Suffer The Little Children

Barbara Davis - 1999

The Event of Literature

Terry Eagleton - 2012
    What is literature? Can we even speak of "literature" at all? What do different literary theories tell us about what texts mean and do? In throwing new light on these and other questions he has raised in previous best-sellers, Eagleton offers a new theory of what we mean by literature. He also shows what it is that a great many different literary theories have in common.In a highly unusual combination of critical theory and analytic philosophy, the author sees all literary work, from novels to poems, as a strategy to contain a reality that seeks to thwart that containment, and in doing so throws up new problems that the work tries to resolve. The "event" of literature, Eagleton argues, consists in this continual transformative encounter, unique and endlessly repeatable. Freewheeling through centuries of critical ideas, he sheds light on the place of literature in our culture, and in doing so reaffirms the value and validity of literary thought today.

The System of Comics

Thierry Groensteen - 1999
    In this book, originally published in France in 1999, Groensteen explains clearly the subtle, complex workings of the medium and its unique way of combining visual, verbal, spatial, and chronological expressions. The author explores the nineteenth-century pioneer Rodolphe Topffer, contemporary Japanese creators, George Herriman's Krazy Kat, and modern American autobiographical comics.The System of Comics uses examples from a wide variety of countries including the United States, England, Japan, France, and Argentina. It describes and analyzes the properties and functions of speech and thought balloons, panels, strips, and pages to examine methodically and insightfully the medium's fundamental processes.From this, Groensteen develops his own coherent, overarching theory of comics, a "system" that both builds on existing studies of the "word and image" paradigm and adds innovative approaches of his own. Examining both meaning and appreciation, the book provides a wealth of ideas that will challenge the way scholars approach the study of comics. By emphasizing not simply "storytelling techniques" but also the qualities of the printed page and the reader's engagement, the book's approach is broadly applicable to all forms of interpreting this evolving art.Thierry Groensteen is a comics scholar and translator in Brussels, Belgium. He is the author of "La bande dessinee: Une litterature graphique" and "La construction de la cage," among other books. Bart Beaty is associate professor of communication and culture at the University of Calgary. Nick Nguyen is an archivist at Library and Archives Canada, in Ottawa, Ontario.

Theory Into Practice

Ann B. Dobie - 2001
    Beginning with approaches that students are already familiar with and then moving to less common schools of criticism, Theory into Practice provides extensive guidance for writing literary analyses from each of the critical perspectives.

Serial Killers True Crime: Incredible True Stories of Psychopathic Serial Killers From The Last 200 Years: True Crime Killers (Serial Killers True Crime, ... Stories, True Crime, True Murder Stories,)

Brody Clayton - 2015
    Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Every single person is unique; with different wants, needs, likes, dislikes and hates. Serial killers, however, have one thing in common, they kill, for diverse reasons and for various outcomes. Their ability to take lives easily, though, is mind-boggling. Some of them kill one or two but some also kill hundreds. It is somehow hard to fathom how these killers can do such gruesome deeds and to dig deeper into their stories can certainly be thought-provoking. The mentality of serial killers throughout the world’s history is something that will always be a curious mystery. What motivates them to kill, is something that we cannot easily understand. Some have rather simplistic, and even personal, reasons for killing: jealousy, self-inadequacy, self-confirmation, attention, self-gain and revenge. Some take lives in order to take vengeance on the government and even include solving societal problems as their main goal. Psychopaths of this type usually like playing the role of a “supreme being” who aim to eliminate people that they consider not worthy to live. From the premier poisoners and virgin murderers to baby killers and mysterious point-blank gunmen, this book offers a rich history of serial killers that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Serial Killers True Crime – Vera Renczi: Jealous Killer of 35 Serial Killers True Crime – Daniel Camargo-Barbosa: The Virgin Killer Serial Killers True Crime – The Playing Card Killer: Alfredo Galan Serial Killers True Crime – Gennady Mikhasevich: The Unlikely Murderer Serial Killers True Crime – The Southland Baby Farmer Serial Killers True Crime – Murderer Mom: Kathleen Folbigg Serial Killers True Crime – Anna Maria Zwanziger: Germany's Premier Poisoner Much, much more! Download your copy today! Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! If you love reading twisted stories of vicious serial killers and murderers, download this book now! Tags: true crime, serial killers, cold cases true crime, serial killers true crime, murder mysteries, true crime stories, true murder stories, cannibal killers, murder stories, murder cases,

Race Riot, A Shocking, Inside Look at Prison Life (Prison Killers- Book 1)

Glenn Langohr - 2011
    He paints the culture into words and takes you on a journey into the belly of the beast with an authentic look at gang warfare behind bars.Only for adults...Inside this story you will find a horrific description of the deadly, 28 minute long blood bath, race war riot at Pelican Bay on a cold Febuary day in 2000...A penetrating look inside of one of California's most dangerous prisons.B.J, a drug dealer serving time, struggling to hold on to truth and his faith in God, takes the reader on a never before seen, inside look at a California level 4 prison. The inner dynamics between prison guards, gang investigators and the Warden are on display along with the political climate between races with a war brewing between the Mexicans and Blacks. A piercing account of the process for gang validation into solitary confinement at Pelican Bay's SHU through the eyes of inmates struggling to survive gang wars, in prison drug debts, prison politics, rules and regulations, and ultimately power and control, while desperately trying to find a path for redemption along the way.

In Rough Country: Essays and Reviews

Joyce Carol Oates - 2010
    One of our foremost novelists, National Book Award and PEN/Malamud Award winner Oates demonstrates an unparalleled understanding and appreciation of great works of literature with In Rough Country, and offers unique and breathtaking insights into the writer’s art.

Vendetta: The Mafia, Judge Falcone, and the Quest for Justice

John Follain - 2012
    Fifty-seven days later, the Mafia also murdered Falcone's friend and colleague, Judge Borsellino, with a car bomb outside his mother's home that also killed five bodyguards. These murders changed forever the way that Italy views the Mafia.Based on interviews and the testimony of investigators, Mafia super grasses, survivors, relatives and friends, Vendetta recounts how the Mafiosi planned and carried out the murders and the police hunted them down.

Prison Time

Shaun Attwood - 2014
    After being attacked by a 20-stone California biker in for stabbing a girlfriend, Shaun writes about the prisoners who befriend, protect and inspire him. They include T-Bone, a massive African American ex-Marine who risks his life saving vulnerable inmates from rape, and Two Tonys, an old-school Mafia murderer who left the corpses of his rivals from Tucson to Alaska. They teach Shaun how to turn incarceration to his advantage, and to learn from his mistakes.Resigned to living alongside violent, mentally-ill, and drug-addicted inmates, Shaun immerses himself in psychology and philosophy to try to make sense of his past behaviour, and begins applying what he learns as he adapts to prison life. Encouraged by Two Tonys to explore fiction as well, Shaun reads over a thousand books which, with support from brilliant psychotherapist Dr. O, speed along his personal development. As his ability to deflect daily threats improves, Shaun begins to look forward to his release with optimism and a new love waiting for him. Yet the words of Aristotle from one of Shaun’s books will prove prophetic: 'We cannot learn without pain'.

Discourse on Thinking

Martin Heidegger - 1954
    Discourse on Thinking questions that must occur to us the moment we manage to see a familiar situation in unfamiliar light.

The Haunting of Sylvia Plath

Jacqueline Rose - 1991
    Jacqueline Rose stands back from the debates and looks instead at the swirl of controversy, recognizing it as a phenomenon in itself--one with much to tell us about how a culture selects and judges writers; how we hear women's voices; and how we receive messages from, to, and about our unconscious selves.

Dead Men Walking

Bill Wallace - 2010
    What is it like to live out your days inside one of the toughest prisons,knowing you'll never again see beyond the exercise yard?Is it really possible to make friends or form relationships inside?What should you do if you've been sentenced to die for a crime you did not commit?This book examines the life-stories of men who claim to be innocent, men who were eventually proven innocent and those who are so dangerous that life simply has to mean life.CONTENTS:PART ONE : LIFERS including Machine Gun Kelly, The Bostons Strangler, Charles Manson, Son of Sam, The Yorkshire Ripper, Dennis Nilsen, Jeffrey Dahmer PART TWO : HIGH PROFILE EXECUTIONS including Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Derek Bentley, The Night Caller, James Hanratty, Gary Gilmore, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy PART THREE : DEATH ROW USA including Ray Krone, Nick Yarris, Richard Allen Davis, Kenny Richey, Michael Morales, Richard Ramirez, Karl ChamberlainPART FOUR : WOMEN ON DEATH ROW including Ruth Snyder, Ruth Ellis, Velma Barfield, Aileen Wuornos

Is There a Text in This Class?: The Authority of Interpretive Communities

Stanley Fish - 1980
    In this book, he undertakes a profound reexamination of some of criticism's most basic assumptions. He penetrates to the core of the modern debate about interpretation, explodes numerous misleading formulations, and offers a stunning proposal for a new way of thinking about the way we read.Fish begins by examining the relation between a reader and a text, arguing against the formalist belief that the text alone is the basic, knowable, neutral, and unchanging component of literary experience. But in arguing for the right of the reader to interpret and in effect create the literary work, he skillfully avoids the old trap of subjectivity. To claim that each reader essentially participates in the making of a poem or novel is not, he shows, an invitation to unchecked subjectivity and to the endless proliferation of competing interpretations. For each reader approaches a literary work not as an isolated individual but as part of a community of readers. 'Indeed," he writes, "it is interpretive communities, rather than either the text or reader, that produce meanings."The book is developmental, not static. Fish at all times reveals the evolutionary aspect of his work--the manner in which he has assumed new positions, altered them, and then moved on. Previously published essays are introduced by headnotes which relate them to the central notion of interpretive communities as it emerges in the final chapters. In the course of refining his theory, Fish includes rather than excludes the thinking of other critics and shows how often they agree with him, even when he and they may appear to be most dramatically at odds. Engaging, lucid, provocative, this book will immediately find its place among the seminal works of modern literary criticism.

Fiction and the Figures of Life

William H. Gass - 1979
    Twenty-four essays by the modern master of literary criticism, ranging from discussion of Gertrude Stein and Jorge Luis Borges to Henry James and "The Evil Demiurge."

Postmodern Pooh

Frederick C. Crews - 2001
    Deconstruction, poststructuralist Marxism, new historicism, radical feminism, cultural studies, recovered-memory theory, and postcolonialism, among other methods, take their shots at the poor stuffed bear and Frederick Crews takes his well-considered, wildly funny shots at them. His aim, as ever, is true.