier? And who is the strange young boy who calls Cyrus his “best friend?” Take a journey back in time to discover that murder and mayhem in the old days was not all that different than it is today.

The Serial Killers: Jeffrey Dahmer

Mark Simpson - 2016
    From multiple murders to cannibalism and necrophilia, his crimes were chilling in their number and blood-curdling in their horrific nature. Using his Milwaukee apartment as a chamber of death and erotic violence, Dahmer would abuse, mutilate, disembody, and eventually eat his victims in a scarcely believable fulfilment of his dark twisted fantasies. As he told investigators following his arrest: “One thing led to another. It took more and more deviant-type behaviours to satisfy my urges.” Dahmer’s cravings led him to extreme methods, even attempting to inject acid into the brains of victims’ corpses and use them as kinds of ‘sex zombies’. With this brief sketch of the ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’, one may be forgiven for believing Dahmer to be one of the greatest personifications of evil that the world has ever known. The Serial Killers series lifts the lid on some of the world's most notorious serial killers and criminals. The narrative outlines the crimes of the killer, exploring the motives and impulses which led the perpetrator to commit their crimes. There are a total of 12 books in the Serial Killers series, with multi-book bundles comprising four books offering the best value for money.

Making a Case for Innocence: True Stories of a Criminal Defense Investigator

April Higuera - 2016
    . . some fall further through the cracks of justice into the dark crevasse of wrongful convictions and incarcerations . . . how can this happen? Know how to protect yourself. Higuera explains the pitfalls of the criminal justice system and why defense investigation is essential in every criminal case . . . even when the client confessed! Author and Licensed Private Investigator April Higuera takes you behind the scenes of her actual investigations of multiple high-profile homicide cases for defense. Along the way, you’ll join her in uncovering evidence of innocence and corruption.  April lays out the evidence against the accused and her own journey through “the system” as she helps defend otherwise average citizens who are accused of heinous, violent crimes. Her accounts are TRUE! Read about these cases: • Max Roybal: A wife’s jawbone is delivered in a Tupperware container to a local TV station with a map to locate her remains. • Hope Schreiner: A 73-year-old grandmother is convicted of bludgeoning her husband to death in their driveway with a potato hoe. • Sedley Alley: The infamous rape-murder of a 19-year-old Marine cadet, who is the daughter of a U.S. Ambassador. “Through a series of case studies, written more in the style of short stories than the sleep-inducing, dry academic speak of typical post-case-analysis reports, Higuera takes the reader into the grit and grime of murder and mayhem.” – Hal Humphreys, Executive Editor of Pursuit Magazine Experience an emotional roller coaster ride as April confronts the corruption and ineptitude that plague our broken justice system, unearthing the evidence that she hopes will set her clients free. “April takes you on a backdoor ride of the unsung hero as the investigator who deserves the credit for solving crimes and releasing criminally charged innocent men. This book serves all folks involved in the criminal justice system.” – Mary Lou Wilson, Esq., Post-Conviction Attorney “Every serious criminal justice major should read this book in order to fully understand their ethical responsibility to their oath of office, the devastating impact faulty investigative assumptions can produce within the legal system, and how justice is truly administered and served by tenacity and determination.” – Jorey Krawczyn, U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement An experienced and successful criminal defense investigator, Ms. Higuera outlines her practical guidance for investigation work, why defense investigation is essential in every criminal case (even when a client confesses!). She effectively outlines the official misconduct that pervades our criminal justice system. The author’s anecdotes ring painfully true for the practicing defense investigator. Her stories offer newcomers the "dark side" insight into best practices and methods. Visit the author’s website to learn more and share your stories:

Jersey Tough: My Wild Ride from Outlaw Biker to Undercover Cop

Wayne "Big Chuck" Bradshaw - 2016
    He was a member of the outlaw Pagans bike gang, a One Percenter, and had earned his colours in a world of boozing, bloody bar fights, and high-stakes crime. But after getting too close to extreme violence, Bradshaw made the life-threatening decision to change his path.The toughness Bradshaw used to survive biker life led him to a distinguished and heroic career as an undercover narcotics officer for the same New Jersey police department that had once arrested him. Bradshaw tells his story with the truth of the streets, from his time in the U.S. Army to his decision to join the Pagans, to the wild adventures of working narcotic stings. He rode with truly dangerous criminals and then returned to those same places as a cop. He tracks down fugitives in Jersey’s toughest neighbourhoods, risks his life rescuing dozens from a fire in a seniors’ residence, and volunteers in the aftermath of 9/11.Jersey Tough is an unflinching memoir of personal struggle, of battling with darkness, and ultimately of redemption.

Dead is Better: Legalize Crime

Alissa Bennett - 2016
    For Legalize Crime, Bennett drafts a series of sociological essays based on 13 of her favorite murders. Including essays on: Jodi Arias, Gypsy Rose Blancharde, Jasmine Fiore, Robyn Gardner, Christina Grimmie, Cindy James, Luka Magnotta, Blanche Monnier andWalburga Oesterreich, Christine and Lea Papin, Gator Rogowski, Lori Erica Ruff, Selena, and Susan Walsh5.5 x 8.5 inches, 104 pagesBlack & White on paper200 copies

Dead is Better

Alissa Bennett - 2016
    Featuring essays on: GG Allin, Gia Caramgi, Theresa Duncan, Richey Edwards, Judy Garland, Whitney Houston, Michael Hutchence, Paula Yates, Peaches Geldof, Brittany Murphy, Demri Parrot, Amanda Peterson, River Phoenix, Savannah, Rebecca Shaeffer, Lizzie Siddal, Anna Nicole Smith, Elliot Smith, Layne Staley & Scott Weiland

Dark Highway: Love, Murder, and Revenge in 1930's Kentucky

Ann Dangelo - 2016
    Verna has been shot through the heart, and fiancé, former lieutenant governor and brigadier general Henry Denhardt insists she committed suicide.But the clues left behind point to murder, and General Denhardt quickly becomes the target of investigators. The general's sensational murder trial draws reporters from all over the country to the small Kentucky community. The case is featured in the New York Times, the London Herald, Newsweek, Time, Life, and other national and international publications.When the trial ends in a hung jury, Kentuckians — including Verna's three angry and grieving brothers — wait in grim anticipation for the general to be tried again.Author Ann DAngelo is a practicing attorney in Kentucky. She has used trial transcripts, court pleadings, newspaper accounts, attorney correspondence, and interviews with witnesses and family members to compile a riveting account of this very cold case.

The Life: A True Story About A Brooklyn Boy Seduced Into The Dark World Of The Mafia

Larry Mazza - 2016
    young Larry later learns she is married to the vicious gangster Greg Scarpa known as "The Grim Reaper." Greg takes a liking to Larry and makes him his protegé. He likes him so much that he gives his blessing for the affair to continue and brings Larry deep into the "family."

Soviet Monsters: 22 Horrific Serial Killer Cases

Robert Keller - 2016
    Here are the harrowing tales of 22 of these Soviet Monsters, including: Nikolai Dzhumagaliev: known as “Metal Fang” due to his unique dental work, Dzhumagaliev served up the flesh of his victims to his unsuspecting dinner guests.Mikhail Popkov: police officer with a deadly sideline in murder and necrophilia, Popov inflicted unbelievably horrific mutilations on his victims. Tamara Samsonova: 68-year-old female serial killer who mutilated her victims and may well have cannibalized their corpses. Anatoly Onoprienko: a killer so brutal, so bloodthirsty, that the Ukrainian government mobilized an entire army unit to stop him.Tamara Ivanyutina: a particularly malevolent individual, Ivanyutina killed anyone who offended her in even the slightest way, sending them to an agonizing death with her vial of thallium. Andrei Chikatilo: the Soviet Union’s most fearsome serial killer. Chikatilo slaughtered at least 56 women and children, literally tearing them apart.Irina Gaidamachuk: known as “Satan in a Skirt,” Gaidamachuk bludgeoned 17 elderly women to death, robbing them for money to buy vodka. Vladimir Bratislav: inflicted such horrific mutilations on his 30 victims that the police refused to release the details, even after he was convicted.Alexander Spesivtsev: Siberian cannibal who preyed on street children, slaughtering them in his filthy apartment and handing over their flesh to his mother to cook. Sergei Ryakhovsky: a hulking killer known as the Hippopotamus, Ryakhovsky beat, knifed, and strangled his 19, mostly elderly, victims.˃˃˃ Plus 12 more sensational true crime cases….Scroll up and grab a copy today. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works cover serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Testimony of a Death: Thelma Todd: Mystery, Media and Myth in 1935 Los Angeles

Marshall Croddy - 2016
    Her employer, a popular motion picture comedienne, lay dead in the front seat of her expensive automobile. Within hours, the news of Thelma Todd’s death was making headlines throughout the nation. Was it murder, suicide, or accident? Cast against the background of Hollywood and Los Angeles, the film industry and the growing metropolis, her death baffled both the public and the investigating authorities. After numerous attempts to solve the mystery over the last eighty years, a powerful mythology remains, obscuring the facts of the case as well as the character of Thelma herself. For the first time, however, the mystery of Thelma Todd’s death will unfold as it originally did in 1935. Not only does Testimony of a Death narrate the events of that December but it also explores the forces and personalities central to the tragedy. The book examines the various contexts of Todd’s death, including the motion picture business in its Golden Age and the city of Los Angeles hovering on the verge of its greatness. It looks beyond the legends and distortions to the darker reality that lies beneath the myths.

Decades of Doubt: The John McCabe Murder Saga

Eric Wilson - 2016
    Three elusive suspects. An investigation that stretches across four decades. And two frenetic murder trials. Decades of Doubt: the John McCabe Murder Saga is a gripping true-life mystery that follows the case of a 15-year-old boy bound and strangled in Massachusetts in 1969, the ensuing investigation that continues for over forty years, and the shocking events of the resulting trials.

In the Company of Evil: Thirty Years of California Crime, 1950-1980

Michael Thomas Barry - 2016
    Read about 64 of the most horrifying crimes ever committed in The Golden State, from the early 1950s into the 1980s. These accounts tell of mans inhumanity toward his fellow man and provide an inside look at infamous serial killers, assassins, sadistic rapists, bank robbers, kidnappers, Satan worshippers, and a plethora of other notorious criminals. Revisit The Sex Club Slaying, The Chowchilla School Bus Kidnapping, and the Real House on Haunted Hill. Be glad you're not on the helpful list of "The Lonely Hearts Killer" or "Souls for Satan." Written in an accessible, chronological sequence and enhanced by over 60 photographs, each entry provides an "introductory" overview of the crime, the parties involved, evidence gathered, and leading theories about solutions. This reference is indispensable for the first step study of modern crime in California."

The Nicholas Cases: Casualties of Justice

Bob Woffinden - 2016
    In recent years, changes brought in to criminal justice have made convictions easier to obtain; at the same time, the appeals system no longer functions efficiently - with the result that a perfect storm of injustice has been created.

Medical Monsters: 20 Scary Medical Serial Killers

Robert Keller - 2016
    Michael Swango: a deadly doctor who took genuine pleasure in poisoning his patients and colleagues. Killed at least 60 in an intercontinental murder spree.The Lainz Angels of Death: four lethal nurses who turned the geriatric ward at an Austrian hospital into their private killing field. Gwendolyn Graham & Cathy Wood: lesbian lovers who got their kicks by suffocating the elderly patients under their care. Teet Haerm: police pathologist who spent his nights hunting prostitutes in Stockholm, Sweden. Haerm actually performed autopsies on many of the women he’d killed.Orville Lynn Majors: an ICU nurse with a deep-seated hatred for his elderly patients, Majors is suspected of over 100 murders.Kimberly Saenz: addicted to prescription drugs and with her life falling apart around her, Saenz struck out at helpless patients, injecting them with bleach.Donald Harvey: dubbed the “Angel of Death,” Harvey killed at least seventy hospital patients by suffocation, poisoning, drug overdoses and other methods.Thomas Neill Cream: London's East End had barely recovered from Jack the Ripper when Dr. Cream arrived on the scene, dispensing agonizing death with his special little pills.˃˃˃ Plus 10 more sensational true crime cases….Scroll up and grab a copy today. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works cover serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Wrong Man: The Shooting of Steven Waldorf and the Hunt for David Martin

Dick Kirby - 2016
    A prolific burglar, car thief, fraudster and gunman, he possessed a deep loathing of anyone in authority. In addition, he was a master of disguise and a veritable Houdini when it came to escaping from prison. After shooting a policeman during a botched burglary, he escaped from court on Christmas Eve, 1982. When police believed him to be in a yellow Mini in the Earls Court area with his girlfriend, they opened fire, only to discover that they had shot an entirely innocent man - a 26-year-old film editor named Steven Waldorf.the investigation became a cause célèbre at the time, and was subsequently taken over by Scotland Yard's Flying Squad, of which the author was a member. One of the biggest manhunts in the history of the Metropolitan Police ensued, before Martin was finally arrested after dramatically fleeing down the tracks between two Underground stations. Author Dick Kirby reveals for the first time the inside story of the hunt for 'the most dangerous man in London', whose eventual arrest brought to an end one of the most contentious investigations in met history.

Serial Killers: True Crime Anthology (True Crime Collection Book 2)

Jack Rosewood - 2016
    Original price almost $32! SAVE $24! If a single Jack Rosewood book won’t keep you up at night, this blood-soaked anthology definitely will.Eight of Rosewood’s most horrifying subjects are brought together in this twisted true crime boxed set, which brings to life stories that should be the stuff of nightmares, but unfortunately, are all too real.Rosewood’s detailed true-life tales of terror include: • Cousins David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield, who found at an early age that both shared sick sexual fantasies of rape and murder and sought out victims to fulfill those fantasies; • Australian serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke, who selected his victims and his methods of murder at random, shooting some, stabbing others, until he was finally hanged, the last man to face the gallows in Perth; • William Heirens, who went from being the most popular boy in his class to a murderer who was completely out of a control, even going so far as to leave a desperate message at one scene, written in lipstick: “For heavens sake catch me before I kill more. I cannot control myself”; • Belle Gunness, a stocky Norwegian woman who cold-bloodedly killed several of her children, husbands and suitors in order to obtain their life insurance policies and cash – or eliminate witnesses, burying most in wooden trunks beneath the hog pen; • Joseph Paul Franklin, who confessed to the attempted murder of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt and killed multiple others – most often interracial couples - as his own personal form of “racial cleansing,” inspired by reading Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”; • John Christie, a slender but sadistic killer whose British flat was found stuffed with dead bodies including that of his own wife, who was discovered buried beneath the floorboards, when he was finally arrested in 1950s; • Patrick Wayne Kearney, who killed young men hitching through California in the 1970s, usually with a bullet to the back of the head, then had sex with their dead bodies; and • Jerry Brudos, who sadistically murdered several young women after torturing them in his family’s garage, saving ghoulish mementos including a foot he kept in the freezer, which he brought out like a toy in order to display it in stolen high heels, masturbating from the sheer pleasure of it all. Combined, these eight true crime stories are nightmares come to life, and as you learn more about the people who killed as casually as stopping at the post office, you’ll likely find yourself with the lights on for a while, if only to keep dark shadows from leaping out of the corners of your room.This True Crime Box Set includes the following books:The Killing Cousins: The True Story of the Slaying CousinsEric Edgar Cooke: The True Story of the Night CallerWilliam Heirens: The True Story of the Lipstick KillerBelle Gunness: The True Story of the Slaying MotherJoseph Paul Franklin: The True Story of the Racist KillerJohn Christie: The True Story of the Billington Place Strangler Patrick Kearney: The True Story of the Freeway KillerJerry Brudos: The Shoe Fetish Slayer

Dark Ambition: The Shocking Crime of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich

Ann Brocklehurst - 2016
    The story of the Hamilton man's strange disappearance in May 2013 captured headlines across the country and took over social media, resonating with everyone who had ever taken a test drive or bought and sold goods online. When Dellen Millard and Mark Smich were eventually arrested and charged with Bosma's murder, the mystery only deepened. Millard was the wealthy heir to an aviation business. Smich was his ne'er-do-well best friend from a middle-class family. There was no obvious reason why the pair had made it their deadly mission to steal a truck, murder its owner, and incinerate the body. Tim Bosma was their randomly chosen "thrill kill" target. Veteran journalist and private investigator Ann Brocklehurst had a front-row seat at Millard's and Smich's 2016 trial, where many of the questions about their shocking crime were finally answered. Others still linger, waiting to be further explained at two more murder trials set for 2017. Both Millard and Smich have been charged with the first-degree murder of Laura Babcock, who disappeared in summer 2012. And Millard alone faces murder charges in the death of his father, which previously has been ruled a suicide. Compelling and suspenseful, Dark Ambition chronicles an unfathomable crime and its chilling perpetrators.

The Tainted Legacy of Bertha Gifford: A Memoir

S Kay Murphy - 2016
    Louis County took into custody a fifty-year-old Missouri farmwife. Authorities sought to question her in a mystery which had been building for twenty years: Was she a selfless saint who voluntarily cared for the acutely ill in order to nurse them back to health and restore them to their families? Or a minister of death whose crimes would qualify her as one of America’s few female serial killers? In this riveting nonfiction memoir, journalist S. Kay Murphy searches for the truth about her own great-grandmother—accused murderer Bertha Gifford.

The Little Wagons: The Traumatic Birth of Sicily's Cosa Nostra

Crozier Green - 2016
    The horrors of slavery and oppression forged revolutions and rebels in equal measure, and within this cornucopia of nepotism and brutality, hostility and passion are pitted against endemic hegemony. With protagonists as fiery as Mount Etna itself, and equally unpredictable, The Little Wagons shows how poverty and despair become the omnipotent catalysts of vengeful change.

A Death in the Islands: The Unwritten Law and the Last Trial of Clarence Darrow

Mike Farris - 2016
    Following a hung jury in the rape trial, Thalia’s mother, socialite Grace Fortescue, and husband, along with two sailors, kidnap one of the accused in an attempt to coerce a confession. When they are caught after killing him and trying to dump his body in the ocean, Mrs. Fortescue’s society friends raise enough money to hire seventy-four-year-old Clarence Darrow out of retirement to defend the vigilante killers. The result is an epic courtroom battle between Darrow and the Territory of Hawaii’s top prosecutor, John C. Kelley, in a case that threatens to touch off a race war in Hawaii and results in one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in American history.Written in the style of a novel, but meticulously following the historical record, A Death in the Islands weaves a story of lies, deception, mental illness, racism, revenge, and murder—a series of events in the Territory of Hawaii that nearly tore apart the peaceful islands, reverberating from the tenements of Honolulu to the hallowed halls of Congress, and right into the Oval Office itself, and left a stain on the legacy of one of the greatest legal minds of all time.

She Devils of France: Women Who Kill: Wicked Women (Women Murderers #6)

Sylvia Perrini - 2016
    The motivations for the murders are diverse; greed, politics, love and jealousy and involve women from all walks of life.Read the sensational case of Henriette Caillaux who didn’t like what the editor of Le Figaro was printing in his newspaper. She shot him in cold blood and was acquitted on the grounds that it was a crime of passion!The cases covered are;MARQUISE MARIE BRINVILLIERSMANETTE BONHOURTHÉLÈNE JEGADOMARIE BOYERHENRIETTE CAILLAUX nee RAYNOUARDJEANNE WEBERMADAME BESSARABO AKA HERA MIRTELYVONNE CHEVALLIERLEONE BOUVIERDENISE LAMARQUISE MARIE BRINVILLIERSMANETTE BONHOURTHÉLÈNE JEGADOMARIE BOYERHENRIETTE CAILLAUX nee RAYNOUARDJEANNE WEBERMADAME BESSARABO AKA HERA MIRTELYVONNE CHEVALLIERLEONE BOUVIERDENISE LABBECHRISTINE MALÈVREPATRICIA CARTIERVERONIQUE COURJAULTDOMININIQUE COTTREZThis is the sixth book in the ‘SHE DEVILS SERIES.’ The other’s are;SHE DEVILS OF AUSTRALIASHE DEVILS OF CANADASHE DEVILS OF AUSTRIA & GERMANYSHE DEVILS OF THE U.KSHE DEVILS OF THE U.SIf you like reading true crime books by authors like R.J. Parker, M. William Phelps and others, you are sure to enjoy this one.Tags: women who kill, women killers, killer women, true crime, true murder stories, murder mysteries, cold cases true crime, murders solved, killer families, unsolved murders, crimes, true crime stories, women’s murder club, serial killers, crimes of passion, crime and punishment in France, infanticide, euthanasia, murder and mayhem,

The Disappearance of Maria Glenn: A True Life Regency Mystery

Naomi Clifford - 2016
    What seems a simple newspaper report of elopement gone wrong turns out to be a rollercoaster story of crime, coercion, illusory triumph and fraudulent defeat. Barrister George Tuckett wakes to discover that his 16-year-old niece Maria Glenn, reputedly the heiress to West Indian sugar plantations, is missing. He discovers that she has been abducted by the Bowditches, a local farming family, who intend to force her to marry one of their sons. Maria is rescued and Tuckett starts investigating the crime himself, uncovering a complex and disturbing web of lies and impersonation. At a drama-filled trial that is the talk of the country, four people are sentenced to prison. When a cabal of powerful people in Taunton begin a campaign to destroy Maria's testimony, her supporters fall away and she is openly vilified. Her enemies have her arrested for perjury and, after a ramshackle trial, she is forced to flee into exile. Yet the story of conspiracy and deception does not end there, as Maria and her uncle were to suffer one final and devastating betrayal. But was Maria telling the truth? Both sides had given utterly different versions of events during the trial so it was clear that someone had to be lying."

44 Years in Darkness: A True Story of Madness, Tragedy, and Shattered Love

Sylvia Shults - 2016
    She had clawed her own eyes out. She had beat her front teeth in. Her legs had atrophied to the point where she could no longer stand on her own, or even sit in a wheelchair. She had been committed there by her own family when they could no longer care for her at home. She spent decades locked away from the world. Her crime? Falling in love. Rhoda suffered a mental breakdown after being “cursed” by the mother of the boy she was engaged to marry. Committed to the almshouse for violent insanity, she was eventually rescued by Dr. George A. Zeller. She was transferred to the Peoria State Hospital in Bartonville, Illinois, where she spent the remainder of her days in peace and comfort. Rhoda died in 1906, but her spirit seems to live on … The story of Rhoda Derry is one of the great tragedies of mental health care in Illinois, and one of the great success stories of the Peoria State Hospital. Sylvia Shults, author of Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital, returns to the hilltop to tell the story of Rhoda's life, and her afterlife. She examines the social pressures that led to Rhoda's breakdown and her eventual insanity. And she explores the stories that continue to be told about Rhoda, and her presence on the hilltop.

Finally Laid To Rest: The work of a real UK 'Cold Case' team

Ray Newman - 2016
    It describes the day-to-day work of the team as it conducted formal reviews of current unsolved major crimes, especially offences of murder and 'stranger rape'. Their cases included the reviews of the murders of retired Clacton Traffic Warden, Jean Dicker, and a Chelmsford grandmother, Violet Dunderdale. Both were savagely beaten to death with hammers, in their respective homes. It also includes some 'cold case' reviews, like that of the 1978 rape and murder of Rochford shopkeeper Norah Trott. The author details the original police investigation and describes the review, 25 years later, that finally led to the conviction of her killer. The author also describes the work carried out in respect of missing persons (MISPERS), especially those who disappeared in mysterious circumstances and who are or were believed to have been murdered. Those MISPER reviews include one into the disappearance of teenager Dinah McNicol, who went missing whist hitch hiking home from a music festival. She would have made it home had she not been picked up by serial killer Peter Tobin, who initially escaped justice. The review led to a re-investigation of Dinah's disappearance and to her body being found buried in the back garden of a house in Margate. This was also where missing Scottish schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton was found buried. There are also unusual cases; like that of Maurice Sams who allegedly committed suicide in his Maldon caravan more than 50 years ago. His son later retrieved some private papers causing him to question whether or not his father's death really was suicide. The subsequent review of this death almost read like an Agatha Christie novel! Then there was the case of the elderly woman who believed she had been kidnapped as a baby, and brought up in a different family, by a woman who had accidentally smothered her own baby. If this lady's story was true, a baby's body had been secretly buried somewhere; and another family was still mourning the loss of their own baby. The book also covers reviews of unsolved 'cold case stranger rapes', like that of a schoolgirl attacked one evening whilst walking home from a school concert. Ironically, it was not the rapist's own misdeeds that later helped us to identify him, but a separate crime committed by another member of his family. These are just some of the stories recounted in this book which was written as tribute to the victims, their families and all those who tried to secure justice for them.

The Night Stalker Killer: Life of Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

Jack Smith - 2016
    Richard Ramirez is one such person, a Satan-worshipping drug addict who carried out one of America’s most brutal and horrific crime sprees. He burgled, raped, and killed his way across California and left the authorities with nothing to chase. Named the Night Stalker by the press, he seemed like a ghost. Striking fear into the heart of every single person in the area, no one seemed safe from the actions of Richard Ramirez. In this book, we will examine his most horrific crimes while attempting to explain exactly what could drive a man so far from the moral centre of society. A difficult upbringing, brain trauma, and a troubled domestic situation certainly added to his problems, but many of Ramirez’s most damning actions were created entirely in his own twisted mind. This book will attempt to tell the story of the man who gouged eyes, scratched pentagrams, and butchered families. If there is any explanation for the crimes committed by the Night Stalker, then it likely lies between his past and his actions. In examining both, we will know the real person behind the murders. Such is the nature of these ruthless, and cruel murders, the scenes depicted within will not be for the faint-hearted. There are few killers in American history who can come close to matching the vicious levels of violence inflicted by Ramirez during his wave of attacks. While names such as Dahmer and Gacy are remembered by the American public, the murders of the Night Stalker have long been forgotten. So read on and find out the truth behind one of America’s most shocking and horrifying serial killers. Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, IPhone, IPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon's free reading Kindle App. Scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an immediate download!

Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders

Angela Buckley - 2016
    Inside the brown paper package was the body of a baby girl – she had been strangled with tape. When two more tiny bodies were found in a carpet bag, the police launched a nationwide hunt for a serial killer.A faint name and address on the sodden wrapping provided Reading police with their first clue. Can Chief Constable George Tewsley and his colleagues catch this heartless baby farmer before more infants meet a similar fate? The first in a new historical true crime series, Victorian Supersleuth Investigates, Angela Buckley recounts the frantic race to stop Amelia Dyer - one of Britain’s most prolific murderers.

Black River Road: An Unthinkable Crime, an Unlikely Suspect and the Question of Character

Debra Komar - 2016
    The authorities suspected foul play, but the identities of the victims were as mysterious as that of the perpetrator. From the twists and turns of a coroner’s inquest, an unlikely suspect emerged to stand trial for murder: John Munroe, a renowned architect, well-heeled family man, and pillar of the community. .Munroe was arguably the first in Canada’s fledgling judicial system to actively defend himself, and his lawyer’s strategy was as simple as it was revolutionary: Munroe’s wealth, education and exemplary character made him incapable of murder. The press, and Saint John’s elite, vocally supported Munroe, sparking a debate about character and murder that continues to this day. In re-examining a precedent-setting historical crime with fresh eyes, Komar addresses questions that still echo through the halls of justice more than a century later: Is everyone capable of murder, and should character be treated as evidence in homicide trials?

Mad Frank and Sons

David Fraser - 2016
    It includes the story of Frank's beloved sister, Eva, who was a top-class West End shoplifter, and his sons David and Patrick, who reveal in shocking detail the full extent of the family's network and the influences that shaped them.With sawn-off shotguns as toys, the Kray twins as family friends and a mother who urged them as teenagers to 'get out of bed and rob a bleedin' bank', it is little wonder that the Fraser boys were heavily involved in organized crime by the time they were in their twenties. Packed with new information, and featuring some of the most famous names in the London underworld, this is a fascinating slice of gangland history seen through the eyes of Frank Fraser and his two renegade sons.

Fugitive Man: Hunting Violent Criminals for the FBI and Searching for Justice for the Innocent Convict

Robert K. Cromwell - 2016
    From NCIS and Law & Order to White Collar and Cops, we’re led to believe that we know how the system works. But how much do we really know about what goes on?Author Robert Cromwell has actually been there, behind the lines, searching for truth and justice — and finding that they are not always easily connected. Cromwell details his own story — his work as a New Jersey police officer and NCIS agent, and his twenty-two year FBI career — looking at some of his more interesting cases along the way and giving us the chance to see inside the day-to-day workings of an agent’s life. As we read Cromwell’s story, we also come to understand why, despite the incredible good it does, the criminal justice system isnot always just.

No Way to Run: A Mother and Son Story of Surviving Abuse

Holly Crichton - 2016
    Seconds later, miles from home, Holly Crichton got a shocking call from her son. I just shot Dad, Mat told her.The violent end to a violent situation came as no surprise to the community; Holly and her sons had been living in terror from the abuse of her husband for many years. Surprisingly, when Holly and her youngest son were disabled in separate accidents, the abuse did not subside it only escalated. Fiercely protective of her younger son, Holly rarely left the farm. But in time, Mat met and married a woman he loved, moving into a house on the family s land. Encouraged by a family friend, Holly pushed her worries aside one September long weekend and set off with the friend for a music festival. She was there when Mat s call reached her. As she raced to Mat s side, she vowed that the vicious cycle of domestic violence that had claimed her husband s life would not claim her son s as well.But in a shocking turn of events, the police characterized the elderly father as the victim, and the son, Mat, as the aggressor. The community turned out in full force to prevent Mat from being convicted on a firstdegree murder charge, and eventually the sentence was reduced to manslaughter. With an incredible support team of friends, neighbours and lawyers surrounding her, Holly mounted an epic effort on her son s behalf.No Way to Run is Holly Crichton s story of tenacity, hope, love and courage and a remarkable testament to the power of community. Crichton s humour and unending reserve of hope and perseverance is an extraordinary example of a woman and her children s choice to survive."

Inside Broadmoor: Secrets of the Criminally Insane - Revealed by the Chief Attendant

Kim Forester - 2016
    Only one escaped, and in this book the secret of how he did it is disclosed. Together with exclusive and never before published photographs of one of the ‘Ripper’ suspects, plus other dangerous patients.You won’t want to miss the words of Chief Attendant Coleman in this revealing new book.

Sexy Beasts: The True Story of the "Diamond Geezers" and the Record-Breaking $100 Million Hatton Garden Heist

Wensley Clarkson - 2016
    The Hatton Garden Heist captured the British public's imagination more than another other crime since The Great Train Robbery. It was supposed to make a fortune for a team of old time professional criminals. Their last hurrah. A final lucrative job that would send the old codgers off on happy retirements to the badlands of Spain and beyond. It seemed to be the stuff of legends. Tens of millions of dollars worth of valuables grabbed from safety deposit boxes in a vault beneath one of the most famous jewelry districts in the world. But where did it all go wrong for this band of old time villains? And how did the gang's bid to pull off the world's biggest burglary turn into a deadly game of cat and mouse featuring the police and London's most dangerous crime lords? Nobody is better placed to reveal the full story of the Hatton Garden Heist than Britain's best-connected true crime writer, Wensley Clarkson. Through his unparalleled contacts inside the criminal underworld, he's finally able to reveal the astonishing details behind Britain's biggest ever burglary.

Shrunk: Crime and Disorders of the Mind (True Cases #2)

Lorene Shyba - 2016
    Unlike any other book within the genre of True Crime, SHRUNK is the first book that delves deeply into the disturbed human psyche to help build a solution to the problem of understanding mental illness within the criminal justice system.We asked our forensics experts to tell stories about cases that still haunt them. Among the stories in the book are: Dr. Joel Watts on Luka Magnotta; Dr. J. Thomas Dalby on serial killer Clifford Olson; Dr. Jeffrey Waldman on Vince Li and the Greyhound Bus tragedy; Mr. Justice Richard D. Schneider on a typical day in Mental Health Court; Dr. Sven Å. Christianson on a Swedish case of psychopathic personality and media manipulation; Dr. Jack White on the most notorious Australian serial killing of all time; Dr. Louise Olivier on a case of dissociative fugue in South Africa; Dr. Donald Dutton on an American case of mind-control and folie à deux; Dr. Stephen Porter and Tianna Dilley on brain damage and extreme amnesia; Dr. Barry Cooper and Jacqueline Kanipayur on malingering; Dr. Marc Nesca on catathymic murder and necrophilia; Dr. Patrick Baillie on David Milgaard’s wrongful conviction; Dr. Lawrence Ellerby on deviance to rehabilitation; and Dr. David Dawson finds moments of warmth and shared humanity with psychiatric patients. Criminal defence lawyer William Trudell writes about working with forensic experts and their contributions in the defence of those suffering from mental disorders. SHRUNK is scheduled for release on May 5, 2016.

Nightmare in Jonestown: Cult of Death (Singles Classic)

Time Inc. - 2016
    December 4, 1978.In an appalling demonstration of the way in which a charismatic leader can bend the minds of his followers with a devilish blend of professed altruism and psychological tyranny, some 900 members of the California-based Peoples Temple died in a self-imposed ritual of mass suicide and murder.The followers of the Rev. Jim Jones, 47, a once respected Indianaborn humanitarian who degenerated into egomania and paranoia, had first ambushed a party of visiting Americans, killing California Congressman Leo Ryan, 53, three newsmen and one defector from their heavily guarded colony at Jones-town. Then, exhorted by their leader, intimidated by armed guards and lulled with sedatives and painkillers, parents and nurses used syringes to squirt a concoction of potassium cyanide and potassium chloride onto the tongues of babies. The adults and older children picked up paper cups and sipped the same deadly poison sweetened by purple Kool-Aid.This story is part of the TIME Classic Coverage Collection from Time Inc. This is a reproduction of a story that appeared in the December 4, 1978 issue of TIME magazine. Time Inc. is one of the world’s most influential media companies – home to 90 iconic brands like People, Sports Illustrated, Time, InStyle, Real Simple, Food & Wine, and Fortune. The Spotlight Stories in this collection aim to provide you with a quick read on a single subject, highlighting our readers’ most popular stories and featuring great reporting from our Time Inc. journalists.


James L. Swanson - 2016
    From April 14 to April 26, 1865, the assassin, John Wilkes Booth, led Union cavalry and detectives on a wild twelve-day chase through the streets of Washington, D.C., across the swamps of Maryland, and into the forests of Virginia, while the nation, still reeling from the just-ended Civil War, watched in horror and sadness.James L. Swanson's Manhunt is a fascinating tale of murder, intrigue, and betrayal. A gripping hour-by-hour account told through the eyes of the hunted and the hunters, this is history as you've never read it before.

Francis Thompson - A Ripper Suspect

Richard Patterson - 2016
    “Jack the Ripper mystery SOLVED: Shock new claims uncover identity of most notorious killer.” The Lancashire Evening Post. “FRANCIS Thompson, Preston’s most famous poet, has been fingered as Jack the Ripper in a new book by Australian teacher Richard Patterson.” The Daily Mail. “New theory that 19th Century writer with surgical experience and opium addiction butchered prostitutes.” The “Jack the Ripper: Francis Thompson pegged as the unknown London serial killer.” The UK Sun. 'The true identity of Jack The Ripper' revealed.” This book solves the Jack the Ripper murders. Within is the culmination of twenty years research around the globe. It presents new evidence that, on the night that the Ripper killed his victim, Thompson could look down, from his room; to the passage that led to hers. Inside is proof that Thompson may have been a friend of a victim, that he kept a dissecting scalpel, and that he was taught the rare surgical procedure found on the victims. Here is new evidence for Thompson’s guilt, including what he told about wanting to kill prostitutes, and his ill-fated relationship with one. His drug habit, madness, urges to mutilate, and confrontations with the police are all exposed and every clue left by the Ripper as well. Prepare to know the incredible story behind Thompson’s homelessness, and his rescue by an editor fascinated in the murders. All will be revealed; Thompson’s mysterious death, rise to fame, the secret alteration and destruction of his papers and the horrifying motive behind one of the greatest crimes in history.

The Serial Killers: The Night Stalker

Mark Simpson - 2016
    Strangulation, stabbing, beating, and stomping were all used interchangeably to subdue victims. The randomness of his violence reflected the aimlessness of his targets, as he drove around neighborhoods in stolen cars until his eyes alighted on a house, which he would subsequently slip into and attack the occupants. Ramirez’s crimes were brutal in their methodology and shocking in their volume. He received thirteen death sentences for murders spanning the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas between 1984 and 1985; and was charged with a further five attempted murders, eleven sexual assaults and fourteen counts of burglary in a spree of unbridled violence and terrorisation. The Serial Killers series lifts the lid on some of the world's most notorious serial killers and criminals. The narrative outlines the crimes of the killer, exploring the motives and impulses which led the perpetrator to commit their crimes. There are a total of 12 books in the Serial Killers series, with multi-book bundles comprising four books offering the best value for money.

The Serial Killers: Albert Fish

Mark Simpson - 2016
    The elderly Fish resembled a kindly uncle or grandfather, but would in reality prey on young children with a terrying assortment of torture instruments - including a meat cleaver, a saw and a butcher's knife. He was convicted of murdering one child, Grace Budd, and confessed to two additional murders. However, the tally of victims was suspected to run into the hundreds, with his horific charge sheet including the rape and cannibalism of children. He was eventually executed in the electric chair in January 1936, aged 65.There are a total of 12 books in the Serial Killers series, with multi-book bundles comprising four books offering the best value for money.

The Deadly Dozen: Volume 2: 12 More of America's Worst Serial Killers

Robert Keller - 2016
    Holmes: evil doctor who built a vast torture castle in Chicago in the late 1800’s, then lured countless young women to their horrific deaths.Patrick Kearney: a.k.a. The Trash Bag killer. Despite standing just 5'5”, Kearney cut a swathe of destruction across southern California, leaving at least 35 dismembered corpses in his wake.Edmund Kemper III: a double murderer at 15, Kemper was set free to unleash a reign of terror on the student population of Santa Cruz, California.Bobby Joe Long: a sex-obsessed psychopath who graduated from rape to murder, with devastating results for the women of south Florida.Earl Nelson: the inhuman “Gorilla Killer”, who rampaged through 1920's America and into Canada, killing and raping as he went.Joel Rifkin: a born loser who failed at everything he tried - except murder. Rifkin killed and dismembered as many as 17 women.Arthur Shawcross: having escaped the death penalty for the murder of two children, this sadistic killer turned his attention on the prostitutes of Rochester, New York. But did he cannibalize his victims?Coral Eugene Watts: a vicious killer who enjoyed slashing, strangling and drowning the helpless young women he targeted for death. Responsible for as many as 80 murders. ˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃ Scroll up to grab a copy of The Deadly Dozen Volume 2: 12 More of America’s Worst Serial Killers Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works cover serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

The Serial Killers: Harold Shipman

Mark Simpson - 2016
    On this night, the murderous activities of Britain’s worst serial killer began to reveal themselves. In the days and weeks to come, one exhumation would follow another, as more and more victims of the understated doctor with the exceptional bedside manner were uncovered. Police were to be overwhelmed with investigations into the deaths of nearly 250 patients of Dr Harold Shipman. The only person who truly knows how many victims there were took his own life in 2004. By most accounts, however, the man who has been dubbed ‘the doctor of death’ claimed 250 lives. The Serial Killers series lifts the lid on some of the world's most notorious serial killers and criminals. The narrative outlines the crimes of the killer, exploring the motives and impulses which led the perpetrator to commit their crimes. There are a total of 12 books in the Serial Killers series, with multi-book bundles comprising four books offering the best value for money.

A Need To Kill: The Death Row Drawings

Mark Pettit - 2016
    In the non-fiction novel style of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, Pettit delves into the mind of an Eagle Scout turned killer, recreating Joubert’s violent past and solving a string of unsolved crimes.

Medical Monsters: Volume 2: 22 Scary Medical Serial Killers

Robert Keller - 2016
    Clark: Abortionist, rapist, child molester, drug dealer, murderer, Dr. Clark must surely rank as one of the most malevolent individuals to ever earn a medical degree.Jane Toppan: A deeply disturbed nurse with a terrifying ambition - to kill more people than anyone else ever had.Robert Diaz: Self-proclaimed psychic who claimed that he could predict the day and hour of his patients’ deaths. He was never wrong.William & Lila Young: A truly heartless Canadian couple who turned baby farming into an industry. Responsible for the deaths of as many as 600 infants.Joan Vila Dilme: Vila claimed that his murders were “mercy killings” but the method he employed ensured that his victims died in excruciating agony. Plus 12 more sensational true crime cases….Scroll up and grab a copy today. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works cover serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Hunted: The Zodiac Murders

Mark Hewitt - 2016
    Despite his appalling acts of violence, he was never arrested—he has never even been identified. Thousands of men have been accused; nearly 2,500 have been investigated. The police lack only the name of the perpetrator. Never has there been more passionate interest in the Zodiac serial killer. Never has there been more FOIA-released information on his crime spree and the subsequent law enforcement investigation. Yet, never before has a carefully-researched scholarly treatment of this otherwise eminently solvable riddle been attempted. That is, until now.

From Birth to Death: Mommies who Murder (Ready Research Book 1)

Mindy M. Shelton - 2016
    Not included were any women who were acquitted of committing a crime (Casey Anthony-like) or any women who had assistance in the crime, like a boyfriend or husband. These are strictly Mommies Who Murder.Also, after the last chapter, you’ll see the data sorted in multiple ways. The same thirty-five women that are in this book are resorted into new grouped lists. The first is by dates of murder(s), the next is by geographical location where the crime(s) occurred, and the last is grouped by weapon(s) of choice.Resources are included within each topic area, whether they were used as a source, or not. The sources used are specifically cited, but there are a few extra resources listed so you have more information at your fingertips should you decide to read further on any particular case. There are at least four resources per case. Books in the Ready Research Series:Volume I: Mommies Who MurderVolume II: Children Who MurderVolume III: Serial MurderersVolume IV: Siblings Who MurderVolume V: Spouses Who Murder

Death Row's Wildest Women

Ty Treadwell - 2016
    Brittany Holberg couldn’t decide on the perfect murder weapon, so she used a butcher knife, a grapefruit knife, two forks, a hammer, a skillet, a steam iron, a space heater, and a lamp pole to dispatch her victim. And Juanita Spinelli, known as “The Duchess,” never killed anyone with her own hands but still earned a trip to the gas chamber as the leader of a gang of carnival rejects and misfit criminals.Death Row’s Wildest Women takes a wry, irreverent look at 13 of history’s most ferocious females. Meet Eva Dugan, AKA Claw-Finger Kitty, a former cabaret dancer who literally lost her head on the day of her hanging due to a faulty noose. Learn about Antoinette Frank, the crooked cop who killed two people during a restaurant robbery then showed up at the murder scene again hours later to investigate the crime. Read about a woman who had sex with a future state senator in the back seat of a car on her way to the electric chair, and another woman who experienced sexual pleasure with every swing of her pickax as she committed a gruesome double murder.These death row inmates had one thing in common; they were all women, but their behavior was anything but ladylike.

The Disappearances: A Story of Exploration, Murder, and Mystery in the American West

Scott Thybony - 2016
    At the same time, a search was underway for Dan Thrapp, a young scientist on leave from the American Museum of Natural History. Others were scouring the same region for an artist, Everett Ruess, who had disappeared into “the perfect labyrinth.”  Intrigued by this unusual string of coincidental disappearances, Scott Thybony set out to learn what happened. His investigations took him from Island in the Sky to Skeleton Mesa, from Texas to Tucson, and from the Green River to the Red. He traced the journey of Lucy Garrett from the murder of her father to her dramatic courtroom testimony. Using the pages of an old journal he followed the route of Dan Thrapp as he crossed an expanse of wildly rugged country with a pair of outlaws. Thrapp’s story of survival in an unforgiving land is a poignant counterpoint to the fate of the artist Everett Ruess, which the New York Times has called “one of the most enduring mysteries of the modern West.” Thybony draws on extensive research and a lifetime of exploration to create a riveting story of these three lives.

Dressing a Tiger

Maggie San Miguel - 2016
    Maggie San Miguel shares her unique childhood in this funny and poignant memoir reminiscent of The Godfather meets Running with Scissors. Her father's prior knowledge of the Kennedy assassination and his unique friendships with Jack Ruby, John Connally, Henry Wade and infamous Mafia bosses Carlo Gambino, Sam Giancana and Paul Castellano is a story untold until now. As a negotiator for the Teamsters Union and a high-ranking associate of the Mob, Jack Dahlstrom collected an impressive array of friends and Mafia secrets that were never meant to see the light of day. Maggie San Miguel has just opened the blinds.