Love is an Empty Barstool

Pooja Nansi - 2013
    Test on a small area first – especially if you are in possession of a broken (or breaking) heart and see your bartender immediately if side effects persist.


Ted Hughes - 1977
    Ted Hughes has that sure poetic instinct that heads implacably for the particular instances rather than ideas or abstraction; he has an especial talent for evoking the visual particular . . . Ted Hughes has produced a strange bastard form that [works] because he has such an acute sense of the suggestive power of specific visual images and the ability to evoke them in words.' Oliver Lyne, Times Literary Supplement

Wessex Poems

Thomas Hardy - 1898
    Wessex was the "partly-real, partly-dream" county that formed the backdrop for most of Hardy's writings—named after an Anglo-Saxon kingdom and modeled on the real counties of Berkshire, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, and Wiltshire. The poems deal with classic Hardy themes of disappointment in love and life, and the struggle to live a meaningful life in an indifferent world. Although Hardy's poetry was not as well received as his fiction, he continued to publish collections until his death, and thanks in part to the influence of Philip Larkin, he is increasingly realized as a poet of great stature.

Winter of Summers

Michael Faudet - 2018
    His whimsical and sometimes erotic writing has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of people from around the world.Michael Faudet’s latest book explores the fine line between love and loss, the fragility of relationships, self-empowerment, and social commentary. Every page taking the reader to a world of conflicting emotions, where nothing is what it seems and beautiful dreams come to life. All exquisitely captured in a thought-provoking collection of poetry, prose, and short stories.

The Defeat of Youth and Other Poems

Aldous Huxley - 1918
    In this rare volume of poetry, Aldous Huxley is characteristically, uncompromisingly erudite; yet surprisingly forceful, passionate, and erotic.

The Love Letters of Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas - 1999
    With a style as grand and lyrical as his poetry, Thomas expresses his affection in letters that are sensual, uninhibited, romantic, funny, and always loving. The Love Letters of Dylan Thomas is a look at Dylan Thomas as a poet and as a man. The letters portray details of Thomas's personal life, showing him at his most open and passionate. At the same time, the brilliance of his words represents the breadth of his talent and the power of the lost art of letter-writing. This book is a tribute to the art of Dylan Thomas and an inspiration to lovers, poets and writers everywhere. "I love you more than anybody in the world. And yesterday-though it may be lots of yesterdays ago to you when this wobbly letter reaches you-was the best day in the world in spite of dogs, and Augustus woofing, and being miserable because it had to stop. I love you for millions and millions of things, clocks and vampires and dirty nails and squiggly paintings and lovely hair and being dizzy and falling dreams."-from a letter to his wife, Caitlin

Six Centuries of English Poetry from Tennyson to Chaucer: Typical Selections from the Great Poets (1892)

James Baldwin - 1892

Great Love Poems

Shane Weller - 1992
    Vincent Millay. Works by Ben Jonson, John Donne, Christina Rossetti, Thomas Hardy, Andrew Marvell and many others, all beautifully and sensitively read by Brian Murray and Suzanne Toren and accompanied by paperback edition of Great Love Poems.

Slanky: Poems

Mike Doughty - 2002
    Doughty’s poems are at once absurdist and matter-of-fact; the images he conjures are thrown into high relief through cutting wordplay. In a series of prose poems about showbiz, he reimagines Cookie Monster as a burned-out suicide, and cheesy talk-show host Joe Franklin as a cross-dressing witness to the apocalypse. And in “For Charlotte, Unlisted,” he wrenchingly tracks the elusive memory of a faded romance.

Planting Gardens in Graves

R.H. Sin - 2018
    Sin returns with a force in Planting Gardens in Graves: a powerful collection of poetry that hones in on the themes dearest to his readers. This original volume celebrates connection, mourns heartbreak, and above all, empowers its readers to seek the love they deserve.

বনলতা সেন

Jibanananda Das - 1976
    During Das's lifetime, it was published twice: first time in Poush 1349 Bengali calendar(December 1942 AD) with a cover by Sambhu Shaha including 12 poems, second time in Srabon 1359 Bengali calendar (1952 AD) an enlarged version with a cover by Satyajit Ray including 30 poems. Das named the volume after the poem: Banalata Sen, one of Das’s finest poems, certainly his most popular. The enlarged edition published by Signet Press was awarded in 1953 at the Nikhil Banga Rabindra Sahitya Sammelan (All Bengal Rabindra Literature Convention).The recurring themes in the poems of this volume are love, nature, time, temporariness of life and love and etc. Above all, a historical sense pervades everything. The names that frequent in many poems are Suchetana, Suranjana, Sudarshana and Syamali and these women are deemed above or beyond women in general. In these poems, the love Das talks about crosses the boundaries of time and place and sometimes seems impersonal too.

Collected Love Poems

Brian Patten - 2007
    Truthful and tender, profoundly aware of the possibility of magic and the miraculous, these poems are beautiful, informed, and, even at their darkest moments, filled with courage and hope. Alongside old favorites, this edition will contain a selection of new, unpublished poems. This is a must for poetry lovers.

Ninety-Seven Poems

Terribly Tiny Tales - 2018
    Fast delivery through DHL/FedEx express.

All You Who Sleep Tonight: Poems

Vikram Seth - 1990
    He evokes the unspeakable ironies of Auschwitz and the light-blasted streets of Hiroshima. He conducts the reader through Lion Grove in Suzhou, China, and across the Golden Gate Bridge on its fiftieth anniversary. Throughout, he displays the lyricism and attentiveness that distinguish the best poets of every era."Clear as a glacial pool, often as deep, Vikram Seth's new poems shine with unfashionable virtues. Seth gives joy by writing brilliantly well, unafraid to feel and to start us feeling." -- X. J. Kennedy

Ants on the Melon: a Collection of Poems

Virginia Adair - 1996
    Technically brilliant, using strict, classical prosody, yet entirely modern in sensibility, Virginia Adair's poetry will play a central role in the ongoing American poetry renaissance.