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If You Believe by Mya O'Malley



Nina Bangs - 2000

It Started With A Sleigh

Kaydence Snow - 2019
    But it wasn’t Santa stumbling out of the wreckage – don’t be silly! It was three magical Christmas elves.These elves were not the cute, short, pointy-eared creatures I’d always imagined. El, Tin and Max were tall, charming and, under their elaborate green coats, muscled and gorgeous.When they begged me to help them find some Christmas cheer to recharge their sleigh so countless children wouldn’t wake up disappointed on Christmas Day, how could I say no?But with only a few hours until midnight, I wasn’t sure we could get the sleigh moving in time – especially if my naughty new friends kept distracting me with flirtatious looks and stolen kisses.

An Angel's Touch

Heather Graham Pozzessere - 1995
    with an archangel, a rule manual and a seemingly impossible mission? It begins when the thirty-something Angels leave New York in a rush of traffic, headed for Connecticut and the prospect of spending Christmas Eve with friends and family. The accident is inescapable and catastrophic; the aftermath, almost beyond belief... Don and Cathy are briefed by Gabriel himself. They're on probation, and must perform three miracles before midnight. If they fulfill their quota, they just might get their wings and a permanent place in the upper realms. Don has a hard time believing it, but Gabriel isn't one to mince words. On earth, they might have been known as the Angels, but that isn't going to earn them any halos. Heaven has much stricter requirements. The apprentice Angels soon find their fates inextricably entwined with the lives of several strangers, all of whom are in desperate need of some divine intervention. Challenged to find solutions where none come easily to hand, Cathy and Don must use all their ingenuity, compassion, and fledgling other-worldly skills to complete their celestial perambulations and come full circle. And in those precious moments between life and death, they just may discover a realm where hope never dies...impossible dreams come true...and miracles can happen.

Christmas Before the Magic

W.J. May - 2015
     When Argyle invites his best friend, Simon Kerrigan, home for the Christmas holidays, he wants to save Simon from staying at Guilder Boarding School on his own. Simon comes along and doesn’t expect to find much more excitement in the tiny Scottish town where Argyle’s family lives. Until he meets Beth, Argyle’s older sister. She’s beautiful, brash and clearly interested in him. When her father warns him to stay away from her, Simon tries, but sometimes destiny has a hope of it’s own. The Chronicles of Kerrigan Prequel is the beginning of the story before Rae Kerrigan. This Christmas Novella is the start (but it may not be the end...) The Chronicles of Kerrigan Series Rae of Hope Dark Nebula House of Cards Royal Tea Under Fire End in Sight Hidden Darkness Twisted Together

Bad Bear Santa

Liv Brywood - 2017
    Tristan Hunter is every woman’s fantasy. Mesmerizing chiseled abs, piercing blue eyes, and a naughty smirk are enough to drive any woman wild. But not Crystal. Tristan’s cocky, unpredictable, and alpha to the core. She can’t stand him, but her bear’s been lusting after him for years. Snowed in together with only a log burning stove to keep them warm, she’ll do everything in her power to resist his seductive glances and sinfully tempting lips. He can alpha her all he wants, but she’s not going to give in... Not even a little. This is the first book in the paranormal bear shifter Christmas Romance Series – Bad Boy Bear Shifters. This is a stand-alone book with NO CLIFFHANGERS. Love scenes are fully realized and at times include explicit language.

Angel in a Book Shop

R.J. Scott - 2014
    Nestled in a quiet square a few steps from London's St Paul’s Cathedral, it is boarded up with whitewashed windows and no new stock. The place is a sad reminder of loss and it has to go, but destroying a business that has been in his family for generations is not a role Josh is looking forward to.Michael is the owner of Arts Desire, the shop next door. With his rainbow pride mugs and his sunny outlook, he is the complete opposite of what Josh thinks he needs in his life.But, when Josh and Michael become friends, Josh learns that finding true love starts with making big decisions—and that everyone deserves their own Christmas miracle sometimes.

Daniel and the Angel

Jill Barnett - 1994
    L. Stewart's finds an injured woman in the snow in front of his New York City mansion, he has no idea she is Lillian, a big-hearted and somewhat inept fallen angel, sent back to teach him what Christmas is all about. But Lilli has her work cut out for her. D.L. is a wounded and cynical soul, a man who is an expert at not feeling anything, and who believes he can buy anything...and anyone. Can one loving, soft-hearted angel really change this damaged man who has a heart of solid stone?Originally published in the 1994 anthology A Holiday of Love.

Mine at Midnight

Jacquie D'Alessandro - 2011
    But for Merrie Langston, that’s just when things start heating up! Merrie is a free-spirited, caterer looking for a bank loan to expand her business. Tom Farrell is her buttoned-down accountant who’s trying to get her finances in order--no easy task as she keeps her receipts in Baggies. Sparks fly when these opposites realize they attract!Originally published in the anthology Stroke of Midnight

A Vision of Sugarplums

Jennifer Blake - 2011
    until she finds an abandoned baby in her store on Christmas Eve. Change is certainly in the air – especially when late shopper Rick Wallman walks in with yet another delightful holiday surprise. Meghan has to take the baby home — that or call Social Services on Christmas Eve. Rick goes with her to help shop for baby supplies and winds up spending the night. Meghan and Rick, though, each have secrets — one of which could destroy the fragile future they begin to build together.

Carousel Horse Christmas

Danni Roan - 2018
    Can one simple gift from an unknown giver change everything? Holden Bays has too much to do to be slowed down by an accident but when his truck and trailer are damaged moving through the city one chance encounter could turn his world upside down. Christmas Miracles come in small packages in this delightful sweet short western bundle of Christmas Cheer.

So Stinkin' Deer

J.D. Light - 2020
    Barnabi is an alpha deer shifter who loves his best friend Fowler more than anything else in this world. Fowler is an omega skunk shifter who just wants to spend the rest of his life with his best friend Barnabi, and he'll take it any way he can get it. Every year they spend the week around Christmas bundled up at home, eating soup, drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies, not leaving for anything and just living the Christmas dream. Getting snowed in shouldn't make much of a difference, right? That won't change anything... Will it? This story was originally part of a charity anthology Love in Springtime released in 2020. It has since been revised to add 6K words, plenty of Christmas goodness, slick, knots and Mpreg!

Blue Christmas

Sandra Hill - 1998

The Christmas Cadeau

K.D. Elizabeth - 2019
    The MEN'S bathroom.No stalls were available in mine. I'd be in and out before anyone noticed.Except someone walked in.And, oh, he was so gorgeous.Four months later we moved in together.Two years later I can't imagine living without him.He's the love of my life, to the absolute bottom of my heart.So why are we breaking up?The Christmas Cadeau has NO cheating and a happily ever after!

On Christmas Hill

Nichole Chase - 2012
    When Gertie Nichols passed away, her estate was given to her great niece, Molly. After making the long trek from Florida to Vermont with her dog Remy, Molly is caught off guard by the attractive groundskeeper her aunt left in charge. At first her lonely holiday seems to be shaping up to be better than expected—until Nate tells her about the Nichols family legacy and the secret of Christmas Hill.As sparks fly and magic blossoms right before her eyes, Molly will have to decide whether to take up the mantle her great aunt’s left behind or turn her back on tradition and the man who has quickly garnered space in her heart. On Christmas Hill is a short story.

Omega's Winter Baby

L.C. Davis - 2018
    Home for the holidays, the last gift brokenhearted omega Riley expected was a baby. After breaking things off with his cheating fiance, Riley agrees to let his twin set him up with a blind date to cure his holiday blues. The last person he wants to see at the charming winter cabin is Pierce, his ex's older brother--even if the alpha is drop-dead gorgeous. When a skiing accident leaves alpha and omega snowed in for Christmas, their enmity becomes the spark of something intimate. Will a misunderstanding about the past keep Pierce and Riley from the happy family they've both always wanted? This is a holiday-themed nonshifter Mpreg novella at approximately 25,000 words.