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Each Kindness

Jacqueline Woodson - 2012
    And every time Maya asks if she can play with Chloe and the other girls, the answer is always no. So Maya ends up playing alone. And then one day she's gone.When Chloe's teacher gives a lesson about how even small acts of kindness can change the world, Chloe is stung by the opportunity that's been lost. How much better could it have been if she'd just shown Maya a little kindness and opened her heart to friendship?Newbery Honor-winning author Jacqueline Woodson and Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator E. B. Lewis have created a beautiful, poignant picture book with a powerful message that will stay with readers long after they've put it down.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Eric Litwin - 2012
    An award-winning and bestselling Pete the Cat hardcover picture book!Count down with Pete in this rocking story that makes counting fun! Pete the Cat is wearing his favorite shirt—the one with the four totally groovy buttons.But when one falls off, does Pete cry? Goodness, no! He just keeps on singing his song—after all, what could be groovier than three groovy buttons? The winner of the Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award.The fun never stops—download the free groovin’ song!

The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?

Mo Willems - 2012
    Filled with righteous fury, Pigeon loses his temper and complains bitterly about this terrible state of affairs. However, things aren't what they seem, and Duckling has a secret plan! Part of the bestselling Pigeon series by genius children's book author and illustrator Mo Willems.

You Get What You Get

Julie Gassman - 2012
    He must learn how to deal with disappointment. After all, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

If I Built a House

Chris Van Dusen - 2012
    B. White Award-winning picture book If I Built a CarIn If I Built a Car, imaginative Jack dreamed up a whimsical fantasy ride that could do just about anything. Now he's back and ready to build the house of his dreams, complete with a racetrack, flying room, and gigantic slide. Jack's limitless creativity and infectious enthusiasm will inspire budding young inventors to imagine their own fantastical designs.Chris Van Dusen's vibrant illustrations marry retro appeal with futuristic style as he, once again, gives readers a delightfully rhyming text that absolutely begs to be read aloud.

Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker

Christianne C. Jones - 2012
    She talks all day, and sometimes all night. But when she loses her voice, Lacey learns the importance of listening.

The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings

Anna Llenas - 2012
    . . encourages young ones to open up and discuss how they feel, even when their thoughts are confusing." —Parents We teach toddlers to identify colors, numbers, shapes, and letters—but what about their feelings? By illustrating such common emotions as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and calm, this sensitive book gently encourages young children to open up with parents, teachers, and daycare providers. And kids will LOVE the bright illustrations and amazing 3-D pop-ups on every page!

Penguin and Pinecone

Salina Yoon - 2012
    When curious Penguin finds a lost pinecone in the snow, their friendship grows into something extraordinary!

Nelson Mandela

Kadir Nelson - 2012
    In Johannesburg, Mandela saw fellow Africans who were poor and powerless. He decided then that he would work to protect them. When the government began to keep people apart based on the color of their skin, Mandela spoke out against the law and vowed to fight hard in order to make his country a place that belonged to all South Africans.Kadir Nelson tells the story of Mandela, a global icon, in poignant verse and glorious illustrations. It is the story of a young boy's determination to change South Africa and of the struggles of a man who eventually became the president of his country by believing in equality for people of all colors. Readers will be inspired by Mandela's triumph and his lifelong quest to create a more just world.

Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad

Henry Cole - 2012
    When a farm girl discovers a runaway slave hiding in the barn, she is at once startled and frightened. But the stranger's fearful eyes weigh upon her conscience, and she must make a difficult choice. Will she have the courage to help him? Unspoken gifts of humanity unite the girl and the runaway as they each face a journey: one following the North Star, the other following her heart. Henry Cole's unusual and original rendering of the Underground Railroad speaks directly to our deepest sense of compassion.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors

Hena Khan - 2012
    From a red prayer rug to a blue hijab, everyday colors are given special meaning as young readers learn about clothing, food, and other important elements of Islamic culture, with a young Muslim girl as a guide. Sure to inspire questions and observations about world religions and cultures, Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns is equally at home in a classroom reading circle as it is being read to a child on a parent's lap.

The Art of Miss Chew

Patricia Polacco - 2012
    She's thrilled when her sketches get her into Miss Chew's special art class at the high school. A substitute teacher tells her she's wasting time on art when she should be studying - but fortunately, this is one battle that Miss Chew and Trisha are up for! This true story shows just how important a teacher can be in a child's life - and celebrates the power of art itself.

Sky Color

Peter H. Reynolds - 2012
    So when her teacher asks her to help make a mural for the school library, she can’t wait to begin! But how can Marisol make a sky without blue paint? After gazing out the bus window and watching from her porch as day turns into night, she closes her eyes and starts to dream. . . . From the award-winning Peter H. Reynolds comes a gentle, playful reminder that if we keep our hearts open and look beyond the expected, creative inspiration will come.

An Awesome Book of Love!

Dallas Clayton - 2012
    In this follow-up to the fresh and exuberant An Awesome Book! take a walk on the loving side, as the snappy rhyme perfectly details just how your heart feels. Each page is filled with more of the colorful and vivacious illustrations that were hallmarks of An Awesome Book! giving readers a surplus of eye candy as they read along. This book is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, or really just any day you'd like to remind your special someones how much they are loved.

Llama Llama Time to Share

Anna Dewdney - 2012
    Make a moat. Nelly's dolly sails a boat. What can Llama Llama add? Maybe sharing's not so bad. Llama Llama has new neighbors! Nelly Gnu and her mama stop by for a play date, but Llama's not so sure it's time to share all his toys. Maybe just his blocks? It could be fun to make a castle with Nelly . . . But wait--Nelly has Llama's little Fuzzy Llama! The fun turns to tears when Fuzzy Llama is ripped in two, "all because of Nelly Gnu!" Mama comes to the rescue and fixes Fuzzy, but she makes it clear: "I'll put Fuzzy on the stairs, until you're sure that you can share." Fun to read aloud and helpful to children and parents alike, Llama Llama Time to Share is for any child who needs a little encouragement in sharing.

A is for Activist

Innosanto Nagara - 2012
    A is for Activist is an ABC board book for the next generation of progressives: Families that want their kids to grow up in a space that is unapologetic about activism, environmental justice, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and so on.

The Three Ninja Pigs

Corey Rosen Schwartz - 2012
    Good thing their sister has been training every day to master some serious karate moves that save the day. KIYA!Corey Rosen Schwartz serves up a fun combination of smart-aleck dialogue and tongue-in-cheek rhymes that'll have kids howling, and rising star Dan Santat's spunky illustrations are sure to pack a punch!

The Paper Dolls

Julia Donaldson - 2012
    The breathtakingly beautiful story of one little girl and her five paper dolls.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Mo Willems - 2012
    . . and a Dinosaur who happened to be visiting from Norway.One day--for no particular reason--they decided to tidy up their house, make the beds, and prepare pudding of varying temperatures. And then--for no particular reason--they decided to go...someplace else. They were definitely NOT setting a trap for some succulent, unsupervised little girl.Definitely not!This new take on a fairy-tale classic is so funny and so original--it could only come from the brilliant mind of Mo Willems.

Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon

Patty Lovell - 2012
    Molly Lou heard all about how her grandma didn't have fancy store-bought toys when she was little. She made dolls out of twigs and flowers and created her own fun in her backyard. So Molly Lou does just that, proving that the best thing to play with is a huge imagination!

Big Sisters Are the Best

Fran Manushkin - 2012
    Becoming a big sister is an exciting time full of smiles, smells, hugs, and kisses.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

William Kamkwamba - 2012
    Without enough money for food, let alone school, William spent his days in the library ... and figured out how to bring electricity to his village. Persevering against the odds, William built a functioning windmill out of junkyard scraps, and thus became the local hero who harnessed the wind. Lyrically told and gloriously illustrated, this story will inspire many as it shows how—even in the worst of times—a great idea and a lot of hard work can still rock the world.

Bear Says Thanks

Karma Wilson - 2012
    There’s just one problem: Bear’s cupboards are bare! What is he to do? Karma Wilson’s playful text and Jane Chapman’s charming illustrations bring to life this celebration of family and friendship. Young readers will delight in discovering the special gift Bear has to share.

Harlem's Little Blackbird: The Story of Florence Mills

Renée Watson - 2012
    Born to parents who were former-slaves Florence knew early on that she loved to sing. And that people really responded to her sweet, bird-like voice. Her dancing and singing catapulted her all the way to the stages of 1920s Broadway where she inspired songs and even entire plays! Yet with all this success, she knew firsthand how bigotry shaped her world. And when she was offered the role of a lifetime from Ziegfeld himself, she chose to support all-black musicals instead.Fans of When Marian Sang and Ella Fitzgerald: The Tale of a Vocal Virtuosa will jump at the chance to discover another talented performer whose voice transcended and transformed the circumstances society placed on her.

Helen's Big World: The Life of Helen Keller (Big Words)

Doreen Rappaport - 2012
    With her signature style of prose laced with stirring quotes, Doreen Rappaport brings to life Helen Keller's poignant narrative. Acclaimed illustrator Matt Tavares beautifully captures the dynamism and verve of Helen Keller's life and legacy, making "Helen's Big World" an unforgettable portrait of a woman whose vision for innovation and progress changed America--and the world--forever.

How to Babysit a Grandpa

Jean Reagan - 2012
    series -- about a child spending time with his grandpa. Written in a how-to style, the narrator gives important tips for "babysitting" a grandpa, including what to eat for snack (anything dipped in ketchup, ice cream topped with cookies, cookies topped with ice cream), what to do on a walk (find lizards and dandelion puffs, be on the lookout for puddles and sprinklers), and how to play with a grandpa (build a pirate cave, put on a scary play). Filled with humor, energy, and warmth, this is a great gift for or from a grandparent, and perfect for lap reading when Grandpa comes to visit!

Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washington

Jabari Asim - 2012
    Born into slavery, young Booker T. Washington could only dream of learning to read and write. After emancipation, Booker began a five-hundred-mile journey, mostly on foot, to Hampton Institute, taking his first of many steps towards a college degree. When he arrived, he had just fifty cents in his pocket and a dream about to come true. The young slave who once waited outside of the schoolhouse would one day become a legendary educator of freedmen. Award-winning artist Bryan Collier captures the hardship and the spirit of one of the most inspiring figures in American history, bringing to life Booker T. Washington's journey to learn, to read, and to realize a dream.

Creepy Carrots!

Aaron Reynolds - 2012
    Jasper Rabbit loves carrots—especially Crackenhopper Field carrots.He eats them on the way to school.He eats them going to Little League.He eats them walking home.Until the day the carrots start following him...or are they?Celebrated artist Peter Brown’s stylish illustrations pair perfectly with Aaron Reynold’s text in this hilarious eBook with audio that shows it’s all fun and games…until you get too greedy.

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

Eric Litwin - 2012
    Spend the holidays with your favorite blue cat! In this rockin' spin on the traditional tale The Night Before Christmas, Pete the Cat proves that giving your all in the spirit of Christmas is the totally groovy thing to do.

Rocket Writes a Story

Tad Hills - 2012
    Encouraged by the little yellow bird to look closely at the world around him for inspiration, Rocket sets out on a journey. Along the way he discovers small details that he has never noticed before, a timid baby owl who becomes his friend, and an idea for a story. Declared a best children's book of the year by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, School Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly, this book is sure to appeal to kids, parents, teachers, and librarians.

Herman and Rosie

Gus Gordon - 2012
    This is a tale about a big city.It's a tale of hotdogs and music and the summertime subway breeze.It's a tale of singing on rooftops and toffees that stick to your teeth.But most of all, it's the tale of Herman and Rosie.'Quirky, soulful and alive . . . a book to treasure, like a favourite song.' Markus Zusak


Amy Krouse Rosenthal - 2012
    But one day, this inseparable pair comes to a fork in the road. And for the very first time, they have to figure out how to function apart. From New York Times best-selling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal and rising artistic talent Scott Magoon, this witty and inventive tale celebrates both independence and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

Desmond and the Very Mean Word

Desmond Tutu - 2012
    He first responds by shouting an insult, but soon discovers that fighting back with mean words doesn’t make him feel any better. With the help of kindly Father Trevor, Desmond comes to understand his conflicted feelings and see that all people deserve compassion, whether or not they say they are sorry. Brought to vivid life in A. G. Ford’s energetic illustrations, this heartfelt, relatable story conveys timeless wisdom about how to handle bullying and angry feelings, while seeing the good in everyone.

A Leaf Can Be...

Laura Purdie Salas - 2012
    . .Shade spillerMouth fillerTree topperRain stopperFind out about the many roles leaves play in this poetic exploration of leaves throughout the year.

The Mouse Mansion

Karina Schaapman - 2012
    There is a shop that sells everything and a box full of treasure. And—oh no!—there might even be a rat!  The Mouse Mansion is always full of surprises. Author and artist Karina Schaapman spent years building and furnishing the Mouse Mansion in which this collection of stories takes place.  The elaborate dollhouse is made of cardboard boxes and papier-mâché and contains more than one hundred rooms to explore.

Crafty Chloe

Kelly DiPucchio - 2012
    But crafting isn’t easy, and it’s beginning to look like she won’t have a great idea in time. Fortunately, with a good doodle session and a whole lot of glitter to inspire her, Chloe figures out just the thing to save the day—and with a little help from her trusty glue gun, she just might save a friendship, too!This inventive and irresistible picture book will have young readers itching to reach for their googly eyes.Check out to learn how to make the cool crafts featured in the book!

Every Little Thing: Based on the Song 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley

Cedella Marley Booker - 2012
    Now a whole new generation can discover one of his most joyous songs in this reassuring picture book adaptation written by his daughter Cedella and exuberantly illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. This upbeat story reminds children that the sun will always come out after the rain and mistakes are easily forgiven with a hug. Every family will relate to this universal story of one boy who won't let anything get him down, as long as he has the help of three very special little birds. Including all the lyrics of the original song plus new verses, this cheerful book will bring a smile to faces of all ages—because every little thing's gonna be all right!

Let's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy

Jan Thomas - 2012
    And her Brave Cowboy and his silly, interrupted lullaby are sure to get everybody singing—before they head off into cozy dreamland…

The Worst Princess

Anna Kemp - 2012
    But when that Prince proves to be a bit more traditional than what she had hoped for, Princess Sue—along with the help of fiery dragon—becomes determined to find a way to get the fairy-tale ending that she always envisioned for herself. For fans of Robert Munch's The Paperbag Princess!

Z Is for Moose

Kelly Bingham - 2012
    Zebra wants to put on a show as simple as A-B-C, but Zebra's friend Moose has other (unexpected and hilarious) ideas. Full color.


Birgitta Sif - 2012
    He enjoys his solitude. He likes playing with his friends, who are puppets, stuffed animals, and other toys. With his rich imagination, Oliver’s day is never dull. There are bridges to cross, sharks to fight, and treasures to find! But maybe toys don’t always give a boy everything he needs. Maybe he needs another kind of companion. Will Oliver discover a way to be, well, different? When his tennis ball rolls across the lawn into the yard of the girl next door, he just might be surprised.

Take Away the A

Michaël Escoffier - 2012
    The idea behind the book is that within every language there are words that change and become a different word through the simple subtraction of a single letter. In other words, without the "A," the Beast is Best. Or, without the "M," a chomp becomes a chop—though it could be that this particular play on words didn't even make it into the book, there are so many! We certainly don't want to give too much away. . . . Now, take a look and find some more! Discovering all of the words in the book is a lot of fun, and then there's the wild, exciting adventure that follows, of trying to find more!Michaël Escoffier was born in France in 1970. Raised by a family of triceratops, he discovered his passion for writing and telling stories at a young age. He lives in Lyon, France, with his wife and two children.Kris Di Giacomo is a popular children's book illustrator who has lived in France for most of her life. After living in the United States for a while, she moved to France, where teaching English to young children and discovering French picture books were the triggers that led her into illustration. This is her fourth book to be published with Enchanted Lion Books.

The Stamp Collector

Jennifer Lanthier - 2012
    When they grow up, the two boys take different paths – one becomes a prison guard, the other works in a factory – but their early childhood passions remain. When the country boy’s stories of hope land him in prison, the letters and stamps sent to him from faraway places intrigue the prison guard – and a unique friendship begins.

We March

Shane W. Evans - 2012
    The march began at the Washington Monument and ended with a rally at the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his historic "I Have a Dream" speech, advocating racial harmony. Many words have been written about that day, but few so delicate and powerful as those presented here by award-winning author and illustrator Shane W. Evans. When combined with his simple yet compelling illustrations, the thrill of the day is brought to life for even the youngest reader to experience.We March is one of Kirkus Reviews' Best Children's Books of 2012

Zorro Gets an Outfit

Carter Goodrich - 2012
    They wake up together, have walk time together, and take naps together. But something is about to interrupt their schedule: Zorro has to wear a fancy outfit.Zorro is embarrassed, mortified, aghast. Mr. Bud tries to cheer him up, but nothing works. Everyone makes fun of Zorro, and he refuses to participate in chew-on-a-stick time. Mister Bud doesn't know what to do.But when another dog, a "very cool" dog shows up in an outfit and does amazing tricks and beats all the other dogs in a race, Zorro discovers that wearing clothes might not be so bad after all.Everything is back on schedule.

Tea Cakes for Tosh

Kelly Starling Lyons - 2012
    When she tells the story of how the cookies became part of their family, he feels like he's flying back in time. But then one day, Honey starts forgetting things, even an ingredient for the tea cakes. Inspired by his love for his grandma and respect for his family's heritage, Tosh finds a way to give Honey and himself a special gift that keeps the memory alive.

Dragons Love Tacos

Adam Rubin - 2012
    They love chicken tacos, beef tacos, great big tacos, and teeny tiny tacos. So if you want to lure a bunch of dragons to your party, you should definitely serve tacos. Buckets and buckets of tacos. Unfortunately, where there are tacos, there is also salsa. And if a dragon accidentally eats spicy salsa . . . oh, boy. You're in red-hot trouble.The award-winning team behind Those Darn Squirrels! has created an unforgettable, laugh-until-salsa-comes-out-of-your-nose tale of new friends and the perfect snack.

A Is for Musk Ox

Erin Cabatingan - 2012
    A is for musk ox because musk oxen are annoying and always about as aggravating as absolutely anyone alive.

The Lonely Book

Kate Bernheimer - 2012
    But over time it grows old and worn, and the children lose interest in its story. The book is sent to the library's basement where the other faded books live. How it eventually finds an honored place on a little girl's bookshelf—and in her heart—makes for an unforgettable story sure to enchant anyone who has ever cherished a book. Kate Bernheimer and Chris Sheban have teamed up to create a picture book that promises to be loved every bit as much as the lonely book itself.

The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau

Michelle Markel - 2012
    But he had no formal training. Instead, he taught himself to paint. He painted until the jungles and animals and distant lands in his head came alive on the space of his canvases. Henri Rousseau endured the harsh critics of his day and created the brilliant paintings that now hang in museums around the world. Michelle Markel's vivid text, complemented by the vibrant illustrations of Amanda Hall, artfully introduces young readers to the beloved painter and encourages all readers to persevere despite all odds.

This Moose Belongs to Me

Oliver Jeffers - 2012
    He hadn't always owned a moose. The moose came to him a while ago and he knew, just KNEW, that it was meant to be his. He thought he would call him Marcel. Most of the time Marcel is very obedient, abiding by the many rules of How to Be a Good Pet. But imagine Wilfred's surprise when one dark day, while deep in the woods, someone else claims the moose as their own...

I am Cat

Jackie Morris - 2012
    . .of being a tiger, flame cat of the forest; a cheetah - fast as the wind on the African plains; a lion, lounging through the heat of the day, tangled in sunshine on the African savannah; a jaguar, perfectly camouflaged deep in the jungle. And the cat dreams of being a lynx, a puma, a snow leopard, a Scottish wild cat, an Asian fishing cat, and the rare Amur leopard. Finally Cat wakes, a domestic cat again, telling his dreams to the child who is stroking him.Ten wild habitats, ten wild cats and one domestic cat are dramatically and beautifully illustrated in this unique celebration of the cat.

My New Teacher and Me!

Al Yankovic - 2012
    Dazzling wordplay and sparkling rhyme combine in a unique appreciation of the rewards of unabashed originality and the special joy of viewing the world gently askew.


Annelore Parot - 2012
    On her whirlwind trip to Tokyo, she will ride a high-speed train, dance under cherry blossom trees, and visit a zen garden. With sneak-peek flaps, fun die-cuts, and lavish gatefolds, this interactive exploration will enchant Kokeshi fans of all sizes!

Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas

Lynne Cox - 2012
    Here is the incredible story of Elizabeth, a real-life elephant seal who made her home in the Avon River in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. When Elizabeth decides to stretch out across a two-lane road, the citizens worry she might get hurt or cause traffic accidents, so a group of volunteers tows her out to sea. But Elizabeth swims all the way back to Christchurch. The volunteers catch her again and again—each time towing her farther, even hundreds of miles away—but, still, Elizabeth finds her way back home. Includes back matter with information about elephant seals.From the Hardcover edition.

Sophie Scott Goes South

Alison Lester - 2012
    During he voyage to Mawson Station and back, Sophie keeps a diary. She sees icebergs, penguins, seals and whales. She makes new friends, wonders at the southern lights and even becomes stranded in a blizzard.


Julia Donaldson - 2012
    "Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler are a combination made n heaven" - Independent on Sunday

Dream Big, Little Scientists: A Bedtime Book

Michelle Schaub - 2012
    A dozen bedtimes. Endless sweet ways to say goodnight with science!Spark curiosity and exploration with this innovative bedtime story for budding scientists that introduces eleven branches of science. From astronomy to physics to chemistry to geology, this STEM picture book will help kids get excited to explore. Includes further information about each branch of science.

The Children Who Loved Books

Peter Carnavas - 2012
    A warm and moving celebration of books and the way in which they bring us all together.

Randy Riley's Really Big Hit

Chris Van Dusen - 2012
    . . or can he? Chris Van Dusen knocks one out of the park with a comical ode to ingenuity.Randy Riley loves two things: science and baseball. When it comes to the solar system, the constellations, and all things robot, Randy is a genius. But on the baseball diamond? Not so much. He tries . . . but whiffs every time. Then, one night, Randy sees something shocking through his Space Boy telescope: it’s a fireball, and it’s headed right for his town! Randy does the math, summons all of his science smarts, and devises a plan that will save the day in a spectacular way. Once again, Chris Van Dusen winds up his visual humor, dizzying perspectives, perfect pacing, and rollicking rhyme and delivers a hit to make readers stand up and cheer.

From the Good Mountain: How Gutenberg Changed the World

James Rumford - 2012
    Written as a series of riddles and illustrated in the style of medieval manuscripts by an award-winning author and artist, From the Good Mountain will intrigue readers of all ages. On every page there is something surprising to learn about how the very thing you are holding in your hands came to be.

The Day Saida Arrived

Susana Gómez Redondo - 2012
    The two forge a strong bond while they each learn the other’s language, exploring the world around them.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Marina Aizen - 2012
    Look through the die-cut holes in each page to see what her lambs are up to!

Noah Webster and His Words

Jeri Chase Ferris - 2012
    But who was that Webster? Noah Webster (1758–1843) was a bookish Connecticut farm boy who became obsessed with uniting America through language. He spent twenty years writing two thousand pages to accomplish that, and the first 100 percent American dictionary was published in 1828 when he was seventy years old. This clever, hilariously illustrated account shines a light on early American history and the life of a man who could not rest until he’d achieved his dream. An illustrated chronology of Webster’s life makes this a picture perfect bi-og-ra-phy [noun: a written history of a person's life].

Ships in the field

Susanne Gervay - 2012
    Award-winning author Susanne Gervay and award-winning illustrator Anna Pignataro are part of that immigrant and refugee story. Susanne's parents were post-war Hungarian refugees who migrated to Australia. Anna's parents were postwar Italian refugees who migrated to Australia. In a unique collaboration, Susanne and Anna have created a moving and significant picture book, 'Ships in the Field'. It crosses boundaries in a universal recognition that children are part of the journey of war, migration, loss and healing. Through warmth, humour, pathos and story within story, it breaks the silence, engaging children, families and community.Children's Picture Book.

The Camping Trip That Changed America: Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, and Our National Parks

Barb Rosenstock - 2012
    In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt joined naturalist John Muir on a trip to Yosemite. Camping by themselves in the uncharted woods, the two men saw sights and held discussions that would ultimately lead to the establishment of our National Parks.

Song for Papa Crow

Marit Menzin - 2012
    But when Little Crow shares his crow songs with the other birds at the big old tree, they laugh and scatter. Maybe the Amazing Mockingbird can teach him to sing songs with the finches, flycatchers, and cardinals and help him make some friends. But Little Crow should be careful what he wishes for... Using Mockingbird's tip, Little Crow quickly becomes the most popular bird on the block. But, in a moment of danger, he learns that singing someone else's song can have terrible consequences and that his own voice and his father's love is of the greatest value. Paired with colorful collage illustrations, this inspirational story is complemented by fun facts about North American birds and their sounds.

The Santa Switch

Laura Lee Scott - 2012
    THE KINDLE E-BOOK ON AVAIABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE DIRECT. THE HARDCOVER BOOK IS AVAILABLE IN SELECT GIFT & BOOK STORES, AND AT WWW.JESSICACLAUS.COM.Description: Everyone knows about Santa Claus. Now, it's Jessica's turn!When it comes to the biggest toy drop of the year, Santa gets most of the credit -- but he could hardly do it alone! In The Santa Switch, Mrs. Claus becomes the fabulous tour-de-force she's always had the potential to be. This sharp, modern version of Mrs. C. believes in equality, compassion, and continuing education. She loves her good-natured, big-hearted husband, and they share the same vision -- but she's definitely the doer to his dreamer. And, while Jessica Claus is CEO (Chief Elf Optimizer) of the world's most successful toy factory, she also loves to kick off her shoes and bake up a storm, spreading holiday joy to anyone willing to believe in a little Christmas magic.The positive, gender-empowering message, lovable spin on legendary characters, and eye-catching illustrations found in this two-time award-winning holiday book are sure to warm hearts and tickle funny bones of the young and the young-at-heart...making it a treasured read for all at Christmastime!The Santa Switch marks author Laura Lee Scott's first solo trip into the world of children's literature. Although the seasoned writer has never tried lichen, she'd gladly bake a lichen corn pie if the reindeer shared their flying secrets.Cheryl Crouthamel has illustrated several children's books, including Sarah O'Hara and the Gift of the Fairy Wings, The Butterfly, and Cats Following Me. If Cheryl was a cookie, she would definitely be a dark chocolate and peanture butter chip!And, be sure to look for the highly anticipated first sequel to The Santa Switch -- A Trip for Mrs. Claus -- to be available in the spring of 2014! Pre-order your hardcover copy now on

Sticker Book Edward Gorey

NOT A BOOK - 2012
    Gorey (American, 19252000) wrote and illustrated over 100 books; he also designed stage sets and costumes, wrote plays, and created the animated introduction for a TV series calledMystery!He drew a zoosize menagerie of fantastic beastssome creepy, others lovable, others monstrous or just plain oddas well as a slew of peculiar people. His characters are instantly recognizable, because he always drew them in a penandink crosshatch style. Gorey gave his creatures wonderful, playful names; for example, figbash and wuggly ump. His stories often involved mystery and intrigue; people disappearing and other bizarre mishaps. And Edward Gorey loved the ballet and was VERY fond of catssomething you might already have guessed. Lucky you! With this sticker book, you get to play with 50 of Goreys characters from several of his books, includingThe Black Doll,Category,Dancing Cats,The Doubtful Guest,The Epiplectic Bicycle, andThe Gashlycrumb Tinies. There are 185 stickers in all, with images of Count Dracula, iceskating polar bears and alligators, several figbashes in ballet slippers, children astride weird dogs, and more. Have fun stickering! 8 page softcover book with 185 reusable paper stickers (50 different designs) featuring artwork by Edward Gorey.

Scram-Pire: The Reluctant Kid-Vampire (KiteReaders Monster Series)

Julia Dweck - 2012
    He’s squeamish and prefers milkshakes to blood and pop music to heavy metal. When all the other vampires tell him to scram, poor Bud wonders just where it is that he belongs. Then something happens at Vampire training school that changes everything. Young readers will laugh and relate to Bud, a sweet, rebel vampire who just wants to be loved and accepted. The rhyming text is lively and fun. Scram-pire is an adorable monster story with heart for children of all ages.

Hugo The Happy Starfish: The Magic of the Moment

Suzy Liebermann - 2012
    But, with his friend Magic Manta's help, Hugo discovers that all his gifts have one thing in common, despite the fact they only exist for a moment... They can bring him joy.THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT teaches kids the importance of appreciating each moment for what it is and how to enjoy the “present” as much as Hugo learns to enjoy his presents!The reader will meet with some inspiring truths about appreciating life. As someone wise once said, “Today is a gift – that's why it's called 'the present'.”A great teaching tool to teachAPPRECIATION, FEELINGS and TIME

The Goldilocks Variations, or Who's Been Snopperink in My Woodootog?

Allan Ahlberg - 2012
    But when she encounters a whopping thirty-three bears, the strange-talking Bliim, or even three little pigs, the stories end a bit differently. Lift the flaps and pull the tabs to join Goldilocks in a hilarious series of adventures, as award-winning storyteller Allan Ahlberg and his daughter, Jessica, put their own stamp on the timeless tale.

Tadeo Turtle

Janis Cox - 2012
    Through an adventure find out how Tadeo learns to accept how God created him. About the Author: During retirement, Janis (a retired elementary schoolteacher) has learned to love writing and painting. She would love to hear from you, and can be reached via email at: Please also visit her website:, where you will find a curriculum to go along with this story.

Նշանս (Ma tache)

Hasmig Chahinian - 2012
    He does not like this pink stain, worse he hates it! But despite his best efforts to hide it, the stain is there! Hratch then invents stories about his magical origin to impress his friends, but there is nothing to do, he still hates it! Until he injures his leg. A bandage covers the spot. And the boy asks himself; will the spot be always there when his leg is healed? Does he hate it that much?

We're Going on a Croc Hunt

Laine Mitchell - 2012
    I'm not afraid. We're as brave, as brave can be! Join the gang in the croc hunt game! But beware, the brave animals just might find a real croc-what will they do then?! Sing along with favourite children's entertainer Jay Laga'aia's bonus CD recording! The CD also includes an instrumental version for children to perform the song themselves!

It's a Tiger!

David LaRochelle - 2012
    Perfect for acting out while reading, It's a Tiger offers just the right amount of excitement without being too scary, and a sweet ending with a bit of a twist.


Rodrigo Folgueira - 2012
    Sitting contentedly on a rock in the middle of their pond, the pig opens his mouth and says: RIBBIT! The frogs are bewildered at first, and then a bit annoyed—"What did that little pig just say?", "Does he think he's a frog?", "Is he making fun of us?" Soon the pig draws the attention of all the nearby animals; everyone is curious to know what he wants! After much guessing (and shouting) and a visit to the wise old beetle, the animals realize that perhaps the pig was not there to mock them afterall—maybe he just wanted to make new friends!  But is it too late?  This is a warm, funny, and beautifully illustrated story of friendship, with boisterous RIBBIT!s throughout—perfect for reading aloud.

Marathon Mouse

Amy Dixon - 2012
    All of them, that is, except for Preston. He and his family live underneath the starting line on the Verrazano Bridge and every year Preston has dreamed of joining all the other runners in the marathon. This year, Preston is determined to make his dream come true, even though his family tells him that mice are not fit to run marathons. He trains hard leading up to the big day and when the race starts, he successfully dodges sneakers and crosses the finish line, showing his family that mice can do much more than just scurry.In the past few years, there has been a surge in marathon and half-marathon participation in the United States, and just last year, the New York City Marathon had over 45,000 finishers. Marathon Mouse is sure to be a welcome addition in a market that lacks picture books about running. There is a unique culture in the racing world that both parents who participate and kids who cheer on the sidelines know and love. And the story of Preston, who sets a goal and then follows through to achieve it, is a wonderful teaching tool for children, whether or not they are interested in running races.

Brothers at Bat: The True Story of an Amazing All-Brother Baseball Team

Audrey Vernick - 2012
    It was the1930s, and many families had lots of kids. But only one had enough to field a baseballteam . . . with three on the bench! The Acerras were the longest-playing all-brotherteam in baseball history. They loved the game, but more important, they cared forand supported each other and stayed together as a team. Nothing life threw their waycould stop them.Full of action, drama, and excitement, this never-before-told true story is vividlybrought to life by Audrey Vernick’s expert storytelling and Steven Salerno’s stunningvintage-style art.

Pingo and the Playground Bully

Brandon Mull - 2012

Octonauts and the Great Christmas Rescue!

Meomi - 2012

A Garden Of Ordinary Miracles: An Alphabet Book

Robert Zakanitch - 2012
    More than a master’s-eye view of nature, and infinitely more than a simple illustrated A to Z book, A Garden of Ordinary Miracles catalogues the breathtaking beauty and variety of flowers in full bloom, in glorious hand-drawn illustrations. Anyone who loves nature will be instantly transported to an alphabetical landscape where everything from azaleas and zinnias bloom all year long.Each overgrown spread bursts with gorgeously rendered full-color and pen-and-ink representations of flora (and fauna) whose names begin with a particular letter. Prance through P, overrun by peonies and poppies, or wander around W’s wisteria and water lilies.With so much to look at and enjoy on each page, readers will be enchanted and entranced by the intricately detailed and whimsical nature of Zakanitch’s art. Packaged as the ultimate gift for adults, gardeners, or those sitting at their knee, this garden book is nothing short of a miracle.

Learning to Swim. by Roderick Hunt and Annemarie Young

Roderick Hunt - 2012
    Each story is packed with facts and humour to familiarise your child with what to expect from a first experience e.g. what will happen, who they will meet and new things they might see. First Experiences with Biff, Chip & Kipper have been carefully created to help parents explore the wider world with their child, talk about shared feelings and emotions, and build vocabulary through the fun activities included in every book. Each book also includes practical tips and ideas for you to use when reading together. Biff, Chip & Kipper are characters from the Oxford Reading Tree series, which is used in 80% of primary schools. This story has been written by Roderick Hunt, author of the original Oxford Reading Tree stories, and Annemarie Young; superb storytellers with over 50 years educational experience between them. Alex Brychta's humorous and detailed illustrations bring the stories alive and are known to and loved by millions of young readers all over the world. This series is linked to Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper -the UK's best-selling home reading series, and is supported by free advice for parents at

What's Up Little Duck (Discover Reading)

Nancy Streza - 2012
    For toddlers who are learning to say hello to everyone they meet (including the geese!) and beginning readers, this little book is sure to bring a smile to your child's face. Features full-screen photographs and pop-up text

Dog Heaven: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge

Maria Hanson - 2012
    Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows this. So begins this comforting picture book that's perfect for adults and children facing the loss of a beloved dog. Richly illustrated with warm and uplifting watercolors, Dog Heaven: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge follows old Jake Dog from his last moments with his family and into the wonderful land of Dog Heaven. "A delightful ray of sunshine that cuts through the grey clouds of pet loss. The perfect gift for anyone who is grieving the loss of their loyal companion." —KNBR-1050

Five Little Pumpkins (A fun Halloween book for children)

Cindy Bracken - 2012
    Your little one will be ready for Halloween when you read this fun counting rhyme together! Bright, fall colors, cute pumpkins, and rhyming text will keep young readers engaged.

Rock You Tonight

Emily Roussell - 2012

I Love Cats (A Wonderful Childrens Picture Book With Over 70 Photos Of Funny Cats: Perfect For Bedtime Stories)

Anna Blake - 2012
    I Love Cats was created for kids who love cats and delight in looking at cute and funny cat pictures.This wonderful picture book for Kindle features over 70 full-color, adorable cats in funny situations and will guaranteed bring a smile on your children's face before they go to sleep.

The Folk Tale Classics Keepsake Collection

Paul Galdone - 2012
    Galdone . . . had a knack for communicating humor through the eyes of his characters, whether he was drawing an overconfident wolf ogling a clever pig or a mouse in raptures at the scent of a freshly baked cake."--"Wall Street Journal" This wonderful library includes four classic stories, all told and illustrated by the award-winning Paul Galdone: "The Three Bears, Three Little Kittens, The Little Red Hen, " and "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse." Pair this gift box with the Folktale Classics Heirloom Library!

How I’ve become a Wool Hat كيف صرت قبعة صوف

Salma Koraytem - 2012
    هل للحب لون أو شكل؟ تقول أمها إن "حب" كلمة صغيرة لها معنى كبير. ممكن أن يكون الحب مثل الثياب الشتوية التي تدفئنا. لذلك تركض بسمة في أرجاء البيت لاكتشاف ما معنى الحب من خلال تصرفات أفراد العائلة، ثم تقرر أن كلا منهم يشبه قطعة ثياب شتوية في حبه للآخر. وهي، تقرر أنها مثل القبعة الصوفية.A little girl, who is trying to wrap her head about the meaning of love, narrates How I've Become a Wool Hat. She wonders if it has color, taste, or form. She asks her family members one by one and compares their loving behaviour to warm and cozy clothing. She asks questions and tries to relate her understanding to things around her. The story exposes how it is fascinating when a child begins to venture in understanding abstract concepts around adults. How I've Become a Wool Hat illustrates how a child’s search for meaning in intangible things can be a creative and interesting process of learning.

The True Christmas Story

Dana S. Chisholm - 2012
    Taken from the Gospel of St. Luke, young readers can begin to incorporate the True Christmas Story into their lives and holiday traditions celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.In my home growing up, every Christmas we had a tradition of reading the Christmas story. All families have different ways of celebrating Christmas, and Santa may or may not be a part of that. In my family, Santa brought one or two surprises every year, but he wasn't the focus of our holiday. I don't even remember when Santa faded away. I do remember making birthday cakes for Jesus, and singing Him Happy Birthday on Christmas Eve. And then every year on Christmas morning, my dad built a fire in the fireplace (in sunny San Diego where it was never needed) and before presents were opened we read the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke. We prayed as a family, thanking God for the greatest gift of all, baby Jesus. After celebrating the real reason for Christmas we could dive right into opening presents. Imagine my delight when I discovered the art of VS Sheridan. This retelling of the Christmas story is not meant to replace opening the Bible. But, when I saw her art, the first thing that ran through my mind was squealing children everywhere running with excitement to read the true story of Christmas. My prayer is that each child would have the true Christmas story as a tradition in their celebration... and Jesus a place in their heart. Merry Christmas!Dana S. Chisholm

Rad Rides: The Best BMX Bikes of All Time

Intercity - 2012
    There's something about them that appeals to kids, adults, and cyclists. And, of course, BMX is now an Olympic sport. Featured bikes are organized decade by decade and are drawn from the best collections in the world. There are also in-depth details of specifications and interviews with dedicated collectors. This is an indispensable companion for anyone who loves the BMX.

Remember that November

Jennifer Beck - 2012
    The children cheer, thinking Andy will win the contest. But then, Aroha tells the story of another fifth of November - in 1881, at Parihaka.This is a beautifully illustrated picture book about the passive resistance led by Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi in Taranaki. This is a piece of history that was forgotten for a long time!

Fair Play (Big Little Critter)

Mercer Mayer - 2012
    As always, Mayer's beloved and internationally acclaimed Little Critter character is at the center of the attention and action.

A World of Food: Discover Magical Lands Made of Things You Can Eat!

Carl Warner - 2012
    A World of Food presents 12 of his amazing pictures, each one showing young readers what the world might look like if there were only a single color. “Yellow” is a desert made of pasta palm trees, cereal sand, and swiss cheese pyramids, while “Orange” features pumpkin cottages, carrot trees, and apricot leaves. Playful verse accompanies each image, guiding viewers through the pictures and inviting them to figure out the various foods used (which are all identified at the back of the book). This is a wonderful book about colors and creativity for parents and children to look through together and discover the many different foods that make up Warner’s fantastical world. Praise for A World of Food "Children will delight in pointing at the sweet ingredients, such as meringue clouds and lollipop trees."—Wall Street Journal"Kids and adults alike will marvel at these painstakingly assembled and composed photos, eagerly identifying the foods that make up the details of the landscapes."—Kirkus Reviews AWARD: HONORS winner: 2012 National Parenting Publications Book Awards

The Lorax Doodle Book

Golden Books - 2012
    Seuss's furry Earth-lover is on the loose! This Lorax coloring and activity book is filled with more than 100 zany scenes to color and complete and also includes a sheet of stickers. Perfect for creative minds ages 3-7 who love to let their imaginations run wild—Seuss-style!

You Are a Lion! And Other Fun Yoga Poses

Taeeun Yoo - 2012
    And she sparks their imagination further by encouraging them to pretend to be the animal. Full color.

Is That You, Wolf?: Beware! Not a Bedtime Story!

Steve Cox - 2012
    When kids open this book, will they be as brave as piglet? Putting an original twist on the touch-and-feel format, this book takes young readers along with Piglet on his search. Kids are invited to slide a hand into cardboard pockets on the book's illustrations. Is the wolf hiding in one of them? In one pocket kids' hands reach into the farmer's haystack where they touch soft fur. Is it a wolf, or is it only the farmer's cat? Another pocket produces jagged points that might be the wolf's claws. . . then another has a sticky surface that might be his tongue. The fourth hides a rough surface that might be the wolf's feet. . . and the last, a silky surface that might be his nose! But so far, nobody has seen a wolf. Then, just as Piglet and his friends are about to give up, kids open to the final two-page spread and get a scary pop-up surprise. A fierce cardboard wolf's head leaps out from the book's pages!

The First Christmas

Janice D. Green - 2012
    Adults and children alike will enjoy snuggling up to share these thirteen colorful scenes and the engaging discussion questions as this timeless story unfolds. Even older readers may be surprised to learn something new as they read again of the Messiah's birth.

Waar Is de Taart?

Zongqiong Zheng - 2012
    It starts with a cake that was stolen. Mom and Dad Dog chased after it into the woods and a series of adventures ensued with the rabbit, the pig, the weasel, the ducks, the cat, the chair... THE CHAIR? A chair with a fresh paint, even. Let's find out who is the cake thief, shall we? What a fun story book! In Traditional Chinese. Annotation copyright Tsai Fong Books, Inc. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc.