Brides of Beckham: Books 8-10

Kirsten Osbourne - 2014
    Included are: Mail Order Motherhood, Mail Order Matron, and Mail Order Meddler. Mail Order Motherhood: When Clara's husband dies and leaves her with two children and a farm she can't run on her own, the bank evicts her small family, and she needs to find a new home fast. She answers an advertisement to be a mail order bride, hoping that the agency will find a place where she can not only be useful, but her children can be loved. Recently widowed Montana rancher, Albert, can't raise his children alone, but won't risk loving another woman. Albert is convinced that he'll never love another woman like his deceased wife. When Clara shows up with two children, he's certain he’s made a mistake by taking another woman into his home. Can Clara convince him that together they can be a happy family? Mail Order Matron: After a life dedicated to her mother, Julia takes a chance and becomes a mail order bride. Edward, a lonely widower, has no hope that any woman will answer his advertisement. Will this unlikely couple find love together? Mail Order Meddler: Francis knew something needed to change immediately. He was only sixteen, but he understood that his family couldn’t keep living on bread and beef jerky. In town one day, he noticed an advertisement for a mail order bride, and sent off a letter…after signing his older brother’s name. He’d just make sure to tell Andrew that his fiance was coming before she arrived. What could go wrong? Tracy had lived in an orphanage since she was just a few months old. She only had a month before she turned eighteen and had to find a new place to live, complete with employment or a wedding ring. There were no jobs worth taking for a young woman, so she answered a letter requesting a mail order bride. Andrew sounded perfect. She’d meet him, and he’d be thrilled to see her, and they’d live

Susannah and Lucas

Annie Boone - 2017
    She decided to leave. She had to have a way to do it, so she decided to become a mail order bride. She would be going to Rocky Ridge, Colorado to marry the sheriff of the town. The whole thing sounded exciting and frightening at the same time. Lucas Jessup wanted a family. He needed a wife to get the family. His life was different than it once had been. He'd been a Texas Ranger with a life full of drama and danger. Life as the sheriff in Rocky Ridge was easy with much less drama and certainly no danger. Now was the time to start that family. Susannah and Lucas hit many milestones together, even though their marriage takes an unexpected turn. Through trials and great disappointments, they'll have decisions to make. This emotional winding road will take you places you don't expect and reveal personal failings that will make or break the strongest. Take the journey with Susannah and Lucas and find out where they end up. This is Book 1 in the Colorado Matchmaker Series, a sweet and inspirational series of love, romance, and trust.

Echo Canyon Brides Box Set

Linda Bridey - 2015
     Immerse yourself in the first three stories in the Echo Canyon Brides series that critics describe as “a wonderful blend of hope, passion, romance, mystery, and humor.” Book 1: Montana Rescue Josie Bainbridge dreams of finding a husband, but there aren’t any available men in Pullman. Evan Taft thinks mail-order-brides for the single men in Echo might save the town. Can he and Josie overcome evil forces and keep their love alive? Book 2: Montana Bargain Dr. Erin Avery and Dr. Winslow Wu, strike a bargain: Echo, Montana needs a doctor, Erin wants her own practice, and he wants a wife. They find love together, but a lurking darkness threatens to kill their dreams of happiness. Book 3: Montana Adventure Billy and Nina meet unexpectedly while returning to Echo Canyon. While on their adventure, they fall in love and wind up getting married. Will their love keep burning bright or will it go up in an inferno and die?

For Honor's Sake

Connie Mason - 1987
    Darkly handsome Rodrigo Delgado has no intentions of claiming a husband's rights--until he looks into Juliet's eyes, and sees a woman he must make his own at any cost.

Wild West Frontier Brides Boxed Set Vol. 1: Books 1-3

Cindy Caldwell - 2015
    She'd been raised to bake in her parents' bakery, and after their deaths, she had planned to carry on the family tradition. Devastated to find out she was losing her family's business, she needed something to do to support herself. When she received a letter from her twin sister's husband in Arizona Territory, suggesting she come out to be the bride of his best friend who was opening a restaurant, it seemed like the perfect solution to her problems. Tripp had gone to the best culinary school in the country, and he knew exactly how to create the perfect meal. He spent hours and hours coming up with just the right menu for his restaurant, only to be told he couldn't get a loan for it unless he married. When his best friend came up with the solution of sending for his baker sister-in-law, it only made sense. Her ideas of the perfect menu were different than his, though. Would the two be able to stay together long enough to convince the bank he was a good risk? Would Sadie be able to convince Tripp that the two of them belonged together after all? The Wrangler's Mail Order Bride Clara had spent most of her life working in her friend Sadie's bakery in cold, snowy Chicago. Until Sadie lost the bakery and moved to Arizona to marry a man, sight unseen. Soon after, Clara was at a crossroads when her brother announced that he and his wife were moving to New York City and she should go with them. She’d also received a letter from Sadie asking her to be the bride of a friend of theirs, a horse wrangler. As Clara had just had an interesting experience with some horses in the cold, a move to warm Arizona Territory instead of New York City was a more appealing adventure. Hank had spent his life on the open trail, driving cattle across state lines for his father, a gentleman rancher. He’d spent many long days and quiet nights out under the stars, working with horses and molding them to be the best they could be. Now, he was ready to leave the trail and do what he loved—train horses. When his grandfather passed away, leaving him property that would be perfect for horse-wrangling, he thought his problems were solved. There was one catch, though—a big one. He couldn’t inherit the property unless he was married. Clara was suggested as a possible bride and he gratefully agreed. He had no idea his bride knew more about horses than he realized. And about people. When a tragedy threatens his fledgling business, Hank must decide between his father’s wishes that he stay on the trail, or his dream for his own future. Would his father succeed in tearing them apart or would Clara be able to convince Hank that the two of them belonged together after all? The Bartender's Mail Order Bride Nutmeg Archer has had enough of being invisible in a family of six girls—especially since the man she’s pining for doesn’t notice her, either. When she finds out he needs a mail-order bride in a hurry, she hatches a plan to get him to notice her, one way or another. Sam Allen gave up his career ambitions and left New York for Tombstone, Arizona, and a new start. He enjoys his job as a bartender—and is very good at it. But because he knew his mother would not approve, he told a white lie that he never thought would be found out. When his high-society mother unexpectedly decides to make a trip to visit, he needs to make that fib a reality—and fast. Sam is dismayed to discover that he has only one positive response to his ad—and to say that he is surprised by who it is is an understatement.

Big Sky Rancher

Carolyn Davidson - 2005
    Except lately, now that he owned one of the bigger spreads, and richer mines, under the wide Montana sky, he'd been thinking a wife would be nice. Maybe an agreeable little woman to brighten his house--and warm his bed.A mail-order bride would be one special delivery, he decided. But what he got instead was a surprise package with a firecracker inside named Miss Jennifer Alston. Sassy and opinionated, she was not what he'd expected--but exactly what he needed, in spite of himself.

Τales of Love Looking West

Etta Foster - 2020
    Until they decided to take their fates into their own hands...and love happened! A Tormented Bride for the Courageous Cowboy Grace Mathers has to run away from Boston at all costs. Becoming a mail order bride is her only option. Matthew Tucker has no other choice but to marry, and an ad for a wife seems like the perfect solution. When the cards are dealt, Matthew will have to make a decision. Before Grace is thrown to the wolves… A Mail Order Bride to Heal His Heart Caleb Turner cannot live in his past anymore. His second chance is the Mail Order Bride he ordered and he is anxious to meet her. But when Alexandra Clarke comes his way, even though a dreaming woman, they step right into what he wants to forget. As troubles of the present collide with those of the past, how will they manage to stay together before Caleb’s past scares Alexandra away once and for all…? A Mail Order Bride He Would Never Forget When Emilia Sterling’s husband is killed in his saloon, she flees to Arizona as a mail order bride. Roy Morgan, a wealthy rancher now and a reformed man is finally ready to leave his past behind. Ironically, his bride is the daughter of the man he tried to stay away from all these years. The very same man he went to jail for… *If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Tales of Love Looking West” ! Buy “Tales of Love Looking West” and unlock the exciting story of Grace, Alexandra and Emilia today! Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

Mail Order Brides: Brides for Brothers Boxed Set

Emily Woods - 2016
    They quickly learn, however, that things aren’t quite as they seem. Can they overcome the unexpected and find love? A sweet western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods! Follow the stories of four women who seek to find love on a ranch with brothers who are all looking for something different. Along the way, they will face mistaken identity, deception, and even an unexpected baby. Can they overcome the obstacles and find love? Brides for Brothers is a clean western romance from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods. If you like clean, historical fiction about women who risk everything for love as mail order brides, you will love the Western Brides Sweet Romance series from Emily Woods. Buy Brides for Brothers get lost in this sweet western romance today! Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Wretched Chastity

Carré White - 2014
    Hershey, is determined to find wives for the towns most notorious and eligible bachelors. But little does she realize the magnitude of the challenges that face her, because matching perfect strangers is far more difficult than it looks.Down on her luck and on her last dime, Chastity Donovan arrives in Boot Creek to marry a miner, but she soon discovers he’s an alcoholic outlaw with a murderous bent. Chastity is now responsible for Enoch’s two children, who have run wild over the years with little schooling. Dismayed, and dejected, Chastity finds her new life is not what she had envisioned.Lucian Ellison’s train robbing past is about to put him on a collision course with Chastity, after he arrives on Enoch’s doorstep to collect his share in a robbery. One look at Chastity changes everything, because the lovely redhead is in desperate need of rescuing, and he’s just the man to steal her away. But, her new husband might have a thing or two to say about that … and the law as well, as someone is about to hang for his crimes.

The Perfect Wife

Mary Burton - 2002
    But what else, Jenna Winslow ruminated, could a woman running from scandal do? Who would ever want an unschooled virgin with a fatherless baby in tow? Certainly not rugged rancher Rowe Mercer, a man with demanding standards -- and compelling charms...!Ex-bounty hunter Rowe Mercer had spent a lifetime riding with danger. Now he craved more peaceful pursuits, but when mail-order bride Jenna Winslow arrived "C.O.D." he wondered if his prayers had truly been answered. Could there possibly be a future for a polished Eastern angel and a man with a past he wanted to forget...!


Bobbi Smith - 2009
    What he doesn’t know is that the bride-to-be isn’t who she claims to be either. Can a marriage based on two lies end in true love?

A Bargain Bride

Rebecca De Medeiros - 2013
    There came a challenge in the small town of Liberty, Texas. The objective in mind: Marriage.Bets are placed, and a race to the altar begins.Rough and tough rancher Gabriel O'Malley had never met a challenge he could not handle... until now.Fed up with his grandson's brooding ways, "Pops" O'Malley takes matters into his own hands, and orders a mail order bride for him. Besides wanting the best for Gabriel, there was a little matter of a bet going around that the old man was determined to win. The only problem was, his stubborn grandson was digging his heels "spurs deep" in and holding onto his bachelorhood ruining all of his grandfather's well laid plans.Gabriel, furious at his grandfather's conniving ways, was determined to rid himself of his unwanted "bride". He was going to live his life on his own terms come hell or high water, and settling down was not something he planned todo. Even if he did lust after the woman who shows up on his doorstep.After the death of her parents, Melody Williams was left with nothing but her baby sister to raise and an eviction notice on her door. She thought that finding the advertisment for a mail order bride was her lucky break. That is, until she meets her groom. Statues are friendlier than this hombre.But Melody is also stubborn. No one is going to stop her from making a home for her sister, least of all the sexy, grumbling rancher she has come to marry.Sparks will fly, tempers will flare, kisses will be had and shoes will be thrown...As the battle of the sexes begins. Can love blossom? With the help of a bunch of wily old men, the town of Liberty is counting on it.But not everyone is hoping for a happily- ever -after for the couple. From the shadows, evil lurks waiting to strike the ranch. Will it all be destroyed before their new life together can even begin?

A Wild Yearning

Penelope Williamson - 1990
    Answering an advertisement for a mail-order bride, she headed north -- toward a remote Maine settlement, an uncertain destiny and a wedding with a stranger. But Ty Savitch was leading her up-country. A handsome doctor raised by Indians, he possessed a fiery untamed spirit and blood that ran hot with desires he could barely contain. With one searing kiss Ty carried the lovely Boston spitfire to ecstasy's heights. But a glorious passion suddenly born could never grow. For Delia had promised her future forever to another man....

The Dream (Love In The West #1)

Rosie Attwood - 2015
    A brave woman leaves everything... She leaves everything she knows for a future as a mail-order bride in an exciting new environment with a man she only knows through a single letter. She travels west in the hopes of finding freedom and a man who will love her.Katie Richards escapes the suffocating atmosphere of New York and her parent’s tiny apartment, giving up everything that she knows and trusts. However, one event after another prevents her from meeting her intended and she ends up in Kansas City working in a boarding house full of men.Although she could easily choose one of the men in Kansas City as a husband and forget about Matthew Carson out in Colorado, her loyal character keeps her true and a unexpected mentor shows her how to bring her personal faith to life.Matthew awaits his much-anticipated bride, but when she fails to show, he must go after her or risk losing his ranch.Both of them must pass a test of faith before they can find the future that they both dream of.Find out how God works all things out for the good of those who love him in the Wild West.A story of hope, sacrifice, romance, suspense, friendship, loyalty, and faith to God.This book is a sweet, clean western romance. It is a novella..??? Love In The West Series in Reading OrderBook 1 - The DreamBook 2 - The Newlyweds (Coming in 2 weeks time)Book 3 - Coming soon in 4 weeks time!Book 4 - Coming soon in 6 weeks time!

The Lullaby: Shaina's Story

Lola Grace Stevens - 2014
    Leaving New York she travels to the town of Viking, Montana, with the intention of marrying James Randall Jr. James is shocked when a woman arrives claiming to be his bride. He never sent for Shaina, but due to his late stepmother's meddling, he is now responsible for her. However, James’s current situation demands that he take a wife, and he reluctantly decides to marry her for the good of his family. But trouble is brewing in Viking, and Shaina seems to be at the center of it. Old secrets are in danger of coming out, and one man is willing to kill to keep those secrets hidden. Can James protect Shaina and stop this man from killing again? ***Note to my Readers! I missed some mistakes during the Edit. They are being fixed right now***