The Short Story Romance Handbook: How I Make Over $1,000 a Month Writing Short Story Romance (and it only took me 3 months)

Hope Ford - 2018
    Since then I have had three best sellers in the short romance category and am now making over $1,000 a month. I went from making $10.64 for January (my first month) to making $1297.72 for March (my third month). I am projected, by looking at sales, to make $1800+ for April (my fourth month). This book is a tell all of exactly what I did and how I did it. This is a short book. I guarantee there is no fluff here. I get straight to the point and tell you exactly what I did. I truly want to help you become a bestselling author and help you make money writing books. Please, I encourage you to follow the steps outlined in this book. Happy Writing! #1 bestselling short romance author Hope Ford writes short, steamy, sweet romances. There is always an alpha male (because who doesn’t love an alpha male) and a woman he makes his queen. Sit back, grab a glass of wine, and get lost in this happily ever after story – that’s also a little naughty.

The 15-Minute Writer: How To Write Your Book In Only 15 Minutes A Day

Jennifer Blanchard - 2016
    Perfect for busy writers or writers who are easily distracted or who want a better way to make consistent progress with their writing. Includes write ups from 15-minute writers who swear by the method. Also covers mindset, getting into a writing flow, how to clear mental clutter so you can focus during your writing session, and more.

Writing A Page-Turner: Five Editing Maxims to Make Your Book Irresistible

Mark J. Dawson - 2017
    From keeping your story simple to staying in the character's head, Elizabeth and Mark will take you through the essential steps to creating propulsive and entertaining fiction. Also includes an additional book: 'Musings From the Writer's Desk'

Write Blog Posts Readers Love: A Step-By-Step Guide

Henri Junttila - 2013
    All you have to do is tap into it.It doesn't matter whether you run your own blog or write for someone else. You have to discover the fundamental factors that not only help you write consistently, but allow you to enjoy the process and delight your readers.You see, you have something to share with the world, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now.You feel inspired to write, to blog, and to share what you have inside. Discover How to Write Inspiring, Engaging & Life-Changing Blog Posts In this book, you'll dip into the personal experiences of Henri Junttila, who runs the blog Wake Up Cloud, which he has built from scratch to 10,000+ subscribers and tens of thousands of monthly visitors.He doesn't claim to be an expert. He didn't start with influential connections. He just put in the work and discovered, through making plenty of mistakes, what worked and what didn't.Here's a taste of what you'll discover when you read this book: How to uncover your writing voice, once and for all How to eliminate writer's (or blogger's) block forever Simple ways to generate unlimited blog post ideas (you'll never run out again) A step-by-step blueprint for writing blog posts that inspire your readers How to stay motivated to blog (when all you want to do is throw in the towel) A powerful process for writing faster while increasing the quality of your writing Blog post templates that allow you to write popular posts by filling in the blanks Are You Ready to Delight Your Readers? Download this book now and start writing blog posts that your readers love.Simply scroll to the top of this page, click the buy button, and get started.

BookBub Ads Expert: A Marketing Guide to Author Discovery

David Gaughran - 2019
    It gives you a step-by-step guide to creating your first ads and shows you how to optimize your campaigns until you are achieving excellent results.Not only that, this guide will also show you how to level up and truly master the platform, with tons of strategic advice on how to use BookBub ads to support launches, promote backlist, create an international audience, push an entire series, or build up your readership at any retailer. You will also learn a series of ninja tricks and killer moves to help take your sales to the next level.NOTE: all purchasers of BookBub Ads Expert get access to a whole bunch of extra resources at*visual step-by-step guide to building campaigns*gallery of successful ad images in a wide range of genres*embodying the winning principles from the book*detailed optimization advice to improve your results*links to even more tips and resources too.Praise for BookBub Ads Expert :"David Gaughran knows more about book marketing than anyone on the planet. He's always on the cutting edge of what's working in a market that is constantly changing. Skip his wisdom at your peril."--USA Today bestselling author Ernest Dempsey.PART I--BOOKBUB BASICS1. How BookBub Ads Work2. General Strategy3. Two (or Three) Ingredients For SuccessPART II--ANATOMY OF A KILLER AD4. Attractive Images5. Discriminate Targeting6. CPM BiddingPART III--TEST PREP7. Creating Clickworthy Images8. Generating Author Targets9. Bidding To Be The BossPART IV--OPTIMIZING FOR VICTORY!10. Building A Test Campaign11. Evaluating Results12. Tweakers Of The World UnitePART V--DEPLOYING THE TROPES13. When To Use BookBub Ads14. Running A Promo15. Tackling ProblemsPART VI--NINJA TRICKS...16. Also Bought Insurance17. Get Out Of Jail Free18. Filling The FunnelPART VII--...AND KILLER MOVES19. Turbocharge Series Sales20. Riding The Launch Slipstream21. Do It Again (And Again)

Help! My Facebook Ads Suck

Michael Cooper - 2017
    I was there too, but now I have quit my day job and make a living selling fiction. Both my initial success and the sustainability of my book sales have come from Facebook ads. In this book, you'll learn how to find the cost per click and sales volumes you'll need to hit to know if an ad is profitable. You'll learn how to target your ads and how to tweak them for maximum returns by age, gender, region. You'll see how to write plot-based ads, character based ads, pure marketing ads, the whole bit. Stop losing money every time you run and ad and instead turn them into book-selling machines.

The Author's Guide to Working with Book Bloggers

Barb Drozdowich - 2013
    Based on survey answers from over 700 bloggers, this book contains down to earth, basic information that will help every author understand the book blogger world. Although there are many sources of book reviews, this book will focus specifically on the benefits the online reader world can bring to you and your book.In this book you’ll learn about who book bloggers are and where to find them as well as learn all about these essential promotional tools: The Query The Review The Giveaway The Guest Post The Book Blurb/Cover Graphic Feature The Cover Reveal…and so much more!Discover how to move comfortably in the blogging world, putting your best foot forward. Learn to introduce yourself to coveted reviewers to obtain valuable reviews and promotion of your book.Whether you are a new author or have many titles under your belt, let the award-winning The Author’s Guide to Working with Book Bloggers demystify the promotion of your book.Pick up a copy today!

2008 Writer's Market

Robert Lee Brewer - 2007
    Includes five new sections (Newspapers, Syndicates, Screenwriting, Playwriting, Greeting Cards). Features exclusive articles and interviews with successful writers. The 2008 Writer's Market features all the great information writers have to come to expect for more than 80 years and then some. This edition takes Writer's Market to a new level of excellence with high profile author interviews and five new market sections. Of course, it's still packed with all the information writers rely on year after year including the keys to successful query letters, advice on how much to charge, articles from successful writers, as well as listings for book publishers, magazines, lierary agents and more!"

Be the Gateway: A Practical Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work and Engaging an Audience

Dan Blank - 2017
    They follow “best practices” in marketing that never seem to pan out, don’t produce results, and make them feel lost and oftentimes, frustrated. Be the Gateway offers a powerful way to have an impact. If you want to share your voice and inspire people with your writing, art, craft, or creative idea, you have to be the gateway for them. Instead of throwing “products” out into the marketplace, you open them up to a new way of looking at the world, of knowing themselves, and connecting with others. You unlock new experiences for them -- not just through what you create, but through the unique way you share it with the world. Too often we think about the creative process as separate from the marketing process. Instead, view them as the same. Replace the inclination to “promote” with the desire to share and engage. How and why you create is a story — and your best asset to truly engage people. Be the Gateway shows you how to use that gift with joy and with confidence.

Release Strategies: Plan your self-publishing schedule for maximum benefit (Successful Indie Author Book 2)

Craig Martelle - 2019
    You can be successful with either. Publish your books in a way that brings you the most readers.Put the experience of over one hundred book launches to work for you. Right here. Release Strategies. It’s how successful indie authors get ahead. Plan. Prepare. And Execute. With checklists, recommendations, and candid discussion, you’ll find everything you need to determine your best publication strategy. Implement it and keep your foot on the gas. It’s time to take the ride of your life. Release Strategies. The book you didn’t know you needed.

The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book Into a Full-Time Living

Peter Bowerman - 2006
    Been around the block a few times? You'll walk away with a whole host of new tools and insights. Far from theoretical, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher is One Big Case Study: the author's own real-world success chronicle!

Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author's Guide

Brian D. Meeks - 2017
    Build your brand. Change your life. Mastering Amazon Ads will let you reach your goals. You'll learn what it takes to understand how to manage your ad dollars to maximize your return-on-investment. Whether you're an Indie author self-publishing for the first time or an experienced author working on your book marketing skills, this book will help you build an advertising and marketing plan that will find readers and end up selling lots of books. Learn how to: - run ads - manage ads - analyze ads - optimize your description for improved conversions - build a long-term plan This book will give you the road map to success you need to quit your day job and get back to writing.

For Love or Money

Susan Kaye Quinn - 2015
    But what if the stories you love to write aren’t the kind that are selling like ice water in July? How do you create a career in writing that you both love and hits the financial success you need to justify the hours spent at the keyboard? For Love or Money talks about writing for love (and how to sell that) as well as writing for money (and how to love it). It contains serious strategies about making money with your books, living the freedom of indie publishing, and stretching yourself creatively in your career. For authors willing to take a hard look at themselves and the market, this book will lay out the necessary steps to create your dream writing career. For Love or Money is meant to be used in tandem with The Indie Author Survival Guide (Second Edition), the first book in the Crafting a Self-Publishing Career series. Together, these two books will set you on a path of turning your love for storytelling into a career. **JOIN THE FOR LOVE OR MONEY FACEBOOK GROUP** Connect with your fellow self-published authors and share information about writing and publishing. Susan hosts monthly consultation giveaways and shares updates on the constantly evolving publishing landscape. JOIN HERE: **Table of Contents** Author's Note Crafting Your Dream Writer Life 1.1 Choosing Your Mountain 1.2 Park Your Biases At The Curb 1.3 Embrace Your Freedom 1.4 My Journey 1.5 Decide For Yourself 1.6 Bite-Sized Summary Writing For Love 2.1 Writing Challenges Me 2.2 Forget About Readers 2.3 Joyful Writing 2.4 Take Your Craft Up A Level 2.5 It Will Always Be Hard 2.6 Bite-Sized Summary Turning Love Into Money 3.1 Don't Give Up Too Soon 3.2 All The Marketing Tricks 3.3 Making What You Love More Commercial 3.4 My Biggest Failure/Learning Experience 3.5 Why Isn't My Book Selling 3.6 Build Your Backlist 3.7 Bite-Sized Summary Writing For Money 4.1 Writing What Sells 4.2 What's In Your Wheelhouse 4.3 Don't Try This At Home 4.4 Bite-Sized Summary Balancing Writing And Life 5.1 Staying Sane in a Crazy (Indie Publishing) World Managing Your Career Appendix: Your Self-Publishing Toolkit

HTML Fixes for Kindle: Advanced Self Publishing for Kindle Books, or Tips on Tweaking Your App's HTML So Your Ebooks Look Their Best

Aaron Shepard - 2013
    Have you ever opened a Kindle book to find that the font started out way too small or way too large? Have you tried to change to a different font while reading and discovered you couldn't? Have you jumped to a new chapter in a Kindle book and seen that the chapter heading lost its formatting? Has a Kindle completely ignored formatting you knew was in the book? According to Amazon, the simplest way to publish your Kindle book is to upload an HTML file you've saved from Microsoft Word or another app. By itself, that method can bring you maybe 80% of the way to a well-formatted, trouble-free ebook. But what about the other 20%? In this follow-up to his bestselling -From Word to Kindle, - Aaron Shepard takes your saved HTML as a starting point and tells how to quickly tweak and tune it to avoid common problems. Assuming no knowledge of HTML, he introduces the basics of the language, then reveals how to use find-and-replace and macros to touch up an entire book in seconds! If you're serious about Kindle publishing and you're technically inclined -- but not a full-fledged geek -- Aaron provides the tips you need to bring your Kindle book to the next level, making it something truly to be proud of. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Aaron Shepard is a foremost proponent of the new business of profitable self publishing, which he has practiced and helped develop since 1998. He is the author of -Aiming at Amazon, - -POD for Profit, - -Perfect Pages, - and Amazon's #1 and #2 bestselling paid books on Kindle formatting, -From Word to Kindle- and -Pictures on Kindle.- ///////////////////////////////////////////////// CONTENTS Getting Started 1 WORKING WITH HTML HTML and Kindle HTML Export HTML Editing HTML Processing HTML Basics HTML Checking HTML Cleanup HTML Testing 2 HTML FIXES Fixes for Fonts Fixes for Paragraphs Fixes for Headings Fixes for Line Breaking Fixes for Pictures Fixes for Navigation ///////////////////////////////////////////////// SAMPLE Here are some of the things you can accomplish through changes in HTML. * Adjust bookmarks so headings retain proper formatting when jumped to. * Remove settings that stop the user from choosing their own. * Keep fonts from appearing much too small or much too large when the book is opened. * Make sure indents and other spacing stays relative to larger and smaller font sizes. * Avoid line breaks that leave short words dangling at the ends of lines or paragraphs. * Make up for features lost in translation from your word processor, like nonbreaking hyphens. * Stop -ghost hyphens- from appearing in the middle of words. * Keep pages of text from disappearing for some users. * Prevent the Kindle from applying its own defaults in place of your settings.

Robert's Rules of Writing

Robert Masello - 2005
    You know the principles, the lectures, the "expert" techniques. And you've discovered that sometimes tried-and-true just equals tired.In Robert's Rules of Writing, successful author Robert Masello stomps out status quo writing advice and delivers 101 uninhibited techniques to improve your writing that include: Burn your journal (See rule 1) Strip down to your briefs (See rule 38) Spend time gossiping (See rule 61) Buy the smoking jacket (See rule 56) Skip the Starbucks (See rule 7) De-claim! De-claim! (See rule 63) Whether you're a fiction writer, freelancer, memoirist, or screenwriter, Robert's Rules of Writing gives you the unorthodox advice to transform your writing life and get published!