A Most Precious Gift

Jacqueline Freeman Wheelock - 2014
    Having never cooked a day in her life, she is terrified of being found out and banished to the cotton fields as was her mother before her. But when she accidentally burns the freedom papers of Jonathan Mayfield, a handsome free man of color to whom she's attracted, her fear of the fields becomes secondary.A gifted cabinetmaker, Jonathan Mayfield's heart is set on finally becoming a respected businessman by outfitting a bedroom at the palatial Riverwood—until a beautiful new slave destroys his proof of freedom and his fragile confidence along with it. When the mistress of Riverwood orders Dinah to work alongside the sullen Mr. Mayfield, sparks fly setting the two on a collision course. Is their mutual love for God strong enough to overcome deep-seated insecurities and set the couple on a path toward self-acceptance and love for each other?

Fallen Angels

Patricia Hickman - 2003
    The award-winning author of "Sandpebbles" presents the first installment in the Millwood Hollow series about an unlikely hero and a trio of abandoned siblings struggling for survival in the South during the Great Depression.

Selling My Soul

Sherri L. Lewis - 2010
    National bestselling author Lewis delivers the emotionally compelling tale of a publicist who is forced to represent a pastor named in a church sex scandal, and finds her friendships, love life, and soul, threatened.

Missing Quail Crossings

Jennifer McMurrain - 2015
    As Dovie’s longtime love, Gabe Pearce, and her adoptive son, Elmer Brewer, return home, the family is overjoyed. The happiness of their reunion is cut short when the news that Dovie’s son-in-law, Evalyn’s husband, Robert, is missing in action. Even with Robert MIA, there is a ray of light when the Brewer’s long lost sister, Ellie arrives in their hometown, Knollwood, TX. With little information regarding her troubled past, Dovie takes Ellie home to Quail Crossings without hesitation, hoping to start the healing process for the young girl who now refuses to speak. As Ellie deals with a lifetime of abuse, Elmer adjusts to life off the battlefield, and Evalyn aches for her lost love. Dovie is quickly realizing that the Germans may have surrendered but the battle at home is just beginning.

Song of Alaska Pack

Tracie Peterson - 2010
    A collection of three dramatic stories of love and difficult choices set in the Alaskan frontier from bestselling author Tracie Peterson.


Patricia Haley - 2008
    Dave's oldest son, Don, had been groomed from birth to take over his dad's business. Nothing prepared Don for the shock of his father's decision to appoint his inexperienced half brother, Joel, as CEO of the multimilliondollar ministry. Confused, Don flees the country to become his own man, while Madeline won't go down without a fight. Seeking to regain control of the business for her family, Madeline tries to sabotage Joel's every move. But as the ministry grows and charismatic Joel captures the nation's attention, his hunger for power and lust just might be his downfall....

Tessa: From Fear to Faith

Melissa Wiltrout - 2013
    Yet her ill-fated attempts at running away only deepen the abuse. Guilt and shame press in, pushing away her real friends and reinforcing her own criminal tendencies. Tessa yearns for freedom - and something else. Then a neighbor introduces her to God and salvation through Christ. But will faith be enough? Can she overcome the forces that bind her before it's too late?

One Step Away

Eric Wilson - 2011
    Someone has plans for them, a plot that reaches into their past and threatens their future. When one of Sara's patients dies, a mysterious old man, he leaves his fortune to her and her family. They have no idea they are part of an experiment. Satan once tested Job through trials, but failed to break him. Now Satan has sought God’s permission to test the Vreelands with a $6,000,000 blessing. As their lives take turn for the better, will their souls take a turn for the worse?

A Crippled Mail Order Bride for the Unexpected Horse Whisperer (Benson Creek Mail Order Brides Book 3)

Emma Morgan - 2015
    Crippled by polio, Gertie Weston has come to Benson Creek as a Mail Order Bride hoping to start a family at last—but instead she steps off the stage to find that her husband-to-be has drowned just before her arrival. Gertie was taught not to accept pity or charity from anyone, and she is used to being shunned. But now she has found herself alone in a strange town as the owner of a prosperous gold mine, left to her by her prospective husband. It seems every man is town is looking to wed her—regardless of her limp. A skilled and kind horseman, Fred Toller can recognize a wounded soul when he sees one. And when he’s looking into Gertie’s tawny eyes, he sees right though her tough exterior. But he’s not looking for a wife, even though every other man in town seems to have thrown his hat into the ring. So how to decide the best man for the job? With a contest, of course! Except Gertie has her eyes set on Fred Toller, and it’s up to her to ensure he wins a competition that he doesn’t even know he’s entering! Visit a while with the Benson Creek Mail Order brides, and catch up with Sally and Rebecca in this new book in the series!

Mercy Me

Margaret A. Graham - 2003
    Her unabashed faith shines through as she shares details of her life as an adviser to her best friend, Beatrice, and as a voice of reason to her women's Sunday school class, the Willing Workers. The pettiness of the women at the Apostolic Bible Church gets under Esmeralda's skin, but when she rallies them to the side of an impoverished mother with AIDS, the very best of human love and compassion is portrayed.Told in delightfully eccentric first-person narration, this story will inspire, uplift, amuse, and move readers to tears. Despite Esmeralda's lack of education and sophistication-or perhaps because of it-she is used mightily by God and meets everyday challenges with gumption, humor, and grace. Her struggle to maintain her faith in the midst of pain and suffering is a timeless and universal theme with which many will identify, and the love and mercy the story unfolds will delight both young and old.

Goodnight, Brian

Steven Manchester - 2013
    The food that was meant to nourish him was poisoning him instead, and the doctors said the damage was devastating and absolute. Fate had written off Brian. But fate didn’t count on a woman as determined as Brian’s grandmother, Angela DiMartino - who everyone knew as Mama. Loving her grandson with everything she had, Mama endeavored to battle fate. Fate had no idea what it was in for.An emotional tale about the strength of family bonds, unconditional love, and the perseverance to do our best with the challenging gifts we receive, GOODNIGHT, BRIAN is an uplifting tribute to what happens when giving up is not an option.

A Rifle By The Door

Dan L. Fuller - 2019
    Eighteen-year-old Jenny is under no illusions—it’ll take a miracle to survive, much less thrive, in the unforgiving wilderness, particularly when twelve-year-old David fights her every attempt to prepare. Unexpected help arrives when John Beck—once a close friend of their father’s—arrives at their cabin. The tough-as-nails bounty hunter reluctantly agrees to stay through the winter. He owes it to his murdered friend to help Foster’s children build a working ranch, even if it’s the last thing he wants to do. Their uneasy alliance is fraught with hardships, danger, and back-breaking work that still doesn’t guarantee anyone will survive until spring. Especially with their father’s killer still on the loose.

The Second Chances Collection: Never Again Good-bye, When Dreams Cross, Blind Trust, Broken Wings

Terri Blackstock - 2014
    They must overcome their pride to keep all their hard work from being sabotaged.Blind TrustAn unexplained eight-month disappearance of Sherry Cranston’s fiancé leads to murder and a flight for their lives.Broken WingsAn investigation into an airline disaster becomes a tangled web of love, mercy and honor in the face of two impossible choices.

Heart of Mercy

Sharlene MacLaren - 2013
    She lost hermother at a young age and was only sixteen when herfather was killed in 1880, in a brawl sparked by a familyfeud spanning several generations. Yet Mercy neverdoubts the presence and provision of her heavenly Father.When a house fire claims the lives of her two best friends,leaving their two young sons as orphans, Mercy offers tobe their guardian. It seems simple enough, until the judgemandates that the boys be placed with a married couple.Samuel Connors is a man adrift. Despite the success ofthe blacksmith business he inherited from his father, hesenses a void unaffected by material rewards. His motherkeeps nagging him to find a wife, but the only womanwho comes to mind is Mercy Evans. What would shewant to do with the man whose father is now serving alife sentence for the murder of hers?Mercy is determined to do whatever it takes to wincustody of the Watson boys. But marry a mortal enemyof the Evans family? God alone can give her the heart togo through with it.

Wild Wyoming Wind

Margery Scott - 2011
    Dedicating his life to bringing criminals to justice, he's on the trail of Tyler Boone, an escaped outlaw and killer.Jake and Maddie lock horns when Jake shows up at Maddie's homestead and announces he's staying until he captures Tyler. But living in close quarters exposes emotions and feelings they had both thought long dead, and brings danger, sorrow and love, forcing them both to question the past, and eventually, to trust in the future.