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The Walking Dead Compendium Four

Robert Kirkman - 2019
    Wars are started, and dear friends fall...Collects THE WALKING DEAD #145-193.

Berserk Deluxe Edition Volume 1

Kentaro Miura - 2019
    And now the badass champion of adult fantasy manga is presented in an oversized 7" x 10" deluxe hardcover edition, nearly 700 pages amassing the first three Berserk volumes, with following volumes to come to serve up the entire series in handsome bookshelf collections. No Guts, no glory!

Pan's Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun

Guillermo del Toro - 2019
    Fans of dark fairy-tales like The Hazel Wood and The Cruel Prince will relish this atmospheric and absorbing book based on Guillermo del Toro’s critically acclaimed movie.Oscar winning writer-director Guillermo del Toro and New York Times bestselling author Cornelia Funke have come together to transform del Toro’s hit movie Pan’s Labyrinth into an epic and dark fantasy novel for readers of all ages, complete with haunting illustrations and enchanting short stories that flesh out the folklore of this fascinating world.This spellbinding tale takes readers to a sinister, magical, and war-torn world filled with richly drawn characters like trickster fauns, murderous soldiers, child-eating monsters, courageous rebels, and a long-lost princess hoping to be reunited with her family.A brilliant collaboration between masterful storytellers that’s not to be missed.

The Art of Junji Ito: Twisted Visions

Junji Ito - 2019
    This sublime collection includes all of Ito’s unforgettable illustrations in both black-and-white and color, from Tomie’s dreadful beauty to the inhuman spirals of Uzumaki. Includes an interview focused on Ito’s art technique as well as commentary from the artist on each work.

The Institute

Stephen King - 2019
    The operation takes less than two minutes. Luke will wake up at The Institute, in a room that looks just like his own, except there’s no window. And outside his door are other doors, behind which are other kids with special talents—telekinesis and telepathy—who got to this place the same way Luke did: Kalisha, Nick, George, Iris, and ten-year-old Avery Dixon. They are all in Front Half. Others, Luke learns, graduated to Back Half, “like the roach motel,” Kalisha says. “You check in, but you don’t check out.”In this most sinister of institutions, the director, Mrs. Sigsby, and her staff are ruthlessly dedicated to extracting from these children the force of their extranormal gifts. There are no scruples here. If you go along, you get tokens for the vending machines. If you don’t, punishment is brutal. As each new victim disappears to Back Half, Luke becomes more and more desperate to get out and get help. But no one has ever escaped from the Institute.

Scary Stories for Young Foxes

Christian McKay Heidicker - 2019
    No fox kit is safe.When Mia and Uly are separated from their litters, they discover a dangerous world full of monsters. In order to find a den to call home, they must venture through field and forest, facing unspeakable things that dwell in the darkness: a zombie who hungers for their flesh, a witch who tries to steal their skins, a ghost who hunts them through the snow . . . and other things too scary to mention.


Jonathan Maberry - 2019
    The people behind that attack want Korea united or destroyed. No middle ground. No mercy. And they are willing to punish any country that stands in the way—the United States, China, and Japan could all be consumed by a plague of pure destructive slaughter.Joe Ledger leads his newly formed band of international troubleshooters in their first mission to stop the terror cell, fighting alongside agents from North and South Korea. With the lives of billions at stake, Ledger is willing to bring his own brand of terror to this frightening new war.Rage is the first of the new adventures of Joe Ledger and Rogue Team International.

No Longer Human

Junji Ito - 2019
    I can't even guess myself what it must be to live the life of a human being.Plagued by a maddening anxiety, the terrible disconnect between his own concept of happiness and the joy of the rest of the world, Yozo Oba plays the clown in his dissolute life, holding up a mask for those around him as he spirals ever downward, locked arm-in-arm with death.Osamu Dazai’s immortal—and supposedly autobiographical—work of Japanese literature, is perfectly adapted here into a manga by Junji Ito. The imagery wrenches open the text of the novel one line at a time to sublimate Yozo’s mental landscape into something even more delicate and grotesque. This is the ultimate in art by Ito, proof that nothing can surpass the terror of the human psyche.

Into the Pit

Scott Cawthon - 2019
    . .What do you wish for most? It's a question that Oswald, Sarah, and Millie think they know the answer to. Oswald wishes his summer wasn't so boring, Sarah wishes to be beautiful, and Millie wishes she could just disappear from the face of the earth. But in the twisted world of Five Nights at Freddy's, their hearts' deepest desires have an unexpected cost.In this volume, Five Nights at Freddy's creator Scott Cawthon spins three sinister novella-length stories from different corners of his series' canon, featuring cover art from fan-favorite artist LadyFiszi. Readers beware: This collection of terrifying tales is enough to unsettle even the most hardened Five Nights at Freddy's fans.

You'll Float Too: The World of IT

Alyse Wax - 2019
    This compendium includes commentary from director Andy Muschietti; producers Barbara Muschietti, Dan Lin, and Roy Lee; the acclaimed ensemble cast; and other creative players who helped bring a new, disturbing vision of King’s perennial bestseller to life.

Snow, Glass, Apples

Neil Gaiman - 2019
    A chilling fantasy retelling of the Snow White fairy tale by bestselling creators Neil Gaiman and Colleen Doran.A not-so-evil queen is terrified of her monstrous stepdaughter and determined to repel this creature and save her kingdom from a world where happy endings aren't so happily ever after.From the Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, Nebula Award-winning and Sunday Times-bestselling writer Neil Gaiman (American Gods) comes this graphic novel adaptation by Colleen Doran (Troll Bridge).

Venus in the Blind Spot

Junji Ito - 2019
    This striking collection presents the most remarkable short works of Junji Ito’s career, featuring an adaptation of Rampo Edogawa’s classic horror story “The Human Chair” and fan favorite “The Enigma of Amigara Fault.” With a deluxe presentation—including special color pages, and showcasing illustrations from his acclaimed long-form manga No Longer Human—each chilling tale invites readers to revel in a world of terror.

The Darkest Winter

Lindsey Pogue - 2019
    Billions died. The Ending began.A group of orphaned misfits.The wild lands of the last frontier. Superhuman abilities, harrowing adventures, and heartbreaking secrets.Elle - Haunting shadows are nothing new to Elle St. James, she’s been running from them all her life. But since the outbreak spread from the lower forty-eight, new monsters lurk in the darkness. After Elle wakes from The Fever, capable of horrific deeds, she fears she’s one of them. When she stumbles upon four orphans, Elle’s forced to discover what happens when her greatest fear becomes her darkest secret and her only hope of surviving.Jackson - After the world goes mad and takes his family with it, Jackson decides a bottle of bourbon and the depths of despair are preferable to any semblance of living. But when Jackson wakes from the black hole of oblivion with a gun in his face, he must choose whether he wants to die or fight to find something worth living for. Brought together under the worst possible circumstances, Elle and Jackson must face the inexplicable realities of the new world. Their past lives are over, and the arctic isn’t all that’s savage anymore.

Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

Cala Spinner - 2019
    Drew's legacy of iconic characters like Bendy, Boris the Wolf, and Alice Angel! In this handy guidebook, you'll learn how to get around the studio, operate our state-of-the-art Ink Machine, and work well with our dedicated staff of creatives and crew members. Mr. Drew himself has even included a walk-through of all the tasks you'll need to complete to make it out of your first week alive, as well as an excerpt from his memoir The Illusion of Living, to inspire you to carry our company mission forward.In time, we hope you'll find a home here at our studios. Who knows? After a while, you may never want to leave!Don't miss this terrifying in-world guidebook, your key to unlocking the mysteries of Bendy and the Ink Machine!

Laughter at the Academy

Seanan McGuire - 2019
    Now, for the first time, that fiction has been gathered together in one place, ready to be enjoyed one twisting, tangled tale at a time. Her work crosses genres and subverts expectations.Meet the mad scientists of “Laughter at the Academy” and “The Tolling of Pavlov’s Bells.” Glory in the potential of a Halloween that never ends. Follow two very different alphabets in “Frontier ABCs” and “From A to Z in the Book of Changes.” Get “Lost,” dress yourself “In Skeleton Leaves,” and remember how to fly. All this and more is waiting for you within the pages of this decade-spanning collection, including several pieces that have never before been reprinted. Stories about mermaids, robots, dolls, and Deep Ones are all here, ready for you to dive in. This is a box of strange surprises dredged up from the depths of the sea, each one polished and prepared for your enjoyment. So take a chance, and allow yourself to be surprised.Enjoy.

Extinction Shadow

Nicholas Sansbury Smith - 2019
     Welcome to the Dark Age.    Survivors thought the extinction cycle ended, but a powerful evil lurks in the shadows...    Eight years ago, an engineered virus ravaged the globe, infecting and transforming humans into apex predators called Variants. Billions died, civilization collapsed, and the human race teetered on the brink of extinction.  Nations banded together and heroes rose up to fight these abominations. On the front lines, Captain Reed Beckham and Master Sergeant Joe "Fitz" Fitzpatrick of Delta Force Team Ghost fought against the Variant hordes. With the aid of CDC Doctor Kate Lovato, they helped lead humanity to victory.  Now, almost a decade after the end of the war, civilization has slowly clawed toward recovery. In the Allied States of America, survivors live in outposts where they have rebuilt industry, agriculture, and infrastructure. The remaining Variants are believed to be dying off under destroyed cities and the abandoned frontier.  But evil and intelligent forces dwell in the shadows with the starving beasts, scheming to restart the extinction cycle and end humanity forever. And once again, Beckham, Fitz, and Kate will rise to fight them, joining forces with new heroes to try and save what's left of the world.  READER NOTE: You don't have to read the first 7 books of the Extinction Cycle to jump into Book 1 of Extinction Cycle: Dark Age. This new season is a self-contained storyline. For returning readers, this book takes place after book 7, Extinction War.

Dreams Come to Life

Adrienne Kress - 2019
    Working as a delivery boy to support his family, Buddy wants to become an artist, a dream he's sure will never be realized. But that all changes when a delivery job puts him face-to-face with Mister Joey Drew, the eccentric owner of an animation studio.Mister Drew takes Buddy under his wing as an apprentice, thrusting him into a world unlike anything Buddy has ever seen before. There's the colorful cast of the studio, from the cranky, yet driven composer Sammy Lawrence to Dot, the writing intern and Buddy's counterpart. Working for Mister Drew, Buddy starts to think that maybe it's really as simple as Mister Drew says: Dreams do come true. But not everything at the studio is as picture-perfect as it seems . . .Something is going bump in the night at Joey Drew Studios, something that leaves behind trails of thick, dark ink. While the studio frantically works toward their latest deadline, Buddy and Dot team up to find out just what is tormenting the studio after-hours, even if it means tracking the trail to Mister Drew himself.Don't miss this official, original, pulse-pounding story from award-winning author Adrienne Kress, developed with theMeatly, Mike Mood, and Bookpast!


Iain Rob Wright - 2019
    Can you figure out the secrets of "the room" and escape before it's too late? Cheryl is about to learn that the people she works with are keeping a secret. One they are willing to kill for. Cheryl is the new girl at work, which is why she feels like she doesn't have a choice when she's asked to go on a "company outing." She and six of her colleagues are to be locked inside a room with only their wits to aid them. If they escape in time, there'll be prize money. Fail, and the repercussions could be deadly. Brand new chiller novel from Iain Rob Wright. Grab your copy of Escape! today, because everyone loves trying to figure out a mystery before the time runs out. WHAT READERS ARE SAYING An absolute wonderful read. Had me guessing from the beginning. Excellent fast paced story with an unseen twist at the end. WOW!!!... what another brilliant book which is truly horrifying and twisted, this put's another twist to the meaning of "TEAM BUILDING" at work. Makes you wonder about the people you work with. Escape! is one of the most unique, gruesome, and horrifying books I’ve ever read, and I loved every minute of it! Great thriller with a lot of twists and turns. Kept me on the edge of my seat. So intense I couldn't stop until I reached the end. If you enjoy Stephen King or James Herbert, then you'll enjoy this book too. Escape! Is scary because something like this could really happen and people are really that sick! Escape! is so thrilling that I stayed up late and just kept on reading until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. You just can't put this book down, a real page turner. Iain takes the latest popular entertainment experience "the escape room" and twists it turning it into another page turner, keeping you trapped in the pages until you escape at the end. An intense joyride filled with a solid shock and awe factor that will keep you turning pages. Spine tingling from the first line to the mind-blowing conclusion! A must read for thrill seekers. Will never, ever, do an escape room after this! A great read - excellent plot and another one to keep me up well past my bedtime!

Darkly: Blackness and America’s Gothic Soul

Leila Taylor - 2019
    The persistence of white supremacy and the ubiquity of Black death feeds a national culture of terror and a perpetual undercurrent of mourning.If the gothic narrative is metabolized fear, if the goth aesthetic is romanticized melancholy, what does that look and sound like in Black America?

How We Became Wicked

Alexander Yates - 2019
    They don’t want for much—only to maim and dismember you. But don’t worry: They always ask politely first.The TRUE: The True live in contained, isolated communities. They’re the lucky ones; they found safety from the Singers. And while the threat of the Wicked may not be eliminated, for the True, the threat has certainly been contained…The VEXED: The Vexed are the truly fortunate ones—they survived the sting of the Singers, leaving them immune. But they’re far from safe. The Vexed hold the key to a cure, and there are those who will do anything to get it.

The Camping Shop: An Undead Short Story (The Undead)

R.R. Haywood - 2019
    An Undead Short Story THE UK'S BEST-SELLING HORROR SERIES By Washington Post, WSJ, Audible & Amazon #1 best-selling author RR Haywood. Creator of the smash-hit time travel series - Extracted and the #1 Audible sci-fi space-romp crime-heist thriller romcom The Worldship Humility It has been Twenty One days since the outbreak of an intelligent parasitic virus turning people into hosts, and Howie is busy fighting back. His team might be the only group able to save humanity - but a gruesome discovery makes them question why they are trying to save a species that only ever causes suffering and pain, and it soon becomes vital to know exactly what happened in the camping shop. *This is a standalone story that can be enjoyed separately to the main series A deadly infection spreads across Europe. The Undead Series: A terrifying account of one man desperately struggling to survive this harrowing event “Brilliant writing from start to end.” "A whip-cracking, adrenaline-fuelled doozy of a book!" "The best series ever!" "A cracking read..." "You'll cheer, laugh and cry..." "A gem of a series." "Gripping." "The best zombie series by far." “One of the best series out there and one of the best authors of this genre - totally gripping and will have you at the edge of your seat.” find out more about the author at *The Undead is entirely self-published.

The Crowlands

T.M. Creedy - 2019
    Sara Robinson – gambling addict, liar, thief – lived a hand-to-mouth existence in a dingy flat in London. Now she's running for her life after the chance to make some easy money goes horribly wrong. She has three things which might save her - a passport in someone else’s name, a ticket to Australia and a suitcase full of cash. Sara finds herself the custodian of a crumbling Victorian mansion known as Crowlands House, once a children’s home in the rural town of Ararat. At first, the airy property seems cool and welcoming in the harsh Australian sunlight. It’s a private haven where Sara can forget about what happened in London, and a place to escape the hostile local townsfolk. But there are things in the house that aren't quite right. And Sara can't ignore them forever. The doors that won't stay open, the scratching sounds in the walls at night, the objects that disappear only to reappear in a room she has never even been in. And then the children come out to play - one by shadowy one..... Sara begins to delve into the mysteries of the mansion and uncovers a secret so gruesome it refuses to stay buried. But the evils of the past will do anything to keep the dead silent, and Sara must find a way to survive the horror that still resides at Crowlands House. The crows in the gum tree wait patiently for the souls of the dead to leave the house, but he will never set them free.


T.J. Payne - 2019
    The government wanted to unlock hidden abilities in the human mind.They put subjects in extreme sensory deprivation.All the test subjects went violently insane.But the research continued.Today it has been perfected.Almost perfected.From the author of In My Father's Basement comes another chilling novel that's a must-read for fans of horror. "Gruesome, gripping, and terrifyingly real!"

Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror and Speculative Fiction

Lisa Kröger - 2019
    From Gothic ghost stories to psychological horror to science fiction, women have been primary architects of speculative literature of all sorts. And their own life stories are as intriguing as their fiction. Everyone knows about Mary Shelley, creator of Frankenstein, who was rumored to keep her late husband’s heart in her desk drawer. But have you heard of Margaret “Mad Madge” Cavendish, who wrote a science-fiction epic 150 years earlier (and liked to wear topless gowns to the theater)? If you know the astounding work of Shirley Jackson, whose novel The Haunting of Hill House was reinvented as a Netflix series, then try the psychological hauntings of Violet Paget, who was openly involved in long-term romantic relationships with women in the Victorian era. You’ll meet celebrated icons (Ann Radcliffe, V. C. Andrews), forgotten wordsmiths (Eli Colter, Ruby Jean Jensen), and today’s vanguard (Helen Oyeyemi). Curated reading lists point you to their most spine-chilling tales.Part biography, part reader’s guide, the engaging write-ups and detailed reading lists will introduce you to more than a hundred authors and over two hundred of their mysterious and spooky novels, novellas, and stories.

Get out: The Complete Annotated Screenplay

Jordan Peele - 2019

The Quiet Boy

Nick Antosca - 2019
    There were only the Wolfs, who lived together in a cave above a town. Big Wolf, Middle Wolf, and Little Wolf. Big Wolf was a brute. Little Wolf was timid. Middle Wolf was the peacemaker.

The Tenth Ward

Rockwell Scott - 2019
    And he’s about to take on his most dangerous assignment. Rand has seen better days—his ex is getting remarried, and a persistent “non-believing” university auditor is threatening his job. The last thing Rand needs is to take on a new ghost hunting case. But when a desperate couple approaches him about their terminally-ill daughter, Georgia, who claims a ghost is visiting her hospital room at night, he can’t seem to turn them away. Rand figures that banishing Georgia’s ghostly intruder will be a routine matter. All he needs to do is guide the lingering ghost to the afterlife. But when the ghost returns with a vengeance, attacking Georgia and terrorizing other hospital wards, Rand realizes this is no benign spirit, but an evil demonic entity. He’s faced such monsters before, but never one so complex, so aggressive and violent. If he doesn’t unravel its ancient origins and discover how to banish it back to hell, a hospital full of people will fall victim to its destructive agenda. The Tenth Ward is a supernatural horror thriller for readers who love stories about hauntings and battles with the demonic—the truest form of evil that exists in our world.
 You are only one click away from joining Rand Casey in his terrifying battles against mankind’s oldest and most deadly enemy—the servants of the devil.

Wounds: Six Stories from the Border of Hell

Nathan Ballingrud - 2019
    In his first collection, North American Lake Monsters, Nathan Ballingrud carved out a distinctly singular place in American fiction with his “piercing and merciless” (Toronto Globe and Mail) portrayals of the monsters that haunt our lives—both real and imagined: “What Nathan Ballingrud does in North American Lake Monsters is to reinvigorate the horror tradition” (Los Angeles Review of Books). Now, in Wounds, Ballingrud follows up with an even more confounding, strange, and utterly entrancing collection of six stories, including one new novella. From the eerie dread descending upon a New Orleans dive bartender after a cell phone is left behind in a rollicking bar fight in “The Visible Filth” to the search for the map of hell in “The Butcher’s Table,” Ballingrud’s beautifully crafted stories are riveting in their quietly terrifying depictions of the murky line between the known and the unknown.

Bad Games: The Complete Series

Jeff Menapace - 2019
    All five books in the critically acclaimed Bad Games series under one terrifying roof. Bad Games: The Complete Series includes: BAD GAMES - The terrifying bestseller that started it all. The Lambert Family is heading to Crescent Lake, a rural cabin community in western Pennsylvania, for an idyllic weekend getaway. Some fishing, some barbecue, some games... The Fannelli brothers are heading to Crescent Lake too. Some stalking, some kidnapping, some murder, definitely some games...though not necessarily the type of games the Lamberts had in mind. But it doesn't matter. The Lamberts are going to play whether they like it or not. VENGEFUL GAMES - The Lambert family played the Fannelli brothers' twisted game and survived. Showed the brothers they'd messed with the wrong family. However, the game is far from over. There are some new players in town. Players who have close ties to the Fannelli brothers. Players who are taking things very personally...and promising results that are very deadly. BAD GAMES: HELLBENT - A year has passed. Marine and security specialist Domino Taylor shadows the Lambert family, the guilt he feels for the tragic events that unfolded in western Pennsylvania haunting him without mercy. When someone from Domino's past contacts him, begging for his help, Domino reluctantly agrees, not knowing the sinister truth lying in wait: there is one final game yet to play. BAD GAMES: MALEVOLENT - After years of silence, the game is back on. Widower Allan Brown is hosting a support group in his home for the bereaved. One of the guests in attendance will be Amy Lambert, this week marking the five-year anniversary of her family’s horrifying ordeal at Crescent Lake. Of course it’s hardly cause for celebration. Still, some unwanted guests plan on attending the support group to help Amy celebrate all the same... BAD GAMES: PSYCHOPATH - A decade has passed. Caleb’s increasingly violent temper sees him discharged from the Marine Corps. Carrie is failing at her second attempt at college. Aftermath, it would seem, plays the cruelest game of all. The only plus is Amy Lambert's success as a bestselling author, chronicling her family’s horrific ordeals over the years. But is it a success? It has brought some unwanted attention Amy’s way. Two fledgling killers who happen to idolize the late and infamous serial killers Arty and Jim Fannelli have been paying attention—and these two killers are eager to show the Lamberts just how much they truly admire their idols…with the help of Arty and Jim themselves? Find out how such a horrifying prospect comes to fruition in the fifth and final book in the Bad Games series, and prepare yourself for the game to end all games. What readers are saying about Jeff Menapace and the Bad Games series: ★★★★★ "I have been a lifetime reader of Dean Koontz, Stephen King, James Patterson, Lisa Gardner, and various other suspense and horror authors...I have found a new author to add to my list of greats." ★★★★★ "Jeffery Deaver look out...this guy plays with your head.

Taking Shape: Developing Halloween From Script to Scream

Dustin McNeill - 2019
    Thorn. White Horses. It’s all in here. Join authors Dustin McNeill and Travis Mullins for a deep dive into the evolution of Halloween’s vast mythology. Extensively researched, TAKING SHAPE is the ultimate guide to the first forty years of Haddonfield history. Featuring exclusive interviews with filmmakers from every installment, prepare to gain new insight into Halloween’s iconic boogeyman. Oh, you don’t believe in the boogeyman? You should. TAKING SHAPE includes: - Comprehensive story analysis on the entire series! - A rundown of all deleted and alternate scenes! - A look at what scholars got right (and wrong) about H1! - Exclusive details on Nigel Kneale's original H3 script! - Comparisons of early scripts to the final theatrical films! - A rare interview with H5 screenwriter Michael Jacobs! - An exhaustive account of H6's troubled production! - An examination of H20’s roots as a direct-to-video sequel! - A revealing look behind the grunge of the Rob Zombie era! - Insight into how test audiences and execs shaped the films! - In-depth dissection of the official novelizations!

The Man With No Shadow (How to Survive Camping, #1)

Bonnie Quinn - 2019
    It is largely unaltered, with only minor edits for readability in print form.Every year, campground manager Kate sends out a pamphlet titled “How to Survive Your Camping Experience.” In it is a list of rules to help campers have an enjoyable experience and hopefully survive any encounters with the campground’s… other… inhabitants.This has produced lackluster results and so Kate begins posting her experiences online so that people will understand why it is so important to drink from the skull cup or to not follow the lights. However, what begins as merely stories about her campground quickly becomes a struggle for Kate to maintain control of her land against the schemes of one of the campground’s residents - the man with no shadow.

Baltimore Omnibus Volume 1

Mike Mignola - 2019
    Lord Henry Baltimore, a soldier determined to wipe out the monsters, fights his way through bloody battlefields, ruined plague ships, exploding zeppelins, submarine graveyards, and much more on the hunt for the creature who's become his obsession.This omnibus collects original Baltimore hardcover volumes 1-4, with supplemental sketchbook material and an all-new cover by Mike Mignola!

Species Unknown: A Novel of The Watch

Dan Carlson - 2019
    Bigger, stronger and more cunning than any other predator in the woods, this murderer has only existed in legends and the nightmares of the few to survive an encounter … until now. Dr. Jake Sanders, world-renowned expert on predators and predatory behavior, is on a quest to find the monster that did far worse than wound him. Deputy Julie Reed, a strong, beautiful and lethal enforcer of justice, fearlessly pursues a violent adversary unaware of the twisted path destiny will lay before her. Simon Standing Elk, a recovering alcoholic well on the road to atoning for past sins until a terrifying encounter that now threatens not only his life, but his soul as well. Three different people. Three very different backgrounds. One secret organization. This is the story of events that brought them together and, if they’re not careful, could destroy them all – or worse.

Highgate (This Haunted World #3)

Shani Struthers - 2019
    In Book Three discover Highgate, perhaps the most famous cemetery in the world, renowned for its Victorian Gothic splendour, famous residents, its vampire and, of course, ghosts... NB: With sometimes harrowing scenes, this is her darkest novel yet and not for the faint-hearted!Lucy Klein, 42, is not only obsessed with Highgate, she works there too, organising tours for those with an interest in some of the finest Victorian funerary architecture in existence. Single, and on the shy side, she is nonetheless content with her life, or so she thinks. When she meets the enigmatic Zak Harborne, she realises what she's been missing and quickly falls in love. He's everything she's ever wanted...isn't he? 1972, and Emma Matthews, a 19-year-old history student, also feels as though she's on the outside. After visiting a derelict Highgate with a group of friends, she starts to feel a connection, a sense of meaning to her life, in amongst the tombstones, the crosses and the angels. Returning to Highgate over and over, she discovers both a paradise and a garden decidedly more savage.Grace Derby is just 11 when she encounters the gentleman, tall and with a tall hat, a long black coat and a cape about his shoulders. It is the 1850s and street urchins such as her are not accustomed to kindness from those belonging to the upper echelons. Proffering money for food, for her and her family, he asks nothing in return. Curious about the man with the kind blue eyes, she follows him one day... all the way to Highgate.For some, it seems, all roads lead to Highgate...

These Savage Shores

Ram V. - 2019
    An old evil now sails aboard a company ship, hoping to make a home in this new found land. But he will soon find that the ground along the Indus is an ancient one with daemons and legends far older than himself. Along These Savage Shores, where the days are scorched and the nights are full of teeth.

A Certain Hunger

Chelsea G. Summers - 2019
    Discerning, meticulous, and very, very smart, Dorothy's clear mastery of the culinary arts make it likely that she could, on any given night, whip up a more inspired dish than any one of the chefs she writes about. Dorothy loves sex as much as she loves food, and while she has struggled to find a long-term partner that can keep up with her, she makes the best of her single life, frequently traveling from Manhattan to Italy for a taste of both.But there is something within Dorothy that's different from everyone else, and having suppressed it long enough, she starts to embrace what makes Dorothy uniquely, terrifyingly herself. Recounting her life from a seemingly idyllic farm-to-table childhood, the heights of her career, to the moment she plunges an ice pick into a man's neck on Fire Island, Dorothy Daniels show us what happens when a woman finally embraces her superiority.A satire of early foodieism, a critique of how gender is defined, and a showcase of virtuoso storytelling, Chelsea G. Summers' A Certain Hunger introduces us to the food world's most charming psychopath and an exciting new voice in fiction.

The Awakening

Dirk Patton - 2019
    But when she discovers her husband has spent them into financial ruin, things quickly begin to spiral out of control. Desperation growing, she questions her sanity when she starts having visions of an apocalyptic world inhabited by hideous creatures. As her marriage disintegrates, she hatches a desperate scheme to steal drug money, but unwittingly sets a cascade of tragic events into motion. With her life in tatters and a ruthless cartel enforcer in pursuit, she discovers her visions are not only real, but demons bent on the destruction of the world have already arrived.

Coffin Cemetery

Ron Ripley - 2019
    Withdrawing into an emotionless shell, he has driven away everyone who cared about him. Dan is lost, and utterly alone. Until he hears the voices… In Coffin Cemetery, the anguished spirits cry out to him. Lost souls, torn from their places of rest, are seeking a way to move on. Dan wants to help these wandering ghosts find some measure of peace, in the hopes that, he too can finally put his past behind him. But Dan isn’t the only one who speaks with the dead. Janet Ladd also hears their call and intends to use these tormented souls to fulfill her darkest desires. She unleashes bloodthirsty wraiths to do her bidding. Dan and the ghost of a young boy are the only ones standing in her way. Unless Dan can overcome the torment inside his soul, the enemy’s dark power will grow even stronger… And a new tragedy will haunt Dan’s nightmares.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth Volume 5

Mike Mignola - 2019
    must defend earth from one of the mythical Ogdru Jahad, the dragon believed to bring about the end of the world. The agents must destroy the dragon and the countless monsters it creates. Elsewhere, Russian occult director seeks help from a demon as he follows her through Hell.This hardcover edition collects:B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – Volume 12: MetamorphosisB.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – Volume 13: End of DaysB.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – Volume 15: Cometh the HourAdditional Material:Expanded Sketchbook

The Brother’s Creed Box Set: The Complete Zombie Apocalypse Series (Books 1-5)

Joshua C. Chadd - 2019
    As the nation succumbs to an outbreak unlike anything ever seen, the brothers must gather their supplies and set out on a road trip to save their parents from a fate worse than death itself. Their naïve optimism quickly fades, and the choices they confront will leave them scarred for life.Meanwhile, Emmett Wolfe, along with his daughter and ex-wife, leave Texas bound for a safe haven in Alaska. Along the way, they rescue a mysterious young woman from a shopping mall, but the cost of their daring recovery will leave them reeling. The U.S. quickly falls into chaos, and Emmett learns early on that there are dangers far worse than the undead.Tank finds himself amidst a group of survivors heading north, but their convoy is stopped dead in its tracks when they’re ambushed by a gang of ruthless killers. Escaping the attack, Tank and two others are hunted through Wyoming by the bloodthirsty Reclaimers. With no other choice, Tank has to face the reality that sacrifices are necessary if they are to survive.As the virus spreads across America, the remaining survivors must band together to fight not only the walking dead, but the living as well. Their journey to the Alaskan wilderness is met with constant hardship, betrayal, and death. But as the world crumbles around them, they will come to realize they cannot lose what makes them human. They must hold on to faith and hope or all is lost and they will not survive the coming apocalypse. Get the award-winning and best-selling series that has a combined total of over 550 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon! This box set includes the COMPLETE Brother’s Creed series: OutbreakBattlebornWolf PackBad CompanyLast Hope PLUS two bonus short stories:TankedLife After (Box Set exclusive)

The Graveyard Shift

D.M. Guay - 2019
    So clueless, that he doesn't even realize the beer cave in the corner store where he works is the gateway to hell.The gate needs a hero, but Lloyd's a zero, a loser with a capital L. He's ten thousand dollars in debt and lives with his parents. He's been fired from every job he's ever had. He was the first thing his ex-girlfriend tossed to the curb when she upgraded her life.He had no money and no prospects until the night he accidentally slayed a one-eyed tentacle monster hellbent on world domination. And, impressed by his pure heart and bravery, the suave but devilish owner of the 24/7 Dairy Mart gave Lloyd a job.His coworkers—a karate-chopping bombshell and a talking roach with a really bad attitude—need Lloyd's help to keep the demons in line. Can he man up and become a world-saving hero? Or, will he remain a couch-surfing zero? The fate of the world is on the line. What could go wrong?24/7 Demon Mart is a new horror-comedy / humorous fantasy series for fans of A. Lee MartinezDavid Wong Tom Holt Christopher Moore Mark Cain Heide GoodyIf you love Exorcist-level demon vomit, brooding Lovecraftian hell monsters, and plenty of laughs, this novel is for you. The Graveyard Shift is the first book in the 24/7 Demon Mart horror-comedy and dark satire fantasy series.

Requiem Infernal

Peter Fehervari - 2019
    They live in solitude… which is about to be broken as danger approaches.READ IT BECAUSEPeter Fehervari brings a tale of an unusual order of the Sisters of Battle, a sister breaking her self-imposed exile and an Astra Militarum unit seeking respite from their woes… and it's every bit as weird and wonderful as you'd hope.THE STORYThe Adepta Sororitas of the Last Candle have stood vigil over their sanctuary world for centuries, striving to decipher their founder's tormented visions. Outsiders are unwelcome… yet still they come.Decimated by an encounter with a lethal xenos entity, the survivors of an elite Astra Militarum company have journeyed to the Candleworld in search of healing, escorted by a woman who is no stranger there – Sister Hospitaller Asenath Hyades, who turned her back on the order decades ago.As the seekers near the sect's bastion, malign forces begin to stir among the planet's storm-wracked spires, but the most insidious shadows lie in their own souls.

The Bone Houses

Emily Lloyd-Jones - 2019
    And right now, both are in dire straits. Since the death of their parents, Ryn and her siblings have been scraping together a meager existence as gravediggers in the remote village of Colbren, which sits at the foot of a harsh and deadly mountain range that was once home to the fae. The problem with being a gravedigger in Colbren, though, is that the dead don't always stay dead.The risen corpses are known as "bone houses," and legend says that they're the result of a decades-old curse. When Ellis, an apprentice mapmaker with a mysterious past, arrives in town, the bone houses attack with new ferocity. What is it that draws them near? And more importantly, how can they be stopped for good?Together, Ellis and Ryn embark on a journey that will take them deep into the heart of the mountains, where they will have to face both the curse and the long-hidden truths about themselves.

My Pretties

Jeff Strand - 2019
     A serial kidnapper is preying upon women. He abducts them, then locks them in one of the cages dangling from the ceiling in a soundproofed basement. There, he sits quietly and just watches them, returning night after night, hoping he'll be in the room at the moment his beautiful captives finally starve to death. Charlene and Gertie have become fast friends at the restaurant where they work. But Charlene is concerned when she hears how her co-worker spends her evenings: Gertie's cousin is one of the missing, and Gertie wanders the city streets where many of the abductions took place, using herself as bait with a high-voltage stun gun in her pocket. Charlene reluctantly offers to trail her in a car, just in case she does lure the kidnapper and things go wrong. Unfortunately, the women find themselves the source of unwanted fame. And now they're on the radar of a very, very dangerous man...

The Drifting Classroom: Perfect Edition, Vol. 1

Kazuo Umezz - 2019
    Out of nowhere, an entire school vanishes, leaving nothing but a hole in the ground. While parents mourn and authorities investigate, the students and teachers find themselves not dead but stranded in a terrifying wasteland where they must fight to survive.

Full Throttle

Joe Hill - 2019
    . . and other horrors that lurk in the water’s shivery depths. And tension shimmers in the sweltering heat of the Nevada desert as a faceless trucker finds himself caught in a sinister dance with a tribe of motorcycle outlaws in “Throttle,” co-written with Stephen King.

Midwinter: Spookshow 10

Tim McGregor - 2019
    Her shock at being evicted is quickly replaced by surprise when her beau suggests they finally buy a house together. Billie agrees to go house hunting only to find that every home has history, and trying to find a house that doesn't have old ghosts proves tricky for someone who can see the dead. Detective Mockler faces a challenge of his own when he's put in charge of a newly formed cold case unit to clear the backlog of old homicides. He dives into the new job eagerly only to hit an unexpected snag that could prove troubling to both himself and his psychic girlfriend. When the search for a house proves futile, Billie stumbles across her dream home; a quaint fixer-upper with vintage charm and a lack of ghosts. But nothing is ever simple when it comes to the paranormal and the new home-owners find themselves under assault from a violent presence that can elude Billie's psychic abilities. Meanwhile, John Gantry, the occult expert/con man, faces his own terrifying ordeal when he learns that his family is coming to visit for the holidays.

The Patience of a Dead Man

Michael Clark - 2019
    Tim Russell just put his last dollar on a handyman’s dream; a quaint but dilapidated farmhouse in New Hampshire. Newly single after a messy divorce, his plan is to live in the house as he restores it for resale. To his horror, as soon as the papers are signed and his work starts, ghosts begin to appear. A bone-white little boy. A woman covered in flies. Tim can’t afford to leave and lose it all, so he turns to his real estate agent Holly Burns to help him decide whether he has any shot at solving his haunted problem. Can they solve the mystery before he loses his investment…or maybe his life?

The Bank of Goodliness: Shadeys Bank needs to clean up its image, a country vicar needs a new career. It could be a match made in heaven. Or Hell.

David Luddington - 2019
    to a major scandal, they are desperate to show they’ve reformed. Who better to present their redemption to the world than a country vicar with a reputation for being annoyingly good? Reverend Tom Goodman is ousted from his job as a country vicar for allowing a homeless family to stay in the church hall. Meanwhile, a major bank is trying to rescue its image after the latest in a long string of financial scandals. It seems like the perfect match and Goodman is hastily appointed as the bank’s new C.E.O. All they have to do now, is promote him as the new face of Shadeys Bank whilst at the same time, keeping him away from the day-to-day business of dubious banking. However, Tom Goodman has other ideas. He’s not going to be satisfied with being used as an empty puppet for a PR stunt. Unfortunately for Shadeys, Tom is planning on actually making a difference. And so begins an epic battle of wills. The might of a multi-billion pound bank versus a seemingly naïve country vicar. No contest. “Yes Minister meets The Vicar of Dibley.”

Bane County: A Short Story

J.R. Rice - 2019
    . . Mystery, Suspense, an edge-of-your-seat Thriller with characters you’ll fall in love with. An old-school, heart-pounding, coming-of-age Horror series with 100s of 5-Star Reviews. A Bane County Short Story. This 8,000-word Novelette entitled “When Bane Flowers Bloom” takes place within the Bane County Universe. The timeline of the story is set during the third book of the series (First Moon), and it answers many questions and reveals new mysteries spanning all the way back to Book 1 (Forgotten Moon). Prepare yourself, for a twisting turning descent into absolute terror.

One Final Gasp

Jacqueline Druga - 2019
     In a misguided attempt to avert the future deadly threat, Biologist Elias Marcum creates his own impervious virus. His arrogance in his work inadvertently causes the accidental release of the virus. By the time it is discovered, it is too late. Aging television reporter, Eve Montgomery finally sees her chance to return to the spotlight when she is given the assignment to cover the Legends of Rock Cruise on the Magnificent Jewel. Her dreams of covering the glitz and glamour of rock stars are quickly squashed when the ship anchors in quarantine in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A ferocious virus is rampant on the ship and it quickly begins to decimate the lives of the thousands on board. There is no cure or treatment. The events of the ship are parallel to the events happening across the globe. No country is immune. Nowhere is spared. Unaware how widespread the virus is, Eve does her best with limited communication to convey the story to the news station. It’s a matter of waiting it out until the virus runs its course. Eve finds hope in the prospect of leaving the sea and returning home. She focuses on that, oblivious to the fact that things are far worse on land.

A Small World

R.S. Merritt - 2019
    In this first book stand with our heroes as the Zombies overrun the planet. Watch as normal people have to deal with extraordinary circumstances. How far will they go to protect their loved ones? The Apocalypse will cause some to stand a little taller and reach deep within themselves to be their best self. Others will collapse under the weight of it. Still others will seize on it to prey on their fellow man. Fast paced and written with an eye for detail. You'll really be able to see yourself with the characters in this story. Fighting the fight along with them. Experience Zombies!

The Scarfolk Annual

Richard Littler - 2019
    The shop, and indeed town, do not wish to be identified as they are keen to “discourage the ‘occult-totalitarian tourism’ that as afflicted other areas of Britain "as people hunt for further socio-archaeological traces of the mysterious, missing town of Scarfolk"—Britain’s own Brutalist Atlantis.Apart from the archive of Scarfolk materials which was sent anonymously to the late Dr Ben Motte and formed the basis of the book Discovering Scarfolk, this children’s annual is, to date, the only complete artefact from Scarfolk ever to be unearthed ‘in the wild’.It’s clear The Scarfolk Annual was not written to entertain children at Christmastime; its purpose was to indoctrinate young minds; in fact, one might go as far as to say destroy young minds, to an end that has been lost to us.

Don't Scream 2: 30 More Tales to Terrify

Blair Daniels - 2019
    A sequel to a #1 bestselling horror anthology Don't Scream, featuring hideous doppelgangers, terrifying apps, lurking monsters, and more. Read... if you dare.

Shepherd's Warning

Cailyn Lloyd - 2019
    Rumors and stories of apparitions, odd noises, accidents, and strange deaths in or near the property were enough to convince the townsfolk it was haunted and they stayed away.Lucas MacKenzie and his brother Nate know nothing of this when they inherit the property and decide to bring their families to Wisconsin for a major renovation project with HGTV stardom in mind. As they tear out old fixtures and open shuttered windows, the house begins to reveal secrets of a terrible past and it soon becomes clear the MacKenzies are in grave danger. In the end, only one person can save them.

The Devil Aspect

Craig Russell - 2019
    The state-of-the-art facility is located in a medieval mountaintop castle outside of Prague, though the site is infamous for concealing dark secrets going back many generations. The asylum houses the country's six most treacherous killers--known to the staff as The Woodcutter, The Clown, The Glass Collector, The Vegetarian, The Sciomancer, and The Demon--and Viktor hopes to use a new medical technique to prove that these patients share a common archetype of evil, a phenomenon known as The Devil Aspect. As he begins to learn the stunning secrets of these patients, five men and one woman, Viktor must face the disturbing possibility that these six may share another dark truth. Meanwhile, in Prague, fear grips the city as a phantom serial killer emerges in the dark alleys. Police investigator Lukas Smolak, desperate to locate the culprit (dubbed Leather Apron in the newspapers), realizes that the killer is imitating the most notorious serial killer from a century earlier--London's Jack the Ripper. Smolak turns to the doctors at Hrad Orlu for their expertise with the psychotic criminal mind, though he worries that Leather Apron might have some connection to the six inmates in the asylum. Steeped in the folklore of Eastern Europe, and set in the shadow of Nazi darkness erupting just beyond the Czech border, this stylishly written, tightly coiled, richly imagined novel is propulsively entertaining, and impossible to put down.

Haunted Gracefield

M.L. Bullock - 2019
    Armed with her ability to dream about the past and with the aid of a familiar ghost, the dream catcher gets to work. Hoping to unravel the mystery quickly she decides to stay at the lonely manor house and through her dreams uncovers the forgotten Starlett family history. As she discovers the paranormal reports are true and that she has become a target of the angry spirits, she must quickly work to settle the score on their behalf. Or join their ranks as a ghost of Gracefield. Gracefield is Book One in the Haunted Gracefield series. If you are a fan of M.L. Bullock's Seven Sisters series you'll be familiar with Carrie Jo and her unique abilities. You can read this series by itself but if you would like the full Carrie Jo experience the suggested reading order is The Ultimate Seven Sisters Collection, The Idlewood Collection, Return to Seven Sisters and now Haunted Gracefield. If you prefer darker stories, check out Monica's Gulf Coast Paranormal series which contains intense ghost stories and loads of paranormal investigation or her Sugar Hill series. Scroll up and grab your copy of Gracefield now!


Cameron Chaney - 2019
    Enjoy your stay! But first, a few words of warning: Stay out of the forest. Never venture out after dark. And don't stare too long into the shadows... you may not like what you see. Have a pleasant visit. We hope it won't be your last...Author Cameron Chaney presents seven new tales of All Hallows terror, along with his newly revised novella "There Are Monsters Here", in print for the very first time!

Life of the Dead - The Complete Collection

Tony Urban - 2019
    Over 1,200 pages of reading! As a plague ravages America and leaves chaos in its wake there's no time to prepare, no chance for last words, messages home, or tearful goodbyes. For the men and women immune to the virus, they have 2 options. Survive or die trying.

The Lost Ones

Anita Frank - 2019
    Some houses are never at peace. England, 1917  Reeling from the death of her fiancé, Stella Marcham welcomes the opportunity to stay with her pregnant sister, Madeleine, at her imposing country mansion, Greyswick – but she arrives to discover a house of unease and her sister gripped by fear and suspicion.Before long, strange incidents begin to trouble Stella – sobbing in the night, little footsteps on the stairs – and as events escalate, she finds herself drawn to the tragic history of the house.Aided by a wounded war veteran, Stella sets about uncovering Greyswick’s dark and terrible secrets – secrets the dead whisper from the other side…


Michaelbrent Collings - 2019
     Evie Childs hoped the all-expense-paid trip to Africa would give her a chance at adventure. Maybe it would even let her forget a past that haunts her, and find safety from a husband who abuses her. Her jaws can crush bone to powder... But when a group of "freedom fighters" kidnaps her safari tour group, intent on holding them for ransom, the adventure turns to nightmare. She knows no mercy, only hunger... Now, Evie and the rest of the survivors must travel across miles of the harshest, most dangerous environment on Earth. No food. No water. No communications. And they're being hunted. She is the only animal alive who laughs as she hunts... A pack of Africa's top predators have smelled the blood of the survivors, and will not stop until they have fed. Because in this place, you can be either one of the prey, or one of the... ... PREDATORS

ARISEN Box Set Books 1-4

Glynn James - 2019
    The battle for humanity starts here - in the first four volumes of the most explosive and thrilling Military Zombie Apocalypse series on Earth.

12 Steps: A Novel of Suspense

Iain Rob Wright - 2019
    A storm incoming. A group of alcoholics trying to stay clean. But staying clean is impossible when you have blood on your hands. Justice will always catch up with you. Adam lost his entire life to alcohol, but tonight he is one year sober. While he never expects to ever again be happy, he is at least back in control of his life. That is until a ghostly face appears at the window and turns his world into a nightmare. Now the only people he can rely on are his fellow drunks, and some of them are keeping secrets.

We Live Inside Your Eyes

Kealan Patrick Burke - 2019
    To anyone else, the remains of the woman with the goat skull head is a warning. To a lonely young boy looking for escape, it is a god of salvation. At its feet lay tattered old notebooks, scattered stories, tales of strange encounters, of broken people and monstrous things, and of corrupt hearts and evil minds. In order to complete his transfiguration, the boy must read these stories, but he has no idea the fate that awaits him.WE LIVE INSIDE YOUR EYES is the much anticipated new collection from Bram Stoker Award-winning horror author Kealan Patrick Burke, featuring previously uncollected stories and two brand new tales written especially for this collection, the short story "You Have Nothing to Fear From Me", and the novelette "The House on Abigail Lane." With story notes by the author.

Into the Wolves' Den

Jon Athan - 2019
    He enlists the help of Gerald Greenwood, an old friend and a private investigator. When their investigation stalls and desperation creeps in, Keith’s methods become unorthodox, illegal, and extremely violent. Meanwhile, Keith’s daughters, fourteen-year-old Carrie and eight-year-old Allison, witness horrors beyond imagination at the Wolves’ Den, a house in the middle of nowhere. In that house, a group of psychopaths in animal masks produce snuff films and other disturbing content for clients across the globe. Jon Athan, the provocative author behind Dr. Sadist and Lovesick, delivers another dark and disturbing horror novel filled with mystery, suspense, and gore. Can you handle a visit to the Wolves’ Den? WARNING: This novel contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

The Pale White

Chad Lutzke - 2019
    Alex: A hardened goth-punk who’s convinced she’s a vampire with a penchant for blood.Stacia: A seventeen-year-old raised by an alcoholic mother, her fellow prisoners the only family she’s ever truly had.Kammie: The youngest of the three--a mute who finds solace in a houseplant. But does life outside the house offer the freedom they’d envisioned? Or is it too late, the scars too deep? A coming-of-age tale of revenge that explores a friendship and the desperate lengths they will go through to ensure they stay united, held together by the scars that bind them.

Fire & Rain

John F.D. Taff - 2019
    Taff's highly-anticipated epic supernatural thriller, The Fearing, begins with Book One: Fire & Rain where humanity faces a series of catastrophes spawned by a worldwide event that unleashes all of mankind's greatest fears.In the American high desert, vacationers returning from a road trip are thrust into a heart-stopping flight from death as they try to avoid a cataclysmic end. In rural Missouri, the lives of a group of high school students are destroyed after their small town is devastated and they're forced to confront the end of everything they've ever known.And on the eastern seaboard, there's someone else. An enigmatic man who thrives on despair and embraces all fear. A man with his own dark and sinister goals. Someone who wants to ensure humanity goes out with the biggest bang possible.

The Institute

Steven King - 2019

Sleepless Nights: 168 Thriller, Horror, Suspense, and Mystery Short Stories

Tobias Wade - 2019
    It even heats up to the right temperature with a pulse and everything. A dial on the back of her head gives twelve personality options, including “family friendly”, “intellectual”, “shy”, and “sexual”.She’s so realistic it’s scary, and would be absolutely perfect if she didn’t cry every time I touch her. Demons, monsters, psychopaths, undead, mad experiments, and terrifying paranormal encounters. 168 stories include the Amazon-Bestselling Collections 51, 52, and 53 Sleepless Nights, as well as 12 bonus tales from Brutal Bedtime Stories.  Praise for Sleepless Nights "As a huge horror nut I love being freaked out of my mind, being taken for a dark spin, and then being left with goosebumps dotted on my skin." ★★★★★ Review "From the first story to the last, this book was enjoyable in that spine-tingling kind of way. It’s been a very long time since I’ve read anything that has wormed its way into my brain and had me thinking about it hours or days later." ★★★★★ Review "I swear there isn't a clunker on here. You'd think even a solid compilation would have one or two lame ducks, but every last story in here is thrilling and terrifying and fantastic." ★★★★★ Review Are you brave enough? Read now and find out.  Tobias Wade is an Amazon-Bestselling horror author with over 600 USA Amazon Reviews, 4.6 average rating. He's won a horror story award from Reddit's /nosleep, and his work has been featured by the world's largest horror YouTube channels and podcasts, including MrCreepyPasta's 1.4 million subscriber platform. About Haunted House Publishing We're passionate about publishing horror stories for adults, scary books for teens, and all sorts of dark fiction. We've got new horror kindle books every month, specializing in supernatural stories, supernatural book collections, and paranormal books for adults. We've got zombie books, demonic horror, ghosts and specters, angels and demons, gothic novels, and haunted houses and ghosts novels. We promise some of the top horror books 2019.

The Light of Cabo Rojo

Austin Star - 2019
    The night of January 5th begins; the air seems heavier, the real and the imaginary is blurred. However, what is really happening?Five teenagers head for a summer vacation to Cabo Rojo and they will be confronted with a presence more terrifying than death itself...a hideously and powerful luminescence that terrorizes and kills everything in its way.These five friends will face a storm of epic proportions, an old legend, a mysterious red light, and as if that were not enough, they must do it in a wood cabin away from any connection with civilization.A threat that looms over reality in a terrifying nightmare.All condiments for an exciting novel of horror and mystery that you will cannot stop reading.


Chuck Wendig - 2019
    She appears to be sleepwalking. She cannot talk and cannot be woken up. And she is heading with inexorable determination to a destination that only she knows. But Shana and her sister are not alone. Soon they are joined by a flock of sleepwalkers from across America, on the same mysterious journey. And like Shana, there are other "shepherds" who follow the flock to protect their friends and family on the long dark road ahead.For as the sleepwalking phenomenon awakens terror and violence in America, the real danger may not be the epidemic but the fear of it. With society collapsing all around them--and an ultraviolent militia threatening to exterminate them--the fate of the sleepwalkers depends on unraveling the mystery behind the epidemic. The terrifying secret will either tear the nation apart--or bring the survivors together to remake a shattered world.

The Hunted

A.J. Scudiere - 2019
     It was only later that they actually saw the packs of creatures stalking the streets at night. As the Mazurs get close to the truth about the night hunters, they discover the hunters aren’t what they thought at all. With the ravages of climate change altering the world as they watch, there’s nowhere to escape to. They’ll have to fight the night hunters to be the dominant species. Though the Mazur family is brilliant and ready to fight back, they might not make it out alive.

By the Light of His Lantern: A Novel

Abe Moss - 2019
    Disoriented, he blinks his eyes, rubs them for good measure, but the result is the same. The sky is as black as the beach below it. In this place, the sun and moon and stars are long dead. But the darkness, full of eyes and teeth, is very much alive. Others like him say it’s a curse. Someone he knows has sentenced him to an eternity here, and now Lewis must ask himself if it’s an eternity he deserves. Guided only by his own hands, hunted by otherworldly forces, it’s up to him to scour the darkness of his past in search of his own redemption. Only the truth will light the way.

Return To The Black Farm

Elias Witherow - 2019
    The Pig has vanished. Everything Nick loves hangs in the balance unless he can find a way to make things right. But at what cost? And can he really survive the terrors, new and old, that await his return?

The Highland Murders

J.S. Donovan - 2019
    Teaming up with her long time homicide partner Jensen Peak, she hunts for the latest crafty killer to strike in her little corner of the Appalachian Mountains. The investigation gets personal when her adopted daughter enters the crosshairs. How far will Rachel go to protect her own? How much will she be willing to give up?

Sing Your Sadness Deep

Laura Mauro - 2019
    Human and humane tales of beauty, strangeness, and transformation told in prose as precise and sparing as a surgeon’s knife. A major new talent!Featuring "Looking for Laika," winner of the British Fantasy Award, and "Sun Dogs," a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award.


Paul Forster - 2019
    Eat what you want, when you want, who you want. Millions of people from desperate teens, to pop stars, to brides and successful businessmen are attracted to the cure for fat. One which allows them to eat anything they want and still lose weight. Quickly it passed between the users and those around them, even a kiss shared the microbe that would condemn the affected. Silently over weeks tens of millions of people were infected. No corner of the Earth would escape the carnage. The lucky ones became mindless beasts, looking for their next taste of human flesh, the hunger taking over everything they were until they exist purely to feed. A few unfortunate souls suffer with the hunger of the dead but the mind of the living, they're neither dead nor alive but something in between, something far more dangerous to the surviving humans. The government have given up on their citizens having been unable to contain or destroy the plague that is destroying humanity. Everyone wants something from you, whether it’s your bottle of water or the flesh off your body. Where the dead haven’t ravaged, the army have destroyed in a desperate attempt to stop the spread. In the South East of England a Police officer, soldier, executive and IT geek are amongst those trying to make their way in the new dead world. Unsure of their place in it or how long they’ll last until they become a feeders next meal. In the world of the dead, what will the living have to do in order to survive?

Ghost Stories from Hell

Ron Ripley - 2019
    Four delightfully diabolical tales have been summoned from beyond the grave, and are certain to make your skin crawl. This collection includes: Boylan House - A small New England town is horrified when it discovers an old house has developed an appetite for the blood of children. Blood Contract - The residents of the town of Thorne suffer a terrible price, when they break a supernatural contract with their ancient protectors. Hungry Ghosts - A troubled psychiatric patient discovers that a secluded cemetery holds the key to stopping a murderous legion of the dead. Sherman’s Collection - The sudden death of a wealthy and mysterious occultist leaves a library of haunted books in the care of his surprised heir. Haunted houses, vengeful spirits, ancient curses—everything you crave in a classic ghost story lurks within this ghastly collection. And as you devour one terrifying story after another, pay no attention to the chill in the air. It just may be the icy presence of the dead, standing over your shoulder…

The Deathless Quadrilogy (Deathless Saga #1-4)

Chris Fox - 2019
    Its discovery throws into question everything we know about the origins of mankind. Inside lies incredible technology, proof of a culture far more advanced than our own. Something dark lurks within, eager to resume a war as old as mankind. When it is unleashed it heralds the end of our species’ reign. A plague of werewolves spreads across the world. A sunspot larger than anything in recorded history begins to grow. Yet both pale in comparison to the true threat, the evil the werewolves were created to fight. "It's like Indiana Jones went through the Stargate and ended up in Aliens versus Predator." - One of the author's totally biased friends. This collection gathers No Such Thing As Werewolves, No Mere Zombie, Vampires Don't Sparkle, and The Great Pack. It's over 1,500 pages!

Harrow County: Volume 2

Cullen Bunn - 2019
    Then magical strangers arrived in Harrow County and she discovered just how wrong she was. Are these bizarre beings--each possessing strange and ghastly supernatural abilities--her family, or her foes?Collects the volumes three and four of Harrow County in a deluxe, hardcover, and oversized format with a new cover, sketchbook material, essays, "Tales from Harrow County" bonus stories by guest creators, and more!

Something is Killing the Children #1

James Tynion IV - 2019
    When the children of Archer's Peak begin to go missing, everything seems hopeless. Most children never return, but the ones that do have terrible stories—impossible stories of terrifying creatures that live in the shadows. Their only hope of finding and eliminating the threat is the arrival of a mysterious stranger, one who believes the children and claims to see what they can see. Her name is Erica Slaughter. She kills monsters. That is all she does, and she bears the cost because it MUST be done.

Harrow County: Volume 4

Cullen Bunn - 2019
    The climatic conclusion of the highly acclaimed, Eisner nominated horror fantasy in a deluxe, oversized hardcover format.As an old enemy returns from the grave to join forces with Emmy's evil family to wage war, the battle leads to an epic final confrontation that will alter the fate of the entirety of Harrow County!Collects the volumes seven and eight of Harrow County in a deluxe, hardcover, and oversized format with a new cover, sketchbook material, essays, and "Tales from Harrow County" bonus stories by guest creators, and more!Collects Harrow County #25-#32.

Grad Night

Carver Pike - 2019
     The teachers at DS High know something’s not right. It’s the reason they don’t stay late to grade papers, they leave school in packs so nobody’s alone, and they stay away from the one boy with the cult-like following. Evil walks the high school hallways and everyone knows its name: James Bender. They’ve made it through the school year unscathed. Well, almost. Now, the graduating class is planning something special for their favorite teachers. It’s by personal invite only. Teachers are dying for an invitation. Here’s yours. Join us at this year’s Grad Night party. It’ll be one you’ll never forget. Carver Pike takes ordinary circumstances, cinches them tight with razor wire, and then saws back and forth. Gasp for air, holler for help, and pray for an end to the madness.

The Coldwater Haunting

Michael Richan - 2019
    Ghosts in the windows. Something climbing the stairs. Ron lands the home of his dreams, isolated on a rural mountain, away from the noise and crowds of the city. With the house in need of repairs, he works on fixing it up before his wife and son join him. Unfortunately, the more he repairs, the more problems he uncovers. During the day, he works on the mundane: septic system, plumbing, electrical wiring. But when the night comes and a deep darkness settles on the lonely property, a whole new set of troubles develop: scratching at the windows, the sound of footsteps on the stairs, shadowy figures in the yard. Threats. Attacks. Ron comes to realize the house is unsafe — not because of the physical problems, but because of the unseen. He needs to rid the building of whatever evil has taken hold, but there’s one huge obstacle: he doesn’t believe in ghosts. He’s a total skeptic. His friend Jake helps with the repairs. Jake is more willing to accept that the nightmarish apparitions in the house are real, and his girlfriend Freedom attempts to cleanse the house. Her methods backfire, so she leaves, frightened, refusing to return to the house. She demands Jake leave too, but Ron convinces Jake not to abandon him. Desperate to solve the haunting, Jake ropes in others who claim to have “the gift,” but they all fail, unable to confront and outwit the evil inside the house. While Ron and Jake try to uncover the mystery, they go on a frightening journey, eventually coming to terms with the mountain’s troubled history. An ugly, brutal war waged between two families still consumes the area, and Ron’s house is caught in the middle of it. The Coldwater Haunting is a ghost novel of over 100,000 words. It contains chilling scenes some may find disturbing. Advance readers report the book interfering with their dreams… “Extremely creepy!” “Kept me on edge…no way to escape it.” “Goose flesh on my arms!” “The warning was merited…dreamt about it ALL night.” “The best book you’ve written.”

The Tear Collector

Shawn Burgess - 2019
    As the town suffers a mysterious death, more kids disappear and the boys experience a series of unsettling phenomena; it becomes clear that the fate of their missing classmate, Margo Combs, pales in comparison to what lies in wait in the margins of the town.Between avoiding the bullies who are stalking them, and running from the encroaching lethal darkness, the walls are closing in around Brooks and his friends. They soon realize their fates are inextricably bound, and if they have any hope of surviving, they must unravel the dark secrets of Harper Pass before those secrets can devour them.

Deadly Secrets Hunters Reign: The Crown Series Book 1

E. Bowser - 2019
    Taria Cross was turned into a vampire, by Michael Vaughn, and she became his Queen. Not only does she have to figure out this new part of her life, but she is a Hunter as well, and that is a whole other list of duties. Not only is the demon Apu still hiding in the shadows, but another threat has also come to light. Taria will fight for those she loves rather family or friend, but what will she do when it’s family who is her enemy? The battle with Amu was shown all across the world, everyone, and no one is aware of the supernatural, and the thin veil is now easier to see through. As a Hunter, Taria will fight for all lives no matter who or what they are. The question that is being asked is, since Taria is now Vampire Queen, can they trust that she will always do what's right by Hunter law, or is her loyalty split? Michael Vaughn has come into his power after his battle with the Van Allan family, but he still isn’t entirely in control just yet. As King, he has tremendous responsibilities, but his first and foremost will always be his family. The Blue Blood vampires are coming to Baltimore for the official crowning ceremony and the trial of Sara Van Allan. The only problem for Michael is that some Blue Blood vampires want to kill Taria. Michael needs to figure out how many are against Taria, and all the while, play nice with the government. More secrets come to light when family gets involved, and it will change everything for Michael and his close friends. Michael knows that someone close to him is a part of the plot to kill his Queen, but he will be damned if he ever let that happen. LaToya and Quinn have to go on a journey and leave their family behind, but Toya has a feeling she still needs to check on her best friend turned vampire. Toya knows what she and Quinn need to do is important, but her feelings and deep connection to Taria has her knowing she needs to keep an eye on her family even if she isn’t there. Now that Toya has a grip on her powers, she is ready and willing to go to any lengths to keep her family as safe as possible. She would even learn magic that dark witches use if that will help her keep whom she loves safe. It didn’t matter what would be the price. How will Taria and Michael pull through to prepare for their next battle? What secrets will unfold not that Michael has his mother back, and Taria learns more about being a Hunter? Will Toya be able to watch over her family while taking her own journey? Will Taria have to fight for her family or against them? Will Michael find out who else is behind the scenes plotting against Taria, or will he be too late to stop it?


Michaelbrent Collings - 2019
    another outstanding novel from author Michaelbrent Collings..." - Horror After Dark All passengers, please prepare for departure... An employee, a cop, and six passengers; a prisoner, a stowaway, and a madman. "A great read." - Sci-Fi and Scary These are the people waiting at the Lawton bus terminal. "If you need a fast-paced thriller that chills and keeps you guessing, look no further..." - Horror Novel Reviews Mostly late-night travelers who want nothing more than to get to their destinations, and employees who want nothing more than to get through the graveyard shift. "[Collings] brings the reader close in and doesn't want them to leave... I'd give this an A." - Horror Drive-In But when a strange, otherworldly fog rolls in, the night changes to nightmare. Because something hides in the fog. Something powerful. Something strange. Something... inhuman. "Fun novel, fast paced... Great story, recommended." - Hellnotes Soon, those in the terminal have been cut off from the rest of the world. No phones, no computers. Just ten strangers in the terminal... and The Other. "Terminal is a hard-edged, brutal, sometimes exceptionally violent thrill-fest of a novel that I blazed through..." - Inkheist Book Reviews The Other is the force in the mist. The Other is the thing that has captured them. And The Other wants to play a game. "[A]n intense, creepy, and twisty read... the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat." - A Book Lover's Life The rules are simple: 1) The people in the terminal must choose a single person from among them. That person will live. The rest will die. 2) Anyone who attempts to leave the terminal before the final vote will die. 3) The final vote... must be unanimous. 5 stars! "[A] nightmarish tale that was both captivating and frightening and also a novel that I would highly recommend!" - The Genre Minx A nightmare. And getting worse, because the best way to make a vote unanimous... is to kill the other voters. Welcome to the Terminal . "Another win for [Collings]... Excellent!" - The Raven Podcast

The Midnight Book Club Super Box Set

Jeremy Bates - 2019
    As a bonus, you also get a digital copy of the runaway bestseller The Taste of Fear, which has garnered more than 500 five-star reviews. In total, that's over 1000 pages of pulse-pounding suspense, action, and terror from one of the most thrilling horror writers in the business today!

The Fear Zone

K.R. Alexander - 2019
    When they find a gravestone that instructs them to dig up a grave, they think it's just a joke.It's no joke.An evil force is unleashed - a force that takes the shape of their worst fears.A shark in the water.A ghost in the walls.A nightmare of being buried alive.A snake about to strike.A sinister clown waiting in the woods.Once these fears are released, they won't go away. Not without a fight. . . .

The Hag

Erik Henry Vick - 2019
    But the demons have a new leader, and Toby, Benny, Shannon, Mike, and Scott now face the collected might of the demons inhabiting Oneka Falls.They hunted the Demon King in the forest around the town and sparked a war with an enemy they barely understood. Worse yet, by attacking Herlequin and disrupting his plans, they painted a bright target on their own backs for the rest of the demons in the town. Led by Chaz Welsh and Lee LaBouche, the demons strike back, forcing the demon hunters to run for their lives.The Hag advances the horrifying series that will bring back your childhood fear of the dark. If you like your hair standing on end, if you like your pulse pounding with fear, then you'll love this terror-inducing, tense thriller from Erik Henry Vick.The Bloodletter Collections:    Demon King--Book One    The Hag--Book Two (release date: September 6, 2019)    Our Lady Chaos--Book Three (release date: December 6, 2019)If you like your terror in smaller bites published more rapidly, the complete contents of the series is also available in The Bloodletter Saga..Please note: The complete contents of this collection also appear in Wrecker and Black Swan, books one and two of The Bloodletter Saga. How can Toby, Benny, Shannon, Mike, and Scott hope to win a war against the demons entrenched in Oneka Falls? How can they even hope to survive?

The Town That Feared Dusk

Calvin Demmer - 2019
    She begins searching the tabloid's archives for a story that can get her career back on track. A strange bridge, with an abnormally high rate of suicides, seems like the perfect place to start. She journeys to the little town, eager to investigate, but encounters a tale far more sinister than she ever expected… Paperback includes two bonus tales set in the same world as The Town That Feared Dusk: 'A Gift from the Bridge' and 'From Dusk till Death'.

The Haunting of the King's Head

Amy Cross - 2019
    When Charley and her father take over, they're determined to turn the place into a success story, but they've reckoned without the pub's eerie history. They soon come to suspect that they're being watched by the spirit of former landlady Muriel Hyde. And Muriel Hyde is angry. More than one hundred years ago, Muriel was a woman in love. She also had to contend with powerful forces that were determined to push her out of the pub. Now, even in death, Muriel is determined to make sure that her suffering is avenged and she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if that means hurting everyone who stands in her way. But did she really kill herself all those years ago? What happened to her corpse after it was found? And what secrets lurk in the pub's dark rooms late at night? The Haunting of the King's Head is a horror story about revenge and redemption, about one woman's determination to avenge her own murder, and about a town that refuses to acknowledge the sins of its past.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth Volume 4

Mike MignolaJoe Querio - 2019
    continues to lead the defense against the apocalyptic Ogdru Hem from Japan to America, as the team splits up and Kate is possessed. Howards and a team of agents find themselves attempting to liberate a small town that holds secrets from Howards' hyperborean past.Elsewhere, B.P.R.D. field agent Ashley Strode attempts to purge a demon from a 100-year-old exorcist, utilizing a deadly rite that sends both of them into a spiritual hell and setting her on a path to battling a demon who is kidnapping and eating children.Collects:B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – Volume 10: The Devil's WingsB.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – Volume 11: Flesh and StoneB.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – Volume 14: The ExorcistAdditional Material:Introduction by Scott AllieExpanded Sketchbook

Haunted House Evil: 12 Book Haunted House Box Set

Carrie Bates - 2019
     Grab all 12 haunted house complete stories for one low price! DOWNLOAD FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED If you love scary stories, things that go bump in the night, ghostly encounters, strange, unexplained noises and visits from the grave, you'll love Haunted House Evil. Something evil resides in all of these places, and it never plans to leave. The set includes: The Haunting of Hilltop Mansion The Haunting of Maple Mansion The Haunting of Thomas House The Haunting of Whitfield Mansion The Haunting of Owensboro Mansion The Haunting of Maynard Mansion The Haunting of Kessinger Mansion The Haunting of Krakow Convent The Haunting of St. Doyle Seminary The Haunting of Skye Ocean Liner The Haunting of Harper House The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion

In the Scrape

James Newman - 2019
    But thirteen-year-old Jake and his little brother Matthew want nothing more than to escape from their abusive father. As soon as possible, they plan to run away to California, where they will reunite with their mother and live happily ever after.It won't be easy, though. After a scuffle with a local bully puts Jake's arch-nemesis in the hospital, Sheriff Theresa McLelland starts poking her nose into their feud. During a trip to the family cabin for the opening weekend of deer-hunting season, Jake and Matthew kick their plan into action, leaving Dad tied to a chair as they flee into the night. Meanwhile, the bully and his father have their own plans for revenge, and the events to follow will forever change the lives of everyone involved...

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Robert Ford - 2019
    He has let go of old habits, especially the ones that turned him into an addict and helped land him in prison.On a hike along the Lowback Trail, Joe stumbles on one of the town's oldest secrets--buried long ago, if not forgotten.It's an unusual but safe enough treasure--a jar of old pennies. What interests Joe isn't the pennies themselves, but the pieces of paper taped to every coin--a child's handwritten wish on each one.When the first few wishes come true, they are simple things. Fun. Harmless.Except as time goes on, Joe realizes they aren't really wishes at all...they're exchanges, and the bill was racking up.Nothing is free in life. Sooner or later, you always pay.


Tom Stearns - 2019
    But when the boys at her school think they treat her the same, they are dead wrong. From the author of ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’ comes ‘Jenna’; a harrowing tale of abuse and bloody revenge. WARNING 18+ NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED.

As Death Stared Back

Ajinkya Bhasme - 2019
    She rushes to his room and finds out that he has had the exact same nightmare. Ten years later, the dead husband shows up at their door. Sanjana sees that he looks like Punit, behaves like him, and knows everything he knew, but she is convinced that he is not her husband. As the evidences, of Punit's death start disappearing, will Sanjana be able to save her son from this imposter and prove her husband's death before her sanity collapses?When your eyes are the sole proof of reality, would you dare to believe that there are times when they lie?"A Masterful Psychological Horror"- Gauri salvekar, Saket Publication"Will make you question your reality"- Sidharth Jain, The Story Ink"Will take you inside the depths of a deranged mind" - Jaya Misra, Author- 'Kama'"A horror that will shred you to pieces" - Sushant Divgikar, Psychologist, DNA ex-columnist

The Call of Cthulhu, Dagon, and Other Stories: Official Edition

H.P. Lovecraft - 2019
    Lovecraft includes the following stories: The Call of Cthulhu, Dagon, Celephais, The Shadow Out of Time. These are the original texts without any change, additions, notes, prologue, or censorship. The official texts as they were published by the author.

Short Horror Stories Vol. 2

Kathryn St. John-Shin - 2019
    At a friend’s funeral, a guest learns that the dead can also fall victim to the living’s selfish acts. And death stalks an old hotel, when a desk clerk receives an unusual room service call...Scare Street is proud to present the best in bone-chilling supernatural horror. This volume contains three macabre morsels for your reading pleasure. Each terrifying tale is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. But before you start reading, be sure to check the closets, look under the bed, and lock your doors.Because when darkness falls, who knows what horrors could be lurking in plain sight?